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Guest Book Archives: June-Dec 2003

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I am getting marrried in January and in attendance will be five young men awaiting deployment to an active zone. We want to have a brief ceremony honoring these young men. This ceremony includes presenting the colors to the audiance and singing God Bless America. Can you tell me the proper protocol for this brief ceremony.
Michael C. Morkin [12-27-2003]

i think you should have something to see if you are realitied to someone in american history.
Nicole Callahan, 9 years of age [12-27-2003]

really good site.
Donald Wood, Ronan,Montana [12-27-2003]

I love US history. Maybe not so old as history of my home country but also very interesting.
Tomasz, 23age, Poland [12-27-2003]

i love history and have always been interested in what has happened in this country and the world. i am now doing some research on the 1940's, perl harbor and the japanise americans caught in the conflict. if you can help please e-mail me.
LORI J. HANCOCK, 33, moore, ok [12-27-2003]

einfach klasse gemacht. ich komme wieder...
jonny, http://www.normone.de [12-27-2003]

Skateboarding is another thing the city has taken away from our kids. They have fun, what else can you do in eastliverpool for fun. I think the city should give them a place to skate indoors. People complain about the kids being in trouble, why don't we let them have some innocent fun. Build a skatepark for them so they aren't tearing up the town. It would cost less to build a park then to pay for repairs all thh time. It's just another way for the fat lazy ass city of east liverpool to make money. Writing tickets to kids who are trying to have some fun in this poverty hell.
anonymous [12-21-2003]

Titilope A. Adesina, Old Warrior of American Colleges and Universities [12-21-2003]

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STACHi, poland, Łódz, stasikowka :) [12-21-2003]

Dave Verdecchio [12-21-2003]

Wonder history site for homework
Kid, 11 years old [12-21-2003]

i found everything i was looking for. i am doing a research paper and this site helped me a lot.
Brenda Navarro [12-21-2003]

how do i look for info
manuel garces [12-21-2003]

good lookin yall helpedme out a lot on my project
anonymous, ftchs [12-21-2003]

I just finished reading your article on Commodore Barry. There have been many many family rumors of relation to the esteemed navy man. I have not found any conclusive evidence, but your account of this man's life and demeanor compel one to settle the matter once and for all. Thank you for such a well written biography.
Lonny Barry [12-21-2003]

anonymous [12-21-2003]

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SIDMOUTH DEVON ENGLAND UK, see a regency town by the sea Sidmouth [12-21-2003]

The Virtual Tour was awesome! This will help me a lot on tests! Thank You!
Chris [12-21-2003]

Jim Sykes, Met with Commissioner Hairston seeking advise on starting a museum (golf) [12-21-2003]

Checking for genealogy and thought that the Montgomery that captured Montreal might be a distant relation. An informative sight. Thank you
W.J. McAgy, Windsor Canada [12-21-2003]

Great Info site
Ben Ratcliff, Brownsburg,IN [12-21-2003]

Matt E Coffman, 14 Salina Kansas [12-21-2003]

I'm trying to locate information regarding the Philadelhia Gum Company. I have been restoring a 100 year old farm house and have found about 30 to 40 cards from this company called "Cops and Robbers". Some elders in the area claim they are from the 1920's. Can you help me with me research?? Please advise.
Mike Stewart, Catawissa,PA [12-21-2003]

Your website has really helped me in doing a history project for my school while i was in the philadelphia area on a trip.
student, 13 years [12-21-2003]

how could u not kno who the person is
jazmin Campos, hempstead ny [12-21-2003]

Your sight helped me a lot with my report on U.S. History.Much Thanks
anonymous, 10 [12-21-2003]

its a cool sight
matthew, 14 san antonio texas [12-21-2003]

This place is so cool, it's really resorceful, helping, and educational. Thanks.
Kristin Joe, Farmington,N.M [12-14-2003]

Very useful and informative. Laid out and designed very well. Thank you.
Richard Whelan [12-14-2003]

Hello. Trying to find info on Chinook Chief Comcomleys daughter Ilchee's son who was given to a family because her new husband would not raise Duncan McDougall's child.Demers or Deemers was last name of couple who took Ilchee's baby. Any and all info needed. Thank you. Viola.
Viola Seward, Rochert,MN. 56578 [12-14-2003]

this site is awsome. i come here a lot to get info but mostly because its so cool. but if u ask me u could put a little bit more about Betsy Ross in here.
Despie Burnsed, 13, callahan,fl, I LOVE WILL [12-14-2003]

Alex, Website: http://www.anzwers.org/free/alexn817/ [12-14-2003]

Great site.
Paul E. Jones, Woodstock, Ga. [12-14-2003]

Hello, I am interested in information regarding the first, "Wynnefield Academy" located 5400 Wynnefield Avenue, Philadelpia, PA. It is now a stone shell with no roof....what happened? Thank you for any history you can provide. jbd
Jacquie Brodie-Davis [12-14-2003]

John McLaughlin [12-14-2003]

this web site is of the hease fo sheasey!1
jacob, 11 [12-14-2003]

it was great to hear from people who's family lived in gtn there are some great memories there
ALFONSO (SLIM) DIDONATO JR, 75 yrs old lived in gtn, from 1929 to 1966 [12-11-2003]

Extremely resourceful
Gus Rylander, U S Park Ranger/Philadelphia [12-11-2003]

william H. Lucas, sfc usar. [12-11-2003]

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bella 419, okwelle 419 lome [12-11-2003]

Heyyo... great site keep up good work PHILLY RULES MY WORLD!
Lexa lou who, Fourteen and from place [12-10-2003]

I would like to know how many Frenchmen died fighting for OUR indepedence in the Revolutionary War. How many from other countries died, also.
Bud Simpson, 986 Gertrude Ave Logan.OH 43138 [12-10-2003]

cooldude101 [12-10-2003]

Great website, fast and easy searching.
tyler, age 13 grade 8 N.C. [12-10-2003]

Brittney, 15yrs, alabama [12-10-2003]

hey. ok site. email me or IM me. MissyBoriqua at aol. 8th grade. honors classes. columbus,georgia. richards middle school
Malika Norman, 12(8th grade skipped a grade) columbus georgia. 4 shizle [12-10-2003]

raymond lohne, research historian, UIC [12-10-2003]

diego, uruguay [12-10-2003]

Jessica Boone [12-10-2003]

Cats are sooooo cool
Jason Bourne, Pittsburgh, I love cats [12-10-2003]

I Love This site!
chelsea, 14 [12-10-2003]

Tessa Vance, age 25 351 Schletty lane west st. paul MN 55118 [12-10-2003]

Its in the favourites list! Enough said! http://www.serverlinkgroup.co.uk>Serverlink Group UK
E Clarke, Hastings, UK [12-10-2003]

KittiKlawz n PuppiPawz [12-10-2003]

I like this web site but they need to put a websearch in the site
Tim Mullen, 14, Vintondale,pa [12-10-2003]

I looooooooooovvvvvveeeeeeee! ur website
Courtney Lowery, 20 Sacremento [12-10-2003]

diego [12-08-2003]

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Steve Patterson, Business Card Collector - Knoxville, TN [12-08-2003]

This site is fantastic. I love US history. Mayby not so interesting and old as my home country :)
Aeshna, 27age, Poland [12-08-2003]

ruth silva [12-08-2003]

I was born and raised in the Nicetown, Toga section of Phila. When was it made part of Philly? Was it a part of one of the listed ares that you have? If so Iwould like to know this. Also to all that are going to visit our city don't forget to stop by the Korean and the Vietnam War Memorials located at Front and Dock Sts. across from the Penn's Landing area Just below the Ben Franklin Bridge. Enjoy your trip to our city.
John Varallo, President Johnsville Armed Services Museum, Inc. www.jasmuseum.org [12-08-2003]

Could you tee me what was the Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation drafted by Abraham Lincoln? and what was Lincoln's chief reason for issuing the Emancipation Proclamation?
Suzanne Martins [12-08-2003]

Thank you us history.com I am sure to get a A on my progect!
melanie murillo, 12 sandiego c,a [12-08-2003]

great site about history, one of my favorite http://www.fleurs-roses.com
lucas, lyon [12-08-2003]

chris [12-08-2003]

I thought that it was a good site and helped me out a lot
Khafre Wade, 16,pgh [12-08-2003]

This is very cool and very helpful!
Marie [12-08-2003]

Thank you very much for your information on Betsy Ross.
Chrissy Price [12-08-2003]

thank you for this wounder full web-siote
Jennifer Edwards, my brithday is april 27 [12-08-2003]

Iwould be so delighted to sign your guestbook,because it would make me feel so good inside and out.
KEONA KEESE, 15, marion,ohio [12-08-2003]

What wars do you have bodies for?
Jesse Cole, 9 years Lawton,MI [12-08-2003]

