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Guest Book Archives: November-December 2005

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I like this website because it is helping me in school with social studies and it is helping me learn about history.
Jessica [12-22-2005]

you are a great person
tisheerawashington, i am 11 years old [12-22-2005]

the history of the usa has many major significants, that really respectable work of many american generations. the world of freedom for humem under god. that was good and logical.
vincent, 18 years old, student, usa [12-22-2005]

This was my first visit... great site! I'll be back.
anonymous [12-22-2005]

This is a really col site. It helped a lot with my American History project.
Cory Campbell, 14-m-oh [12-22-2005]

i love your website. it comes in handy when i have to do history reports.
patricia sales, 15, gary indianna [12-22-2005]

Iam looking for any stories /facts about the involvement of Andrew Dempster Whitton in the develpopment of rail / traction in the states. He had a patent for the "grip" but had other involvement I believe. Can you help? Yours hopefully Dave (SCOTLAND)
dave whitton, greta grandson of ANDREW DEMPSTER WHITTON [12-17-2005]

i love this website!
Kasey Drzewiecki, i am 8 years old [12-16-2005]

i learned a lot of interesting information
Vernetta c Madden, 19, Summerdale, PA [12-16-2005]

anonymous, 14 St.Peter, [12-16-2005]

it kool
anonymous [12-16-2005]

I am actually doing research for a paper for my son, who is too young to do it hisself. This is a great site!
Amber Perry [12-16-2005]

Shottower is right behind my house. I lived here all of my life. With all these new houses going up in our neighborhood Queen Village, I hope they never get rid of this Historic Site. I am worried about that. When I was a kid I played in that play ground and would hate to see that go.
Debra Ann, 46 Philadelphia, PA [12-16-2005]

Love the site! I just can't say enough about it. I'll be back, and I'll bring my kids.They're gonna grow up to take us wherever we're going. They need to understand where we've been. Keep up the good work!
GREGORY TRAPP, bayonne nj [12-16-2005]

Cynthia Luis [12-16-2005]

Rebekah Marks [12-16-2005]

Alphonse Esposito, Mt Sinai, NY [12-16-2005]

great sight.
rick, love history [12-16-2005]

I wanted to ask some question about the united states flag.
mario Hopson, none [12-16-2005]

CURTIS JOHNSON [12-16-2005]

Candy Cane, 13, Belen [12-16-2005]

Dawn K. Lewkowicz, High School Teacher from Hartland Michigan [12-16-2005]

I found this site while doing research for a college essay. I am proud to call America my home and will be sharing this wonderful source of our history with my children. Thank You.
Venus, Missouri, USA [12-16-2005]

enjoyed the site, very informative. as a truck driver (over the road) i get to see a lot of historical areas and have my wife look them up to make plans for trips to these areas.
Darrell L. McCoy [12-16-2005]

I love this site. It helps me out with school a lot. It has all of the facts I need. Thanks!
morgan, 13 [12-16-2005]

Ken Miles, Yuma, Az. [12-16-2005]

Your site is wonderful! I am doing a history report on the U. S. and got all of my info here. Thanx!
Koko [12-16-2005]

Now I like to see all the Historic places in USA starting from Tri State area.
RAJ OBEROI, I am 63 yrs old from NJ, came to USA in Feb 1972. [12-16-2005]

ages 25 onwards
n icola wilson, 30 [12-16-2005]

hi just lerning bout signers of the decleration wht bout u
Tanner, 12 portsmouth, va [12-16-2005]

i do like this site
James Durbin, 14 Union MO [12-16-2005]

We did a class project and had to pick a famous person. I picked Thomas Jefferson. Most people might think he is not a hero.But I know he is because he risked his life for the United States.
Jessie Sebens, 12,Monticello,Illinois,play softball,ride horses,watch Briene cheer [12-16-2005]

