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Guest Book Archives: Jan-June 2002

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What a great site you have here.
Pamela, 26 years old, I live in Abidjan C I [06-27-2002]

I have looked at some of your site,very impressive!I will be back to your site later to learn more.
DEBRA BATSON, South Carolina [06-27-2002]

I am a native of Philadelphia and am familiar with most of its history. This is why I am perplexed since there is no mention of slavery in the city of "Brotherly Love". Nor was it mentioned that our first president, George Washington lived in the first White House in Philadelphia, and owned slaves. It is worth noting that on the site where the Philadelphia White House once stood is a slave graveyard where Washington's slaves are buried. Many Philadelphians a protesting the building a new home for the liberty bell on this site before anthropologists can recover important artifacts from that period in our history. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts.
Christine D. Jackson-Mapp, Philadelphia, PA [06-27-2002]

A lot of good information,Thank You
Francis J. Higgins, Age-65,born in Phila.,spent most of my life in Upper Darby,Pa. [06-27-2002]

I stopped by your website to get information on the Declaration of Independence.
Delores Stadelman, I am 54 yrs. old and a resident of McHenry, MD [06-27-2002]

More Hispanic impact on U.S. History would be appreciated.
anonymous [06-27-2002]

Connie Timma, Fort Wayne, IN [06-27-2002]

Great history wonderful information
Jane [06-27-2002]

This Web Site is WONDERFUL! How I want to share this vicarious experience with the senior citizens with/for whom I work. As a retired teacher, I appreciate the vividness and conciseness with which these individuals and events are presented. Thank you for caring about the history of our country!
Mary Comer [06-27-2002]

Cool site, God bless you and America,too!
Tanya Thomas, Colorado [06-27-2002]

I am related to betsy on my fathers side I am dedicating a room in my new home to her . I have 9 grandchildren I want them to know why the flag means so much to Americans.
Nina Baxter, 53, 1120 Kristi Ln. Yakima wa. 98901 [06-27-2002]

Very informing and well arranged
C R Wood, 74 Gonzales, Texas [06-27-2002]

Dear history site---I am a gifted math specialist and my students are doing a statistics unit on the increase of purchasing and displaying of the American flag before and since 9/11--- I've made several contacts---And I was wondering if you had ANY info on the stats of sales increase of flags or other related patriotic items---It wwould be much appreciated!!! Thank you J.Spence
j Spence [06-27-2002]

most informative site, I'm looking forward to being in your fair city for my first ever July 4 celebrations. see you soon Judy
Judy Campbell, Echuca and Moama Town Crier Australia [06-27-2002]

Thank you for the useful information I am planning my visit in October Staying in Swathmore and taking the train into the city
Carl A. Scott, Lenexa Ks [06-27-2002]

Glenn Graham, calling from Vancouver, BC [06-27-2002]

Peggy Colebank, Grafton, WV Teacher (5th grade) [06-27-2002]

Think it's great.... Hope the rest of America can remember the past the way that few of us do!
anonymous, 25, Shoreview, MN [06-27-2002]

an excellent outline of history, with the option of either a brief overview, or an in depth study. well done!
SAM STAMOS, age 43, ypsilanti, mich. [06-27-2002]

Tammy Slick [06-27-2002]

Nice site! Good info about criers but maybe more detail about why criers were inportant and as public speakers. Keep up the good work! ^__^
Magic Sapphire, Australia [06-19-2002]

A great Web Site
Marce Knapp, Appleton, WI [06-19-2002]

This site briefly gave me a very informative history. I appreciate this site.
Santosh C Sutradhar, 34, Lansdale, PA [06-19-2002]

Great Site I Would like to were I could get information and photos of all the historical United States Flags,I have A 34 Star Flag, The Center Star is bigger then all the others, design is in a circle, with 1 star in each corner of the union?
Carl Jennings [06-19-2002]

Boy Scout Troop 407, of Brunswick, Ohio, is pleased with the information that you have on your website regarding the U.S. flag. Thank-you for this very informational service!
Diane Hunt, Brunswick, Ohio [06-19-2002]

As an historian I find Philadelphia a dream. I will visit, fo my daughter is moving there from Maryland, Bel Air.
Michael & Rosalie Dalton, Newcastle upon Tyne, England [06-19-2002]

Meka Wilhoit [06-19-2002]

Do you know how many Generals served under General George Washington, during the Revolution?He did have a number of Generals serving as Brigade and Regimental Commanders!
David T. Spotswood,, Fourth Great Grandson of General Alexander Spotswood, 2d Va, Continental Line [06-19-2002]

Wonderful site. Thank you!
T.W. Emory [06-19-2002]

I have a flag with 8 red stripes and 7 white stripes. Upper left hand corner background in Navy blue with 1. white star in each corner. In the middle their is a circle of 12 white stars and in the middle of this circle is 1. white star. What does this represent for our flag today has 13 stripes. Seven red stripes and six white stripes. Thank you.
Evian, flag information [06-15-2002]

Bob Dahl [06-15-2002]

Jill [06-15-2002]

Am working on descent from Lt William Wiley, NC Militia, Rev War.
Jim James [06-13-2002]

Looking forward to a return town crier visit on July 5, carpenter's hall is always a quality place to visit
Gary & Marybeth Smith, Mooretown,Ontario CANADA [06-13-2002]

Scott Mues, deltona [06-13-2002]

I really enjoyed Digest Ezine on your fun stuff link, there were so many stories and photos of my favorite city, Philadelphia.On the winter edition it looked like it was really snowing! What a great special effect! That story about the guy at 30th street station really touched my heart and the ghost stories were a lot of fun, I LOVE USHISTORY.ORG !!!!
Annie Taylor, Bensalem pa [06-10-2002]

I'm looking for information about immigration around 1900. I think my Grandfather came to America through the Port Of Philadelphia. I'd like information about immigrants. Thank you!
Kathleen Mueller [06-10-2002]

I have written a book about the first chief justice- John Jay and his Christian faith. The title of the book is "Can a Chief Justice Love God?: The Life of John Jay". The book is available through Amazon.com or 1stBooks.com.
Phil Webster, Hebron, MD [06-10-2002]

Im a big U.S. History buff this is cool
Gary [06-10-2002]

this site helped. thanx
anonymous [06-10-2002]

To all the students that visit this site because they were told to, you are missing a great opportunity to learn more about our nation's history. My young friends, I have been reading about history for over 30 years and I think this site is the best for Early American History. Don't just check it out because your teacher told you to, explore the different things this site has to offer. History is ALIVE, man; history is not a bunch of old dead people who did stuff a long time ago. The things these people did were done because they felt they were important at the time, not because they wanted to be remembered in history books. Remember, were it not for these people we would have NO nation; and remember, this includes men and WOMEN; we tend to forget the contributions of women during the Revolution. I hope that there are many future historians reading this site. My young friends, when it comes to history there are many FINE people that you might wish to follow such as Stephen Ambrose, Bruce Catton, Shelby Foote, or David McCullough. Be a parasite like ME and make your living from others that have been long dead. My young friends history is FOREVER. Andrew of Philadelphia
Andrew of Philadelphia, A tour guide in Philadelphia [06-10-2002]

I would like to find somebody who would like to share ideas and thoughts about common moments in US and Czechoslovak/Czech history
Robert Pochop, male 34 [06-10-2002]

I used this site extensively before a family visit to Philadelphia. It was the best educational trip we ever took. We were so prepared, we were able to get to may more sites than we thought possible before we began. THANK YOU FOR MAINTAINING SUCH A CONCISE, WELL ORGANIZED SITE.
TOM, roxbury, nj [06-10-2002]

Thank-you for the info on Betsy Ross and the flag. This being the last few days of school the children and I made the 5-Pointed Star in One Snip. The kids really had fun and learned something in doing this project. Again Thanks!
Mrs. Barnfield, Clearlake, Ca [06-10-2002]

thoroughly enjoyed your website. this is easy to use. one good feature: at the top or the bottom of the page, we can go the next or previous page or go back to the homepage. easy to use. someday I will tour Philadelphia
Sharon Sarles, special ed teacher from Stockton, IL [06-10-2002]

Thomas T Shepard [06-10-2002]

Angela, 13 years old live in new York City [06-05-2002]

i'm 12 years old . I'm in the 6th grade. I am on this website because my teacher told me 2 go on this site.I also have 2 do a report.My school is Memorial middle school in point pleasant NJ. c ya L8er dayz
mike singer, My screen name is b182mike [06-05-2002]

Hey Whutz^ My name is Liz Williams and I am in 6th grade. I am on this site because we (meaning the DIVERSITY class) have a report to do. I am finding a lot of information on what I need to get. It is helping my find ideas and I am learning new things everytime i come here. Sincerly, Liz Williams
Liz Williams, My screen name is HoopShotGrl14 [06-05-2002]

James Willis [06-05-2002]

I was in Philadelphia last month looking for a job and did have some time to see some of the historical sights and they were pretty much the same and had toured them many times previously with little change. The only real change was the metal detectors in the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall (The Pennsylvania State House). I spent more time job searching and did not get much but am registered with 2 employment agencies there. I am registered with Stivers Personnel at 1617 JFK Boulevard (One Penn Center) and Today's Office Staffing at 1801 Market Street (Ten Penn Center) both in Center City. I email them once a week and will keep on emailing them until they can get me a full time job in Center City or Olde City. I need all the prayers for this and would appreciate it since there are cutbacks coming here at the University of Missouri Hospital and Clinics. I had a great time in Philadelphia and am hoping to relocate there in Center City soon. I need lots of prayer for this in HIS name. Thanks Ravi Sehgal
Ravi Sehgal, Columbia, Missouri [06-04-2002]

Hi I'am researching early American History for a factual History book on my Ancestors and this Page listed my ship that landed in Philliy August 27,1739;"Betsy" from which my maternal ancestors came to America. Frantz Welchel I would love to know if there are others whom have this name?
DINK [06-04-2002]

This website is phat
bill, 97 St. louis [06-03-2002]

I like your site. It is nice. Have a good day
Joe Sargent, 14 [06-03-2002]

i thought that your website was very cool and gave me lots of imformation.
jessie [06-03-2002]

Gail V. Smith, I live in Little Rock, AR [06-03-2002]

Excellent site. Will be visting soon. Getting great information from you. If possible, do you know if the "Primavera on the square" is still located at 1807 Walnut Street? A friend bought me a framed sketch there once and I would like to visit it. Thank you for your site.
Jerry Rosenthal [06-02-2002]

My wife and I are planning to visit Philadelphia in September 2002. The virtual tour (The Independence Tour) was an excellent preview of what we hope to see. Great Web page!
Aubrey Sloan, 68, Santa Maria CA. Retired Air Force Officer and aerospace manager [06-02-2002]

I have this big report on the Boston Massacre and you guys really helped me....Thanks!!!
Megan, 11 yrs. [06-02-2002]

hey i think the are site is very cool. you gave i lot of ideas for my brochure!(something for school!come see my web-site at www.verog.com thanks!
Georgina, 11 [05-31-2002]

opal gray, 76 Vidor,Texas [05-31-2002]

Great site. I will be using you often! I hope the Black Horse Inn is saved!
Karrey Tweten, Mankato, MN [05-30-2002]

