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Guest Book Archives: January-March 2006

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I appreciate your efforts to improve our nation's knowledge of itself and it's origins. My prayer is that we will not repeat the injustices on others that caused us to rebel from Englad and seek our independence.
Josh, 31, Vacaville, Ca. [03-22-2006]

yo yo yo this is the best website eva! NOT this is 4 old gysers
anonymous [03-21-2006]

Thank you for the information on the bank note numbered 8894. We have one of those notes, do you know of anyone who collects them?
Jason Ratledge [03-21-2006]

I was looking for my ancestry "Lorenz Weiler". I heard that a man calld Andrew Weiler, was one of the first settlers i Philadelphia?
sten Weiler Jørgensen, Fredericia Danmark [03-20-2006]

Jennie, Annuit Coeptis [03-20-2006]

I'm planning a trip with my daughter. This site has a lot of good info. Thanks. God Bless America!
Ms. Scottie Scripter, North Carolina [03-20-2006]

I am sorry to say that in school i paid no attention to this war and would like to know all about it.
sandra ellis [03-20-2006]

Dania [03-20-2006]

minnesota rocks
Phelan [03-20-2006]

i love your web site.
moica edington, 10,vancouver,washington [3-18-2006 [03-20-2006]

I feel that your site is a helpful and trustworthy site but need to have more detailed articles about spacific subjects.
Anonimous [03-20-2006]

Nicholas [03-20-2006]

Michael, Los Angeles,California [03-20-2006]

amber brown [03-20-2006]

I actually have a question and couldn't find a place on your web site so thought I would enter it here. I noticed during the World Baseball Tournament that our USA team had a flag on the left side of their hats with the field of blue and stars in the upper left hand corner of the flag, the way I thought it was supposed to be displayed. On their jerseys (both red and white) they have a flag on the right hand sleeve and the field of blue and Stars are in the upper right hand coner. Is this the correct way to display our flag when it is on the sleeve of a uniform? I thought that the Union was always in the upper left hand corner of our flag.
Terry Welch [03-20-2006]

i really enjoy the education it brings!
anonymous, this is a good and very educational site to look up various things! [03-20-2006]

This site is awesome. I came to it searching for answers for a "discussion" with a friend on the First Amendment. Thank you for giving me excellent material for my side of the "discussion"!
Darlene Ward, 62 years old, live in Lodi, CA [03-20-2006]

You turn the Founders into real people.
Robert Moran, Williamsburg, VA [03-20-2006]

I like it better than any other any web site
Joshua Chrisp [03-20-2006]

I am using your website to help me with some home work. It is working! Thanks!
Rachel, 11 [03-20-2006]

thank you
andrea, 10 [03-20-2006]

vcv bxf, Eggs are tasty [03-20-2006]

still trying to find the lady that says her father was lewis dennison womeldorff. for he is my father and i only had one brother! thanks james
james franklin womeldorff, 53 years young pekin ill. [03-20-2006]

Your site is one of the most valuable sites I visit my children visit often too
Regina [03-20-2006]

I thought this site has a lot of information. I went here for a school project, and I am pleased.
Andrew [03-20-2006]

you are cool and stuff......whatever im just doing this to waste time
blah blah, no [03-20-2006]

It was facinating to me. BUt very spooky at thesame time. BUt I wilol like to give thanks to the soldiers who faught in the war for us, for our freedom!
Samantha [03-20-2006]

Interested in document verification
Clifford W.Lemley, The Mayflower [03-20-2006]

i think this site needs work on time periods. as far as sections for students who r doing projects on certain time periods. thankyou
amber [03-20-2006]

Highly informative. Thanks for the history lesson. I will be giving a presentation at the elementary school where two of my grandchildren attend, on the Declaration of Independence. I will be using the Bicentenial coins from my coin collection to illustrate the presentation. The Quarter Dollar: American Revolution Drummer; the Half Dollar: Independence Hall; the Dollar: the Liberty Bell with Moon. In addition, the Benjamin Franklin Half Dollar with the Liberty Bell; and the 2005 Nickel with the word "Liberty" in Thomas Jefferson's own handwriting from the Declaration of Independence. The information your website has supplied on Independence Hall is like a gift from God. It will add a whole new dimension to the presentation Thank you very much.
Kenneth Strawn, Age 62; Portland, Or; Minister; 28+ years military servcice; still working in heavy equipment business; I plan to retire at end of 2006. [03-20-2006]

Hannah Helton, 9 y/o [03-20-2006]

