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Guest Book Archives: January-June 2000

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I hope I'll be able to share this site with my children during the school year.
pam, dover, NH [06-30-2000]

I love being and am proud to say that I am an AMERICAN>>>
Norma J. Tague, 44-yrs /Jeffersonville, pa 19403 [06-30-2000]

Excited to find such excellent information. I come from a Texas Barry heritage. We have visited the Wexford and Phildelphia statues and have a great picture somewhere of my father, Ralph Waldo Barry, standing next to the Philadelpha statue. The description of John Barry's character are inspiring. My sympathies, too, are with the Irish struggle for freedom from British rule.
Barbara Barry Back, age 70, Calistoga, CA [06-30-2000]

carole boyajian, burbank, ca [06-30-2000]

I like the site is good to learned abaut the country I'm spanich but right now I'm a american I love the country
Magali Thomas, Dayton Ohio 39 06-29=2000 [06-30-2000]

I can't think. I'm a cartoon. Now that I found this sight I'll know something. Thanks.
Daddy Smurf, Kansas City Area [06-30-2000]

Robert Walker [06-30-2000]

Have seen a lot in these yrs.Glad to see A site that will show the coming generations what AMERICA is all about.And all the differant ethnic groups it took to form this Great Land.God Bless America.
THOMAS REGAN, 51young, [06-30-2000]

i'm having a back yard party for about 45 people, after everyone is full and quiet, i shall give a short discourse on independence day, followed by a complete transcripts of the declaration of independence that i obtain from the national archives web site, i'm glad to see more history sites coming on line, thanks
donna barton, 53, female, san antonio, texas [06-30-2000]

This is a great site and I will make it one of my favorites. My boss is quite a history buff and I am anxious to tell him what I have discovered today. Thank you.
Caroleanne Danielczyk-Sanka, 60 years old, Lakewood, Ohio [06-30-2000]

I visited your country in April 2000 for the first time. History being one of my hobbies, I visited as many historical sites as possible. What impressed me is 1) how proud you are of your history, 2)how well maintained your historic sites are and 3) how well informed and enthusiastic your tour guides are. Your site will receive a lot of my armchair visits.
Pieter Fourie, 51yr old male, Pretoria, South Africa [06-30-2000]

What a terriffic IDEA..I desire to travel and see all these places but have limited funds. This is a neat wat to take a vaccation and not leave home! Thanks to you ALL citizens can know our history that many failed in school, as the teaching methods were so limited. I would love to see Native American and Black history also included. These people also contributed greatly to our Nation. We know very LITTLE about them and their cultures, which I understand place the greatest importance on the family NOT money. We need to change our values as a Nation.
CynthiaHembree, Oklahoma [06-30-2000]

Mary J. Marra, Lake Worth, FL [06-30-2000]

Jackie "Zingo" [06-30-2000]

fwriggins, atlanta, ga 30344 [06-30-2000]

Excellent site. Thank you.
Robin Whipple, Frederick Whipple (my ancestor) signed the Dec. of Indep. [06-30-2000]

I hope to spend more time with you. This is a most interesting site. Thank you for allowing me to research this great country in the quite of my home.
BettyJBrumbeloe, I'm 61 years of age in the Heart of Dixie - Alabama [06-30-2000]

Robert W Scott, 28 Chicago [06-30-2000]

very nice suggestion to add your name to the guest book
patricia, carlisle,pa [06-30-2000]

Saundra Chadwick, Tn. [06-30-2000]

this is a cool site for school prodjects when school is going to be started.
COREY ROHWER, 13 years old [06-30-2000]

GEORGE E COOPER [06-30-2000]

Raquel Castillo, new york-age.17 [06-30-2000]

Nice review of history
Lois Mc Alister [06-30-2000]

I do hope it keeps everyone free.
sheila evans [06-30-2000]

i am proud to be an american but i see our freedoms slipping away
TERRY DRISKILL, chatham,la [06-30-2000]

You need to get this site spread around more. I'm sending it to all my friends, because U.S. history is important to all.
JamesRoyalHosley III, Rhode Island [06-30-2000]

i am presently living in modesto ca.my favorite reading is u.s. history, military history,etc.i am involved in all the veterans organizations, including the military order of the purple heart.
rocco(rocky) turdo, 76yrs. old today 26yr. navy veteran. ww2,korea, vietnam vet. [06-30-2000]

I appreciate this site and hope to use a lot thanks
Susan Singleton, 40 years old, born and raised in Chesterfield, Virginia, live in Cabarrus, NC now have to boys 11 and 15 [06-30-2000]

You are helping to make American history fun.
Irene Caccavallo, Floral Park, New York 11001 [06-30-2000]

I enjoyed your site! Thank-you!
Rebecca Gould, 40, Jacksonville, Florida [06-30-2000]

I treasure my freedom & agree with the statement of Patrick Henry: "Give me Liberty or give me death" It is a sad thing that sometimes even in death some are not yet free.Last nite here in Jax. Fl. some uncaring person with no respect for the living or dead, invaded the resting place of Ronny Vanzant & Steve Gaines upseting family & many friends alike & proving sometimes it is not enough to some that even the dead should have the freedom to merely rest in peace.Now,bars may have to be put around the graves to keep the disrespectful idiots at bay. Our Freebird would not want this at all..(bars) in life or death,yet since some idiots don't understand the meaning of respect Ronny & Steve will have to be moved or other measures taken. After all of the years his family,friends & fans have been able to visit him & Steve---now things will be changed...."Freedom For Our Freebird" & to the many others who in death still are not free from those who choose to do them harm........A friend of the family, Donna
Donna Joiner Rakes, birthplace:Renick,WVa--- [06-30-2000]

great site, keep it up.
Dan CREED, 35, cheynne wy [06-30-2000]

Having served in the USMC and in the "NAM CONFLICT", I have a real appreciation for the sacrifices that our patriotic forefathers suffered on our behalf--freedom, it is a tremendous element of our lives to take for granted--it is at the core of who and what we are as a nation. Remember, there are those who are "dying to live here".
RALPH KENNISTON, age 54,Camdenton--ex-marine-nam vet-1969 [06-30-2000]

I am proud to be an American and give thanks for the priviledge of being able to pray, read what I choose, go where I choose, wear what I choose, and think as a free person. I hope that I see the freedom our forefathers wrote about become a reality to all peoples in my lifetime.
A.L. Bex [06-30-2000]

My wife Katie is a descendent of Benjamin Rush.
Carl R. Figgers, 46 native of Washington D. C. [06-30-2000]

I was wondering if there were any sites the family and I could go on the weekends. Please note My husband is a disable veteran of the Persain Gulf War. But I would like the family to see things that are educational as well as fun. Please let me know at the above e-mail address. Thank you for your time. Victoria Wicker
Victoria Wicker [06-30-2000]

Marge Evans, Atlanta, Ga. [06-30-2000]

this appears to be a useful site in the schooling of my son. it wont hurt me to learn more about the beginnings of our country either. thank you
connie wagner [06-30-2000]

i appreciate living in this united states of america, where we are still free to worship god as we please, go wherever we wish in this good old u s a !! may god continue to bless our usa!!
Mrs. EvaRuth Johnston, from Lakeland Florida USA [06-30-2000]

can't tell you, yo! I am 13! [06-30-2000]

Of course I like to surf but all else is talking with and to my God. and studying about christianity and Jesus and how he was back in those good old days. I am a born again christian.
Kenneth England, I am 61yrs old and live in a small farming comunity in south central Mich. [06-30-2000]

I think that it is wonderful that you have this information online in one place. My daughter needed it for school and I found it all in one. Thank you so much. Keep it up!
Isabel Johnson, Granada Hills, Ca. [06-30-2000]

Wanda James, I am disabled with MS and Homeschooling my 10 and 17 yr old boys [06-30-2000]

This is going to be a great site for my 12 yo daughter in the coming years. Thank you
Susan Byrnes, 41, Laplace, La. [06-30-2000]

Great web site. Wish I could print out the information for homework help for the kids.
Pat Totagrande, a mom [06-30-2000]

I believe that this site is full of information and is very useful to young adults trying to discover more about there countries background. I also believe that if this was around when I was in High School it would have been quite the reference.
Timothy D. Yarrington, 21 years old and I'm also in the Navy [06-30-2000]

Getting re-informed on your American History via your web-site is an invaluable gift.
I. Alicea, 43, New York City [06-30-2000]

If I have some opportunities and some money I will be flying To States.I believe The Constitution of Independence Day of the 4th is inspired all the fellow Americans.I believe the democracy will arise if every people give their spirit and give their thoughts of being for the people, by the people and for the people.
R. Abdul Harris Prawira Dilaga [06-30-2000]

hello this is cool
kayla sweeney, 12 years old [06-30-2000]

Excellent web site. I added the site to my favorites so my two boys can read and learn the real history, not the #$*^ that they teach here in El Paso, Texas.
Russell W. Denham, El Paso, TX [06-30-2000]

I thought that the sight was very interesting, many things that I couldn't remember from History class. My husband is a very patriotic fellow and has numerous flags around our home and even flies them on our boat when we are out fishing.
Lori Clark, 38, Birnamwood, Wisconsin [06-30-2000]

I am almost always interested in history, especially about presidential or royal aspects because I find History of things very interesting.
kimberly sue py, 34 years old, originally from Houston, Texas [06-30-2000]

STANLEY L. HYMER, millville nj 08332 [06-30-2000]

i think that the declaration of independance was the most significal event that ever took place in our history. Because of that we are who we are and the many geniouses that have come from this country owe it all to the founding fathers of this country!
fatdigler, 21, single [06-30-2000]

You have a great website!
Lydia Woodson Brown [06-30-2000]

what a wonderful site. especially helpful in the profession of education
mike boudreau [06-30-2000]

Julianne Chittick, Myersville, MD [06-30-2000]

Weldon W. Melvin [06-30-2000]

i am a mechanical engineer 1980 master degree navy faculty ( submarines)
TOBA, 44 years / egypy / fayoum 63111 [06-30-2000]

Itis fasinating to read this document.Some of those same problems are still exsistant today.
phillipe ayres [06-30-2000]

This is a very interesting site and I plan to return to it frequently until I have a chance to read all the information you have. Thanks for this terrific web site.
Gale Spangler, Secretary of History Dept. at Lock Haven University, Lock Haven ,PA 17745 [06-30-2000]

I entered this site by accident, was a nice experience to know more about our Declaration of Independence, the Flag and other documents. I am a naturalized citizen and take proud to be an american. My son served to the US Marine Corp in Okinawa and I always teach the values of this nation. Thanks God for democracy, and for the many men and women that die for its cause. GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Lupe Ureta, 51 yrs, Brownstown, MI [06-30-2000]

Thanks--perfect for teachers out there!
Lupita Gonzales, Las Vegas, NEW MEXICO [06-30-2000]

Jon Varner, u.s. military veteran/ u.s. army [06-30-2000]

I found you through my lifeminders.com link today, 6/29/00. Very inteesting as I am a past county president of the American Legion Auxiliary, 1997-99, Monmouth County, NJ. I am currently looking to purchase lapel pins for my husband Roland. He became the Monmouth County Commander of the American Legion, Dept. of NJ, May 1, 2000. They pick a theme but so far, he hasn't found one he liked. He is also a sargeant in the NJ Army National Guard.please send info!
Sharon, sgboone@hotmail.com [06-30-2000]

Very good site!!!
William, Suisun City [06-30-2000]

i find history a need for all.
JEFFREY A. LAYMON, 41 fort wayne in. [06-30-2000]

Great site for anyone that loves our U.S.A.Like I do !!!
Gordon R. Livengood, born 10/19/39------- Reading, Pa. [06-30-2000]

Web sites like this are a major plus for parents, as well as children to learn or (brush up on) the history of this Great country of ours! Thanks....
Steven S. Perry, St. Petersburg, FL. [06-30-2000]

Penny Dotson [06-30-2000]

I also want to add that my husband has a ancesrer that signed the Declaration of Independence also, John Wilson
Nancy Wilson, 48,clarion,Pa [06-30-2000]

The 4th of July means a lot to me. I fly my flag proudly evey day.It is so depressing to me on holidays,how many people forget to fly there flag.My father just passed away in Jan. He was a vet from ww1.I am very proud to be an AMERICAN. Thank You for this chance to say it...
Nancy C. Wilson, 48,Clarion Pa. [06-30-2000]

A wonderful place to be in life. I thank God for your country and the people that lives in there, by looking at the flag, hearing the name I am fully in love. I will like you to give me some information/history about Abraham Lincon I pray to be in your country soonest. Have a nice independent day
ODELEYE M. OLAYEMI, 29, Lagos, Nigeria [06-30-2000]

Thank you for a wonderful site. I'm a truly greatful for my Country the U.S.A , and i'm proud to be an AMERICAN!
Denise, pa [06-30-2000]

sarah caruthers jackson [06-30-2000]

Wow! I must thank Lifeminders for steering me to your site. I love history, US, California and the rest of the 50. Visiting Yorktown and standing in the churchyard where Nelson is buried, close to the Custom House he ran really brings home what these gentlemen put on the line to give us all the opportunities we have today. Pope's Creek where Washington lived as a boy is another Virginia site that is awe inspiring. I'm bookmarking this site, keep it up and running always. Congratulations on a job well done.
Edda Gahm, Diamond Bar, Ca , native born Californian just prior to WWII [06-30-2000]

I printed the Declaration of Independence to read to my 6 year old son, I'm thinking this may be of interest to him as he gets older. In my lineage my granny was of Cherokee decent -- to which I will find C. Columbus letter interesting. How can one discover a place that's already inhabited? I think not! That's it for my thoughts. SRG
Stephanie Green, I'm 42 yrs old, I reside in Brooklyn, NY [06-30-2000]

my name is carlton. i was just reading the declaration of independence,i think that it was good ideal for them to do something like that. although some people don't appreciate it. i like to read a lot and i just thought that i read the declaration of independence. i like american history when i was in high school and still do to this day.
CARLTON HALL [06-30-2000]

Edwin P. Dabney, Mechanicsville, Virginia [06-30-2000]

Nicely done. I'm printing this to use with my students, as I also got an e-mail from a friend that related information about what occurred to many of the signers following the signing. I'll tie that in with their names at the end of the document. If you want a copy of the e-mail I received, let me know and I'll forward it to you.
Margie Cleveland, Chicago area, director of a high school alternative program [06-30-2000]

It's a real nice Site,keep it up
Eldon L. McMillin [06-30-2000]

I live in Chicago and I was doing some research on Pennsylvania and I go on this waesite and I found it very interesting and educational well gotta run just wanted to say it was interesting
Gaby Ortiz, Chicago Illinois [06-30-2000]

This site was interesting I learned things about history that I didnt know before And I just want to say that this site was very interesting to me
Cherry Brook, Chicago, Illinois [06-30-2000]

TANYA DILDAY, 33, law student, Jackson MS [06-30-2000]

Just found your website. Look forward to exploring it more. Very glad to be able to find more information on the history of our country. I've forgotten a lot of what I learned in High School (many, many years ago).
Karen Blakeslee [06-30-2000]

