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Guest Book Archives: Jan-Aug 2001

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I was born and raised in Philadelphia. It is a one of a kind city in perhaps the most beautiful state. My home was 1/2 block from Fairmount Park where I would spend most of my days exploring and playing. What a beautiful place to grow up in. I have visited most historic places in and around Philadelphia.
Eugene D'Alessandro , Phila pa 19128 age 62 [08-30-2001]

Is there a Father Joseph McLoone attached to Philadelphia Cathedral. I think I am related to him.
desmond mchugh , aged 59, from belfast,northern ireland [08-29-2001]

I teach US History to 8th graders and I am always looking for new sites for them to study. This is one of the better ones that I have found. I'm sure we will all be spending time here.
Elizabeth Lynn , Texas [08-29-2001]

I think this is agreat website very educational thanks
robbie justesen , iam 33 live washington state [08-29-2001]

its great
diego [08-29-2001]

I am impressed with your most interesting site! Keep up the good work.
Wanda Wallace , Plainview, Texas [08-29-2001]

Frank Palminteri [08-29-2001]

looking for any of the guys i served with
dan haggerty , 52yrs.old - served with 361st sig bt. in an khe, cam rahn, can tho, and long Xuen, Vietnam 68,69,70,71, and 72 [08-29-2001]

Easy way to get quick answers on people in history
Tom Drew , attending the US Navy War College in Newport, RI [08-29-2001]

This site helps me with my homework and learning more history.
RyanTuemler , Age: 13 Home: Bellevue Kentucky [08-29-2001]

danielle dwyer , 15 and i love to go out and party with my frends any one want to email me?/???? [08-29-2001]

i love history it is so coll
jamie c dougherty , im 14 years ould philadelphia 19154 [08-29-2001]

Just found your site while searching Yahoo! and am fascinated by it, especially being a native Pennsylvanian. I am a U.S. history buff (especially of the events that led to the revolution through the creation of the U.S. Constitution. I often refer to Catherine Drinker Bowen's "Miracle at Philadelphia" to put the events of those days in proper perspective. I could go on and on, but I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your page. Gary Spiegel Lewisburg PA 17837
Gary Spiegel , 59 y. o. Lewisburg, PA [08-29-2001]

Bill Ellis , 29,Tyler, Tx. [08-29-2001]

marcus okafor [08-29-2001]

I am a children's librarian, and we always have children needing homework help. Your website is one of the best, if not the best, resources I have ever seen. Thank you for making my job a little easier.
Tamara Kraus , North Carolina [08-29-2001]

Philadelphia is a great city. There is always something to do. I love when i get to come back home and see all of my friends again and we go out for pretzels and cheesesteaks.
Lisa Parker , born and raised in philly but i am now in altus oklahoma in the air force [08-23-2001]

Although I'm unable to establish a firm connection I believe I am a distant relative of an early occupant of the POWEL house in your city.I am still working on the ancestral link.
Ben Franklin POWEL , b 26Dec1931,Memphis,TN Reside China Grove,NC [08-23-2001]

Now that I live near these historic sites, I'm very sorry that I didn't pay more attention during my history classes in school. Now I'd like to know more about the historic battles that were fought in this area. Like the Paoli Massacre, life at Valley Forge for Gen. Washington's troops, The Battle of Brandywine, etc. I will pay attention this time. Danny
Danny Marano , I'm 80 years young, & live near Paoli Pa. & Malvern Pa. [08-22-2001]

Great Reading,should be required of all American School children
James F. Keating , 54,Marblehead,MA,01945 [08-22-2001]

thank you for maintaining this website. it seves well as a splendid referrence for homework etc.
kaytee [08-22-2001]

My brother and neices are in from San Diego, Ca. This was a great site to find places to take them in Philadelphia.
Janet Johnson [08-22-2001]

gman [08-22-2001]

I love this website it really educate people and you can find out other information to suceed.
Michaela Humphrey , 17 years old, Anderson, SC [08-22-2001]

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to your site and look forward to many more. My father was from Philadelphia and I lived there awhile during the 1950's. Many of the sites mentioned bring back wonderful memories. Now I need to find out some information about my father's family who lived in the city. My father was born in 1892 and both his parents came from Ireland. His father, Joseph James Cannon, was a pub owner and had a pub at Second and Lombard. He was a friend of Jack Johnson, the prizefighter, who used to train behind my grandfather's pub. I know that I must go back to Philadelphia to learn more about my roots, and am looking forward to it. Please contact me if you are interested. Christine
Christine Soper [08-22-2001]

my e-mail is fake This is good. I haven't looked deeply into this website, but I hope to find some facts for my sheet. I should have finished by now, but I got extremely distracted....
Bor... [08-19-2001]

Just found the site today. Hope people learn from past mistakes so they don't make the same ones again. This Country was founded by people fleeing tyranny. Lets hope we don't perpetuate that type of government here by ignoring the past.
Richard B. Weatherby , Canton, GA [08-19-2001]

Thia is such a wonderful site! I grew up in Philly, and now teach in Denver, CO. This was a wonderful tool to teach about Philadlephia to my students!!
Ilana Waldman [08-19-2001]

Greg Vincent , 38 Years old, Brand new History teacher (8th grade) [08-19-2001]

An exquisite one and wanna visit it more and more for further usefull info.
AWAIS KAMAL , i am 22 and belong to Pakistan.Wanna visit this place for further studies [08-17-2001]

Erin Kindl [08-17-2001]

My grandfather was the chief rigger on the erection of the statue of William Penn atop City Hall. On or about August 5th 1896 he was killed due to the scaffolding giving way. I have searched every way I know to find more information on the accident, but thus far to no avail. Is there someone who could point me in a better direction? Thank you, Claire Cockrell
Claire Cockrell [08-17-2001]

this quite a good site. I love it.
basil [08-17-2001]

I still consider Philadelphia the third largest city in the U.S. It`s borders have not changed since the early part of the century.I was born and lived in "Philly" for 42 years.Love it!!
joe weierbach , Hoosick Falls NY. [08-17-2001]

This gives me a good idea of what to visit when I get there. Thanks.
Suzie Giles [08-17-2001]

Krsna Tibbs , 27, louisville, KY [08-17-2001]

Execellent AME material from the internet.
Rev. Alice Hubbard Crenshaw , Ne worleans, La. [08-13-2001]

Born and raised at 4th and Berks, husband at 4th and York. I went to Phila.Girls High, he went to NE. My father's family tied in to St. Mike's at 2nd and Master my husband's tied into St. Mark's EV.Ref 5th and Colubia. Been trying to find info on father's side of family-Mullen. and Husband's father Emery.
JoAnn Emery , live in Ottawa, Ontario,Canada [08-12-2001]

Yasmine Dominique [08-12-2001]

My ancestors were Quakers who settled in Philadelphia. Joseph Saunders migrated there from England in 1732. He was a prosperous merchant and was the first clerk of the Philadelphia Contributionship Company founded by Benjamin Franklin and others in the 1750s. I am interested to learn more about him and if possible if there is a burial site still in existance.
Robert B. Saunders , Age 60. Sydney Australia [08-12-2001]

Jack Fay , 59 ,Ronan Montana [08-12-2001]

Amber Ferrandino , my age is 10 my city is Troy NewYork. message: My great grandfather was a fighter in WORLD WAR 2. He was born in 1912 when the tiatinic left. I think he fought in the Korean War. I am half Italin and Ireish. [08-09-2001]

April&Jeffrey Reynolds , message: This is such an amazing website. My husband and I visit it all the time. There is always something diffrent to see and do. If you don't already love history, you will after you visit just once. Thank you for creating this website for history nuts like me!!! [08-09-2001]

twiggy , message: I just wish there was more genealogy on the web for people ro share. [08-09-2001]

Whitney , message: [08-09-2001]

just found out about this site today and I'm so glad you're hear.I love this country and its history.will be telling many others about you. Proud to be an American!
Jennifer Blevins , Shelby,Ohio,40 , loves this country [08-06-2001]

I have recently researched my mother's family, the Brown(e) family. I have come upon an incredible find...my ancestor, Peter Browne, was one of the original passengers of the Mayflower in 1620, and also signed the Mayflower Compact. I have always been interested in geneology and it wasn't until recently I have come upon this great discovery. It it truly wonderful!
Cynthia Serrin-Brandel , Saginaw, MI. [08-06-2001]

I think this a good site and useful.
christina her [08-06-2001]

In l953 I worked as a Consultant for the Port Authority of Philadalphia, to plan the Guest List for the Independance Celebration. The Guest all went to Betsy Ross House, The Liberty Bell, and a Fort. We had Zachery Scott, from Movie fame, reading exerpts from the Declaration of Independance.
Elizabeth (McDevitt) Russell , Philadelphia and Toronto [08-06-2001]

CHyanne Claer , 16 [08-06-2001]

i just love to read and find out things i want to know
edna peterson , i am from rich square nc [08-05-2001]

it is very cool that you are doiung this so that people can learn more about history and so that people can also learn about their forefathers too it's really nice that you do this and other people like it too
ciera , 14,springfield,female [08-03-2001]

nice website... been surfing coz i'd like to visit philadelphia hopefully on my next vacation this september and ur site is truly a comprehensive one. great!
Em , 36 years old from Manila, Philippines [08-01-2001]

Jim Jefferys [08-01-2001]

So is this going on the Guestbook
Jocelyn West , 13 Springfield [07-31-2001]

Latarsha Hammock-Roshell [07-30-2001]

Gregg and Candee Moss [07-29-2001]

I am interested in learning more about history. I have recently learned that knowledge of history and culture are an attribute that I don't have but would like to begin to gain.
Stephen C. Anderson , Black American Male [07-29-2001]

Our church also has a large collection of communion tokens. It dates back to 1775 and was built on the site of an earlier church. I am seeking info on a gt-gt-great uncle Jas.W.Drape who had a business in The Farmers Bank building in Pittsburgh in the late 1890s. He lived in Bellvue,district of Pittsburgh, was presbyterian but don't know which church he attended there.Any help gratefully accepted. Cheers!
Margaret Blair(neeDRAPE) , East Kilbride,Scotland [07-29-2001]

Going back through old records I have found the name EBDY listed, most of whom are now dead. This is avery unusual surname, I have tried to find out where this originated, can anyone help. I was born in London, and now live in Australia. I cannot find anything for this name or its origins. your web pages are very interesting and informative, I have spent many hours perusing regards Gill Ebdy
Gillian Ebdy [07-29-2001]

Lorena Joy Brown [07-27-2001]

I`m related to David Lynch who was an Uncle to Thomas Lynch Jr. one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
Joyce Long , 66 yrs. of age Greeenville, Ohio [07-27-2001]

I'm a homeschooler and I like the stuff you have here,It's fun.
Taylor Parker , age:12 City:Auburn [07-26-2001]

