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Keep up the good work!!
Michael McKeough, Age: 32 Living in Glenside PA [12-26-2001]

I just wanted to say that you helped a lot, my 10 year old has a report done on her, now i have to try to find some kind of costume she can wear while she reads this report to her class. Thank you gaind for all your help.
Deanna Hatwood, 34,Detroit [12-26-2001]

happy new year...
MAJID ALMAJID, 36 yaers, riyadh, saudi arabia... [12-26-2001]

This is a geat site, I didn't know it existed until I did a search for Juniata Park. I saw a really unusual bird near the park today and was checking out what it was. Philly doesn't just have history, we have wildlife too.
Sue, Philadelphia Native [12-24-2001]

The events that happened in the past few months, have brought to light many things that we as AMERICANS have take so lightly for so long.
Howard Young, near geezer age [12-22-2001]

this is a really good site and i hope to see it around for a long time
michael espinosa, 17 paterson new jersey [12-22-2001]

Hi, You did a great job on your web page! Please visit the Puckett Family Home Page at www.angelfire.com/tx5/puckettfamily Please sign in the Guest Book. Merry Christmas, Tyler Puckett
Tyler Puckett, Texas, USA [12-22-2001]

I think that people who have an interest in history is very good. and that the teachers should teach the about history.
Christina Slaughter, 14, Jeffersonville, IN [12-22-2001]

Fabulous website chock full of information.Bio's. are fabulous!
Stephen H, Fant, 38-Student in political science [12-22-2001]

Good Job
Tyler Garrett Hainer [12-22-2001]

this is a pretty tizight webpage. im fascinated by history and this is awesome. thanks!
Megan, 19...im from cali [12-22-2001]

I thing ushistory.org is the bestplaces to find information on inportion people.
latrice lockhart, Milwaukee,WI [12-22-2001]

I have just found you site and I am enjoying everything so far. I will certainly be back, along with the family.
Terry Padgett [12-22-2001]

nice site O.K.
Deborah [12-22-2001]

Clifford Schulte [12-17-2001]

This is a good site to learn about us history that you would not learn in school. I have known about it for a while and I have sent it to others to check it out. Plus being apart of the A.M.E. church it told me somethings about my church i did not know.
D.R.D., 15 Cleveland Oh 12-17-01 [12-17-2001]

I think this web page should put some info. about the 13 colonies. Because I am doing a report on the 13 colonies and I need info. So if you need info on the 13 colonies don't go to this web page. but besides that this is a great history page. I love history and math at school. I go to McGauh school in seal beach. I love to go to the beach and i would never want live in Nebrase. (Im not a good spelling In fact i hate spelling. This is how it goes at my school. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. I hate spelling tests I just moved to seal beach 2 years ago i have a good friend name katie Terry she lives on 15th street 5 streets over from me. Another good friend I have is Haley. This site is so cool. Crystal how do you like it?
Molly H-R, I'm 10 years old and I live in seal beach ca [12-17-2001]

not bad
Ryan, im cool [12-17-2001]

PRAI? SE [12-17-2001]

Tiffany Nimmo [12-17-2001]

SAM SHUMAKE, orange,texas age68 [12-17-2001]

I am transplanted from the Phila. area. I was just researching and was checking in on Firemen's Hall Museum. My great-great grandfather was a fire chief until 1900 when he retired. I wonder about the history he witnessed. I wonder where he was when Abe Lincoln's body came through Phila on the way to be buried. I read that the Police and Fire Dept. were on duty and the city was full as the people came to pay respects. I read that they were lined up going north to the river and south to the Delaware River. It got a little rough during the night and people were hurt. After the attack on our country on Sept. 11, 2001 I realized we witnessed history and maybe someday my grandchildren will be researching and wondering what we were doing during this time. God Bless America and peace to all the world. Phila. is a very special place and I enjoy visiting whenever we can.
Eileen, Wake Forest, NC [12-17-2001]

Go Navy/God Bless the U.S.A.
John J Cardillo [12-17-2001]

chad finley, fredericktown, ohio [12-17-2001]

Iwas born and raised in Philly,in Germantown!Ihave been all over this country and others.There is no place that has the uniqeness and feel of Philly!
joe weierbach, ex-marine [12-17-2001]

raerae, ca, 13 [12-17-2001]

keep up the good work. JL
Jerome Llewellyn, 53 yr's,male, melborne fla [12-17-2001]

Lauren Dean [12-17-2001]

Jennifer Macinski [12-17-2001]

the web needs more picturs of people from the 18th centery!!!
CRYSTAL WARREN [12-17-2001]

shane bennett, 16 lewisburg [12-17-2001]

I was hoping to find out who designed Independence hall.
Glyn A. Raeber, Prairie du Rocher, IL [12-17-2001]

Missfunland [12-17-2001]

this is the stuff, heeeyyyy i like this site, Weee, you should make this more good i like good job...
Liverballs Ordanga, my pubiv hairs are green....... [12-17-2001]

great website. tons of info.
E.R.W., 12 years old Philadelphia [12-12-2001]

This is kool!
crystal, I'm15 [12-12-2001]

this is a great site and i hope others find good use for it. oh yeah, if you have a life and you can tell me how to get one please tell me.
Jon, i have no friends [12-12-2001]

David Smail [12-12-2001]

Maximus Desimus Maridious, age 23, live in Rome, played in "Gladiator" [12-12-2001]

this site really helped me on my history project
lee williams jr, 13 westland [12-12-2001]

You guys are so helpful! I just bookmarked your page. It makes me happy when I come across a good American history site. Some people say I'm delusioned. Other people say I was born in the wrong century. "Lethargy is the forerunner to death to the public liberty." ~Jefferson
Martha Jefferson (alias Katharine, Knight of Liberty), 253 (14 in this body) years old ^_^ Just kidding. I live in Michigan and I love Thomas Jefferson. [12-12-2001]

Needed info on Rules and Regulations for flying Old Glory. Info. covers from A to Z Thanks !!
Robert L Hackney, 75 Santa Maria, Ca. 93455 [12-12-2001]

The Rev. George Duffield is my eighth generation (Uncle)ancestor. I have been delighted to read of him again. I have seen several pictures of Pine Street Church and hope to see it for myself one day. God Bless
pat Gattis, Colorado Springs, CO [12-10-2001]

this web site helped me a lot on all my historical projects. (thanks ms. menzer)
Dustin Foxworth, marion, sc [12-10-2001]

Please include more info on the thirteen colonies. Thankyou, Kaila D. Clark
Kaila, 10 New York City,N.Y. [12-10-2001]

Gregory A. Troupe, downingtown pa [12-10-2001]

I am taking a course in US History next semester and I wanted to see if this site might help me out. i think it will. Thanks.
Brandy, 21 pennsylvania [12-10-2001]

I am a 6th grade student and this was excellent, easy to understand source for my history project. Thanks!
Edie Joseph [12-10-2001]

Nice site it is very beatifuly decorated
monica, age 10,richardson,tx united states [12-10-2001]

get pictures
christopher brundage [12-10-2001]

Hi: Very nice page on Franklin.
Greg Drotar [12-10-2001]

please am from nieria but am staying here in coutonu benin repulic due to hard ship, i want you to atlist make it easy for me to com down to your contry and look for my daily bread. thanks
SUNNY OKOLI, please am suferiny here in coutounu benin republic, ineed your hleap. [12-09-2001]

I love this site! Will be coming here regularly.
sarah, mother of 3 boys who love history [12-09-2001]

great site! but if i ask for why thomas jeferson signed the decloration of independance then the result(s) should give that answer directly.
babyangel [12-09-2001]

William J McCann, 73 Bethlehem, Pa. [12-08-2001]

Enjoy the site very much. Fly our flag every day & night lighted for all to see. Get many comments about it. flew it yesterday at half staff.
LaVerne J. Clark, My age 69. Address Milan MI 48160 [12-08-2001]

I have in my possession an Artist proof of Rittenhouse Square St. signed by R. Ehrlich, Can you tell me anything about it.?????
Deborah Nofsinger [12-08-2001]

Thank you so much for the information about Commodore John Barry. It is a shame that he has been eclipsed by John Paul Jones, because it has become almost impossible to find information about him! I have a great deal of admiration for John Paul Jones, I only wish as many average americans knew as much about Barry as they do about Jones. I will also get great use from the sources you've listed. THANK YOU !!!
Ross Dillman, Philadelphia [12-08-2001]

Get some maps
P.C. [12-08-2001]

u should have more things about jamestown and if u do who did the colony trade with?
monica rivera, im 13yrs old brooklyn [12-08-2001]

Tony, 2years old [12-08-2001]

mike merryman, 33, college student, full-time worker [12-08-2001]

It's my first time visiting this site. And i enjoyed it .I will come back to visit again, and I think that it is really helpful.
Maudeline, 18 years,Brooklyn, NY. [12-05-2001]

I love this web site!
Patrick Ebersole, 10 South Carolina [12-05-2001]

Tyler Nicholson [12-05-2001]

I love the U.S.A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roxy, no [12-05-2001]

i love your website it helps out so much for history class for our assignments we can do on the computer. We also can us it for extra credit. Because of this, I have an A in History. thanx, Amber
Amber [12-05-2001]

Haywood Jablowme, blow me [12-05-2001]

DALE D. MYERS, " Age: 62 years; City: Jackson, MO 63755-2525 " [12-05-2001]

Will be visiting during the winter for a few days in route to other east coast destinations. This helps us plan our stops in Phil. Thank you
Nancy Trujillo, Fortuna, CA [12-05-2001]

i thought that this was great information for researching ! especially for reports!
rachel [12-05-2001]

super site will return
rwdodson [12-05-2001]

This site really helped me out on my reasearch project for school! THANKS :)
GiGgLeS [12-05-2001]

I like Colorado a lot.
victor mendez [12-05-2001]

first time checking our your site. I can't tell you much at this point.
G. Nettro [12-05-2001]

as i remember sept and all the lives that were lost,i also remember my uncle that was killed in action at ANZIO in 1944. he was just 24 years old.I have visited various web sites to find out more, and some sites in the US give quite usefull info.I am creating a file together to give to my mother,as a momemto to the brother she lost
ROGER.T.ARMITAGE, i am 56 & live in yorkshire england [12-05-2001]

Cool Site
David Pollak [12-05-2001]

i am happy i live here. i that in the USA. this webpage has been very helpful for my education. thank you.
regina chadwick, 13, Queensbury NY [12-05-2001]

Been to 17 different countries. No country can compare to our United States. No word can replace our word FREEDOM.
Tillman C Davis, 69yrs-Columbus Ga.20 yr Retired 1972-Three tours in V N [12-02-2001]

your site is every helpful due to the fact that i had to have all kinds of reseach done and i found lall of it here at your web site. i like the fact that you made this website it makes this a lot easy er to find out about american hisyory.
Kelly [12-02-2001]

its cool
maryclaire [12-01-2001]

As a student and an American, What a wonderful website. I would like to print the flag time line for a school presentation next Wednes. I hope I will be able to do that. Thanks for all the great coverage.
Mary Shumake [12-01-2001]

this is a very nice sight.
TISA ROGERS [12-01-2001]

ilove my mom
mia evans, 12 brookdale pa [12-01-2001]

This is a site that I go to when I need to know Pa history, the location of a famous site in Pa. It is great, but I also like 50states.com and netstate.com for Pa history and facts about today. I just found out about you today!
Amanda, I'm 10 years old, and I live in Dundaff, Pa [12-01-2001]

Please help the afganistan children who are in the orphanage.
Jessica Pantoja, age,10 Fairfield. [12-01-2001]

i would like the president to come to my brothers school Bransford elementry
johnathan, age 21 [12-01-2001]

save save New York!
Merchris Banayad, 10 fairfield [12-01-2001]

I hope that the UN flag will be removed from the Liberty Bell and other of our National monuments. The pledge was said every day when We went to school and the Lords Prayer. We turned ot ok. My husband went to West Point and graduated and I went to Stephens College and Vandrbilt and westill prayed and pledged to the Flag our allegience. IT WORKS
Col. and Mrs. Wm. T. Weissnger111Ret., Dothan, Al. ages late 70's [12-01-2001]

Russ Weaver, Kissimmee [12-01-2001]

Joane Roman [12-01-2001]

hi this is bree in osburns class at barnett in arlinton texas of 2001-2002
briki scooter [12-01-2001]

Your site is cool. But it would be nice if you could give some info on World War 2 veterins. Because i tried to look up some family but i can't seem to find it anywhere. But your sit did help me with some other stuff.
Tina, Pine Bush,NY Age,16 [12-01-2001]

Vohn Winkler, 44 male stilwell okla. [12-01-2001]

this page was very useful in my search, Thank You!!
Chelsey Venrick, 14,Greenville,Ohio [12-01-2001]

Chelsey Venrick [12-01-2001]

I'm a 4th grade teacher, I use your site as a supplement to my curriculum.
Shelly Cherry, Oklahoma City, OK [12-01-2001]

Your web site is cool it has helped a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alicia Shipton , 15 years old in 10th grade Priest Lake Idaho [11-28-2001]

I liked the carpentar's building and the edar allin poe mussem. thanks!
Marina , Age 6 1/2, two cats and a hamster [11-28-2001]

Marina [11-28-2001]

Great Website I have found several books that link my jewish family members to New York Jews and Philadelphia Jews.
Cynthia Sue Clark-Gillotte , age 32, Columbus, Ohio [11-28-2001]

I will be attending the Army/Navy game this coming weekend. Your website was a tremendous resource in helping me to plan an itinerary for the additional four days I plan to spend in the area. Thank you!
Patrick Faherty , Garrison, N.Y. 49 yrs. of age [11-28-2001]

hello my name is Laura Iwant to say that we should get as many bombs as we can and fight them to the bone!!!i love my country and i don't wana die young because i've had 8 people die in my life!!!!
Laura Kenvin , 11-saugus Ma 01906 [11-28-2001]

The study of history is the only means we have as a society to get a second chance to make things right.
Michael E. Badgett , Pilot Mtn. NC [11-28-2001]

Can anyone pass along any information about the old Philadelphia Aquarium. Thank you!
Don Rutherford , Philadelphia [11-28-2001]

Kelsey Rosebrook [11-28-2001]

I think this is a great place to visit. I am going to tell my friends about it!
Jennifer Provchy , age ten years old [11-28-2001]

Emily Sonoff [11-28-2001]

i like this site!! i ues this site for school and i and in a really hard history class and this site comes in handy sum times!! i would recommend this site to anyone!! i would just make 1 sugestion... i would have them give you a little more info about what you are looking up!! well thats all!! have fun!!
lauren , age:13 and from pa [11-28-2001]

since i collect atwater kent radio,s. i visit a=k sites on a regular basis. i own 39 radios and all work. very beautifully constructed.i even have some of kent,s electrical componets for automobiles. thank you. lloyd
lloyd e. garvin jr. , kissimmee,fl.34741 [11-28-2001]

i would like to say that i like every you have should me. im very sad of what happend september 11.
VANESSA GIRON , im 10 years old [11-28-2001]

Ben Streeter [11-28-2001]

Is It ever appropriate to fly a flag up side down?
amamda [11-28-2001]

America is the greatest country there ever was, for all people with a love of life and freedom
Jesse Woodrum , 18, Monticello, Illinois [11-28-2001]

Paging through this website is a wonderful experience. Thank You.
Frank Blocker, Jr. , Montgomery, Alabama [11-28-2001]

CAROLINA FLORES [11-28-2001]

GOD BLESS AMERICA and ALL who hold her dear...
Judy O'Keefe , Weld County, Colorado [11-28-2001]

I loved this great site!
Joe , 36 years old. Live in New York. [11-28-2001]

This is a good site!!!!
Jimmy [11-28-2001]

I would like to send my condolences to all the families that lost love ones. May God Bless you always.
Krizia Victor , age:12 from Barrett Station ,TX [11-28-2001]

I love our country, and I am excited to learn more about our country's battle for its existence, for liberty!! God Bless America!!!
Dirk L. Anderson , 28 years, West Sacramento, CA [11-28-2001]

Why did they sign the Decleration of Indpendence?
Mike [11-28-2001]