Keep me updated on Memorial
John E. Bevan, Philly [05-29-2002]

You have a great site well done.
Bernie, http://www.ystrad.tv/internationalgenealogyresearchcentre.htm [05-29-2002]

I want notice about an american phisician born in Philadelphia in1814 and go to Brazil september 8 1843

I'm going to Philly on Friday with my class. I'm soooooooooooooooooo excited!
Kate, I'm 10,from Annapolis,MD [05-28-2002]

Learning about our past makes me feel like I'm there. I hope that I can learn a lot from it.\
BobSuflay.com/Me, Age:20 (That's rude) [05-28-2002]

Question: often we note that a flag is flown at half-staff in "pedestrian" situations, e.g. at the school when a student dies, at the country club when the chairman dies, at the muffler shop when the owner dies. Flag rules and regulations allow for half-staff for government dignitaries, heads of state, supreme court justices and such, but there is no reference in the rules and regs to the "pedestrian" situations. Obviously it is intended as a matter of respect, but technically, is this practice proper? I'd welcome a reply.
Ginnie Erdmann [05-28-2002]

Thank You, you are forever in my heart.
Carol Marr [05-28-2002]

America in general and Philadelphia in particular reminds me of the spirit of freedom it represents.
Sukhendu Roy Chowdhury, I am 48. I am from India planning to come to Philadelphia in July, 2002 [05-25-2002]

Great site. Thank you for creating an easy reference point.
Robert Mueck, Police Officer, Army and Coast Guard Reserve veteran, Army Brat (and proud) [05-25-2002]

This sight relly helped me on my school project- Thank You so Much!!
neo [05-24-2002]

Several years ago we visited South East Ohio and stopped at a place that had a large outdoor antimated clock. We would like to visit it again but can't remember where it is located. I am hoping that you know something about its location and can let me know where it is. Thank you
Walter E. Davis [05-22-2002]

danny [05-22-2002]

I'm 48 years old and still enjoy learning about American history. I especially prefer to study the Civil War. ***God Bless America***
Gary M. Tucek Sr., Margate, Florida (Originally from Chicago, Illinois...Go Cubs!) [05-22-2002]

Very effective jumping point to History. Good job.
Joy, Baltimore [05-22-2002]

i recently found a small red leather bound book titled a collection of hymns for use in the african methodist episcopal church in america..published in n.y.1843. this book was in our family from wayne co.,ind. which has always had a strong quaker community, and home of the levi coffin house a station on the underground r.r. the name in the book is hard to read but appears johunnha besh..any imformation its history or value would be appreciated. dave howard
david c. howard, county commissioner, nassau county, florida [05-22-2002]

My class thought Philly was great when we went!!
Lauren, age 8, Mt. Laurel, NJ, 08054 [05-22-2002]

Philly is defannetly at its best!!!
Lauren, 8, Mt. Laurel, NJ, 08054 [05-22-2002]

I went there on Thursday with my class. It was amazing!! I'm going back this summer. P.S. I absolutily loved the Betsey Ross house. I also saw the Betsey Ross play. It was wonderful. I loved the movie called Independence. It was so cool. The brochores at the Visitors Center might even elp me on a scool report!! Thank You!!
Lauren, 8,Mt.Laurel,Nj,08054 [05-22-2002]

Your sight is great and helped me with a school project! Thanks!
anonymous [05-22-2002]

Hello I actually stumbled on this site but not by accident, if this is going to be part of history then I want to be part of it. I'm a firefighter for South Roxana and every time I go on a call wether it be a rescue,fire,or to just go to help my fellow brothers and sisters, the pride that I feel is unbelievable. My heart and my deepest sorrows go out to the children and all fallen heroes, Dads,mothers,firefighters,and police. God Bless America, And All the Men and women who protect it every day. Yours Truly Brian Slimick S.R.F.P.D 3120
Brian Slimick (S.R.F.D), I'm 26 I'm from South Roxana Illinois [05-22-2002]

I'll look forward to coming back to this site many times and I love our history, Thanks for having this site for us to learn more about our wonderful USA!!! "GOD BLESS AMERICA"
Fran Briggs, I am 55 years old, and a nitive of Arizona. [05-19-2002]

I love all U.S. History but especially the Revolutionary War period. These men and women trully gave their all. This is my first visit to your site, and I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge and fulfilling my curiosities of this time (the most important time) in American History.
Neal Bedel, 38 years old from Silver Grove, Kentucky [05-17-2002]

phila is bagin
Sonia Catherine, i lke cheesestake [05-17-2002]

i like philly
stephanie, i like africa [05-17-2002]

i love america! im not from america but i love it!
sara [05-17-2002]

I am finding this site one of the best and most interesting sites for history of the revolution. I enjoy reading the e-mails from the many students that use your site for research and find history to be so fun. I recall the many teachers in my past that COULDN'T teach history; history is not dry dates and names. These were REAL people who did REAL things,history can and SHOULD be brought to life. When I was a young student of history I met a man at the University Museum who brought history to LIFE for me by placing in my hands the tunic of a Roman soldier 2000 years old and telling me that for all he knew that soldier may have been present at the crucifixion of The Christ. After 30 years I remember that day as if it were yesterday. Continue your good work; but we have to talk sometime about Betsy, I count myself amoung the doubters but am willing to examine any evidence that may exist. Best Regards, Andrew
Andrew of Philadelphia [05-17-2002]

you need history events from 1900-2000 so that i can do a report for my U.S. history class
trever hyer, age 15 city craig state co [05-17-2002]

i just want to congratulate u for a job well done. dr daniel
danieil austin, 54years old [05-15-2002]

poter, 11 [05-15-2002]

It would be great if some of our relatives with surnames Ward/Morris/bondar/Founds etc.could get in touch to complete our Ward family tree. Miracles do happen.God bless you all from Ireland
voney browne, I live in N.Ireland and am interested in Philadelphia as my grandfathers brothers and sisters left Ireland late1980 earlt 1900to live in Philadelphia Wood Street Reinhard Street and Yuckam Street. [05-15-2002]

I went to philadelphia today!!! It was AWESOME!! i WISH we could stay longer but we couldnt Bye
anonymous [05-15-2002]

NICHOLAS WHITE [05-15-2002]

ALI, age 11 [05-15-2002]

Barbara A. Wallick [05-15-2002]

was there really a group called the Blue Mountain Liberty Boys during the Revolutionary War
anonymous [05-13-2002]

First time to come on to your net. It looks great
Dr Robert R Wilson Presbytery Mississippi, Born PGh retired Chaplain USAF.Grad Waynesburg Pgh And Collumbia Seminaries [05-13-2002]

hi my name is nicole i cant wait to come
nicole [05-13-2002]

I think the way historyis alive these days is really cool
Lisa Capizzi, 13,N.J. blackwood [05-13-2002]

Thanks for all the infop. You can see our web pages at web54.sd54.k12.il.us/schools/hale/pwilson
Mrs. Wilson's class [05-13-2002]

hi my name is alicia and i am a student of GLMS and i like ur web site
alicia, hello [05-13-2002]

I think you need more pictures of William Williams.
Drew Merritt, I'm 11 years old [05-13-2002]

Hostory is COOL!!!! _ _
Lacey, state:pa [05-13-2002]

Pretty cool site, but it needs more info on the documents.
Hannah [05-12-2002]

I am looking for resources I can use with middle school students to show how children thier age were expected to behave (manners, ettiquette, social expectations) in the 1930' in rural U.S. can you help me?
Tim Hirsch [05-12-2002]

I am looking for some good rev. war books if anyone wants to e-mail me?
tim [05-12-2002]

Chad, 14/m/nj [05-12-2002]

History must be taught.
Tom Stepanski, 33, Bellingham, WA [05-12-2002]

Seeking information on the city as it was during the life of Ann Clay, 1690 to 1747, a resident.
Walter Reed, Family research [05-11-2002]

We are descended from Christopher Sower (Sauer), the Germantown printer--what do we hear or know about him--all we hear is Ben Franklin, blah blah--of the same vintage--I understand both the Tories and the Patriots hated Sower because he was a pacifist--they burned his business, confiscated his work--we never see him in the history books--he printed the Quanta (?)--first Bible in the colonies...
anne jacobs, adult from Camp Hill PA, b . Phila [05-11-2002]

When did betsy ross die.I think she was a great woman
Bobby [05-11-2002]

Decendent of Col. Timothy Matlack.
Jonathan Daniel Matlack, New York [05-11-2002]

please add a whole article about the important documents of the United States of America.thanks.
mehak rashid, 11 yrs. edison, new jersey [05-11-2002]

curtis mckay, age- 53 / Newark, DE [05-11-2002]

i want a job in computer softwer eng. i have completed my haier deploma in softwer eng from aptech computer education.and also competed my Bcom in south gujarat univercetie . so i want above bio data releted job vakansies
chirag, age 20 city surat in india [05-11-2002]

i don.t now a bet the flags
crystal, iam10 [05-11-2002]

i luv this sight!!! i look here for help with all my history class research!!
Hayley Morton, i'm 11, livin' in VA [05-11-2002]

remi deriemacker [05-11-2002]

You have very interesting information on US History and I appreciate it.
Cambria Ernstrom, 23 years old Orem, UT [05-11-2002]

Michael mqhue [05-11-2002]

FREEDOM IS INSPIRED Freedom and Inspiration, is the largest heart felt talk of all people and the media in our United States today. Unlike most experiences the September 11th event has woken a sleeping giant. Though our great country slept in our freedom comfortable and secure, because of the events of September 11th we now realize how much work to protect and keep our freedom strong that it really takes. And if anyone thinks because of our ability to relax in our freedom, is a weak sign. They better think agin and watch their back, because this county is no longer asleep. We hold our fight for killing discrimination one of our biggest projects and September 11th has woken a lot of feelings of closeness to this problem. We stand more united today than we have felt in many years. Living our daily lives has become living our lives to its fullest and making commitments to keeping freedom in a complete focus. Yes, September 11th happened because of our relaxed state of security in our own self. However; we now realize our efforts and the deaths of so many will only make sense if we now stand united and strong in our new awakened world of freedom. The people that thought hitting our country would break us only set us more free. And to see our freedom stand complete, we must live with freedom in our selves on a daily base and let it be shown to the rest of the world that free is what man was meant to be. As a country we will always stand United, Free, and Strong. And someday we will make sure freedom will ring true around the whole world.
Written By: A FREE PROD AMERICAN [05-11-2002]

save love park
Skater [05-11-2002]

Chandelle Rego Koerte, 16 years old, from Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii [05-08-2002]

This is a great site when you need information for a firld trip to historis Philadelphia.
Megan Behrends and Annie See [05-08-2002]

I think it would be really cool is Betsy Ross was alive today..
Tiffany, age 9:date May 8 2002 [05-08-2002]

Pat, 13 [05-08-2002]

i love this website!!!!!!!!!!
Valeria, Unired States,Californai,Livermore . 14 years old [05-08-2002]

dannielle rodriguez, age12 lancester [05-08-2002]

matthew [05-08-2002]

DANA H DICKEY, willingboro, nj [05-08-2002]

Al Logiudice, 62 years from Scarsdale N.Y [05-06-2002]

Esmie Dehoyos, 14 [05-06-2002]

