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Guest Book Archives: Jan-Jun 1999

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A super, wonderful site. The presentations and graphics well done.
Faye Irvin, Florida [06-29-1999]

i like your site, very informative. hope to visit phila someday....continue the good work...
sue, philippines [06-29-1999]

I just this evening discovered this site I think it is great and I look forward to exploring when I have more time. My grandchildren will be getting this URL.
Alan Gerard, St. Joseph, Missouri [06-24-1999]

Enjoyed the story on Stephen Girard very much. I am an ex-hummer and was happy to see it written showing my benefactor as the generous caring person that he must have been. Also your story givs him the proper credit for saving the young nation which few historians will admit. Thank you. I will be going throigh your site and reading many of the other articles.
John A. Whitehouse, Greentown, PA 18426 [06-24-1999]

History was my minor in college, and a life long field of study. My main interests are the Civil War period, and political assisinations in America.
Ron Schwartz, Spokane, Washington 55 yrs old [06-24-1999]

Can hardly wait to show this to my grandchildren They will love all the information that this site has , I know I did .
Mary Page, Olney , Tx. 76374 [06-23-1999]

I often visit your site during research for current works in progress. I enjoy it very much! Lori Kolin Mofield Historical Romance Writer
Lori Kolin Mofield, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee [06-23-1999]

It was really nice reading history of the A M E Church,especially the AME ,ega (Mother Bethel) on this site. We are the historic First London A M E Church who pioneered AM E work in the United Kingdom. Whenever possoble, please visit us to worship Jesus Christ. God bless Rev. W S Hanse
Rev. Willem Simon Hanse, First London African Methodist Episcopal Church [06-23-1999]

Kimberly A. Brown and Diane M. Winters [06-23-1999]

Thank you so much. This guide to the historic areas of Philly was just what we needed to get our preteen girls into the knack of taking historic vacations. Thanks again!
Andy Koslap, Bath, PA [06-23-1999]

It was really cool. I liked the historic tour. I'm studing old America in class, and I saw a lot of the places I'm studing. I learned a lot to!
Caryn, NJ [06-21-1999]

This is a wonderful thing for those of us who have never been to these places.
Mary Hansen, Phoenix, AZ [06-21-1999]

I lived in Phila. when I was young. Since then I have moved 32 times. I am back and I love this area. I stumbled onto this page while looking up some info. My cousin and his family are coming for a visit and I wanted to give them a fun and informative tour of this great city.
Sandy Strobel, Bucks County PA [06-21-1999]

I am looking for anyone how is related to Raymond Fredrick Stone of Philidelphia he was born Jan23rd 1911 and has a nephew named after him who I think still lives in Philidelphia please contact me. We have a picture of my fathers nephew I think it is a graduation picture maybe from the 60's?? I have a aunt Violet and Lorettia and Wenny I hope someone related to them will contact me. Thank you
Sarah Stone, daughter of Raymond Fredrick Stone from Philidelphia [06-21-1999]

Although my grandparents were immigants from Europe in the early 1900's, I have the most sincerest respect gratitude and admiration for those visionary peolpe who helped build and protect the foundations of principles that created the finest democracy in the universe. Never let their sacrifices and ideals be forgotten!!!
Jim Knapick, Saxonburg, PA [06-21-1999]

My husband claims to be related to John Barry, going back 5 generations,and I would like to know if this true.For lost relalives please write.
Leslie G. StacheleK, Butler, Pa. [06-21-1999]

let all the poles be proud and rejoice in their polish heritage. stand tall. let your voices be heard.
irena zajac, hamtramck,mi. [06-21-1999]

Looks like a wonderful site and I look forward to perusing every inch of it in the days to come. Thank you for your dedication.
Barb Vierra, Champaign, IL [06-21-1999]

james lewis [06-21-1999]

History uis really cool I like to learn about it
Pete H, 11, medford New York [06-21-1999]

Next to Ohio, I LOVE PENNSYLVAIA! My husband and I have visited Pennsylvania on countless occasions and will continue to do so as long as we are able. Every October we make the trip to the Lancaster area. We have been to Longwood Gardens, stayed at Bed and Breakfast lodgings, eaten at Groff's Farm, etc. I especially enjoy the historic sites of Pennsylvania. We are fortunate to "live next door" to our second favorite state!
Carole T. Zanath, 5624 N. Circle View Dr., Seven Hills, OH 44131-1626 [06-21-1999]

I think this is a great website to learn about our country which we take for granted.
Michael P. Gale, age 45 Dobbs Ferry, NY [06-21-1999]

This website is remarkably full of information, so carefully assembled, and presented so colorfully, that it has renewed my pride in Philadelphia where I was born and lived proudly for many years. I'll keep it in my "favorite places", so I can examine all its features later, and so I can run through it for friends.
Barbara Brackin, Holland, Bucks County, PA> [06-21-1999]

I thought of making "Poor Richirds Almanach".
Benjamin Franklin, 81,Boston [06-21-1999]

We will be touring the museum on Thursday, June 17th with the Save Our Sisters and Sons Youth Program of Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church. We are excited about the information we have recieved on your website and we are positive the children will enjoy their visit as well as the adults!
Allen & Carmen Best, Greenville, NC [06-21-1999]

