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Guest Book Archives: October-December 2006

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I am interested if anyone knows anything about the "Stewart Cracker Works Co." I'm courius about the history of the company also if anyone knows of the value of an old wooden box with this on it, also an old flag on it with thje words Old Glory Philadelphia
CHRIS [12-29-2006]

Researching my husband's geneology. Is there any way that I can have access to immigration logs, ship logs etc.? Trying to find where his family originated. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Olivia B. [12-28-2006]

free me from oaks

This site is so interesting that it makes me want to visit the site in person.
Daryll [12-27-2006]

a great clean site afamily site keep up thegood w
b dixon and s dixon, clarksville tn [12-27-2006]

what an outstanding website,,i love american history,, mostly colonial and civil war eras...thanks for letting me go back in time !
ron donaghy, burtchville michigan [12-27-2006]

cheyenne lee don't touch
cheyenne lee, cheyenne lee [12-27-2006]

It is intersting to read of th ehistory of my ancestor G Physick
Gillian Dorey nee Physick [12-27-2006]

yo yo home skillet biskets. this webby-site rules ALL! even jam. and jam, its cool. not just cool, coolio. yea. peace out girl scout. knick knack patty whack make me a snack. and make that snack bohemian cheese. the ruler of all cheese.
Emily Radnowski aka E-Rad, Professional Ghetto-torian [12-27-2006]

Great website
Robb Cohn [12-27-2006]

i LOVED UR WEBSITE******************
Sally Sue [12-27-2006]

went w/ 8th grade! love ya philly! REMEMBER------don't snap your fingers, SNAP YO FANGAS!
tana <3, 13, jessup, md babay! [12-27-2006]

Web site looks great. It will help me in advance of my return next week (12/25/06), to revisit the city and share my memories of Philadelphia and Delaware County. My mouth is already watering just thinking of a real Philly soft pretzel, Cheese Steak and Hoagie.
Kenneth Baker, Victorville, CA [12-27-2006]

This site is boguos. i was looking for an obit uary on Francis Marion and it gave me stuff on some dude named Gustaff Ferguson! Unbeleivable! :(
Anonymus [12-27-2006]

erin, arkanas [12-27-2006]

FRAN DUTTON [12-27-2006]

so you know there is a typo page 2 section 3 the word franklin.
anonymous [12-27-2006]

J.T. Pickert, 14 years old, Colorado [12-27-2006]

Really helps with my kids homework
anonymous, Texas [12-27-2006]

This is an excellent website its always fun to read about Benjamin Franklin as he was a total master mind in our countrys history, a scientist,politian, an apprentice and much,much more. I admire everything Ben accomplished. watching the national treasure has inspired me to learn more about our history and Ben Franklin
Scott Lane [12-27-2006]

I think you should have information on the sons of liberty members thank you anynmous
anonymous [12-27-2006]

I am going to Philly for a class trip in may and i saw all of the sites i am going to see on the trip on the virtual tour. i just cant wait to see independence hall, where the declaration was signed, and we also get to go into Bestsy Ross' house. I think this is just very interesting and i cant wait!
kristen [12-27-2006]

this is a pretty kool site. it helps a lot with my history projects
Becca, 14, Ft. Irwin [12-27-2006]

This is a very good place to learn history
Cheyelo eason [12-27-2006]

found old paper by a. bradford atthe bible in 2nd.street also has john caplon in the height street. 1719-1720. boston sept2,1723 would like to know about it.
diana hatcher [12-27-2006]

i love this site. It can really help with homework, reports, and projects. i like this site because you can find facts and history about your ancestors and your hometown.I showed my social studies teacher this sitte and she absolutely LOVED IT!
Nick, I am 9 yrs. old I live in Wilmington DE [12-27-2006]

I do not believe in god because there's nothing to believe in and everything in my life has always gone bad that is why i try to write poems about life, death, love, hate, misery, agony, and hope and wishes.
cathrin cuthbert, 14,philadelphia,don't believe in god [12-27-2006]

your cite is awesome i love it it really helps!:):)P)P)
Yo moma, denver colorodo [12-27-2006]

u guys rock!
Jason Finner [12-27-2006]

Jeanne Gutowski, 52, born in Norwood, MD, live in Plymouth, MA, 7 brothers and 1 siste [12-27-2006]

great info
puffly bubbly muffly [12-27-2006]