This website was a very big help with my homework helped me understand it a whole lot better then i have ever been able to. Thank You, Susan Montes
Susan montes, 13,Carson City,Carson Middle School,love this website. [12-08-2003]

I think this was an interesting sight
Anya Tumbloo [12-08-2003]

congratulations for this wonderful website zebourse.com
zebourse [12-08-2003]

I think philadelphia is a very historical place to be.
marcus cooper [12-08-2003]

During my research, your website has very useful. Thank you. www.BrianBlackwell.com
Brian Blackwell [12-08-2003]

Great website! Unlike many I have loved History and politics since I was a kid. Bookmarked this great resource. http://football-fantasy.net/land.html
William, Portland OR [12-08-2003]

This site rox! And just letting you know Lalaine is my fave singer! You may not know who she is but go to her site anyways. It's really cool! Go to it!
Jenny, Lalaine is my fave singer! [12-08-2003]

This is a great website! I printed 7 pages on it and it really helped me for my project! I like this website!
anonymous [12-08-2003]

very educational! very thorough!
mackenzie [12-08-2003]

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R@lly, - from detmold - GERMANY [12-08-2003]

Jacob Howard, 20 Sykesville [12-08-2003]

I enjoy learning about history in forms like this. Critically, thinking there should be references to your pages so that others can check the validity. Thanks for sharing this great information!
Blu Wallen, Big Lake, Alaska [12-08-2003]

419, 419+ [12-08-2003]

Hey, I really think that history is borrrrrrring but I read the Declaration of Independence and I said to myself that it was intrested. Hey, Ms.Fuentes if you ever see this message its here because of you for giving me this cool website. Sinc, Adriana Ramirez THE BAND FREAK !
Adriana Ramirez, none of your business [12-08-2003]

Andre, VAlley Stream [12-08-2003]

Hi, it's great!
Taylor [12-08-2003]

Iam doing you as my famious person
Kelli, 10 I live in Cool [12-08-2003]

I absolutely love this website!Thanx soooooo much for the helpful info about the declaration of independence, it really gave me a jumpstart on my Government assighnment. I love America my home sweet home!Rock on!
KP, A 7th grade student from Wayzata East middle school(Plymouth, Minnesota) [12-08-2003]

thank you so much for your information on battle of brandywine it really helped me on this report I had to do.thanks
anonymous [11-30-2003]

Ashley smith, age: 15 city:hollywood [11-30-2003]

I am looking for an A.M.E. home church in Phila or Bensalem, PA. I need one with early morning and/or late afternoon services. Jeremiah 29:11
Letia James, Phila, PA [11-30-2003]

i thank my history teacher mrs wills for giving me this website and for being my favorit teacher and being a good one and teach me well.
Taylor Burks, 11,RBC,i love softball fav.color is limegreen fav.no.is3 [11-30-2003]

Pocos comprenden el concepto de "LIBERTAD" (individual) y a muchos ni le importa
Gaston Alejandro Saint Martin, Argentina/USA/Argentina/USa [11-30-2003]

LUKE [11-29-2003]

Great history WEB, good site !1! | http://www.domenka.net/ ^ http://www.sitesms.pl/ ^ http://www.siteql.net/
STachu [11-29-2003]

I lived in Philadelphia from 1974-1994. The Poe House on 7th Street, Fairmount Avenue near the Art Museum (Poe lived where that triangular park is now), the Merchant's Exchange, are all fresh in my mind. WXPN-FM broadcast my "Edgar Allan Poe in Philadelphia" in 1989. I feel fortunate to have lived in the city where Poe wrote is best work. http://www.voyage-step.com/
nono, 32yo...fond of history [11-29-2003]

I think it's great but I want the civil war too.
anonymous [11-29-2003]

This site is what the internet is supposed to be about. I found it while researching for information needed to complete a project in a history elective I'm taking at Duquesne University, in Pittsburgh, PA. Thank You so much for maintaining this site, and I plan on visiting again real soon.
Russell G. Lorber, I am 51 years old, and hail from Pittsburgh [11-29-2003]

To all of those men and women who have lost their lives so that I would have freedom...Thank you!
Kimberly M. Cross, age 42, Mays Landing, NJ [11-29-2003]

Stach [11-29-2003]

The reason why I'm here is because God told me, as behind with things as I already am, to help deal with religious liberty. As a strict constitutionalist, I believe that, in historical context, Founding Fathers meant for "no establishment of religion" to mean no one can be forced by the State to obey one particular religion, and that it means nothing else. "Separation of Church and State" therefore cannot be used against anyone who expresses religion publicly, whether at school, work, in a court building, with signs by the road and so on. I believe in various Christian groups fighting to regain strict constitutional government in our land about matters like religion. Documents like what you have are extremely difficult to find. Thank you for posting them.
anonymous [11-29-2003]

Its a nice place to do resresearch. :)
Shalane Peterson, Gladbrook,IA [11-29-2003]

Thank you so much for everything you have done to save Love Park; it means so much to the skateboarding industry. Continue to get the facts about Love Park out there and to everyone. Ya'll have done a great job so far.
Blake, 17 [11-27-2003]

I thoght that the independence hall was a great idea and i would of been a good idea to have one here in New Hmpshire.
Kerri, 13/Merrimack/New Hampshire [11-26-2003]

terrell daye [11-26-2003]

Ania Maczka [11-26-2003]

this site helped me on a history project its the best for research
Janelle, im 13 [11-26-2003]

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Tattoo Hero [11-26-2003]

catherine quintero [11-26-2003]

this site is too kool
kuame [11-26-2003]

I currently teach 8th grade U.S history. Iwould love to hear about any projects you have found great in enhancing this curriculum. If you have any information on special funding or programs that would be beneficial, I would appreciate hearing about them.
rudy a. monge [11-26-2003]

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anne, berlin [11-26-2003]

WOW, I like it !
Stachu, 21, poland ! [11-26-2003]

u should make sumthing that u can type in causei neen Foreigner info. and i cant look it up!
mel [11-26-2003]

This web site is so helpfull. I come here when ever I need to do a report on someone so thank u
Suz [11-26-2003]

Very usefull but you need stuff on the continental congresses
historic chik [11-26-2003]

this web site is a great way to do school project.
jackie broseker, 14 [11-26-2003]

My family has a summer hobby of visiting historic Philadelphia. To be in the meeting houses brings a sense of truth to my life. I am pursuing the way of Friends. Thank you.
Dawn Jungblut, Easton, PA [11-26-2003]

I was looking for information for my US History class and ushistory.org really helped me. Thanks a bunch.
kylie Ellington, 13 wichita Kansas [11-25-2003]

paul [11-25-2003]

I thought Philadelphia was the best
Peggy, New York [11-25-2003]

i love you yoo
mike, i love nichole and jenna [11-25-2003]

i luv ur site so much! i come 2 it as much as possible! its great!
anonymous [11-25-2003]

Marrol Dunn [11-25-2003]

Megan Ledford, 13 [11-25-2003]

Rikerrious Geter [11-25-2003]

I read the signers and got some info of the people. I thought it was a good thing cause i needed that info for school. thanks for helping
Megan [11-25-2003]

I am trying to put together a brochure about the history of the American Flag and I had visited many sites, libraries and historic sites to try to obtain the information I needed. I wish I had found you months ago. Thank you for the very valuable information on your site. Cesar.
Cesar, http://www.health-and-beauty-secrets.com [11-25-2003]

Very useful information for my history students! Thanks and keep up the good work.
Rick Wilson, San Marino, California [11-25-2003]

I was very impressed with this site. I found it to be extremely useful and really appreciated that you are willing to take suggestions.I would really like to see a questions and answers on the different topics. other than that keep up the great work.I am totally loving you guys. much love.Peace out!
Gabby, California! 16yrs [11-25-2003]

Hi your site has the biggest load of info that i have ever found. I am currently doing a report on colonial Massachusetts and my whole class is doing america in colonial tomes and a lot of my class visits it once again its the best yet
michael scott, age13 City omaha,nebraska [11-25-2003]

i feel that htis is a very good web site on most of the things that you need to know or to help you in any history class
Taryn Kirk, i am 16 i am a junior. i go to menomnie high school [11-25-2003]

I would like to arrange for my eighth grade students to visit Philly for the day. What is the most econmical way to do this while still obtaining fun and learning? Where do I start?
Karen Reynolds, Baltimore,Md [11-25-2003]

My grandpa's family arrived in Philly in the 1700's, and many still live there. Your site has been a great help in tracing my family roots. I really like the Philly Timeline.
Ingrid, Charleston, WV [11-22-2003]

we wanted to say that we like your site,we got really neat info for a book report.
anonymous [11-22-2003]

Good Website
Tremon Davis, 17 Louisville, MS 39339 [11-22-2003]

