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Guest Book Archives: July-Dec 1999

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I am looking for a picture of the Denver skyline in the early 1900s and presently for my millenium scrapbook. Hope I can find them. Thanks!
Angela McCombs, 35 Castle Rock,Co [12-20-1999]

Angela McCombs [12-20-1999]

I lived in Philadelphia from 1974-1994. The Poe House on 7th Street, Fairmount Avenue near the Art Museum (Poe lived where that triangular park is now), the Merchant's Exchange, are all fresh in my mind. WXPN-FM broadcast my "Edgar Allan Poe in Philadelphia" in 1989. I feel fortunate to have lived in the city where Poe wrote is best work.
Dennis Bass, Aventura, Florida [12-20-1999]

This is a very well put together web-site. I visited Philadelphia last May and saw a very meaningful statue, entitled "The Signer" but I forgot who the statue is of. Does anybody know? Any other information would be appreciated too. Thanks
Daniel, nd [12-19-1999]

Phyllis R Carter, 63 from Orange Co.,IN ,reside Indianapolis IN. [12-19-1999]

I am proud to be a Philadelphian. Having spent the last 27 years in this historical mecca has been one of the greatest experiences. I could not imagine living any where elese.
Tiffany S. Finch, 27 years old. born and raised in Philadelphia [12-19-1999]

very nice and very proud to read this
ROB HUMPHREYS, sw,la the south [12-19-1999]

Jacky Kell, 16 live in springs,cl. [12-15-1999]

What a wonderful site. Found it by accident. I never realized how much Philadelphia has to offer! Thinking of spending my next vacation there. Thanks for the site!
Emily Granton, Age 52, Ansonia, CT [12-15-1999]

Thanks for all the efforts
Josef W Mayer, Age 74, Columbus, OH [12-15-1999]

Great site please could you send me imformation on prohibition to help me with a school project thanks
sam fuller, 18 peterbrough england [12-15-1999]

sam fuller [12-15-1999]

Curt Chambers [12-14-1999]

Nice page! Liberty Bell info interesting. No e on Stow (Stowe) of Pass & Stow? What were their full names?
Sue Wilkins, Deale, MD; fact checker [12-14-1999]

Thank you George Washington!
Charles G. Petit, Jr., 6 High Trails, Eureka, MO 63025 [12-14-1999]

I was wondering if you can send me information on cars in history. What I am trying to say is that a turning point in history for cars. How cars were made in history. your friend Elise P.s. can you send as soon anything ASAP.
Elise Miculka, 14 years old Helotes Texas [12-13-1999]

Russ Ripka [12-13-1999]

Why is it that a site asking me to cherish freedom of thought and to protect our National Treasures, offers me only the opportunity to express one form of thought? You allow only the opportunity to voice opposition to admission fees to our National Parks. We are a society screaming for lower taxes without offering other alternatives. Why not ask for help, to creatively find solutions, to protect and preserve these Treasures. In fact,what other solutions do you offer? Respectfully, James J. Vargo
J. Vargo [12-13-1999]

Nice site. Is there an email ID for the Atwater Kent Museum staff? I'm looking for biographical information on Mr. Kent. RSVP Thanks.
Gayle Haffner, Michigan - writing a biography of actress ZaSu Pitts [12-13-1999]

Right now Iam reading harry and the chamber of secrets,I'ts a really good book
Rebecca Ohlhausen, 11/f ,covington,I love to read [12-13-1999]

so far i really neat. it has really cool pictures
katie, I am very interested in this site [12-13-1999]

I am retireing from the Navy on August 1st and am thinking about having my cerimony in Liberty Bell Park. Could you let me know what the possabiity of this is and what I would have to do for this to happen?
Robert Swinger, Browns Mills NJ. [12-13-1999]

Can you please send me information about acquiring all of the new quarters. I would like to buy the set and preserve them for my kids.
Robert Nuckolls [12-13-1999]

I would like to find a list of ships like the Mayflower that brought people to the 13 colonies. I 'd like also to know more about the migratory paths that people took once they came here.
David Burt [12-13-1999]

You need information about Francis Marion. You know he was a American military leader from South Carolina.
Kelly , I would, but i have to watch out for those weird people on the web that could track me down if i put to much information. I'll tell you this, i'm in Jr.High and I live in Tx. [12-13-1999]

this site is very good for people looking for good info!!
Megan [12-13-1999]

We really enjoyed taking the Virtual Tour. We have been studying about the first Constitutional Convention We are presenting a play about it, it is called The Great Compromise. Seeing the buildings that are a part of our history has been a treat. Thanks
Mrs. Clutter's 4th Grade class, Portland Tennessee [12-13-1999]

john christopher spoulos, 921 fairview drive toms river nj08753 [12-13-1999]

This site is great I love RE, I want to be a nun.
Catherine Wright, From whickham, newcastle [12-13-1999]

Benjamin Franklin was an important person not only for the U.S.A. but for the whole world.
Astrid Larrea, I am 9 years old from Mexico [12-13-1999]

peace to the middle east westside!
Bob Schlobber [12-07-1999]

great page. very informative
Jewel [12-07-1999]

Monica Cortez, 14yrs [12-07-1999]

need more on revolutionar war
danny, texas [12-07-1999]

I thought your site was absolutley wonderful and I appreciate you for having this.
Samantha, Butler, needed this for a project [12-07-1999]

Thank you for having so much information my church history I have been trying to find something about the AME church.
Yunika Jackson [12-07-1999]

my thoughts about your history is that it is wonderfull and that i wish i could be part of it i hope all the restoration projects for that historic park of yours has goin on get done and all please e-mail me the most stuff that you can about this history it just really turns me on!
Adam Jones, Atlantic City NJ [12-06-1999]

Think it is great. Glad I found it
The Brodeur [12-06-1999]

History is one of my favorite subjects, but one of the most hardest things to find information on.
Mallory Burt, Texas [12-05-1999]

A Philadelphian by birth I think this is a great site brings back memories of many hours walking in the old city. Keep the history alive.
Stafford J. Keer, Age 70, Blue Bell, Pa. [12-05-1999]

este site es muy bueno, pero hay alguien que hable espanol.
risk, 26years,p.r. [12-05-1999]

this site is such an unbelievable help with my projects
stefanie gladstone, 17, alburtis,pa [12-05-1999]

I got this site while working on a Poe project for school. I like it alot, and I want you to keep up the good work!
Anna Maire, 15 years, York, Pennsylvainia [12-02-1999]

I think that this is a very beautiful site.
Nick Ladie, Im 16, tarentum,PA [12-02-1999]

I am looking to find when the first Banks started in the United States. In what state and there names also if any are still around?
Laura Bohnert, Two Rivers Alaska, still 40 (I'll let Jack keep 39 ) [12-02-1999]

philly rocks da house boyyeee!!!
davis goolsby, i'm a virgo, i like soup [12-02-1999]

I enjoyed this site very much. I am the 5th Great-Granddaughter of John Dunlap. Buried at Christ Church. The printer of the Original Declaration of Independence was excited to find him listed on your site. Still hunting for more on him and his family.
Jean Kirby, Dent, Minnesota [12-02-1999]

This is an awesome site! I got all of the info. I needed from here! Hey!
Ashley, Loganville, GA [12-02-1999]

denten blankenship, age 9 needed for report at school [12-02-1999]

we enjoyed this site it is interesting
Eileen and Benjamin Dover, age13 and 46 fromRyton [12-02-1999]

Marj Heppell, age49 from Australia [12-02-1999]

ITs a great website! I got a few things i needed,but mostly,its just great! Thanx!
Jennifer Lynn Byrd, Northeast Jones Tiger Pride Flag Corps. [11-30-1999]

help ! we are donig a stupid report on "how we should honor the veterans!" please give me some info!
Phnoix , 13, Leesburg, FL [11-30-1999]

I am a lover of AME history and the information you have shared has inspired me greatly. I look forward to doing great things as I challenge myself and others to step out side of my comfort zone and live the vision and the mission of our great founder Richard Allen. Continue to do great things Bethel.
Charlie Nichols, age 48, Pensacola, Florida [11-30-1999]

i like your web site.
Heather Brackett, 15yrs oklahoma [11-30-1999]

This is an awesome sight for school work!
Madison, 13, female [11-30-1999]

For the most part it kicked some major #@# but I didnt get all of the info I wanted for the depression of 1837
Anthony Groesbeck, 17 Hermiston Or [11-30-1999]

very interesting
Jessica , age12 [11-30-1999]

Faith and Vincent Treat [11-30-1999]

Great web site. I have a great interest in Charles Thomson, the secretary of the Continential Congress. I believe his portrait is in the Second/Bank building with other early statesmen. I would like to see these accessible on line.
Roy Pilson, Live in Staunton, VA. [11-30-1999]

Sarah Russell, Miami [11-30-1999]

JEN, philadelphia, age:23 [11-30-1999]

Kristina, Anchorage Alaska [11-30-1999]

jordan wolf, age 9 alaska [11-30-1999]

I'm donign a reaserce paper on Peggie Shippen and I hope that you will be able to help me. My social studys teacher told me that you could.
Erica J.Palmer [11-24-1999]

I was looking for some information on Hunting Park when it was a racetrack, then a park. I got just a little bit of information, but every little bit helps. Thanks!
Kate, 38, Philadelphia [11-24-1999]

a great site. we are planning our first trip back east and this site helped us to find what we would like to see.

Alex Ivnik [11-24-1999]

I"m getting to do the tour so see you !!!
Brittany Gathe [11-24-1999]

I love the guess mnbook and the mussium.
Heather Plummer [11-24-1999]

Im ready to start the tour
Kris Ledbetter [11-24-1999]

I am going to do the tour right now I bet I will like it.
Brittany Nickles [11-24-1999]

Cole [11-24-1999]

Alexandra Kuhn, age10 [11-24-1999]

this is cool
KYE BUTLER [11-24-1999]

Wonderful site, educational and exciting, nice to see information about the 'revolutionary brotherhood' (with apologies to Dr. Stepehn Bullock).
Bro Brian Fegely, 1999 WM Montgomery Lodge #19 F&AM [11-24-1999]

my great-great-grandfather painted "the birth of our nation's flag"and my family is in the process of returning the painting to the public domain. if you can be of assistance in this quest please e-mail.
Aron Weisgerber [11-23-1999]

checking for dates for childs school report. cool
r jerikovsky, s.s.p. mn [11-23-1999]

The idea of the Philadelphia history home page is terrific, i enjoyed it. And as long as I am here I would like to thank Jeffrey Roy of the Atwater Kent museum for having been so helpful to us when we were in Philadelphia. As a matter of fact I would not have discovered this site if it weren´t for him. I was trying to send an e-mail to the Atwater museum and looking for it was how I came to this wonderful home page. I anybody can give my message to him or send me his e-mail I´ll be very grateful.
Rebeca Pastrana., Mexico city, age49 [11-23-1999]

I need something for school. For my teacher i want to print some stuff on the revolutionary war. if you know any good sites email me at geris789
Danielle [11-23-1999]

I was looking for some information on Hunting Park when it was a racetrack, then a park. I got just a little bit of information, but every little bit helps. Thanks!
Kate, 38, Philadelphia [11-23-1999]

Do you have any information on Baird Mansion? I believe it was located around Broad and Fairmount. Looking forward to a response! . . .
leila abuschinow, born and raised in Philadelphia [11-23-1999]

Looking for "tours" (other than my own) of Philadelphia that I can provide to a visiting friend from California. All suggestions appreciated. P.S. My former marital residence in East Vincent Township in Chester County, PA was older than Independence Hall.
Holly, 52, Riverside, NJ [11-23-1999]

I need something on alien and sedition acts if anybody can help E-mail me please
Tyler Bradshaw [11-23-1999]

The only pages I have thus far visited are the ones about Stephen Girard. I will be back as time allows to view the other topics. I am most interested in who wrote the information about Stephen Girard. I would like to contact that individual regarding Stephen Girard's mistress, Sally Bickham. Why? I am researching Bickhams in Philadelphia, have quite a bit of information now, would like to learn more about Sally Bickham. Would like to hear back from someone if possible for the purpose of further correspondence about Sally Bickham.
Carlene Morrison, Genealogy research for Bickham surname [11-23-1999]

Great site! Was working in genealogy and am delighted to learn something about the city of our Harres family. Gebhard and Maria Grace Harres lived on lower Chestnut Street in the early 1800's in a 3-story home with basement windows level with the ground (where he had his office). A window opened on his enclosed garden at the rear. They were residents for over 40 years but he died in Atchison, KS, while visiting his daughters. His wife took him back to be buried at Laurel Hill and she is buried next to him. Again, thank you so much for the great tour. It really made early history interesting.
Dot, Oklahoma City, OK [11-23-1999]

I am planning visit Philladelphia next week, so I feel I have learning all that I had to, and more about american culture. Thank you!!!!
Gloria Notario, 31 years old, Valencia, Venezuela, South America [11-23-1999]

Josefa Mora's Bible was entrusted to the old Presbyterian Museum at Philadelphia. She was the first Mexican converted back in the 19th Century. I hope to visit the Prtesbyterian Historical Society about it.
Rev. Juanleandro Garza, Retired but not discarded Presbyterian Missionary [11-23-1999]

Just to let you know that I have thoroughtly enjoyed reading about Mother Bethel AME Church. I am a member of St. Matthew AME in Wilmington, NC
Wayne Evans, 35 -- wilmington, nc [11-23-1999]

michael burt [11-23-1999]

I love Texes,Delaware,Mississippi,Goriga
Johnathon Cecil, 10 Toledo IL. [11-23-1999]

I like it here in Greenup. Is"s got a library; IGA and eating place"s.
Marki Kemper, 10 / Greenup [11-23-1999]

I love this website!
Alita Pinal, 9 Toledo ILL 62468 [11-23-1999]

i like shoping and wildlife.
SATINA MAIDEN YATES, b/day is aug 2 [11-23-1999]

I love Brittny Spears for ever!
Logan Miller, 10,Trilla [11-23-1999]

I thenk this is cool.And I wish I could go.In real life.I get lots of infortion.
Vance Hurt, 9 years Greenup [11-23-1999]

I would like to share that God created us for a reason.
Dara Taylor Storm, age 9 greenup [11-23-1999]

HI my friends nme is DARA
P.J. HITE, my best usaly sits by med [11-23-1999]

I love doug powers!
Casi Carlson, 10,Toledo [11-23-1999]

I think this is cool. And I wish I could go.In real life.
Dustin Nickles, 9 years Greenup [11-23-1999]

I Would like to find about the liberty bell
Kimberly Ann Pugh [11-23-1999]

Johnathon Cecil [11-23-1999]

i would like to find out about the liberty bell.