With all the caos in the world today, When I raise my flag I can still believe there is a great country behind all the crazy people who would try to destroy it. I wish more people would show their support for this great country, after all it is this country that gives them the ability to be what and who they are. God Bless these United States
Stanley J. Beeman, 44 yrs. live in New Mexico [06-30-2000]

just stopped by to remind myself what the starting paragraph says. Thanks
anonymous [06-30-2000]

This was a neat site for history buffs. My children who are still in HS can reap the benefits of this particular site. My daughter will be taking Civics this next year and doing mock trials. So it will come in handy. Thank you, Les.
Leslee Wayman, I'm a music educator and use all info to teach my classes. [06-30-2000]

John M/ Clemont [06-29-2000]

nice site, please continue this site
Paul Rapoli [06-29-2000]

Great site!
Robert, age 40, Killeen, Military [06-29-2000]

Jay A. Michell, 11/16/46 River Ridge, La. [06-29-2000]

I found your website by accident via a Lifeminders.com link re the 4th of July & was so pleasantly surprised at the wealth of material you provide re ushistory. It's wonderful!! I'm going to reread all the documents I was required to read in highschool (class of '56) and this time around appreciate the of ingeniousness of the constitution, the declaration of independence, etc. THANKS!!!!
Carol Clark, Shepherd, Montana [06-29-2000]

history can be fun !!
Robert Yates [06-29-2000]

I found the 4th stanza of The National Anthem, here. Thank you. I'd like to find The Federalist Papers if you can guide me. The winnowing away of our precious freedoms and documents that spell them out and bestow them upon us has piqued my interest, once again in them. This is a time that I heard about, but didn't believe was this imminent. Thank you.
Donald Herold, Age 65, Hawthorne, CA [06-29-2000]

Patricia L. Coutts [06-29-2000]

I am glad to have found such a site. I am proud to mention that I am a decendant of Thomas Nelson, Jr, of Virginia, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Douglas A Macduff, 52/Massachusetts/ [06-29-2000]

Sharon A. Smith, 2/23/48 Fostoria, Ohio [06-29-2000]

Proud to be an American.. served in the United States Air Force during the KOrean conflict.
John Canny, I'm 70 years old, live in Kirksville, Mo. 63501` [06-29-2000]

Well finally, I spent 30 minutes trying to find a site like this. My children and I will visit Philidelphia tomorrow and I wanted a map, and info on each site. Your web site provided both and in wonderful detail. Thank You!
Anstey Family, Cos Cob, Ct [06-29-2000]

PCM [06-28-2000]

I don't think people know enough about how the American flag should be treated. The least they could do is show some respect for it and be quiet instead of standing and talking with other people that want to show their respect for the flag and what it stands for.
Donna M Hurst, I Live in Michigan [06-28-2000]

Larry Crow, Fullerton,CA. [06-28-2000]

Mindy Sanders, Flagstaff, AZ [06-28-2000]

I would like some information about Penn Grant lands and properties. In particular, one in Montgomery County called "Netherfields" and "Frazier Woods". Thanks.
Laura Schriver [06-28-2000]

just looking for a copy of the american's creed i remembered learning in primary school and found your site w/tons of neat info!
karyn, seattle,wa [06-28-2000]

This is a great site! I found it while doing some planning for a family reunion in the historic area. Although I have lived in Philadelphia all my life, I have learned MUCH from this site.
Walter Johnson [06-27-2000]

i have flag with 48 stars. i know what it means but i would like to know how i find out if it was ever flown on a federal building? thanks for any info
KELLI [06-27-2000]

I will visite the city on the 6th of july.
Martijn Moonen, I'm 20 years old and i come from Holland [06-27-2000]

Thank you for tools to use for growth!!!!
The Drouin Family [06-27-2000]

Imagine going against an imperialist ruler, without the comfort of ever knowing whether they'll succeed. The American Revolution has been a brave display of the human spirit and the aspiration to the ideals of a free nation. I wish this torch of democracy will burn forever and that the struggles and sacrifices made by the fathers of the nation will be remembered.
Eric, 25, Singapore [06-25-2000]

This is a great site! All citizens should visit!
LeRoy F. Eastes, 78 yrs. Member SAR [06-25-2000]

As an educator I found your website informative and useful. This is the first summer school experience that I have had a class where all of the students are from another country, so this site was very helpful in showing the children pictures of Ameriecan history, as we celebrated the fourth of July.
valerie maclin, work email 113vm501@fortbend.k12.tx.us [06-25-2000]

I come to get some knowledge from this site because my son is going to be here next month as a ortarian exchange student. And I'll visit your great city next year.
Manoot W.Komen, Bangkok, Thailand [06-23-2000]

So glad to see this page proudly displayed. I will visit it often.
Karen Ritchey Traverse [06-23-2000]

Thank you so much for all the information I have found in your web page, it really going to help me a lot for a work I have to do for my school.
Jorge Eduardo Romero Torres, 13 years old, from Guayaquil, Ecuador [06-22-2000]

Your guestbook entry by "Phil from Somerville" by no email contact. I'd like to contact him or anyone else who has info, as I too believe I may be related to the people mentioned in his entry. My ancestors came to Australia from England but others to Philadeplhia. One, a famous Quaker preacher married a full blooded Cherookee indian women. Keep up the good work. I look forward to visiting the east coast on my next trip to USA, my third. Its a great place!
Allan M Nixon, near Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA [06-22-2000]

As an American, I had to visit this site
Bruce Reed [06-22-2000]

It's amazing how I have lived in the suburbs of Philadelphia for 26 years and have never toured my own city. I'm definitely spending my vacation in Philly this summer!! This site is EXCELLENT!
Pamela Kroh, Drexel Hill, PA - age 23 [06-22-2000]

grate info
mary fikes, phoenix.az. [06-22-2000]

I have enjoyed your site very much.
PAUL GELMAN [06-20-2000]

Thank you so much for all this information about our nation's flag. I am teaching a class about the flag and this site was perfect for me to get materials from. Thanks again!
Julie Ann [06-20-2000]

Looking for Cozins of Capt. Silas Husted,
Lloyd Husted [06-20-2000]

If the history of our country goes so does all the things that have made our country strong. What happens when all the old service men are gone? what will our young folks have to look up to
omerline linnenbrink, maryland hgts, mo [06-20-2000]

am still learning my way around the internet and decided to try this site. I will be checking it out every now and then.
Judy Furr, 52, Harrisburg, North Carolina [06-19-2000]

I greatly admire the ministry of Richard Allen. May God continue to bless the ministry that he started. God Bless you all, Min. Weaver
Min. Elton Weaver, down in Memphis tenn. [06-19-2000]

We Should Always appreciate the whole world.
BRIAN.J.MICSKO, What About The History Of Philaelifdia [06-19-2000]

Thank you for the tour! I am a volunteer who is planning a trip to Phil. for a preservation group from Va., and I much appreciate the help from this site.
rebecca Starling [06-19-2000]

Great inform. good for school reports infor.
Eleanor Johnson, 43,43857 5th st East, Lancaster CA 93535 [06-19-2000]

Great inform. good for school reports infor.
Eleanor Johnson, 43,43857 5th st East, Lancaster CA 93535 [06-19-2000]

Great website. Would you consider adding colonia Philadelphia maps in the future, so visitors can better place historical sites in their historical context?
Mary Ann Largen, Arlington, Virginia [06-19-2000]

It is nice to have found a site dedicated to the history of this, the greatest country on earth!
Daniel Fischer, Age 41 Midland Park, NJ. [06-19-2000]

Jerry McLaughlin, Amarillo, Texas [06-19-2000]

I would like to learn more about the way our form of government is supposed to work. It seems to have been convuluted the past 20 years and I am concerned.
T.J. Rice, The Great State of Oklahoma [06-19-2000]

Barrett Bilotta [06-19-2000]

god bless america!!!!!!
bill robbins, pawling, new york 12564-2131 [06-19-2000]

Please, visit the site www.librimoltospeciali.com You'll find a nice Italian book about young Edgar Allan Poe
Lucio Angelini [06-19-2000]

I am looking to purchase an example of Washington's Commander-in-Chief Flag. Where can this be accomplished?
Gary H. Gilliland, Weatherford, OK 73096 [06-19-2000]

Valerie M. Sirois [06-19-2000]

After carrying the flag in many parades it is my feeling that the children of this country are not taught how to respect the flag. Of course, their parents do not teach them. A substitute teacher for her first day in a class told me that the pledge of allegiance was announced over the loudspeaker. She looked at the class and no one stood. Shocking!
Nancy Richardson, VFW Aux. member and color guard member. [06-19-2000]

judy reed, akron, oh [06-19-2000]

Just looking
Ron Chaplin [06-19-2000]

GARRY FULCHER, hephzibah, ga [06-19-2000]

My job is right in the middle of Philadelphia's hisory and I'm learning more just going through your website.
Jeanette R. Haigler, Philadelphia, PA [06-19-2000]

Donna Plaiss [06-19-2000]

Keep up the great work. Billy and Paula.
Billy and Paula Frazier, Have both visted the Denver Mint, we are aware of all you do for us. [06-19-2000]

Thank you for the flag information available on this site
Charles Moffett, Beach Haven, NJ [06-19-2000]

Great website!
Tracy Bishop, Oklahoma City [06-19-2000]

I love the web sight, I will be back to visit again. Also, thank you for showing me how to make a star with one cut!! I will be using that when teaching!
Linda Nicodemus, Cheyenne, WY and Cincinnati, OH - Age 23 college student [06-19-2000]

very very good!!! was born in media, south of philly, visited in 1976 to celebrate the bicentennial, was fascinated then, this site had got me wanting to visit again. thanks for the wonderful memories.
debi, 42 years old, philadelphia virtual visit [06-19-2000]

NANCY L. GRIMM, tampa florida [06-19-2000]

blacks have been mistreated at the early years of our country. how did it all begin, and why did goverment let it happen. we cant be to proud of our country. look what we did to our black people, we are no diferent then hilter
nancy [06-19-2000]

Dennis Shinko, West Hazleton Pa. [06-19-2000]

Sherrie Traver, Norwood, NC [06-13-2000]

Just have met someone who lives in Philadelphia, and wanted to find out more about their location.
Donna Morgan, Calhoun, Georgia [06-13-2000]

your website is cool because i had a report on to do on american history it was a lot of help thanks
alejandro vera, 11,lodi,nj [06-13-2000]

i like your awsome website because it has nice sites have good stuff in it thankyou for your website by.
JOSE CAMERO, 11,lodi,nj [06-13-2000]

David Montgomery [06-13-2000]

Who is father of George Washington Husted born 1835?
Lloyd Husted, Fontana Ca. [06-13-2000]

Michael Richards, Franklin, Ohio [06-13-2000]

Looking for geneaology on these family surnames: Strawbridge, Wallace, Devine, Hunter, Wayne and Hinkle from the Pennsylvania area who served during and after the Revolution. Other related surnames that served: Lentz, Shope, Ebersole, Hilt and Dellinger.
Victor Wallace Strawbridge, Dover, NH,USA [06-11-2000]

will be leaving houston on june 23. wish i'd found your site sooner so i could have gotten broucheres
eileen swanzy, houston,tx [06-11-2000]

Richard E. Schmalzbach, Barstow, CA [06-11-2000]

I am looking for information on Redington. This was a government associated town during WWI and WWII which served as a munitions factory in Eastern Pennsylvania. I am interested in any info you may find, because I live on the disregaurded sight. This is a landmark, and information is extremely rare and hard to find. Any contributions you have to share would be of interest.
Sara Hahn, 15 [06-11-2000]

My email address may give me away as a Pearl Harbor Survivor,and it troubles me how our educational system shelfed the greatest chapter of our countries history.
joseph a. mieleszko, age 78 North Hatfield, Mass. [06-09-2000]

enjoyed my visit to the US Mint page. Suggest that rare U.S. gold coins be added to lists.
Richard Sonoda, Los Angeles, Calif. 90064 [06-09-2000]

This is a great site, as you know fewer and fewer of our young understand flag history or etiquette. as flag officer of my post my goal is to bring flag history sessions to our lacal libery and school dist. Your site makes it much eiser since i can recomend that the students and teachers visit your sites.
Ben Benguerel ( VFW Popst 318) olympia washington [06-08-2000]

I'm excited to come and see your wonderful and historic city this fall.
Marlis Ayer, California [06-08-2000]

Mary Lou (Matlack) Byerly, I am a GGGGG Grandaughter of Timothy Matlack, who was an original member ot the Free Quakers. [06-08-2000]

Daniel Delph [06-08-2000]

Ross Block, Illinois [06-08-2000]

This was a great teaching site! A lot of information about the sites you hear about most. The kids really enjoyed it.
J Baran, Blue Bell, PA [06-08-2000]

David W. Shaw, St. Louis, MO [06-08-2000]

Mrs. McGee's Class, room 28, Emperor Elementary School, San Gabriel, CA [06-06-2000]

I have a 7 year old Franklinia tree that seems to suffering from anthracnose. I have a couple of questions: The tree has only about 1/3 of its leaves this spring - is it worth trying to save it? Do you have any recommendations for treatment? Is it save to plant another Franklinia in the same spot?
Kathy Rabe [06-06-2000]

Does anyone sell wood, plastic or modeled pieces of the same shape, as the "Rising Sun" that was on the center and top of the chair that George Washington sat in during the Constitutional Convention?
Charles G. Petit, Jr., I had relatives in the revolutionary war and am interested in learning of the times. [06-06-2000]

I think this is an excellent site.
David Wolf, teacher/coach at Pine Hill Schools Pine Hill, NM [06-05-2000]

ronald g reeves, mt. vernon illinois 62864 [06-04-2000]

looking for info.on ancestors move to philly 1870s name of edwards, sailed out looking for name of ship?believed to have come from the Staffordshire area of England.
David G Warwick, 54years old live Spennymoor,Co.Durham England UK. [06-04-2000]

Juan B. Polk, West Oak Lane , Philadelphia, Age 46 [06-04-2000]

Been looking about for some time to learn the early (colonial) history of shipbuilding in the city. One of my ancestors was involved in that work and I need to find more details
William H. Penrose, 77 yrs. Interest in early Phil. shipbuilding history. Citrus Heights, CA [06-04-2000]

JWARD [06-04-2000]

I have most of my family history started out in missouri looking for Charles Russell Walker,Mary Elizabeth Roundtree,George Washingtpn Cox,John Williams Cox,Martha Evaline (Cox) Taylor,James Taylor.George Taylor Camel Taylor ,James David Pennington,
Shirley Carter, the inf. you have is very interestng keep up the good work [06-04-2000]

John Bartram is a distant relative of mine.
John Bartram Penson, Jr. [06-03-2000]

Estle Denny, 57 years old I live in New Castle IN, Retired police officer [06-03-2000]

So far This web site seems informative,but I am looking for information about Doylestown Pa. as it relates to the American Revelution. Any suggestions anyone? PLease E-Mail me. USA1
Mr.G, Bucks County Pa. [06-03-2000]

Steve Leopold [06-03-2000]

How can I access Elizabeth Drinker's diary?
Linda [06-03-2000]

Just a civil war buff.
Jody B. Long, age 41, city&state.. Bryant, Wi. [06-02-2000]