Great site. There is not enough time to see even a small part of what I want to look at. I just sirfed in, bit I will come back soon. Thank you for a really neat site.
Hans C. Brolinson, Bristol, Pa. [05-06-2002]

This site is wonderfully built and I am very proud of AME history. I am a member of St. Paul AME Church Nashville and I hope to have a web site up and runing at the end of May 2002. St. Paul's History date back to 1863, It's one day younger than St. John. The structure built by the first members of the church is located on fourth and Franklin South Nashville, but worship is no longer held there. The members now worship in a new structure in North Nashville.
Rev. James M. Harris, Nashville [05-06-2002]

i dont preciatte history!!!
Jessica, Texas [05-06-2002]

We will be bringing the Boy Scouts from Bound Brook N.J. down for a day trip any suggestions? We may need to make it more than one day trip.
Bill Smith, Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 40 [05-06-2002]

Lisa, 17 [05-06-2002]

Excellent site.
anonymous, Portugal [05-06-2002]

Please pray for me Milton to be able to visit your shrine some day.
anonymous [05-06-2002]

josh, nanaimo [05-06-2002]

I think it's a fantastic web-site
Shannon [05-06-2002]

I would like to see more photos of presidents and signers of the declaration. I enjoyed the bio. though.
carol, 27/f [05-06-2002]

go america
derek, poplar wisconsin [05-06-2002]

Austin Peden, 11 years of age, Lexington, IL, 5th grade [05-06-2002]

amber [05-06-2002]

this website is cool
Mandy Smith, 17 years old [05-06-2002]

if anyone here knows about the worcester vs georgia case between the indians and Andrew Jackson, email me burnskatr67@yahoo.com i need specific details and general information
jon [05-06-2002]

Very interesting, informative site. I will encourage others to visit. Thanks.
Donna M. Ryan [05-06-2002]

is cool your site
ELIZAMA VALENICA, i'm 13 years old [05-06-2002]

Carol M. Haney, Rainsville, Alabama [05-06-2002]

CrAzzIe Qt here! just wanted to say that this is a great resource for information! it's awsome! well, guess i bests b gettin On My WaY! Cya! I love ya Tommie, Andrew, James, and Scott! Love Ya All! bubye! ~CrAzzIe Qt~
Qt Stewart, I now i have a wierd name, but then again I have wierd Parents! Oh and by the way my friends call me Q! They're wierd too! or is it just me? I don't know anymore! lol! [05-06-2002]

nice site on famous people that you should know but dont
charles f clark, age 62 city middle river md 21220 [05-06-2002]

Alejandra Cardenas, I'am 13 yers old, I'am in 8th grade at Wilson Middle School in tulsa Oklahoma [05-06-2002]

Wonderful site, full of information. Highly recommend it to everyone!
Ken Johnson, Age 59 [05-05-2002]

I was looking for stuff about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and I learned a lot.
Son Riona, 12 very soon to be 13 [05-05-2002]

edgar allan poe is the coolest poet that ever lived
Jon [05-05-2002]

chris colton, i am 18 [05-05-2002]

I'm doing a project for Pre AP History on Thaddeus Kosciuszko and this site has been very helpful for research.
Allison Wiggins, 14 years old, AR [05-05-2002]

Suzzie O`Carmicle [05-05-2002]

I liked your sites, and I am willing to come back here!
sarah, age:10 [04-29-2002]

Terrific site!
Bruce Blankley, Chamberlain, SD [04-29-2002]

kelsie [04-29-2002]

Louisa Wilson, 23 years old, history major [04-29-2002]

Nellie Anne Williams [04-29-2002]

Real nice site. Very informative.
Dennis W. DeLisle, 49, from Connecticut [04-29-2002]

anonymous, im 13 [04-29-2002]

Very interesting site. I enjoyed reading all about the history of the Liberty Bell and other interesting points of history.
Donna Sauerrein, Rogers [04-29-2002]

Your website is wonderful, and invaluable to me, as a 5th grade Social Studies teacher. My students really enjoy visiting your website to familiarize themselves with the sites before we take our field trip (walking tour of historic Philadelphia). Thanks!
Debra Dragon, Pitman, NJ - 5th grade teacher [04-28-2002]

Verne White, Member of the Sons of the American Revolution, Redlands, CA [04-27-2002]

I wanted to visit this site because I am a real civil war buff and I feel really proud to be a American and I want to major in US History in college. My heros is Ulysses S. Grant, William T. Sherman, George G. Meade, and Abraham Lincoln. I have visited other sites about US History and the civil war. I want to visit Gettysburg someday.
Noah Langford, Age: 18. City: New York City [04-27-2002]

it was a good web site!
Mike Winkels, = [04-27-2002]

I need information about Georgia in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, sepecially about northwest Georggia. Thanks
fourth Grade Social Studies c lasses [04-27-2002]

Do you have any more details of the train wreck in 1856? The town of Ambler received its name, indirectly, as a result of the humanitarian effort of Mary Ambler caring for injured in the wreck.
Tom Kearney, 303 Forest Av, Ambler, PA [04-27-2002]

this is a tight place when you need info for a school history project
adrian, fav charictor:pooh{hins the sn} [04-27-2002]

historic ohiladelphia is a cool place to go.
josh, 13 [04-27-2002]

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ariel sears [04-27-2002]

Liz DeLong, 18, Lives in Maine [04-27-2002]

G Alexander, anchorage,ak [04-27-2002]

Hello!!Your USHISTORY.ORG site is a very informative, helpful, exciting, resourceful website and I am so glad the librarian told me about it. She was just wonderful in assisting me for this college assignment of making my own lesson plan about social studies of historic downtown Philadelphia, PA. (Which is were I was born! Now I reside near San Francisco in sunny California.)I will tell my college classmates (there are 18 of us studying to be elementary school teachers) about this website. I hope this will be good to do. Have a smiles day! Sincerely, Kathryn F. Morhuser (Substitute Teacher)
Kathryn F . Morhauser, San Mateo, California, USA. Presently I am a Graduate student studying to earn my California Teaching Credential to teach in the elementary schools. I work now as a SUBSTITUTE TEACHER in the K-8th grades and I love my job!! [04-27-2002]

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I took my son to center city for school project on the historical sites. It was very interesting and we learned a lot by going in and also taking tours of the different places.
jane ginley, philadelphia [04-27-2002]

I think this is a cool website
Stephanie [04-27-2002]

I found a lot of information on this page
Will Washington, Franklinville Delsea Middle School student [04-27-2002]

where do you find Boston Tea Party??????
Staci, 12/IA/Muscatine [04-27-2002]

diana avila [04-27-2002]

milo [04-27-2002]

I think this is a great site to learn from.It was very factful.
Shara Ausenbaugh [04-27-2002]

This is a very informative site. I enjoyed the history lesson.
Ronald Waterfall [04-27-2002]

Very informative
Fred J. Vasquez, 48 years old, Duncanville, Texas., [04-27-2002]

Well, this just gives enough info for my patriotic bookley thanks. good looking out
Whitley Fountain, 13 Brewton Ala [04-27-2002]

Hello: I am a direct decendent of John Hancock, through my mother's family, the Newtons. They were related to the Jackson's from Philidelphia. My mother recently passed (4/20/02)but she was always telling me about our family. Another name that always came up was the name Scully. I have a great aunt "Agnus Scully" who's family was involved in Scully Steel. From what I can tell, the family started in Philidelphia and then moved to Evanston, Il. Anyone with more information on Scully Steel, our family OR DISTANT RELATIVES please feel free to e-mail me at mightyhorn@earthlink.net Donald N. Moore
Donald Newton Moore, Age: 46/Music Teacher/California [04-27-2002]

Donald Newton Moore, Age: 46/Music Teacher/California [04-27-2002]

wonderfully interesting, thanks
sue gura [04-27-2002]

I am doing a project on how innkeepers advertised with town criers to get people to stay at there inn. What were some of the messages like?
Karch Connors, I'm 10 years old from Sewell, NJ. [04-27-2002]

I would like to thank you for creating this site for people who are not fortunate enough to visit in person.
Nita Hill, Springfield, Ohio [04-27-2002]

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sarah, 11 [04-21-2002]

What a great source for IMPORTANT info!
Karen Carroll-Meyer, Aurora, Colorado [04-20-2002]

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gino risi, london ehgland [04-20-2002]

it is an interested website and i learned about the meaning of the colors in the flag and about Betsy Ross
HERNAN W, 24 tel-aviv, israel [04-20-2002]

I'm doing a project for history and I got the tomb of the unknown soldier. We have to make a like replica of it, only a lot smaller. What should i make it out of
Jess [04-20-2002]

It's great
Robynne, age:12 [04-20-2002]

hey,hey hi!I'm heather and I'm doing a report on Pennsylvania and I was wondering a whole bunch of stuff and you helped me find it.THANKS,HEATHER
Heather Johnston, 12 years old [04-20-2002]

I liked historic Phily
Renne Chipman, 13 and I go to Delsea middle school [04-20-2002]

Katy, 15 [04-20-2002]

looking forward to hearing from my american friends, and hoping to see you all in newquey cornwall in 2003. best wishes to you all, PLUTO...
brian pluto venn, age 70, weston-super-mare england [04-20-2002]

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ricky, 11, new tripoli 7352 lincon ct. 2-15-91 [04-20-2002]

Hello from New Orleans.
The Wizard, New Orleans My site: http://www.jazzfestwizard.com [04-20-2002]

thanks for helping me do my project for my history class on betsy ross!
Lianet Ramos, 15 yrs old. Orlando FL ( 8:24 pm ) IM IN LOVE WITH CARLOS ARMANDO MARRERO . im signing this so i can come back years later and be like awww ! heheh. CIAO . [04-18-2002]

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Jack Jiang, 25 brooklyn [04-18-2002]

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Shawna Tracy [04-18-2002]

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Ashley [04-17-2002]

An excellent and informative website. I have been looking for something that offers quality virtual tours for students and now I have found it. Thanks!
Gregory Dehler, PhD; Westminster, CO [04-17-2002]

Julia Bolles, age: 10, city: Kentfield CA, zip: 94904, Adress: 62 Rancheria Rd. [04-17-2002]

On one of the U.S.A. buildings, it states "taxs are what you pay, in order to have a civilized community", or words similar. Can you tell me which building this is??
Allan J. Walker, Milton, South Otago, New Zealand. [04-17-2002]

I would love to see next time some thing about all the Amendments!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alexandria Tarver, 12,Dever [04-17-2002]

We have just recently started a Toastmasters International Group at the Navy Depot in Mechanicburg, Pa. One day as I was walking to a Toastmaster meeting, I heard a voice proclaing that the name of the group should be called "Now Hear This." I originally thought this might be a military (navy) command. But now I have my doubts. I think it might be a cry of the town criers, to declare that he/she has news to share. I am so happy to see this site, I am going to share it with others and perhaps Their will be a World Wide Z"Now Hear This" Who Knows?
Charles L. Gray, Jr., Middletown, Pa Home/ Wk US NAVICP-Mechanicsburg [04-16-2002]

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san dee, yjsyjsjsfgjsfhdhjsjsjsj [04-16-2002]

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Ross Craner, 11 Galion [04-16-2002]

