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Michael Mabry, Clayton, NC [08-31-2007] »»»

yes im so glad that i live in the country of thought united state cause they all have rules
chericka, 16 [08-31-2007] »»»

with all the confusion, unrest, war and strife that swirls around the world and ricochets throughout the United States, it's good to be able to come to a place to see who we are and where we came from and what the hopes were of our original "fathers". How we see the world and ourselves and how we treat the world and ourselves is our choice. Thank you
Bonnie Engelhardt, East Hampton, New York [08-30-2007] »»»

us history is the best! i love history in general but the best is from the us!
anonymous [08-30-2007]

This is a very help full site for homework reasons
Zenadia Reid, 13, 8th Grade [08-30-2007]

Why no mention of the model for The Declaration of Independence -- The Suffolk Resolves?
Thomas Hutchinson, Milton, MA, Home of Last Colonial Governor, Pres.G.H.W.Bush, & The Suffolk Resolves [08-29-2007]

this sight totaly rocks my socks off. im not even wearing socks
lukas clark [08-29-2007]

I think this website is awsome for school projects
hannah, 10 rolla,mo [08-28-2007]

I was born in St.Vencent Hospital West Philadelphia in November 7, 1950, i don't know to much about Philadelphia, all i knows is i was born there that's it, but by computer i was glad to born there, now i reside in Melbourne Australia.
anthonyruss, age 56 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia [08-28-2007] »»»

some family visiting the John Rutldge we are fromhweome and staying there this weekend
troye demaree, a decendant of Edward Rurledge [08-27-2007]

i love the colonial period up to the cival war. I was commissioned as a I LT last month in the Army Nurse Corps Reserves
don osmack, st louis mo [08-27-2007] »»»

Althea Hayden, Washington [08-24-2007]

I am always looking for ideas to enhance/support this class.
Patricia Williamson, Teacher of U.S. History & Government--New York [08-21-2007]

You should make a seperate area for guestbook/forums/etc. as they are potentially dangerous for your users. Kids should not have the ability to put ANY personal information about themselves on the web. We suggest you create a seperate link to your guestbooks, and keep them anonymous. Check out the info on TRUSTe.org. Many of your entries by users are profane and need further screening. Thank you.
Roaya Hamedani, The Children's Internet, Inc. [08-21-2007] »»»

Lindsey, 11, Tennessee [08-20-2007]

I am looking for information on the seasonal migrant workers from the 1960's (the brazeros). could you point me to a site or entity that could provide me with such info?
Triniy [08-19-2007]

This site is so wonderful. I just read through the Give me Liberty speech. This is the first time I've read the whole thing. I've got goosebumps Wow!
L.Stevenson [08-18-2007] »»»

Hey. I can't find anything about 1570 food. I have a report due tomorrow, and I cannot find a site that has any information. Please e-mail me if you have some information
Stephanie, 14 years old; Evansville, IN; Thompkins Middle School [08-17-2007]

im glad yall love
rosie [08-17-2007]

i love us history.
ayan hassan [08-17-2007]

great site
kenny b [08-16-2007]

Wonderful and informative!
Vicki Maskowsky, age 55, Santa Clarita, California [08-16-2007]

GREAT Website!
Jonathan Williams [08-14-2007]

Mary Andrulewicz [08-13-2007]

I lived in Philly's Hermitage Mansion for about 6 years from 1958 to 1964 ( my age 10 to 16) and I played 'hide and seek' with my sisters at one of your Philly Oddities in our backyard called Kelpius Cave. It is hard to find.
John Higgins, Male, age 60, now living in Longwood, FL [08-10-2007] »»»

I think this site is great help for kids, to help them with their projects.
Benita Brisco, Eastman Ga. [08-09-2007] »»»

my ansester singed the deck...
ryan, new yourk [08-09-2007]

love the idea to show our history
ivonne dominguez, 13,boardman [08-09-2007]

I hate US history, it is never taught in an interesting way, so now an american such as myself grows to hate it with a burning passion!
anonymous, 16 [08-09-2007] »»»