I am so glad I found this site . It will be so helpful .My grandson is always having to look for things of history . Just wish I knew about it sooner .Lots of great stuff .
Debora C. Williamson, 49 Yrs. of age Sharpsburg Ga. 30277 [03-20-2006]

yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yippy yo yo yo dawg!keep dis on da DL,ya diggin' it? gotta go,dudes
chick [03-20-2006]

Excellent article. I wish to know more of his will.. Didn't Jefferson write it?
anonymous [03-20-2006]

Benjamin Franklin is my idol.
Bayron, 10/Orange [03-20-2006]

Excellent website for Singapore students to learn about US history. Great job. Well done.
Yee-Seng Gan, Age 45, Singapore [03-20-2006]

cool site!
anonymous [03-20-2006]

very good like the website
anonymous [03-20-2006]

i love your song STARE SPANGLED SONG
anonymous [03-20-2006]

halil kocatürk, erkek [03-20-2006]

I haven't explored your site extensively, but I think that many children and adults alike would find it very useful. Your doing a great job and I will recomend this site to others... Thanks for making it easy to use. Dawn
Dawn Smith, parent of five [03-20-2006]

eh, it was okay
Ben Harris, 14 years old, San Francisco [03-20-2006]

Im doing a project on betsy ross for school
Courtney [03-20-2006]

Clark [03-20-2006]

i am a member of bethel a.m.e.of norwalk conn my pastor is rev dr. donald l.tucker
patrice ann bardliving, i am 46 years olds i live in norwalk conn [03-20-2006]

I sorta kinds like the web site but I think it needs to be more creative in the way that they present the page, it needs to be exotic and out of the ordinary to make it seem as though philadelphia was the greatest place on Earth to live. But I do enjoy the information that I recieved form the articles. It was on of the very sites I got. Thank you for you communication
Brittany Carter, Montana [03-20-2006]

this site is really helpful, it gave me a lot of information, and because of this site, i got first in the history fair!
Violet Pena, 12 years, San Angelo, Texas [03-20-2006]

When David was young he traveled to motor cycle races with me.
Bob Mullaney, Santa Barbara Ca. [03-20-2006]

Im here on account of homework
Steven, age, 10 bellvue washington. [03-20-2006]

hey, i had a report on independance hall, liberty bell, franklin court, and betsy ross' home. like you guys helped me with all these things. i mean just wanna thank ya?ya ya ..thanks a lot. you guys are doin' a great job... yeah.thanks!
michelle kim, i'm 10 years old [03-20-2006]

Baileigh [03-20-2006]

It's a grreat website to visit for school projects.
Abbie Marcengill, 14, Townville South Carolina [03-20-2006]

I am using this sight for a report thanks for helping
anonymous [03-20-2006]

gabe hannon [03-20-2006]

Thomas B. LeGrand [03-20-2006]

gabe hannon [03-20-2006]

A very good book on an Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and was written by Larabee, Boatfield & Fineman.Thought you might like it.
Virginia Swenson, 86 yers - Topeka, KS [03-20-2006]

Virginia Swenson [03-20-2006]

I think that this website is great to find info on the independence hall.
chela [03-20-2006]

this site rox!
anonymous [03-20-2006]

this is a great website!
Nancy Barrera, Los Angeles California [03-20-2006]

anonymous [03-20-2006]

Bailea, age 10 [03-20-2006]

this is a great place
bubba smith, 13 paintball freak [03-20-2006]

i love ure web site jk
megan, 9 [03-07-2006]

Very interesting and informative site. Keep up the good work!
Richard Nacamuli, New Jersey [03-07-2006]

After visiting several East Asian, Mid Eastern, South American and a few central and South American countries..I can say hands down the United States of America....the best place to live, the most united and patriotic place I have yet to witness.
Kurt Stover, 42, Alice Springs Australia [03-07-2006]

go u.s.a
Hi [03-07-2006]

the flag is a big part of thw world today
april [03-07-2006]

This site is a great resource when it comes to writing argument and informational essays.
Brice Johnson [03-01-2006]

hey this website is colorful but it doesn't help me at all.
anonymous [03-01-2006]

scott b, iowa [03-01-2006]

mike connolly, westbranch [03-01-2006]

Life if unfair why do right are not through every heart of us. help is needed but what is wrong with President bush having stupid war that is so no involve in the history in the us.
Ther Yang [03-01-2006]

this is good
NGOZI ABA, asaba [03-01-2006]

I have two brothers who attended Girard College. Their experience at that institution was better than any collge/university that they attended latter. I hope Girard College has maintained its excellent standards
anonymous [03-01-2006]