We were there on business/pleasure on Nov.13-15th,2001, and were fasinated by the beauty and history . We had a great time.
Patricia Woodbeck , Michigan [11-28-2001]

i was very sad when i heard about this event. i felt that i needed to express my self some how. so when i was lying in bed i wrote a poem. i would like to share it with you. " Fallen Dreams " We stand high As we stand straight In the sky. We know we are good For the world really Needs us. But what will happen On this day is some- thing no one can dream of. As we fall we think about Trouble and fear this will cause And the people who lost their Lives today will bring a sadden Thought. By lindsey martin
lindsey , olney il. 12 years [11-28-2001]

lindsey , olney il. 12 years [11-28-2001]

Brett P. Morrical [11-28-2001]

I'm glad patriotism is back and seeing the flag fly proudly.
Lil , from Salem MA to Salem OR [11-28-2001]

Andrew Wade , I am an Origonian and am 13 [11-28-2001]

Just great to see our history that made our nation. A great site. Yours Robert J Arold Sr
Robert J Arold Sr , Age 60 1201 Lincoln Dr Madisonville, TN. 37354 [11-28-2001]

Just was so pleased to find this site, especially since two of my Welsh ancestors were among the original owners of the "Statehouse Yard" after Wm. Penn. Their names appear on the early map, David James and David Kinsey. Also to say I wish that I had been into genealogy while I was serving in the USCGR during WWII, stationed at 210 W. Washington Sq. All around me were the first homes of most of my Quaker ancestors, and where I could have learned so much about them had I known. I did not even know that I was getting married in a church named for and copied from St. Asaph's, and ancient Welsh churh in Bala-Cynwyd Dec.2, 1944. I'm adding these interesting bits of history to my personal scrapbookon our Quaker lineage. Thanks for this great site, and for bringing back lots of memories. Miriam
Miriam Elliott Bertelson` , 83 yr old Calif. native; desc. of Calif. pioneers [11-28-2001]

I am doing a project on north carolina and south carolina.I do not have anything and it is almost time for it to be due.oh yeah i am in 5th grade.Do you have anything for me? THANX
ekosha , i think it is good for you to have your own org [11-28-2001]

i think this is a cool web page
kayla fay [11-28-2001]

great site
kirsten bowser , im hot [11-28-2001]

Like tp read about American History. Am a member of Jeeves and answer as many questions as possible
Jack Mc Donald , Irish/Male/Prison Officer Portlaoise Prison/49years. [11-28-2001]

I am looking for the polish national anthom. I have to sing it for my whole school but I cant find it! Please help me!
Nicole , 14 [11-28-2001]

thank you
DEBORAH MAYER , old, california [11-28-2001]

Jessica.Lauer [11-28-2001]

WAYNE C. JONES , milwaukee, wi [11-28-2001]

jesssica drew [11-28-2001]

I think that yall have a good web site because people can lern off of it
Kesha Christ , I am 17 years old and i live In Texas [11-28-2001]

cool site
katie [11-28-2001]

nicole [11-28-2001]

Skipper Jones [11-28-2001]

In search of WWII History
Ed Bradford , Kentucky [11-28-2001]

I would like to say that I'm very very sorry about what happened no September 11 2001.Thank you for your time.
sade , I live in Trinidad . [11-28-2001]

I am upset by the way the U.S. flags have been displayed on cars torn, ragged, wet, at night w/o proper lighting, etc... Isn't there some way the people can be better informed? Perhaps copies of flag etiquette through school, work, church, or mail to citizens.
Wendy L. Pullin , 37 years old [11-28-2001]

i asked my mom about the liberty bell. she told me that she thought the year was 1776. so we looked it up and she was right. thank you for the wonderful info. ryen deiter age 9
RYEN DEITER [11-28-2001]

we have a large flage made in valley forge pa. and it has 48 stars on it.
tonnette johnson [11-28-2001]

I like this site and I am interasted in the learning that you provide!
chalsie clark , age 13 [11-28-2001]

Very educational.Thank you. Nice job
David L. Corliss , Phila. p.a. 19124 [11-28-2001]

Thank you so much for a wonderful tour. Webmaster is terrific.
Barbara E. Lee , Pittsburgh, Pa [11-28-2001]

Rebekah , age 10 [11-28-2001]

u need more information for colonial times and how penn., was founded
Amanda Courter , midland, MI [11-28-2001]

I'm giving a shout out to my girls and guys....Susan, Lauren, Kristal, Denee', Melissa, Catie, Jamie, Kyle, Derick, Brice, Kayla, Kaitlin, Tiffany, and last but not least I wanna say to Alison Mitchell "It's my birthday" love, Stephanie
Stephanie Crosby [11-28-2001]

Did anyone suggest the design of the flag>
wknorton@dock.net [11-28-2001]

page rules reaks with awesomeness
richard [11-28-2001]

ushistory.org is so cool i love it
jamie c dougherty , im 14 years ould phila pa [11-28-2001]

Thank you for the page on the rules for displaying our great countrys flag. Nothing is more irrtating to me then seeing a flag displayed with the blue to the right. Thanks Again for this website
Mark , TrapAPoodle.com [11-28-2001]

the information here is great for students. I myself have used it and it gives lots of info.us history .org is great!!!
jacquline rose , 17 ,have green blue eyes [11-28-2001]

thankyou for etting me sign this guestbook GOD BLESS AMERICA!! www.digestezine.com my philadelphia page
mike mcmahon , philadelphia pa [11-28-2001]

Brittany , 15,Hachie,Texas [11-28-2001]

i think that you should make the site have a place where you cant type in what you are lookin for.
Lauren , 13/palm bay/fl [11-28-2001]

I am an American. I vote. I am a Registered Nurse. I am a Ex-Marine. I am still an active member of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. I am very happy to see the Increase in Patiotic Pride. I hope it continues. I am very sorry that it takes such a horrific incident to bring it out. Thank you,
R. F. Horutz [11-28-2001]

Visit Mooshakpoo!!
mooshkapoo [11-28-2001]

Charles , 31 baston [11-28-2001]

Dear To whom it may conern, My name is Sandie Rodriguez and I am 15 years old and I am looking for some information about a Chicago, If you do the favor of giving me the the following information: 1.When founded? 2.By Whom 3.Geographic Loccation 4. Types of industry? 5. Major companies? 6. Types of transportation 7. Amount of growth? 8. Interesting observations. I would really be greatful if you colud. Sincerely, Sandie Rodriguez
Sandie Rodriguez , Sierra Blanca,Tx 79851 [11-28-2001]

Alex Jackson , 14, Sierra Blanca TX [11-28-2001]

Julian Marta , Sierra Blanca, TX , 15 [11-28-2001]

Sandie Rodriguez , Sierra Blanca,Tx 79851 [11-28-2001]

I Love your website!!!!!!!!!!
Allyssa , Cherry Hill, NJ Age: 11 [11-28-2001]

God Bless the USA. I'm retired USAF, and have been around the world. Anybody that doesn't believe America is the best needs to tour the rest of the world. There's no doubt about it! Freedom rings loud and trur in this land of opportunity.
Mark R. Weiss , Albuquerque, NM [11-28-2001]

Thank you for the great resource. I have downloaded information that will help my Junior Troop earn an "America Cares" patch. A patch developed by the Washington Rock Girl Scout Council in Westfield, NJ.
Debbie Esposito [11-28-2001]

NIKKI PELTON [11-28-2001]

It's a shame it took an attack on America to awaken the sense of pride that everyone has found,and the companies that are putting a price on the flags, flag pins, etc. should be boycotted!!!
Terrance G. Van Tassell , 41yrs. veteran [11-28-2001]

I'm trying to find school records to proved that I went to that school, I'v heard the name has change sence I was last there, I was born jan 18, 1940 to willie mae bradley we live at 118 E. 18st. carvther ville Mo. I need information about my age
silas bradley , looking for a school name washington elementary back in 1946 in carvther ville mo. [11-28-2001]

i'm sincerely searching for pics of William Loyd Garrison.
Mandy Trembly , Age 16 City Camas Washington [11-28-2001]

I am about to be 10 years old on November.29,01. I like this web site it really tells me what is going on in the world and i what to know more the Untied States Of American.
Jasmine hill , Age 9 about to be 10 City Norcross Ga [11-28-2001]

Great site!!! This really helped me with my project.
Michael sanchez , 10 yrs old San Antonio, Tx [11-28-2001]

ahahahahahah...sorry guyz how yall doin?me im fine jus chilling here at home like always.
Donna [11-28-2001]

Candise Hobbs , 13 Ga cheerleader [11-28-2001]

Very nice site. I enjoyed reading about my family's sailing heritage!
John Barry III , 1994 Two Handed Transatlantic Winner aboard the yacht GREENWICH PROPANE. Present skipper of the 54" trimaran sailboat ROGUE WAVE. [11-28-2001]

I am helping my daughter with a school newspaper article. We are trying to find out why the flag, when taken down, is folded in a triangle. Can you help us with this. Also, is there a significance to the "ball" at the top of flag poles?
Nicole Novakoski , ponte Vedra Beach, FL [11-28-2001]

KJ [11-28-2001]

I won't to see some photo's on African American Civil War
Christopher [11-28-2001]

Jocelyn Rivera [11-28-2001]

I am a proud American. I have been for my entire life. I want to learn more about my country's history. I want to thank all of the people who helped rescue people in the World Trade Center and in the Pentagon. All of the people who have fought, are fighting and will fight in wars to make this country free are heros in my mind.
Adam Nader , I am 16 years old and live in Miami, Florida [11-28-2001]

I would liuke to think the people that decate there to go fine the live of somrone they don't even now.So thinks to you I can sleep at night now that your helping America out a lot S thanx's. Your Truly' Amie Mincks
Amie Mincks , 14, Pleasant Hope ,I am a girl [11-28-2001]

Cassandra Cantrell , 14 Athens TX. 75751 [11-28-2001]

Ben Franklin expressed it best when he said "Our new constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises PERMANENCY. And I beleave it has! GMB
Garrett M. Bridge , Age, 73 [11-28-2001]

well here i am in school doing a project on the white house and i would really like to learn more about the white house and about the people that live in the white house
Jaimie Demund , i am 14 and i live Spring Texas and i want to learn more about the white house [11-28-2001]

zack wiese [11-28-2001]

Steve Miles , 49 yrs Camden, SC [11-28-2001]

i think you should add more signers of info of states
Tiaray Bristol , age12 tucson,Az [11-28-2001]

this is a great website for studets to get information on the history of our nation
KT SEHNEM [11-28-2001]

this site really helpful on one of my history project, thanks! This site ROCKS!
Won-ji Seo [11-28-2001]

Ryan Adams [11-28-2001]

Thanks! this website really helped me with my essay on the Revolutionary War
Frieda [11-28-2001]

I'm making a U.S History web page, and your web page has helped me make a very good site. Check it out www.esc13.net/navarro
Kristyn [11-28-2001]

waz up
Christina Catlett , 13 yr age [11-28-2001]

we are very proud and thankful for the country we live in and we waive our flag high and always will
PETER & PAMELIA [11-28-2001]

I love this site!!!!
Emmerzzz [11-28-2001]

What a wonderful resource! Thank you for the beautiful and informative web site. Nanci Keim
Nanci Keim , Granite Falls, Washington; Elementary School Teacher. [11-28-2001]

I love history. It was my major in high school. My favorite part of history is WW2.
Michelle Dowen , 34, Hemet, California [11-28-2001]

Excellent information on Olde St. Augustine. We plan on visiting soon.
Kevin Breen , Lenape, Chester County, PA [11-28-2001]

this is a very useful site especially for projects or reports!!!!!!!!!
erin , 13,livonia,mich. [11-28-2001]

I need some info for the DRA.It is some kind of report we have to do for the gifted program.
Stefany , I am 10 years old. [11-28-2001]

proudly raised in philly had sunday school teacher related to betsy ross ms ednia world plus good friend george clymer related to the george clymer signer of the decoration of independence who gave me the insperation to compose miltary music today plus the good old sleepy hollow country music at town hall in philly on saturday nights lead me to composing country music today a proud old philly man like to hear from any old frankford old timmers frank g gross
frank g gross , born in frankford pa on 1 12 1930 [11-28-2001]

rachela [11-28-2001]

I thought it was really fun to play checkers with benjamine i hope i get to come back and maybe beat bejamine this time!!!!
Nicole , Trenton MO [11-28-2001]

I pray for those families who have losted love one on 9/11/01. My 18 y.o have signed up for the Airforce and he is on a delayed entry so he won't be leaving until Jan or Feb. 2002. He is going into Aeronautical Engineering
Sandra Beauford , 52, Detroit, 3 boys-18,16,14 [11-28-2001]

Thank you! What a great way to spend a few hours on the computer!
Kathleen Pecic [11-22-2001]

excuse me,but my great-grandfather,gotthilf gottlieb THON had the saloon/hotel/cigar shop at the corner of Broad and Christian sts. in Philadelphia,pa.unlees his son-in law,john welde bought or inherited it after 1911.i have original photos inside and out of the saloon,with my great grandfatehr in them. thanks.
sheryl (thon)moore [11-09-2001]

Are thoughts are with you!!! I want to thank all the people that made our Country free and the people that are fighting in the war right now!!!!
Kayla , 11years old, Eufaula,OK [11-09-2001]

This site was very interestering and very helpful in completing my project
Bianca J. Henderson , Baton Rouge, Louisiana [11-09-2001]

doug wasden [11-09-2001]

Everybody should bookmark this site.
Gary Alan Ash, Cpt, USAR, Ret , Dearborn, Michigan [11-09-2001]

Chris&Jean Bundoff , Sixty Seven Plymouth MI. [11-09-2001]

Wonderful site. Lots of info I had forgot sence I was in school many years ago. Shame on me!!
Tom Yost , Lone Grove,Ok__ [11-08-2001]

Lee [11-08-2001]

united we stand. god bless america.
anonymous [11-08-2001]

first visit
roy johnson [11-08-2001]

Tiffany M Galyean [11-08-2001]

markel brown [11-08-2001]

keoshia craddock [11-08-2001]

Silence [11-08-2001]

Jayne Slingerland Brown , jArt Education Teacher [11-08-2001]

thank you so much for this site i would never pass my social studies class without you! you have been a great help to me and i appreciate that! thank you so much for helping me do my homework and the research! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!! thanks a lot shana-
shana , 14,plainview,NY [11-08-2001]

These attacks effected me so much that i want to join the air force and help. although im only 14 i realy think i could join and help. i never seen the Twin Towers in real life befor and i was sopposed to go to ny for the holidays but now i guess i cant and thats a shame
Ashley Bracket [11-07-2001]

Keep up the good work.
Robert John Thomas,MBA , 53, El Paso, Texas [11-07-2001]

Kathryn S. Sherman , Indianapolis, IN [11-07-2001]

Trevor Lincecum , 14 Wadsworth Ohio [11-07-2001]

Good site. I like philadelph.
Abby Lindquist , Froehling's class rules. Derek is cooler than me. [11-07-2001]

Renee Grimaldi [11-07-2001]

Looks like a really great site. Am interested in American Revolutionary War.
Glenda Thompson , in [11-07-2001]

LANTZ WEST , no [11-07-2001]

God Bless America - This is a nice place to "meet" and learn about others from places close and far away.
Allison Fleming , 36, Vicksburg, MS [11-07-2001]

Whoever is reading this you will find out that Philadelphia is one of the best cities in the world. I know that's a little stubborn to say, but once you have lived there and seen the stuff I seen just walking downtown...you will be amazed.
Stephanie , I am 16 yrs. old and a junior in H.S. I moved to New Mexico, but Philadelphia will always be the place in my heart!!!! I love you Philly!!!! [11-07-2001]

god bless america. united we stand
june , slpena michigan [11-07-2001]

Other may contact. Thanks
Dave Thomson , Woodville, the friendly village Town Crier [11-07-2001]

Are you going to put something about the Philadelphia City Cavalry and the Mummers on your website. I hope to move back to Philadelphia, PA pretty soon.
Ravi Sehgal [11-07-2001]

it was a tragity about what happened in new york really unbeilable.
riley ray , asl/ girl 12 xenia ohio [11-07-2001]

you are cool
BOB , 49 [11-07-2001]

i just want to say that i have lived in new york city my whole life, and with all the stuff thats going on i would just like to say i wouldnt trade it for the world. we are strong when united and can withstand anything any other country can throw at us
anthony baijnauth , age: 13 city: new york [11-07-2001]

