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Guest Book Archives: September-November 2007

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paul [12-31-2007] »»»

How many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Presbyterian? I was told all but one were Presbyterian and that England refured to the American Revolution as the Presbyterian Revolt.
Ruth C Brunings [12-31-2007] »»»

The Promise is so untrue……
qiao, china [12-31-2007]

I'm gathering information for a grant that would allow me to visit sights of the Revolutionary pre- through post war history.
Diane Keeton, 5th grade social studies teacher [12-31-2007] »»»

Lindsey Robinson, Denham Springs, Louisiana [12-28-2007]

I am a Huge geek, but I am more of a History nerd
Zork009 [12-25-2007]

Great work! Thanks.
Terry Hersh [12-25-2007]

we were having a situation that had a lot of residence angry. 2 years ago a canadian living in our mobil park had a flag of the United States and Canada sewn together. Unknown someone, at night cut the Candian flag off. That caused a uproar and a lot of accusing comments. Next thing we see in the park are several people displaying the same United States/Candian flags. Please could someone send me just the documentation of the rules of displaying a flag. I have copied a few: Title 18 Chapter 33 Section 700. I am using this information for my own knowledge and do not plan on using it for causing problems in our park. I want to know the correct and proper way to display a flag.
Maurene Leggett [12-25-2007]

My grandmother was found as an infant in the streets of Philadalphia and taken to the children's orphanage around 1900. I was hoping to find some information about what was going on in the city at that time. It is a pipe dream of mine to discover my family. Perhaps I'll never know who my greatgrandparents are. . .
Kathy H. [12-25-2007] »»»

Coming to Boston,? www.freedomtrailtours.com 617-792-9139
Tim Maguire, Boston MA [12-25-2007]

Thanks US History, you helped me a lot on my project!
dave, 14,illinois [12-23-2007]

you guys are the best, I got lots of useful info from you
timothy phonisay, I am 13 [12-23-2007] »»»

thanks a bunch! you really helped me out with my report!:)
maddie [12-21-2007]

I think that America is a good place to live in.
Lesly Ponce [12-21-2007]

I Love U.S history i think its pretty fasitaning and i just l♥ve learing about it.
sadie, 18 pennsylvania [12-21-2007] »»»

Katie, Manton MI 18 years old [12-21-2007]

I love this website!
anonymous, yea [12-20-2007]

wow this sight is good! but i cant really figure it out!
Corn [12-20-2007]

wassup im from philly
Jermau, 14 yrs of age., Live in philadelphia, [12-19-2007] »»»

I Love The USA History
Jenna, 12 [12-19-2007]

you should make the site easier to navigate
Cody [12-19-2007]

Dan Cashman [12-19-2007]

matt lokke [12-18-2007] »»»

this sight gave me nothing but whocares
charlotte smith, 14, clermont florida [12-18-2007]

cristal, 18 [12-18-2007]

a good site helping people learn about the us history
eren [12-17-2007] »»»

cant find all info
anonymous [12-17-2007]

Makayla, washington [12-17-2007]

keep up the good work......
robert paris groshong [12-17-2007] »»»

I enjoyed all your articles on oddities. I write an article for our home papers and always look for something neat to write about.
LaReta Dischler [12-17-2007] »»»

i love history and this website is all about it yah rock and roll history.
ilse, age 10 laredo,tx [12-17-2007]

hi [12-17-2007] »»»

this has good info
kenny perrin, good site [12-17-2007]

this is cool site!=)
allwn lopez, i have a twin sister [12-17-2007]

Great site; but you should probably put the Declaration of Independance in the "Philly Firsts" timeline.
anonymous [12-17-2007] »»»

I LOVE This site! It helped me with my research paper a lot!
Michaela, Age 12, GA [12-13-2007] »»»

i love chris stanfield
liz elskamp, i like history [12-13-2007] »»»

this is cool
tawni, 13,silverlake [12-13-2007]

Me being a major History buff I'm glad there is a site I can go to, to learn more about Our History.
Marianne Blackwell, 28, Louisiana [12-12-2007] »»»

I love history my favorite part of history is probably the declaration of independance.
austin elliott [12-12-2007]

I love this site! I use it for all of my U.S. history homework at school! I love the amazing information, and how easy it is to find it! :D
Amanda [12-12-2007]

Great website; lots of interesting and useful information.
Mrs. Bobet, Teacher [12-11-2007]

this website needs info for kids not games to rot their brains out! !
Taylor [12-11-2007]

this tour of all of the interesting facts about all of this was so very thrilling to look at..and i also had fun experiencing all of the important things of the past..and all of our former people!.. thank you for giving me the chance to know things!.
ann marie blake, 13, saltillo, [12-11-2007] »»»

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wat up wit yall yo gurl out peace to the people
kadijah, greenville [12-11-2007] »»»

love this website! so helpful!
casey, going to be marine biologist [12-11-2007]

adrianna neri, 14 years old and i live in Valparaiso [12-11-2007]

I think one of the most important responsibilities we have as Americans is to remember those who have forged our country in this world and what they did to make this a free land for all who walk upon it.
April Angrimson, Minnesota [12-11-2007]

this place is pretty kool : )
Krysta Jean [12-10-2007]

there isnt any thing on the transcontinental railroad
anonymous [12-10-2007]