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Lauren, i'm 14 and i'm from new hampshire and i'm in the 8th grade [04-16-2002]

hi! i have a home work. i want to know the relation between benjamin franklin with pharmacy-medicine profesion. i heard that benjamin have been separated pharmacy and medicine profesion. i want to know more detail. please sent me some file about that. thanks a lot.
amalia vidiyanthi, 23rd years, bandung, indonesia [04-16-2002]

I visit Philadelphia on the web to try to find the origin of the Doughty family - sons of James Doughty and Margaret Young who m. in 1st Presbyterian Church - William Doughty, the son who worked on design of Old Ironsides and Thomas Doughty the Hudson River painter. There is a Doughty-Wharton connection but to date have not found entry of Doughty to America - from whence they came, etc. Any help much appreciated...and glad to share what knowledge I do have of the family.
Dorothy Scott [04-15-2002]

jessica betts [04-15-2002]

Robert Lukianczyk [04-15-2002]

erin, 11 yrs old [04-15-2002]

Where can I find Polish background?
Chris, 17 years [04-15-2002]


Very informative!
Susan Cruzan Cohen [04-15-2002]

i need to know what the u.s. mint does
Laura Booth, 15, tulsa, student [04-15-2002]

The website for the pretzel museum was very interesting!
Diane Freundel, Harrisburg, PA [04-15-2002]

I hope the victums have eternal peace, & The United States of America prevails!
B.A.RUSSELL, Citrus County Fl. [04-15-2002]

I'm trying to find some history on the U.S. Quarter. I hope this site can help in my search!
Mary Adkins, 45, Summersville WV [04-15-2002]

about cheerleading stoping in public schools---i think that''That this city has enough money that it can give smome to the schools.''
dez, jr.high school [04-15-2002]

i am going on a feild trip to see a lot of the buildings and historical sites i am in 5th grade northwestern middle school
Robert V Lewis, 10years old [04-15-2002]

thank u for creating this site! it helped me write a very complicated paper on the declaration of independence for the DAR program. i love this site!
erin, 11 yrs old [04-15-2002]

jobs government jobs and the children Please email me if you know anything........please
tookie, part cherokee indian and i would love some more information on the like the following [04-15-2002]

I am researching my family history. One great uncle, Carl Mackley, was killed for union activities in Philadelphi @ 1930. The Carl Mackley Apartments are named for him. His mother, Katarina Machlud (Machlyd) came to the US in 1903 through Ellis Island. Her husband, Josef Machlyd, arrived a few months earlier through the Port of Baltimore. They listed their home town as Zyrardow, Poland. Katarina brought four children with her on the boat. Two more children were born in the US. Carl was their youngest son. I am very interested in the events surrounding Carl's death, but can not find any information on him, only the apartments.
Pat Ranels, Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA; Current residence: Atlanta, GA [04-15-2002]

I am studing the History of the 19th Lt Inf Bdg. As it is the most decorated Lt.Infantry Unit in the Vietnam war. AAlso my father was disabled after being wounded 4 times. So I am trying to find out what engagements and other area's of fact about it. I also am trying to do a study of the War as it was fought by both sides.
William Hill Jr, 28 yrs Georgia [04-14-2002]

I think thissite is great.I cme on looking for things for a s.s. project that I have been working on all week and it is due the 15th of April. I thought I wouldnot have a lot of info but I came o this site an looked up Edgar Allan Poe's Huse and it turn out great.I got more inf and im hoping I will get a "A" on my project. I think you should try his site for all projects.
Kristn Britt, 13,female,7th grade [04-14-2002]

Your site is a useful resource. I wanted to learn more about Philadelphia, which I am visiting for a short time. I was aware of Benjamin Franklin's prominent role in US history and wanted to know more. The Franklin timeline was very inforamtive and succinct. It was just what I needed for the short time I had to find out about him. Thank you.
Neil Spark, 43 years old, Melbourne, Australia. I am an editor with a passion for history and politics [04-10-2002]

I came to the site searching for Peter Sidles. Didn't find him, however enjoyed the site. Would like to visit there, sometime.
Linda, Knoxville, TN USA [04-10-2002]

Sasha B [04-10-2002]

I think you'r web site is sooooo cool. But you need to add some things about United States flag because i am doin a time line for school and needs some info about us flag and you dont have it so will you please put it on here.And also I've learned a lot from your web page!!!!
lele [04-10-2002]

This is a really Great web site I really like it but we can not get to anything we want to see like I went to the year 1879 and there was a lot of stuff but I couldent see the rest of there reports. ThanX, Monique Savarillo
Monique Savarillo, Albque. New Mexico age17 [04-10-2002]

samie nessimth [04-10-2002]

I love trains. Please send me stuff on trains!!!
Marie Lussier [04-10-2002]

Valley Forge is the best subject!
Lauren [04-10-2002]

William A. Bond V [04-10-2002]

Patricia P. Hicks, Belleville, IL 62223 [04-10-2002]

this is a great website.i have not visited it yet but i hope to
Kyle Devlin, princton ave.hopewell N.J [04-10-2002]

As a AME pastor we use this site to teach the youth of our church the true history of our church.and that there is more to our history than just the church, but also how we are changers in the world
Rev. Willie A. McLaurin Jr, St. Augustine Fl. [04-10-2002]

i really dont have much intrest in us history but some things do amaze me
Karla Ruiz, im 14 years old and the only reason im here is to do my homework [04-10-2002]

I am part of the Leiby family and i would like to know more about my family history because i am interested in it so if anyone knows about it contact me at my E-mail address.
Breanna [04-06-2002]

I am Looking for Betsy Ross.Thanks for all the info
Erica, 10 Ashburn, Virginia [04-06-2002]

william holliday [04-06-2002]

The best history on the web every one in the US should have to read how the country was finded and never forget it Im the son from a family who came he in 1610 and had 6 famly members fight in the rev war for ind.
Tom Wanstall, Coatesville,Pa [04-06-2002]

Rebekah Hilburn [04-06-2002]

Betty Hutchinson Trumbower [04-06-2002]

This is a great website for everybody to learn facts about the U.S.A.I think I will be visiting this website more often!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Courtney Wolfe, 12 years old [04-06-2002]

Our class just visited historic philadelphia on 4/3/02 it was cool!!~
Tom S., New Jersey [04-06-2002]

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, and anywhere I go, nothing compares to Philadelphia. The nice weather is coming, and many friends and/or family are going to visit. This is a wonderful site to help make their days of touring easier. Thank you for a wonderful job.
Jane M. Grosskurth, 7230 Lamport Rd., Upper Darby, PA 19082-5111 [04-06-2002]

Tyler Pedit [04-06-2002]

Love the site. Will show it to my students when in computer lab.
James Milbery, Adult Education Teacher (ESL) [04-06-2002]

Thanks for helping. This is a great website!
Elizabeth, 10 [04-06-2002]

great site for college student or even high school students to go to to find information or people from other nation to learn about the US.
Brian & Miyako Howell, okinawa,japan [04-06-2002]

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sum 1 sum where [04-06-2002]

This site helps me out SO much! I am going to Washington DC for a school trip, and i am also going to try to win the essay contest on why i want to present a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. This info will show that ive really did my research and know what im talking about. if i win, i get to present the wreath that will be donated by our school and also get to meet all the armed forces. Wish me good luck, and if you have any imfo that could help me, you know my address!
Erika, Warwick, RI [04-06-2002]

STAN PEARSON, littlerock, california(small town) age 50 [04-06-2002]

bryttne [04-06-2002]

I am tring to help my son with a BSA merit Badge I need to get a copy of the Decloration of INdependance and could not find on INternet Can you tell me where to go? Please help
MIchael Naccarato [04-06-2002]

good site, i really like it
kevin evanksi [04-03-2002]

What wonderful information you have. I had no idea that all of this would come in when I typed "Betsy Ross." congratulations!!!
Roxa Kreimeyer, Old enough to be your grandma -- or Betsy Ross' grt grt grandaughter [04-03-2002]

I love this site, it helped me with my report on "the battle of Vally Forge" THANKS ushistory.org!!!!!!
Charlotte, age 10 [04-03-2002]

zach sherry [04-03-2002]

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miguel lugo, sexy male [04-03-2002]

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jean westover, oh [04-03-2002]

Jared Harris [04-03-2002]

I love the stuff this website has to offer.
Sasha West, 13 Brewer Maine [04-03-2002]

Kenneth [04-01-2002]

Hi all. Love the site. I need some help from anyone out there. I have to write an essay on something that Abraham Lincoln said, here it is: he said the nation could not "endure permanently half slave and half free". I have to write if I agree or not. I totally agree. The problem is I need reasons and examples to support my opinion. If anyone has any reason and/or examples, could you please email me? Thanks!
Elizabeth, 13, Lodi,CA [04-01-2002]

there are no words that can describe my love for my country and the flag that represents us
Gene Picchi, you cant make the weak srrong by making the strong weak . RON RAEGAN [04-01-2002]

U guys have a cool wab site.
Chad Stevens, I am 14 years old [04-01-2002]

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Shanna [04-01-2002]

Ms. Watson [04-01-2002]

I have learned a lot from this site. I will continue to use this site for my studies. It's a known source for accurate information.
Gama Xul, 23 years young; Conway, SC; seppuku.ath.cx [03-31-2002]

I went to Philly in the summer of 1999 after I graduated High School and was standing just inches away from the liberty bell. What an awesome experience, also all the other wonderful things of seeing a city I will probably only see once in my lifetime...what a great set of memories!!!
Devon Haskins, 20/m/WA [03-31-2002]

it is a very good web site but it needs more info about the Mayflowers
keenan wyngarden, 11, Ottumwa Iowa, 5th grade [03-30-2002]

This is the most wonderful site I have ever seen!This year we had a womem in history month and it helped me get the info I needed to use to make my biograhy! thanks1
Victoria E. W., 11yrs old Live in Rural Retreat [03-30-2002]

I was a member of the Atenaeum in the sixties when I was a librarian at temple university. I enjoyed using the library and the great atmosphere that it had. it is great that it has a website.
william w. blair ii, Pittsburgh PA [03-30-2002]

cara [03-30-2002]

ok hello im erika one of the olsens big fans without them i do not kbow what i'd do,and i was wondering if anybody had there e-mail address will you please wirte to me and give it to me please i also hace msn so you can addme f you want.
erika, im 11 f canada [03-30-2002]

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Aubrey, 14yrs old advancing into the 8th grade [03-30-2002]

Vincent Wisniewski, Bridesburg, Philadelphia, PA (St. John Cantius Parish) [03-30-2002]

I think it would be good if you had something to were you could type what your looking for
Samantha, 10 missouri [03-30-2002]

I hope every history teacher in the country knows about ushistory.org and school children are directed to it. Excellent work!!!
Dennis McLaughlin, 41 year old father of 2 daughters, age 7 & 5 [03-28-2002]

you should show the people if the land marks are still there such as the the free quacker meeting house!
leiza garman [03-27-2002]

It IS A nice web site!*
Amber [03-27-2002]

This is one of the most comprehensive US history site that I could find after searching thru many different search engines at http://www.ultimasurf.com
Micky Dell, ny [03-27-2002]

The maps on your site don't appear to be printable (at least I can't figure out how to do it. It's kind of hard to do a walking tour with no maps!
sHARI mARVEL, Howell, MI [03-27-2002]