I think this sight is good for young and older youths searching for information.
Priscilla R. Shimkanin , age 11, Corning N.Y.,Stuben county, 6th grade [11-07-2001]

Thanks for helping me gather information for out celebration of freedom on Veterans Day, 2001
Judy Harmon [11-07-2001]

sam hunt [11-07-2001]

I like your web site.
Danielle Sampson , I am nice. [11-07-2001]

This site is a good idea
Josh Wille , 13 [11-07-2001]

I was looking through and found this website and I think you'll deed a great job on this website.
Kyna Jenkins , im 16 years old and live in Burkeville Texas [11-07-2001]

Lindy Hall [11-07-2001]

I am calling our fellow AME Churches to donate any used hymn books to our church. We are in desperate need of hymn books. We will accept used books. Our membership is small and our finance is also small. Please let us know if you are able to help.
Barbara Young , Hymn Book [11-07-2001]

Duke Nukem [11-07-2001]

It is truly special to me because I actually got to read and learn more about my church. Mother Bethel came alive becasue Richard Allen was lead by the spirit of God. I've toured the church back in the mid 1980's. It is an awesome sight to see how God's vision was taken in effect. This is a BLESSING to see that Philly cares about not only there state but to share how a nation was born. I truly Thank You! Joan Taylor
Joan M. Taylor , Pasadena, Ca. 91103 age31 [11-07-2001]

i love us history ,it is one of the best in the world
amin imam [11-07-2001]

I like this website it is very informative. I look forward to browsing again in the near future. Thank you for the opportunity.
Eleanor Payne [11-07-2001]

Clara VanderPloeg , ontario, calif. manager of red hats of courage club [11-07-2001]

I volunteer at The Jerusalem MILL Colonial Village in Kingsville,Md. Would like to learn most about Town Criers. This is a great web page,thx
Firetender , Va/Md [11-07-2001]

i luv ny and it will never be the same
michele muller , age 11 nyc [11-02-2001]

thanx for the help on my home work
hannah , 12 years old [11-02-2001]

I support anyone who tries to preserve our past!!!
michael mckeough , Glenside, PA [11-02-2001]

I really appreciate you doing this! I's great! Thankx
Amanda [11-01-2001]

i would like to know what the colors of the U.S.A flag stand for? The white? the red ? and the the blue? can you answer my question. thank you very much becky
rebecca [11-01-2001]

Michelle Updike [11-01-2001]

Timothy F. Wetzel , studying to be a history teacher [11-01-2001]

i am looking for my family roots.is it french/scots
BAISLEY FRED , borned in peekskill,ny @1930 dec to harry and grace baisley [11-01-2001]

Thanks for the interesting historical information. I will teach it to my Cub Scout Den as part of their Wolf Trail Requirements.
John Philbin , Tarpon Springs, FL. [11-01-2001]

America and the American people must stand together and firm now, in order to defeat this threat of terrorism. These people are not much different than Hitler and his henchmen. Remember Churchill's words Victory, at all costs Victory, in spite of all terror Victory, no matter how long and hard the road For without Victory, there is no survival
Bob Kenyon , Age 51, Rochester NY [11-01-2001]

It is amazing to me that there are people out there that think we should turn the other cheek on the 9-11 attack. I just don't get it. Weren't these folks taught any history about tyrants. That's what these terrorists would be if the bleeding hearts got there way. If we have learned nothing else, we should be able to understand that the only way to appease a terrorist is give in to all their demands. I for one am not about to give up my freedom for anyone, let alone to a want-a-be despot with no regard for human life.
Jack Barrett [11-01-2001]

as a history buff I like your info. Thanks
Dick Hallam [11-01-2001]

andrea elliston [11-01-2001]

I find inspiration and hope from the images on your web site. Keep up the good work ..... Paul 323-550-0002
Paul Moncrief , Hollywood, Ca. [11-01-2001]

God bless this land and its many wonderful people!
FFB [11-01-2001]

I think this web site is a good ideal people tell your friends if you wanna get a good great of a Research Essay.
Treba , teenager in Mil town, Wisconsin [11-01-2001]

This is a great site. I am very interested in learning more on this topic and sharing information in my class.
Linda Hurd [11-01-2001]

My family has visited this church before. It was beautiful.
Sabrina Wright , Jacksonville, FL [11-01-2001]

Very good and well organized
Josh Storey , 11, Blakely, Ga [11-01-2001]

it is a good sight
russell [11-01-2001]

During this time of crisis we need to stan together! UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL!!!!!!!!
Jeffery D. Mullins , 14 years of age [11-01-2001]

Hope McDonald , 13, Morgantown, West Virginia [11-01-2001]

I am the great, great, great, great Nephew of Commodore John Barry, "Father of the American Navy"
Francis Frederick Pollock , Born: 5/17/31; Living in Hacienda Heights, California [11-01-2001]

Wonderful site, wish you had a free teachers information pack. I use your site in my classroom.
Shelly Eitniear-Cherry , 4th Grade Educator [11-01-2001]

I am a history buff and just discovered your site; looks great. Interest are Naval and Marine Corps and are centered on the area of the French and Indian Wars in British America, the American War for Independence (my ancestors were Loyalist), the War of Northern Agression (Civil War - my ancestors were Confederates). Now, my reading is concentrated on the American Revolution in the Southern Provinces by Lord Cornwallis. I am currently reading "the Green Dragoon" by Robert D. Bass; the lives of LtCol Banastre Tarleton ("Bloody Tartleton") and Mary Robinson published by Henry Holt & Co. New York. It appears from reading this book that the American War for Independence was extremely brutal in the South. A great percentage of the civilian militias (both sides) had no mercy for prisoners; a prelude to the later bloody "War Between the States". I would be interested in hearing from other history buffs with similar interests.
Mike Hearne , Former Marine Sgt., Viet Vet (2 tours), Retired [11-01-2001]

this is a great web sight very informative
wanda stone , Chapel Hill, Nc 27415 [11-01-2001]

I pray everyday for our country and for what it stands.
Lorgio Zender , Placentia, CA [11-01-2001]

im honestly here for a book report--but im rather interested in your site--whoo hoo--
amanda~* , 16~lebanon ohio [11-01-2001]

I am glad that I found you.
Jan Hakomaki , Riverside, CA [11-01-2001]

I like all the information on history.It is very enteresting.Thank you for letting us in on all this history.Its good we let the teroist know whos the boss.We let them knnow they dont rule America,America rules them.
alfreda watson , 14 fort myres FL. [11-01-2001]

This is my very first time vist and I thnik it's really cool.
Geneva , 18,Rochester, New York [11-01-2001]

God Bless America and all Americans:•)
Anna E. Rendale [11-01-2001]

I think that this site is a good way to help kids remember who gave thier lives for our freedom. A prayer goes out to all that lost thier lives and others who suffered. God Bless!
Audri Khyrsten Russell , 10 years old,Myrtle Ms, Birthday - September 13, 1991 [11-01-2001]

Rachelle , i am 12 [10-28-2001]

We should all display our flags proudly. Let terroists know we will not bow to them. GOD BLESS THE GREAT NATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. United we stand, devided we fall.
Dolly J. Ridenour [10-28-2001]

barbara goodall , thonotosssa fl 33592 [10-28-2001]

My prayers go out to those who lost thier lives at ground zero.
Leona Swanson , 46-Ridgway,PA [10-28-2001]

Sept,11,2001 America will never forget our country so free,was attacked, the many lives lost,hurts us the most,a sadness has overcome us,that is not easily erased, but we must go on,because America is strong, all American,s Hand in Hand,because united we stand. God Bless America, by Rita Ackerman Oct,27,2001
Rita Ackerman , Livermore,Ca. [10-28-2001]

Jim Cote , ma [10-28-2001]

Julie Kennedy [10-28-2001]

Thank you for the history lesson.
Kathlyen Dorsin , Brooklyn, New York [10-28-2001]

This website is great for my 8th grade American history class.
Billy Robertson , Age: 13;Live: Durant, Oklahoma9about 96 miles north of Dallas0 [10-28-2001]

JOHN HELMS [10-28-2001]

timothy [10-28-2001]

i love this place
Mike jones , hi i am 13 years old and i live in huntingdon pa [10-28-2001]

This is a great website!! I LOVE history and I am glad to see a website like this!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!
Jamie Shelton , Wayne Co. High School (Monticello,KY) [10-28-2001]

Good Job,I really learned more about our history. GOD BLESS AMERICA!*!
melinda , 14,Habersham Girl [10-25-2001]

America,Bless God
Nickolas Blossom , 2110 kendall ,algonac,mi,48001 [10-25-2001]

I enjoyed learning more about our history. It was really great but you need more to choose from.
Melinda Armour [10-25-2001]

i am a viet'nam disabled veteran. i spent 22 years in the military (army) before i was medically retired for combat related problems while in viet nam. and i proud to be an american who fought for my country.
LOUIS OCHOA JR , disabled veteran, san antonio, tx. 78244-2401 [10-25-2001]

thanks for helping me and my friend with a project. this site is the bomb!
CAROLINE FITZGERALD , 9 years [10-25-2001]

I love the website it is so cool I found all the stuff I needed thanks for all the help bye e-mail me for all the stuff needed for the declartion of indepence. thank you
Valerie Watson , 11/f/ga [10-25-2001]

david jackson [10-25-2001]

I think that your site is very informaty keep up the good work.
CHARLES R DIXON, USARMY (RET) , Age 77,Amarillo, Texas, Retired Chief Warrant Officer, USARMY [10-25-2001]

Thought it was wonderful! Children of our school will enjoy the web site.
Debbie Morgan [10-25-2001]

I teach 5th grade social studies (American History: from "Beringia" to approx. 1800). I would like to add this great site as a link to our 5th Grade web page. Thank you!
Richard A. Murray [10-25-2001]

cool< dude
Tabitha , Loudon Tennessee [10-24-2001]

this is a great site. Lots of stuff was learned!! luved it!
jenny , 13 [10-24-2001]

I'm only 14 . But I think that USHISTARY.COM IS GOOD AND THE BOOK IS GOOD ALSO. I always us the book in my histary class.THINK YOU FOR THE BOOK!!!!!!!
Ronnie E. Warren J.R. [10-24-2001]

Bruce Willis was born March 19, 1955 @ 1:37 am in Idar Oberstein, West Germany.
Lisa Wargo , I like Bruce Willis a lot!!!!!! [10-24-2001]

i really like this website it helps me out
shemeika dunn [10-24-2001]

first time visit
Bill Smith [10-24-2001]

history rules GOD BLESS AMERICA
Hallie Allen , Gilmer,tx [10-24-2001]

this country is #1
ANDREA STACEY MCMASTER , i am 14 i live in the ghetto [10-24-2001]

I am 34 years old, back in school and doing a research paper. The Betsy Ross homepage has helped me a lot because I am doing my research paper on the History of the U.S. Flag. I also have three young children and my husband is in the Air Force. We try to teach them about the flag and our country. We want them to be as Patriotic as we are and to have respect for the flag and our country.
Anja Ramirez [10-24-2001]

jack lee , CITIS of CALS [10-24-2001]

jbox [10-24-2001]

I have really enjoyed your site,thanks.
jason blanco [10-24-2001]

brad miles [10-24-2001]

just tell me about us history
Tierra Lee [10-24-2001]

Great site. Had 10 minutes to search for flag ettiquette, got caught over an hour.
Kaen VanRavenswaay [10-24-2001]

Peter Corrigan [10-24-2001]

i like your thoughts on indepence hall & the libarty bell. hopefully with your help i will gwt an A on my report. Thanx!
Jordon Peters , age: 12 [10-24-2001]

alex , 10-15 yers old [10-22-2001]

Edgar allan poe is one of my favorite authors i think his work has a lot of meaning behind it ,some hidden truth that no one really knows . some kind of mystery
Alllen Medina , 16,harlingen tx, [10-22-2001]

I think that you should hepl me more often thank you very much!!!
Shemeika Dunn , 14/Taunton [10-22-2001]

This is a great sight for history teachers to find out info to give the students a project with.
rebecca , ? [10-22-2001]

i am starting a coin collection and some tips pointers and freebies would be greatly appreciated.thanks and may god bless you.
ROBBIE K. MOOK , 23 years old , live WAIMANALO , HAWAII [10-22-2001]

janet amello , ny [10-22-2001]

We're putting together a Veteran's Day program at our K-2 school and this is a great site for info. about Betsy Ross and the flag. I'll pass this URL along to the rest of the staff. (I'm the library program specialist). Thanks!!
Jennifer Prowell , Sebastopol, CA [10-21-2001]

cherrisa chandler [10-21-2001]

i am a history teacher, so i have been to a lot of these sites. this is the best one i have been to, great site. thanks ed
Ed Lee [10-21-2001]

No matter what happens, America will never lose its pride, freedom and justice. When you watch that American flag flying around in the air you think of Freedom, peace. AND ONE COUNTRY THAT WILL NEVER BREAK DOWN, WE ARE STRONG AND WE WILL STAY TOGETHER.
Lauren [10-21-2001]

I am a teacher and have been bringing kids to the city to study the historical architecture. I WAS DELIGHTED WITH YOUR SITE!!!!! It has helped me so much in planning our trip this year. Thanks.
Denise Harter [10-21-2001]

No greater time to be American then the present!! And what a great website..
Renna Ramirez [10-21-2001]

Literary/history student
Julie Witt , Norwood, Ohio [10-20-2001]

david forcucci [10-20-2001]

Sandra Smith [10-20-2001]

great web page wonderful facts and greay pics
joey digirolamo , 14 [10-20-2001]

My great-great-grandfather came to Buenos Aires from the USA in 1830 and I am very proud of my ancestors and heritage, so my heart and prayers are with you. Love and blessings from Argentina.
Dina E. Livingston , Age: 62- City: Buenos Aires- Country: Argentina [10-20-2001]

The leaves are green the nuts are brown they hang so high they wont come down. leave them alone until frosty weather then they will all come down together. I want a flag!!!
Tiffani Burbidge , Age 6 , Benicia, Ca 94510 First grade [10-20-2001]

Brittany [10-20-2001]

this site was cool u can learn about lots of history. Just to let u know I am doing this for an essay I have to write 600-1000 words and it is due 10/24/01 and i only have 66 words so thats way i am on this site. like i said this is a amazing site. See ya lata
Sean Trafton , i am 11 and i live in camden [10-20-2001]

Kendall Hemker , Conover, NC [10-20-2001]

Aim me at: Vpxazngirl2000
Angel [10-20-2001]

I thought that the whole website was really interesting and informative, Keep It Up!
Hanna Webb [10-20-2001]

Thanks for your US flags.
Rev. Lawrence M. Sutter , Sacramento, CA [10-20-2001]

I would like to fine out some of the laws our schools dont tell us, before I get old and still dont know them, and get in trouble for it. I would like a copy of the new law on every school has to plege. Its for school.We get credit on it. I am still looking for it. Well I better let you go I am Sara and goodbuy.
Sara H. , I am almost 15 I live in Wisconsin and love it. [10-20-2001]

Excellent website! Very informative.
James P. McGrath [10-20-2001]

Great sight! Very informative
Sheila , 42 yrs. old, Pelham, NH U.S.A. [10-17-2001]

I have copies of the Annual Register and similar books printed in London, descibing contempory events in Europe and America for the years 1758 thro 1760 and '63 and '65. Is anyone interested in events taking place in this period. For instance I have an account of the death of General Wolfe and a 1759 engraving of a Mowhawk warior withTomax and scalping knife
Trevor J Stevens , I live in England near Burton on Trent [10-17-2001]

Hey my name is kristin I like to ski and swim isn't that weird how there in totally different seasons anyway I just wanted the words of the nation anthom thanks a lot!! Special K
Kristin Leegsma [10-17-2001]

Gerrish Family - old New England Family commenced on arrival in Boston of Capt. William Gerrish (1617-1689) brom Bristol in 1639. Interested in tracing British origins.
Mitzi Saunders (nee Gerrish) , Sydney, Australia [10-17-2001]

