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Guest Book Archives: January-May 2004

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Your web thingy has a lot of information.This is where I find information for my reports in school.I get A's every time I use your information.Anyways,thank you for the information.
Teresa Velasquez, 10 years old,napa,ca [05-31-2004]

Philip Veney, I'am a cool person and I can all so be mean [05-31-2004]

Daniqua [05-31-2004]

Excellent Web site! Thanks for a wealth of information on Historical Philadelphia.
Nina D. Reese :-) [05-31-2004]

need a site with funny trivia like the story i heard about the double shutters on inside &outside to hide the panes of glass from the english tax man
mr&mrs ken daly [05-31-2004]

well i would just like to say that your site has helped me out with not one but two of my history essays..so thank you very much! :)
anonymous, yr. 10 student, australia [05-31-2004]

Arthur Mcknight, history buff [05-31-2004]

i liked it- it was cool
Sandy Remaley [05-31-2004]

I'm coming to Phillie tomarrow and I think I'm going to have fun! !HOLLA AT CHA GIRL!
Cheyenne, 12 years old [05-31-2004]

I think you should develop and sell a package of reproductions of primary sources for the grade school child. With the new national and state level frameworks placing a huge emphasis on the use of primary sources in eaching social studies such a package would be very valuable. I would like to purchase the 4 documents that Franklin signed, but can only get reproducions of the two big ones, the declaration and the constitution. Really any thing from his life would be a great addiion o any classroom.
anonymous, Boston Graduate Student [05-31-2004]

Our family is interested in learning all about the rich history of Philadelphia. We live in East Norriton, and would like to try to take the train into Philadelphia to see all the wonderful sights you have put on ushistory.org. thanks!
Rachel Lidbeck, We were recently transfered to PA from Oregon. [05-31-2004]

SHALOM! I'm collector U.S. flags. My birthday is July 4
SOFIA, Los Angeles [05-31-2004]

i'm a korean nurse who is going to apply your hospital when it set up in korea in 2008. so i'd like to get to know about the hospital more.
piljoo kim, from south korea [05-31-2004]

Ryan [05-31-2004]

Zef Delgadillo [05-31-2004]

Cool Site
Rubina, 18 Holland Michigan USA [05-31-2004]

Datya [05-31-2004]

america is awesome!
amy, 14, michigan [05-31-2004]

Got into your website because I wanted to find out more about the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier and I Loved the information and the site. Great job.
Ruma Singh, Monticello, Georgia [05-31-2004]

Jacque [05-31-2004]

Could you send a picture of the USS Phillidelphia? Our son is in Nuke school and just got his orders. He will be serving on the Phillidelphia for the next three years.
Penny Falkner [05-31-2004]

Wonderful information that will enhance our visit. Thank you so much.
Sandy & Frank Tomlin, ages 60 & 66 Kennesaw, GA [05-30-2004]

lil e [05-30-2004]

i liked it. keep up the good work.
Othella Gales, 16---chicago [05-30-2004]

great place
Ryan, 10 [05-30-2004]

i thought this website was good because i'm going to visit Philadelphia soon and that helped me understand what is going to be there .that is why i like this website is good.
Matthew, 12,Lebanon Pa [05-30-2004]

Your website sucks
Lisa [05-30-2004]

that's a good site
william m. [05-30-2004]

Thank you guys so much for all of you information
Rowana Smith, Im 34 years old [05-30-2004]

Brianna Smith [05-30-2004]

hi u r cool. bye bye now
devin, 10 downingtown [05-30-2004]

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Edward C. Zimmerman, Jr. Founder & President, USS UNITED STATES Foundation [05-30-2004]

kalley [05-30-2004]

I made USA History 25 Years Ago When I Displayed the Worlds Largest Disco Sucks Sign.
Bob Abdul, Chicago [05-15-2004]

Beautiful Church.. Have a question..says you have a Rogers classic keyboard C-100 Organ. Must be one of more organs. I have that model and have`nt used it for some time. I don`t know how to plug in the peddles that came with it.Can someone help us by reading the set up booklet, and contact us. If one can..we would be thankful, as we have loaned it to a group, Setting up a new Church, so that they have music. Thanks, And God Bless you. Frank Sharrow Grants Pass, Oregon
Frank & Betsy [05-15-2004]

i think this is the best website ever `
eric, 16 firebaugh ca [05-15-2004]

Angela Zaffetti [05-15-2004]

Seeing "THE ALAMO" movie today made me want to do some reading in history. Glad to find your site. If it's good, I'll be back again.
Roy Dahmann, 56 - California [05-14-2004]

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Mikki, no thank u [05-13-2004]

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melissa salazar, 13,centrailia [05-13-2004]

This website is awesome! It gives me all the answers!
Nicki Hart [05-13-2004]

cool site just what I needed for home work :-)
Khadijah, 14,Connecticut [05-13-2004]

Great website loaded with tons of authentic info. Thanks
Jay Jones, High School History Teacher, Wautoma Wisconsin [05-13-2004]

I appreciate this site and plan to share it with my colleagues.
Marley Winningham, Educator from Dallas, NC [05-13-2004]

pretty neat and usefull
brandon weiland, 13 terril iowa [05-13-2004]

This site is the best site for American History in Philadelphia that I've found yet! --Shoutout Luv ya Nick!
Krista, I love this site! [05-13-2004]

I have a good collection of the very rare U.S. Communion Tokens. You should publish a listing of JUST your U.S. Communion Tokens. This should not take very long. When you got it - FLAUNT IT!
John Lorenzo, Midland Park, New Jersey [05-13-2004]

I like this website,but I want to kow why Betsy Ross made the flag? kEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! i GOT MOST OF MY INFORMATION FROM HERE AND APPRECIATE YOUR WEBSITE!,HEADBABY
Pia Harrison, Peace up/ Atown Down [05-13-2004]

majoring in english
tibetmoon, tibet [05-13-2004]

I appreciate your site..
Caley, Age: 15 [05-13-2004]

please put more info on us history frome the 1900's too the present
chris, 13 pflugerville texas [05-13-2004]

I need to know more about the monroe doctrine!
shandi robertson, um, i'm dead sexy [05-13-2004]

Nice site guys! My class came here
Kagome, pa [05-13-2004]

I work in the Penn Mutual Building the boarders Washington Square. I realized there was so much history around me, but never knew about the history of the site of the Penn Mutual Building. Thank You for the information!
Tina-Lyn, Glendora, NJ [05-13-2004]

great place
danielle, age 15 [05-13-2004]

Enjoyed reviewing this site. Planning to bring a group of high school students to Philadelphia in June. Touring this site has been extremely helpful in selecting places to see. The information provided in your site descriptions was nicely detailed.
Jacqueline H. Jones, Lynchburg Community Action Group [05-13-2004]

Very intresting
Cat [05-13-2004]

cool history page im using it in computer class
mearl, he died april 17 1790 [05-13-2004]

This website is a great site and is very educational. I like the fact that I can look up info about anyone that has made a difference in our world. Thanks a bunch later.
Megan, 17, Michigan [05-13-2004]

Kendra, 29, Everett, [05-13-2004]

im looking for homespun info because in oswego middle t\in the 7th grade u research thing about it at the end of the year so im trying look for that right now.
Trisha King, 13, oswego ny [05-13-2004]