I am the grandaughter of Samuel Wetherill. My mother was Frances Macomb Wetherill.I would be very interested in any info you could send me.I also understand that there are yearly Wetherill reunion in the meeting house. The last one I attended was in 1986.I am still interested in attending.Any info on what it is to be a Free Quaker would be appreciated.I have a 15 yr. old daughter whom is now birthrightFree Quaker
Suzan Lockhart [11-22-2003]

maristella [11-22-2003]

This site is great for researching Philidelphia!
Victoria Smey [11-22-2003]

call me
Gurt taddichue, 14 ph 998-0807 [11-22-2003]

Have answers to questions that we ask!
Amanda, Age 11 5th grade [11-22-2003]

Cliver, alive in cali [11-22-2003]

Hey! This site is kewl! Bye!
Annie, 13 [11-22-2003]

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kylie, 14 amarillo tx i love this site people [11-22-2003]

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Michael, http://www.handylader.com [11-17-2003]

Jake Moore [11-17-2003]

This website saved my butt on a history project!1
Lindsay, 14 Texas [11-17-2003]

I am currently taking a college course class at my high school, AP US History and it is a very hard class for me. As far as understanding the text book, there are many small things that I overlooked, ushistory.org really helped me fill in those gaps. Thanks a Bunch!
Tracy, 15 [11-17-2003]

i think that this site is very helpful to both others and myself. i am doing a project on Pennsylvania and this web site has indeed helped me out a lot. i am required to make a news paper on one of the original 13 colonies, and as you can tell, i have choosen Penn. if you guys/girls have any more information on Penn. that you think that i can use please mail it to me at MYSTHYANG2008@YAHOO.COM THANK YOU.....
nicole madden, 14 miami,fl 33056 20 10 nw 173rd terr. [11-17-2003]

My husband was born and raised in Philadelphia and is forever crediting Philadelphia with doing everything first! Like the first hoagie etc. I was pleased to see your list of firsts in Philadelphia. I'm going to copy it and give it to him for Christmas! He'll be thrilled [and quite self-satisfied]. I've added your site to "my favorites". Thanks, Marsha
Marsha, From New York [11-17-2003]

This is a great source for links to American History. It would be a great help to teens doing independant studies, it is engaging enough to keep historyphobes reading!
Robotlegion, Age 26, Vermont [11-17-2003]

hi! i love presidents i am doing a project on monroe! yay
maroo [11-17-2003]

i just wanted you all to know im related to one of your signers of the constitution and the declaration of independence. the signer of the constitution is my 3rd great grand father and thanks to your site i found this out
anonymous [11-17-2003]

Excellent website! Great info.
Joan Crossett, Onancock, VA [11-17-2003]

i was having a conversation with a co-worker and we aren't sure what the stripes stand for. can you answer that question for us. thank you
PAMELA MARKMAN [11-17-2003]

hello i thik this history is very interesting and it helps my intellagent actions! Thank you for having a great site, it helped me with my homework n i got an " A " on the sheet! Thanx again!
annonomis [11-17-2003]

hellew your site is great thanx for the help!
annonomis [11-17-2003]

I need imformation on English Virginia
Dejon [11-17-2003]

you were very helpful to me on my report. you need more stuff on the mayflower compact
anonymous [11-17-2003]

great resource
anonymous [11-17-2003]

love it
natasha Daylor, 16,Derry,NH [11-17-2003]

hi i like u're flags bye
jorilyn, 11 [11-17-2003]

I thought this sight of The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was very interesting and i love learning about history. So thank you historians and to people who publish this kind of information on the world wide web.
Leslie, 20/F/ Oh [11-17-2003]

Vey good web site
Jay-jizzlae [11-17-2003]

Betsy, 16 [11-17-2003]

dustin jones [11-17-2003]

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Ana, 14,newmarket [11-17-2003]

it was cool
tommy robertson, 16 male ky [11-17-2003]

thanks for a wonderful time
tamicka [11-11-2003]

looking for information to put together a progressive dinner and historical tour of Philadelphia for December 13th.
Thornotn Lathrop [11-11-2003]

People like to bad mouth our government and our military but they forget that it is our government and our military that give them the right to do so. Today's the day you should thank a Veteran. Respect those who fought for you.
Jason Luckenbaugh SrA USAF, 24 Alamogordo, New Mexico [11-11-2003]

Keep up the good work. History is always happening!
Dolores Anne Simons Januário, Săo Paulo, Brazil [11-11-2003]

This website is awesome! It tells you the facts like they are!
Mikey S [11-10-2003]

nelly, i like to rap [11-10-2003]

This was a good information site. It has a lot of historic resources you can use. I might sound like a freak, but this is the perfect site for finding all the wonderous information you need to find about U.S. History. (Hints: the name of the website.)
anonymous [11-10-2003]

Totally cool site. History was my favorite subject. I will come back and learn more! http://moviesfree.tv/movies/
Magellan, Portland OR [11-10-2003]

Dayton H. Brice Jr., I am a Future US Marine [11-10-2003]

it iscool
Todd, 14 ssp [11-10-2003]

Well i think it is a great idea about this site. lots of war which is really interesting. ive liked history since the 5 grade. Sincerly, Lindsey Smioth
Lindsey Smith, Age: 14, City: Salem [11-10-2003]

419, 419 [11-10-2003]

you shuld have a search box so people can get exactly what they want quick and easy
meaghan, 15, chicago,il [11-10-2003]

i like this website because it helps me with all of my history reports, etc. thanks!
alyssa, 13, Tx [11-10-2003]

Amanda Martines [11-10-2003]

Joey [11-10-2003]

Can you take a bus tour if you can not walk it.
Joihn &Caroline Batson, Columbia Md [11-10-2003]

This is a great website that I've shared with my students. I love the fact that you can ask questions and receive a response.
Norma Boren, History teacher from Texas [11-10-2003]

I am a girl from crestlne ohio. ive traveled the united states. im the only one in my scool who has ever been out of the country. I love to travel and learn about all kinds of history, family world the u.s, and all the other kinds of history out there.
angelt, 12 ohio [11-08-2003]

We have this report to do and I found everything I needed. It was so helpful! What a great site!
Vicky, I'm 13 years old and I live in Newbury, Ohio [11-08-2003]

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anonymous [11-08-2003]

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Charmange speaks [11-08-2003]

I really like this website. It is helping me on my research I am doing this six weeks on Colonial Times. THANKS a lot!, STEVIE DAVIS
stevie davis, 13, dequincy, louisiana [11-08-2003]

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valerie, 10 [11-08-2003]

Ashley Smith, i am 14 years old salem ind [11-08-2003]

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Gary, Lüneburg, Germany [11-08-2003]

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Franz [11-08-2003]

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Chester [11-08-2003]

d'ayaris [11-08-2003]

I would like to know wiltons exact location. I would really like to know it's for a Geogrphy project
Logan, 15,weld, [11-08-2003]

this is a very great website it helped a lot with my school pplay for my 8th grade class with my teacher Mr. Hurley! thanx a lot!
natasha, giles county [11-08-2003]

I love america and america loves me
mr interlectual, male [11-08-2003]

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Aaron Herrera, 13 & super genius going to Harverd University [11-05-2003]

Visited your site, particularly interested in the bar, "Peeks" at the Reading Terminal Station. This bar belonged to my Grandfather, John Lyons, Sr. before prohibition. My Father passed away recently, and I met a classmate of my Dad's, a man who told me about how famous this "Peeks" bar was. This man is 96 yrs. old, and graduated with my Dad from West Catholic High School. I'd like to hear more about this bar. Do you have any add'l information?
Suzanne Lyons Stanch, Wash. Twp., Glo. Co., NJ [11-05-2003]

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Ashleigh, Faith, Lauren, Galveston, tx [11-05-2003]

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George Lu, 13 rockville, maryland [11-03-2003]

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nayeli [10-31-2003]

Eddie M. Yah [10-31-2003]

I grew up in Queen village. My parent are still there. I would like to do a history search on my childhood home. Where would I get this information. Thank You Donna.
Donna DeGori [10-30-2003]

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We just formed the Mexican Society of the SONS OF THE REVOLUTION here is Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico. I am Secretary/treasurer/Historian. 13 of us form this society on September 28, 2003, and are officially chartered with the National Headquarters. What is also interesting is that one of our members is a decendent of Commodore John Barry, founder of the U. S. Navy. We are raising funds to build a historical library of several of our members with tremendous historical backgrounds. Just wanted to share this with you because it is interesting to us! Tod Jonson
Tod Jonson, 74, Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico. [10-30-2003]

Thanks for the great job on putting this together.Just so you know I was very impressed that you had included Stephen Girard. a lot of people do not realize that he helped this country out in a big way when we were short of money. Why we do not have a postage stamp in his honor I do not know.( WE SHOULD ). Also, I attended Girard College from 1961-1972. The info you have on Girard is excellent. As this info should be in our history books. Thanks again. Dave
Dave, 50 years old [10-30-2003]

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Vanessa Cicciari, age-10 State-New York City-North Babylon- Long Island cheerleading champion! [10-30-2003]

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Ryan Casey, 13,Woodland,WA My favorite activity is paintball. [10-30-2003]

i am researching information about my father, who was born in philadelphia in 1895. the web page stopped abruptly before completing the year 1895. how can i access more information about that era in philadelphia?