I can't wait in tell i get their and see what it looks like and thank you for let me sign your guestbook. See you later
wallace richardson, 15 Leesburg V.A. [03-01-2006]

i'm just really into history that's all i just wanted to check it out.
Corinthia Midgett, 19, Langley AFB VA [03-01-2006]

I love our country, and our history is important.Wow, I sound like the president, who I also love. Well great website and God bless.
Sabrina, age 14, Mississippi [02-26-2006]

Looked up "Old Baldy" and was directed to your site. Enjoyed your write up and the picture of mounted Baldy. Looks better than I recall -I visited Philly about ten years ago,and being a Civil War buff,found my way to the Library and Museum.I remember seeing Baldy in a glass case at that time,and he looked somewhat tattered. It was the first that I'd heard of him,and I,ll always be impressed by his story.
CarolB, St.ClairShores,MI [02-26-2006]

Kelsey [02-26-2006]

My regards to Rev. Leath and family and the friends and family of the First!
Queen E. Manning-Gordon, Florence, SC [02-26-2006]

wow! this page is soo cool really cool. since i love history, U.S history so much this seemed to be a pretty good site.
alexandra lazar, 14 [02-26-2006]

Would like to see more pictures of the Army., battlefields, and historic icons of the time. This is a great site though. Thanks.
John Frieling, Retired cop, Phoenix [02-26-2006]

A very nice site keep it up. Eze.
Eze Adanne, 54 Houston Texas [02-26-2006]

i am a member of bether in norwalk conn my pastor is rev dr. donald l.tucker
patrice ann bardliving, i am 46 years olds i live in norwalk conn [02-26-2006]

Dear Sirs: Thank you to publish anglo-american patriot Thomas Paine´writtings. Your site is not only very interesting but very useful as well. I love USA very much, and fond of your great History. Sincerely. Carlos Garay del Moral. Writer and Teacher. Argentina.
Carlos Garay del Moral, 44 years old, teacher and writer, from Castelar, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina [02-26-2006]

I want to be the presendet of the U.S.
Amber, 8yrs old,from Indian Hollow Elm. [02-26-2006]

WE were doing a project at school and this site helped us a lot thanx.
Sierra, 11 [02-26-2006]

Hi i'm trying to find the family history on the glencamp family for a final exam if anyone knows anything please contact me.
Desiree' Glencamp, Sumter, S.C. [02-26-2006]

Zane Davis [02-26-2006]

you guys need Jesus
max alvarez, 13, mesquite tx [02-26-2006]

Our son in Philly owns and lives in old building at 1018-1/2 Hamilton Street (new street number). Apparently the ticket punches for Reading RR were manufactured there in the 19th century, and building still retains the pulleys on ceiling which were used to drive the machinery at one time. I am searching for information on the old factory and on his neighborhood and just came across your interesting website. Fun info, even if I didn't see anything about his immediate neighborhood as far as I could judge. Other website browsers, please email me if you have any information. Thank you. Carolyn Curran
Carolyn Curran [02-26-2006]

This site has not helped me very much while looking for good info on 18th Century Philly. I recommend Google.
anonymous [02-26-2006]

I love this site because it gives so much information about what Philly used to be like...
Marisa [02-26-2006]

I think this sight is great and gives great information.....
Lauren [02-26-2006]

I am a fifth grade teacher and I want to show my students samples of letter writing in Colonial America.
Charlene Pugh [02-26-2006]

i think it is an okay site compared to some
william [02-26-2006]

i really love this website. it shows a lot of neat and fun facts andim a big fan of history myself. too bad i dropped out of school.
stephanie gabriel, age-16 [02-26-2006]

i thought this was a good website to go and look at all the wonderful things in life that people like to share their personal thoughts on a website
stephanie, age-15 buckhannon [02-26-2006]

this place need to have some more information and less glamour, i mean it is informative but also to flashy, i came here to learn not to see pretty pictures, although some color is nescassary and some pictures are too, i believe that some pictures are not needed
Xane Olson, 15, St. Charles MO [02-26-2006]

Yea Just Showing Love
Natalia [02-26-2006]

I am the #1 fan for National Treasure exept for Rosie and Sarah, They are VERY, VERY obsesed.
Holly Conway, 10, 5th grade [02-26-2006]

I always said that if I could come back in life knowing what I know now, I would come back to colonel Philadelphia.
Ed Bednarz, Born and raised in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia in the year 1951. [02-26-2006]

I am trying to locate descendants of Ethan Allen (Revolutionary War) and "clicked" on a link that brought me HERE! I can't really comment - yet - because I just GOT here, except to say that I'm very interested in U. S. history so I'll certainly look over the site and return for more ....
Suzanne Wetzel, Born in Tennessee, now in Houston Texas [02-26-2006]