"The Flag Code has no provision for enforcement whatsoever. No fines, no penalties. There is nothing law enforcement can do when the Flag Code is broken." This is incorrect according to 4 USC Title 4, Sec. 3, which states that any person within the District of Columbia "... deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine not exceeding $100 or by imprisonment for not more than thirty days, or both, in the discretion of the court." And when the President autographs a U.S. flag without first having made a proclamation to permit it (Sect. 10), is it desecration? According to USC, yes. Let's get our leaders and people pushing a flag amendment to follow the code already established before we suggest that citizens expressing patriotism and their right to free speech are breaking the rules. The VFW and American Legion first. "Flag" items for sale in the patriotic items section of the American Legion's "Flag & Emblem" online shop, and the VFW's "VFW Store" online shop are good examples of the hypocrisy of these two organizations. The American Legion's "flag umbrella" is the height of disgrace!
Connor Nuck, U.S. Navy vet [12-10-2007]

I've visited Philly a couple of times and history never seemed so real before. This site helps me to re-live prior visits and plan my next one. Thanks so very much.
J. Spencer, Moorpark Ca [12-10-2007]

I have an old painting of the Philadelphia Massacre. I think it might be worth a lot of money. There is a man in the painting. He is in charge i believe. I dont know who he is. There is a lot of bloodshed.
Rebecca Dolla [12-10-2007] »»»

Nice website, it's very helpful.
Brylaine Zimmerman [12-08-2007]

This site rules it really helped me on Marquis De Lafayette
Joey, 23 [12-08-2007]

This Website is boring
Jessica, Age: 11 City: Littleton [12-08-2007]

Arina Jones- McKinney, I love to research things that I have never heard before! [12-07-2007]

I love this history web page to see all the documents of our history, and to hear all of the stories thata go along with it is just great stuff to find out who we were at that time.
Joshua McCoy, age: 29, Apple Valley,MN [12-07-2007]

larry edmunds [12-07-2007] »»»

shane pierce [12-07-2007] »»»

i want to see it...
anonymous [12-07-2007]

i love history so much and i love this web stite! :)
Victoria [12-07-2007] »»»

history used to be so boring untill i came to your site now i cant get enough of it thank you!
karenna rodriguez, lebanon,OR age 16 [12-07-2007]

EAWess, moss point ms [12-07-2007]

Brittney Stith, I'm 18 and live in Greenup Kentucky [12-06-2007] »»»

:p :p :p :p :p :p :p ;p ;p ;p
Nada, You are :P [12-06-2007]

yayyyy i like this site
Samy, holdingford [12-06-2007]

cool site helped out a lot with skool project
Nadia, from philly [12-05-2007]

In my opinion it was really awesome
Randy, 10, Northridge, California, USA [12-05-2007]

i like bananas-SAYS BRI ME 2-SAYS WHITNEY
bri and whitney, 13 and 13 [12-05-2007]

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the oddities found around town. I plan on visiting some of them soon. Thanks for providing this valuable information.
Jude, 36,Phoenixville,PA [12-05-2007] »»»

The declaration of Independce isnt HOTT! I am
Nathan Trinidad, 73052 [12-05-2007]

The information in this website is very helpful and easy to read. It was a great source to help with my reseach paper!
Cathy, 7th grader [12-04-2007]

This website is very helpful and user-friendly. It is a reliable source that is great for researchers of any age.
Anonomous Anon [12-04-2007]

very good source for homework thank you
anonymous [12-04-2007] »»»

Hello: The Historic Pruyn House of the Town of Colonie, N.Y. http://www.colonie.org/pruyn/ recently obtained a donation of a painted portrait of a male subject, supposed to be a member of the Pruyn family of Albany, N.Y. or of Philadelphia. The painting was done by "R.Street" in 1842 by use of a death mask of a man (appears to be a male in his 30's-to-40's to obtain features for the portrait. We are continuing to research this persons identity. Would you have any information on a Pruyn family member of Philadelphia who died in the early 1840s that could be the subject in Street's painting? Any information you could provide us would be of great importance in our decision to restore the painting or not as it is in tough shape. Please contact Kevin Franklin, Historian, Town of Colonie, N.Y. at 518-782-2593 or by e-mail at: franklink@colonie.org Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you can't answer this question, please pass this e-mail along to someone in the Philadelpia area who might be able to. Thanks for your time. Kevin Franklin.
Kevin Franklin, Historian, Town of Colonie, N.Y., Pruyn family of Philadelphia question (need help) [12-04-2007] »»»

This place helped me to learn about the flag
John Lashitsky, 7, las vegas, nv [12-04-2007]

Charles Patterson, Age 25, Bellaire Ohio [12-03-2007]

i love betssssys rrrroosssssss
anonymous [12-03-2007]

anonymous, I'm a boy [12-03-2007]

site really didnt help me sorry :~)
jake, iowa [12-03-2007]

cool site
Mark J Cassidy, Aurora Ill [12-03-2007] »»»

Looking in the famiy tree for my husband Herbert L. Darragh. I think his great grand father Louis Darragh, came to the USA from Belfast,Ireland and setteled in Pennsylvania,USA, year?
anne darragh, Ohio,USA [12-03-2007] »»»

Just finished reading about John Haviland the 1822 architect of St Andrews Chruch now St George Greek Orthodox Cathedral. The parish of St Andrews was sold in 1922 to the Greek Orthodox Kathedrikos of Saint George which is still in use today but,in desperate need of repairs. The church association has formed a Restoration commitee to repair the beautiful building originally designed by Mr. Haviland. It is a true Landmark to be saved and preserved.
Denise Mariakis, born in Philadelphia area called Northern Liberties [12-03-2007] »»»

Hi everybody hows it going
Kyla Hundley [12-03-2007]