Excellent site; I will return again.
Maureen Frances McGettigan [06-02-2000]

I have walked through Washington Park many times as well as through Independence Hall. Everytime I am in the area I visit the historical area of Philadelphi. Many of the photos I take are shown to children who will probably never travel east of Arizona.There are always interesting changes to the area. As a youth I can remember what the area used to look like and am really proud of the beautiful work which has taken place to improve the area.
bob veigel, Born in Philadelphia, now living in Peoria Az. [06-02-2000]

Edmund Jackson [06-02-2000]

Wonderful site! A favorite lunchtime bookmark of mine. I was very interested in visiting and exploring the historic homes in Fairmount Park. Is there a place I might find hours of operation for the homes? Thanks again.
Bob Wittrock, Collegeville, PA [06-02-2000]

Very well-designed and helpful site
My Name, Setauket, NY [06-02-2000]

my friend found a newly minted penny with no face. what is it worth???
TINA, new york [06-02-2000]

I enjoy all of your sites. They are so informative I am putting on a service for Veterans Day in our senior community. So any ideas would be very helpful. Keep up the good work.
Kitty Hancock, Fruitland Park, Fl. 34731 [05-31-2000]

kewl site
Cristin, 12 [05-30-2000]

I've visited this page because I have some penpals there and I would like to get to know some things about their country
Slade, I come from Germany, Dorsten [05-30-2000]

I visited most of the places on the virtal tour of Phiadelphia. I have family that live in Philadelphia. I also have gone to The Frankin Insatuite, when I was in Elementary school. Anyone who lives in Philly now or has lived there, please write to me at my e-mail address below: swayze_23454@hotmail.com. I would like to hear from someone ! From A Philly Girl, Now A Southern Girl.
Brenda Trimback, 32, Va.Beach,Va. 23454 [05-30-2000]

could you tell me how to find out about info. on a book, Monuments of Washington, Patriotism on back of book it says, Facsimile of Washington's accounts from June 1775 to June 1783 it appears to be a ledger of money spent by George Washington as President, also has pictures of money says that, Published for the benefit of Washington's Manual Labour School and Male Orphan Asylum City of Washington: P. Force, printer 1838. I am looking for any information on this book that you could give me. Or maybe somewhere I can look to find info. Thank you
Robin [05-30-2000]

Robert Gray, US Navy Veteran 1970-1976 [05-30-2000]

thanks for making this website...
Pana, 13......fresno..... [05-30-2000]

it has been so many,many years since i was in school, i'd forgotten how interesting history was.
linda findley, 53yrs [05-30-2000]

I hsve been researching my ast ancestry for thirty years. my native american ancestry is lenni lenape. I hoe to continue my education in the diciplines to discover as much as i can about my people and the history of america
rose ellis [05-28-2000]

I found this page and more while searching for a copy of the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag. This site is great and I will include it in other correspodance. Visit one of my favotite home pages, it is still under construction, but I can tell it will be good. http://msnhomepages.talkcity.com/DeckDr/yilodude
Vandel Yates, Cullman Alabama [05-28-2000]

KEN NIENOW, rothschild,wisc. [05-28-2000]

Ken Davidson, Cookeville Tennessee [05-28-2000]

I would like to know where Susan Tedeschi is playing on 9/17/2000 in Philly? Also is anything going on at Penns Landing that weekend, maybe something interesting involving kids that weekend. I read something interesting about a museum named (not sure of spelling)Muuter or Meutter museum could you tell me about it and the dates and times open thank you
Leonard Mandeville [05-28-2000]

Desentant of Samuel Fairlamb
Joseph Fairlamb [05-28-2000]

My God they are finally at rest, GOD BLESS THEM ALL.
EDWARD T. PALSYN, bdippel@twcny.rr.com [05-28-2000]

MIGUEL A MENDEZ [05-28-2000]

I live in Philadelphia and I have never taken any of these tours. Are any of these tours available for the public with guides. If so, where can I sign up to take a tour?
Brenda J. Trader, 53/Philadelphia, PA 19141 [05-28-2000]

valerie fields hill, dallas, tx [05-28-2000]

i was looking for quotes from betsy ross. i could not find anything! do you know where i could get loaner clothes. this is for a catholic school play in roxborough. please advise.
LAURA MARTIN, philadelphia pa. 19128 [05-28-2000]

What a great page, I like it very much, keep up the great work. Eddie Grijalva QBSM
Eddie Grijalva, Orange, CA. [05-28-2000]

I would like to find out what is happening in Philadelphia on August 12th and 13th. I am on the committee for the Delaware River Yacht League which represent boaters. We are having our annual Queen's Pageant that weekend and I am trying to find out what events are happening that are in walking distance of Penn's Landing that I can let the boaters know about. What every information you can give I would appreciate it. Thank You Kathy Fareno
Kathy Fareno, Croydon, Pennsylvania [05-28-2000]

I love history! This is a site I will visit again and again.
Jessica Duncan, http://www.geocities.com/reflection_of_an_echo [05-28-2000]

James Mathews [05-28-2000]

i was just at your church with my school. I enjoyed visting your church. Thank you for the wonderful tour.
Ashley owens, New york city [05-28-2000]

I'm Portuguese and i like this page . Congratulations!!!!!!
secret, I'm twelve and I live in Lisbon, Portugal [05-28-2000]

I am pleased to discover a web site devoted to American history in one of the most "American" cities of all: Philadelphia. How appropriate!
Bo Tomkie, Michigan [05-28-2000]

I work at Knotts Berry Farm as a costume tour guide and we have a replica of Indepedance Hall built there by Walter Knott in 1966. A gentleman by the name of Gene Collins portrays Ben Franklin and Patrick Henry. I am the town crier on the 4th of july ceramonies here. Gene actually turn me on to your web page which I enjoy very much. Stay intouch and I the same. Maybe we could have a town Crier gathering at our Indepedance Hall some day (smile)
David Hunt/Pappy, Native/African American, 58yrs. Los Angeles, Calif. [05-28-2000]

Richard [05-28-2000]

I think that kids should be able to vote at age17
Brendon Allen, 9 Years NEW YORK [05-28-2000]

My children and I, have thouroghly enjoyed this site! What a wonderful opportunity to teach our kids the history of this great Country! A.B.
Angela Bonner [05-28-2000]

Gust wanted to say G'day
Vince Burgess (Gin Gin Town Crier), 56 years young Gin Gin Queensland Australia [05-28-2000]

History is my favorite subject...wish can soon visit all historical places in the US.
Fidence Moreno, Jr, 8 years old, live in Los Angeles [05-28-2000]

site is absolutely good and good informative. i am planning to visit mint and experience live. i do really appreciate the efforts of building this site beautiful. ravi makam
ravi s makam, chattanooga, tennessee [05-28-2000]

I think you should have more things about Independence Hall for people who want to know more about it. I think you should put a thing saying all of the things that happened to Independence Hall and things that where passed and stuff like that.
Daniel Yerkes [05-28-2000]

what is the statue on city hall
Daniela and Tina, 16 and 18 [05-28-2000]

i loved it
Keri, yes [05-28-2000]

Like to know my family Tree.
Karla Jo Youngdale, 38 Vancouver,Wa [05-28-2000]

Floyd H. Austin Jr., Oriental, N.C [05-28-2000]

I love your site. I am quite curious about an address: 5504 Girard Avenue. It is where my great,great grandfather --Henry Clay King--lived. Can this be found in one of the historical districts? Can you recommend a book I could buy? Apparently he was of King Publishing. Also, it is my understanding that a graveyard --Mount Moravia-- exists nearby. Is there a book on Philadelphia cemeteries you could recommned? Thank you kindly, Susan
Susan Hawthorne, Staunton, Virginia [05-28-2000]

I am a candidate for Executive Director of the Department of Ministerial Annuities. I will be visiting with you at your Philadelphia Annual Conference and plan to arrive on Wednesday, May 24,2000.
Reverend Jerome V. Harris, Senior Pastor - Historic Brown Chapel AME Church , Selma, Al [05-28-2000]

i thought it was very nice but you should put maps in so people could find things.
holly j scholefield [05-28-2000]

The Negro in america is still looking for identity. It has been a frustrating experience for me. Life will not continue to afford us the luxury of hypocrisy and disdain for our heritage. We are like nomads. It would be nice to see us settle down.
Jim Bowie, I am a native Houstonian (Texas) blessed with over a half century of life. My heritage is Negro history. Its unique to my life in the United States of America. [05-28-2000]

I was told my grandmother was one of a few ordained ministers in the AME organization in Ohio. Trying to locate additional information about her and/or the organization (even though I attended and AME church as a child and attended Wilberforce College for a short time). Wonderful website!!
Mary L Burlong-Gambino, 52, Ohio [05-28-2000]

About five years ago I received an invitation to a Presbyterian Historical society event. My wife and I went to that weekend at Williamsburg and had a great time. I wanted to be included on the invitation list, but have never heard from that enterprise again. Is this an annual event and could we be invited? I included this question with my donation last December. Thanks, Paul Wierman
Re. Paul D. Wierman, Honorably retired Beaver, PA [05-28-2000]

We are going to visit Philadelphia in June.We are looking forward to that.
Corine Does, Uden, The Netherlands [05-28-2000]

Fantastic site...so much information at our fingertips!
Ron Lamon [05-28-2000]

excellent site for research.thank you.
sharon, lemon grove, ca [05-28-2000]

We are a homeschool family of three boys, 15, 13, 9. This is a super site. Lots of great info. Thanks for doing it. P.S. Please, consider including high points of each state's history plus the key people/biographies, too. Heh! You can do it - you are USHISTORY.COM Thanks again!!
The Sabin's, Renton, WA (Seattle area) [05-28-2000]

I thought this sight was great!
Jeffrey Montgomery [05-28-2000]

COOL website
Eva Burress, 16 years old; live in Lewisburg West Virginia [05-28-2000]

very interesting! was able to find the information very easy
heather [05-28-2000]

We have this stupid Washington Project to do your site helped alot! Thanks sooo much!! We are at school and this is sooo illegal but we are bored!! Thatks for provideing info on the tomb of the unknowns! P.S My friend jackie (who already signed this) says hi too!
Caitlin, 13, Connecticut Mommy told me not to talk to strangers [05-28-2000]

My sister sent me this website, suggested that we get together with my other sisters for some daytrips into Philly. I use to go on the walking tours hosted by the American Foundation for Architecture (?).
Bill Lucas, Burlington, NJ [05-28-2000]

yo !!
Jackie Collins, 13, not telling [05-28-2000]

good website!
anonymous [05-28-2000]

I'm from Philadelphia and I live in stupid California now. I'm going to get the Liberty Bell tattooed on my arm because I'm homesick. This site had the best picture. Thanks rock on!!
Wendy, 25 years old [05-28-2000]

your the best
lisa, millive [05-28-2000]

i really like these sights.and i am hopeing to see more when i go ther.
angel lightfoot, 11,cedarville n,j 08311 [05-28-2000]

BRITNEY HARRIS, 12 millivill [05-28-2000]

It is a big thrill knowing that my ancesters had a part in making history in america.
Arthur D. Graff, 5236w -900s warren ind. 46792 [05-28-2000]

Very interesting. I really enjoyed visiting you.
Bridgett Braaten, age 9, St Louis Park, MN [05-28-2000]

Your site is fantastic! I can spend hours on it. Philadelphia has been a favorite city of mine since I was a child. It is impossible to see everything Philly has to offer!
Anne I. Fagan, Lock Haven, Pa. Age 68 [05-28-2000]

ok, in your history of South Street, it says there is a store called Condom Nation, it's called Condom KINGDOM. I live in Philly; I chill on South Street, I would know. peace
Onion [05-28-2000]

we are going to come and visit a lot of the landmarks write back
Stephen/Ken/Nick, 11 [05-28-2000]

I enjoyed learning about my nation.
Rachel Jaspan, age-10, I am connected to AOL. [05-28-2000]

Thank you for creating this wonderful website! Great information and insight. Good direction and inspiration. Easy to use and pleasant to view, Philadelphia - as it should be seen.
Rebecca Roberts, 42, Miami [05-28-2000]

I am very interested in Robert Collyer our village blacksmith who resided in Philadelphia 1850-9 before becoming a famous Unitarian Minister in Chicago and New York. Please see www.btinternet.com/~mike.dixon/page2.html
Mike Dixon, Ilkley West Yorkshire UK [05-28-2000]

I am going to Philadelphia soon and this site really helped me decide what I want to go see! Thanks.
Dion Knudtson, 26, Atlanta GA [05-28-2000]

Peter A. Quinn, 2320 Wisconsin Avenue, NorthWest, Washington, DC 20007 [05-28-2000]

I find this so very interesting since my dad Leonard and my husband Robb were and are in the service and thank these mem who fought for our Country thank you for the opportunity to know more.
pam polinske, 44 Franklin, Wi 53132 [05-28-2000]

If anyone has had refernce sources for the history of the Bellevue Stratford (aka Bellevue Hotel, please let me know.
Earl Arnold, Texas [05-28-2000]

Enjoyed the information that I was albe to find to use at our end of the year cross-over ceremony. Great resource!
Dwayne Leonard, Gray, TN. Cubmaster for Pack 240 [05-28-2000]

colby [05-28-2000]

This is a great web site for young and shall we say veterans. I will recommend it to everyone I meet.
Charles M. Carr, L.A.U.S.D.-Teacher/Administrator [05-28-2000]

Rod Barlet [05-28-2000]

This is very interesting, dude! Keep up the good work! You're cool! Peaze out!
Lauren Masucci, Piscataway,NJ [05-28-2000]

Craig& Jiwhan [05-28-2000]

aimee reed [05-28-2000]

As a 300 year philadelphian may I say I am proud of the way you are managing this site. Congratulations
William Dull [05-28-2000]

Was looking for info on Bartram's Gardens. Am a descendant of John and William Bartram. Otherwise you site is full of our history. You've done the job well. Thanks
Helen E. Penson Harkness, 62 yrs Rockford, Il [05-28-2000]

I am doing genealogical research. My 4g-grandfather, Isaac EYRE, who came from Chester, was a ship builder in Kensington. I would like to know more information about his business. I was also involved in Carpenters' Hall, a president at one time. I am also looking for his wife Elizabeth COOPER, who may have come from Byberry Monthly Meeting, or another close by. COOPER is a name I have seen associated with the Meeting, but I have not been able to found out anything about her ancestry. I would appreciate any help. Please send me an e-mail, if you can. I am in Germany, so anything that has to do with the US I need to access through the internet. If there are books I can buy, I need to be able to do this via Amazon, as I can access that from here. Many thanks!
David Eyre [05-28-2000]

just thought it would be interesting to check out and I was right.
Nickole Haugen, age 24 from Janesvill, WI [05-28-2000]

George Ratzer, Franklin Pa. [05-28-2000]

We have recently come across two oval metal badges. They have Keystone State Crest and one dated 1919 and 1915. They are both engraved with "Licensed Driver". The 1915 is badge number 19791 and the 1919 is number 65310. Can you tell us what these are and is there any history to these? Please advise.
Robert A. Janusz, I am 53 years old and now live in Ocala, Florida [05-28-2000]

this site is great. I learned a LOT from this site.
Donchu, pal pk [05-28-2000]