God Bless the USA! I climbed the Statue of Libery and looked out over New York. I visited Washington, D.C., the Capitol, the White House, and many more sights there. I saw the endless prairies while living in the Mid-West. I have been to the Grand Canyon. What a great country. We need to be proud of it and stand up for America and the Freedom it represents. It is a great Nation.
Hanna W. Schwartz , Scottsdale, AZ [10-17-2001]

This site is a really good place to find info!!!!!
Melissa , age:11 PSL,Florida [10-17-2001]

allison rahe [10-17-2001]

Brittany [10-17-2001]

Hello I'm Scott and I have a girlfriend
Scott Croft [10-17-2001]

I really liked learning all these things on Betsy R oss it was really amazing what happened during her time!
Jilianne Sullivan , 11 [10-17-2001]

Loved your site. Can't wait to get back to it when I have a little more time. I want to know everything your site can teach me.
Sally , Buffalo, N.Y. [10-17-2001]

Are the lines always long?Are the lines long in the Fall?
marcus [10-17-2001]

kaniya [10-17-2001]

who made the liberty bell
TYRONE , 10 yrs.thorndale caln [10-17-2001]

brandon [10-17-2001]

Your website is awsome.When was Independence Hall built, and when did people start touring it.
Rachel , age 10 Downingtown P .A [10-17-2001]

I like your map of the diffrent places!E-mail Me back
Greg , Age 10 City Coatesville Pa [10-17-2001]

I think your website is decent.How old is the Betsy Ross house.
Danielle , age 10 East Fallowfield 1 older brother 1 younger sister [10-17-2001]

I like your website!
tim , age 10 city Thorndale have 4 other brothers [10-17-2001]

How did the liberty bell crack?
Nyderah , 10 [10-17-2001]

I think your website is really cool and educational.I love it!!!!!!!
Rachel , age 10 Downingtown P.A [10-17-2001]

can you ask Besty Ross was it hard making the flag?
Kaniya , 10 [10-17-2001]

I love the web sight it is so cool i want to see more.
ikeya [10-17-2001]

ramiro [10-17-2001]

Great interest in history--esp. Civil War ,,Indian Tribes--Central N.Y. Region
Gordon H. Huckle , Trumansburg,N.Y. Korean Vet. [10-17-2001]

This page was very useful and interesting to look at. Thanks for having this webpage available for us!!!!! ~Katie~ !*Trisha*!
Katie and Trisha , 16 from Morton [10-17-2001]

I am so happy to see so many people flying the flag.
DOTTIE LAKIN [10-17-2001]

I'm a brazilian that have a American heart. Congratulations for the site! Thank you. Rita de Cássia
Rita de Cássia Valentini , 36 years old, Uberlânia, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil [10-17-2001]

I took the virtual tour of Philadelphia, it was just great, I really enjoyed it. Also learned a lot that i didn't know. May God continue to Bless America!
Patsy Henderson , Mt. Vernon, Texas [10-14-2001]

As the ACLU claims foul concerning "God bless America" signs being posted at public schools, I want to better understand our history concerning church and state.
Michael Moak , Medical student [10-14-2001]

Always injoyed American History, just learn of your web site
sjb44133 , Ohio, North Royalton [10-14-2001]

I am sorry but I do notlike to see these innocent people in Afgantistan slaughytered,surely there is a better way,hy do you always miss the target?
Leslie Hill , Geting on a bit [10-14-2001]

Just looking things up to help me in my Paralegal class.
lisa holley , 20,female,dallas [10-14-2001]

I teach my 4 and 6 year old children the importance of patriotism and to respect the American Flag so we begin every homeschooling day saying the Pledge of Allegiance, and this site will help me to address different stories of this great country!
Shirley Israelsky , 37, California [10-13-2001]

OUTSTANDING SITE, I spent a lot of time reading some of the documents you have. Very Inspirational.
Charles Cain , California Army National Guard [10-13-2001]

I heppened on your account of the British occupying Philadelphia during 1777. I had always wondered what that was like. At a visit to Hope Lodge I had picked up some information about Fort Washington. As a life long resident of the Philadelphia area, I found it fascinating that thousands of British and American troops were marching up and down roads and streets that I have driven on many times. I would like to see more maps and pictures of what was being described. Thank you for creating and maintaining this web site. Tom Hunsberger
Tom Hunsberger [10-13-2001]

great site easy to understand and fun!
Kelsie Kovach , age 11- Chandler, Az. [10-13-2001]

I just bought an American flag and I am anxious to show my partiotism and hang it outside my home. I needed to know the proper way to do it. Thanks for the great information.
Teresa Koch , 43, California [10-13-2001]

i just wanted to say that i have a lot of respect for your country and that one day the school from your country could learn a bit more about us in returne to what we learn of yours!
Tasha , Canada 15 [10-13-2001]

how does the historian go about updating our children history books? thank you

Great web site
JOE DE SIMONE , Senior from SPRING HILL,FL [10-12-2001]

May God Bless America,and every other country that has so much hatred and envy in ther hearts and mind toward us. May we one day all live as God wants us to live,loving our fellow man. The Golden Rule is "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." My prayers are with the families that lost love ones,and friends. May we not forget that Prayer is an everyday necessity,without prayer we have nothing. We need to allow Prayer back in the schools. Please be kind to everyone that you come in contact with.It will come back to you in numerous ways.Think Positive. Love and Blessings. Amelia Y. Cayton
Amelia Cayton , Carson Ca. 90746 [10-12-2001]

USNavy Korean vet. I love and respect my country. Also Irespect our flag for what it stands for especially during this crisis.
Jim Cummins , born 1928, residence Arlington, WA, retired [10-12-2001]

I hope our country has learned that we stand for all nations here, this country, once the home of native indians was finally born of a dream that this country could house all people oppressed and needing freedom, we need to work togather to keep that reality alive, God did'nt create only one color of flower, or tree, bush, he created diversity, so keep your heart open to love all people, and God Bless us all.
Pamela A. Wynne , 65-- Moyie springs, Idaho [10-12-2001]

Rene Perez , Born Live and Die An American! [10-12-2001]

rita bricker [10-12-2001]

"GOD BLESS AMERICA" Pray for our President George W. Bush
Mr. Terry Bessey , 53, Elkhart, IN [10-11-2001]

I think this is the best site ever. I have a school project and I could not find that much useful info until I typed in the wonderful URL in the location spot. ushistory.org. Thankz tons
Delores , 13, Illinois [10-11-2001]

This site is the best. Everything I need is right. thanks so much
Cathy Carlock , Edgewood Middle School, Merritt Island, Florida, 13 [10-11-2001]

I am proud to read and view your site. It educational to the young & old. Proud To Be An American. Thank You for your website.
darlene , u.s.a. [10-11-2001]

april k. [10-11-2001]

I`am an USAF Retired Enlisted man and our leaders are doing the right thing get the bastards that did this thing and send them straight to heel
Charles F James , Salem Oregon 97302 [10-11-2001]

I am a mother of a child and I am considering home schooling. I'm hoping that once I investigate your site I will discover true, accurate American history - not the "revisionist" history that is so prevalent in our education system today.
Dana Ott , Irvine, CA [10-11-2001]

I saw your Betsy Ross house tour. I can't wait until my class comes there.We are coming octomber 19.
Joquoia Rebecca , 10 [10-11-2001]

I love Jason soooooooo much!!
Kimberly Haraldson loves Jason Andersdon [10-11-2001]

Nichelle [10-11-2001]

Rosetta [10-11-2001]

THis is an outstanding site, can easily spend hours here. Thank you.
Debbie Raplee , Washington State [10-11-2001]

Jared Gaul [10-11-2001]

This is my first time to visit your Web site. Don't know anything yet. But from what I've seen with many positive comments, I hope I will like it too.
Tien [10-11-2001]

Since this is my first time on your website, I don't know how it is yet, but I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun! I'm trying to find out information on Confederate flags. Thanks!
Emilie Benda , 10 years old, brown hair [10-10-2001]

Bernie Kluefer , Boca Raton, Florida [10-10-2001]

I wanted to see when Alaska & Hawaii joined the union, as this question came up at my place of work. The answer was very easy to obtain on your site. Thanks!
Penny Warner , Huntley, Il [10-10-2001]

this is a great web site for kids to learn about the mayflower, keep up the good work
sally morgan , im 17 [10-10-2001]

Betty-Lou Gracie [10-10-2001]

hey! what's up!
lisa , no [10-10-2001]

Great site !! I was aware of the first, second and last verses of the Star Spangled Banner. Since the attacks of 11SEP01, I thought how appropriate that Mr. Key wrote them so long ago. In your site, I found the third verse for the 1st time. Thank you for your listing of it.
Tom Pine , 1Lt, USAF Auxiliary-CAP, 20 yrs police, 22 yrs EMT [10-10-2001]

Michelle [10-10-2001]

I think this is a good web site!
David MacDonald , I am 9 and in 5th grade [10-10-2001]

I'm doin' this in school, not my favorite place 2 b. I got a cool teacher this year, so I don't mind school so much. I got
Jennifer P. [10-10-2001]

Timmothy Chapman , Walworth NY [10-10-2001]

I'm a homeschooling mom wanting to learn internet resources for school subjects.
Kathy Barlean , Des Moines, IA [10-10-2001]

This is so cool. I what to do this at home. I what to show everyone. Tanks, Monica
Monica Ferguson [10-10-2001]

this site has lots of info and keeps me clicking.. thanks for all the time and efforts to keep everyone updated and to have a source to find out about things in our history..thanks..:}
Bernadette A. Hayes , 32, Springfield, Missouri, single, cat/pet lover/owner, love rugby, hockey, most outdoor activities and sports. [10-10-2001]

pretty cool
Tony Hoopman , 15, Bayfield Wisconsin [10-10-2001]

rebecca girard [10-10-2001]

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l am looking ; penpals from all the world
mafele thomas , 24 years old, l was born in small town of mwanza [10-10-2001]

PREETI BANZAL [10-10-2001]

america rocks and kick butt
Bob gum , 72years walla walla WA, [10-08-2001]

Visited here as I was trying to find a summary of historical events that a friend wanted for her mother's 90'th birthday. So far, I haven't found it.
Jerry Townsend [10-08-2001]

If you think you know everything about American history, you should read the book Made in America by Bill Bryson!
Nancy , Missouri [10-08-2001]

This site has helped me get my grade from a D to a now solid B. you should consider using this site for more than just recreational use!!!!
Ash Wilson , 16, Irvine California [10-08-2001]

Kathi Tammick , Boston, MA [10-08-2001]

nothing atpresent time first time at web page
WILLIAM R. HALL , 51 mt juliet,tn military 24yrs active and national guard [10-08-2001]

HALL, WILLIAM R. [10-08-2001]

This is a great site. It gave me all the infomation i needed to get started on my essay for my school!! Thanks!!
Emily Carpenter , 13.North Carolina [10-08-2001]

someone email me the 2 islands france got in canada after the 7 years' war--PLEASE-- need to know for tuesday oct 9 2001
JRo [10-08-2001]

I'm proud to be an AMERICA! Thank you.
Davie Sterling , I am a student at NYU. Age 60. Born 10/08/41 [10-07-2001]

hi, my name is Ramina i visited your website and fell in love with it. Iam very proude of our country, we have stuck together in good and bad and we will always be true and helpful to our country. We have been going through a rough month but we will all stick together and try to be strong. We should all donate money and blood to help the injerd and the families who have went through this awful tradgedy. We are a successful country and we will always be. thank you . GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!
Ramina , age, 15, city ,Chicago [10-07-2001]

god bless president GEORGE W.BUSH and his father i only hope we have a 3rd generation president with the BUSH name attatched to him GOD BLESS AMERICA and our fellow country supporter's
Erin Amici , 36,l.a. [10-07-2001]

this is a really interesting site for the U.S.A.
josh whatley , age-14 city-Griffin,GA [10-07-2001]

Rev. Brian White [10-07-2001]

God Bless America!!
P.Fivecoat [10-06-2001]

Sweet site.. If anyone is looking for an American flag screen saver go to www.Acez.com It's free and it's cool, God Bless AMERICA!
A.J. LaFontzee , Lansing, Michigan [10-06-2001]

would like to know more about these men
jacqueline harris , descended from a philadelphia city guard 1776 [10-06-2001]

My son is serving with the National Guard and has been sharing information with youth groups in our area about the flag and the proper handling of it. Thank you for making this site available to us and allow us to share it with others.
Sandi DeLoach [10-06-2001]

Clayton Chadbourne , Gilmanton Iron Works N.H. [10-06-2001]

great site found very interresting.
marcus caswell [10-06-2001]

Hot2Speak [10-06-2001]

want to buy a flag
thomas robey , trinity nc [10-06-2001]

In light of the recent tragedies out on the East Coast, your site is particularly meaningful now.... Although it is always important for Americans to be aware & proud of our heritage & history - always! - Thank you so much for this wonderful website!
Linda Lin , Minneapolis, MN [10-06-2001]

i thinkits cool but i need more info on morgans rifleman
cardea blue , i need info on morgans rifleman [10-06-2001]

eric hargrave , I am 29 years old and love anything about the revolutionary war. I also collect items on the civil war. I live in Staunton Virginia. [10-06-2001]

what do you guys think about joseph ellis and his writtings on thomas jefferson(The American Sphinx)
thor [10-06-2001]

I was looking for information for my daugther lindsay Walker, this was very helpful.
Debbie Rettig , Los angeles, Ca [10-06-2001]

Enjoy this very much and planning a vacation to see all of this.........
Roger D Moravetz , Boone, Iowa [10-06-2001]

The whole world mourns for the families and victums of the NYC @ the pentagon catasrophies. .....we all will stand tall through it all god bless AMERICA......
Daniel C. Aquilante , 25 -valley forge pa [10-06-2001]

proud american
earl mcintyre , age 42 bono,arkansas [10-06-2001]

Great website... helped us a lot on our project
IRene [10-06-2001]

America is the best, and so is my friend here who shares my comments! as she says: "america is friggin awesome"
Yinz , 45 [10-06-2001]

America is friggen aawesome
Christi , Cincinnati Ohio [10-06-2001]

When I was growing up, the flag was viewed as sacrosanct. I am delighted to see that once again people seem to be rallying around the flag. I am saddened that it took the tragidies of 11 September 2001 to bring this about.
Rutherford B. Thompson, Jr. , born 1925, servied in USN during WWII [10-06-2001]

My father originates from County Wexford, Home of John Barry, and having visited the county many times I can tell you that it is one of the most beautiful in Ireland. It is wonderful to have so many great American leaders hail from such a small country as Ireland, and it is even more remarkable that both John Barry and the ancestors of John Fitzgerald Kennedy lived just a few miles from each other in County Wexford. Long may the stong links of friendship and ancestry between Ireland and America continue. A.K.
Anthony Kelly , Age 24, Belfast, Ireland [10-06-2001]

God bless Rudy Giuliani
Anthony Zampino , Clifton, New Jersey [10-06-2001]

This is a wonderful site and I am PROUD to be an American. I have noticed, during this bad time, that MOST Americans do NOT know the Laws of the flag. This needs to be brought to the attention of the People again. Thank you
Louise Caron & Harold Reichwein , Fullerton, CA [10-06-2001]

"America 911"
America in prayer
Fathers and mothers lost in a moment
Sons and daughters left without content
Tears spreading throughout the land
Millions come forth to lend a hand.

Dear god in heaven, lord and savior.
Unite us in prayer shelter hearts in favor.
Give to those wisdom courage and strength
Recovering of time their emotional lament.

Feel the love of many in our nation today
Bounding together we kneel or bow to pray.
Rising strength from powders of gray
World of alarm and fear remembering dismay.

Discrimination needing to be cast aside.
As loved ones reach for a stranger to guide.
All nations of god walked the world trade
Immediately america in prayer it stayed.