Nice site.
Devin T. [03-27-2002]

Just browsing around the web looking for sites that relate in any way to American Colonial period. I'm a native Pennsylvanian in love with our history and stand in awe of the wisdom and foresight of our ancestors.
Joe Gebhardt, Mechanical engineer/MBA/Historical Fiction Writer I now live in Stuart, FL but my heart will always be in Pennsylvania. [03-27-2002]

I could see the smoke of the twintowers all the way from Sandy Hook. I am greatly intrested in everything about them and hope tp learn a lot about them
Nick Courtney, im 12 and live in New Jersey [03-27-2002]

Elizabeth Orvis [03-27-2002]

it was fun playing on this website.. it was a cool website thank you for giving this website to the web pages that is all. peace out mans!!!!!! i have to go i have to use the bathroom
junny bunny, sulphur [03-27-2002]

rachel sumner [03-27-2002]

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Judith Miller/Barnes, I am 16 andI am from sapulpa oklahom [03-27-2002]

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BRITTIO [03-27-2002]

This is a great site. It really helped me with my social studies project.
Pelashia Moore [03-27-2002]

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MICHAEL, u s a [03-27-2002]

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Lauren Alyse Belville, age 11 city springfield state Illinois [03-25-2002]

john foster, 10 yrs old west chester pa [03-25-2002]

Wrote an undergraduate dissertation on The Diary of Elizabeth Drinker-impressed that you have an article on it -thanks!
alison cotton, age 21, history graduate of Cambridge University, England [03-25-2002]

I need help and this sight was here for me Thankyou.
Diane, Ga,31313 [03-25-2002]

Keith Achtenberg [03-25-2002]

I think that to see photo's of my ancestors garden are fantastic
Anna Trott, Australia [03-25-2002]

Inquiry: I would like information on the residential housing that the church have provided to the community.
Roberta Moyd [03-24-2002]

Can you tell me where, possibly on the web, to find definitions of what determined what "size" a steamer was classified?
Bob Keeler, Hike out was good, anything new? [03-23-2002]

Wayne Schaffnit, San Francisco [03-23-2002]

I thought that this site was very informational. Thank you for providing this information for me and others to view.
Jennifer Cross, Decatyr,GA, 15 [03-23-2002]

Courtney [03-23-2002]

I hate my job. I love your books. I like you. my family stinks.
Bert B. Eller, I play Baseball at S.T. Paul, Minnesota [03-23-2002]

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betsy [03-23-2002]

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Stephen Brandt [03-23-2002]

kool site
Lucas Steinlage, 15 West union IA [03-21-2002]

Vonjaih [03-21-2002]

Thank you! I needed some information on Benjamin Franklin.
Rachael*~, I am a Level 7 Competitive Gymnast. [03-21-2002]

Emily Osborne [03-21-2002]

Its incredbal to think what weve acoplished!
Samantha, 11 [03-21-2002]

I had a question on flag displays: We are building a commercial office park and wish to display the US flag, the Canadian flag and the State of Washington flag. In reading your materials, we understand that the US and Candadian flags are to be at the same height. What is the recommended height for the State of Washington flag? Thank you
Jay Johnson [03-21-2002]

Rachel [03-21-2002]

That our world has been throught a lot of bad thing this year.
Brandy Michelle Holmes, I am 13 yeasrs old [03-21-2002]

Cool sight gives me something to look at
Danny Walker, Airforce [03-21-2002]

I like the web page but I think it would be even better if you had flicks on Pliladelphia.
Safiya Furqan, Philly [03-21-2002]

steven anthony kilgore, 11yrs cincinnati [03-21-2002]

Ashley Olivio [03-21-2002]

Seeking information on AA women who played a significant role in the life of Mother Bethel.
Guinevere P. Gregory, Women's Division Director-United Methodist Church [03-21-2002]

Philadelphia is a beautiful city,te historic area is alive with history, this is where our great nation started, I have over 6o stories and photos of Phiadelphia on my web page, http://www.digestezine.com thanks
mike mcmahon, http://www.digestezine.com My Philadelphia page [03-21-2002]

Great site. I am so thrilled. I found that relatives had a bar in philly. Do you have anymore info.on Campiglia there? Is the building there? I want to go back & see it. Always wanted to go to Philly. I think in 1870 they came over from Italy. Maybe others came sooner. Great Grandpa I am named after I believe was on ship in 1870. I am just starting research tonight. Thanks for any help you can give me. I am a collector of old bottles & wonder if they had their name on a bottle. So many did. I see lots of 1860's to 80's PA. sodas & beers.
James Campiglia, age 33. Santa Barbara, Ca. [03-21-2002]

I am a great grandaughter of Rudolph J. Walther. I enjoyed seeing his history of Phila. on this site. What a surprise. We also have a copy of this book. Would like to know where you acquired the book if known. There a lot of his descendents in the Phila. area.
Clare Wisniewski [03-21-2002]

I love the website. But I also wanted to know if there was an official shade of blue that was official for the US flag. I see a lot of navy blue in official ceremonies, but a lot of commercial flag replicas use a lighter, "royal blue".
Jean Park [03-21-2002]

I think you have a great website of info but I feel you should include historical notes from other than Philly or Pennsylvania ref's. i.e. other states (ushist!!.org).
Mike Fallon, Anchorage, Alaska [03-21-2002]

Just wanted to thank you for making your site easy to find information
Alexis Garcia, 24, Whittier, California [03-21-2002]

Thank you for the imformation. I am using as a reference for my Girl Scout troop to earn a badge.
Lana Gisoni, Leader, Troop 14, MI [03-21-2002]

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Adriane [03-14-2002]

I,m a first time visitor and haven't taken the tour as yet. Got the info needed real quick and easily. Appreciate the info available here. Jim Gordon, Sheridan, Ar. (03-14-02)
James C . Gordon, Retired E--7 (Army) Chapter Cdr - DAV [03-14-2002]

Great site! My students have visited it. Thanks!
Amy Halterman, History Teacher [03-14-2002]

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Casey Breanne Thompson, I am 11 yeas old! I am in the fifth grade! My teacher is Mrs.Coley!! [03-14-2002]

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Catherine M. Kenworthy, I am a Junior and Cadette Girl Scout leader in Monrovia, Maryland [03-14-2002]

Love the site :]. It's great for my 5th grade homework!!
Adrienne [03-14-2002]

I gave a helmet face piece for display from Warminster Fire Department. It was my shield when I was an engineer. It was displayed on the wall on the top floor of the museum. I was wondering if it was still on display. Please e-mail me with any information about it or the badge I also donated. Thanks Ted
Ted Itchon, Past FF in the county of Bucks and eastren montco. Past Deputy State Fire Marshal for the State of Utah. Now working for West Valley City Fire Department. [03-14-2002]

Kenneth Anders, Denver, Co 72 yrs old [03-14-2002]

i am so proud of this page. i am a member of the mount zion a.m.e. church in plainfield, n.j. where the rev. charles e. martin is my pastor. my sincerest sympathy to the family of bishop donald ming.

Searching for info. on ancesters/family for Raymon Flyod Hurst. Had twin brothers named Army&shorty, brother Garvin&Robert(bob). Married Bonnie Mitchelle Hurst& had 9 children.
Marty LaShane Hurst, Chelsea,Oklahoma [03-14-2002]

I found the Betsy Ross section incredibly helpful, seeing also that it has it's own little section on the front page of the site. Thanks :)
Trish, 16, Laurel [03-14-2002]

It's not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog.
Martin Epstein [03-14-2002]

misty [03-14-2002]

I will be in Philadelphia from April 19-May 11, 2002. I will be very busy job searching there and will need all of the prayers of the saints in this particular place. I will be hitting the streets of Center City Philadelphia. I will be using SEPTA quite a bit "YIKES!" I hope to find a job there and soon and do not know if I will have time to see any of the historical sights but have seen them many times when I had lived previously in Philadelphia. I will keep on praying for Mayor John Street and protection of all of Philadelphia as well as finding a job there. I will eventually work my way from around Broad and Market Streets to the Independence Mall or Olde City area. thanks.
Ravi Sehgal [03-14-2002]

Thanks for this web site
Tammy, age 21, city - cincinnati - Ohio [03-14-2002]

Interesting to find out about Washington's personal donation to mint the first coins. Have added that to my mental collection of odd, interesting and trivial facts. Will come back to this site to browse further.
Marilyn Kremer, Age 58, residence: Adrian, MI [03-14-2002]

Thanks for the flag picture.
Martha Sullivan [03-14-2002]

I like your site very much. It gives people a lot infomation about our Country That maybe they don't know or don't remember. GOD BLESS YOU AND THE PEOPLE HAVE LEARNED FROM YOUR WORKS. YOU & THE PEOPLE WILL BE BLESSED. AMAN Pastor Robert C. Delapast,ThB,EdM,DD,PhD Progressive Universal Life Church Mount Olive, North Carolina 910-594-3372
Rev Robert Delapast, D.D., Ph.D., Native American Indian (Ojibwa) Holy Man & Pastor of a Church [03-14-2002]

Paulette Frazier [03-14-2002]

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Sarah Paw, San Jose [03-14-2002]

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Catherine Tritsch, Levittown PA [03-14-2002]

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Laura Gonzalez, I like to visit history web sites a lot! [03-14-2002]

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Cathy, Seaford, NY [03-14-2002]

Learned a great deal from spending an hour on your website about the American Revolution. Thank you so much!
Marilyn M. Morris, Live just 25 miles from Fort Wayne, Named for Gen. Anthony Wayne. Lived in Ft. Wayne for about 40 yrs. [03-14-2002]

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Nate, denver co. [03-14-2002]

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This is a great site. I searched for it using South Philly Old time facts. I am going to add to my favorites. Thank you for allowing me to visit,use,and to sign the guestbook.
Tony Mangano, Age: 60, Reside: South Philadelphia, PA, Retired USMint. [03-06-2002]

Enjoy anything dealing with America and Her History.
Louise H. Achenbach, Teacher, California [03-06-2002]

christie nickey [03-06-2002]

I think you web site is very interesting. It is helping me a lot for a project I am doing. Thanks! I just have 1 suggestion, I think you should use more pictures in you documents.
Christina [03-06-2002]

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mari, i'm 12 - i live in olympia,WA [03-06-2002]

There was only 1 biography of Betsy Ross in our public library. I need to portray her for a college class project. I really enjoyed this web site, and will return!
Carla Butler, Wheeling, WV [03-06-2002]

Wonderful site, very informative!
barbara L. Owens, St.petersAME Church librarian,Teacher Emeritus/Mpls. Public Schools [03-06-2002]

Have not yet taken tour. Will allow my students to tour and write their remarks.
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Michael.D.Kean-Price, Town Crier to the Ancient Town Tewkesbury England [03-04-2002]

I wish I had known this sight existed. I am the current national Champion Town Crier in New Zealand. I am holding the National Championships here in palmerston North this coming week end - March (th and 10th 2002. I attended the Wrld Championships for Town Criers in Anecortes in 2001 and was awarded the Best New Town Crier. I would like all those who attended to know that my sister Paddy-Ann Pemberton who traveled as my escort to Anecortes has caught the "bug" and will be initiated into the Honourable Guild of Town Criers New Zealand this week end and compete for the first time. We wish to send our love and best wishes to all those criers whom we met while we were in the States. I diligently had all criers write there emails and snail mail addresses in a book but it has been mislaid so if any criers want to contact either Paddy Ann or myself please do so in the first instant by emailing me on the address given ubove. Love to you all. Caroline Robinson
Caroline Robinson, Palmerston North New Zealand [03-04-2002]