I love historic Philly!
Paul, 11 yrs old, I live in Medfor,D NJ [05-13-2004]

I visited the Liberty Bell in 1953 on my senior high school trip. I was so touched. I cannot believe it has been 60 years since the invasion of Normandy. My first husband, James H. Litton MD, was in the invasion. How nice of you to reconize 60 years. God bless you!
Kathryn D Crymes, 4450 Duncan Bridge Road, Cleveland, Georgia 30528 - Age 68 [05-13-2004]

Would like a photo of Betsy Ross showing the period of clothing, for a school project play that my grandaughter is in. Thank you
Mary Barrett, 73 ocala fl. [05-13-2004]

You need to tell people about Francis Marion. He did realy great things.
anonymous [05-13-2004]

hello..i hae been trying to find someone to contact and am having great difficulty...i just hope that someone sees this message. my mother used to live in philly and loved your park. she is not doing well now and i would like to purchase a plaque to go on one of your benches. could someone please contact me with info on how to go about doing this??? thank you very much...marjorie L. shikes mlshikes@aol.com
marjorie shikes [05-13-2004]

Thanks for this website helped me with a lot of questions! This is a pretty good website
Kimberly Hix, Brownfield,Texas [05-13-2004]

John Barry is actually a distant realitive of mine, and I think your website is great and really provides good information on him. Thank you very much!
Missy [05-13-2004]

your web site helped me learn more about Philadelphia and now I know some fancy restaraunt.
Soraya Toubia, 12.Montgomery Village [05-13-2004]

Your website helped me on some research before I went to (Philly) Philadelphia.
Adriana Lopez, 12,MontgomeryVillage [05-13-2004]

Greg Garvin, 37, Pittsburgh [05-13-2004]

Robert Brown, 65 years old - Burton/Flint Michigan [05-13-2004]

Sean Painter, So. California [05-13-2004]

psy guy, 12 cincinnati,oh [05-13-2004]

birthday august 13
Brianna Brown, Cincinnati,OH 11years old [05-13-2004]

i thought that its a good website, especially for school. It wasnt entertaning at least the reading part but, i enjoyed the pictures!
Volleybob, Some Special Place where i live [05-13-2004]

Briana, Somewhere special [05-13-2004]

It is a nice website to do a paper but just to look and see the pictures was the best because i don't like to read boring stuff
Chelsea [05-13-2004]

heelen, age:89 [05-10-2004]

Great sight, I like the kids section
anonymous, 11, ks [05-03-2004]

yo i like this web site!
sam, 12 [05-03-2004]

I like the site it is cool!
haden sellers, covington VA [05-03-2004]

i had to do a research project for school and your website really helped me....thanks a lot!
Hannah, 13 years old [05-03-2004]

Nice website, although I hated my US history class!
Hans [05-03-2004]

I think you should have something that shows other important poeple like John Jay (Jay County Indiana).
Kallie [05-03-2004]

Thank you, I enjoy your site while examining at how to fix on this American flag for Language Projects. You have proved useful in extend friendship, certian for my exam! One day perhaps I will vist all your places when my conversations is long enough for you! Congratulate on a helpful site.
Oli Pubatte [05-03-2004]

Hello, Stumbled upon your website after purchasing a copy of The Rights of Man by Thomas Paine. There is much we can learn from history and I thank you for the ability to peruse some of yours.
David Thomson, Thirty something Australian with a love of history and politics. [05-03-2004]

Good website. I find what i want.
moocatz, http://www.club-vacance.com [05-01-2004]

this was a good site
ellie [05-01-2004]

I served with the Old Guard at Ft Snelling, Mn from Oct 1940 till June of 1942. Have attended one reunion at Ft Snelling. I served most of my time in the Anti Tank Co. I was transferred to the Army Air Corps unassigned awaiting aviation cadet training. I have visited many of the old members of the Anti Tank Co. and communicate regularly with T/Sgt James and Dorthea Tower in Staples, Mn. Most of the old members have passed on. Thank you for a wonderful site. I have fond memories of my duties at Ft Snelling. Orval Wood
Orval E. Wood, Lt Col. USAF (Ret), Age 82, Moses Lake, WA [05-01-2004]

Only about once or twice a year I have reason to cross the Commodore Barry Bridge from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. I have often wondered about who Barry was - and now I know! Thank you very much!
anonymous [05-01-2004]

what kind of loser would spend their time making this dumb website?
rosco bliego, texas [05-01-2004]

This the best web site for school and most of theses places we are going to visit when we go to our class trip. thank you to who ever made this web site. They really help students out with American History Projects.
Saige P. Tomey, Age12 [05-01-2004]

your site helped me get a lo of information about bettsy ross and it helped with questions for our test buhbye now
ashleigh [05-01-2004]

i have a catholic bible that is approbated to the most rev.archbishop mccloskey and archbishopjames f wood it is signes by wood and cila or shila i cant make it out. in 1880 thomas kelly is the publisher printer and steel plate eng
SHELIA FERGUSON, 423-378-4247 more info [05-01-2004]

when i die im going to heaven
brittany, 113 burlinton got 22 more years of my life time [04-28-2004]

Thanks eor the help!
Jared Jacobsen, Age 17 [04-28-2004]

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david simmons, im black, [04-28-2004]

this site is cool
brittany l, 11 birthday-june 6th 1991 [04-28-2004]

jen [04-28-2004]

Thank You for this site, i used it for a school project and it helped me clarify my information
School Boy, 8th Grade [04-28-2004]

I really really like your philly cheese steaks. This year i was suppose to go to Philly for school but i got in trouble and i couldnt. I would like it if you could send me one please. Thank you. Aaron
Aaron Cataldo, 123 Copper Oaks Ct., Woodsboro, MD [04-28-2004]

I am proud to be an american
Molly Maxine Winchester, 15, morgan utah [04-26-2004]

Planned the Independence (1 day) tour. Could have told me that I had to have txt for Independence Hall, Carpenters Hall and Old City Hall, that you pretty much had to undress to get thru security at the Liberty Bell and that Betsy Ross House "voluntary" contribution was $5 Adult $2 Kids and there was someone sitting at the desk to make sure you paid it. After we were told at Noon we had to have txt for Independence Hall, we went to Visitors Center to get them and couldn't get in until 4:00. Had to rearrange entire thought process as to what we were going to do with 4 hours of the day. Went to Mint only to find big concrete barriers, locked doors and signs on the doors saying if we wanted a tour, had to make advanced reservation thru special phone # or email. Somewhat disappointing, but did see everything (except the Mint).
anonymous, Myself and 2 kids ages 12 and 14 [04-26-2004]

i love the site keep it op
Asaba Owerri, 1953 [04-26-2004]

Hi! i am shianna and i am supposed to be doing my work, but i am done. And you should have games on here where i can shoot people like in the army! That is my suggestion! bye-bye now.
Shi, 15, Brownstown, Mi [04-26-2004]

i love the site so good guy
ABA MAN, 125 [04-25-2004]

i love this website! It gives kids and adults all around the world great information!thanks
anonymous [04-25-2004]