By Judith A. Warren-Wright , America 911, September 11, 2001
Judith A. Warren-Wright , age53 26354 Academy Roseville, Mi. 48066-3220 [10-04-2001]

I work in a public schoolnamed after Casimir Pulaski. We are having a Polish festival to honor him. I teach kindergarten, and would like my class to retell legends. I found a picture of the Polish Man in the Moon, called Pan Twadowski. But no one from multiple Polish Associations can tell me his legend! I cannot find anything on the internet either, yet I keep finding pictures of him. Does any one out there know his story and why he holds a book in his hand???? Thanks, Teacher from Pulaski School
Pam , teacher [10-04-2001]

JENNIFER [10-03-2001]

just started checking this out. got it from a friend.
gabriele [10-03-2001]

i am looking up the things presidents gave money to help the goverment or major buisnusis, and inventionswhile they were presidents.
lindsey nicholson , i am 11 yrs old, i live in belton , tx and i am really cute too oh yeah, im in the 5th grade. [10-03-2001]

History rocks!!!
Ashley , 13,f,il [10-03-2001]

Michael Zawojski [10-03-2001]

This is a wonderful site! I am so glad I came across it!
Jennifer Allen , Nashville Tennessee 23 Years Old [10-03-2001]

i love us histry if u send me any kind of info from us histry i would love it i have us histry at school right now im a junior bye zuhra
zuhra , 18 f everrt wa [10-03-2001]

Desiree [10-03-2001]

what a great sight. i am glad a friend told me about it
WILLIAM LEISER [10-03-2001]

Hello ! We want to know which is the correct way to discard our broken, and old flags.
Roberto L.Robles [10-03-2001]

With so many people mdisplaying the flag and so many people telling you that you can and can't display them this way. I thought it would be a good idea to get the correct information. Thanks!!
Paula Muth , Dallas, TX. [10-03-2001]

I love kevin
Maegen McLAughlin , Elkton Maryland [10-03-2001]

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Kalab porter , 21 [10-03-2001]

man this site is really cool
RAymond Dean Russell , i'm 16 [10-03-2001]

keep up the good work
rob , ny [10-03-2001]

Great sight be back again soon
Cindy [10-03-2001]

I have always been very patriotic and after the tragedy on Sept 11th it just reafirms my beliefs. I would like to say on holidays it is a sad thing that I am usually the only one on my block that flys the flag. Right now there is only myself and my next door neighbor flying our flags and they leave theirs out all night. I have noticed in my area people don't know the proper treatment and care of their flag. I can proudly say I DO! God Bless America and if anyone is unhappy with us protecting our country please feel free to go back to yours.
margaret smith , phoenix az [10-03-2001]

Love the site ... Keep up the wonderful work. PROUND TO BE AN AMERICAN!!...anonymous
anonymous , ma [10-03-2001]

Michael Zawojski [10-03-2001]

I accidentally stumbled across your site while looking for something else - It is a GREAT find and I am sure I will make good use of it, as I love history! Keep up the good work and Thanks.
Mary Lewis , Portland Oregon USA [10-03-2001]

crydtal bagley [10-03-2001]

Great site to learn US history!! Great job!
Jeremy Kruse , 27 yrs old, Carrington ND [10-03-2001]

Donna F. McCarty , Myra Green Middle School- Raymondville,Texas - Lower Rio Grande Valley io grande Valley [10-03-2001]

Our Country is strong, but won't stay that way if we continue to teach our children hate. I saw something in our small town city park that really disturbed me.....a burning of Bin Laden....I truely thought that our Country was better educated. I guess some of our people are still ignorant to the fact that Hate is a cancer! Thank you for letting me share....
Jan Clark , My husband is a History buff. [10-03-2001]

I just discovered theis web site and I';m so excited. I love teaching US history and I'm always looking for new things to help history come alive for my students.
Mrs. Carolyn R. Small , I'm a fourth grade teacher at a Christian school in Houston, Tx. I teach U.S history . This is my 35th year of teaching. [10-01-2001]

Looking for the name of a school, possibly an all-girls school in or around Philadelphia, that had a teacher named Charles Picot. Any info on the school or the schoolmaster would be greatly appreciated. Roy
Roy , Schools in Philadelphia abt. 1740 [10-01-2001]

Both of my great-great-grandfathers were Captains in the Civil War & served with honor as did both my great-grandfathers did in WW1 & my grandfathers & Uncles & Father in WW11 and even though I am too old to serve my country in this terrible time we are in...I would proudly stand armed, shoulder to shoulder with every one else on the shores or any place needed to help guard and defend our country. This is our HOME and we are all ONE. Thank you for letting me share my feelings . I "really" am a forth of July firecracker.....
Kathryn Evans , I am from Laurens County, Georgia & my birthdate is 7/4/46 [10-01-2001]

Very good site.Keep the good work with the documents of the Nation.
ERNESTO CORTES LAGUNA , age 66, from San Juan, Puerto Rico [10-01-2001]

Excellent site!!!!
Al Minicozzi , 38 years old, Director for a school for the Handicapped [10-01-2001]

Awesome to see the sights in a historic city my father grew up and still resides in! Thanks
Desiree Scott , Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada [10-01-2001]

Thanks. On the 12th I went looking for "the rules for flying the flag" and I was really surprised that the American Legion site did not include them. I also perused the rest of the site, 1 hr plus. We get to D.C. every summer as my Mother in Law lives there. We are going to have to dedicate a couple of Days to Philadephia to see all the sights you describe. Best Regards, Vince
Vince Bray , 40, Chicago, IL United States of America - Proudly [10-01-2001]

I really like d this site because I have two children and they can learn all the stuff they need to know about the history of our flag.
Pam Walters , 33, Lake Charles, LA [09-30-2001]

Our Flag, as it waves reminds me that it is a symbol of life, a Nation under God, and is the greatest country, the USA!!! It reminds me of the love and sacrifices made for our freedom and for peace. It stands for justice for all mankind, for loyalty and hope and strength, for unity in tragedy, and as it waves it reminds me of how our country reaches out to help all nations in need, and reminds me of how proud and how grateful I am to have been born here and I love you, America, I am praying always for you, God Bless You!
Sara Jane Charlton , Miami, Fl. [09-30-2001]

Keri Lane , Ute, IA age 21 [09-30-2001]

keith t. mcdonnell [09-30-2001]

nds , city new york [09-30-2001]

David Longo , 17, Dublin, Ohio [09-29-2001]

America is great !!!
Patricia Condon , St. Petersburg, Florida [09-29-2001]

GOD Bless America may our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ be wit us all Amen..
mark a brown , 33 yrs old live in tarpon springs florida i was born in garden city michigan [09-29-2001]

it is cool but your missing things like Tomus Edison androamon cathlik chirch.
bryn , 21 nourth caralina fe-mail [09-29-2001]

I need help in 7th gr S.S
Travis Drakeford , 12year old [09-29-2001]

KS Reece , Stuart,VA,24171 [09-29-2001]

This is a great website! Making learning fun is always a great way to help kids to learn. Thanks for the Flag!
D. Murphy [09-29-2001]

Wish I had this when I was in school
Charles Young OSCS , Age 70 [09-29-2001]

Our nation shall be united,and justice for all---our FLAG shows it all,and GOD bless America.
George H. Martinez , pecos, texas [09-29-2001]

WILLIAM M JENKINS [09-29-2001]

I feel so sad to think that some persons out there would attack in this way and kill so many totally innocent people. How could anyone be so callous.
Eleanor L. Weisz , 64yrs. portland, or [09-28-2001]

i feel sorry about the people that lost their people at the World trade center at new york and the pentagon at washington.The schools proudly to give donation to you people at new york and washington.and im sorry to the people who lost their family and friendss.
Anthony , 12` [09-28-2001]

hholbert [09-28-2001]

Ummm, this site made it a lot easier to find things on history for my government class. Thanks
Ariel Figueroa , Bend Oregon [09-28-2001]

This site has helped me a lot Thank You
Kelly Tunney [09-28-2001]

This site has helped me a lot Thank You
Kelly Tunney [09-28-2001]

I am very pleased with the readings I have read.
Sandra Keener , 48 Grand Prairie Tx. [09-28-2001]

Was born in Camden, NJ and coming home to visit in October with a freind from Florida. Going to show off Philadelphia History. Liberty Bell etc. Your site is EXCEPTIONALLY GREAT! Thanks!
Nancy R. Walters , Port Richey, Florida 34668 [09-28-2001]

Finally I found the National Anthom. I'm going to sing it sing it for my school, in honor of New York.
Daysha , 12,Sacramento, 7 grade [09-28-2001]

I found this page while looking for a Betsy Ross flag. It is almost impossible to tear myself away. Now each day I plan to read more of it. I was in Philadelphia several years ago and felt great pride as it's history unfolded during our tour. Philadelphia is not to be missed.
Ned M. Skaff , Simi Valley Ca. 93065 [09-27-2001]

Wishing I could do more to help with the tragedy in NY, Washington and PA
Cheryl Renteria , I live in Texas [09-27-2001]

thank you so much for making this thing. i need all the help i can get in history class!!!!!!
margie , 16, dallas, texas [09-27-2001]

Show the colors.
Jerry Bodeker , West Liberty, Kentucky [09-27-2001]

I love this site! I've looked for info on flag rules & regulations for some time. When I found this site, it was a special bonus. Not only was the flag information here, but a whole wealth of our Nation's history that I've not found in a single location before. Thanks! May our recent surge of loyalty & patriotism be long-lived.
Susan Kester , 53 Lubbock, Texas [09-27-2001]

The site is really interesting and I think that it is a very useful site.
Ryan Boatwright , 18, Pratt,KS [09-27-2001]

Jessica Hartman [09-27-2001]

Great site!!!!
Patricia Capps , Valparaiso, IN [09-27-2001]

i ran your info for my grandchildren and to refresh what i think i know. thank you for providing this info.
BEE LANDRAM [09-27-2001]

BEE LANDRAM [09-27-2001]

Love history. Teach history.
Warren W. Everett , Alma High School, Alma, MI 48801 [09-27-2001]

Only by knowing the history can we appreciate the future. We have seen the tragedy of not doing what was necessary when the occasion arose. May this mistake not be repeated.
James E. Ramsey MD , Corpsman US Navy '46-'48,1st Lt. AA US Army '52-'54 [09-26-2001]

Cann't find a flag to buy for my work area at Home Depot so I am trying to fing a good picture to down load so I can carve a flag in wood.
Lloyd Prather , 56 years. Old Salinas Ca 93906 [09-26-2001]

It was a very nice place! You did a great job with all the facts and other information you provided
Genevieve [09-26-2001]

09/26/01 God Bless The USA Pray for the dead but remember the living.
Shirley L. Robertson , WoodVillage, Oregon [09-26-2001]

I think that we should know all the history of the United States of America. I hope to see this site in the near future to learn more about our country. I would love to let others learn about our history for they need to learn it and pass it on to others.
Tiffany , Clarksville, Tennessee 8th grade [09-26-2001]

I might be young, but I care a lot about those people who died because of the horrible hijacked plane. I feel sad deep inside. I feel strange inside, like i want to join the navy? Weird...
Alex , 10,South Carolina, [09-26-2001]

god bless america and pray for the souls on9/11/01
shane x doran , 40 manyua n.j. union electrican [09-26-2001]

Charles H. Young OSCS USN-RET [09-26-2001]

you need to get some infor. from the 1800s.
Shannon Seaver and Lisa Gladigan [09-26-2001]

Teresa Scord , Irvine, CA [09-26-2001]

Since I was born on the Fourth of July, I naturally am patriotic and am interested in flag history, etc. It is quite an informative website.
Carol M. O'Donnell [09-26-2001]

I haven't looked around that much but I saw this & I Signed
Brandon Bock , I am 9 years old & I live in Greensburg Pa [09-26-2001]

WONDERFUL! I'm so glad I found you!
Alice Rademacher , Indianapolis [09-26-2001]

We are looking forward to America and our allies being triumphant over the evil forced upon us in our homeland by cowardly criminals on Sept. 11th. War - what is it good for? Absolutely nothing, but then - sometimes - it is absolutely necessary! There are those that for religious or other reasons do not want America to wage war. To them I say I would defend your right to say and feel any way you what to the death. I would also say if everyone was against war, it wouldn't be long before we would be forced to obey the Taliban or some other dictator and we would have all of our freedoms taken away from us. God bless America...
Steve Tenneson , Age 58; US Navy Vet – USS Ticonderoga – VF-51 – CMDR James Stockdale; native Californian and son of native Californians [09-26-2001]

Judi Farole , Whitehall, PA [09-26-2001]

i'am glad to see american proud to be american once again. i'am sorry it took a incident like what happen last week, for american to fine their root.
CHARLES &UNCHONG CHRISTOPHER , 44&42, leawood,ks 66209 [09-26-2001]

This tragedy has shocked the whole of Australia. If only Americans knew how much it effected us all. We share in your mourning.
Tanya Lynch , 31, Brisbane - Australia [09-26-2001]

God Bless America ! NYC DC PA --- They are all heros, most of them will never know it. But they too died for our country. This is a wonderful site -Thank you. Take care.
Joanna G. Bolt , age 42 from Burbank Calif .-daughter of a WW2 American veteran [09-26-2001]

Can you please tell me where I can get one of the ribbons I see all the officials wearing on tv?
Debbie G , Born in NY, moved to FL 11 years ago. My heart goes out to those in NY. [09-26-2001]

Time is near... we as people need to get on one accord! Because the Bible tells us that these things would come to past.
Jessica , 21 year old soldiar from Mississippi [09-26-2001]

Great site. I downloaded pix of flag. Thanks for making it available.
Elaine Dougovito , L'Anse, MI [09-26-2001]

I would like to share with our clients (flag etiquette)
deborah patton , realtor [09-26-2001]

I would like to share with our clients (flag etiquette)
deborah patton , realtor [09-26-2001]

have to do a report on liberty bell. it is really cool.
Jordan Tucker , 8 years old, texas [09-26-2001]

It God the mightly,and the U.S.A.
Jo'nell Carter , age:11 city:Beaumont,Texas [09-26-2001]

This is A Very good web site
Jackee Boyd , 13 beaumont [09-26-2001]

JonathanJones , no [09-26-2001]

Robert Mercier , U.S.C.G., 1964-1968,age 55, Skowhegan, Maine [09-26-2001]

united we stand forever
anonymous [09-26-2001]

Life is good. People are wonderful. A few "bad apples" occasionally get our attention BUT they will be caught and punished. May God bless America.
Edward B. Kangeter III , A young 55 year old financial living in Mountain Ranch, CA. Just completed a yearlong sabbatical aboard my 40 foot catamaran sailboat in the eastern Caribbean. [09-26-2001]

Ray Marsee [09-26-2001]

God Bless You and God Bless America !
Stewart C. Leonard , Great State Of Ohio [09-23-2001]

God Bless America! Our prayers go out to the men and women whom lost there lifes for our Freedom, Thank you from our hearts.
William Bishop , Age 42 From Woodruff,SC [09-23-2001]

Randy Lawson , Navy Veteran [09-23-2001]

This is a great way to honor our military dead from combat.
Rupert Harrell , Viet Nam Vet [09-23-2001]

visited Betsy Ross Homepage and U S Flags and downloaded Wallpaper and printed full size: 8 1/2 by 11" US Flag. Very nice. Will visit on a regular basis.
Michael J. Bradley , Cambridge, Maryland, age: 59 years [09-23-2001]

Out of the pits of Hell, rises the undeniable love of God for humanity! You see it in the faces and actions of the search and rescue teams. Their actions to honor, preserve and protect life. God be with the rescue teams and with us all.
anonymous [09-23-2001]

good job
Lon , none [09-23-2001]

9-11-01 A day Americans united to save lives and to uphold our true love for our God, our country and the human race. May God Bless us all.
Mary Boyer , Grafton, Ohio [09-23-2001]

This has got to be one of the best sites relating to US History. My only regret is not finding it sooner. Our destiny is marked in time. The time has come to stand together and unite to eradicate those who stand against us!
Anthony Carriere , 27, Wilmington, MA [09-23-2001]

Ineed a clip art of the flag
Lari Robinson , Columbia [09-23-2001]

Ed Delesdernier [09-23-2001]

May God shed his grace on Thee. Very interesting site ! Thank You
Tom & Terri Johnson , Wills Point ,Tx. Age: 45/45 [09-22-2001]

jermaine slayton [09-22-2001]

Jim Alexaner [09-22-2001]

Wesley Huwe [09-22-2001]

Wonderful sight. Well planned with great information.
Ellen Lynn , Bensalem, PA [09-22-2001]

god bless america
MARIA ANTONIA [09-22-2001]