Hi what is your name? Where are you from? How old are you?
Alita Pinal, 9 Toledo ILL 62468 [11-23-1999]

Lindita [11-23-1999]

This was a great field trip for my students.
donna spannagel, toledo,il [11-23-1999]

I liked this site
cool man [11-23-1999]

I use this website for reports all the time!! It is very helpful!!!
Kayla Connor [11-23-1999]

Very interesting site, I am visiting for pleasure this weekend (usually its for business), so your site helped me find out what spots to hit.
Nicola Rust, 25, Annapolis, Maryland [11-23-1999]

Adrian Sanchez [11-23-1999]

Katrina Hatchett [11-23-1999]

Great website for info on Liberty Bell. I'm working on a project for school and this was very helpful. Thanks.
Rachel LaValley, Eau Claire, WI [11-23-1999]

This site is great! I'm in US History AP, and this site proves to be paramount while researching (I do a lot of that!!). This site isn't boring, and there's so much information. It's like I can make one quick stop at your site, and have all the info I need. Thank You so much! I love this place.
Niya, Baltimore, MD [11-23-1999]

A deeply felt approach to US roots.
Martha SUAREZ BURGHI, 56 years old, living in Buenos Aires, Argentina [11-23-1999]

beautful and informative site. I love the artist Romare Bearden. Does anyone know where I can buy prints of his in the Phila. area?Thanks
marilyn steiner, 56 [11-23-1999]

oh happy day
Lyn, i live in texas [11-23-1999]

Interesting web site. Please include some more history. I was trying to do a report for school. Thanks.
Lauren [11-23-1999]

I'm after information on the United State Income Tax. I'm afriad I'm signing in before I've actually looked at your sight. So I haven't any productive criticisms.
Kathy Schamberger [11-23-1999]

Thanks for preserving our history.
James E. Carithers, Anderson, South Carolina [11-23-1999]

This is a most informative "site". My passion is History.There are so many,many wonderful factful issues to learn about our city of Philadelphia.
Gladys T. Blackwell, Frankford Junction was my birthplace eighty-one years ago. [11-23-1999]

Great info for my 7th grade Geography assignment.
G.Mitchell, Anderson,Indiana [11-23-1999]

i couldn't find what i was looking for. know anything about colonial medicines?
Emma Claire, 13 years old madison, wi [11-23-1999]

coin collector for years want info on coin releases for collectors and visitor infomation
DONNIE DRAKE , 443 pin oak drive lexinton sc 29073 [11-23-1999]

I love your site. I especially, loved the info on St. Mary's and info on John Barry My Dad was from south Phillie and I love to visit whenever I am in the area. This site brought back some great memories.
Denise Barry-Santiago, tn [11-23-1999]

I think you should have some info. on the American flag.I couldn't find any for a report I'm doing for my R.O.T.C. class.Other than that it's a great site.
Crystal Bowen, age:15 Hartley,DE. [11-23-1999]

Great site! Fantastic Photos!
Cele Lister [11-23-1999]

I like you web pages but I would like to find something on the stripes and stars stand for on the flag
Brenna Tobin, age:10 [11-23-1999]

Barbara Ann Davis, Nashville, TN [11-23-1999]

Who are the Free Quakers. I have an assignment to do and I need the answer for that question.
Andrew Buller, Age:12 State:Louisiana [11-23-1999]

I love this site, but have been waiting forever for the site to come up where I can visit the store and buy some things. Please let me know when it will be up, or do you have a catalog you can mail? Keep up the good work. God Bless you all. Alan P. Deyoe USN (Retired)
Alan Deyoe, Bremerton, WA [11-23-1999]

Great site..My great grand parents came from phily in the 1880`'s Thanks
James J Ludwigsen, 55 Leechburg,Pa. Western Pa. [11-11-1999]

We like to remember the fact that our country was biult on the shed blood of our founding fathers ,and that we are a country that recognizes our GOD who is a GOD whom gives us a freedom to choose the path we take in life. Praise & glory unto HIM in JESUS name amen.
candy,jeff,amanda &jessica harper., zanes.,ohio . [11-11-1999]

thanx 4 this sight
josh, kjasdf; [11-11-1999]

Stacey C. Garrison, 37 yrs. old, Morrisville, PA [11-11-1999]

You are the only one who knew how Marquis De Layfayette"s father died
Rebecca Hunter, 13 1/2 [11-11-1999]

This site is very isvery informitive, but it did not have what I was searching for.
Wiz Kid [11-11-1999]

u need to have To the People of Pennsylvania [11-11-1999]

I was very glade to see the work you guys did to make this site. I use to work for Michale Blichasz [The president] and Jonh Bickel on some of the polish events and they are ones that you'll never for get in a life time. I want to thank them for everything they did for me and thank them for all the hard work they put in to these events and wish them luck in the years a head. William R.Cole
WILLIAM R. COLE , 29/shamokin pa. [11-11-1999]

Yeva Shalmiyeva [11-11-1999]

Dan Behl, Glen Mills, PA [11-11-1999]

This is great! Historical info when ya need it! My class is studying history and here it is! I will study here for history tests!
Jake J. Epperly, 10 years old,St. Helens,OR [11-11-1999]

Homepage of Greater Instutional A.M.E. Church provided needed information about African Methodism, because they have been in existence for 197 year and many people know little about the role African Christian played in America. Thank God for the Webpage that gave Greater Instutional A.M.E. church a place to record Bethel A.M.E history and their own experiences to form and build a church in Chicago to strengthen their community in the year 2000.
Rev. James M. Harris, Pastor Who cares [11-11-1999]

This sight came in real handy
leslie catherine, none [11-11-1999]

Visited Philadelphia in '97'. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Hope to do it again some day.
Mike & Pat Parker, Cathlamet, WA.(the state) [11-11-1999]

Even though I live here and can see this everyday it's nice to read about it.Plus now I've found something to do my Senior project on.Thanks
Sweet Hart , Philadelphia [11-11-1999]

very informative page.I love History.
sherryblack, oxford,ms.38915 [11-11-1999]

Discovered your site while browsing for wonderful links to share with college students. Your site is dynamite. I am emailing all my colleagues about the thoughtful resources you have on it and the ease in which one can navigate through it. Good job!!
Linda Montgomery, Columbus, OH [11-11-1999]

God bless America !! Great Site
Chris Aurora, Spring Hill ,Florida [11-11-1999]

Great site with lots of historical information! Looking forward to my visit to Philly in October. Thanks for the insights into what I have to look forward to during my visit!
Randy Schaefer, Plymouth, MN [11-11-1999]

I grew up in Prospect Park . It is a beautiful place to go . want a good hoagie ? try new london, you'll be glad you did
debbie thompson [11-11-1999]

What a country...WHAT A COUNTRY
Tim Wisenbaker, Ventura California [11-11-1999]

I visited Philadelphia on a whim of a road trip in 1993 and have been going back ever since. Ah, Philadelphia. I long to see your autumn leaves against your red bricks. To hear the forefathers' spirits echo liberty, enlightenment, and individualism.
Elizabeth Rudolph, age: 31 location: Displaced Chicagoan living in Mississippi, but my heart's in Philadelphia [11-11-1999]

bruce goodwin [11-11-1999]

Hey Grand,
Zach(The man) Wahl, Im doing this for grand avenue middle school. [11-11-1999]

I really like your site, it's great for people who have projects to do like for history class or who just want to explore our history.
Mara Mc Neil, I am 17 and I live in Arlington Wa. [11-11-1999]

I live a stone's throw from William Penn's country home @ Pennsbury Manor. As a child, I had the privilage of a personal, family friendship with the curator. Many people who live near by have never even visited this wonder recreation. Isn't it a sad commentary that we will travel hours to a mall, but miss the hometown treasures of history?
MaryEllen Leigh-Stover, Tullytown, PA Bucks County [11-11-1999]

i find the web site is pretty usefull it needs more information on the colonies though. do you think you could get more info? if so i would like you to email me info on the middle,souther,and new england colonies. thanks!,sean
sean, 13,san diego [11-11-1999]

I visited Philly in May/June 1999. Third time (1985 and 1994). Had a great time and I love your web site. Brings back great memories. Thanks to my friends in Philadelphia, who showed me the city.
Hiltsje van Wieren, Dokkum, The Netherlands [11-11-1999]

I purchased a watercolor of Independence Hall beautifully framed and signed by a "J.C. Claghorn" at a neighborhood estate auction several years ago. Anyone advise me on it?
Norma J. Carico [11-11-1999]

Lisa Moseley, Mobile, AL. [11-11-1999]

kid rock is cool
hey, none [11-11-1999]

I thought that it was pretty cool to see the places without really being there.
Erin [11-11-1999]

Great site!
Fernando Grijalva, Houston,Tx [11-11-1999]

Glad someone cares about history.
Doris Cuccia, Houston, TX [11-11-1999]

Just a suggestion to all who sign this guest book... include your e-mail address.
Larry Bosler [11-11-1999]

We are doing a year long project on the US concluding with a Musical in May with Patriotic music. I need craft ideas for the year and any ideas to share with the girls. All information and things you may send need to be free because we do not have financial resources.We will be having speakers starting next week with an American Legion representative. If there is anything you can help me with to teach these kids about Patriotism,freedom,etc. please write or phone me at ( 217 0 384 - 4335. Your website has been a wealth of knowledge as well as a resource for the girls to find information on the questions they must research for their badge work Thank-you Pam
Girl Scout / Brownie Troop 222, 6 yrs. - 11 yrs. [11-11-1999]

I like to learn about American History, I have learned so many things. Thanks to this website I know more than what I did. so it was a good idea t put this down. e-mail me as my address
Tajshea Glenn, 14-shawnee-oklahoma-74801 [11-11-1999]

What a cool site, I am a school secretay for Seattle School Dist., I am going to email some of our teachers and let them know about this site. Thank you.
Roxanne Hill, Seattle / 44 / female/ grandma of 4 :-) [11-11-1999]

Miles Martindale, Teaneck, NJ; male 14; 201-833-4830 [11-11-1999]

im 16 and havin fun.Dont get caught up in stupid skool just have fun
steve ennett, 16 lacey is rough [11-11-1999]

it was good, but you should have made it more intersting. are we going to do our math next period?
megan and charla [11-11-1999]

ramsey h. chew sr., philadelphia pa. [11-11-1999]

Thanks. This website is a great homework tool and assest to the internet.
Stacy-Anne Scarlett, 13, Bellmore,Ny [11-11-1999]

Great site. It was very informative.
Justin Lawson, blacksburg,VA [11-11-1999]

Tracing my surname to find Hoysted Hackers adventures with John Barry on your web site. Cool to know that Historical records are amintained this way.
Stuart Hoysted, Somerset, U.K. [11-11-1999]

i am only 15 who likes histroy, iin-line sk8 and sk8 board not all sk8er's r people that mess up things!
Dawn Cain, 15 years old newport,tn but born in NJ [11-11-1999]

melissa sisk, 13 [11-11-1999]

