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Guest Book Archives: July-Dec. 2002

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I was a very close friend of Christopher R Betts along with my family for a good 5 years when he moved here from Ohio. We miss him dearly and will always remember the good times we had together and we will all see eachother again one day. I love you big brother ( Christopher R Betts )
anonymous [12-28-2002]

Jim Cavener, getting older, living in Yreka, California [12-27-2002]

Dear USHISTORY.org; I attended a family Christmas party last night and an uncle (energized student of History!) in attendance told stories about John Barry. He (my uncle) believes John Barry's exploits and contributions to America have been minimilized by historians who prefer to perpetuate the idea that J Paul Jones is the father of the American Navy. After searching for info on J Barry this morning and discovering your report -- I have to agree with my uncle! Thanks for your efforts on behalf of those who have come before and made such significant contributions on behalf of those to follow them Jim Lynch Chicago, IL Ret US Army
James [12-26-2002]

Enjoyed it! The Philadelphia Oddities,delightfully different.
Doris, Philadelphia [12-26-2002]

I was ignorant of this man until a few days ago. I had always thought of JPJ as being the "Father of the Navy." After reading about Com. Barry, I've changed my mind. Very enlightening and interesting stuff.
James K Halford, age: 72 Widener, AR 22 years US Navy [12-25-2002]

I lived in Philadelphia as a child in the 1950's. Looking for information on St Columbus Elementary School which was located at 24th & Lehigh Ave.
anonymous [12-25-2002]

william clayton simcoe [12-25-2002]

Sandra Hughes, Where's the info on the Greater Northeast, the Mayfair area [12-23-2002]

any thing on fishtown
charles wanner [12-23-2002]

We'll be flying our flags at half-mast today in honor of our fallen police officer Christopher R. Betts, of East Point, GA.
anonymous [12-23-2002]

I was very impressed with all the many items about Phila. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Preston Rubright, Phila. Pa. Male 81 [12-23-2002]

I visisted your Church for the 3rd time over the last 20 years. You have done a wonderful job in renovating. I am a proud AME.
Harrie P. Edwards, 3rd time was a charm [12-23-2002]

dmsnicmarie2 [12-23-2002]

George Haskins, Scarsdale, NY [12-22-2002]

i like the site its helpfull
gennesis, 13 [12-22-2002]

Fascinating.. Great for genealogists, Philadelphians, ex-Philadelphians--and my grandchildren.
Joyce M Haas [12-22-2002]

My recent book :FROM THE ATTIC TO MILITARY MUSEUMS" Featiures the Log Cabin memorial at Valley Forge. My fathers outfit in WW1, The 79tDivison,314th Inf. visit www.1stbooks.com Thank you. Robert Parker Fondes P.O. Box 6483 Bradenton, FL Toll free: 1-888-258-0091
Robert Parker Fondes, I am WW2 veteran and grew up in West Philadelphia [12-22-2002]

I want to wish my good friends Benjamin & Deborah a Merry Christmas MMII. I'll toast their accomplishments this New Year. Thanks to you both.
William J. Dougherty, Philadelphia borne, Frankfort Hospital 1947 [12-22-2002]

Good site with excellant overall information. Missing some minor details that would add to the depth of the site.
Don, Descendant of origanal Germantown residents living in Casper, WY [12-22-2002]

How about an option where users can access historical information by date? I write a column for a newsletter where I work and we would enjoy seeing historical data in this fashion, particularly on historical occasions & holidays.
anonymous [12-22-2002]

This site is well organized.
Tarek Barghouti, I'm 13 and doing a report in pennsylvania [12-22-2002]

I think you should have a link on short definitons and terms of us history
Donnetta Rice [12-22-2002]

very interesting information. Had to look for some research material and this was very helpful. I learned some new stuff too...
Sharon, mom of 2 boys [12-18-2002]

jessica [12-18-2002]

Amy [12-18-2002]

this site is wonderful
ALICE BOIRE, saskatoon,sask. canada [12-18-2002]

Benita Wilson [12-18-2002]

i can't find anything about the progressive party
Cody, 14 minot north dakota [12-18-2002]

desarae [12-18-2002]

i need website of black history month
LUKUMAN OYERINDE, 37,osogbo nigeria [12-18-2002]

okay dokey
chrissy, no thanks [12-18-2002]

this site is great for histoical documents oh yea novo says hi
dylan smith, 12 [12-18-2002]

this site is good for info
justin thomas, age 19 ny,ny [12-18-2002]

Excellent site. Extremely informative and thorough.
John Finger, New Castle, Delaware [12-18-2002]

mike, 15 [12-18-2002]

I am verry proud to learn about America the concept of Freedom and so many other things. Merry Christmas to everybody. Maybe I'll visit you next year, I have a brother there.
Pozsonyi Marta, Romania, Turda, Ion Moldovan street, nr. 9, 26 year old, maried, one 6 year ol;d son [12-18-2002]

this is a very nice program for kids to learn about black history.kids might be intrested in history more by getting on this program.
Badia/Phylisha, 14/13 [12-18-2002]

Very interesting. I am supposedly related to John Barry. My first name, Barry, is derived from my Grandmother's maiden name which I have been informed is traceable to John.
Barry Kelly, Dublin, OH [12-18-2002]

I enjoyed the website, it is very accurate. I lived in Philadelphia for 12 almost 13 years, and now that I'm gone I would like to come back. Your information has helped me make the decision to return
Nicole [12-18-2002]

Hello! I'm a french student making researches on the very interesting history of Philadelphia and I thank you for your site! I would be very happy to talk/chat with people who could give me further informations! Thanks.
gaelle, france [12-18-2002]

good web site
kanhia, hi [12-16-2002]

thanks. My idiot teacher made me rewrite an entire paper the weekend before exams yall really helped my get the info. dont worry i use ( ) notation
ben [12-15-2002]

Nice site but don't get to visit very often
KenEngland, 63/Sunfield [12-15-2002]

Keep on working on this website!
Emily, La Jolla, Ca - 31 years old, am a teacher [12-15-2002]

I use a screen reader and so far you are accessible.
janet, history major [12-15-2002]

I enjoyed this site very much and it was very interesting. I was working of a family history/photo album for my son for Christmas and found some helpful items here.
Debra Hodges, 46, Crayne, Ky [12-15-2002]

Lori Hansen, 69 yr grandmother looking for family - I live in Lewis IA [12-15-2002]

deniz [12-15-2002]

alexandria stevnson [12-14-2002]

This is a very informative and useful web site. Thank you. Happy holidays. http://www.carlhose.com/clarascottage/Clarascottagehome.htm
Clara, http://www.carlhose.com/clarascottage/Clarascottagehome.htm [12-14-2002]

I think its a good way to get info. I was working on a project, is going to be so helpfull for me, thank you
bulent, istanbul, old city, turkey [12-14-2002]

I found your website to be informative and user friendly. I visited Philadelphia in 1975, and am planning on visiting again next year now that my sons are interested in the history of our country.
Diane T. Marsh [12-14-2002]

I think this website is so cool. Now, I can share what I learn with other classmates. This makes learning fun and helps me passed the American History Exam.
Kimberly Green, 16 [12-14-2002]

this sitemis soo cool i really like it
akala, 17 [12-14-2002]

this is a very thoughtful and nice cite for extraordinary people. Ross is the coolest
shane bridges, 5 [12-14-2002]

Why are you on the computer
Dustie Ledger, 14 Watertown [12-14-2002]

Wonder if any one can help me?GWB was bornin1784 and died 1842, married Nancy Garrot Nov 20 1804 Thanks, Doug
Doug Byers, searching for information on George William Byers [12-14-2002]

Jessy, 10 [12-14-2002]

I think your website has all information any kid would want for essays!
Courtney, age 11 [12-14-2002]

hi im rittni and i like this site
Brittni, 11 [12-14-2002]

tori [12-14-2002]

I have enjoyed your site. First time visit. Will pass it on to all the grandchildren. Thaanks for an interesting ssite. Keep up the good work.
Pat W, Havana, FL [12-14-2002]

it is cool
cody beach, 13 n.y [12-14-2002]

it's uh.........
amanda [12-14-2002]

Jayson-Ann, 14 [12-14-2002]

Thanks! This is a really cool site....it helped me a lot with my history project!
Kennedy D., 14, Colorado [12-14-2002]

curttis valentin [12-14-2002]

Lissette Paulino [12-14-2002]

yeah! we like it. lots of information for pupils...thanks!
Evil, love and peace..... [12-14-2002]

Pretty neat page. Thanks!
Andrea, Philadelphia, Penna. [12-14-2002]

I love the site, crammed with lots of info. Anybody interested in the Origin of the Stars and Stripes and/or George Washington, please visit my site www.inspirational.com, also, if anybody lives in any location that has connections with the Revolution,George Washington or the Stars n Stripes, feel free to email me with some of your towns history, i would love to hear from you!
John Allen, Importer of historical documents [12-08-2002]

i need a small pic 4 montreal!
Lindsay, 13 [12-08-2002]