Louise Schultze , Born and raised in Phila. [09-22-2001]

when i saw what`s happend in the State of New York on the TV so it`s like sombody but a knife in to my heart so I wish I`m US citycend of New York.
Nahmani [09-22-2001]

Wonderful info. and visuals. Can't wait to visit in spring '02.
Elena Borre , Texas [09-22-2001]

James Sullivan [09-22-2001]

The Betsy Ross page gave me good information for teaching a lesson on the American Flag. Any site you may know of that contain lesson plans for middle - high school lesson on current history, please let me know. I will continue to search and share as much information as I can find. Thank You, Robin Rheaume Special Education Teacher
robin rheaume [09-22-2001]

Wish to make sure my 5 grandkids (and any future g'kids or greats) know of our heritage and why we should always support and show our pride and enormous thanks to those who gave it to us and those who help to defend and protect. Thank you!
Colleen Fontenot , 53 y/o..R.N...proud daughter of USAF (ret) fighter pilot...reside in Lake Charles, La. [09-22-2001]

God Bless America the land of the free.
Alfred Theriault [09-22-2001]

I've been to many countries, that were pretty but none as beautiful as this great USA that I call home. The thing that makes this country so great is the people, how they stick together, cry together, laugh together, have fun together, and yes join together in a united cause. This clamity has put our nation in one accord. thanks for the web page and alowing me to voice my openion.
James A. Register , Retired USAF 55 Monroe N.C. [09-22-2001]

This is very interesting!
Lara [09-22-2001]

I am proud to be an American. At a time like this everyone is pulling together and really being an American family and showing their love.
Ruth E Garcia , Escondido, California [09-22-2001]

Hey New Yorkers - The West is with you. We may be 3,000 miles away physically, but mentally spiritually and emotionally we are right beside you.
Average American , Phoenix, AZ [09-22-2001]

From the World Trade Center last week to the President's speech last night and even into the future,history is being made before our very eyes. Freddie,Arlington,Texas,9/21/01
anonymous [09-21-2001]

The United kingdom will stand with you all the way in fighting against the scum of this world.
Mark Caldwell , Liverpool, England [09-21-2001]

The Colors that never run, the Colors of Freedom and Justice for everyone.
Joe C. Goodson , Austin Texas. [09-21-2001]

I was born and raised in NYC. I now live in Brookfield, CT. I would like to say thank you to all the brave firemen, police officers and other volunteers that have given so much of themselves to help our fellow Americans. I love my country because it allows me the right to CHOOSE my husband, my education, my job etc. Where else in this world do people have these rights? GOD please BLESS AMERICA and watch over her. Grant us, the people, the wisdom to make the right choices and keep our country FREE!
Arlene Kessler , Brookfield, CT [09-21-2001]

From the World Trade Center last week to the President's speech last night and even into the future,history is being made before our very eyes. Freddie,Arlington,Texas,9/21/01
anonymous [09-21-2001]

For all the souls departed I pray, For all those that are left amidst the rouble I pray, for all the families of those whom have lost I pray, for all those that work around the clock I pray, for freedom I pray, for justic I pray. And Dear God for the events that are to come I pray! I give my sincerity, my prayers, and my heart to this country. Those that bound together stay together. And im am so proud in our country our strength and our ability to unite as one to defend what we all truely love. OUR FREEDOM. may God be with those all who are going threw the most horific event of the 21rst century.
Amy , 20 [09-21-2001]

Your site is extremely informative and fun to navigate; it's virtual history at your fingertips!
Jeffrey A. Hudanish , New Jersey [09-21-2001]

Love the sight! I really like all the different types of information to choose from. It's a great informative site for all who like learn and teach.
Toni Upp , age 37, lebanon, In. 46052 [09-21-2001]

Jeffrey A. Hudanish , New Jersey [09-21-2001]

I'm happy that I found this sight. I was looking for a sight that would have the National Anthom and the Plege of Alegence printed out for my son's 2nd grade class. Any ideas? God Bless America!
Barbara [09-21-2001]

Allison Patterson [09-21-2001]

Barbara Sathre Henry [09-21-2001]

I visited this site September 21, 2001. I am chillen in comp kybd working on an internet assignment.
*Migeleonna* , 15, Science Hill High School [09-21-2001]

Craig Hewitt , lifelong armchair historian 48 Wassilla ak. family dates back to 1600`s in america on two known sides ancesters include James the patriot Otis william loyd Garrison and Mary starbuck first colinist born on Nantucket [09-21-2001]

Recently our city came together to create a human flag (Tucson, Arizona) due to the terrorist attacks in the United States on 9/11/2001. We wanted to display the statement "United we stand and and forever will be a free". USA
Lisa Anne Ripley-Connors , Bennington, Vermont [09-21-2001]

Lynn R. Fontenot , Lacombe, LA [09-21-2001]

Ruth Atwater , age-46, Decatur, IL [09-21-2001]

i am very proud to be an american!!!!
Ruth Atwater , age-46, Decatur, IL [09-21-2001]

God Bless America
Debbie Wiseman , Moweaqua, IL [09-21-2001]

Lori Frank [09-21-2001]

life is love,love is special and special are we.
MARIO CASTRO +WIFE AND MOTHER TO BE-SUELLEN HYDE , i am a 40yr old federal inspector for f.e.m.a [09-21-2001]

Charles Zmozynski [09-21-2001]

"...The result is not doubtful.We shall not fail-if we stand firm, we shall not fail. Wise councils may accelerate or mistakes delay it, but sooner or later the victory is sure to come...Let us have faith that right makes might...." -- Abraham Lincoln
Mark Wisniewski , Trenton, New Jersey [09-21-2001]

My husband is a retired United States Marine and we both are proud to be Americans!!
Linda C. Cobb , I am 51 years of age and live in Hollis Center [09-21-2001]

Sherry Eckle [09-21-2001]

Stay strong America! God Bless the USA!!
Sarah [09-21-2001]

This is a wonderful website. I am sure every patriotic American would love browsing here. Thank you for providing the such interesting information in an attractive (and interactive) way.
Dian Centers , Decatur, IL [09-21-2001]

I Love My Country! (America)
Elizabeth Doran , I'm 12 [09-21-2001]

itz a cool site
Christiane DeSouza , no thanx [09-21-2001]

thanks a lot. i am glad that somebody thought to create this website. i am looking forward to the information that you have here. i'm eager.
Dave Willis [09-21-2001]

i am so impressed with this site so much information....the old saying you are never too old to learn...i love where i live in AMERICA
virginia , i am 79yrs...rochester, new york [09-21-2001]

Sally Mayes [09-21-2001]

Colorful,interesting site. My husband spent some of his growing up time in Philly and its interesting to read about things he's talked about.
Carola Forsythe , Winamac, IN [09-21-2001]

I feel sorry
Adrienne Cooper , 15 houston, Tx [09-21-2001]

Nancy Bongard [09-21-2001]

i am teaching our carpool patriotic songs and the flag rules and history daily to school
B Carter , missouri [09-21-2001]

I'm proud to be an American and living in a country that gives you the freedom of speech, religion, and where people from all walks of life can unite as on people. God Bless America!!!!!!!
Joanne C , Female, 44 yrs old, New York City [09-21-2001]

I have so many thoughts especially after the recent terrorist attacks. It is very difficult for me to put into words except for these, "I love being an American. I'm proud to be an American and I pray for the families of all the victims. God Bless America!
Jennifer Nikischer , 33 years old from New Jersey [09-21-2001]

kenneth burge , 18 [09-21-2001]

c. olsen [09-21-2001]

this cite is avery reliable recorce
aliza applehwhite [09-21-2001]

Great site... can you please include the proper ways to display a flag... thank you so much. will be watching.
Judith Barrett Simmers [09-21-2001]

Our hearts go out to all the victoms of this horrific terrorist attacks on America 9/11/2001. We are proud of America for getting together to help out the in this great time of need. God Bless America!
Fran & Pam Bennett , Connecticut,USA [09-21-2001]

I have never felt such pride and joy as when I see individuals flying the flag of the USA....on cars buildings, houses or clothing...beautiful...I do love America.
jackie holland , female minister of food ministry to needy in dallas area [09-21-2001]

greaty info. but, the question here at work is; should a flag , used at a burial , be flown again ? the discussion revolves around respect of the deceased and their possible wanting to fly the burial flag at times like these .
ALAN COOPER , durham ct. [09-21-2001]

i am enjoying this historical site and am learning so much. thank you for all this wonderful history and for all the work that goes into this site.
JENNY MARROW , i am from clarksville maryland [09-21-2001]

We have witnessed the birth of a new Generation. Out of the rubble, from the ashes rises a reborn American spirit, a new sense of nationalism. For some, a renewed sense of commitment and personal responsibility to country. For others, an original contact with these compelling feelings. This current generation of young people are offered their first step in becoming our new WW2 generation, but with a different kind of beginning. Our current older generations, though their conduct during this recent tragedy, have done a magnificent & wondrous job of leading by example, for younger people of America. Little did they plan for, but the terrorists of the world have sealed their own fate. A fate that is their demise. God has already blessed America. And God has blessed the world with America. Your site is a wonderful resource for those of us that are seeking out Roots to our way of life. Thank you. Wally
Wally Wrightson , Anchorage, ALASKA [09-21-2001]

john henry , Dallas [09-21-2001]

I was near your store but you were closed at the time. I wish I could have bought a flag because I have not been able to find one since the disaster. I love my country and Betsy Ross,who designed the flag. Thank You. Mary Ann Dacus
Mary Ann Dacus , 1684B Union Road, Gastonia,N.C. 28054 [09-21-2001]

My prayers are with President Bush, that our Heavenly Father will guide him and keep us. I pray that he will give him wisdom and strength.
Margarita Vela Martinez [09-21-2001]

Thank you for being here. I found you on a Google search under the key words of: buy American flag
Ann Finster , Dallas, Texas [09-21-2001]

My thoughts and prayers continue to go to those who have lost family and friends. God Bless America! Our home sweet home!
Brenda , Arizona [09-21-2001]

Very informative wesite....
Tejal patel , 25yrs, wichita , ks [09-19-2001]

This is a great site! My daughter had asked my husband about the American Flag and he forgot the answer so I jumped on the internet and found this site, what a great place to learn about the FLAG. I never knew there was so much to learn and we are both in Scouting. I will take a lot of this to my nest Scout meeting, and to school. Thanks
Lisa , Paulsboro, New Jersey [09-19-2001]

i think thatthe air planes in the pentagon & the twin towers were awful and god bless the usa
sumer potter , 11.terlton,ok [09-19-2001]

Will check you out tomorrow when I have more time. I want to teach my kindergarten students more about the American Flag. Can't wait to download from the Betsy Ross site!
Connie Shuffett , kindergarten teacher [09-19-2001]

my thoughts right now truth,god and America will prevail.in the end.god bless us all.
dewey holder , po box 3021 martinsville,va 24114,age 50 [09-19-2001]

Dameka Bell [09-19-2001]

I Love the U.S.A.
robert gleeson , 45 ma [09-19-2001]

What you guys are doing is great. It's a good way to support rescue and relief efforts from as far away as Oregon.
Cristi , Age 20 From Burns OR [09-19-2001]

asiah clark [09-19-2001]

i downloaded an e-mail on the flag and its regulations and found this website.
PETE FIELDS , corbin, kentucky [09-19-2001]

Excellent U.S. History resource site! God bless America!!!
Scott Nossaman , Fremont, OH [09-19-2001]

This is the first time that I have had the chance to check out your site and I found a lot of info. that was very interesting and new to me, I would just like to let you know that your web site is very much appreciated. "B"
B Wilcox , Orlando [09-19-2001]

i think your web site is nice
brittany , racego-kart in scotia [09-19-2001]

----------- God Bess America! ----------- ------FLY YOUR AMERICAN FLAG WITH PRIDE! ---------
Dick & Arlene Geldreich , Williamsburg, Virginia [09-19-2001]

Great site. I just bought a US flag to display on the outside of my house. I wanted to know the correct way to display the flag and I found that information on your web site very quickly. Thank you for hosting a great web site. God Bless!
Phil Johnson , San Antonio, TX [09-19-2001]

first time I have visited to receive info about proper flag display. I have mine flying 24-7 during this conflict. It is all weather cloth.
marcy g beyer [09-19-2001]

God Bless America and I am very proud to be an American.
Peggy Starnes , Fort Worth, Texas [09-19-2001]

I learned a great deal of information about the flag and its proper display and treatment. To all Americans affected in one way or another by what transpired on September 11, 2001, either directly or indirectly remember, "WE WILL OVERCOME" and as so many others have said "They have awakened a sleeping giant!"
Martin Gonzales [09-19-2001]

I'm so sad about what happened to all americans and, in fact, to the rest of the world that desire peace. I'm a brazilian and admire your organization.
Antônio Inácio Lemos [09-19-2001]

What a wonderful site. I've passed on the URL -- Homeschooling Moms will love it! Just don't know why we didn't already have a large American Flag in this home. What a shame.
Raul and Ema Resendez , Nampa, Idaho [09-19-2001]

My heart and prayers go out to everyone affected by this tragedy. God Bless Everyone!
Michelle D. Boadway , Phoenix Arizona [09-19-2001]

To whom it may concern: Your site's URL was sent to me by a fellow alumnus, friend and classmate from Vallejo High School, Vallejo, CA, the location of Mare Island Naval Shipyard. I browsed through your site and found it to be very instructional, interesting, and an excellent reference tool. I thank you very much for your presence on the web, and will return often in the future. Thanks for your attention, and your nice site. and have saved Your URL for future use. Sincerely, Jack Case 4030 Raap Ave. Martinez, CA 94553-3832
Jack Case , I'm a retired Civil Service middle manager.Had career with Mare Island Naval Shipyard for 35 years. I am now 64 years of age, and a staunch conservative. I reside in Martinez, CA, 94553, ( S.F. Bay Area) [09-19-2001]

I found this site very informative. We all need to pull together and treat others as we would want to be treated. God Bless America!!!!
Debbie Bowling , College Corner,OH [09-19-2001]

It takes strength to hide your own pain, it takes courage to show it and deal with it. The thought and prayers of all in the uk are with yiu at this time.
Pippa Davis , 67 years Somerset united kingdom [09-19-2001]

Thank you USHISTORY.ORG, This is so good for the America people to have you. God Bless America and USHISTORY.ORG. samie
Selma Miller [09-19-2001]

My brief encounter with this site was great. It drives me to remember to return to the site again. Some things are so coincidental. I was just trying to find time to begin exploration of our nations history. It is assumed now in this new century we have come upon another event worth remembering and I'm sure we as people will never forget. LOVE FOR THE USA!
Almaze S Gayden , Belleville, IL , 24 years Old [09-19-2001]

Thank you for embracing me as a part of the great USHISTORY.ORG Guestbook. It' s such a special treat to be one among those privileged enough to have been given an opportunity to learn and appreciate the great values and virtues of America, the greatest country in the world. God Bless America.... Have a nice day, SHIN P.
Shin P. , A Non-American who loves USA and everything good about her including US pop culture. [09-19-2001]

My wife sent the flag etiquette page to me at work. I was thrilled to learn more about how our flag came about, how it evolved, and the correct usage of the flag.
Derek Duncan , Wichita, KANSAS [09-19-2001]

I share your sorrow about the tragedy happened in the States last week. Let us fight against the terrorism and all sins together.
Edward Wu , I am a Chinese, and am residing in Hong Kong [09-19-2001]

"They" have awakened a sleeping giant. God bless America.
Jim Guccione , Lake Forest, Ca. [09-19-2001]

Thank you for supplying the picture of the U.S. Flag. All shops in Port Townsend are sold out of flags, or any red, white and blue ribbon. I had been unable to find any pictures on the internet of this flag. I printed off several for the people, and office doors at the Hospital where I work.
Donna J Valentine , Port Townsend, WA [09-19-2001]

I know what were going through is a really hard time. but i belive that we r goin to be okay because i trust in God that he will not let us get hurt we just have to belive. i am really sad about what happened but i am putting on a happy face because then u will feel better because my aunt lives in NY but i am still putting on a happy face. i trust in God that he will let us be okay. so if u dont trust in God and want to go ahead and try it.u just have to belive, axept and confess. so if u r interested in becomming a Christain get involed with a church or something. because it will make u feel a lot better because u can talk to him
sarah [09-19-2001]