Congratulations on your good work. I would that all would read our Founding Documents, at least during TV commercials. I consider Mr. Paine's Common Sense to be the seminal document of the united States in Congress Assembled; the Declaration of Independence the Primary Statute, superior as an antecedent to the Articles of Confederation and even to the generally accepted Law of the Land, the Constitution for the United States of America in Congress Assembled, as properly ratified and no other. The State's Constitutions are independent and are equal to all other States, including the upstart "United States," so called, which is the creature that has escaped from the limits defined by the compact between and among the several equal States. Common Sense is still uncommon; would that the Congress had always been composed by lot for one year terms! Would we be at war with the world today?
Jim Lorenz, 73, student of the Law since 1974, retired busines systems analyst and private investor. [08-07-2007] »»»

Excellent, well organized, website. A must for ant student of history.
John Northcutt, MM1(SS), USN. Age 40, Anderson, IN [08-07-2007]

hi my naame is lex reallybu
Perfect [08-07-2007]

It certainly would be proper for 1st National Bank to bedeveloped as a Banking museum, illustrating how the financiers of the Revolution were able to do what they did: I visited the Bank of England recently and they have on display that George Washington continued his account there during the revolution and after. (Wachovia and the Fed Reserve out to help promoting this as well as the Philadelphia Tourist industry.)
Ricardo Ben-Safed [08-07-2007] »»»

Great website! I really enjoy looking at the details of America's past. It's easy to find lots of information on the site(s). Thank you for creating a place where we can not only find insightful information, but also references to find more. Thank you.
Anonymous [08-07-2007]

I am completing a Ph.D. in American Indian Studies and would like to do research there in your Native American archives. I am Lakota (full/ or 1/32nd French according to blood quantum) and am fluent in my language. Your Native American Collection has been referred to me. I did now know you had such a collection. Why isn't it nationally known? Or your research grants? Do you have Native American members of the society? How does one become a member? I am also an author of two books: Bead on an Anthill: A Lakota childhood (1997, Univ. of Nebr. Press) and Turtle Lung Woman's Granddaughter (2003, Univ. of Nebr. Press).
Delphine Red Shirt, My daughter is a freshman at UPENN (class of 2011). [08-07-2007] »»»

Great Site! It would help if you included some more pictures, maps, graphics, etc... There are always teachers who need a clear outline of historical events (Check the history section at Spark Notes). You could accomplish such a task easily. Thanks for the chance of letting me express myself. I hope to hear from you. Sabino Sto. Dgo. The Dominican Republic
sabino morla, 43 years old, Englihs and Social Studies Coordinator & Teacher [08-07-2007]

Lisa Gereszek, Austin,TX 28 yrs old Female [08-07-2007]

kathy strout [08-02-2007]

Beautiful city ...great web page...Great city Admin web page as well !
Mark Gault, Brisbane,State of Queensland, Australia [08-01-2007] »»»

humaira naz, 24,Islamabad. [07-30-2007]

This song made me feel like I was in the war.****
Andrea Robles, Im 11 years old and live in Los Angeles [07-30-2007] »»»

A great site. Keep up the good work.
Charles Hampton Bush [07-30-2007]

Chas Yates, 36, Tucson, AZ [07-28-2007]

I think ur kooL DUD3!
monica, chandler 85225 az [07-28-2007] »»»

what should I do if our homeowners ass. fronds?
bill j. bearden, USNAVY veteran of korea action [07-27-2007]

Evan Myers, 21 years old, pembroke pines Florida. [07-26-2007]

anonymous [07-26-2007] »»»

sxs, history of America [07-25-2007]

okay send it now yall
abigail, 11,toms river [07-25-2007]

fredburmeister, 31 spring [07-25-2007]

this site is the most wonderful thing ive ever seen in my life. it finally gave my life meaning. after my husband died 2 years ago, i was so lonely i wanted to die, but when i found your site, i felt that life was truly worth living. thank you so much. this site is truly the awesomest thing in the entire world. i dont know what i would do without it. you guys are teh coolest!
amber osborne, im 87, i love pretzels, water, birds, and socks. I HATE TECHNOLOGY...and canada. [07-25-2007]

I come on this site all the time. It helps me go back to my younger days, to my days in Vietnam. Good job keeping this site up! You ROCK!
Shonda, i'm 98 years old and i am from southern kansas [07-25-2007]

thank you george washington
daneille, bronx newyork [07-23-2007]

where did Commodore John Barry reside? Looking for Germantown info from the 40s to 70s.
Fran [07-20-2007] »»»