I think that people are brave.
Ryan Casey [10-30-2003]

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Researching the John Spencer-Susanna Lightfoot line, of my family, through my great-grandfather Edwin G. Russell, and wife, Anna Hartman. I've been told the Lightfoots were Irish Quakers. They intermarried with the Mendenhalls, who came to America with Will Penn, a staunch non trinitarian, who was sentenced to the Tower of London for life, for his non-trinity stance. He was a prolific writer of such books as "The Errors of the Trinity," and "A Sandy Foundation Shaken," and he invited many to settle Pennsylvania, envisioning a eutopia of citizens who had at long last "Come of of Babylon," back to theeir Judeo-Christian roots, long before the political ploys of Constantine at the Council of Nicea. He later had himself baptized by one of the Arain heretics, Eusebius. Penn believed the fullness of the Godhead is in Jesus Christ, like the bible says in Col. 2:9. This belief was basic to the Quakers, like Penn and George Fox. It was reformation doctrine. Penn was influenced to a large degree by the French Huguenots, Camisards and Quakers, or Irish Quakers. Am enjoying learning more about this family, and suspect they believed like William Penn, and probably came to America like the Mendenhalls, by personal invitation of William Penn, though I have yet to prove it. http://www.apostolicnetwork.com/riverlark http://www.angelfire.com/wa3/skylarkofthemorning
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Teresa Gloudeman, 14,Yucaipa california [10-16-2003]

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anonymous [10-13-2003]

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Robert P. Fondes, My new web page [10-13-2003]

I am extremely gratified that you have a record of Christopher Columbus' letter to Luis De Sant Angel wherein he proclaimed his discovery of the West Indies. It is a sure compfort that there are still historians that preserve orginal documents and collectibles that have not passed through the filters of editors, news correspondents and bureaucrats. Political correctness is killing the transmission of the soul of America's rich history and pioneer heritage. May God bless you richly for the great work you do in maintaining a forum and record accessible to the public. With devoted gratitude, Brian K. Welch Nashville, Tennessee
Brian, Nashville, Tennessee [10-13-2003]

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We plan to visit Philadelphia in two weeks. From your virtual tour we have selected the following sites and would like you to line them up in an orderly fashion (number them so we can see them without backtracking). Maybe you could send us a map charting them out. Old First Reformed Church 4th and Race Street United Church of Christ 151 North Fourth Street Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Washington square American Philosophical Society 105 S. Fifth Street Thaddeus Kosciuszko Nat Mem 3rd and Pine Bishop White House 309 Walnut Street Athenaeum of Phila 219 South 6th St Library Hall 105 South 5th Street Chinatown extends from 9th to 12th Sts Vine to Arch Streets The Presbyterian Historical Society 425 Lombard Street The Bourse 111 S. Independence Mall Elfreth's Alley Second Street, between Arch and Race Streets Franklin Court Market Street (between 3rd and 4th Streets) Declaration (Graff) House 7th and Market Headhouse/Shambles 2nd Street, between Pine and South St 18th-Century Garden 325 Walnut Street Arch Street Friends Meeting House 320 Arch Street between 3rd and 4th Old Pine Street Presbyterian Church 412 Pine Street (corner of Pine and 4th Streets) Pemberton House Chestnut between 3rd and 4th Liberty Bell Market Street between 5th & 6th
Jim Gunn, 8739 Glen Nevis Road, Ada, MI 49301 [10-12-2003]

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Michael Barry [10-12-2003]

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Alex, 15, portland, oregon [10-12-2003]

Found an ancestor of mine here and am thrilled to know he's listed here. He was at Valley Forge. I still try to fathom what a matrose is. Terry Foley
Terry Foley [10-12-2003]

Josh, Liz, Thailer, Amy, and Roxy Lair, Park City, Utah [10-12-2003]

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anonymous [10-12-2003]

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Ray. & Judy Stewart [10-01-2003]

What a fine web site. John Barry was my great-great-great-great uncle, on my mother's side of the family. I'm very proud of my heritage.
Francis F. Pollock, 72; Hacienda Heights, CA; Retired [10-01-2003]

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Lauren [10-01-2003]

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Nancy Bush, I am 64 and I live in Grand Chain, Illinois [09-29-2003]

Impressed by your epalanation of the proper display of the flag. The display of the flag is an itme of which we AMericans have great ignorance. Just look around you.
Mark Witt, 71, Parrish, Fl, Lt Col USAF (retired); student of history [09-29-2003]

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Janis Carney, Upper Darby [09-29-2003]

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Cassi, 16 years old [09-29-2003]

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allen ross, 21 [09-29-2003]

I am trying to gather information on my family history and I have been reaching roadblocks. I know that we had quite a few Methodist Ministers in our family line, and I know that my great uncle Houston Ross was one of the early members of Tindley Temple at Broad & Fitzwater St, in Philadelphia. But, I have been unable to find out much information about the early religions. Mr. Sidney, I never knew his last name was a member of your church. He died in the 1980's and Mr. Carter (lived on S 53rd St) was also. I talked with them before and they said this was one of the best churches to try to get info from. I have never been to your church but do have intentions on visiting soon. The church I am trying to gather information on is now called "New Union United AME". It is located in Goldsboro, MD. Their current pastor is Rev. Margarie Burns. She has been with the congregation for a while now.
Frances Hoxter-Jones Martin, Philadelphia, PA [09-29-2003]

I really love this site as there are many facts and lots of real history.
James Venus, I am 63 from Kansas City Mo [09-29-2003]

I really love this site as there are many facts and lots of real history.
James Venus, I am 63 from Kansas City Mo [09-29-2003]

what started the revolutinary war???
allen ross, 21 [09-29-2003]

I am trying to gather information on my family history and I have been reaching roadblocks. I know that we had quite a few Methodist Ministers in our family line, and I know that my great uncle Houston Ross was one of the early members of Tindley Temple at Broad & Fitzwater St, in Philadelphia. But, I have been unable to find out much information about the early religions. Mr. Sidney, I never knew his last name was a member of your church. He died in the 1980's and Mr. Carter (lived on S 53rd St) was also. I talked with them before and they said this was one of the best churches to try to get info from. I have never been to your church but do have intentions on visiting soon. The church I am trying to gather information on is now called "New Union United AME". It is located in Goldsboro, MD. Their current pastor is Rev. Margarie Burns. She has been with the congregation for a while now.
Frances Hoxter-Jones Martin, Philadelphia, PA [09-29-2003]

I feel this site should have more opinions from other people although this is still a great site to visit. This was a cool site. It helped me with my history homework.
Kevin, 13 yrs old from San Francisco,CA [09-24-2003]

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LUIS MARANGHELLO, 55 rosario santa fe argentina [09-24-2003]

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anonymous [09-24-2003]

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jim bob, 14 [09-24-2003]

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Lucia Jackson, Summerland Key, FL formerly Philadelphia, PA [09-24-2003]

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Janice (Benett) [09-24-2003]

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Phentermine, age 15, Oakland, ca [09-24-2003]

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Anna Florzak [09-24-2003]

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Mrs S Tucker, Ancestor of Benjamin Niles b.Philadelphia 1798. [09-24-2003]

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anonymous [09-24-2003]

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elaine agvent, New member of Bethel AME Church New Haven, CT [09-22-2003]

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kim [09-22-2003]

I liked your page "The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier". I especially liked one of the quotes, "Freedom is a light for which many have died in darkness."
anonymous [09-22-2003]

There is a wealth of information on this site. Thanks so much.
Betty Kendrick-Collins, Texas City, Tx [09-22-2003]

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Emma Swinney, 82 years old, in NV [09-20-2003]

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I love our country and was proud to have served. My new book tells my story. You can take a free look at: www.geocities.com/gciliberti/index.html Semper Fidelis, Gene Ciliberti Gene Ciliberti, US Marine veteran - Korean War 1950.
Gene Ciliberti [09-05-2003]

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Abid khan [09-05-2003]

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Does anyone know of any reinactments in Georgia Or South Carolina during the period of October 19 thru Nov 12. Would appreciate any info. Thanks, Frank
Frank [09-04-2003]

The creation of the United States of America is still the most wonderful chapter in the history of Mankind, inspiring the greatest hope that there will come the day of His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. Thank you for helping to preserve it an make it accessable for everyone.
John Wesley Fieldhouse, I am a 48 year old native of Whittier, California, a Quaker town settled by pioneers from the city of Philadelphia, Pennsilvania. [09-04-2003]