Love the sight. We have a 13 star flag that I believe was raised at the Battle of Yorktown. We have had it analyzed at two different textile laboratories, where it has gone through extensive testing and analysis. Nothing is to refute it being an 18th century flag. It was repaired around the mid 19th century, this being found in the type of thread used in repairing the tattered corners and ends. It was used in a presidential campaign in 1868. The names Seymour and Blair were stitched on but have been removed. The studies found the outline of these names where the thread had been removed. I have my thoughts on its beginnings but things are hard to document. There are timetables, people, circumstances and places that all coincide but its hard to prove it. Any kind of suggestion or thought of advise would be greatly appreciated. One thing is for sure, we have a flag and its possible that it can be very important to this country but its a shame we don't know.
John Spak , Historical Uniontown Pa [07-26-2001]

Would like to have details for a tour to show my children the country they were born (Junction City, Kansas) in and the country I was adopted into.
Lori A. Thompson-Doughty , 41, born Verdun, France, working Fort Dix, NJ [07-26-2001]

marilyn strawbridge bunch [07-26-2001]

great site very informative thanks for your hard work
patrick barry , live in new windsor,ny [07-26-2001]

Interesting and informative site! Thanks for your help!
Maire M. Kearney [07-26-2001]

I am excited to have found the Philadelphia pages and all you have added to them. Seems I was here some time ago but did not find too much...but now.wow..will take my time and carefully go over everything. Am reseaching one of the first jewelers of this city and an album that was kept with the signatures of personages. The Walnut St. Theater and Wheatley and Drews..Mrs. Siddons Harper..and on and on.... Thank you for this site.
Esther Barnett King , Decatur, AL,,,F,62, reseacher on old album [07-26-2001]

I want to know the history of the States. The anthom, an more... thanks
miguel casalins , 28, bogota - colombia, [07-26-2001]

Nice to live with history in your own home I have several books going back to 1627 (Rollands Ancient History for one.) However my most favored item is a silk banner, or rectangular pennant (if it is that) which is 125 years old, and counting. This eleven by two and a half inch flag is a commemorative piece which was used in the celebration of The United States of America. It has been in the family 'forever' and likely to remain so with it's portrait of George Washington. and the thirteen original states.
John Kulback , I'm in North West Florida. Originally from New Jersey. [07-23-2001]

My gt.gt.grandfather George Widdowson and family emigrated to Philadelphia early 20thC. He died there about 1920. How do I get information?
John E.Palin , uk [07-23-2001]

I'm Italian, but I LOVE United States Of America with all my heart. God save always U.S.A. The contents of this site is very interesting.
Luigi Procacci , 28, Rome (ITALY) [07-23-2001]

I love you site but, your choice of print style is very difficult to read.
Donna Jordan [07-19-2001]

Real great site! Thank you for letting me sign your Guestbook.
Claude Revelation [07-19-2001]

Our office discovered that about 6 of us around the same age all had our pictures taken on a Palamino Pony. He didn't take us for a ride, just our picture. Wish I could figure out how many pictures were taken and if it REALLY is the SAME HORSE.
Maureen DiEnna , Phila, PA AGE 53 [07-18-2001]

Arnold R. Lee [07-17-2001]

It's kewl (cool)!
Amie [07-17-2001]

This is a wonderful site.Thank you for the chance to bring people and families together.
Deborah Little(Carpenter,Van Riper,Stout,Talmadge,Little,Deane) , Long Island,New Jersey(1770-1933) [07-17-2001]

I have three young boys who I'm going to introduce to your site - it's great!
joan halstead [07-13-2001]

July 12,2001 I'm the sister-in-law of Charles Jones. I'm a member of Greater St. Stephen AME Church. I'm very active in my church and community. Your website is very nice. God Bless All Of You!
Barbara Pyos Jones , Georgetown, South Carolina 29440 [07-12-2001]

I Love teaching myself about the Polish Heritage because I don't really know a lot about my culture. We also are learning about different cultures in school and I will be teaching the camp about Poland. So now I know a little more about the Polish Heritage. Thank You! Monica Murjas
Monica Murjas , Jackson Heights [07-12-2001]

I grew up in the Philadelphia area, and now treasure teaching my daughter all about the East coast and its rich historic past. Thank you for making that job so much easier!!
Barbara Latham , Atlanta, Georgia [07-12-2001]

April DeVecchi [07-11-2001]

I love history.
Tweety Williams , 21,richmond [07-10-2001]

I will be in Philadelphia on business in a week and my wife and 16 year old daughter are going with me. We needed information about what to see and found everything on your web site. Thanks
Eugene Lafferty , 56 years old I live in Clarksburg WV [07-10-2001]

I LOVE your site!!!!!
Trena Farria , Philadelphia [07-10-2001]

I have always been interested in the history of our great USA.
Jean Gerardi , Orange Cty NY Apple, Onion, Dairy country [07-10-2001]

Kudo's. Excellent information for young and old. Grateful to historians. Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you. Being an American of Africian decent and AME who has visited Mother Bethel Church. Thank you for making this a historical fact.
Barbara Edwards Lee [07-10-2001]

Looking forward to visiting your city in August,2001. Enjoyed the website very much... There is quite a lot to see in Philadelphia, and the website made it very easy to plan our trip to your city and what to see.. The stories surrounding each place where very interesting and very informative... Thanks for the virtual tour...
Jean Mackey , Murphys, CA [07-10-2001]

I just enjoyed your website tremendously. And the one picture you have on your site. with Betsy Ross, George Washington, George Ross & Robert Morris....I bought at a Flea Market. I really love the picture but I am trying to find out where to get it appraised, do you have any suggestions.
Sherry , 40 yrs. old Oaklyn, NJ [07-10-2001]

Interested in the preservation of the ideas and ideals that formed our country.
Robert M. Kiser , Age: 77; born in Marion, Indiana now living in Odessa, Tx [07-10-2001]

this is one of the best sites i have ever come accross. Even if I was not comming you make it so easy and beautiful that I would change my mind and try to visit .Any other cities do you do. We travel for 4 months every year and I would like to know any other cities you do.
Linda Railey , if we give a donation when we visit if we can the parkshave a box [07-10-2001]

I love Philadelphia, and although I followed my career path to New York, I will never be a true NewYorker--I will never fight a subway door or push to the head of a line.
Beatrice R.W. Williams-Rude , Born in Philadelphia of a long line of Philadelphians; lived in Manhattan for all of my adult life. [07-10-2001]

Thanks for maintaining a very meaningful and necessary site. I can and will recommend it to all my friends.
Hosea L. Skinner , Age 73; Knoxville, TN [07-10-2001]

On the 225th anniversary of the retification of the Declaration of Independence, once again I am proud to have been born and educated in the City of Brotherly Love. Having been born in Germantown and later raised in Logan, all of Philadelphia is dear to me. Will be home soon to revisit.
Rita T. Stumpf-Ingmire , aged 55 years, Born in Philadelphia 1945 [07-05-2001]

Bethel's history is to be commended. Thank You W. Bartalette Finney Sr.
Reverend Dr. W. Bartalette Finney Sr. , Presiding Elder in the Fifth District [07-05-2001]

Actually I wanted to enter a bookstore in Germany in order to get information to organize a stay in Philadelphia. I don't need it any more!!! Thanks a lot for these well done websites. ... and I'll come in November to see everything live!
Antje Schulze , "Good Old Germany" [07-05-2001]

Was in Philly when USS New Jersey was leaving for Vietnam will be back again this july and finally get to see historic sites.
barbara frye , westland, mi age:50 [07-05-2001]

Thank you for all your hard work. I can now say I have been to PA. Janet
Janet Ariciu , to old to tell Ava, MO [07-05-2001]

How wonderful to bge able to print off the historic documents. They are as exciting to me today at age 63 as they were when I first saw them on the "Freedom Train" on its national tour in Flint, Michigan more than fifty years ago. We've become such a wealthy society (generally) with such an endless array of consumer goods, and seemingly endless arguments over non-essentials, that the philosophical foundations of this nation get lost. Thank you for providing this source of reminders of our foundation.
B.G. Bandler [07-05-2001]

Happy Birthday AMERICA...July 4, 2001 US Army 26 July 1966 to 1 Dec 1994
Joseph A. Schaake, LTC, USArmy (Retired) [07-05-2001]

Happy Birthday AMERICA...July 4, 2001
Joseph A. Schaake, LTC, USArmy (Retired) [07-05-2001]

Thank you for such a valuable resource! This is one of the best American history websites I have come across yet; it is very well-designed and full of interesting and important information. Every American should be aware of and take an interest in our nation's history.
Christine , Rochester, NY [07-05-2001]

i like your web site it is very nicely done job well done.
DAVID BROWN , baltimore city [07-05-2001]

Yes -- you do have a good website -- I found it informative and interesting. I have emailed ou all before -- I would like ot get in touch with any other people who are Betsy Ross's descendants. I have noticed that there is at least one other person who wants to do the same thing. How do I get in touch with them? Kate
kate weaver [07-05-2001]

I like this site and I think there should be a bit more exciting. And I am learning a lot more about Independence day,because I will be spending Independence day in Australia.
Sally Elizebeth Ann , I am ten years old and I love art. [07-03-2001]

i `ve been working on my family-tree for (4)yrs and i`m struck in va.where my ggfather is from i can`t seem no info beyond there. any suggest??? joe
joe jackson , i`m glad how i found out about your site in our newspaper [07-03-2001]

Look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones at the Connectional Lay Biennial, Jacksonville, Fla.
Phylis B. Horsley , Boston, MA. [07-03-2001]

Glad to be hear again. Praise God!
Wilberanne Wells [07-03-2001]

I am proud to be a member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church family(the Historic Charles St. A.M.E. Church, Boston, Ma)
Gail A. Berry [07-03-2001]

I't was a wonderful view of history i've never seen. Good job on all the poto's.
harry hossler , 33, phila, pa [07-03-2001]

Glenard A. Munson [07-03-2001]

Hules [07-03-2001]

I luv GUS.A
Lauren Close [07-01-2001]

Paul Caron , 49,2801 Wayne St., Erie, Pa. !6504 [07-01-2001]

may god bless this country since the last election
peggy billings , memphis tn [07-01-2001]

may god bless this country since the last election
peggy billings , memphis tn [07-01-2001]

We are planning to visit Philadelphia in August, and we are very pleased to view your web site, and all the information that yop have compiled to let us have some insight before we visit your great city! Thank you, Gary Robinson & Family
Gary Robinson [07-01-2001]

My interest in the proper display,history of,and full respect therof took me here.THANKS for your similar concerns.
JOE DE SIMONE , nature's coast-florida [07-01-2001]