I'm trying to find proof of my gggggrandfather JAMES PARTIN, who I think was with the 4th Virginia Cont. Army and was killed or died of disease at Charleston S.C. during the Battle of Charleston. He was with WOODFORD'S BRIGADE... This is very important to me, and my relatives.. I have trying to find this information for the past 20 years. Thank You, Brian C. Partin
Brian C. Partin [12-16-2005]

ur website is d bomb
Brian Stag, VA Beach [12-16-2005]

Please send catalogs or any thing free.(newsletters)
anonymous [12-16-2005]

its a great sites
aruba [12-16-2005]

hi !
carolina, houston, texas junior at reagan high school [12-16-2005]

yea i have a conspiracy theory about this...umm people may think im crazy but ever since that movie national treasure..have u ever thought there might be a clue..like does anyone knoe what is on the back of the declaration of independace...of does anyone knoe the timely shadow of pass and stow..and i refer to independance hall. think about this cause i have. my name is brown,robert. remember that.
robert E. brown jr., 19,dalton,georgia [12-16-2005]

i think this site is awesome, very informational and helpful, keep up the good work!
Jaimie, f/15/pa [12-07-2005]

nice website. helped me out a lot and i enjoyed it
bob gibson [12-07-2005]

gabbie, 13 [12-07-2005]

I spent 13 years as a graduate student in Texas and finally came home in 1998. Regrettably, while so doing, I didn't have time to learn about US history. Your site will surely teach me a lot about it. After I came back to my country, I realized how important independence, liberty, and equality are to a person; how crucial it is to protect one's rights; and how one might fight for those. I admire how Americans stand up against whatever is wrong and am envious of how the American public acts accordingly. I am a big fan of "the whistle blowers." Most of the time here in my country and many places elsewhere, "the wrong shall fail, the right prevail" does not exist. If there is ever a next life, America will be my choice as Motherland.
Panpim Vonkhorporn, Ph.D. [12-07-2005]

i love this website!
KRISTOPHER JERELLE HUCKLEBERRY, 15, centreville [12-07-2005]

I picked to be Betsey Ross for a project! I found out sooooooooo many cool things about her on this website
Kylie Jalving [12-07-2005]

briana, 11 Kent, Ohio #330-673-4215 [12-07-2005]

Tom McGuire [12-07-2005]

jd [12-07-2005]

i started liking history after i saw National Treasure and i learned a lot. because i am tring to be an actor i will try to become an arkioligest if i fail to be a actor. I am so interested in history i even asked my mother if i can borrow 22.16 and i used a money magnifyer to look at the money.i looked at the penny and saw lincoln in the Lincoln Momorial. If i succesfully become an actor i will donate 200.00 to your organization.
Robert Miller, 11 hyattsville MD 20784 [12-07-2005]

Thankz guyz for everthing at your site. Its really helpfull with my History Day work and everything.
Brooke H, 13, Wisconsin [12-07-2005]

history is cool butt a hole school full of history si grat
daimond, age 11 5th gread [12-07-2005]

Hello. My name is Adam. I feel special when I swim.
Adam G., I feel uncomfortable [12-07-2005]

thankyou for your display of your website and iam please interested in your christian felloship
pastor silas kinyua muriuki, cristian invitation to kenya [12-07-2005]

Riley Fordyce [12-07-2005]

darrell allc0te [12-07-2005]

This website was very useful to me. . .
Veronica Cardenas, Student at NTCC [12-07-2005]

inez [12-07-2005]

I thank you for such enlightened information.
Dimitrius A. Oliver, 34, Cleveland, American [12-07-2005]

Looking for history around 1873, specifically health issues. All members of my family, except on died at this time, wonder about plagues. Trying to discern if I can search the data.
Jenny Ward, from Illinois [12-07-2005]

i want to sign the declaration of independence
makayla santos, 12 [12-07-2005]

I think that benjamin franklin was an awesome man I have read some things that other people have writen about him and why they DON'T like him but if they don't it's their fault even though it makes me madder to read that stuff than reading the good stuff people have writen about him
Chrissy [12-07-2005]

we'll i think that if we all do are reserch on 1,person that you'll want to try our best ! because of google web site, I found this and wanted to write ! we'll if your going to write a history fair project i would suggest to write on anything ! but you would want to find a resrch find it on this web site! sincerly, Jessica Behunin
Jessica Behunin, 10 old Hurricane,UT 84737 [12-07-2005]

