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Guest Book Archives: July-October 2005

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Andrew Hamilton, the architect (and famous trial lawyer of colonial America)was my 8th great-grandfather.
Katherine Echevarria, Salinas, California [10-28-2005]

This web was very resourceful to me on my research and I hope it remains the same. God bless America.
Arthur. N, 18, New York [10-28-2005]

you guys rule
lindsay, Sacramento [10-28-2005]

it was ok i loke history and everything i was just to busy trying to find things on my list for school instead of looking at all the cool artifacts
anonymous [10-28-2005]

this website is great! i get help for school with this website! i wrote a boigraphy on martha washington and used this site!
anonymous, 12 years old. i live in florida [10-28-2005]

Aeryca, 10 sc /hilton head [10-28-2005]

you guys are so wicked awesome i love you!
anonymous [10-27-2005]

I think this website is a great boost to incentivate the learning of history in schools
ariana, guatemala [10-27-2005]

KRISSY [10-27-2005]

I didn't know that a Veterans Party existed. Are you registered in Illinois? I have been a life long Republican (of conservative bent), but the last few years have just about persuaded me to drop my Republican affiliation. If President Bush is a conservative, would someone point out to me where? I think it was Mark Twain who once said (loosely paraphrased): "He is a crooked politician. But, that is a redundancy." I voted for Bush twice; I regret the second vote. I love the America that used to be. I am as patriotic as they come and I still get moist eyes when our flag is flying. God bless America and God protect our young men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Jack L. Kime, Retired Army (1973) Home: Maryville, Illinois; age 71; Korea & Vietnam vet. [10-27-2005]

My mother Mary Kirk Nicholson was born in Philadelphia in 1890 as was her mother Emily Harrison West in 1858. I believe that my grandfather,Henry H. West, also is a Philadelphia native. The Philadelphia Free Library has been very helpful in the past.
Mary Barbara Walters [10-27-2005]

I think that you should make more history stuff like how to do the searching on the names of the people who I need to find.
Jose Diaz, Iam 14 years old and I lile soccer. [10-27-2005]

Who was Franklin Smedley? I grew up on Bridge St, across the street from the school from 1953 til 1968.
Richard E. Smith, Raised in Frankford [10-27-2005]

I loved your website. I thought it was great.
Robin Foil [10-27-2005]

you guys rock! you helped me get an "a" YESSS
jen, 14.. arizona [10-27-2005]

i thought that i should disclose something that i have learned in my small time on this earth 17 years to be exact i have learned as a american (born an bread) that patriotism and nationalism are what we work on everyone says big buissnes i say yes in our economy but our morale and spirituallity towards our soldiers and other americans are unrivaled yes there are americans in this world that dont want the war in iraq and as americans they are free to say how they feel it is my belief and some beliefs of others i know that just because the soldiers fight in Iraq and do what they are ordered to do doesnt mean that to be an american soldier you have to belive in our fighting i see all the time solldiers coming back from Iraq and being paraded around and i have to smile because those soldiers deserve some recognition there was no recognition for the vietnam soldiers i say no recognition but i mean not enough no were near what they deserve i just thought that i a u.s history site like tthis i could find the men and woman who fought in vietnams name in a list to there self because they are americans and are part of american history just as ww2 soldiers and ww1 soldiers sincerly brandon P stilt
Brandon P Stilts, i am entering into the army [10-27-2005]

I enjoy history I'm a life member of rhe V.F.W
JOE R LOPEZ, alice texas 78332 [10-27-2005]

michaela [10-27-2005]

I think that this really helps with reports! And quizes!
Lexi [10-27-2005]

Erin, Age 11 San Antonio,TX [10-27-2005]

This site is great for school projects and the like. Great! Shizam! It gives all the info you need for projects.
S., Europe [10-27-2005]

Happy to know that our history as a major church in the black community continues to live on.
jacqui wolfe, Member of Union Bethel in Houston TX. [10-27-2005]

I like this site it gave me all the information i needed
Jessica Leicher [10-27-2005]

okay well hi everyone
JANE, im 14,st,louis [10-27-2005]

I'm looking for information on Lipp Photograhy Studios located on Chestnut Street Philadelphia from about 1900-1920. I'm in the early stages of doing afamily tree. Any information would be deeply appreciated.
Frank W. Lipp, Islip, NY 11751 [10-27-2005]

I thought maybe you could have an website for each historic site on this website.
Patrick Sheridan, Valdosta, GA [10-27-2005]

Acording to family stories Colonel Baker was given 500 acres of land in what is now Philadelphia for services rendered would like to know true story. He would have been my GGGGrand Dad. He was reported to have been some kind of surveyor and his first name could have Jacob. If anyone out their knows of this story feel free to contact me. Thanks For the Help.
M. O'Brien, Looking for info on a Colonel Baker of the Rv.War [10-27-2005]

nice site
anonymous [10-27-2005]

I am the 5th great grand-daughter of John Pass of liberty bell fame. I am missing the names of the generations that would represent John's children, and grand-children. If anyone has this information and is willing to share it with me, I'd be very pleased to have it. Thanks. (Great web site by the way!)
Carol Yost [10-27-2005]

think this web site is a very great web site considering that i really l;ike US History
AMAND A, that the bill of rights is a very good thing to share [10-27-2005]

This website is great for my history project it helped loads!
Katharine [10-27-2005]

Sener RTX, bklyn, ny [10-27-2005]

amanda [10-27-2005]

I love Philla if it was my joice i would not live there though
Todd [10-27-2005]

This is a cool site. I learned quit a bit thanks.
Christina, 23, Benton City, Washington State [10-27-2005]

like the web site
Ron Hon, 89 opubf [10-27-2005]

tiffany, 15, Rockmart, GA [10-27-2005]

thanks for helping me with my h.w.
david, miami, fl [10-27-2005]

anonymous, 17, biggs, 95917 [10-27-2005]

I like this website it really helps me learn about the history of our county!
lidiana [10-27-2005]

Great site for all my reports. Love to read the awsome information!
Elizabeth Elliott, Pennsylvania [10-27-2005]

yo,yo,yo,your musam was wicked cool COLIO COLIO COLIO! ! !
Natasha Lason [10-17-2005]

I think US history is interesting. The fact the people and places talked about took place close by is very exciting.
Cheryl [10-17-2005]

I love history and horses and kitties!
Kelsey, 12, New England [10-17-2005]

i love history!
Stephanie, 14, New England [10-17-2005]

joshua, 24 [10-17-2005]