I read the history of Betsy Ross. I never knew much about her, only the obvious fact that she sewed the first American flag, commissioned by George Washington. I am her 7th great grand daughter, descended from Susan Crane Ross. A friend of mine did the genealogy for me, so I could see the connection between she and I. I would like to know more about her -- is there a definitive book written about her and her Revolutionary War efforts? Also, I would like to correspond with anyone else who is a descendant of hers. I truly enjoy the Revolutionary War Period. . .
Kate Weaver , I live in Tallahassee, FL. [06-28-2001]

thanks for the site!
felix , duncan sc [06-28-2001]

David Lee Russell , Author of "The American Rev. in the Southern Colonies" [06-28-2001]

Want to portray Betsy Ross on a Fair Parade Float. Theme of the Fair Parage this year is "America the Beautiful". Need picture.
Donna N. Ferguson , Rockville IN 47872 [06-28-2001]

Great info
Lynda McBride [06-28-2001]

We homeschool 4 children ages 6, 8, 10 and 15. This site gives us interesting avenues to research on line and opens many areas to explore further in the local library. Thanks for the history lesson!!!
pattyellen , new jersey [06-28-2001]

I visited the bio of Commodore John Barry. It is the most complete biographical sketch on him that I have ever read. Thank you.
Ed Maloney , Louisville, Kentucky [06-28-2001]

I think your website is fantastic. It's motivating and exciting to read interesting historical sites. It's an excellent source of information. I plan to visit your website often. Thanks for the opportunity.
Joey Paulino , I am social studies teacher from Guam. I have been teaching for 17 years, and traveled to philladephia in early 1990s. I enjoyed my visit. We are planning on visiting philladephia's famous historical sites next year 2002 (April).We hope to see the liberty bell, Philladephia Hall, Ben Franklin's Post Office/Museum, etc. We are anticipating 45 students and 12 advisers. We need help in locating a nearby hotel and the closest airport in Philladephia. Will you help? [06-28-2001]

Just wanted to commend you on your web site, it is by far one the best on the Web. I will be a daily visitor. Please get the gift shop up and running...
James S. Earl [06-28-2001]

I acquired an antique piano and inside it is stamped/imprinted, James Bellack's Sons, Phila. PA. What can you tell me about this? Thanks in advance, Wendy Marlow
Wendy Marlow [06-28-2001]

My Wife and I are trying to find any organizations that she could join that are for Direct Descendants of Betsy Ross. My wife can prove through her family history, that Betsy Ross was her Great, Great Grandmother. Can you help?
Keith D. Rager , 43, Windber [06-28-2001]

It's great going back into time and getting a feel of what it was like when my ancestors lived in Philadelphia during the Rev. War.
Rose [06-28-2001]

This site helped me do my report. Thank you for the information. From,vic
vic , philadelphia [06-28-2001]

History Buff 1750-1816 Looking for Gifts, collectibles ect
Kent P. Baisley Sr [06-28-2001]

Allison Allsopp [06-28-2001]

I am searching for information Henry Clay Couey Ancesters
Jean Couey [06-28-2001]

How would I, or where can I go, to authenticate a 13 star American flag? It was given to us by a friend, who was in her nineties when she passed away. She told us her mother had given it to her when she was a little girl.
Romolo C. Iavarone , Mill Valley, Ca. 94941 [06-28-2001]

Jason Watt , 27 [06-28-2001]

I work with troubled teenagers and their families as a teacher to help get them back to school and succeed.
steven falk [06-28-2001]

I was trying to find out about Bufflo Bill Cody, For a family member, they are related to him they are trying to track down a few things about him? Please help me in serch of Bufflo Bill. Thanks for your time p.s. keep my name confdent please. sercerity reason... Please!!!!!!
Dusti Cooksy , 25 yrs, Cleburne Texas [06-28-2001]

I have often wondered if I was in some way related to him. would you have any idea how I coulld go about finding out. Thank-you
Marion T. Walsh nee Barry , I was born in Phila. 9 16 28 [06-20-2001]

Would like to hear from any of the gang that I hung out with on 8th and Tioga st. I miss Philly it was a great place to grow up in. It's been quite awhile since I've been back there. Still have family living there. Hope to hear from someone who remembers 8th & Tioga.
Dawn Calkins (nee Mason) , I am 56 and live in Beloit, Wi. [06-20-2001]

hello, did you see the falcon on top of the liberty bell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye!! bye!!
justin , 13,ephrata [06-20-2001]

I was just doing a project, thanks for the help it was really bonza.
Magan Cornwill , 13 female Australia Victoria [06-20-2001]

enjoyed reading your history of your church. i believe your minister, rev leath, was my minister when he went to college at yale along with his wife. she was my sunday school teacher.in new haven ct. it sure is good to know that they are striving and doing well through god's power if received pleas tell them i said hello and best wishes.
LEE PEAVY [06-20-2001]

Enjoy reading about us history leading up to the us consitution .I also enjoy reading about our founding fathers. recommend reading "the founding brothres" byellis
charles a. palminteri , florida(part time)and new york(part time).senior retired [06-20-2001]

Nice site, but a little too complicated for children.
Rebecca , age 7 [06-20-2001]

Looking for information on the old aquarium - the one under the water works at the art museum - any information or site would be appreciated.
Carol Morris , Winnipeg Canada (ex philly girl in Canada) [06-20-2001]

i loved refreshing my mind of pennsylvania: philadelphia, i should like more info on the city of pittsburgh. thank you
JEAN G. KIRKLAND [06-17-2001]

This site is cool, they help me for my final test in history, now I know that i going to pass. Thanks........ Bye
Diana Rodriguez , di_maroto@latinmail.com [06-17-2001]

Hello, Liked your site, thought l would just drop a line, l am the Town Crier of Huddersfield in the beautiful county of West Yorkshire in the UK, l am the first Town Crier here for over 235 years... Vic
Vic Watson, Huddersfield Town Crier , Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK [06-17-2001]

Hi, I just have seen some of your work, but i think it is quite very useful. Now i am writing a paper about the US constitution and the your founding fathers. Thanks Nguyen
Nguyen Canh Binh , 29 year old, living in Ha Noi, Vietnam. [06-14-2001]

Freeman , UNITE and govern yourself [06-14-2001]

I thought it was very educational.
Bradley Toms , I'm 12, Reading in England [06-14-2001]

what are the words to The National Anthom
sarah [06-14-2001]

I stumbled on this website as part of a research day for inservice. I really enjoy this site, and think that I will use it on a regular basis. I will us it for my students to do research as well. Keep up the good work.
Glenn Janek , Conroe, TX [06-13-2001]

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Irfan , no thanks [06-13-2001]

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Sadia Zoe Ali-Morris , Western Michigan University Student [06-13-2001]

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Creating a website with a one time use of the current US American Flag for the American Legion Post #368, Richardson. I am an Auxiliary Officer=2nd Vice President. Your website is very informative. Thank you.
donna miller , Richardson, TX 75081 [06-10-2001]

I am looking for the email address of Karen Doke Colson in Florida, guestbook entry dated 4/8/99. Like her, I am also a direct descendent of Jane Barry, sister of Commodore John Barry. Her daughter, Rebecca Butler, married a Willcox from PA and a portion of the family line eventually headed south for the precious longleaf pines to keep that PA paper mill going in Ivy Mills, PA. Here in the south we have stayed... and multiplied! I am in Georgia and there are at least 3 counties here full of Commordore Barry's nieces and nephews; just a few thousand of us now! (Dodge, Telfair, and Wilcox counties). I think we all know each other, too (our family reunions are huge). However, I am interested in Ms. Colson's Florida line. Hope you can help me in obtaining her email address from 1999. Thanks and hoping one day to make it to PA to visit all of "my historical sites". Lisa Hargrove Willett from Middle Georgia
Lisa Willett , Macon, GA [06-10-2001]

If you have the Faith GOD Has the Power!
Rev. Jerry A. James , Allen Chapel A.M.E.C. Thibodaux, LA [06-10-2001]

Even at my age it still make me feel good to see Old Glory flying in the breeze.
Robert P. McConnell Jr. , 60 Yrs. Retired US Army, Hephzibah, GA [06-10-2001]

julio del olmo [06-10-2001]

This has been an interesting site and I found it because I am trying to trace family who emigrated to the USA. I will come back and visit again to learn of the interesting places to visit when my daughter and I visit in the not too distant future.
Sue Jennings , 46 years old, South Wales, UK, searching for family [06-10-2001]

The London Bookshop of Philadelphia, visited by John Adams/ 1776. owned by John Sparhawk/ Sparrowhawk. who could be of my family
joseph sparrowhawk [06-10-2001]

I think this is a great site. It gives kids a chance to see and experience history without going there. Thanks for the trip!
Ashley Martin , Charleston, SC [06-10-2001]

thanks u got me an A+ on my john barry kelly report
MkN [06-10-2001]

Lindsay Kidder [06-06-2001]

You have a great site full of info. Am planning a trip to Philly. Would like to get a smaller synopsis that I could carry with me. Maybe a walking tour.
Bob homiak [06-06-2001]

jennifer westhoven [06-06-2001]

My ancestors had homes in Spring Gardens which I have the deeds for. Im the genecological holder of the Dilg family. They were there from 1836-? When I say I have the deeds, I mean the originals amongst other documents. Contact me if you would like copies.
Christopher Dilg , I was born at Chestnut Hill Hospital on 01-20-1967 and live in florida [06-06-2001]

Neat site!
Ana Pelayo [06-06-2001]

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terika stone , 11 richmond va a libaren [06-06-2001]

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Jack Bernard [06-06-2001]

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Karen Huttunen [06-06-2001]

My grandmother told me that we are direct decendants of Ethan Allen. It seems his daughter married a Berry. I would like to know more about any other decendants of Ethan Allen and the family tree! e-mail asaprsvp@hotmail.com
Emilie Roberts [06-02-2001]

I must say this site was enjoyable. I see now why my ancestors left this area in 1790's to travel north to Canada. I knew it was for health reasins but didn't realize the extent of the "Yellow Fever". Will return again.
Barbara Graham [06-02-2001]

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Nick , age 10 [06-02-2001]

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Sherry Wenhold , I'm 36 and i live in Ramona, CA. [06-02-2001]

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Great information site. I was trying to find out on what currency Martha Washington was pictured. I understand she is the only real woman to be pictured on US Currency. Thanks. Jim
Jim Polozeck , Age - 57. Denton, Tx. [06-02-2001]

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my grandfather was albert mckenna, his father was henry mckenna born nov 14, 1842. my grandmotherwas eliza isbell christensen. her father was theodore e christensen born dec 28,1845.
marvia g shearer , mapleton or [05-30-2001]

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I think that this should be a website for kids also
Melvin , I'm 9, I live in Lanham, MD [05-30-2001]

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I needed information on American symbols and found more that I hoped for at this site. Thanks for all your efforts!
Mrs. Beverly Jones , teacher in Fort Myers, FL [05-28-2001]