Kari Olson, Chick [05-28-2000]

i like this site can u send me a map of the independence hall
Timothy Hochstein, 13, male, Homer City, Pennsylvania 15748 [05-28-2000]

Interested in Philadelphia genealogy.
Ruth Buck [05-28-2000]

the website is very cool! i have learned a lot. there are very interesting stuff website.
Nicole Bremer, Age-12 City- Palisades Park [05-28-2000]

Alecia Charlton [05-28-2000]

your website is really cool. i have learned a lot of stuff i didn't know, like for example i learned more about the liberty bell and some other stuff. i like the games you have because they are really fun.
VANESSA GARCIA, age-12 city-palisades park [05-28-2000]

Do you have educational stuff
Alecia Charlton [05-28-2000]

I think that you should always recycle and never pollute.
Bona choi, Pal.Pk N.J [05-28-2000]

need info on philedelphia pleese get me some.
brooke ellona silverman, 12 yeerz bridgeport CT [05-28-2000]

I think you should add more pictures and more historical photos.
cassy c [05-28-2000]

i am looking on this web site for info about a report i am doing for my language arts class so far so good
Chrissie [05-28-2000]

AMANDA LOPEZ, 11, palisades park [05-28-2000]

Kool webpage~!
anonymous [05-28-2000]

i think the website is wonderful. you have a lot of intresting information about many historic stuff, like the liberty bell and betsy ross house etc.
VANESSA GARCIA, age-12 city-palisades park [05-28-2000]

I think that this is a wonderful website and that you should keep up the good work!
Anthony, 12, pal. pk. [05-28-2000]

i like this plase
raman kumar, i have a big nose [05-28-2000]

fred [05-28-2000]

Very informative, as I served aboard USS John Paul JonesDDG-32 From 1970-73. (A FAST SHIP GOING IN HARMS WAY) To quote John Paul Jones And also DDG-53 Slogan of the present J.P.J underway in our US Nany
L. Ralph Banta Jr. MRCS, USN, Ret [05-28-2000]

Kevin Coers, Jr., love us history, even the Civil War. [05-28-2000]

To have a thought one must have a thinker Mayhaps I can learn to tinker From this WEB linker The smarter I become the less I know. My wife and I plan to attend the AFSCME International convention June 26 - 30. It could be possible to visit with you. Please send directions to your establishment. We will be arriving from the West. Thanx.
James Clayton Beeler, Add: 411 S. Jefferson, Slater, MO 65349 Born 3/9/43, [05-28-2000]

Facinated with US History, especially the lessor known pieces.
Dorrie McClennan, Portland, OR [05-28-2000]

Lovin' the page. 100%. =)
Tami, 17 yrs, Minneapolis [05-28-2000]

I really like your website. In school some of my friends and me talked! Can you believe that?!
Holah Fenderson, age:15 state:OR city:Berkley [05-28-2000]

SARAH, 77, arizona, [05-28-2000]

Jamie, 12, alaska [05-28-2000]

You forgot to say that Jonh Jacob Mickley and his sons rescued the Liberty Bell from the Brittish.
micklee [05-28-2000]

I Like the site. I heard about it in school.
sam, manchester md [05-28-2000]

Tjis site is helpping me a lot ith my projct. I like it
Car [05-28-2000]

I will be attending on a 4th grade field trip on May 12. This infor is great becasue they have to see certain places and this walking tour is great.
ALayne Leskawa, Hummelstown, PA - 44 years old [05-28-2000]

ready to view
LHOLT, Mt Pleasant [05-28-2000]

I am doing a report on Indepedence Hall
Adam [05-28-2000]

Can anybody tell me how Betsy Ross died? Any information that anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.. Please email me. Thanks.
John Mawhinney, Natick, Massachusetts [05-28-2000]

This is for the young people, our country is the greatest experiment man has ever seen.Truely inspired by devine inspiration.Study it all of your life,and you will agree! Your sight is wonderful.
William C. Slater, age 44 [05-28-2000]

Thank you so much for developing this historic site. It will be a must for my fourth graders and you can rest assured that I will be out to walk the streets and breathe the history. Thank you!
Patriicia Garlick, Teacher in Michigan [05-28-2000]

Your page is avery helpful resource.
Renee [05-28-2000]

Always wondered what the rest of the verses to the Star Spangled Banner were. Thanks for making it easy to find out.
Christopher McClain [05-28-2000]

cool site about history. and very edicational.
Brandy Christman, I'm 11 years old [05-28-2000]

Lawrence E. Foglia [05-28-2000]

I like a chinatown
hiep hoang, chinatown [05-28-2000]

I just visited Philadelphia on a school trip, all the information on you web site was accurate and very helpful. All the info. is even helping me work to get an A in my teachers class. Thanks
Harlan Lee Borer, Long Island North Shore Middle School [05-28-2000]

Denise R. Fahey, Teacher [05-28-2000]

Thank you for your wonderful information.
Marlee Courtesy, 32 f greensburg, PA [05-28-2000]

I am doing a report on Independence Hall for my class at school.
Garrett Bobst`, 8 yrs old, Portland, OR [05-28-2000]

This site is very educational. I like it!!!
Britany Semones, I'm 14 I live in Narrows Va.I go to Narrows High School. [05-28-2000]

Awesome sight!!! To cool to miss!!
priscilla reyes [05-28-2000]

It was a very interesting site where I could do a lot of things and look at and read the boring articles of the Confederation and read the Constitution. I hate this website because it is fun to visit
Francis Leewort, 72 years old, Russia [05-28-2000]

Very interesting good for kids keep it up
Mandy nepwip, 75 years old Russia [05-28-2000]

good things mostly Phillidelphia
Al, ? [05-28-2000]

Great and informative site!
Matt Smith, 18/m/sc [05-28-2000]

I serve an awesome God...This site is inspiring to those of us who love and are proud of OUR history. The youth group at Young Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Huntington are planning a trip to Philadelphia. We feel assured of an enriching trip.
Florence Angella Plante, 1211 - 19th Street, Huntington WV 25705-3019 (304) 525-3352 [05-28-2000]

http://www.jesus-is-lord.com/newage.htm The truth about the protocals, the Aryans, and gun control
Victoria [05-28-2000]

great i needed this for project about him thanks
cassie [05-28-2000]

I have shared some interesting facts with a 1st-2nd grade class in South Hero, Vermont
Tracy Masse'-James [05-28-2000]

I like the virtual tour beacause my class is going to philli in like, 3 or 4 days, so it was nice to know some info about all the buildings. I really appriciate all the time you have taken to provide the world with such great information!
harry, i am a female [05-28-2000]

Excellent site, We will be back many times for info!
Patrick Verduci, I am an Eagle Scout and Enjoy History [05-28-2000]

Robert Doebley, philadelphia, pa. [05-28-2000]

I enjoyed your tour. We homeschool our 3 children and are planning a trip this summer as the children will be studying Pennsylvania history. Thanks.
shirley [05-28-2000]

Your web is very interesting and useful!In the near future I will be in Philadelphia on occasion my son graduation.
Francesco De Santi, 49 yrs S.Martino di Lupari PD - Italy [05-28-2000]

This information was very helpful in planning our itinery for our stay here. Thank you!
Sue & Dick DeVries, Billings, Mt. 59101 [05-28-2000]

very interesting. ive been to one church before and I really enjoyed it. threre was a lot of worship and i enjoy that
Carrissa Watts, 14 studying AME in world history class [05-28-2000]

i hope to meet the president of the united states someday and give hillary clinton a big hug for what she have done and just being a wonderful person.
Dale Swisher, 14/stpetersburg,flordia/male/florida [05-28-2000]

I homeschool my 1st and 2nd graders and we are studying the Revolutionary War...This is such a wonderful and informative website! Thanks!
Alisa Bunning, Covington, WA [05-28-2000]

I would like information on the Franklin Institute
Carolyn, history buff from ny [05-28-2000]

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Federico Melian, 16, Montevideo, Uruguay [05-28-2000]

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This is a great site. My ancestor is Michael Hillegass (believe it is 2 "s's")Disappointed, though, that there is really only 2 sentences for this guy. He was supposed to have been quite a character.
Arlene Houghton [05-28-2000]

Emilie Knecht [05-28-2000]

Keep up the good work!
ELizabeth Fritsch, Honorary State President of the PA C.A.R. [05-28-2000]

I would like to know how to dispose of an American flag that is old, or ripped and cannot be used anymore? Is there protocol involved in this? My son wants to know.
cheryl mulhern [05-28-2000]

salathia white, savannah, ga. [05-28-2000]

Judith Hallmark [05-28-2000]

Love the virtual tour. I will only have a day or so in Philidelphia and feel that I will be able to make the best use of my time. Saw your "suggested tours" and will follow the one day. Maybe next year I'll stay longer...
Mickey Lovell, Amenia, NY [05-28-2000]

Grew up in North Philly around 22nd and Clearfield - St Mary of the Eternal Parish. Great city to live in years ago. Loved the old neighborhood. Big reunion planned for 10/29/00 for friends and neighbors of the old neighborhood. Good time eating Tastycakes, cheesestakes and pizza at Emily's; Lemonade at Citro's; Mele's Bakery;The Hot Shoppe; and the corner of Judson and Indiana. And especially to all the boys who gave their lives in WWII. Best regards, MA
mario amici, Live in Plymouth Meeting. age 55 [05-28-2000]

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ezequil dyke, i am amish [05-28-2000]

I think it's a good web page and all.But I can't find things on albert Einstein for a science project.
mark, 12 [05-28-2000]

I was glad to find this information, I would like more information on the Right Rev. Daniel A. Payne. I am a descendent of the Payne family and I would like more information on him if possible. Do you know of his family at all. His wife their children, his brothers and sisters, his father. Any history you have would be of help. We are trying to get our family history together. We are having a family reunion this summer on June 23,24, and 25th of this year. My address is 921 Apache Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32301. Please send me what you can.
Carolyn D. Lawrence, My age is 45, Tallahassee, Fl., I'm a member of New St. John A.M.E. Church in the 11th District, Bishop Frank Cummins [05-28-2000]

Wonderful Webpage, Excellent Infromation, Thanks for everyone's hard work...
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Donald R. Mayer, Cortland, Ohio [05-28-2000]

I have visited VAlley Forge at least three times but will visit it on your web. Might have missed some history. Do you know of any other web sight with hitory of Rhode Island? One of my ancestors was a Revolubtionary War Spy in Newport, R.I. Please let me know. Thank You and I will surely look at all your Data.
Howard E. Bell, Born in Rhode Island am 69. Retired Military and fm City of Omaha. Now living in Valdosta Georgia. [05-28-2000]

what a site!
Joseph Crews [05-28-2000]

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Joanne Silverthorn, Creede, CO. , Retired teacher, member of school board, and the Historical Society. Outstanding website. Thank you! [05-28-2000]

Great site & really good to see places from "home"
Helen Fredlein, Now live in Newcastle, Australia [05-28-2000]

What a fabulous site. It's one I'll keep returning to. I've been a Poe fan all my life. Two years ago I composed a piece of music for the classical guitar. It has five movements all under the collective heading of THE GOTHIC SUITE and the whole work is a dedication to the memory of E. A. Poe, who is one of my all-time heroes. Each movement is preceded by a paragraph, written in the style of Poe, which is read out by the performer. I gave the first performance of this piece in a recital in Cambridge, England on Haloween night! I have since performed this piece many times in concerts and it has always gone down well (and made some members of the audience feel uneasy). The first movement, Diabolo, has since been arranged for guitar quartet, and I heard a performance of this last year with 42 guitarists playing it. Sounded great! Last year, the composer, Michael Coe, arranged the first movement (Diabolo) for orchestra and it was given its' first performance in November 1999 in England. Both the solo guitar version, the quartet version and the orchestral version are now published by Lathkill Music Publishers. Anyone interested in obtaining the scores should visit: www.theguitarstudio.freeserve.co.uk or e-mail me direct on: stevemarsh@theguitarstudio.freeserve.co.uk
steve marsh [05-28-2000]

Because I travel so much, this site is like one big tourist guide manual! I came in search of gathering trivia for my websites upcoming "Patriotic Pages" (to cover all the holiday like Flag Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day, and Veterans Day) to create a Patriotic Trivia game. So thanks for helping me create some of the questions and answers. I have yet to figure out why History on the "History Channel" and on-line is so much more fun than in a classroom? (wink!) Sheila aka "Brownielocks" http://www.brownielocks.com
Sheila aka "Brownielocks", Website: BROWNIELOCKS and THE 3 BEARS [05-28-2000]

great site for the first time visitor , it has helped me to get an appreciation prior to a visit to the city next week.
JOHN JEFFERS [05-28-2000]

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I have enjoyed browsing through the information of our history. Thanks for sharing our illustrious history. To God be the glory!
Earle H. Ifill, Atlanta, GA 30314 [05-27-2000]

Earle H. Ifill, Atlanta, GA 30314 [05-27-2000]

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Don White [05-27-2000]

have not viewed much of your site, but believe you should pay attention to those in history that may not get much attention/and also report on patterns and trends which will help teachers teach students/concepts that need to be understood could also be discussed, such as nationalism or imperialism
Steven Teichner, 51,Chicago [05-27-2000]

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Luisa D. Felix, Female age 28, Tucson, AZ. [05-27-2000]

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ERYKAH JOHNSON, 17/f, tulsa oklahoma [05-27-2000]

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Marc GUAY, 33 y.o., Montréal (Québec) [04-17-2000]

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Elango Nnoko, philadelphia Pa [04-16-2000]

Barb Barner [04-16-2000]

I would like to share with you some facts about the stars n stripes that are hitherto virtually unknown, we all know that Washington gave plans to Betsy Ross for the nations flag, what is more fascinating though is that the "stars n stripes" is actually Washingtons ancient heraldic coat of arms, dating back to the first Laurence Washington 1530 AD, who was Mayor of Northampton, England. this information came to me in the way of a Certificates which explains everything, it has the Washington family tree and all the insignia of the Washington family. The certificate comes from selby abbey, England. i bought the last 25 copies, and no more were going to press, until now! I have generated some interest in these certificates which date back to 1533 AD. You can find out more at http://inspirationalimports.com Many thanks John Allen
John Allen, Age 28 from England, married US citizen who i met on the internet. Now live in Dallas, Texas. [04-16-2000]

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I want to thank you for your wonderful, educational website. My fifth grade class will be touring historical Philadelphia in a couple of weeks. I am using your website for a virtual treasure hunt, so my students many familiarize themselves withe the area before we visit.
Debbie Dragon, Teacher - Centre City Elementary School, Mantua, NJ 08051 [04-16-2000]

Peter Lacy, age 21 from Northern Ireland [04-16-2000]

Seeking genealogy on John Barry. My Great Grandfather was David Barry, born about 1820 in Ireland. Anecdotal family history says he was related to Commodore Barry. Any body out there who can help me? Thanks
William F. La Porte [04-16-2000]