Britany, 17 Tampon Springs, Florida [02-26-2006]

Great site!
anonymous [02-26-2006]

Vincent Scaramuzzo, Corpus Christi [02-26-2006]

Looking to find a man by the name of William Russell Byers the III. He was a student at Skidmore College (Saratoga Springs, NY)in the mid 1980's. Please advise!
anonymous [02-26-2006]

This is a grat site to learn from. Go to ushistory.org!
Olivia [02-26-2006]

This website helped me a lot because I had to do a report on Philadelphia. But I think it could have little quick facts like the cities nickname and so forth but other wise I enjoyed this website.
Sierra Jones, 13, Salt lake City [02-26-2006]

I don't know why I'm doing this but I can say that I was trying to find my name on the internet and found this website (and something I wrote on this site from about 6 years ago...weird,huh) Well, I am going to leave this little gay History sight so. L8R. By the way, a little peice of advice...school SUCKS! and William Theodore Franklin (WTF)my hair is actually just died blonde
SATINA MAIDEN YATESF, i'm blonde, 5'71/2", 135lbs., weirdly colored eyes, and I still love shopping but don't car as much about the wildlife [02-26-2006]

i love us history more then anybody will ever no. i used to dream of being a president ever since i was little. i used to dream of going to philadelphia and to washington DC.
Emily Cree, 18,sacramento [02-26-2006]

this is a great website. It is a wonderful tool for research projects.
anonymous [02-26-2006]

I think yall totaly rock!
Vivtoria Vargas, 14 leaving in Dallas T.x [02-26-2006]

I think that this website is very educational to the kids that want to learn.Thankyoufor this web.
Izzy, 15,Dallas,T.x [02-26-2006]

I am a history teacher at a Junior High School in Florida and find your web page very resourceful.
Erin [02-26-2006]

Alonzo Melgar [02-26-2006]

Cheese [02-26-2006]

bob [02-26-2006]

dis is kewl!
sugar plum, im called cassy [02-26-2006]

nina pieper [02-26-2006]

Shenana [02-26-2006]

Damien Mapp, I am 12 [02-26-2006]

Brandon [02-26-2006]

I'm working on a project
chris, 13 [02-26-2006]

whosoever do good will see glory of god
zeinab, businnes [02-26-2006]

anonymous [02-26-2006]

was george washinton ever reelected?
anonymous [02-26-2006]

This is a really good website but you should have a thingy where you can search for things on here. Like in came on here because im to read it for my VLA program. And i thought that there would be things on here about the preamble but theres not so i was just letting you know that you should have a thingy that lets you search for things liket he preamble. bye now.
anonymous [02-26-2006]

julia, Louisville KY [02-26-2006]

The Congress should all be expelled for giving themself the "Congressional Metal Of Honor". As Reported in The Onion Dispatch on April, 6, 2005. Disregarding all the REAL holders of thies Metals.
Larry W. Brown, Age 63 Crowley, Tx [02-26-2006]

cgfhkl [02-26-2006]

I like this website! I liked the everything!1
Em, il [02-26-2006]

I just retired and decided to tour Phila. Thanks to the Independence Vistor Center for all their help, especially, Ruth and Rita. My sister and I purchased our lunch at the Bourse food court and ate out on the patio. I had no idea who was or what was Bourse. Thanks to this web site that I now know. I'm returning to Phila, this spring and starting to take tours again, starting with the Old City Section. Patricia Rodi Moorestown, NJ
Pat Rodi, retiree [02-26-2006]

jade abrams, i attend Kendrick High school in Columbus Ga. [02-26-2006]

nice looking site onyeze
ONYEZE OLU, 32 lome togo [02-26-2006]

biographies on ulysses grant
kayla, 16 npr fl [02-26-2006]

I am looking for the battle on fort sumter
anonymous [02-26-2006]

I'm never telling you anything.
Micheal Zemke, never [02-26-2006]

this web site is the best. it helps me with all my civics reports. if it wasn't for this site i probably would'nt have got out of that class with an a-. thanks you guys. best wishes: alisha
ALISHA RILEY, i'm a student at baldwin high school in milledgeville ga [02-26-2006]

keep bibles
lea, lea craddock [02-26-2006]

love your site!
Joidan [02-26-2006]

miranda [02-09-2006]

thank you for your website it is very helpful to me
Ashley Aguilar, 15, San Antonio, Texas [02-09-2006]

i recently found a copy of the DECLARATION of INDEPENDECE at a estate sale.i know it is very old because the name of the co. in washington that framed it has been out of business for a very long time.the size of it is 13x16.where could i get more information on this document?
Karon Walsh, Lake Leon,TX [02-09-2006]

from school this is vary cool stuff
Alonzo DuPrie, 18 Plainwell mi [02-09-2006]

pameg, zanesville,oh [02-09-2006]

gisselle, am12 3456f789amous [02-09-2006]

