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Guest Book Archives: June-December 2004

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Great website. Hooray for the USA!
Harry T. Johnson, 47, Peoria, IL [12-29-2004]

I like your web page because it tells lots of information and is a good site for my schoool reports. Thank-you
Rosemary Andrews, 16 Ohio [12-29-2004]

What happened to this site! I havn't been on here for some time, and the first thing I see is a promotion and drive for kids to use a skateboard park. Where is the US HISTORY. I don't need to return. Mark, Des Plaines, IL
anonymous [12-29-2004]

site very good im a time traveler your history is full of remarkable men and women.
metal sonic [12-29-2004]

every american living in the united states should be free and independant from any king or queen in our world today.
soccerchiqa [12-29-2004]

anonymous, hi how are you i am 11 and i was wondering if you can email me sme info. [12-29-2004]

Keep up the good work keeping our history and heritage alive!
Specialist Ryan J. Fink, 345th CSH (HUS) USAR [12-29-2004]

i like this site
Charles Lane [12-29-2004]

austin davis [12-29-2004]

Lura, Ukraine [12-29-2004]

Lived in Phila all my life and was always interested in American History. To my surprise I discovered that my ancestor was mentioned in the Papers of George Washington as the person who spied on Hessian and British troops prior to the Christmas crossing of the Delaware ( Papers of George Washington 1997 vol 7 page 416 ) I had always thought that my family came to America in the 1800's but now I know they were patriots that played a major role in our nations founding. THANKS
Pomroy [12-29-2004]

Not bad very cool. Just add a littlemore.
alexa [12-29-2004]

im trying to find a picture of Booker T. Washington and this stupid site doesnt have one! im so mad!
Shyla [12-29-2004]

this is like history man! drop it like its hott
Kayla Faith Griffioen, 16 years old, Hartland, WI [12-29-2004]

I feel even prowder to be an American
Terry Graff [12-19-2004]

Do you know where i can find a picture of the coat of arms that hangs out side every Autrian bakery?
Sandra Begly, Illinois [12-19-2004]

This is a great website with a lot of interesting facts
La She'a, Texas [12-19-2004]

I thought that this web page was not precise because it did not have any information about George Washington.
James Carter [12-19-2004]

I think that this website really helps all of the students that come here for Social Studies or other history help.
Tiffany, 13, Powder Springs [12-19-2004]

William G. Brothers, MD, Poquoson, Virginia [12-19-2004]

i like the web site!
Bethany, 14 otsego [12-19-2004]

Morgan [12-19-2004]

Very nice website. Keep up the good work.
Robert M. Blechman, Former FTL2/P1, USS Barry DD 933, PO Box 250, Honey Brook, PA 19344-0250 Tel:610.273.2841 [12-19-2004]

Thank you for the quality information covering people and events that shaped America. Your website has been very useful in my research and writing on the principles of liberty and democratic republic government. I have especially enjoyed and found very helpful the Electric Franklin page along with The Franklin Papers at Yale University and The Quotable Franklin pages. Philadelphia and its surrounding areas provide an enormous amount of historical richness. I have lived in Harrisburg and historical Carlisle, Pennsylvania. --Brian Blackwell, Norwich NY
Brian Blackwell, Norwich, New York [12-19-2004]

cool wed site
brittany, morristown [12-19-2004]

i love this website.
Christine [12-19-2004]

I think this website gives good information.
Sophia Obeso (AKA Princess Sophia), 12,Clifton, [12-19-2004]

Maryellen Arapoff [12-19-2004]

My son has a project due on Pennsylvania and we found a lot of information here on you site. Thank you
Ragen R Potter, South Shore KY [12-19-2004]

Decendant of Thomas Stone. Signer of the Declaration of Independence
Roy L. Stone, 55, Ohio [12-19-2004]

i hate to study and i hate my social studies teacher for giving us this project
Bob Cob, i like myself [12-19-2004]

Great website. Helped me study for my test on the Revolutionary War.
Mike Ortiz [12-19-2004]

anonymous, Teacher, New York City [12-19-2004]

I like this page its great!
Veronica Jean, Olympia Wa. [12-19-2004]

Gleneisha, 16 [12-19-2004]

forgot how i found this site but it is realy cool im trying to find the speaches of martin luther king i have a dream and john f kennedy speach on the moon mission
william j grayeski, 46 -51 bellevue ave penndel pa 19047 [12-09-2004]

i love history
thuat, 16, pomona [12-09-2004]

Taylor l. [12-09-2004]

awsome website homeslices!
sadie, 12 [12-09-2004]

Sarah Sheriff [12-09-2004]

Great Websight.Good information on the Battle of Brandywine! Thanx!
Ashley Rodli, 13, Baker City, Oregon [12-09-2004]

Judith, ([nothig]) [12-09-2004]

belinda [12-09-2004]

Sherri-Dawn Harris, 14 years old Joshua, Texas [12-09-2004]

the revolution wow such intresting history and when i started to study it a few weeks after i moved into fourth grade i kept getting exited and i wanted to learn more about it every single day more and more oh it's so cool my heads exploding!
joshua streeter, i'm 9 years and i live in raymond maine [12-09-2004]

I wish I had time to sit and read everything here. Just the Declaration of Indepence has hours of reading. Why didn't I find this in high school?
Brandy, 25, ut [12-09-2004]

1775 was when charlstown and boston hosted the american revolutionary war WOW! that is so cool but the coolest part is the history and information and physcology of it is amazing to learn the events leeding up to it were really intresting
joshua streeter, i love the revolutionary wars history [12-09-2004]

Robert Stone, Church Point, La. 70525 [12-07-2004]

D. Weister [12-07-2004]

This is such a cool site. I just love US History and can't wait until next year when I'm studying it. I pretty certain that I would like to major in it as well. Dose any one know of careers that require a major in American History?
Jennifer Smith, 16, Mission Viejo, California [12-06-2004]

There are a lot of historical stuff at this web site!
anr27 [12-06-2004]

SANDI, 13,cali [12-06-2004]

Bill Bob [12-06-2004]

I would like to propose the face of Dr. Martin Luther King be placed on paper currency in the very near future. Please contact me on ways to contact the proper governmental officials to implement the idea.
Tammi Joyner, 30/Asbury Park, New Jersey 07712 [12-06-2004]

Aspen, Age 10,city Lawrence,KS zip 66044 [12-06-2004]

Toshia, 16, Ohio [12-06-2004]

I think its a great thing to keep it preserved for such a long time
Klaus Bartram [12-06-2004]

taliba [12-06-2004]

leon veillard [12-05-2004]

we just visited historic philadelphia and cannot wait to return as soon as possible ! a wonderful city !
joan aracich [12-05-2004]

USHistory.org is simply one of the best patriotic and historical websites on the internet. Period.
John Doty [12-04-2004]

This is a very helpful site! I was able to type a complete paper using the information I found on this site!
james [12-04-2004]

as a history teacher that teaches college students i behalf all the 200 students i taught thank you for being so helpful it really helped my students
anonymous, 35 years old [12-04-2004]

i think that this is a great site for reasearch and kids keep going!
silence dogood [12-04-2004]

BRANDON, las angalas [12-04-2004]

anonymous [12-04-2004]

i like your site.and will come viste again
EMMA OWERRI, Age 19,boston [12-04-2004]

WOW,YOU DID GREATH.I m interested on US history and I find this site very useful.
NWA ABA, 46,newberg oregon [12-04-2004]

Denise Domorod [12-04-2004]

I think this is a great website. I am using it for a computer project I am doiung. We have to write up a review on different websites, and I am using yours as one that is reliable for research papers, etc. I will recommend this website to others for school projects. Thank you for having this here for our use.
Emma, Age 17 [12-04-2004]

I am trying to find a source of Polish folk heroes, their stories and when they lived. Do you have such a source? Thanks
kenneth J. Kant [12-04-2004]

I am doing genealogy. Recently, I have found that I trace to the Quakers of Philadelphia. My g g g grandparents were William Hopkins and Ann Tuckniss. I know that they were disowned in 1795 because they married contrary to discipline and that William wanted to practice the art of war. Was he part of this Quaker group? Was Mary Dawes Tuckniss part of this group?
ERika Hoffman, Chapel hill, NC [12-04-2004]

meaning of the colors! red and white on the flag!
anonymous, Valencia. Venezuela [12-04-2004]

Chelsea Lee, age:19 [12-04-2004]

bianca clemmons, 15 and one half i live in san juan bautista ca. [12-04-2004]

Wonderful City...so much history, but the most standing beauty of all is the Freedom you enjoy today! I only wish everyone could enjoy it in my native contry...be proud, celebrate and please don't take freedom for granted. I love your contry and what you stand for.
Rosa E. Kerins, 29 years old from Guatemala, City. Guatemala [12-04-2004]

James fox [12-04-2004]

awesome sight for school reports... thanks for keeping it up
abby, age 13 [12-04-2004]

I'm a college DJ and your website helped us with some trivia q&a, it was also very fasinating, thank you. God bless America!
"Count Daronias" [12-04-2004]

I love ya'll
Jalisa Molina, age:14 city:philly street:3336 e [12-04-2004]

SARA, 6th grade [12-04-2004]

This site has a lot of good information! It might be helpfull if it was mor orgnized though. For example there would be a library section, a church section, a hall section ect. A search might also be helpfull. Good job putting in the pics, it really makes you see it as it was! America, bless God
anonymous, Age 15, Pennsylvania [12-04-2004]

This is a very important site. Lest we forget those who came before, read and re-live the moment that America became free. And let all know that we shall never have our rights abridged nor subjugated! FREEDOM!
Johnny Q. Gogue III, Sacramento, CA [12-04-2004]

Thank you for producing this site. I have learned many useful and interesting things.
Jeffery Barrett, 37, Overland Park, KS SSgt, MO Air National Guard [12-04-2004]

I personally thought this was a good website but it needs a little more information on colonial times, but other than that, A+++! GO HUSKERS! WE WANT PELINI BACK!
Nicole Starns, I'm 15 and I live in Nebraska [12-04-2004]

I am so thrilled about your web site. My children needed a report on John Hancock and Albert Einstein. I found John Hancock but I cannot find any information out on Albert Einstein. I really wish you had this web site 26 years ago.(HA,HA,HA). AGAIN THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, in helping a parent out with there children knowledge and homework and were to find info. like yours. My children ages are 12, 13, 14. 7th, 8th, 9th grades. (Junior High School or now what they call Middle School). Sincerely, Michelle Stanley
Michelle Stanley, Milwaukee, WI [12-04-2004]

this site has been very touching to me
Sam Trujillo, 12 years old [12-04-2004]

Cool web-site. Love it, but it needs a section where you can click a STATE and get information. I couldn't find anything on NH, and I'm doing a project for it. Good luck! It's a great way to get kids involved. GREAT JOB
Laura, I'm 13, I live in Eat Kingston NH, and I go to CMS Middle School [12-04-2004]

