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Guest Book Archives: April-September 2006

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I love philla i was born there and most of my family still lives there so i visit prity ofton
Jason, 18 years old Lansdale PA [09-21-2006]

I'm 13 years old and recieved the Daughters of American Revolution Award. I love the American Revolution and love you're website. I would love to work with you guys when I graduate college!
Amanda K [09-21-2006]

I was interested in Lydia Darragh history as my maiden name is similar. Thanks for the interesting history.
Marjorie Darrah Yocom [09-21-2006]

i think everybody that were in the old age are cool lol lol mary
mary [09-21-2006]

us history
daniel, 13 [09-21-2006]

I am a re-inactor who attends events in the southeast for the Revolutionary War Period. I am a direct decendent of Samuel Sharp who served at Guilford Courthouse and Cowpens during the revolution. I am facinated with the history of this period and applaud your efforts to keep it alive. Unfortunately, most americans do not know the hardships and sacrifices made by those who helped found our nation. I appreciate your service to our Country. Huzzah! Tony DeVault
William T DeVault, Bluff City, TN [09-21-2006]

Coming down Friday to enjoy and learn.
BERNADETTE GINGRICH, watkins glen n,y. [09-19-2006]

colin, 46 [09-19-2006]

history is my favorite subject!
corey baker, im 14, i live in alexandria Alabama, i love history! [09-18-2006]

This is a very educational and interesting site and I will be browsing here more often
Sharon Kennedy-Ford [09-18-2006]

What a lovely site for me, an AP U.S History student eager to study for the tests!
Siobhan Tellez [09-18-2006]

I think this websight has good information.
Othilla, 11 [09-18-2006]

i am learning about peter zenger in my us history class and i think they you should include more about him. he is a very important man. he gave us the right of freedom of the press and he is barley in here. have a play of the trial he had you should put something lke that in here.
Kerry [09-18-2006]

Kierra, 11 and I want you to know that I love going on this sight [09-18-2006]

I was here in April of 2000 and I'm bakkkkkk. Thank you. I'm Howard Hauk and I aprove this message
Howard Hauk, Wheeling WV [09-18-2006]

Laurence Graeme [09-18-2006]

Andrea Cottom, Bear, Delaware [09-18-2006]

amanda [09-18-2006]

I think this is a great site
Keith W Beauford [09-18-2006]

Please help me PRAY to Papa GOD Almighty for the soonest and complete recovery of my sister Maria LV from cancer, through the intercession of ST JOSEPH the Most Chaste Spouse of the Blessed Mama Mary and the Foster Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks in advance and you are all remembered in my prayers. God Bless us all!
Anna Marie, 94-1155 Kaloli Loop Waipahu, HI 96797 [09-18-2006]

i think that is nice
Briana, 11 i live in summerfield florida and my name is Briana [09-18-2006]

Great Website
Sam, PoliceFireEMS.com [09-18-2006]

Thanks for your help with my history project on Philidelphia! this website is great!
Kcoester, 13 [09-18-2006]

sarah yorence, 16, west hills, taft high school. [09-18-2006]

why dont you have a picture of the chair washington sat on
shaquille wallker, 12 citronelle [09-18-2006]

Kee-Kee Chatman, Butler, GA 31006 [09-18-2006]

great site...love reading about our city and how it once was...makes you appreciate the working class folks that settled in the area. proud to be a from philly!
melanie kelly, philadelphia [09-18-2006]

I really like Sly, I thought it was a nice gesture on his part to let us have the statue..I am mortified by the Art Museums attitude..they rejected it,because it was some kind of testment to Sly's ego..NO WAY! It was in front of the sports complex,,and now its back infront of the Art Museum..It should never have left..How many Italian statues are there in Philly? None, only this one..I wish I could have it in front of my house..I would feel very proud..I should feel glad, that they display Italian renaissance work inside the building...That's my take on it anyway.
p viggiano [09-18-2006]

I would like to state that I am contacting this church (Mother Bethel) about possibly participating in fundraising for the church for whatever needs. If there is an interest, please send me an email to globalmoney101@aol.com or 267-255-0760. Blessings, Sister Barksdale
Bertha Barksdale, Philadelphia, PA [09-18-2006]

this site is so rad. I come everyday to see if you have added anything new. omg way to go guys!
shonda, im 8 and I enjoy my computer [09-18-2006]

this site is awesome! you guys are sooo cool!
amber osborne [09-18-2006]

I love this site if you could give me any ideas on ushistory please email me!
Kelcie Smith, age 10 loves history [09-18-2006]

This is a great website to find information for school at, thanks to this wesite I was able to get all my homework in on time.
Sean Michael Denison [09-18-2006]

Thank you for producing such a wonderful resource. I learned quite a bit about a couple of individuals the I had studied previously.
Christopher Parker, Age: 34; Grove City, OH [09-18-2006]

I recently traveled to Philie and was reminded that I am somehow related to Commodore John Barry. I believe he is an uncle . Does anyone have any info on his siblings children? Thanks
Barry, Looking for Family History [09-18-2006]