Greetings from Poland. It is a nice website. Keep on the good work. By the way, I invite you on my website-adress below. (fajna stronka, tak trzymac, a przy okazji zapraszam na moja) www.krokus2000.webpark.pl
mario [10-17-2005]

i love baylis cause i went there
gvjksvjksgv, 14 years old [10-17-2005]

I am doing a report on Ben Franklin for a school assignment.I think he is a great guy.Espically since he found out electricity. I am so happy.Everybody thinks that he is not a hero. But if they would read their Social Studies textbook more often they would know more about him. At least I know more right now about Ben Franklin than I ever did.
Briene Wileaver, 12, Monticello, Illinois,i am a cheerleader,play softball [10-17-2005]

Philadelphia . The greatest and one of the most historic if not the the most historis city in the country. The city of brotherly love, is the best ame for this city. The park rangers here, are the most considerate,and helpful. I was doing a school history project,and the rangers gave me a private tour,and answered each and every queation i had. Philly rocks.
osita [10-17-2005]

On a Google search for "The American's Creed," your site came up first. Thank you for the information! I plan to reprint "The American's Creed" in a non fiction book I am writing that takes place in 1928.
Cynthia, Land of Lincoln [10-17-2005]

ahad, city [10-17-2005]

I'm helping my daugther with homework and you have very good information. Thank You!
dennise colon, 30 yr. [10-17-2005]

I have a Daughter that Loves History and I've Decided to go in this page to get Imformation for Her. we are from California Los Angeles.
yesenia, 27 [10-17-2005]

hi hi hi hi hi
heather long, this is a good site [10-17-2005]

Kaytlyn, 13,clarksville tn [10-13-2005]

i didn't want to but i had to because my boring history teacher made me
mr. cool man [10-13-2005]

It is awesome
Josh Woody, 14 [10-13-2005]

mason [10-13-2005]

hey i think george clymer was a very interesting person. i also just found out that im related to him. i have a copy of my family tree and it says george clymer is my relative
kiara, im age 13 [10-12-2005]

Your search bar for this site is not east to find. As a matter of fact I"m still hunting for it. I found this site using google to search for a person. Would like students to start from this site to search their history topics.
Deanna Kennedy, librarian in a middle/high school [10-12-2005]

Great Info, Very Hlpful!
Ryan deveau [10-12-2005]

Nicole, age:10 city:Eagle River A.K [10-12-2005]

Great site.I am researching Fox's American Theatre,Philadelphia.Timeline reports burnt down June 19th 1867 and again February 25th 1877.Can verify 1867 but not 1877.Can anyone throw any light on this. Thanks. Ken.
Ken, St.Albans,England [10-12-2005]

I like the web site but I think you should have be able to serch because it is kind of hard to find stuff for school progects
ashley smith, age 12 [10-12-2005]

I love this web site i get all A's in america history all the time because of this web sit!
summer, 7th grade [10-12-2005]

Browsing resulted in this great site.
Lois, 61 (age) Illinois [10-12-2005]

u rock!
AKON11 [10-12-2005]

I think this is a great website for us stufents to go to for homework
Dejanee Byrd [10-12-2005]

this is an interestimg web site.
anonymous [10-11-2005]

As a relative of John Barry from his mother's side, I read with delight your article, it was excellent, and I will pass it on to my children.
Brian Duffy [10-11-2005]

Brian [10-11-2005]

larissa rey, 9,new bethlehem [10-11-2005]

Great site!
Ruthey, Canada [10-11-2005]

I am proud to be part of such a rich culture. Thank you for providing this historical icon.
anonymous, A Member of the AME Church for many years. [10-11-2005]

I love this website it helps me a lot with my history homework this year!
Henrilyn Williams, 15, New Iberia, Louisiana [10-11-2005]

chris broome [10-11-2005]

Visited your historic town in September 2005 Great to see so much history in an area that you can walk around to see and enjoy
Margaret, Melbourne Australia [10-11-2005]

i love creed my dreams is
edyla maria, 25 [10-11-2005]

History is so cool. There is so much to learn about our nation and we should be proud of it.
Tori, 13 Spokane WA [10-11-2005]

its an okay site i hope you worked hard on it good job and keep up the good work. i also know your there hard at work there tring to get it better and better. i'm so glad you made this map so that my kids can look at it. it's like u made it just for me so thanks. thanks a lot. their doing the meap so they need something fun to do after school so they arn't worried about their meap grade, they're in seventh grade. they are twins and are 15 years old. they got held back for goofing off.. they're namess are ynnoj and pnnoj. my mate and i likked those names. we are very happy and are gong to adopt a child and name her annoj.we thank god your alive to okupie our children. Love, alenga and werdna
alegna [10-11-2005]

Justin John Hranyczny [10-11-2005]

Looking for a list of businesses listed by the name of the companies. Looking for Edwin J. Stoddard Co, maker of cardboard boxes, cira 1890.
Robert T. Garrett [10-11-2005]

sam vives [10-11-2005]

When visiting my son, I usually attend morning worship service at Mother Bethel. I must say that I have enjoyed each of my visits.
Rev. (Dr.) Jo Ann Sumbry, 47 years old, Associate Pastor of St. Luke A.M.E. Church in Auburn, Alabama, Faculty/Administrator at Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, Alabama, and my son, Gerald Griffin is a member of Mother Bethel, and is presently a Neuroscience Ph.D. candidate at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. [10-11-2005]

john rock
john [10-11-2005]

this website is so tubular!
jok, 10, LA,California [10-11-2005]

Am interest in obtaining a copy of the school song that was submitted by Anne Dreisbach. Around 1932, a boy classmate and I sang that song in a little skit -- he was George Washington and I was Betsy Ross. I would love to get the music to it. Can you help me?
shirley nielsen [10-11-2005]

this is a great web site
kathryn costello, 12 years old [10-11-2005]

This is a very good source of information about our nations history.
anonymous [10-11-2005]

I enjoyed this sight, please make sure you keep up-to-date on important things; what I care about is my community, my country, and the things and people around me.
Mariah Sager [10-11-2005]

jordan [10-11-2005]

Reed [10-11-2005]

this wesite rocks my socks!
sam, age13 [10-11-2005]

i had to do a political porfile for a corse that i amm taking. and this website was very usefull and i hope that i can us it again. thanks for all of your help.
lilly patches, 16 frankfort ky [10-11-2005]

I'm a junior in high school. Need info for paper. This is a great site!
John Jackson [10-11-2005]

a intresting selection of documents,i shall revisit again. its a pity us british dont have these rights, in law.
steven crago, a limey from dear old blighty.! [10-11-2005]