We really liked the site! The picture were interesting. Keep up the good work!
Kayla and Shelbie Ostrowski, Brookland Middle School [12-04-2004]

Frere [12-04-2004]

this is a great web sight to learn some history
Allie [12-04-2004]

crazy4cory01, 9years old [12-04-2004]

this web site should be better and im a dude rade
dude, im a dude [12-04-2004]

Hi George, Congratulations! on your second term. Hope you bring an end to the trouble in the middle east soon. America will never get over 9/11, pray God it never happens again. We must forgive sometime think of all the Innocent civilians and children that have suffered because of it. There must be lots of servicemens families who's hearts ache each day there dad's and mum's are there. Lets hope they will return as stronger americans. God bless Mr president I'm sure you care about them. Jim
jim o'brien, Age 50 [12-04-2004]

it was very nice
felicia, 13/f/ceveland [12-04-2004]

Great site! Needs more info though. Espeacially on the Revolutionary War and famous historic people.
anonymous [12-04-2004]

This is a great site for young school children doing reasearch on the cities.
Kelsa, Chepachet RI [12-04-2004]

PACO, U*S*of*A [12-04-2004]

Garrett Jaso [12-04-2004]

I love the American flag
Zack Steele, 13,mcminnville. [12-04-2004]

yo this place is off the hook. i needed info & it was here
Sam [12-04-2004]

I I think you should have games on this website. No offense though. think you should have games in this website.
Chantelle Marie Griego, 9years old in Brighton,Colorado [12-04-2004]

Do you make pretzels in the shape a small round ball? If so, Where in my area could I purchase these? I Livc in Scotia New York which is North of Albany and South of Saratoga. Thanks in advance for your help.
anonymous [12-04-2004]

to make a great country and a better state.
ashley, 12 spartanburg [12-04-2004]

I read about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and I thought that article had GREAT information. I will visit this site more often
Rachel Olson [12-04-2004]

Joe Grochowski [12-04-2004]

Thought it was very nice, very emotional, thanks for sharing the info with the world.:-}
anonymous [12-04-2004]

I am sorry for all the lose in there . My best wishes to all.
Bridgette Harris, 13 beggs [12-04-2004]

would anyone have any insight on whether and where there might exist plans or drawings for the construction and/or rehabilitation of the philadelphia fire department firehouse constructed in 1893, known as the engine company #3 at 117 Queen st., philadelphia, pa 19147, attributed architect: john windrim; altered inside by phillip m. johnson. the sight: 117 Queen St. hosted two volunteer fire departments known as the Weccacoe Engine Co #9 or 19. (the "1"representing its battalion designation.) I am not focusing on pre-1893 firehouses on that site. Previous exploration has included Phil. Archives, Historic Commision, Historic Society, HABS, Free Library, Fire Museum on 2nd. St. Thank-you for your attention....steve
stephen [12-04-2004]

why do they have to guard the tomb of the unknown soldier? can eneone talk me. please
makayla [12-04-2004]

Chelsea Wernick [12-04-2004]

thanx your web site was very helpful for my report
re roxbury, 13 [12-04-2004]

Relative of John Barry
Faith Stahl, Phila. [12-04-2004]

Enjoyed browsing your Web Site. Actually found a family member's name. Keep up good work!
Mary Foster [12-04-2004]

ray ray, atlanta,georgia [12-04-2004]

This is a great site for a research essay. I would Know! I got a lot of my information and quotes from here. It was easy to find the information to cite this website!
anonymous [12-04-2004]

This site rox my sox.
Kelsey [12-04-2004]

pretty cool web site.
Sha, 14, Carthage Missouri [12-04-2004]

hey, how are you guys doing? i think that it is good that you guys are helping people out about america.some people are to poor to aford school but they can always go to there home library and get on a computer a go to your websit and learn about america.thanks for being one of a kind.
Hannah Durham, 14,portsmouth ohio,west middle school [12-04-2004]

i like your web page
Angela Long [12-04-2004]

It is really nice to find a website that the facts are true! Thanks!
Sadie, Orcas Island,Washington [12-04-2004]

This was awesome! It helped me a lot with my biography I had to do on John Witherspoon!
Vanessa, 13, la [12-04-2004]

I love the liberty bell and I love PA. And I am doing a report on it.
Dani Perry, I am 11 years old. I live in Steamboat Springs CO. [12-04-2004]

this is a good place to come and do research for my 8th grade history class
Olivia, 13/f/tn [12-03-2004]

I loved your Liberty Bell home page it was amazing.Ilove learning about the Liberty Bell.I'AM very happy to learn about stuff that i didn't know. So thanks for making this home page.I enjoyed it very much.- Holly Mene
Holly Louise Mene, 9 inahalf, December 7 1994 [12-02-2004]

Krista [12-02-2004]

walla walla!
wallwall [12-02-2004]

i think this was a wonderful site you learn a lot thank you for having such a learning fun and exciting sites thank you gemedssica bernardo
gemedssica, 12/f/reno nevada [12-02-2004]

Glad I came across this site. Ilove looking up the history of things. Ialso watch the history channel on cable as well.
DONNA POLLARD [12-02-2004]

Ming lee chang, I am 14 years old [12-02-2004]

alysha barlet, shenandoah 14 pa [12-02-2004]

i like your website it is great!
Sam, 12, matthews, North Carolina, [12-02-2004]

I just started visiting this site and it helped me in my history class now I have a better understanding of our history
Andrew, age: 17 [12-02-2004]

We need to stop the ban of "Forgotten Founders Book"! Thomas Jefferson was not the founder of the Declaration of Independence, He took the concept from the Iroquiose Confederacy. I would like to know where American Indians did not have a part in founding this country? We existed here long before any white europeans or black slaves ever arrived.
Arthur Medicine Eagle /Sonier [12-02-2004]

This a great instructional website.
Stephen Weston, St. Petersburg, FL [12-02-2004]

kristi [12-02-2004]

cassandra, 16 (08-08-1988) [12-02-2004]

Hey I got my licence today!
Tracy Bennett, 17/Brunswick, Ga [12-02-2004]

Yeah i go info for my report thanks soos
me, student [12-02-2004]

Your web site states that you could not find the origin or authorship of the flag ceremony. Is that still the case. We are trying to determine where the words originated. Thanks! http://www.ushistory.org/betsy/more/folds.htm
sam hudspath [12-02-2004]

holla at ya gurl
jalisa molina nelli call me, age 14 [12-01-2004]

So glad I came across your site. I love the city and it's history. Your outline points out so many sites that I was unaware existed or did not know where they were located. Thanks.
Paul Riegert, Cherry Hill [11-28-2004]

Colonial America fascinates me as I enjoy British history (as Australia was part of the Imperial Trade network until 1972). Thanks for the interesting information.
M. MacRobbie, Portarlington, Australia [11-08-2004]

This website was extremely helpful while researching for my County History Day competition.
Jessica, Age 17 [11-08-2004]

I think that it would be best if the bell can stay with its on state or contry so thats my word
khrystian, 11 houston [11-08-2004]

Philadelphia's Independence Hall area is the most historic point in America and this needs to be known and broadcasted to the world.
Jefferson Moon [11-08-2004]

nice website!
Alexandria Seals [11-08-2004]

you need better thoughts on the american revolution
Random Lowe [11-08-2004]

This is a great and enlightening site.
Bryan Christopher White, 17, Male, I live in Emporia, KS. [11-08-2004]

hi !11
Kat [11-07-2004]

i think you shuld have info about the declaration of independence.
nicola richards, n.y. age 9 (2004) [11-07-2004]

i think you shuld have info about the declaration of independence.
nicola, n.y. [11-07-2004]

Ethan Hunt, I am a man [11-07-2004]

I love philadelphia please send me information brent shaffer 2702 north st apt.3 endicott ny 13760
brent shafer [11-07-2004]

Robert peters, Looking for grandfathers deeds from bridesburg early 1800 [11-07-2004]

It's a good site to come to for the history of philadelphia. Good job!
Jasmine, 13 [11-07-2004]

I think you should have a question place where we can ask questions about things that we are unclear on. Thank You! Jaqi
Jaqi, 18 Colorado [11-07-2004]

i would like to ahve more information at a timely expence
Dj, 16,clarkrange [11-05-2004]

hajahfisher, 8,rochoch [11-05-2004]

I can't believe I haven't visited this site before. What a wonderful resource!
Liz Oakley [11-05-2004]

I thought your website was great. Thank you so much for the information on the tomb of the unknown soldier. It touched my heart deeply seeing as how my best friend is in Iraq fighting right now. I thank each and everyone of the soldiers from the past, present, and future for my freedom.
Kirstie, 25, Bossier City, La. [11-05-2004]

I want to lear more about history.
Samantha, 9 Bothell [11-05-2004]

I think that this is a very cool and informative site!
Alex Cutler [11-04-2004]

who cracked the bell?
anonymous [11-04-2004]

This is an awesome sight!
Jessica Nichols, from Southwest [11-03-2004]

ina hysko, 18 phila 19152 [11-03-2004]

Im a history student, I just discovered your site. So far so good! I really enjoy the small things in history, such as the cave in phili!
patrick [11-02-2004]

I was so excited to find this website! Thank you for making these documents available to the public.
Lynn Drummond, Kennesaw GA AGe 48 [11-02-2004]

enjoyed the web sight want to visit the historic distric soon
geri disher, holland ohio [11-02-2004]

This site was very helpful with my Social Studies essay due on flags. This site has some very interesting imformation.
anonymous [11-02-2004]

good site for home work
terrance, thanks for helping me with my home work [11-02-2004]

hey i like your site because i found out everything i needed to find out for my social studies class P.S. Thanks for all the information
nina, 13 - charlotte - North Carolina [11-02-2004]

i honestly appriciate your good job here
anamu, everything is okay [11-02-2004]

Laura, age13 Connecticut [11-02-2004]

I m interested on US history and I find this site very useful.
Giuseppe De Marinis [11-02-2004]

MATTHEW, 9.princton [11-02-2004]

makenzie Gatlin, 12 Greensboro N.C [10-31-2004]

William F. May, San Antonio [10-31-2004]

Had to do a summer project for Advanced Placement History and this site really helped. Had a lot on 1700's in Philly. Some more would help. Thanks again.
Murphy, New Mexico [10-31-2004]

Nadia Bowers [10-31-2004]

When I was very little my mother gave me my first history lesson, and that was: "Commodore John Barry hailed from County Wexford and was Father of the U.S. Navy. I taught my children and now I am teaching my grandchildren. I am proud of my oldest son, who served twenty years in the Navy and recently retired as a Commander. Go Navy!
Catherine Grogan Hansen, Hail from Co. Mayo [10-31-2004]

What ever you do, go and see Fort McHenry it's an impressive site.The U.S. flag that flies there is the largest flag in the U.S.ofA. it's 42 feet by 30 feet made of nylon and it takes a 17 MPH wind to unflurl it. The noise it makes is impressive
Donny Doyle, Baltimore native [10-30-2004]