I came here in hopes to find document's for "intolerance" in the late 19th century early 20th. I am trying to do a DBQ ( document based question) you should consider expanding your site to a wider time frame. Thank you.
Soryn Mandryk, 17, austin, junior @ travis high [11-09-1999]

very good site, will be well used in my classes
Michael R. Auer, Middle School Social Studies teacher [11-09-1999]

Logged on to find info on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier for a S.S. class
B.A. Spence [11-09-1999]

This is a cool sight! You should have something on Ancient Egypt, though. I'm doin' a progect on it.
Jen Shaver, Age:9 [11-09-1999]

I think that having this website is a really good idea. It is because you can learn easy and learn history. Anyway thats all.
Sarah [11-09-1999]

I am researching Betsy Ross. I have found some very helpfull information.
anonymous [11-09-1999]

poliwrath, 13m [11-09-1999]

I am trying to find out more about Captin John Smith, i belive he salid on a ship, and there's somthing about the Queen of Englend i think dont really remember, exept that he was a Captin of a ship.and i think he was from the 1800ds of 1700ds
Paula S. Landin, City Fresno Ca. [11-09-1999]

Ineeded some info. on the "sugar act" and i fond out the date, but nothing else.Thanx:)
anonymous [11-09-1999]

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Miguel David [11-09-1999]

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Evan M, I am a first grader who lives in Verona, Italy. I attened the American Verona School. [11-09-1999]

As a person who teaches printing I have found Ben Franklin to be very interesting
Robert Newton, Sheboygan, Wisconsin [11-09-1999]

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Adrian Garcia, 16, Santa Ana,Ca junior in high school [11-09-1999]

where do u find......nevermind
Joshua, im a 14/m with homework [11-09-1999]

US History is a very important part of all of our lives. I only wished I knew that when I was in grade school. Semper Fi!
Brian R. Binkney, 22 yrs old, US Marine, MCAS Yuma, AZ [11-09-1999]

Wow, what a great site! We need to respect our heritage and teach it to our children. Keep up the good work!!
Robert J Acheson, Clementon, NJ [11-09-1999]

Jessica Moreno, I live in Calipatria,California and I am 15 years old. [11-09-1999]

This web site is really great! I happened upon it by accident, and I am so glad I found it. As a history major in college, sites like this are very helpful in learning information for research papers or just for the fun of it. Thanks for the great resource. One idea is to start a monthly mailing if you don't already do that. Or, possibly a mailing via e-mail! Summer Rogers-Cook
Summer Rogers-Cook, 21 years old, Portland, OR. [11-04-1999]

I always enjoyed the museum and the knowledge it has to offer. I would like to place a write up about the museum, particularly special events, in my companies annual meeting program. The purpose is to gain interest from our perspective attendees to visit the museum during their stay in Philadelphia. I believe it's a must see.
Mariya M. Brewer, Age 31, Live in Cheltenham Township [11-04-1999]

Found this site by accident, glad that I did its great.
Barbara, older than time, Hatfield ( in the burbs) [11-04-1999]

Aarika Renee Price [11-04-1999]

Jonathan Pierce, Relative of Franklin Pierce, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, and my families line ties in with Barbara Bushes [11-03-1999]

Give 'History of American Flag at several schools in the area for the elementary grades and need all the info I can get so I can add new things each time. Learned a lot here. Thanks
Robert F. Dempsey, Chillicothe, OH (1st capital of Ohio) [11-03-1999]

While I think this site is excellent, there are some things that I have been going mad trying to find. For example: the Daughters of Liberty. I can't find anything about them anywhere. Are the Daughters of Liberty so obsolete that this great big lump of an Internet can't at least manage to document them? And on a site like this - "ushistory.org" - I'd have thought that there could at least be more information here than anywhere else. Some other ppl I'm trying to find: Daughters of Liberty, Sally Huston, Edenton, NC, King George III, and Paul Revere. If *anyone* has *any* information on *any* of these topics, I beg of you to email me at tobiasrulz@mailcity.com. *Please*: I can't find it here - how can I find it anywhere else?
A horribly frustrated history student [11-03-1999]

liberty.net led me to this site, and I hope, since I haven't had the chance to view it, that it will be a helpful resource.
eddie delhart moore, 57, chicago heights, il. 60411 [11-03-1999]

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Kid from BR Highschool, Our teacher talks way too friggin slow. [11-03-1999]

This is a very neat sight!!!!! I liked it alot. -Michael
anonymous [11-03-1999]

I am rewriting my book on the Cape May Lighthouse and came across a reference to the Philadelphia Aurora, July 1801 edition that has an advertisement for a vacation spot in Cape May that is in sight of the lighthouse. Since we have no knowledge of a lighthouse in Cape May at that time (1801), this is of extreme interest. Do you know where I can find a copy of that issue? Any help would be appreciated. Your site is great.
John Bailey, Cape May [11-03-1999]

Visited Mother Bethel AME Church in August of this year. It was truly a wonderful experience. The church is beautiful and well maintained. Our congregation plans to return and participate in a worship service next year.
Carolyn Lann, Baltimore [11-03-1999]

Who is "Rudolph J. Walther" and what is his basis for the vague/false info re. PA settlement by the Dutch?? The First permanent European settlement in what is now PA was made by the Swedes following the arrival of Johann Printz as Governor. Please check your facts before posting such erronious information!!
George Ambrose, Upper Darby, PA [11-03-1999]

This site is excellent. It's easy to use and a great resourse!
Amber Vaill, high school history teacher, MA [11-03-1999]

this is my first time using this site. Hopefully it will help me with my US History project.
cindy, 16, [11-03-1999]

I am from queensland in australia
Vince Burgess, Gin Gin Town Crier [11-03-1999]

I really liked yur website i can't wait to visit philly with my school this website really helped me with a reaport i have to do on Christ Church. Thanx!! :^J
Amanda [11-03-1999]

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Amanda, 13, Doylestown [11-03-1999]

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Kelly, David and Angel Norris, Mom, Student and Student, Alabama [11-03-1999]

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Anthony Lorizio, 52, Boston, MA [11-03-1999]

This site was a great help for me, because I needed information fast and I got it.
Miguel Aguilar, 14,M California [11-03-1999]

I am trying to contact the Womeldorff family because my father, Lewis Dennison Womeldorff, has past away. He was born in Kansas in 1916. He had two sisters, Rosie and Edna. I hope someone emails me back with any information they may have. There aren't many of us out there, that I know of, and I would like to find as many of my lost relatives as possible. Please email me if you know of anything. Thank you!!!!
James Franklin Womeldorff [11-03-1999]

It is really nice to revisit where I grew up when traveling there is not an option.
Robin Burke, Norman, OK [10-30-1999]

Jan Freeman, from Buffalo, TX [10-30-1999]

Educated in Philly (Cardinal Dougherty H.S., Textile (now Phila Univ.). Miss all of the historic landmarks, Franklin Inst., Center City, Valley Green, Science Museum, Independence Hall and Main Library downtown. However, love living in a small but wonderful town near Sandy Hook. Will be visiting Valley Forge the weekend of 19 Nov with my Boy Scout Troop. Eagerly awaiting to see the Scouting Museum. Will write more after reviewing the website in more detail.
Dominic A. D'Orazio, Oceanport, NJ [10-30-1999]

Need Some Help. I have always been told that the only flag which can be flown above the U.S. flag is the United Nations Flag. My wife insists that the Texas' flag can be flown at the same level as the United States Flag. Is there legislation or a law which outlines what can and cannot be done. Mike
Mike Simmons [10-30-1999]

im doing a class report for data class and the info isnt that easy to find
David Stewart, 17 from Galton [10-30-1999]

You guys are doing an excellent job! Keep up the incredulously good work!
Sheree C. Rodriguez, Age 12; Fremont, California [10-30-1999]

Mary, Philidelphia Quaker Descendant in Indiana [10-30-1999]

Am looking for a print of Alexander Hamilton.
Cathy Green, Interior Designer [10-30-1999]

As a new Naturalized American Citizen, I can really appreciate the information that I have found here, speacially helping my american born kids with their homework, but I am the one learning and enjoing the most. THANK YOU
Cesar E Luna [10-30-1999]

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I think this is a great idea to get people to sign a guest book and get peoples ideas and thoughts.
Chris SHULTZ, age(10) city( clermont) [10-30-1999]

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I am goin to see "Mask of the Red Death" with my school this week. We were sent out on the Internet to find various web sites on Edgar Allen Poe. I found this one and decided to sign the book. I have enjoyed Poe's work so far. HOpe to enjoy more
Jessica&Whitney, 14,Iowa [10-27-1999]

Any sugestions? Writing a paper on the "Acts" that led to US independence, i.e. Stamp Act, Sugar Act, etc. Thanks
Tom Callaghan, Salem, OR [10-27-1999]

I'm stumped! Wasn't Philadelphia the first United States Capital?
Barbara Spangler, I liked the "first"'s of Philadelphia, PA [10-26-1999]

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Brandon Mosher, 69, Berthold, ND [10-26-1999]

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Kujo Pamitfiz, 17yearsold, Bittburh, Germany [10-26-1999]

This is a very nice website don't you know. We nadaks don't use da compter much. It's nice to know that there's some educational stuff on da therd internet.It's very fun to know how our country become da way it is don't you know that there people in the dakota's like to hear good stuff about our country's past. I'll write you all later you hear!
Jamie Horst, 16,Minot,ND [10-26-1999]

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This a fabulous site. I found it while searching for information on the Liberty Bell. It is a great source of information on the history and heritage of Philadelphia. It serves as a source suitable for school projects as well general information. This site would serve as a valuable guide to those who wish to visit Philadelphia and get a taste of the history of this great city.
Louis J. Szojka, Age 42, Philadelphia, PA [10-26-1999]

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David C. Hackney, LAurel Spings, NJ, 16 miles from Philadelphia [10-26-1999]

I would be interestsed in the results of the franklinia survey which i took part in.
Joel Wisotsky, own a franklinia tree [10-26-1999]

very, very good!!!
habeeb mochmoolamidba, yagitearcha,india [10-26-1999]

I thoroughly enjoy visiting your site. History has always had a deep fascination for me. I recently read through your historical accounts about Thaddeus Kosciuszko and the American Revolution. This was of particular interest to me as I was searching for information about a coin that has been in my family for some time. The coin is a Siechnowiez Ducat. I believe it is bronze with a diameter of 1 3/8" and around 3/16" thick. On the front is a bust relief ot Thaddeus Kosciuszko with his name around the border. On the back are the dates of his birth and death along with some other writing, all in Latin. I would really appreciate any help with finding out more information about this coin, its history as well as its value. Thanks
Rick Marszalski, Valemount, British Columbia, Canada [10-26-1999]

Shakiyra Baker [10-26-1999]

diego gastelum, tucson [10-26-1999]

I would like some more pirctures
Carolyn Benta [10-26-1999]

Poe is one the founding father of horror stories. His Gothic style is unique and flattering.
Wesley R. Hash, Lafayette, Indiana [10-26-1999]

Links to other AME Churches and the underground railroads that were established in Canada, ie: the Windsor, Dresden, and Harrow, Ontario. Canada areas. These areas have fine black museums. KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK.
Vernon L. Baird [10-26-1999]

George Daher [10-26-1999]

My fifth grade daughter is doing a report on Pennsylvania and we found this sight to be extrememely helpful in her presentation. Thank you.
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Chris, 14 yrs old, Foxboro-MA [10-26-1999]

I MISS PHILADELPHIA SOOO MUCH!!!! I loved living in Philly. Born & raised, and relocated to Marlton, NJ in 1973. Hated that move. My favorite scene in the whole world is the Phila. Museum of Art building along the Skulkill Expressway. My grandfather helped to build this building. His name is in the time capsule in the cornerstone of the building. The most thing I miss about Philly is the FOOD !! The cheesesteaks, the pretzels, the Italian Water Ice !!! and, can't forget TASTYKAKES !!!!
Dee Venditti, presently living in Phoenix, AZ [10-26-1999]

As a high school government teacher, I find your site to be extraordinary and very useful in my classroom. Please keep up your good work.
Fred R. Driscoll [10-18-1999]

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Proud to live in this city.....
Cindy Miller, Philadelphia [10-18-1999]

Used this site for a school litertature project. Very helpful
Andrew Filler, Age - 13, Indianapolis, Indiana [10-18-1999]

I fellowship at AME Mother Bethel-Hazendahl in Cape Town ,South Africa and would like persons from any USA AME member to e-mail me to share in the history of Cape Towns AME Church. Enjoyed your rich history. God Bless AME USA -- denmark@iafrica.com
Denver Gordon, Mother Bethel AME Church Cape Town - South Africa [10-18-1999]

kelly, 123 florida [10-18-1999]

I've always enjoyed American History,and your site has certenly added to my enjoyment. Thank you
Isreal Cagnolatti, Glendale, Arizona [10-18-1999]