Epocy [09-18-2006]

I'm looking for a relative relate to Cornelia M. Velasco who once live in Philippines. My father, Severino O. Antiporda wants to know there whereabouts.
APRIL AQNTIPORDA-BELLEZA, Silay City, Negros Occidental Philippines [09-18-2006]

Donald Nixon, Wilmington NC [09-18-2006]

Found your wonderful site while looking for Theodorick Bland info. My father was a William Richard Bland. I have the most of the family tree dating from mid-1600's.
Bonnie Lee Bland Powers, I'm a direct decendednt of the Richard Bland, Memebr of the Virginia House of Burgesses and the 1st Continental Congress. [09-18-2006]

nice to be able to find historical info on the web
David Hinton [09-18-2006]

We thought your site was very informational and easy to follow. It helped us out a lot. Great Job!
Selena and Alyssa, Sisters [09-18-2006]

It is my first visit to this site.Ireally enjoy it
Honey Gull, 15,Rawalpindi [09-18-2006]

My sister and I discovered that our deceased Mother had saved nine of ouf Jack & Jill magazines from 1952. Are they of any market value? They're pretty cute and in good condition.
Brenda Waters [09-18-2006]

Rick & Cindy Peden, from n/e Philly [09-01-2006]

i love history
ASHLEY, 17 [09-01-2006]

My grandfather tried to connect our family to this man, now I see why.
Deanna Barry McBride [09-01-2006]

This is fabulous! Our family loves history, especially my father and my oldest son, so this website will be a treasure trove of adventures and family outings! We are sure to use it a lot...glad that someone took the time to pull all this together!
Deborah Carver, Just moved to Philadelphia Area from Chicago Area [09-01-2006]

Dr. Neil Garland [08-31-2006]

I decided that i wanted to learn more about history and when i came across this site and read some articles i came to find this site very useful and educational. thanks for the lesson!
Ashley [08-31-2006]

Kevin Skidmore, 13 Life Scout working on Eagle in Troop 155, Fort Worth Texas. [08-30-2006]

hi!......u have a really good site for history work
Caitlin Tipton [08-30-2006]

I luv this site espically star spangled banner
Christine, Age 10 an awsome singer [08-29-2006]

hennessey, 9 Panamacity [08-29-2006]

id rather be eating
billy, im overweight [08-29-2006]

I never thought much about history until I scored perfectly in it in PSAT's, and other tests. I have no idea why I knew so much history, but apparently I did. On Philadephia and the whole history of Philadelphia; the oldest part of Philadelphia is actually South Philadelphia. From the church, my church, Gloria Dei [Old Swedes], where the Continental Congress met, to where they stayed, all of this was in South Philadelphia. Everything south of Market Street was then South Philadelphia and to use old families here it still is. The Founders often had a sort of Beef N Beer at the church and we still do on occassion. Breweries were more inportant to the founding of this country than the simple symbols, such as Betsy's flag, and the motto's like United We Stand, and We The People. And everything from the original Wicaco through New Sweden through New London and finally Philadelphia, came out of Wicaco, a Lenape word meaning "The Peaceful Place," which is South Philadelphia. Center City and other parts of the city have no claim whatsoever to the founding of the United States of America, although they most often spin things to make it look as if the Market Street and other Center City shipping business offices did, they simply didn't. They closed shop at the end of the day and were not open on weekends nor at the time the Continental Congress met most often. The point is really that American History has very little to do with all of the hype about Center City, Independence Mall, and points north, and it has all to do with South Philadelphia, Wicaco, where nearly all of the Founding Fathers either lived or lodged. I've walked on their graves, gone to their churches, and have studied them a great deal since school days. I'm even related to quite a few. But the real point is that South Philadelphia is where this country started and no where else. When the professors and archaeologists finally get over their blindness and begin to research South Philadelphia, as I have done, they will clearly see that South Philadelphia is the birthplace of the United States of America. Truth Will Out!
Terry James, Composer & International Recording Artist who couldn't help getting a perfect score in history [08-29-2006]

Well, thank you very much! A very interesting site!
Nikolas Yoll Washington DC [08-29-2006]

This is boring.
Brian, Tucson Az. [08-29-2006]

i like this site
eddie jackson, hi [08-29-2006]

made history interesting and fun
Katie heller, 16 [08-29-2006]

God Bless America!
Jose Acta, Union City, New Jersey [08-27-2006]

I'm looking for old photos of south philly Inside house, streets,can anyone help me?
nancy, need info [08-26-2006]

We love to travel through your beautiful northeastern states. We recently visited Wilton, Maine. A time capsule was buried there in 1953,(to be opened in 2103) at the foot of a Civil War Monument. Do you know who the monument is dedicated to?
Dorothy, Ontario, Canada [08-26-2006]

I,m a treasure hunter and I like history! !
Matthew c.oskey, 21,w.sayville,New York [08-26-2006]