In this time of the tragedy that our Nation has just faced it helped to review what startd this great nation of ours. And to make our faith even stronger in this country. Our shores have been battered before but as in times before our soul and spirit of this great nation lives on to rebuild and go forth even stronger as we all unite together. God Bless America. September 18,2001
Deborah J Jones [09-19-2001]

Faith Silva , nice [09-19-2001]

Congratulations! This is an informative website. With the horrible recent events, may our patriotism be held deep in our hearts and our minds and may God be with us all. God Bless America!
Jasmin Francisco , 33, Diamond Bar, Ca. [09-19-2001]

Great web site. I would like to buy and American Flag when one becomes available. Please advise.
Cheryl J. Lattin , W. Bloomfield, MI [09-19-2001]

I am a proud Australian and am on holiday in Canada....and just like everyone else in the world have been affected with the tragedy that happened last Tuesday in New York. I have always been proud of my heritage and where I come from but my heart has been touched by the patriotism that the USA is all about. The way your country is getting about each other and uplifting each other in prayer and well-wishes, just touches my heart and I think that your example is a great example for other countries to follow suit....I pray for the great country of America, that justice will be served to the people who have caused her such pain and that God will restore and bless her abundantly. To the families and friends who have been affected by this tragedy, my prayers are with you....God bless the USA!
Rose , 23/Australia [09-19-2001]

I need a picture of the american flag!!!!!!!!! can you find me one????? and i am so sad about what happend
Lisa [09-19-2001]

Sandra Belcher , Greeneville, Tennessee [09-19-2001]

Thanks for this website. If you have or when you have some American Flags for sale, could you e-mail me? Thanks. Everyone in the Country wants one right now, and there are none in our stores.
Shelly deSpain , Aurora, CO [09-19-2001]

We in britain are so upset about the loss of life in your country. We can only prey for the people, Who have lost there loved ones. our harts are heavy,our heads are low, The rains will fall then you will know,For the rains are not just water, it is sighn from above,That angles are crying to show gods love. God Bless you all.
John ivan De st aubin. , May god bless you all. [09-19-2001]

I'm still crying not only for those not returning home because being dead or missing but for the sense of unitity shown these days of mourning. This brutal attack has taught us that an act of terrorism indeed kills people but their pride and destruct property but their spirit. Your site is definitely a link to more history and respect to this country. GOD BLESS AMERICA.
Maria Feliciano , ct [09-19-2001]

I lived in Taos NM where on the Plaza the flag is allowed to be flown 24 hr a day as well. I however can't remember why they are allowed to do that.
Howland Delo [09-19-2001]

This is a time to band together and keep the faith in the tenants our country was founded on. We have managed by hook or by crook to out last any other government to this day!
Janice T. Clarke , Beaverton OR [09-19-2001]

In view of thw latest catastrophy in the U.S.A,I would like to see all Americans flying the U. S. flag to show our solidarity against this terriorism. GOD BLESS AMERICA
Charles M.Teston , age 66 St. Marys, Ga. [09-19-2001]

The terrist attack was a very scarey thing to see.
Myasia Moore , 13 Balto. Maryland [09-19-2001]

Words can't express how proud I am to be an American!
Amy Criscuolo , 26, ct [09-19-2001]

Thank you for your site!
Jimmie Welt , age 47 female, McKinney, TX [09-19-2001]

What a great site, I was looking for a flag to print for my children. We are proud to be an American, God Bless America
Rhonda Reigel , 31, Clearfield, PA [09-19-2001]

May our flag fly forever and in peace.
Lourdes J. Garcia , Peekskill, New York [09-19-2001]

I pray for all the ones that so abroptly, lost their lives trying to help save other lives, and for all that were working when their lives were taken. That all families feel at peace, and that God ease their pain. Also ask for the stop of all violence against of all the ones that are innocent, only because they may look a little different from the rest of us. Lets rebuilt an AMERICA even more strong than the one before, by showing all the strenght that we all feel on times of tragedy,with love and understanding. Thak You
Maria L. Garofalo , I`m 56 ,and from Danbury, Ct. [09-19-2001]

I would like to see our country STOP helping any of those countries over there. They are jealous of us and will always HATE us.
Toe531@aol.com (Clovis Hugghins) , people like S, Husane, and Bin?Should have already been destroyed [09-19-2001]

My mother received the flat that covered my dad's casket when he passed away. Is it ever appropriate to display that flag? And what would be an appropriate way to display it? Could it be hung up outside? That doesn't seem appropriate.
Jan Stout [09-19-2001]

Great Job! I appreciate the time and effort you've taken to share our nations history and our leaders quotes. As we develop into a mature, God fearing nation let us take the hand of our creator to lead us home. God Bless America
Maggie Powell , 44 yrs old; Castile, New York [09-19-2001]

Colleen Velez , North Lauderdale, FL [09-19-2001]

Be proud
John E. Hammett , Pittsburg Ca. [09-19-2001]

I have seen the rules on your site as to HOW to hang the US flag. I understand that the union must be at the viewers left, but I am wondering WHY??? I have also seen the US flag on the Airforce 1 helicopter and the flag is painted on with the union to the right of the viewer. Why is this so? It looks backwards to the viewer. even on arm patches for the military as they go into battle, the union as you look at the patch onthe arm is to the right of the viewer. I have asked my military friends and they don't know why. Anything you can do to clear this up would be great.
David Rowan , Adult Probation Officer in Texas [09-19-2001]

Thank you for having such a wonderful sight. I did not know that so much could be found with such little effort. I truely enjoyed my visit.
camille pietz , Mesa, Arizona [09-19-2001]

i feel sorry for the people who lost they're loving ones.
TAKEISHA FARLEY , 15,clearwater [09-19-2001]

Wonderful Site.. God Bless the USA... united we stand and we will.. My heart goes out to all those who have suffered in NY and Washington.But stand TALL NY and WASHINGTON because we are Americans.. God Bless
Pat , Florida [09-19-2001]

Nice Display
Msgt Richard H Wells (Retired) , 73 years young, Las Cruces, NM [09-19-2001]

I am proud of my AMERICAN Heritage. My ancestory is of Italian decent however, We are raising our children to be of no prejudice. They play with everyone in the neighborhood, including one another. I am disappointed in that our goverment would let political rederic get in the way of moral and ethical decisions and pray that with each new administration that this type of thing will dwindle down; We are a peaceful people and need to teach our youth to love one another and only fight when attacked! I am a Republican, and believe our Constitution is an inspired document. Again, I am proud to be an American, and thankful to live in a free land. Sincerely yours, Angela Manning
Angela Manning , 33 years, Palm Coast, FL Married-13 years 4 kids-imagine that! [09-19-2001]

Thanks for sharing your sight,.... appropriate, especially now,.... 9/18/01,... one week after the terrible tragedy.... Sincerely His, Laurence McPherson
Laurence McPherson [09-19-2001]

This is my first visit to this site. It is a GREAT site!! Very informative. A great place to get information on our GREAT country. Since the tragedy in NY, people are pulling together as ONE NATION and I think that is GREAT. WE MUST BRING THIS NATION BACK TO GOD!
Madeline Zimolong , Pennsauken, NJ [09-19-2001]

Thank you for the flags and the history surrounding it. There were things about displaying it I had forgotten. Having served in the Navy during the Korean War, I now have a son who is in the reserves and may be activated, and he is ready and very willing to go, as are the people he served with during regular and reserve duty. He spent two days watching TV with tears and has written his thoughts which he forwarded to military friends and family and which I fel is indicative of how America feels. If I can figure how to forward it to you I shall. You maybe able to use it. Again thank you for the flags. Jerry
Jerry McAnear , Birmingham, AL [09-19-2001]

My sincere condolences to the family and friends of those lost in this terrible outrage. God Bless America
Clive Hampton , N.Ireland [09-19-2001]

hi My name is Caitlin and yeh I am a Kid....I feel Soo bad for all those people that died...My heart is out to them..all day in School all I think About is How Many kis Lost their Mom or Dad....I dont think we should go to war...If we go to war Our Whole Country will be dangered ..Kids will be scared...We dont have bomb shelters like back in the day....So what are we gonna do?....Keep out Nation Safe...God Blees You and America
Caitlin , 12,Niles,Ohio [09-19-2001]

People in Germany are so shocked about what happened in USA. Our thoughts and feelings are with you. God bless America!
Josefine Reardon , Munich, Germany [09-19-2001]

We all seek Freedom,We seek to be a good Person...To help others as we would have them treat us...GOD,Bless North America...And all who stand by are sides...For Freedom...
Kas & Sommer Keane , Kas,Is American,Proud and Brave...Sommer,Is Canadian,Proud and Honest [09-19-2001]

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
Brad Whigham , Civil Air Patrol Member [09-19-2001]

We are signing this guestbook within one week of the terrorist attack on New York & Washington DC. It was and is a horrible day in American history. As we have not forgotten the Alamo or Pearl Harbor, we will not forget this day as well. Nor should we. America stands for freedom all over the world. And we will not let this deter us from keeping that freedon or protecting our freedom from evildoers such as terrorists. They MUST be stopped, permanently. God Bless America, land that we love, stand beside her and guide her! We all are America!
John & Christina Victor , Sunnyvale, Ca [09-19-2001]

Just browsing this site is great. It just proves that a person is never too old to learn
Rodney L. , 60 raised in Waverly N.Y. [09-19-2001]

Leslie Bintliff , Roseburg Oregon [09-19-2001]

God can Bless America if we take the time to listen, & bend our knee in prayer..
Sam Ray , Kent WA [09-19-2001]

Was sent a link to your site from a friend..... Will be a regular visitor.....
Vin Burdziuk , Hanson, Massachusetts [09-19-2001]

Thank you. God Bless America!
Patty Hart [09-19-2001]

Thank you for this wonderful site. America is truly the greatest country. I pray that the expressions of caring, concern and the invaluable unity continues. We are now truly united and together we can and will stand strong and ultimately prosper.
Teresa-Anne Lucas , Willingboro, NJ [09-19-2001]

Antonio Sarabia Lopez , Escondido California [09-19-2001]

Ric Vann [09-19-2001]

God Bless America and be with the victoms families Give them strength to go on an do your work for the Bible is being fullfilled, We love our Country and our Lord!!!!
Johnnie McNew , Texas [09-19-2001]

Donald Burrows , I am 76yrs old and live in Longview Wash. [09-19-2001]

Douglas J. Boyster [09-18-2001]

I would like to give my sympathy to all those who have lost a loved one or are still waiting for that phone call. This was such a travisty! I still can't believe it...i try not to keep listening to it, but i can't seem to stop listening to what is going on. Good luck & God bless all the voluteer fire fighters, police, etc...& i would like to say that this is a great site! very imformative! I am PROUD to be an AMERICAN! as everyone in this country should be! Good luck & God Bless All!!! oh & Nuke em'!
Deb Henning [09-18-2001]

Great Sight. A great place to see our history and what we stand for. Keep up the good work and may GOD BLESS AMERICA
Paul S. Dovie Jr. , New Orleans. La. [09-18-2001]

As I came across this web site, and read some articles I really felt depressed about our country considering our current situation.
Cedric N. Miller , 60, LaVergne, TN [09-18-2001]

I just want to reflect on the events that happened on Sept. 11th, 2001: United we are, and we will prevail... America is the greatest nation on earth. Justice will prevail and evil WILL be defeated. God Bless America ! God Bless our brothers and sisters who were murdered.......
Ray. Stewart ... US Army Veteran , Proud American [09-18-2001]

I set and watched in horror like everone did on 9-11 as our country was being terrorized. My prayers, heart, and soul, go out to all the victims and there families of those lost or missing and thank God for the rescuers.Now is the time we all need to unite and get back to what this country was founded on, GOD and Jesus Christ. MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!
Bonnie Exley , Kennerdell PA [09-18-2001]

Love the sight. We have a 13 star flag that I believe was raised at the Battle of Yorktown. We have had it analyzed at two different textile laboratories, where it has gone through extensive testing and analysis. Nothing is to refute it being an 18th century flag. It was repaired around the mid 19th century, this being found in the type of thread used in repairing the tattered corners and ends. It was used in a presidential campaign in 1868. The names Seymour and Blair were stitched on but have been removed. The studies found the outline of these names where the thread had been removed. I have my thoughts on its beginnings but things are hard to document. There are timetables, people, circumstances and places that all coincide but its hard to prove it. Any kind of suggestion or thought of advise would be greatly appreciated. One thing is for sure, we have a flag and its possible that it can be very important to this country but its a shame we don't know. John Spak , Historical Uniontown Pa September 17, 2001
John Spak , Uniontown Pa [09-18-2001]

HOWARD BOLLINGER , baltimore,maryland [09-18-2001]

i am proud to be american .i have a son in the coast guard he has been in for 26 years .my husband was in the army.
shirley l. nuzzolo , bedford,mass [09-18-2001]

Great sight. It's about time Americans came together and started taking pride in our country and our flag again. I just wish it didn't take such a terrible event to make it happen. Keep up the good work. GOD BLESS THE USA!!!
Mike , Atlantic City, NJ [09-17-2001]

Flag rules and regulations greatly appreciated.
Bill Stewart , age 75 lufkin, texas [09-17-2001]

Julie Bonfiglio-Zinsley , Staten Island, NY [09-17-2001]

Through my mothers side of the family Bogue, came to the U.S. 1680. Would like to become SAR through the Bogue family whos 2nd or 3rd generation fought in the american revolution.
Daniel G Gerber , 49 years old. littleton co 80127 father Roy [09-17-2001]

Very informative site. I learned a lot about our country's history. This is a great way to come together and realize how strong our country is in such a sad time.
Eileen , Sacramento, CA [09-17-2001]

This is the first time viewing this web page. There is so much information. It's great! Although flags may be scarce or on backorder, that does not stop us from showing our American spirit, patriotism and pride. We must unite and show that we are One Nation Under God during these rough times. Like the song says "I am proud to be an American, where at least I know I am FREE". Remember those that came before us, are here and will come in the future that fought and will fight for our Freedom. Give thanks of who you are and what a special gift God has given you. Enjoy what has been given. God Bless America!!!!! p.s. Remember that not all are terrorists. The terrorists have chosen to do evil while others have fled from it.
Nancy Barajas , Rosemead, CA [09-17-2001]

i am so happy to be a usa america . i am so hurt what happen to our country, and i pray to god that they get these bad terroist that hit our country, i will support my contry and god bless america i will pray for our loss .and the love of our love one........
genara rivera [09-17-2001]

God Bless America. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of grief.
Dara Panthakee , Toronto, Canada [09-17-2001]

God bless america and to all the men and women that lost their lives in this tragedy. we are so sorry. our prayers are with you and your families
frances orlando and diana smith , broolyn new york [09-17-2001]

John Ney , 38yrs old from Ellendale DE [09-17-2001]

killian , none [09-17-2001]

I was born in germany during world war 2, have been in America since 1957 and I am proud to be an American Citizen.God Bless America & our President.
Rita Ackerman , Livermore,Ca. [09-17-2001]

Evelyn , 19/ I'm american but actually i'm living in Colombia [09-17-2001]

I Live in Brazil. When I saw the images on TV, I became surprised. First I thought it was a movie. When I realized how insane was that people who hijacked the planes and murdered all those innocent people I became really angry. I put my american flag at the window because I love and admire american people and I agree that this kind of acts must be totally put out of this world. Love from Brazil Maria Ester Rosa
Maria Ester Rosa , São Paulo/Brazil [09-17-2001]

This is a very nice site. I am surprised that I haven't seen it before. Keep up the nice work Proud to be an American!
Suzanne Welch , Rochester, New York [09-17-2001]

Stefanie Calloway , Lilburn, Georgia [09-17-2001]

US Flag is displayed in my office and home even though the Mexican Flag is displayed right next but not above the US Flag, after all I work and reside in the USA. My sympathy to those families that suffered loses and my prayers join others for all souls who are in Heaven.
Estella Martinez , born March28,1952 in Monterrey, NL Mexico [09-17-2001]

Wow this site is so fantastic the information can be used in classrooms everywhere
Kyrby Guilmette , 41 Manchester CT 06040-2013 [09-17-2001]

