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Guest Book Archives: July-December 2000

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I am searching for information on the following surnames. Foster, Newsom, Barham, McCashland all from Virginia.
Wesley A. Newsome, Bremerton, Washington [12-18-2000]

I grew up in Audubon. I miss the King of Prussia mall, Audubon, and Valley Forge Park.
Bruce, Boynton Beach,Florida, [12-18-2000]

This stuff is really interesting. Kudo's to the creator's.
Alecia, Orlando, Florida [12-18-2000]

it has been great fun knowing about such unsolved mystries. you could also have included some pictures or snaps if available.
abhishek jaiswal, calcutta, west bengal , india [12-18-2000]

meghan [12-18-2000]

Dear men and creators of this website i want you to know that this site helped me a lot on Social Studies homework and that i found it most enjoyable
Kevin M. Barry, 1959Big Tree Rd. Lakewood, NY [12-18-2000]

mary [12-18-2000]

william peters, wichtita kansas [12-18-2000]

The Bush/Gore presidential election has inspired me to learn more about our countries founding fathers, declaration of independence, us constitution, federalist papers, etc.
Jim Beggs, age is 55 live in San Antonio, Texas [12-18-2000]

David Marston [12-18-2000]

i really don't like american history that much i just go on this site for school
Sarah Beth Portier, 14,louisiana,loves music and is in love with ryan phillappe [12-18-2000]

i need to finish this project
Katie, age:12 city:Northfield Ct [12-18-2000]

Great Site! Lot's of interesting information. When will the gift shop redesign be completed?
Mark Bischoff [12-18-2000]

Have visited Phila. & S.E. Pa. many times. You have helped me to relive some of those times.
Katharine, Duarte,Ca. [12-18-2000]

Hear ye, hear ye - a fun and interesting site! Do you guys have a mailing list I can get on?
Chris Petroskas [12-18-2000]

I am anxious to visit your site.
Coliseum Restaurant, http://www.geocities.com/coliseum19510/holiday.html [12-18-2000]

Carey Maser, medford, NJ [12-14-2000]

jeremy krause [12-14-2000]

I have a copy of the declaration of independance on authentic parchman paper that I got from my 86 year old father in law. He has had it since he was a young boy. I am trying to find out if it is worth anything.
A. Raschilla [12-14-2000]

Ryan, 14,Ramona [12-14-2000]

Look forward to visiting your site. Best.
George Haskins, Scarsdale, New York [12-13-2000]

helping a friend with his first uniform 1783
Nancy Guest, Chester Nova Scotia [12-13-2000]

donald levasseur [12-13-2000]

hey ppl!!! this site is kewl!!! i'm using it 4 my social studies project!! thanks 4 the info.!!
Denise Migliaro, Hamden [12-12-2000]

Wes Deweese, Colliervile Tennessee [12-12-2000]

i want to thank you for your help:) it realy helped
trisha nungesser, winfield ks 67156 us [12-12-2000]

i would like to find martha washington
Kaitlyn, Spencer IA [12-12-2000]

Your website is very interesting and useful.Thank you so much for all of the time and effort that you must have spent to make link possible.
Cynthia Tewell, Jacksonville,Florida [12-12-2000]

paul r. dimond [12-12-2000]

Kim [12-12-2000]

Love Ya'll
Alyssa [12-12-2000]

cluff, rosamond,ca usa [12-12-2000]

pengilley, rosamond,ca usa [12-12-2000]

hello~ You did a really good job on your site. I am researching Martha Washington and this was a lot of help.
Pearl, Lacey, Washington... U.S.A [12-12-2000]

Diane Atallah [12-12-2000]

heylio wassup?¿?
amber, troy ohio usa [12-12-2000]

sara deaton [12-12-2000]

According to my Grandmother Ellen Allen we were related to Ethan Allen of the Green Mountain Boys...Our farm was the Garlock-Allen farm in upper state New York, supposely been our family from pre-revolution times...If anyone knows more information on the Allen clan please e-mail me
Margaret Shields Allen Stanton, West Covina, California [12-12-2000]

Abby [12-12-2000]

yoon sung, CA, Fullerton [12-12-2000]

Katrina Sepulveda, hollister CA USA [12-12-2000]

I really enjoyed your site It helped me allot with all the history question about Valley Forge!!!!!
Crystal melton, holiister, Ca. 95023 [12-12-2000]

This is Sierra W. and Tessa C. we like your page..we r in school right now..ttyl!
Sierra Welden, Lititz, Pennsylvania USA [12-12-2000]

lindsey [12-12-2000]

This page helps me with my history homework that I need to do.I'am happy theres a page about this.
sabrina valentine, mertzon,texas,united states [12-12-2000]

Us history is not so boring on the internet
Daryl, United States [12-12-2000]

leah, United States [12-12-2000]

Sonya Stooksbury, Knoxville, TN [12-12-2000]

green [12-12-2000]

Hey! That's my picture on that dollar!
george washington, Washington DC [12-12-2000]

the info that i got will be in good use for my project for school.
marsha r. [12-12-2000]

I wanted to say thanks for giving interesting information into the historical backround of John Barry. I was born in Ireland, and my family are Irish. My father introduced me to John Barry's legacy and I'm glad that you gave me more insight..........thanks!
Valerie Roche, 15 years old, Monterey, California [12-12-2000]

thanks for doing this site it reallly helped me with my big project! hey also which dude was the father of the american navvy cause it say's that barry is and on another site it say's that john paul jones is? Love ya, bye
niamh, irish gal in the u.s.a [12-12-2000]

George, 18 decatur [12-12-2000]

I visited Philly on business on Dec 3-5. I only got to do a 10 minute "fly by" of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. I learned a lot in that 10 minutes from the tour guide there. I went away feeling Patriotic and wanting to know more about the history of Philly and the beginning of our Nation. It was very interesting to be there and see it all. Thanks.
Diane Roundy, Northern Utah [12-12-2000]

I`m a Stewart and my wife was a Robertson, (Donnachaidh). I`m a reyired Airborne Ranger and would like to e-mail with other Airborne Rangers with the names of Stewart, Robertson and Donnachaide. June and I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
HARRY AND JUNE STEWART, 87 wESTSIDE dR. Phenix City, AL 36869 [12-12-2000]

This is a great sight that helps with homework.
Karen Jorgensen, Wildwood Crest, NJ [12-12-2000]

I enjoyed this site tremendously. It is very different but definitly interesting. Thank you for doing this..
Christine Reynolds, age 44 , huntingdon,Pa. [12-12-2000]

I am looking for a sight that iis not congested with advertisments and can give visual, maps photographs, etc. as well as text only presenttion of history of the usa.
Cindy Smith, 42, from Kentucky, Teacher [12-12-2000]

This website has been very helpful. I'm doing a history report and I needed this information. Thanks a lot!!!!! I'm sure to get a good grade.
Ashley Richhart, 13, Union, Ohio [12-12-2000]

John E. Rogers, a newcomer, age 71, but really interested in history(something to do with my age?) [12-12-2000]

I have ancestors that were in 7th Penn. Reg,privateer out of Buck County area Penn. and Va. Milta, There names are as follow: George Mock,Jacob Doran,Joseph Wilkinson and Owen Jarrett. How can find out more about them??
Donald L. Wolfe, P.O. Box 60 Arnoldsburg,Wv. 25234 [12-12-2000]

Your site was very helpful, thanks for the site, and help.
Jessica Krystopa, 13, Wethersfield [12-12-2000]

I like this site, Found it by looking for info. on the Paoli massacre.
Brandon Sparr, Berks County , Pennsylvania [12-12-2000]

I really like this site!
Emily Hilligoss, 10 GoodHope, Il [12-12-2000]

Great site! It makes history fun!
Kjell, vt, usa [12-12-2000]

James Benson [12-12-2000]

Joseph Martin [12-12-2000]

Preston [12-12-2000]

need more on deborah sampson
Jed Roley [12-12-2000]

Anna Joubert, age 8 city Hou state Tx [12-12-2000]

Keith Watson, new hampshire [12-12-2000]

great site
Aaron Buche [12-12-2000]

I'm learning about the quakers in my school work. I'm homeschooled.
Matt Leitch, wi [12-12-2000]

nice site
Michael Brant, san diego ca [12-12-2000]

keep doing a fine job
chris jordan, age:11sex:male [12-12-2000]

kristy gilliam [12-12-2000]

I have become addicted to our American History and cannot get enough to read about it. Wish so many times that I would have went to college right after high school and became a history teacher. The website is tremendous.
Cynthia Quillen, I live along the Ohio River. Was able to visit Philadelphia earlier in the year and I enjoyed its history. I want to return! [12-12-2000]

This site is just wonderful. Thank you putting it together.
Marie Ash [12-12-2000]

Thank you
Carlos R. Serrano, Drummonds T.N. [12-12-2000]

Thanks for the info for my school repart! And by the way I'm 12! I'll be 13 soon! Stay wiht it!
April [12-12-2000]

thank you american heritage magazine for introducing this site to me.
james t. burke, orlando,FL [12-12-2000]

First visit. Loking for creative information and resources to us in a new US History Honors class. Great stuff here. Thanks, I got some good ideas and information.
Jim DuRoss Wood, High School Teacher Springfield, Missouri [12-12-2000]

Oyez, oyez....this is a good site.....
Roger Houldcroft [12-12-2000]

this web site came in real use in history class I'm doing a project on Valley forge and I didn't know anything about it Thanks alot!!!!!!!!
Brittney Conn, Castroville,Tezas [12-05-2000]

This is a very intersting page.
Jessica Swisse, Savage, MT. United States [12-05-2000]

Sarah Mughal [12-05-2000]

i like yourdiffrentt facts.
khambrel evans, 11years old [12-05-2000]

Isn't it wonderful to live in this great country? I didn't know your site existed until I read a letter in a local newspaper where someone responded quite fiercely to another writer who'd said that America was founded in order to glorify God and advance Christianity, etc., etc. The respondent mentioned this site as an excellent place to learn about the REAL history of the U.S., and also print out the Documents of Freedom, both of which I have just done -- and enjoyed immensely. Now I'm going to go replay my VCR tape of the U.S. Supreme Court as it decides the fate of our two presidential candidates -- or not. Maybe with the printout I can figure out at least some of what they're talking about. Thank you for an excellent website!
Sharon Spurling, Woodbury, TN [12-05-2000]

~cool site man!!! keep up the good work:)
Ashley, mn [12-05-2000]

Its really cool. It tells you a lot of information
Ellisa Claseter [12-05-2000]

Thanks for the great website. This was my first visit. Attention to this: We MUST keep the Civil War Library and Museum, 1805 Pine St., in Philadelphia. Talk it up.
David H. Ward, Paoli Senior Citizen, Love History, Civil War buff [12-05-2000]

Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed the going there at 4 and Walnut. All the flags and pictures and gifts.
Edward Phillip Kida, I live in the southwest area of Philadelphia. I am 40 yrs of age. BOth my Parents were Polish. My mother who just passed in May. Maiden Name was Lypka. [12-05-2000]

very fasinating
shae olds, 11yearsold, longbeach CA [12-05-2000]

Curt Shonkwiler, Age 52yrs Springfield, Ohio [12-05-2000]

My 6th great grandfather served in the 8th Va. Reg. under Bowman. This site is great for those who gather fanily history. I have been chasing my famiily history for about 17 years and find it never ending and most satisfying. When I served in the military I was stationed in Philadelphia before going to Korea and had the oppurtunity to see the historic sites surrounding the area. Thanks for a great site!
William L. Creel, Born 01-21-31 [12-05-2000]

Mike eich [12-05-2000]

barbie essay, Alliance, NE 69301-united states [12-05-2000]

one of the best sites i've visited
edward summers, i'm 69 and I live in porterville california [12-05-2000]

i really like this sight
andy fillingsness, omaha Nebraska [11-30-2000]

the who served page is very cool to read.
shannon, quincy ,ma usa [11-30-2000]

Your Sit helped me learn a lot about the Revolutionary War and what happened at Valley Forge Thanks
Nicole Faino, Muskegon, Michigan United States [11-30-2000]

Libby Cox, Mertzon Texas, United States [11-30-2000]

I like it all
justin cullins, mertzon [11-30-2000]

Thanx for the answers.
Kevin Harper, Mertzon Texas America [11-30-2000]

THis was a very helpful reasource for my history class
Roxilea Rae Hall, Mertzon ,Texas, United States [11-30-2000]

Wuz up?
Jayton Lindley, Mertzon TX USA [11-30-2000]

Tate Whitlow, Barnhart TX USA [11-30-2000]

Great Stuff
anonymous [11-30-2000]

I am doing a report on the Liberty Bell for the History Fair this year. Your site has been a great help so far. Thank you for the site!
Daniel Fuller, Monticello High [11-30-2000]

it is nice
CRAZY K, 15 [11-30-2000]

abdul, santa clara [11-30-2000]

sam b., n/a [11-30-2000]

I just wanted to sign your guestbook so peole knew i was here.
Eve Brown, 15 Roanoke VA. [11-30-2000]

ALEXIS-MONIQUE [11-30-2000]

I Love Your Website
jasmine campbell, I live in south philly [11-30-2000]

LORI [11-30-2000]

I went here for a project. It had info, but too much. Computer paper is expensive, ya know! :-) It had too much details, and i couldnit afford to print so much out. Good site, though!
Ryan Cassidy, I am 9 yrs old I live in PA [11-30-2000]

i think this is a cool page but it needs more stuff
Christina, I like Japanese Cartoons [11-30-2000]

this is a great web site with lots of info
carlie [11-30-2000]

ashley goldwire [11-30-2000]