We plan to visit Philadelphia in June, 1999 as our son recently transferred there. Found your site while surfing for information about the area. You have done a real nice job. Thank You.
Chuck Guinn, History Lover; Native Texan living in Orlando; 59 Years Old [06-21-1999]

I think it is great that you guys do this.
Lucy Beaman, I am 16 [06-21-1999]

Ron Rioux, Ai Force JROTC Instructor [06-14-1999]

Loved the site. My ancesters came to Philadelphia @ 1795, and it's thrilling to see some of the same buildings they must have seen or visited(they lived a block north of Elfreth's Alley). Thanks so much.
Priscilla Corbett [06-14-1999]

I am trying to put together a brochure about the history of the American Flag for our Flag Day Celebration. I had visited many sites, libraries and historic sites to try to obtain the information I needed.I wish I had found you months ago. Thank you for the valuable information.
Barbara D. Ryon-Covill-Gay, Victor Historical Society, Valentown Museum, victor, N.Y. [06-14-1999]

John and Margaret Lynam were quakers and my ancestors who came to philadelphia about 1682 I have just found there wedding in the quaker records in Derbyshire England.
valerie jones (neeLynam), I live in England and wanted to see where my ancestors went [06-13-1999]

Very educational site. Something there for everyone.
Fred and Kathi, LaGrande, OR [06-13-1999]

This wasn't a good setup!!!!!!!!
Daniel Ludwig [06-13-1999]

I served on the USS Barry, DD933 from 1970 until 1974. Great web page. I was unaware of much about the namesake of my first, and best, ship. Thanks.
Bill Young [06-13-1999]

I'm a "son" of Stephen Girard. I graduated from Girard College in 1949. Girard College was and IS a great school. It was a very real pleasure to read all the details you have compiled on one of America's greatest unsung hero's.
William J. Welsh, Girard College grad, , now live in NC [06-11-1999]

I really enjoyed the site and I will be a frequent vistor. Thank You.
William M. Cook, Reno, NV [06-11-1999]

Question? Can anyone help me or suggest who I might contact about the value of a brick from Independence Hall. A friend of mine acquired it from his father who once owned a bar in Philadelphia. The Brick came from the walkway at Independence Hall.
Judy Biondo [06-11-1999]

I am searching for information and videos to use in our church's annual 4th of July celebration. I would appreciate any information that would be of use. This site is very informative.
Traci Roper, Fort Payne, Alabama [06-11-1999]

Great site! I haven't been there since grade school but due to your informative web site I'm going Back.
Jeff W, 35yr old from Bay shore, NY [06-09-1999]

Thanks! Nicely designed web page, and very informative
Mike Miller, San Diego, CA [06-08-1999]

Great site! Wonderful for travel preparation!
Rebekah Jones, Orange, Texas [06-08-1999]

The website is very educational and inspiring. I enjoy being an American. Thank you for giving a piece of our extraordinary history.
Tiffany Coleman, St. Mary's County, United States [06-08-1999]

Jeffrey C. Armstrong [06-08-1999]

Used this web-site for many things while studying the American Revolution. Thank you for providing all the great information.
Linzy Conrad, 11 yr. old. Woodinville, WA [06-08-1999]

May, God's people who are called by his name, humble themselves and pray and seek God's face again that He will restore us to what our founding fathers intended. God bless all of you who are trying to teach through this Internet vehicle our true heritage. Gus Folk
Gus Folk, You have a great website and it is very informative. [06-08-1999]

I'm Interested in Unions & Organizes Labor History of America. also trade history an what happen to the trades. why an what happen to them
Michael F Holley, 46 yr Washington DC 20017 [06-07-1999]

Micha [06-07-1999]

I have been to Independence Hall and it was very fun to go through the virtual tour on the internet. I love the history and I've been to Philadelphia twice and I want to live there when I grow up.
Felicia Cooley, age 16 [06-07-1999]

thank you for a great web site found it in yahoo magazine listed as the best
Charlie.S, phila. [06-06-1999]

I enjoyed looking at the virtual tour. I only knew about Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Will be calling for more information. Because the family will be stopping at Philadelphia this August on our way to Washington.
Miriam Harpaz, Glenview, suburb of Chicago, ILl [06-05-1999]

Great site. Haven't been there since 56, brings back a lot of memories. Reminds me of the time I passed thru when in the service, and a Salvation Army person who was at the USO, took me on a walking tour. It's great to see the city and its history so well presented. Congragulatons on an outstanding job, so well done. GRB, Tampa Fl.
George R. Beebe, Am 66. Lived in S.Jersey on and off,1939-52 (Woodbury,Glassboro,Pitman, etc.)g [06-04-1999]

Oh My God!This site is so cool when u have a report and a costume due for History in a couple days! Thank-you for all this great information!My mom says that I am lucky because when she was young she had to go to the library to get information!
Jenni [06-04-1999]

This page was the best page i've ever seen!
anonymous [06-04-1999]