Lt Cmdr. L. Stuart Taylor, Great great Grandson of US Marine Edward W. Taylor, has published his GGGrandfather's journal, "Pacific Ocean Campaign 1842-1844" while serving aboard the frigate USS UNITED STATES, First Ship of the United States Navy. This book compliments Herman Melville's "White Jacket" and I recommend it as educational material. Cpl. Taylor and Melville knew each other on board the frigate. For more information please contact me at: USSUNITEDSTATES@Yahoo.com I have the honor to be at your service.
Edward C. Zimmerman, Jr. USS UNITED STATES Foundation, Founder & President [10-29-2004]

anonymous [10-29-2004]

more games now
cc, 13 [10-29-2004]

I reallly think that you are a good information website. That is so cool
Megan Shahan, I am Doing a report on John Hancock [10-29-2004]

tnanks for these documents.....one in particular.the mayflower. as i am a decendant of Richard Warren
Clifford L. Smith [10-29-2004]

Thank you so much! I visited because I was looking for ten symbols of America for my son who is studying US government. Having all of this in one place saved me a lot of time in finding it.
Crystal [10-29-2004]

I liked your site, think of making a philadelphia sports page with the histories of the phillies, sixers, flyers and E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!
John Doe, Chester Springs 15 years old [10-29-2004]

sarah hendricks [10-29-2004]

Great website for info
Jennifer Solis, Texas [10-29-2004]

checking web sites tosee if can find information from the any thing from about 1830 until present. the counties of laurens s.c. to laurens ga. to the north east parts of fla.
h.j. ellison, geneoligiesof theellison [10-29-2004]

hey !
Twonza Halbert, 17 yrs. [10-29-2004]

As an Associate Instructor of Public Administration, I have found this site to be very helpful in conducting classes to International Military Students (Officers). I am able adjust to the students'various levels of learning with the use of your site. Your site has provided current articles that relate to the issues raised by many of the students. I will continue to use your site. Thank you very much. I
Karen D. Thomas, Department of Defense Civilian Employee - employed at Fort Benning, Georgia, instructing course on US Government/Constitution to International Military Students [10-29-2004]

Thanks, I'm sending this to my grandkids
Art VanBrocklin, Fircrest, WA. [10-29-2004]

love ya
taylor, love ya [10-29-2004]

I wish i knew where to find info on labor force by occupatiopn, major industries, exports and imports/ and currency. if you can help in any way please email me @ buggygirl14@yahoo.com ASAP. Please and thank you stacey Dicataldo
Stacey DiCataldo, 15 from rochester newyork [10-29-2004]

It's a cool website! My Mom likes it too!
Sarah, Fishkill, NY [10-29-2004]

Ashley Sheppard [10-29-2004]

came here for a school project
tasha, age 12 [10-27-2004]

this website is very useful and easy to use thankyou
kevin JOhnson, Portland OR age 19 [10-27-2004]

John Edward Barry [10-27-2004]

Thank you sooooo much for having this. It saved me from failing my paper. thanks again
Tamara, 13 [10-24-2004]

this site really helped me get good information on Pennsylvania!
Cindy, 9 years old Brooklyn, NY [10-24-2004]

Thank you soooooooooo much for creating this site. I am doing a history project on the Revolutionary War, and this site is great! I especially appreciate the extensive biographies on historical figures. Again, thanks! -------------------------------All the best----- -----------------------------------Kate------
Kate, Post Falls, Idaho [10-24-2004]

just ran across your site and though I would say hello.
William A. Crosscup IV [10-24-2004]

It was a pleasure to do some internet reading today on the history of Pennsylvania. I'm a PTO President in my town and I will be making an effort to plan a trip to historical Pennsylvanie. I beleive it will be a great learning experience for our children as well as a fascinating school trip. Keep up the good work with this website, I really appreciate it.
Victoria Caldwell, West Caldwell, NJ [10-24-2004]

ilove ur site and there's some other thing i'll like to know about california & united state as nation may GOD blesssssssssssssssss ur nation
charles benson, california [10-24-2004]

I do traning for the Boy Scouts of America. I have been involed with adult training since 1952, I have founed that the flage is very inportant in training the youth, but the adult has to know how first. THANK YOU THE INFORMATION YOU HAVE HERE. P.S. Capt. USMC (Ret)
Frank R. Gamble [10-24-2004]

Reread "The Crisis" by Thomas Paine. Recommend reading by all before voting.
Dan Coradazzi, ETCM(SS) USN Ret. [10-24-2004]

Gteat Stuff!
Jordan T. Chisum, 10yrs.,Coppell,Tx [10-24-2004]

I would like for myself and my three daughters to join the DAR. How do I go about this. I have all the records. My first cousin is already in. His name is Billy Williams of Swan Quarter, NC. We got in from ancester Col. Gibbs, who fought in the Revol. War. Thanks!
Mary Ann Williams Harris [10-24-2004]

This a great sight only if they would at least have a spot where you can look up diffferent or important dates
Nikki, Sharon, 14 female [10-22-2004]

I love your website!
Linda [10-22-2004]

naomi, saint john [10-22-2004]

zack h, zack h + maddie m [10-22-2004]

Tiffany, 13 [10-22-2004]

this website needs a time line of our country's historic events.
Jessica, 14 yrs. old [10-22-2004]

I have found your site to be helpful as a resource to my students in our study of The Declaration of Independence, in researching the signers. Thank you!
Hugh White, Fort Myers, FL, Social Studies Teacher [10-22-2004]

justin, roselle Park high School student [10-22-2004]

I love this very page, please keep on the good work.
Mr. Njoku, Age 52, City Aba Ghana. [10-22-2004]

Great Info
Ross, Kauai, Hawaii [10-22-2004]

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bethany, 23 [10-22-2004]

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dan wagner, plymouth mi [10-20-2004]

chelsie [10-20-2004]

The First Presbyterian Church of Caledonia, Livingston County, New York will be celebrating its 200th Anniversary May of 2005. Originally formed by Scottish Highlanders that settled the area. See the Caledonia Highlanders for more info.
Thomas McIntyre, Las Vegas, Nevada [10-20-2004]

allyson, age-13 grade-8th [10-20-2004]

Great website. This region is so rich with history and this site is a great introduction to its discovery!
Tony Melvin, West Chester, PA [10-20-2004]

HI i think this is a great website and it is very helpful thanks
Ben, Alexandria Lousiana 24 [10-20-2004]

This site is booty
Brittany, 13, HIS, In FO-TOWN, California [10-20-2004]

Your website has been VERY helpful with my report on the colonies. Thanks!
Brittany [10-20-2004]

Wow this sight is awesome. I did a project on Pennsylvania so I looked on here and found all the info i needed. I made a B+ on my project,too (not that it was any of your fault. i just turned it in late). So thanks and keep up the good work guys!
Sara, 17 [10-20-2004]

I think this is a great website because it teaches me about how philadelphia was invented
Ina, 25 philadelphia [10-20-2004]

Hollie Lindley, 15, Preston Idaho [10-20-2004]

I love it! This site is perfect for my 10th grade US History class!
Miranda Sinnott-Armstrong, age 15 from Hanover NH [10-20-2004]

Excellent Website! A great way to learn about your county.
Alex M. Kilner, Yorkshire, England [10-20-2004]

we both love this site it is one of my fav site i love history!
aimee naviaux and kyrstynne, 15and 14 florida [10-20-2004]

I would like to resive information about US history from the new books of the high school. my high school is Edison High School.US teacher Ms Linder.Second period class,My name is Dora Lia Corleto.Thank you for help in me.
Dora Lia Corleto, 16 years old Fresno,CA [10-20-2004]

anonymous, 13 connecticut [10-20-2004]

My homepage which is dedicated to ALL past and present Veterans - http://amor_diosa.webs.bikers-engine.com/
Sondra Hernandez [10-20-2004]

Home of the brave and free.
Cabie, i love america! [10-20-2004]

i think we as blacks should have much more sites about our history than what we have now but i indeed thank you all for having the world to write there commments and hopefully it will so come to pass.
Dr. Jennifer Davis, 28/Baton Rouge,Louisiana [10-20-2004]

I think your history website is real neat. Keep up the good work!
Scott, male [10-20-2004]

This site was very cool and fun.Since I couldnt go with my class on the field trip then I went here and I got to experience it right here!Thanx!keep helping kids see what Philly is all about!Bye1
jonathan santana, 13 years old [10-20-2004]

it is beautiful....what a great job you have done.
DAN S. BURTON, 58 fresno, broken down [10-20-2004]

I live in a eighteen hundreds build hose how can I find out if it has a historical background I located in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia and it is the oldest home on the block I live on. regards Gary Hartwell
anonymous [10-20-2004]


Always interested in early history of our country, USA, as I research family (Whiteside) genealogy.
Shirley Whiteside Gore, Fayetteville, AR 72701 [10-20-2004]

this site is awsome dude
joey myers, 12/hudson mi/49247/ [10-20-2004]

matthew [10-20-2004]

I vistied this site because I am researching my genealogy. A "Robert Hopkins" was my ancestor. he served in 1794 as a sergeant in the PA Insurrection. I beleive he was a disowned Quaker. I am tryign to find out hwo hsi father was and if he might ahve served int he Revolution 20years before. I ahve some old letters by an Abraham Tuckniss to his sister Mary that date from 1785 in Philadelphia. So, based on these clues, I am trying to go backward in time. I know exactly who my g g grandad was-- Robert Hopkins,b.1797. And I know his dad by the same nae served in the Whiskey Rebellion of 1797 so I am trying to learn more about him and his ancestors. I fanyone has a clue, I'd appreciate tips!
Erika Hoffman, Chapel Hill, NC [10-20-2004]

Anglica, 13 [10-17-2004]

MSG Carlos D. Chavez [10-17-2004]

As a High School History Teacher, I have found this site and many of its links to be very useful in the classroom!
Gary W. Boisseau, 47-West Springfield, Massachusetts [10-17-2004]

very nice keep it up
stanley, love is the virturs of every things [10-17-2004]

hey i need some info on Jamestown and i couldn't get it here so uhh ur website is jus ok i guess
hillary [10-17-2004]

It would be great if you had a street map I could print out of philly so i could try to see how far things are from the hotel I'm staying at and see if there within walking distance.
Lou Ann Franke, Littleton, MA. [10-17-2004]

Naymara Z. Rogers .V., 17 years old, Bronx,NY [10-17-2004]

I love History and politics CFL (conservative 4 life)
Paul Ferguson, 14 Cedar Hill [10-08-2004]

Good Website and will add the website to my American History Research CD
Mike Spence, Reared in Reading, Pa., Graduated from Wyomissing Area HS [10-08-2004]

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i love the website its so educational and it helps me get strait A's so thankx a bunch xoxo frankie xoxo
frankie [10-08-2004]

i really enjoy ur website i read it like every nite before i go 2 sleep!n 4 halloween im gonna b tomas jefferson! thank you so much for having the #1 website!1
penolpe, a school [10-08-2004]