MADDOG, 18 [10-11-2005]

sweet I think you're site is awsome I am going to school in the US and thought i would do a little more reaserch of my own thank you for the experience thanks again ~Anna
Anna Arnette, 25 london [10-11-2005]

I am proud to be part of such a rich culture. Thank you for providing this historical icon.
anonymous, A Member of the AME Church for many years. [10-10-2005]

How do we go about getting a petition going that the federal goverment will look at regading the continued use of the word God as it was intended when our forefathers created everything from the constitution to currency to you name it?
Gregory Enos, Franklin, MA [10-10-2005]

This is a great site. I just wanted to let you know that cream cheese is not from Philadelphia, PA. It had it's beginnings in NY, possibly Philadelphia, NY (yes, there is such a place) but I cannot confirm it.
Ro Turner, ummm [09-30-2005]

i love history.
lewis w. swartz sr., 56,johnstown,ohio [09-30-2005]

Vianka Rodriguez, age:13, city: key west, florida [09-30-2005]

I'm coming to visit my ancestors paintings at your gallery.
matthew devlin, Ancestor of David Rent Etter (Artist) [09-30-2005]

you helped with dar and i really enjoyed some of your games and i learned a lot of new stuff about Benjamin Franklin!
Britany, 13 [09-30-2005]

ghena [09-30-2005]

Elizabeth Hays, 13, Kansas [09-29-2005]

I am looking for my fathers family, born aprox 1927, Francis McLaughlin, born to Mary and William McLaughlin, has other siblings, I dont know anything else, Dad was in the Navy.
Deanna McLaughlin, age 44 daughter of Francis McLaughlin [09-29-2005]

You need more information on your site. Right now you have a lot of fancy pictures, but not very much good info. INFORMATION!
rat [09-29-2005]

your website is awesome it was very informational
jana, 8th grader from st.edward school [09-29-2005]

Your site has brought useful information to help me in my studies. Thank you.
Schlegel, P., Age: 17 12/10/87 Hargrave Military Academy [09-29-2005]

I think about goats
roberta ramone, im irish [09-29-2005]

helped me with DAR essay
Ethan Belinger, age 11 [09-29-2005]

tiffany and qylon need help
trixey, i love it [09-29-2005]

How can I find out how many windows are in Congress Hall, this is a internet scavenger hunt. Can you tell me where I can find the answer? Thank You. Bryce Griffith
Bryce Griffith (No email address, here is my dad's email, age 12 [09-29-2005]

I am very excited about your site. It offers some of the most interesting information about pennsylvania and Philadelphia (in particular) than many of the sites i've visited in 5 years. I am currently working on a trilogy of books about Philadelphia and some interesting points on Pennsylvania. I'm sure your site will be of great assistance for me.
Richard J. Seiger, 47, Accountant, Author, Philadelphia resident. [09-29-2005]

Charlie Murphy [09-29-2005]

mike [09-29-2005]

thanx for all ur help
anonymous, 13, cali [09-29-2005]

really good
airhead [09-29-2005]

Sue Morgan, Hamilton, Montana [09-29-2005]

This is a great website, I will pass it on.
James L. Johnson Sr., VFW Post 2163, 75,Richmond VA. [09-29-2005]

great site in both content and design

A lot of good info.
Gerald Morgan Jr., age 49 Richmond Kentucky 40475 [09-29-2005]

What is the Declaration kept in?
Melissa, age:11 Grade:6th [09-29-2005]

Your site helped me a lot with my reasearch paper and project, thanks.
Max, 16, Forest Lake, Minnesota [09-29-2005]

judi [09-29-2005]

i think this is a nice way to cheet on my history reports. Thank u very much most of the time i am a F student not i am getting a B-. Although i am alsot cheeting from the people around me.
bojangles, 15 [09-29-2005]

i come here on this site to get info off becasue i am learning stuff
cecilia [09-29-2005]

good site
anonymous [09-29-2005]

I would like the Philadelphia portion of ushistory.org go past 1899 to at least 1985. And include the political scandals.
Joseph Clark, 3600 W. Spring Garden St Apt#B-6 Phila.PA 19104 [09-29-2005]

Ithink the American's Creed is something the world should know.
Ciara Alston, age-11 city-Pearl state-MS [09-29-2005]

thank you for the information, you were very helpful.
ronald griffin [09-29-2005]

u.s history from the scartch should be pasted on the homepage for beginners to have a general view of american history.
addo baldwin, 49 south street apt 1e cromwell ct 06416 [09-29-2005]

I love philadelphila
Najah Ballard, 12 philadelphila [09-29-2005]

I love Spongebob,I never cut school before I like school but not that much,I think about school work
Martina April Smith Squarepants, 11,philadelphia, [09-29-2005]

alan white [09-29-2005]

Just learned that JACOB DERRY was buried at the 1st Reformed Church in Philadelphia on 26 July 1775 by Casper Weyburg. Exciting genealogical research information for me! Is your cemetery located next to the church? What a fantastic testimony to know your church family is still thriving!
Joan Brown Derry, Havre de Grace, MD [09-29-2005]

have read some of your site It appears that my Great Grandfather was involved in the construction of your early cable cars He had the same name as myself and was an engineer with the Union Passenger Railway.I have in my posession several of his notes and documents of his and in particular his free pass for the year 1883 signed by the President A Humble. Several years ago I visited the railway museum in Green Bay and discovered another of his passes on display at the museum
Andrew Dempster Whitton, Resident of Scotland [09-29-2005]

this is a great site
judi [09-29-2005]

I was here!
Ryan McAleb [09-29-2005]

Great site! I especially enjoyed the oddities tour. Here are a few points of interest from Clark Park in West Phila that I'd like to nominate for inclusion: We have a field stone from the Gettysburg Battlefield beside Baltimore Ave between 43rd and 44th. Also, the only known statue of Charles Dickens in the world is in Clark Park near 43rd and Chester. We hold a Veteran Memorial at the Gettysburg Stone each year as well as a Dickens birthday celebration. Check out our website: http://www.clarkpark.info/AboutClarkPark.html
Lewis Mellman, 41, Philadelphia [09-29-2005]

You should have tab that test an individual knowledge on American History. It will bring a lot of traffic to your site. You should have area where people who are not educated in US History can help information. Like how many senators are there? Thanks! Bye
beena pfifer, Ledgewood, NJ [09-29-2005]

enrique, current student at san isydro adult education center [09-29-2005]