I wish that I had seen your site before going to Philadelphia. What a great tour you have right here on the Internet!
Elaine Fry [03-03-2002]

I had to do a page in my Wa With Grandpa packet and your site was the site we had to look up. It helped me find lots of cool information. I really like to listen to "The Star-Spangled Banner" a lot.
Caitlin Malone, age:10 Powell,Ohio [03-03-2002]

I think you americans are drowning in your own stupidity and world ruling obsession... You stick your nose into every damn thing that happens in this world and someday, it will get shot off. I dont condone terrorist actions, neither do I think that the way Bush handled the Afganistan event was appropriate. A lone Sniper would have gone a great deal further and done less damage to the already war-ravenged plains of afganistan and its people, who dont know better than what their gov has been stuffing down their throats all these years. THINK AMERICA... Is anything right anymore? Or are we simply the same cavemen from thousands of years back, simply with better technology? The mindset is the same I think... We still take everything by force and force others into submission...
Grouch, Doesnt really matter. only the message is important [03-03-2002]

I enjoyed studying the history of America through the Internet . The best part which I like to study most is " The Battle of Camden, The Battle of Cowpens, The Battle of Valley Forge & The Battle of Saratoga " . This site is excellent because I could learned more about what happened in America during " The American Revolutionary . "
Estella Vanessa ., I am 13 years old & I am staying in Singapore . [03-03-2002]

I think all of this infomation is wonderful because my school dose not have a library.
janesha, im 13yr at Thurgood Marshall Academy MO,ST.L [03-03-2002]

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Vivian Gamez, age 18, Rancho Cordova [03-03-2002]

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Caitlin Malone, Age:10 Powell, Ohio [02-28-2002]

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This was all quite interesting. I was brought to this site while searching D.& P.R.W.Co. It seems my great grandfather bought 221.4 acres of land in Texas back in 1910. The grandtee is listed as D&PRWCo. Not, that he ever got to Texas, but Alfred Younglund did work the railroads through Nebraska and Wyoming, often having Jessie James and a few others as passengers.
Phyllis Thomson Jones, Las Vegas, Nevada [02-28-2002]

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BRIAN MICHAEL JOHNSON, 36yrs old south bend,indiana.home of the notre dame fightin irish [02-27-2002]

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Jacob Schommer, age 13 Frederic WI. [02-27-2002]

I like your web site i think its cool to have a web site that kids can check things out about their history,or for a report they have what they need right here on the computer write me back write to hillside the best school ever thanks
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Alex D'Caprio, Fremont, NE. USA [02-27-2002]

Enjoyed your tour very much. It made me recall the many trips I made with my children when they were young to show them where Mama was born. Site will be very helpful as a guide for my husband & myself in planning sightseeing trips to Philly for friends from out of town. Thanks!
Nora C. Wertz, 70 Yrs. old; born Philadelphia, now living in New Hope, PA [02-27-2002]

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angel anderson, 11 West monroe,la [02-27-2002]

What a wonderful site!!! And what a wealth of information. I'm helping my 3rd grade great grand-daughter find information on Betsy Ross and the first flag. This site is the answer to a grandmothers' prayer....it is concise, easy to read and understand, and (once granny learns how to really access information) it has everything she needs for her report----except directions for a diorama her teacher wants :) :) Just kidding. Thank you for making such information available to everyone. You should get a metal! June Albright//Proud to be an American
June Albright, York Haven, Pa. // I'm 68 years old [02-27-2002]

I have always had a love for Philly, I enjoy Penns Landing in the summer. Your web site has helped me with my studies thanks for all the info.
Sarina Mulleavey, female 37, Rutgers Student taking US 1, New Bruns. NJ [02-27-2002]

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Katie, im from hawaii ya im 14 years old [02-27-2002]

i love learning about the revolutionary war. also, if anybody knows who the five people standing around the desk in the decloration of independence by trumbull e-mail me at josiebates@hotmail.com
Josie [02-27-2002]

Born Philadelphia
James Levin, dob 12/28/46 [02-27-2002]

history is so interesting,i have been printing manythings on lots of diffrent parts of history. one day i hope to be first woman president and make history my self.
jordan hailee kolb [02-27-2002]

Thank you for a fun and informative website. Having returned from my latest visit to Philadelphia on Saturday, you finally laid to rest my most urgent question: *When* was Philadelphia founded? I just spent 5 days reading every historical marker I could find, visiting venerable old homes, reading magazines about the city... but no one *ever* said when it was actually founded. Actually, about 90% of the historical information the city offers is about the Revolution. So, is 1701 the right answer? I hope I've solved my puzzle -- your site sure offers a lot more information than a dedicated walk around Old Philadelphia will. If only the city had a history museum -- for that as well I searched in vain. Thanks again. A really nice site.
Michael Arrowood, Age 40; Zirconia, NC [02-27-2002]

I learnt some intresting facts about your history and flag. Iam thinking of visting your state in April you have given me some great places to look at. Would also like to find some more tourist attractions for couples. Things a little driffrent from the normal tourist sites.
Veronika Neale, Melbourne Australia [02-27-2002]

Ok, go see some art by a Philadelphia Painter: www.mikegeno.com thanks
Mike Geno, from Philly [02-27-2002]

Around 1910-1920, my grandmother in North Dakota acquired a picture postcard of/from Albert E. Sye, 715 Rhawn St., Fox Chase, Phila, Pa. Young Mr. Sye was traveling from Philadelphia to Seattle. Anyone interested?
Carol Hirabayashi [02-27-2002]

i really think this web site is very edcanachully
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JOHNNORTH [02-27-2002]

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Ellen Davis, 22 yrs old History minor @ EMU [02-27-2002]

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Rich Brown, Iowa City, Ia Male, 56 years old [02-27-2002]

We're headed to Philly with our kids for the day. Wanted to double-check the location of several historic sites we're planning to visit and found this site by accident. It's wonderful!!
Margo Gunsser [02-27-2002]

This website is very helpful! It's not only helpful, for school, but it is helpful for the many question that I had on the beginning of the United States.
Lauren Masters, Age: 14 Hubbard, Ohio [02-27-2002]

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Robert J.Antalek, san bruno,ca.94066 [02-27-2002]

I am a homeschool mom and was very excited to find this history website. It is an excellent resource.
Kathy Hitchcock, Roanoke, Texas [02-27-2002]

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Joe [02-27-2002]

I like your site, I found it while researching John Barry. I am currently looking for info on him for a project I am doing at graduate school at UW-Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Public Museum has a signed document of his that I am working with. thank you for the info on the site. greg
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I just found this site. I'm anxious to explore it. I am a history buff in an informal way. I got hooked in Jamestown and I was fortunate to march in a parade a few years ago through the Philadelphis historic district. Thanks.
Mike Richardson, Coal Twp, Northumberland county, PA. I'm 58 [02-14-2002]

Have never been to your city but it looks really interesting and I hope to be able to visit there next summer as I am deeply interested in the history of our country. Thanks for all your work.
Mary Kelly, From Wilmington, NC. [02-13-2002]

I just finished reading a biography of John Adams and wanted to see some of the buildings reffered to in it. This sight was exactly what I was looking for.
Rob Pekelder, 31yo [02-13-2002]

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Website was very informative. I couldn't find enough information in federalists and anti-federalists.
Sammy Summs, age 12.675 [02-13-2002]

I am trying to locate information regarding the history of the American flag. Do you know of any internet sites you could direct me to? Thank you in advance for your consideration.
Pamela DeJean, Alexandria, Rapides Parish, Louisiana [02-13-2002]

Hello! I am a middle school teacher and will soon travel to Philadelphia. I am researching history of Philadelphia for myself and to be able to share my (knowledgable, hopefully) experiences with my students who are not frequent travelers. Thanks, Laura Kohl
Laura Kohl, I am a teacher, soon traveling to Philadelphia [02-13-2002]

Dig your site bigtime! We also have a cool HUGE kidz link-site--- http://community-2.webtv.net/CodemanJester/CODYJESSESUltimate/
Cody & Jesse, We are 9 and 6,,,,and LOVE history! [02-13-2002]

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momy, oog [02-13-2002]

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jayla .M.E [02-13-2002]

I have a 28" wooden level it has disston&morss tools works philad with a A and a . under the A.Can you help me with the age of this level. It also has a half cirle brass plate on each side of the level bubble with the name on it thank you foryour effort
ronald degges, 57 lake jackson texas [02-13-2002]

love this site--looking for a gggrandmother who was born in newcastle delaware,married my ancestor who went to Pa.in 1865. Ever hear of 'Dials One Hundreds"? Anyhow, love to read,thanks
eleanor L dearman, 71,live in Arizona [02-13-2002]

iu need to have whe she is a child
sammie [02-13-2002]

This has LOTS of info!
Jesse Gatten, I'm 12 in CT [02-13-2002]

I am researching this site in hopes of finding more info to go with family pictures I have of John Bromley, my Mother's grandfather who founded the John Bromley Woolen Carpet Mills in 1845 in Philadelphia. If you could share any info as to other sites or where I could go with this it would be greatly appreciated.
vicki faoro anderson, Wausau, WI [02-10-2002]

Really neat; Cool Has great info. about AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amy, age:11 Phat websight; COOL [02-10-2002]

Hello! My name is Mary Kate. Two years ago I attended East Goshen Elementary where my fifth grade mentall gifted class wrote a book on the Paoli Battlefield. We also took trips to Harrisburg and Washington D.C., trying to persuade the government to let us preserve the Paoli Battlefield. After writing many letters, writing a book, making trips, and gaining support from many people, our group passed the right to preserve this place where an important battle was fought. I am very proud of myself and all of my fellow classmates because, without our contributions, the battlefield would be covered in a developement of new gigantic houses! Hello! My name is Colleen, Mary Kate's little sister! I love this website and I'm proud of my elementary school for doing the awesome work to save the Paoli Battlefield. Love, Mary Kate and Colleen (%
Mary Kate, I live within a few miles of the Paoli Massacre Site [02-10-2002]

Having visited Philadelphia for the first time last year (2001), I was impressed by the city which I had always perceived as a big, dirty, violent industrial conurbation with no heart. I was disabused: being impressed by its olde worlde areas and ita historical areas. I'd like to ride my bike (but not being anything like Greg Lemond or Lance Armstrong I probably never will!) along that big long, broad avenue that likens itself to les Champs Elysées.
jim walsh [02-10-2002]

Devi C. Brown [02-10-2002]

a beautiful website with lots of terrific insights. The only thing I miss is a campground in the immediate area (10 to 20 km.)
Peter Gemmink, 46 years, Lelystad, the Netherlands. [02-10-2002]

Samantha Eaglin, Age:14 Terre Haute Indiana [02-10-2002]

I love this site! It's very informative and I found more than eonugh information about Valley Forge. I'm doing a letter from a soldier in the camp, to his wife at home. I found out so much about George Washington and his troops! Thank you!
Alex, 8th grader living in Columbia, MD. [02-09-2002]