Very educational for children of all ages. I am very impressed. Thanks for the information.
Sheri VonCulin, 40, Baltimore, Maryland 21205 [12-27-2006]

I like Apple Pie
Bobo, 15, Alexandria, VA [12-27-2006]

Amanda, washington [12-27-2006]

I already asked for help developing an American History bee, similar to a Spelling or Geography bee. But, I am also looking for information on the Orphan Trains (late 1800s)that collected orphan children from east coast cities and sent them west to be adopted into families along the rail route.
Miriam Carnahan, LaGrange County, Indiana [12-27-2006]

amelia, 25 orlando fl [12-27-2006]

Hi! I went to Philadelphia for my Holidays in 2001 and It was the best Holiday EVER! I am on this website finding out information for my school essay on my holiday and it is very helpful. When I am older I would like to live in Philadelphia or somwhere in America because it is a great place 'I think' :D Great Website!
Natalie, Scotland, UK [12-27-2006]

needs more bout how it got cracked
Margretta Philps, Age:11 [12-27-2006]

gives me all the information I need on anything for any history project! i have it bookmarked for the number one history website!
the everyday teenager [12-27-2006]

I need to find some more information about the ku klux klan (kkk).
Nicole P., 17 years old [12-27-2006]

Eve [12-27-2006]

ashia [12-27-2006]

I love it.It has more info!
britt, 11 [12-27-2006]

Wonderful website! I will visit it often!
Sheila, Detroit, MI [12-27-2006]

I would like to know more about our navel history
anonymous [12-27-2006]

In conclusion, these men contributed to the ideas our country is founded on. Hobbes gave ideas about individual rights, and the right to disobey a tyrannical government. He also gave our Founding Fathers ideas on religious freedom. Locke believed that the government needs consent from the people to pass any laws, and governments need to protect life and liberty. Montesquieu said that people needed to vote and elect all government officials so that governments will be fair. Montesquieu also came up with the checks and balances system. These three great men contributed enormously to the founding of our country. Their ideas laid bases for some of the greatest governments today.
fred, 74 [12-27-2006]

anthony [12-27-2006]

I am curious of the reason behind fireworks during our Independance Holiday
Dawn [12-27-2006]

This website helped me get finished my history project. THANKS!
Sam [12-27-2006]

What's up peps.How are you?I'm fine.Nothings up with me here.
Trixie [12-27-2006]

Pamela [12-27-2006]

this is cool buti think you should make it more fun! do you have games?
hotty101, Connell washington [12-27-2006]

im using this for my homework but its a little confusing...its a great site to use though... ^_^
Kerschel, 12 [12-27-2006]

im 11 i think you did a great job on your sight you helped me whith my power point thank you very much. by!
anonymous [12-27-2006]

ihate this web
hannah, no [12-27-2006]

I thought this was a very interesting website and I apprecite being able to sing the guestbook... thank you :)
Alexandria [12-04-2006]

anonymous, franklin [12-04-2006]

looking for information on the 1937 Louisville, KY flood
Wilma Jackson [12-04-2006]

thanks lots you guys helped me with my homework!
Samantha, 15 [12-04-2006]

delia [12-04-2006]

I really like this information you gave me acess to it help me a lot on my prject for school
Donshae, I love it [12-04-2006]

I found your site while looking for info on Phila . My ancestor John C Rousseau was a Dr here in 1794- 1839 - find your site very informative - thank you
Marge Salsberg [12-04-2006]

anonymous [12-04-2006]

This is a wonderful website for projects!
candie, dallas [12-04-2006]

help can someone help me. I need to get all the info i can on the battle of long island.
rebecca [12-04-2006]

hi, everyone
sydney [12-04-2006]

Enjoyable read about a wonderful city.
Edward W. Myers [11-30-2006]

Your web site i like it and i think so its so important for everybody. Its a chance for get it knowlodge.
Ricardo Cortes, u.s. constitution [11-30-2006]

this site is great for finding important historical documents. thanks
Jamie, Cary, NC [11-30-2006]

this site is cool i'm doing a project and it really helped! thanks!
kathrine mendel, age:14 From: tennese [11-30-2006]

Graat site!Congratulations!God bless America!
Angel Katushev, 18 years old,Montpelier VT [11-30-2006]

kk [11-30-2006]

SHALISHA RILEY [11-30-2006]