I am very proud of me because I passed my SAT you know the one you take at grade eleven I got all the question correct and it only took me ten forty years to study all that stuff now I am only 57 years old god loves me
Mimi [09-29-2005]

oh i love my country america may the almighty
eze, our amrican nation [09-29-2005]

Ilearned a lot about the riots of 1844, after wondering why on the front of the Church it reads destroyed 1844.
James Murphy [09-29-2005]

Good site. Hoping for expansion soon.
Keith A. Tuson, Physicist [09-29-2005]

i love this site for my history class!
Nicole Hamann, Miller Middle School in Durango, Colorado ROCKS! [09-29-2005]

Seth Falstein, Seattle, WA [09-29-2005]

This is great site. I am a college student and this a great resource of information.
Lilia Gonzalez [09-29-2005]

SGT Carl C. Martin [09-29-2005]

great site.....brought back memories of my visit; I will share this with my classes
anonymous [09-29-2005]

A very well done, educational and truly interesting site. It brings to life so many of the historical riches that Philadelphia continues to honor. Thank you for such an informative site!
Patricia Solecki, Moorestown, New Jersey [09-29-2005]

Betzaida Gonzalez, 30 [09-29-2005]

this is a wonderful website. i can't wait to visit!
ANNETTE SPENCER, wilkesboro, nc age 46 [09-29-2005]

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gangsta, 13, brooklyn new york, [09-29-2005]

Thanks for such a great site. It really helped me with a huge class project. Thanks again!
Kelli J. Lair, 14, Lake Mills, Iowa [09-28-2005]

I am an English teacher and I use your website for historical background for my American Lit class!
Mike Wheeler, Anaheim, Ca [09-14-2005]

It was a great to read all those inntersting things that i had never knew before i am learing about Besty Ross
Yariza, 11,Jamica New York [09-14-2005]

hi how are you
Sheena Ridley [09-14-2005]

pretty good
llyod, 14 baltimore [09-14-2005]

its great info
jetaysya [09-14-2005]

Steven [09-14-2005]

kendrick, 16 [09-14-2005]

Site helped with my term paper.
Lance Reagan, Prof. firefighter in Charlotte,NC [09-13-2005]

MILES E. NEIVERT [09-13-2005]

I think that this is a great site to be used by both children as well as adults and this is info that all American's should check out.
Karen McHugh, Age: 42 Address: 497 Arcade Avenue Seekonk, MA 02771 [09-13-2005]

u guys rck hard! i love your website!1
Jazmin and Marcos, 13 and 13 [09-13-2005]

Sheila Gonzalez, 9-11-2001 [09-12-2005]

Alessia [09-12-2005]

Johnna Charlen Orr [09-12-2005]

kyneah, 14, mexico, mo [09-12-2005]

Robert P Smith, Bigfork MT [09-12-2005]

what is the histry of writing the american constitution
Hassan [09-12-2005]

Keith Drake, Age: 50, from Hurricane, WV [09-12-2005]

History is borning
Christina Flanagan/ Iverson#1 fan, 12yrs Highland Ca [09-12-2005]

i am looking for a book called"anna marie island a tour through paradise by gene cilbarti???do you perhaps know where i could find this book??? thanks so much, pat
PAT HEMPFIELD [09-12-2005]

Wonderful site, very informative. I hope the best for those ravaged by Katrina. My son recently used your site as a reference for his project. Thanks for being a great source of info!
Dan Kooger, Philadelphia [09-12-2005]

i had the chance to meet and talk with Doug on first Friday in Philly last weekend. it seemed that in about 30 minutes i learned more about our country than i have in school for 8 years. thanks a lot Doug. glad to see someone with so much love and energy running a great site such as ushistory.org. thanks.
douglas, 29 years old, Brooklyn & San Francisco [09-12-2005]

Really nice site. I mean it.
Jomar [09-12-2005]

Excellent source of facts but the period is not created well for students who have trouble picturing the US before it was even the US.
anonymous [09-12-2005]

I think this is a good web site to use
Lakendra, T-Town [09-12-2005]

you guys ROCK!
qwuerty [09-12-2005]

dejan [09-12-2005]

Go tribe
anonymous [09-12-2005]

Thank you I bookmark this site.
Toy [09-12-2005]

If you need help tracing your family roots I can help
Dink, Marion, Indiana [09-12-2005]

get a place to search things
anonymous [09-12-2005]

Great Resource for Papers
E. Pardini, none [09-12-2005]

Visited this summer and loved it. Can't wait to go back!
Megan Schlegel, Vancouver, WA [09-12-2005]

Mattie Medicine Stone [09-12-2005]

I'm a crossing guard at Mt. Carmel Elementary School, in Hampton, Georgia. I work with the children whenever I'm asked. The principal of the school asked me to help two students with hoisting and lowering the flag. I said I would, and found this web site, I printed some copies for the children to work with. Thank you, Paul L Frye
Paul L Frye, Henry County Georgia, School children [09-12-2005]

I am a big history buff and this site was neat and filled my interest.
Marcia, 16. [09-12-2005]

Antoine W. Solomon [09-12-2005]

It helped me with my homework.
anonymous [09-12-2005]

i love to read history about john adams he was a great man but it kills me that he was assanated
leah, 10 knoxville [09-12-2005]

anonymous [09-12-2005]

I think you ought to be able to find anything about history on here.
NICK SHARP, 16, Turrell, Arkansas [09-12-2005]

Sharyl, Marietta, Ga [09-12-2005]

Russell Thrasher, 37 yo, Paris, Texas [09-12-2005]

I do not think that a person directly involved in an issue can be honest. Honesty can only come with being neutral. My research is proving that prejudice and nationism can contaminate historical data.
Kenneth T. Tellis, I research history [09-12-2005]

anonymous [09-12-2005]

I really liked the website. I thought it was really informative and motivating to find out more about history in general. Thank you for creating such a great site. Whoever did must be a really talented designer to have thought of a website that can be helpful and fun to look at at the same time. I'm using your website as an example on my History project at school. Thanks again!
Myranda Bell, 12 years old, Mineral Wells, Texas [09-12-2005]

I have a family clipping of my great-great-greatgrandmothers death "Rachel Ross Lewis"a direct descendent of Betsy's. I also have the Ross Family line dating back to 1680
Deldon Harshman Daugherty, Pgh Pa [09-12-2005]

Your website has taught me a lot about our nation that you don't hear advertised...thank you.
Jonathan [09-12-2005]