Hi. It is a very nice homepage. We like it. Ver interesting. Bye, Franzy and Claudia
Franzy & Claudia, both 16, Weimar (Germany) [11-30-2000]

Emily, age 11 [11-30-2000]

Wonderful site, I was born in Chester, Pa. and am a retired Steamfitter from Local 420, Philadelphia, Pa. and enjoy all that Philadelphia has to offer.
Stephen Gordon Loden, Age: 58 Lancaster County, Penna. [11-30-2000]

I did not know there was a group such as yourselves who were out to preserve our nation's past on the web. Keep it up!
Gregory R. Ramallo, Santa Barbara, CA, USA [11-30-2000]

I personaly think this is one of the best websites there is I had to do a school progect and i found evrerything I needed here I think this is a prety good website
Adriel, age13/Miami/Male [11-30-2000]

I think this is a fantastic orginization. I can see their is still Americans that Honor Our Country by producing interesting ideas about our history and Forefathers. I have always enjoyed learning and reading about the Revolutionary and The Civil WAr. I will post this to my own website and let others know you exist. This is just wonderful!!! Debra
Debra Cheater, Parkhill, Ok. I will be 44 yrs. 12-12- [11-30-2000]

Wat ^ this was a awsome website about hamilton. I learned alot. Tell my friends about it. Did it for a reaserch project. K
Jesse Cornblatt, Alaska [11-27-2000]

What power the internet has! I came upon a picture of some of my ancestors standing in front of a beautiful arch. It was taken in the early 1900's and I wondered what place was so important that they traveled from Central New York to see it. I could barely make out the words on the top of the arch. I put them in a search engine and up popped this site. The letter that Washington wrote was there and the answer to my question was there. Thank you to the people who researched this information and cared enough about history to share it with me. God bless America! Natalie Gibson
Natalie Gibson, Houston, Texas [11-27-2000]

I got a lot of information on Alexander Hamilton here! I am doing a report for school and needed information on him. Thanks! date: November 26, 2000
Martin A. E. E., ks, usa [11-27-2000]

Thank you for this wonderful facility... Should any information on surname BELT be known please e mail it to me. THANK YOU.
Walter E. Belt, Jr., Flatonia, Fayette County, Texas USA [11-27-2000]

Thanks. I learned a lot and found information on at least two ancestors.
James Bennett, St. Louis MO [11-27-2000]

this is a great site
sky, mass [11-27-2000]

My ist cousin, 6 time removed was General Washington'n Surgeon and Physician. Dr John Cochran. His grand son was Brig Gen John Cochrane who served at Antium. He is buried at the Rural Cemetery in Albany, NY and Dr. Cochran and his wife are buried at the Forrest Hills cemetery in Utica, NY
Robert C. Cochran, Ruskin, FL .USA [11-27-2000]

Thanks very much for the on line database of the men who were at Valley Forge. My family has long argued about the presence of our ancestor Lt John Pipes Jr. of the 4th New Jersey at Valley Forge. I guess your database proves it. Thanks, Bob Pipes www.execpc.com/~pipesb The Pipes Family Home Page
Robert J. PIpes, Milwaukee, Wisconsin [11-27-2000]

Courtney, Pawhuska , Oklahoma , United States of America [11-27-2000]

Marianne Clagett, Auburn, CA [11-27-2000]

Great Site!
Edward Fink, Albany, NY [11-27-2000]

4th great grandson of Corporal John Lock of 8th Virginia Regiment, 4th Virginia Brigade, 3rd Division
Everett John Locke, Canby, Oregon [11-27-2000]

Leslie Widener, Bon Aqua, Tennessee [11-27-2000]

sarah jones, pawhuskaok [11-27-2000]

Heelo friends!!!!
Josh Shepherd, Lebanon Indiana [11-27-2000]

I love tis website it has every single detail i need to know.
Nileny Polanco, Lawrence Ma, United States [11-27-2000]

Thank you for helping me with my report.Go ARIZONA WILDCATS!
Collin Johnson, Carmel, IN [11-27-2000]

Doing research via the internet is excellent!
Evan Spadaccini, Age 11; student at St. Thomas Choir School in NYC [11-27-2000]

I loved your site but I am much more interested in other historic sites such as Indian wars and the men and values the country were rea,lly stared fot Anny suggestion where I can get more info?
GERTRUDE CSEPLO, waldorf md [11-27-2000]

I enjoy the site very much.
Allan C Young [11-27-2000]

Interesting site. Hoped to find info on the Governor's Mill, built in Northern Liberties on the Cohocksink Creek in the 1700. After the mill was purchased by Thomas Masters in 1714, his wife Sybilla was granted the first American patent for a health product called "Tuscarora Rice" which was made of Indian corn. This was a significant event in early Philadelphia history, and deserves a mention in the Northern Liberties area. Any information you may have on the mill would be very helpful to a preservation group that wishes to "rediscover" the site and work toward a recreation of the mill for interpretive purposes. Thank you.
Jesse Gardner, Philadelphia [11-27-2000]

this site is like totally great. i found everything i needed in just seconds and all of my hunting for information was over!!!!!!! a million thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
CHRISTIAN MEJIA, los angeles, california [11-27-2000]

I am a newcomer and will most certainly revisit! Love our country's history.
Alwildia M. Taylor, Proud descendant of a 'Signer' (DSDI) [11-27-2000]

steve [11-27-2000]

Read some articles on www.ushistory.com
Gogee Ghulam, Gansevoort,New York [11-27-2000]

I really like this website. I think that you people should not ask people for their e-mail address!
Mike Hellquist, age, 11, Gurnee,Illionis [11-27-2000]

History is awesome everyone should be involved in what has happend many years ago or what is happening today!Thanks for making this site avaiable to all of us people.
Ashley, I'm 16 and I <3 history [11-27-2000]

I really enjoy these websites because I just love to look up different things of past and today history. History really touches my heart.
Mackenzie Richards, I love history! [11-27-2000]

shyra tunnell [11-27-2000]

i like your information you gave
kayla roth, 10 years old [11-27-2000]

I love the checkers game!He is pretty good for a dead guy to be playing! People in my computer class were beating him but I didn't have even a chance of beating him! He was beating me in the beginning! It makes me so mad because he's a dead guy and he plays better checkers then I play checkers! That's cool though! I love the game and thanks for putting it on here for people to enjoy! I think I learned stuff off of these crossword puzzles also. This is very educational! I really love this part of the webpage!
Jennifer, 13,Tennessee [11-27-2000]

Brandye Marcum, Spring City, TN USA [11-20-2000]

April Thacker, Spring City,TN [11-20-2000]

Sheilene Crouch, Oklahoma [11-20-2000]

I think Valley Forge is interesting.
Andrew Clark, Connellsville, Pennsylvania,United States [11-20-2000]

Great site, Number one in history
Cody [11-20-2000]

This is a neat website.
Brandi MArcum, 14,Spring City,TN [11-20-2000]

we're studying american revolution!
AMY, i'm- 13, i live in blanchard, ok! [11-20-2000]

Nekia Anderson, Bridge Creek [11-20-2000]

joe bob [11-20-2000]

kimberly behrens [11-20-2000]

Thanks for the information, I am researching the history of the A.M.E. Church and this is a great help.
James C. Luvas, Salarand, Al 36571 [11-20-2000]

Beth Leamy, I am 12 years old currently living in Ridley park Pennsylvania and I attend the seventh grade at Ridley Middle School in the Ridley School district, the first public school district to approve the uniform policy. [11-20-2000]

Great learning site for all.
Max W Winkler, Barrington NH. [11-20-2000]

cody hudson, winter garden fl [11-20-2000]

louise lang [11-20-2000]

US history is so interesting
Martha, 54, live in Oregon [11-20-2000]

I needed a lot of history aspects for a useless project I was assingned, and this site helped me tremendously
Sarah Wade [11-20-2000]

This site is very educational and helpful to us high school students.
Timothy DiCenzi, 16/LeRoy,NY [11-20-2000]

I enjoyed this sight, but I think that there should be pictures of the inside of Independence Hall.
Brittany [11-20-2000]

I like u'r page it gave me almost all the info i needed for my history report
sam, 12/f/Tower City,PA [11-20-2000]

I will be visting historic Philadelphia.
David Hansen [11-20-2000]

I'm a school teacher in Texas. Great website!!! Keep up the good work
Rodney Acosta [11-20-2000]

jennifer bahena, 21 dallas [11-14-2000]

Hope to find pictures as well.
Mary Anne Hunter, Philadelphia landscape designer seeking information about site [11-14-2000]

will you help me find stuff on the daughters of liberty i have a reaserch paper due tomorow - thanx
heather, 12 oregon [11-14-2000]

I am 4th grade and visited this site with my parents Cid and Claudia to get information on USA presidents and frontiersman.
Karen M. Bacellar, 10 years old, Westborough, MA [11-14-2000]

Since I have hit high school I feel more of a need to be in the church as much as possible.But one thougt that has been in my head is my religon am I Methodist, Episcopal, or both.
Patrice Livingston, My age is:16, my city is Prattville [11-14-2000]

I got on here to help my cousin with a report over Betsy Ross. We learned how to make the 5 pointed star. It was awesome. Thanks for your help
Abby Siebert, 16 [11-14-2000]

Having just read the bio of Stephen Girard, I would like to thank the preparer; however, the panegyric tenor of the material overlooks some obvious character flaws and has a feel of "boot licking" that makes the reader occasionally think "get real."
M. Kienholz [11-14-2000]

M. Kienholz [11-14-2000]

Anne Wells, St.Louis [11-14-2000]

I would like to know the status and role of Black Women in the Church (from Slavery through to Today). Thank you.
Andrea Lawrence, 45 Bklyn. [11-14-2000]

Wanzie Jenkins [11-10-2000]

I very much would like to visit Valley Forge .I have a great interest in the Revolution.
Darryl J. Travis, 3225 Soper Rd. Huntingtown, Md. 20639 [11-10-2000]

Great site!
E.J. Harris, Aiken SC [11-10-2000]

Scott Seidlitz, Pittsburg,CA [11-10-2000]

It was great, I found what I was looking for in just seconds.
Shane Hogue, new albany ms 38652 [11-10-2000]

am in 6th grade.. came here to get info. on valley forge..for history report.....
ashley rivers, rantoul,illinois [11-10-2000]

nyka, 12,new hebron [11-10-2000]

Thank you. Your site is wonderful. I had a report on the history of Philadelphia - I'm taking graduate courses and your site helped me tremendously. Again, mamy thanks and deepest appreciation.
Barbara, Bloomfield, NJ - Teacher [11-10-2000]

Amanda, 15 [11-10-2000]

G eri Reich [11-10-2000]

This site helped me a lot on a project I'm doing!!!!!!!!!! Thank You very much!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel, Longmont, CO [11-08-2000]

This site really helped me with a project I was working on. Thanks
Jade McNeil, lyons colorado [11-08-2000]

I needed info for a report this site was a lot of help. :)
Zorel [11-08-2000]

Just learned f'sure this morning that my ggg grandfather Jeremiah Baker of the Connecticut Colony was indeed the Jeremiah Baker that wintered there during 1777-78. Good thing he survived, as my gg grandfather wasn't born until 1782!
William H. Baker, Cranberry Township, PA [11-08-2000]

your cool
james hutcheson, moorhead,mn [11-08-2000]

WOW!!! this site looks great!!! all the colorful and eye catchin graphics makes me want to keep browsing and looking for more and more information! the information provided is reliable and all the graphics and pictures are so relevant and related to the topics. i love it and would recommend it to anyone who wants to do some research on history!! keep up the good work!
Emilian Cheney, 16 [11-08-2000]

ROTH WRICE [11-08-2000]

i'm trying to find the lyrics to the national anthom....no luck so far.....hope i can find something!!
jessica, 15/glendale [11-08-2000]

I would like to get more info about houses that were around back in the early nineteen hundreds
jeffrey harsh, 19 new providence [11-08-2000]

Iwould like to see a picture of Willam,Penn.You see,I am related to him by blood.
Cat, City,zip and state:Zachary,LA,70791/age:10 [11-07-2000]

Needed a mapof the original 13 colonies for school, needed it to show names of waterways,mountains, etc. of that era. had a heck of atime finding a site.
michele [11-07-2000]

cooper barner, hey mrs.jones this is cooper [11-07-2000]

I like your webpage. I hope I can find something about the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Send me a mail if you have time.Bye!!!
Maria Mueller, age 17, Brookeville [11-07-2000]

everybody should know as much as they can about the history of the greatest country ever to exist, the united states of america. learn about and respect those who have died to let us be free. "remember, freedom isnt free"
ryan baird, jax,fl usa [11-06-2000]

this is the best site. thank u so much i needed all the information for nathaniel greene for my project thanx a lot i love this site. if i have another project im comming back here. thanx again
cam, sorry [11-06-2000]

Keith Finger, Northampton, PA [11-06-2000]

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Aaron weiss, brooklyn n.y. [11-06-2000]

Right now I am currently attending college 6 hours away from Philadelphia. I miss my city so muuch I always look forward to the breaks so that I can come back to Philly to be with my family and friends. I come to this site often to "walk" around my city.
Jara, Philadelphia [11-06-2000]

I am just interested in revolutionary war info If anyone can help me I'd appreciate it
g cseplo, waldorf md [11-06-2000]

Mary Kay [11-06-2000]

Dawg. This is a tight site. I like it! Helps me in my history class at Trei Peing High School
Mackinsey Waters, 18 years old 3 foot 2 inches high Member of the Brothers of America [11-06-2000]

I am very Impressed with this site. Good Job. Keep it up.
Dr. Jack Fry, My name is Jack Fry I am a proffesor of history at Sente Merie Junior College [11-06-2000]