I own an electric saw built in 1926, in phil. by Greeson Morris Co. all ast iron construction. Do you have any information on the value? Is this item useful as a museum piece? If so contact me by email. Scott M. Strickler, Boise ID
Joseph Peter Jannuzzi, I am a mormon [04-16-2000]

we are going to pilly on christine's b-day! my b-day is o tuesday and i am happy because i get to sit next to shannon and shannon is happy because shee gets to sit next to christine! lol p.s. write back to us u people!
chrsitne & shannon, we are 10 and 11 and we go to Carrolltowne Elementery [04-16-2000]

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Jake Hayes, 11 Harvard Il. [04-16-2000]

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I think this is a great site. Philadelphia was my place of birth. I left the city when I twenty-one. I still have family there, and sometimes, I missed the old town. Best Wishes from California
Mary Diggs, 46. I currently reside in Barstow, California [04-16-2000]

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I have just (today 12th April, 2000) been appointed as Town Crier of Edinburgh, Capital city of Scotland and home of the new Scottish Parliament. Any advice from experienced Town Criers as to "stagecraft" or commercial applications of this art would be appreciated.
John Smith, I live just outside Edinburgh, Scotland [04-16-2000]

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Like the web site!!!! I have a question, Why was our nations capital moved from Philidephia, PA to Washington D.C. ?
Stacey Wilcox, 26, from Tyler Texas [04-16-2000]

The U.S.Mint is probably one of the few Federal Government agencies that operate honestly and efficiently. It has my utmost respect.
karl sanders, age 61, Arlington Texas [04-16-2000]

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i moved to london about 8 months ago, and i have to say, since i got here i have become very patriotic and i miss america sooooo much that i would jump from a roof if it ment i could move back =)
Daniel Hayek, 14 [04-09-2000]

I had the privilege of visiting Philadelphia's Historic District twice. My last visits was in 1987 and 1989. I really appreciate the fact that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America was formulated, discussed and voted on in Philadelphia. Also the fact that the city was the young nation's second capital for ten years. I hope to come back again for more visits.
Jim Benko, 45 yrs. old from Woodbridge, New Jersey [04-09-2000]

matt lynch [04-09-2000]

dave, mpls,mn [04-09-2000]

Jack Biggs, Abbots Bromley Staffs.UK We have a ring of eight bells which we play in English bell change music. We play for services on Sundays, weddings and other important occasions. Of our eight bells the heaviest is 11 cwts i.e.1320 lbs. Our bells were cast by Taylors of loughborough,UK and our earliest is from the 1400's and is our fixed, clock chiming bell [04-09-2000]

I am the fifth great neice of John Barry, my Grandfather, namely Raymond Patrick Dillon, was born 1915 in EIRE, and it is he who introduced me to my ancestory.
Nicola-Jane Dillon (age 33), 127 Lewisham Road, Smethwick. B66 2DH ENGLAND. [04-09-2000]

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Melissa Marie Mattermorn, I have a cat [04-09-2000]

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I was looking to find what the original building was on the corner of Broad at City Hall. Someone had said that it was Girard Bank. I was interested in obtaining some history on the building, as it is beautiful inside with all the marble. They are re-doing it to become a Ritz Carlton Hotel.
Diana Vona, Philadelphia [04-09-2000]

DANIEL L STEWART [04-09-2000]

My 10 year old is doing research on architecture. Thank for the fine work you have done is making this history tour so interesting!
Daniel G. Garcia, Plainview, Texas [04-09-2000]

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Carly, 10 years old, 5th Grade [04-09-2000]

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atal arvin, I am from Afghanistan and I am 14 years old [04-09-2000]

We enjoyed learning about the Liberty Bell. We are amazed that it cracked. We are in the first grade.
Mrs. Ostrander,s Class, Hartford,NY [04-09-2000]

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PAMELA  E. MOSSEY, Latham, New York [04-09-2000]

Live on Oahu, HI. Used to travel to Philly often. Attended meetings near Rittenhouse Sq. Also many visits from Aberdeen Prov. Gd. Enjoy visiting a niece in Foxhill. Enjoyed a laugh doing a heavy rain. when it look like Ben Franklin doing his business on the City of Brotherly love. I attended meeting in Philly when the USArmy Communication and Electronic Command had their office there prior moving to NJ Many friends and enjoyable times in Pilly everyone should take time to visit your city.
Interesting situation. My friend and I left Aberdeen proving Ground to Philly one Sat. He was familiar with the city and I was not at that time 1944. Aboarded at train at Aberdeen and upon arrival in Philly. I remember three stations. I was gabbing and the train pulled out I could see my friend on the outside. OOPs Too late. When I got to North station I figured he would wait at Broad. He assumed I would wait till he got caught up to me. Many hours were spent looking for each other. Tired and upset by my stupity I got hungrey and decided in a city as large as Philly just to give the search up. I went into a dinner to eat near the corner of Broad and Market. As I was waiting for my order I looked into the mirror behind the counter. There was my friend, Harold Demich seeing me in the mirror also. Neither of us had been in that restaurant before. Hal lives outside of Pittsburgh. We have seen each other a few times since that day and we have a good laugh on that situation. What an experience and can not understand how two persons could be so lucky.
William Emmerson [04-09-2000]

Siobhan Devlin [04-09-2000]

RAY NELSON, 11, Ledgewood I [04-09-2000]

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I'm going to Philadelphia on April 19,2000.I'm doing a report on Elfreth's Alley and Christ Church.This web site has been heipful to me. Thank you.
Jonathan Whitehead, 9 years old,from Spring Lake NJ. [04-03-2000]

Jonathan Whitehead [04-03-2000]

The history channel should study the history of where bluegrass originally came from. I understand if one were to slow down the country language. It sounds like pure English.
An Ohioian [04-03-2000]

Thank you for having things of interest for our whole family.
Darin and Kim Curtis, Vancouver,WA(have elementary school age children) [04-03-2000]

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Me and my sister are playing school. And I was wandering If I could get a copy of the AMERCAIN PLEDGES.
Cassandra Vander Eyk, Age 8 . Grade 3rd. [04-03-2000]

Lucille Kannick, Bluffton, South Carolina [04-03-2000]

I was employed at Pennsylvania Hospital for 25 years, a very historical site and a great place to work.I have lots of friends there, we keep in touch. Philadelphia is a very historical city.
Mollie -Fennell-Wiggins [04-03-2000]

Horten D.C. Adcox, Weogufka, Al. [04-03-2000]

Loved visiting your web page. Am hoping to be a town crier in my own town as a promotional thing so am gathering as much info as I can on town criers.
Margaret Hutton, Tumby Bay in South Australia [04-03-2000]

great reading for my 10 year old and very helpful.History is interesting.Thanks for the info.
terry turner, ambler pa. [04-01-2000]

I Just recently moved from This historical city I miss it very much,i learned a lot during my stay,I made lots of good friends.I was employed there for years.Lots to see and learn.Very historical.
Mollie Fennell-Marshall, Philadelphia [04-01-2000]

Tyler, 10 years [04-01-2000]

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I like your web site because i am very interested in philidelphia thank you very much for leting central jr. high school attend your web site Todd McLaughlin Spring,AR 72762 Huntville st.
Todd Mclaughlin, no [04-01-2000]

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u s treasury, 60, fayetteville,nc [04-01-2000]

Hi, At school I am doing a report on the Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial. We are going to Philadelphia as a field trip and we have to do a report on things and i have this. Can you please maybe send some free pamphlets or brochures about it? Please e-mail be back at SHiNe42000@aol.com
Alex, Age 13, Carlstadt New Jersey [04-01-2000]

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Delone MOrgan [04-01-2000]

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Desmond Serrao [04-01-2000]

most relations are from chicago, but originally from county cork. i think i am in some way related to the commodore. I enjoyed reading your material. age 70, now in baltimore
howard patrick barry, phillip, david, john are other first names in our family [04-01-2000]

I liked the tour. The Gloria Dei(Old Swedes') Church I didn't see it. Some of my anestors got married there. I wish I could have seen it.
Linda Fesperman, 51 yrs old Concord, NC [04-01-2000]

I found a lot of good information for my students about Mother Bethel A.M.E. Church. Thanks!
Jane Walko [04-01-2000]

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MARION LA VERNE DAVIS, columbia, s. c. 29223-2535 [03-27-2000]

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Tammy Willis, Ridgefield Washington US [03-27-2000]

I am looking for North American Indians' symbols, such as the pipe symbolizes peace. What other symbols do they have? This is for my school studies.
nicola perry, grade 3, montreal, canada [03-27-2000]

Very nice presentation. Enjoyed the whole walk through. Thank you for an interesting and informative sight.
Sharon Kleva [03-27-2000]

I will be in Philadelphia on July 4 for my first visit. I know it will be a great time.
Bill Griffith, Rebecca, Georgia 31783 [03-27-2000]

I need to find some US history facts so I'm on a quest. I'm an american and living abroad and its not so easy to find the info I'm looking for. But I continue...
Sharyl Marshall, 30, Aberdeen Scotland [03-27-2000]

Wonderful site, very well presented, and very thought provoking, downloading it for future reference, so I can learn more of the history of the U.S.(Like to call it my second home, having visited there many times, with lots of memories of American Friends, who made me feel at home whilst there.
Colin Attey, 61 years old, ,Gateshead,Tyne & Wear,England [03-27-2000]

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Rachel, 11,Potomac,Travilah ES [03-27-2000]

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Jenny Wang, Bellevue,Washington,U.S.A [03-26-2000]

I would really like to, visit Historic Philadelphia and see the Liberty Bell and the Mint and shop for some souveniors.
Jean Berdan, Union Beach, NJ [03-26-2000]

Very nice site. You helped a lot with my son's school project on a historical fiction novel. The kid's page is great, too. Thanks.
Nancy Domanski, Grand Rapids, Mi [03-26-2000]

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Kelly And Maggie, PRETZEL looooovers [03-26-2000]

With such an unusal family name and the access the web gives us it was inevitable I would find some more of my family. My elderly father will be so pleased with the note on Philip's home.
David Jonathan Physick [03-26-2000]

When will your Historic Gifts Web Page be back in operation again? It's been nearly three months!!!
anonymous [03-25-2000]

I grew up in New Jersey and walked Philadelphia's Historic Mile at the age of 12. How I wish it was in my 'backyard' to share with my two sons. Thank you for this wonderful web site so I can share history with them. My son, Chris, needed to make a report on a city. I suggested Philadelphia, knowing its rich history but never expecting to find this to wealth to rekindle my own interest in American history. Thank you so very much.
Patricia Harrell, Federal Way, WA [03-25-2000]

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Daniel F. Miller, Lavallette, New Jersey [03-25-2000]

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Bluegirl [03-25-2000]

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Jill Pasco, I am 12 years old ang in the sixth grade, I live in Baldwinsville New York, I am also in the Baldwinsville Wintergaurd! [03-25-2000]

Brighteyes75882 [03-25-2000]

I was born in Philadelphia and have family there still. I worked at wills Eye Hospital when young, shared picnics in Fairmount park, and shopped in downtown shops. Your site brings back many great memories. As an older white woman who is a nurse (RN), lawyer, and retired military colonel who has traveled the world and cared for many people of all colors, I agree, "Black is beautiful" as are all of God's children no matter the color of their skin. At night when I say my prayers I thank God for people He put in my life: Myrtle Shaw, a black Philly lady was my hospital roommate in 1960. She was surely a gift of God as was Jackie Hall, a white girl, Taki__, a Japanese lady, Ali Kavianian, an Iranian male, and so on. Get the point? Paula
Paula S. Carrick [03-25-2000]

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We adore this wonderful site. It is packed with so much info. that we did not know before. We have become big fans of US history from reading what you've written.
Meg n Stace, age:47 (both) /city: Miami /we love History (wars) [03-25-2000]

Jessica [03-25-2000]

We would like to go to America (Philadelphia) and see a Hockey Match. We think America is so cool and wicked. YOUR THE BEST!!!!!
Evander & Ysabella, primary school (London) age 10-11 [03-25-2000]

Thank you for all of the information and related links. You have been a big help in my creation of a 3rd grade lesson plan focusing on oue wonderful flag!
Jennifer Castanon, 24, Hawthorne, CA [03-23-2000]

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I think you need some stuff about The Revolutionary war and the Civil war and The Spanish American war and The Dominican Repubic war.
Megan Mastin, 10 Erlanger Elesmere Ky [03-23-2000]

this is a great place to go i come here all the time its really cool and i hope you know this place is hot
jennifer [03-23-2000]

I had heard some of our anceshters were Quakers, and wonder if there is a list of the surnames of those early church members?
Gladys Cole, doing geneology [03-23-2000]

I enjoyed visiting my old home town. You did a great job with this web site. It makes me a little homesick. I hope you continue to add things to it and would love to research family history there. My family lived in society hill area and since I am down here it is heard to get a lot of research completed. Since Philly is so much apart of the entire country history I know there would be a lot of interest. Just something to think about for the future.
eileen, Midlothian, Va. [03-23-2000]

What a great site! I was here once before, and was thrilled to find it again! Our family is planning a summer vacation back east and plan to spend some time in your city. Thank you for all the wonderful historic information, and the virtual tour is GREAT! What a great opportunity to pre-view and read about the places we will be seeing! Thanks again!
Tamara Mahn, Springfield, Oregon [03-23-2000]

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I'd like to see more things on Poland
Tony smiley, I live in america [03-23-2000]

Wow, who ever knew that there was so much information on pretzels! I'm doing a demonstration speech for school and this was perfect-pretzel making!
Erin Petticrew [03-23-2000]

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This was a greatweb site but take away the Carpender Hall because it is a bad piture. I think you should take another piture from a different angle.
Lindsay Gandolfe, 103 Brokaw Ct. Bridgewater,NJ 08807 age 10 [03-23-2000]

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Jim Ryan, 64 years old from long island, n.y. [03-23-2000]

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As a student and lover of American History, I was impressed with your site. My wife and I enjoyed the bit about Buncombe County, North Carolina
Ben E. Skillman, Asheville (Buncome County), North Carolina [03-23-2000]

Born in 1926 in mckeesport, Pa. Moved to Erie,Pa in 29. Lived there till 1979 then moved to Phoenix. All things that I missed learning about the history of Pa. is found in sites like this that help me in my research of my birth place. Many Thanks To All God Bless Bob& Nancy Kovaly
Robert Kovaly, Age 74 - Phoenix,, Az. [03-23-2000]

Miranda, 15 yrs. old, Baton Rouge, LA [03-19-2000]

Nice web page. I'll refer back to your page when needing a refresher on how to properly fold the flag. It's too bad they don't teach these things in our public schools; the same schools that are paid for with our tax dollars.
Phil A [03-19-2000]

Yolaunda Flowers, I'm 24 and I live in Aurora, Illinois [03-17-2000]

my class enjoyed looking at these sites and learning about out country was fun!