This wedsite really helps me with my homework. Thanks
London Wells [10-08-2004]

Jasmine, 15,Woodland,California [10-06-2004]

Under way: Replica of Commodore John Barry's uniform under construction for presentations.
Edward C. Zimmerman, Jr., USS UNITED STATES Foundation [10-06-2004]

I have a question about the American flag. What is the ettiquette for hanging the flag during wartime? Can you reverse the flag so that when hanging vertically against the wall the blue field is on the right?
anonymous [10-06-2004]

I don't really care for this website. Anyways I go to Columbus High School. I love it . My friends are Kelsey Crawford, Anna Kim, Leah Jones, Brandon Edwards, Nicholas Thomas, Tavarus, Tosheeka, Latriece, Daniel Burch, Eric Washington, Ron, Leonard, Angelica Lindsey (she's the tightest so is kelsey), Brittani Bradley, Sarah Knight, Justin Pooler, Jason Pooler, Katherine, Azlynne, Kevin Cowart, Mark Gamble( aka Italy), Julian Strobel,Whitney, Ayana Wilson, Melissa Pipparo, Taylor Williams, Britney O'Sheills, Ashley Hill, and many more....... SOrry if I didn't name you
Malika Norman, im 14, I live in Columbus Ga. I love sophmore,juniors, and senior boys [10-06-2004]

I think it is a shame that they are trying to take out the "under god". I want people to no god is to love him and you can take the material things but you can not take the faith i have in the lord god almighty.
L. Hudnall, wv [10-04-2004]

I'm a great, great, great, great grandson of William Coats, mentioned in the documents on this website. Thanks.
Steven Coates, Levittown, PA [10-04-2004]

I think this website is so cool. I can look up anythng about any state I want to. Thanks Guys For Making This Web- Site.
Nikki, Harleysville Pa [10-04-2004]

i think this is cool
anonymous [10-03-2004]

very nice and helpful. I came to this site to get project ideas for my amrican history project. it had to be on something that happened before 1900. Thanks
anonymous, 16 years old, Junior in HS [10-02-2004]

I love the work yall did!
willie williams jr, 19 drew 38737 MS [10-02-2004]

Cool site. Lots of help on my big project on Paul Revere.
Kyle Wallace, 13,Parker,CO [10-02-2004]

Great site! A wonderful gift for young and old alike. Thanks.
Rosemary Feaster, Roseville, CA [10-02-2004]

nice pictures
Abbey, Age 9 PAVCS Student [10-02-2004]

Samantha Cerda, 13 Female TEXAS [10-02-2004]

Talmadge Crawford, Louisiana [10-02-2004]

I like your web page because it tells lots of information and is a good site for my schoool reports. Thank-you Justin
Justin, 13 years old [10-02-2004]

Do you know any one who might know about the history of a book i have? The book is by franklin and is called "sayings of poor richard", 1748. I cant find any info on the book, so i thought i can just ask, you never know. Thanks
debbie white, i have a question [10-02-2004]

U guys r awsome
Jeff simone [10-02-2004]

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this was a great tool in doing my AP american history homework. THANKS GUYS AND GALS
steve titus, colorado springs, 16 [09-29-2004]

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awesome site(at least 4 my history class! lol!)
anonymous [09-29-2004]

I was looking for directions to Smith Playground and found this excellent site. I feel more connected to the community now. Thank you.
jon, Philadelphia cares/ Home Depot volunteer [09-29-2004]

i want the details movement of independence upto 1776
gokul, 26,chennai,Tamilnadu,India [09-29-2004]

I'm taking AP US History at McNary High and I just wanted to see if this site could help...
Emily Horning, 17, Keizer, OR [09-29-2004]

it really helped me comprehend most of the acts that i had difficulty with. i would like to thank you all.
anonymous, 15 [09-29-2004]

We should all read these important documents occaionally to remind us of our liberty and our blessings.
Candace Doster, Atlanta, Georgia [09-29-2004]

history is awsome and this site is the cooliest
anonymous [09-29-2004]

I like the site! Its got so much info and i love information YAY!
Kyla, Waupaca, WI [09-29-2004]

Hello, I have been researching the neighborhoods of Frankford and Northwood what has fascinated me about these neighborhoods is the houses that located in these neighborhoods they are so huge, most look like they can be mansions or mini-mansions if you can let me know something of these neighborhoods other then the generla synopsis that I have read I would surely appreciate it. Thank YO
Betsy Slensky, Philadelphia, PA [09-29-2004]

hi just happy to be on your sight!
kim [09-29-2004]

m.m.ali, syria [09-29-2004]

wishing you all blessings.
janie, austin, tx [09-29-2004]

like sight for information to share with the cubscouts
Dean Holman, Cubmaster pack200 Moore, OK [09-29-2004]

my late husband was a descendant of dr. benjamin rush. i would like to trace it back. i do not have very much info to go on. seems all web sites requires subscriptions to get info.
KAY PRATHER [09-29-2004]

We used to hear about the American's Creed. I hadn't heard of it for a long time. Just last night, I was thinking "a sovereign nation of many sovereign states" Where did that come from? Then I remembered the Creed but I hadn't heard about that for a looooong time. Thank you for being here. Dean
Dean Bennett, 75 yrs. young Portland, OR [09-29-2004]

Pretty Cool.
Nick, Coning NY [09-29-2004]

anyone have pictures or text regarging this area Front Street to FifthSt. Spruce St to Christian St years 1930 to 1950?
Lori R Moore [09-29-2004]

I think this site is priceless thanks for all the information I had no Idea the mint was so great and one day I would like to see it in person and again thanks !
JOHN, carterville [09-29-2004]

cool site!
Lexie [09-29-2004]

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yuki, China [09-29-2004]

Yuour site is sooooooooo helpful!
Amanda A., 12 years of age [09-29-2004]

I'm looking forward to my first visit to Philadelphia in early October. I'm a history buff and I love all the detail of your website. Photos are great. Can't wait to get there.
anonymous, 53 going on 12 Irving TX [09-29-2004]

Darius [09-29-2004]

I was informed today that my brother, PJE Peebles recieved an honor from your society, although no other information, & would appreciate some more information on this subject. thanks in advance, June Peebles-Capri
June Peebles-Capri, Winnipeg, Mb. Canada [09-29-2004]

This website helped me with my History Homework!
Candace fine, 16, hartselle [09-29-2004]

If anyone has additional information or a picture, please contact me. (843)762-1203. Thanks, Connie Barnhart
Constance Barnhart, 60 yrs., female, looking for information about my grandfather Charles M. Douglass, Batallion Chief killed on January 28, 1933 fighting a fire. I have Hike Out and was looking for additional information. [09-29-2004]

Jessica Lopez, 19 yrs, Tempe, Arizona [09-29-2004]

this was a great site to find on the history of the city, Mom owned a Bar/pub at siggle st and moyamensing ave in s. phila near 2nd st, very much like the pubs on this ste, thanks
Lynn Crawford(clements), grew up in phila [09-29-2004]

Does anyone know what may have been in the area of 249 Indiana Avenue in January 1944..I'm researching what my parents may have visited then. Thanks in advance.
Suzy, New York [09-29-2004]

Great website. Was helpful in the completion of my internet assignment.
afroboy, age 14 [09-19-2004]

La Normandy Liberty Bell est une fantastique initiative. Merci Patrick Daudon de contribuer pour consolider les liens entre la France et Philadelphie.
Caplain, lyon - france [09-19-2004]

Great page. I have family coming over to the USA for a Philadelphia and Delaware Valley visit. Philadelphia home-page has given me some great ideas of where to take them. Will be using your home-page often. Thank you...
Mark Gould [09-19-2004]

Samantha Pelkey, 17, Canterbury, N.B Canada [09-19-2004]

this site was awsaome im definatly going to philadelphia
Katie, 14,newton,nj [09-19-2004]

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I like your pictures.My school is going there later in the school year.
gage sipley, 13 newton nj [09-19-2004]

Thank you for the beautiful site and all the work you put into it. I am researching Dr Benjamin Rush and you had a lot on him. Great work
Patricia Rush Gilbert [09-17-2004]

stephanie tolhurst, 15/f/fl [09-17-2004]

i feel ths is a very nice and educational site. i really like it.
autumn melton, 16 yrs old [09-17-2004]

Thanks for the great info! It helped me out with a school project.
Devin [09-17-2004]

I was impressed by the article written by John Barry Kelly on "Commodore John Barry". It was very enlightening and educational. Thank you.
Keith R. Barry, Lehighton, PA [09-17-2004]

Hi this is great information. Well thanks.
Samuel Owens, Louisiana, U.S [09-17-2004]

Being just an old feller serfing the net looked up my good friends the Brian & Kay O'Conner family of Humphrey's Flag Co; Arch Street, Philadelphia. Before I 'pop my clogs' Just wanted to say a sincere 20 year belated thank you for their kind hospitality during my USA Churchill Scholarship visit in 1984 studying flag and banner manufacturing methods,materials and techniques. Thanks to 'Humphrey's' Newton Newton are now one of GB's foremost flag & banner makers.
Clifford Newton, 72 years young. Burgh-le-Marsh, Lincolnshire, England [09-17-2004]

A fantastic web site....
Joyce Bennett [09-17-2004]

I just want all those that are interested in Whelchel Family History to know that I'am still searching and my book will get done sooner or later. I have finished one (1-28-2004) it has poems written by a Whelchel family member and anyone can preview it at www.1stbooks.com Author: Dink Title: Dink's Poetry 2002. The Whelchel Saga Continues:
Mel Welchel, Pittsburgh [09-17-2004]

Great Site
cox [09-17-2004]

your web site is goood
anonymous [09-17-2004]

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Chris, Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School [09-17-2004]

You guys ROCK
Lauren N, I love this place [09-17-2004]

Coincidentally found your site from yahoo, although not good in your language, but however enjoyed very much from what i can understand. A very interesting website indeed. Thanks to the webmaster.
Ralf [09-17-2004]

could some one plese tell me where online i'll find the names of contrabaND at yorktown,va and fortress monroe during the civil war.also the slave at jamestown when the northerners arrived?
quo wright [09-17-2004]

I have been able to take my family tree back to the early 1700's I had a relative (MARSH) that was a sherrif in Allentown, Pa. Anyone out there that can help me find out more info? Thanks, Jo
JOANN MARSH [09-17-2004]

I am sorry because my English is so bad, but I like to thank you because we can learn abaut US History, and my new contry history. I also can practice my English knwoleges. Thaths a lot.
Juan Cesar Alvarez Alavrez [09-17-2004]

Want to know the population of Philadelphia's Wynnefield neighborhood in the 1950's.
anonymous [09-17-2004]

It's really interesting learning about History I can't believe about some things, This one is amazing an fabulous.
Patricia Lagunas, Sa Juan Capistrano [09-17-2004]

P.S. to my recent thought. The person who asked about the first Doughty in the new world was Dorothy Scott, dated 04-l5-2002. Please give her my previous e-mail about the Doughty family. Thanks, Tom Doughty, Charleston, S.C.
Thomas P. Doughty, Sr. Citizen 62 years of age and retired [09-17-2004]