I like this site, it helps me on my class, US History I. I am currently studying the War of 1812 and Marbury vs. Maddison.
Armon Alexander Benjamin Drysdale, 14 years old taking US History I [11-06-2000]

This is a great website. I am finding lots of info. for my social studies project on colonial life.
Becky, Laramie, WY [11-06-2000]

I think this is a very cool website and would like to know more about other presidents!
Callie, I am 10 and I like to learn about history. [11-06-2000]

this is a really coolbsite and a lot of people should find out or go to this website
joe [11-06-2000]

Great Site. Thanks.
Keith [11-06-2000]

I am a descendant of Joseph Kirkbride who founded Bridesburg. I am also related to Samuel Huntington, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. I don't remember whether I am decended from Samuel or from his brother. Thanks for your site. I plan to spend more time later looking through it. We take our name from the town of Kirkbride in northern England. The church that gave the town its name is still standing.
Randy Kirkbride [11-06-2000]

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joe kutten, 43 langhorne [11-02-2000]

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FERNANDO MEJIA, 21 years san jose california [11-02-2000]

I am a direct desendant of John Barry. Nice Page.
Richard John Barry, Garden Grove Ca. [11-02-2000]

Peggy DePhillippo [11-02-2000]

I think.....thats my thoughts......
Aaron Jones, none [11-02-2000]

I have not lived in Philadelphia in 50 years but I have always considered it my "Home Town"! I lived in the Overbrook section and attended St Callistus School at 65th & Lebanon Ave and West Catholic Girls HS. I fell in love with Philadelphia at an early age and even after I no longer lived in the city, I used to take foreign and out of state visitors for a walking tour. Philadelphia will always be my HOME!!
Kate Walsh Blackledge, Born 8/25/28 in Philadelphia [11-02-2000]

mary dyer [11-02-2000]

Great site.
Gary Aknin [11-02-2000]

Was verifying some information about the Wisters. John Wister completed Grumblethorpe in 1744. So far I have copied "Bethlehem Pike", but I am certain I will return to browse. It is interesting to me that as you learn more about your original search (The Wisters) that more information appears that is related but tangential.
Tom Glasagow, Chairperson at Grumblethorpe, an historic house museum. [11-02-2000]

I love history!! The US flags ROCK!!! when i get older i want to be a monkey keeper!! i love everything about history and i hope u do 2!!!
Jay Carmicheal, 14, St. Simons Island [11-02-2000]

I think this is arealy neat web site but it needs a little more information about history. - Thanks
anonymous [11-02-2000]

I lke your web site you sold inclued a mar of down town Piladelphia in colonial times
Julia, 14 yrs of age [11-02-2000]

i love living here in the midst of such historical interest. anyone else feel the same contact me
gertrude cseplo, over 65 waldorf md [11-02-2000]

I am looing for any of my ancestors.
Randy Wright, Nettleton,MS 38858 [11-02-2000]

when I visited Gettysburg many years ago it was thrilling as I had a greatgrandfather who was in that battle but we never found his name Jacob Burger Can you help me trace it?
gertrude cseplo, thebattleofgettysburg [11-02-2000]

your page is very interesting and I woul like you to send me some brochures
Tanja Ri'kecia Richardson, 30 yrs F Bklyn,ny [11-02-2000]

I really enjoyed the Histroy of the state and how it was ran. It is important for childern to know this important vauled stuff.THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE COOL INFORMATION YOU HAVE GIVE US!!!!
Cassie Whitemen, California [11-02-2000]

This was a very cool site. I really enjoyed it. It helped lots in my reserch report. Thanks! A Friend In Alaska
ileah, Alaska [11-02-2000]

John B. Whitehead, age 77--------Rockford, IL. [11-02-2000]

A lovely way to share my home city with people who've never been to it and don't understand why I'm still such a Philly partisan - it isn't all cheese steaks and hoagies!
Rochelle Bernstein, Born and raised in Philadelphia, now in the midwest [11-02-2000]

your webb site brings history a lot closer to home
W Marmolejo, West Covina Ca. [11-02-2000]

tell about history i am doing a report about John Hancock and the Decleration of independence and i cant find 1 simple thing!
Alicia, 11,woodbridge,va [11-02-2000]

I have been been over Revolutionary War Soldiers listings and have found no listing for John Hopwood who was an aide to George Washington. Where can I get a full listing of the soldiers? Thanks you, Jessie Hopwoof
Jessie Parnell Hopwood, John Hopwood b. 1745 was an aide to George Washington, he also founded the town of Hopwood, PA in 1791. [11-02-2000]

We need info on colonial blacksmiths, we just keep finding the same site. Do you knoe where we can find some in depth info? Please e-mail
Donna [11-02-2000]

Would like to find a chronology of the various states giving the sequence of their admission to the union, not by year, but by number.
L.K. Weber, 70, St. Augustine, CDR USN (Ret.) [11-02-2000]

I am using info from here to give a speech in class at Ocean County college-grew up in Bucks County in the 70's-have to talk about a tourist spot-can't think of a better place! Historical, educational, fun, close, and inexpensive-and your park rangers are fun and knowledgable too!
Carolyn Skodi, Manahawkin, NJ [11-02-2000]

Would like more information on all the Revolutionary battles.
Richard Connolly [11-02-2000]

I enjoy your website very much. I have been reading everything I can about the Revolution and George Washington. There are some longer articles that I want to read, but must set aside some time. Will bring my grandson to Philadelphia soon to visit historic sites. Please teopen your Gift Shop
Alice Durham, Mobile, AL Older than I look! [11-02-2000]

This is the treasure chest of the information of the past, a lenscrafter that makes sharp the values of a nation born in democracy, thriving in democracy, and striving for democracy...it brings to scope what time has made obscure, something that which would have otherwise been forgotten
Knight, A student from Bronx Science [11-02-2000]

Dan Nelson, 13 Mesa [10-28-2000]

I think I have been here before but If I haven't you have a nice page and it is very informant.
Kenneth D. England, 61/m/w/Sunfield, MI [10-28-2000]

I think your site is cool and great
A.R., Madera,CA [10-28-2000]

why is it so hard to find infomation on valley forge
mat, age 13 [10-28-2000]

We are looking for articles regarding patriotisiom and reasons to be patriotic. Our children are in 6th & 7th grade and are writing an essay regarding the above subject. Do you know of any web links where we can explore this subject?
Gutierrez/Towery Family, Jackson, Montana [10-28-2000]

The site was very helpful to me when I used it to find information for a project for school. Thanks.
Christina [10-28-2000]

I left Philly 2 years ago for a job elswhere in PA. I just found this site, and I'm damn glad. All the things I used to love to see are right here. This is an excellent site.
Matt, 27, Philly Native [10-28-2000]

Azhar Mahmood [10-28-2000]

so far, this site is exactly what ive been looking for and i appreciate this site being easy to access and use.
lauren bancroft, age 13 [10-28-2000]

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DEANNA JENKINS, 19 n 4th st apt 2 steelton pa 17113 18yrs. [10-28-2000]

The next best thing to being there in person.
anonymous [10-28-2000]

Sandra L. Garza [10-28-2000]

I'm doing a report on it
fred thurmond, 14 oakharbor WA [10-28-2000]

Americans do not know enough of their history. Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it, and suffer it again. Learn one thing a day that America has done, and you will find out what we can do together tommorow.
James Tryon, Philadelphia [10-23-2000]

I really like going on new things and find interesting things thank you for this web site
Matthew Clark, New York [10-23-2000]

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Samantha [10-23-2000]

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Ivy, 16 years old. Wallingford, CT [10-23-2000]

i have a tin box with the name of "cinco cigars" on it. it said they were manufactured in philadelphia. there is a stamp on the lid of the box. do you have any history on this cigar or tin box? thank you. doug wasden---- please e- mail me.
doug wasden [10-23-2000]

your stuff is great
HOLLY AKIN, i'm 10 [10-23-2000]

Preston P. Moragne [10-23-2000]

We love all things historical. Did our family tree and we have signers of the Constitution in our line. We are seeking information about Cora Bell Orr, b. 1913 in Transylvania County, NC. Also John Hosea Alvorad, M.D., b. early 1900's. and practiced in Asheville, NC. Can anyone help? Thanks!
Ronald Gratin Smith, Easley, SC [10-23-2000]

derek, mxpx [10-23-2000]

you need more about patriotic
JEFF [10-23-2000]

I came to this websight to find pictures on the American Revolution for my history project.
Francis Cohen, 13-miami-female [10-23-2000]

Christian Jimenez, 14yrs. [10-23-2000]

I enjoyed the really interesting and neat infor-mation given at this site.
Desiree' Miller, 13/Lancaster,TX [10-23-2000]

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get some information about slavery
cristiana sardo [10-18-2000]

I was glade to find the information on John Barry and it will be used at the St. Columcille Irish Cultural Center on Staten Island, NY
Jack King [10-18-2000]

God created the world for all to share & for all to use. But NOT to abuse! So let's take good care of OLd Mother Earth!
Mike Schovanec, 39- Tyler TX USA! [10-18-2000]

tigger8 [10-18-2000]

Interesting site. We were sent the details by a friend in Philadelphia so we could choose some places to visit when we come out next year. Much more interactive than any I have seen before.
Lesley Collins, Bristol, England [10-18-2000]

Question on the word Tinicum? the only thing that i can find is that it comes from the delaware indians language and it means "first finders' or to that order. swedes came to this area in the early 1600's and settled on or near that is now known as tinicum island. there settlement was called "new sweden"
Charles J. Shawaryn, 50 yrs. Paulsboro,NJ. member of tinicum rear light society [10-18-2000]

I'd say this is a fairly nice site. The only thing I would change (being an expert on making sites) is there should be a us history search on the front page. I know it's not original, but it's much more convenient.
The Ivylunatic [10-18-2000]

I found this site educational and useful in helping me in my research of the Revolutionary War era. Thanks a lot!
Sean Whaley, 13 yrs [10-18-2000]

I'm a volunteer tour guide with the Foundation for Architecture and love to have bits of trivia to enliven my tours. Thanks for offering so many interesting tidbits.
Henry Nechemias, Philadelphia [10-18-2000]

This is a very good sight thank you.
Robert Curtis, 14, Chalfont [10-18-2000]

very interesting indeed. Will send my thoughts upon completion of your site. I am a historian by profession. thank you.
robert s. holman, age is 50, reno, nevada, usa [10-18-2000]

i want know about canadian cityzen....
hee jung kim, 19years old...i am korean..but i am livingin india... [10-18-2000]

very interesting site. it has been very helpful with my son's homework. the only thing we need is to keep a record of philadelphia's population.
debi & ken, philadelphia [10-18-2000]

brandon [10-18-2000]

I love anything about HISTORY.Especially all kinds in the WORLD.Britain,Ireland,Isreal,and any others.This is wonderful way of doing it.Iam 73 and am handicapped so I enjoy reading and looking up all about History.Thank You for doing this as I only went to 11th grade and always wanted to continue my education.
Dodiejordan@webtv.net [10-18-2000]

stacey smith [10-18-2000]

May God richly bless you
Daniel L Barnes [10-18-2000]

preserve the past so we can have an enriched future
JEN [10-18-2000]

Been looking for a site like this for quite a while,just like to read about Phila history
Joseph F. Posner, age 41 still live in Phila. [10-18-2000]

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ryan desabre, 13,brooklyn,ct,i luv dogs [10-18-2000]

I think this is a wonderul website! It was very helpful for me and as well as my classmates. Thank You!!!
Tiffany Williams, 16, Hinesville, GA [10-18-2000]

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zack scott [10-18-2000]

Catherine Sinclair, mature student reading american history at aberdeen university scotland [10-18-2000]

Courtney Porter, 16 [10-18-2000]

Slack, I'm from DK [10-18-2000]

U should put some more stuff about The Religon in Pennsylvania.
Mike, 13 [10-18-2000]

Thanks for being here for our school reports!Enjoyed reading the history about the street we use daily to and from school and shopping. How about some info, boundaries, pictures or maps on how Strawberry Mansion got it's name, looked in the beginning, who lived & worked here, etc.
Project H.O.M.E./Seeds of Hope After-School Program, students are in grades K-10 and live in Strawberry Mansion section [10-18-2000]

Laura Nicholas, 13, Canyon Country [10-09-2000]

This website has helped me tremendously. I have written many research papers using this information. I wish they had had more info on Thomas Jefferson, however. I had a hard time finding info on him. Keep up the good work!
sarah, high school [10-09-2000]

great site for info
Eldon L. Roush, Evans, WA [10-09-2000]

Renee Runyon, Liberty NC [10-09-2000]

Thank you for creating this most informative web site.
Philip L. Hinshaw, Ancestor Jacob Greaves served in PA Rifle Regiment. [10-09-2000]

i enjoy this site very much, i love history we all think we know everything and then look at the facts and say i did not know that, we are having a lot of fun with the history knowledge.