It's very nice to have a site like this. It's another source of research for our school projects. Actually I want to know more about the state of Pennsylvania because I'm in charge of describing what is the importance of one of the 13 original colonies
Eduardo Stepan Balekjian, 13 years old, Lexington MA [10-18-1999]

I've recently had to do a research paper in Adv. English III. I used your site as a reference. It's amazing! There is alot of great info. Thanks!
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it is lovely to see black culture.
lross [10-14-1999]

The most comprehensive compilation of U.S. History facts, to date. Great!
Julian O. Bargas, 50, Chicago, Ill., Mexican American, Ret. Military, St. Leo College, Human Resource Manager, United Rentals Aerial Equipment Sales Rep. [10-14-1999]

Your web page is very good. Keep up the good work!
Alok Parikh [10-14-1999]

I've found your magazine most interesting this last year, since getting involved in my family genealogy. Some family has been in the US since the 6th voyage of the Mayflower & articles of the Revolutionary War period have made the genealogy more complete. I would find articles detailing the Irish migrations of interest, as that side of the family has been the most difficult to trace. Some of them were loggers in Ontario,Michigan & Minnesota, as well as railroad workers for the Candadian RR & later the Northern Pacific in the late 1800's[1865 & later]. One even worked on railroads in Siberia[Trans-Siberia RR] & the railroad used in the building of the Panama Canal. Keep up the good work in your magazine.
Patrick B. Phillips, Jr., Bismarck,ND [10-14-1999]

Extremely worthwhile site, thanks!!
Patricia M. (Hull) Fulton, Austin, TX. formerly from Clinton, IA. [10-14-1999]

I earnestly believe this web site is a classic and very attractive. I praise God for this A.M.E. page. I am a Liberian ordained A.M.E.Minister from the 14th Episcopal District. Presently, I attend the Turner Theological Seminary at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Georgia. I really hope to visit this historical church one of these days. And I will gladly accept an invitation to visit. Keep up the good work and may the good God bless up all.
Rev. Tar-U-Way Richard Allen Bright, I am 30 years old and happy married to Retta Sugarpea. We have no kids yet. On October 7th, we celebrated our 4th wedding anneversary. Keep praying for us. [10-14-1999]

billy [10-14-1999]

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shirley [10-14-1999]

We are learning about him at school, and are doing our own report about him. That is why I'm on this program.We are going to a play about one of his storys.Thank You This is very interesting learning about him and his life.
Heather, 13,indianapolis,indiana [10-13-1999]

Ronda Buncie [10-13-1999]

It is a great & blessed experience to browse this site. It brings memories of my visits to Mother Bethel. It is phenomenal how technology has opened doors for us. May Gods blessings continue to rain down on His people who are reaching billions through this medium. I love the church, its history and doctrine. Eunice
Rev. Dr. Eunice Paddio-Johnson, age:71 City: Greensburg, LA 8th Episcopal District AMEC [10-13-1999]

how did the USA get is name. i mean AMEIRICA why was it not christopher i mean usc???
phobe, h [10-12-1999]

I an interested in finding articles on labor history from the 1600's to the 1800's I like your web site and hope to find what I am looking for
Charles H. Fullerton, 57 Livermore Falls Maine [10-12-1999]

you guys make the best site, with the trickest crosswords, sometimes, it's not easy to find all the words.
charles wright, I like the site's crossword puzzles, with Ben Franklin [10-12-1999]

You really helped me on my revolutionary War report with your links and information
Ashley N. Bracey, Chicago [10-11-1999]

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I thought it was intresting It made me feel like i was in a real war thank you for putting that out.
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This a great website! I enjoyed finding finding information on it
Leah Lawdermilk, Mertzon,TX,USA [10-08-1999]

A very enjoyable site as I have a ancester who served at Valley Forge. Is there a place to purchase a copy of "The March to Valley Forge"?
Joe Summers, Westminster, CO [10-08-1999]

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Chris Georgakopoulos, Greece [10-08-1999]

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This is a cool page
Meghan [10-08-1999]

I thoroughly enjoyed this history of Martha. My husband and I are currently watching on CSPAN the history of all our presidents. My favorite plkace to visit isWilliamsburg.
Lucyle B. Risi, Ormond Beach, Florida [10-08-1999]

What a good site! I especially liked the timeline of American Revolution battles. Very helpful.
Kati :), Indianapolis, IN, USA [10-08-1999]

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We visited your sight as a virtual field trip Advanced Placement United States Hostory class. Most of us who are in the class are interested in history, so I am sure that we all enjoyed the sight. Our class is Mr. Ken Wickerhams 2nd block AP US History class from North Branch High Schol in North Branch, Michigan. Thankfully, the web sight saved us quite a long road trip!!!
Brandy Jo Cichoracki, 16, North Branch [10-07-1999]

I grew up in Bartram village, across the B&O tracks from Bartram Gardens. It took my breath away to see the house again. I have very fond memories growing up in the 60's in SW Phila.
Chip Myers [10-04-1999]

What a great site -- tremendous amounts of information!
shawanna mcintosh, Jackson, Tennessee [09-26-1999]

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scot tiger [09-26-1999]

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We have enjoyed looking at the Liberty Bell. We wish we could go there on a field trip. Thanks for sharing this web site with us.
Kathy Price and First Grade class [09-26-1999]

henry landry [09-26-1999]

Lived in Basking Ridge-Bernardsville area, so enjoyed pulling Morristown pages (ie: Wick House) Researching ancestor Rev. War in Essex County.
George E. Stitcher [09-26-1999]

Alex is researching Valley Forge for a school report and this site proved excellent in finding relevant, easy to read and understand informtion. Thanks for the great job.
Alex & Fran Woolsey, Vancouver, Washington [09-26-1999]

I Love this website. I think we all need to look back at the history of our great country, and see how our fore fathers lived. With a whole lot less.
Delbert D. Madison, Age 42, Las Vegas, NV [09-24-1999]

Never was too interested in History growing up, but now that I'm older and wiser, I am very interested and enjoying your website very much. THANK YOU!!!
Debbie, Overland Park, KS [09-24-1999]

We will be visiting the Phil. area 3rd week in October--will spend a couple of days at Gettysburg. Your website is just terrific--very helpful. Looking forward to seeing everything.
Terri Marsh, Theresa, Wisconsin [09-14-1999]

Just discovered your website and it is great! I have Gathered loads of information for a project at our church, Saint Matthew AMEC. This has been an experience! Thanks so much
marion c. sims, shreveport, la 71105 [09-14-1999]

I can't wait to see it all. I'll be in Philly around the 26th
Ronnica Gee, age 26, City: Glen Burnie (near Baltimore); love to travel [09-14-1999]

I thuoght that was very good. Well gotta go.
Casey Hines [09-14-1999]

You have a very good website . . . but I find a glaring absence in Stephen Girard's masonic connections. He was held in the highest regard by the Pennsylvania Grand Lodge and they played a very large role in his funeral. If you check with the Grand Lodge on Broad St., I am sure they will be happy to enlighten you. I happen to have been an adopted son of Stephen Girard and I am certainly thankful for this man's charitable contributions to his fellow man. I am also a member of the masonic fraternity.
Michael R. Mazak Sr., Dickson City, PA [09-14-1999]

cheryl robinson, st. louis, missouri, usa [09-12-1999]

why dont you put games about histoy
edward smith, 8 freeburg [09-12-1999]

I am related to Benjamin Rush. My grandmother on my fathers side of the family tree was... Cora Rush. (Logan County, Ohio.)
Jan M. Sypherd, Born October 14, 1959 Lima, ohio [09-12-1999]

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Jim Nasium, http://www.voicenet.com/~gymart [09-12-1999]

It is very exciting to see patriotism in action in modern times. Australia has a lot to learn about pride in its heritage. Thank you for sharing yours with me.
Margaret Miller [09-11-1999]

I'm required to teach a lesson on Commodore John Barry and know nothing about him...your web page was a life saver. Thanks!!!
Michelle Haley, 5th grade teacher [09-11-1999]

Nothing yet, just signed in.
Ed Kowal, IRL Team, Age 48, Buffalo, NY : model railroader and a train fan [09-11-1999]

A very enticing site - hope to see Philidelphia around September 26 and 27th
Maureen McCarthy, From London UK [09-11-1999]

Was just playing with the computer when I found your site.I am a huge Civil War buff but like to sometimes read a book or visit a revolution site because I feel the civil war was just an exstention to the revolutionary war.Maybe with all the civil war sites in this area you can also due a site on the web for it.Really great site will be back to see alot.Don Petry
Donald Petry, Milltown NJ 08850 age 33 [09-11-1999]

Great site!!!!!!!!!!
uchef [09-10-1999]

Matt Randall+Connie Wingo, Center Grove High School [09-10-1999]

just found your web site through the navy mag-- all hands
bob lindstrom, senior citizen [09-10-1999]

cool site dude
jack meoff, Rode Island [09-10-1999]

I thought the site was very thought out and organized. I didn't find anything on the civil war which i have a paper due on. I hope to see more about the Civil War and the Declaration of Independence in the future. Again, wonderful site luved it!
Kimberly Damon, North Carolina [09-10-1999]

I just love this web site. I am a huge history buff and I love old Philadelphia. My fiance' and I visit this site every Friday night. Keep up the good work
Tracy Robarts, 45, Orlando Fl., UCF student [09-10-1999]

Stumbled on this by chance. Will recommend it to others especially but not limited to students. On my personal rating scale, quite good.
Liz Jay, Philadelphia resident [09-10-1999]

Have just begun to explore you site. No views at this time.
Chester Anthony Wojecki, Jr., Famil name is Wojcicki. It was "anglicized" [09-10-1999]

Have just begun to explore you site. No views at this time.
Chester Anthony Wojecki, Jr., Famil name is Wojcicki. It was "anglicized" [09-10-1999]

This is a good way to learn history!!!
Crystal Sauls, 16, Goldsboro North Carolina [09-08-1999]

Suthernjustice, 17, North Carolina, [09-08-1999]

I enjoyed this site. This week I'm on vacation and plan on taking a tour of historic Philadelphia I haven't done that since the early 80's in grade school.
David DeCosta, age 25, Washington Twp. South Jersey ,US postal carrier [09-08-1999]

phila.has many historical places to visit. after being away for 15 years i really enjoyed a visit to the waterfront & how it has changed, this was three years ago.
jere, sac.ca born & raised in phila.. [09-08-1999]

My 10yr old son was looking for information on early colonial history and I found this site it is very interesting
ann marie martinez, 32yearsold,la mirada ca [09-07-1999]

I want to compliment you on your site. I intend to share this URL with many of my friends. Do you know of any similar "virtual tours" for any of the other cities in Pa? I found your site well laid out and easy to navigate. It is also very entertaining and informative. Keep up the good work. Bobbie
Bobbie, Oil City, Pa [09-07-1999]

Ah Philly thats where I sign up for the Navy and left out of to go to chicago's geat mistakes bootcamp. Nice site.
Gary, 26/m [09-07-1999]

Marilyn Jonas, early american history is my hobby [09-07-1999]

i think you should have more about individuals--those of us doing reporst really need that. otherwise this is a nice site.
denise giffin [09-07-1999]

Every year we have a parade on the lake for the fourth of july then fire works in the evening we decorate the boat with flags lots of fun thanks America your the greatest.
Sumner D. Hancock, White Lake [09-07-1999]

Your web site has helped me a great deal. I plan on visiting Philly. soon. thank you
Gordy, 49 Scotia NY [09-07-1999]

Excellent site. I will visit many times.
Nancy Sutliff, Boise, Idaho [09-07-1999]

I thought that this web page was terrific and contained a lot of interesting information
Stephanie Marchi, Shippensburg [09-06-1999]

How very proud I am to fly the lovely, Dearly won,dearly paid for flag. Mona Mc Clean
Ramona Gifford Mc Clean, white, 65, Born: San Diego, Ca. Spent most of my life in N. Idaho [09-06-1999]

this is my first visit, love it.
Velma [09-06-1999]

Great site!!!
Stephanie Heath, Virginia [09-06-1999]

I am looking for information about D.A.R. Thank you.
Mot Pmaksalv [09-06-1999]

Great site ! Helps to keep abreast of History
Dale Salomons, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada [09-06-1999]

scott gahman [09-06-1999]

debra mead, my age is40. i live in glenside pa [09-06-1999]

I found your site by looking for something else. But as I viewed your site I became very interested in it.
Tara Baptiste, Clairton PA 15025 [09-06-1999]

love your site,don't ever forget the past!!!!!!!!!!!!
nikki [09-06-1999]

I am a high school teacher in a rural town just outside of Fort Worth, Texas, but I spent some time this summer with good friends in Philadelphia. They are natives, who are great tour guides. Nothing makes you prouder to be an American than to visit Philadelphia!
Karen Campbell, Fort Worth, Texas [09-06-1999]

What a wonderful site! Fascinating history. Would love to see timeline extended through early 1900s.
Gail Steckel, similar timeline through the early 1900s [09-06-1999]