I was looking for information from silver made by Brown & Seal in 1816
Diane [11-30-2007] »»»

Savannah [11-28-2007]

good site, but dosent give the information i need ! You need to work on your site!
alana, sugar flores [11-28-2007]

joey [11-28-2007]

with out historey we would not be here
susan, 18 coirnth ny [11-28-2007]

anonymous [11-28-2007]

Recently discovered, I'm related to Thomas Sparks,Philadelphia Shot Tower builder/owner. I need more information of family genealologies
R. Sparks, la [11-28-2007]

it was the coooliest haha well actually kinda boring
jo coolio, georgia cal. [11-28-2007] »»»

I was born in spartanburg s.c. I am 16 years old. I attend Spartanburg High School. i really like this site i think it is a lot of help for me. Awsome site. I had to do some research for a project.
Alicia Hines, 16; spartanburg sc; female [11-28-2007]

HISTORY is fun ya digg...281 92208807
I LOVE PEANNUT, in relationship [11-28-2007]

S3Xii N3SSA, iM SiNGL3.... [11-28-2007]

its ausome on here luvvd the experience
erica [11-28-2007]

I was born and raised in South Philly. I do miss it terribly at times. The best city in the world for food, entertainment, tradition and education.
Margie Brown, Born and raised in South Philly [11-27-2007] »»»

awesome site
Meaghan [11-27-2007]

Do you hold meetings, events etc?
Danny Sinsley, in Allentown [11-27-2007]

i think this website is cool u can visit me on myspace.com/p00hb3@r13
Cynthia, 12,newbritian,im cute.... [11-26-2007] »»»

where waz she born, an when
cheyanne, 12 apk [11-26-2007]

I had to do this for a report. At first i thought this was going to be lame. But after reading about it and everything, i kinda thought it was interresting. I would really like to visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers sometime.
Alexis Barfield, Morgan City, Louisiana 13 [11-26-2007] »»»

cherish my 48 star flag,display it proudly on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Dec 7th. P.S. You all should fly a flag.Wake-up America
joe mieleszko, age 85, No. Hatfield,MA, PO Box 103 [11-26-2007]

Thanks for givin me help on my homework
Alli Tucker [11-26-2007]

I was looking for info on Penn Treaty Park. Yours was the only web site dealing with this historic park. I plan to take two grandchildren to the Park in the near future. I saved your site in my favorites. Thank you. J. Murphy
anonymous [11-26-2007] »»»

philly stand up ya digg get a rift of yal history pplz get at me
anonymous [11-26-2007] »»»

Semukahn Moore [11-26-2007] »»»

history on jamestown, virgina would be nice. maybe some information on if there was any indians in venice, flordia. also on the vikings.
Rosemary Harriet, 10 [11-26-2007]

USA baby!
Bryan, Mountain View, CA [11-23-2007]

this site is awesome
MARYLOU [11-21-2007]

Rev. Dr. Howard E. Hart, 1705 N Minessota St., Mitchell SD 57301 age 75 History teacher at Mitchell Christiab High School [11-21-2007] »»»

biancer [11-21-2007]

savannah pulse [11-21-2007]

this site is cool and good for all ages
Rachel, 11 reynoldsburg ohio [11-21-2007]

This site rocks!
The Zach Rogers, I rock! [11-21-2007]

this site is very helpful for students in middle school.
anonymous [11-21-2007] »»»

Hello this is a great web-site for people whom like to study one of which i am not
Crystal, Raymore, Missouri [11-20-2007]

it did help me learn more thank u
glendda [11-20-2007] »»»

Corey Welch [11-20-2007]

This is a great site. Thank you for providing all this information.
anonymous [11-19-2007]

rasheeda [11-19-2007] »»»

cool site
Avis [11-17-2007] »»»

Incredible! It really helped me with my project.
Bella, 13 [11-17-2007]

it is good to see all the thing i can
dominique [11-17-2007]

gave me a lot of great and useful information for a class project- i got an A-
Christian La Chelle Stephens, 13.5-age;219 st. justin dr. aberdeen md [11-17-2007]

Frank Rey, 31, Waco Tx [11-15-2007]

hi! great site!<3
shannon [11-15-2007] »»»

chris Ncneal, 19 [11-15-2007]

This is such an awesome website. I use it all the time for school work on US History. :]
anonymous [11-15-2007]

I am in the 8th grade and this site hepled me a lot on a research paper about the "Albany Plan of Union." Thanks!
Taylor, In Middle School [11-15-2007]

You need to provide more info on people in History. I know that their is more on some of the Signers of the Declaration of indepandence than you have.
Mrs. Pennington [11-15-2007]

no information on abigail adams... whats up with that
anonymous [11-15-2007]

dayonna [11-14-2007] »»»

cool sight
lydia [11-14-2007]

u.s history is pretty hard to understand but it is important to know while you are in school and pay attention.
mary palomino, chicago [11-14-2007]

Jazmine Newsome, Muskegon,Heights [11-14-2007]

brandon is funny............looking! jk jk
anonymous [11-14-2007] »»»

anonymous [11-14-2007] »»»

I did not find ur sight helpful. I was looking for info. on the American Flag but i found NONE! Add more info please!
Dani, 11 [11-14-2007]

KOOL! helped me a bunch
dude [11-13-2007]

Great web-site. My children are in school and I can direct them to look at the important American documents on your site. Thanks!
Janna Ross [11-13-2007] »»»

I can't find Minutmen on you stupid site you guys suck
anonymous, Columbus [11-13-2007]

borat, yello [11-13-2007]

wanda torres-cantres [11-13-2007] »»»

looking for information on occupations of dock workers. Grain measurer
Bonnie McLean, Mohnton,Pennsylvinia [11-12-2007] »»»