Questions: Was there ever a $1,000 (one thousand) dollar US bill? Ever a copper nickel minted? Thanks
Lou Martine, Age 63, Cherry Hill, NJ [08-26-2006]

I love this site because I can learn about america here.
Allyson, I am 10 years old. [08-26-2006]

I was born as Joan Powell and my Father was J.D. Powell and his father was John Henry Powell. How did it go from one l---to 2 ll's
Joan knibbe, I am needing to know the history of William J. Powel [08-26-2006]

thank you martin luther king jr,harriet tubman, and rosa park for making black africans to have freedom
kymberly sentell [08-24-2006]

i love history go usa
Phillip, 13 [08-24-2006]

you are greath.keepup the good work you.this is a nice site.i will come visite again
UMUAHIA, 46,kanu [08-24-2006]

your history is intrested,like it
OBI, ny. [08-24-2006]

this is an intresting site with lot of article to read
ABA NWA, newberg oregon [08-24-2006]

its cool do you have games
Ashlyn, 10 [08-24-2006]

How you have strayed from the party's original idea of non-spending and justice for all is appaling!
Bob Stauf, Age 63, Yonkers, New York [08-23-2006]

Could you please send me an e-mail contact at Friends Meeting House who could tell me if my ancestor, Samuel Nutt Potts, is buried in the cemetery at the Union M.E. Church? I've been to several websites and cannot locate a contact. I'd like this information for inclusion in my genealogy. Thank you.
Barbara (Potts), descendant of Samuel Nutt Potts [08-23-2006]

I was born and raised in Philly but have lived in Florida for the past several years. And I miss that city more than anything. I visit as often as I can and will be moving back as soon as I can.
Mary [08-23-2006]

I love this site, I think most americans do not know enough about our country's history. We learned it as chidren but then forgot about most of it as adults. We need to keep our history alive while moving forward.
Judith J. Cagnina, Coral Springs, Fl. [08-22-2006]

love this website I use it in my course thank you
raymond lohne, American history instructor, columbia college chicago [08-22-2006]

i rock ur sox off
john hancock, im the man [08-22-2006]

i think that you need more information about christopher columbus.
Ashley Watties, 17yrs old. Nashville,TN 37211 [08-22-2006]

If only Bush would read this site....
Mark Hobratschk, Florida [08-22-2006]

David Thomson [08-22-2006]

Information and article on John Barry, father of the American Navy is great. JFK had his sword in the Oval Office -- JFK's grandparents on both sides) were from Co. Wexford, Ireland. In the summer of 1963 my Grandfather piloted an American Destroyer into Wexford Harbour, to coindice with JFK's laying of a commemorative wreath at John Barry's statue.
Gerry Wickham, from Wexford, Ireland [08-22-2006]

like it very much about your great history
Rainil sangster, 17,st.paul,minnesota [08-22-2006]

Well, thank you very much!I hope- its really very good! A very interesting site! My homepage http://nikolaev.50megs.com I really enjoyed the article on John Barry. Currently, I am researching Barry for a National History Day Exhibit.
Nikolas Yoll, Nikolas Yoll Washington DC [08-22-2006]

john haviland is burid at st geroge church on 8 st,in the basement it was the episcopal church that he design .
james argerakis [08-22-2006]

Well, thank you very much!I hope- its really very good! A very interesting site! I am a designer- John Torres Washington DC US torres675@Yahoo.com
John Torres, Washington DC US [08-22-2006]

completely useless site .......gaud i wnted da histry not everything BUTthe history
samaira, paris [08-22-2006]

This is a perfect site to learn about U.S.A. history. On the way to becoming a U.S citizen is such a great help with all the information provided. You guy's effort and time putting all these together is much appreciated. Thank you ... God Bless America !
Donald Dangpa [08-22-2006]

send me a catalog please
James Oliver Burns, 50yrs old, San angelo texas [08-22-2006]

I'm looking for Deborah Velasco
april, 32 Philippines [08-22-2006]

I find U.S. History the most facinating hobby yet.
Trice Luker, 29, Pensacola, FL, Sgt/USMC [08-22-2006]

kathy holloway, my borther was murder 9-30-2005. [08-22-2006]

As a A.M.E Ilove to read about the church. I am trying to find a picture of Maggie Pearl Tookes, Bisop Tookes wife to put on the cover of a cookbook for my church can you help?
Arwyn A. Mallory, Jacksonville, Fla. 32209 [08-22-2006]

Jim Leach [08-17-2006]

I love Aaron~~
Ceciley Fulmer [08-17-2006]

Contrary to erronious and wide spread belief, Commodore John Barry, although was married twice, neither produced children. Refer to William Bell Clark's Gallant John Barry. Also, I am looking for qualified persons to prepare for construction of a full-scale, reproduction of the gallant frigate USS UNITED STATES, First ship of the United States Navy. Please contact me at USSUNITEDSTATES@Yahoo.com I have the honor to be at your service.
Edward C. Zimmerman, Jr., Founder & President USS UNITED STATES Foundation [08-17-2006]