How do I find information about birthday parties at Franklin Square Park? thanks
anonymous [07-17-2007]

i think that this is a good page for kids to get help on their us hitory homework !
HECTOR (FRESH) HERNANDEZ, national city [07-17-2007]

Rueben Munoz, Waukesha, WI [07-16-2007]

Nick, Wisconsin [07-16-2007]

Fantastic site and God bless America!
anonymous [07-15-2007]

Looking for family connections: Weightman, Ludwig, Hays, Sides, Wilson, Haehl, Horn, O'Toole
Eleanor Sides Weightman, Descendant of Molly Pitcher [07-12-2007] »»»

Jessica A. Harrison, Chicago, IL; Sacramento, CA; Atlanta, GA [07-12-2007]

As editor of a company newsletter I decided to write about the Declaration of Independence for my 2nd quarter edition. As I began writing and linking to various sites on historical events, I became very "teary-eyed" clicking on the virtual map. I miss Phila; the temendous history, dinner at the City Tavern, my amazement of the small size of the Liberty Bell, Ginos and Pats' Cheese steaks, Lemon Ice and Soft Pretzels and all the wonderful friends I made while living in Cherry Hill, NJ 30 plus years. This website is fabulous. You brought to me in North Carolina the Philadelphia I learned to know and love.
Kate Graham, Moved from Cherry Hill NJ (Aug 2004) to Greenville NC. [07-12-2007] »»»

Excellent site. Thank you for maintaining this information in an easily viewable and searchable public access. I'm sure you have done your best to provide accurate textual content from these very important documents. Is there a notice on the site that describes to what extent the text has been verified.
Don W., Atlanta, Georgia, Age: 62 [07-11-2007] »»»

would like to know how i can get more information about bethel ame church oncookstown new egtpt rd.
anonymous [07-10-2007]

I LOVE American history and recently saw a show on the old Fort Midland by the current Airport and the Original city water works partially funded by Ben Franklin and the Free Masons. The show was on The History Channel. Very cool stuff.
Kevin, I am 47. I last visited Phili when I was 11. I would love to return [07-10-2007]

i wanted to learn more about a fellow wexford man Commodore John Barry
george hopkins, wexford ireland [07-09-2007] »»»

good site
Georgia White, Houston, Texas [07-08-2007]

Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" even makes sense today when our current President acts as King of America not as the President of the U.S. representing the "free" citizens of this country. Since our President admittedly doesn't read books obviously he has no idea what "Common Sense" is either in book form or in the ordinary definition.
anonymous [07-08-2007]

Sabrina [07-08-2007] »»»

I am so glad to see you published my accounting of our family....And then to find it as fact elsewhere makes me a Proud American
Phillip Sollock, Proud American [07-07-2007]

God bless this great country
Keith Rose, Buffalo, NY. Palmetto,FL [07-07-2007] »»»

Ann Ryals, 4th grade teacher [07-05-2007]

Kelly Davidson [07-05-2007]

Great site, thanks.
Frank [07-05-2007]

raven, 1976 [07-05-2007]

Thank you for all this wonderful information. I am using much of it in our 4th of July celebration.
Margie Ussery [07-05-2007] »»»

Kathleen Ballard [07-05-2007] »»»

What a great site...growing up in Philadelphia, I always knew the historic value of my wonderful city..now everyone will know..thanks!
Sallie, Philadelphian~~ living in Florida~~ [07-04-2007]

i'm to old?
javan, 55 [07-04-2007]

Wonder if my history timeline per US state www.usastatesdates.com fits in the Links page
Ben, Retired - France [07-04-2007]

I realy enjoyed the web page and the tour you have provided excellent work and very informative thank you Happy 4th.
Mila Cairncross, Livingston Calif 95334 [07-04-2007]

I spent most of my morning with Betsy Ross and the information about the Flag Code and such. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get warmed up for tomorrow's Fourth of July. Happy Birthday to us all. May God comfort and protect all those who serve our country in the effort to keep us free. May those who have lost their lives fighting for our freedom find everlasting peace.
Bill Martin, 53 yrs old, Memphis, TN [07-04-2007] »»»

Wow! this amazing of all the history that form part of us.
Olivia, year 2007 [07-04-2007]

This site is awesome!
Mimi [07-02-2007]