Your page is really coooool even though I didn't find what I was looking for--by the way do you have any thing on the battle of kings mountain? great site me
***** [10-09-2000]

You need to have a search engine, so it is easier for people to find exactly what they need, in as little time as possible. Maybe you should even try having a section for homework questions
Sarah Dee, (8th Grader doing a report on revoultionary war) [10-09-2000]

looking for a good picture of the old persian war not the persian gulf. the one that has to do with greece and athens. need picture if it is possible that u can find it by sun or the latest mon. thanks
maryanne [10-09-2000]

This is a great site!! It helped me get a major term project finished, and i got and A!!!!!!!!!!!!
McKenzie [10-09-2000]

I love your phila oddities. I'm alway on the look out for interesting history sites & yours is one of the best! Keep up the good work!
r.j. pinkerton, phila,pa [10-09-2000]

My ex-wife and I are totally mesmerized by all of the history that encompasses the Philadelphia area. My ex just loves the real cobble stone streets throughout the beautiful city. I just wish that we may be able to get hold of a tourist map with which to tour around the area.
Felix L Lugo [10-09-2000]

Just working on a kids book about some people in Philly's past -- but when I checked your site about LydiaDarragh, your information was a little different from that which I found. (A lot of the info was the same, depending on where I looked) Would the books, "Annals of Philadelphia in the Olden Time" be just gossip, or would the information be reliable? I appreciate any help you can give THANKS .... Thanks for all the work on this site!!
Wendy Toy [10-09-2000]

I just recently moved to Tampa from Philadelphia. There is no place like home, I miss everything about Philadelphia...the night life, the scenery, especially the food! I miss those Philly pretzels, and Tasty Cakes, can't forget the legendary Philly cheesesteaks! I have a few scheduled visits back up north and I absolutely cannot wait! Maybe someday I will live back there again. Go Flyers!
Christine, 21 and now live in Tampa [10-09-2000]

Karin R. McGettigan [10-09-2000]

Great job. We are heading down to Washington DC the first week in November and are going to stop n Philadelphia to see the sights!
Linda, Nashua, NH [10-09-2000]

I am doing a United States History project, and I need to know what happened to a Mr. William Floyd after he signed the Declaration of Independance. I would appreciate any input you can give me. Thank you for your time.
Jennifer Williamson, age: 15, Winston-Salem, North Carolina [10-09-2000]

June Haberbusch, New Jersey Teacher of U.S. History [10-09-2000]

Anytime i can read the history of the ame church i am thrilled! it make me proud to know that i was raised in such a historical setting (my father was a presiding elder). even though i am now a part of another denomination--i still consider AME HOME. I am director of music ministries at St. Paul AME-Valdosta and it is good to get back home.Love the site!!!
Jan Young, Valdosta, GA [10-09-2000]

If you have anything on Betsy Ross please send it to me!!!!!!!!!!!
Reese Mason [10-09-2000]

I'm in history right now doing a report on your state.My uncle lives there,my mom lived there until she was 5.So I do a lot of reports on Pennsylvanin.
Kaite Pinheiro, 13 Kingsburg,Ca. [10-09-2000]

Very good site I would like to have it as a Icon on my computer. I lived in philly lots of years. I enlisted in the Marines and was sworned in at Indepence hall 3/28/51 do you have any thing about that in your archives.
Harry A. Thomas, Clinton Township Mi. 48038 [10-09-2000]

We hate your Web page. But of course, we also hate History. Live in the moment, where else have ya got to live? The past matters not anyhow! Thanks for your time, Paige and Cunteeza, Williamson High School
Paige Varney & Cunteeza Lyons, 16 yrs old, we are founders of "We Hate History and Company" [10-09-2000]

This is a great site. Lots of information. Can you please e-mail me a place where I can find a piture of samuel chase? Thanks. -Andy Schiever
Andy Schiever [10-09-2000]

loved the web site!
Frankie Konovsek, Brownsburg Indiana Historian [10-04-2000]

whoever John Hancock is i need information on him if you could sent it to me that would be nice thanks
Jenifer Vincent, 16 female NY [10-04-2000]

This site looks pretty nice.
Victor, age 13 [10-04-2000]

where can i find a good picture of independence hall?
nicole, 13 years old [10-04-2000]

I love your website. I use it to teach my "Welcome to Philadelphia" course to my middle school students. My students are learning a great deal about the city they live in. I am really greatful for the access to the web site. Thanks. Marlene Cooper
Marlene Cooper, Teacher - Middle School - Philadelphia [10-04-2000]

Thank you for your wonderful site! I have been tempted to spend days playing on it. :)
Jessica Bair [10-04-2000]

DONNA JOE AND MARY JANE, dj mj is 14 [10-04-2000]

I have got a good joke: What is the main difference between America and a yoghurt !?!? The yoghurt has got his own culture, ho, ho, ho !
Christian Horst Manuel Diers, I am from Hamburg, Germany. [10-04-2000]

interesting website
Christopher Dearing, 18, Windsor Ontario, Attend Riverside Secondary School [10-04-2000]

I am doing a report on history and this realy helped. Love, Cortney Clifford
Cortney Clifford, 10,San Juan Capistrano [10-04-2000]

i would like to know if you know anything about greene st in germantown. any information you may have is helpful. i was informed that the 4900 block of greene st. was apart of the underground railroad, along with the church (st francis of asissi).
RHONDA KANE, phila pa [10-04-2000]

Holly Rhoads [10-04-2000]

This site is really helpful; good job!
David M. Celis [10-04-2000]

Maria Elena Greenham, 51 years old. I am Mexican but I love the United States with all my heart. [10-04-2000]

born in philly,raised in philly,dragged to valley forge every other sunday as a child. love it!
thomas d gallagher, quakertownPA [10-04-2000]

I'm looking for photos of Sears kit houses from 1922. Would be helpful if you had a link to sears kits
Leslie Harmon [10-04-2000]

I never knew that the church of christ was a breakoff from the diciples of christ. L learned something from your sight and i thank you, steve.
steve hormann, 52 fort wayne Indiana member of church of christ [10-04-2000]

We thank God for the many talents and skills he has inspired in us to share with others. With the age of technology, everyone should learn to communicate more often. We have no excuse. Praise be to the Almighty
Donna Silva-Burnett, Wileks-Barre, PA [10-04-2000]

Brian Berry, 16 yrs old [10-04-2000]

please publish some info about bunker hill
e., 14 [10-04-2000]

As an amatuer history dude your site has provided some interesting paths to follow. I enjoyed reading about thomas paine, i just got one of his books
Eric hedlund, Rapid City, SD [10-04-2000]

Carla [10-04-2000]

I am a History Teacher in San Diego and I am always looking for usefull web sites for my students. Thanks
Kevin Brew, 31 San Diego CA [10-04-2000]

I would like to find my family tree of the Pickett's but I don't know where to start or how to go about. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be most appreciative. Melody
Melody Pickett Bennett [10-04-2000]

Would like information on the Weinberg family we kown the Weinbergs started in Charleston SC> thanks D.W Godwin 009/29/2000
Deborah Weinberg Godwin, Florence Darlington SC> [10-04-2000]

i like yor web page.i want to be a millonier and lawyer when i grow up
Brandon Bolt, age11 city yonkers i ran for tracks 2 year i am a [aaaaa]student [10-04-2000]

Brenton Williamson, 10 Baltimpre [10-04-2000]

This site is very educatuional and fun.
Cord Jones [10-04-2000]

I would like to find more information on the contributions of African American people.
Christine Osei-TuTu, I am a Middle school Teacher with an African culture club [10-04-2000]

Perused the Battle of Brandywine. I Wonder if you had info on the Battle of the Hyder Ally. When joshua Barney captured the General Monk (British Ship) and they renamed it the George Washington.
Raymond L. Hilliard, Born in 1934, New Castle, Pa., live in East Liverpool, Ohio [10-04-2000]

I think that this sight is very cool and helps me in my history.
Heather, 16 Phoenix [10-04-2000]

andy giddings, i hate the american flag i love the connfederit flag [10-04-2000]

Ducan Hong [10-04-2000]

what are the words to the national anthem of germany?
anonymous [10-04-2000]

tom maftin, US History teacher [10-04-2000]

Can you tell me anything about the valley forge memorial arch?
david mulder [09-27-2000]

Thanx for a great site! It helped my work today!!
Joan Holmes, Medina, Oio [09-27-2000]

cool site
jennifer barnette, 16 Columbus [09-27-2000]

very informative!!!
TANYA VINER [09-27-2000]

Your site is very informational. Another source for American history for anyone who is interested I Allan Eckert's book titled "That Dark and Bloody River". It gives a wonderful historic account of life on the Ohio river from the early 1700's to the end of the 1700's.
Wayne Shockey [09-27-2000]

susan halpin [09-27-2000]

This is a really resourceful website for college students.
Jennifer Schulze [09-27-2000]

This web site was exactly what we needed for a report my daughter had to do on Martha Washington. It was very informative and very well done. Thank you!
Susan McCord [09-27-2000]

Cool Sight. Email me if you have ANYTHING on Betty Ross ASAP.thanks for the trouble
Dustin Hess, 13 Morrison Il [09-27-2000]

Enjoyed this site . Was looking at 1899 news of interest. JAN.9 was a surprise to me as my Grandparents lived at YORK ROAD& TIOGA STS, as did most of family.I lived with my parents and brothers &sister on Marvine ST.below ERIE AVE. HOPE to hear from relatives.Daughter of GEORGE WIBLE.
KATHYN WIBLE BAXTER, Left 1958 for FL.Age 78, MCGEE family also lived on MARVINE ST. DICK, FRANK,& EDDIE [09-27-2000]

I never received as much information as I have here. Thanks!
Kim, 14yrs. of age----Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [09-27-2000]

go eagles philly rules
Joe D., Philadelphia [09-27-2000]

victoria [09-27-2000]

d cias [09-27-2000]

Proud to be an American in a time when some thing its okay to trash this country. Thank you for this site.
Ingrid E. Barnes, 40 Tuckahoe New York [09-27-2000]

looking four the pauls
Mack Paul jr, 36 rockingham nc 28379 [09-27-2000]

Is Emanuel A. M. E. Church in Charleston, SC the second oldest A. M. E. Church in the world?
Alphonso Brown, Charleston, SC [09-27-2000]

Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken. Psalm 62:5-6
Rev. Anthony C. Mills Allen Chapel A.M.E.C., Thibodaux, Louisiana [09-27-2000]

I wonder about something in the past,whether they are absolutely true.Things are sometimes put in for a reason.This makes me wonder a lot.This is a good past time. Thank you
Johnnie A.Watson, I am 65 years old,I live in Elm City,N.C. [09-21-2000]

It's wonderful to be connected with history
Nathine Johnson Washington, Columbus, GA [09-21-2000]

lori ford, st.charles, mo.63303 usa [09-21-2000]

Your site provided most informative and interesting narrative. We will be visiting your area in early October and are looking forward to seeing sights you described.
Pat Hamilton, Age 64; Las Vegas, NV [09-20-2000]

I found this site to have much more information than a lot of the others.
Stacy Webb, 14 years old,IN [09-20-2000]

i think that history is very fun and i want to learn more about my country
jillian a pace, 13 nashville tennessee [09-20-2000]

Question: Do you still have the Virtual Tours? If so do you have the virtual tour of Old First Reformed Church?
James Dyer [09-20-2000]

Found this site while e-touring. Liked it so much that I bookmarked for future visits.
Bradley J. Langley, Newport, Washington [09-20-2000]

chelsea [09-20-2000]

I need dates of events.......anyone can give me help im me or e-mail me
Krista, 13, nj [09-20-2000]

I was very happy to see the historical documents in print again. I made copies that I can keep and plan on rereading and studing each one again.
Claudia Dameron, Pfafftown, NC [09-20-2000]

Looks good I need some lapel pens
Raymond C. Zummak [09-20-2000]

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michael [09-20-2000]

While searching for photos for my GD project on brochures and pamphlets, I found your cite. I think that it's amazing and very informative. This will make my project much easier to complete, THANKS!!!!!!
Nafeesa Williams, 20 yr old Graphic Design Student, Moore College, I live in Phila Germantown sectionborn on the 4th of July [09-20-2000]

Nancy Sullivan, Redding, California [09-17-2000]

I'm doing a report on the American Revolution for my 4th grade class. You're site looks like it has a lot of helpful stuff.
Hilary Kulig, West Rutland VT [09-17-2000]

i am the town crier of taradale, napier new zealand, would appreciate any contact. oyez, oyez,oyez. kindest salutations.
ANTHONY C,SCOTT(MOONRAKER), napier, new zealand, [09-17-2000]

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Janell Layman [09-17-2000]

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James Brewer, Pueblo, CO [09-17-2000]

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rajendra nath hansda, 42 years, calcutta, indian [09-17-2000]

My ancestor Jean Simon Chaudron had a silversmith shop in Philadelphia in the late 1700's/early 1800s. It was at one time on Chestnut Street I am told. I would be most appreciative of any info or silverware of his. IT would be marked: SC&Co or Chaudron or Chaldrons and Rasche. Thanks!
Anne, Texas [09-17-2000]

I would like to know if i could get some information for a report. Could you please tell me this information if you have it. When Pennsylvaina was founded,the pupose of founding it, date of settlement,and important leaders in Pennsylvanias history. Thank You Very Much, Sincerely, Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith, I'm 13 years old and live in Westland, Mi [09-17-2000]

PAULA BRADEN, age 37 coalmont tennessee 37313 [09-17-2000]

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CHRIS LARK, 13/m/nc [09-17-2000]

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Wonderful! I'm so happy to have found you!
Billie A. Berman, 77/New Haven, Ct [09-17-2000]

I am planning on coming to visit the MOTHER CHURCH
Amburson Hayes [09-17-2000]

I wish I had information like this site provides at my fingertips when I was in school. It is very helpful in studying our nation's past.
Mark Woita, Omaha, NE [09-17-2000]

My address: López Cotilla No. 18 C.P. 47400 Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco México. I'am Captain of the Fire Dept. of this city. I'am sorry, but I don't speak english. Grettings for alls.
JOSE DE JESUS ALVAREZ HERNANDEZ, Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, México [09-17-2000]

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This sight is very informative,and a joy to visit..
Mrs. Peggy Smith [09-17-2000]

TERESA, mcminnville,or [09-17-2000]

Some of your visitors may also appreciate the simplicity of an alternative "cemetery" which is described at www.memorialecosystems.com then double click on the Ramsey Creek Preserve.
Ken Stoner [09-17-2000]