My daughter and Grandaughter were in philly for The Gaither Homecomingin Sept 1998.. we enjoyed your city and visiting the LIBERTY bell.. we are coming back in oct. to another gaither homecoming concert and are going to have some Cheese steakes this time. i think we might have missed something. My parents were both born in Pa.
sylvia judkins, pittsburg N.H. [06-04-1999]

i'm in this site because i'm gong to a filed trip with my school. This website had a lot of information. Thanks!
Corrine, Patchogue New York 11 [06-03-1999]

I grew up in S. Jersey, miss Phila. Could use a good cheesesteak, hoagie or tastykake for lunch!!! Was looking at Girard College info and checked you out. Need to find Girard alumni info for a relative. He graduated from there in 1962. If any one has info on branch in the south e mail info. Thanks.
T Lynch, Cameron SC [06-03-1999]

where do you get all this stuff? where ever you do thanks,I am going to tell all my friends and my troop!
eric_cartman, 11,boyscout [06-03-1999]

I was looking for something other than famous African-American for our Black History Program in Feb.I am glad I "stumbled"onto this website.It is so informative and colorful
Daisy Barges [06-03-1999]

Abigail Fayas, green Bay, WI. united States [06-02-1999]

Majored in history while I was in college, loved reading and still reading both U.S. and world history. One can learn a lot studying history.
Wilso, 50, Orinda, CA [06-02-1999]

this site and its links was very helpful in researching the national flag. To assist my older daughter in her education and to widen her interests.
mark nofer, father of two girls [06-01-1999]

This sight gives alot of info. in how penn's landing came to be, my suggestion would be to include all upcoming events, such as: food courts-menus & prices, events-showtimes & prices, dates-starting & ending, detailed info. on all events being hosted here, etc.
Mrs. Tamara L. Foy, I'm 43 years old, live in Holmesburg sect. of city, 2 grown children, 2 step children, 1 grand daughter [06-01-1999]

I am evaluating this for a school project and I am impressed at the info. this website has. THANK YOU!!!!! KJELL.B
KJELL.B, 11,EvrettW.A [06-01-1999]

wuz up my brothers peace to ya
bryan burnett, 10 years old germantown,maryland [06-01-1999]

It was great visiting historic Philly. I was looking for info. on the Loxley House. My GGGGGGGrandmother lived close to there. (Lydia Darragh) Also reading about Friends House (She is burried in the cemetary was great. I would love to visit.
Judi Walters [06-01-1999]

Hello: Thank you for this web site. I am so thankful to the American Fathers for making sacrifices for freedom and individual liberty that are so totally foreign to anyone in modern America. I am so proud to be an American!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless America, Dan Hepworth
Dan Hepworth, Urbandale, IA 50322 [05-31-1999]

a great site..i will return to read more in order to prepare for my visit...
david fleming [05-31-1999]

Tony Laird [05-31-1999]

Great site! I got side-tracked when I was looking for information about the Daughters of the American Revolution.
anonymous [05-31-1999]

Phila is a great place to live and visit come back often
Pauline [05-31-1999]

i am a native of philadelphia and was so glad a penpal of mine sent me this site.i had forgotten about the statue and who it was of.
Pat Buzzella, 33,northwestern pennsylvaina [05-28-1999]

As a former Philadelphia area resident (Newtown Square), I sure felt homesick lokking at your beautiful and informative site! To me, there is nothing in California that is as awe-inspiring as those wonderful old buildings filled with our nation's history. Thank you for compiling such an incredible website!!!!!
Pamela Barnes Graves, Age 40something; Marina del Rey, Ca [05-28-1999]

Taking the tour of Historic Phila. was fascinating. Also, the covered bridges were awesome. Great job on your homepage. Really enjoyed your site...~Q-ZONE~
John Quattromani, I'm originally from South Philly [05-28-1999]

As a decendant of Chief Tammamend, Leno Lenape Indian tribe(now called Delawares)by way of seketumaqua [Black Beaver]-pleased to see entry Of American Indian Cultural Center of Delaware Valley! I hope to see your country before too many moons.
Donald R. McDaniel, 68, Golden, Texas;originally from Oklahoma. [05-28-1999]

Amy: I am so excited to be visiting Philly in June.This will be my second big trip of the year with LES. GOOO Owls!!!!! Goodbye LES. Hello TMS. Hey Philly we can really Party. So when we come ( sometime in June) ya all better be ready. Philly is gonna be cool. Cannot wait for a Philly Cheesesteak. Better have one for me!!! Jackie: What Amy is trying to say is that we are in fifth grade and we are leaving LES ( Luxmanor Elentary School) and entering TMS (Tilden Middle School). When she said that this is our second biggest trip this year she meant that we have gone on a class overnight to Williamsburg in Virginia. We are coming on a late stay to Philly in June, so get ready for us! Gee, I wonder how long it takes to get to Philly... Mr. Picca.....? (my teacher)
LES Students: Jackie and Amy, 10, Rockville, MD [05-27-1999]

This site has been extremely useful-Thanks..
Lea Graham, College History major, Philadelphia [05-27-1999]

Looking for Judy Allen, Olney H.S.Class of '64 - long lost relative. If you know of her, please contact me.
Jessie Allen Sostorecz [05-27-1999]

Excellent websight;very informative.I am a descendant of Commodore John Barry, so I especially liked the information on The Father of the American Navy-one of America's truly great heroes.Thank You!
V.Howerton [05-27-1999]