Raymond L. Hilliard, East Liverpool, Ohio SAR< age 69 [09-02-2003]

I grew up in Philadelphia, PA. but left to live on the West coast. I miss Philly a lot, so that is the reason I log on to this web site whenever I get the chance. I have been back to Philly twice on vacation and it is still a very nice place to visit. Maybe one of these days I will come back permanently. Thanks.
Carol Slemmer, Age 48, San Diego, CA. (formerly of Phila. Pa. [09-02-2003]

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Your website helped me a lot with a paper i had to write for my American history class! Thanks!
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From doing my family history tree many years ago,Benjamin Ring was my great grandfather to th 8th generation. Nathaniel Ring was his father. I have never been able to visit your park and the Ring house. Is there any one who would like to E-mail information about this family or where it is today as we know in Arizona.
Dennis Ring, 7042 n 14th st Phoenix'Ariz. 85020 [09-02-2003]

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Do you keep records on stores etc that were around in "old" Philadelphia? My uncle used to live on Elfreth's (?spelling) alley before he died and I liked to visit him. We are looking for info about EK Tryon Jr and Co. in 1897. If you do not have info, where might you suggest that we look?
SANDRA, Wilton maine [08-22-2003]

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My 6th great Uncle Solomon Fussell ame from Yorkshire, England and opened a carpentry shop on Second Street in the years between 1721-1735. He was in business there for some time. He was the first person in the colonies to mass produce chairs. Benjamin Franklin ordered chairs from him some of which are still in existance in private collections and in museums. Documented also is the fact that Ben also used wood turnings produced by Uncle Solomon to assemble some of his scientific equipment. He trained another famous furniture maker named William Savery. His descendants are documented as having been very active in the Underground Railroad as conductors in PA and in Maryland, and are written about in William Stills book entitled The Underground Railroad, and various other historical works. One of Solomon's descendants Bartholomew Fussell, helped to found the Women's Medical College originally the Female Medical College, another practiced medicine there as well. I have copies of that ancestors medical case books when he served as chirman of a department there and also graduation addresses when he was the President of the College or equivalent title in those days. I would give anything to have a picture of the site where Solomon's cair shop was located if it is known. Could someone please help me in obtaining information about its exact location if possible? Claudia Newell
Claudia Newell, Jacksonville, FL [08-18-2003]

schamberger [08-18-2003]

Searching for history of Gadsden County, Florida
Terry Jackson, Age-54, Orlando,Fl., Black American [08-18-2003]

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Great site, I've got a question I need answered. I recently bouht an old ships wheel at estate sale small brass plate on front reads [american engineering co. philadelphia pa], wheel about 100 years old but can't find any info on company. can you help?
mark doolittle, Edmonds WA [08-18-2003]

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David Fawcett, history teacher at The Webb Schools, Claremont, CA 91711 [08-18-2003]

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Sidmouthlife. sidmouth devon uk, Sidmouth-devon-a regency town by the sea [08-08-2003]

Why is there not imformation about slaves in Philadelphia as well as the Native Americans. There should be more detailed info' about the roll of the Indians and the African Americans in this city.
anonymous, 50 year old Philadelphian [08-08-2003]

Very nice site. I've always been fascinated with historical stuff, especially about Philadelphia. Philadelphia is rich with history. This site demonstrates that. I love it. I came to this site because I need to find out where the Good Samaritan Hospital was in Philly? Also the Temple Baptist Church. Who was Dr Russel H. Cornwell. He authored a book, ACRES OF DIAMONDS. There is a very touching story that spurs my interest about these places and people which supposedly occured during the turn of the century. Temple University is part of it also. Please give me the whole picture. Thank You.
Marlene, Philadelphian, born and bred but living elsewhere for the last 4 years [08-08-2003]

I live in the Pa area. I have a 9yr old son that loves science and History. I was wondering if you could send me some more info (ex: prices, times)on the Congress hall Old City Franklin institute Museum. I would like to take a visit on friday August 8th.
Joan, n/a [08-08-2003]

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Innessa, I'm from Philadelphia,i'm filled with history. [08-08-2003]

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melissa almaraz, 14/pacoima/ca. [08-08-2003]

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brittany [08-04-2003]

I love Philadelphia history and I'm enjoying your tour through my city. Could youplease tell me about Loxley Court? Is it the same location as an old photograph showing the Loxley House?
Virginia Stewart, Philadelphia resident for 20 years [08-04-2003]

Kerry Merritt, Laguna Hills, CA [08-04-2003]

can any one tell me who was Mary Ambler and where did she come from.A town in alaska is named after her
Richard Ambler, England [08-04-2003]

This website is great! One feature I would like to see added is: More specific history on the wars that our country has been involved in such as, WWI, WWII, Vietnam war, etc. Thank you!
Jeffrey RomanPena, 22, New York [08-04-2003]

Tell me more about the Ame church I may convert. e-mail me soon.
Jamario, I am a catholic christian. [07-31-2003]

Greetings from County Wexford, Ireland, birthplace of Commodore John Barry.I will be giving a paper on Commodore John Barry and other Wexford-born mariners in Philadelphia, at a Wexford Historical Society seminar to mark the 200th anniversary of the Commodore's death on September 13th next. I am intrigued by the number of people writing here with a family connection to the Commodore and would love to hear from anyone with a proven connection.
Celestine Rafferty, Wexford, Ireland [07-31-2003]

Looking for information on Schamberger family name. Grandfather: Jerome Schamberger, Wisconsin
Peter J. Schamberger, Schamberger family history [07-31-2003]

I love anything in history.
DJ, Age: 10 http://freepages.rotsweb.com/~chepburn/djhepburn_index.htm [07-31-2003]

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Greetings to you all across the big pond I hope one day to greet you in our fair city of london.
PETER MOORE, town crier to the mayor of london. uk [07-27-2003]

I came to this websiet for help with pictures and information about the A.M.E. Church for our 132 Church Anniversary, of which I am working on the Anniversary Church Bulletin. Thank You for this opportunity. I am overwhelmed with this website. J.E.Kelley-Young
Janice Elaine Kelley-Young, Member of Quinn Chapel A.M.E. Church, Lincoln, Nebraska. Have been a member for 55 years. Baptized in this church and now I am the Church Secretary, Steward. [07-26-2003]

I am a native of Philadelphia and am familiar with most of its history. This is why I am perplexed since there is no mention of slavery in the city of "Brotherly Love". Nor was it mentioned that our first president, George Washington lived in the first White House in Philadelphia, and owned slaves. It is worth noting that on the site where the Philadelphia White House once stood is a slave graveyard where Washington's slaves are buried. Many Philadelphians a protesting the building a new home for the liberty bell on this site before anthropologists can recover important artifacts from that period in our history. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts. http://www.telephone-fr.com
Stefan [07-26-2003] [No slaves were buried at the site of the President's House. This is an urban legend and should not be perpetuated. -Webmaster]

andy mullen, 17 [07-26-2003]

I like the website a lot... Anything that is in respect to the U.S. Flag is awesome! :-) -ErikaMarie-
ErikaMarie, Idaho [07-25-2003]

i think tjis place is great cuz. it has everything bout everything.when i did my report about the libertybell. i got a 100%. i think every1 should noe how great this site is.maybe when i grow up i will make something like this. THIS WEB SITE IS GREAT
ashley, 11/f philly [07-25-2003]

ashley [07-25-2003]

Elisabeth [07-25-2003]

I was looking for the information that was on Fox 29 yesterday regarding the civil war monuments in Fairmount Park. I am looking for the site and also for the address. The Slemmer name is of interest to me. Thanks.
Sally Thiessen, Southampton, PA [07-25-2003]

Every time I see a POW flag I am deeply touched. I don't know anyone who has been POW or MIA. We recently got a flag pole. Would it be disrespectful if we flew a POW flag? Would it be disrespectful to the families and friend of the so many still lost to us? I would very much appreciate an opinion. thank you debbie gordon
debbie gordon, walled lake michigan [07-22-2003]

valarie robinson [07-22-2003]

My grandfather Reese Pass told me when I was a child in Phila that his family are direct descendants of John Pass who cast the Liberty Bell.
ed miller, il [07-21-2003]

I inherited a sketchbook *from 1914 ...the sketches are done by Çaptain Anthony Falia....and are mechanical drawings of guns, machine guns, machinery..with detailed descriptions. Any idea how much this is worth????
bethrose [07-21-2003]

Thanks for the wonderful history on John Barry. He's a relative on my mother's side of the family. My middle name "John" and my brother's middle name "Barry" were given as an honor. I wish he was mentioned more frequently in our school's history lessons... Thanks again!
Bill Anderson, Georgetown, Texas [07-21-2003]

I was searching the internet looking for a listing of "Documents of Freedom" for examples in my Sunday Schools class and found this website. Thanks for the supplement, a few more people in this country need to read these vital documents that make this country what it is.
Jeremy Bruce, Anchorage, Alaska [07-21-2003]

I Love history and I can get it any time I want! THANKS USHISTORY.ORG!
588luv [07-19-2003]

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Penny [07-19-2003]

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Richard Lively, Cordell, Ok. [07-19-2003]

always loved history, finding out about crider of the revolutionary war is fun>>
BOBBIE J. CRIDER, age 47 conroe tx, male vietman era vet 1972 perhaps the youngest [07-19-2003]

where is the site for Mail Call?