Thanks for such an informational website. Do you know of a website that would help my students know the dimensions of stars and stripes for when they create a 2' by 3' flag?
Stefanie Nichols, Missouri [11-12-2007]

i am a family member of thomas lynch jr. and i would like for if you are in the family to write me and let me know more because i am not good at looking up things but i am good at lisening so please write me the email is for my space
Delia [11-12-2007]

This is a great website!
Ashley, 17 [11-12-2007] »»»

I am doing a research project and I have 2 sources from this website
Jaycie Grzymski, I am 9 [11-12-2007]

Dancechic94 [11-09-2007]

good on monroe doctrine
GReG, 13 [11-09-2007] »»»

hi hi hi
anonymous [11-08-2007]

i love this sight it helped me with my US History project.
danielle [11-08-2007]

I luv this website! it really helped me with my essay.
Katy, I am 12 and from florida [11-08-2007] »»»

We,at Bethel A.M.E., Saginaw, are celebrating our 140th Anniversary. We are the oldest black church in the city. Our theme: "Bethel: A 140-Year Testimony to God, Church, Family and Community" We are so very proud of our heritage. Rev. P. David Saunders is our Pastor. To God be the Glory!
Diana R. Simpson, Saginaw MI 48601-1419 [11-08-2007] »»»

hi a am makayla and i want to learn more about the first american flag.
Makayla [11-08-2007]

I like this website because if you ever need help with a project like I did on Betsy Ross you could get on the website and go to search they will show you almost any information you will need on someone in history or in the present today. sincerely, Justine Bernardi
Justine Bernardi, 10 1813SE1st ST CAPE CORAL,FLORIDA [11-08-2007]

Shakira Pless, Macon [11-08-2007]

i thought that the site was okay but didnt help me wih my Civics report!
Amanda, 16, colorado [11-08-2007]

Your site is extremely helpful in letting me remind myself of these important events and documents. Thank You.
Daniel Butler, DC1/E-6 United States Navy [11-08-2007] »»»

my name phoung i can do cartwheel
anonymous [11-08-2007]

keanna, 11 years old fl [11-08-2007]

do u no stuff about his quote that says "The world is my country, all mankind are me bethren, and to do good is my religion" ???? if so, plz tell me were to find it.
lola [11-08-2007]

keanna, 11 years old fl [11-08-2007]

the fabulous beautiful incredible Brianna [11-08-2007]

Nicole [11-08-2007]

paige [11-08-2007]

this is a very GREAT web-site it helped me do my history project on the American Revolution...i was ver successful. now my teacher gos to this web-site for info.
Victoria [11-08-2007]

we are learning about the declaration of independence.
kyrabrown, im 10 years old we are learning aboutthe declaration of in dependence [11-08-2007]

this site rox my sox!
anonymous [11-08-2007]

my name is hunter. my friend is audra. she just got her hair stuck in the chair! hahaha shes a loser but i love her! jk this website is pretty retarted but o well we have to be on itt! grr. history is boring
anonymous, 13 years old texas [11-08-2007]

OMG this website is so boring but its very educational but honestly i dont care about it so anyways!BYE i luv brooks!
anonymous [11-08-2007] »»»

hi im audra and im in the eighth grade and right now i am in history class and i am sitting here and i just got done looking at all these kewl pictures on your website! they are really neat anyways its kinda boring so this is why i am typing this and well my hair just got cuaght in the chair ouch! well i just went to see the liberty bell i got to ring it hahahah! it was so much fun!
Audra=], 13 texas [11-08-2007] »»»

this is hunter. im from ennis texas and im in 8th grade... im sitting in history class, which is run my mr.morgan! hes the best teacher i have! i love history and this is an awesome website. i have acctually just recently visted independance hall.... haha JK! this is all a liee!1
hunter louise<3, ennis, tx 13 years old [11-08-2007] »»»

i really like it
marcos [11-08-2007] »»»

E T DeBaufre, 68, Devon, PA [11-05-2007] »»»

hi, i am 10 and i am in the 5th grade and my teacher mrs, torbert has expired me to learn more bring up my gpa
mercedes, age-10,city-detroit [11-05-2007]

i think that this website is a great source for history projects! remember keep moving forward.
mariah martinez, i'm 14 and i'm from Garlic City, Montana [11-05-2007]

This website needs a lot more information.
aryana [11-05-2007]

Check out my presidential graves website. It has photos of the grave sites of U.S. Presidents, Vice-Presidents, as well as those of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. http://www.presidentialgraves.com
Jerry, New Jersey [11-05-2007]

i am related to sam adams
samantha [11-05-2007]

I love this sight thanx for the fact and stuff XOXOXOX mzzpretty
mzzpretty [11-05-2007]

i jus wanted to say that i had a project due over the weekend then i went out of down and this help me get a good grade
mishelle, Soddy Daisy TN [11-05-2007]

My G-Grandfather had a used car dealer ship there and now my son =in=law has it. Any info. would be appreciated
Marilyn A. Hart nee Black, can you give me any history on the property at 523 e. Girard ave. [11-05-2007]

god i rock
phillip hodge [11-05-2007]

hey i do not know what to say so there it is!@#%$%
Jennifer, Deer Park, Texas [11-02-2007]

cool its a fuest book
Ashley rox !!!!, deer [11-02-2007]

love the pictures
Pooja [11-02-2007] »»»

you are so grate
glenn, kalamazoo [11-02-2007]