I just read a question from someone wanting to know who was the first Doughty in the New World. I think that it was Edward Doty of the Mayflower. His name was Doughty in England. His nephew and his wife Rev Francis Doughty and wife, Bridgett Stone Doughty came to Mass. from England in l638. They lived in Mass., N.Y. and Eastern Virginia. They had three sons named Doughty. I think they were the first. I am trying to find out a direct Authentic connection between the Rev. Francis Doughty and the Eastern Shores of Virginia Doughty's from which I came. If I can make an authentic connection I will have my family name line of Doughty from around l500 in old England until this present date. If any of you New York Doughties from Francis, Jr. or Alias can make the authentic connection, please contact me. Thanks, Tom Doughty, Charleston, S.C.
Thomas P. Doughty, Sr. citizen 62 years of age and retired [09-17-2004]

history is # one and foremost in our lives. it defines us as to who and what we are today.
DANIEL GERBER, littleton co 80127 [09-17-2004]

M Jernstedt, Massachusetts [09-17-2004]

im very patrioticand since sept.11 i am more patriotic!i love the usa
maegan, im 11 i live in ozark,alabama [09-17-2004]

i really like your website
Gina Barone, 13, longs [09-17-2004]

Your site really sucks it didnt help me at all about the Articles of Confederation! no am just kidding its a good site!
Cassandra Jean Stukel, 13 years old Oconomowoc, WI [09-17-2004]

world war 11 started when i was a teenager 14 to be exact,i lived in liverpool england,,it was sept.3rd 1939,,i,d just come home from church, and was told that england had declered war on germany, it meant nothing to me,,i was too young and foolish to understand just what it meant,,it wasen,t long before i found out,,the bombs dropping all aroud us,killing so many poeple,,then came the u.s troops and i was delighted with them,they were so much fun to be around,,i ended up marrying onein 1945,i came to the u.s in 1946 after the war ended,,i.m now a mother of 3 grandmother of 9 and g.grandmother of 4,been married 59 years to the same g.i,,ww11 was a devistating war,but it kept pur freedom for us,,,mrs wayne h ripley,,,
vera holmes ripley, i.m 79 years old, live in east moline il. came to u.s. in 1946 [09-17-2004]

I would like to know how to get a guided walking tour.
Kimberly Martino [09-17-2004]

hi i hate history
Catalina Matthers, 14 [09-17-2004]

I love us history!1
jessie parker, ga [09-17-2004]

Martha, I saw your message and from what I see on the web Memorial Hall is the only remaining building from the Centennial Exhibition of 1876. http://www.the-meltingpot.com/P7140022memorhal.htm
Rob, ne pa [09-17-2004]

In my accelerated PA history class, we were assigned topics to write a report and do oral reports on. I chose the history of Philadelphia, because I always have found it interesting. This website made everything a lot easier to do my report. It is really great.
Tara, age-14 [09-17-2004]

US real
Rick Waddell [09-17-2004]

Normandy Liberty Bell - CONTACT : Patrick DAUDON 3 Place des Moulins 50100 CHERBOURG - FRANCE
Patrick Daudon, Normandie - France [09-17-2004]

Most old & young folks do not know much about GW. See website http://www.MorristownS.com to read of his adventures and character which led to our independence. Let's hope we use Freedom with RESPONSIBILITY! Histor E. Buff
Histor E. Buff, GEORGE WASHINGTON went to sea at age 19 (his diaries) [09-17-2004]

I have found great information here used as a teaching aid for the Boyscouts in the area. Thank You
SGT.Richard L. Rader II, 36 years young from Parkersburg, WV. Iraqi Freedom Veteran [09-17-2004]

i like it cause it got my group an A
anonymous [09-17-2004]

This is a great site! :o)
Phabeanna, 20 [09-17-2004]

Today I started student teaching a 5th grade class who have the responsibility of raising, lowering, & folding the school flag. I want to make sure we do things correctly. Thank you.
David White, East Millinocket, Maine [09-17-2004]

Le site est assez intéressant. ca fait un bon bout de temp que je ne suis pas venue et je trouve qu'il a bien changé. j'ai l'impression qu'il n'était pas comme ca avant. Bonne continuation - c dommage que c'est uniquement en anglais. www.aboutmalls.com
aurelie [09-17-2004]

good site !...fantastic infos!
Bernd [09-17-2004]

Thanks for all of your support!
Tom [09-17-2004]

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Edward C. Zimmerman, Jr., Founder & President USS UNITED STATES Foundation [09-17-2004]

Kim [09-17-2004]

I am mostly interested in US History, all because it makes me rethink of an opt decision whom everybody faces, that of discrimination.
Enrique Chan, 16 years old, Miami, FL [09-17-2004]

Sonya [09-17-2004]

eugenia sanon [09-15-2004]

Granddaughter of Washington Budd Sager. Father, my Father < Harold Lauck Sager was the middle child of 7. I last saw my Grandfather when I was 4 1/2 years old. I still have the rubber indian he gave me. He was soft-spoken and gentle.
Evelyn Sager Bramhall, Newark, Delaware, 58 years old [09-15-2004]

During a discussion about our gov't and foreign policy the Monroe Doctrine came to mind. I have printed this and book marked this site for further reference. We have strayed from many of the basic principles of Democracy, in my opinion, and this text is only one of many that demonstrate my belief. Thank You for having this available. Mike Schindler
Mike Schindler, M57CampHill, Pa [09-15-2004]

I would like to know if the buildings built for the 1876 centennial are still in existence, i.e. Horticultural Hall, Rhode Island house, etc? My very good friend,who is 88 years old lived in the Rhode Island house until approximately 1932. She really would like to know anything we can find out about them. She is now living in Virginia. I neglected to say they were in Fairmount Park. Thank you for your help, MAAS
Martha Ann A. Sanders [09-06-2004]

History available to all. A marvellous experience. Highly recommended.An unbelievable amount of information, given feeely, a must for all to share
lorna & trevor kempster, Australian seniors, from Adelaide south Australia, [09-06-2004]

Please add me to you guestbook and send to my email address local events.
Lorraine, Delaware/PA [09-06-2004]

i think this website has helped me a lot on my project i think a lot of oter websites are not as helpful because they get me lost.
Holly Kntott, 16 bellevue Nebraska on steppe team [08-31-2004]

i love history its the greatest thing in the world
brittany, 16, bellevue, my dogs name is gabe [08-31-2004]

I am proud to inform you I was able to Get FL Rep Mark Foley to enter honor Founding Father Robert Morris in the 105h Congressional Record for financing the revolution for George Washington and saving us from being British at request of a Morris descendant, Gladys Hungling, Sebring, FL> Foley discovered Arhives records to show Morris borrowed on his own property and many colonies never paid him back and the depression that followed the treaty made him suffer greater losses. But George Washington and Jefferson died trying to get him honored as the man who saved the revoluttion so I am proud I was able to get Rep Foley to do that in Sebring, Fl and sent us a copy of the new Congressional Record I gave Gladys Hungling but a copy could be obtained if desired from the Capitol Hill Office of Foley. It is very rewarding to set the record straight even though it ook over 220 years to do that and Hungling is his great, great, great etc grand daughter friend of mine, now age 79, in Sebring, FL I can be reached at 850-576-3201 to verify this. Thank you. Friends call me the spirit of 1776 and I plan a historic site of my own for a library on tne evolution and history of American Housing etc. This has been alabor of love for me...over 40 years. Willowdean Vance
Willowdean Vance, aka Willow, I was responsible for having Fl Rep Mark Foley honor Robert Morris in Congressional Records [08-30-2004]

thank you
ashlee meadors, 14,springdale,ark [08-26-2004]

i have come here to research facts for an essay to win a trip to williamsburg
Hayden Herrera [08-26-2004]

My husband is attending a meeting at Philadelfia sept 25-oct 3rd. I would like to Philadelfia City see as much as possible during the week. So I would like to get some information what would be the best way to do it. Yourt Ulla-Maija Kero
Ulla-Maija Kero [08-26-2004]

Our town of Morrisville is celebrating it's 200 birthday and Our church is asking to use a picture of Robert Morris on a Tee shirt. So here I'am asking for your permission to use the picture that is on the site for sister of the revolution.
anonymous [08-26-2004]

My maiden name is Barry. Although Commodore Barry had no children, we have always liked to pretend that we are his descendants. It is believed that he is descended from a junior son of one of the Barrys of Olethan and Buttevant; that his immediate family drifted into county Wexford from Barry's Country, county Cork, in pursuit of their activities in sea faring. We were thrilled to see his statue along the waterfront at Wexford in 1976
Barbara Barry Back, Age 74, Calistoga, CA [08-26-2004]

Nothin' in my brain right now
Platinum Shark, Nothin' [08-26-2004]

I grew up being told that my Grandfather's (Felix Pulaski of Chicago, Ill) great, great uncle was Gen. Kazimierz Pulaski. I am taking a trip to Poland in December and would like to know if there are relatives still in Poland I can visit.
Barbara Fate, daughter of Stella Slater (Pulaski) [08-26-2004]

What are the main ideas of the Decleration of Independence
zach [08-26-2004]

Thanks very much for taking your time to create this very useful and informative site
Martina [08-26-2004]

I enjoyed the visit good stuff. Good luck with your site !
Sonja [08-26-2004]

It was a great pleasure for me to visit and enjoy this site. Thanks
Walter [08-26-2004]

Plan to visit in October and interested in obtaining info on history related tours.
Lynda L. Greene, Houston, Tx. [08-26-2004]

Am coming to Philadephia for National Rehab Conference in October so wanted to see what to see while there. Found a lot.
Cheryl Wendelin, Live in Lincoln, NE [08-26-2004]

I think that history is cool. I love Atlanta and I enjoy my school. And I represent that A-Town to the fullest!
Aquasia Miles, I am 17 and I represent that ATL! [08-26-2004]

Hi! Is here someone from my class? Mr Klein are you here?
bucha, - [08-26-2004]

Thank you so much for having this website available. I am in a history class right now and have a feeling that I am going to be here a lot. Thank you again.
Jennifer [08-26-2004]

Nick Ercoline, Pine Bush, NY [08-26-2004]

Joeei Benedict [08-26-2004]

This is a really cool site. I love learning about American History! Thanks
Mary Knapp, 19, New York [08-26-2004]

I enjoyed the imformation you provided
jonnie young [08-26-2004]

This is a very good site.
Sara Britt [08-26-2004]

very good
luc, http://www.ushistory.org [08-26-2004]

"So soon old and so late smart" describes my former interest in History. Thank you for this site!
Robert E. Zipp, Grateful to have found your website [08-26-2004]

this site is great! found all the info I needed1
melinda jenner [08-26-2004]

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I was a visitor on Sunday,August 8,2004. I would like to get information on how to obtain a copy of the service.
Clifford A. Colbert, 1031 D Spa Road Annapolis, Md. 21403 [08-26-2004]