Excellent site
Lilly Ferguson, Native Philadelphian [09-06-1999]

terrific site, wish every on on the internet happens by your way. there are a lot of americans who do not really know the wonderful history of a still beautiful city. there is nothing like in all of florida.
John Monaghan, born and raised in philly, now retired from Phila. P.D. Detective bureau and residing in sunny S. Florida [09-06-1999]

Forty years out of High School and I'm still learning, perhaps more now than back then. Thanks for your efforts to enlighten us all!
Brian Ripley [09-06-1999]

I visited your site for the first time and enjoyed it very much. My relatives served as Hessians during the revolution/war of independence. One was Grenadier Christoph Hitzeroth of the von Linsing(en)Batt. who fought at Brandywine, Germantown, Fort Mercer/Red Bank and was part of the British force which occupied Philadelphia. He survived the war and went back to Germany. Ironically, 80 years later, a direct relative of his with the same name came to America to make his home in Philadelphia where he died n 1907- a citizen! I'm doing research on my relative who served in the war and your site is a great help. Thanks. Randy W.-Hitzroth rwhitz@interlog.com
Randy W.-Hitzroth, Toronto, Canada [08-30-1999]

this is an awesome sight
Jared Whitson [08-30-1999]

Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, found site doing genealogy work, wish you had more along the line of Genealogy other than that Great Site
Paul &Mary McElroy, Whitefish, Montana (married in Philadelphia) [08-30-1999]

The Betsey Ross web sight has been most helpful to our Miniature Club, The Morris Mini Makers (of Morris County, New Jersey). We have created a 1" scale model of the Betsey Ross House and although we did view the house in person when we began the project we have relied on information and photos from the internet to verify many of the details. However, one detail we have not been able to duplicate is the fire mark or plaque mounted on the exterior of the building. We missed seeing it when we first toured the house and it is not clear in any of the photos. We understand that there is quite a story about the meaning of the fire marks. We would like to know more about them. Where can we find that information ?
Elmer Tag, Miniatures Artisan & Craftsman [08-30-1999]

Hello-- I'm directing a musical production of "A Christmas Carol". I'm introducing a town crier during parts of the show and would like your help on the content of the information he will cryout. I'd like him to relate the following information and any thing else you may feel appropriate. Can you help me, please? 1. It's Christmas Eve 2. It's 5:00PM (1700?) or would it be given in ships bells? 3. Maybe some news of the day (i.e. a ship into port or a reception visited by the queen?) So glad to have found your site, it's very interesting. I'm going to give it to all my American History loving friends!
Chris Gildner [08-30-1999]

Doing an Elderhostel on Historic Philadelphia next week(September 5-10)
Sue and Al Kristensen, Burlington,IA [08-30-1999]

Lauren Spatocco, Philadephia [08-30-1999]

Dawn H. Stegall, Monroe, NC 28110 [08-30-1999]

this site is great ,love the Franlkin site. I have passed this siteon to others .
Charles Harvey, 44 Wauchula, Fl. 8th grade history teacher [08-30-1999]

valaree cordell [08-30-1999]

Lynda Myers, Tours to Grow On, 1804 Walnut Bottom Road Newville, Pa 17241 [08-30-1999]

I teach history but learned some interesting stuff from your site: I had no idea the basement of Independence hall was a dog pound.....This must have added to the confusion, heat and stench faced by the founding fathers.
Brenda Padgett, Orange Park, Florida [08-30-1999]

Very informative website, one of the best I've read. Good work.
William J. Reilly, AOH NY State Cmdr. John Barry Chairman [08-30-1999]

Dalton S. Moore [08-27-1999]

msg brian d. rehrig, Palmerton Pa . USA [08-25-1999]

Tim Manley, Fairfax, VA [08-25-1999]

I think that this is a really cool site. It is so helpful.
Edwina Johnson, Augusta, Georgia, United States [08-25-1999]

Ashley Seibert, Monroeville, New Jersy [08-25-1999]

Alba, Michael, Montgomery County, Penna. [08-25-1999]

a few of us at work were debating on some history facts and a man told about this site so here we are. your info was great it solved our debate and i got to prove those guys wrong on the spot. we will most definitly vist again.thank you.keep up the good work!
sarah, im 22 yrs old from okc, ok [08-25-1999]

this is wonder and refreshing. love the presentation of the text of historical documents. my 10 year old has read some of the Dear America serices and has enjoyed having this as a resource that we can come back to again and again.
John Archer [08-22-1999]

i was born and raised in easton,pa and think more on the entire delaware valley would be nice because easton doesnt seem to think the history of the whole area to be important. keep up the great work. edna
Edna Dashner, Holbrook Az [08-22-1999]

i think i'am of the peter trego branch from ohio
allen trego, 45 jACKSONVILLE, NC [08-22-1999]

You are really a great nation with a beautiful history, which one I know a lot of.I have not been in Philla yet,but I hope to visit it and all its historic sites in short future. Thank you.
Oldaque Passos de Freitas, Salvador - Bahia - Brazil [08-22-1999]

Just surfing through links offered by local TV.Rest assured we shall return to your excellent site frequently.
Jennie and Dick Battles, JENNIE is asst.mgr. of Old State Capitol Complex, Springfield, Illinois [08-22-1999]

I am so glad I found this website!! I am interested in history but one of my favorite types of history is family history. I have a distant relative I am trying to contact.I found his name via the Family Tree Maker but then found out that the website tristate.pgh.net was no longer in service, due to lack of funding of all things!!! I could go on and on about it being a shame that for some reason some people aren't taking pride in their ancestors! Anyway, my distant cousin,uncle or whoever he is, goes by the name Bill Vidonic. Please someone contact me! Thanks,
Brenda Vidonic, 39yrs old Tucson, AZ. [08-22-1999]

captain mike mcdonald-fame fire co of west chester [08-22-1999]

Enjoyed your section on Stephen Girard. Where can I get more information about him? I have a Mary Girard (married Henry DeBolt)in my geneaogy that was thought to be his neice that I would like to find more info on.
Sue Chantry, California [08-22-1999]

After living in Philly for five years -- and living within 30 minutes of the city for 19 years -- I have moved to Columbus, Ohio. My husband (a soon-to-be PhD student here at OSU) and I have been in ohio less than a week, and I am homesick! Philly will always be my home, no matter where I live. I was hoping to order a large photograph of the skyline or some other scene to hang up in our new apartment, but i see your gift shop is down. I really like your site; I'm sure i'll visit often since I can't be there physically.
Jen Lawson-Tincani [08-19-1999]

I found your site to be most impressive. I have been doing a search for information on The American Revolution. 8000 property owners in this area are in danger of losing their homes and their communities because the Justice Department and Bureau of Indian Affairs has decided to side with the Cayuga (Iroquios) in an 18 year old land claim suit against this area. They claim they were cheated -- even though the reason they were forced from this land is that they had sided with the British during the Revolution (and by the way in the War of 1812). I believe we have moved from celebrating these great men of the Revolution to interpreting their actions as monstrous. This is the culmination of that kind of thinking. To oppose these indian land claims is to invite the label of racism. The reinterpretation of our history by some has made victims of working class people who have no defense. The saddest part of this is that no one else seems to care about it.
Laurie Davis, Finger Lakes area New York [08-18-1999]

Just got up from bed and Lucky me I have no thougths to share.
Tom Jackson, Philly is home/age is terrible [08-18-1999]

I think all the information at this site is wonderful. I would love to see more pictures and information on the usct (united states colored troops)
Debora Prewitt, jackson ms 39213 [08-18-1999]

Enjoyed learning about Greene-- my ancestor Gen'l William Lee Davidson was at Valley Forge and later served under him- killed in the strategic campaign leading up to Guilford Courthouse. This was most interesting. Thank you.
Katrina, l.n., ca [08-16-1999]

I wish more people would take the time to learn about the history of our great nation.
Chad Henry, Vandergrift, Pa [08-16-1999]

Fantastic web site!!
Karen Graham, Oak Grove A.M.E church [08-16-1999]

Christine Beringer, Mount Laurel, NJ [08-16-1999]

Antoine Graziani, I am from Morosaglia, city of Paoli. [08-16-1999]

I'm delighted to know that I'm not the only person these days interested in our history.
Barb Sacchetti [08-16-1999]

Very interesting, informative, and entertaining! We really appreciate the local historical details of Philadelphia's original neighborhoods that were once separate towns within Philadelphia County
Mr. & Mrs. R. J. Cunningham, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [08-16-1999]

I am a German teacher and would like some information on famous German Americans or the history of Germans in America. Thanks.
Dennis Larson, Schaumburg High School - Schaumburg, IL 60194 [08-13-1999]

I would like to start a geneology search of my Delaware Indian background. I thought this might be a good place to start!
Mickey Seufert Allcock, Sapulpa, OK [08-12-1999]

I am interested in "what it was like going to school in the 1850s." How many grades were there in the average school/class? What was considered "prep" school, as opposed to public school? Was school in session three, six or nine months a year? Were some, or most classes and schools co-ed? Query? If you were graduated after 6-8 or 10 (?) years, did you get a diploma or a certificate if you wanted to get other degrees or to continue your education? THANK YOU for helping.
Sheldon Munn, Love this site! Tremendous! 60-yr old senior from New Cumberland, PA 17070 [08-12-1999]

Glad to find your site. We're planning a short trip over Labor Day weekend and love the history thing. I think I found something to see/do for every minute of our stay! Thanks so much.
Christine Wolansky, Batavia, New York [08-12-1999]

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Do you have a list of Re-enactment groups in Vermont?
Cheryl L. Muzzy [08-12-1999]

J. L. Vaughn [08-12-1999]

Charles Shenk, Baltimore, MD [08-10-1999]

Great Site. found while looking for AME Churches. Happy to see history of Bethel AME. Will share site with others.
Florence Gandy, Penna [08-10-1999]

I join my classmate Bob Fark's earlier comments praising the work you've done in creating this site, especially the narrative outlining the vital role in the nation's history played by our benefactor Stephen Girard. It's amazing that while we honor singers and actresses and cartoon characters on US postage stamps, the US Postal Service's policymakers apparently consider Mr. Girard to be politically incorrect in Year 2000, the 250th anniversary of his birth. (What other possible reason could there be for the UPS' ongoing rejection of efforts to honor this genuine patriot?) If anyone has any influence with the powers that be in Washington, please use it after you've taken a few minutes to read about Mr. Girard's nearly six decades of patriotism & benevolence to our fledgling nation. And thank you for your support.
Bob Fisher, Mechanicsburg, PA, Girard College, Class of 1959 [08-10-1999]

I just learned about your site and have not yet sampled it. It appear, however,quite attractive and loaded with items this old Philadelphian will enjoy reviewing. I'm particularly interested in the Stephen Girard item and will make this the first test of your site. Thanks.
Bill Murray, Louisville, KY [08-10-1999]

I had the great pleasure of visiting Independence Hall on July 16th 1999. What a great experience. I wanted to write and make comment on the wonderful tour guide I had. His name was Larry. He made the tour very enjoyable and very interesting. I feel the tour was hightened by his excitement about the information. Just having the opportunity to visit Independence Hall was wonderful, but having a guide who was so knowledgeable made it even better. Thank you for the great time. Tricia M. Casten
Tricia M. Casten, Lemoore, CA [08-08-1999]

Such memories I have as I grew up in Philly and this site brings them all flooding back. Left Philly and moved to Arizona in 1970 but now livivg in New Mexico. Children are all grown and have no memories of Philly but this will help me to tell and show my granddaughter all about the historic and wonderful city where I was born and raised. Makes me sad to leave family and friends behind and I do miss the sights of the city and the fun places we would visit on class trips. We not only studied "History" we were Blessed to have it surround us. Thank you for the wonderful site that I can visit at "any" given time to just sit and reminisce.
Kathleen (Norris) Kelly, Born in 1943 in the city of Philadelphia [08-08-1999]

Thanks for a great service. Your virtual tour allowed me to preview historic sites in Philadelphia and the Alamo in Texas. My 8 year old really understood what she was seeing live, because she had already seen it here. Thanks for making these trips memorable.
Tom McClemens, roxbury, NJ [08-08-1999]

Carol Avery, u.s. history teacher in CT [08-08-1999]

I am the town crier for the city of ROCKDALE in Australia.I would love to hear from any fellow town criers.............
Paul Killingly, australia [08-08-1999]

Looking forward to visiting the area. Thought it was all terrific. Quite inspiring.
Jean Hostak, Hopatcong,NJ [08-08-1999]

Happy to see there are REAL Americans interested in keeping the history of this great nation alive. I have interests especially in period 1930-45.
Frank Colasuonno, 45, nj [08-08-1999]

You need a site search engine.
Andy, OneCo, FL [08-08-1999]

shehann price [08-08-1999]

thomas p. keeler [08-08-1999]