Ruth A. Joppich [05-27-1999]

After continuing to view the site I was surprise to see that under religion you didn't mention The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of The Apostolic Faith that's located on 22nd and Bainbridge Street. It is one of Philadelphia's largest, maybe you ought to take a look at that. Just a thought.
Lawrence Currie [05-27-1999]

I was encouraged to see all the informatin available about the city,it knid of made me homesick. The site is excellent and informative, keep it up. Philly is the best city in the nation.
Lawrence Currie, 28 yrs old-form Philadelphia,going to scholl in Detroit,MI [05-27-1999]

We think this web site is very we mean very exciting.
Keeley & Dorothy, 9 years old Millen GA [05-27-1999]

My business partner and I will be coming to Philadelphia on a business trip in a couple of weeks and we know nothing about the city, but it looks like a lot of history can be found here. We won't have much time to see the sights, can you recommend the good ones?
Elaine Hauck, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada [05-27-1999]

Elaine Hauck, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada [05-27-1999]

We think that the man that fixed the bell was a hero.
Dorothy&Keeley, We're both 9 and Millen is where we live [05-27-1999]

tHiS sItE iS tHe bOmB
Dan ?????? [05-27-1999]

I found this site very usefull while doing a report on American independence.
Amanda Gorke, I'm 13 and live in Marshfield, WI [05-25-1999]

As a teacher of American government, I find your site very useful.
Deborah Starkey Medlar [05-25-1999]

I am looking forward to visiting your city on Memorial Day weekend. I teach elementary "at risk" children. They love for me to return from an adventure and share my experiences with them.
Paula Walker, Lake Jackson, Texas, Age: old as dirt [05-24-1999]

You made great exciting page!!!!!!!!!!!!
Melissa Shychuk [05-24-1999]

Emily Drribelbis [05-24-1999]

I am doing an oral report on the mint in school. And I find this website really helpful!
Desiree D'Amico, 9 years old live in N.J [05-22-1999]

I liked the Independence Hall because it was built in 1732 and has much historical significance. Also the Liberty Bell is our symbol of freedom.
Kyle Franzone [05-22-1999]

Love your website - it's so full of great information! My family will have a 3 hour layover in the airport on a Friday afternoon in June. We want to see some sights, but need help in seeing the most and best in the least amount of time. (5 & 8 year old kids) HELP!!!!
Opera, Kansas City [05-22-1999]

I visited everything on this site and it is the bomb!!!!!
Brianne, 11 years old, 5th grade, from Utah [05-22-1999]

Thank you for the very useful information on early railroads in the Philadelphia Area. I really enjoyed your website.
George E. Haimbach, Norristown, PA [05-22-1999]

Judy Reiff [05-22-1999]

JEANNIE9, 6608 SIERRA BLANCA ODESSA TX 15 [05-22-1999]

anonymous, ANTIONE JONES IAM 109yrsILIVE IN ROANOKE VA, [05-19-1999]

Love the web site, Deborah
Deborah Velasco and Jenny Salinas, My friend thinks she is Indian, but she not!!!!!! [05-19-1999]

Lori White [05-18-1999]

This is a great site because my class is going on a trip to philly tomorrow.
Robbie, age:12/city:Piscataway/state:new jersey [05-17-1999]

this sites great I'm going to philidelphia on a class trip and I've learned all about it.
michael, 10 [05-17-1999]

We have to go to Philadela on thursday and I wanted this good informatin and I wanted to see what it is like and I looked it up and I really like this informatin and I think every web should have this goo information so cn you put this on the explas please thank you
Laurel [05-17-1999]

Nathan [05-17-1999]

Scotto, Binghamton [05-17-1999]

Julie Parker [05-17-1999]

My class is visiting Historic Philadelphia on Tuesday May 18th. I am visiting this site so I can see what I will be seeing. I am very excited to come to Philadelphia.
Ashley Orloff, Bethlehem, PA 5th grader at Notre Dame Of Bethlehem [05-17-1999]

new to computers,new to the Web but have been making pre 1800 brooms for nearly 30 years. Presently attempting to locate my great great Etc... grandfathers Rev. War pension records; DAR,SAR etc.. and happened upon your site. Bob Aborn
Robert Aborn, age 60, of Plainville, CT. [05-17-1999]

kyle martin, na [05-17-1999]

Had a strange experience in Elfreth's Alley - while strolling through the alley enjoying the quaintness of it all I felt something tug at the back of my shirt when I turned around there was nothing that I could have been caught on.
L Rohs [05-14-1999]

Our grade is going to Philadelphia on thursday! That is why I am looking at this web page! So we can have a preview on Philadelphia!
Kate Bolger [05-14-1999]

I had to do a report on Independence Hall and this is the best place to get info I think.
Caitlin, 10/f [05-14-1999]

Moulard, S., primary teacher [05-14-1999]

I visit Philly quite a lot my son works in Philly and I enjoy and I make all kinds of excuses to visit. this site is very nice. and I will be returning to it before long.
Nancy F Brown, Beaver Falls,Pa. [05-14-1999]