Have been searching the web for information on Pennsylvania for a state report for my granddaughter, Crystie. Have sent her name in to get information about this beautiful state but so far have not got anything for her poster board. She is writing a paper on your state now. Sometimes it is hard to get very much history on online. But what I have found we have found very interesting. We have visited your state several times as my son and daughter-in-law use to live in Dover then Lititiz. We have enjoyed all of the history and shopping in your state. But it was impossible for my son to find a job so they have moved to Nevada to be closer to their children. I am very excited to start reading this history page. I also found on one of our trips there some people that had the last name as my maiden name (Detter). I hope to one day get in touch with these people to see if we are related. Again, thanks for this page. 3/16/2000
Imogene Peaster, Dewey, Ok [03-17-2000]

Roberta Zenzen, St. Cloud MN [03-17-2000]

i would like to learn about isreali life and culture
derek, 26' peekskill [03-17-2000]

I hope I find somthing about the Georgia colany.
Megan Harris, i came here for a school report [03-17-2000]

Your website is so cool it tells me a lot about history thank you this has changed my life entirly!
Erin, age:10 City:Fort Wayne State:Indiana [03-17-2000]

This Website completely rocks. I am always amazed when studying early American History!
Dr. Robert Elzinga, 24 Years old. [03-17-2000]

Denise Bruns, I am a single mom homeschooling 2 boys 11,9. Need history to download or for a resonable price. Can you direct me? [03-17-2000]

What's up everybody? Take care and come visit L.A (The Coolest city on earth)
Tim Boezaard, Los Angeles,CA [03-17-2000]

I am 41 years old. The older I get, the more I want to know about the history of our Country. If only I had the enthusiasm for American History back in College that I do now. I'd be ahead of the game. Ha! Anyway, thanks for educating me now, when I really want it! Stephanie
Stephanie Keenum [03-17-2000]

I am in the prcoess of building a web page for our churhc and just looking a different websites.
Delores Wilson-Kouame [03-17-2000]

Hello I'm going to live in the U.S And this is just a wonderful place to live in Philadelphia has one of the lowest crime rate of all of the 15 biggest city's of the U.S But also Philly has a lot to offer and the people are friendly! Greetings to y'all And ......Take a cheesesteak Tim Boezaard
Tim Boezaard [03-17-2000]

i recently found out my dad and his brothers and sisters were raised at 5505 toorsdale st. in philly. i wish i could visit there someday but i live in las vegas now. do you have a picture in your archives so that i could see it?
TOM COOK, see below [03-17-2000]

I'm planning my summer vacation and I think I'll be heading east this year. Thanks for the insight of your city.
Julie Boron, Brighton, Mi [03-17-2000]

I have been researching my last name on the web and am very surprised at what I am finding. having grown up in the same house as all of the Pembertons I have ever met it amazes me at how far reaching the name actually is. Bill Pemberton Box 247, R.R. #3 Parry Sound, Ont. P2A 2W9 Canada
Bill Pemberton [03-14-2000]

This is a great site. I hope it can lead me to where my Great Great GrandFather is buried, an Irish emergrant who joined the Union Army and was killed in a battle at Gettysburg, which one I don't know. My family has no idea where he was buried, James Patrick Fox killed 1863
John Kozin [03-14-2000]

This is a good website. Thats the bottem line!
pickle clifford [03-14-2000]

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Kelly Mills, I am nine[9] [03-14-2000]

I was very interested in knowing some history of our city and came upon this web site. It was very informative as far as the early beginnings. However, I was also interested in some later history of the city.
Veronica L., Age 26, South Philadelphia, Female [03-14-2000]

I have all ready been the mint in phill. is was cool at how quick they made coins
Alec Yount, I live in Andover Mass. and I'm 12 years old and I think 32 mill coins in a day is a lot!!!!!!!!!!!! [03-14-2000]

Carrie Lavonna Denise Giles, age:26, city:savannah, georgia [03-14-2000]

Great site! Attending the Convention in August, would like to dock at a marina. Any suggestions? And exactly where is the convention center in Philadelphia located. Thanks- great work!
Tom Slade, Tallahassee, FL [03-14-2000]

Katie [03-14-2000]

Jose Vega [03-14-2000]

i would like to know who the founder of dubois pa. is? his name he is my great great grandfather.no one in my family knows his name,except for my dad and he is deceased.
danny dubois, 28 yrs. mckeesport pa. [03-14-2000]

I think my teacher, Mrs. Brown, is really cool because she lets us do some of our assignments on the internet. Thanks for all the info.
Jessamyn, 10 yrs. old, live in Big Sandy, and wish all my school assignments were this cool. [03-14-2000]

Great page, enjoyed reading it and learned a few things,plus brushed up on some architectural history. Would like to make rather pedantic correction though. Technically William Strickland is not buried beneath the state capitol building in Nashville. His tomb is in the side wall of the north pavillion.
Michael Strutt, age 36, city Murfreesboro, Tn [03-14-2000]

i would like to say i like history, and we the people should keep it a live for the future to learn on . iam a rendezvous of the french an indian war. i like your web site. please keep it up, lets keep fighting for are rights, are fore fathers did.
GENE MORRIS, st. louis mo. [03-14-2000]

I am a member of Greater St. James AME Church in Brooklyn.
Brenda Brown [03-14-2000]

wonderful site!! i love having such a wealth of information centrally located!
GEORGE BALDWIN, prescott valley, az [03-14-2000]

Max Giorgi, age 10, student interested in history & architecture [03-14-2000]

Wanted to sign the book affirming my faith. Peace
Patrick Michael Dwyer, living in Pensacola, Fl ( from Philadelphia, Pa.) [03-14-2000]

My many greats back grandfather Mickle (Confess to being uncertain of the spelling) was one of the party who spirited the bell out of Philadelphia in advance of the British. Family history says they hid it under a pile of manure.
Ed Harrow, Woodville, MA [03-14-2000]

I think your site is really cool.
Justin Gagnie, Fourteen [03-14-2000]

Tracey Fallon, Blackwood, NJ - American history teacher [03-14-2000]

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I love the sight and it really helped me with my social studies test!!!!!
Mere*Ann Price, Springfield, MO [03-10-2000]

This is a wonderful web site to visit- I learned so much. I have never visited Philadelphia before but I am planning to be there this Oct 1st. I am look forward to this.
Laura Rekosh, 45yrs Orland Hills, IL (suburb of Chicago) [03-10-2000]

Daniel Hays, Bloomfield, Ind. [03-10-2000]

I think that the Liberty Bell is one of the great treasures from the history of the United States.
Marissa Robinson, I am 9 years old and live in Fort Smith, Arkansas. [03-10-2000]

Was wondering why Jefferson changed pursuit of property to pursuit of happiness? Any thoughts? Like your site!
Jim Ackerman, Student, studying American history [03-10-2000]

I am a Bartram, and I've always been fascinated that I have such famous ancestors and John and William. It's nice to see so much Information about them in one place. I also appreciate the fact that they are spoken so highly of. If you ever add anything to this site regarding either of them, please let me know. Thank you, Liz S. Bartram
Liz Bartram, Seattle, WA. [03-10-2000]

Coming to Philadelphia the end of March. Can't wait to see the city and all its history!
Mary Zorn, Buffolo Grove, IL 60089 [03-09-2000]

Dear US History: I am wondering where I might find replica "fire insurance markers." These are the markers were placed on the front of homes in Philly to identify the fire insurance company. My wife and I were just in Philly seeing the sites (Betsy Ross house, Elfreth's Alley) and saw several varieties of these markers. Any ideas were we could locate replica of these markers for our own house? Thanks! Sincerely, Carey Johnston Arlington, VA johnston@erols.com
Carey Johnston, Arlington, VA [03-09-2000]

thank you for suppling information about our great country.It's people like you that keeps us all in perspective. Thanks again.
terry roth, age 36 lewiston,id [03-09-2000]

15 years in Houston, TX, does not erase my memories of Philly and the great food. Oh for some sausage that is not smoked!!!
Jane Kresge [03-09-2000]

Anita Velez, chi,Illi, [03-08-2000]

i would like to know more about "marquis de lafayette" and if you have more information about him please contact me thank you.
Dardan Basha, Hmilton Ontario Canada [03-08-2000]

visiting phila. in april with friends that have never been. your web site was very helpful in planning our tour of historical sites. it also made me homesick and proud to be born and raised in philly. can't wait for my cheese steak with fried onions next month!
SUE ROCHE, conn. [03-08-2000]

geraldine raymond, halifax nova scotia canada [03-08-2000]

Am Editor-in-Chief of the Spring Creek Sun, a bi-weekly community newspaper in Brooklyn, NY. We just celebrated our 25th publication anniversary. I look forward to including information gleaned from this site and will encourage our readers to partake in all that the Museum has to offer.
Agnes E. Green [03-08-2000]

Katie Steen, New York [03-08-2000]

i was wondering if you could send me information on John Paul Jones so i can do my report on him for my history class. If you can please send it 2 it to me at Crunkbabyc345142@aol.com thanks alot, jessica
jessica, lancaster [03-08-2000]

this is a neat site for homeschool students , thank you
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This site has helped me with my 6th form history assignment for school and i hope i get a good mark for it.
Jack Harvey, AGE-16 Wellington New Zealand [03-07-2000]

I really enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading the information included in the material. I learned a lot from the material that I did not know.
Hillary Malone [03-07-2000]

i yould like to know more about benjamin rush, co signer of the declration of independence please help?
WAYNE RUSH, 45yrs, indpls in [03-07-2000]

this is a very educational site my history teacher informed us on this site for homework for once I am actually glad that we had homework.
Amanda Holloway, 13 yrs. [03-07-2000]

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billy k, im 46 [03-06-2000]

It sweet
William davis [03-06-2000]

Thanks for sharing the rich, powerful history of our church, founder, and culture. It is an excellent resource for everyone, especially our youbg people.
Martha M. Davis, Shulerville, SC Member of Wesley AME Church [03-06-2000]

It is nice
Ryan Edwards [03-06-2000]

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This is a wonderful site and I believe it will help my 5th grade students greatly thank you for all your hard work in putting this site together we live in Austin Tx but are studying U.S. History.
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yamster smith, 15 live in westbrom [03-06-2000]

Hi -- I am the educational cochair at the Jewish Children's Folkshul of Philadelphia looking for stories appropriate for children in first grade that tell about Sephardic life and/or Sephardic heroes and heroines. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Barry Dancis
Barry Martin Dancis [03-06-2000]

Philly sure looks like it has changed in 20 years. Keep up the good work.
Heather and Allie Abney, Daughter had project on Betsy Ross, I used to live in Philly and I had a friend Kerry who worked for the Parks Service-don't know if he still does. We used to all be in Tuskegee, Ala. Remember Ken Hanaki? [03-06-2000]

Rick Deibler [03-06-2000]

looking for a louis william shearer
marvia shearer, mapleton,or 97453 [03-06-2000]

molia,victoria, husband, myself year 1953,,pacifica,california..my husband has been a hard working employee for 19 years .. [03-06-2000]

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very nice directive and to the point
Lyle Ahlstrom [03-06-2000]

peter stensrud [03-06-2000]

I am using a friend's computer. I visited because my mother, Jeannne Howard is a long time, active member of Bethel A.M.E. Church in Springfield, MA. Thanks for the information on this site.
Alan Howard, I live in Springfield, MA [03-06-2000]

Bob Napier [03-06-2000]

I find this site most helpful!!!! I particularly enjoyed the data on the Marquis de Lafayette!!!! Continue in your cause!!!!!!!
Zach Gibson [03-06-2000]

Just wanted to visited the site of Mother Bethel. To God be the Glory.
Marcia A. Whitley, Member of Macedonia A.M.E. Church, Carrollton, Virginia (lifetime member) [03-06-2000]

I was born in Philadelphia...left when I was 25. Will be returning for a visit this summer -- thanks for the virtual tour -- I will use this for a reference in my quest to revisit my/our homeland. Thank you for the fine production.
Elinor M. Stevens, Pine Grove, California [03-06-2000]

Searching for information for 5th grade on Colonial or puritan tool use.
Karen Linden, 48 years, Newport Beach California [03-06-2000]

I am interested in the Tates as Quakers. Can you give me site for that history. I am a Tate. Thanks, Lois Lillico
Lois W Lillico, Garland, TX [03-06-2000]

Addison R. Bragg, ohio born, kansas bred, montana transplant (ret army), ret, retired army [03-06-2000]

mary eby [03-06-2000]

bridgette burton [03-03-2000]

We can do all things through Christ which stregtheneth us!
Rev. Ni-Rita Bradford, ist lady of Shiloh A.M.E. Church in East St. Louis, Illinois, and the co-pastor where the Rev. Dr. Samuel L. Bradford is Pastor [03-03-2000]

ray chapman [03-03-2000]

Enjoyed reading about my grandfather, William E. Lingelbach, who was Professor of Modern European History at the University of Pennsylvania, and after his retirement became Librarian at the American Philosophical Society.
Albert L. Lingelbach [03-03-2000]

I first met my at the Betsy Ross house in 1940 during a high school band concert for Flaq Day (June 14) I returned with a Scout Troop during the Bi-Centennial celebration in 1976 to show young men a true insite to the "real history" of the birth of our Country. We visited many of the historic buildings of the area and attended a church service at "Christ Church". As a former Philadelphian I only wish that real history of our country as I learned it as a young man could be taught in today's schools instead of the distorted stories they are taught today. Great page; keep up the good work. Zeke
Harold W. "Zeke" Landis, Age 77, living in Davie, Florida since 1957 [03-03-2000]

ian [03-03-2000]

The tomb of the Unknown soldier is an ineresting piece of history. This is a cool website. My class is going to Wahinton is later March. I can't wait!
Ashley Fortuna, 14 Castalia, Ohio [03-03-2000]

Rob Stacy, Grand Rapids, MI [03-03-2000]

I think you guys have a very interesting page about flags keep it up.
ata, i am a senior [03-03-2000]

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love your site!!!
Jonathan, 15,Lumberton,NC [03-03-2000]

Bianca Berryhill [03-03-2000]

Wonderful site, especially before taking students to Philadelphia. It gives enough background for students to familiarize themselves with factual information, thus enhancing their understanding and appreciation on their trip.
Patricia HOFFMAN, Oregon Middle School Medford, NY 11763 [03-03-2000]

J J Robi, age 19 Georgia [03-03-2000]

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Nickey [03-03-2000]

This site was way helpful!! Stay cool, everyone! :)
Meagan K.-N., 12 yrs.--Kirkland, WA [02-25-2000]

Thank you for such a wonderful website - I am delighted to find it! I'm researching my family history and I know this will be a big help to me. My mother's family immigrated to Philadelphia from Russia in the 1890s. Thanks again!
anonymous [02-25-2000]

I hate USHistory, but you make it a lot easier, and a lot more standable!!!!
Joey Benson, 14years old El Paso, Texas [02-25-2000]

Haven't been through this site yet. I am 63 getting ready to go on social security. I hope to visit a lot of historic places in the future, providing I can afford some small pleasures.
Phyllis R Carter, Indianapolis,IN 46254 [02-25-2000]

larry Schackner, Cheshire CT [02-25-2000]

This site taught me a lot.
Daniel Secor [02-25-2000]

I think this site has little information about the controversy of the us constitution and the affects of the creation.
Rick Gross [02-25-2000]

this is a really great web site for young students like me
krystle golden, 14,newark,lincoln middle school [02-25-2000]

Don't know quite how I found this site, but it was interesting to read about Christ Church because I recently found out that my gggggggrandfather and family are buried there. Isaac Meranda is known to be the first Jew who settled in Philadelphia. Came to PA around 1700. Would like to visit someday.
Carolynn Leblanc [02-25-2000]