Excellent Site i visited it about a year ago its looks like you added some things, cant wait to check it out.
Kevin Evanski, Scranton PA, 27 Male, white [12-08-2002]

i want to sign up with this because if i need any information about history i can com to ushistory so i can get it, i am also working on a report about the declaration of independence! this is why i want to sign up!
Aneisha, East Cleveland,13 [12-08-2002]

grace [12-07-2002]

need to have a search ingine also very helpful
nicole [12-07-2002]

i was here!
Sami Jo [12-07-2002]

Very nice website, well organized. Thank you for your efforts. Douglas C. Ross Vice-President, Acting President Clan Ross Association, U.S.
Douglas Carroll Ross, Farmington Hills, Michigan [12-07-2002]

sparkrb9934, 14 [12-07-2002]

this is a nice cite contributing to american history..............
billy johnson, 65 yr seattle [12-07-2002]

I was in Philadelphia last week and enjoyed my stay. I miss the city and I need a lot of help trying to find a job in Center City, if anyone at ushistory.org or anywhere there can help me, that would be much appreciated. Thank You Ravi Sehgal
Ravi Sehgal [12-07-2002]

William W Stewart, 13yo, Jackson,Wy. [12-07-2002]

Patrick Greenwood [12-07-2002]

George Clymer was GREAT...thanks for helping me find information on him, he's my new best friends!
I dont have a name, I forgot what my age was! and where i live [12-07-2002]

I wish to know my families origin.. I can trace my family heritage back to the mayflower, but what than. Are there anysites where I can find further than that? This site is very helpfull with learning about U.S. histoy, I enjoyed browsing.
Elizabeth Paine [12-07-2002]

hey this web site is totally awesome
Tiffany Pitts, Age-12 wane county mississippi [12-07-2002]

kyle [12-07-2002]

Derek Hager [12-07-2002]

doing research paper on pretzels, signing this to prove my teacher i was on the site. (my printer isn't working)
sweaty, 17, o.p. ks [12-07-2002]

I think That your website is great, it has really cool facts on everything.
stanger, none [12-07-2002]

This site is awesome!
Kara, 13 [12-07-2002]

This site is ok, but not better than mine!
anonymous, 12/f/philly [12-07-2002]

Jim Spicer [12-07-2002]

i like math
tiffany, 14/f mississippi 38843 math [12-07-2002]

This website gives me the info. that I need
Jelisa Lewis, 13 [12-07-2002]

Nice site, I like the marching tour of the 1777 Philadelphia campaign, but as a student of Military History, some of your info on Gen. Wayne conflicts with the authoritative works by authors such as Tucker and Stille. Good site to start understanding the complex set of events that occured during the most interesting part of the Revolutionary War.
Dan, 21 Philadelphia [12-07-2002]

i would enjoy seeing this gestbook! (after awile) i saw it! very cool!
ELISABETH McCARTY, i love africe! [12-07-2002]

Hey, cool site, ill be back next time I have a paper, well, PEACE OUT!
Brandon BAKER, 13 [12-07-2002]

I really enjoy your website, it has a lot of history.
Aneudis, ny [12-07-2002]

I liked your website. I used the info on Benjamin Franklin. I just wish you had the authors and other info on the site. Thanks.
Mike, 14 [12-07-2002]

Well i think this site will help future young minds. Do you think so? i do but then again i am only 14 years old.
Tiffany, Weslaco, Texas [12-07-2002]

America is the best!
Brittany, age:14 [12-07-2002]

hiya we are crankin for some learnin. k liz. we're in socisl right now so we gotta go! Icant type!
Liz and Kate, syracuse [12-07-2002]

have stuff on black history.
shane [12-07-2002]

i loved at the complex and intricate info provided by yoz crazy peep historians dudes...thx a lot!
briAN, im currently livin large in beautiful N.Y. baby! [12-07-2002]

I like this site this is the bestest site ever!
john, 12 El Campo [12-07-2002]

The reason why i want to sign the guestbook is because i am doing a report and this website has all the information that i need to know and i would like to get all the information that i need to get from this site.
Aneisha Hibbitt, East Cleveland (age)13 [12-07-2002]

wow ushistory was totally wonderful. i found everythign i needed on Valley Forge. thank you USHistory
Bell [12-05-2002]

Edythe G. Gardyna [12-05-2002]

the site was very helpful for what i was looking for
nelz, danbury,ct [12-05-2002]

In the pasted 18 years of my life in philadelphia, i have enjoyed iiving here and visting all of your historical places.
Joe starnes [12-05-2002]

kelly is my buddyboy fortoday and wednesday.
michael, douglas is the place tobe with kellybarry [12-05-2002]

Stephen Holcombe [12-05-2002]

i was here!
Claire [12-01-2002]

I learned a lot about Ben Franklan.
Jorge Caneho [12-01-2002]

This site is very helpful to me whenever I need info. on a report etc.!
*aShLeN [12-01-2002]

yo this web page is mad kool just cuz it helped me so much with mah project.......... thankx to this websitie i'm gonna be gettin an A for sure............ it's could be betta though
nany, i'm single and freee for anyone out there 13 turning 14 [12-01-2002]

Beano [12-01-2002]

Nice site, greatings from Houston http://www.mikes-apartment.org apartment
Mikes Apartment, Houston [12-01-2002]

Calvy [12-01-2002]

I attended an all night jazz festival about five yeas ago at the invitation of friends of mine who live in Philadelphia. It was spectacular, and I'm hoping you will repeat that event this February.
Dean Warren Schomburg, Monmouth Junction New Jersey 08852I [12-01-2002]

Every citizen should read and remember our country's history. It helps us understand who we are and why. Thank you.
anonymous, Missouri [12-01-2002]

Mary Ann O'Neill who married Charles Kewell in Washington, NC left the following will dated Sept. 1857. Probate: March Term 1862. Son: Henry O'Neill, a pew in the middle aisle of St. Mary's Church in Philadelphia - known as Number 6. All the rest of the estate was bequeathed to son Henry. Recorded in Orphan Book L, pp. 395-6, Beaufort County, NC
Gerry Seymour, Found this while working on my family history - would like to know where I might find more information on this family.maily. [12-01-2002]

I think this is a significant website. I think you should maybe add a little more information on Ben Franklin because I wasn't able to find everything I needed.
J.T. [11-27-2002]

Great site! Gave me an idea what the City was like when my first Ancestor (John Widdifield( arrived from England. Hope to visit soon.
Lloyd Widdifield Sr., Larder Lake Ontario, Canada [11-27-2002]

This is a great site I love it!
Shalena Patterson, 13 [11-27-2002]

Gilad [11-27-2002]

Adam Plunka [11-27-2002]

it's historic. Philidalphia should have more info on that part, and there should be games about the people there.
unknown [11-27-2002]

Samantha Flax [11-27-2002]

catie [11-27-2002]

i love this site and desperately needed it for homework!thanx lots :) :)
anonymous, shenandoah is spiffy! [11-27-2002]

T. Louise Scardino [11-27-2002]

I really needed this website! For a oral report i needed to find out about Besty. i'm a D student and if i don't well i'll get another D. THANKS!
Sexy, female, 15 [11-27-2002]

cool man
Daniel Denny, 16,Provo,Utah,84601 [11-27-2002]

Got help on research persuasive essay. Thanx.
K. Hayes, USA- High school student [11-27-2002]

Jay-Dog, age10 [11-25-2002]

We have to do an essay on the winter at Valley Forge. All my info is from here. This is an awesome website! Come check it out!
Emily, age 12 7th grade Troy MO [11-25-2002]

Gabi Dickerson [11-25-2002]

Matti Salojarvi, from Helsinki, Finland [11-25-2002]

Ashley [11-24-2002]

Great site!
anonymous, Age 13 [11-24-2002]

Micheal, I had wanted to know do have some web sights on Jamestown [11-24-2002]

David Phillips [11-24-2002]

This is a good webpage for young adults to explore
Russell Ford, age:13 Male [11-21-2002]

i was looking for stuff for a report and at this site i found just what i need,thank you so much i hope i get a "A" on my report.
desiree [11-21-2002]

I was wondering, I am doing an project on your Philadelphia, and I need some information. It is an lovely city and state. I would love to visit it.
Rachel Maciekowich, 16 Aiken, South Carloina [11-21-2002]

I'm 81...grew up in Lancaster....have lived in central Mexico for some 40 years. My ancestor Thomas Willcox built a paper mill at Ivy Mills, (Concord Twp) Delaware County, PA. and sold paper to Benjamin Franklin. I have a copy of a business transaction between the two with both signatures. Also a great granddaughter of Thomas Willcox is buried in the St. Mary's churchyard. Also my great uncle Paul L. McConomy (d.1955) owned the oldest drug store in Philly at 20th and Callowhill, which was torn down in the 1930's for the B.F. Parkway.
James V. Kauffman [11-21-2002]