BRENDA [02-09-2006]

Nicoll Cadwalader Brinley [02-08-2006]

Shannon, 18,Georgia [02-08-2006]

Wondering if anyone has inform concerning retirment of worn American Flags? i.e. cermony associated with doing so. I remember as a Boy Scout being apart of retiring worn flags, involved was a ceremony, and then we burned the flags. Thanks Joel
Joel Meitz, va [02-08-2006]

My son is a history teacher in the Omaha, Nebraska Public School system, and was likely an interest inspired by early tv programming, notably the 'World At War' series, and others. He is an avid historian and collector of WWII artifacts.
Richard Perry, 63; retired executive; iowan [02-07-2006]

just looking for some shinny coins
tim osburn, 54, fulton MO [02-07-2006]

I thought your site was phenomenal but I was dismayed that I found nothing about the descendents of the Commodore John Barry when I looked at that page.
Adiv Paradise, 13, Minnesota [02-07-2006]

My grand-father was a General Staff Officer, and previously had been an officer in the Prussian Guard. He was in Belgium with the 42 cm. howitzers, then in Russia, again with siege artillery, and did many other interesting things. His son, my father, was at Gallipoli and then joined the Guards Reserve Pioneer Regiment, which was the unit that supplied all flamethrower capabilities in the army. He fought attached to the famous Storm Batallion Rohr, and was woulded four times, twice at Verdun. Happily I have a great deal of their correspondence, as they wrote to each other thru the war, and I also have quite a few military documents, photos, other correspondence, relating to these matters. I am working on these materials and am in the process of writing a book about them and their relationship. I can read German, French, and some Serbo-croatian and also the old German scripts that few Germans can read. My "significant other" has bought foreign-language books for the U. of Penn. research library for 20 years and reads 11 languages well. She is writing a book about German American Kultur. I spend quite a few hours a day on my project and I feel that I am becoming quite knowledgeble in the area, practically by the minute. Yours Truly, Bob Lembke
Robert G. Lembke, Philadelphia, PA USA [02-07-2006]

Very Nice site. Just returned from a tip to the national park in Philadelphia and enjoyed seeing Independence Hall, Carpenters Hall, the Liberty Bell and various other sites. Thank you for your efforts to make this available to the public.
Bob Cappel, Age 50 DuBois, PA [02-07-2006]

hi die
bob cout [02-07-2006]

anonymous, age:11 city:mt holly springs [02-06-2006]

the government knows nothing of what our forefathers indended this country to be and are bringing shame to them
April Lorraine Mount, 16 McCleary Washington [02-06-2006]

virgie Steve [02-06-2006]

I love this website a lot. There is a lot of the videos on the website. I had fun learning about people such as Betsy Ross and Elecric Franklin. I hope to come back to this website very soon. Thank You Ushistory.org.
Monifa Fletcher, Hempstead, New York [02-06-2006]

Is there an invisible map on the back of the Declaration of independence also I am a child
Hollie Tucker [02-06-2006]

he [02-06-2006]

More people should study history, especially American history. It is the reason why we are where we are today.
Richard Nacamuli, New Jersey [02-06-2006]

tori tisdale [02-06-2006]

abvajnolv njkan
anonymous [02-06-2006]

it's a helpful site, it helped me a great deal when i worked on my thesis, which was about america's exceptionalism. thank you
Natasha, 29 yo, Antwerp, Belgium [02-04-2006]

well done web site. thank you for your efforts and documents. we homeschool and are very much aligned with knowing what our rights and responsibilities are to promote good, effective, limited, and obedient government.
brady byrum, 45, Garland Texas [02-03-2006]

This is a good site.
AA [02-03-2006]

brianna slater [02-03-2006]

This web site is a great resource. I am planning my first trip to Philly in April and this site makes everything easy to find and organize. Thanks.
Jeffrey Nix, Littleton, CO [02-03-2006]

You guys have done a good job with this, i really liked this cite, it helped me do my homework with my talent devolment class! thanks!
Rebecca Yang, 11, Ramsey, MN [02-03-2006]

I think this website is awesome!
Caitlin [02-02-2006]

His tory buff!
Christopher, !3 Urbana, Ohio, Urbana Junior High [02-02-2006]