I need the national anthem letter
Marcela [12-07-2005]

Nice web site but should have more facts about the saratoga battle.It would help a lot for people my age and in school doing a powerpoint and project.
Christine [12-07-2005]

i would to know where you can get the new quarters with the letter p on them
sonny kurtz, 55 7811 so 164 street 68136 [12-07-2005]

Im very Proud of my Son!
patricia king, My son is a Soldier [12-07-2005]

Betsy Ross is a very great person and i think that many people look up to her.
Samantha McDonald, 17, Rosman, North Carolina [12-07-2005]

I was wondering why ushistory.org is claiming the origins of the German Reformed Church in the U.S. to be in PA. From what I understand about my own history, the First German Reformed Church was built in Germantown, VA. I understand that there were reformists practicing in PA but I was told that the first church and congregation was built and established in the German Colonies of VA which was Germanna; presided over by Rev. Henry Haeger of Anzhausen and the Nassau-Siegen region of Germany. I was seeking information about the Church, when I located this page, now I am wondering whose history is correct.
Jenell Rector (Richter) Cremeans, Descendant of 1714 German Immigrants to VA [12-07-2005]

Very helpful site to know the history of USA. Need to make few quick links in this web site and more user friendly.
R. Manikandan, Age: 27, Place: New Delhi, India, Occupation Student [12-07-2005]

I love this site! Its so..... Extraordinary! This is where I come when I'm on a History High!(ha ha ha) Thanks for the Site! it offers sooooo much info its unbelievable! Thank You!
Alyssa, 15, Minnesota [12-07-2005]

I have visited this web site for not only necessity but Interest in history. This web site is big advantage for the people who are willing to learn about the U.S. history. I would encourage others to take this advantage.
Suhrob, From Uzbekistan [12-07-2005]

The whole reason I came to this site is because i am doing a paper on our nations capital. I want to know if Philadelphia was our nations first capital and when did Washington D.C. become our capital?
Valerie Shawhan [12-07-2005]

I think this is ad Exceptionally Excellent website filled with lot of fantastico amounts of exciting inmformation
Lindsey Mae, 13 Anchorage, Ak [12-07-2005]

Brandan Myhre, 13 [12-07-2005]

This site is very useful. It gives brief facts and a short biography of almost everyone involved in the revolution.
KZ, Washington [12-07-2005]

J, i love history [12-07-2005]

yo this place is it that good yo
anonymous [12-07-2005]

Great web site for a history buff from Philadelphia.
Kirk, 49yr old [12-07-2005]

Your site is resourceful...Lots of facts...my report will surely get an A+!
anonymous [12-07-2005]

This is a great site!
Deena, Bellevue, WA [12-07-2005]

It was a good web site to reasearch on
Dahreus Howard, Michigan City IN [12-07-2005]

i must be famous now
im in a guest book yeay yay kenny02011, sweet [12-07-2005]

black is beautiful, tan is grand, but red white & blue is still the colors of the boss land. God bless the USA.
jammer, 35/M/WA. state, 100% American [12-07-2005]

How come 13 year olds get jobs and 12 year olds can't explain that.
Jenna Lashley, 12 years old plainfeild, nj [12-07-2005]

bigdaddy, my pets name is frodo [12-07-2005]

i love social studies.....history is actually interesting!
Britt Snack, i m 13! [12-07-2005]

Laurence Paul Oliver, Lake Mills, Wisconsin [12-07-2005]

sarah [12-07-2005]

James Z. Howell, Columbia, South Carolina [12-07-2005]

i like this web site! (for homework) anyways
Ashley, i am 12 [12-07-2005]

this page rocks! i can finish an essay with 1 click of a button
Michael Partlow, i m 11 [12-07-2005]

My God Bless America, thru Christ our Lord.
Rabon Earl Gilliam, Dawsonville, GA. 30536 Age 65 [12-07-2005]

i would like to recive mails from you daily
anonymous [12-07-2005]