I display the U S Flag Daily. Give me Rules and Regulations, and other information about the FLAG,... I Thank YOU VERY MUCH..
Sigmund Lisowski, WWII Vet.. Flag Display, [07-19-2003]

Why were none of Frank Furness's lovely houses around Rittenhouse Square included in your walking tour? He is the most important Victorian architecture in America, and the Rittenhouse Square area offers an unparalleled collection of his houses. Where is the Thomas Hockley House on 21st Street? Where is the Thomas Reilly House on Rittenhouse Square? And so forth. I recommend you get a copy of the recent biography, Frank Furness: Architecture and the Violent Mind, and update your website, which is otherwise quite splendid.
Michael J. Lewis, professor of architecture at Williams College, Massachusetts [07-17-2003]

i really need a job it can be bakery or what ever and do love history!
angelica britt, 14yrs old,baltimore,maryland need job. [07-17-2003]

Interested in old Phila history and Little Strets
Robert Kane [07-16-2003]

I am doing family research, my Great Great Grandfather, Martin, was born in Philadelphia, lived on Christian St. Any information on my family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Richard Himes, Hicksville, Long Island, NY [07-16-2003]

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i am looking for info on an old company in philadelphia. the name is ELECTROCOAL & GRATE CO. I WOULD APPRECIATE ANY INFO ABOUT THIS CO.
barb betz [07-14-2003]

Jerry L Sellers, El Paso, Texas [07-14-2003]

I have 2 children in school and I find this site very helpful. Thank You a bunch you make our lives easier in history reports.
Patricia Fabela, 45 yr old female/ San Antonio,TX [07-14-2003]

Hello, from Kent, Ohio
Craig Hilles [07-14-2003]

This is a great site - I'll be over to Philly as soon as I have the funds! meanwhile I am doing research on Scottish joiners and cabinet makers who settled in Philadelphia between 1760 and 1825. I am trying to discover if there is evidence of a discernable Scottish influence in furniture made or decorated in Philly in that period. Any info on furniture collections in the city or the whereabouts of signed pieces will be gratefully received. Thanks. PS have a great 4 July (day after my birthday!)
Kander Binger [07-14-2003]

I am very interested in going on the tour of this house. I got to see the house on the Ghost Tour of Philadelphia. Which I enjoyed very much.
Mary Hopper [07-12-2003]

I just want to know where to get the best Philly steak and cheese in Philidelphia? We would be on our way home to Long Island on route 81 and would love directions to get a Famous Philly steak and cheese. Thanks
anonymous [07-12-2003]

Great site for visitors to the city. We are from New Orleans and was wondering where to go and how to get around and your site gave us all the options. Thank you.
Robert Dixon, Slidell, Louisiana [07-11-2003]

I 'am researching my family history and its folklore, some of the most interesting things have been said about some of the surnames in historical events in my family and I would like to know more. John Pettigrew married a Ward decendants are George Armstrong Custer; Fact or Fiction? Joseph Davis Stockton was a son of Richard Stockton The Immigrant from England; Fact or Fiction? Ann Stockton was a cousin to the Richard Stockton of the signers;Fact or Fiction? William Goudylock was married to a Stockton whom was also related to the signer; Fact or Fiction? Davis Whelchel was the third man to sign the ASSOCIATION PAPER for the Revolution; Fact or Fiction? Frantz Welchel immigrant from Germany is Francis Whelchel; Fact or Fiction? Lisa Whelchel is a cousin to Alonzo Whelchel; Fact or Fiction? There are other things that are rumored as truth; Is there any way of finding the proof of forklore?
Dink, usa [07-11-2003]

The most interesting and informative site I've found. Looking forward to using your information on a trip to Philadelphia soon. Thanks!
Patricia H. Phelps, PLS, Meadows Place, Texas [07-10-2003]

great site! looking for books on fishtown in philly - have a friend who moved to the neighborhood. does such a thing exist?
anonymous [07-10-2003]

After reviewing the "Drinking Places" of the Phila history, I noticed that there was no reference to "Tun Tavern", the first recruiting place of the U S Marine Corps. Also as being born, raised and educated in Philadelphia, i see no reference to when the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood was incorporated. Please let me know if I have overlooked something oon the site, but as a Marine and a Philadelphian, this is a big souce of pride to myself and to other Marines of the area. Thank you
GySgt Mark B. Colston [07-10-2003]

a very good presidentation.enjoyed the site a great deal
gary grisham [07-10-2003]

I am from Pakistan and I have chosen US History as an optional subject for my studies. I hope I may find some material in this website. If not, please e-mail me, if u could, the websites satisfying the purpose.
anonymous [07-10-2003]

I'm the Superintendent of an American WWI Cemetery in Bony, France (Somme American Cemetery)and recently a British visitor asked why the American Flag had to be illuminated after nightfall in order to continue flying it? I know that it clearly states in Title 4, Chapter 1: The Flag, Section 6a that it's required to be illuminated but doesn't state the reason. Do you have any information pertaining to this question? Your assistance would be appreciated.
Bobby Bell, American Battle Monuments Commission European Region [07-10-2003]

Hya All, very interesting site,came accross it whilst trying to research my Family History. Have found ref to a John Nicholl who travelled on a ship called the Cameronia, landing at Ellis Island 1913.He came from Limavady Northern Ireland and went to the Usa to stay with his brother David Nicholl. I have an incomplete period address of ?????? Valley Farm (possibly Radnor),Stham,Philad. This is as written on ships manifest. Can anyone offer any assistance on either the possible correct address or any other info? Could the apparent abbreviations be short for Southampton and Philadelphia??? Any help would be very much appreciated! from Paul Nicholl, England.
Paul Nicholl, Peterborough, England [07-10-2003]

A great page
Charles E Walls, Age 76 Hustonville, Ky 40437 [07-10-2003]

Will visit Phila. July 22-24. I come from a long line of Presbyterian ministers, so I'm finally making my pilgrimage to Mecca! Anxious to see and and hear and feel your beautiful city.
Carolyn Covert Reynolds, Solvang, CA [07-10-2003]

It will take me days to follow all of your great links! Great job! Also, visit my history site: http://morristown.org TomC
http://revwar.org, God Bless America ! [07-10-2003]

PLEASE - I don't know where to find a good copy of Betsy Ross' writing/signature. Need same for a Forensic Document Conference to compare with forgery by Mark Hofmann in Utah prison for life.
Marie P. Gerage, Chicago, IL [07-10-2003]

Tim Harlan, 35, Godfrey, ILL [07-10-2003]

Ronald D. Cone [07-10-2003]

Like the site. Found while investigating the history of The United States Bank. Have been to Philadelphia about 3 or 4 times in my life. I do intend to visit again, perhaps in 2004. Visited Independence Hall in 1995. Every American should try to do so. I felt a greater kinship to our forefathers after that visit.
Ronald Theiss, Born 1936 in Pittsburgh, Pa. Presently live in Brevard Co.,FL [07-10-2003]