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What does the American Flag mean to you??
Andrew [05-28-2001]

We honor our veterns every Memorial Day and Veterns day at Mt. Zion Assembly of God church in Pine Grove, Ca. Next Memorial Day we plan to do the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We are looking for any information that is pertenint. This year we had a wonderful service honoring our servicemen that died for this wonderful country..We do this so that we can keep their memory and their sacrfice alive in the minds of our younger generation. Our local American Legion Post 108 is also very involved in making our services memorable.
John F. Karr [05-28-2001]

Used Betsy Ross site to make sure I understood flag rules for memorial day. Some said 1/2 staff, some full staff, and Betsy site says 1/2 till noon and then full. Sounds good to me.
Walter McKee , Spring, TX [05-28-2001]

My Daughter moved to Philly about eight months ago, So May 18, 2001, may husband and I have just returned from there. It was such a pleaser to see it in person, but I have to tell you this site is so great. The information you have is amazing. I was looking for something on Sansom St.and didn't find much, but I have learned so much I just want to thank you very much.
Audrie Cozart (Maiden Name Sansom) , Tempe, Arizona [05-28-2001]

Interested in facts about flag & its history. The other day I toured the Betsy Ross house and enjoyed it. However did not find out as much about the flag and I had hoped. Thanks just the same. B
Byron A Bastin , Retired......... [05-27-2001]

I really have enjoyed reading this history. I am also a Mason. My lodge is next to Mt Zion A.M.E. Church in Crestview Florida.
Gus Harris, Jr. , I am Baptist, but often attend Mt Zion A.M.E. Church in Crestview Florida [05-27-2001]

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Lenny , I am 11 years old. [05-25-2001]

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Olivia , I am from New York. I am 11 [05-24-2001]

I think that the United States has a better economy than Japan does.
Emily Morin , 13 [05-24-2001]

Looking forward to visiting again.
Peggy Tauriello , East Aurora, NY [05-24-2001]

your web site was cool but very long and boring i mean talk about history all day isnt the funist thing to do
Samantha , age10 ny [05-24-2001]

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I LOVE PHILADELPHIA.....My hometown. I moved away when I was 18 - but in my heart Philly is always HOME!
Maureen Monaghan Kennedy, Charlotte, NC [05-21-2001]

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I have enjoyed using your website. It is well organized, interesting and provides information that is interesting and useful in studying American History of these periods. Thank you for making it available to us,
Robert B. Craig, Age 72, Baton Rouge, LA, SAR member [05-21-2001]

Dean E. Cass, 60 years young; from York, Pennsylvania, Nations "First Capitol"! [05-21-2001]

I'm a huge history fan - especially Philadelphia history. It's great to be able to go online and get back in touch with home - its very comforting...I'm very interested in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars
W. Joshua Mellor, 28 yo U.S. Marine living in NC - born in Ft. Washington, PA [05-21-2001]

i came for facts for a report.
Heather Roux, Lewiston Maine [05-20-2001]

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Cadley Burns, 14 (15 in June), Baldwyn, MS, male, [05-19-2001]

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Jacky, Tea party [05-19-2001]

Planning a trip to Philadelphia with a guest from the Phillipines. Looking foward to the time we will spend in the City of Brotherly Love. My heart is always in this wonderful city. It holds a special place in my heart, mind, and soul.
Karl Frank, Southern NJ; Philadelphia at heart [05-18-2001]

There is lots of info, and its fun.
Jessica Brown [05-18-2001]

I would like to know why they didn't use the "stop drilling" fix for the Liberty Bell.
Amanda [05-18-2001]

Hi Arielle this is a cool web site but i couldnt find the person i was looking for (citizins)Arielle u know what i mean!! Bye Bye for now Love Chicky
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Sarah Hayes, age 11 Memphis , Tennessee , ballarina [05-18-2001]

Joe M. Fancler, b.2/3/1932---Live in Tipton, Mo. [05-18-2001]

brian [05-18-2001]

I'm looking for my fathers 1st two children with his first wife Joan Hanna Bly. One was a girl the othere a newborn boy around 1950 to 1953. They may have been born in Stoudburg, Pa. hospital. My father was not aware of the adoption and I think they should now this. I'm also looking for any Beehler's or related family. Any info is welcome. Thank you Elizabeth
elizabeth beehler, Looking for Marvin Mason Beehler's 2 children. [05-16-2001]

I arrived at this site while researching family history through the Google search engine. I have found both of my principal ancestors in the description of Byberry on your site. Both Daniel Walton, and Giles Knight are my ancestors. It was exciting to see both their names listed in the founding of this area. Thanks.
Linda Juchatz [05-16-2001]

i love you site
edidania, 13,new york,ny [05-16-2001]

Azalia Richer [05-16-2001]

I am told that I am related to Commodore John Barry, though I am not quite sure how. Is there any information anywhere about who his parents and brothers and sisters were? I am also looking for a portrait of him because I am told be bears a striking resemblence to my father's family. Thank you. Karen Barry Taft
Karen Taft, Sodus, NY [05-16-2001]

Your web site rocks.
Kristian [05-16-2001]

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I find four paage interesting. There are no inquiries about Benjamin Franklin and the liberty bell. friendly Michel Henry
Michel HENRY, Dijon, France [05-16-2001]

We are excited about visiting your city next week for 12 days (18th-30th) Our son & daughter-inlaw, and new granddaughter live in Philadelphia. Eric is graduating from the Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science on May 20. See you soon!
Bill & Jan Ray, Weaverville, CA [05-16-2001]

This web site is cool!
Jessica [05-14-2001]

As a transplanted Philadelphian, I'd just like to say that you have a great site. Keep up the good work.
peter kurtasz, arundel, maine [05-14-2001]

I Want to know the last 3 states to join the union before Alaksa?
Marisha Thevenin, 14, BUford, Georgia [05-14-2001]

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Carl, delran [05-14-2001]

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Good sight and I`m looking for Ranger Class 11/64. If there is anyony, give me a line
Harry C. Stewart [05-14-2001]

Thank You, a lot of nice info to help my tour during independence week. http://community-2.webtv.net/PhilDragonFly/DragonFlyDomain/
PhilDragonfly [05-11-2001]

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Very good information. Organized well. Great site.
Noah Shumate IV, 10 Years Old, Middletown, DE [05-11-2001]

Daely, age:16 [05-11-2001]

An elderly neighbor grew up in the Bridesburg/Frankford/Richmond areas and is interested in locating historical information on those areas. I've not been able to locate on the web. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Debra Willis [05-11-2001]

This is a great wonderful sight!
Lauren Bucholz/Alessandra Hirsch [05-11-2001]

I enjoyed your site. I did not the story of your church, the way I should. I am representing the great grandchildren of Rev. Moses Hopkins. We are tracing our roots and working toward a family reunion. We have relatives living in Phila. Would there be any Hopkins' members of your church? Would the name Charles L or George Hopkins mean anything to you? They were our cousins. Thank you for reading my mail. I.m sorry my note is long. Hopkinsb10@aol.com Thank you for letting write message.
b hopkins, great grandchild of and slave from MD and he was the minister of Mt Gilead AME [05-11-2001]

Matt Fortner, age: 11 Barberton, OH [05-11-2001]

um does ya got any infro-mation on da dude william prescott. i thunk he fought at bunker your hill.
Francesca Spagnola, 15, marion [05-11-2001]

This website is just what I need for Mrs. Luciani's social studies extra credit assignments!
Carolyn Willeford, age 11 [05-11-2001]

i think forth,and fith graders sould be learning a lot more about World History
Ashlee, I'm 10 and LOVE HISTORY [05-11-2001]

Emily [05-11-2001]

Aimee [05-11-2001]

I Love Philidelphia!!! Its the greatest city I have come across in my lifetime. The people are wonderful, the sights are beautiful, the food is great and the birds are friendly. Life doisn't get much better.
Amy Pearson, 17 yrs. old : Live in Emporium & Bark Shanty PA : Leaving for USAF in July 2001 [05-10-2001]

Julia [05-10-2001]

Amber Stauffer, 13, Lansing [05-10-2001]

this is afun website dude
jor845, im cool [05-10-2001]

Anybody know about a "Ghost Mountain" in Hellertown?
karlosi, cryptophychologist [05-10-2001]

Researching History so as to understanding my Christian values.
Diana Hartmann [05-07-2001]

Just visited Philadelphia and Washington for a week. Went to Veterans Stadium for Phillies game and loved the city. Saw historic sites and kids enjoyed learning by being in birthplace of America. Especially loved the Betsy Ross house and Independence Hall. Modern Philadelphia is very nice also, good subway system........
Tammy, Noelle, and Joel Harold, mom, 2 kids from Alabama, Atlanta Braves fans [05-07-2001]

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Natasha Leap and Holly Matthews, both 13. East Stroudsburg [05-07-2001]

i am very interested in U.S History.. I am takoing that class right now in school and when I came upon this page, I was astonished..
laurie vaughn, i am 16.. I live in three rivers, michigan.. [05-07-2001]

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Cristian, 18 years Los Angeles C.A [05-07-2001]

Sergio De Stefanis, Teacher of American History, Grades 7 and 8 [05-06-2001]

i think that everything you have is very cool and interesting and also my class and i went to Philadelphia and we saw the liberty bell,the Franklin court and so much more well gotta go see ya
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Marta [05-03-2001]

I fell in love with a yank, wanted to know a bit of American history,why just Philadelphia? the National Anthem is beautiful but very long,no one can memorise the whole thing surely. Thanks for hours of reading and learning. Why the women who sailed in the Mayflower not listed? good site tho, thanks for all the effort you put into it, will tell my daughter if she need to learn American history. michaela devon Uk
Michaela, Mauritian,living near Plymouth UK,nurse,love history and people [05-03-2001]

trying to learn about the phoenix iron company, philadelphia pa, the 1859 directory lists it as 410 walnut. We have a bowstring bridge with their insignia on it.
ken showalter, swm40, syracuse, ny [05-02-2001]

cool site for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amy, 8 years old, California [05-02-2001]

this is a good site we go 2 philly 2morrow 5/2/01
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I think that your website could be more interesting and it's geust book is cool but really the only thing I like is the guest book because I actually have something to do. I think this website is good for older people but defently not forkids my age. Maybe your thought of good imformation just involves the information you need. But I will keep in mind your website if I ever need to do a history report. Sorry if I sound rude but I think a lot!
scooter, delaware, age 11 [05-02-2001]

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Louis Delsarte is a great artist. His art is filled with music and feelings.
Carmen L. Del Toro, Puerto Rico [05-02-2001]