Michael J. Christopher [12-07-2005]

I would a copy of The Declaration of Independence PLEASE!
Richy Graham, This Site is Great [11-23-2005]

I would like to be put on an e-mail mailing list, please.
Tom Geoghan, Philly resedent [11-23-2005]

kevin parrot [11-23-2005]

I thought your website was O.K. but that was just me but thanks for putting William Penn in there!
Royal Pain [11-23-2005]

i talk to mom and dad a lot ya ya mama au au
kylee mueller, 89 [11-23-2005]

it was cool
Dane Mill, I'm 26 I live in Miami, Florida [11-23-2005]

This is such a cool web site that i want to visit it!
freddie taylor, 14 Plainfield, IL, 60544 [11-23-2005]

ATTN to those who think they are related to Commodore John Barry: Barry had no children in either of his two marriages. For further questions or comments please contact me at USSUNITEDSTATES@Yahoo.com. I have the honor to be at your service. Edward C. Zimmerman, Jr. 22 November 2005
Edward C. Zimmerman, Jr., Founder & President USS UNITED STATES Foundation [11-23-2005]

i would like to be just like you guys and fight for my coutry well i've got to go send me a letter talling me how you are take care bye
miranda messer, my address is 150 river side loop lily ky 40740 [11-23-2005]

john hennian [11-23-2005]

I think this website is the best I have ever seen. It has the most information and its easy to get to. There is one word to disctibe this website. It's "WOW!"
Laiken McCoy, 15 yrs. old ;Kodak, Tennessee [11-23-2005]

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Lauryn Summer Shaffer, 11,Lacey,W.A [11-23-2005]

Dissapointed with the info on Germantown, Brandywine seemed to be more organized and stocked with better information. Otherwise a great site.
anonymous [11-21-2005]

i like this siteis da bomb. I am doing a reaport on thomas paine right now.
rachel jones, 13 years old [11-21-2005]

Let keep the God in God Bless America
Roger, 35 Trenton, Michigan USA [11-21-2005]

bill [11-21-2005]

would you please send me a brochure of where i could bring my daycare on a field trip my please send me something by mail or email me 1807 n tatnall st wilmington de 19802
tanya greene [11-21-2005]

Great site and resource.
David L Marcus, Philadelphia, PA [11-21-2005]

Sam Sciuto, Toms River, New jersy [11-21-2005]

Great site! I am searching for Zadok Hersey who was a drummer for militia out of Hingham, Ma on the 19th of April, 1775. He was still listed as a pensioner as late as 1850, having lived most of his life in Pembroke, Maine
James A. Brown, Jr. [11-21-2005]

I love your web site and it is for kids a school to search for their history and what had happen in the old days. Like if they are in scshool it will help them in there schoolwork and homework and dit will be nice to keep the web site and it will be good to help the other teacher and the homeless kids and that is why we like the web site and don't take it off of the computer Thank You, Mrs. J Street and everyone at N.R.Burger Middle School in Hattesburg,Mississippi
Mrs.Street, 35 hattisburg [11-21-2005]

Actually, Amendment 27 was part of the Bill of Rights - along with one other amendment which was never ratified (I don't remember what it was about but I believe it would be obsolete now anyway because of later amendments). The BoR had 12 items.
Dittohead AZ [11-21-2005]

good website i liked it and it helped a lot when it came to doing my schoolwork at the last second just copy and paste thank a lot for the information with lots of love monica r c
Monica [11-21-2005]

Why is it that Black History is not being tayght in school to children who would like to know about it besides slavery. Like how invented the stop light the iron and things of this nature.
Makhaila C. Spivey, 42, Morrison [11-21-2005]

infomation of the declaration of indepndence
jonathan arrellano, age15 [11-21-2005]

I want to sent me some of your books.
Evans Darbo Boateng, Student [11-21-2005]

Great Info Thanks
Travis Tolbert, Dawson Ga [11-21-2005]