When I visited you several years ago, I was just starting work on my book, "A Chicago Firehouse: Stories of Wrigleyville's Engine 78." I had a delightful conversation with a fireman posted at the door. Now my book is a reality! (It came out in 2001.) Feel free to visit: www.achicagofirehouse.com
Karen Kruse, Chicago IL. I'm a proud firefighter's daughter and granddaughter [04-25-2004]

anonymous, illinois [04-25-2004]

Very informative site.
Cheryl, Calgary, Alberta Canada [04-25-2004]

I just want to acknowledge a great history teacher at Whitman excellently teaching 8th grade..............the one and only.... MR. BAWDEN!The best there is and will ever be. THANK YOU FOR TEACHING ME!11
Farhan Gilani [04-25-2004]

You should include more information on the Civil War. I can't search for any info on it on this site.
anonymous [04-25-2004]

Katlin, hi [04-25-2004]

kristina, 15 [04-25-2004]

I love your web sight
BRIE, 11 yrs old Davenport, Iowa [04-25-2004]

this website is cool
brittni, 18 years of age [04-25-2004]

Thank you for the site.
anonymous [04-25-2004]

ashley [04-21-2004]

chelsea rocuba, i am 12 and the year is 2004 [04-21-2004]

Our history is fasinating to me. I may not be top notch but have always loved US History & US Government. Thank you for the Website
Patricia L. Dudley, Age 55, from Rockland, Maine & Long term resident of S. Florida [04-21-2004]

this wab is so cool i come haer all the time.
channel stewart, age 25 [04-21-2004]

i just love to read what people are doing with there lifes you get some good storeys
jeneen, i live in a town where they made the movie the shiralee with peter finch [04-21-2004]

I don't have any thoughts.
Kamesh Shah, 14 [04-19-2004]

greeeeeeeeeat site dude
anonymous [04-19-2004]

Sherrod Chappel [04-19-2004]

great website! had lots of facts and helped a lot! thanks!
anonymous [04-19-2004]

Please visit us on the web and read our history. Sign our guest book. http://www.unitedlol228.org/
New York Loyal Orange Order 228, Scots- Irish in New York [04-19-2004]

enjoyed the Philadelphia Firsts!
Lori Maple Hayes, Philadelphia horticulturist [04-19-2004]

there are few words to describe this work! the colors are NOT close to Easter Egg dyes! the yellows are deep and true. the blues are beautiful! there are no words I feel explain how the waterfalls and mountains can be touched on. This is really a magnificent work of art and I am very glad it will stay here in Phila.
Pam Iaquinto, student at Delaware County Commyunity College, toook art as a brain thar course as Paralegal is my major; in which at a CIVIL LITAGATION class we discussed teh litagation 'problems' of the DREAM GARDEN' decided to get a look-see for myself as a final for the art class thus killed 2 birds with one stone as the saying goes. [04-19-2004]

I need thoughts on Pennsylvaina befor May3
Emma, Flowood,Mississippi [04-19-2004]

Roy Ernest Brehm [04-19-2004]

I would like to know whether Oliver Evans' Orukter Amphibolos amphibious wagon still exists. Please advise.
John A. McCurdy, Pace, FL [04-19-2004]

i need more info on the american fleg there isn't enough
Crissie, i will be 13 tomorrow April 16, i love history and i either want to work in the field of US government or in Medical [04-19-2004]

we shold make free donuts in nj
santos, none [04-19-2004]

i enjoyed. it had education
jessica [04-19-2004]

You have a great website. I will be speaking on "Early Brewing in Philadephia" Sat. April 17, 2004 at 2 PM at Yards Brewing Co. 2439 Amber St. 215-634-2600 or yardsbrewing.com. For more info: visit my website at http://pabreweryhistorians.tripod.com. Enjoy, Rich Wagner
Rich Wagner [04-19-2004]

carlos l trejos [04-19-2004]

Are the ways gone, The ways that this country was founded upon?
robby mcclendon [04-19-2004]

Need a place like this to help with researching for teen parties, school functions, etc.
Margene Bauhs, Age 46; Chaska, MN [04-19-2004]

Preston Nichols, I'm eleven years old [04-19-2004]

As a genealogist, I Am interested in the comunities where my ancestors hailed from and a great many came from Philadelphia.
anonymous [04-11-2004]

joe marler, 12 [04-11-2004]

Nice site! Keep up the good work!
Roger, 28/M/Miami http://www.altamega.net [04-11-2004]

JORIS L. BRINCKERHOFF, born: thursday, may 11, 1939 [04-11-2004]

anonymous, 15,ny [04-11-2004]

please make a link on King george the third a lot of kids need it in Maine and other places !
kara, i live in Maine [04-11-2004]

Great site, keep up the good work!
Wallpaper changer, 34 [04-10-2004]

Let me know when your store is open
Pamela Perkins [04-10-2004]

Frank Perrotti, West Grove, Pa 19390 Active member Sta 22 [04-10-2004]

People have argued about who was the real Father of the U.S. Navy .Ask any man born in Ireland and he'll tell ya'..............JOHN BARRY!
MaurizioSeamus Cattaneo, believe it or not Iwas born in Ballydehob, West Cork,Ireland! Of Italian parents,now residing in Redlands Ca., [04-10-2004]

can someone help me
sami, 11 [04-10-2004]

I like you website add a little more about Betsy Ross! Imean it.
Tamara Michalski, betsy ross [04-08-2004]

hey i love this site
anonymous [04-08-2004]

I dont know. It's kinda BORING! Where are the maps and pictures of colonial Pennsylvania? That's what I really need!
KH, somewhere in the USA [04-08-2004]

Sissy [04-08-2004]

my first time using computer in my life
0-0v, age 96 [04-08-2004]

Emmy [04-08-2004]

since I went down with my class there on April 15,2004 I went on here before and it helped me know where everything is and it helped me at lot! Also it is very cool place!
zachary, 10 annville,pa [04-08-2004]

I love your website. im doing a report on the 13 colonies and i ended up with Pennsylvania. You have great info on Piladelphia...wait did i spell that right...o well.Thanx for the info and love your website
Ian, 11, Huntington Beach [04-08-2004]

Hi, I just wanted to say that I like this website it gives me information on things. Mostley for my hisory biography report. I am doing mine on" Caesar Rodney". I'm not trying to be mean to Rodney or anything but don't you think Caesar is a weird and kinda dumb name. WEll you can e-mail me at YellowTweetyme if you have any information about Caear Rodney. I would love to have onformation for my report. bibibibibi Heather
Heather, I am 10 years old in Maryland [04-08-2004]

blanca, brentwood, ca [04-08-2004]

physically i would like to see and enjoy
RATHIP PREYENKA [04-08-2004]

I'm extremely proud to be an American and of our flag and what it represents. I am hurt by those who don't understand or know what price has been paid going back to the American Revolution, not just loss of life, but other consequences due to loyalty our country. It bothers me to see symbols of our freedoms used especially by entertainers who can sing about costs but have never experienced the opportunity to help pay the price by service. They can be so flippant and "brave" about the experiences in song, but can they do the work necessary? Not just entertainers either, but anyone who claims to love our country but treats it so shabbily- even down to the simplest act of littering. Thank you for the opportunity to vent.
Millie Willadsen [04-08-2004]

kenny .l .chapman [04-08-2004]