My husband is a history buff and growing up in Delaware County, has always viewed historical Philadelphia as a place he wanted to "drench" our kids with. Thank you for making it easier, not to mention, fun to do this.
gail, Yardley [05-14-1999]

I am in school now-I go to Thomas Jefferson. The 5th graders in my school are going on a field trip to Philly, and our teacher told us there was a Web sight that had virtual tours of Philadelphia. Both me and my friend are taking the "tours." I can't wait to actually GO to Philly! Bye! :-)
E.Sjovall, I'm from Morristown, N.J. I'm 11 years old. [05-14-1999]

Hi i'm chris i live in new jersey, and i'm in love with my dog
anonymous [05-14-1999]

I'm glad that the U.S. History Org. put this web site out. I think you have presented some impotant national history. I'm proud to be and American even in these troubling times. I looked to this web site to find official meaning of the flag and its components. I think I remember an aquaintence telling me that the colors had specific meaning. Is that true? Is there any other symbolism in the make-up of the flag? Thankyou for creating this web site it's a good source of information and it's a good way to present the importance of our national symbole to a lot of people. Sincerely, Mark Conquest Burlington Vt.
anonymous [05-14-1999]

I am very interested in this type of site. I have one question. Is there anywhere on the internet that can tell me the correct etiquette for the Star Spangled Banner. We recently had a concert at the school and I had always been taught you were to sing the SPB when it was played and the director or announcer was supposed to invite the audience to stand and join them in the Star Spangled Banner. Can you help with this The school seems to be confused on this issue.
Gail Moncivais, 47yrs. old and a Vietnam Era Veteran, Clark Summit PA [05-14-1999]

On thursday we are going to Philadelphia.My group is going to see Idependence Hall.Mrs.Kerner said that chaperones link up sometimes.The they keep on talking and talking. So my group is goin to link up with Jessica's dad.We will have a good time!!!
Annie Kaffka [05-14-1999]

Well, we`re going to philly this week and we are suspossed to read about philly`s US history.one other thind I would like to say is...GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PHILLY!:)
zoeie,(iTHINK)., I rule! 11,Ny [05-14-1999]

Our Whole grade is going to Philidelphia on May 13. And we live in NY ! It's going 2 b really FFFUUUUNNNN!!!!
Meryl, I can't TELL STRANGERS!!! [05-14-1999]

philly rules (especialy the malls) lol to all you young ones out there go to philly!
zoe, 12,new york city (the big apple)i rule [05-14-1999]

This is without doubt the best web site devoted to early American History. You have provided a great service to the public. Thanks.
Ray Doyle, Retired History Professor [05-13-1999]

A friend and I are taking our children on a historical tour of the east coast. We have been researching for more information and found this site very helpful in planning our destinations.
Chandy Andre, Mission Viejo, Ca [05-13-1999]


Candace [05-10-1999]

I love this website because it has information on it I couldn't find anywhere else. Thanks you guys saved my social studies grade.
Julie, 14,Catty [05-10-1999]

Ilive very near the Brandywine Battlefield in Chadds Ford, PA. I needed to know the name of one of the buildings there and did not want to go out to get the information. I typed in Brandywine Battlefield in the Infoseek search engine and happily found the name of the building as well as finding a very good U. S. History reference site. I have bookmarked your site for future reference for myself and my children when we need U. S. History information.
Jeannie Walker, Boothwyn, PA [05-10-1999]

pennsylvania is great big up to will smith representing
shyyanna monique shandell saneike "boomie" jackson, 20 yrs old columbus georgia [05-10-1999]

Thank you for sharing this wonderful educational site.
Ruth Wales [05-09-1999]

Great Website. My family originates in Philly and was part of the founding. I have been searching to fill in some gaps. I have some info regarding the founding of the Philadelphia Library in 1742 as well as some of things if you are interested. Keep up the good work...Thanks
Emilie Gibbs [05-09-1999]

Looking for family members. Originally from New York, New Jersey and Ohio. My father Louis Schillizzi was one of thirteen children.
Linda A. Schillizzi, Park Ridge & Schaumburg, Illinois [05-08-1999]

My family arrived in Philadelphia in Oct 1685. I'am glad to see that you have such a well formed site......I'am doing my family's genealogy and travel through many web sites..keep up the good work.....George Cutler
George Cutler, Born in Frankford Hospital-Live in Houston, Tx. [05-07-1999]

Very informative
John Hutton [05-07-1999]

I'm just new to this internet stuff and this was the only thing I could find but I'll tell you one thing, they have the same statue in Wexford. I know - I used to live there! Maybe it tells us that already. I don't know, I didn't read it all. Anyway good stuff mate, keep it coming.
Helen Carlos, Townsville [05-07-1999]

Great Job. Grew up in Phila. Enjoyed your site. thanks
Joan A Brokaw, age 55, St. Cloud Fl. [05-07-1999]

danielle meador [05-06-1999]

You know, my dad always told me that there was a statue of my great, great, great something grandfather, John Barry form which my middle name comes, in Philly and that I should see someday; Thank you for the data collected so that I could learn more about him and others could as well. This is pretty cool, man.
Kevin Barry Woodling, 21, Charlottesville, Va. [05-06-1999]