This is a very good web site. I think kids can learn a lot
Lawrence, 12, Marion, Marion Jr. High [11-21-2002]

hi. nice site
anonymous, 13 years old [11-21-2002]

This is a relly good web site if you want to know more abot our contry adn its symbols, such as the flag.
lauren Josserand, 12, hereford, tx [11-21-2002]

I really like US History. It's really interesting to see how we came to be, and it is fun to read about great generals that got us through these rough battles. My favorite period of history is the Revolution and the Civil War. I find them very intriguing!
Jordan, I am 13 years old [11-21-2002]

anonymous, japan,11 [11-21-2002]

were can you fined info. on king george the 3
anonymous [11-21-2002]

You need to get to get more organized lets say have one section on one subject like that sorda
anonymous, 12 [11-21-2002]

cool. I got an a on my essay because of you.
kathy, i love life [11-21-2002]

I feel very emotional for the first time in my life
pewis [11-21-2002]

I would like to know how the liberty bell cracked, if you know can you please email me at jolene2007@yahoo.com
Jolene [11-21-2002]

This is a really cool website!! It gave me all kinds of awesome facts for my school project.
Ariel, 14, San Fransico, ~11-20-02~ [11-20-2002]

I Like Looking Up The U.S. History.
Kimberly Hathway, Age 14, Live in North Carolina [11-18-2002]

Kristen LoPresti [11-18-2002]

roger sherman info is good
anonymous [11-18-2002]

I have been looking for something like this. This will probeply become one of my most visited web site. It will be most helpful in writing my book.
Bonnie, age: 17 [11-18-2002]

I think your website is excellent to 8 grade social studies students at Edison doing Valley Forge.
Uniqka, Illinois [11-18-2002]

this is a helpful site
Carolyn Roache, 14 haverford [11-18-2002]

This site is very good and it is very fun to read all the articles.And this site is very educational
John [11-18-2002]

I love history and guys!!
Niamh, 87 Minnesota [11-18-2002]

uidll G.Rabb, message: [11-17-2002]

Laura Price, Age 13 message: [11-17-2002]

gabby dehne, salem nh message: i thought u needed more poictures [11-17-2002]

Erika, Texas message: This site is great for project help! [11-17-2002]

phillip polke, 13 jacksonville message: i think u should have things about valley forge i need them for a report [11-16-2002]

Johanne Jacobs, North Augusta,SC message: I enjoyed veiwing your webpage,very interesting and informative. Great job! [11-16-2002]

I love this site! It is awesom for school assignments!!! PS: I am really hot so AIM me at: and1homerun
Tim, 11, I live in New Hampshire [11-15-2002]

hey hey hey ppl!! im bored and my screen name on aol IM is cripeledsquirels
lauren electa, gtown tx >>14 [11-15-2002]

Hazel Goodman Howard, I am the daughter of V W Howard and Maggie Lee Howard [11-15-2002]

anonymous, 13,Dundas [11-15-2002]

I love this site! I'm studying to be a teacher and, in the process of setting up a webquest, I found the information here to be EXACTLY what I needed to fill in the blanks on my presentation. Thanks. Am also including links to your site for students, so they can find this neat site!
Maddie, Missouri [11-15-2002]

This site is just great! I love getting to know all about our country and things that have influenced the way things are today! I come to this site everyday just to find out a little more! Thanks for such a wonderful site! :)
anonymous [11-15-2002]

great idea you have going but more background info and pictures of the site would be also nice to have, take care
Jeff Kail [11-15-2002]

tifffany lucas [11-15-2002]

Ilike the website it's helped me a lot through History
Annette, San Diego CA92117 [11-15-2002]

I entered the websight to locate information related to an American Drew dining room set I purchased in 1986. It is either the Philadelphia collection or the Independence collection. It is designed with reproduced symbols of historic Philadelphia. I have been unable to get the exact details since I purchased it. I am writing a story about it for a graduate class. If you have any information that would help me, I would appreciate it. Thank you.
Arlene Carpenter [11-14-2002]

hey it's felicia thought i tell yo a really cool thing~~~ This site is really helpful for school projects. So you guys better keep it forever and ever {or until I get out of college} !!! Well bye bye bye always ~FELICIA C~
Felicia C., 13; La Habra CAIFORNIA [11-13-2002]

I have to do a asiment at school right a letter acting like a person in the revolustionary war cool huh! I am 11 Years old
Hannah HUckabee, Cheraw SC<29520 [11-13-2002]

Thanks this helped me on my project
Caitlin, 12, Waterloo, 7th Grade [11-13-2002]

thank-----------------you ----------------a--------lot
SHELBY, 10.kettering.ohio [11-13-2002]

Phillip Allen [11-13-2002]

cool and fun
stephanie, 13 [11-13-2002]

I visited the Ben Franklin section and it was awesome. It had exactly what I needed for my history project. Thanks for a great site!
Talha Ahmad, I'm twelve years old and I live in Chicago, Illinois [11-13-2002]

Kiria Hubner, 16 year-old, Massachusetts [11-13-2002]

samantha, age9 [11-13-2002]

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dahir, formsomali [11-13-2002]

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Kevin [11-13-2002]

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Daniel Fastovsky, 10 [11-13-2002]

through history one can make better future
anonymous [11-12-2002]

ithink its a good website.butjust put some more info.so every1 can have info.for project
lisa, i am 13and middle school [11-11-2002]

Thanks a lot for the info
janub Javi, I am in the 5 grade [11-11-2002]

i think as us americans we all should love one another as in blacks loving white.thers nothihg wrong with that. i also tink the way we treat blacks and the way they treat us is wrong. so lets all just get along.... so let fredoom ring
LIZA JACKIE WILLAMS, age 22 galiton mo [11-11-2002]

Basketball rocks, Science sucks, Foot ball is great, and so is us History! WHAT A RHYME!
Ibrahim, 14, Troy, MI [11-11-2002]

stephen f. sim III, 45 [11-11-2002]

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bob sorteiy [11-11-2002]

Iam doing a school asment for LA.
AJ Jones [11-11-2002]

Happy Verterns Day Francis G.Clarke JR 11/11/02
ncis G Clarke JR, 60year Gloucester City New Jersey [11-11-2002]

Ana Alicia [11-11-2002]

this site is the best. It really helped me
Timmy [11-10-2002]

creating this web site was a good idea.history is important but what about black story which played a major part in US history?
face, washington,dc [11-10-2002]

I was gathering some information on places to visit with relatives from out of town when I found your website. I spent hours just reading and learning and have visited the website several times since. A fascinating source of information.
anonymous, West Chester [11-10-2002]

this site rocks!!!!
Elizabeth [11-10-2002]

brit, 11,i like to snowboard [11-10-2002]

I like your website(s), has brought my attention to many things I was not aware of prior to finding your website(s). Thank You. Looking for any and all information on early Native Americans assisting the US American Army in defending its' coutry from foreign invasion, i.e. Spanish American War; Battle of Paoli, British attack of September, 1777. Again Thank you.
Jim, Starting a 2d Career, Elementary School-Student Teacher [11-10-2002]

Janice [11-10-2002]

great website, do you have any visitor info that you can send out? thanks
teri lewis, 3448 mapledale dr, dallas, texas 75234 [11-10-2002]

I think this is a great page!
Alex [11-10-2002]

You need information of the Spanish American War.
russell [11-10-2002]

I think this will be a good web site to use to do a scrapbook of my recent vaction in many historic areas in the east including Washington DC, Virgina West Virgina, and Pa. and Maryland
Mary Weber, Fredericksburg, Texas 78624 [11-10-2002]

keep american culture alive
ron moon, retired ushistory and american lit teacher [11-10-2002]

Today my class was on this site to find some info. we found a bunch. So I just wanted to say thanks!
Jessica, Indian Ridge [11-10-2002]

Keith Jones [11-10-2002]

Sydney Horton, Audubon magazine/researcher [11-10-2002]

We love this site. We have done research,timelines and even played Ben Franklin in checkers.
Mrs. Waters Social Studies Class, Texas [11-10-2002]

How can we ever expect to move forward if we do not commemorate our past and celebrate our history!
India, 17 [11-10-2002]

Happy Verterns Day
Boo [11-10-2002]

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Kuria Ninfu [11-10-2002]

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Searching for Atwater Kent brought me to your site, but I can not find information on a Atwater Kent display of radios I viewed in Orient Point NY. Are you aware of this location?
John Clinton, Race Director of Pier to Peak, Santa Barbara, CA [11-06-2002]

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Student, 10, Oak Ridge, TN [11-02-2002]