This is a great country, and this is a great site for the searching of all of the information regarding our constitution and our nation's history.
Matt Eddington, Roosevelt, Utah [11-29-2006]

thanks for helping me with a school paper..ALRIGHT!
YOUNG Tanklin [11-29-2006]

This site is awesome I was having a hard time finding information for my Revolutionary War project and I found everything I need! Thanks!
Sharayah, 13, Tucumcari, New Mexico [11-29-2006]

pretty cool sight i'm working on a project and i think i'll find exactly what i'm looking for
jovante, 14 douglasville [11-29-2006]

God Bless The U.S.A.
Jason R. Whetstone, Texas [11-29-2006]

I really enjoyed your website...I learned a lot of fascinating facts about Ben Franklin that I hadn't known before. Thanx!
Carrie Stensaas, Concordia, Kansas [11-29-2006]

i think bush shoudnt be president.
977la [11-29-2006]

thanks for the info
joy weber, doin' research for a paper! [11-29-2006]

Great work!
David Clements [11-27-2006]

I think yalls website is really informational! [Whatever that means] but yall helped me a lot with my American History Project board! THANX! XOXO!
Brittany, I'm nice, sweet, [11-27-2006]

Hey! Thanks, everybody who puts this webkite together. It is a great resource. Thanks again!
Erin, 16 [11-27-2006]

WE WHAT TO FIND OUR FAMILY HISTORY. AND i want to know our ansesrtors.
Bianca, 10, chicago,1996 [11-27-2006]

Looking through the site make me even more proud to serve this great country. Thank You
Derek [11-27-2006]

I am looking for an article written by William H Maehl in Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, vol.121, no. 3, june 1977, pg. 209-226. I can not find it in the Netherlands. Would you be so kind to help me.
Abraham Stemerdink, Van Straelenlaan 2, 5224 GP, Den Bosch, Netherlands [11-27-2006]

TR Harris [11-27-2006]

This is a great think. I like the program and made me learn something new and interesting for the US. I say bravo to those who have done it and may they use there thoughts for good things that will benefit all who want to develop and learn more. Best Regards M.Kolev
Mihail Kolev, I'm 17 I'm Blgarian and I live in The City Varan. [11-27-2006]

no thanks
anonymous [11-27-2006]

I have original print with embossed seal. Given to a Belle Weikel of Shannville, Pa. Is there any value?
Jim Taylor, Print of Birth of Our Nations Flag [11-27-2006]

Please send me something with history in it.
marissa serrault 1034 merrily cir. salina 67401 ks 7858255390 [11-27-2006]

Brittany [11-27-2006]

kozy [11-27-2006]

This is a great web page for people who are looking for information about the history of Pennsylvania.
Ziyi [11-19-2006]

This website is very helpful in school projects. Thank you very much!
anonymous [11-19-2006]

would like some pics of anc at christmas time please.if you have any there please send to my e-mail,i am working on doing the same thing in dnc.434-792-6175 thanks, mark
MARK HIX III, danville national cemetery (mgmt) [11-19-2006]

I think this is a great place
Airyanna, 11 years age [11-19-2006]

I would like to see more photos on the makeing of philadelphia
Tyron Nixon, 18,Philadelphia,PA [11-19-2006]

i think it's a good thing to be teaching us kids somethings about our history.
rachelle barthellemy, palm coast,FL [11-19-2006]

Nick [11-17-2006]

I love this site. All I know about USA and it's history, I can thank you for. Amazing site I always can read again and agian. If I'm borring I just go in here and I'm shallowed up in this site in many hours. Thanks for my life on this site. I love USA! God bless you
Mette Østergaard Sørensen, 32 [11-17-2006]

I really wish you would put more things on the website about what was ratified during the AMerican Revolution. More about the Sieges,Guerilla warfare I am an eighth grade student and I was trying to study but you didn't have the information i needed on these topics. Try making sure Who,what,when,where, and why are covered for each topis you write about. Thank you, Molly
Molly [11-17-2006]

well i like your state but your flag is pretty hard to draw i have your for a project and i have to draw your flag well thats all for now love brittney lynn martin
brittney, jacksonville,fl [11-17-2006]

markesha, age [11-17-2006]

I was looking for dates on when the different state quaters were going to be released.
DEBRA HAYES [11-17-2006]

Shane [11-17-2006]