This website is da bomb.
Billy, I am 10 [05-06-1999]

this is a great site and i learned so much that i didnt know before!
samantha daigle, enfield,nh [05-06-1999]

IRIS, 17,TEXAS [05-05-1999]

Sarah M. Burleson, I'm 10 years old wanting to learn about the revolutionary war. [05-04-1999]

nathan [05-04-1999]

i'm hungry
matt lichner, 16 tillamook, or [05-03-1999]

I really liked the history presented on this site. I got a lot of information here. Thanks a lot for the info.
Carolyn, 16 years old from New Zealand [05-03-1999]

Vicki Samuels Levy, Houston, Texas [04-30-1999]

We need to pray for the youth of the world. Now more than ever.
Lice. Michelle Ann Lee, A member of Emanuel AME In Harlem New York, I will be ordained a local minister at the New York District Conf in October. My Pastor is Rev. Simon P. Bouie. [04-30-1999]

This web siteis very informative. I got some info from here.
Eric, 11 yrs. old [04-30-1999]

I am planning a family vacation to Philadelphia. We would like to see the Liberty Bell and other historic sites. What's the best place to stay? Any particularly fine places to dine? What about the famous Philly steak & cheese sandwich? Was it really invented there?
Mary K. Anglin, Hixson Tennessee - Go Wildcats! [04-29-1999]

Hey I love NSYNC because they rock AND I am in a boring calass rigt now talk later see ya soon Bye
Kristi, none [04-29-1999]

I was raised in Pa. and thought I knew something of Philadelphia's History. Boy was I mistaken. Have enjoyed the areas that I have research so far. Am looking for Nyes, Coran, Frankenberger and associated families around 1800's. Have found nothing on Girard College, but then haven't check the whole site. Thank-you for a job well done. Bea
Bea Murdaugh, Now of South Carolina [04-29-1999]

Very informative. Thank you for your web site
Dan Hawk, Age:26 Live in Inverness, Scotland [04-29-1999]

What about the Sosth Carolina Colony? I'm doing a report aboutit and there's NOTHING about it! I think you should add some!!!-Jamie*Ferris
Jamie, 11 [04-29-1999]

diceraw [04-28-1999]

i am also a firefighter
Steven Biondi [04-28-1999]

We love American history. We enjoy learning new and interesting things. We are very happy that there are so many web pages on every different aspect of History. Thanks!
Mariel and Kathleen, 14 years of age, Pennsylvania [04-28-1999]

Lauren Moser [04-28-1999]

I think this site offers many things fot the beginner and for the advanced.
Adem Swanson, I'm studying for my BA in political history. [04-27-1999]

I am tring to find information about a hat company that was founded in phily in 1884. I am not sure of the first name but the last name is reed's and son's. Any help you can give or point me to someone that knows the history of this company will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Scott Reichenbach, Fayetteville, Pa [04-27-1999]

Very interesting and informative; probably helpful for students and anyone else who likes history. Ya' ll come down to Memphis and the gracious South...
Nancy Smith-Jones, 50ish, Memphis, Tenn [04-27-1999]

Bringing our Youth Group to visit on May 1. Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church, Beach Haven, NJ....always a pleasure to visit.
Joan Bowers, Beach Haven, NJ [04-27-1999]

anonymous, 5th Grade teacher, Buena Park, CA [04-26-1999]

I'm really interested in history. I saw this ad and it looked interesting, so that's how I got here
mandy hackney, 11 redding [04-26-1999]

I was actually born in Philly. I then moved to Alaska to get out of the city. then i moved to puerto rico, i got married and want to return to Philly. the end
Toni, 16, Puerto Rico [04-26-1999]

Wolfgang Krikula [04-25-1999]

I was born and raised in Philadelphia and have never visited the African-American Museum, I am not proud of that, but have promoised myself to do so before the end of the year.
Pamela L. Bennett, 47, NJ, Female [04-25-1999]

Thanks for your timelines on Phillidelphia. Do you have info on early Pa history, Penn Family, Slavery and the Slave Trade?
Jim McNeill, Living Easton is a community group in Bristol, UK. We co-ordinate a number of community projects involving history, environment and art in East Bristol. [04-25-1999]

Very well done site, lots of usefull info thanx
Laura Gross, 19, Dallas TX: History Major [04-25-1999]

patty cross, slc ut. [04-25-1999]

TYLER HANDWERK, 11/M PA [04-23-1999]

ALSO thank you sooo much for giveing this wonderful info!! i am 11 by the way in school... soo shhhh!! dont tell cause i am supposed to be doin something else!!
Katie, Hi, i am in school right now and we are goin to Philly soon and this is alot of cool info on what i am goin to see.... THANKS!! [04-23-1999]

Katie Donchez [04-23-1999]

Colleen [04-23-1999]

I think this was the best thing to go in to. It was cool.
anonymous, Kara Hertzog , 11 , 1999 [04-23-1999]

melanie deskiewicz hey , i like this web site besause it help me with research not besause it gives me a view of the world
anonymous [04-23-1999]

thank you very much!!
Katiezzzz, HEYZZZ!!! i Go to NWLMS and this web gave me a lot of info on Philly!! cause we are goin to Philly on monday and i need to know where to go. [04-23-1999]

i love philly cheese steaks!!!!
Minnie [04-22-1999]