This is a wonderful website, iwould urge all americans to visit this great site, i feel bad for the americans that do not have a computer or Web TV, I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. "GOD BLESS AMERICA" THANK YOU VERY MUCH, JOHN RICHARDS.
John Richards , Clifton Park New York [09-17-2001]

I miss Edgar Allen Poe's Elementary School.
Mitch W. Rumbley [09-17-2001]

Im a New Zealander and I always want to visit America because I love your country but things never worked out. I hope one day I will be visiting. My boss is an American and she's a lovely person. However, God bless America and I wish all Americans good will and huge success, keep smiling and be happy. America's number 1 country in this universe. Soifua
Lesina Wang , 44 yrs of age, Auckland, New Zealand [09-17-2001]

This is a GREAT site...Thank you...
Kay A. Melochick , Whitehall, PA 18052 [09-17-2001]

What a neat site. After the tragedy in NY and Washington, it is nice to go to a site that tells us things we may have forgotten! Thanks...
Sheri , Hazel Green, Wi [09-17-2001]

my thoughts go with you and the american people at this sad time.
PETER MOORE , town crier to the mayor of london. [09-17-2001]

Your website is very nice. God bless america the beautiful.
Christine Hairston , 49, Trenton, NJ [09-17-2001]

Look to buy a flag for home.WE all should have one especially now. Because of what happen in a N.Y.IT time too stand together!!NOW!!
walter hoyt , age62 256 crysyal run road middletown 10941 [09-17-2001]

I wanted to get a flag to put up outside with my own money but can't find any thank you for the ones to print. I am very sad for the kids in New York and Washington, D.C. who don't have parents anymore. I hope nothing else bad happens.
Morgan , 9, Kentucky [09-17-2001]

God Bless Our Country as it Goes to War!!
amy scott , dallas,tx [09-17-2001]

Lexys [09-17-2001]

I love your suite. It was a great place to get the great imforation that we needed. Thank you
Nina Brown [09-17-2001]

Collin [09-17-2001]

I just want to say that I am very proud to be an american,and I support the great USA very highly. I love the USA.I think that all Americans should stand as one and do what we should do to keep from what happened to our great nation 9-11-01 from happening again. Thank you very such a great web page I have really enjoyed looking at it. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Pray for all. God will take care of us if only we let in.
Kimberly Arnette , Granite Falls, N.C, [09-17-2001]

It is my first time in this web page and this is very interesting, thank you very much :-)
María [09-17-2001]

god bless america, i am proud to say i am a american.
THERESA ANN KELLER FALLEN , age42 phila pa [09-16-2001]

franchesca , 15,ponchatoula, la [09-16-2001]

Two thumbs up for this web site it's great to see such a great site for true blue Americans like myself ! GOD BLESS AMERICA
Richard Dasilva , 29 years, Danbury, Connecticut, 06810 [09-16-2001]

Chas Wirth , 13, Hurley,SD [09-16-2001]

WHERE ARE ALL THE FLAGS. Of course there are none available to purchase. I beleieve that in view of the National Tragedy, the potential economic downturn,==I urge american to buy, keep spending and to start with buying our country's flag. I am so very thankful for your site. The citizens of the country need to not just speak of their solidarity and love for each other and this country but show it. I was not able to obtain a Flag to display. I have printed one from the Betsy Ross Site and have it on display. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND GROUP. GOD BLESS AMERICA.
Sherrye Duke , Houston,Texas [09-16-2001]

At a time when it is so difficult to find a flag, it is a great comfort to know there are sites availabe like this to help. Thankyou and GOD BLESS.
Richard P. Hussar , 26 year old from Rochester , NY [09-16-2001]

Chris [09-16-2001]

Most interesting and informative. I will make sure others know of the site. Enjoyed making the 5 pointed star as Betsy had done to convince Washington.
Henry E. (Bud) Manzler , 62 years old, San Jose, Ca [09-16-2001]

Good site. I came to find info on Ben Franklin. I didn't find what I was looking for but I did find lots of good stuff. Thanks.
Aaron Anderson , Salt Lake City, Utah [09-16-2001]

Keep United, America!
Thomas Patrick Kemmett , http://home.earthlink.net/~erieone/ [09-16-2001]

At this time in our country, we as Americans need to stand together as one, stop all the fighting among each other, there are enough people out there in this world that are more than willing to bring us down.
Carol Thomas , Wife,Mother,American [09-16-2001]

Gents;--- Why not consider minting an official commemorative Gold&Silver coin set to commemorate the WORLD TRADE CENTER attack.These could become a source for future funding of our governments war against terrorism,as well as a token of the spirit of our country,that people could hold on to.I believe that such an entity would help provide a much needed spirit of solidarity now in our time of trial.Further,I believe that it is time to return to our WW2 financial instrument the "WAR BONDS".I will be your first customer for both the coin sets and the bonds.
George Wright , Fort Wayne,Ind. 46809 Veteran US Navy, 69 yrs of age [09-16-2001]

Thank you,,for this sight,,I am using the flag as my wallpaper,,Good Bless America,,Please pray that the war will be short and there will be few casualties on our end.
jeri , California USA [09-16-2001]

Angelica Acosta , female,19. Hispanic. History Major. [09-16-2001]

I am a volunteer at Independence National Historical park. I have just started giving tours at the Todd House. I am expected to research and write my own tour. Your virtual tour of the sight was very helpful.
Laura , Philadelphia [09-16-2001]

We need more sites like this one.
Tina Marie Moscato , 79 Cosey Beach Ave. East Haven, Ct 06512 [09-16-2001]

History does repeat itself. Let's not forget that this time.
Barry S. Hillborn, Jr. [09-16-2001]

Dionicio Pais, III [09-16-2001]

very good and useful site. I found it to be helpfull in my search for strength since the attack on the USA
MichelleWright [09-15-2001]

Great site found everything I was looking for and it was easy for me to print out
Catherine Garrett , Arkansas [09-15-2001]

just checking out your beautiful website after this tragedy!
EVELYN M. PETERSON , california [09-15-2001]

Thanks so much for having a wonderful printable flag on your website, It's the best one I have found. I have printed enough copies for the family to disply in our cars. GOD BLESS AMERICA!
mark marzigliano , nj [09-15-2001]

Grateful for your information. I am a decendant of American Revolutionary Patriots from both my fathers and mothers lines. I am interested in what you have to say.
Anita Kaylor Kilbourne [09-15-2001]

my heart and soul goes out to the familes who lost there loved ones. They are now in Gods hands and will be taken care of. In my heart as well as others they will never be 4gotten.
eliza , 12 houston,Tx [09-15-2001]

I wanted a picture of the GREAT US FLAG and found it here THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Sodergren , Michigan [09-15-2001]

I like the old dolls becaese they had a littel bet of magic on it.
Kaitlyn Koehn , age:7 halsted ks 2ed grade [09-15-2001]

I think this is a wonderful website. Very historical and informative. Have your children view this site!
Carmen Stallworth , Germantown Philadelphia native [09-13-2001]

Thank you for this wonderful website. With our country in such turmoil I found some comfort in simply reading the things you provided. God bless America!
Jeanette Conger , Quitman, Texas [09-13-2001]

I would like to show you my deepest compassion for those who suffered from the malicious terrorist attacks that have struck the US. I sincerely hope that you, your family, friends and colleagues remained unharmed. May God be with all those that have lost their lives and with those that lost their dearest. I wish the U.S. and its NATO partners all the best in bringing justice to these terrorists and in the fight for freedom, democracy and peace. May New York resurrect stronger than ever before like Rotterdam did after the bombardment by Nazi's in May 1940. Marcus Rolloos Ascus inc.
Marcus Rolloos , Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Europe [09-13-2001]

The horrifying attack on the US on Tuesday 11th of September 2001 is an event that will go down in history together with tragedies such as Pearl Harbour, Titanic etc. This attack shocked the world and to everyone in America I'd like you to know that there are people from all corners of the world who mourn your loss and tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
coenraad kotze , 24,Cape Town , South Africa [09-13-2001]

I am so very glad to see this site, and cannot thank you enough for making this knowledge available. It's high time the citizens of this country had good reason to stand up with pride for what this nation stands for. Moreover, I feel that it's imperitive we rise to fight this criminal and evil element with a resolve and steadfastness tempered with hearty sense of righteous vengeance. I only pray that our leaders have the fortitude to do what must be done in order to make, not only our great nation safe, but all nations that claim to honor justice!
Matt DiPalma , USMC (Ret) [09-13-2001]

great sight!
Diana G. Adelman , San Antonio, TX [09-13-2001]

It was fitting that I search for the words of the Star Spangled banner. I have copied them and sent them out to all I know to remind them to fly their flags high at this time of great sadness in our nation. May the red white and blue fly high!
Venita Carlson , Yorba Linda, California [09-12-2001]

This is a great website!
Abby Johnson , ten years old [09-12-2001]

I don't have a modern flag to fly, but I'm wearing a WWII sweartheart flag pin so that everyone that comes into our museum today will see it and know that I support the ideals that our country stands for: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. God Bless us all through our current adversity, and let the world be warned "That the Sleeper has Awakened" and is looking for Justice!
Penny DiPalma , Florida [09-12-2001]

I moved to South Philadelphia on March 10, 2001, i moved there to be with my fiance. i loved philadelphia so much that i could never think of liveing in any other place.
Crystal VanDerVeen , age 20, born and raised in plainwell Michigan [09-11-2001]

I think this site is a great site to be used by all kids interested in what our great heritage is!!!
Leroy Christiansen [09-11-2001]

I am glad for this site to be able to educate all our members of U.S. Flag etiquette. During this time, this day of a deadly terrorist attack on New York and the Pentagon, I want fellow veterans to know the correct way to show honor to our country and the proper way to display our Flag. Thanks you.
Mr. Warren J Davis, Jr, SFC U.S. Army (Retired) , Age 62, Hayes, Virginia. Past Commander VFW Post 8252 (1990-2000) [09-11-2001]

Katie Fialon [09-11-2001]

would like infomation on Whilt & Yost Family Bible Publishers And General Book Binders 805Market Street, Above Eight St. as publishers of my family bible. No date is given and I would like to know when this Company operated, to help determine time of publication. Thank You, Thelma Roberts
Thelma Roberts , Fe 64 alabama [09-11-2001]

um...i like the site. it helped me a lot with school.
Deana [09-11-2001]

this is a great sexy site
jeanne cain , 14 manitowoc wisconsin [09-11-2001]

Nicole Free [09-11-2001]

wow..awesome page dude
Tiff , krystal curry, sweety__pie__18@hotmail.com says she loves your site too, we're both 15 and from manitowoc wi.. [09-11-2001]

Hello I am Mark. I like your site. Keep up the good work. I also have a web site at http://www.tshirtterritory.com. Thank you. T Shirt Territory
Mark [09-11-2001]

I am so excited to have found this site and can't wait to tell my sister about it. I met her today to share a book from Lower Merion, the area where my mother grew up.
Mary Lee Bradley , I am 65 and a great-granddaughter of a member of the Carpenters Hall [09-11-2001]

i was jus bored and decided to look around on web sites!
Lindsi , 15 [09-11-2001]

Whew,just found this home page,what a lot of history can be found here. I could stay on for hours,thanks
Emily Schluge , 75yrs.old,Stroud OK. [09-11-2001]

Michael A.Flemmings [09-11-2001]

I just happened to find your site. A great site but at least one major historic fact is missing. The fact that the present city of Philadelphia was established on farmland owned by Swedish/Finnish settlers who came here during the period 1638-1655 when the area was a Swedish Colony. Learn more at The American Swedish Historical Museum or at the http://members.aol.com/sakerthing/sr-00.htm
Leif Biderman [09-11-2001]

I am supposed to put myself on the "Philadelphia Gazette" staff and write an article on the ratification of Declaration of Independence. Was there actually a newspaper with this name? Is it possible to get some history on the paper?
Jacob Penolio , researching, July 5,1776 Philadelphia Gazette articles on Declaration of Independence ratification [09-11-2001]

i love ushistory.org it is so coll
jamie c dougherty , im14/ phila/ pa / 19154 [09-11-2001]

Lila Bennett [09-11-2001]

I moved to South Philadelphia on March 10, 2001, i moved there to be with my fiance. i loved philadelphia so much that i could never think of liveing in any other place.
Crystal VanDerVeen , age 20, born and raised in plainwell Michigan [09-11-2001]

I love history. I am currently reading John Adams. My father's name was also John Adams. It has awakened many interests!
Christine Marla Adams Coons , Born in Paterson NJ 1946 [09-11-2001]

I think this site is a great site to be used by all kids interested in what our great heritage is!!!
Leroy Christiansen [09-11-2001]

Laura A. Welty , Johnson City, TN [09-11-2001]

I love this site it has helped me on a project in science I thought that I would never find the right stuff but I did thanks..... ConChetta Smith
ConChetta Smith , age 13, City - Columbus, GA [09-11-2001]

Great site!! Everyone should visit.
John J. Conti , Hopewell, NJ [09-11-2001]

Richard Parrish , Limerick, PA [09-11-2001]

Chance , kingwood texas [09-11-2001]

Jennifer Scholl , 14 yrs. old; French Lick; IN [09-11-2001]

Very nice webpage. I am seeking information on the Springer Primary Grammar School - circa 1882. My great grandfather attended the school at this time and we have a Meritorious School of the Week Certificate from this school.
Betty Clavier , Born in Camden, N.J.-now living in Louisiana [09-11-2001]

It is very unfortunate that we don't know more about our history and the commitments of our ancestors.
Fred Nobrega , First generation American [09-11-2001]

The history of the United States of America is so amazing and wonderful I don't know how we ever wanted to chnge so much. Keep America FREE and clean. Ilove the USA!!!
Whitney Shalyn Lewis , 11yrs Springfield, OR [09-11-2001]

Great site! Having toured almost all of Philly's historical site, its great to check up and learn of the many places around our Country that are so vital to our Nation's history and development.
Bill Malizia , 44, Philadelphia,Pa [09-11-2001]

Interested in genealogy of Jefferys family
Jim Jefferys , Live in South Florida, BS degree FAU '70 age56 [09-11-2001]

Bigotry is the result of a closed mind and a closed heart. One that fears that which it doesn't understand. The only way to eliminate fear of the unknown is to communicate; open not only your mind and mouth but especially you ears and your heart.
Louise A. Young , I am 69 years old, live in Hamptonville, NC and teach English to Hispanic students [09-11-2001]

What an amazing letter. To think Columbus thought the headhunters monsters. What was he thinking of besides filling his pockets and swelling his head?
carol goeke , age, 48- Magalia, CA. Student at Butte College [09-11-2001]

Found your Phila. old names valuable in reading the Phila., a 300 year history. However, I wish I also had a map showing the areas under each name. Thanks for your nice site. Norm Mikalac
Norman Mikalac [09-11-2001]

JOSE M TELLERIA [09-11-2001]

I live This Web Site
Rachel Herhold , I Am 10 Turning 11 November 5 I Live In Richardson Texas [09-11-2001]

i have always love things about history.so to able to have this site,is something wounderful to me thank you mary lamontagne
mary lamontagne , i love in waterbury,ct and i am in my fifthys [09-11-2001]

Born and raised in Philadelphia, and found this "virtual tour" of my old home town a real thing of beauty, and a valuable lerning experience. Never knew there was a "second copy" of the Liberty Bell (knew about the re-casting of the original). All in all a wonderful job!
Bruce Harrison , age 61, Hyattsville MD [09-11-2001]

Hermon Fagley [09-11-2001]

This website should help me this simester history1 school
bernice bennett , 55yrs/niceville/FL. [09-11-2001]

This is a wonderful site. You have just added another week to my vacation. My husband and I are history buffs and headed to NY, VT, NH, ME, MA and now PA. I wanted to see Valley Forge and now I'm also headed to Philly.
Barbara O'Neal , Fountain Hills, AZ [09-11-2001]

I am trying to locate a venue to sell some old story books that were used in classrooms in the 40's 50's and 60's Nicedomus books by Inez Hogan can you help thanks bjn
barbara napoleon [09-11-2001]

In respect to space, please follow our link, and SAVE JOCKEY HOLLOW! America's FIRST National Historical Park! http://npcaaction.ctsg.com/index.asp?step=2&item=548
warren bobrow , Jockey Hollow Resident [09-11-2001]

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