We are learning a lot at school about The Revolutionary War and Valley Forge. I think The Revolutionary War is very interesting. Somewhat sad. I also think Valley Forge was a good no great idea because in the winter the soldiers would of had to sleep on the cold snow ground. Well, that's what is on my mind.
Alyssa, 10; Oak Ridge, Tennessee; Jefferson Middle School; 5th grade [11-02-2002]

Thanks, I needed info for a history report and it was all here!
Brian, 12 years old [10-31-2002]

ok- so for a project ont he original 13 colonies- i need to find information about connecticut ( hope i spelled that right) and mabe i just wasnt looking far enough but i didnt find anything- so put a thing about the 13 colonies- like why they were created/ settled and who decided to make it happen and stuff- im sure that at least someone other than me (like my classmates) would appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lily James, 13 FLorida [10-31-2002]

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John Allen, Age 30, Dallas, originally from Manchester England [10-29-2002]

I strongly appreciate your posting of these important documents from US history. Thanks for making it easier to learn what ideas really shaped the US without being a victim of this or that sophistry.
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tracy, Ilion, NY [10-21-2002]

Hi- I truly enjoyed your site today. I am interested in Commodore John Barry's geneology- who he married, who his children were, and who their children were, etc. Where can I find this information? Can you put me in touch with John Barry Kelly, author of the article on Commodore Barry on your site? He may very well know. Please let me know. Thanks!!
Barry Savage, 45 yo, living in Seattle, WA [10-20-2002]

Got to your site somewhat tangentially, having dived into rairoad stations in Chicago to get a picture of La Salle. . As a Brit, i find your site refreshing. I has rele
John Neil, Semi-retired logistics guru. [10-20-2002]

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I am here to look for information about the time period between 1609 and 1772, to know where to look to find one of my ancestors' records.
Lisa, Bountiful, Utah [10-20-2002]

response for nowakmail@aol.com I must offer corrections to your e-mail, even though U read thA e information in a Philadelphia newspaper. William Strickland's FIRST design was the Second Bank of the United States, located on Chestnut St. between 3Rd. and 4Th streets. This dates from 1815. Next, the Pennsylvania State House ; Independance Hall ; design is attributed to the " Philadelphia Lawyer" Andrew Hamilton, while Kearsley was Master Carpenter, if I remember right. I was looking for my copy of the Foundation for Architecture's guide book, but I can't seem 2 find it. This is where this info comes from, if I remember right. Lastly, concerning Belmont Plateau, there are NO structures on the Plateau execpt the refreshment stands. On the "Belmont" is the mansion which has a long history of use.
Andrew of Philadelphia [10-17-2002]

I went to the place were the Constitutinal Convention was, and went to Washington D.C and saw the President, and I went to the hall were their was the Constitutin of America was placed.
Heather Boone, I am 13, I love to play football, an dother sports,and I live in Meadowview,VA [10-17-2002]

Seeing this virtual tour makes me want to vist the real thing.
Sammy Hall [10-17-2002]

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Christopher Fleshman, Odyssey Academy Milwaukie Oregon [10-16-2002]

Re: Listing about Architect William Strickland...I thought you might be interested to know that according to a photocopy of a newspaper article dated July 17, 1979 from "The Bulletin" in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it is believed that William Strickland's oldest extant work is Christ Church Hospital's 2nd building located at 313 Cherry Street in Philadelphia, designed by William Strickland and built in 1818 (Christ Church Hospital's first building at 310 Arch Street burned and the "Hospital" (really a name in the 1700's for a place of hospitality, a "home for needy indigent women of the Protestant Episcopal Church in America") rebuilt on the lot on Cherry Street. Christ Church Hospital is today called simply "Kearsley", named after its founder, Dr. John Kearsley (who is credited with designing Independence Hall)who died in 1772 and founded in his will "Christ Church Hospital". The current facility stands on "Belmont Plateau" in the Wynnefield Heights section of Philadelphia, its building having been designed by architect John Gries and built in 1861.
Denise M. Nowak [10-16-2002]

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alejandro beltran, 17,san antoino tx [10-16-2002]

I grew up in South Jersey. I've lived in the midwest for 15 years but still miss "home". I come back to Philly every chance I get. I miss the hot muggy summers the most. I miss the art museum, walks through the olde city, cheesesteaks and being down the shore.
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Wow! I am the daughter of a man who is fiercely proud of being a Philadelphian- all of his 95 years. I thought I had a pretty good handle on Philadelphia and love to show it off to out of towners. Now, like Plato, I am no longer looking into the cave, but have turned around. Well done! This website is full of conventional and non-conventional information. From now on I will urge my out of towner (and Philadelphia friends) to hit your website to get an overall or in depth view of the city. Keep up the good work.
anonymous, 63 years old, female, Devon, PA [10-07-2002]

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Sandra Mc Eachern [10-07-2002]

What a great & informative website. We look forward to touring Philadelphia since our son is currently enrolled in a college in the area & we are also descendants of John Barry. Philadelphia has so much history. Thanks for all the terrific info you provide.
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I think the site is kewl!! Lemme know if ya'll ever get any horse pictures! Much Luv, ~$Jade$~
Melynda nickname- Jade :), 12 Blaine, TN I love horses!!!!!! [10-07-2002]

Proud to be in the service of our great nation!
Colonel Timothy O'Neil, Annapolis, Maryland [10-07-2002]

I need a website for the Daughters of the American Revolution to be able to join, starting at Trenton.
anonymous, San Bernardino, California [10-07-2002]

Response to Brian S. Petresky, There wher TWO immigration sites in Philadelphia during the period that you are asking about. One was the pier that now is the location of "DAVE and BUSTER'S" and the Japanese restaurant "MEIJI-EN", located at Delaware Ave. and Callowhill. The other, and I believe, more important site was located at Delaware and Washington Aves. This site is in MY opinion so interesting because if you drive west on Washington Ave. you can see over 3 CENTURIES of immigration to this area. Starting with the Swede's church of the early period, through the Irish, the Italians, to the newest immigrants the Southeast Asians. May I suggest that if you wish to find more on immigration to this area you contact the BALCH INSTITUTE for ETHNIC STUDIES; 18 S. 7th St, Philadelphia,PA; 215-925-8090. Regards, Andrew
Andrew of Philadelphia [10-07-2002]

cool website!have u heard about those awful DAR's?they're terrible,and i thought i had no chance of winning without a source of imformation but now i have a website to get imformation for my DAR's (Daughters of American Revolution)!thaaank youuuu!
Leslie fu [10-03-2002]

Like why do you not have a serch because I am looking for pictures about The Proclamation of 1763 and like you don*t have any.Why?
anonymous [10-03-2002]

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i was looking to find the name of the place in Philadelphia that received the immigrants when they came to the USA in the late 1800's and early 1900's. i am trying to trace the family name and origins.
Brian S. Petresky, Bethlehem, PA [10-02-2002]

I teach history and found this site wonderful for the students. how might I email this to other teachers.?
vicky, westchecter county [10-02-2002]

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Its a really good site for school projects.
Taylor [10-02-2002]

I was going through the site and noticed the Pretzel Museum closed in Philadelphia. That's sad. I used to eat lunch there every so often when I worked in the city of brotherly love, and now that little bit of my memory is gone. It always smelled like salt and cookie dough ice cream and made me think of warm summer days during school vacation.
Tom [10-02-2002]

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mert [09-30-2002]

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Steve [09-30-2002]

I love the USA. I've seen quite a bit of the USA and several foreign countries. Nothing is better than home. I stand united with the rest of this country in the face of adversity. We have our petty fights and disagreements but we are united against all enemies who wish to destroy our way of life. Freedom was never been given. Only taken with the muscle, tears and blood of those who knew freedom is worth fighting for.
Jenny Morris, Resident of Florida. Retired military interested in slave burial grounds in US. [09-30-2002]

it was cool
anonymous [09-29-2002]

Donna Surprenant, Love History [09-28-2002]

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i have always enjoyed visting philadelphia because of it,s history and the people are so frendly all the time.i have been going to philly since 1961 and i have stayed a week or so at the hotels there and visted the sights and went to soms phillys and hockey games also.thank you for such a good time.
joseph parks, 60 years old, i live in lakewood, new jersey and i am retired [09-28-2002]

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Erica Christman, 14, Botkins, Oh [09-28-2002]

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saherrif, brooklyn [09-28-2002]

How did the American Revolution start?
Rebekah Zoerhof, 15 [09-28-2002]

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Eva [09-28-2002]

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I appreciate being able to find these great documents of the history of the United States, in such a usable format. I am a homeschooling parent. Thankyou, Melody Carpthers
Melody Carothers, age 51, Las Vegas, Nevada [09-28-2002]

This is a good site. I'm a junior in high school and currently taking U.S. History,
Fatima [09-28-2002]

I love history and the independance day
Michael, n/a [09-28-2002]

I thought your site gave good information for us to plan a walking tour for our troop. Thank you.
Bob Scancella, BSA Troop 83 Committee Member [09-28-2002]