Rowena Tank, Prescott, Arizona-glass bead maker and designer [09-12-2005]

umm just wanted to say that ur site has made me enjoy history
kei, im from cleveland [09-03-2005]

i think that it is a geart site but i need information for a project time (1800-2005) Lauren
lauren [09-03-2005]

Kaye Backus [09-03-2005]

This is the
Aaron woodley [09-02-2005]

anonymous [09-02-2005]

Boy Scouts all over the US are using your web site for many differentreasons and would like to thank you and the UShistory.org a specail thank you!
Raymond M. Loftis V [09-01-2005]

I love my country, and I love The United State of America too... God save America, i'm very sorry all of the Victims from herican Katrina, i really hopefuly they can get through it..
Sengathit, i live in Vientiane, Lao P.D.R (i am 25 ) [09-01-2005]

Parker Brown [09-01-2005]

I thought is was great.
anonymous [09-01-2005]

Excellent! You have helped me to prepare better lessons in American Culture. Thank you very much Jana
Jana Sepúlveda Tolhuysen, Santiago-Chile [09-01-2005]

Ryan Matthew Walton [09-01-2005]

the site ts educating and interesting to read especially for those who love history and seek for more knowledge.
oladapo ademola anthony [09-01-2005]

I have enjoy using your website for my class project.
Cody Ray, bicknell,IN. 18 years old [09-01-2005]

Great site, feel free to browse my web site www.users.tpg.com.au/towncry
Maggie Harding, Goolwa South Australia [09-01-2005]

Dink's Genealogy Memorial Museum is real; a lot of people have asked me if the WHELCHEL MUSEUM is real. I have collected photos of several Whelchel Families that are related to the Whelchel families of Francis and Anne STOCKTON Whelchel. These families are from all over the United States. The lines criss cross through AMERICAN HISTORY from before the REVOLUTIONARY WAR. Although some documents are not yet proven I have found the in-laws and the out-laws of many of The Whelchels from the five Whelchel men from the REVOLUTIONARY WAR. There is some History still not proven on the many lines but most of my family has been researched by reading books, bibles, old genealogy records, cemeteries, PICTURES. There are rumors that the history is not real. I've spent 13 years solid researching many places and states for clues. Thanks for writing this in your Guestbook.
Dink-Dink's Genealogy Memorial Museum, Mario, Indiana [09-01-2005]

Amanda m N., 10 years old [09-01-2005]

shaunica henderson, 13,tx [09-01-2005]

i want to meet pen friend further english lanuage learn it nomal
sarada, age22 city colombo [09-01-2005]

I am a reenactor in a british regiment in New York. I also volunteer at Saratoga National Historical Park. The revolutionary war and the French and Indian war interest me, especially in New York and New England. Contact me if you are interested too.
Gogee Ghulam, 11 Leonard St, Gansevoort, NY 12831 pob 126 [09-01-2005]

thought i had a lot of money sitting infront of me so i came to check out a bank note, worth no money.
Destiny Loring, DeLand, FL 23yrs old [09-01-2005]

Your site is interesting. Thank you.
Hosea [09-01-2005]

my great grandfather was a doctor in north phila.in late 1800s and early 1900s can not find the family history dr. charles j. schneider
judi [09-01-2005]

I love US history and I am verry thankfull for our solgers fighting for us. I love our Pres. Bush, and i pray for all of them every night. If any one reading this is or was a sholger please know that i would thank you in person if i could but i will just have to thank you here. Love, Your proud AMERICAN citisen.
Britany, 14, Benton, Ky. But we live in Ocala, Fl. [09-01-2005]

i love your web site it has an historial thngs about the flags and thing im srry i did not put my name or were i lived !
anonymous [09-01-2005]

I have written a learning style called "The Process of Education". I now see that I must revise and re-copyright to include all of the "Documents of Freedom" as a part of the study material.
GLORINA VERNER, Los Angeles, California [09-01-2005]

thanks i love this website. i love reading books and watching romantic movies.
hana [09-01-2005]

I enjoyed learning stuff while workin on my scrapbook for govenment class.
anonymous [09-01-2005]

I think it has good informations. Thank you for having the sight up and running.
suelemma Deblanc [09-01-2005]

donna cantwell [09-01-2005]

i love u.s history at frist i did not like it because i was afaird to go to class but it was all good.
misty, 17,decatur,tn,f [09-01-2005]

love reading history info. it's feels like rambling through old family photo's and letters and find out what was on our ancestors mind. thanks for the very insitefull web site.
Cathy, Winnsboro, SC [09-01-2005]

marsha, 12-lake worth [09-01-2005]

Adam William Fisher, Ph.D., Mr. Milton Snavely Hershey's first candy store business was located at 935 Spring Garden Street. The building is still standing. I am working with the Pennsylania Historeical Marker Commission to have a marker placed at this location, commemorating the initation of Mr. Hershey's first candy store business. [09-01-2005]

this is really helpful website to know about US History. its really impressive and makes my work easier
Shreya [09-01-2005]

I like your web site it helps a lot for my history class. Sincerely, Daniel Montes
Daniel Montes, San Diego Ca 3841 1/2 Marlborough AV [09-01-2005]

Thanks for the great concern demonstrated on your website.
artur [09-01-2005]

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Cooperativa Paraguay, curriculum [09-01-2005]

I thank you guys at UShistory for helping me with my homework I received a lot of resources from this website and have passed it all to my friends. Thanks again.
anonymous, 13 [09-01-2005]

Thank-you for including Commodore John Barry in your history collection. Thank-you, Philadelphia, for acknowleding and erecting the beautiful statue of this courageous young man of honor,who was devoted to his country,and is a true patriot. A fitting tribute to the "Father of the Navy". This is American History.
Barry Ancestor, Venita, St. Louis [08-21-2005]

Would like to knew more about Doc Hollywood movie where was it film in your town IT was so pretty and was the places real that they went to, like the restrant etc, Love that movie, Thank you. Pat
Pat THIBO [08-19-2005]

My son is preparing to be a history teacher. This site is a wonderful reference I have now referred to him for his use.
James L. Vaughn [08-19-2005]

Keep up the great work..very impressive.
artur [08-19-2005]

Found your site while browsing. Am anxious to learn how our Old Exchange Building can be presented on your site.
Laura K. LeGrand, 68,Sumter,SC, DAR member, lover of Old Exchange [08-19-2005]

i love history it is so coll learning about it!
mackenzi, 9,georgetown,ohio [08-17-2005]

dakota, my age is 13 [08-17-2005]

i would love to say much thanx to my teacher Mr.Thomas for showing me and teaching me u.s history it was really interesting THANX!
mansonbabe, 19,el paso, [08-17-2005]