I'm a member of Bethel AME Church In Lonoke Arkansas, and was looking for some info on Mother Bethel, and did I find some!!! So thank you us history.org
Norman W.Walker, 44 years old, home town is Lonoke, AR I'm the Justice of the Peace for the 10th Dist. [05-02-2001]

I am a researcher for 34 years of the General Forbes Military Roads of 1758 from Bedford to Fort Ligonier.I have written a book on this portion of this road.
John Finnigan [05-02-2001]

Happy to see information on Richard Allen. Will refer this site to others
Florence Gandy, New Jersey [05-02-2001]

I enjoy this website and so do my students. We have hours of studying time, so this website's my refrence. I am not saying what place I live in NOW for my reasons, so all I shall say is I used to live in Sweden. ~Laura~
Ms. Laura Katsenburg, I am a teacher at a middle school. I am 46 years old. [05-02-2001]

Ummmm I Like it..Its Kewl...Ok Byez...Princess!! :-P
Princess, I am Kewl!! [05-02-2001]

My great grandfather served as Superintendent of the State House for 22 years, beginning in 1869. His name was Michael Vincent Donnelly, known as Captain Donnelly. Three daughters were born while he was living there, Catherine and Elizabeth. Daughter Mamie died and was buried from the State House, according to the newspaper article. I am looking for information on his wife, date of his birth and death or any further information that might be available. Please refer me to any address, Webb site or telephone number that may further this inquiry. Thank you.
James R. Henderson [05-02-2001]

I think this place is a good place to vist to get information on Philadelphila now and in the past. Your website is great!!!
Beronica Wilmore, I live in the city of Wilmington Delaware. [05-02-2001]

we loved this site. My daughters school is planning a trip here on Friday May 4,2001. Your information was very helpful we enjoyed the visit of your site.
Linda and Melanie Brickman [05-02-2001]

This really helped with my research..I just wanted to know where u got all your information? How many years did it take to put this together?Thanks for the input about the history of Philadelphia..
Gwen, Lewisburg [05-02-2001]

brian swieder, eggharborcity nj [05-02-2001]

I enjoyed the tour. It gave me an excellent view of the historic sites of Philadelphia and an idea of what I would like to see on a visit.
Lee Fischer, Norfolk, VA. 7th Grade Teacher at Davis Middle School in Hampton, VA. [05-02-2001]

i was wondering if i could get a poem of the statue of liberty " give me your tierd your poor" i wan't the poem
rica [05-02-2001]

I have a photograph of what is said to be my mother's father - my grandfather - Thomas O'Donnell driving the last horse drawn fire engine "Philadelphia" 1898. He was from Corlea, Amagh Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland and it was taken outside the Fireman's Hall. This is the only information I have. Is there any where or anyone who would possibly have any further information.
Valerie Davison, Portadown, Northern Ireland [05-02-2001]

Majure [05-02-2001]

I have always loved the history of the American Flag:)
EmmyLou, 18, Maine [04-26-2001]

I visitet USA in the end of 77. and show all the historys monuments and Kennedy Memorial on Arlington and I have the eksperiens to visit Philadephia too - Independence House and later Washington DC. In the same Year I was in bussines travel to Mockba i Russia. What a difference of living.Thank You
Mr. Hans Ross, I`m danish (scandinavian) 59 in age, born and living in Hans Christian Andersen town. God Bless the Flag. in Hans Christian Andersens town [04-26-2001]

Question, did a ship called the Nuestra Senora de Atocha crash and sink off Fla Keys in 1622? If so, was its treasures recoveered by Treasure Salvors in 1985?
CL Cuffie [04-26-2001]

would like to know if the big band cocerts will be back this summer and if so I would like the summer schedule. thank you.
angelo esposito, 41, essington. pa. [04-26-2001]

i like your website
Ashley Renee Kinder, 13 Elkhart Indiana [04-25-2001]

I am planning gto visit there this summer.
Marie Concitis, I am 12 years old. From Gahanna, Ohio [04-25-2001]

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james long, 42,bismarck, [04-24-2001]

Your site is truly amazing. All my history students enjoyed it. I often use this site as a refrence guide to US history. Thank you very much for creating this helpful tool -Susan
Susan Kemple, I'm a teacher at a high school. I am 32 years old. [04-24-2001]

I taught American History for years and feel that it is the most valuable tool to teach democracy that we have. Everyone should know his/her history and try to acquaint his/her self with the history of other races and nationalities. It would assure us a safe and positive space to live on this earth. It exposes us to different cultures and lifestyles which we would not be able to address in person in our day to day routine of learning.
Augustine Crier, 59181 S. Hwy 51, Amite, Louisiana 70422, htttp://www.omega1fashions.com [04-24-2001]

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Willard Hanner [04-24-2001]

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Amanda, 14,knoxville,tn [04-24-2001]

This is a fantastic website!
Stephanie Rock, 10, Apex, pretty, smart [04-24-2001]

i always enjoyd visting philly because i enjoy history and there is so much history there. i have been going to philly as much as i can snice 1961.
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Molly Phillips, age 21 [04-24-2001]

Looking for info on Cree Community in Beach Creek, PA, early to mid 1800's.
Clare Berry Burrows, Currently searching out ancestors in PA. Live in Calif. [04-24-2001]

Thank you, I needed this information for a school project.
Corey Brinson, 10 yrs old Shippensburg, Pennsylvania [04-24-2001]

Thanks for the great site. I'm a US History teacher -
Heather Jenkins, Anahuac, Texas [04-18-2001]

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Helen Hanna, I am 57 and live in New Jersey was from Phila. [04-18-2001]

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I needed information as to which was the older capital of the USA.I came to know that it was Philadelphia and so wanted to confirm it.Your site gave me the confirmation.Thank You.
Mrs.Nagi Narayanan., I am 46 Yrs old and am from Bangalore ( India). [04-17-2001]

I am an elementary school librarian in Henrico County - near Richmond, VA. I've used several parts of your website - Betsy Ross, Ben Franklin and others to work with 4th graders who are studying the American Revolution. I think you all are doing a great job packaging this info in an interesting way. Thanks so much.
Susan Everton, Midlothian, VA [04-16-2001]

michael mcgeough [04-13-2001]

For a history research project, each student was assigned a block to research in downtown Philadelphia. I wasn't having much luck with newspaper archives or books from the Free Library; your site helped me so much! There was so much information! However, a small suggestion: it would be flawless in my eyes if there was some way a viewer could specify a region to be researched. Like clicking on the general vicinity of a location and having the information pertaining to it appear. Thankyou so much! k
Kate, sophomore at Springside School [04-13-2001]

I'm doing a biography on Neil Armstrong, and I think he's amazing!
Raahi, Missouri, I'm age 10 [04-13-2001]

michael bourjaily [04-11-2001]

I grew up in the Philadelphia area and have retained an interest in it and its history. The Philadelphia history pages are wonderful!
M. Charles Swope, St. Paul, MN [04-11-2001]

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I thought it was a very educational visit and I would reccommened many people to come visit. THANK YOU
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This is a great site, I have looked at lot of other places and not found anything like this. Keep up the good work!
Sarah, 16 [04-11-2001]

I am trying to purchase a recording of Red Skelton's and the pledge. I have found the writing on internet but I can't find it with music. Thank you. I love God and my county
Margaret Keenan-Denniston, I am an elected official - Clerk of Warren Townhip in Gurnee Illinois [04-11-2001]

I'm doing this stupid county researchh thing in Social studies. I'm glad that I Philadelphia though. So, what's up?
Mandy, I want candy. [04-11-2001]

it's a nice little site.
Matthew Bourie, age:12 [04-11-2001]

In researching the Prowell family,I have come to find that a Major Joseph Prowell died in Phila. and is buried at Old Pine Church. Also Mary Prowell,who died 1835 is said to be buried inside the front door of the original St Stephen's Church of Philadelphia,which I cannot find anywhere on your historic web site.We are going to visit Philadelphia after Easter and see what we can retrace.Major Prowell became a high sea merchant after the Rev. War.We are interested in the seaport museum at Penn's Landing also.Your site is very good,but could put more on about the old town and maybe some maps as it used to be in the Late 1700's and early 1800's.Also some old newspaper articles from a newspaper printing of the day.
Darlene Prowell, York,Penna. [04-11-2001]

This site is the illest(the best)site i've ever seen that gives u so much info that you won't have to look anywhere else for it. T H A N K You A L L!!!! catch y'all later
Fre'Yana, Brooklyn, the one & only best place to live [04-11-2001]

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thanks for the fantastic website! it's not hard to find lots of information on american history here. this website was very helpful. i'll be telling my class! again thank-you.
kelly poole, uni of wollongong, australia [04-11-2001]

It's wonderful. It gives me some idea of the lives lived by my family in Philly in the 19th century. I wish you had a similar list of events in Philly history from 1900+. I've spent hours on your site. Thank You
Marilyn Merino, San Diego, CA [04-11-2001]

I have enjoed immensely this historic journey through the development of the AME and the African in the USA. Thank you for the opportunity. At this juncture in my life, I am returning to my religious roots. I recently moved to the Phila, Pa. and I am searching for a church home. Please send whatever information you have avaiable that I may look through on the local AME Church today. Hoping to make AME my Church. Thank you for your kind assistance. Colia L. Clark
Colia L. Clark, 211 W. Tulpehocken St. Phila, Pa 19144 [04-11-2001]

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megan, ten [04-11-2001]

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Great site, full of excitement, adventure and captivating information.
Steve Wilchensky, Age 29, from Chester, PA. I am a 9th grade U.S. History teacher. [04-11-2001]

I was born and raised in Philadelphia. From the time I was in kindergarden until my Senior year in high school I was "forced" to visit Independence Hall at least once a year. At the time I saw it as a boring class trip, but once I entered High school I realized that I had a genuine interest in American History. I recently moved to Atlanta Georgia to attend college, I was given an assignment by my History Professor, to visit a historical sight. The first place that popped in my head was the city that made me. You can't get any more historic than the birthplace of the entire nation. My main point for writing was to thank you for creating such a wonderful sight, it made my research much easier, and I even learned things that I didn't know before. Thanks again, Michelle, Atlanta, GA (my heart is still in Philly)
Michelle, 19, Atlanta - originally Philadelphia [04-11-2001]

I'm glad I've found a site that can answer some of my questions about historic places. Keep up the good work.
Tammy Fox, Sobieski Just 15 miles north of Green Bay, WI [04-11-2001]

Hi webmaster, I've been going to Cold Brook Campsites fo eight years now it's thebest camp ever
Krrynn Moore, 13, Ellenburg ctr,ny [04-11-2001]

It's a shame I don't have a connection to the Internet in my classroom. If I did, then my students would be able to enjoy this website!
Sharon Siegel, Apopka, FL [04-11-2001]

great site came to check ou about Liberty Bell after hearing about imbecile with hammer today. Where do all these people come from.
Ronald E. McCorkle, 55year old male from southeastern Pa. [04-06-2001]