This Place is Phat!
Drake [09-28-2002]

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Vanessa [09-28-2002]

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SLackAG, 13,Midland MI [09-28-2002]

Slipped into this site from another one and then stayed The information is very good and easy to read not just textbook stuff. I will certainly be returning to see all that you offer and try the links to other sites
Maurice Fellows, Age 56 Norwich England [09-28-2002]

I would like to know the origins of a very old wooden box I have that says Philadelphia Biscuit Company and the words Good Luck Cake. Can anyone help me?
Sussan, Bethlehem [09-28-2002]

I think the Declaration Of Indenpendencce is the best because i love all the signers on the constition.
kristoffer viana, 9 years old [09-28-2002]

I saw a window of opportunity to delve into the history of our country through your site and find it to be the doorway to the future. You are to be commended for giving this time and space to the issues of the passed as our tomorrows depend on knowledge of history. Thank You, Steve Foley
Stephen F. Foley Jr., age 51/Plymouth, MA/ [09-28-2002]

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Sule Sabo [09-28-2002]

i'm in the 8th grade.This site really gave me a lot of information, for my project about Geroge Ross. Love America
Sabrina [09-28-2002]

this web site is very educational. Also it is good for us history class!=0)
anonymous [09-28-2002]

Just found your site, a real treasure. Hope to see it incorporated for visitors somehow. Went to the Elfreth's alley site, nice piece about Bladen's court. My dad and his brother helped make that garden probably about 75 years ago. It was just an old lot filled with refuse and junk
Bob Reardon, Philadelphia area [09-28-2002]

It is the dedication of Americans like YOU that makes this nation GREAT. Yes indeed, we are DAMNED LUCKY to live in this nation which offers it's people such freedoms. Let us not forget that our history HAS shown a failing to recoqnize women and people of color all the freedoms they were intitled to, but remember that the Constitution can, and HAS changed to rectify these issues. MY country, in Her intercourse with foreign nations may She always be right : but MY country RIGHT OR WRONG!!!! Should you ever visit Philadelphia please don't forget to visit Washington Square and stop at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of the American Revolution and pay tribute to the over 2000 soldiers that gave THEIR LIVES to give US these freedoms. The inscriptions say it all; "Freedom is a LIGHT for which MANY have died in darkness", " Here lies a soldier of Washington's army who died to give YOU LIBERTY". Remember the REAL HEROS, those who died to create this great nation.
Andrew of Philadelphia [09-28-2002]

i think this is really cool
christin [09-28-2002]

I visted your site because my Friend needed some Information for her 10 year old Girl needed it for school
Rev Robert Delapast, 45, Mount Olive, North Carolina [09-28-2002]

Great site.
Tom Merriam [09-28-2002]

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cool webpage, I love history!
Brittany [09-28-2002]

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it is exciting
Erin [09-28-2002]

I think I am a descendant of John Barry
Billy James Robb, age 67, Huntsville, AL [09-28-2002]

Courtney, 13yrs old [09-28-2002]

This website helped me a lot.
AMANDA [09-28-2002]

The men who died, are the most awsome men I could ever learn about.
anonymous [09-28-2002]

Kathy, I am 13 and pennsylvania was my subject of S.S.T [09-28-2002]

william mass, 17 [09-28-2002]

Like the site to improve it fasility Umu nna erugom eba .
Kingsley., 67 yrs, Eko [09-28-2002]

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marlene mcdonald, from the irwin area pa. i as a waitress was so concerned about 9/11, that i bought this flag and had all my customers sign it,,,it was overwhelming on the response,,, no donation was required,,,just the thoughtfulness OVERWHELMED ME....my heart felt sooo good that our COUNTRY IS SOOOO loving to sign my flag,,,, for nothing,,,EXCEPT FOR THE LOVE OF OUR "UNITED STATES of AMERICA""" LIKE i always thought,,,,free things come from our"HEARTS" i love where i come from,,,,the good ole''''U.S' of AAAAAAAAAAAAAA [09-28-2002]

david barton, 11 [09-28-2002]

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lillian cable figurelli my age is 59, my age is 59 sparta n.j. [09-28-2002]

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Brittany, 14,Phila.,PA [09-28-2002]

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Cody Madsen, Utah [09-28-2002]

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Joshua jeong, age:36 City: MO (North Kansa city). Optional: doation the church buiding. [09-28-2002]

Joshua jeong [09-28-2002]

i think this is a great site to learn about our history! it has greatly helped me with my us history class
delayne, 16/nc [09-28-2002]

delayne, 16/nc [09-28-2002]

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It's a great site!
Emily Reynolds, 10 California [09-28-2002]

visiting in Oct 5-9 Looking for history and fun
Tom Mulledy [09-28-2002]

Very use information for use in a lesson on the Revolutionary War period.
John McNaught, Teacher Education Student [09-28-2002]

Burl O Norville, 81 years old 2113 Huntington Dr Pasadena tx. 77506 [09-13-2002]

we love!!!!!!! the us history page ! its the best!!!!! yea!!!
josh & sadie, north dakota [09-13-2002]

Could you please tell me who were the original owners of the land where Independence Hall now stands?
Rosemary Harris [09-13-2002]

I beleive that the Declaration Of Independence, The Bill Of Rights, and The Constitution Of The United States are the greatest documents ever put forth by this extrodinary country and nation. I am a firm believer in all of these great documents and will hold their beliefs and their truths close to my heart. I will live my life by these documents and defend all that is true written here. There is no other country in the world that offers such freedoms like the United States. Stephen J. Cisar
Stephen J. Cisar, 50 years of age, Esperance NY [09-13-2002]

I am a student Lake Olympia middle school,and I would like to thank you for all the help you gave me.I had to look upalot of info on William Ellery.You were like the only web site that had all the info I was looking for .Once again Thank You.
Jamee, 13yrs [09-13-2002]

Philadelphia is THE "Grand Old Lady"of all the cities in the World! She is the Greatest!!
Joe Weierbach, 73 yrs. Bennington,VT [09-13-2002]

i think this site should show more revealing pics of thomas jefferson
JANE, 21 Lesbian [09-13-2002]

Thanks for the information. It is a great web site to find info for the troop.
Dora Bucklew, Beach City, Ohio - Girl Scout Leader [09-13-2002]

this site give me every thing i wanted to no for my project thanx
Lil Wager [09-13-2002]

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.....looking for fun
dado, 49 - Italy [09-13-2002]

Its funny how in school we are taught about dates and wars...and not about the people. I was in awe seeing the signers biographies of the Declaration of Independence. What a joy to learn about the people that signed and the history of their service to our country. I hope someday a teacher opens the pages of history and shows the "colorful past" in a way that would encourage our children to seek out and learn about the country we call the United States of America! God Bless Us all
Craig Campo, Age 53, Spokane, WA [09-13-2002]

Richard James [09-13-2002]

this is a wonderful site, the only one that i could find what i needed completely......
JOYCE ANDERSON, just a grandma helping with a report...... [09-13-2002]

from,9/11/2001 to,9/11/2002 god bless america
John Ross SR, 48/and from this state, nj [09-13-2002]

i think your web page is realy educatonal and i learned a lot Thanks Lots, Jessie
Jessie Parsons [09-13-2002]

Our ancesters worked hard for our freedom and we shall to to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness like it has been stated before and I am for President Bush to go against Iraq because if he is left alone he will continue to terrorize the WORLD as a whole with nuclear warfare and I would like to live and watch my children live with out fear so GOD Bless you all and thank you for this site.
Martha Finch, age25 405 1st St. Sandstone,MN 55072 [09-13-2002]

what happened to the promised Ellis Island pedestrian bridge?? Please help. http://www.geocities.com/ellisislandbridge/index.html Who will look into this?
joe dupont, 53 Gillette, NJ [09-13-2002]

this is a great and very interesting web page!! I like it a lot ! luisa
Luisa, colombia, south america [09-13-2002]

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Larry Adams [09-13-2002]

Have greatly enjoyed this site.
Linda Cain McElyea, 44 yr. old white female, Tiptonville, Tn. 38079 [09-13-2002]

bothj of my sons served this great nation as marines. i am so very proud of both of them. i would like to honor them everyday
RANDY NEWELL, 52 jackson mo. have a son now serving in the usmc and one son just got out of the marines 1 year ago [09-13-2002]

Hermione Granger [09-13-2002]

joseph morris [09-13-2002]

Do you have any thoughts on using the flag design, colors and stars to make up "awareness" ribbons with company logos or other symbols?
Bruce Triplett, 52, Augusta, GA [09-13-2002]