Angela Ressa, Age: 13 City: Cheney Pets: Cats, Dogs, Horses [08-12-2006]

Patrick Long [08-07-2006]

It wasnt untill a few years ago that I had started to appreciate the history of the city as I do now. It took me walking around the city after work to really "feel" the city and tours that are put on by once upon a nation do a great job in developing this interest.
edward krumm, I am 37 born in Phila. live in bucks county. Great grandfather molded William Penn statue [08-04-2006]

I found your infomation on one of my forfathers Commadore John Barry to be very informative. Sad to say, it seems that the title of "Father of the American Navy" that should be Commadore Barry's has now be given to John Paul Jones. I heard this on the History Channel and came to your site to see if it was true. I am sad to see that History is not told fully any longer or that a man like Commadore Barry is given no credit for all that he did for our country.
Frenesi Barry-Myers [07-27-2006]

i have a plate that shows a philadelphia public buldings 1876. on rear of plate is r.j.allen son & co.309/311 market,philadelphia and under that is f & r pratt & co.fenton staffordshire. i was curious so i typed in r.j.allen & co and ended up here.
paul hinds, 67 years old and live in oklahoma,city [07-27-2006]

Most valuable research site!
jack penn, princeton, motion picture screenwriter-producer [07-27-2006]

Mr.Soldier N was a good soldier he was a dutchman and he whas the king he killed more than 40 peoples and he is now on call of duty
anonymous [07-27-2006]

Interested in united states history.
Jesus Baez, I'm 23yrs.old [07-27-2006]

I really enjoyed the site
Nathanael [07-27-2006]

LaVerne V. Robinson, Charleston,SC [07-27-2006]

I really enjoyed the article on John Barry. Currently, I am researching Barry for a National History Day Exhibit. I was wondering if I could some how get in touch with John Barry Kelly, the author of the article on John Barry. If that is possible, please e-mail me any information. Thank you!
Eamon Ronan, 14, Philadelphia [07-22-2006]

I really enjoyed the article on John Barry. Currently, I am researching Barry for a National History Day Exhibit. I was wondering if I could some how get in touch with John Barry Kelly, the author of the article on John Barry. If that is possible, please e-mail me any information. Thank you!
Eamon Ronan, 14, Philadelphia [07-22-2006]

Great job.
Gabriel Perez, Miami Beach [07-22-2006]

I have just finished watching"Finding Buck McHenry" and it was interestng,if your really still alive please anwser my questions.Well,I really didn't get to watch that whole movie but I missed 30 minutes of it since I watched it on just regular television.Now for my questions,what happened in your movie was it true including the part were you taught a three team baseball league,and your fake grave. P.S for some odd reason I cuoldn't find the question mark.
Jonel Grant, age 11, 2627 1st Ave North St. Petersburg Fl.33713 [07-22-2006]

Lege Porter [07-22-2006]

Very interesting. Joseph Hewes is my great grandfather 4 times removed.

Nice Website. Especially Ben Franklin pages.. Thank you..
Hakan Albayrak [07-22-2006]

thank you for all of this interesting information. I believe it is good to know about our history, big slices of history seem to be forgotten or never learned or completely ignored. We need more history lessons.
anonymous [07-22-2006]

Found the American Creed and have saved it to disk for use to educate Americans that are unawre!
George Lorimer, age 71 Lansing, MI [07-20-2006]

Excellent links to historic documents. However, I would suggest that a link to the 1320 Declaration of Abroath, on which the Declaration of Independence is partly based, should also be included in the documents.
Dan, New York [07-20-2006]

Very good educational site!
Willene Black, Lantana, Fl [07-20-2006]

There is no history on mt airy why?
Terron Congleton, mt airy,philadelphia age 16 [07-20-2006]

todd dale kalanquin, son of a marine, one of the chosin few [07-20-2006]

Excellent site. Congress should spend time studying it's contents, starting with the American's Creed. (It's short and even they should be able to understand it.)
Dan Crook [07-18-2006]

I'm taking AP US History this coming fall and cant wait. I am a rising Junior.
Kathleen, 16, Midlothian VA [07-18-2006]

My uncle who just turned '85' this june,was born and raised in philadelphia,he went to john hancock,central high school,enlisted in the United States Army WWII returned home a decorated hero and still lives in the same area,which is know as the downtown area, etc,.
E.Curry [07-18-2006]

Lyn Fraser [07-18-2006]

i visited your lovely church in 1997 during a family reunion. i was so impressed by the pride that the tour guides and the pastor jeffrey leath showed in the church.
carolyn crowell, stpaul ame church miamia fla [07-17-2006]

I never thought much of the use of the internet. A library is the the temple of sound thoughts and creative ideas....but here is a good place.
Don Closs, I belong here. [07-17-2006]

My interests are Phila.,PA history,PA history,US history,World history and genealogy.I am looking for info on the Womrath Family from colonial Phila.
Mickey Flaville, Phila.,PA [07-17-2006]