Just wanted to show some love and let you people know im using your internet website.
Heather Scott, 15,Tifton, Ga,Love My Haters! [11-02-2007] »»»

im so happy to be signing the computeres guestbook.i an 10 yearsd o
kyra, im 10 years old i love my school but can be a pain in a butt! [11-01-2007] »»»

I think this is a great website for my research. I love the info on Pennsylvania. Thanks for the great website! :)
Hayden [10-31-2007] »»»

I tihnk this website is a great place to help with EXTRA CREDIT keep doing what u do xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Kyla
Kyla, 10, Middletown, New York [10-31-2007]

thats so cool
anonymous [10-31-2007]

Just serfing. Working on colonial, and southern history for my manuscript [ Generations Beyond The horizon } The history of the Palatine Rainbolt's in America. 1710- 2007 PS: looking for ACCESS to Jstor
S Chief Rainbolt, Las Vegas, Nv [10-31-2007]

it;s ok
anonymous, 14 [10-31-2007]

thanks 4 helpin me pass my test!
harmony [10-30-2007]

jose antonio de la paz dominguez, 52, Mexico City [10-30-2007] »»»

i like this web site its realy good for information
Daniel white, 14, lake mills, [10-30-2007]

i love alie
anonymous [10-30-2007] »»»

this site rocks! i found all of the infromation quickly that i needed for my project! thx!
Lauren [10-30-2007]

i hate this website!ya'll stink.
cas [10-30-2007]

bob [10-30-2007]

this is a very helpfull webpage for my pennsylaina project -thanks!
anonymous, 13 [10-29-2007] »»»

this is a great website
anonymous [10-29-2007] »»»

bryan baker [10-29-2007] »»»

Wonderful information. It is great to have a reliable, full of diverse information at hand to teach out children.
Annette Albert, Science Lab Instructor for grades k-2 [10-29-2007]

I love this page. It helped me a lot with my homework!
Miko, 15 years, Tokio, student [10-29-2007]

this is a very good learning and research site i have found everything that i need to look for in the matter of minutes and i was done with my research project.
Karlee [10-29-2007]

Genna And Jordan [10-29-2007]

haley harsanyi [10-29-2007]

Looking forward to visiting tomorrow for your children's Halloween Fun hour.
Melissa [10-29-2007] »»»

Rosa [10-26-2007]

I really like this website. It is very helpful!
Laylay [10-26-2007]

yur site is very resorsful
ian, 20, cinncinati [10-25-2007] »»»

GARY L COUEY Sr. [10-25-2007]

I licke Scocial Studies shust a little bit
Gladis Trejo, im 11 im in 6 grade mi teacher is ms. Lee [10-25-2007]

i luv american history because it lets me learn bout the state that i will be going 2 in march 10-16(washington,d.c.)!
ana, 13and i liv in hollywood,la,ca [10-25-2007]

I thought that this was the best historic website that I have ever been to. This resource is really easy to use along with helpful. Thank You
Garison, 12 [10-25-2007]

taylor [10-25-2007]

Sir, I am from dhaka,Bangladesh. And I am interested to know the history of 'US'. I am reading 'GED' on my country. So, I have need to know the past & recent topic of us hitory what you will send me. 'And you will remember me'. Your truely, S.M.SUJAN
sujan, 18years from dhaka. [10-25-2007]

Hi My name is Aubry and Iam a French Student. I first visited America when I was 7. I loved the history of america instantly. But because I live in france, I have a hard time learning about my intrest. Can anyone help me?
Aubry, 14, Paris France [10-24-2007]

Taking it global is all we need, God bless UN,AU,EU,ECOWAS etc..........
King Nee, 14 rue du tokpa cotonou,benin [10-24-2007] »»»

Needed this site for a history assignment.
Jaclyn Elizabeth Cook [10-24-2007]

i think world history is the best and i learned how a lot and i like it a lot and i will learend more and more about it and when some one askme about it i will tell them a lot and the
Roland barientes, 16, sa town, [10-24-2007]

Lol this helped me on my last minute project! good site
Amazed [10-23-2007]

This is a very resourceful site. It helped me a lot with my essay on why I'm an american patriot.Ihope I will be drawn to this site in the future.
Ellie Halvorson, 12 years old, gaylord MI [10-23-2007]

BarryBom [10-23-2007]

charon smith [10-23-2007]

ok send it [10-23-2007]

Brain [10-23-2007]

i like the format of the sight but the information could be more fun and exciting!
ashley, idaho springs colorado [10-23-2007]

Kayla, 17, atlanta,Ga [10-23-2007]

Great Site!
B. T., Salem, OR [10-22-2007]

If there were more info about cavemen then that will help me a lot with my project. Anyway too bad so sad it's due tomorrow. Thanks for well...nothing.
A 6th grader from Pacific Beach Middle, I'm 11 and in San Diego, California GO PADRES GO CHARGERS [10-22-2007]

Lots of good information! Helped me out on a school project.
Cassidy [10-22-2007]

I worked at Kearsley Nursing and found it to be a great place. The history there is great just take a walk around the grounds it just come out and it can be seen.
sandra ems, 58, phila.pa [10-22-2007] »»»

yolanda cunningham [10-22-2007] »»»

Taylor Johnson [10-22-2007]

KATELYN [10-19-2007] »»»

i am so awesomely awesome, booyah
Michael, 13 Marlette [10-19-2007]

good website yo.
shelby [10-19-2007]