God bless all those workers who helped to dig through the rubble, God pray for all those families who lost loved ones; there is nothing that anyone can say or do to sympathize with the families. But I hope and pray that those who are responsible for ALL the hurt, pain,loss of sons, brothers,aunts,uncles,sisters, cousins, best friends all of those poor unsuspecting innocent people. May God lay a healing hand on the Hearts of all those who have lost some one on this horrible, may God give you the strength,courage and wisdom to carry on and look after each other, the children, the parents and yourselves.
Cynthia Simons, 34 yrs Warwick,Bermuda [09-13-2002]

Is there any information about siblings of Benjamin Rush? I did love the site and continue to explore it. thnk you
weitz [09-13-2002]

We are so proud of our Flag!
Grandma Joyce in Mrs Harper's class, Davis Elementary, Davis, Ok, We are a T-1 class [09-13-2002]

Michael Hillegas and myself have the same Great, great, great, etc. etc. Grandfather, Hans Peter Hillegass from Sisheim Germany. I very much want to visit the Church.
James H Hillegas, Wilmington, De. [09-13-2002]

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fredrica williams, cheese [09-13-2002]

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I am looking for descendants Buffalo Bill Cody
anonymous [09-13-2002]

This site is very useful. Every American should visit this site and know the information on it!
Laura M. [09-13-2002]

A proud american in love with my Country
shirley patrick, 67 years old native californian [09-13-2002]

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stephanie [09-13-2002]

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Josiah Willard, 366 [09-13-2002]

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Kioaka moore [09-13-2002]

Akber Ali [09-13-2002]

I am doing a essay on Valley Forge. can you give me information? sincerly, Taylor Noble
Taylor Noble, I am 10 years old & in the 5th grade [09-06-2002]

Have always been intrested in where my name comes from do you have any idea?
sonya dimbylow, Born 5/11/66 AdelaidSAAustralia [09-06-2002]

I love reading about those who are a part of my Irish heritage. Many Irish fought in all the wars for our nation and to think that when they first started arriving, there were signs which indicated that the Irish were not welcome in establishments of the times.
Linda (MurphyY) Cahoon, Elgin, Illinois [09-05-2002]

Stumbled onto your site while doing research for a proposal. All I can say is... BRAVO! Your site is wonderful. I learned things I never knew and I was born, raised and educated in West Philly. I am so proud to be a Philly Girl!!
Former Philly Girl [09-05-2002]

I was just intoduced to US History today; however, I am very impressed so far. I will continue to scan the various items listed. I was looking for flag information and what you have posted was excellent. Thanks
JACKIE L. ELLIS, 64 - Sandston, VA 23150 [09-05-2002]

evee [09-05-2002]

i'm in 7th grade and our class has been assigned 2 write a brief report on Commodore John Barry and i found the info i need on ushistory.org. Thanks a lot!
dnewton [09-05-2002]

Your web page was really neat and i wanted to say thanks, because it helped me out with my Honers American History Project! =o)
Katrina Moyer, Marshalltown, Iowa [09-05-2002]

This has been a most helpful site for my class. I teach elementary computers. This site not only teaches the motor skills for "surfing" the internet but a wonderful way to learn! Thanks and keep up the GREAT work.
Mrs Brown, Louisville, KY [09-05-2002]

Our department plans to joint with the schools in the Pledge Across America on 9/11. Additionally, we will provide all inmates at our jail the opportunity to participate.
Major Patti Lumpkin [09-05-2002]

this is a great web page for us kids to do our homework on
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Fred Ajudua, 40,lagos-nigeria [09-05-2002]

All should remember that each one of us is tasked to defend this nation against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic!
Ron & Gail Williams, Chillicothe, Ohio [09-05-2002]

I think the site you did on Commodore John Barry is wonderful. I am a descendant of Commodore BArry and am extremely interested in learning more about him. If you have any additional information on John Barry and his family tree, could you please email me? I would really appreciate it.
Lindsay [09-05-2002]

Thank you for this beautiful site, my son is homeschooled due to special needs and it truly has been great to have this site for learning.
Julia Spires, Tampa FL [09-05-2002]

Chris, Havertown PA USA [09-05-2002]

I want to congratulate you for sharing your history, performances, etc., with us, the people who can keep in touch with you trough the net. TANK YOU!!!
CARLOS ANDRES, carlos andres velez, 27 years, from medellin colombia. [09-05-2002]

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kessington idemudia [09-05-2002]

looking for any Mclee's that live outside of uniontown Pa. thanks Darrin Mclee (california)
Darrin Mclee, looking for any Mclee's [09-05-2002]

I'm doing a report on a city that had importance in American past for English. So far this web-site is the closest thing I got to Philadelphia that doesn't really deal with the present.
Nella Aynot, I'm 15 in the state of Michigan [09-05-2002]

What is the scoop on the property tax hike in Philadelphia. I here it is about double what it used to be. If anymore news on this comes up. Please let me know at my email address and for those living there, go to City Hall and fight this increase and be victorious.
Ravi Sehgal [09-05-2002]

i am currently a history major at a local college and this site has greatly aided my education.
RUTH PRATT, west valley city, utah [09-05-2002]

Maree, New Zealand [09-05-2002]

WHITNEY [09-05-2002]

I think that people should leave the pledge the way that it is it has been changed too many times already if you dont like it then dont spend my country {under God} 's money and dont look at my flag if you dont like this email too bad its called freedom of speech!!!!!!
krissy, chino ca [09-05-2002]

Just serfing in again.
Jackie Wininger, http://jackiewininger.tripod.com [09-05-2002]

I am interested in finding more information about what other American's thoughts are about our country becoming a total democracy.
korrin, age-23, college student, Fort Wayne, IN [09-05-2002]

I think this is a great site to reasearch things about famous people.
anonymous [09-05-2002]

casey [09-05-2002]

I'm homeschooling my eighth grader and your site has helped a lot. Thanks
michelle [09-05-2002]

thank you for the detailed history of Old St. Augustine Church in Philadelphia,PA
hermie, jersey city,nj [09-05-2002]

This is a good site for finding out about historiclal places and other patrotic things.
Bobby H Gibson [09-05-2002]

i wouldnt be at this site if i didnt have to be and it wasnt for school. thank you very much have a nice day.
michelle [09-05-2002]

Betty Fletcher [09-05-2002]

Decendent of John Cox & Jane Phillips.
Linda D. Lippincott, Carson City, NV [08-27-2002]

I am doing homework on the History of Declaration of Independence! In 8th grade @ Anthem School!!!
Chris Samelson, I live in Anthem Arizona [08-27-2002]

My husband John Bartram is a distant relative of the Bartram family who originally lived here. We visited the Bartram Gardens about 15 years ago and I was just curious if it still existed. I finally found your website! Thanks!
Toni Bartram [08-27-2002]

Love this web site.
Alan K. Dippel [08-24-2002]

hey waz my peoz. ain't nothning much going on here. im just gonna holler to my peoplz in Fort Worth. COWTOWN BABY!!!!!! Also to all the class of 2004 WE ROCK!!!!!!!!!
K [08-24-2002]

I'm lookig for Mayflower compact with the English laws of 1763-1774. it's for my A.P. U.S. History class. No luck so far, but i guess I'll keep looking. Oh, and hi to anyboby who is reading this.
anonymous [08-24-2002]

Hallo, I'm searching for a event in 1878/1879. There must have been a concert in concordia hall to collect money for the people of the german city Lengsfeld (today Stadtlengsfeld) to help them after a big fire. Are there any information about this? Regards M. Walter
Dr. Martin Walter, mayor of Stadtlengsfeld (Thuringia;Germany) [08-23-2002]

Thank you for simplifying our tour.
Denise Colak, Northridge, CA [08-23-2002]

it is a very good site, should have lots more history, by counties too.
vivian brandal, marion,mi [08-23-2002]

A very informative web site
Joanna A. Pruitt, 14 years old grandson is a history buff [08-23-2002]

i been to so many websites that this one was the best website ever.whoever sees this always remember me.
Amber Hill, 15 [08-23-2002]

I am looking for an address or link to the Presbyterian Missionary Society in order to trace the history of missionaries in Thailand.Please advise.
pauline w. tabtiang, bangkok thailand [08-23-2002]

hello there my name is shane towey, i had a great timew playing football for derry team in the philadelphia league. bye guys
shane towey, was living in the north east "devines pub"!! anyone know it !! [08-23-2002]

Steve Kotz, Batavia, IL [08-23-2002]

linda bean [08-23-2002]

Nancy McLaaughlin [08-23-2002]

Nice site. I would like to see some of the documents that support the foundation of this country by Christians.
Eric Kolber, Tulsa, OK [08-23-2002]

i am trying to obtain information on the ss adria that arrived in philadelphia port november 1898 i have emigration papers showing this ship arrived by way of liverpool england--any help or advise you can offer would be greatly appreciated. my grandfather robert stockman, was on that ship.