This webstie was great for my school project that I had to do. It was easy to read and easy to use. I felt it was also very well organized. Thanks for the help!
Veronica Jones, 15, Missouri [02-25-2000]

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Matthew, 9,Danville 24541 [02-25-2000]

I loved the site, it was a big help!.
Ken Ali, 13 Nashville, TN [02-23-2000]

My husband and I will be visiting Philadelphia March 12 and we plan to visit the Betsy Ross house. I checked this site to find out if it would be open on that day and the hours it is open. Thanks for having the info available.
Nena Menard, from Lake Charles, LA [02-23-2000]

Ryan A. and Brandon, ages 8 and 8. Texas [02-23-2000]

Brooklyn Gardner, I live in Gardner, Ks. I am 11 years old. My birthday is December 11. I go to Sunflower Elementary. I have to do a report on the battle stony point. This website helped out alot [02-23-2000]

Thank you for so much information. You really helped a lot. Thank you!
Denise Ramos, 17,Boston,MA [02-23-2000]

I think this is a great site to learn about us history!
Abby Miller, Evanston [02-23-2000]

I enjoyed the virtual tour of Philadeplpia and look forward to my visit there in March. Although I will not have enough free time to visit all the sites, the virtual tour was informative.
Marie Eason Klatt, Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA [02-23-2000]

Looking for pictures relating to the Declaration of Independence for my daughter in 5th grade. This was a great web cite.
Carolyn Lingenfelter, Carthage, Missouri [02-23-2000]

Thank you for all of the information you have taken the time to prepare for this "full of wonder" website. I am preparing information for our Black History presentation at our church, and your website proved to be such a blessing. May the peace of God continue to rule in your hearts.
Margie F. West, Texas City, Texas; Wife of Pastor John B. West [02-23-2000]

This Site is very informative and it has help soldiers as myself and students with school projects.
Rafael Rosario, Fort Sill,OK [02-23-2000]

fun and educational a great learning expereince
Nick Stincelli, salt lake city [02-23-2000]

loks like a great site. i am interested in philly in the 1800's

This ia a nice place to find more about our contry and i enjoyed using it !!!
Jessica Timberlake, Newport news [02-23-2000]

Have a nice day!
John Dillon, http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/System/4453 [02-23-2000]

Thanks for this wonderful page! I think I got lots of info from here for my Geography research paper.
Kaisa, Age 19, country Finland [02-21-2000]

Your web site is great to learn about Phila.history
Chuck Gallagher, 40 Philadelphia Pa [02-21-2000]

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Brittany G., My B-day is 10/30/89 [02-21-2000]

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Jamee [02-21-2000]

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Scott Richman, 13, Villanova PA [02-21-2000]

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Elysha Kensinger, 13, s.f, ca [02-21-2000]

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JUSTIN JAMALL LEATHERS, age 7,bakersfield [02-21-2000]

Excellent document on Mother Bethel A.M.E. Church and History of the church as well. Praise the Lord!
anonymous, 41 year old minister, A.M.E. Church [02-18-2000]

Thank you Pennsylvania; as a student in New Orleans, LA, I benefited from the work of one of your favorite daughters, Mother Katherine Drexel founder of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. Mother Drexel and the Sisters of Cromwell Heights are the "blessed" who have provided for and empowered the poor.
Jacquelyn C. Franklin, Jackson, MS [02-18-2000]

you have a lot of info i enjoy reading about, thanks.
DANIEL LEATHERS, age 10 -bakersfield, ca [02-18-2000]

Your information was very helpful for my report
Trevor Hamilton, 10Years old Ellwood City, Pa. [02-18-2000]

accessible; informative, and helpful for my 8 yr. old son's black history project. thanks.
pastor darryl howard, work with youth [02-18-2000]

Your site is great! I needed to do a report on a city and I picked Philadelphia. I got all the info I needed. THANKS ALOT! EMILY
Emily, 10 years N.Y. 2-17-00 [02-18-2000]

Went to college in Phila.Loved the city then and I still do. native of Minnesota.Happy to get your web site. thanks.
roger hillerud [02-18-2000]

My son's class goes on the Internet at school to research American history. I was looking for new sites for them to explore. This looks like a good one, so I'm giving the address to his teacher.
Amy, Mother of elementary school student studying colonial period [02-18-2000]

Marcus Hubbard, First Church-Gary [02-18-2000]

anonymous [02-18-2000]

I am a member of Bethel A.M.E.Church located in Senatobia, MS where my pastor is Rev. Percy Claiborne. We are a small family congretation and we are struggling to keep the door of our church open. Please share any insight on this. Yours in Christ.
JoEtta McClain, age:39 Memphis, TN [02-18-2000]

Vanessa von Bauer, I play a lot of basketball and I'm on a team. [02-16-2000]

This is a fun webpage!
Corinne Bennink, I'm 10 years old and I love gymnastics. [02-16-2000]

I am so pleased I found your site. I was born, raised, and graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia. Looking over your site makes me homesick. It has been more than twenty years since I lived there. On one of my family's next vacations I want to tour all the old historical sites especially Ben Franklin related areas and Independence Hall.
Tom S. Gottshalk, Oviedo, FL (Near Orlando) [02-16-2000]

I happened upon your great site in my search for information about Frederick Schmidt, my husband's gggrandfather. He supposedly came to Philadelphia in 1850 from Germany and owned several properties, including some taverns. Unfortunately I did not find mention of him in your article. Phyllis
Phyllis Reimer [02-16-2000]

its a really great website i am doing a bio about her and thanks to this website i found a lot of information thanks and love yall Kristen
Kristen Cucina, 11 [02-16-2000]

I think it is wonderful
Ashley Hello, Age 10 Blue Bell [02-16-2000]

Bob Gibson [02-16-2000]

Dan Bryson [02-16-2000]

I really liked how one is able to find information according to years.
Beth Graham, Elyria, Ohio Student at Ashland University Elyria Campus [02-16-2000]

Steve Kosowski, 41y.o. elmwood park IL. [02-14-2000]

I have uncovered some old documents that state my great, great, great, great grandfather is Lt. Col. Phillip Lorenzo Greenawalt who served in the Revolutionary war. He is reported to have received "approbation by Gen. Washington for his valor at the Battle of Brandycreek". Can you help me validate this? Most Gratefully, J Greenawalt
J.W. Greenawalt III, M.D., 42 yoa, Tulsa, Ok [02-14-2000]

Love your guestbook and the article on the mint. Thanks.
Joe Gibbs, Houston, Texas [02-14-2000]

An English friend tells me Ben Franklin used to visit he house near London and sit in the tea house and read. Moreover I have found two houses where he visited in Saint-Germain-en-Laye in France. The houses are still standing. Alof the official records were destroyed inthe Revolution, but local lorehas him visiting his great-nephew, Jonathan Williams and his wife Mariamne Alexander Williams there. He also stoped there on his way to Calais in 1785 when he was en route to America, to say good-bye.
Mimi Connelly [02-14-2000]

Your site is great. Do you have other information on Love Feast? When it began? Purpose? Usage today? Anticipate visiting this historic site. Peace! Joy! Love!
B. Diamond, atlanta, ga. ordained elder, AME Church [02-14-2000]

Emily Taylor, AGE 8 Town battle Creek State Nebraska [02-14-2000]

STNISLAW P FIBICH, stafford,tx,77477 [02-14-2000]

Web page for First Ship of U. S. Navy with Independence Hall Association. I hope to build a full scale seaworthy replica of frigate. Edward C. Zimmerman, Jr.
Edward C. Zimmerman, Jr., Representative of frigate USS UNITED STATES, First Ship of U. S. Navy [02-14-2000]

Can't wait to visit!
Linda Sirmeyer [02-14-2000]

This is so awesome. Thank you for having it on the internet. there is something about the Revolutionary War and Civil War that is so much about it that you can not read enough. Thanks again.
Shirley Barrick, North Royalton, OH [02-14-2000]

This site was a great help while I was studying the American revolution in Year 12 History.
Amy Wynne, age 17, Melbourne, Australia [02-14-2000]

I just got back from convo IV in Philly. I had a chance to go to Mother Bethel. It really means a lot to be able to go and see where we come from. I fell every person of our faith should have the opportunity to visit.
Kelby S. Barrett, 11th Episcopal district Tampa Fl. Confrence [02-14-2000]

I am a member of Greater Bethel A.M.E.C., Nashville,TN. I am a lifelong member were I am currently the Young People's Division Director. Thank you Richard Allen for changing the lives of African American people everywhere-I thank the heavens for God sent people like he.
Marita Akins-Shelton, Nashville, Tennessee [02-14-2000]

just great loved to have this years ago
JOEL HENDRIX, hickory,nc age66 [02-11-2000]

I loved this site and all it stand's for. I plan to return often...If there are any Stonestreets' visting? Please E-Mail me. Go America>>>>>>>> <3!
Elizabeth Gapter, nee {Stonestreet}, [65 going on 45] North Olmsted,Oh. [02-11-2000]

just, thank you all for the great site. it is very helpful for all to enjoy!!
CHRIS KINCAID, 27 y/o rochester, pa [02-11-2000]

Maggie K Brown, Age 53 [02-11-2000]

Marga, Red Hill, PA [02-11-2000]

Ben Washington [02-11-2000]

hey this is a really awesome page!!! keep up the good work. I had to use it for my history prject and i gotta 100 on it sooooo its really good
Grace Bellew, 13 alien from mars... no just kidding, sullivan missouri [02-11-2000]

What is the reason for the glaring omission of Stephen Girard's Masonic connection. He was greatly loved by his fellow Masons and they had a major participation in his burial procession and interment.
Michael R. Mazak Sr. [02-11-2000]

i like this site
victoria wwebb, 10,artesia,new mexico [02-11-2000]

Thelma Saunders, 1405 Lorick Ave. Columbia, SC 29203 - Bishops' Memorial AME Church [02-11-2000]

Why can I not find anything about W.E.B. DuBois. Did he not live here a number of years and research his work on "The Philadelphia Negro". I am trying to get information of his resedence. What section of the city he researched and lived. What was the economical make up surrounding the area DuBois researched. Anything, something about W.E.B. DuBois would only add to this virtual tour of Philadelphia. Thank you for even considering my thoughts on a very sad void on Philadelphia history.
Carolyn D. Lewis, from New Jersey [02-11-2000]

i think that betsy is cool i did the star thing it's hard but fun! thank you! Becca
Becca Richardson, age10 female,delaware,newark, [02-08-2000]

I have brown hair blue eyes, I am a cheerleader for my high school! Any guys feel free to IM me!!!:)
Kelley Cunningham, Franklin,TN [02-08-2000]

I would expect more from this site, but it has helped me.
Ashley [02-08-2000]

Ilove your stories They are so great.
Taylor Garnell, 14 Calico Rock Arkansas [02-08-2000]

We will be exhibiting at the Marketplace in The Philadelphia Flower Show and found this web site while looking for interesting things for our 8 year old daughter to do while we work at the show. Please note that your web site has been very helpful and planning our trip to your area.
Nancy Timmons, 48 yrs. P.O. Box 1094 Sheffield, Ma. )01257 [02-08-2000]

I have been fascinated with the history of America ever since I was a young boy in Chicago and I love your site- it is is the best. Keep up the good work and remember- black is beautiful !!!
george williams, 43, Tuscon, Arizona, Afro-American [02-08-2000]

Stephanie Carrick [02-08-2000]

Hey this is sorta cool cuz Phillp Syng Phillip is a relative of mine!
Erin [02-08-2000]

jonathan law [02-08-2000]

Thank you for the web site. It helped a lot on my revolutionary war project.
Adam Bouthot, 11 years old [02-08-2000]

I think us hisstory is awsome,like the INDUSTRIAL REVELUTION,AMERICAN REVOLOTION
William Belniak, 9 years old,Farmington,CT [02-08-2000]

Came to this site to do research for a conference. I was born in Philly and resided there for 21 years. There is sooooo much to see and do. THIS SITE IS GREAT!
Nanette [02-08-2000]

It really helped me with a paper on the Monroe Doctrine
Andrew Zaeske, Milwaukee, WI [02-08-2000]

this is extra credit so i just was thinking why don't i look up every blue print word in my book
Kierra Emo, IL, moline , usa [02-07-2000]

meagen jodoin, burrillville rhode island [02-07-2000]

We are 4th generation Americans (Norwegian-American) and we want to learn about the Colonies and the Revolution. We are learning phonics and soon we will be able to read the Pledge of Allegiance by ourselves. Could you please have an area where we could print and color the American Flag and other fun games about the United States of America? We will visit this website often. By the 4th of July 2000 we will know more about our country and the American Flag. We are really excited. Sincerely, Sarah and Joy
Sarah & Joy Rodeberg, 5 1/2 and 4 years old, Florida, Homeschoolers [02-07-2000]

This is a great web page, I am taking a group a Girl Scouts to Phila and wanted to visit as much as we could in the time we had advalible.
Kathy, Cresco Pa [02-07-2000]

i think its wonderful, if only more of our young people would become interested in this.
jack campion [02-07-2000]

I found your page to be a valuable resource for planning educational trips for my own children as well as my class. Thank you.
Ellen Green Kenney [02-07-2000]

I thought this web-site was very helpful with my school project on the Philadelphia Mint.
Anastasia Jacko, Age 7 [02-07-2000]

I am looking for info on the Griscom family of Betsy Griscom Ross.My grandfathers family are Griscoms.
Mary Ann [02-07-2000]

Patrick O'Neill [02-07-2000]

this website is quality and everyone should visit it just for fun. i like to make model airplanes and visit my grandmother in scranton, pennsylvania. that is why i love the state so much and am so interested in the history of this lovely state. Thanks willian penn for bringing those crazy quakers over here. You rock man!!
, i am 12 and a young boy from ohio. [02-07-2000]

this website is quality and everyone should visit it just for fun. i like books
, i am 12 [02-07-2000]

thank you sooo much for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bob, thankyou [02-07-2000]

i just love this site.i want to collect coins but i just don't have the money to buy them right now. other than that i like the site.
jeffrey davis, i am 16 years of age. i live in greenville mississippi [02-07-2000]

Donald E. Rittenhouse, attended 1988 Rittenhouse Reunion-descendant of Wilhem Rittenhouse,db 1644 [02-07-2000]

Tom Lac, Architecture Major, University of Florida, 22 years old, Gainesville, FL [02-07-2000]

I showed this Web site to a friend that used to live in Philadelphia. When she was done with the Virtual Tour she told me she learned more about Philadelphia that she had ever known before. It was really educational. A very well done Web site. Thank you for sharing Philadelphia with us.
Nancy Nickerson, Southern California [02-07-2000]

I represent John Barry's flag ship and First Ship of U. S. Navy. Further information available upon request. Most sincere thanks for Barry's web page.
Edward C. Zimmerman, Jr., USS UNITED STATES frigate [02-07-2000]

anna cybranski, 11 plainfield [02-03-2000]

I am very excited to see the quality and commitment used to develop such an informative sight about the history of our country. I will certainly be back to this sight to continue my growth as a student and as a prospective teacher.
John Woolard, Elementary Education Major; Senior [02-03-2000]