The Office of Management and Budget and the Interior Department (DOI) are preparing to hand over National Park Service jobs to private contractors. Under a government-wide initiative, up to 70 percent of all National Park Service jobs could be sold to the lowest bidder. As a result, our national parks would lose scientists, archaeologists, maintenance workers, educators, and many others who protect park resources and provide us a safe and enjoyable experience. In fact, National Park Service Director Fran P. Mainella recently warned DOI of some of the possible consequences including: Impact on Visitors' Experiences: National parks receive nearly 300 million visitors every year. As more and more Park Service positions are outsourced, visitors will find fewer employees able to answer questions about the parks and our history, shorter hours at parks, fewer campgrounds open, and fewer guided tours and other activities. Visitors to our national parks will be the losers. Diversity: Director Mainella said, "89 percent of the . . . jobs proposed for study in the Washington, D.C., area may affect diversity of our workforce. Studies in San Francisco and Santa Fe also show large concentrations of diverse full time employees [to be affected] as well." Morale: This unfunded mandate will impact these dedicated employees with a passion for their job that often go above and beyond the call of duty. Contractors will work 9 to 5 because their eye is on the bottom line and how to save money. We don't pay our park rangers more money for helping a stranded motorist in a remote park at 10 p.m. or our maintenance workers more for helping explain the historical significance of a building they are working on to a passing tourist. Wholesale privatization disregards the commitment of people for whom working for the Park Service is a calling. Park Service Budget: It will cost millions to study the jobs that may or may not be privatized. And no money has been appropriated for this mandate from this Administration to pay for these studies. Instead, repairs and other basic, vital maintenance will be delayed, roads, visitor centers, and other facilities will go without needed repairs, let alone upgrades, and Park Service staff, according to Mainella, will need to be "taken off other priority projects" to work on the privatization studies. Money currently earmarked for needed maintenance and preservation—areas the President has said was a priority—will need to be directed to outside contractors for studies to replace the Park Service employees who are responsible for protecting our parks. Economic Impact: Many gateway communities rely on the economic benefit of the national parks—the National Park System generates more than $10 billion in local economies and nearly 300,000 jobs. Privatization will only sell those jobs to the lowest bidder jeopardizing both the parks themselves, and the experiences of millions of visitors—potentially having serious consequences for local communities who depend on those visitors. At times like these, when people are trying to reconnect with the history that our national parks preserve, we should not be casting aside the historians, archaeologists, museum curators, maintenance workers, architects, and other stewards of our natural and cultural heritage and placing their responsibilities in the hands of the lowest bidder. Although the need for the goverment to downsize is appreciated and widely supported, Our Natural Parks are not the place to do it. Us as citizen's of the United States will loose, contracted employees will not have the needed committment to protect and preserve as current park service stewards who live by the mission of the park service as a way of life. Therefore, we respectfully request that the House state clearly and unanimously its opposition to the Privatization of the National Park system. Please voice your opinion and sign our petition http://www.petitiononline.com/SVNPS/petition.html Sincerely,
Marla_paxton [07-10-2003]

Hello all! I was with my friend Birgit in March I think 28 or 30 - 1993 in Almeria - Spain, met we two there friends Tom and Doug from a USS warship, Tom was 1993, 22 years old. We would stand gladly again with them in contact. Who can help us to find the addresses. Were 4 USS of ships in this time in the port, the USS Sumter - LST 1181, USS Gustan Hall - LSD 44, La More County LST - 1194 and USS Austin LPD 4. Please help me all. Loretta E-Mail Loretta9@gmx.de
Loretta [07-10-2003]

bf rocks
anonymous, none [07-10-2003]

While studying history in school and reading about different wars, it's easier realizing the suffering the soldiers went through after seeing remakes of different war movies as in say, the blue and gray-saving private ryan-pearl harbor and so on, knowing that in reality it was far worse than any movie could ever make it look. And it makes me realize that there are a lot of people out there that give their lives for us, and for what reason is that, FREEDOM, I wish more people would realize that they wouldn't be able to do their everyday activities no matter what they are, fun or not so fun, if it was'nt for our military, past and present, So i just want to say THANK YOU TO ALL THE VETERANS OF ALL WARS, there are some people who really do appreciate what you did and do for our freedom. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY TO YOU ALL! R. Ciccone July 4, 2003
Richard Ciccone, 32---mass. [07-04-2003]

kristin [07-04-2003]

good site
Paul Brandon [07-03-2003]

This is a cool website for people who want to learn!
Christina fleming [07-03-2003]

great site, very informative
anonymous [07-03-2003]

I had been there when I was a senior in high school, and one other time. The older you get, though, the more you appreciate all of the valuable history that is in Phillly. It is a beautiful city. Thanks for a great website.
Karen Darlene Headlee Collins, My ancestors were from this area. [07-03-2003]

Excellent repository of US History!
CMSgt Frederick S. Ricker, United States Air Force [07-03-2003]

Have found this information very worthwhile in preparing us for our trip to Philadelphia.
William Zartman, 68, Baton Rouge, LA [07-03-2003]

We got here surfing around for history about independence day. We loved the Franklin quotes! You have a really great site and I'm going to pass it along to some others. If you'd like to visit our site and sign OUR guestbook, please visit m2baby.tripod.com where you can see some of the things that make us enjoy our freedom! (rated G)
hellobaby, fl usa [07-02-2003]

Great website! When will you be adding the "missing" years to your timeline of Philadelphia? I have website dedicated to long distance families keep in touch at http://cybermate.tv/ CTV
Lisa [07-02-2003]

i think ur site is pretty cool just add some more stuff for some presidents
S.L.A., 10 Indinapolis [07-01-2003]

Lil Hawk, 10 Indianapolis,Indiana [07-01-2003]

Very nice website with useful information! Greetings from Germnay, i thought your page was neat and thought i should sign your book :-),
Thorsten Peters [07-01-2003]

Your sight is a great help, I like that it is polite and to the point. I will be back to visit your sight every time I am confused about U.S. Flag ediquette. I wish more people would put an effort into learning how to display their flag. I manage to put my mind at ease by telling my self that at least they are trying. I will send others to your sight for help. Thanks Bill
Bill Hickox, 37yrs. Las Cruces, NM [07-01-2003]

elaine [07-01-2003]

This is a great site - I'll be over to Philly as soon as I have the funds! meanwhile I am doing research on Scottish joiners and cabinet makers who settled in Philadelphia between 1760 and 1825. I am trying to discover if there is evidence of a discernable Scottish influence in furniture made or decorated in Philly in that period. Any info on furniture collections in the city or the whereabouts of signed pieces will be gratefully received. Thanks. PS have a great 4 July (day after my birthday!)
Stephanie Baker Nicholson, Post graduate student of US and Scottish furniture history [07-01-2003]

I found your site as I was developing a set of quotes on morality by the Founders. We include a daily quotation on our site and I compiled on specific themes by month. The Founders feature prominently among these quotes.
Carolyn Abbott, Editor of www.americasvoices.org [06-28-2003]

looking for a christian e-mail pen-pal
joyce mason, 67, lincolnshire, england [06-28-2003]

I would like to know if there are postcard size or larger reproductions of CWPeale's portraits of Lewis and Clark. I am a descendant of Peale. Don't know whom to contact. I have visited Philadelphia and the Second Bank many times but don't anticipate being there again soon. Many thanks. LL
Linda Lamirand, Florida [06-28-2003]

Looking for francis young class of june 1937 from Tilden jr high school phila pa, Any one knowing her please contact me at the above addy...Young was her maiden name
john mc govern, 82 yrs.young...philly pa born... [06-28-2003]

I enjoy Learning about U.S. even at my age.
Karen, 37 [06-28-2003]

This site has been a very informative educational adventure. Thank you.
Twin Oaks Home School, Florida, U.S. A. [06-27-2003]

ben was not only a political wonder but quite the philosopher indeed, thanks ben for the gift of spectacles! Where would i be without them. also read up on bens journals about the way a man should spend his time wisely very beneficial
janic faber, 41 sacramento ca [06-26-2003]

I am in the Military and find that people disrespect the United States Flag. In point, I have seen the McDonalds flag on the same pole as the United States flag and touching, as well as other flags. I am sure that protocol as it may be, should still be the only to fly the United States Flag with only the POW Flag below it, and no tother flag allowed on the same pole as the United States Flag. I believe that the Flag as beautiful and as meaningful as well as powerful as it is can surely fly by itself and is owed that respect!
Alexandria, 38,il. [06-26-2003]

Need to add some History of Michigan and other important States.
Kevin Scott Zeitz, 38, Living in Honolulu. Originally from Saginaw Michigan [06-26-2003]

would like to know how many stitches betsy ross put in the flag?
anonymous [06-26-2003]

Appreciate the hard work put into your web library as I call it. I firmly and vociferously defend the liberty of all Americans and our Constitution. I discovered your site today and it is a wonderful resource for American citizens and aspiring citizens who want to know and understand the United State's rich history, heritage and republican self government after independence from Great Britain. Thanks, Brian
Brian, Nashville,TN 39 yrs male [06-26-2003]

It's pronounced moss hime. Just trying to pass a CLEP.
Vivian, Mosheim, TN. [06-26-2003]

Gregory Bitner, 25 Scranton, Pa [06-26-2003]

Happen to run across this site. Looking for family history information.
Regina Sams, State of Ohio [06-24-2003]

I really like us history. this site is good refrence.
Anonymous [06-24-2003]

I need help. My 14 year old son is becomming involved in civil war reinactments. I am trying to find information about the lsat civil war soldiger in our town. Who can I turn to to locate this sort of information? We live in Boone Iowa? Thanks Linda
L streit [06-24-2003]

Thank you for the great site. I also a Web site featuring historic crimes both United States and International. http://www.karisable.com/crclass.htm
Kari Sable, Interested in Historic Crimes [06-24-2003]