Cassandra Patrice Harris [02-02-2006]

ciara [01-31-2006]

very interested
Carla Moore [01-31-2006]

The Independence Tour is a great tour so informative information that you never picked up in school
Karen Glencamp-Daniel, From New Jersey [01-31-2006]

Justin [01-31-2006]

Im in 8 grade and history is my falvorit.
Ryan, Age:14 [01-31-2006]

j.r [01-31-2006]

Yesterday I've been in one of club in Poznan- Minoga and i saw several of short films. This night was so beautifuul and exciting. There was a kind of music-drama and I with my friends dancing very long. It was the greatest night of this week.
Joanna, age 22, poznań, student [01-31-2006]

Hey Navy Buffs! Guess what I got? I have the Helm Controller off of the bridge of the U.S.S. Philadelphia. Not that it's for sale but anyone out there have any idea what an item like that is worth? I can authenicate it and tell the path it took to me.
Larry Ellis, Vietnam Veteran in San Diego [01-31-2006]

Hey, I need you rhelp i want to ask you if you will send me a map to a history musem in alabama and if you don't that is ok because we will just go to The mcwane ceneter well that is all i have to say for now later
Gabrielle, Hey will you send me a map were somebody is like a history musem in alabama [01-31-2006]

Very good :)
anonymous [01-31-2006]

i like this website because you have many places to choose from and all the areas have LOTS of information
ben grove, i live in Boiling Springs, PA and im 11 years of age [01-31-2006]

Very Eductional. Very Interesting. Great for my essay. Thanks.!
Samantha, Lake Elsinore, California [01-31-2006]

My mother tells me I was born in the Lying Inn Hospital of Philadelphia, and I have been trying to ascertain information & birth records from said location. Can anyone help me?
Allen P Hopper, current age: 49.. current city: Chattanooga, Tenn. [01-31-2006]

Great, informative site! We are planning a trip in April to bring our 9 year old son who just completed a project on the AMerican Revolution. This has helped plan our trip. Thank you!
anonymous [01-31-2006]

we need a search engine i have history questions that i need answers for and i acnt find them on this website so............FIX IT!.........please......and..............thank you
Mys' Clemmons [01-31-2006]

i think this is very educational
maddie shamblin, 11 live in liberty [01-31-2006]

holly [01-31-2006]

my dear mint,i am 72 years on this earth & have been with you from my 7th. birthday & that is 65 good years for the both of us, thank you bill e. moore ret.
bill e. moore, newark ca. 94560 [01-31-2006]

l love having friends worldwide.
doreen kaitesi, Am 14yrsold [01-31-2006]

My mother immigrated to the USA in 1969 and has never seen Phildelphia. My goal is to show her the sites of this wonderful city and your web site has been most helpful in helping me to plan this trip - thank you!
Ania [01-31-2006]

i love this site! i made a project about it for school
anonymous, 10 [01-31-2006]

I'm 61 years old, and I love history! I'm especially fond of the Revolutionary War era. Can you possibly help me find a site where I can make a copy of unratified amendments to the U.S. Constitution? I believe there have been six unratified amendments ... Thank you - - - - - - -
Shirley J. Galli, Spokane, WA [01-31-2006]

This site is the shisnis Dog
dizzle, gangsta dizze [01-31-2006]

This is a great site. Would love to visit it in person some day. Keep up the good work so the next generation will know the truth. ~ Kathleen ~
Kathleen Thompson [01-31-2006]

the website offered a lot of info with regards to the war during 1777. it would be nice if you guys can cover the details before the declaration of independence till the day the english was drove away.
Johnny, Singapore [01-31-2006]

morgan [01-31-2006]

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Iris Burns [01-31-2006]

wow. no ones comented in a while so.... HI!
anonymous [01-31-2006]

This one cool web page! Thanks for helping with my Ben Franklin stuff! :)
Audrey Felser, Age:12 [01-31-2006]

i love this world
monique thompson, 17 [01-31-2006]

Me [01-31-2006]

i like the way the congress is now
erika, i live in rochester NY [01-31-2006]

rickey watkins jr, 19 statesboro [01-31-2006]

Andrew Pruitt, 12 and I like history. [01-31-2006]

I was looking for information regarding Constitution, Preamble, Bill of Rights, etc. I then glanced over to a poll question, Whether to remove Bush or not! I can not believe that I saw that on your page and am very disappointed in it and a little suspicious of all content you have on your page. Maybe you should read the information you are so kind to provide. Specifically, the American Creed. Your hatred of Bush is very discomforting and maybe even un- American. He may have made some poor decisions but he is OUR, Commander in Chief. Like it or not!
Jason T. Johnson, resident of PA [01-31-2006] [Webmaster's note: That was an ad from Google, over which we have no control. Those ads help support this website.]