Christina Michelle Jenkins [07-02-2007]

wonderful site. helps us to value what we have and the hard fight to have won it.
Joseph A. Ramsey, M.D. [07-02-2007] »»»

We need to take this to heart. We, as a country, have forgotten on who this country was founded on. We need to put God back in our country or we will perish like the other countries that has forsaken our God.
Norma Lee, Tulsa, Oklahoma [07-02-2007] »»»

It's difficult to fathom what the founding fathers would think of our present society. However, I beleive that the values present in the minds of those who risked their lives for our fledgling nation will prevail the current tests of our precious freedom. And the will to forge a nation unlike any other present on this earth will again guide the hearts and minds of those who duty it is to lead our great country. As our fore fathers knew and all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. It is my hope that every American learn their history and vow themselves to return our great nation to a rule of the people, by the people and for the people.
Michael Ross Hurt, 46yrs., Tacoma, Wa 98405 [07-01-2007] »»»

Work on genealogy and this is a great site to find some of the dates and happenings at about that time.
T Hoddy, Oklahoma City, OK [07-01-2007]

Being a transplanted Philadelphian I miss the atmoshere, food and historis sights. I do visit much, but never seem to have time to sightsee because I'm with family. This year I will be taking the wife and kids to tour Philly for their first time, and the King Tut exhibit. I can't wait.
Michael Cangelosi, 37 years old, Now reside in Richmond, Virginia [07-01-2007] »»»

Kem Dugger, 54 years, Guyton Georiga. [06-30-2007]

anonymous [06-30-2007]

I love history and I go to this website when someone asks me about history, and something about Nathan Hale because I am related to him, and I won't to know all about him>
Braden, Lake Charles [06-30-2007]

anonymous [06-29-2007] »»»

This is a best vacation site to help me teach my children of the wonders of Philly.
Nicole Cox, Ohio [06-29-2007] »»»

I love the history of your city and one day I will be going there to visit. I am a history buff and want to see everything.
Jeanette, Columbiana, AL [06-27-2007] »»»

Stephen Dale Crowley, 54 Yrs Old, Male, Terre Haute, In. [06-26-2007] »»»

went to FT Mifflin for an overnight ghost hunt was scared to death we got a lot of orb pictures and breathing on the back of your neck we even got soom evps really cool...
maryann guida, new jersey [06-25-2007] »»»

ISAAC BROWN [06-22-2007] »»»

we the people of the united states,in order to form a more perfect union,establish justice,insure domestic tranquility provide for the common defence,promote the general welfare and secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our prosper- ity,do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.May God protect our youn Men and Women in Afghanistan,Iraq,and else where.May God continue to bless America and never let her change
Constance J, Proud of mr Country [06-22-2007]

I am reading a biography of John Paul Jones and was interested in being referred to Barry who, so far, has not been mentioned in the book. I served as a WAVE in the Second World War and my uncle, Charles E. Gardiner, was a doctor (on ships) in the Pacific. It seems to me that he eventually held the title of commander but I am not sure about this. He was a Lt. Commander while on active duty.
Dr. Jeanne Keyes Youngson, New York City...see below [06-22-2007] »»»

zachary [06-19-2007]

lizbeth villanueva [06-19-2007]

Very interesting site!
anonymous [06-18-2007] »»»

Stephen Steed II, Retired Military [06-18-2007]

We should love God and our neighbor as ourselves. We should do what we can to improve ourselves, others and our communities.
Eunice A. Paddio-Johnson eunicep@juno.com, 6/25/28 in Crowley, LA to Henry (Alce') Paddio and Ce'cile Chesle' of Lafayette, LA. [06-18-2007]

i like this site. bye
TAYLOR [06-18-2007]

this site have helped me a lot in my school work and i think this is a very important website.
sefton, trinidad and tobago [06-15-2007]

thank you for providing these.
darin [06-15-2007]

sandra [06-15-2007]

donna hacher [06-15-2007]

i enjoyed this website very much. i was looking for things to do in philly on my vacation and this site gave me many ideas for day trips. i think the only thing missing from this site is a map of where all the things are located or the actual address. the Victorian cemetery seems very interesting but it does not say where it is located. (i believe it's on ridge ave near allegheny).. but i would like to see those things added to the site. along with any other facts about the city.. thank u
israel, 25/phila/pa [06-15-2007]