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I thioink this web site is super cool and gives great information. I am doing a biography on Betsy Ross and got most of my information here. The only thing I couldn't find here was a map of Philadelphia when it was the way it was in Betsy Ross's time. My report is due tomorrow and I can't find a map of Philadelphia when it was the way it was around Betsy's Time. Well I better keep surfing the web for a map. Come back later.
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Fascinating site; it's amazing how much I do not know about the early history of my own country-this site will help brush up my knowledge, and respect, for those who forged this great nation.
Tim Clark, 36; 1119 Powder Springs St., Smyrna, GA 30080-3425 [04-06-2001]

I thought that this site was great. It's the best one so far!
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deorise fields, taylor [04-04-2001]

I'm interested in bringing a tour to visit the church in June.
Elizabeth Rankin-Fulcher, I am a member of the Afro-American Historical & Genealogical Society in NYC [04-04-2001]

My family and I will be in Philadelphia this summer; I was just poking around for a possible itinerary...
Randy Gould, Glide, Oregon [04-04-2001]

I have really enjoyed finding your web-site. I am teaching special education Life Skills program and it was wonderful to share this with my students. My father is a WW II veteran B-26 Pilot who flew 38 missions over Germany. I enjoy going to his WW II reunions and meeting the very men who served our country so proudly and would not hesitate to do it again. I am going to send this web-site address to him and let him see what is available here. I keep telling these men to tell their stories before we no longer have the information available.
Penny Gregrich, Jasper, TX [04-04-2001]

Outstanding website.It should be required reading for all Americans.LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC!
Eugene Kozlowski [04-04-2001]

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I love this web sight. I like how i can find information on every thing i need. I love useing it to find information for home work. it realy helps. I especaly like the liberty bell section. i sugest it to any one who needs or wants the information: I was able to wright a nice 500 word report for my teacher useing its informaition (of corse I put it in my oun words). So thanks ushistory.org.
Michelle, age13 [04-04-2001]

I am very fond of this site . I will be going to see the liberty bell on thursday with my fifth grade class
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hAiLeY, LA cALIFORNIA [04-04-2001]

This stuff never really happened. I was the one who saved all the mortals from the king. Actually, .... sorry got to go . Have a class with snape.:[
Harry Potter [04-04-2001]

I'm taking a class for recertification and I thought my second grade class would like this story too.
Sheree Martin, Virginia Beach [04-01-2001]

David Neil Hildebran, Born: 6/4/54, Two children, Sonya 9/29/74, Pete Oneal 11/11/82, Father: Pete, Mother: Irene Collier , Grandfather: Preston Seymore [04-01-2001]

Interesting and very helpful.
ssparkman, Tn. [04-01-2001]

I think the American is the coolest battle but the cheapest, because the Americans acted as though they won the whole thing. But the French did, because with out the French we would belong to Britain. We got only one good battle win that was against Burgoyne at Sartoga. But i liked how we ended the revoultion. We fought hard for our own government and it succeded , but now its seems like it is going down hill.but i liked how you told it on the net thanks a lot dudes it made an A on my project.
John Owens, 14 ,Barnwell,South Carolina [04-01-2001]

This is my first visit. More later
otto engelmann, Very old from Covington, La. Love history [04-01-2001]

This is a fantastic website. I loved it!!!
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My wife and I became interested in your organization when viewing a recent C-SPAN program describing your library and activities. We will be frequent visitors to your website!
Allen Peeles, Age 76; both my wife and I are retired; love to travel; both very interested in American history, a subject she taught in junior high school; live in Livingston, Texas. [03-28-2001]

PAM GOMEZ [03-28-2001]

I love your site i might be old but i love history when i was young i was in the war thanks for having a site like this i love this man oh baby baby thank you a lot for this site i still love this
Mary Justus, 68,Dalton,I am a old lady and i really like history [03-28-2001]

I am a huge history buff, U.S. that is, and discovered this site and mark my words, I will be back and back often. This is wonderful that we can have at our fingertips so much info. Thank you for taking the extreme time and effort you have put into making this site such a delight!!
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My great4 grandfather Joseph Arnold served at Valley Forge the winter of 1777-1778, he was a Captain Lieutenant in the Rhode Island 1st Regiment. My Great4 Uncle Dutee Jerauld also served that winter, he was a first lieutenant in the 2nd Rhode Island regiment. I am a member of the Society of the Descendants of Washington's Army at Valley Forge.
Joel Jerauld [03-23-2001]

Cool Website! I would love to know where to get a print of Trego's "March to Valley Forge". Any ideas?
Donna Nicolazzo, North Wales, PA [03-23-2001]

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Jess, New York [03-23-2001]

Since I was a child, I have been interested in American History, I enjoy a lot after discovering www.ushistory in the web. I am writting a book about electronics and U.S.A. is present mainly. Best Regards to America Julio del Olmo
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very nice, interesting and knowlegeable information that is good for all americans
Linda Wade, age 40 , Raleigh, NC an African-Indian folk artist [03-23-2001]

Margaret Osorio, Third grade teacher in Bronx, New York [03-23-2001]

this rocks
Rob, 11 [03-23-2001]

I liked all the sites, but I am looking for information on the lives of the British Soldiers in the 18th Century, examples, their uniforms, pay, food, housing, length of service, etc. more than just a few lines.
Nate, ny [03-23-2001]

History is cool!
Chris Flammger, live in Ney York and i'm twelve [03-23-2001]

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I think that ushistory.org has lots of information and good sources of info. I looked for betsy ross and it had everything!!!!!! I love it. p.s.I would use net lingo but you may not understand ^_^
Lizz Zinn, age 9 yorktown heights ny [03-19-2001]

Robin Helm, 23 yrs old I live in Kensington [03-19-2001]

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We are somehow related to Stephen. I know there was an Aunt Polly Girard. We live in Springfield, Illinois
Barbara L. Curry, My Great Grandmother was Mary Girard Kiely [03-19-2001]

Elise [03-19-2001]

Thankful to find info on Mother Bethel. My family and I are lifelong members of ST. James AME of Manalapan, N.J. and are researching our family and church history.
Evelyn A. Joseph, 50 - Lakewood, New Jersey [03-19-2001]

Robert Johnson [03-19-2001]

I have really enjoyed researching stories and history and visiting sites, and Independance Hall and the other historic sites make history come to life so to speak, New York has surface glitz but Philadelphia has deep rooted culture , dignity and warmth.
mike mcmahon, my Philadelphia webpage www.digestezine.com [03-19-2001]

Will [03-19-2001]

I've been interested in history for a long time and my class (5th grade) is studying the American Revolutionary War.
Angela D. Fletcher, age:11 city:austin state:texas school:st. theresa's catholic school [03-19-2001]

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Great web site on George Washington. I loved it! I admire George Washington as a great leader and an inspiration of faith and courage.
Angel Dahilig, Wichita, Kansas [03-16-2001]

I think the American is the coolest battle but the cheapest, because the Americans acted as though they won the whole thing. But the French did, because with out the French we would belong to Britain. We got only one good battle win that was against Burgoyne at Sartoga. But i liked how we ended the revoultion. We fought hard for our own government and it succeded , but now its seems like it is going down hill.but i liked how you told it on the net thanks a lot dudes it made an A on my project.
John Owens, 14 ,Barnwell,South Carolina [03-16-2001]

martha washinton, chester va [03-15-2001]

more revoultionary war information
tray [03-15-2001]

Thank you very much for writing such a helpful and informative piece on my great uncle. A couple years ago I discovered that I was a descendant of Commodore John Barry. If there is any information you can send me, i would greatly appreciate it. Also, if you could tell me of any other relatives of John Barry that I could possibly get a hold of, it would be a great help! thank you again!!
Lindsay Sawyer [03-15-2001]

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We are having a family reunion this August and I am trying to make up some kind of a booklet about my ancestors. I was searching the net to try to find out some facts so that I could do a timeline and I stumbled onto your site. What a find! It's just what I needed! Thanks a lot.
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I want to help on the lost colony of roanoke please e-mail me back when you have your dissision. Thank you TY
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KELLY, i am doing a report on abagail adams. [03-12-2001]

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Jessica Guyer [03-12-2001]

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tony mock, mock family from lexington or paoli oklahoma [03-12-2001]

Thanks so much for the information at this site. Although I grew up in Phila. I never paid attention to my heritage. Living in Iowa makes looking back difficult. With this site, it is easier. I have found information that has been very useful. THANKS. Barb
Barb Hughley, grandmother now living in Iowa. [03-11-2001]

i love philly. i have always tried to find little known spots and hstory. your website is wonderful. keep up the good work.send me anything you want to about philly. right now i am trying to find any history about a brewery and a dairy in the area of 29th and girard that was owned by my family. known as mosebach brewery and mosebach dairy.
CHERYL KANE, phila. [03-11-2001]

i like this site because it can help me on my history class
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John M. Paul [03-09-2001]

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this is a really good information webpage on Martha Washington. You should use pictures.
Erica Wilcox, md [03-09-2001]

great website
patrick Clarke, 12 [03-08-2001]

I am looking to find any information about the "8 Corner School House" in the Valley Forge/Phoenixville area. Mr husband's great- grandmother went to school there and we were trying to find out more about the school. Is it still standing? What is it being used for? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Pat [03-08-2001]

it is ok but you need to be able to find stuff more easly
Mandy, Bremerton Washington [03-08-2001]

I am a history Buff
Nicholas J. Gordon, Have a dog named Koa [03-08-2001]

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Mike [03-08-2001]

I need pictures on the people involved in/and the Decleration Of Independance
Colby Ochsner [03-08-2001]

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Austen Sherman, 13, male, az [03-08-2001]

Eric Favini [03-08-2001]

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I would like some picurs of king George III on here and more information on him too thanks.
Andrew Santellan, age 11,city Zeeland [03-06-2001]

patricia lee [03-06-2001]

Hello. I have found a 101 year old farm house in need of restoration. Are there any agencies that provide grants for this type of undertaking? Thank you.
Elizabeth Johnson [03-06-2001]

Elaine [03-06-2001]

this is great. yup. it is really great
Katherine, 15 alaska [03-06-2001]

we visited the Valley Forge area in Oct. and after going through somephotos i wanted to learn more about the war and Valley Forge as the camp. Thank you fo rproviding a detailed site of the area and what tookp place here so many years ago. Sandra
Sandra Eberhardt, Prospect heights, Il [03-05-2001]

i'm doing valley forge and nancy hart for my 4th grade history project. i go to long cane elementary in lagrange, ga.
kadi phillips, lagrange,ga usa [03-05-2001]

Interested in the history of the Northern Liberties neighborhood
Tony Lazorko, St. Louis, MO [03-05-2001]