Great guide to wet my appetite for my upcoming visit! LOvely, that I can walk it all, hope the weather will be good in October! Thanks for your work!
Angela Higgs, from New York [08-26-2004]

I need maps of colonial pennsylvania!
Master Bashun, 69 [08-26-2004]

Emily Stapp, 25 years old [08-26-2004]

Hi the lady in australia GILL EBDY. Ihave info on the EBDY family. If she wants to contact me by e/mail Regards RJWALSH
RJ walsh [08-26-2004]

I thoroughly enjoyed reading at your site. Bookmarked and will visit back soon.
Kai [08-26-2004]

I have interest in the patriot Peter Whiteside (an associate of Robert Morris)and his family.My understanding is that Peter (and his brother James) put shoes on the bare feet of our Continential Army at Valley Forge and that later Peter financed the Louisiana Convention with his own money. They were catholics who attended at St. Mary's and were a family of four brothers.I have just come upon an image of a sampler produced at the Mrash School of Philadelphia by one of these Whitesides but can find no Internet records of the Marsh School. Can you help ?
Warren Whiteside, I produce a Whiteside Family CD for the Whiteside Family Association, Inc. (a non profit, educational and charitable corporation of the state of Delaware) [08-26-2004]

Alex [08-26-2004]

i search for important detail on my topic
pam wooten [08-26-2004]

I still have a great interest in the American Civil War. I have been reading a biography of Ulysses S. Grant. I think Abraham Lincoln was a great man of his age. Now in our own time, I think we need to think about other ways of making our country safe than fighting wars in the Middle East. President Bush is wasting the country's money on this war on terror and also for spending a lot of it on homeland security. Our fellow Americans are dying every day in Iraq, fighting to keep our country safe from terrrorists. I think now would be a good time to think about other ways to keep our country safe than fighting a war. I hope we can force Bush to lose the election.
Noah Langford, New York City [08-26-2004]

Just Found your Web site, Enjoyed your story re Benjamin Franklin
Glenn Harber, Canberra ACT Australia [08-26-2004]

I am interested in the Historical Times. The way people lived, what they did for entertainment. Especially in Philadelphia.
Sharon M. Abney, Philadelphia, PA [08-26-2004]

dajah, 13,torrance, [08-16-2004]

I have ancestors "residing" in your burial grounds. Is there a record of burials available? Yours is a very interesting side. thank you! Glad to see that some McLeans have contributed.
Dorothy McLean Ssmith, Portland, Oregon, USA [08-16-2004]

I visited their in the late 1960's, and was looking for information that would serve as a re-visit.Thanks
L., Roger Powell, Metro Denver, CO [08-16-2004]

Your website is really cool and really helpful! Thanks!
anonymous [08-16-2004]

niceplaces to go and vist
Giovanetti family, 15 phoenixville [08-16-2004]

great site very resourceful!
jane f iannacconi, teacher/civics/miami florida [08-16-2004]

I've grown up being told that I have an ancestor, Peter Lauck, who was a member of Morgan's riflemen. We have a picture of the Red Lion Inn. I've only recently become interested in geneology.
evelyn newman sager, age 58, born 12/14/45, Danville, Va., father's name Harold LAUCK Sager, Grandfather, Washington Budd Sager, born Woodstock, Va, [08-08-2004]

Thank you for letting me read the freedom documents Really helped Thank you.
Angelina, California [08-08-2004]

am having some problems so i need your aid.
ibrahim khalifa, am a senegalese 62yrs of age [08-07-2004]

l bailey, nashville, tennessee [08-07-2004]

Enjoy history of old buidings in Phiadelphia and would like information and photos.
Robert M. Kane [08-07-2004]

No coments at this time.
James Tatum, Cape,Florida33991 [08-07-2004]

I have just visited your site which I adored I will speak about it with my entourage to make you publicity and still cheer with the webmaster :)
Kai [08-07-2004]

Where would I find information about Robert Morris, financier of the American Revolution? He did so much and gave so much and gets so little credit.
Janice Johns [08-07-2004]

Thought the building was beautiful but the Church Bell that rang next door was a little too bit loud!
Richard J. Bucek, Visited US Customs House - Phil. PA. [08-07-2004]

I just wanna say; I've heard somwhere that in the American revolution some guys from my country were fighting in Washington's army...I proud on that significant act, God bless You :(
Rok, Slovenia, [08-07-2004]

Thank you!
Gabriela, OP 35 - CP28, Bucharest, Romania, 23ys. [08-07-2004]

Gordon [08-07-2004]

A wonderful site and a fine suplemental resource for students. Thank you for the wonderful work.
Matt Hasquin, 30/ American Government Teacher/ Shipman, IL [08-07-2004]

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malik adnan, 19 year, room no A 8 galaxy hostel ferooz pur road lahore pakistan [08-07-2004]

A model kit of the frigate USS UNITED STATES has been produced by Revelle kit# 5406. This model is not authentic. In 1976 Revelle produced a 1:96 (1"=8'-0") which had the poop deck. The new kit does not have a poop deck. Without this distinguishing feature, this kit is not the USS UNITED STATES. Ed. Zimmerman, Jr USS UNITED STATES Foundation representing the First Ship of the United States Navy
Edward C. Zimmerman, Jr., Founder & President USS UNITED STATES Foundation [08-07-2004]

I loved the site it wasso cool
allison [08-07-2004]

Was it proper to display The American Flag on the ceiling of The Fleet Center during the Democratic National Convention?
Carl Calma [08-07-2004]

Nice site. Also nice to see John Barry get the recognition he deserves!
Damian Doyle, Wexford, Ireland [08-07-2004]

Wonderful site
bobeck [08-07-2004]

Rodel Salazar [08-07-2004]

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S. Kotula [08-07-2004]

I have a question. What is the History of the Church Steeple? Thank you
eva boyce [08-07-2004]

Kermit Steck [08-07-2004]

So glad to learn of your website. Have always had a deep love of history, especially American History.
Jan Litton, Age: 62 - Live in Upatoi, Georgia - retired [08-07-2004]

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Bobby, IM 13 And i live in south philly [08-07-2004]

Now I know why Betsy Ross had it all sewed up.
janice a lee [08-07-2004]

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william j grayeski, science is better than sports [08-07-2004]

Charlie Baker [08-07-2004]

i would like to here from some people that are related to the field's famileys in ky
verna chumley, 54 female .chattaroy wv [08-07-2004]

This is a Great site for anyone wanting to know about the History of the USA
Rev.Robert Swesey, Nashville,Tn [08-07-2004]

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kabeergwandu@yahoo.co.uk [08-07-2004]

anonymous, check out a site yours is linked to. Our goal is for the people to get there country back! Pres George Washington warned us of our current situation [08-07-2004]

hello ! great page !
john [08-07-2004]

I went to Philadelphia last summer it was awesome. I loved seeing the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Also Franklin Court was pretty neat. I hope to go back again real soon.
anonymous, 14, Cincinnati [08-07-2004]

A very nice site, well thought out, I was considering visiting this fall, now Iam convinced it is a must. Thanks so much Mike
Michael Morris, Homer, Alaska [08-07-2004]

just nosying around all the info on Philadelphia as my husband's great uncle emigrated to there in 1893 and we are trying to build up his family tree = have reason to believe there are relatives albeit distant in the Philadelphia area - any info appreciated - the great uncle was James Henry Skitt married a lady called Martha and they lived on Pulaski Street Philadelphia
jean skitt, stockport cheshire England [08-07-2004]

I just love this site!
April Stendel, Las Vegas, NV [08-07-2004]

Thanks for all the great information! -George george.hill@xoomail.com
George [08-07-2004]

As once lived in the city of brotherly love and recently visited the city again, I was extremely surprised by the detoriation of this city--what has happened? Philly should hange their heads down low for what they done to this once beautiful city.
Sharon Minarczyk, 39 holly road Heathsville., Virginia., 22473 [08-07-2004]

Born and raised in Southwest Philly. Was devastated to learn that it is considered one of the fifteen 'hot spots' in the country. ('hot spots' meaning crime and drug infested. What a shame. The old neighborhoods were clean, safe and beautiful; well, at least I had a chance to grow up then.
Dolores Castaldo [08-07-2004]

You guys need to put up info as to wheelchair accessibility. I'm going there Friday with my daughter who is handicapped (7 yrs old - cerebral palsy) and I have no clue what I'm going to run into! Even tho' I've been there on class trips with my non-handicapped kids, I wasn't looking at it from that perspective at the time!
Marilyn Cahill, nj [08-07-2004]

I am looking for the kind of Navy Ship numbered 33, that would have been there in 1956. I have a picture of the Mayor of San Antonio,TX, on the deck of this Navy ship, addressing a group of people on the deck.
Bill [08-07-2004]

I kind of would like to know about the late presidents John Tyler, WM Henry Harrison and possibly all of the the era of that time period. For some reason (and I never was big on history when I grew up) I would like to compare the ways of life in the US government then with todays style of life and government. Thank You for your time, Truly Robert Ortega
Robert Ortega, 12/08/1950; Tucumcari, NM 88401; 505-461-1384 [08-07-2004]

An inmate asked me yesterday when the USA was first called the United States of America. Can you help me with that? Thanks. Ken
Ken Ralls, age 68...GED teacher in a Missouri state prison [08-07-2004]

Just returned from Co. Wexford,Ireland(2004) stood on Our Lady 's Island beach looking over the Celtic Sea,visited Rosslaire,my great,greatgrandmother was Dorothy Barry Harper a great niece of Cmd. John Barry..she emigrated from Co.Wexford to Phila. in 1850.Great Barry article,thanks so much,Sincerely K.Riley
Kathleen Riley, Born in Phila.Pa/Direct Descendant of Cmd. John Barry [08-07-2004]

Thanks for all the hard work. You are providing a great service
tom [08-07-2004]

Great site! Sure were a whole lot of fires. I found where my ggg grandfather Captain Phineas Eldredge was a commissioner of Southwark, lived on Almond St. and was looking for him and also my gg grandfather Captain John J. Garvin who was master of several ships in Philadelphia. Garvin's son, Benjamin Franklin Garvin was Chief Engineer of U. S. Navy in 1800's. I have a picture of him in uniform. If any one has any thing I would love to see it! Thanks. Judy
Judy Gsrvin, working on the Garvin/ Delano/Eldredge genealogy - I'm from Alabama [08-07-2004]

Please send info package to me.
Michael Kutz/ Uncle Bob, Michael Kutz 329 S. 9th St. West Bend WI. 53095 [08-07-2004]

Your site was very informative. I have many friends and family serving our country and I'm very patriotic.Thanks for the information.
Gena, 19 years old, Caruthers, California [08-07-2004]

I am interested in your site for both my interest in history and as a neat reference source.
Bobby E. Morefield, As of July '04 I am a 74 year old mail living in Edgewater, FL and highly desirous of preserving and enhancing the American heritage. [08-07-2004]