I really liked this site! THANKS!
Lisa Bailey, 31, Mary Esther, FL [07-17-2006]

Checking on the Whelchel name and its origin and what the name means
Charlotte Whelchel [07-15-2006]

The ocean liner SS United States is doing well and is scheduled to be refitted by NCL and put back into service. I'm proud to be the Hawaii Chapter Chairman of the SS United States Foundation.
Ben F Davis [07-15-2006]

Danita P Evans, from Knoxville Illinois formerly of Bristol PA 43 years old [07-14-2006]

yuriany, 12,paterson,n.j. [07-13-2006]

I am looking for information about those who fought at Brandywine. An ancestor of mine, Major Andrew Waggoner, was one.
Daniel McIntyre, Katonah, New York [07-13-2006]

Thank you for being here during these trying times for our nation. Freedom is under attack from within and knowledge is among our only weapons.
Steven Mark Coble, 53 yrs old from Texas [07-13-2006]

excellent one stop shop ;)
Kristine DeMarinis, teacher [07-12-2006]

i have an interest in history.i just discovered your website
ed, 49,phila.pa [07-12-2006]

Hi All! I am seeking the diary of a Presbyterian missionary, Margaret Catherine Alice Hyson, from the late 1800's. Thank you!
Tracy Jentzsch, researching Hill, Hyson, White, Stewart, & Chaney families [07-12-2006]

I am an old man and I grew up with the best this country ahd to offer. I wish my children and grandchildren could have seen my country, the way I did. GOD BLESS AMERICA. 78 years old.
John R. Trankina Sr., Countryside Illinois 60525 [07-12-2006]

I just finished reading "Nancy Shippens Journals" and wanted to see if there was asite that I could visit that would put it all into perspective as I had just visited "Stratford Hall" and "Westover".Thanks for a job well done . N
nancy mckown [07-12-2006]

Hi, My husband is 85 years old and we were going through a file of old stock certicates when I came across a very old looking bank note. Decided to type it in on the internet and came up with your page. It is the 8894 from 1840 Bank of the United States. Exactly like the one you show. Perhaps my husband's mother bought it as a suvenior when she and her husband were lobbist for the timber industry here in Oregon J. Martin
Janie Martin, Found in an old file [07-12-2006]

cherry lyn [07-11-2006]

Fantastic site ..Iwill be in Philadelphia with a group next month and have found the site very informative. Hope to learn more while we are there. i dont know if you reply to e-mails but if you do I would really appreciate some information on the decommisssioned ships as you come into Philadelphia. Many thanks ofr your fanatastic site,I will recommend it highly
mags curwood [07-10-2006]

James Charles Barry, I am a Freeman Of The City Of London, UK searching for Ancestors [07-08-2006]

i love phila a lot it is the most fun i ever had i a while
nicole, phila,pa,19128 [07-08-2006]

hi i think ur website is the best
ashley, 12 [07-08-2006]

I love this site.I respect you for what you are doing keep it up
Chelie Reifen, Tel-Aviv,Israel [07-07-2006]

this website so far is the most educational website on us history i've been to
Andrew Vasquez, live in the alamo state, Texas [07-07-2006]

great site thank you
ree [07-07-2006]

I was looking for information about Baptist in Philadelphia around 1899. My Church was formed in 1899 and is still open for religious services. Wanted to find something about them. Thanks
Denise Mitchell, Mt Airy section Philadelphia [07-07-2006]

I just found this site.. i think it's wonderful . A tool for teachers as well as students and general public to learn more about what makes America "AMERICA the beautiful"
Susan, age 53/ living in ky [07-05-2006]

I was told my mother's people came over from England,or Germany,as Moravians,and settled in Lancaster Co.;the name was Frey (Martin Frey,and Jacob Frey,don't know who was older/parent). I want to learn more to see if I can belong to the Colonial Dames,and DAR.Can you guide me?? is it very expensive to get information? I know my Great Grandfather was Owen Frey,and fought in the Civil War,in Gettysburg,Fredericksburg,and Chancellorsville,but was mustered out after a year,I think. Thank you!
margaret bailey, 50 yrs.old;charlottesville,va(born in Brooklyn,NY) [07-05-2006]

I am proud of my country and would die to defend it
jeremy collins, 32 male white [07-05-2006]

Brian Loftin, age: 29 Shreveport la [07-05-2006]

David L. Delich [07-05-2006]

Americans need to read the Declaration and the Constitution to understand what freedom truly is, and why it's important not to let anyone take it away.
Adam, Norwalk, CT [07-05-2006]

more people and children should know more U.S history and patriotic hymms
Cesar A Velarde Jr, 36, Chicago [07-05-2006]

This is a wonderful site full of interesting information!
karin caro, 29; Smithtown, NY; [07-05-2006]

Blaise DuBree Jr., 35, Trappe, PA [07-03-2006]

I love this country and willingly would return to active duty status to preserve our nation and way of life.
Jim Rager, 58 Years old, Retired U.S.A.F enlisted man [07-03-2006]