Each flag represents each country as it's own team. We should never harm it or the people who made the flag. I admire Betsy's hard work and thought she put into it, as well as her own flesh and blood. Thank you.
Mandy Vidal [03-05-2001]

Kool web site eally. It has lots of INFO
Santa Clause, nah nah nah [03-05-2001]

I am thinking about taking a post graduation course in Philly and trying to learn more about the city...Good information
Patricia Carvalho, São Paulo, Brasil [03-05-2001]

My ancestors landed in Philly about 1740. I'd like to see any info. on the old Port Of Philadelphia. Where did my people deboard?
Kevin Stewart [03-05-2001]

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this web site gave me a lot of information for my social studies projet on Marquis de Lafayette.
Aishleigh Rosker, Saddle River, NJ [03-02-2001]

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My son is doing a project on Philadelphia. We recently relocated from the area to London. This site has been tremendously helpful. It is well presented and an excellent resource. Thank you.
Alex Gellman [03-02-2001]

I was looking for information on the boston tea party but I could not find it.
Angela [03-02-2001]

Ben [03-02-2001]

Bob Lamb, Preparing to revisit Historic District [03-02-2001]

I need to know how the Articles of Confederation were actually enforced, not just what they were. I'm having a lot of trouble finding information about that.Thanx!
Blair, 8th grader [03-01-2001]

I was searching for information about some prints that I thought were English but found out they represented Pennsylvania Inns from the 17th and 18th century.
Maureen Teachman, South Windsor, CT [03-01-2001]

I like U.S.History but the class is too hard for me. I wish I was doing better.
Latia Emanuel, 20yrs old, Fayetteville, North Carolina 28303 [03-01-2001]

I really enjoyed visiting your website. It gives you a lot of info
rebecca rosbury, 12 years old [03-01-2001]

im looking for info on the constitution:( it sucks, but this place made it fun to do research. thanks a bunch.
danielle, age 14, brandon, [03-01-2001]

This is a great spot for helping me with some of my homework
Mark Stermer, Im 14yrs old I live in ortonvill, MI, [02-28-2001]

not enough stuff on american revolution. looking for post years. thanks
Juju [02-28-2001]

This is one cool site to be on!
Terri Milam, I love horses!!!!! [02-28-2001]

I visited for the first time a couple of years ago. Thanks for doing such a great job of restoration in honor of my ancestor, and the many others who spent the winter there that difficult year. My ancestor was James Allen from the Virginia 10th. Great place. Thanks.
Barbara Stockwell, Springfield, OR [02-28-2001]

I just looked at the tomb of the unknown soldier page and even hearing about the things that have to do with the grave deeply upsets me
Jennifer [02-28-2001]

Shauna Robinson, Pasadena, tx 77506 [02-27-2001]

I was excited to see information about Richard Allen, founder of the AME church, an ancestor of mine. I am trying to locate relatives and a family tree. If anyone has any information on our family please share it with me at email: johncos@planetkc.com.I look forward to the connection! Stacey
Stacey Johnson-Cosby, Kansas City, MO 35 years old [02-27-2001]

La Verne Messito [02-27-2001]

ithink this website isso cool dude!
Kristen Hopkins, 10, Lynn Haven,FL [02-27-2001]

lazeta jones [02-27-2001]

Interested in historical information on the American flag.
S. Jay Walrond, American Legion State Chaplain - Dania Beach, Florida - from the Phila. area. [02-27-2001]

Nice site... to educational.. im in computer class and i have to do this... hope your happy!!
|| [02-27-2001]

I have this stupid report.And at my school you have to get a good gradse or at least a C if you want to go to middle school. And it's for history one of my most hated subjects and it has to be on person in the reveloution war. You get a person and if you can't find any info on your person you get a battle or place. Well first I got Lydia someone but couden't find any thing on her so I got 5 other things because my teacher kept giving things that didn't have enough info for 775 words. So finaly I got Valley Forge and your site has really heped onlike, most of the 8 sites my computer picked up!
Rhiannon, Lompoc Ca US [02-26-2001]

I would just like to say that I am touched about the amount of information that I found on my heritage in African Methodism.
Kristina Hayward, 20, Hampton, VA [02-26-2001]

Jimmy, 12, greenwood, [02-26-2001]

will be visiting next week. this has been a good site to educate me for what i'm about to see.
DAVID SIMS [02-26-2001]

I want to visit.
Zachary Barnes, I am 7 years old and live in West Chester, Ohio. I am researching Philadelphia for a school project. I was born in Philadelphia. [02-26-2001]

You need more information on more of the women in history, thank you! Bye,Bye!!!1
Dorothy Cones, I'm 14 [02-26-2001]

I think that you need more information on Amelia Bloomer and her newspaper, The Lily. It was very important to our country that she spoke out about womens' rights. I am doing a report on her and I thought I would find something on your website, but I didn't. She did a lot for our country and if you are a history web-site you should have stuff about important women in our country as well as men too. Thank you very much. You also need some pictures of Martha Washington when she was younger. Goodbye.
Katie Phelan [02-26-2001]

you're awesome
Danny Irlbeck, casey,ia united states [02-23-2001]

I really liked your page because i have to do an oral report on marth washington and it has all the info i need
Tara [02-20-2001]

Rosetta [02-19-2001]

This is a great website, and it's very informative.
Sierra Harris, Marion,Indiana [02-06-2001]

this is a kwel web site!!!!!!!!
nikole dombroski, Salem Or 97304 [02-06-2001]

Evan Davis, Atkinson N E 68713 [01-31-2001]

kristin [01-31-2001]

Candace DeVries, Kuna, Idaho [01-31-2001]

becky, shelby county alabama [01-31-2001]

I would like to know if I had any relatives that were a part of this major peice of history.
Keith Hochstetler, Indianapolis, IN USA [01-29-2001]

I wish I could meet you thanks for pavinging the the way for our future
Delaiah Dupree, Indianaplis, IN U.S.A [01-29-2001]

Ferras Abdall, indianapolis,IND [01-29-2001]

This is pretty cool
Sean Francis Eagan, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America [01-29-2001]

danny [01-29-2001]

Enjoyed the website. Live in Allentown and have never visited Valley Forge. Shame on me! Am teaching American Revolution to 8th graders. Any suggestions?? Do you make field trips??
Yvonne McCarthy, Allentown, PA [01-29-2001]

I'm trying to find ancestors can anyone help me?!?!
Mari Rendlen, usa [01-28-2001]

Sami Bowman [01-27-2001]

Gee, thanx for the help. I had to do a report and this was just the site for my answers.
Sarah, St. Louis, MO, USA [01-21-2001]

I wish to converse via email with other town criers. I love what I do and am hoping by getting emails may pick up hnts on town crying. Maggie.
Maggie Harding, Victor Harbor S>Australia Town Crier, website.www.granite.net.au/~towncry [01-21-2001]

I am looking for information about the artist JC Claghorn. I know that he was a artist in the Philadelphia area and that he was a part of it's history I would appreciate any feedback of any kind.
Andrew [01-21-2001]

Hi! The part of your page really helped me out on my report! Thanks alot! (:^D (:^P :^)
Timothy Atchison, Age: 12. City: Babylon, NY. Likes: Cows [01-20-2001]

YOue need to get some articles on peace k!!!!!
Bridget, 13,post falls idaho [01-20-2001]

OYEZ! OYEZ! OYEZ! I am the town crier to Barnoldswick close by the Yorkshire Dales, I am also the honourary crier to Skipton, gateway to the dales.Happy new year to all criers that receive this message. God Save the Queen!
Kevin Reid Griffiths, 47 years of age From Barnoldswick, Yorkshire, England. www.stentorian.freeuk.com [01-20-2001]

I am doing a reprt on Philadelphia Penn (Research)
Chad Gordon, 13•Myrtle School (Union County MS) [01-20-2001]

Ushistory.org has given me not only interesting information but hours of fun. I hope the website lasts forever.
Claire C, I'm 9 and I live in Oakton VA [01-20-2001]

I'm trying to find out if one of my family members was persecuted by the Nazis. His surname is Beardsley. can anyone help???
Roxann, 14, from Texas [01-20-2001]

i think the the united is a good country a the most fair of all countries but it can also be unfair in some ways
de'von [01-20-2001]

related: Luepke-West/ West-Simpkins/Henry Harrison West-Catharine Carmen/Carmen-Otto
Susan Kenlon [01-20-2001]

Greetings from a Historic Mansion which sleeps 12 in spacious self-catering vacation accommodation in the mountains of central Scotland.Good touring base convenient for Edinburgh,Glasgow & 30 Golf Courses.A family & friends gathering place. Site has lots of useful history of Balquhidder,Church,and Rob Roy the FAQs plus gaelic translations of local areas and Clans. http://www.stronvar.co.uk
Colin Gompertz [01-20-2001]

Really would like to visit the gift shoppe as I am a bit of a political junkie.
Shamara Wiggins [01-20-2001]

A good friend sent me this site to help keep my brain active during my sabbatical. This will give me brain food for quite a while. A wonderful site. Thanks!
Kim Weeks, Stockbridge GA [01-20-2001]

This is cool:)
JoAnn Gardner [01-20-2001]

I think it's cool that in your bastment you kept dogs.
Nicole, 1601 Illinois ave. Stevens point wi [01-20-2001]

email me any revalution imfo on martha washington
Alex anguiano [01-20-2001]

US History.org is a good website.
chris shepherd, 18 Hendersonville NC West Henderson High [01-20-2001]

i love virginia history and im proud to live in virginia
Dominique Etter [01-20-2001]

I love history and finding things new, exciting and even having to do with me and my ancestors. This is a great place to find just that.
Elizabeth Gosney [01-20-2001]

BERT REMALEY SR [01-20-2001]

Phyllis Brenna [01-20-2001]

I visited Mother Bethel about 19 years ago.We were invited to a 3:30 service in the afternoon.What a wonderful time we had in the Lord. God bless you
Ronald R. Mack, 57yrs. Calvery AME Church 604 Dickinson st. Phila,Pa 19148 [01-20-2001]

Ronald R. Ebert, 61 years old [01-20-2001]

On page 44 of "Building Early America" I read that in Benjamin Loxley's Memorandum Book June 1776 was found the note "The Company of Carpenters of Philadelphia 1726/7 in Feb(ruar)y Began as a Pr(ice) book at Mr. Foxes." This does not seem to be consistent with the statement on page 46 that Fox was not in on the founding. Any comments?
Joseph Fox, Lafayette, CA [01-20-2001]

you guys should get some music on here! but other than that you guys really made a good page and I enjoyed it!
Ryan Schultz, 14, Muncie, IN [01-20-2001]

Just thought I'd drop by and say hello to someone who not only shares my moniker but my profession as well. Interesting site you have here. Funny I never have come across it before. Write if you feel like it. I'll share my associations etc. RSH
Robert S. Holman, Age 50............Reno, Nevada................ [01-20-2001]