*lil_loquita*, 65 years old I live in Chilangolandia, California [10-17-2007]

really helped me with my history project! THANK YOU! :)
Rachel Repshas, 13 years old [10-17-2007]

I am 12 years old and I have found a ton of informationon your site.I love it.
Jacob A Burley [10-17-2007] »»»

kind of hard to navigate the site,=. checking it out for a school project. doesn't really catch my attention or make me want to come back.
Noah Kershisnik, 17 [10-17-2007] »»»

sarah, woodland [10-16-2007] »»»

haw wod it like to be president for the year?
cecilia sena, kingmen [10-16-2007]

this place is the best
brenda mcduffie, 16 years old i'm funny and i like to learn philadelphia [10-16-2007] »»»

Love this site
Jawani Espitia [10-16-2007]

Great website for h/s kids looking for info
Kelsey Rohde, Wisconsin [10-16-2007]

i think this website is wired because i hate history!
e-star, queens,new york [10-16-2007] »»»

Marie Gannett, Age:13,City:Sullivan [10-14-2007]

trying to find out what does the work Philadelphia really mean...and where did it come from
tom macdonald [10-14-2007]

i wish that you have give more information about PA!
huang, nj [10-14-2007]

love the website its awesome!
sat14 [10-14-2007]

James K. Conway, Ardmore, PA [10-14-2007] »»»

i would like to see my yearbook picture
sherry natasha yvonne wilson, 23,panama city, [10-14-2007]

this is a really great website and im glad that i found it when i needed it really bad
TABI, 16 [10-14-2007]

I enjoyed the old photos of The Black Horse Inn. William Lungren was the proprietor of the Black Horse Inn from 1833 until he moved to Philadelphia.
Debra Jean Lungren [10-14-2007]

Very user friendly information. I am with the Chester County Historical Society and found many useful ideas on your site. Thank you. Kim
Kimberly Hall, West Chester, PA [10-12-2007] »»»

Harry Ballzonya [10-12-2007]

Jesse, 16 [10-12-2007]

this site had some interesting information but could be a bit more detailed.
Nikki [10-11-2007] »»»

wishing there was locators out there that didnt always charge..my Best/Friend,Sister,was buried somewhere in New Hampshire and I cant locate where she is,I couldnt make it back in time for burial and all her bio.family os no where to be found?"kat L. Moore is a hero in history of being a realist and a true genuine person.This website is really neat and interesting,thanks..........Any one with info on where she buried please let me know,she touched many lives,and those who knew here,were blessed,like me.
Patti, located in upstate ny [10-11-2007]

Kristen [10-11-2007]

its a good web site im going to use it for everything i do for reasorce! you guys kick ass!
tyler [10-11-2007]

gabrielle hill, 15 [10-10-2007] »»»

I am interested in any information that I can get regarding the Quaker(friends) in the early 1900s. My great grandfather Benjamin Wills Wood ( of Ontario Canada) was engaged by the Philladelphia Society of Friends to take charge of a college at Petrofka Sask. (Doukabors) and continued there until Sask. inaugurated their new school system. Could you tell me how I could find out more of this event. Would it be in your archives anywhere? Thanks so much for anything that you can do for me. Sincerly Kathy Wood
Kathy Wood [10-10-2007] »»»

like omg this is so cool!omg like its like the best website like ever! im recommending it to like my like whole shcool and my teachers this website is so great!
gle [10-10-2007]

Billy Ruch, I am 12 from Philadelphia [10-10-2007] »»»

This is a really neat place to come for research. I think I'll recommend this site to any one who needs help on research.
Lesley Freese, 19, Scott City, Kansas [10-09-2007]

damian jensen, balck [10-08-2007]

My congratulations on your focus - American History is very often glossed-over in today's education system. As someone who makes a living manufacturing and supplying the United States Flag, I can tell you that more adults under 25 can tell you fewer facts about the history of our Flag than about the upcoming season's television programs.
R. Smith [10-08-2007]

perfect for projects :] thannks for keeping this site up and running
gucci [10-08-2007]

im thinking he really did have a pretty bad life but he could of fixed it himself, hes the one who chose to not make it better for himself, and he could have stayed in school because he did have pretty good grades, so i think he made it harder on himself than he should have.
Nichole [10-08-2007] »»»

miriah peterson, Oklahoma city, Ok [10-07-2007]

I think that They should do Free give-away's of Historical Gifts.
RONALD BARNA JR., My age is 39. My address is: 98 Washington Street Foster Town, Pennsylvania 18224-2143-01 [10-07-2007] »»»

I love this website it is great for school projects.
Julia [10-07-2007]

Descendant of James Hamor who bequeathed the land for the Quaker meeting house on Arch. And I'm still a Friend!
Nanci Hamor Bryant, Houston, TX [10-07-2007] »»»

i like your website
Ana [10-07-2007] »»»

shawn [10-07-2007] »»»

this is a preettyy goood site for DAR's but u should put more info on spies. =]
anonymous [10-05-2007]

you are good.I h8 history, but you are good. I h8 my bro, Itachi!
sasuke, hello [10-05-2007]

Great site.
Sarah [10-05-2007] »»»

more articles on us history, colonial times
peter vacchiano, 73- taylor, pa [10-04-2007] »»»

I am doing a project at school about The French, The English, and The Spanish! I want to be a minuteman or a Cassette girl!
Alexandra, 9 [10-04-2007] »»»

America won! God blessed Texas and God blessed U.S.A.! Thank God George W. Bush won the Presidency! Sam Washington
Sam Washington [10-04-2007]