I would love to learn so much more about wars, can you help me?
Maya [07-03-2006]

Ric Allen [07-03-2006]

My good friend, Harvey Lynch, is related to Commander Barry through his mother's side (Amelia Ann Barry-Lynch) From what I've read, it must be through one of his siblings, as he did not have any children of his own. Harvey Lynch has a painted portrait of Commander John Barry wich has been in the family as long as he has known--the portrait hung in his grandfather's house in the Oakland Hills. It had been crated from 1953-2003 when Harvey's parents passed away and is now in his possession. He will be auctioning it at the end of July somewhere in Maine. The people who are handling the painting had said there was no other portrait of Commander Barry known to exist--only the statue outside independance hall. Your writings state otherwise. Do you know where I could find more information on this painting by Gilbert Stuart (1801)? This was a wonderful, well-done, article by the way and now that I've discovered this site, I look forward to learning more about our Greats in history.
Eve Messing, Nantucket, MA [07-03-2006]

When I was a young boy my adopted grandfather Mathew Smith brought me to Philadelphia to visit friends and see te historic sites. One of my most memorable moments was when I joined him and members of the Bell Ringers Association and climbed the stairs to the bell tower at night. I believe the occasion was new year's eve. My sister and I stood behind the huge clock face in Independence hall. I remember being surprised at how small the motor seemed in comparison to the clock. I also climbed the stairs from the clock fact and stuck my head into the bell tower. I will never forget that moment. Paul Champanier
Paul Champanier, Stamford CT. 60 years old [07-03-2006]

This is something I will take to my grave. The US history is one to remember forever!
carla Coura [07-03-2006]

MARTIN T. PERRONE, state quarter collector [07-03-2006]

I really enjoy history.My favorite president is FDR.I have a book about the presidents and I love it!I printed the Declaration of Independence off here.This is a great site of history!If i have history homework I'll always come to this site no matter what!
Ivy, 9 Georgia [07-03-2006]

Pretty cool site. I'm gonna have my daughter and my husband visit it.
Cheryl McMacken, 45 / West Palm Beach, FL [07-03-2006]

It would be nice to see what made the city callapse the way it did in certain areas of Port Richmond, Kensington, etc.
Elizabeth, Philadelphia [07-03-2006]

I have January, 1899 issue of The Ladies Home Journal. Does it have any value?
Steve Flaherty [06-26-2006]

Nice site
John, la [06-26-2006]

John R Lowry [06-26-2006]

american history the best
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Ed Lyons, Titusville Fl [06-15-2006]

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Check out this entry for August 3rd 1885- "Heavy rains at intervals, with sharp lightning and thunder from 11.35 A. M. to 9:50 P.M. About 3.30 P.M. a tornado of great force crossed the river Delaware from Gloucester Point. Three large buildings in the Neck at the Pennsylvania salt-works were entirely prostrated, and other property in the neighborhood was damaged. The course of the wind was nearly north by east. The tornado crossed the Delaware to New Jersey. The steamboat Major Reybold, of the Salem Line, and the Peerless ferry-boat, of Gloucester line, were struck by it in the river, had all their upper works, pilot houses and cabins carried away, and the pilot of the Reybold was drowned...mre"
G Weaber, Hisotrical Society of Riverton, ushistory.org is a great chronology of Philadelphia history..thanks for this resource IHA! [06-04-2006]

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I had my D.N.A. taken through Family Tree DNA.com and it is on record. If any of the N.Y. Doughty's going back to the sons of Rev. Francis Doughty have had their DNA taken they can compare their DNA to mine shown on www.ourdoughtyfamily.com and send me an email to confirm any similarities. Thanks, Tom Doughty, Charleston, S.C.
Thomas P. Doughty, Charleston, S.C. [06-04-2006]

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SSGT Harry Lee Long Ret., Dayton, TN [05-29-2006]

if i could afford it, i would send ever person in washington includeing the pres. bush one. let the not forget how many have died for the flag/county. i thank you for allowing me the use of it for my note. regards, david c. peterson ps two of my brothers proudly severed in the arm forces: one in the navy, and one in the army. both returned from active duty. i didn't for medical reasons.
David Peterson, 64, Gen Manager of a Machine Shop for 30 years Sept./06 Live in Irvine CA. God Bless the United States of AMERICA [05-29-2006]

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Vera, age 68 Vero Beach, Fl. [05-17-2006]

I really liked the virtual tour. I'm doing a report on Philadelphia for an end of the school year project and your site was a great source of information for me.
Robert McCormick, age 10, Laurel Elementary, New Castle, PA [05-17-2006]

Army Divisions served in 3d Bn 18th Regt.1st Inf.Div. 1946-1948 A co 710 Ord Bn. 10th Inf. Div. 1955-1958 A co 702 Ord Bn. 2d Inf. Div. 1958-1960 Hq 42d Arty. 4th Inf. Div 1962-1963 Hq 3/39th Inf. 9th Inf. Div 1966-1967 Hq 3/18th Arty. 23d Inf. Div 1969-1970 Ret. 30 Apr. 1972
E. J. CAYLOR Sr. USA RET., Home State INDIANA [05-17-2006]