It is with great satisfaction I found your Web Site. I wish only to sincerly thank you for making this information available for research on my manuscript. Please note that manuscripts are for those atempting write. Writers are those individuals that have been published. Once again I wish to thank you for making your site available and it ease of use. Joseph D. Strehle CPIM
Joseph D. Strehle, BSBA Ashland University, Age 54, 351 University Ave. Elyria, Ohio 44035 [11-21-2005]

Your site reall helps me to get all the info I need for homework and fast!thanks
Chrissy [11-21-2005]

youre awesome
nicjk [11-21-2005]

Priscilla [11-21-2005]

I am doing a 4-h report over him.I will probably make a A+!
Courtney Cantrell, Livingston Tn 38570 [11-21-2005]

i love you tryrone
anonymous [11-21-2005]

I happened onto your website while I was doing a project for college. I am greatly amazed at your website and will visit it often in the future. Thank you for great information! In Doing research for college I have found that most websites want $$$ for the information. Thank you that yours is free!Thank you to the sponsors!
Valerie Graham, 46 [11-21-2005]

sativa [11-21-2005]

I was very interested in your page. I found lots of informations about the declaration of Independence. You had an very good page. Lots of wishes from Germany.
Katharina Böthführ [11-21-2005]

I'm just glad that thanks to him we now have electricity.
Annoymous [11-21-2005]

I have one of those Lithographs of "The Birth Of Out Flag". Dated 1896. It has the numbered stamp,name of artist and the litho co. of Thomas &Wylie. Is there any value to one of these.
G.Moore [11-21-2005]

Viele Grüße aus Deutschland.Wir sind zwei Mädels aus Halle und suchen eigentlich was über "The Blacks in the USA" von 1619 bis 1865.Wir werden mal noch ´n bissel weiter lesen.Tolle Seite =)
anonymous, germany [11-21-2005]

no comentarys to respect
kimberli, 19 years old [11-21-2005]

You,re website was great for helping me get information for my essay at school on Thomas Paine.
Sara Lockett [11-21-2005]

I'm old and I thought it would be nice for people to know how old I am
Bobert Ethnal, Age 101 [11-21-2005]

I am really interested in the Us history.
Justin Zane, I am 13 yrs old, and live in Hobbs Nm [11-21-2005]

chris [11-21-2005]

A question and answer service at your web site would be nice.
johnny villarreal, I have a question. What year was silver stop for use on nickels dimes and quaters [11-21-2005]

lisa, i love my homestate alaska [11-21-2005]

Shuree Gilbert [11-21-2005]

how can we open an account on line
frankly, am a lawyer [11-21-2005]

I like your site very much. vernonweidner@aol.com or vernonweidner@bellsouth.net http://franklinspeaker.com
Vernon Wm. Weidner, Ben Franklin Speaker, since 1952, Phone # 386-761-4021 [11-21-2005]

grate web site
westley [11-21-2005]

It would be nice if you guys had a search thing on you site.
Peter [11-21-2005]

I really like this site
Jade, columbus ohio [11-21-2005]

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lenox, 35, fairfax, va [11-21-2005]

You helped me a lot with my project
Kara [11-21-2005]

this is a very good site all it needs is edgar allan poe's address for like reports for kids that do reports on him
aaliyah [11-21-2005]

I love my contry just not George bush
Jaron [11-21-2005]

ha ha ha
George [11-21-2005]

love history especially our history and what our forefathers stood for.
Betty Hamilton [11-21-2005]

Whenever I need information for my history class, this is the first site i visit!
Ria, Kendall Park, NJ [11-21-2005]

lucas [11-21-2005]

i need more info for a project give me more on this web site
C hris [11-21-2005]

Everyone that helped create this site because it is nothing but brainwashing hypnotic psychobabble, and you are trying to conquer the world. The U.S. is not a democracy it is a dictatorship and it is a disgrace to our forefathers the way people like you hypnotize people to your psychobabble. I know that you will not put this on the site because why would you be stupid enough to print the truth. [obscenities removed--Webmaster]
anonymous [11-21-2005]