Happy United States Flag Day on June 14! America won! God blessed Texas and God blessed U.S.A.! Thank God George W. Bush won the Presidency! Sincerely, Sam Washington
Sam Washington [06-15-2007]

As a student in Olde St. Augustine School in Philadelphia I am surprised at the history of this Church and School. As a student the history of the church and school was never brought to my attention during my years of attendance of K thru 8th grade. The education I did receive from the Nuns of St. Joseph is far superior than what is taught in the Public Government Schools today. We were taught cursive penmanship in the 2nd grade along with reading "Dick and Jane". Many winter days with no heat and wearing winter coats and gloves we still learned our lessons. If only the nuns of those days were teaching today it would be a blessing. Florence Marilyn Camero
Florence M. Camero [06-12-2007] »»»

I think that this is good and when kids get to a certin age the should have it read and explained to them it could make a big difference
Melissa HAro, 18 los angeles, california [06-12-2007]

i think this website is ok .! glorianna restrepo
glorianna restrepo, shelton connect [06-12-2007]

I love history, especially civil war history. I live in an area that has so much civil war history. Here in the Shenandoah Valley civil war history is so abundant, the battle reenactment, the museums, the plantations, the small towns that in some still almost look just like they did during the war between the states. I get so much information from your website, where to visit, dates of when the battles will be staged, when and where. I have lived here for almost seven years, and I am still excited as if I just moved here. There is endless history here. I am also a supporter of Save Our History, because it is so important that we preserve our history for future generations. Thank you for letting me share my excitement for our civil war history. William from VA.
William R. Hunt, 55yo Harrisonburg, Va. 22802 [06-11-2007]

Met Ed Lawler at site on this past Thurs., just finished reading history of White House. A wonderful read and so very informative. Thank you.
Ruth Kartman, Wyndmoor. PA [06-10-2007] »»»

The Beverly Historical Society & Museum in Beverly, Massachusetts has a permanent exhibit on Beverly's ties to the American Revolution. Beverly, Massachusetts was the Naval Headquarters of Gen. George Washington from 1775-1776. The first major sea Battle in the American Revolution was fought in Beverly, Ma. The U.S.S. Hannah lee (Beverly) Vs. the British vessel, H.M.S. Nautilus.
Mark Hurwitz, I am the Education coordinator at the Beverly Historical Society & Museum in Beverly, Massachusetts. [06-09-2007] »»»

Brenda [06-09-2007]

I urge all involved with the President's House ruins to include the "hidden passageway" as part of the new exhilit. After all, it is part of the home and the 'truth'!
Julie Nielsen, Trade, TN [06-08-2007] »»»

I would just like to thank you for sharing so many wonderful things. I have always wanted to visit this historic city, but now I really know I want to. I love all of the History~However, the "oddities" are quite interesting. I hope to get there soon.
Sonia Seaberg, I am the 44 year old daughter of Julieanne {Wasilewski} Smith~A native Philadelphian. We live in Clovis, California [06-08-2007] »»»

thjob that you have done on this site is why i still love philadelphia. I always find out new and amazing info. Thank you
William A. Conrad, 39, born and raised in phila. Reside in NC now [06-07-2007]

Hi :D
Uh-Kira Chan [06-07-2007] »»»

Look for Richard Watson, be here June 8/9/10 for Odune, I would like him to catch me up to the where abouts of other artist as well as himself. DeirDre Ginyard
DeirDre Marie Carey, Philly girl living in Phoenix (3 yrs) [06-06-2007] »»»

thank you so much for this best sites whivh i get many inf from it .and god bless you all
hadj tayeb [06-06-2007] »»»

gr8 website, very insightful
Maxanne Rider [06-05-2007]

keep it up guys we love this site
brad pitt, i love yor guys site [06-05-2007]

It is very opional
Aleigh, Utica michigan [06-04-2007]

mary bailey, crittenden,ky 41030 [06-04-2007] »»»

i think this page is nice
alexandria taylor, 13,mil, [06-04-2007] »»»

this was easy for my homework
Daniel Scott [06-04-2007] »»»

roger w hart [06-01-2007]

I appreciate your work on this website and will be studyjng documents from yime to time..Sincerely thank you and Peace to you all
Raymond Bergeron, Smithfield [06-01-2007] »»»

i love philly i lived there most of my life and i plain to come back i was born in philly and that is where ill live for the rest of my life see u all soon
lorraine [06-01-2007] »»»