I'm sorry I didn't get to the museum before it closed. :-(
Neezer [08-07-2004]

Mark Wilcox [08-07-2004]

Congratulations on a job well done!
gerd [08-07-2004]

Congratulations on a job well done!
gerd [08-07-2004]

Thank you, to teach the world about this Country. Your website is very usefool.
Laurent, http://www.citesearch.com [08-07-2004]

Anytime we can get free information and learn more about good and important things, it is appreciated.
Farid Mokhtarian [08-07-2004]

Just browsing through these magnificent documents reminds me, a somtime critic of US government policy,that your republic retains a bedrock of democratic principles which will remain for all time.
Norman Clarence Moore, 59 yrs old, Irishman proudly resident in Australia. [08-07-2004]

I would like to know about the history of the US since independence sent to me.
Osoba S. Samuel, 21, Nigerian, Lagos [08-07-2004]

Great site..I enjoyed it a lot..BTW Its the first time I'm posting my comments on a public place.
sandy [07-25-2004]

One of America's greatest tragedies is that so many have forgotten the true meaning of patriotism. Patriotism is not blindly following a leader because he says it's true and you should not question him. True patriotism is to always question a leaders motives and be ready to critisize anything that seems to diminish the rights of all people and that tramples on our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Anything less is to accept ultimate tyranny and a regime that accepts only it's interpretation as the model for our country. Historically, millions have died by because they have accepted the definitions of freedom as put forth by their assumed leader.
Roger Baker, Lake City [07-25-2004]

Thank you for helping to keep the history of our great nation alive!
Cecelia, Anderson, SC [07-25-2004]

Hey, thanks for the easy to access site here, as well as a few other details... such as the original version of the Pledge of Allegiance. Thanks so much
Patrick Jones [07-25-2004]

My father had served for our country in the Korean war. He raised all 8 of his children to stand up for our Country, Men and Women whom enlist, and to Honor our Flag and Freedom.
JT, 44,winterswijk [07-25-2004]

WOW... way back in the fourth grde (almost 30 years ago) my teacher at Shawmont School (Mrs. Polen) took us on the historic tour and I didn't fully appreciate it for what it was. Looking at it now, not only do I appreciate it, but since I am now in Florida, it made me a little homesick. I hate when people trash Phildelphia. Its a WONDERFUL city. You have to have lived there to appreciate it. I miss you Philly!
Stacey, Philla native transplanted to FL [07-25-2004]

I need the infomations about catchers americans
bill jose, 1970, rdcongo/kinshasa [07-25-2004]

I went to this website to see the Declaration of Independence, but was unable to find it listed under your address. Also text and images of the historic document, info on all its signers, etc. Disappointed!
Sylvia Griffin [07-25-2004]

I was never interested in history of any kind when I was a kid. Now that I'm a parent and homeschooling my 14 year old son, I love history and wish I would have paid attention in class! I enjoy your website and use it often! I am learning more now than I ever have. My son is even learning more about our nation's history than his friends in public school. Knowing more about our nation's history has made me more patriotic and has influnced my son to love our country and trust our leaders!
anonymous [07-25-2004]

I listened to David Barton yesterday on WCRF radio in Ohio. I'm in my late 50's and until yesterday didn't realize how much I don't know about my country. I knew that the country was founded on Christian principles but didn't know that 27 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence had gone to seminary school and the importance of their faith and values in founding this country. When you think of all these men did, without benefit of "telephones, tv, or the internet" and what brilliant documents they left for future generations, how can anyone not believe that they were not guided and blessed by God and given the wisdom needed to found these United States of America. What I am sure about is how ashamed they would be of how far we, as a Christian nation, have fallen and how we have let our courts and some elected representatives twist and misinterpret the founders words in order to be politically correct today. All of us need to fall on our knees before God and beg for mercy, wisdom and strength to find and elect Godly men and women to bring our country back our basic Godly beliefs and virtues. Let's pray that on this July 4th we follow our forward thinking founding fathers and our current President and restore America to greatness. Thanks for this website and God Bless America.
Dee Smith [07-25-2004]

I have just visited your site which I adored I will speak about it with my entourage to make you publicity and still cheer with the webmaster
lisa [07-25-2004]

I really enjoyed your site. Very informative and user friendly. Keep up the good work.
Kevin Patrick Lee, I reside in a small town in Southern Illinois, with a BA in History and Political Science, collect U. S. Commemorative Stamps and love history, especially U. S. history [07-25-2004]

Is the city hall in need of funding to renovate it or does it have enough money presently? I have a postcard of it from about 1957. Do you have a postcard collection of it? How much is it worth now?
Joseph Dague, Homeschooler from Gettysburg [07-25-2004]

This is a beautiful site. I plan to send the link to my friends. Your work will be appreciated. thank you
hans [07-25-2004]

I love Philadelphia. I was raised most of my life there and I now reside in North Carolina. I miss everything about Philadelphia (Philly) and wish I could return for good, but due to jobs this is where we live for now. We visit about 3-4 times a year and enjoy every minute that we can visit the city and our families still living there. Go Phillies, Eagles and Flyers! Kathy
Kathy, Previous Resident [07-25-2004]

Our family took a tour of your lovely city, was very enjoyable and eductional. I would like more information on Christchurch Cemetary. The picture I took of the Plaque listing Franklin's accomplishments, didn't come out., been looking for a listing of them as it appears on plaque. And looking for details on cemetary. ie: Deepest grave, how many people., etc. Anywhere I could get this info would be helpful. Please email me back if you can. Thank you
Diane Wilkinson [07-25-2004]

What a great web site. Please keep in my Children when developing this site. I'll be using this webpage to teach my little daughter about the history of this great nation. Good job!
Jose A. Saravia, 37, Somerset, NJ [07-25-2004]

verna h. darby [07-25-2004]

Eine wirklich schöne Seite! Für die Verantwortlichen ein dickes Lob. So macht Surfen Spass. Ein wirklicher Augenschmaus. Ich kann mich überhaupt nicht sattsehen. Ich werde jetzt erstmal in Ruhe alles durchlesen und kome sicher wieder. Raimar
Raimar [06-30-2004]

Thats what ive been looking for! Regards Oriflame, Kosmetyki, Praca, Zarabiaj, Pieniadze
Oriflame, 20, wroc, pl [06-30-2004]

Catch 22, The First Amendment gives us the right to free speech or expression. Flag burning is an example of that expression, however, to villy destroy the U.S. flag is to shun that for which it stands, including the First Amendment!
Joseph Massi Jr. [06-30-2004]

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PageRank - SEO [06-30-2004]

I think you should make games on Betsy Ross.
Haley, 10 Tooele, Utah [06-30-2004]

REV. REBA J. SOREY, ordained elder in the a.m.e. church [06-30-2004]

This site is most informative. Thank you for maintaining and originating the site.
Ronald A. Brey [06-30-2004]

Thank you. You made my class on Patriotism much more fun and easy.
Vickie Mendenhall, Blackfoot, ID [06-30-2004]

Thanks for being there. Today, we need more than anything else to exercise our freedoms provided to us by the US Constitution, and its laws. It is good to express my opinions openly, without regard to how they may be interpreted -- by anyone. I love this country and what it stands for.
Sam Ochi, 56, Saratoga, CA, a naturalized US citizen and proud to be one. [06-30-2004]

cool! i love pretzels!
Jenni Thomas, 14 [06-30-2004]

My father had served for our country in the Korean war. He raised all 8 of his children to stand up for our Country, Men and Women whom enlist, and to Honor our Flag and Freedom.
Sallie Estill, 49, Albuquerque, Small Business owner [06-30-2004]

kirstin [06-30-2004]

It is a nice website to do a paper but just to look and see the pictures was the best because i don't like to read boring stuff
Bernhard, age 43 City: Heiligenwald Saarland Germany [06-30-2004]

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sandra thompson, elberton,georgia [06-30-2004]

cody, i am 14 and from kansas [06-30-2004]

Keep up that great work! very nice page. You have done an exceptional job in creating and designing this website. My Congratulations to you! Thanks for your hard work! I will visit this site frequently. Hope there will be more and more resources provided.
priya [06-30-2004]

Allen Porterfield, Bellingham, WA [06-27-2004]

I Love Your Web Page, it,s Great. My Great Grand Parents were from New Geneva PA. Cannot find anything. Is there such a Place? in Fayette County? Thank You And Keep up the Good work.
Helen Smith, Detroit,Michigan [06-27-2004]

I would like to know the original name of the Liberty Bell before it was nameed The Liberty bell.
anonymous, 29 [06-27-2004]

Fantasic! it`s a very good page! I found a lot of information! Thanks
hilda, 87 years old, germany, davensberg [06-27-2004]

vikas [06-27-2004]

For an exhibit at the John P. Parker Historic Site in Ripley, Ohio, I would like to acquire a photo copy of a tag hired-out slaves in Mobile, Alabama were required to obtain and wear. Parker purchased his freedom in 1845 with money earned from foundry work. Thanks for any assistance you may give me. Charles B. Nuckolls, 1237 Paddock Hills Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45229, 513 242-4521;Fax 513 242-4507
Charles B. Nuckolls, Cincinnati, Ohio [06-27-2004]

Sara Holt, 17, Springfield, MO [06-27-2004]

What a great website! The virtual tour of the historical sites is fast, loaded with information and fabulous! Our family is looking forward to a one-day visit to Philadelphia and now we can make the most of our time in the city. We can't wait. Thank you for making this easy for me to plan.
Kristina Engel, Naperville, IL, family of four with children ages 6 and 9 years [06-27-2004]

a wonderful city--Phila
anonymous [06-27-2004]

Is anyone out there interested in Metro Detroit area besides me?
mari, westland history and surroundings area [06-27-2004]

Every year, at a different revolutionary war location, as the clock turns to midnight on July 4th, my husband and I read the Declaration of Independence aloud. Your site has been of great assistance as we choose our 2004 location. THANKS!
Bonnie Neubauer, Havertown, PA [06-27-2004]

been in country, stand tall to the man usmc 1969
SONNY SEMONES [06-27-2004]

sam, 15, england [06-27-2004]

USS UNITED STATES Foundation is a non-profit organization and now has a tax exempt status. Ships' logs of the first six frigates of the United States Navy need to be placed on a durable medium. These log books may not last much longer and their contents may be lost forever. Contact me at USSUNITEDSTATES@Yahoo.com for more information. Edward C. Zimmerman, Jr. USS UNITED STATES Foundation Founder & President
USS UNITED STATES Frigate, Edward C. Zimmerman, Jr Founder & President [06-27-2004]

Really enjoyed the site. A taste of home to me.
Robert Callet, Born in Germantown, now in Las Vegas. [06-24-2004]

I am tring to find out more info about the certifacates issued for the betsy ross memorial association in 1899 who were the members who signed the certifacates i have one and was intresed in finding out more about it if any one has more info that would be great thank pegi email is sasharhea@email.com
pegi [06-24-2004]

i think this is awsome
PENNY, 40 years old athens texas [06-24-2004]