My grandchildren are homeschooled and I help. My granddaughter is studying Pa.. I knew that I'd find a good source for her here. Thank you! We would like to take her and her homeschooled siblings to Phila. What are your suggestions for ages 5 through 11? Thank You!
Patricia Book, Born in Phila. area and still live in Pa. [04-08-2004]

I am doing a project on the American revolutoin in my social studies class. We have to renact some of the battle scences or act out one of the main people. Your site was very helpful to me. THANKS!
anonymous, 13 yrs. old [04-08-2004]

javier, my age is 11 also my city is springfield is great [04-08-2004]

Great Site. Philly has always been "our town" and the more history you can share the better.
John Born, 80 years old, from South Jersey [04-08-2004]

Thanks a lot for help.
Fanny, Jersey City [04-08-2004]

need a sight for flag collectors
jung park [04-08-2004]

am looking for francis young (her maiden name.....class of June 1937
mcgovern, raised in southwest philly near barteam high and GE plant [04-08-2004]

I really enjoyed reading all of the information in this website. This is a very informative site. I am curious though. It seems like I read somewhere that the Liberty Bell is STILL rung on very very special ocassions. Maybe w/ a rubber mallett? Is that correct?
Gene Cobb [04-08-2004]

Brenda Skare, Age 41, Minnesota [04-08-2004]

pa is the best state in the us
Daniel [04-08-2004]

thx for some stuff I really needed it for a report
Mike the man [04-08-2004]

kENDRA, 14 [04-08-2004]

it all started when i forgot my communities book but i had the workbook. this site helped me a whole lot! thankyou sooo much!
gina petro, age 9 [04-08-2004]

This was a kewl site and I think you should do one for williamsberg.
Amanda, 10 [04-08-2004]

I haven't used your website a lot yet, but after seeing what you have I REALLY like how organized your website is. The Declaration page is excellent. Thanks.
Jeff Corry II, 25 years old, Cedar City, Ut. Attending Southern Utah University [04-08-2004]

steph [04-08-2004]

this is a great website for my kids
bob, 38 [04-08-2004]

Brenda Castorina [04-07-2004]

i think this is very educational. i have learned a lot and have used it almost every day on my social studies homework!
anonymous [04-07-2004]

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ullli, http://www.sms-sprueche.de.be [03-31-2004]

You have done an exceptional job in creating and designing this website. My Congratulations to you!
judith [03-31-2004]

Saw the statue and unfortunately we didn't know who he was, so I made it a point to look him up when i got back from vacation. Thank you for the info
June, Grand Rapids, MI [03-31-2004]

Kegan [03-31-2004]

this is a good site the church has tought me a lot about different types of churchs
some1 [03-31-2004]

~Mica Swalley [03-31-2004]

I think this is real interresting.
Jennifer Martin, Age 11,Vilonia Arkansas [03-31-2004]

put stuff about the colonies including the 14th colonie,roanoke.
PARRIS [03-31-2004]

Gabe Logan [03-31-2004]

RaKennziy [03-31-2004]

awesome cite! learned a lot of the info i needed to convince my parents not to move to wisconsin!
alisha, age 14, in iowa! [03-29-2004]

MILTON AUGUSTO GUELLI, brazilian professor. Congratulations.
MILTON AUGUSTO GUELLI, Americana/SP/Brazil [03-29-2004]

Let me know when the store is open. I am looking for picture of Independenc Hall
Scot Campbell [03-29-2004]

Your checker program has the single corner on the wrong side. It is also standard in books and checker programs to show player's side at the bottom. Ben is known for Chess, there is no evidence he ever played checkers.
John R. Gibson, Life Member, American Checker Federation [03-29-2004]

Texas Flag Code 3100.0055 states that the US flag should fly to the left of the state flag when viewed from the perspective of the observer. This should say the US flag fly ALWAYS to the right of any state flag. Maybe they meant "marching" left.
Corinne Weiss [03-29-2004]

i am th cousin of the pastor rev. jeffery n. leath. i am proud of the fact that we are both a.m.e. preachers. i would love the e-mail address of rev.leath. i am proud to be a part of this great zion. rev. reba sorey noma, fl
REV. REBA SOREY, noma, fl [03-29-2004]

hashmat [03-29-2004]

You guys have done great I mean I needed facts and you had some but you need more.
The Declaration of Independence fan [03-29-2004]

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Kevin Matthew Borem, 17 westminster white male 5'7 love US [03-29-2004]

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Missy Elliot [03-29-2004]

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Brittany Osborne, age-10,1117 Village Spring Dr,Nasville,Tn 37207 [03-29-2004]

jake minden [03-29-2004]

This site was very helpful for my friend who was doing a report on Betsy Ross, if you find any pictures of Susan B. Anthony (full length) please send them to riogirl93@yahoo.com.
Ashley Lagrow, I'm almost 11 years old! [03-29-2004]

Wonderful resource!
David Miller, Age 60 Leeds, Alabama [03-29-2004]

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Danny Estorga, AZ ST. University, history minor [03-29-2004]

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John Foster, Part-time teacher [03-28-2004]

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jka [03-28-2004]

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Alex [03-28-2004]

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Lauwae ablao [03-28-2004]

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krystal ben [03-28-2004]

the tomb of the unknown soldiers in our opinion is one of the most honorable memorials in the world. You never know what it feels like until your there. it's truely heart wrenching, and It leaves you in a state of wonder. The guards are so precise in every motion that they make, and I give my utmost respect to them, for they deserve it. This site is superb.
sarah and kaleo Royal, ages 17&18, Wheatland, Ca. [03-28-2004]

i <3 this site sooo much.... it is great to learn about the past
lauren [03-28-2004]

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MARC CULLEN, rosslare [03-28-2004]

charde' rdemond [03-28-2004]

Donald L. Veley Sr., age-52 East Rochester N.Y. [03-28-2004]

Regarding the First Bank of the U.S. - having briefly visited the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia's "Money Museum" I learned that 70% of the seed money for First Bank came from foreign countries; interesting - who were they; who were the non-foreigners who provided the other 30% of the money?
anonymous, very nice site [03-28-2004]

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anonymous, 13 [03-28-2004]

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ALEXANDER SWEN [03-28-2004]

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USS UNITED STATES Foundation was formed as a non-profit on 12 December 2002, and is currently waiting for approval for a tax exempt status. I will keep you posted to further developements. Website also under construction. I have the honor to be at your service. Edward C. Zimmerman, Jr. Founder & President USSUNITEDSTATES@Yahoo.com
Edward C. Zimmerman, Jr., This entry supersedes the previous on 14 February 2002 [03-28-2004]

Amber [03-25-2004]

I am interested in knowing about yors history.
Tania Souza Silva, 52 year old Rio de Janeiro Brasil [03-12-2004]

Trying to locate a Lunsford, Missouri Milita Civil War
anonymous, Age 79 - Elbert, CO 80106 [03-12-2004]

guadalupe hernandez [03-12-2004]