Great web site! Loads of info.Great for school work! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Deanna, 10,ct, [06-01-2007]

Jandi [06-01-2007]

BRIAN DAVIDSON, SSG, 36 yrs old Right now I am in Iraq study US Gov [05-31-2007]

United States History is most admired by people in the World. The writers in our History always put God first. In the Civil rights, life comes first. The US shall not deprive any person of life. What a statment. Thank you, Menita
Menita Martin, 52, Dallas Tx, from NOLA (after the storm) [05-31-2007] »»»

I have a flag that belonged to my grandfather dating somewhere around 1912. It has 48 stars and was his when he was in the boy scouts in the Houston, Texas area. There is a name handwritten on the side. Charles Bales, do you know if he has an significance in Texas history?
Jackie [05-31-2007]

Hi, I am looking for some military records for George, Jerome, Jim, and Gerald Schamberger. If you have any information please e-mail me at teschmahl@gmail.com. Thank-you.
Tessa [05-30-2007]

nice website =)
anonymous [05-30-2007]

I love this website. Thank you for creating it!
anonymous [05-30-2007] »»»

this is a cool site that I can use and reccomend to all of my friends. this helps me complete my projects quickly because of the great articles. I love using this site. some of the most helpful pages are the betsy ross, Ben Franklin, and minutemen pages. keep on adding more pages and expanding this awesome and helpful site! I love i tand all o fit's contents!
anonymous [05-30-2007] »»»

it is very cool
ahkea, 10,phx,az [05-28-2007]

I have always enjoyed united States history, but it has really come alive for me now that I am a living historian at Riley's Farm in Yucaipa, CA(www.rileysfarm.com), representing mid-1700's colonial life. This site at ushistory.org has been a valuable tool in adding information to the stories I tell at work. I thank you.
Mark A. Pederson, Redlands, CA [05-28-2007]

Sarah Culpepper, New Jersey : 13 [05-28-2007] »»»

this is a great site that I use for all of my projects. I can't wait for my next project so that I can use this site. I couldn't find a better site to find information on American history. I love this site!
anonymous [05-28-2007]

Thank You for a great website!
Stephen Littlefield, Maine [05-28-2007] »»»

I like your site - loads of information ! Very interesting. You may like to visit my site - www.oldstratforduponavon.com/philadelphia - for some more old views of Philly !
Dave Gregory, Olney, Bucks, England [05-28-2007] »»»

I am a great, great, great granddaughter to Charles Carroll. My father was named after him. I am proud to be kin to him .
patricia a carroll, charles carroll is a great, great,great grandfather. [05-28-2007] »»»

I am doing a project on the summer of 1787 in Philadelphia and want to include images of building of the period. Benjamin Franklin donated to building houses of worship including the Jewish synagogue. Is Congregation Mikveh Israel that synagogue and do you have an image? Sincerely, Vicki Martin' Clearfield, UT Also, which flag was correct in 1787? I think there were a few states added after the circle of 13.
Vicki Martin [05-28-2007] »»»

wayne b. johnson, I am male, caucasion, 64 years and collect coins. [05-28-2007] »»»

Thank you for bringing all these important documents together in one place. I'm finding it quite handy when posting on Constitution-related matters on my blog.
Eric Hamell [05-28-2007] »»»

I love the country that I fought for freedom 65 years ago,witnessed the Pearl Harbor Attack, served my time in HELL,with the 24th Infantry on the largest island in the world(New Guinea).
joseph a. mieleszko, age 85, No. Hatfield,MA, PO Box 103 [05-26-2007] »»»

Your ushistory.org is wonderful.
William C. Zornow, Lima, New York [05-25-2007]

Jennifer & Ricki Bland [05-25-2007] »»»

Jorge McDonaldson [05-25-2007] »»»

Anders, Denmark [05-25-2007]

HEJ TOTTER [05-24-2007]

Zach Rocker [05-24-2007] »»»

Erin Gamache, Farmingdale [05-24-2007] »»»