History is an important Part of our well being and it should be taught properly and honestly. It hasnt by the public school systems throughout this country. There are things our children need to know
Khadijah Salaam, manhattan,NY [10-04-2007] »»»

hiii thank you i needed help with my project you helped :)
Lindsey [10-04-2007] »»»

amber winnington, sheveport La [10-03-2007]

Megan, i live in a house on street. [10-03-2007]

Hey This Site Is Heela Tite!
Marlina [10-03-2007]

i love this site for when i need info for my history reports
Carly Green, 13,elkhart, indiana [10-03-2007] »»»

I do enjoy information you offered on Declaration of Independence, I wish you can share more details on that part of US history.
Senlong [10-02-2007]

i really liked this website because it all kinds of info about well known people.
sal, houston [10-02-2007]

Vickie Jacobs, Mt. Calvary A.M.E. Church - Hartsville, SC [10-02-2007] »»»

ay bay bay
anonymous [10-02-2007] »»»

I was researching websites for an assignment in my education class and I am glad I stumbled upon Yours. This is a very informative website and I am sure I will be using it in my teaching career
Colene Melson [10-02-2007]

CHARLITA M. HARGROVE [10-02-2007] »»»

Mary [10-01-2007] »»»

i think this is a very helpful website and i have to do a project on benedict arnold so its very informational, i dont have to worry about finding more but i think any1 who says this website is boring is obviously imature
jessica, im a senior in high school [10-01-2007]

Proud to be an American!
anonymous [10-01-2007]

i hope this will help a lot with my homework
guest [10-01-2007]

The USA is going thorugh transitional period, where to me it seems that the founding principles ae being quashed, the principles of,Rational Self-Interest,Rational Happiness, Heroic Endeavour, and above all Free Thinking and Speech. A Little over 200 years, a country was born from conceptual light of Freedom, free from Over bearing Government, and Free from Opression (fairly mild British Opression.when you considerwhat has gone on in the past 100 years.) what goes I am hoping one day I will legally be elgible to be a Proud American Citizen. I have only one thing to say, to people who already are American Citizens and do not feel proud or cuse it everyday, even to the descendants of slaves. While not perfect, you do not know how luck you are, to be a US citizen, a county that gave to the world, such a surge of Hope,Opportunity and Freedom, that has never been matched. A country which has helped many countries to pass on and hold the torch of Freedom and Democracy. Not only through Military means, but also through Fianacial aid, Ideas and leading by example. Why do certain parts of the world hate America (Including western Europe) Because America is great, think about it. No one hates someone who is Average, only people who are successful...... God Bless America....
Gurmit, 38,British Citizen - Future American Citizen? [10-01-2007]

Abby [10-01-2007]

i love this wedsite and the thing i really love it u guys historic gifts i visti again buy love shaneice
shaneice, 12 miami [09-28-2007] »»»

ronnie [09-28-2007] »»»

I think the U.S. is wack.....
charly lillibridge, 16,sioux citty, [09-28-2007]

I stumbled on this site by accident trying to find information about the Second Bank of the US and found it interesting that I located information on the republican party that would help my students with a project that was assigned on Political parties. I was disappointed though that it only covered that one party. Perhaps it was the topic that got me there that limited the information.
Linda Bailey, I am a teacher in a small rural school in South Carolina [09-28-2007] »»»

Kendall [09-28-2007] »»»

Danielle m. [09-28-2007]

I have always admired your history from Plymouth Rock to the discovery of gold in Alaska. Highlights are Harriet Tubman and the Indian Wars. I would lie to ask who was the US General that said this: "A good Indian is a dead Indian". Please let me know, since now it is not Indians but comunists
Juan José Herrera, 61 Living in Venezuela, Enhlish language instructor [09-28-2007]

I think this wil help me a lot with my homework
Ivy Wells [09-28-2007] »»»

This site is great! I have a question regarding flag rules and regulations. The link http://www.ushistory.org/betsy/flagetiq.html#q09 is very informative. Is there any way I could obtain a printed copy of the rules and regulations presented here? Our church is wanting to display the American Flag outdoors and we want to make sure we follow protocal. Thanks. You can contact me at ljsbjs@yahoo.com
Larry J. Singer [09-28-2007]

Athena Mason, 17,Fort Worth Texas [09-27-2007]

Its of the hizzy, It is pretty bad ass, thanx it helped me tonz!
Cody Heffley, i'm 17 and live in Nampa ID [09-27-2007]

I think this is a wonderful website. There should be more like it. Don't be afarid of being labeled racist and fight the good fight and keeping AMerica American.
Robert [09-26-2007] »»»

Tyler Feague [09-26-2007]

Flimon [09-26-2007]

i really like this website
amanda, i am 12 [09-26-2007]

i LOVE your site ;]
Priscilla, im portuguese! [09-26-2007] »»»

Thomas Hartnett [09-25-2007]

kyle nolan, 15 age effingham [09-25-2007]

I think its an ok website, but i needed to know when it was founded.
Melissa, 13 [09-24-2007] »»»

I was wondering if you could put a little more information on Amendment 11. Like what was the americans reaction to it? and how did it change american lives?
Andrea [09-24-2007]

i want more than stuff from philadelphia i want the whole ushistory isnt that why you are called ushistory
anonymous [09-24-2007]

cute sight
christina [09-24-2007] »»»

I am a boy scout ldr. a Eagle scout and feel that every child from the 5th. grade on should be on this site,our children just dont know enough of American History. this site should be required study. Thank You Lynn.
Lynn M. Alexander Jr., 52 yo. Harrisburg Ar. 72432 [09-22-2007]