This web site is very informative. I especially like the pictures of the area. I have a question though, I live in NY and I trying to find out what date is the Caribbean/African Festival. I know it is kept every year in August. Thanx!!!
Ojo, Brooklyn, NY [08-06-1999]

Very enjoyable site. Your entry for 1891 refers to the launching of J.P. Morgan's yacht, Corsair. I know little about my ancestors years in Germantown, but I do know that my great-grandfather was engineer on Corsair. I wonder if there are contemporary newspaper accounts extant.
geoff hermes, kauai, hi. [08-06-1999]

Ilike your website I used it for Martha Washington report for the first day of school and your website really helped
Andrea Jenise Parker, Iam 10 years old I live in MOBILE , AL [08-06-1999]

I am an active member of SAR and have been to Valley Forge several times since I used to live in Delaware. Just discovered your Web Site. Great job!! My patriot ancestor at Valley Forge was Pvt. Joseph Davisson of the 1st. Virginia.
Edward N. "Bud" Casey, Port St. Lucie, FL [08-05-1999]

Super Graphics! Super Presentation! Super Site!
Patrick Huskey, u.s.a. [08-04-1999]

I work on the Philly PHLASH and this was great sight to get more information to give visitors when they ride the Philly PHALSH. If you need more information on the PHLASH go to www.septa.com Hope to see some of you in Philadelphia soon.
Tonya, Philadelphia [08-04-1999]

Matthew D. Gillow [08-04-1999]

In reading through the site, I ran across these words: "William Penn considered his colony Pennsylvania and its primary city Philadelphia a "holy experiment" in religious coexistence. The disdained and persecuted faiths of the Old World -- Quakers, Catholics, Jews -- as well as other religions, would find longed-for religious tolerance and personal freedom in his City of Brotherly Love. These rights were articulated in Penn's radical Charter of Privileges drawn up in 1701 (see Welcome Park, in this Virtual Tour). Fifty years later, in 1752, the Liberty Bell was cast in England by Whitechapel Foundry to commemorate Penn's remarkable Charter." What a shame it seems to me that our country has lost sight of these powerful founding principles -- religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence. I read the newspapers and feel surrounded by people trying to push their own particular "brand" of religion onto the entire society, while telling "the rest of us" that our beliefs are the cause of all of society's ills. I hear the "television preachers" talk about how there is only "one right way" to worship, and how everything that is wrong in our society today is because we've "gotten away from" the beliefs on which this great country was founded. And yet, here it is. The timely reminder: The belief on which this colony, the birthplace of the Constitution of the United States, was founded -- tolerance and peace. Respect for ways of belief other than those that you, personally, believe in. Tolerance for the "disdained and persecuted" faiths in the world, indeed, for ALL faiths was a cornerstone of this colony. If we could only get back to this remarkable focus and remember what the Liberty Bell commemorates -- freedom, dignity, and respect for each other. Wouldn't it be amazing to get back to that "holy experiment"? Sign me up!
Karen Goeller, Doylestown.PA [08-04-1999]

What a wonderful site! I have an unexpected day off and wanted to plan an unusual day for my two daughters (7 and 10). Your site is full of info I've never known about places I've visited many times, and also pointed out places I've never been aware of. I can't wait to go exploring. You've made "my town" new again and helped me to share the enthusiasm with the next generation. Thanks!
Karen Goeller, Doylestown, PA [08-04-1999]

There was "stuff" here that was not taught in our schools. The information on the Christian movement is facinating. I didn't know William Braford had any dealings with Philladelphia. What a treat.
Janice Kyler, 37, Heritage Studies teacher, Folsom, NJ [08-01-1999]

What a nice, neat site. I grew up in Germantown, 5300 block of Wakefield St. Left in 1960. I was looking for infomation on Bartram Gardens. I'll be there later this month. Thank you so much!
William P. Loden, Fulshear, TX, Age, 56 [08-01-1999]

God bless America
John Barrera, Former U S Marine [08-01-1999]

Ted Goldsborough, Past Pres. of the Lower Merion Historical Soc. [08-01-1999]

I enjoyed the history of the RevWar Timeline. It helps to put the events into perspective. Very clear and concise. Also enjoyed the Valley Forge page as an ancestor was there. Thanks.
Barbara Stockwell, Springfield, OR, 70 yrs., female, history buff [08-01-1999]

The museum is outstanding along with the web page keep up the good work.
Harry J Schmid, Born and raised in Phila. Retired Philly Firefighter [08-01-1999]

Scott East, 41 yrs. descendant of Timothy Matlack, engrosser of the Declaration of Independence [07-30-1999]

Timothy McCarthy, Harrisburg PA [07-29-1999]

grandmother a quaker, from philadelphia laura castor/lipp never met her, im loving this site. thank you so much. hope i can find birth,death, marriage. etc.
lorrie mack, palos heights il. 60463 [07-28-1999]

Joe Kleinschmidt, spring lake heights , n.j. 07762 [07-28-1999]

Marit B. Ekeland, New York City, New York [07-28-1999]

Great sight!There was an article on internet sites in my local newspaper giving this web site. Glad I found it!!!
B.Paul, Hazlet, N.J. [07-28-1999]

I really enjoy your site and am looking forward to researching my family history.
Patsy Ann La Hue Mitchell, Henrietta, Texas USA [07-27-1999]

I needed information on U.S. Flag Etiquette. You helped me a lot.
Bill Borden, From Bellaire TX ... Biggest city in Houston [07-27-1999]

i think its wonderful someone out there is looking out for us history nuts so keep up the great work for the next generation and those to come and the web site was great just as i expected.
jim turley, age31 sulphursprings texas [07-27-1999]

Just visiting, but I like it.
Kevin Barron, Altamonte Springs, FL. [07-27-1999]

An excellent resource for my assignment
David [07-27-1999]

Wife and kids (14,11 & 7) are heading out east for vacation this summer -- this is a great site to help pick things to see and prep for the trip!
Mark Blatzheim, 39 from Apple Valley, MN [07-26-1999]

you guys are so cool E-mail me back
Jessie, 13 sutton [07-26-1999]

jack, westchester [07-26-1999]

Plan to visit soon and was greatly informed of things that I didn't know. Thanks
Matthew, Great Site [07-25-1999]

This is a great site that shows some of the great places America has to offer.
Kyralee Urquhart, Canberra, AUSTRALIA [07-25-1999]

when i was 20 years old ilived in upper darby,pa my great aunt lived there. she showed me all of the historic things all around philly. that was 28 years ago . this web site brought back fond memorys. great work.
marcel dubois, i live in vermont [07-25-1999]

I grew up in NJ and visited Valley Forge as a kid. Now, I am teaching Social Studies to Grade 8 kids. The Washington Letter is a great teaching tool.
Bev Florance, Cape Cod, Mass. [07-25-1999]

Terrific site!!! Love it I am a NEW teacher in Social Studies with an art beackground. Will add American painters to my curriculum this fall. Lets not forget them !
Bev Florance, Social Studies Teacher Grade 8 Nauset R.M.S, [07-25-1999]

Being a beneficiary of Stephen Girard's benevolence (Class of 1959), I enjoyed the Girard page of your site. I saw in the comments that someone was happy to see that a stamp was being issued for someone. Why does the Stamp Board continually reject Mr. Girard for a stamp?
R.L. Fark, Pittsburgh [07-25-1999]

i love history
berta strakes, Mesa AZ [07-25-1999]

you are doing a great job on keeping history active and interesting.
william carlin, i'm a retired phila cop, 32yrs service, but nolonger live there [07-23-1999]

i love this website, am on my way to philly in a week, and wouldnt miss betsy, ben, or the bell. i am trying to find out if the U.S. is planning a special celebration for the 225th birthday in 2001.
virginia w. nelsen, raised in nj, worked philly, lived in marblehead mass. now ne. [07-23-1999]

My ancesters came through Independence Hall in the 1800s and were given the Oath Of Allegiance by The Supreme Court there . Very informative web site Thank you
Henry E. Hicks Jr., 69 yoa Dallas Texas [07-23-1999]

I never was interested in history in school. But, lo and behold the older I get the more interesting it is. Could it be my age?
Kim Bishop [07-22-1999]

I grew up in the 'burbs of Philly - am bringing my 11 year old son to visit family & friends this summer and to see the "turf" where mom hung out. Your website is bew-ti-ful(say it with a Philly accent please). Reminded me of all the things I want to re-visit and introduce my son to when I come home. The virtual tour is very easy to cruise through. Thanks for the trip, see you soon!
Maureen McFadden, santa barbara, ca 47 [07-22-1999]

My husband is attached to NMCB 74 - Navy. History is a fun way to see why and how my husband does what he does. We are originally from New Jersey - 20 minutes from Philadelphia and it was great to see a familiar scene - Thank you!
Tammy Borland, 26; Gulfport, Mississippi [07-21-1999]

I am 7 years old and learning about our great history and this is helping me a lot. Thanks keep up the great work
gabbie bono, age 7 ,philadelphia,pa [07-21-1999]

Excellent starting point for my research. ...so glad I found this site.
anonymous [07-20-1999]

I want to be a fireman
gino lay, age 15, bx NY [07-20-1999]

My girls and I will be visiting July 23 & 24. Started with this website to search for information - Wow! I was overwhelmed. The map is helpful since we will be walking. Information on the Philly Flash would be a nice addition. Thanks for you assistance.
Bette Elder [07-20-1999]

This has been a memorable visit. I took my children to Philly many years ago and visiting your web site brought back all the memories of our trip. Thanks ever so much from the daughter of a WWII veteran, widow of a Viet Nam Vet and a proud retired member of the Navy.
Roxanne Jones, San Diego, CA [07-20-1999]

good place to start if one has never been to Philly and wants to see the historic sights
Tim Collver, Austin TX [07-19-1999]

Thanks for the patriotic site. God bless America.
Susan Wolfe, Mesquite, TX [07-19-1999]

We have really enjoyed your web site. I am sure that it will be very helpful for when the kids get into school. Mom and Dad will learn right along with the kids. Thank you
The Owens Family, Cochranton PA [07-19-1999]

Absolutely fascinating site. So much information to highlight a trip to Philadelphia. Knowing the history behind a building, etc. can make the viewing much more worthwhile and interesting. Thanks.
Audrey, Hartford, WI [07-19-1999]

Wonderful site. My grandchildren love it.
Marlene Harbin, Richland, WA [07-19-1999]

I recently read "The Road to Guilford Court House" Until this book I had no idea of the history of the Southern part of the war. I've found books on Francis Marion, Daniel Morgan, Pickens either out of print or non-existent -- why? I do buy out-of-print books and each one has come from a library -- why?
David L. Jacocks, Charlotte, NC [07-19-1999]

Wow what a terrific sight! This isn't only good for deciding what to see next in Philadelphia, but it also tells a lot about our history. I've added it to our "Favorites" list. This is the place where my children can learn the true history of our country, with all the good stuff (Godly stuff, that is) left in. I can't wait until our visit this Saturday!
Margie Bender, Fallston, MD [07-19-1999]

read selected books on the subject in search of off track facts about our country.
Joseph DiLiberti, history buff for many years [07-16-1999]

An inspiring window into our nation... something which isn't seen much anymore.
Mark Bernas, Buffalo, NY [07-16-1999]

I visited the Independence Hall last year and was very interested in the wooden pump in front of the hall. I now have one of my own and would like some information on your pump and on the history of of where and when this type of pump was built. I would appreciate any information you may be able to send me. Cordially yours, Donald H. Sedlacek
Donald H. Sedlacek [07-16-1999]

It is a blessing to know that Americans still have love for there country. Praise be to GOD !!!
Leslie G. Stachelek, Butler,Pa. [07-16-1999]

molarman@drmalerman.com [07-15-1999]

jack powell [07-15-1999]

Since prayer and the Bible are now prohibited in schools, our children are not being instructed in our true Christian heritage nor about our forefathers faith and sacrifices to bring this nation into being. We must be in constant prayer for our nation. It is being dissolved from within.
Jim Holcombe, Lawrenceville, GA [07-15-1999]

Great Website. I will be in Penn. 7-16-99, this site gave me wonderful info about the Liberty Bell. I'm more excited than ever about my trip now. Thanks.
Tricia M. Casten, Lemoore, CA [07-14-1999]

suzi moeller, 20 yrs.old [07-14-1999]

It is great to see that America is alive and well on line thanks to people like you! The people that remember are the people that retain. Thank you
Ross Silburn, 48 Cincinnati Ohio [07-14-1999]

THis is a great site. I will be using it with my students this year.
Jeannine Krankus, Sarasota, FL [07-14-1999]

I thought the sight was awesome since I have not had the privilege to go back east. Thanks ArJean for the sight.
Jack & Doris, Emporia, Ks Retired Fire Fighter [07-14-1999]

Direct decendent of Dr.Thomas Bond of Philadelphia
Carroll E. Bond, Luray, Virginia [07-14-1999]