I bring 15-20 students to Philly over the Christmas break. The VFT would give them a good introduction.
Thomas M. Aumen [08-23-2002]

Robert Miller, 14 Myrtle Beach S.C [08-23-2002]

Germantown,the finest Philly neighborhood that anyone could ever be born and rais- ed!!As a child,a kid,and a young man,it offered the good things that are lost!!
Joe Weierbach, 73 years,ski instructor [08-23-2002]

Do you have any speaches that Susan B. Anthony wrote?
Lily [08-23-2002]

Great website, i found it very interesting
Craig Sales, 26 [08-23-2002]

Researching the background of 2 49er brothers from Marietta, PA. The night before they boarded ship (Schooner Newton)they stayed at "American House" in Phila. which led me to ushistory.org. Any information on the foregoing would be appreciated. Thanks
Ross [08-23-2002]

Brad [08-23-2002]

Hi guys, I love USA. "God bless America!"
Wilma Bianchi, I'm 26, I'm from Italy (Milan). [08-12-2002]

Gail D. Wyatt, ny [08-12-2002]

As being descendant of Richard Stockton I want to know everything about him And also I am a history buff I thought this site was very interesting
Dianne Noreika, Wisconsin [08-12-2002]

THis is a great site for me to get ideas for the classroom.
anonymous, I am an 8th grade History teacher-I teach Jamestown to the Civil War [08-12-2002]

Hi, Have a great week.
Angel777 [08-09-2002]

Lindon Michael D. Villarante, Seminario San Agustin Convento San Agustin Intramuros, 1002 Manila, Philippines [08-09-2002]

I just entered your site. I have a possible relative in the 1840 census. In the 1840 census only head of household was listed. Yet this young women was under ten and listed as head of household. I am trying to find out why she was. Thank you, edithbutler@iqonline.net
Edith Butler, kingston tn [08-08-2002]

jennifer, from houston [08-08-2002]

i have been serving this great nation of ours for fifteen years. i believe this web site is an outstanding testament of what this great nation is about. i am proud to say that i am an american.
GARY SANTIAGO, usmc [08-08-2002]

I will be passing this website on to our county homeschooling network and to a friend of mine,she has her class in Tampa Florida working on learning about the USA and my website was picked to rep.the state of Illinois.This will be very helpful.
Jackie Wininger, Bridgeport IL,-http://jackiewininger.tripod.com [08-08-2002]

Ecuse me, but some of your speeches reminds me with some speeches from germans 70 years ago. "God Bless our Country, god bless our administration, God bless the Fuhrer" and so on. Remenber. To much nationalism could end in war. I hope, you would not start saying "Heil Bush" or something else... good night
Ulli, somewhere in Germany [08-08-2002]

I grew up in Philly. Attended Finletter Shool and Olney HS. I now live in Florida. One of my fondest memories of Philly is the 4th of July celebration when I was a kid - that was SO much fun! A parade on 5th Street in the morning (every kid got a flag to wave), games and food afterward at Fisher's Park and the baby parade on 5th Street that afternoon. Of course, there were fireworks all around the neighborhood at night. I miss Italian water ices, soft pretzels, cheese steaks and hoagies so much I can almost taste them. Go Phils, go Birds and go Sixers - yay!
Kathleen Wells fka DeAngelis, from Tampa, FL [08-08-2002]

I just bought a painting of ocean waves by Sue Parkhill. Does anyone know who she is? It is a beautiful painting and I would really like to know something about the artist. Thank you. Sharon@quicksoft.net
Sharon [08-08-2002]

I enjoyed reading and learning all the fine details about the beautiful city of Philadelphia provided on this site. When I visited Philadelphia recently I used quite a few print outs from your Web site as a guide around the city's historical sites and districts. Thank You for maintaining such a useful and informative site. Sincerely, Slav
Viatcheslav Sobol, Moscow, Russian Federation(at this time) [08-08-2002]

a very wonderful sight! also i am looking for anyone that may be a relative. my father was lewis dennison womeldorff. and was born in parsons kanas. he had 2 sons me and robbie dennison womeldorff. they are both passed on. i am the only one left. i would appreciate any info on my family side. thankyou! james franklin womeldorff.
james franklin womeldorff, i will be 50 nov22. [08-08-2002]

I wish you the very best and my God always hold you in his arms, protecting you from all that's Bad in the flesh.
lorenzo davis, jonesboro, ga (Deacon-In-Training) [08-08-2002]

I'm doing family research and am trying to locate info. about a PA architect during the early 1900's by the name of Charles E. Oelschlager. Can you help or direct me to someone who can? Thank you so much.
June Hoye [08-08-2002]

Steve Kearns, 44yo from Birmingham Alabama [08-08-2002]

Philadelphia is a great city I have been in lots of city's throughout the country and this is one of my favorites. My wife was born there but we live in South Jersey. If you could e-mail me back I have some old photographs of Fairmount park and some of Willow Grove amusement park from 1919 and the 1920's that are pretty interesting. If anyone is interested in seeing them please contact me through e-mail,thank you.
Mike B. [08-08-2002]

God bless the USA & God bless America!
Jon Stevens [08-08-2002]

very interesting histor...I hope to learn more and am very interested in visiting the north east this fall
Fiona Jacobsen, Salt Lake City, UT 84108 [08-08-2002]

I am wanting to connect with Barrys from County cork who share my paternal ancestors first name Garrett. James could you contact me by email as garrett barrys are the main line ones to gerald cambrensis mostly. My ancestor was a butcher in the Macroom Directory of 1824 and his wife"s name was Johanna from their son's first marriage record in England before they formed a long long line to Australia. The web site is helpful in closing loopholes to stories that float. It is very clearly set out Thankyou, Catherine.
Catherine Berg nee Barry, Melbourne Australia [08-08-2002]

We ARE One Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for All. God Bless and guide America.
Herbert C. and Anna C. Ford, Egg Harbor Twp., NJ [07-25-2002]

Thanks for the site
Celeste Didericksen, Homeschool mom who loves US History [07-25-2002]

Have found little to read about John Barry. Pleased to find this site. Thank you.
John F. Barry [07-25-2002]

The unbiased presentation of accurate, comprehensive information is critical. The information I sought on the Pledge of Allegiance was just that -- accurate and comprehensive. Other sites had bits and pieces. Thanks.
anonymous [07-25-2002]

I am trying to locate American Indians living in the Philadelphia area. The annual American Public Health Association (APHA) will be in Philadelphia in November 2002. I represent the APHA's American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiians Caucus. We would like to invite some Delaware Valley native people who are willing to share their culture with us. If you have information on how I might be able to contact local people, please let me know. I have previously been to the local center on Chestnut Street but I am not sure if it is still open. Thank you very much.
anonymous [07-25-2002]

Shulem Jeremias, 25, brooklyn, NY [07-25-2002]

This is a wonderful service.
Monte Pendleton, Age 74, Houston, Tx. [07-25-2002]

now living in philadelphia and will soon (10-03) move to the phoenix area and we are searching for an old friend that has moved to Phoenix some years ago and has re-married. can you assist?
ed and sue zeitz, 60 ish philadelphia [07-25-2002]

I would like to pay a moved tribute to United States of America heroicall action for freedom throughout the centuries,today as yesterday.GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!GOD BLESS PRESIDENT BUSH AND HIS ADMINISTRATION!!!!GOD BLESS US!!!!Mawloud Ould Daddah,Dakar,Senegal
Mawloud Ould Daddah, Tribute to United States of America [07-25-2002]

My family and I (husband and three of four children) are very much looking forward to our visit this summer to "America's Birthplace." Thank you so much for your entertaining and informative website. These kinds of reflections into our proud past are needed more than ever in these times of global uncertainty. These landmarks and the knowledge of what took place here should be preserved and passed on for the benefit of all generations to come. Keep up the great work! Thank you!
Marlene, Age 38, Shelton, CT [07-25-2002]

The Independence tour info was just what I needed-time, cost, and organized. thanks
susan Fox [07-24-2002]

Great website!
Douglas White, 42, Little Rock Arkansas [07-24-2002]

Cristin, 21, Fort Wayne IN [07-24-2002]

Having just celebrated the 4th of July in Venezuela by reading out the Declaration of Independence at our flag raising ceremony, I was very interested to come across your Town Crier page today. Dressed as a Continental Soldier, I read out the Declaration "to the soldiers and citizenry" gathered here at the American Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela on the Fourth of July, "per instructions from General Washington, Commander in Chief of the Continental Army." Upon conclusion, my six-year old son, dressed as a minute man, went through a seven-step manual of arms to load and fire his (toy) musket (accomplished by dropping a fire cracker into the muzzle). The shot was the signal to begin the playing of the National Anthem, which in turn signal our U.S. Marine Security Detachment to hoist our huge "garrison" flag up the Embassy flagpole. I hope to learn some pointers from your Town Crier page.
Alan Smiley, American Embassy - Caracas [07-24-2002]