This is a great site. It would be extra nice if you could also download a map of the historic area on this site.
amy gehringer [08-16-2005]

Aramingo, a dirivative of Tumanaraming(Gunner Run). The meaning of which is "Wolf Walk". reference-www.srbc.net and www.wcupa.edu
anonymous [08-16-2005]

my mom works here
abbie, phila [08-16-2005]

I have yet to get a response from anyone concerning the Welchel family member from PA. I have foumd documents where I believe that Frantz Welchel landed in PA in 1739 from Deal England there would be some historical document where the ships docked in Pa. Please let me know. Thanks
Dink, Indiana [08-16-2005]

To Philadelphia many years ago. Our kids were young and stood looking at 'something'. We asked what and they were seeing street cars for the first time. Hope to come back.
Joann Lowry [08-16-2005]

Hopefully the gift shop will reappear soon!
Dave Morgan [08-16-2005]

mazin, 21 years old, iraqi from iraq and loving USA [08-16-2005]

Thanks for the great concern demonstrated on your website. You did big job. My congritulations!
artur, http://monitor-best.atspace.com [08-16-2005]

You need information about George Washington
anonymous [08-16-2005]

Thanks for the great concern demonstrated on your website. You did big job. My congritulations!
artur, http://www.hyundai-supercars.narod.ru [08-11-2005]

Jack Martin [08-10-2005]

LOVE History, don't know what my life would be like without it.
Leslie Cargile, 23-year-old college student with a B.A. in History, going for a B.S. in Geology [08-10-2005]

You did big job. My congritulations!
artur, http://refrigerator.atspace.com [08-10-2005]

I loved this site, so useful for homework!
Ronald [08-10-2005]

Thank you for showing us something we had been searching for in the libraries for about a week to find! needless to say, the library was of no help.
pauline stanton and robert stanton, Retired Little Rock, AR [08-10-2005]

Love the website! This will make the trip much easier. Wish every place had one.
Susan Collins, West Seneca, NY [08-10-2005]

i like to be call on,just try it.
busta, usa [08-10-2005]

Was told this story abvout the third grade, this is the first demonstration of how it was done.
Harold Miller, 80 Yrs Ajo, AZ [08-10-2005]

I want to cut a 5 pointd star
anonymous [08-10-2005]

I was search for the date that Thomas Holme layed out the city for Wm. Penn. I was able to do so. Reasoning being,the Ga. travel guide said that Savannah was the first planned city in America. Savannah was founded in 1733 about 80 years after Philadelphia. So if anyone knows when Philadelphia was layed out please post.
Michael Fisher [08-10-2005]

This is the best site for history buffs and worth looking up always anne
Ann Klein [08-10-2005]

Leigh Marsh, Melbourne Australia [08-10-2005]

Keep up the great work..very impressive.
artur [08-05-2005]

Looking for a good senior community to move to. My daughter lives in Mechanisburg with my 3 grandsons.
K, Wisconsin [08-05-2005]

World War II, Korean War, desegregation battles in Jackson Miss., and Tallahassee Fla.
Douglas Perret Starr, born 1925; professor of agricultural journalism [08-05-2005]

R.P. [08-05-2005]

Je suis etudiante de vie. J'etudie Thomas Jefferson. Merci beaucoup
G. Elizabeth Barr, age: 45 [08-05-2005]

Thanks for helping preserve America's history. I hope it is as close to true as possible.
James E. Bolin, Springfield, Illinois [08-05-2005]

John Ross, Loved the web page [08-05-2005]

I like the information that has been provided on this website. How would I as a classroom teacher verify the authenticity of the information that has been presented here?
Connie Wade, classroom teacher [08-05-2005]

I've always been a big fan of liberty and and historical landmarks. I have nevevr been to Philadelphia, but I hope to go sometime soon. Franny
Frances Carroll, minneapolis, minnesota [08-05-2005]

Very interesting and helpful site. I particulary enjoyed the facts on Philadelphia.
Jo Ann Whalen [08-05-2005]

I agree With Ireal Marquis Wilson. That option should be included and offered to visitors I find it hard sometimes to find what I'm looking for but don't get me wrong i do eventually find it. But it would be a good idea to add that feature in the website.
Lisa Moriarty [08-05-2005]

What a great website, it is sad how much knowledge the citizens of our country lack concerning the history of our country. Shall the God of our nation allow another 9/11 to occur in order to awake the people of this great country to the sacrifices laid at the alters of freedom?
Publius [08-05-2005]

god bless america and president g. w. bush.
T.A. Tate, 51, Jacksonville,Fla. Const. Manager [08-05-2005]

Thank you for this website! I've found it to be very educational and have shared it with others. It is a blessing to me. Thank you and God Bless America!
Lynn Drummond [08-05-2005]

Very useful for international students!
anonymous [08-05-2005]

Your site is exceptional, well-organized, useful, attractive, and seriously patriotic. Thank you. Keep up the fine work! Dave
Dave Johnson, Michigan City, Indiana [08-05-2005]

Your site is awesome and will really help me this year in school!
Madison [08-05-2005]

Nicely archived, formatted and easily read.
anonymous, Napa, CA [08-05-2005]

miss pigeon, delaware county, pennsylvania [08-05-2005]

Frank Johnson [08-05-2005]

I found out about this site from a letter to the editor of "The American Legion" magazine about Betsy Ross and the "one-cut" five pointed star. Yo8u have a great web site!
Richard D. Le Doux, Eunice, Louisiana [08-05-2005]

I have been collecting coins for many years and it is the one thing in my life that remains exciting and fun to do.
John AP Shagren Jr, 54 yrs old live presantly in Phila [08-05-2005]

cuando fue des cubierto usa
Victor Hernandez [08-05-2005]

I liked your site. Thank you.
Lindsey [08-05-2005]

Cameron ford, Denver Quarter mint money in the mint of kansas state [08-05-2005]

i,m pround of our country, and also the previlage to serve in the army. we need to stand behind our troups and give them our prayers.
jack thomas, monte vista, co. 81144 [08-05-2005]

I have brought my 7 year old to Philadelphia 3 times andwe have both enjoyed it so much we make repeat trips. My seven year old is so interested in living history that I take her to places close by that she can learn about the nations histry and state history. I enjoy learning about history as much as she does and we are hopefully going to Mount Vernon and Williamsburg.
Marisa, 30 Bayville NJ [08-05-2005]

i read an article in aug. 2005 legion about page 4 or 5 entitled "a bit snippy". it would seem the writer indicated the five point star with one snip was a sham. i was pleased to see the statement of its origin was backed up with a web site and instructions. i made a perfect star as the website instructed. very interesting and i will visit again. thanks for backing up your statements. dave hyde
DAVID A. HYDE, 1758 e. 640 s. spanish fork, utah 84660 age 62 [08-05-2005]