Hello.. am trying to find "someone/anyone?" who might help.. younger relatives are attempting to create a family "history story".. I'm the only OLD living relative..memory fading.. can anyone help?? Father/mother/grandparents.. all born in Philadelphia.. father partner in printing business.. lost all in depression.. (that's when I arrived on the scene.. 1927.. oh my) Bookbinders Rest. in Philly... the origianal site..I believe.. of the "family business"..PRINTING & bookbinding.. WHO IS STILL AROUND that might be able to lend me a hand in providing "family stuff"??? please... I pray.. Oh yes.. mothers' family (10 children & Quakers).. settled in Darby, PA.. family business on Main St.. anybody listening?? thanks if you wish to answer.. would greatly appreciate it... PEACE.. that's what we need! A.L. (now FLA)
Anne Lindgren, Approaching 8 decades! [05-24-2007] »»»

this websight is is very usefull 4 doing my s.s. homework. I also wanted to thank my s.s. teacher mr. James zoller!
Alison Williams, 12 years old Wyoming, ohio [05-23-2007]

Bruno, 23 [05-22-2007]

Stephanie Melot, Age 27 Ritchey, MO [05-22-2007]

i love carrie underwood
bob bobalu, d [05-22-2007]

Ben [05-21-2007] »»»

you need to have a little more history in this website. people cannot get facts we need from this website and it needs some work! :)
anonymous [05-21-2007]

I loved the Bahamas. thx, it was fun =)
Sandy, 67 years old [05-21-2007]

Currently our country is at war against Global Terrorism, we pray & fight that freedom & democracy shall prevail for all. Nancy H. Franco
Nancy H. Franco (F-Moses-M-Mullen), 40 DOB 8.16.1966 Son Peter J. Franco DOB 1.13.1988 - GSD [F] Name - Major C DOB 7.04.2005 [05-21-2007] »»»

I thoroughly enjoyed your research on Commodore John Barry, "Father of the American Navy". Thank you.
Russ J. Haddad, Greenville, SC [05-21-2007] »»»

I've been here:) jubii:D
Rasmus Rasmussen [05-21-2007]

tayeb, hadjtayeb@hotmail.com [05-21-2007]

The USS UNITED STATES Foundation is prepared to build a full-scale seaworthy replica of the frigate USS UNITED STATES, First Ship of the US Navy, by the year 2012 (Bi-Centennial of the War of 1812. This National Icon was scrapped in 1866. NOTHING REMAINS of this gallant native born Philadelphian Looking for sponsors and contributors. a 501(c)(3)organization. Contact Edward C. Zimmerman, Jr. at: USSUNITEDSTATES@Yahoo.com I am your most humble servant.
USS UNITED STATES Foundation, Full-Scale replica by 2012 [05-18-2007]

I love American History so much and I think there should be more websites like this one. I like knowing that American History is loved by many others and not just me.
Amanda, Will be 15 in August, Attleboro, MA [05-17-2007]

How could I purchase a picture of Harriet Cole's Central Nervous System?
Michael Benavides, Brownsville, TX [05-17-2007] »»»

i would like to know when the declaration of independence was written and who was involved with the signing of the declaration of independece
mackenzie [05-17-2007]

joe [05-16-2007]

AVIVA history handin hand
BRISTAN CORNELIU, 62,Iassy,Roumania,officer-innsurance,bro./FM [05-16-2007]

hi, sam [05-16-2007]

i like this website
Breeze Lockett, age 13 newyorkcity [05-15-2007] »»»

I like the Ben Fraklin video
anonymous [05-15-2007]

=) cool site : ) '=) loopy
noa otto [05-15-2007]

This sight was invaluable in my production of both a book review of Mr. Franklins autobiography and a speech on Charasmatic Leaders for my Leadership class in college. It also is a wonderful sight for the history of America. Thankyou for all you have herein for you have all done an oustanding job with this sight.
Daniel E. Campbell, Denver, Colorado [05-14-2007] »»»

Sue Shelton [05-14-2007] »»»

I'm a huge fan of history... raised by a family of them, in fact! Raised with an ever-present awareness of who I am and where my family and nation originated from... THANK YOU for your site... for reminding us of our journeys past and, yet to come.
Melanie Simms, Former Poet Laureate of Perry County, Pa; age 41, single, Liverpool, Pa [05-14-2007]

I went to philadelphia and I really liked it we walked a lot and went to the show at the national constitution center where we also went to the gift shop. I bought the articles of constitution.
Jose [05-14-2007] »»»