Very interesting tour. I would one day like to bring our youth to Philadelphia for a tour
Sheila Tate, I am a member of Antioch AME Church in Stone Mountain, GA [07-24-2002]

I would like to thank all my friends for being there when i needed them and i would like to thank Ryan for putting up with me for 2 mouths. i luv them so much To alysha, Kelly, Shanai, & ryan
Sammy [07-24-2002]

This is a great site! Congratulations!
anonymous [07-24-2002]

Thank you for your hospitality. The City of Philadelphia, the people at Carpenter's Hall and the Sponsors of the Championship all match your website. They're outstanding. John Webster, http://www.TownCryer.ca
John Webster, The Official Town Crier for the Towns of Markham and East Gwillimubry [07-24-2002]

This is a really wierd web site but its the only thing our teachers will let us go on at the time so its cool aight ~~**sterling**~~
sterling gapa, age-14 city-littleton state- Nh [07-24-2002]

ALEX ROSS [07-24-2002]

Patti Schutte [07-24-2002]

I have a tremendous love for US History. This site will help feed my passion
Michael Tacchia, San Bernardino, CA (age 48) [07-15-2002]

this is a veary educatinal web site
pooh britnee [07-15-2002]

great site keep up the good work-Thanks
joseph P. Keefe Jr., historian [07-14-2002]

You left out of your interesting history of Stehen Girard the fact that in his will establishing Girard College he stipulated that no ecclesiatic or minister could set foot in the College. Is that stipulation still honored?
Jim Conant [07-14-2002]

Make una live this place oh!
Na me, Nigerian [07-14-2002]

I just visited your site and i love it. I just wanted to say that my 3 yr old daugther can say the Pledege of Allgiegence word by word and the radio station asked us to bring her in to record her saying to air.
Heather, El Dorado Springs Mo age 24 [07-14-2002]

Have been enjoying reading the Phila. timeline from 1600-1899. Love Philadelphia.
Patricia Kingwell [07-14-2002]

doug [07-12-2002]

This is a great site! I am using the information for my children's homeschooling. They are studying the Constitution right now. Thanks!!
Tammy Landry, Puyallup, WA [07-11-2002]

I am a member of St. Stephen A.M.E. church in Leesburg FLorida. You ahve an oustanding web site. Proud to Be A.M. E.
Harrie P. Edwards, age 42, Leesburg Fl [07-11-2002]

Think you have developed an excellent site
Arlene Anderson Leipart, Elwood, Il. retired, genealogy nut [07-11-2002]

I was searching for information relating to my grandpa's birthplace in Germantown in the 1800s.
pete delaway [07-11-2002]

gettysburg adress
anonymous [07-10-2002]

Kenneth Margicin [07-10-2002]

jockey hollow resident, America's FIRST Nat'l Historical Park Threatened by Sprawl! [07-10-2002]

I was extremely happy to find this site. One of my major units that I teach is the Revolutionary War. We also view the movie 1776 which takes place in Philadelphia. I plan to visit Philadelphia this summer and get information about bringing our students here in the fall. This site is a great place to start getting information needed for an excellent background on ways to better enjoy the "real thing." Keep up the great work.
Kris Harker, 8th grade social studies teacher at Ephrata Middle School [07-10-2002]

Great job! You have a wealth of information.
anonymous, http://www.patrioticon.org [07-10-2002]

excellent,was more than i expected thankyou
susan spencer, age51 grass valley,ca. homebound&never made it to your beautiful city [07-10-2002]

alex, 15 [07-10-2002]

An excellent site. I'm very interested in the President's Home as I've been told an ancestor, Andrew Kennedy, purchased this property after the move to Washington, D.C. I'm still trying to research this for our genealogy.
Mary R Simmons [07-10-2002]

I am looking for a lilac native to this area. I am told that the variety has deep purple flowers which have no smell and also that it has long tooth-edged leaves. Is there truth to the rumor?
cheshireagusta, I'm a Philadelphia gardener. [07-10-2002]

seeing one of the early flags, and it's statement"an apeal to heaven", magnifies my beleif in how truly special, inteligent, and reverent, our founding fathers were. this great country was founded as an apeal to heaven for personal and religious freedom, and the founders of the constitution wrote a document that could only have been guided by god's hand. god bless america...and all her people
JAMES B. ARCAINI, 18 hanover rd. marlton n.j. [07-10-2002]

Fahad Latif, 19, male, jhelum, pakistan [07-10-2002]

This website is one of the most complete sites for obtaining information about US history. I think that this is a wonderful resource for all individuals who are interested in US history. The site is easy to navigate and very informative. Thanks indeed to the individuals responsible for obtaining the information and maintaining this site. Keep up the good work.
Anony Baroukh, 25, NYC, Graduate Student [07-10-2002]

Susan Payton, Social Studies Teacher [07-10-2002]

this is a great web sight. i had the honor and priviledge of portrayig betsy ross in our fourth of july parade in moteagle tn or float for the montagle police dept theme was one nation under GOD. Now im goint to study her life and hopefully go to different schools in our county to tell it to the students in the lower grades i think this should be done our students today do not know anything much about our countrys history. thank you very much betty cyr
betty cyr [07-10-2002]

Born in Ireland in 1938, I enlisted in the US Navy in 1959 at the US Embassy, London. Commissioned in Aug, 1960, I served in the navy for over six years. It puzzled me then--as it does now--that so little of naval history was taught, either in Recruit Training or OCS. Certainly, I had heard of Commodore Barry, but only in the most general sense. Now, years later, I believe that teaching biograhpies of US admirals, e.g. Nimitz, Spruance, King, etc., may have made us all better sailors and citizens. We say now that we lack heroes. Yet when we have had them, we allow ourselves to forget, to ignore their part in shaping our history and our identity. Yet how important it is for all of us to know. When we remember, we can better overcome the challenges of the present and the fear we so often have of the future.
Bill Leyden, jacksonville, fl. [07-05-2002]

Mrs. Charles E. Wilson [07-05-2002]

Great information. Wanted how to display US colors with a Maryland flag. Thanks for the information. We have a car port, is the American flag displayed, facing the building from the street, displayed on the left or on the right of the other Maryland flag? That is my question.
Earl R. Jackson Jr. RMC(SS) USNR-R, Perry Hall, MD [07-04-2002]

My mother, Freda Reiter, was a courtroom sketch artist for ABC-TV from 1966 to 1986. I am in the process of cataloguing her work, but I do not have pictures of the Congress members of the above dates to compare to the drawings. If you can assist me, I would be very appreciative.
Diane Gorodetzer, 52 years old, Warminster, PA [07-04-2002]

It is great to find such a gifted site for the Independence Day celebration.
Johnny P. Blake, Conroe, Texas [07-04-2002]

I truly appreciate this site. I read about it in our local newspaper and thank them for leading me to an absolutely wonderful tour. I visited Philadelphia a few years ago, but this is a tour that I can take at my own speed.
Vivian Kammeyer, Mansfield IL 76 years young. [07-04-2002]

Very informative, well done!
Paul L. Kail [07-04-2002]

I was looking for information on independence historical sites and found a link with it all mapped out. WOW! What a time saver and yes, we will visit them and stay in Philadelphia longer.
Pamela Catalano, South Dakota [07-04-2002]

i thought is was a very interesting site with history and facts.. i would and will highly recommend the site too others
laura barron, 49 female california [07-04-2002]

Your site is very easy to use and concise. I found what I was looking for very quickly. Thanks and regards
colleen joyce [07-04-2002]

ivisited the site and it's very educational,to all that visit the site .i've visite a whole new world and didn"t get on a plane,THANK YOU.
ericka fowler, 30-nassau bahamas [07-01-2002]

JILLIAN, 23years old [07-01-2002]

Tom LaGrega [07-01-2002]

I did prepare for my presentation coming up thanks to this webpage( www.ushistory.org). I hope in the future, this web page will become more and more popular and helpful for people and especially for the student like me. Thanks you!
Kevin Nguyen, 19, freshman of college( UHCL) [07-01-2002]

i plan to tour my old home with my in laws around christmas
sonya, 35 augusta georgia [07-01-2002]

America is the greatest country in the whole wide world!!! And, with every day, my love to that country keeps groing stronger and stronger. I couldn't be happier anywhere in the world because I have a real chance to succeed in life, so I can take good care of my new born homeland-AMERICA!!!
Vladimir Lazar, Florida [07-01-2002]

Dr. Carmen DiCiccio [07-01-2002]

im glad there is such a site to visit.it has the information i was looking for about our great flag and more....keep up the good work and god bless the usa.....have a great day.. a proud american from wisconsin****
anonymous [07-01-2002]

Jennifer Olsen [07-01-2002]

Rita Howard [07-01-2002]

Great Britain and the free world owes an awful lot to America and its peoples.
Trevor George Dimbylow, Wantage, Oxfordshire, England [07-01-2002]

Great Website!
Erin Bowser, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania [07-01-2002]

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