Love history, geography, government, world current events
a j simco, 14 yrs old. springdale, ar [09-17-2000]

We'll be visiting your city in October and are looking for information on several specific clubs. One is the Philadelphia Aviation Country Club and the other is The Racquet Club of Philadelphia. I can't locate either of them on the Web.
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Walby, Miami, Florida [09-17-2000]

this is an awsome page i got all the information i needed for my school timeline on benjamin franklin thanx a lot for making this page!!!!!!!!
meg [09-17-2000]

I just wanted to thank you for posting your historical research on Philadelphia. It is one of my favorite cities, and I think that all americans should understand more about the city and it's role in the development of American democracy. I learned a great deal from this site, and I want to thank you for teaching us students of municipal history more about the development of Philadelphia.
Allen Brierly [09-17-2000]

I would be interested in sending students to your website to take a tour or some other academic reserach. Does your organization offer anything for teachers to help educate students on Philadelphia? Thank you.
Peter F. Reid, Teacher at Bishop Shanahan High School, Downington [09-17-2000]

Richard Edward Burdick, 14 painted post ,ny 14870 [09-17-2000]

I figured I could find something I could use in my history project on the Pennsylvania colony before the French and Indian War.
Kelly Dale, 16 , tampa,AP american history project [09-17-2000]

I just want to thank you for providing such a wealth of information. I am going to visit a friend in Philly soon, and your website provided me with all the pertinent info about historic Philadelphia that will make me a "informed" tourist! ;) Thank you !
Emily, South Carolina [09-17-2000]

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this is an awsome page i got all the information i needed for my school timeline on benjamin franklin thanx a lot for making this page!!!!!!!!
meg [09-14-2000]

I just wanted to thank you for posting your historical research on Philadelphia. It is one of my favorite cities, and I think that all americans should understand more about the city and it's role in the development of American democracy. I learned a great deal from this site, and I want to thank you for teaching us students of municipal history more about the development of Philadelphia.
Allen Brierly [09-14-2000]

I would be interested in sending students to your website to take a tour or some other academic reserach. Does your organization offer anything for teachers to help educate students on Philadelphia? Thank you.
Peter F. Reid, Teacher at Bishop Shanahan High School, Downington [09-14-2000]

Richard Edward Burdick, 14 painted post ,ny 14870 [09-14-2000]

I figured I could find something I could use in my history project on the Pennsylvania colony before the French and Indian War.
Kelly Dale, 16 , tampa,AP american history project [09-14-2000]

I just want to thank you for providing such a wealth of information. I am going to visit a friend in Philly soon, and your website provided me with all the pertinent info about historic Philadelphia that will make me a "informed" tourist! ;) Thank you !
Emily, South Carolina [09-14-2000]

casie [09-14-2000]

I am for Alabama and I attend Russell COUNTY JUNIOR HIGH and this web site is so inter resting.
Theodore Thomas Reid, I am from Alabama. and my teacher recomended me to this web site for some rerch. [09-06-2000]

I'm looking for information on architect Thomas U. Walter. Thanks.
Susan Taylor Block, Wilmington, N. C. [09-06-2000]

Judy Campbell, California [09-06-2000]

I'm writing an historical novel for St. Martin's Press, to be published in January 2002; part of that novel will be set in Philadelphia. I'd love to be able to include a retelling of the incident of April 15th, 1847, when two elephants drowned in the Delaware River. My understanding is that one description of the incident was published in Randolph Walther's "Happenings In Ye Olde Philadelphia 1680-1900," but I'm unable to locate that book locally. Could anybody provide the details of that incident? I'll appreciate any assistance you would care to offer. With best wishes, RS
Randall Silvis, http://www.csonline.net/rsilvis [09-06-2000]

i am doing a very important report on quakers and im very dissapointed in you for not providing information on them, thank you for the non-help. Im not bitter anyway.
AnnA, high-school [09-06-2000]

i really like this site. it really comes in handy when i need to do history reports like i am right now. speaking of that, i should get back to work. bye
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Kim, age,40 sumptin'from the Lone Star state [09-06-2000]

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I just founded your web site and will do research about your information on our history. There is so much history that a lot of people don't know about, with your aid that information can be viewed and shared.
Robert W. Hendrix, AO1(AW/SW) USN, San Diego, I an in college with a major in US History [09-06-2000]

I really enjoyed the site. I was in Philadelphia last year and saw some of the places here and would like to see the rest one day. The buildings in the tours are well worth seeing again and anyone who gets the chance should see them. Visitinf this site brought back some real nice memories of my visit.
Gloria Kittle, Troy,Oh [09-06-2000]

Very informative and interesting. Please continue with the same format, enjoy it immensely.
Barbara O'Reilly, Thousand Oaks, CA. [09-06-2000]

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Danielle, 8 [09-06-2000]

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A fine site - you keep up the good work of getting the story of American History into our youth!
The Rev/ Frederick W. Pyne, 74 years old; Adamstown, MD; a descendant of Signer William Floyd! [09-06-2000]

This site is intresting. I don't have anything good or bad I'd like to point out, I thought I'd just sign the guestbook since I'm here.
Victoria Fear, Somewhere in the vast wasteland known as New Jersey [08-29-2000]

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Carla [08-29-2000]

Why can't you give like what music was popular during the presidents terms
Megan or Monica, 13 [08-29-2000]

Very helpful to a new resident of the Philadelphia area.
Dr. Jon Pahl, Associate Professor of American Religious History, the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, [08-29-2000]

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Shannon [08-29-2000]

Could I ask you a question concerning the total number of soldiers involved on each side in the American Revolutionary War ? And the total number of American and British casualties ? Thank you very much for your considration and best wishes, Guido Abbattista
Guido Abbattista, Torino, Italy [08-29-2000]

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Barry Kelly, Dublin, OH [08-29-2000]

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lee kirkland, age 23, from gloucester, England [08-29-2000]

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Member of Geo. R. Clark Assoc. and committee person of The Fair at New Boston 1780-1810 trade fair. Love History Books
Diane Bereczky, Springfield, Ohio [08-29-2000]

I haxe travelled much of the world, moastly South East Asia, and I'm still very proud to call Philadelphia(Pipersville), Pennsylvania home! I miss it like crazy, but through the net, I'm able to catch up with what is going on!
Cherie Cox, A native of the best city in the world, now living in Melbourne Australia [08-29-2000]

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Shirley [08-23-2000]

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sue knapp, drexel hill, pa [08-22-2000]

Looking for a Norman Rockwell screensaver. Are any available in your museum shop?
William R. Wiemann, Live in Durham N.C. 53 years old [08-22-2000]

Dear People, This website was very interesting and informative. I had already heard of "Mother Bethel", but didn't know that it was just that much more to it. You know, they don't teach all of this important stuff to us in school around this neck of the woods. Praise for the internet, and caring people such as you all for supplying such great news. Take care, and the best of wishes! So Proud, D. Miller
D. Miller, From St. Louis, MO [08-22-2000]

This site has been a trememdous help to me in following my family's history in regard to the older street names and districts. The articles from "Happenings in ye old Phila." were extremely interesting. Thank you
Nora Bratton, older resident of NJ [08-22-2000]

We have a young man from England with us for the week and we wanted to take him to Phild you site made it very easy for us to plan this adventure. Thank You!!!!
Rose Bretz [08-22-2000]

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I was just proofreading information for the Chicago Chapter, NSDAR, 2000-2001 Yearbook. I, specifically was interested in correct punctuation for "The American's Creed"
Mary E. Huske [08-22-2000]

This is a great site. History is very important. As someone once said, "Those who do not heed the lessons of History, may be doomed to repeat it."
June Waymire Pruitt, Benton, AR [08-22-2000]

Iused to live in Delaware County, had my own insurance inspection business and had an insurance company account in which the company was founded by Ben Franklin. It is still in business. I used to be annoyed by the tourists in Independence Square as they got in my way while I was walking to the company very close by. Lovely people there, old timers all gone now and wouldn't know me from Adam. Liberty Bell was in the the Independence Bldg at that time. Back in the '60s.
Frank Newcomb, Now living in Los Angeles [08-22-2000]

I am very excited at finding your sight while researching my family tree. Could you tell me if a Painting exists in your Gallery of Robert Morris? My family would love to know if one exists. Thank you so much! Deb Weeks
Deborah Weeks, Decendent of Robert Morris, Signer of the Declaration of Independence [08-22-2000]

What a wonderful site!! It puts a wealth of information right at my fingertips and, from the comfort of my Den I can browse until my heart is contented. THANK YOU! Now to get my nieces and nephews hooked on it.
Nat Washington, Florida [08-18-2000]

I definitly hope i can find what i need here for my State Capital history report,,so far so good.
Midge, Pittsburgh, PA [08-18-2000]

Great site - very educational and helpful in planning my visit to your city.
Janet Smith, Morristown, NJ [08-18-2000]

Would love to receive information on upcoming scheduled events and festivities.
Bernadette Marin [08-18-2000]

I came upon your site while researching my family's past. My ancestor, Johann, came to Philadelphia in 1753 aboard the ship "Halifax". He is said to have served as an ensign in Capt. Bower's Brigade during the Revolutionary War. Two of his daughters are said to have warned Gen'l Washington of an impending British attack in 1777. I was hoping to find something about Capt. Bower's Brigade or about the daughters' participation. While I haven't found the specific information for which I am searching, I was intrigued by the battle sequences of the Philadelphia Campaign. Well done! Oh, and if anyone can help me fill in the gaps about Johann and his daughters, please e-mail me. Thanks.
Charles Krouskop [08-18-2000]


Excellent description of Battle of Brandywine. Especially the minor skirmishes that occured in the area before it.
Craig Spedden [08-18-2000]

Looking for gr gr gr grandfather Briskey/Brisky/Briske. May have been in Rall's Regiment captured at Trenton. Any help appreciated.
Sandel DeMastus [08-18-2000]

I enjoyed your most interesting information, and will visit again. Sometime I would like to visit your great state. Love your football teams. Thank you very much.
William E. Schoen III, My great-grandfather and family came from LaPorte in late 1800. I am 70 yrs. old, live in Sioux Falls, SD. [08-18-2000]

Hello, Great site, I was looking for info on the Christ Church in Philly and I found it right here. I'm looking for info on a family member who was married in this church in 1745. His name was John Jewers born in 1720's and married Margaret Cook in 1745. I'm looking his parents and any children of John and Margaret. If you know who I can contact on this matter, it would be helpful. Paul L Jewers
Paul L Jewers [08-18-2000]

Interested to see what role Phil. played in the War of Ind. as it will soon be your bi-centenial. Quite thorough information.
Dean M., 32. Lincoln England. Architect. [08-18-2000]

writing a book about a army private (1800 era)
rod gaudin, old. in lutz,fl. [08-18-2000]

Im glad to see other who are interested in saving the Paoli Massicure Site....i live about 10 minutes from it! i live in dowiningtown PA...REMEMBER PAOLI!
Neal hurst, Im 16 Male...i reenact the American Civil War [08-18-2000]

Charles Totten [08-18-2000]

The virtual tour of Historic Philadelphia was wonderful. My family settled in Philadelphia in 1712 and rest in Christ Church Burial Gound. They were friends with Ben Franklin and purchased land at Haverford from Bishop White. I would like to know when Bishop died? Enjoyed the visit very much. Thank you
Vivien Garrigues, 50ish. Living in Texas, heart in Philadelphia, [08-18-2000]

this is a great website.now that i am an adult i want to learn what i didn't pay attention to in high school
MICHELE DANISON [08-18-2000]

I intend to put a chapter in the book about all the sites relating to Poe that one can visit. If there is a brochure, I'd like to have one. Please send info to me via e-mail. Thanks very much (this is an impressive website, by the way). KC
Kay Cornelius, I am writing a book on Poe for young readers. [08-18-2000]

nice site, except it primarily emphasizes the park connected with the river -- what about awbury, bluebell and other sections of the park? if i was a visitor looking for these; i would be at a lost.
monty claybrook, philly native [08-18-2000]

This site is so awsome, Are we allowed to print off some of these documents for our homeschool discussions? Please write back @ above e-mail add. Thanks a million.
Kimberley Brothers, 42, hm school 4 children, Moore, Oklahoma [08-18-2000]

Jodi Kanner [08-18-2000]

I have visited the Revoluntary War site & historic site of Philadelphia. I really like this site. I'm a DAR member. This site is so detail that any school child could read it & learn.
Linda M. Fesperman [08-18-2000]

History Buff
Craig Deiidrick [08-18-2000]

Deeply appreciate the research effort and the journalistic take on a good deal of these historical items. Expand the effort...and highlight some of the personal details that the broad scope of history misses. :)
Christopher Coulter, Morton, IL USA [08-18-2000]

CARLOS, weston, fl. [08-18-2000]

This is a "most exciting site"!!! Thank you very much. I am the coordinator for the state of Indiana for the SECOND AMENDMENT SISTERS and I am trying to gather as much information so as to not only focus on the Bill Of Rights...but what it took for our country to adopt this. God bless you and God bless America.
Faith J. Mohoi, quotations of our founders [08-18-2000]

great site. lots of info and easy to move around
Deborah Filbert, 37, female, pittsburgh [08-18-2000]

My ancestors arrived in Philadelphia September 14, 1749 from Germany on the Two Brothers ship. Does anyone have information about what weddings were like for German immigrants during that time (they were married in 1750)?
Donna Jordan [08-08-2000]

I was just curious how the name Paoli was assigned to the massacre?
Frank Paoli [08-08-2000]