LaMott is a historical area and I was referred to your page(s) when someone was looking for information about Cheltenham area black troops. Here is my URL: http://members.aol.com/Roseb44170/lamott.dir/lamott.htm
Rose, I live in LaMott Township which is in Cheltenham, PA [03-12-2004]

teeousha, 13 [03-12-2004]

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ashly [03-12-2004]

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travis martin, 16 brownfield [03-12-2004]

Kelly Chong, age is 11 [03-12-2004]

I am interested in the name middleton who was one of the sighners of the Declaration of Independence.
lorelei badger [03-09-2004]

Kitty K. Andrews [03-09-2004]

I come back to this sit every now and then to place news on my genealogy findings. I just want all those that are interested in Whelchel Family History to know that I'am still searching and my book will get done sooner or later. I have finished one (1-28-2004) it has poems written by a Whelchel family member and anyone can preview it at www.1stbooks.com Author: Dink Title: Dink's Poetry 2002. The Whelchel Saga Continues:
Dink [03-07-2004]

I have printed out a picture to use in a social studies project. Thank you for offering this site for school children to use and learn.
Stephanie, 9 year old from Georgia [03-07-2004]

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Cindy Breor, 28 yrs. old [03-07-2004]

Very nice sight. Liked Ben Franklin!
Lance Mackey [03-07-2004]

My 9 yr. old daughter has been assigned by her Third Grade teacher, to research, write a full-length report and design & hand-make a diorama of the Delaware Indian Tribe. This is the FIRST web site I have FINALLY FOUND, after searching for almost three hours. I'm so excited, I do hope your web site will be able to assist us in assembling the BEST diorama in her classroom!
Carolyn, Santa Barbara, CA [03-07-2004]

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Looking for information about Ridge Ave in Philadelphia, PA from the period of 1940's to 2003
Jacquelyn Wright, 55,Philadelphia,PA [03-07-2004]

cool, helped a lot with one of my research papers
Hope, 13,mesquite,texas [03-04-2004]

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can't wwait to go there again
tiffani, love it in philly. [03-04-2004]

CALEB [03-04-2004]

Growing up in Washington State, I used to read about the original 13 Colonies and day dream about one day visiting and feeling History come alive! Now I get to take my Grandson and share it all with him!
Cathleen Fernandes [03-03-2004]

this sight is cool
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jjones34365@aol.com, $1000.00 dolllar question? [03-03-2004]

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nae nae [03-03-2004]

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Danielle [03-03-2004]

The site was very helpful I am useing the information to help students in my school to learn more about US history. thank you for your help.
Maureen Zappia, Educater in Syracuse New York [03-03-2004]

Great Bio. of a Great Philadelphian USN & USMC. There would be no USMC without a Navy and Commodore Barry.
John J. Kline (Christy, Nash, Carhart), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [03-03-2004]

This is the best website on Philadelphia historic land marks i have seen so far, my only advice is to include the LOVE. park in your site somewhere.
Brad Christensen, Age 15, Cranbrook B.C. Canada [03-03-2004]

i wanna know the history of our country, because i believe that if we know the history we will we will know about the mistakes and the achievements and we will be able to learn from the past
ona, age 17, new york, like history [03-03-2004]

I think benjamin franklin is a good history fact
rachell, france / paris [03-03-2004]

Do you have any information on how Daniel Boone helped with the American Revolutionary War if you could please send it to me if you have any information that could help me. Thanks a bunch.
Nichole, Crooksville, Ohio [03-03-2004]

I went to good old Spokane Washington and recently got laid off from my job due to job cuts...good economy we got going on here, let me tell ya. Way to go BUSH! Elect Kerry in 2004
Devon [03-03-2004]

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Patrick Sean Sheridan, 6 Hurricane, WV 52 Cherokee Ln. [03-03-2004]

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dude, dde [03-03-2004]

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jordan [03-03-2004]

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rachel [03-03-2004]

This website is very helpful in the help of furthering my education as well as my fellow classmates. Thankyall! - Christina and Michelle
Christina, Morganton, NC - WRJ [03-03-2004]

Michael Hillegas, the first treasurer of the United States, is my ancestor, and is buried in the Christ Church cemetery.
James Hillegas, I live in Delaware [03-03-2004]

I was born I think in Philadelphia but I love that place it has so much sight seeing spots and lots of shops
Brett [02-25-2004]

very cool. : )
Darlene, 14 [02-25-2004]

i think its saucy
anonymous [02-25-2004]

I have been looking (a little late in life) for any information that may exist about my being abandoned in Frankford Park in June 1933. I was placed in a foster home and then adopted by Edna and Ernest Steele. We lived in Olney and East Falls, Phila Pa.
Robert Steele, I am 70 and live in San Diego, Ca. [02-25-2004]

I think that this is a good site to find history info on, but a Search option would be helpful.
Carl [02-25-2004]

~*~Bebe~*~ Danielle, 11 and i love archeology, cooking, swimming, and tigers! : ) [02-25-2004]

is rosa parks seeil alive
danna, age 8 new york [02-25-2004]

Emily Garrett [02-25-2004]

Phila Timeline is a wonderful resource for local history buffs-thanks for doing it!
Nina Walls, Phila. suburbs, age in 60s [02-25-2004]

UMMMM, i love history and am over obsessed with colonial times and things that have to do with that and musicals. But i loved Hope Lodge and plan to do summer volunteer hours at Graeme Park as a junior Volunteer. If anyone has any info on that,post about it after me.
Gabrielle, Doylestown, PA. Im thirteen. [02-24-2004]

Thomas willson [02-24-2004]

ashlet, 10 everglades [02-24-2004]

i think that history is one of the subjects that i wouldnt wanna teach because there is so much to it.
Cay Moore, I'm 15 and live in Valdese NC. i play the electric and accoustic guitar. [02-24-2004]

this site is so cool, I've learned so much i just a few minutes. It has a lot of interesting facts to share about our history.
Jenna, 15, female [02-24-2004]

Honestly, I think this website was so boring! Why does anyone wanna know this stuff. You should add games and more INTERESTING things then maybe you'll get more visiters. Make a president game or something.
Sorry, 16, Female, I know my history and this doesn't show much of it! [02-24-2004]

i love my history class! (NOT)
michael m. [02-24-2004]

melanie myers [02-23-2004]

I think that this web site was too long and boring. You wasted your time making it
Kris [02-22-2004]

This site is full of information.Thank you for creating this site, i have a report due on Philadelphia and this site helped me a lot. Thanx a bunch!
Juli Davis, 14 [02-22-2004]

William Yurkow [02-22-2004]

Who proposed the Constitutional Convention?
anonymous [02-21-2004]

this is a wonderful website! thank you so much ushistory for all the information that you proide for me and everyone else out there that uses this website! thanks again for everything :):):):):):)
heather, pennsylvania [02-21-2004]

This site is so cool. I'v learned a lot about history
Amanda Denman [02-21-2004]

The more I learn about the United States and its history, the more proud I am to be an American!
Brianna Kaitlyn Lassiter, Chesapeake, Virginia [02-21-2004]

sharon [02-21-2004]

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dawn fillmore, 35 lampe mo [02-20-2004]

Philadelphia Rules! GO EAGLES! E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!
Alex Major [02-20-2004]