I would like to thank the makers of this web site for the usefull information ( this sites owns)
PHYCK [11-21-2005]

history is my favorite subject.
maddie, i am 10 years old [11-21-2005]

one word "amazing!"
ty, sj [11-21-2005]

This was a wonderful experience. I live right here in philadelphia and never knew how much was in this city. Thank you .
Keith Pretlow, I'm16 I live in Philadelphia Pa [11-21-2005]

I think you should add something in here about the Constitution! It would provide useful info.
Samantha Roth [11-21-2005]

I really think this kind of stuff is interesting. I learned some of this stuff from the movie National Treasure.
olivia ehster [11-21-2005]

it is cool people i am a kid writing to you thanks! its cool im telling you im in 2nd grade if you want to now im a boy anyways, bye
nicholas, 7 years old [11-21-2005]

Very informative! Excellent and thorough detail.
Gabrielle Mason, Sharpsburg, GA 44 yrs old [11-16-2005]

hannah [11-16-2005]

Hallo, nette Webseiten mit guten Inhalt! Liebe Grüsse der Johann Germany / Europe
Johann [11-16-2005]

I think this is a very educational and fun site.
Alicia, Rogers, AR [11-16-2005]

I am doing a project on Edgar Allan Poe this site helped me find where the house was.
Lauren Emily Elizabeth, I live in Drexel Hill next to Philadelpia. [11-16-2005]

zantia [11-16-2005]

this site is awesome!
Cameron [11-10-2005]

deema, 14 year [11-09-2005]

I like to learn about Ben Franklin; he did so much for our country and our world today!
Larry [11-09-2005]

I like your website
Demon_girl, 12 [11-09-2005]

very cool
Brianna [11-09-2005]

Can you imagine the magnificent night sky they could view back in the 1700 and 1800's without any light pollution, they could even see the Milky Way. We need to preserve the heritage of the night sky for our children with properly shielded outdoor lights that direct the light down to the ground where it is needed instead of sideways and up into the sky. http://www.darksky.org/
Gary, Winnsboro South Carolina [11-09-2005]

I needed to do a project on Valley Forge and this website gave me all the answers. THIS WEBSITE ROCKS!
anonymous, I'm a Jersy Girl! [11-09-2005]

This site is very helpful i almost did my whole project on Patrick Henry with the info from this website! thanx a lot!
anonymous [11-09-2005]

Hi i do not like history but i'm doing it now for homework!
bored [11-09-2005]

It was spectacular
Shane and Lauren, none [11-09-2005]

I love your site. I am a home educator and teach U.S. History in a homeschool co-op network and your site is great! Thanks for all of your hard work.
Lisa Treadaway, 37 y.o. [11-09-2005]

I Loved Your Website and all the information it gave me to do my report in lit. english. I just wanted to say thanks!
Dustin Perez, 13, norwalk, 908 Redwood Drive [11-09-2005]

My mothers best friends were Edith and Mary Codville - Ray Walther?
Anne Emily Smith Musial, Any relation to the Codvilles? [11-09-2005]

Abby [11-09-2005]

this web page is so cool!
Janelle, i am 11 years old i live in tuscon. [11-09-2005]

I found your site looking for information for my 3 year old, he wanted to know where California is, we now visit daliy to learn new things!
Lisa, Pittsburgh,26 [11-09-2005]

This is a great site! I have used it for numerous reports in my PA history class and just for learning great stuff about history which I love. Great job :)
Alaina, age 14, PA [11-09-2005]

Thanks, This Has been a great help.
Charles Cloer, Conover N C [11-09-2005]

Juan de Onate, Spain, Europe [11-09-2005]

i dont have any
megan henderson, 10years old [11-09-2005]

Ted Chou [11-09-2005]

Wendy Prince [11-09-2005]

Great website for my essay on Benjamin Franklin. I got all the information I needed for it. Thank you.
Corey Throneberry, Age 11, 6th grade [11-09-2005]

Tonya [11-09-2005]

Sarah Torres, 12 San Antonio [11-09-2005]

yo what is it i like this site got to do a project for study skills g2g love alway sammi jo
samantha mcanulty, i will be 14 year's old in a week [11-09-2005]

monica [11-09-2005]

mariah henriquez, 10 northbabylon [11-09-2005]