The reason why I have came into your sight, is because I'm hopeing somone can help me , learn more about my Family tree and My Family histroy. I was told that I'm an 8th Native American, and I want to prove it to others how doubt it. I have always wanted to know whon I am and where did, I come from. So I'm hopeing someone can help me search for my family. i want to someday visit the Cherokee chief, and have him bless me with my native name that my father gave me. Can you sbmit any information to get me started on my family tree? If so I would be compltely grateful. thank you so much,Lone Wolf.
Courtney Lynn Everett [08-08-2000]

This web site really helps he a lot with my homework.
Abigail Romero, Age 16 [08-08-2000]

I am looking for a list of the "Presidents of the United States in Congress Assembled" beginning with Samuel Huntington and Thomas McKean. I believe there were several others who served under the Articles of Confederation.
Robert Berthelson, Trumbull, CT [08-08-2000]

would like to see more on the civil war thanks dave
dave [08-08-2000]

Marilyn Long [08-08-2000]

I found it very helpful to beable to print out certain documents.
red-one, washington [08-08-2000]

We Americans with so much freedom are forgetting how we earn it or how much it costs, these days it's easy to accept that it is easy and we are paying the price. Sites like this should pop in all computers to remind everyone why we have what we have today. I am a proud American by choice and not by accident. I choose to be one and was not born one.
Miguel H. Escallon Ph.D., Immigrant from Colombia US Citizen '89-- Geneticist /50yr/Miami [08-05-2000]

Dear Sirs; I enjoyed veiwing some of the historic church. I love history and am quite interested in the social development of our great country. I often view historic churches and cemetaries as well,because give me that certain perspective and appreciation for applauding the wonderful and mighty handiwork of our creator. I applaud your sense of dedication in keeping watch over the historical artifacts; and I applaud your efforts in continuing to tell the story of our human struggle toward the goal of freedom and in the building of an advanced civilization. Please continue in your efforts. You may also consider expanding the web page to include more pictures; with more historic artifacts if they become available. One possible source is to keep in touch with all former congregates/members. Ask those members or their decendants for old pictures or church memorophilia. I helped my father's church add to its historic collection by donating old pictures and articles that my family preserved. When he died five years ago, I learned a lot about our church and the role it played in our community, by going through many old records and pictures that were preserved. I'm sure you may already be aware of this method but I'm just sending a reminder. Please continue and may God bless you in your efforts!!!!!!!!! Sincerely Yours in Christ, Clarence W. Garner August 4, 2000
Clarence Wayne Garner [08-05-2000]

The PBS documentary "Liberty" should be required study of all school children every year--lest we forget.
Robert E. Driscoll [08-05-2000]

Katherine F. Shupp, 39, Glendora, NJ [08-04-2000]

michael [08-04-2000]

YOu have a wonderful site and I hope to have my class visit the site this Fall. I was sad many of the links would not connect and i hope they will be up and working this Fall. Thank-you!
N. Taylor, teacher [08-02-2000]

great city
walter cole, 45 va bch va [08-02-2000]

Maggie Blakeslee, East Haven Ct 06512 [07-31-2000]

Thank you for the opportunity of reading about the "awesome" faith and history about Richard Allen. Truly a great man of God.
Janice Mason, Nashville, TN [07-31-2000]

anisha, delhi [07-31-2000]

donna heatwole [07-31-2000]

my wife is a philadelphia native .. and we enjoy every visit back to the area .
m lorson, 53 va beach va [07-31-2000]

Great site! Thanks!
Daniel P. Watson, Jr., 39, State College, PA [07-31-2000]

We have in our possession a bank (check) for $1000.00 that says 'Seventeen Months after Date The Bank of the United States Promises to Pay to (G W Fairman?) or order One Thousand Dollars in New York Philadelphia December 15th, 1840'. There are what looks like three different men's pictures on each side of the script. There also appears to be a signature as of a bank official. Would you be able to tell us what we have?
Mary N Lee [07-31-2000]

Mt. Pisgah Church in Columbia, Maryland
Joseph & Vera Wood, HUSBAND IS 66 YRS OLD; WIFE IS 63 YRS OLD. Anniversal at January 30 from 1960. [07-31-2000]

DOUGLAS HARRELL [07-31-2000]

My sons class visited Independence Hall in May 2000, during the early heat wave, on our way from Washington, D.C. to NYC. Also Franklin Court & the Customs House. We wish we could have stayed longer & explored more of Philadelphia.
Nina Chambers, Teacher-Librarian, Seattle, WA [07-31-2000]

I am interested in finding a book that gives an accurate review (or "translation") of the Federalist Papers. I find it difficult and time consuming to determine the meaning of the words and phrases used at that time. Matt Devine
Matt Devine [07-31-2000]

I am an avid coin collector and would like very much to visit the Philadelphia Mint.
James W. Nute, I am 68 years old and live in Derry, NH [07-31-2000]

It was very rewarding for me to read the history of the A.M.E. church. One of the things as a youth in the A.M.E. church we are taught the proud history of our Church. I am a member of Bethel A.M.E. Church,Ensley, Birmingham, Al.
Ernestine J. Davis, Birmingham, Al [07-31-2000]

Philly is my hometown and I get homesick from time to time, so this website really helps me conquer those feelings of homesickness. I know definitely that I'll be moving back sometime in the future, so don't take away this site just yet! Keep it coming. I represent Philly strong up here in NYC and N. Jersey!
D. Spann, 28, East Orange, NJ [07-31-2000]

What about the medical history, i.e. Pennsylvania Hospital and Ben Franklin
Mary McAuley [07-31-2000]

I am seeking trustees from Mother Bethel with whom I can correspond regarding renovation of our historic church. Please share my e-mail address with your trustees (or ministerial staff). Thanks. -granddaughter of A.M.E. minister as well
Pat, Trustee at Joshua Chapel A.M.E. Church/Waxahachie, TX [07-31-2000]

I was looking for a listing of states in the order by date when they joined the union. You have an interesting collection. Thanks.
Charles E. Lockhart [07-31-2000]

I love history and it is nioce to go to a web site to see about our battlefields. The internet is a good way to learn about history. Thank you very much James
James Swartzell, age 64 Highlands, Michigan [07-31-2000]

Great reference site!
Sue Strauss [07-31-2000]

looking for new ideas
vet, teacher fifth grade [07-31-2000]

This is where I have ended up in a search for other families with surnames of Townsley. Can't wait to see what I find. If anyone can help feel free to lend a hand. Thanks
Jodi Townsley, 17 years old, Dallas/Ft.Worth, Texas [07-24-2000]

am the author of "24 reasons why african american suffer." seeking 1000 or mor african american churches to join our economic poor relief unity program. donate/invest $20.00 per sunday for seven years into the national black church poor relief fund. See our book @ http://www.janddservices.net. Your comments on black church unification is requested and appreciated.
jimmy dumas, alabama [07-24-2000]

I think your website is really cool.
Zain Paloalto, 12, Manson, WA 98831 [07-24-2000]

I was looking for a place to buy an American Flag and found this site. I was born on the fourth of July and very proud to be an American! Thanks for all of the information.
Sue Pepper [07-24-2000]

Great site. It has renewed my interest in visiting my old stomping grounds in what used to be Dock Street and the old city.
David Lindwall, age 55, was born and lived on 3rd and spruce till 1959 [07-24-2000]

I miss you Philly!
Reggie Brown, Ft. Lauderdale via Phikladelphia [07-24-2000]

Great site for my daughters as a study aid, they're out for summer break, can't wait to see if they will use it!!
Ron Eger, 35 years old; Santa Barbara, Ca [07-24-2000]

I would appreciate a lookup of the DeHaas/Haas (spelled any way), family. I am interested in names and dates of all family members. Benjamin Franklin was also a 1st cousin nine generations back.
Debra Clark, My ancestors worshiped in your chruch. [07-24-2000]

Great site. Brought back memories of living in PHilly. Thank you
Kathleen Larson, Council Bluffs, IA [07-23-2000]

I recieved a gift from a friend purchased at The United Mint at the mall east phil, penn.19106 It came in a tan colored bag and when I read it,I was discussed, the address is 151 N.Independance Mall East. Check your spelling of Independence, I thought and have been teaching that it is spelt with all e's no a's. This is terrible. I am sure that this error has been noticed by other. Please correct your gift bags. If I am mistaken and this is how you spell Inpendence, then I am truly sorry. Marina Cegiel
Marina Cegiel, Arizona [07-22-2000] [We are not affiliated with this product in any way, but we will pass on the information -Webmaster]

i found your site last week and this is the second time that i am responding---i can't seem to stay away from your site soooo interesting and so full of knowledge--i just found out that by clicking on a name in what others have written you can e-mail them ----great!!
MURIEL BOGAN, florida [07-22-2000]

I just starting to read, I will share my thoughts later thank you
Patricia Ball, Age 53 [07-22-2000]

The Engineer/Surveyor who "laid out the townsite of Uvalde, Texas was a man named Thielpape, I believe. Some say this man had done a similar "layout" in Philadelphia. Can anyone confirm this for me ?
Thomas Austin, Uvalde, Texas [07-22-2000]

Very nice and helpful site. I have a friend visiting the area July 24 and I came to your site and found exactly what I will need to make his trip exciting.
Shawnee Sheluga, 35 yrs. old - Horsham, PA resident [07-22-2000]

I enjoyed your Web Site , Keep the "Good Work" up !
"Ski" Demski, Proud Owner of "The Worlds Largest Flag" [07-22-2000]

I want to send my better salutation to my parent Mr. Ciavardini Vincenzo of Philadelfia
Maurizio Ciocchetti [07-22-2000]

Why don't you have anything on the Cvil War?
Ally [07-22-2000]

I worked in Philadelphia 1961-1971. Have toured most of the Historic sites. You pages are a wonderful input for someone who has not been there. Very accurate and informative. Well done. Makes me want to return and visit again. Thank you.
Robert Loucks, Erie, PA - age 84 - retired from GE [07-22-2000]

I love History, this is a great websit. We visited Phila., on May 28th my 42nd birthday, It was a lot of fun. The Liberty Bell and Christ's Church were just awesome.
Karen McDermott, 42, Bensalem, PA [07-20-2000]

i own an exact copy (word for word)of the original seven articles of the constitition-it is a reduced version (all on one sheet) but it reads that this is an authentic copy of the contents of the constitution of the united states--dated 9/17/1787-i was trying to find history on this so that i would know for certain that it is indeed a valid historical document-it is engraved, printed on parchment and the size is 21"by 13.5" can you help me???? -or guide me --thank you--this web site is the best yet for information.
MURIEL BOGAN, 635 chilt drive brandon fl 33510 [07-19-2000]

Looking forward to seeing the Norman Rockwell exhibit in its new home. Thanks for providing a space for his work.
Susan McCrary, Upper Darby, PA [07-19-2000]

I was the winner of the innaugural American Guild competition when the guild was formed. Greetings from Brantford, birthplace of the telephone, home of Wayne Gretzky, Nations in Bloom Champion.
David McKee, Town Crier of Brantford, Ont., Canada [07-19-2000]

Heather, 23 [07-19-2000]

As a member of Ward Memorial A.M.E. in Washington, DC, I was surfing the Web for information on a church in New York and located your site (Yahoo). Your site is so informative. It would be wonderful if we could exchange links.
Aretha S. Frizzell [07-19-2000]

Great to learn and read about our country, Thank you.
Trish Haynie, Nampa, Idaho [07-19-2000]

An excellent Web site
Graham Aitkenhead [07-17-2000]

h b radar, 23235 [07-16-2000]

On a recent visit to Chadds Ford, we toured the nearby Brinton House. Quite interesting. George McClellan, M.D. married Elizabeth Sophia Brinton and one of their children was Union General George Brinton McClellan of Civil War fame. Might make an interesting link in one of your pages. God Bless America!!
Richard D. Crafton, Ellicott City, MD [07-16-2000]

God's Blessings on your election of Rev. Vashti Mckenzie to the Episcopacy. I would like you to send me a copy of the article by e-mail. Sincere Thanks for your Godly decision.
Rev. Margery B. Glover, Member of the A.M.E.Z. Connection [07-16-2000]

jim powell, tx. [07-16-2000]

pawel oscik [07-15-2000]

Excellent site.
Phil Bernacke, Avondale, AZ [07-14-2000]

Lonna Miller, 49 yr. old, Houston, TX [07-14-2000]

Antonio Blondet, nyc [07-14-2000]

Enjoyed the history information on the birth of our nation
clay reno, born on the 4th of July [07-13-2000]

Where to find the "Rising Sun" on George Washington's Chair in wood or plastic?
Charles Petit, 6 High Trails, Eureka, MO 63025 [07-13-2000]

your web page is great.a lot of my friends do not know anything about the AME church your web site explains it nicely for them
Kellie Warden, 37, Colorado Springs [07-13-2000]

hans wold [07-13-2000]

Have had flag with 13 stars on 3 rows - know to be at least 75 years old or possibly much older. Was this field used during the Revolution?
Terence M Erwin, Age 82 - Walnut Creek, CA [07-12-2000]

I think this was a God sent vision , you home page your guest book aaand all. May God continue blessing your church
William Thurston, Protem , Steward Board Hamilton Memorial Texarkana, Tx. [07-12-2000]

member of bethel a. m. e. noblesville in pastor glenn collins found the info very useful. may god bless you. jerry,teresa,granger 7/11/00
JERRY, TERESA, GRANGER, 57 noblesville, in 46060 [07-12-2000]

Bertha E. Kezar, Cin City [07-12-2000]

Do you sell (or do you know who does) a small decal of the 13 star "Betsy Ross" American flag?
Michael Mazzuca, North Easton, MA [07-12-2000]

I love our history!!
Susan Lex, Virginia [07-11-2000]