I am a civics minded student with appreciation for all disciplines of social studies. It is very important for our students to know all aspects of American History, especially how our country began and what documents set the foundation of this great nation.
Michelle A. Pirro, teacher education student Mercer University - Georgia [01-20-2001]

my history in philadelphia runs deep. Stephen Girard was a realitive of mine many moons ago. John Feeney,the first zoo keeper of Philadelphia Zoo was a direct realitive, and my grandfather was Frank Rizzo's partner when Frank was a rookie cop.His name was James Harley Porter.Also, in 1954 Wee Willy Webber and Phil Sheraden had the WFIL show. they where giving away $10,000.00 on the lucky buck contest. they where reading the serial numbers from a silver certificate every day and my grandmother Irene Porter won that money.I still have the newspaper clippings from the Phila Inquierer
Jeff Porter [01-20-2001]

john bartholomew, 35 ledbetter, ky [01-20-2001]

I love this site i had to do research on the signers of the declaration and i thought that it would be hard to find all the information that was reqired. But when I found this site I amazed at the detailed information it had on each of the signers..........Thank You USHistory.org
Michael Shulo, 15 years old , from reading PA [01-20-2001]

very helpful site! it helped me on my timeline for my science class
heather jones, my webpage - http://www.sugarmuffin.cjb.net [01-20-2001]

im looking forward to finding out a lot in this web site.
leanne warnock, oxford, pennsylvania [01-20-2001]

karissa [01-20-2001]

Wery good shape of information. Thank´and greetings to all. kyl se siitä
jakke, from Finland [01-20-2001]

On January 12, 2001, I had the distinct pleasure and opportunity to personally thank Mrs. Ruby Boyd for her spirit filled tour of Mother Bethel, AME Church. She and the church was the highpoint of the Roosevelt High School African American Club's Philadelphia African American tour. We were moved by her passion and sincerity to convey to the youth in our group the importance faith and dedication in our struggle to overcome racism. Our students were sincerely touch by her delivery. After leaving your church, many of the children conveyed their interest in returning to your Church Museum and indicated how much they enjoyed Mrs. Boyd's "history lesson." My wife and I are looking forward to atending Sunday service and worshipping with you in the future. The Spirit of the Lord was definitely moving between and within us today and, we sincerely thank Mother Bethel Church for opening its doors and allowing us to share in the rich history of a great man and great church.
Henry S. Manley, Roosevelt, HS Yonkers, NY [01-20-2001]

I thought that the article was very good and I hope that you have more information in the future. To inform or children now and in the future of the stuggle those have given up for them just to be free. I will be looking for more enlightening subjects. God Bless and thank you
Donna Gross, K.C. Mo [01-20-2001]

Dr. James White, Jr., University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Princess Anne, MD. [01-20-2001]

Rachel, 20 yr old college student [01-20-2001]

i love this place.i'ts auwsome for homework.i use this website at my school i'ts so good!!!!!!!!!
Ashley Johnson, i'm10 years old,blaine,mn,55434, [01-20-2001]

I am a girl scout leader in Pittsburgh and will be visiting Philadelphia in May. This is a great site to get information. Thank you.
Sandy, Pittsburgh, PA [01-20-2001]

Wendolyn Wilson, Wilton Elem. School Middlesex VA 23071 K-1 [01-20-2001]

I am doing a report on how the French helped the coloists when the revoultionary war. I would like it if you would send web sites or information to me and e mail. Thanks
Kaylon Ross [01-20-2001]

ummmm i love history!!
leah herrera, nothing [01-20-2001]

I am an amatuer genealogist and ran into this site while looking for some of my ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War. I didn't find my ancestors but I did find a lot of information. Thanks for letting me visit!
Jerri Culp Calzia, Grove, OK [01-20-2001]

Interesting site. Will investigate further when I have time. I grew up in South Philadelphia, and this gives the city a "new" perspective for me. Thanks
Joe Loverro, Sharon, CT [01-20-2001]

You need to give information on different topics like the Battle of Bunker Hill because it is an important part of the Revolutionary War
Alexandra Kovacs [01-20-2001]

Wish that we could have a AME CHURCH here in Ferriday, La. I have to go to Natchez, Ms. to visit AME CHURCH.
Amburson Hayes, 39 Ferriday, La. 71334 [01-20-2001]

I would like to obtain a replica of the Liberty Bell to be presented at a new church dedication in London in February. Can you tell me who I should contact? Thanks for your assistance.
JulieAnn Reynolds [01-20-2001]

John Parker [01-20-2001]

Benson [01-20-2001]

Vernon E. Dickerson III [01-20-2001]

Michael Fairbanks [01-20-2001]

I attended Overbrook High School in 1979 and we are approaching our 20th High School Reunion sometime this year. I am very interested in attending but require some advanced notice since I live in Las Vegas, NV. I hope to be hearing from someone soon!!
Radesa Roots, 37, Las Vegas NV [01-20-2001]

u people r great!!
cool [01-20-2001]

I found this site while planning a church youth choir trip to Philadelphia. It has been a tremendous help to me in planning what to see during about a 4-6 hour time slot. I found the article on the Mother Bethel church and Richard Allen most facinating. You have developed a valuable assest for the city of Philadelphia and those planning a visit.
Henry F. Krautwurst, Jr., Chevy Chase, Md [01-20-2001]

I would like to see a site on American Presidents and their history
Jennifer, I'm 19 and I'm also from colorado [01-20-2001]

It's a great site justa visit!
Matt Basta [01-20-2001]

this website helped me a lot on my report
Amanda, 10 baltimore,maryland [01-20-2001]

ama [01-20-2001]

I would like to receive a free "american history book".I would love to learn more about American History. PLEASE.......
Carlos Cachay, 12 [01-20-2001]

wherw thomas jefferson
casey, 10 [01-20-2001]

Very attractive layout and very helpful for planning a visit this summer. Appears that a great deal of work has gone into your site. Nice job.
Thomas F Becker, 60, Stockton, CA [01-20-2001]

The quality of purity emphasizes the inner man... the motive...the heart.
Rev. Jerry A. James,Sr, Allen Chapel A.M.E.C. Thibodaux, LA [01-20-2001]

The informantion was very helpful. Thanks!!
Janet, Chicago [01-20-2001]

I enjoyed the website very much.
Lazena, age 13 [01-20-2001]

This is a great site!!! I must say!! I have a Irish report to do and I procrastinate... but with this website I am doing great!! Everyone in my class wants this website!! Thanks so much for sharing this website with the world. It has helped me on my essay and it will help many others gaurenteed!!!
andrea, my age is 13 [01-20-2001]

chris ackerman [01-20-2001]

thank you for providing a very knowledgeable web site i look forward to seeing you in the future.
Calvin Brown, Norfolk, Va [01-20-2001]

this place is so NEAT! I can find anykind of history anytime,and i really need it because i'm in the time where i have so many books to cram,i just don't know what to do.
valerie, 12 age rutherfordton,nc [01-20-2001]

I Love This Country!
Gary C. Roberts, Asheville, NC [01-20-2001]

jessica [01-20-2001]

How about getting some info on Paul Revere. thought I found something But nothing here
Peter, 37 [01-20-2001]

Having been born and raised in Philadelphia, I thought I knew the city pretty well. After taking the Philadelphia Oddities tour I realized there sure is a lot I don't know. I try to return at least once a year to visit old favorites and new discoveries. Now I've got a long list of things to see. The site is wonderful. I'll suggest it to my colleagues who teach early American history. Keep up the good work.
B Hirseman [01-20-2001]

tim, 13 shrewsbury [01-20-2001]

Love yall.
murry Pocorni, 35 yr.Paramaribo Republiek of Suriname [01-20-2001]

happy new year to all of philadelphhia! go eagles
JOE D., 43-philadelphia [01-20-2001]

I love American History,& your site was great to browse. Got lost for hours! Get that giftshop reopened!!
John Mc, Hartford [01-20-2001]

I enjoy expanding my knowledge of US History. Also enjoy visiting historical sites.
Roy L. Robison II, 46, Fayetteville, NC, Military Pilot [01-20-2001]

Robin Mohr, I would like to be able to have information of Philadelphia sent to me or downloaded. We will be visiting from SD in June and would like to know cost and location of different sites. Maybe even maps on how to get to the locations. [01-20-2001]

Great web site! How fun to sign on. I actually came here looking for info on General Cornwallace's surrender (after watching Patriot, starring Mel Gibson, tonight).
Annette Spandrio, Mom, 46, Moorpark, Ca [01-20-2001]

Just love the different periods of architecture. Italianates are the 'cats meow' and the gaudier the Queen Ann the better. A professor of mine call these: "Queen Ann with a Vengence." :-)This presidential election has enforced in me the desire to learn more about America and all the men/women/children that has made it into such a great country. Good site, keep up the good work
Loretta Morgan, Graduate Student, Northern Arizona University [01-20-2001]

This is a phenomenal website. I can spend hours here. It makes me want to go back to Philadelphia and see it with more learned eyes. Thank you
Nancy, School teacher [01-20-2001]

Hi, I'm Arnold from Jakarta Indonesia, would you please provide me data (geographic, economy, industry) about Philadelphia (City or Country). Thank you very much for your help.
Arnold, Jakarta [01-20-2001]

I have always wanted to try and track down other family members - KRUCK... It really is'nt a common name in Australia. I hope other Krucks may eventually get in contact!!!
Geoffrey D Kruck, 22yrs old, Townsville,Queensland,Australia [01-20-2001]

Well prepared site and a great influence for my personal research. Thanks
Reid Birrell, Lethbridge, Alberta Canada [01-20-2001]

Rich Zimenff [01-20-2001]

I have been visiting National Parks and Historic sites for many years. Each and every time I was required to pay an access fee, I was more than delighted to pay it. I feel strongly that access fees accomplish two very important goals. The first being the generation of revenue used to keep the park or site properly maintained. The second thing fees tend to accomplish is discouraging people who are not interested in our history from attending. It has been my experience that these are the people who do not respect our national sites and tend to deface them by littering and GOD knows what else. The benefits fees provide for the parks are tremendous. Simply saying that fees will prevent people from attending is not enough. People who truly want to see that part of our history will still attend. I wish I could have posted this where the people signing the petition could readily see it. But the only way to do that is to sign the petition myself, which I have absolutely no intention on doing. By the way, this site is wonderful. I truly enjoy visiting.
Steve Lawlor, Tallahassee, FL [01-20-2001]

I think that it's great for research in junior high
jessica lawton, queens [01-20-2001]

Just an old history buff, still proud of our American Heritage. Also unreconstructed Rebel. Veteran of WWII and Korea. Army all the way.
Gibbs Eady, Lakeland, FL [01-20-2001]

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