Thanks for making this site. History is relevant to our lives because it makes us look for ways to not repeat bad parts of history. It also can make us proud to learn how our forefathers worked, planned and sacrificed for the good of our country.
Karen Mason, Tempe, AZ [02-20-2004]

bridgette [02-20-2004]

Kacie Cochren, 14,Fort Wayne [02-20-2004]

We saw the Liberty bell, constitution Hall and everything. And I am reminded not everything was nice back then, was this where the slaves were first brought to? My Mother was born in Scranton.
Edna, 74 years of age. [02-20-2004]

6miles up the allegeney river from pittsburgh,pa.live &went went to school 6 in east liberty off lincoln ave.move to aspinwall finished school in the fox chapel school dist. went to connelly tech& cmu moved to fla in 72 after wife died
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Erica, Massillon, Ohio 44646 age: 10 [02-18-2004]

i had to do a report about a state and i chose PA cause of the history and my teacher said that www.50states.com was a good resource but it didnt have anything about PLACES in PA that you could visit. So i looked for about an hour and finally foun this website and i LOVE IT. It's a GRRRRREEEAAAAT resource and im so happy for this because i got an A+ on my report. Share this 2 the company please!:>) love, Alexandra Clemens
alexandra, 12 female New York [02-18-2004]

Iam so proud to be an AMERICAN,my heart fills with pride, when I think of the Red,White,and blue.I remember the lives that have died for me and you,and never take our freedoms for granted as many do in today's society.Iam 32 with an old soul,some views have changed over the years on what is wrong or right,but these great documents havent.I believe our forefathers would be greatly disappointed in our unethical treatment we have shown our elderly,our bodies,our very souls.I believe in standing up for our rights,but I believe that sacraficing morality,is wrong.I believe in GOD,and honor him in our pledge of allegiance,to me it would be a great loss.May our great nation come back to the first beliefs and standings this nation was founded.
paula L. [02-18-2004]

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Jeffrey Snyder, 11,Tiffin,OH, [02-18-2004]

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enjoyed visiting the sight...very helpful in identifying pictures made on our last trip to your city. Thank you
Jo Clapper, Ridgeland, MS [02-18-2004]

how to get info about the flag
Billie Reitz, 9 Griffith 87776 [02-18-2004]

MISSY [02-18-2004]

Hey I think that this site is soo USLESS! ok anyways i also know that u need to get a life! ok well thats all for now and who cares about stuff that has already happened?? so called 'history'! i dont! Love Margie!
Margrette [02-17-2004]

This site gave me information on American flags for a project. Thanks!
James Custodio [02-17-2004]

i like this site... keep up the good work
David England [02-17-2004]

Super web page
Cecil R. Bartel, age 77, 521 Lindly St., Grand Prairie, TX 75052 - 972-262-7137 [02-17-2004]

My family claims descendency from the direct or indirect line of John Barry. My brother's name is John Barry Murphy in honour of that lineage. So I may better understand that connection, any pointers to John Barry's family tree are appreciated.
Edward F Murphy, Paoli PA [02-17-2004]

This is an awesome site to research our history.
anonymous, rc 15 [02-17-2004]

Was Johnson products the first black owned company to be listed on the American Stock Exchange?
Isaiah Ashord, 16 years old Detroit, MI [02-17-2004]

So nice to visit your UShistory site again. I remembered it and have added it in my educational resources link at http://Owdy.com - a very helpful web resource search site. Thanks
William, Portland, OR USA [02-17-2004]

I think your website is the most intresting website of all.When I need help on my socal studies I come to this website to help me out.Thanks to your website my grade went up to an C+ to a A- Thank you. From Abby
Abby, 11, shiocton, wisconsin [02-17-2004]

Kathy Ray, Idaho [02-17-2004]

Does anyone know the lyrics to the black national anthom,because I have to sing it.
naynay, 12 [02-17-2004]

History is the window to our past victorys and mystakes. it teaches us to cling to what is right, and learn from were we went worng. So that we dont have to make the same mystakes again and again. We can progress forward for our children and our childrens, children, if we all would look at our own mystakes and esteem to learn from them, and overcome them. That is why Hystory is so important to me.
aaron, Idaho [02-15-2004]

anonymous [02-15-2004]

tessa, 8 chino hills [02-15-2004]

In July 2003 our families 5th Annual Family Reunion. We visited some of the historic sites and it was such a joy seeing Betsy Ross House, Liberty Bell, The First Supreme Court. We will be having our 6th Annual Family Reunion this year again in New Jersey from July 16th-23rd and of course Philadelphia is on our list of tours.
Sylvia Baker-VanDunk, Lindenwold, NJ [02-14-2004]

I was typing my name in on the internet and foud my name listed here from a few years back.When I hardly even knew how to spell. I justed wanted to say that think this is a great site for people of all ages to learn more about their history !
Cassandra Vander Eyk, age 12 grade 7th [02-14-2004]

Query- Does Oliver Evans' Orukter Amphibolos still exist? Please advise. John A. McCurdy of Pace, FL
John A. McCurdy [02-14-2004]

Yes I liked this website it had good information
edwin and ryan [02-14-2004]

your web sight is great. can i see a big picture of the liberty bell
alexa, thousand oaks 9 years old [02-14-2004]

I would just like to say thanks for your website. It really helped me when I had to write a report on Benjamin Franklin. The "Electric Franklin really helped me so thanks. i love the site. thanks K.A.M
kilikina miller, 21years. New York City, New York. [02-12-2004]

Keevin Yazzie, I think this plaece is cool [02-12-2004]

Cruz Benally [02-12-2004]

I would have failed my project if I hadn't found this website.
Diana, 12, Miami Lakes, FL [02-12-2004]

i think that u should have a search engine on ur site. it would be very helpful
a person, optional [02-12-2004]

I love the US; this site is fine and very interesting .See you soon!
Jean Marc Monteau, Pau Bizanos City France [02-12-2004]

Check out the State Historic Marker commemorating the first lager beer brewed in America on American St. just above Poplar St.
Rich Wagner, http://pabreweryhistorians.tripod.com [02-12-2004]

your web site is cool but you should have a search thing so you could look up information on that person in history. thinkn about it
mary [02-12-2004]

Daniel Larson, Walden, NY [02-12-2004]

I think this is great site and I intend to use it in my history classes at the high school level.
Raymond G. Hunt, Secondary education Major at the university of south alabama [02-11-2004]

My son is very interested in history. As a suprise for doing so well on his report card I'm bringing him to Philadelphia. This was a fantastic site! Can you tell me what the cost is to see the Underground Museum, Printing shop, etc.? We'll be there from February 20-22, 2004. Thank you!
Lori, 36, Lancaster,PA [02-11-2004]

I think that yalls website is a very good place for students to find infomation about the wars because it is way better to print infomation than write it all out of a book in school.
Mahgan, 13, south Carolina,female [02-11-2004]

Melody Kimbler, Seaford, DE [02-11-2004]

Great site:).It had everything that i was looking for!Great effort!
Kayli Krutilla [02-11-2004]

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Zigero, http://www.logos.friko.pl [02-11-2004]