I love the United States of America!
Derik Malenda, 25 yrs old Cleveland,OH [09-22-2007]

Thanks for the history
hugo troncoso [09-21-2007]

I love your site. I used it for a project and it helped a great deal. Thank you so much and keep u the great work!
Kathy Burlington [09-21-2007]

samantha roberts [09-21-2007]

l@ tr@v!3z@ w@5 h3r3!
GLADYS VARGAS [09-21-2007] »»»

This wbsite is very neat. It helped me out so much in my AP SU History class!
Stephanie Floyd [09-20-2007] »»»

anonymous, california [09-20-2007] »»»

JAVIER CERVANTES, oxnard ca [09-19-2007]

I really like history except when my teacher teaches it because he makes it boring. Also he's got a missing tooth
Haley, I love history [09-19-2007]

megan, 13,Co [09-19-2007]

anonymous, colorado [09-19-2007]

looking very much to visiting phila, not very far away live in wilkes-barre, pa. recovering from a stroke. i know i will enjoy the mint
j spayder [09-19-2007] »»»

K.D., Midwest [09-19-2007]

This site is full of info.
Collin Payne, I am 11 years old. [09-19-2007] »»»

laron, 18 [09-19-2007] »»»

ziena, chicago [09-19-2007]

this website is very helpful especially for Ap History. I can really find information on this site very easy and this also gets straight to the points while giving very important information. Thanks again for this site.
Hope Anderson, 16, montevallo, al [09-18-2007]

This is an awesome webpage! I'm in U.S. History right now as a class and this page really helped me with a ton of my assignments! Thanks so much! I've referred so many of my friends here, as well, and they use this a lot too! Thanks again!
Kitiara Rosenfelt, 17-years-old; Oak Harbor High School; [09-18-2007]

kyle hodges [09-18-2007]

This site is very cool. It helped me a lot on my project.
Katie [09-18-2007]

I didn't find what I needed at all.
anonymous [09-18-2007]

i was borad
miranda, i am a girl 13 yrs [09-17-2007]

cody [09-17-2007]

Great Web Page! I do have a guestion that maybe you can answer for me. I have contacted the Army, and the Marine Corps, and got no response from either. All the photos from service personnel in Irac have the Flag on the right sleeve, with what appears that the Union of the Flag is in the top right corner of the Flag. I was under the impression, that the Union of the Flag is always displayed in the top left corner when the Flag is displayed flat. Maybe you can clear this up for me. May God Bless America, Dennis Wynn
Dennis Wynn, Lakeland, Fl [09-17-2007]

sandra, 13 yrs old,and luv to read bout history [09-16-2007]

i hate socialstudies!
hi y'all, nope [09-15-2007]

this site in the bomb
anonymous [09-14-2007] »»»

ian [09-14-2007]

thanks for the help! it helped a lot!
arica sloan, 16, laytonville,cal [09-14-2007]

this is a great web site
Nick Roberts, 13 Chandler 85224 [09-14-2007] »»»

this is a great web site
Jose [09-14-2007] »»»

nick [09-14-2007]

i really like the things about betsy ross she seems nice
oriana robinson, age:12,city:peoria [09-13-2007]

hey everone ~!
Qua James, i live in lanett alabama [09-13-2007] »»»

this site is NOT helpful! curse my civics teacher and his impossible worksheet!
anonymous [09-12-2007] »»»

Thank you! It is good to have this wonderful reminder of so rich a historical icon.
e munden [09-11-2007] »»»

i think that all the american stuff you did for us
arianna leal [09-11-2007]

i need to know a little bit about history..
fatuma, st.louis [09-11-2007]

Nothing brings forth a sense of patriotism and pride in country than walking the streets of the greatest city in the world: Philadelphia.
Bartle [09-10-2007]

C. Schellert, St. Louis MO [09-10-2007] »»»

Bob Griffin [09-08-2007]

God bless America and the people who love is great land.visit washington dc with you family and discover the beauty and history of a great nation.
jay's sedan service [09-08-2007]

I am beginning research on the reactions,and actions of the government,military,private citizens,and journalists in Philadelphia during Robert E Lee's Gettysburg campaign.
William T Zoppel Sr., 55 yrs, Atco NJ [09-06-2007]

Atlas of canineanatomy
anonymous [09-06-2007] »»»

hmmm im hungry
mike jones, 13 van vleck ashwood [09-06-2007] »»»

i loooove it..[[if you like history]] =]
Toni, 14 ? ? [09-06-2007]

father was clarence thomas meinhold from Jerome,Az.His dad was from germany at least that was all it said on his birth certificate.No town.Just germany and it said Meinholdt.Any body anywhere have any info.thx
Randy Meinhold, 49,phx,az [09-06-2007]

chanelle, 12 yrs old kansas city, mo [09-05-2007] »»»

None of the Rosters I have seen list my ancestor, JOSHUA HAYCRAFT, as having served at Valley Forge. I have his military record and will be glad to send a copy as proof.
EVA GAITHER THORNBERRY, Member Soc. Washington's Army at Valley Forge [09-04-2007]

As a High School student this web sit has help me a lot. Were so lucky to live in the U.S....:) Roxy Rdz
Roxanne, Laredo Tx. (16 years old) 11th Grade [09-01-2007] »»»

Pat Remillard, East Hartford, CT [09-01-2007] »»»

I remember the "giant slide" our Mother use to take us to. Thanks for the picture and the wonderful memories it brought back.
Linda, Ohio [09-01-2007] »»»

this is boring
greg [09-01-2007] »»»

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