Jarret, 10, Mantua, [04-22-1999]

Can I get some info about the party this saturday at the museum
Bruce [04-22-1999]

I think it is a cool place!!!!!!!!!!!
josh figueroa [04-22-1999]

bob guer [04-22-1999]

I was looking into the Fire Museum piece. I was hoping there would be some info on the men who served in the early times there. My grandfather is listed in the archives, (circa 1933), Charles Carroll. Hoping you get some info about the unsung heros of the town on before too long. Thanks, this is great tho, I found it by accident!! Judy
Judy Carroll Martin, HOUSTON, TX [04-21-1999]

Christine Guariglia, 11/female/GR, NJ/SOCCER RULES!!!!!! [04-21-1999]

My name is Ashlyn Carney. My mom homeschools me. I am an advanced student in History. So during the time i used to use doing my History lesson my mom connects me to your web site and thats my lesson it is still as fun as the book and then i also can use the computer. Thanks so much for putting this site on it is so usfull and i didn't want to do the 7th grade History book and spoil next year in a normal school.
Ashlyn Carney, I am 11 years old and live in Georgia. I would like to get mail about History. [04-20-1999]

Great Site!!
David John Habig, 9 years old, Hershey Elementary [04-19-1999]

David Flannery, 11,Lynbrook,Marion Street School [04-19-1999]

Like cooleo, man. Like keep up the rad work.
Joanna Lanpry, 19 [04-19-1999]

i like Philly chess steaks
Minnie Vasquez [04-19-1999]

kristine, my name is Kristine [04-19-1999]

thus program gives me a view and a flavor of the real world.
Heather Leisher, 11 [04-19-1999]

it is a neat page it gives me a taste of the world
Christine Leiby, birthdate:4/8/88 [04-19-1999]

What a wonderful site !!!!! All I see is RESOURCES, RESOURCES, RESOURCES. It's so incredible to be able to access historical data bases which exceed personal and local public libraries. Thank you Thank you. Thank you. Gail
Gail Maddox, age 61 City- Plano, Tex. Addicted to Genealogy Research [04-19-1999]

This site is very informative & I look forward to visiting the historical Philadelphia very soon, for I loved it as a young child. Thanks.
Traci Ament, 24, Delaware [04-18-1999]

Lianne Schaeffer [04-18-1999]

This is an awesome site! My shcool librarian recommended it to me for a project on the middle colonies. I think it is going to be very useful!
Anna Ernst, I'm 11 [04-18-1999]

Dean C. Gilger, Abingdon, MD [04-18-1999]

I am planning a vacation to Philadelphia with my family this summer. I found your sight very informative...I am also a 6th grade teacher and enjoy sharing my passion for U.S. History with my students. I would enjoy any information you could share with me.
Theresa D. Roberts, Age: 37 Tyrone, Ga [04-18-1999]

This is one great web page. Someone put a lot of time into this. There is something here for everyone. What better way to inform people about your city. Keep up the good work. Oh yeah, tell someone to patch the roads.
mike Hoffman, washington, dc [04-18-1999]

Thanks for helping us with our Philadelphia report for 4th grade!!
Brandy & Erica [04-18-1999]

Scott Gamache [04-17-1999]

Looking for family members
Jane E. Loewer, Senior citizen from Ohio [04-17-1999]

I love history and impressed with this page. I wish you extreme luck with your work and I hope you can be able to pass on our history to future patrons. These documents are important for they give us our basic freedoms. Preserve this page for the ages so all can see this as well. Continue on and prosper!!
Edward Griffis [04-17-1999]

I like your page.Itis very useful on my report.
Drew Alexander Jones, 11years old,from Lenexa,Kansas, [04-17-1999]

Drew Alexander Jones [04-17-1999]

this site is cool!!!!!!!
jonney b. bad, west californa [04-16-1999]

My dad is originally from philly. I enjoyed my visit there last summer and can't wait to go back. What history,so many great sites to see Place philly on your must visit list you won't be sorry.
Raven Smith, age 10 Columbia SC H.B RHAME Elementary School [04-16-1999]

lookin' forward to cruisin the street,..hopin to Find more areas accessible 4 wheelchairs this time... Is their any way to get the Mayor's email address??
c orzel, Celebratin' my 40th birthday next week...{20th}, and am having company from Calif, cannot wait to show him South Street....only lil' bit O' calif we have...right? [04-16-1999]

I like this website! It helps me on reports!!!!! It gives so much information.
Melissa [04-16-1999]

i found this site very useful and great. I am studying independence hall in my class and this site was very helpful. THANKS!
John Corning, 10, Columbia, South Carolina, Lonnie B. Nelson Elementary School [04-15-1999]

It was cool
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this is fuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i liket it
sean weed, i am a weirdo [04-15-1999]

This web site is very informational. It helped me a lot with my project for school.
Katie S., 13,New Jersey [04-15-1999]

I love history and think your websight is awsome!!
Tigerlily Swallow, 15 years old [04-15-1999]

Just wanted to see what there is to do in the city.....lots of useful information here!!
Jason, Fort Washington [04-15-1999]