interesting and helpful website
loren [01-31-2006]

i love this website! it is frekin awesome!
Betty Jean, 14, Greenwood [01-31-2006]

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Sumanth K R, Bangalore [01-31-2006]

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a great site very easy to use when your british and dont really know what your looking for until you see it
steven bryant, 30 years old and a british citizen [01-31-2006]

Hi i need help on my research project. Its about Americans decision to declare independence from Great Britain. Help if you can.
David, HUGE LILO AND STITCH FAN. AND needs help on research project [01-31-2006]

I think your website is cool. I can learn about a lot of things.
Rachel TACK, I am 9 live in Lancster. [01-31-2006]

I am seeking to find my fore bare kinsman Samuel Walker who fought as a Red Coat in the war 1770s with Britain against the Americans .Samuel after the war settled in Philadelphia and married ..His date of birth was circa 1749.. His brother Thomas was killed at The Battle of Bunkers Hill he was married at the time of him leaving England to fight in America.. My wife's fore bare was Wilhelm Augustin Von Steuben who led the Valley Forge Regiment he being given the task by Benjamin Franklyn..My wifes father was a German soldier 2nd W.W. who was born in the same area of Germany as was Von Steuben he actually born as Wilhelm Augustin Steube as was my father in law..near Stendall Magdebourge in what became part of East Germany after the 2nd W.W.at a Dorf on The River Elbe
Flint-Walker, u.k. [01-31-2006]

I really think that it should list a lot more ideas and peolpe and who took a stand in history and give there story and tell who they are what they did and etc. well love the site keep up the good work thank you for the site!
Taylor Jossi, 12 lake city FL. school columbia county FORT WHITE HIGH SCHOOL [01-31-2006]

I love your website, well here ya go <3
collin scott, seattle,WA [01-31-2006]

Loved Temple's Diary. I felt like I was there with the family.
Jennifer Payne, Semmes, AL [01-31-2006]

i love ur site thanx a lot
chaunky collins [01-31-2006]

stop being so mean to the pickles out there! you put a disgrace to my name!
Pickle Smith, hey [01-31-2006]

I was reading through the guestbook on this website, which by the way is good, but the man who wrote about the skateboarding controversy in Love Park is completely out of his mind. one of the big ideas of skateboarding is to do what we want to. I read that mayor Street deducted huge amounts of money from his waterfront development plan, which was originally about 500 million bucks. But heres something you probably didnt know; last year a skate shoe company, DC shoes, offered the city one million dollars if they would make skating legal in love. then why the hell doesnt mayor dickadoo take that money and put it towards the developement? According to this guy, love park has an overall crappy design. Then why would people want to go there? Take the money and use it to build a nice waterfront thing, then more people would go there instead of complaining about skaters at love. The reason i care so much is because i am 13 years old, and i see skateboarding as a passion and want to do it my whole life. As skateboarding grows bigger, i want to travel the world and skate these incredible spots. We hardly ever go to skateparks because they usually cost money to get in. All my life i have wondered why the o on the love statue is crooked. But now i now, love is never perfect. Might as well change the name to hate park and the city to the city of brotherly hatred.
Rob, 13 [01-31-2006]

Ray [01-31-2006]

Kristen [01-31-2006]

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Johnny Dollar, Bluff City, Tenesey [01-31-2006]

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brian s brito [01-31-2006]

Hey Thanks for all the information, I got a lot of great information for my English project
Erica Weiskopff, 13 [01-31-2006]

ilike american history any information you can suply me manly the us constituion
robert snipes [01-31-2006]

Richard B. Bloom, Media, Pennsylvania [01-31-2006]

monika [01-31-2006]

this place is awesome!
annie kelemen, 13 [01-31-2006]

yes my grandmother found a group of papers containing the declaration of the 13 states, the articles of we the people, and the congrefs of the u.s. the papers look very old and we would like to know if there is a way that these coukld be authentic and how we could tell if they are. please email me with a response. as soon as you can
jessica, 24, brookeland tx [01-31-2006]

I think u should include some pictures for the people who actually have a life other than reading this huge 1gig. file of text and junk. t.y.
Jeff Jones, Angry Man of H8 [01-31-2006]

Tammy Fontaine, Worcester, Massachusettes [01-31-2006]

i think this is a great wedsite for social studys projects and just if you arein to us history thank you for your help
jessica, 12 years old holley hill fl. [01-31-2006]