I appreciate your website. Needed a Ben Franklin quote from a credible website and you had it. Thanks,
kathy Brown, Kentucky Resident/Non-traditional college student [08-05-2005]

Excellent resource for Fever 1793. Do you know where I can get a map of the Philadelphia from Revolutionary War times?
Thomas Persing, Educator at Bangor Middle School in Bangor, PA [08-04-2005]

Thanks for the great concern demonstrated on your website.
artur, http://honda-super.atspace.com [08-04-2005]

Your website is very informative. Thank you for providing a great service. Al Loy
Al Loy, New Jersey, USA [08-04-2005]

Good Service
Frank Johnson [08-04-2005]

I have just had a "whiff" of your website. It looks full flavored of many ingrediants of our rich, wonderful, history. Hardly can wait to come back for more... to read the recipes of our lives. thanks
MARY ELIZABETH KEY, ky [08-03-2005]

Really nice site. I mean it.
Bobby [07-26-2005]

Great job on the site, this is simply one of the best ways we've seen online to preveseve history. We will be recommending it to all of our readers.
D. Smith, http://www.KeepSchoolsSafe.org [07-26-2005]

Such a usefull site, so glad I found it!
David [07-26-2005]

I will go on a AHT tour in october!
maggie V, 13 years of age [07-26-2005]

I found this site to be very informative and insightful. What it lacks, distresses me. I am Native American, Lumbee, of Robeson County, NC. My seven year old son wanted to look for information about other tribes of this Nation. Your site was the first we tried. And found nothing. He asked me, "Momma where are we at?" And now I ask the same of you. Are we, Native Americans, not an intrinsic, inherent part of this great country's history? You tell us.
Rose "Snow Owl" Chavis, Native American Lumbee Indian [07-26-2005]

JAMES C. KELLY [07-26-2005]

I'm so proud to be an American right now! http://www.usma.edu
anonymous, California [07-26-2005]

Very good material!
nick, http://iq-google.com [07-26-2005]

Info about the flag was helpful. Thank you!
Louise "Busy" Kislig-Shires Byerly, Micanopy, FL 32667 [07-26-2005]

Thanks for making this excellent summary and the copy of the proceedings available online!
Joel Samaha [07-26-2005]

Saw a "nanny-nanny" type letter to the editor about anyone's ability to cut a 5-sided star with one snip much less with "unstarched cotton" in our American Legion magazine, 8/05 issue, article seen in the 6/05 issue. Editor responded with your website, then Betsy's flagstar.I love it, and your site. Kids and I will spend a lot of time here. My husband is a Greek emigrant, but served in Vietnam and the LA Greek community has their own Legion Post, one of the oldest in the state.
Erin Zaharopoulos, 3rd gen. CA. - 4 yrs on Riv. Co. Hist. Commission [07-26-2005]

Interesting information site, will visit again. THANK YOU.
charles felker, 64 Dexter, Missouri [07-26-2005]

a wonderful way to preserve the history of a very great nation.
Isaac Kumfo, 38years, Accra-Ghana [07-26-2005]

simply put...awesome, inspiring and away to remember history.
anonymous, missouri [07-20-2005]

Is there any provision for returniny damaged currency and coins for new money?
Larry Huffman, 57 [07-20-2005]

i am leanna
leanna, hey [07-20-2005]

i love US history!
David Keller, Age:16 [07-20-2005]

As a proud Army brat, I am dismayed at the number of people who neither know, nor understand, the Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution,The Gettysburg Address, and other important documents that have helped shape this great naion of ours. Having been born in Austria, having lived in Argentina, and traveled the world, I have come to realize that this really is the greatest nation, but we have SO MUCH to learn. This begs the question, do you, as an organization, or individually, go out and teach any of these? People I speak with have no understanding of the Bill of Rights, the various Amendmends to the Constituion, what an Unjust War is, and so on. We need to bring these into the class rooms, both at the elementary/high school levels as well as the collegiate level. Does it take someone like me, born over seas, English not her first language, to understand, appreciate, and love this great land? I could go on, but I'll stop while I'm ahead.
Rosie, Tucson, Arizona [07-20-2005]

Thanks for the great concern demonstrated on your website. You did big job. My congritulations!
artur, http://www.Printer-super.narod.ru [07-20-2005]

I have been in Washington DC, also at Manassas Battlefield, Philadelphia and New York. I like history, science and literature.... I love this web site is very handy. FC
Francis Catire, I am 9 years old and I live in Miami Florida [07-19-2005]

Very good material and well constructed.
Richard Anderson, Barkhamsted, CT. [07-19-2005]

Very nice
Vivian Brown, Batlimore Maryland [07-19-2005]

thank you for helping me with my homework
Tina, 14 [07-19-2005]

Historic Philadelphia was awesome when I visited with some classmates and teachers from school. I felt like I was apart of history.
Summer Gentle, 17, Alabama [07-19-2005]

We need to save more of our old places of history .There is a old farm house thatis in my family that was build in 1720 or before and is still standing,there up in N.J. How ever from what I have read on it the town is NOT taking care of it.If you would like more infor on this please write me at the above email address .Flo
flo [07-19-2005]

Thanks for the great concern demonstrated on your website.
artur [07-19-2005]

anonymous, leeds. uk [07-19-2005]

Sharon Landers, Independence, KY [07-19-2005]

I am related to John Barry. My grandmother was the last to have the last name of Barry. Her name is Mary Margaret Barry. So, I named my fifth child Jonathon Barry Miller to continue the name. One of Grandma Barry's daughter's went to Ireland where there is another statue of him. She took a picture of it for me.
Judy Anderson Miller, Austin, TexaS [07-19-2005]

I'm looking for history of philadlphia in cd, possibly in spanish
arkie padilla [07-19-2005]

Thank you for the Philly Phacts. They bring back many fond memories. You should include fact about thr Ronin Hood Dell,33rd & Huntington. many a Summer night spent there under the stars.
Jacob Sahl, Born in Philly, @ Women's Medical College, then at 22nd & Corinthian Ave. 1925. resided in Strawberry Mansion, Northern Liberties, South Philly, West Philly, Logan and Feltonville (we moved when the rent was over due,) [07-19-2005]

belinda sebastian [07-19-2005]