I think this site is pretty cool 'cause im writing a research paper on The Sons of Liberty and it has been somewhat helpful.Needs more info on The Boston Tea Party. <3 ~ meow
Cheif Runs-With-Scissors, 14 [11-17-2006]

I work at the Independence Visitor Center in philadelphia and your facts are accurate and also helpful. like if you forgot somethings like where the tun tavern was located i can come here. dont forget to add other important historical facts from around the us.
Mayamarie Hall, 24, philadelphia, pa [11-17-2006]

i ♥ socal studys
kara [11-14-2006]

i think this sight is very educational
savannah [11-14-2006]

Lucas Rodney Widner [11-14-2006]

DwayneGray [11-14-2006]

KRISTINA [11-14-2006]

ASHLEY BEAMAN [11-14-2006]

will, 8 Ennis,Texas [11-13-2006]

I have visited Philadelphia twice and I loved it. It was beautiful. I enjoyed all the historical sites.
KATHY SIMS, meridian, ms [11-13-2006]

Lived in West Oak Lane on Limekiln Pike in the 50's. Was a nice place to be a teenager at that time.
Santa Contarino Kelly [11-13-2006]

i love to make frnds. means adult frnds can share ur thouhts. frnd is everyones need
ajay, 20 m india haryana [11-13-2006]

any ex rhodesian army out there served 77-82 like hear from you
jack moorhead, inglewood new zealand [11-13-2006]

Put more iteresting facts
Katie [11-13-2006]

Man, this site really helped me with my project. If I get an A, I'll let you guys know.
Beyaa [11-13-2006]

Blake Clark [11-13-2006]

hi ive just found out that my distant cousins came over to live in philadelphia in 1900 they arrived in boston in 1894, there names were Annie,George W was showing in the 1930 census,Hannah,John,Mary,Mary E,and Samuel Senior if you have any information on the family and if any of there desendents are still alive today will u get in touch thanks very much much appriciated Paul Senior Huddersfield England UK
paul senior, 35,huddersfield,west yorkshire,england,uk [11-13-2006]

What a wonderful website! I just discovered it tonight! Will recommend it to my grandchildren and will return to study some history.
Doris S., Wisconsin [11-13-2006]

great info. for my report on your state.Thx. Tiffany- Student John Hyden - Father I approve of this sight.
Tiffany Hyden [11-09-2006]

We are a Cub Scout den doing research for our Citzenship Activity Badge.It is nice to have so much information in one place. It makes our studies a lot easier!
anonymous, Cub Scout Pack 72, Butler, WI [11-09-2006]

The US History Website is awesome. I am a proud student of Plantation Middle School, and am very proud of the Social Studies Department. A proffesor, Mr. Allen, incorporates fun to learning US History.
Stefano, Plantation Middle School, Plantation, FL [11-09-2006]

katlynbradford [11-09-2006]

It had some facts that I needed and didn't have some I needed.
Emily [11-09-2006]

Gionna Galati [11-09-2006]

i love the way yall have it set up thank yall b/c yall mmake it easy for us school kidsz to do american revolution work i send much love....
anonymous, mexia texas [11-08-2006]

cody petitt [11-08-2006]

I come from a family of 12 siblings and out most foundest memory of our childhood is the smith playground. My siblimgs all live in different states but would like me to arrange our next reunion in or nearby the Smith Playground for the last weekend in july. Can you Please...Please tell me if this is possible and if so how to make this dream come true?
Evangela Newkirk, I'm now 49 years old [11-08-2006]

really enjoyed reading about the liberty bell. wish i could have found a better answer to my 86 year old grandmothers question. why is there a crack in the liberty bell
Dorothy [11-08-2006]

It's kool!
Torrie, 14 H'Ville [11-08-2006]

I love this website. It made my essay a lot easier knowing what to write about! well thanks for putting this website on the internet! thanx! Alex
Alex, 14 years old [11-07-2006]

its cool your website
Eleazar Morales [11-07-2006]

justin croy [11-07-2006]

Rachel [11-07-2006]

Thanks for this website it is nice, and I enjoy reading United States history.
Pamela Sims, 26 years old in Kennesaw, Georgia [11-06-2006]

thank you so much
anonymous [11-06-2006]

Tiffany Smith, 17 years old, i live in enterprise al. [11-06-2006]