Bill Badaracca, new jersey [07-14-1999]

Great and very informative site.
Susanna B. Gyger [07-12-1999]

Great site for my home-schooled students. Thanks for being there and doing such great work.
Donna Rowe, California [07-12-1999]

I have in my possesion a deed from Philadelphia dated 1832. Would you know anyone who could help me find it's worth?
Barbara Dehner [07-12-1999]

You have a fantastic site and have placed a link on my Flags site. located (http://www.bv.net/~gaffer/flags. Have visited and will visit your site often. Thanks for keeping our heritage alive!
George Cipolletti, Webmaster of the Titusville Veterans Memorial Foundation. US Flag buff. Have sewn over 60 3x5' flags of US History and give talks on 'The Living Flag' to local groups. [07-12-1999]

Verrry interesting site. Wish I'd known about the site before a recent trip to Philly!!
Ev King, seasoned citizen from Waxahachie, Texas [07-12-1999]

I have a love for our countries history, thanks for sharing it with me.
Audra, Alabama 7-11-99 [07-11-1999]

I found your site last year but today I went through it. I am directing "Americana Mania" - a summer program for Toddlers - 12 yrs. We will be studying the flag and what a great resource you have. It is my hope that the Toddlers learn the Pledge and the older group comes to understand what the flag means as an American. Thank you. Thank you.
Gail Johnson, 58 yrs. Sacramento, CA [07-11-1999]

Allan Simpson, Age 84 Love your site. This is my second time to write.. Especially interested in Betsy Ross. We have her cottage in the city park in Providence ,R.R. and we are very proud to honor her her.. Keep up the good work. Love from Florida [07-11-1999]

I plan to visit Philadelphia this fall. Thank you for making a site I can use to plan my tour. I haven't finished looking yet, but what I see I REALLY like.
Sally Smith, from Huntington Beach, CA. [07-11-1999]

i am a direct descendedt of mathew carey and i wish to thank you for posting usefull information on his life. more info. can be found at the library company in philidelphia, or at the mathew carey exibit in the university of philidelphia.
Michael Mathew Carey Hudson, Napa CA [07-11-1999]

we go to philadelphia every summer for a day trip. we really enjoy all the historic sites. very informative and educational. its like stepping back in time. very informative. u should all go for a visit.
theresa, patricia, joanie and butch {07-11-99}, staten island, new york [07-11-1999]

It's all been said, what a wonderful site. It is what the internet should be where people can visit and learn without leaving there homes. I applaud all who made this possible thanks, and stay safe too. God bless America and its people.
Mike Janiga, Midwest near Chicago [07-11-1999]

I enjoy visting your websight, It is very informative. I'd like to visit Independence Hall soon and get any information available on my relative Dr. Benjamin Rush.
Benjamin Rush, Phoenix, Arizona [07-11-1999]

Florence Baxter-Parker, Macy, Nebraska [07-10-1999]

I settled an argument about the USA flag thru the web site
Bill Ralph, 75 years old-vet 2nd world war-acct & math teacher [07-10-1999]

Robin A Hofacker [07-10-1999]

First time aboard ; hope to be back soon
anonymous, From the Carolina mountains [07-10-1999]

Great and very detailed John Barry page! I liked that, but I think you should add a picture of the fantastic Commodore John Barry Bridge. I think it's the longest cantilever bridge in USA!
Rolf A., Denmark [07-10-1999]

Loved the site, especially the Ben Franklin pages. Wonderfully creative and will give my children a handle on this time in history. Thanks for all your hard work pulling it together!
Jean Weller, from Richmond, VA [07-10-1999]

Born and raised in Jersey. Been in Texas 10 years and bringing the kids to Philly to see the town. This site was invaluable to "remind" me of where everything is!
Steve Beatty, Dallas Tx. [07-10-1999]

This was a most informative sight. We look forward to a visit to your city later on this month as we check out the University of Penn campus and surrounding area.
Linda Guinn, family of 4 from Gulf Coast Region of Texas [07-10-1999]

frank g. nolan [07-10-1999]

On this Independence Day I would like to ask for your one other patriot who fought and was wounded to defend the freedoms we enjoy. My father, Virgil Cleveland, served in the US Marines during World War II in the Pacific theatre. He was part of the forces at Guadalcanal. I know that he and the others who served so valiantly there and then asked for no recognition and seldom would even discuss their experiences went through a horrible experience. They did so because they believed in the freedoms they were fighting for. On June 30th, Dad passed away and has now joined so many of those he fought alongside. On Monday, July 5th, I and my family will attend his funeral, mourn his death, celebrate his life, and say goodbye. Part of the service will include honoring him for his military service, an honor richly deserved. I ask that you would also take a moment on this Independence Day to say a prayer for him and all of the others who have fought for our freedom. Thank you all and God Bless.

Independence Day: In our haste to celebrate, let's not forget why...

Every year we seem to get the traditional holiday message and standard safety brief. Well, the importance of vehicular and recreational safety cannot be over stressed during this time. However, pasted below is a different Independence Day holiday message. Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence? Five signers were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured before they died. Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned. Two lost their sons in the Revolutionary Army, another had two sons captured. Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary War. They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. What kind of men were they? Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists. Eleven were merchants, nine were farmers and large plantation owners; men of means and well educated. But they signed the Declaration of Independence knowing full well that the penalty would be death if Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw his ships swept from the seas by the British Navy. He sold his home and properties to pay his debts, and died in rags. Thomas McKeam was so hounded by the British that he was forced to move his family almost constantly. He served in the Congress without pay, and his family was kept in hiding. His possessions were taken from him, and poverty was his reward. Vandals or soldiers looted the properties of Dillery, Hall, Clymer, Walton, Gwinnett, Heyward, Ruttledge, and Middleton. At the battle of Yorktown, Thomas Nelson, Jr., noted that the British General Cornwallis had taken over the Nelson home for his headquarters. He quietly urged General George Washington to open fire. The home was destroyed, and Nelson died bankrupt. Francis Lewis had his home and properties destroyed. The enemy jailed his wife, and she died within a few months. John Hart was driven from his wife's bedside as she was dying. Their 13 children fled for their lives. His fields and his gristmill were laid to waste. For more than a year he lived in forests and caves, returning home to find his wife dead and his children vanished. A few weeks later he died from exhaustion and a broken heart. Norris and Livingston suffered similar fates. Such were the stories and sacrifices of the American Revolution. These were not wild eyed, rabble-rousing ruffians. They were soft-spoken men of means and education. They had security, but they valued liberty more. Standing tall, straight, and unwavering, they pledged: "For the support of this declaration, with firm reliance on the protection of the divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor." They gave you and me a free and independent America. Some of us take these liberties so much for granted ... We shouldn't.
Donna Weigel, Wisconsin [07-10-1999]

This is a great website to visit, especially during the week of The-Fourth-Of-July. Keep up the good work.
Alan H. Stolpen [07-07-1999]

Nice site but what about Fort Mifflin?!?!
Mary David, Age 33, Frazer, PA [07-07-1999]

needing information about the history of the Constitution
Mary M. Pitcock, graham, tx usa [07-07-1999]

Angelo DiNorcio [07-07-1999]

Mike Upchurch, Mesquite,Tx [07-07-1999]

Dorrie Ann Loughborough, Lewisville, Texas [07-07-1999]

Congratulations to those running this site. Now, such things are only a click away.
Daniel Manley, Retired Teacher [07-07-1999]

Glad to have more information on the current US Post Office Commemorative stamp "John & William Bartram - American Botanists"
John H Hubbard, retired - Cincinnati - interest in colonial history [07-07-1999]

This is a great information page for US History. It will come in handy for school.
Sally Hill, Lakewood, CA [07-07-1999]

great home page
Jackie Ross-Roy [07-07-1999]

I haven't been in Phila. since 1947. I still remember the Liberty Bell And Independance Hall. After visiting your site I think I better go back to see you.Great site.
John B. Quinlan, Originally Chicago, IL now Garland, TX [07-07-1999]

I was wanting to buy a US Flag and fell into this fantastic web site. I hope you will let me know when the gift shop opens again. Although as wonderful as the web site is I plan on returning constantly. Great place to spend my time. Dave Hardesty
David E. Hardesty, Born in Oklahoma Oct. 7, 1937 and raised in Texas and Florida. [07-07-1999]

Marlene Harbin, Richland, WA [07-05-1999]

I'm looking for info on William Whipple who signed the Declaration. I was brought up to believe that I had 3 ancestors who signed, Whipple, Sherman & Gerry. Now I've heard that Whipple had no children and we are related to his brother. I would love to confirm that.
Polly Deal, I live in Silicon Valley CA [07-05-1999]

Great web site! I teach US History and plan to bookmark it for all students to see this fall! Happy Birthday to such a great nation!
Heather Jenkins, 35, Anahuac, Texas [07-05-1999]

This is a wonderful site. I really enjoyed the virtual tour of Philadelphia. You can almost see and hear these great men as you visit. As a history major, I would like to visit as many of these historical sites as possible. Is there a Civil War Web site? Happy 223rd birthday,America!!!
Amy, age 27 Lancaster, CA [07-05-1999]

Great site for all history freks like me.
Paul Reano, Fort Smith, Ar [07-05-1999]

It sure nice to be able to celebrate this great holiday. So many people take it for granted. Think of all the people who have died trying to get to it. Now so many people don't even put the Flag out anymore, what a shame. If it were taken away they sure would scream.
Marvin Liebergot, Nashville, Tennessee [07-05-1999]

This is a Terrific site.
Tsameret, Age 10 Jackson Ms. [07-05-1999]

My only complaint is that I didn't know about this site sooner! I hope that the Revolutionary War history will continue from Valley Forge.
Marcus White, 34,Sumner,Wa [07-05-1999]

It's about time we had more good sites on the web!!
Byron Jordan, Palatine, IL [07-05-1999]

As a social studies teacher, this site is a God send!!
Kevin Huntley, 34, Asheville, NC, 28803` [07-05-1999]

5 STARS...excellent site....!!!!!
James Lawlor, Palm Beach Biz Dot Net [07-05-1999]

Great Coins!!!!!!!!
P Wayne Sears, age 54 Abbeville, SC 29620 [07-04-1999]

love history also love your website. another site i like is jfk.org has a lot of great links. i was raised where history was made in new mexico. (bosque redondo) fort sumner also where billy the kid was killed.my granddad raised the first cotton in the pecos valley regoin of new mexicoso i am just a natural history buff.
jimmy holcomb, age 57 irving,texas [07-04-1999]

Great site, we should have more of this type. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY TO EVERYONE
Wynona (Wendy) Maxey [07-04-1999]

Great! We MUST be aware of our history!!
Marshall Loring, San Mateo, CA [07-04-1999]

I'm a Philly girl. I grew up in Philadelphia. The site took me back to my elementary education (50's-60's) Wonderful educational site. There's something really special about Philadelphia. When you tell people that you grew up here,they become envious.
Jacqueline S. Floyd, East Orange , New Jersey [07-04-1999]

Enjoyed your page very much. I'm working on a web site for our local historical society and so I can really appreciate the amount of work you have put into this project.
Carolyn Patterson, Linwood, NJ [07-04-1999]

I recall a visit to Philadelphia about 8 years ago. I was so pleased to see the Liberty Bell at last and to visit Independence Hall. Our national monuments are a treasure.
Barbara Trautman, 63, Port Charlotte [07-04-1999]

Neat site. Very interesting & entertaining. It would have been nice to go into the Library to read a copy of the Declaration, Ect.
Steve Kastrup, 39, Omaha, NE. [07-04-1999]

I was able to visit this historic site about 3 years ago. Unfortunately it was being renovated at the time, but I did FEEL the history. I'm looking forward to visiting again. Otherwise, this site is a wonderful substitute. Thanks for all the hard work.
Rhonda Lamb, Joshua, TX [07-04-1999]

With a birthday on the 4th of July, a site such as this one in quite interesting, informative and much needed today to explain our country's history Keep up the grand start and add some history from Virginia. We started it you know in 1607 down in Jamestown, VA.
DeWitt Taylor Brooks, Today's my birthday July 4, 1928 [07-04-1999]

Glenn Dora Calhoun [07-04-1999]

Isn't this a great country that we live in.
G. Lloyd, San Carlos, California [07-04-1999]

I know I will like this web sight. But am a beginner so have some problems getting around.
Walter H. Pfeiffer, I am a senior citizen from Kansas [07-04-1999]

Great informative web site. I'll get my grand kids to look at it, when there are next here visiting. Kepp up the good work......
Bob Voris, Tx. [07-04-1999]

Very nice site.
James Wauls, pa [07-04-1999]

Best wishes on your special day the 4th of July
Ernie Jones, Brisbane Australia [07-04-1999]


Really enjoyed this site, and will be glad to share it with the readers of my column, which runs in the Fallbrook-Bonsall edition of the North County Times. Keep up the good work!
Karen O. Colterman, North San Diego County, California [07-04-1999]