Lucy Heath, Groton Vt. [02-03-2000]

i really like the this web site.
Zeke Gonales, 17 fort collins colorado [02-03-2000]

this is a phat site and edgar allen poe is a legend
Mike, 18, ansonia ct [02-03-2000]

I would like to see pictures.
freckles_15461 [02-03-2000]

I think that this is an interesting page....
Josh Kelly, age:10 [02-03-2000]

I hjack
Steve Dove [02-03-2000]

I thought this site had lots of information about colonial America.
Micah Vawter [02-03-2000]

Bernadette Daley, Estell Manor, NJ School District [01-26-2000]

i loved the site ---my family's from philly is there any info on the families of kessler,coates,or glover
william coates [01-26-2000]

I find this very interesting, even for the youg people to learn.
David Simpson, 35 yr old of Pennsylviana [01-26-2000]

I was born in Philadelphia. my mothers family comes from there. I am looking for any relations from Frank James. my mother is Natalie Ann Watson she lives in Nev. my grandmother was Jenny Loud James. any help would be most appiciated. and I love Philadelphia a great place to live.
Joanne Townsend, 48, I live in Utah [01-26-2000]

Brooke j., 10 ds,la [01-26-2000]

rachel [01-26-2000]

My 4th graders are studying the Am. Flag. Thank you for your help.
Pat Morgan, Lakewood El school, Congers,ny [01-26-2000]

You should have some thing about presents
Kabrenda Warfield [01-26-2000]

i love this site. i thint it is so cool.
brooke [01-26-2000]

stephanie, age:10 [01-26-2000]

Searching for relatives who fought in the Civil War.
Keith C. Fortney, 53 yrs. Helotes, Tx [01-26-2000]

my father attended girard college from 5yrs of age until his graduation. i have an insatiable thirst for the knowledge of stephen girard, the founder. your website has the most information i can find on him as of yet. throughout my school years, i have learned very little about a man whose actions are historically worthy of more than a brief mention here & there. he was a visionary & a patriot we all can learn from. thank you for the fabulous information you have supplied.
KATHLEEN VANDERMOOREN, 31 years old from warminster, pa [01-26-2000]

brian knight [01-26-2000]

My teachel made us do a pretzel report and I found the information here!
Rachel [01-26-2000]

Michael J Johnson Jr, Trenton,Mi [01-24-2000]

This site is really a big help. My history teacher gave our class a chance to get bonus points if we went to this site and did some work. He told us to pick a person and briefly describe them and to describe the knapsack. It was a really cool idea and I'm glad i did it!!
Rachael Marek, Glen Mills,Pa [01-24-2000]

I was looking for some pictures of Valley Forge for my Soc.St. project,and i didn't find any on any web site.Will yall try to get some Valley Forge pictures? ~Courtney~ Simmons Middle School 8th grade team 8-1
Coutney Stevenson, B'ham,AL,USA [01-24-2000]

I am a descendent of Calvin DeHaven and Caldonia Witherspoon DeHaven. I would like to know more about the history of DeHavens. Calvin was from Rocheport, Missouri.
Helen DeHaven Amick, Fayette, Mo. 65248 [01-24-2000]

I"m doing this for a report..it is so exelent
daniel delarosa, South padre island, TX [01-24-2000]

Your page was quite resourful. I am in 8th grade and my teacher, Ms. Sandy Smith, informed me about this page since I am interested in Valley Forge and such. Thank you for having a great page with lots of facts...Quick question though, where do you find a "weather report" on here? It's a question on a worksheet of mine...Thank you
Jill Wicks, Davenport, IA [01-24-2000]

Neat web page
Daleena Lindquist, 14-St. Michael-MN [01-24-2000]

Great site with hours of information available.
Steve Poll, South Weber Ut [01-24-2000]

I am doing a presentation for my US History class, and this site has really helped me understand the Revolutionary War. Great job!
Rachel Newton, Age:17 [01-24-2000]

Sheryl Hettler, 49,New Orleans, love American history and preserving historical sites. [01-24-2000]

I found this site while looking for information regarding the Ferguson Rifle. I discovered it while doing research for Revolutionary War Reenactment events. Thanks for being here!
Kendall Nellis, Decatur, Il - 27 years old [01-24-2000]

Thank you for setting up this website! I use it for teaching my children.
Lisa Haynes, Homeschooling mother of three from Fairhope, AL [01-24-2000]

Im a collect coins.I would LIKE TO GO TO THE MINTin philidalhia
ZEB KESSEL, Spencer W.V. [01-24-2000]

Was looking for early history of Philly as my ancestors landed here in the early 1700's from Switzerland via Holland. Interesting info.
Kathy Harty, age53, Newark, Ohio [01-24-2000]

Lynne Scognamiglio Munies, Oak Ridge, NJ USA [01-21-2000]

ray light, lk fl [01-21-2000]

very interesting
kathryn albinson [01-21-2000]

Aaron Brown, 16,Eugene,OR [01-21-2000]

I am working on my teaching certificate and I have to find social studies web sites that are suitable for teachers and elementary students. So far, this one seems great!
Cyndee Regan, Michigan [01-21-2000]

Happy Birthday, Edgar! I visited your home once when I was in Philadelphia. Tonight I will read your works and keep alive your memory! Happy Birthday!
karen Murdock [01-21-2000]

I am trying to locate someone in the Clayton Lee Wood family 1910-1991 Ohio. I believe one of his parents was from Ohio and one from Pennsylvania. I know he had a sister living in Philadelphia in the late 70's. Thank
Phyllis Wood, Indianapolis, IN age 63 and searching for my history. [01-21-2000]

I study English philology and this excellent page has helped me with one of my subjects, History of the U.S.A. Thanks
Aida Gonzalez Hidalgo, 18, Barcelona [01-19-2000]

I was looking for Independence Hall, it was easy on here Thanks UShistory!
Regina [01-19-2000]

This is a really great sight!!! I have always loved American History. This will be a great site for my 15 yr. old son to do history reports. Thanks for putting it on the web.
Sherry Kirkland, 49---Fla. [01-19-2000]

I like the article. The picture of the Liberty was really nice. I am doing a report for 5th grade.
Andy Beckert, Hillsboro, Illinois [01-19-2000]

emily [01-19-2000]

I was just looking for a little information on the Liberty Bell and this site came up. It's great. Thanks.
Kathleen Bryant [01-19-2000]

Very nice site. Love it. Thanks for doing it.
George E. Kotars, Hopkins, Minnesota [01-19-2000]

Very nice site. Love it. Thanks for doing it.
George E. Kotars, Hopkins, Minnesota [01-19-2000]

I like the article. The picture of the Liberty was really nice. I am doing a report for 5th grade.
Andy Beckert, Hillsboro, Illinois [01-19-2000]

emily [01-19-2000]

I was just looking for a little information on the Liberty Bell and this site came up. It's great. Thanks.
Kathleen Bryant [01-19-2000]

I would like to watch a video online of Philadelphia
Garrett , age 12, Michigan [01-19-2000]

althrough this is my first time on this web it was a very interesting site to visit. i would reconmend this web site to anybody.
TIARA TURNER, i am 14 years old i live in ettrick v.a. [01-19-2000]

Lisa Marie Pacheco, chicago [01-19-2000]

I study English philology and this excellent page has helped me with one of my subjects, History of the U.S.A. Thanks
Aida Gonzalez Hidalgo, 18, Barcelona [01-19-2000]

I was looking for Independence Hall, it was easy on here Thanks UShistory!
Regina [01-19-2000]

This is a really great sight!!! I have always loved American History. This will be a great site for my 15 yr. old son to do history reports. Thanks for putting it on the web.
Sherry Kirkland, 49---Fla. [01-19-2000]

I am currently writing a historical fiction novel that takes place during the war of 1812. Philadelphia plays an important part in the story. Your site has been an excellant source for information.
Steve Troncale, Covina, California [01-18-2000]

good war
Derek Bell [01-18-2000]

I liked it
Robert Pyeatt [01-18-2000]

Elizabeth Anne Herrmann [01-18-2000]

What state is Vally Forge located in?
Chocho Morco [01-18-2000]

Vernon Wayne Naill, Baltimore, Maryland 21220 [01-18-2000]

hi i am a 4th grader in berwick i am doing a report on the american revolution. bye!
megan alley, Berwick,PA [01-18-2000]

fascinating information, that should never be forgotten.
bill kaufman, collegeville, pa [01-18-2000]

jam 21(not really=)), magnolia TX USA [01-18-2000]

kenneth vincent durning, 1112 talleyrand rd. west chester ,PA 19382 [01-18-2000]

How did Washington get the horses across the Delaware? Did they swim?
Sandy Hardell, San Antonio, Texas [01-18-2000]

Steven Kintzle, fullerton ca [01-18-2000]

Thanks for this very fine and educational page.
Jim Colvert, Athens, GA 30605 [01-18-2000]

Jacob Dehaven is one of my ancestors. My grandmother Irene Aman (now known as Irene Rua) has all the documents of the claim that Jacob had lent Washington that large sum of money. We have asked for that money from Carter, Reagan, Bush and now Clinton considering we are direct descentents.
Elizabeth Rua, Manahawkin, NJ 08050 [01-18-2000]

Hello, I am a 9th grade student. I liked looking at this site. it was intsresting.I want to be a history teacher when i grow up so i was just looking around at all the web sites on Mr.Washington. He to me was a leader ..to me..close to a god.well thanks for the link ..bye bye ps- anyone have more links about Valley Forge..please send me some..i love learning more and more about Wahington and heis Men who fought for are states. Thanks Again :o)
Kelly, Arkansas [01-18-2000]

Jake Applegarth, Topeka, Kansas [01-18-2000]

Stacy Compton [01-18-2000]

John Irvin, Leesburg, Virginia [01-18-2000]

Good to see this site. My family had ancestors at Germantown not far from Valley Forge. What a time it must have been, we are so lucky to live in this time of plenty, warm homes, good medicine, and close communication. Take care and Thanks again for all the hard work.
Michael P. Moyer, Ketchikan, Alaska [01-18-2000]

Thanks your page help me on a project i had to do
David Quinney, Beaufort, sc [01-18-2000]

Jordan Elizabeth Kaplan, Norwalk, CT [01-18-2000]

is there any information about, is there any other way to elect a president besides of the peoples votes. thanks
Jocelyn Gomez, San Jose, California [01-18-2000]

Rhonda L. Buch, Fleetwood, PA Berks County [01-18-2000]

I don't know?
Dan, Pittsburgh, PA [01-18-2000]

courtney todd [01-18-2000]

send me info
dan grant, lewiston maine [01-18-2000]

Dante Vaccro, U.S. Pitt. PA [01-18-2000]

My ancestor; Richard Pile Jr. served in the Rev. War and was at Valley Forge. He was a Sgt. and Forager. He was 18 at the time.
Yvonne Hart, Cincinnati, Oh. [01-18-2000]

i am a coin collector. i like the convenience of ordering coins over the internet,it's quick and easy. keep up the good work.
BILLY REYNOLDS, i'm in television work (master control) at a local tv station in the greenville,s.c. area. [01-18-2000]

Jean L. Alexander [01-18-2000]

PhyllisRCarter, 60's Indiana Genealogy research [01-18-2000]

i took the senior class of my school to philadelphia in 1998 for a historic tour,but that could't give me as much imformation as this website.excellent website. keep it up,more grease to your elbows.

Good job of putting this together! One bit of info is missing: Where does one park one's car while visiting these places?
Bill Jenkins [01-18-2000]

I think that this sight is a great learning place for kids of all ages to learn about the importance of Philadelphia.
Larisa Snider, (age) 10 [01-18-2000]

Shirley Luning [01-18-2000]

Just watched an A&E Special where they had George Washington taking God's name in vain and uttering crude comments to his men. Although the show was well-done I resent the fact that in conversation they showed him falsely. Your site provided me with 'Washington's Order Against Profanity' that I was looking for and also many other small facts that convince me of his true greatness in history. I will visit this site often. Thank you!
Carol Bounous, St. George, Utah [01-18-2000]

I would like to know the main reason that the Declaration Of Independence was wrote!
Patty, 13, in 8th grd. [01-18-2000]

charles thompson was the seretary of the continental congress from1774-89. this person was my great great uncle.
john r. thompson [01-18-2000]

I have come to Philadelphia in search of my fathers family, hopefully I will find someone here. Gdodell
Gary D. O'Dell, 54 years old, born in Los Angeles, Ca, living in Bremerton, Wa. [01-18-2000]

Need more examining time of this site befor I make a comment
Novella C. Leggon-Collins, Cleveland, Ohio, 50thru familyi history in the A.M.E. [01-18-2000]

GREAT sight Ilove it,I came upon it by acident while looking for some thing on MRS ROSA PARKS
LAWRENCE AND IVORY WEATHERALL, los angeles ca. [01-18-2000]

i love your site
elaine nelson, im 12 [01-18-2000]

I think Martha Washington is very interesting
Lacie Malone [01-18-2000]

Love history, Great Site
Ron Hastings, Columbia, Maryland [01-18-2000]

sarah [01-18-2000]

People I think this place is radical. I give a lot of respect. P.N. P.S. Sweden Rulz!!
Pat Nast., 12 of Wisconsin [01-11-2000]

good place to find information for those senior compositions.
Kelly, Clear Lake SD [01-11-2000]

good web site
mike hunt [01-11-2000]

I was searching for any thing concerned with the Pemberton name,great info
Jeff Pemberton [01-11-2000]

I was searching for any thing concerned with the Pemberton name,great info
Jeff Pemberton [01-11-2000]

i think that your site is great!
re're' [01-11-2000]

I thougfht that this website wasn't very helpful. It need to have better info
Jimmy Welker, 14,Tarzana and single [01-11-2000]

marvin mack sr. [01-11-2000]

The reason I like this website is because it gives you information of things you didn't know about your contries history.
Sean Moreno, !4 yrs. old, Houston, Tx, Sept. 24,1985 [01-11-2000]

rose and natasha dannen, hampton iowa [01-10-2000]

I like it
Katty, 13years old Bogota N.J.07603 [01-10-2000]

Actually, i was hoping that the members could share some info with me - I have been trying to find out about the history of Bailey Banks and Biddle - can anyone help point me in the right direction? i must have tried 2 dozen sites - no luck. Thank you so much - and Merry Christmas!
Terri , ? [01-10-2000]

Simply wonderful and informative
Rhea Mae Shan-Burguess, 20 years of age from Troy Pa [01-10-2000]

great imformation for young people so as they may learn about their favorite author.
Megan Bahn, 15,York , P.A. [01-10-2000]

Visited the Philadelphia Kosciuszko museum several years ago and enjoyed it very much. Thank you for the Web Site
Eugene Stuve, Ft. Myers, FL 33903 [01-10-2000]

This is a great site i love to spend my free time here and enrich my knowledge of ushistory. I feel you need to continue you wonderful contrabution to the world and help people understand where we came from.
Benjamin Stearns [01-10-2000]

interested in research on Blevins Family
Ernest Blevins, 134 suzanne lane, Luray, Va. 22835 [01-10-2000]

Very Good Web-Site and Information, also do you have that Delaware County Information. ??
Louis A. bieble [01-10-2000]

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