You must know the history to effect the future
Daryl Ingram II, Albuquerque N,M student at Central New Mexico Community College [11-06-2006]

teacher-coach wood
haylee burge, 13 ms [11-05-2006]

i would like to be put on your mailing list for new american coins that are coming out
joseph triscari, 52years old,milwaukee [11-05-2006]

I once typed my name up on the internet just for fun and it came up with an entry for this site. I realized that when I was little I must have been messing around and made an entry because I am only a sophmore in Highschool and the old entry says I am in 12th grade! LOL SOmething I would definitley do. I can't say if this is a good site or not cause I don't remeber seeing it but I am sure if you need facts it's probably here.
Cassandra, 15 [11-05-2006]

you need to put games on your site
fiona [11-05-2006]

i love this web page
ryan peterson, 16 years of age [11-05-2006]

It was very informal. But my qustion is why don't we as americans don't follow by these bill of rights?
Shay [11-05-2006]

Great site, I have a project about Interviewing patriots and loyalist.
Aaron J B., Los Angeles, CA [11-05-2006]

i think that this site is very educational for kids that are tryingto find informtion on a famouse person so this website is going to the top so keep on with it and just a kittle seggetion if you want you probly should put a little more information on other people like signer of the declaration of independence and if you already have it sorry for saying that and also i love this site for school and project on famouse people so thanks for making it easier for me on the internet and you guys are awsome at this stuff and everything you do
noelia santiago [11-05-2006]

I think John Hart is the bomb digity superslammin best person in the world but that is only cause i got stuck with him for a sociall studies prodject
Laurie Callahan, this is my second time signing this guestbook [11-05-2006]

i love the liberty bell !
bob, 45, oaklahoma [11-05-2006]

john c., 13, indiana pa. boxer [11-05-2006]

bob miller [11-05-2006]

NINA, 23 [11-05-2006]

i love this site keep it up is nice and good looking
emmy manga, 40 lome [11-05-2006]

This is so cool
Laurie, Im 12 and i Have blonde hair [11-05-2006]

Nice site. I'm interested in reading more about the history of Phila. Things like the original street names and the reason for the names, e.g. Sassafras Street (now Race St.) I would love to see 2 maps: one of the "Neighborhoods" and the other of the Catholic Parishes. Everyone in Phila always refers to what parish they are from.
John M. Atkins, 61 Years Old, Main Line resident eternally. [11-05-2006]

Anna D. [11-05-2006]

i like yall"s internet
jaron jones, 9 austin frwt5ey [11-05-2006]

larneisha wells [11-05-2006]

i want to know much about america
terry, china [10-31-2006]

I thought it was a really interesting site. There facks I would not look for be really enjoyed reading about. Thanks for an interesting read on a dull sunday afternoon.
michelle calladine, age 31, from nottinghamshire England. [10-31-2006]

I think this place is so awsome
Roxanne [10-31-2006]

Great Sight! Wish I had found it earlier
SSgt Aaron G. Lindgren, Active duty US Marine [10-31-2006]

steve, Librarian [10-30-2006]

anonymous, Billings,MT [10-30-2006]

I wish ALL AMERICANS would read the Americans Creed.
Carole Grodack [10-27-2006]

joyce Petitt [10-27-2006]

hi im sarah and i go to fridley high school and i was wondering if u have the french viewpoint on the monroe doctrine? i am doin a project on the monroe doctrine....so if u do please e-mail me at Sarahsoda92@yahoo.com...yay
Sarahsoda, Age:14 [10-27-2006]

I think it is amazing to learn about the past!
Mercedes, Houston,Texas [10-26-2006]

this site is cool
anonymous [10-26-2006]

put the stacue of liberty on your web site nooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww
cole [10-26-2006]

Genealogy Research-Looking for articles or pictures of Charles Wallace Owens-Tugboat Captain. He was my great great grandfather and was orginally from Tyrell County, N.C.- Came up through Virginia Beach,Va.Lived in Phila. and Camden,NJ.(early 1900's)Any information or pictures would be appreciated.Thank you.
Melodie McKenna [10-26-2006]

I saw National Treasure and got interest in US history and your website give me a nice info about it, Thanks.
srikara, 22, i live in bangalore,India [10-26-2006]

e-mail me!
E-MAIL ME!, e-mail me! [10-24-2006]

i have been very interested in the history of all countrys and i am very interested in the history of the liberty bell thankyou
robert windebank [10-24-2006]

i think that the web site is wonderful.
jamll ross [10-24-2006]