Tim [05-14-2007] »»»

the sight has a lot of good info
ashley cook [05-11-2007]

hi dudes
andy, nope [05-11-2007]

My niece has to memorize the Preamble for Social Studies and I asked the kids if they still said the American's Creed after the Pledge of Allegiance. Then the kids wanted me to recite it, and I had to look it up as I only remembered the first line. I wish I had known about this website sooner when the kids were studying this in elementary school. I do have it added to my favorites.
Kate Harper, 54 yrs. old, Pittsburgh, PA 15216 [05-11-2007] »»»

you are so happy...
teetee, 29 ky 73664 8837384 [05-11-2007]

huiuh [05-11-2007] »»»

Ms. Lenita Fisher [05-10-2007]

I love this website you have a lot of important imformation.
Najari Robertson, I'm 10yrs old and in the 5th grade and we are learning about ushistory [05-10-2007] »»»

Rose Mobley, My youngest daughter is moving there in a few weeks. [05-10-2007] »»»

Thanks for possible tour about common Polish/American History. Jacek, (43), Lyons,Il.,708/447-4213.
Jacek Antas, 43, Lyons, Il [05-10-2007]

Govardhen Arunagiri [05-09-2007] »»»

this site makes my feet grow so i can by new ugs! :)
Pamela Florence, age 16 [05-08-2007]

anonymous [05-08-2007] »»»

good website helped me with my project
anonymous, 13 [05-07-2007] »»»

/I love this website. I work as a tour guide and this website helps me to freshen up my speech. Thank you.
anonymous [05-07-2007] »»»

oh hi... would u like to send me some information about pres. banjamin harrison because i'm doing a report on him and i need all your great help to help out thank you very much.
tiffany [05-07-2007]

My father like the history so every year he take me to diferent history side. I am so proud of my Nation
Ricardo De Leon, Nashville [05-07-2007]

I love ALL kinds of history but especially the government.
Katelyn, 11 [05-07-2007]

i think that you should get more books out because not all people know about this web sight but besides that i likr this wed sight a lot
lin [05-07-2007] »»»

Calico Tino, 18 [05-04-2007] »»»

I love all the history you guys have on here but I think you should more things on on famouse black people,and slavery.
Lavanda Bingham [05-04-2007]

Lauren, 11 [05-04-2007] »»»

anonymous [05-04-2007] »»»

We now have a web site. Hopefully it will improve in the near future: http://www.geocities/ussunitedstates/edu.html
USS UNITED STATES Foundation, New Web Site for USS UNITED STATES [05-03-2007]

Anyone interested in helping to build a full-scale replica of the frigate USS UNITED STATES, First Ship of the United States Navy; please contact me at USSUNITEDSTATES@Yahoo.com I have the honor to be at your service.
Edward C. Zimmerman, Jr., President & Founder of the USS UNITED STATES Foundation [05-03-2007]

Lasse, sukkertoppen, KÝbenhavn, Denmark [05-03-2007] »»»

I really like the virtual tours. they are so cool.
anonymous, 8,ohio [05-02-2007] »»»

I loved this sight. It was the #1 choice for history.
Cora, 13, Kerrville, Texas [05-02-2007]

Good luck but give more info
Cheryl [05-02-2007] »»»

I like chicken!
Sydnie [05-02-2007]

alex [05-02-2007]

Mark Ridgeway [05-02-2007] »»»

i have recently came in possession of a box of items consisting of church booklets, konfirmation certificates, pictures, etc. the primary name is waleck, walek, walleck, woullouck, andreas von walleck, susanna walleck, elizabeth walleck, there are a few chuch books with many photos of members, i believe it to be an anniversary booklet. most of the material is in german and I am diligently trying to find the family these belong to. the konfirmation certificates and photos are in wonderful condition and beautiful. please contact me if you have any information r/t this family. thank you
lynn, looking for walleck family. church st paulus lutheran around 1920's [05-02-2007]

Austin [05-02-2007]

i think that this web site is very help full to all students that might need alittle more knowledge on the UShistory.
latara, Nacogdoches,TX,14 [05-02-2007]

Calvin Powers [05-02-2007]

nikolaj jensen, 1.c sukkertoppen [05-02-2007]

This is a good website to get information for a history report.
joey schiavo [05-02-2007]

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