I like Philadephia. The history of the early american republic intrests. I like the Revolutionary war. PS I just found my name on the internet
Gogee Ghulam, 14 years, Gansevoort, NY [07-19-2005]

Your "Early Railroad Transportation" is very informative. I once commuted daily via Pennsylvania Railroad. Great transportation. My only question is: Who were the workers that laid the tracks? Who did the surveying for the rail system?
Patricia Dickenson, 61 yrs. old, born in Phila. [07-19-2005]

You did big job. My congritulations!
artur [07-19-2005]

I love the site. IT rocks.
victoria a parrish [07-19-2005]

Please pray for my health
keith jim, I like to help Indian Churches [07-19-2005]

i love history. when i grow up i want to be an archeologist.
jona, 12 years old, lives in westland, michigan [07-12-2005]

Great web site! I will be sure to tell the teachers at our school. Thanks so much!
ne carlson [07-12-2005]

My aunt recently bought a book that had the address of 1733 Pine st., Phila. PA. Does that address still exist? The book was signed 1896.
Barbara Kelly, North Carolina [07-12-2005]

Scott Leonard [07-12-2005]

I am trying to find the historical people who were visually impaired or blind. I found out about Stephen Girard and Mathew Clarkson, from the book The American Plague by Jim Murphy. I also know of President Grant's wife. But I was hoping someone could lead me to where I might find more. I am also sending letters to our history professors here, in Louisiana.
Cindy Robinson, Science, History, and English teacher at The Louisiana School for the Visually Impaired [07-12-2005]

I LOVE PHILADELPHIA! Great website, interesting and informative. Philly's the BEST!
Dina, nj [07-10-2005]

Thanks for the great concern demonstrated on your website.
artur [07-10-2005]

Like to read about the civi war,American indians. Us presidents. Inventions etc.. Thanks for your valuable info on all these topics.
Victor Alvarez, 40 years old, live in Boca raton Fl. Love us history.. [07-10-2005]

Strany Johnson, Behind a PC [07-10-2005]

I have one of the Bonds, 1840 Bank notes just like the one you show. My note does have the "8894" number. It belonged to my sister's grandfather-in-law. Sorry to learn it is a reproduction. Are they worth anything? Just like to know.
Zelma Tennison, Ada, Oklahoma [07-08-2005]

Anna Smith [07-08-2005]

I wish every American knew about these important documents and what they stand for.
Carole Hill, San Angelo TX [07-07-2005]

Glad to be an American and have religious freedom.
Gloria Osborne [07-07-2005]

u rock
noris, hi [07-07-2005]

Alpa, 25, BLR, India. [07-07-2005]

This is A great site, very informative
John Evans, age 65 Nashville Tn [07-07-2005]

thank you america....for the great freedom...and i wish one day i will enjoy it with you-god bless america-
mzimaz youssef, morocco [07-07-2005]

Elmer J Juelg [07-05-2005]

Thank you very much for a wonderful history lesson. We will be there next week; I used this site to write down all the things I definatly want to see and places to visit.
Jeanne Hansen, Frankfort, KY [07-05-2005]

This is a great site! I have to go now so I can make a five point star like Betsy Ross! Bye!
Holly, 12 [07-05-2005]

I love this site. It's great and informative. I am always proud to be an American and this site makes me even prouder.
R.P., 36, Akron, Ohio [07-05-2005]

i love to see stuf about the constutushion expeshly religion im making stuf on my own web site i coppy otherpeoples writing but i put ther web site by it so im not steeling im lafhing about how much people try to take religion out of the goverment im lds or you coud say mormon im a home schooler
arlis, im 13 [07-05-2005]

thanks for the cool stuff
latham hetland [07-05-2005]

We appreciate your site and the manner in which you make these most important documents readily accessible. Our public schools don't seem to do quite so well in making sure our children are kept in touch with the philosophy and faith of our founding fathers. May God bless your efforts. Pastor Bill Elam
Pastor William Elam, Eleeo Chapel Ministries, 1229 Rita Avenue, St.Charles, IL, 60174. [07-05-2005]

After re-reading The Declaration of Independence the part where it says "whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these ends it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it" I think we ought to start with the Judges.
Saundra Dixon [07-05-2005]

The lighting at the bell is such that most cameras do not take very good pictures since they set the lighting based on the light coming through the large window.
Sherman reeves, 71, Indianapolis, Indiana [07-04-2005]

Chelsea, age 17 [07-04-2005]

Renee Eberling, 60 [07-04-2005]

I am so glad to be an American since I know the sacrifice that has been made for you down through the years.
Paula Braun, Richmond,va [07-04-2005]

This site truly gave me some great places while on my vacation to Historic Philly! Thanks!
Thomas Wheaton [07-04-2005]

.i was born in philly in 1954.billy penn on top of city hall was the tallest building in that city. today, sky scapers adorn the city and billy penn takes a back seat to these other buildings.the suburbs no longer have rolling farmland.houses, new houses have taken there place. i know this is happening in many placs around the north atlantic coast line.i grew up on a farm in bucks county outside philly as dad worked in philly at bell telephone. the houses, the new houses are being built on indian burial grounds on once was our farm. "so it goes!"....john geary aertsen.
aertsen, john geary, over 50, male [07-04-2005]

Great site, very educational. Thank you!
Erika Smith, Bartlett, Illinois [07-04-2005]

This is a wonderful recollection of our history. I, one day hope to take the real tour.
Lourdes Mulligan [07-04-2005]

I really injoyed looking at this website.The movie National Treasure really moved me to get a little more involed in history.I never really cared about it until now,this movie came out it really opened my eyes about history.I even done research on the Liberty Bell & about the Pass and Stow how it got discovered.I think this really opened some people's eyes if they can see it and understand it a little bit more,people might get more involed within history.My personal opinon about this intersting and Very Educational website,it will inspire kids to be more intersted about looking for fcats on history.Thankyou for inspiring people to vist this lovely website.
Trish & Elianne, 15/f/fl &13/f/fl [07-04-2005]

This site taught me a lot about Philly!
Allison B., 25 [07-01-2005]

the website is very informative & interstingly displayed....
Kathleen P. McMillian, 78 yrs. of age.. My home town is Columbus, N.C. [07-01-2005]

Please keep the troops in your heart, prayers & thoughts. I Love the ribbons for the troops. Buy some and display them with pride they are the ones keeping us safe. The USA need to push the IN GOD WE TRUST. Thats what we are all about.
Sally, Anchorage, Alaska [07-01-2005]

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