Good website presentation
Michael Bonner, Patriotic, proud to be an American, age 69, Ramona, Calif. [11-09-2005]

your site really helps me
ce-aira powell, ohio [11-09-2005]

anonymous [11-09-2005]

u guys rock my socks!
anonymous [11-09-2005]

I presented information on the flag of the United States to a den of Webelos this evening. Everything I needed to know for this presentation was included on your web site. Many Thanks!
John Brawn, Assistant Cubmaster, Pack 318 San Jose, CA [11-09-2005]

lindsay [11-09-2005]

Fenise, Jacksonville Fl [11-09-2005]

awesome site dude!
Jackie, 13/f/va [11-09-2005]

Jarod Fox, 12 years old [11-09-2005]

Matt [11-09-2005]

paige [11-09-2005]

like to find information on a captain Isreal kensey
anonymous [11-09-2005]

I have'nt seen the whole site. Are there any maps? Thanks> Richard
Richard E. Smith, Born 1950, Raised in Frankford, Parents from west Philly. [11-09-2005]

I have added this to my favorites! If I had my career to do over, I would have become a historian; as it is, I am enjoying my heritage thru genealogy. My ancestors (some lived, some died) at the Battle of Wyoming and that info is found in the Brown Genealogy Vol. 1 & 2. Fascinating -- and a valuable addition to our family records. Great site!
Jeanie Setterberg, Portland, Oregon age 57 [11-09-2005]

I thought the Tomb of Unknown soldier was very interesting. I would like to keep learning about the army, Marines, and ect... history.
Dawn Stallings, Elmwood (Carthage) TN [11-09-2005]

A very nice site keep it up. Regards. Eze
Eze Amaka, Houston,Texas [11-09-2005]

As a young man who grew up in West Phila., always close to the PRR, being as my Father was a Locomotive Enginer, I remember many holidays celebrated outside Memorial Hall with troops and demonstrations by the Military. Also great re-enactments on the Schulykill river around the 4th of July. We'd gather on both sides of the riverbanks and watch the fireworks display every year. I was born in Phila. in 1939 so I have many, many good memories of very happy times spent in Fairmount Park. As a matter of fact, when I was a pre-teen, it seems as if every wakeing moment of every day was spent roaming and exploring the park. I even remember playing on the expressway before it was opened, around the Phila. Zoo.
Jim Bowers Jr. [11-09-2005]

Daniel Dotson, Farnham, VA [11-09-2005]

i really enjoyed the imformation on this site it was amazing i haven't seen a single web site like it! i luvd it
Americangirlo1, magna ut age 13 (almost 14) [11-09-2005]

I'm the 8th great-grand-niece of Caleb Pusey. These men were giants of their time, and if we listen to them, they still are today.
Sheila Anastas [11-09-2005]

Just signing the guest book. I entered your site to find additional information to share with my students on the topic of U.S. History.
S. Candy Williams, Director of Pre-GED - GED studies school [11-09-2005]

great site!
Hannah [11-09-2005]

tori [11-09-2005]

I like History.
jed baldwin, im 27 from Leavenworth,KS l live in Jasper,AR [11-09-2005]

I am awesome
Kortney Nelson, 13 Winnsboro December 12,1991 [11-09-2005]

Nick Wilson [11-09-2005]

We are doing a report on Ben Franklin in my F.W. Holbien Middle School. Each grade has to do a report on 'How Ben Franklin Effects the Lives Today.' This website was perfect to find useful information for my essay. Thank you. shout outs to my mt. holly girls!
Carly Barly (i've lived in Mt. Holly all my life!), Mt. Holly, N.J. [11-08-2005]

This site is da bomb!
kyla, I'm 13 I live in Marshall,TX [11-08-2005]

I would like to know the meaning for the 13 folds when folding the U. S. Flag
Doyle L. Braswell, Arco ID life member of VFW and American Legion member of FRA [11-08-2005]

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