Tara Loper, 21, Jackson, MS [07-04-1999]

When my family lived in our nation's capital, Washington, DC, we visited Philadelphia. I loved the visit and have always wanted to return. I have an upcoming flight that will allow me a five hour layover in Philly. Great site, I've been able to plan my brief visit. Hopefully, time will grant us to take a vacation there to spend more time to explore. Are there sites similar to this on other states/cities?
Donna M. Rich-Luke, 30, Tampa, Florida [07-04-1999]

Can't wait to visit Philidelphia again! We'll be there for AMVETS National convention next year. I really enjoyed this web site!
Sharon Oplinger [07-03-1999]

I teach American History to fifth graders in Chula Vista, California. I am interested in any site that has information about American History which I use to enhance my lessons. Also, I direct my students to such sites to do research.
Linda Cross, Bonita, CA [07-03-1999]

Very useful and enjoyable for anyone who may not get to travel to historic places.
Russell J. Scott, 79 Harriman, TN WWII Veteran [07-03-1999]

Maki Kunitoki, Irvington, NY [07-03-1999]


I teach youth and adults dance, history, arts. etc But why this site interest me is because I am very Patriotic and teach on the subject especially the young ones, as them seem to lack patriotic know hows, whys, when, and wheres. With this site I can print it out as hand outs for them. Thank you, Alice A. Marsh
Alice A. Marsh, Lake Havasu City, Arizona [07-03-1999]

i love this site. you should cover other aspecs of american history
paul heavens, 12 years old [07-03-1999]

I am extracting items concerning the 4th of July to present to my Sunday School class tomorrow - 4th of July. Your web site is most helpful. Thank you and I have hopes that in the future more of our younger children will be able to utilize these web sites for flag and 4th of July education.
Richard L. Platt, San Diego, CA. [07-03-1999]

This site is very helpful. I think that you should incude other sections of American History on the site.Remember, Backsteet Boys Rule
John Cracker, Washington DC I'm 11 [07-03-1999]

This site rules! I think that you should put other sections of history on the site.
John, I'm 11 [07-03-1999]

Loved the web site! Can't wait until the new school year begins to share it with my students. Keep up the good work.
Donna Beane, 30, 5th grade teacher in Cobb County, Georgia [07-03-1999]

Great Site I paln on returning again and check out more of it.
Cathy Shelley, From Texas [07-03-1999]

Ginny Bain Allen, North Carolina [07-03-1999]

no thoughts yet. We just signed on.
Katie Makemson, Age: 14 Stuart, Florida [07-03-1999]

Great site! This should help with our "historical education.
Bruce Scileny, Ebensburg, Pa. [07-03-1999]

Linda S. Mirowski [07-03-1999]

I like your site, as I love anything to do with History. Would like to see more about WW11, both my husband & father were in that war.
Beverly M Bourgoin, 09/17/46 Woodsville, N.H. [07-03-1999]


Great Site really enjoy reading bout history
Mitch Brown Arkansas [07-02-1999]

I bookmarked this site. There are many things to explore, and since I live near Phila., many places to visit.
Mel Snyder, Retired in Cherry Hill, NJ [07-02-1999]

KEVIN LAMEY, NEWGLASOW 10 [07-02-1999]

Jerry DeFeo, age-49 Langhorne Pa. [07-02-1999]

James Hall,sr, Brookhaven N.Y. [07-02-1999]

Pam Lantis, Athens, MI [07-02-1999]

My goodness what a nice thing to have on the web. I will be back for more!
Ray Lambert, 70, Mt. Vernon, In 47620 [07-02-1999]

Tracy Longest [07-02-1999]


The Information regarding the flag was very interesting! What do you know about the contributions by Hispanics to the success of the American Revolution?
Edna Garza-Escobedo, Brownsville, Texas [07-02-1999]

Great site! :)
Naomi Rowley, Houston, Texas [07-02-1999]

It's a wonderful country.
James S.Holland Jr., 82- Retired in St Augustine Florida [07-02-1999]

I teach 4th grade and I thought this would be great to pass on to my students!
Joyce Krasner, Cherry Hill, NJ [07-02-1999]

You can be proud of your efforts!!
Bob Zakowicz, Cleveland, SC [07-02-1999]

Wow! I came across your site accidentally. It's great - you are doing an awesome job. I will be back with my 10 year old daughter. I love history and I thank you for your hard work!
Roxanne, Eureka, California [07-02-1999]

Now this is what the internet is great for!
Brittany Pinkerton Brezinski, Phoenix [07-02-1999]

When you live here you don't realize how lucky you are to have easy access to all these wonderful places. All to often I walk past many of these sites and don't realize what they are. I will make sure to keep my eyes open after seeing this site. Well done!!!
Kevin Osborne, King of Prussia, PA [07-02-1999]


I really found this site very interesting and a good learning experience. I am related way, way, back to General John Stark. If anyone has a website or a place to gather more information on General John Stark, or his wife, Molly......please e-mail me. My mom's middle name is Stark and my brother is John Stark. We also have a few General Shattuck's in our history that I would love to learn more about. Thank's in advance for any help! sootyone@yahoo.com
Barbara W. Wargo, Southbury, CT 06488 [07-02-1999]

I am a direct decedant to Betsy Ross and this site is just wonderful. So glad that so many people are still intrested in her.
Jessica Taves, Lakewood, CO [07-02-1999]

Had a great time reading up on old history.
Roland R. Gendreau, 52 male [07-02-1999]

Mary Anne Williams, Camden, Arkansas [07-02-1999]

Just what we need to make our involvement in a July 4th party a success.
J. Louis Berger, Retired in Boca Raton, Florida. [07-02-1999]

Thank you for putting together such a fine picture of Philadelphia and its history. It was a pleasure to browse and I was delighted to find our own neighborhood of Bridesburg among the boroughs.
Teresa Pyott, Bridesburg Historical Society [07-02-1999]

A wonderful Website.
Margie Miller, Newark, Texas [07-02-1999]

Ed Moynihan, Concordia KS [07-02-1999]


james lewis [07-02-1999]

Don Druart [07-02-1999]

Great site! I thoroughly enjoyed it and found lots of interesting info.
Jana Brennan, Chatham, Illinois, USA [07-02-1999]

i was at my aunt's house and wanted to look up some wars.your website helped alot. thanks
Kylie Earl, 15 kelso wa [07-02-1999]

Byron L. Jones [07-02-1999]

Great website. It helped me plan which sites to see in Philadelphia. Thanks for all the help!
Virginia Young, Salt Lake City, Utah [07-02-1999]

I saw this page in the USA TODAY about the upcoming Ben Franklin page. I can't wait to see it!!
Dan Scheib [07-02-1999]

I don't have any idea what this site is about. I am just looking for any relatives I might have out there that I don't know about. Anyone with Surname BRUNSON, please contact me at CjBrun4278@aol.com ............Thanks!!!!
Caren Brunson, 37 yrs, Santa Rosa, CA [07-02-1999]

Read of your site in USA Today. Think it's great! I'll look forward to browsing it. If we don't learn from history, we aren't apt to learn much from other sources either.
H. Theodore Noell, Mishawaka, Indiana - Age 62 [07-02-1999]

God bless all the patriots
Stephen J. Bryan, I have currently been serving in the U.S. Navy for 13 years(5yrs Reserve and the last 8yrs active [07-02-1999]

H. Theodore Noell [07-02-1999]

I will be sharing this site with my grandchildren. Keep up the good work.
John Pavel, Lancaster, Texas [07-02-1999]

Question: Where my I find info on the Tiffany glass structure of Mawell Parrish paintig og "Dream Garden"? I nderstand bg problem with casino trying to purchase it. Not meanig to dis-regard your most excellant tour. Thank you
Meredith Gibson, I am 75 & proud of it and live in Californi [07-02-1999]

I love history and am saddened when historic old places are torn down or encroached upon by devel- opment. To me, that is NOT progress.
Kimberly Warner, Belleville,Michigan age 45 [07-02-1999]

JOYCE, TYLER, TEXAS [07-02-1999]

J.T.Boatman [07-02-1999]

I was so excited to see the name Shiffler come up in the history of St. Augustines. I know that George Shiffler has to be a relation to me , as my father and grand father were born and raised in Kensington. Please tell me where I can get more info on George Shiffler. I have heard that he was one of the original Philadelphia Fire Fighters. Thanks much!! This is a great historic site.
Ed Shiffler, 40 yrs old, Firefighter from Ocean City NJ (originally a Philly boy) [07-02-1999]

Thank you for a wonderful trip through Philly. I left there two years ago after living in the city for ten years. Your site gave life to all the places I came to know and love when I lived there. What a great cure for homesickness!
Pat, Marblehead, MA [07-02-1999]

I thought it was good but i think we need something in here about the pledge of allgenice.
Molly Gano [07-02-1999]

i think tis a wonderful thing that we are in this world , do still have our right to freedom of believe, and faith , love and hate .
versie jackson, tavares,florida /age--06-07-46/ [07-02-1999]

Lana Lundin [07-02-1999]

Nice site......when is the Gift shop going to open
Eric F. Staudt, Phila. resident [07-02-1999]

I think the website is great.
Kathy J [07-02-1999]

I would just like to say that I really enjoyed this site because it helped me out a lot. I was looking for information for my speech about the flag and The Besty Ross Homepage was wonderful. I thanks and get up the good work.
Mitzi Gibson, Corpus Christi, Texas Age: 20 [07-02-1999]

Visiting Philadelphia tomorrow for 4 days over the 4th July Weekend. I'll let you know how it went.
Mike Butler, Dublin, Ireland [07-02-1999]

The virtual tour is great. We are heading to Phil. soon. WE have not alotted enough time to see it all.
Kathy, greater Boston, MA [07-02-1999]

Wondered if you have any sources related to Independence Day Celebrations in the 19th century.
Shari Irwin [07-02-1999]

I have in my possesion a deed from the city of Philadelphia dated 1832.Does anyone have any information on where I can have the document looked at? This is a wonderful site.I enjoyed it very much. B.Dehner
Barbara Dehner [07-02-1999]

I live in Germantown and I like to read the history for this area.
Anthony Johnson [07-02-1999]

Incredibly impressive site - despite being 'transplanted' to Montgomery County, always was, and always will be a PHILADELPHIAN
Frank R. Quigley, Native Philadelphian [07-02-1999]

Rick Croel [07-02-1999]

What is a "mantua-maker"? I ran across this in Mary Chesnut's Diary, and it is troubling me. Please, please let me know. Thanks loads.
Tom Sherard, Birmingham, Al 35215 [07-02-1999]

As an American history teacher, I was pleased to find such an informative and creative presentation.
Michael Trevathan, 51, McMinnville, TN [07-02-1999]

I have traveled over Pennsylvania many times.Over a period of 35 years. I enjoyed the mountains and had thought about hiking the appalachian Trail but age caught up with me before I could hike the AT. I like Philadelphia much. I enjoyed the historical places and city hall. The state troopers arn't very friendly even if you say on your license plate that "you have a friend in Pennsylvania." It certainly isn't the highway patrol.
James M. Atkins,Jr., Winston-Salem, NC 27103 [07-02-1999]

Just visited your site for the first time. I think it's one of the best. Keep up the good work. Thank you.
Albert B. Villarino [07-02-1999]

Your web site has been thourgly thought of and quite informative. Only suggestion I would like to add is perhaps a city map of the historical area dipicting the to 10 - 15 sites visited by the public.
Ron Spahr, Historian Buff [07-02-1999]

Taylor Castle, 11,warner Robins,Ga [07-02-1999]

Will you tell me where on the internetI can find a map of Sparta, Tennessee?
Don Williams [07-02-1999]

Very good info,But I would like know how many times the liberty bell was cast.
Reeves Peters [07-02-1999]

First I dont know if he is related but I know a Raymond Stone in Springville Pa. Second I visited Warriors Path at Wyalusing Rocks near Camptown Pa. I was suprized when I found the other end by I-95 in South Caralina.
Henry W. Schuchardt M/Sgt Retired, Brooksville Fl 88yrs old [07-02-1999]

My family and I are coming to Penn. next week. I have wanted a list of things to show them so we can decide when,where and what to see. This has opened many doors. One is into revolutionary war stuff, another into Franklin, etc. Promises to be a great time with a solid idea of where to go. Thanks!!!
DonnaSue Welsh, Liberty, Illinois [07-02-1999]

Very informative. We are planning on visiting in July
Karen, Fairborn,Oh [07-02-1999]

A fantastic-super website. You are to be congratulated for developing a wonderful historic site. My granddaughter. who is 12, loves this site. A number one bookmark site.
James L. Barlow, age 73, city - Latham, NY, B.S degree in History [07-02-1999]

The website was great but anyone who reads this and could e-mail me any information on White County Tennessee FAST please do so
Sara [07-02-1999]

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