I'm getting my GED and since I didn't grow up in this country I'm really missing a lot.I'm very interested in getting to know this country from the beginning.Thanx
Petra Beauchamp, Lone Star Tx. [06-24-2003]

i'd love to come visit philidelphia some day i would also some historical information
glen buff, I am 14 years old and i live in bristol tennessee [06-24-2003]

james c dougherty [06-22-2003]

I did not submit name or e mail because i do not know if your site is secure but i enjoy u.s.history very much thank you for the wonderful site
anonymous, age 74 Bartonville Il [06-22-2003]

Altho his last name is the same as mine, I cant clame John as a relation. But I would like to. He would be a great subject for a presentation for the SAR or DAR.
Robert Luther Barry, 73 miami fl. FATHER army . ME USAF .DAUGHTER NAVY [06-22-2003]

lashy girl, 23 Bapchule Arizona [06-22-2003]

I appreciate the Philadelphia timeline, as I am attempting to construct/reconstruct a timeline for my Philadelphia ancestors who lived there from 1800 to 1848. Thanks, Maribette
Maribette Sifford, Hot Springs, AR [06-22-2003]

I'm doing research on the historical context of the writing of the U.S. Constitution for an assignment in an Ed Media class. I am an education student at University of Wisconsin/Platteville. Your web site was located through askeric.org. Thank you for any materials you can suggest regarding the politiacl and social circumstances leading up to the Second Continental Congress in 1787, including facts about the Aritcles of Confederation,etc. My teammate, Aaron and I are designing a media project to be included in lesson plans for 7th and 8th grade students. Thank you Cordially, Dave Trickey
Dave Trickey [06-22-2003]

Looking for a Dave McArel from Georgia, retired from USAF. Please contact me at "SFlavin@cntus.jnj.com".
Susan Krause Flavin, 37 - Phoenixville, PA [06-19-2003]

There are no great men, only ordinary men who must meet great challanges. Fleet Adm. William Halsey. We know them as Our Armed Forces. Remember Our Veterans. They might not agree with what you say, yet they will defend, with their lives if necessary, your privledge to say it.
John L. Schimoler, Combat Veteran, USMC, 1964 - 1970, Long Island, NY [06-19-2003]

Recently moved to the area and am looking for things to do.
Melanie Setzer [06-19-2003]

i love history.since i graduated from high school i have really missed it. no one wants to talk about history for fun, except me! thanks for the web site because 'the history cahnnel' just isn't enough!
DANA, i love history! [06-19-2003]

As the five times great grandson of John Pass who, I am sure, would have liked to have the technology available today, I was pleased to see the Bell is being so well cared for in the move to its new home. Thanks!
Robert Leidich [06-19-2003]

i love history and every thing about it
Danielle Gardner, 12, Clara, love history [06-18-2003]

Very well done and interesting facts. A great addition to our homeschool study of Pennsylvania. Thank you.
anonymous [06-18-2003]

It is great to be able to visit by way of computers.
Martha McCully, Age 74, Selma, AL [06-18-2003]

Nice Web site, Thank You. The more I study our Nation's independence, the more I appreciate it. It is truly awe inspiring how close we were to being subjects of the British Crown, perhaps to this day.
Michael Toth, American History buff from Cleveland, Ohio [06-18-2003]

very good site,i`ve book marked it..."i`ll be back".
STEVE POTTS., 51yr old welsh dragon,from rhosllanerchrugog,north wales,uk. [06-18-2003]

We're studying US politics for our government and politics A level-this site is really useful and informative! Thanks!
Julian, 17 from Cambridge, England [06-18-2003]

G,day y'all, Im a Texan living in paradise on earth, tropical Cairns Australia. I've been back to USA to discover, California, Utah, Arizonia and just love it. If you visit Australia try cairnsdirect. com for car rental. GOD bless America
sharon lovin, Cairns Queensland Australia [06-15-2003]

Very interesting web site. May of the thinGs I knew, and many were new. I really enjoy learning all about our flag.
Diana Lancaster, New Boston Michigan [06-14-2003]

I would like to mail you a copy of an old book about Fort Greene Park and the Prison Ship Martyr's Monument here in Bklyn which is the largest crypt of Revolutionary War dead in the US.It is also the tallest doric column in the world.
Janet, Brooklyn, NY. [06-13-2003]

I would like to have a pretzel puzzle put on here. So the people could test how much they had learned about pretezel's. Thank You! Please tell me when or if you put them on. Oh, and your site is very cool.
Catherine, 8 years old Washington [06-13-2003]

We are going to philly Tomorrow.
Tanya Chotejaruchaiya, I'm 12 [06-12-2003]

i just want to say hello to my friends in l.b.j.! go wolves
kristina [06-12-2003]

THis ia very great site i enjoyed the tour. This is a very educational sit for yoger kids to learn a lot about there history. Thank for having such a great sit.
anonymous [06-11-2003]

nina [06-10-2003]

I think flag day is one of the most inportant days ever
Ncc [06-10-2003]

god bless america,god bless president bush, god bless nigeria,god bless president olusegun obasonjo,god bless me and my family
ADETOKUNBO FOLU AYOADE, 50years old, nigerian [06-10-2003]

My great grandfather John Barry was married to Ellen Hartnett. Could he be a relative of John Barry father of the American Navy? I would like John Barry Kelly to answer this e-mail
Jeanne Barry Oelerich [06-10-2003]

DIANNE M. ALLISON [06-09-2003]

Your site helps me a lot we are doing a report about Philly and we go on this palce to help us!
Vanessa, I'm 11 and in 5 grade [06-09-2003]

well put together! http://www.horriblemonster.com/
anonymous [06-09-2003]

An interesting web-site
ramona Clifton [06-08-2003]

I love our country and was proud to have served. My new book tells my story. You can take a free look at: www.geocities.com/gciliberti/index.html Semper Fidelis, Gene Ciliberti
Gene Ciliberti, US Marine veteran - Korean War 1950 [06-08-2003]

Nancy Weeks, az [06-08-2003]

I's cool all those things I read !
erika vanessa, brith;october2,1991 [06-08-2003]

Raymond L. Hilliard, Age 69, East Liverpool, Ohio Family Genalolgy [06-07-2003]

I think this sight is great. Thanks for puitting this up. I enjoy being able to look up historical addresses on ushistory.
Stephanie Smith [06-07-2003]

The information was great and it helped a great deal on the speech I am preparing. Good thing this certain site exsisted! :)
Aireal [06-06-2003]

I am reading the complete works of Poe and his writing is brilliant. He is very profound and he triggers a thougth process like no other. I enjoy the writings of Jules Verne and I was pleased to see the many writers that Poe influenced.
Travis Penny, 25 y/o m college student from Gainesville, Fl [06-06-2003]

How often is this site updated because other sites say that the Liberty Bell is located in a different place than what is on this web site?
Laela Martini [06-06-2003] It is updated frequently. The Liberty Bell will be moving to its new pavilion later this year. -Webmaster

This information is really helpful in school for me. I am going to Phildelphia next week. And we are doing a project about history there. Thank you for making this website!
MARIBETH [06-05-2003]

its ok websit but it needs more infomation on different subjects
anonymous [06-05-2003]

We're going to Philly next week! This site gives us all the infomation we need to prepare for it! Our class love your site!
Katherine, I like history! My site is http://pub163.ezboard.com/bmalikslair ! [06-05-2003]

hi i thank you very mouch for your info. I used your site to get information on nathanael greene a person i needed to do a report on thank you
david, 11 [06-05-2003]

Lloyd, Beacon, New York. [06-05-2003]

What a wonderful site that makes easy access to important American documents. Great! Will visit often.
anonymous [06-04-2003]

I love Philadelphia
JDL [06-04-2003]

gregory m sargent jr, 18 year old m nevada love to party and hang with friends [06-04-2003]

eminem luvr #1, ; [06-04-2003]

i love this site! It really helps me with Social Studies! Thanks!
Jamie, 10 [06-03-2003]

Kinicha Webb [06-03-2003]

I think it is great that there is tons of websites that give us the backround of our nation and its symbols. Thank you.
erica, 13, massachusetts [06-02-2003]

I love your site! But we r goin 2 this trip which is at Philly and my teacher Mrs.Sellerberg the best teacher in da world wantz us 2 get some imformtion on this so i cant find anythin but i still love your web ps.if u have a screenname send it 2 me! Anoopa
Anoopa Singh [06-02-2003]

direct decendend from cramps shipyard
TOMAS CRAMP [06-02-2003]

cool site! :)
tim, Pennslyvania [06-02-2003]

Great Site! I really enjoyed surfing your site! Keep up the good work!
Billie Joe [06-01-2003]

anonymous [06-01-2003]

anonymous [06-01-2003]

What kind of artifacts do you have regarding the Lewis and Clark Expedition?
A. J. Verricchia, Durham NC, Age 67 [06-01-2003]

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