I've alwasy been fascinated with Philadelphia. I wa there as a child and would like someday to return. there are so many wonderful things to see and learn about the USA that I don't understand why any American would wasnt to travel abroad until they had seen their own country.
vickie weida, age 50; alliance, ohio [02-09-2002]

I think this is a great internet sight because it has a lot of history about our country. Especialy since the terrorist attacts. keep up with the good work on your sight.Thanks!
laura wiechmann, 11WI i love pigs [02-09-2002]

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Nice. Very detailed. I realy liked your page on Valley Forg.
Ruben Rodriguez [02-08-2002]

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Tammy Miller, 38 - Helena, MT 59602 [02-08-2002]

Jennifer Smith, I am 12 years old and live in PA. I got this web site from my online charter school as part of our study on colonial times. [02-08-2002]

would any one know what the word d.o.g.stands for from world war 11 this is a history question for my history class.. thank u ..
james burkholder [02-08-2002]

I really havn't gone through the site yet. Will comment on it later.
Ellis C. Seals, Luling, La. 70070 [02-08-2002]

john cyna [02-08-2002]

I love our Nation very much but I don't really like Gorge Bush!! WEll any ways I just wanted to say that I love my Country!!
Tasha Mitchell, I am a girl 12yrs. live in Cutler Ohio!! [02-08-2002]

I just wanted to let you know that your site is very informative! We're working on the "United we stand patch", and I received a lot of the info. that I needed from your site. Thank you for doing a great job!!!
Alison, Girl Scout Leader, PA [02-08-2002]

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Would like a calendar of activities for the Chinese New Year in Chinatown.
Lorie Keller [02-08-2002]

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helen winski, age 75, tucson, az [02-08-2002]

Hey! Thank you! This is a cool site!
Steve, 13 yrs old. 7th grade. [02-08-2002]

I am doing a report on the city of Philadelphia and its history.
Emily Sherwood, 10 years old, St. Louis, MO, Birthdate 08-15-1991 [02-08-2002]

M. Alexia Barry Shaw, Decended from Commodore Barry [02-08-2002]

Lesa Maxwell [02-08-2002]

cool site...........
taryn [02-08-2002]

As a Disabled veteran I am shocked that the Hmong people want U.S. Military funerals. They never swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States or are they citizens.
Gaylord Panske, age:47 Oshkosh, Wi. Disabled American Veterans Dept. Wi. 3rd District Commander [02-08-2002]

I just love history. I just love reading the book everyday. When i read the book it makes me feel all tingly inside. I cant wAIT TO REAd a another history book. Love, Amy Margerat Cockerill
Amy Cockerill, I am a 13 year old man [02-08-2002]

Roseann Logan, 45, married, 3 children, female [02-08-2002]

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Vonnie, New Jersey [02-08-2002]

Great web site and a source of information. As a social studies teacher this is a tremendous help. Thank you!
John Ciferni, Yardley, PA [02-08-2002]

I Love History and just love learning about things I`ve never heard about before
Ben Wright, Age:9 City:Ocilla,GA [02-08-2002]

Gary, sss [02-08-2002]

I am a librarian/archvist at Hunter College of C.U.N.Y. and have a keen interest in New York City history.
Prof. Julio L. Hernandez-Delgado, New York City [02-08-2002]

I am researching my great grandfather, who's claim to fame was shaking the hand of President Lincoln ont the docks at Philadelphia during Lincoln's campaign ?? 1859/60 I am therefore looking for info from about 1841/5 thru about 1880's my great grandfather returned to Ireland - he raised his family in Phily - they stayed in the US - He reportedly owned a bar/hotel on the docks his name William McColgin - I need to know the Philadelphia history during his time, where to search realty records, where to search ship's passenger info - basically I need a good start???? I hope to write a book - Oh yes, I also need to know where to search for birth records and cemetary records for the Catholic Church at the time I believe there was but one and that it still stands.
Mary Theresa Sutton, Florida too old [02-08-2002]

I am trying to find some information on the history of Henry Disston and Sons (Keystone Tool Works) of Philadelphia. I have a very old level and would like to find out any information on the history of this tool maker, more famous for hand saws, etc.
Teddy R. Martin, Jr. [02-08-2002]

...may these truths be self evident.
rody [02-08-2002]

I really liked your site!
Star O'Henry, age: 10 city:stockton [02-08-2002]

I thought this site was a great tool to use within my classroom. However, I did not find any information on how to book a class trip. If I missed it, forgive me, but if not, could you please send me information. Thanks
Sheri Still, History teacher [02-08-2002]

I love The American's Creed and our Country's Constitution and historical documents.
Bobbie Mikesell, Age 68, married, retired and live in Carson City, NV [02-08-2002]

Great site ! I am a big history fan and really enjoyed looking around. BG
Brian Gimelson, http://www.nothingpersonal.com [02-08-2002]

My grand father gave me a rifle. I belive it to be from the civil war era. Where can i find out information on it?
Matt, Phila, Pa/ [02-07-2002]

enjoyed our visit so much. so many historical things to see--so much history--so much you could visualize as to what went on--very interesting--i would go again.
BARBARA S. BUNTING [02-07-2002]

i personally thought that the website was great!!
na kiesha tune, 17 years old [02-07-2002]

The single greatest Hero America has ever known is George Washington! His genius as a military Commander-In = Chief is unequeled in the annals of warfare. His stature as a man among his peers is in the finest tradition of our Founding Fathers! There should not exist an American History text book that fails to mention his name and myriad accomplishments throughout his lifetime. It would be a cultural disgrace to refashion American History by Academics, simply because he lived in a time when all things were not good,LIKE todays times!
joe weierbach, Hoosick Falls,NY 12090 [02-07-2002]

stephen whitcomb [02-07-2002]

Jay Kronenberg [02-07-2002]

I found the first draft of The Declaration of Independence very interesting.The second and final draft were very interesting to campare.
Alson Carla Nguyen, Texas [02-07-2002]

I really like history and have a very big intrest in it.Iplay many sports but my favorite is soccer.
Sadie Yvette Martinez, 11 odessa tx [01-30-2002]

this site is cool. it has a lot of neat stuff on it.
Jessica, i live in Illinois!! In Springfield. [01-30-2002]

Hi,my name is Dixie, I'am in 6th grade and I am doing my History Fair project on the war with Texas and Mexico and its going great. I think it was an important change in history. I will write back with my results
Dixie Parks, 12 years old Wappapello, MO [01-30-2002]

I feel you have some really great facts about the history of the AME Church.
LaCeasha Turner, Member Gates Chapel AME Church in Crossett, AR [01-30-2002]

Dixie Parks [01-30-2002]

This site is a good information resource.
Brad Chamberlain, I'm a student in high school and like playing my guitar and like history [01-30-2002]

I thought that it was a very good site. The documents were well writen, and a very good read.
Brienna Ayers [01-30-2002]

this is a good site but maybe a little more action should go on like blinking stuff
Mary Doyel [01-30-2002]

Great site!!!
Frederick G. Buck [01-30-2002]

faraann [01-30-2002]

I lovued thus sight iit haz lot of intresting hidtory.
Miles [01-30-2002]

This is just the site I have been looking for! Thank you.
Kate Vento [01-30-2002]

hello, i think that you have a wonderful site ad I enjoyed browsig and learning on your site very much i would recomned it to any young or old student who is eager for some knowledge of the U.S thank you for providing such a nice site for the enjoyment of others thank you and god bless
Stacy, 13,Brown Middle School,Chattanooga TN [01-30-2002]

You have a wonderful site. However, I am having a probl;em locvating George Washington's "Prayer at Valley Forge" Please let me know how I can locate this Prayer of our First President. Thank you. Cordially yours, Bob Sergent
Robert D. Sergent [01-30-2002]

appreciated your detailed guides on the U. S. flag. these are needed as more people are interested in displaying the flag now.
Joseph Guyton, retired professional engineer in Bradenton, FL [01-30-2002]

I think this is a very encouraging page because it helps us the young kids in America to find out more about the History of this country. Thanks!!
Said Serrano, 17, Hackensack, New Jersey [01-30-2002]

If you have never been to Philadelphia, you do not know what you are missing
mike mcmahon, m /my Philadelphia page /my Philadelphia page [01-30-2002]

This site provided exactly the information on american history that I was searching for. This is a great site, I thank the authors.
Lawrence Taylro [01-30-2002]

Thanks it is a great web site.
Pat Walther Leedom, Great grand daughter of Rudolph J Walther, Author [01-30-2002]

this web page is te best it has everything we are learning in school
Robin Webster, Age:11 [01-30-2002]

Jesse Hill, 29, San Jose, CA [01-30-2002]

Pat Walther Leedom [01-30-2002]

Aimmie, nothon 14 Paicines [01-30-2002]

Pat Leedom [01-30-2002]

Robert Chase, 13, Laguna Niguel [01-26-2002]

I can't wait to share this information with my girls! 17 of the 19 girls in my troop are in first grade and are currently learning about Besty Ross and the American Flag. I can't wait to see them excited that they have already learned part of this information.
Girl Scout Troop 4215 St. Louis, MO, Brownie Troop [01-26-2002]

justin lemon, boise id [01-26-2002]

I have an artist proof signed by R. Ehrlich titled "Willows". Does anyone know anything about the artist and/or the possible value of this artist proof. It was purchased in the 1970s in Philadelphia
Betsy Brezel [01-26-2002]

i love old histeroy
veronica, 18 austin na [01-26-2002]


I am the great-great grandson of William Bucknell after whom Bucknell Univ. was named. His wife was Titanic survivor Edith. Much Philadelphia area history in my family. Wonderful site.
Peter Bucknell Ellis, 41, Southern New Jersey [01-26-2002]

My great(x) grandfather's obituary referrenced his having served with Commodore Barry, capturing a vessel off the coast of Delaware. One of the vessels identified was the "Monk." Is it possible to obtain rosters of crewmen, dates served, and vessels assigned from that period? His name was Frederick Hesser, and was in his mid teens when he enlisted. He had just left the service of Gen. Washington as drummer boy. Thank you for your kind consideration. Kurt W. Hesser
Kurt W. Hesser [01-26-2002]

Went searching for info about Valley Forge. Found a lot! I've seen American history many times, having lived in Williamsburg, VA, and this is one of the best history sites I've seen! Thanks!
DreamTruffle, 8th grade GT social studies [01-26-2002]

I loved reading about the flag and Betsy Ross. I am going to write about her for my Girl Scout troop project, Women from the Past.
Carolyn Michelle Romano, 8 yrs old and live in Colchester, Connecticut [01-26-2002]

i need a way to search for the old type of government back in the 1800's easier
Rachel Martin, 13 [01-26-2002]

Annie, North Carolina [01-26-2002]

i enjoy this site iam looking for boilingsprings pennsylvania
patricia bavin [01-26-2002]

This is a great time to look back at our history.
Martin J. Grawl, Ocean City, NJ [01-26-2002]

i like my mom, i also like my dad!!!!!!!!
cory wedner [01-26-2002]

Brittany Wahpekeche [01-26-2002]

Danielle middleton [01-26-2002]

travis [01-26-2002]