I visited your city in 2000 and stayed two days. Thanks for giving me a chance to revisit historical Philadelphia online.I am enjoying the experience.
Willie C. Armstrong, Retired; Baton Rouge, LA [02-11-2004]

Brittany, 14 yrs., waterloo, ia [02-11-2004]

I would like to take my fiance to a war reinactment for Valentines Day, since he loves them. We will be visiting Texas soon. I was wondering if anyone knows of some in TEXAS?????? Please email. Please Email me
Julie [02-11-2004]

Interesting, but I found nothing about three of my ancestors, Bernard Mercer (immigrated to Phila about 1807), his son, George Parker Mercer b. 1812 in Phila, George's wife, Mary "Margaret" Coates Albertson b. 1812 in Phila, or Mary's parents. Mary's father owned and operated a shipping business at Third and Pine. When he died the business went to George. When George died the business went to George's brothers, leaving Mary with almost no income. She had to apprentice out her children. I am trying to confirm that this Bernard Mercer is the same Bernard Mercer who Phila records show as having arrived in Phila in 1807 from Ireland.
Robert E. James [02-11-2004]

Ameena Al-Amin Atif, Philadelphia [02-11-2004]

Martina Lopez, 9 Knox. [02-11-2004]

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lillian, Age 8 logan OHIO 43138 [02-11-2004]

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Jerry Maneri [02-11-2004]

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missie bullard, 13 [02-11-2004]

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Abigail Spurgin, age:12 [02-11-2004]

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nancy [02-11-2004]

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Eugene [02-11-2004]

this is an awsome site! thanx for all the help and information that you provide-ushistory.org :)
kylie nilson, highschool [02-09-2004]

I think all battle and historic sites should be saved.
Keith Martin, age 15, city Lawton,State oklahoma [02-09-2004]

ok even though u diddn't help!
Mary [02-09-2004]

i think it was a good church because i; amember of an ame church
La'Quesha Mills, 19, lexington, miss [02-09-2004]

brayden [02-09-2004]

I have been looking for this book "Happenings in Ye olde Philadelphia", for a long time, i used to own one that was very old and signed. I was telling my barber about it one day, and he asked if he could see it, so the next time i got him to cut my hair i lent it to him. The next time I went back he was closed up? I dont know what happened or whatever but it was weird, it was around 1992 the barber lived in Manayunk, and his shop was on Lee and Ontario sts, on the corner.
R. Antipuna, Philadelphia [02-09-2004]

Excellent site! My students will love using this as part of their scavenger hunt and presentation. What was your favorite page 8th graders?
8th Grade US History, Mrs. Bortz, Houston, TX [02-08-2004]

coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool site
gina callen [02-08-2004]

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Angelic Garcia, I am 9 years old i live in phila [02-08-2004]

Very interesting and helpful site. We visited Philadelphia last year and enjoyed seeing the historic landmarks of our country.
Jo Ann [02-08-2004]

A Social Studies project. Selection of a historial event, not a person. I choose The Liberty Bell. My reseach bean here on ushistory.org
russiaa, 13yrs.,Cheshire, CT [02-08-2004]

Virginia Bagan, 13 [02-07-2004]

Going through old papers of my great aunts, I have found an old Philadelphia newspaper called Young Folks News dated Wed., September 1, 1875, published by Alfred Martien, 21 S. 7th Street.
Larry Kovalcik, East Vandergrift, PA [02-07-2004]

I came onto this web site looking for the Declaration of Independence, and I found it easy as pie!
Kay, 14, Memphis,TN [02-07-2004]

I grew up in Kensington, near Frankford & Clearfield -- It is pleasant to read the old time facts in this web site.
Walt [02-07-2004]

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Arie [02-07-2004]

My family lived in Germantown. I spent a lot of time visiting family after I left Germantown. I miss the whole "youth" thing of being part of Germantown, Philadelphia. It's in my blood.
M. A. (Herbst) Tuton, I was born in Germantown Hospital 2/2/1931 Now live in Upstate NY [02-07-2004]

It was good to hear about Pennsylvania History. Now I can get my report done. Thank you for you help.
Brandi [02-07-2004]

samantha [02-07-2004]

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Outstanding! An excellent site to learn about the city of Philadelphia and the details of each landmark. Someone or group invested a lot of their time to create an excellent site for the Philadelphia and the colonial experience. Absolutely outstanding work! History buff's and genealogist will treasure this site and it's great details!
Thomas Eliason, Philadelphia Resident [02-07-2004]

i would appreciate if you could please send me field trip information for summer camp and school groups for various museums related to us history, such as the jewish, polish,african american, firemans hall, congress hall, decloration house...
kim osborne [02-07-2004]

please send field trip information for school/summer camp programs
kim osborne, 3001 millcreek rd wilmington de 19808 [02-07-2004]

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Greg Travassos, Rockledge, FL [02-07-2004]

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Tyler Street, Rockledge Florida [02-07-2004]

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Bill Pontarelli, 55 yo [02-07-2004]

I hate American History but over all I hate school anyway.
Areille Cook, 15/wichita/ [02-07-2004]

you have one of the best sites i've seen showing the proper method of displaying our great flag. Thank you.
anonymous, 54 yo Viet Nam Vet [02-07-2004]

Great site :) I was looking exactly for something like that! Great job! Congratulations!
Mark Petek, http://www.flashsms.pl/ [02-07-2004]

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Albert Ludwig 20 Schooner Close Calgary AB.Canada [02-07-2004]

My sisters and I would visit Fairmount Park and spend time at the Whispering Walls bench. We have many happy memories of our youth in Philadelphia.Now I can show my family some of our interests. Thank you.
Joan, 69 yrs., Reading, PA [02-07-2004]

i just need the picture for my project
shal, 18 ny [02-07-2004]

this was a very educational stop but i wonder how much is true it sounds so surreal but thats just me
anonymous [02-07-2004]

Thank you! This site saved my life. Now I have info. for my Social Studies!
Mellissa Alison Anderson [02-07-2004]

You have an excellent site that provides quality basic information about various historic subjects. Perhaps you might include a section that provides additional references and book links for further information.
Denise Babcock, writer/researcher [02-07-2004]

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david schrimpshire, 15 Stonwall [02-07-2004]

great information you have for genealogy purposes. i was looking for the county located with each city.
DOROTHY A SEXTON, monticello, ky 42633 [02-03-2004]

information regarding historical places and monuments in centeral USA and west coast (San Diego, CA) been here now for 64 years. Need references of historic places and people.
J. Richmond Houser, born in Scotts Bluff, NE 07/24/1932 writer/history [02-03-2004]

Bryce Thomas Blair, 16 years old Pekin, Indiana [02-03-2004]

I think there should be more websites like this because our country is important
anonymous [02-03-2004]

Good site for report.
Jeremy, 14 [02-02-2004]

Interest in hearing other people's thoughts, concerns, criticism, etc. about Thomas Paine's Common Sense.
anonymous [02-02-2004]

The Electric Franklin is one of the best sites I've ever seen. Benjamin Franklin has always been my greatest personal hero, and ushistory.org has done a stellar job presenting the man. My hat is off to you.
Ryan Boughter, Web designer near Philadelphia [02-01-2004]

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magda, 19,Poland [01-31-2004]