History is my favorite subject, so, as u might have guessed, I LOVE THIS WEBSITE! It's a great place 2 do research and 2 just look around. I learn something new almost every time I come here!
Megan, 11 [01-31-2006]

Elise Wilson [01-31-2006]

your site is delightful..
Aaron Bylsma [01-31-2006]

Nice site. Good recources. I'm coming back for all my other history projects!
Kat [01-31-2006]

love more info, please
mary monson {peggs}, decendent of danial peggs [01-31-2006]

John [01-31-2006]

richie sterling, philadelphia pa [01-31-2006]

joy, iam10 years old [01-31-2006]

Noah Langford [01-31-2006]

jordan guthrie, myrtlecreek oregon [01-31-2006]

Great Place For reports ecspecially for Soc. st.
Jimmy Wolfe, 14 [01-31-2006]

Great site for teachers and students
anonymous, Teecnospos, Az. [01-31-2006]

keep up the good work. I really like how you are helping everyone out.
Shelby Taylor [01-31-2006]

Great site I found a ton of info!
Zebras and Orange Juice [01-31-2006]

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anonymous [01-31-2006]

Love your site; I'm always looking for more info on my personal hero: Benjamin Franklin.
Wendy C. Allen (a.k.a. EelKat), Old Orchard Beach, ME, USA [01-31-2006]

sir, i like your site. i am a pastor looking for people and organisations to help us carry out our projects. the projects and our ministry information will be sent to any one who ask for it. God bless.
pastor mike o. idabana, ministry about development [01-31-2006]

I'm preparing a slide show about the ladies of Havana: http://xld.com/Cuba/stars/Usind.htm I am looking for some free images. Can you help? Also, please give the ladies of Havana appropriate credit when you prepare your pages. We would appreciate it. Have a good day.
Lillian Martinez Simmons, Cuban-American in Texas, USA [01-31-2006]

a truly beautiful site and god bless thoes who work hard to keep our history true and bright.
jays sedan service, alexandria va 22312 [01-31-2006]

Hello! it is awesome to see this web today is my first time exploring and I'm just amazed by all the great information I can share with my 3rd grade students. My place in my school is a ESL(English as a Second Language)Teacher. I am searching because our duty by January is to share with them about our America and National Symbols we have many students from different places, Mexico, Central ands South America. I am just Enjoging my day finding all this greeat Things about the country I am as Teacher. is My honor to write this. You can see I am also a Second Language Learner, I been here for about 10 years and still learning how to express myself in English. Here is the list of National Symbols I need to talk and teach to my ESL students: Flag, Pledge, National Anthem, Statue of Liberty, White House, Eagle, President Seal. I think there are more to share with all students, If you can recomend some other important Symbols we Teachers need to share with our future leaders in America please send me a note or ideas so I can share with my co-workers. Thanks for your kind atention. Sincerely, Hever Reyes ESL TEacher @ Peter Boscow Elementary School 452 NE Third Avenue Hillsboro, OR. 97124 e-Mail: reyesh @hsd.k12.or.us Telephone Number: (503)844-1700
Hever Reyes, Teacher @Peter Boscow Elementary in Hillsboro Oregon. [01-31-2006]

U.S. ambassador to France; signed the declaration of Independence; died in the early 1800's.can you tell me who is he?
Philip [01-31-2006]

Born in Hackensack, NJ in 1960. Son of Gerard B. Ford & Lois I. Church. Mom was Daughter of the American Revolution. I'm the 5th great grandson of James Wilson from PA who served in the first Continental Congress and was appointed as a Supreme Court Assoc. Justice by George Washington. I'm interested in contacting other decendants of James Wilson. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Gerard Mark Ford, 45 yrs old, 207 S. Keith St., Timmonsville, SC (843)346-5097 or (843)615-5354 [01-31-2006]

I'm interested in finding information about my great-great grandmother Joanna Hirsch who was born in Joahann, Germany c. 1850
Alison Gray, Paradise Valley, AZ [01-31-2006]

Trying to find the Ancestor Pvt.William Hockaday from Infantry 141 Union Soldier -Family - Illinois - Died with Infantry sickness within service time. His oriin and Family.
Pamela Nell, 51 from Waterloo, WI [01-31-2006]

I have been looking for my step-sister who was born from Raymond Fredrick Stone in the year of 1943 or 44. I think it was in Texas and her name is Nancy Stone I hope to find her one day.
Sarah Stone [01-31-2006]

this website is the dubest website ever!
johny [01-24-2006]

great site!
anonymous [01-24-2006]

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