How should Tet Celebration be entered in the US History book?
Anthony Le, 17, Foothill Ranch [01-26-2002]

nk_garcia, Houston, tx. [01-26-2002]

great page
diol, im beautiful [01-26-2002]

Great Site. Found everything I needed for my report.
Angela Brisky, age 14, Poynette, WI [01-26-2002]

i think that you are doing a good job.
naomi collett, 14 [01-26-2002]

I love the city of Philadelphia. A few years ago I did the "Lights of Liberty" tour and left with such a feeling of pride and thankfulness for all those who came before us who made this city so great. The history here is phenomenal and everytime I visit, I feel as though the spirits of past Philadelphians are with us nodding their approval of all the beautiful changes that have been made. Thank you for all this wonderful information. You did a fantastic job! Carol A. Shuback
Carol Ann Shuback, Jeffersonville, PA [01-26-2002]

Thomas McDonald, 14 phila 1200unity 215 8318730 [01-26-2002]

We are proud of our military, men & women. Our grandaughter wants to make a poster of some of them for a school project. Hershel was in the Army when he was a young man.
Karen & Hershel Huckabay [01-26-2002]

I believe much of the negative politically correct messages are the result of taking history contaxt and exaggerating the failings of Christianity, the American Colonists, the American Republic and our traditional values to undermine our heritage.You organization is one of many to counter-act the latter.
H P Roush, 71 Tucson, AZ [01-26-2002]

it helps me so much with my history homework
David Heiner [01-26-2002]

that the american flag rulez
meme [01-26-2002]

I hope this site stays for awhile I want my grandchildren to get the same thrills I did and do.
jerome llewellyn, homewood ill usa [01-26-2002]

Great Site. Can someone tell me where the original site of the Graff House was.It's currently at 7th&Market Phila.
HeatherAFrank, Willingboro,N.J. [01-26-2002]

Thank you for your time, effort and resources devoted to this site. Very useful, interesting, and entertaining.
Charles Latham, 46, nc [01-26-2002]

Love your site. Wonderful job. Where in Philadelphia can I find the church where Captain John Barry was buried? Barry raised and adopted his dead sister's children. I am descended from one of them and would like to visit his grave.
Laura Carrier McQuaid, nearly 300 years of PA ancestry [01-26-2002]

Very unique site, discovered it by accident. I plan to return when I have some more time...
Richard, 53, Honolulu,Hi [01-26-2002]

this is a GREAT site -- my grand kids love it and so do i..... thanks, chuck
Chuck Siebert, fro northern minnesota [01-26-2002]

very interesting site
donald bish, 67 yrs old latrobe,pa.15650 [01-26-2002]

very useful webpage for my report!!!
ALYSSA MANN, san antonio [01-26-2002]

history is my favorite subject at school!!!
heather jutras, 13 [01-26-2002]

i love the u.s.a. god bless us
amanda gayle, i am 13 years old and live in monticello,ky [01-26-2002]

Need information for elementary teachers of United States history.
kathy dill [01-26-2002]

Our website is great way to shapen your history, and at the same time make great reading material. especially due this period in time when our nation has again been tested, but again just like many tines before we over come, be stronger, for we as americans know nothing, but our way of life FREEDOM, LIBERY, and JUSTICE for all. There will always be sacrifices to make, but we would not have it anyother way! GOD bless AMERICA, and Our President George W. Bush Jr.
carlos otero/rosemarie otero, 55yrs. montgomery, al. [01-26-2002]

this is a good website
dallas, 10,westjordan [01-26-2002]

I wish you had some political cartoons for the 1920's.
Caty Jo [01-26-2002]

I needed information on Ben Franklin for a report for his birthday.
Jasmyne Brennecke, age: 9, Manawa, WI [01-26-2002]

Thanks for giving my hometown some real history of ourr people....
C J Young, I'm a philadelphian who live in Tennessee now but I stay in touch with my ROOTS!!!! [01-26-2002]

Was looking for information on Betsy Ross, for my daughter's Girl Scout Troop's participation on Thinking Day! Good Job!
heather larsen, 32,Fort Ripley, Mn/ org from Cuyahoga Falls, Oh [01-26-2002]

I love pretzels!
Allison [01-26-2002]

I liked the article on The Declaration of Independence
virgil, Cedartown GA [01-26-2002]

Save paoli massacre site
lauren, Cedartown GA [01-26-2002]

You wrote an intresting article about Brandywine Battlefield.
max, Cedartown GA [01-26-2002]

Excellent site! Loads of information here!
John Thomas, Sr., http://www.civilwartoday.com [01-26-2002]

Just visited for first time. Thanks.Have added to my favorites.
Joseph S. Crenshaw Jr., DOB7/14/32 Longview, Texas Korea War Vet. [01-26-2002]

Was looking for information on a underground water way running under Roosevelt Blvd. in Philly. I found much more than what I was looking for! Right on!
Steve Heller, 29 yrs. young Philadelphia, PA! [01-14-2002]

Katie Schutlz [01-14-2002]

Talita Hobeg, age 67 [01-14-2002]

Best site we have reviewed.The music is great. Do you have a listing of the titles of each song?
ngreen, Fourth Grade Social Studies [01-14-2002]

erica warner [01-14-2002]

This is a most wonderful website! I am a 5th grade teacher,and this site is such an awesome resource for myself and my students. Anyone reading parts of this site are sure to learn something about US history they didn't know before. Thank you for all of your hard work!
DeAnna Reed [01-14-2002]

You have a very informative and professional web site. My wife and myself look forward to visiting your city in the near future to see some of this beautiful history for ourselves.
Dan Becker, I,m 29 and live Indiana [01-14-2002]

Daisy Pose [01-14-2002]

great site
Alex, 18 [01-13-2002]

Since I sought visions from an Early age; I now am in contact with ghosts of Many important Early Americans, Indians included. Ask me about it if you want.
Paula Kowaleski, I'm Related to William Penn, also I am part Cherokee. [01-13-2002]

Gerald Mosley, 17,rhome,tx [01-13-2002]

I had a report on Molly Pitcher, and needed a ton info, and I found most of right here. My teacher, Mrs. Stephenson, highly recimended "ushistory.org" . I like USHISTORY.ORG because it's so easy to use. Thanks for being there!!
Aly Rice, Lodi Ohio,11 years old [01-13-2002]

mark [01-12-2002]

Mary Caitlin Bottles [01-12-2002]

Thank You for the history and it's relevance today!
John Boyd, Broomfield,CO [01-12-2002]

this site is the best!!!!!
josue b., 14 years sophmore [01-12-2002]

Born in Phila 1929. Baptized Gesu. School:West Phila. Catholic High and Villanova. Still Phillies/Eagles fan. Been in FL almost 30 years, but I am still a Philadelphian.
James F Keohane, Treasure Island FL [01-12-2002]

I am doing a report with my friend on the Tomb of the Unknown and glad that I found your website.
Amanda Sawyer, 10 yrs old, Kenner, La [01-12-2002]

I have always been patriotic. I wear the flag in my dress code every day. this is a great site to trace the history of our great country. GOD BLESS AMERICA
WILLIAM I. JOSEPH, county crier, morris county new jersey [01-12-2002]

gordon durst, age 17 woodsboro,Tx [01-12-2002]

Good site. You all are to be congratulated. Thanks for making all this information available.
Sharon Booth, Albuquerque, NM [01-12-2002]

God Bless America
Daniel Estrada [01-12-2002]

laurie owitz [01-12-2002]

I am coming to the Physick House because in History at my school we have to come to a historic place in Philadelphia. I chose to come to the Physick House because I am interested in medicine and I heard that the man that lived here was a doctor and he treated people with yellow fever and I want to learn about medicine and anything about time before me.
Emma, 13 [01-12-2002]

Greetings from Bonnie Scotland. I am the Co ordinator of the 2002 Town Criers British Championships, the first to be held in Scotland.
ian Clarkson, Kilwinning, Ayrshire Scotland [01-12-2002]

History in general, history of science, history of government and the Law have been my main interests since I was 7. Even history of cinema, journalism or sports. Biggest annoyance: secondary sources.
Mary Jane Peers, California [01-12-2002]

This is wonderful site. It is both inspiring and knowledgeable at the same time. A truly great experience. Thank You! Sincerely, Bonnie Simpson Valko
Bonnie Simpson Valko, Atascadero, California [01-12-2002]

Great Site!I hope that you keep adding to it.
Greg Sullivan [01-12-2002]

cool wazup
amanda, age 10,anchorage ak [01-12-2002]

i need a proget for my school science fari
rachael, 12 [01-12-2002]

I eally like this website it is helping me a lot with my social studies project ! Thanks !
Paul wingfield Beck, 11,Columbus,GA [01-12-2002]

I love yur site it hepls me a lot
Russell [01-12-2002]

it is good to no about your world that's why I thank you for coming up with smart website.
tameka [01-12-2002]

Thank you so much for developing links for children to study. I teach fifth grade in North Carolina, and I use your web site for research to show the beginning of the United States. I feel it is imperative that students realize what our ancestors went through in order for us to have the freedoms we have today. Thanks for a job well done! Marguerite Wesley
Marguerite Wesley [01-12-2002]

I teach in Parsippany NJ I love the sight. I used the star in my geometry lesson (elem)
Alexander Grossi, Succasunna, NJ 07876 [01-12-2002]

Thank you! I needed information for a school report.
Sean O'Connor, Boston, MA [01-12-2002]

Historic Yellow Springs is the site of the first and only military hospital commissioned by the Continental Congress. The hospital serviced over 1300 American Soldiers during the Revolutionary War. We would like to become a link on your site. Please visit our site at www.yellowsprings.org
Patricia C. McGlone [01-12-2002]

Orlando R. Ramirez [01-12-2002]

It's wonderful revisiting Philadelphia!
Barbara Bloom, Born in '37 at Jewish Hospital (A.Einstein Med.Ctr.)5th & Olney-lived in Elkins Park 18 yrs. Went to Lankenau School,Germantown [01-12-2002]

Great site very informative. Great Idea to have copies of flags on your site especially the U.S.A. flag. Thanks.
Joe Biondi, 27 [01-12-2002]

Interesting site. Need to see more.
Bruce Colgate, age 49, Suffield, CT [01-12-2002]

George Duffield was brother to my eighth generation Grandfather.
pat gattis [01-12-2002]

Charles Thomson, the so-called Sam Adams of Pensylvannia, was chosen "secretary" of the Continental Congresses--the only person there before, during and after the successful end of the rebellion. It was said that only he could write the real history of the Revolution but he burned his papers, instead. Why is he ignored? For the burning? Because he didn't write the history? Why? After all, his was one of only two names on the Declaration of Independence, when it was first made public. For 200 years our family has been mulling over these questions, with lots of other myths and legends about Washington, Revere, etc.
Charles Thomson, The eagle: Charles Thomson [01-12-2002]

Randolph Elfreth Osman, I am the grandson of Alice Elfreth. I was born to Alice Elfreth (Jr.) and Carlton Osman on August 10, 1940 [01-12-2002]

Thanks for being here!! Have a Happy New Year
Kathy Lawville, Age 55 Clementon, New Jersey [01-12-2002]

Nice Site. Keep up the Good Work. Regards, Wesley
Wesley Dale Franklin, Nice Site Thanks [01-12-2002]

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