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I noticed a message on this Guestbook by James Physick, dated 1-25-04, reguarding Dr. Philip Syng Physick and his historic house in Philadelphia. As a decendent of Dr. Physick and a member of the Philadelphia Society for the Preservation of Landmarks' Physick House Committee I am interested in contacting this (English?) cousin. James Physick and others may be interested in reading about the wounderful celebration that was held this past September in Philadelphia and the Physick House, marking the 300th Birthday of the Dr.'s grandfather, silversmith Philip Syng Jr. by visiting http://www.benfranklin300.com/syng.html
J. Del Conner, Philadelphia, PA [01-28-2004]

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RObby [01-26-2004]

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melanie honomichl [01-26-2004]

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GySgt Walt Fletcher, USMC Ret, Greensboro, NC [01-26-2004]

shelby, 13 [01-26-2004]

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Candace Outlaw, school project [01-25-2004]

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tONY, I am 11 [01-25-2004]

I just want to thank you for all the information that you gave me on this site. I wish that you would have a little bit more about other people, but what you have is alright. Thank you again and God Bless you.
Amanda Baka, I am a 15 year old here to learn and take some information that you provivded here to help with my homework. [01-25-2004]

My father's Aunt Ann looked in the archives and saw that "Silk Stocking John Nixon" is a distant grandfather of ours.
alice ann long [01-25-2004]

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katlyn, 10 [01-25-2004]

Celina Intermediate School, Grades 4 - 6. [01-25-2004]

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Katherine, Age 11 [01-25-2004]

Haven't gone in yet, looking forward to it though. Lived in Va. many years and enjoyed the historical sites there.
Kathleen Thrailkill, Jackson, Mi 49203 [01-25-2004]

Please tell me where I can find a costume representing Betsy Ross whom I'll impersonate at the bicentenial gala of the American Club of Paris. Either in Paris or in New York City. Or at least a good picture so I could have it made. Thank you very much. S. Morin
Morin (Sylvia), senior American citizen in Paris, France. [01-25-2004]

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Lauren P., Age: 11 From New Jersey [01-25-2004]

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david areizaga, 24, yonkers [01-25-2004]

Not really sure, simply doing reasearch for a paper for history class to 1865. It is believed that I am a direct desendent of Charles Carroll of Carolton. So I thought that the history of the Raliegh Tavern may make an interesting report.
Robert Bishop, age 42, single and working on my BA in college [01-25-2004]

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Christina Brooks [01-25-2004]

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Jeremy, 18 michigan [01-25-2004]

anonymous [01-25-2004]

Commodore Barry was my great, great, great, great Uncle - on my mother's side. Her roots were in Ireland.
Fred Pollock, Retired, 72, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745 [01-25-2004]

Enjoyable history of my neighborhood, but some of your info on the contemporary setting in Nothern Liberties, Philadelphia seems a bit exaggerated.
anonymous [01-25-2004]

we paln on visiting in spring. please send all information. thank you. n6035 heritage dr green lake, wi 54941

I am researching my family's history. I am a direct decendent of William (father) and Silas (son) Crispin. William Crispin was the first surveyor appointed by Wm. Penn. I am looking for information on both of them. Silas Crispin married Ester Holme who was the daughter of Thomas Holme who was also a surveyor for Penn. Holme was responsible for laying out both Philadelphia and PA which I am sure you are all aware of.
Lezlie Feiring [01-25-2004]

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RONALD LAUER, 38,live in philly try to learn as much as i can about our country ! [01-25-2004]

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jim kawalerski [01-25-2004]

As a family genealogist I have discovered by researching from my birth record backwards how important school is; Every generation from my mother 2004 back to 1695 the Whelchel surname has been mispelled. If I had not went from record to record backwards I would have never found my mothers ancestors. The spellings found to document the lives of Analee Whelchels family has been found as follows: Whelchel,Whelcher,Welchel,Welcher,Whetchel,Wetchel,Whiechel,Whelchell,Welchell,Whetschel,Wetchsel,Welchel. With my line documented back to the Revolutionary War I'am sure to find the other mispelled family names that married in to my family.
Dink [01-25-2004]

Jack Ne Hoff, Its Fun! [01-25-2004]

We are going on a Trip to Philadephia in October. I wanted to learn about the state.
Aspen Jack, 12 [01-25-2004]

We are going to Phillidelphia next year with school.I am very exited.I am also very interested in going and learning more about it.
Kandice Lemoine, 12 [01-25-2004]

Stevie Wonder, 53 Saginaw, Michigan [01-25-2004]

I like histroy
James Marticello, Age 60 Fresno Ca, [01-25-2004]

Miss the city.
Grant C McDonald, 58 Boca Raton Fl [01-25-2004]

The Hunterdon County (NJ)hiking club held a wonderful hike in Philadelphia and would like to do another one. Did the Historic District and now working our way west from Washington Square. This site is very helpful. Would like to get it in print.
Peggy Groah [01-25-2004]

I was wondering if i ask questions of us history and maybe if i could be a responds when i am on the internet look for history of writers for English or other school work i think it would help me a lot out thanks.
Steph, 15 [01-25-2004]

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Roslind, 14 years old [01-25-2004]

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Rakeeda [01-25-2004]

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LAIRD P. ROSS, 70 years old. portland, or. [01-25-2004]

i would like to find out where my last name originated from
Michael Izor, Dayton,Ohio 45410 [01-25-2004]

Kimberly, age 10 [01-25-2004]

Adam Simkins [01-25-2004]

brooke [01-25-2004]

shannon, i am 13 [01-25-2004]

anonymous [01-25-2004]

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james phillips [01-25-2004]

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ronn friedman, east r'wy n.y. [01-25-2004]

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Katie Allen, 10,Aurora,Nebraska [01-25-2004]

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Josephine, los angeles.13years, fav color blue [01-25-2004]

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anonymous, poopie [01-25-2004]

It's nice to find a little bit of my family history. My Grandfather informed me of our ancestor Phillip Syng Physick being the "Father of American Surgery" I would love to visit his old house one day when i make it back to the U.S. Thanks for all the information, you've got a great website!
James Physick [01-25-2004]

like to know how to get my dads old school records in fairfeld va to proved he went to the emementary there back in the 1940s thank-you
marianne creech, geenville va [01-04-2004]

i was supprise to find out that george washinton was not the first president but 9th. john hancock was no.1. my question is why change history.
CLEM GAGNON, fort erie ontario [01-04-2004]

I have an academic sholarship in sociology at boise state university. I wanted to move to Philly and study the city's culture, especially because of the skateboard subculture which has deep roots there especially in LOVE park. Since the park is now closed, I am not moving there. I am currently planning on moving to seattle instead, if LOVE park re-opens I will consider moving there, but as of now, Seattle is the plan. I think Philly still has a lot to offer, but the philly skate scene was a big part of my growing up in Idaho and watching skate video's. In my opinion banning philly for skating is putting a hammer on philly's potential for economic history.
mike blomquist [01-04-2004]

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William O Zimmerman Jr [01-04-2004]

Tori Blanc, 9 La [01-04-2004]

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gregoy scott meinhold, I am 6 years old and I live in Riverton, Utah [01-04-2004]

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