I am coming to Philadelphia next week for the wedding of my grandaughter. I've never been to Phil. am looking forward to seeing the sites I've read about all my life.
LaVerne Schepperley, age 70 Michigan resident, recently widowed [06-24-2004]

LaVerne Schepperley, age 70 Michigan resident, recently widowed [06-24-2004]

THORN [06-24-2004]

Thank you, for your site, to teach the world about this "Great Country." I love this country, God bless America!
Kristopher Beer, West Valley City, UT [06-24-2004]

Can anyone tell me how long the US flag will stay at half staff commemorating Pres Reagan? I know is must have been decreed, but can't find it anywhere and thought it was a shame that the symbol of our great country had to be flow at half staff through the day that was set aside to honor it (FlagDay, June 14th)...
Susan D., San Angelo, Tx [06-24-2004]

Just looking
Pat Blackmon, Texas [06-24-2004]

Dear ushistory It's been good listening to your HISTORY! I would like to say Thank you THANKS Eric Ashton
Eric Ashton, Age:11 City:Tremonton UT [06-24-2004]

DERRICK, arlington [06-24-2004]

I just found your website and I think it's great. I am so proud to be an American!
sean lamont, 35 w.m. cedar rapids, iowa [06-24-2004]

Has anyone heard of Bobby Thomas furniture? Solid mahogany.....
Ellen [06-24-2004]

Sarah M. Clark [06-24-2004]

very informative and good information about the church beginning. good site for students to learn more about black history.
ESLOAN, orlando, florida [06-24-2004]

I come from Poland and I'm proud of Polish input to American history. Please check: Taddeus Kosciuszko, Kazimierz Pulaski. God Bless America, and you.
Artur, Age:35. Living in Montreal. Church: www.NBMchurch.org [06-24-2004]

Though I live in the area, and have visited many of the sites on the virtual tour, I have truly enjoyed seeing them again and at my leisure on the web. What a truly amazing instrument of education this is! The site was informative and extremely complete and well done. Thank you; I will visit often!
anonymous [06-24-2004]

Shalom! Intresting site,especially for me,artist USA history and collector US flags GOD BLESS USA and ISRAIL !
Sofia, I'm 22,Jewish lady from Hollywood,Ca. [06-24-2004]

My thoughts are: where can I find the answer about the symbolism of using the US flag in sporting events. P.S. Great web site
Dani & David Arnold, Weatherford, TX [06-14-2004]

I enjoyed the site
Don Kern, 45 Gate City, VA. [06-14-2004]

My Mother& Dad came to this country in 1912 from Poland and never look back. They love this country.My Dad Fought in WW1 This is A great site
Russ, Boston, Mass [06-14-2004]

I am a native of Philadelphia. Always interested in what's going on there.
rhonda, 44 yrs, jacksonville, fl [06-14-2004]

really nice site good wook
patriot, housten [06-14-2004]

It is a good thing not only for our children, but, for adults too. Look forward to visiting.
rhonda, 44 yrs, jacksonville, fl [06-14-2004]

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me find information on "The Railroad Car Trust of Philadelphia" Thankyou
anonymous [06-14-2004]

I enjoyed the website. Keep up the great work and GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Christine Stippich, I am 52 and a mother of three sons. [06-11-2004]

does the gity have an archiveaa? if so dating back how far?
Kevin Mann, 33 philadelphia [06-11-2004]

Franklin Court has the cooliest underground muesam. Now I am dying for a 3-corner hat
David Cunningham, I live in Ridgewood N.J. [06-10-2004]

wow it help a lot thanks
Anisha Hountondji, 13 houston tx [06-10-2004]

It's no longer taught in our schools. Ecstatic to see this site. Some level of hope that tomorrows remember yesterdays.
Grant Covington, Atlanta GA [06-10-2004]

I Love anything about america and about the flag. awesome website!
Julie M. Rich, 35, Marlboro Mass [06-10-2004]

susan heinold [06-10-2004]

i love this page. keepp it up
enugu, aba [06-10-2004]

Great site! !
Dorzok family [06-10-2004]

this is a great and easy to use website that has been more than helpful to my studies. I thank you for all the work it takes to keep a site like this going Jason
Jason, Corpus christi Tx, [06-10-2004]

I come back to this site every now and then to place news on my genealogy findings. I just want all those that are interested in Whelchel Family History to know that I'am still searching and my book will get done sooner or later. I have finished one (1-28-2004) it has poems written by a Whelchel family member and anyone can preview it at www.1stbooks.com Author: Dink Title: Dink's Poetry 2002. The Whelchel Saga Continues: http://www.flyerstarter.com
Dink Welchel, http://www.flyerstarter.com [06-10-2004]

Hey, everybody, I have a question that needs answering. In 1913, at Pearl Harbor, the first dry dock built there exploded with tremendous force. The accident killed 7 people. After a year a investigation, the Navy found nothing wrong with the construction of the dock nor any scientific conclusions. "What caused this blast?" is my question.
Chino Coreano [06-10-2004]

this is a very neat informational website
laura mitchell [06-10-2004]

This site is great but it needs the meanings of the colors on the flag.
Sara, 11 [06-07-2004]

On the flag rules and regulations webpage, it is noted that it is acceptable to fly a(n) historic flag ... that with less than 50 stars. It may be noteworthy to add that US flags with less than 50 stars (e.g. WWII 48 Stars, 1776 13 stars, etc.) are considererd "pennants" and not US flags, and therefore are not relegated by those rules governing US flags. Thanks. W. Jones
W Jones, 36,M,Texas [06-07-2004]

Thank you for mentioning two areas of interest in my family history. I am a direct desendant of B. Franklin and of David Jayne. Visited Franklin Court just a little while ago, haven't seen the Jayne Building though. I am very lucky.
Timothy Jayne, Jr. [06-06-2004]

We Have a rich history and thanks for keeping it known.
William Mardie Bell, 43, Lawton, Ok, Started back to school [06-06-2004]

I need to find out info on the Yellow Fever epidemic that occured in philidelphia in 1793
anonymous [06-06-2004]

great site with great information, your nation is so fortunate to be blessed with a rich and proud history. God Bless America and all it stands for - from a northern neighbour
phil vinet, ontario canada [06-06-2004]

Information about my ancestors.
Katie, Age:10 City:Hercules State:California Zip:94547 [06-06-2004]

Please find my Singh ancestors from India. Also, my Lopez ansetors.
Melissa Simmons, Age :11 City: Hercules Province: [06-06-2004]

What a great and patriotic website! Just the documents section alone is awesome.
anonymous, 15 yrs old, Wakefield, New Hampshire [06-06-2004]

Klasse Seite kann ich da nur sagen. Bin schwer begeistert und wirklich gute Seite findet man leider Gottes nur recht selten. Macht weiter so. Ich geh jetzt noch weiter bei Euch stöbern und werde mich auch im Gästebuch bestimmt mal wieder blicken lassen. In diesem Sinne....Viele Grüße aus Niedersachsen/Germany.
Sascha, http://www.goodlife-power.de [06-04-2004]

Thomas A. Guerra [06-04-2004]

I love your site! I love history and I was looking for general information about historical flags of the US and I have throughly enjoyed perusing your site. Thank you for a job well done!
Don Golder, Aston, PA [06-03-2004]

I love Phillidelphia. Its a very historic place. My dad works at the US Mint(Annas dad).I used to live there and I was born there.My dad is a undertakerthere (Kelly's dad).
Anna & Kelly, 9 sewell NJ [06-03-2004]

Nicole [06-03-2004]

LUKE, age 9 Sewell N.J. [06-03-2004]

Reginamarie [06-03-2004]

Joeylynn [06-03-2004]

Thomas [06-03-2004]

Christopher [06-03-2004]

Kyle [06-03-2004]

William J Heckman [06-03-2004]

Ed Glatt, 69 from and retired [06-02-2004]

John A. Howard [06-02-2004]

This is a very cool web site to learn about history.
LeAndra Alonzo [06-02-2004]

George Washington spent the night in my grandfather's barn. Jesse Brinkley on White Marsh Rd., Suffolk, Va. My grandfather's land extended into the Dismal Swamp. I would love to have a list of Soldiers that served in the Revolunary War. How far did Washington go into Virginia. I am from Virginia and I visited my grandfather's home many a time and there is a sign stating the Site on the property. I just love this website. Thank you and all your effort and work. God Bless America
katherine Bailey, I am 75 and I am working on my family's genealogy. Morris/Brinkley & Baines [06-02-2004]

Are you aloud to have a bumper sticker with something written on it when the words are american flag print?
anonymous [06-02-2004]

God Bless America, and God Keep USHistory.org
The O'Connor Family, San Diego [06-02-2004]

Today is saturday and in tuesday I am going with my class to your musean and another parts. I can't wait. My class and I we are the last class to go to philadelquia from Eisenhower School thats why we are so excited. See you tuesday.
juliana, age 12 [06-02-2004]

James Schmidt [06-02-2004]

I am a tour director on my way to PA with 3 bus loads of students from Massachusetts........
Nancy Sweeter, Danvers, MA [06-02-2004]

great site but you might want to add a part about bourse. which is the first stockmarket
breanna, 9 [06-02-2004]

I was reading the information you have posted in a Q&A formate regarding the the display of the American Flag. I have a question to ad to it. The Boy Scouts of America have the US flag displayed on their uniform on the right sholder and the blue field is positioned to the back of the shoulder. this does not follow the code you have publised. Who is right? Please let me know Thanks
Scott Paddack [06-02-2004]

Inside a building, on which side of the entrance should the US flag be displayed? To the right of the person entering or leaving the building? Thanks.
Joel Fritzler [06-02-2004]

I really like your website
Angedith Alamo, 12 Camden [06-02-2004]

love yaguys. u know who i'm talking about
shyloma, teddy [06-02-2004]

I really like this website, but it is hard to find things. Such as the Yellow Fever Epidemic in 1793.
Britt, I live here. I love to visit Philly often! [06-02-2004]

Great sight
Ashley [06-02-2004]

What a great website.
Ralph L Sawin, 20 year Marine [06-02-2004]

hey all in america sup if u no me im me at clr864
chelsea rocuba, 12 simpson pa [06-02-2004]

this is a very good website, i got a lot of informayion here for my project
nicole [06-02-2004]

Wonderful, helpful, educational site. Our church wanted to make sure we were displaying the US flag properly during Memorial Day services. Thanks!
Jason Blackketter, 33 [06-02-2004]

Orville Funk, 47 Bonney Lake WA [06-02-2004]

I just returned from a visit to Historic Philadelphia with my students. I appreciate all the efforts made by your city and other government agencies to offer an enjoyable and educational experience for your visitors.
Maria L. Martinez, 42 yrs.old, teacher, NJ resident [06-02-2004]

This is an excellent resource for all information about US history. However, It would be very helpful if you could also find events by their dates. If that were possible students would then be able to make connections and learn what was happening at the same time in different parts of the country and world.
anonymous [06-02-2004]

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