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Your page re Sparks Shot Tower claims it was "the first one built in the U.S., in 1808." The shot tower (open to the public) southeast of Wytheville VA (along I-77) was completed in 1807.
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There was a Lying-In Hospital in the Spruce Building of Pennsylvania Hospital in Phildelphia that was there for many years. I was born there in 1950. I believe they moved to the Preston Building at Penn. There is a history of obstetrics web page at Penn Hospital somewhere... Good luck, Millie
Millie Gottwald [04-30-2006]

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Tressa Hoffman appears on the 1870 Federal Census in Bridesburg, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania (82nd District, 25th Ward). She is listed as residing with her two children Frederick (abt. 1864) and Louisa (abt. 1858). Tressa's husband is presumed also to be "Frederick". Legend has it there were 17 Fredericks. Records confirm the existance of six.
Frederick James Hoffman III, Looking for the maiden name and husband of Tressa Hoffman abt. 1826 [04-29-2006]

Am writing biographical article of Baynard Rush Hall, DD, author, educator, clergyman and his wife's families, the Holmses and Youngs who were early members of your church. The Halls lost two infants in Phil. in the early l820's. Would their deaths/baptisms be listed? I don't know the infants names but parents are Baynard Rush (cousin of Dr. Benjamin) Hall, and Mary Ann Young Hall. THanks for any consideration.
Dixie Kline Richardson, Indianapolis, formerly of Owen County, Indiana [04-29-2006]

brianna, massachusetts [04-29-2006]

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R.I. Jones II, 58, Phila, Pa [04-29-2006]

I really enjoyed reading the facts that were written about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier! It is truely unbeleivable that people do not know the facts about this Tomb even though it has respect from every American Heart.
Patricia Pruitt, 29yrs old, KY [04-29-2006]

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I've noticed that a couple of people have already asked you about a bank note #8894 that reads: The Bank of the United States promises to pay to G.W. Fairman or order One Thousand Dollars in New York, Philadelphia, Dec. 15th, 1840. I too have had one of these in my possession for over 30 years. My dad carried it in his wallet for years before that. What exactly is it, and is there any value? I couldn't find your answer to them. Thank you for any help. Jeanne
Jeanne, Springdale, AR [04-29-2006]

Visited the museum today and was astonished at the wealth of information available and the new and innovative ways of presenting the material as if the visitor is part of the whole scene and our ancestors are there with us and talking to us.
Barbara Mulholland, Senior citizen from Bethlehem, PA [04-29-2006]

I am proud to be an american. I have being a woman had many names. Only here do we have the freedom of choice, in our government through voting, in religion, speech, who we wish to have for a partner. What schools our children attend, how we live, work and grow. Our country is a melting pot and opens it's arms to all people. It only ask's taht you come in here on legal terms, so that all those who have done so before you will see that you too want to proudly cll yourself an American.
Jacqueline Wright, Santee, Ca [04-29-2006]

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My search takes me to a Thomas Reed who was born in Brookhaven Ms. to Elias Sargent Reed and Mallie Reed who were both school teachers in the early years of the 1900's also Elias was a professor at Brookhaven Junior High School for a number of years. One of his sons Thomas Reed who was born in Brookhaven later served in the House of Representatives for 18 in the State of Alamba, whith much success their, also the Brookhaven Ms. AME Church celebrated a Thomas Reed day in his home town of Brookhaven. Thomas is now deceased and as of November 5, 2005 a 24 hour ambulatory care clinic was name in his honor. Any information that you can help me to find on Thomas would be most appreciative. Thank you and god bless. Nellie
Nellie Ann Taylor-Kelly, Your website is very informative. It is really a blessing with all the information that you have acquired. [04-29-2006]

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debra polston, age 49, female, st. pauls, nc [04-29-2006]

PangCCo97x [04-29-2006]

michelle mashburn, 10,campbell, [04-29-2006]

It's funny, I found this place looking for some history. My band played Love Plaza on the very first Pretzel and Hoagie Day in the very early 1970's. The band was The BBC. I think there were 20,000 people at that Be-In and the national tv networks. But Wawa seems to think it thought up Hoagie Day. Not so. Edmund Bacon built a great park cattycorner to City Hall. They say I look like Kevin Bacon, his son, but I don't really see it. However, I do know that it is already an historic park and Kevin should say something about why his dad thought it up. It's just that someone keeps hiding the history somewhere. The whole thing was about celebrating the City where the United States was founded, and that park represented the modern day Independence Hall and a town meeting like in the old days of 1775-1789. History isn't in books, it's in living it.
Terry James, http://www.Musics.com/ [04-29-2006]

marisa, 10,de [04-29-2006]

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Sharon Higgins [04-29-2006]

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Garret Lee [04-29-2006]