I was pleased to see that among your list of famous people that are laid to rest in the Pine street cemetery that you included the name of William Hurry. This man, according to our family history is my 10th great grandfather. Should there be any others who read this message and are also descendants of this man, I would like to here from them. Just send me a quick E-mail
Dean Thomson, Lincoln, Ne 68506 [07-10-2000]

Great web page. I printed for an hour on all the stuff to see on our upcoming visit.
Bill Stafford, Hollywood FL [07-10-2000]

I think I have the first gas lights that were around the Philadelphia court house they are dated 1899 how can i find out for sure is there any pictures around of the court house. or other buildings in Philadelphia that had large gas lights around them.
chuck nichols [07-10-2000]

I am related to gen. greene and have enjoyed your web site,my son especially,as he is named nathaniel.
Jack Barrett Greene II, olathe,kansas [07-10-2000]

love history and am glad this site makes it accessible to the next generations.
Susan, 37 yrs. old, live in Elmira NY, 4 children, married [07-10-2000]

As a history student in life, I was very pleased with this and hope to visit often.
Margo Charter, 46 yrs.old Des Moines [07-10-2000]

I'm looking forward to exploring this website.
Phyllis Kohmann, Houma, Louisiana [07-09-2000]

A.C. Hayton, Houston, Tx [07-09-2000]

this is a great sight but unable to find anything on david hughes who left pa.in 1777 for tenn. thanks again for the nice page, bill hughes
Bill hughes, gr.gr.gr.gr.grand son of david hughes from ireland ,my age 65 tennessee [07-09-2000]

Scott Bryan Morris, Captain, U.S. Army [07-09-2000]

Great to live in the land of the free if you work to keep it that is!
Richard Lukenbach Sr, 52/utah/salt lake/ [07-09-2000]

love history. thanks.
jack farrell, 66yrs-ft.myers,fla. [07-09-2000]

Thank you so much for the great job you are doing presenting this site. My gggrandfather, Henry Byers, was a grocer in the Kensington Distr. in 1850. In 1860, not there. Your timeline has shown me that the family may have left because of fires, bank closures, etc. I hope to be able to come to Philadelphia and learn more of it's interesting history. Thank you.
Doreen Pool [07-08-2000]

edwin aragones, age 40 from Puerto Rico [07-08-2000]

edwin aragones [07-08-2000]

i historical flags and coins
THEODORE THOMPSON, age 50.......sarasota, fl [07-08-2000]

fiarmount park means so much to me. i would like my ashes to be spread out to certain areas of the park, i have planned with my family, that's how special this historic park means to me. go,philly.
RODNEY FERRER, i am from the city, now i reside in florida, i sure miss cooling off in the swann fountain, which me and my family call the frogs. [07-07-2000]

Richard H Duncan [07-07-2000]

I am looking four history of all past Priesidefana when thay where in office.and what thay did
rjblair [07-07-2000]

great site...
C.C.DAY, 6-years old,sistersville,west virginia [07-07-2000]

I only hope you folks aren't the ones trying to "re-write" history, making it "politically correct"....stick to the truth; our nation needs it.
Laura, Wisconsin [07-07-2000]

Living near Philadelphia, we become complacent about the treasures we have right here at home. I have this marked as my home page, because every time I link, I learn, or relearn something fascinating. As a mother of five, I want my children to have a sense of connection with the touchable past. Thanks. Eileen
Eileen Maguire, Havertown, PA [07-07-2000]

Excellent site -- glad I found it!
Richard D. Crafton, Ellicott City, MD [07-07-2000]

Really enjoy this site. So many interesting side bars on U.S. history. Keep up the good work.
Matt Devine, 70 yrs old, Redding, Ca Conservative [07-07-2000]

Mallori Dominique' Stones, 15, Baltimore, St. Stephen AfricanMethodist Episcopal Church [07-07-2000]

Very informative and very well set out
Ronald. A. Palmer, Wellington, New Zealand. Age 59 [07-06-2000]

You're Web site is one-of-a-kind!! I like it lots! Sincerly, Jeffery Stivers
Jeffery Stivers, Age: 11 [07-06-2000]

Thanks for the additional info found on this site
Kevin B. Ethington, Utah [07-06-2000]

I'm homeschooling and I have wanted to have copies of these documents. Thank you so much. Other homeschool sites on the web would like this information. I would also like more information of our founding forefathers. Who they were and what they thought through some of there writings etc. Thank you again.
Judith Kiesling, Michigan [07-06-2000]

Kenneth M. Beck [07-06-2000]

I visited the prison 2 yrs ago and was thrilled by the experience.I was given a VIP welcome. It might not be known that the Haviland family coat of arms dating back centuries is a turret or small castle; JH clearly used this as his inspiration for the prison design.
John Haviland, I'm a descendant of JH's1st cousin Prof. JohnH of |Cambridge [07-06-2000]

I got interested in Early American History (meaning 18th century) after being involved in Civil War Reenacting. It's amazing to see the struggles this country had to deal with to gain independence.
Amy Denison, Texas [07-06-2000]

Edward Underwood, Teacher, age - 56, San Diego, CA [07-06-2000]

I am a student at MTSU.
Cuyler Lanier III, 19, Murfreesboro, TN [07-06-2000]

It's wonderfull. From Argentina, best wishes. Jorge.
Jorge López Calderón, Biochemist, 44 years old, Buenos Aires, Argentina. [07-06-2000]

i am going to be a firefighter can you send me some info, like if you have to go to collage, etc thank you
brandon, age- 15 olive branch, mississippi [07-06-2000]

The framers and signers of the Declaration of Independence leave me in awe of the brillance of their minds....to have been able to forsee the possiblilities that their document would have in the future....One which I now believe is being erodded by our court systems.
Jonathan D Wainwright [07-06-2000]

patrick little [07-06-2000]

Mary Elenburg, 5th grade teacher in Ohio [07-06-2000]

We will be there for a wedding Sept. 13-17. Have enjoyed using your information to plan our site-seeing.
Marsha, Bryan, Texas [07-06-2000]

I am pleased with the availability of your site and I look forward to visiting it frequently.
David Boyd Lemon [07-06-2000]

David Faux, Paoli, PA [07-06-2000]

what a great site, thanks for all the original documents you have here
History Teacher [07-06-2000]

Janelle Strickland, Ball, Louisiana [07-06-2000]

pennslanding is a very nice place 4 u and your family to spend a nice day together.
DAVE WALTON [07-06-2000]

This is a wonderful resource. Will share with many colleagues.
Billie Handly, Monticello, Arkansas [07-06-2000]

I've visited your Historic District and enjoyed being there. I would like to see it again, especially the Betsy Ross House.
Jovania Maser, I'm from Woodinville, WA [07-06-2000]

Have by no means covered all of your info yet. What I have I found to be extremely interesting and very well done.
robert h brase, age-75- Kingman, Az 86401 [07-06-2000]

Happy birth day to you America.You are now old enough to be called 'Babu wa mababu'-swahili say simply means grandpapa of all.We challenge you babu wa mababu to make the global a place next to heaven.
Robin Chaulo, 44 year-old, living in Dar es salaam in Tanzania. [07-06-2000]

Lawrence Tuley, 80. Louisville, KY. [07-06-2000]

Randy Shaw [07-06-2000]

Since this is July 4th - America's birthday, I thought I'd surf the web and see if I could find some good material on Colonial America and our Founding Fathers. Your site is great and look forward to returning to learn more soon.
Catherine A. Dresch-Paolini, Williamsburg, Va. [07-06-2000]

happy birthday americans! we still are one nation,under god, indivisable ...and we still have liberty and justice for all......
R.Cooper, u.s. viet nam vet [07-06-2000]

I've always lived in Philly; even worked in Old City for about 8 yrs. But I just visited your site's Vitual Tour of Historic Philadelphia, and let me tell you it's fantastic! I got to see places I've never been to, some I didn't even know about. All because my son asked me a question about the Liberty Bell! Thank You, thank you. I'll be back!
Peg Mills, Lived and worked in Philly all my life (40 yrs) [07-06-2000]

I only wished I had paid more attention to our history when I was in school. It is the age of the internet and being able to speak to others in other lands that make you look into the past of these our Great United States and gain the respect for those who have gone before and gone through so much to allow us our freedoms. God Bless these our United States and I will pray every day for our politicians to gain back the respect of those who have gone before them. May God guide the hearts of all men and women leading our Country so that we may stand tall again.
Joy Artiago, 59, Portland, OR [07-06-2000]

This web site is very interesting and full of good information.
Georgette Janicsko, Vintondale, PA [07-06-2000]

you can pick out what everinterest you at a certain time and read up on the subjest at your own rate.
bill di federico, 58 [07-06-2000]

Thanks for the site and related links. I have always loved U.S. History and this is a handy reference site.
Jeffery W. Varney, 37 years old; Norwalk CA [07-06-2000]

This was my first pass at your web site. My wife and I traveled about 1.5 hours yesterday to visit the Brandywine site but found it closed on Monday. With your web site address taken from a brochure we picked up, I obtained a lot of information on the battles of Brandywine. We will be going back to the Brandywine site this Saturday well prepared for the "tour". For, sure will will be back at the web site again.
L. Stephen Hinson, Doylestown, PA [07-04-2000]

I came to this country at age 17, and I found a place that gave me the oportunities I would not find in my country. I have a lot to thanks to this land which is now my homeland. I became a Nuralized Cityzen on June 4th 1996, and just then I realy felt at home. Now I am part of the USA of America and every time I hear the National Athem I a feeling I can't describe but I am happy. Now every 4TH of July is not just another holiday for me. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY 2000 Patricia Renderos
Patricia Renderos, San Francisco, CA Female 38yrs old [07-04-2000]

Holly D. Haley, 39 yrs old, Phili suburbs [07-04-2000]

Enjoyed your site. Once my parents and I took an all-day bus tour of Philly. We were sitting in the back and the tour guide asked if anyone spoke french. Noticing an arch that resembled l'Arche de Triomphe, I raised my hand expecting a simple question. He said - Oh good! Because we have 2 people up here who dont speak any English. They're on their way back to you. - Panicked, I desparately called on my High School french. Well we spent the whole tour with these new people (Max and Helen). We ate lunch together and after the tour was over, we had a long dinner together. I spoke more French that day than ever before. Imagine me being a translator - having never before heard the tour information myself! It was a day I'll never forget. Loved your city. Glad so much of it is preserved for our history. Loved the Liberty Bell and Ben Franklin's house. The Rangers were also a GREAT wealth of knowledge. My highest compliments to them all. Loved Penn's landing too. May the city of brotherly love continue in the character of its name.
RITA BOSICO, Age 35 Originally from Haverstraw NY now in Ada OK [07-04-2000]

I think this is a great idea! No better way to continue to appreciated your freedom than to remember how difficult it was to attain.
Karrie Chisholm, Dallas, TX 28 years old (as of 7/4/00!) [07-04-2000]

It is our duty to teach our children; generation the heritage, that is slipping away, In the name of progress. Let us never forget our fore fathers sacrifice for our freedoms. God Bless.
BERKLEY JONES, albuquerque nm [07-04-2000]

I rmember in my school days of reciting the pledge of allegiance, raising and lowering of the flag and folding the flag. I wonder if the schools still teach this. Our regional newspaper the Decatur Herald and Review today has information about the flag and flag etiquette and several web sites including this one. Happy Independence Day to all of you. God Bless America.
tony kull, Altamont, IL [07-04-2000]

Kelly Louviere, I am 57 and from Louisiana [07-04-2000]

I visited your website with my eight year old son to learn about flag etiquette. In a age when many of the history courses taught in our schools are watered down. It is nice to have a weblite like this one. Thanks
Mark Mc Donald, Metairie [07-04-2000]

My husband George is a descendant of William Hooper. Thought you might find that interesting
dottie [07-04-2000]

History is the most absorbing entertainment.
Julio C. Silva, 69 - Sarasota, FL [07-04-2000]

Traveled the world twice. Once as a single missionary to Bangladesh and then as a coach to Saudi Arabia...visited several other countries... God has blessed us beyond any on this earth. I teach elementary physical education, college course in elem. phy.ed. & health, farm, ...
pat Hepp, 46, Louisville, KY [07-04-2000]

My husband and I will be celbrating 25 yrs. of marriage on July 4th.
Melonie Honeycutt, From Tyler, Texas [07-04-2000]

Thank you for consolidating the meaning of America! Many people pride themselves on where they come from, yet this great country is where they choose to reside? Always remember those who gave their lives so we may all enjoy our fredom! Unless you live elsewhere your an AMERICA first!
Kevin Vesely, 100% american [07-04-2000]

David G Simoneaux, Sr, Kenner, La [07-03-2000]

tedwagner, Upper SanduskyOH [07-03-2000]

After seeing the movie "The Patriot" today and then visiting your site, I'm reminded how truly wonderful our country is and how many people have given their all over the years to keep it free. It is our job as citizens of this great land to teach our children the proper respect they should have for America and the privilege of living here!
Karen, 3rd grade teacher, 50 yrs. old, Lewisville, TX [07-03-2000]

I like your WEB SITE very much. God Bless the work and effort in keeping the wonderfull HISTORY of America Alive so that, we as a people can review and not forget and continue to fight for the FREEDOM of LIBERTY and JUSTICE that those before us gave their lives for. Thank You.
Eloise Wolfe, I am 62 yrs. Young. Moved to Ozark, MO 2 yrs.ago from Illinois [07-03-2000]

GMTA Heart of America Unum Pluribus E Novus Ordo Seclorum
Sarah Ruth Weinberg, Sweet Flagship Sarah :) O:-) [07-03-2000]