DAJ, 18 hubbard [10-24-2006]

danielle [10-24-2006]

I am a history teacher at Strath Haven Middle School in Wallingford, Pennsylvania. This website is very helpful to all of my students. I would like to congratulate the makers of this site for all of the hard work they have put in. Thanks a lot!
Robert Jesson [10-23-2006]

I love how fat I look in the articles! n_n ^_^ <'\_/'>
Ben Frank, Philadelphia [10-23-2006]

I found your website to be very helpful. My son is studying American Civics this year and is writing a biography on William Williams. Your site was the only one we found to have most information not only on him but his wife as well.
Lee Ann Chamberlain, Hanover Township, PA [10-23-2006]

I'm learing about the Constitution and stuff in school. As a matter of fact, I'm going to D.C. in a week!
Anne-Marie Brown, 13 New Hampt. [10-23-2006]

I loved the tour I took in the early part of the year and upon my return, I plan to share the experience with my friends. thank you for perserving history and continuing to worship the holy name of God.
ana, chicago, il [10-23-2006]

Michael Wunsch [10-23-2006]

Andrew, 13 [10-23-2006]

this is the bomb website www.myspace.com/jakeg3 wahooooooooo jake <3 Ivonne
jake, hey all [10-23-2006]

Thank you, I have learned some things I didn't know about brezeln.
DANIELA FRAZIER, Waynesboro, TN originally Regensburg,Germany,Bavaria [10-21-2006]

good site for history info.
Adrianna [10-21-2006]

Eby [10-21-2006]

This is like totally awesome. I'm so happy to see you guys use a website like this to show historical events online and I think it's really conciderate of you guys to allow others to use your graphics! That's really awesome! Thanks again. GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Heather R., 22, Killeen, TX [10-21-2006]

This is a really educating website.
anonymous [10-19-2006]

I really like this website! Its very educational, and it's very easy. Not many websites work as well as ushistory.org. Thanks guys! Danielle
Danielle, 16, Carlisle Oh [10-19-2006]

nice site a lot of info
james, 33 levittown [10-19-2006]

I loved the tour of Independence Hall that I got! I am glad that I went. Do you guys have a souvenier store? I think you would do better with one.
guido, upland, california [10-19-2006]

Iam researching my families home during the late 1800's and early 1900's. They lived and worked in Philladelphia. I was also hoping to find their place of worship on this site. Maybe one day. Very interesting what you have done. Appriciate all the work you have done. Maps of the city would also be another welcome addition.
Ann Brown [10-19-2006]

E-mail me history lovers
Ashley [10-18-2006]

T yrik [10-18-2006]

matt, acushnet, MA [10-18-2006]

this is a good site and i got the info i needed
jarett [10-17-2006]

Your web site is helping me with my speech in communications, it helps me a lot especially about the monroe doctrine. so thank you very much.
STEPHANiE, 14,houston [10-17-2006]

i love this site
enwerem david, i want to know more about this site [10-17-2006]

ISAIAH HARVEY, 20 [10-17-2006]

i love your website it helps me so much
Ashley [10-17-2006]

I Love these historical sites, let's see more. And I would like to see more pictures of row houses as I was born in one and they mean a lot to me and they are so unusal.
Virginia, White City Oregon, [10-17-2006]

Tori Mulenburg, Peoria [10-17-2006]

good site : )
Nichole [10-16-2006]

Randy Lucas [10-16-2006]

I am bringing someone to the US through the immigration process, and using your site as a sort of mini-education for my friend. Thanks for the website.
Joel, Moscow, ID [10-16-2006]

the origin of ambler pa.
anonymous [10-16-2006]

Sam [10-16-2006]

Whenever I have the chance I spell out Philadelphia avoiding the easy "Phila." This city is worth every letter. It was its troubles and one that bothers me is the plan to make Penn's Landing into something that will make money for the selected businesses and gambling casinos thought 'just fine' for this city space. I suggest we makeover the current Penn's Landing with a concept that would attempt to re-create the Penn's Landing of colonial times. It would inspire, attract tourists and cool down an area that is currently unable to attract people's interest.
Jim Hart, Quaker and lifelong resident of Philadelphia. [10-16-2006]

Ray Fulgaro, Kelly, North Carolina Teacher [10-16-2006]

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Dave, Philadelphia City Realty [10-16-2006]

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