I think what you are doing is so great. You teach young kids about history. History can be pretty boring sometimes but you people always come through and make it fun for everyone. I bet that you make mor kids want to learn just a little bit more about hisory. Thanks for your time.
Max Klepper, 13, Spring Valley, Mn [04-29-2006]

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Tiffany, 13 ga [04-29-2006]

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Rachel [04-29-2006]

I'm attempting to determine if I have stumbled across an early carte-de-vista of John Wilkes Booth. I understand that he was at the Arch St Theatre in Philadelphia in the late 1850's as a young man. The photo was taken by a photographer located at 918 Spring Garden St. The subject has a full beard but hair line and features are like Mr Booth. I can email copy if you are interested. If you know of a better web site to obtain information, I'd like to know what it is.
anonymous [04-29-2006]

kelsey lay [04-29-2006]

Lots of good information on your site. It is good for prepping my students as we get ready to visit Philly on our trip.
Brian Davis, Miami, Fl. [04-29-2006]

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IRMAN OKTAVIAN, Specific Even date, such when and how the constitution written [04-29-2006]

Please look up Mary Pickersgill. She sewed the original American Flag. This can be confirmed by going to the Smithsonian Institute yourself or go to the Smithsonian Web Site. All the text books are wrong. Betsy Ross's grandson made up a great story and he was an incredible P.R. man. Good luck in your research.
Tony [04-29-2006]

Great Site!
Samantha McGerr [04-29-2006]

I LOVE my country and am proud to be an American
Duane Rawson, Goldthwaite,TX [04-29-2006]

Thank you for producing a comprehensive work about COmmodore John Barry. I have fought for years in my academic life for John Barry to gain the recognition that he deserves. Even one of my Colonial AMerican History professor, who spent/spends considerable amount of time in front of the statue, knew little of Barry. Thank you.
John Barry Waters [04-29-2006]

The tomb is a place that shows that there was so much killing and death that we dont even know who died. The person whom is burried under the tomb is unknown, but i think if we knew who it was it wouldnt mean as much to us to no that so many people died right in front of out eyes
Brittany, 13 [04-29-2006]

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Jim Meranti [04-29-2006]

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Morgan, 11 [04-29-2006]

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Gayle Lee Tapy [04-29-2006]

I have come into papers re: Family history, placing John Rudderow (Rudrow, Rhythery) As an early arrival in Philadelphia reportedly sent as the crown surveyor to oversee the survey of the lands to become Philadelphia. He reportedly arrived when only one house was standing. On teh unexpected arrival of more family (the stiles) from Wales he relocated to NJ and owned a large tract of land there the pensauken/merchantville area where Rudderow Ave still exists today. My Father is also John Rudderow and I was wondering if there is any official mention of him anywhere in Philadelphia history. Thank you, Sandra Nesbitt
Sandra Nesbitt, maiden name Rudderow [04-29-2006]

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Wayne [04-29-2006]

Hi I an working on an exhibit of Silver Dollars and us mints and would like to get copys of old pictures of the first mints if you could help I would be very greatfull Catherine
catherine boutell [04-29-2006]

Cindy Dawkins, 41 yrs., High Point, NC, Single-mother [04-29-2006]

I am a relative of Reverend Wm James Day,who was born here in Canada, and who was a Presbyterian minister in The Wyoming Valley of Pa. 1865-1889 & was one of the early pioneer preachers in that area..I am trying to access photos & or documents on him & his family through dept of history Presbyterian Church U.S.A.--wish they had a data base on line..evenPay Per View type would be great.many thanks....Betty Day MacPherson, Quebec Canada
Betty Day MacPherson, Thank you for making this syatem work. [04-29-2006]

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Briana Dazell, 11 years old 5065 82nd AVE NW Stanley,ND 58784-9564 [04-29-2006]

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heath reagan, 31 sevierville tennessee [04-29-2006]

John Hancock [04-29-2006]

Lived in Philadelphia for 30 yrs never knew all this good history
Valerie [04-29-2006]

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Pvt. Al Cawthra--Ye Olde Lebanon Town Militia 1775, Age; 50,.....Stratford,Ct. [04-29-2006]

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Kendyll Covington, I'm 10 I live in Pelham, Alabama With 3 brothers and my mom and dad.(Corey and Leah Covington) [04-29-2006]

went to see ben franklin display with group. didn't know about unk soldier tomb until last hour there. in a rush went to see it and was very moved, the little history on the displays there was a surprise also, with the flame. there was a gold plate there that needs to be taken care of. should advertise it more. your friend in mahwah nj.
herman mathesius [04-29-2006]

johnny, age 31 [04-29-2006]

thanks for helping me on my report on Pennsylvania. :)
julia, america (country) [04-29-2006]

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Robert De Maio, 13703 Fiesta RD Ocean City MD [04-29-2006]

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Danielle [04-29-2006]

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blue bell [04-29-2006]

I really enjoyed reading about Jefferson and his philosophy toward British control over the Colonies.
Lou Ann Coy, 51, Houston TX [04-29-2006]

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