In our country today,right is being called wrong and wrong is being called right. Be prepared America because,we need to fight to keep freedom alive in our Country and maintain our Declaration of Idependence. WE CAN DO IT!!
Eloise Wolfe, Ozark, Missouri [07-03-2000]

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It's about time that someone stepped out of the pack and promoted those values upon which this country was founded. For too long, we as Americans have stood by as corrupt individuals have schemed and contrived to take away those very freedoms that men and women of this great nation have fought and died for. Once again, I say "Thank you."
James Holloway, Self-employed business owner - Age 26 - South Carolina [07-03-2000]

Eloise Wolfe, ge:62 [07-03-2000]

I love this Country...thank you
willie, I am 27 year old... [07-03-2000]

tele-net has been proud to produce over 200, television commercials in the past one year of business in the tri-state area. Our celebration will take us to the one and only place to kick off our anniversary. PENNS LANDING Happy Fourth of July
Tele-Net Marketing / Joseph Talotta, serving the Tri-State [07-03-2000]

This is really a very GOOD start for ALL students who want to learn more about ALL AMERICAN HISTORY!!
Janie Teele, Greenville, NC [07-03-2000]

i am big fan like to share with friends in the states
cor van der tor, 40 years holland big fan of usa [07-03-2000]

Hi, It's been a long time since I was in school, and I never paid attention to history and now that I'm over 50, I'd like to know why we celebrate the 4th. I'm glad I found you. I will bookmark it for further reading. Thanks
Virginia, Ferndale, Washington 98248 [07-03-2000]

Our city has a huge celebration every year, beginning in June, commemorating the birth of our nation and the freedoms that we enjoy. It's important that we teach our children and grandchildren about the sacrifices that thousands have made over the years to establish and preserve liberty. Let us not lose sight of those values on which this great country was formed. This web site is a great tool. Thanks.
Loretta Paulek Lee, Provo Utah [07-03-2000]

Great site.
Rev. Bill Evans [07-03-2000]

Great site, enjoyed it very much.
Terry Greene, Little Rock, AR [07-03-2000]

VICTOR J. BRADBURY [07-03-2000]

Pat Rupp, Former history teacher; 55 years old, work now at an Educational Service Center in Wooster, OH [07-03-2000]

Thanks-Enjoy browsing through your site-keep the good stuff coming!!!!
Susan Piccirillo, New York-Age 55 [07-03-2000]

My thoughts echo those of Ken Curtis. This site has brought tears to my eyes. I have an Original engraving of "The Unanimous Delaration of the Thirteen United States of America" It has been in my family for over 60 years and out side of what we were presented with in school, just bits and pieces,I have never read the complete text of this document.Thank you for a clear consice presention. Can any one give me information on E.Huntington the engraver of my copy? Was he related to Samuel Huntington,one of the signers from onnecticut? My research shows he was an engraver of text books and Maps.I would like to exchange notes.
Dorothy Creason [07-03-2000]

I am related to the Washington Family, the Jefferson Family, the Rolfe and Crockett Families. I am thrilled at this sight and will put you in my favorites. Thankyou!!!! Dawne
Dawne Martoccia, Boise, Idaho [07-03-2000]

Sabiendo lo que mucha gente hiso para tener la libertad y la garantia de tener la igualdad y el respeto para cada uno de sus habitantes.
davidrangel@webtv.net, Es grato saber que ay una pagina para saber mas de la Istoria de los EE UU [07-03-2000]

like ur website
ana, 14,f/nj [07-03-2000]

I realy liked your site but I think it would be good if you added a sound track to The Star Spangeld Banner.
Monica Graves [07-02-2000]

Let me borrow a few words from someone, i am not sure who said it. I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN
Nancy Wolfe, Fort Myers Florida [07-02-2000]

Have a nice 4th. july
BOB A Swinney, santa Barbara, Calif. age 57 [07-02-2000]

Searching for info on Haym Salomon. Any clues? Thank you.
Gary B. Boehr, Ossining, NY [07-02-2000]

Roy C. Coleman, San Antonio, Texa Age 70 [07-02-2000]

I LOVE history and I LOVED this web site!
KristinMoresi, tx [07-02-2000]

This site is wonderful. I throughly enjoyed it.
Rachel, Va. Beach, Virginia [07-02-2000]

Reading documents and letters from the past offer a valuable insight to the people who shaped what we call history. I enjoyed browsing your site. Perhaps you could post the last letter written by Travis at the Alamo to Sam Housten before the final struggle.
Jim Pieknik, Cleveland, Ohio [07-02-2000]

sallyann Woodford [07-02-2000]

Always interested in US History
Jim Sahlmann, North Charleston, SC [07-02-2000]

As a teacher of history, I hope to have many students visiting your wonderful site.
Linda Rosenthal [07-02-2000]

I'm just beginning to explore this website, but I hope to find much on the original Americans, all Indian cultures. I'd like to learn more about how they lived in harmony with their environment, including their spiritual practices.
Susan Furness, Fredonia, New York 14063; age 53 [07-02-2000]

i enjoy and appreciate your site. keep up the good work.
todd cunningham, houston, tx [07-02-2000]

My soul sparkled a little more on this date for having read some of the articles posted through your website. It has been many years since I have actually read the Constitution and other historic documents. Even with all turmoil and lack of respect and dishonesty being exhibited in the United States Government, it is pleasing to know that what the original documents really meant, and the spirit in which they were written, still live on...and maybe someday if we have an honorable presidency and honest lawmakers, we will be able to return to that land that our forefathers saw!
Ken Curtis, Senior citizen - Pocatello, Idaho [07-02-2000]

We need to remember that it is not JUST a day for picnics, beer, and partying....it has a deeper meaning that is important to us all.
Lloyd, from Texas [07-02-2000]

I'm new to this and enjoyed this site very much. I will share it with my friends and family. CH
Colleen Henline, I've lived in Northern California for 50 years. [07-02-2000]

July 2 2000 A great and wonderful site Whenever we hear our national anthem or see our beautiful flag we should have a lump in our throat and a tear in our eyes
Charles A Van Camp, Quincy Il. 56 years young [07-02-2000]

Aaron Harper [07-02-2000]

Thanks for making a copy of this document available to all! I will add this site to my list of internet teaching tools.
Carole Leeder, Llano, Texas, I am an educator teaching Texas and American History. [07-02-2000]

Pete Gurecki,Ssg. U.S. Army Ret., Age 52, Painesville, Ohio [07-02-2000]

Thank you for this wonderful site and for the history contained herein. This should be, but unfortunately isn't, a standard for every classroom in public as well as private schools. Congratulations on a great exhibit.
David Vietmeier, Lodi, California [07-02-2000]

I graduated from U.C.Berkeley in 1942 having majored In U.S.history. This site is truly wonderful and I thank you for producing it.
Mary Storey, Riverside,California [07-02-2000]

The inscription on the Liberty Bell and it's adventures over time will be part of tomorrow's sermon. Thanks for the excellent background work that you have done. God Bless you and America!
Rev. Robyn S. Young, minister, Killeen, Tx [07-02-2000]

Grew up in Sandusky County, Ohio, the home of the Presidetial Center of Rutherford B. Hayes. On display there are earrings. The claim is that they are carved from the yoke of the Liberty Bell when the yoke was changed out during his Presidential term. The earrings were sold as souvenirs. Can you verify this?
Rev. Robyn S. Young, age 44, Killeen, Texas [07-02-2000]

Jean Smith, philade4lphia pa [07-01-2000]

This is a wonderful site and a great learning tool. Thank you for all your efforts.
Janie Benton, 52, Monroe, NC am in education [07-01-2000]

Wonderful sight. Great location for young and old alike to review our country's history. Thanks!
anonymous, Virginia [07-01-2000]

Currently,I'm a student teacher.To find historical facts about our countries independence is a welcome sight,comparison to all the media hype.Thanks for encouraging us to be informed about the foundation of our country.
Michele Peterson, Lancaster , California [07-01-2000]

Great to read this historic document. Happy Birthday America -- USA
Georga A Grupe, Newport Beach, CA [07-01-2000]

Kevin R. Carvatt, 42 year old history buff from Bloomsbury NJ [07-01-2000]

Our history is very important. These documents are very important. We are slowly but surely losing site of our history and our freedoms with all the misinterpretations.
Lonna Miller, Houston, TX [07-01-2000]

I think this should be played to the Congress [both houses] every time a session is opened!
Victor Glenn, 85 years [07-01-2000]

This is a great page that every one living in this great Country should visit to update their lack of knowledge about this nation. Since education and politicians are trying to keep the ignorance as alma matter. I am inmigrant and proud to be a Citizen by choice and not bue default. Thanks for helping me to enlarge my files of freedom.
Miguel H. Escallon Ph.D., Miami, FL. [07-01-2000]

do not take your freedoms lightly! to many have died for them
bernice, 59-ma. [07-01-2000]

Thanks for providing a very informative site. Those of us who have been out of school more than a few years can refresh our memories!
Bonnie Milford, Erie, PA [07-01-2000]

Vanessa Snell, Manchester,Pa [07-01-2000]

perfect site for history buffs. grat learning tool for our children. too bad we didn't have access to this when we were growing up
HERSHEL &CINDY LEWIS, 46-44;covington,ky love civil war;history in general [07-01-2000]

Respect and love our beautiful country and pray for it costantly so that we may not lose it.
Margaret Ann Farrell [07-01-2000]

I shall read it aloud in its entirety for the first time . . . Thank you for the opportunity!
BS McEwen, Age 60, Honolulu, HI [07-01-2000]

A very interesting website, glad I clicked onto it.
Sandra H. Jones, age-52, from East Hartford,Conn. [07-01-2000]

Millie Hanes [07-01-2000]

Glad I discovered your website. Just call me a patriot interested in American History and photos.
Stephen L Thomas, 60, Honolulu, DoD Employee, Retired ANG NCO [07-01-2000]

i like it
april stephens [07-01-2000]

Velisa Singleton, Danville, Kentucky [07-01-2000]

For the first time since high school, I just read the Declaration of Independence. Thanks!!
Donna Merchant, Glendale, California [07-01-2000]

God bless America! God help us set a rightous course. Never forget the principals this country was founded on.
Frank N. Lozano, Arcadia, California [07-01-2000]

Very good site. I hope schools and libraries put it in their "Favorites" list or bookmark it. I would encourage everyone, not just students, to look at it. There is an appalling lack of knowledge about the history of our country. So much of what young (and some not-so-young) people think they know is based, not on true history, but on "popular" history; i.e., movies, TV. You can't know where you're going until you know where you've been.
B. R. Watts, History Major [07-01-2000]

I feel fortunate to live in a free country.
Sandy C., Nebraska [07-01-2000]

thanks for al the wonderful information
Maria Blanca (Kit) R. Mapa [07-01-2000]

For the first time since high school, I just read the Declaration of Independence. Thanks!!
Donna Merchant, Glendale, California [07-01-2000]

My five-year daughter just had a play in which she was John Hancock! The history is wonderful, and so exciting to read and to know.
Sandra Bond [07-01-2000]

Robin Bell [07-01-2000]

I think it's great to have a website totally focused to United States History. It's awesome to hve all national documents all in the same website.
Mack Campbell [07-01-2000]

My wife and I were married on the 4th of July 1976. we wanted to add something to the 200 birhday of the United States
darrell canady, 47,woodstock,ga. [07-01-2000]

J L Murphy, ohio (a buckeye) [07-01-2000]

I am very patriotic and just love history.... Love your site!
Susan Guillermo, 45 yrs old...Staunton, VA [07-01-2000]

I have two ancestors that signed the Declaration of Independence; Oliver Wolcott and Benjamin Rush. My father's full name is James Wolcott Bowles and my grandfather on my mother's side is James Andrew Rush. I feel fortunate to have two direct ancestors of the Declaration of Independence.
emily bowles, 29 living in Miami, Florida [07-01-2000]

zelda Finestone [07-01-2000]

This looks like a great site. Please E-mail me.
Bernard Lenahan, 49 years old, 1997 grad Columbia University, PoliSci and writing [07-01-2000]

Betsy Aiello [07-01-2000]

I am in the process of taking an American Government course at a KVCC and thought this was a great idea to re-read this. We all have so much to be grateful for. The framers of this country gave up more than we'll ever know to gain freedom from the evils of the Kingdom.
Charles W. Mason, Kalamazoo, MI [07-01-2000]

Just found this site. Have several ancestors who fought in war.Interested in location of some of battlefields. High Hills of Santal,White Plains,Ft Schuyler.
Patricia Williamson, age 6 Marion Indiana [07-01-2000]

This is a most wonderful page!!! I have saved it and shall visit it often. Thank you, thank you a thousand times for creating this site.
Yvonne Uzzell, I love history!!! I'm 56 and live in Sherwood, Arkansas. [07-01-2000]

This site is tool cool. I am so glad we have these types of sites.!!!
Sharon Martin, Age 30, Oklahoma City. [07-01-2000]

Sandra Harmon, Piney View, WV [07-01-2000]

Thankyou for providing such wonderful info and so easy to locate!
Sarah Johnson, Kansas City MO [07-01-2000]

what a great website. more information than what is taught in schools now. thank you.
LISA [07-01-2000]

Discovered your site at work looking for filler for employee newsletter. Thank you for putting together such a variety of important information, not to mention fun to look at....
Donna Martinec [07-01-2000]

Happy to see so many people who also found it. History is so often forgotten in our schools.Visiting the historical sites in Philadelphia really makes history come alive.
Pat Grall, What a delight to find this history lesson. [07-01-2000]

Melanie Rodgers, Sanford, NC 27330 [07-01-2000]

have a safe holiday..
QUEEN, 32-female/ tennessee [07-01-2000]

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