Very interesting site. I did wish it had phone numbers or links to request pamphlets so I could study / review to help me plan my visit.
Bob Richards, Colorado [04-15-1999]

I am going to Phili in a few weeks. Its cool to see all the places before I go there!
Mike Faltin, age,14 city,Hershey date 4/14/99 [04-15-1999]

Mary McLee, 9 New Tripoli [04-15-1999]

Mike Faltin [04-15-1999]

Mary McLee, 9, New Tripoli [04-15-1999]

Looking for the Sylvester family of Phila...Also Loughrey, McCormack, Hart, Naughton,Brady, and Shanahan.
Barbara Loughrey Forsey, Phila born...in 1948...living in Ca...researching ancesters [04-15-1999]

Edgar A.Poe was a terrific writer!
Renee Green, 15,Jackson [04-15-1999]

Kits doing a peom about the flag for Memorial Day and I just happened to ask for the right site. Really were trying to find what each of the colors stand for. I guess I just don't remember them accurately. Really enjoyed the site and now I know how to make a Five Pointed Star with one cut of the scissors. Thanks, I'll try to impress My grandchildren with that. Thanks again it has been a pleasant informative visit. donkit
Don & Kit, Don 70yrs. Kit 69yrs, [04-15-1999]

Looking for any thing on Martha Washington.
stephanie, 10 Stafford Virigina [04-13-1999]

it is the best web site i think for doing progets about philly!!!!!!
Naveed [04-13-1999]

richard schmalzbach [04-13-1999]

Me and my family will have a vacation in philadelphia on June1999 and we will go to the mint , we all look forward to this trip.
Carlos Hernandez, 33 years old, Tampa Florida [04-13-1999]

Tyler Hoover [04-13-1999]

This site really helped me on one of my social studies projects thanks Mark
Mark Simonson, I live in Iowa [04-13-1999]

One of my favorite historic sites to tour in Philly is the tiny little (once water-front) pub: The Man Full of Troubles Tavern. Before we moved to MA it was becoming harder and harder to find open (due to lack of volunteers?). We will be visiting PA twice this year (in May and Nov). Is the Tavern still open for public view and what are the hours of availability? I volunteer at a historical museum here. More people need to give their time to keep history alive for the future!
RJ Shaw-Pichette, Old Deerfield, Massachusetts [04-13-1999]

I love to hear the stries of people who cost there lives for me and to me that is the most touching thing anyone could ever do for you just like Jesus died on the cross these people went into war knowingly that they may never come back. Altough they probably did'nt want to think of it they knew deep in there heart it was possible and that to me is bravery!! And I thank every single one of those men and they are honard today and they diserve it! And if I was them I would have done it to! Thank You and God Bless for telling there story!
Michelle Truesdale, Celina Middle school is coming to D.C. on April 26!! [04-11-1999]

Your museum is one of the first and only places in this city for me, that consistantly has valuable resources. I think your exhibitions are wonderful and comprehensive. I only wish you were closer to where I teach. Please keep doing all that you are doing to bring African American Art to everyone!! As an art teacher, you are always an inspiration for my students to see and learn from. The professional development workshops I've attended there were great. I look forward to future workshops and exhibitions in the near future.
HELENE MITAUER, I teach art in North Philly and I have a son that is an actor. [04-11-1999]

this site is a great help. It helped me with my school project
chris, 13 [04-11-1999]

Needs some U.S.S. Bunker Hill of World War 2 stuff and World War 2 stuff
Rex, Des Moines , Iowa [04-11-1999]

Pat Sweeney [04-11-1999]

My family and I visit Penn's Landing several times throughout the year. We enjoy the riverfront view and entertainment. Keep up the good work. This is a terrific web site too.
Deborah Stanton [04-11-1999]

Tiffany Chavaria (Go-Gurt Girl), I Live In Whittier, California, I Am 10, And Brittney Spears And Backstreet Boys Rule [04-10-1999]

I found this webpage very helpful, because of how I'm going on a fieldtrip to Philidelphia and don't really know anything about Pennsylvania.
Samantha Dales, 10, Baltimore, Maryland [04-10-1999]

Rachael Hutt, annapolis ,md [04-10-1999]

I was pleased to find your website as good as I heard it was. I am a homeschooler, and I find this very helpful.
Carrie Witherell, 16 years, NH [04-10-1999]

As a retired person I look foward once again to visit this wonderful area so full of Historical places and be reminded of a place long thought of visiting again. Not since I was a boy have i been able to come back. Tomorrow my wife and i plan on arriving for a day long visit also I like your Web page.

I'm impressed with this web page. I'm looking forward to visit your state.
sylvia haughton, kingsland, ga., 3l548 [04-08-1999]

The reason I accessed this site was to find some information about Commodore John Barry. It seems My Great grandfather ,from Churchtown ,County Wexford , was married to A Mary Barry. I was told she was related to the commodore.
Thomas P. Ryan, Westchester,IL.,60154 [04-08-1999]

Ted and Nancy Ruark, We plan to visit Philadelphia on Monday, April 19th. Nancy is a teacher at Cony High School in Augusta, ME. Ted is one son of parents from Bucks County. He has visited Philly before, but not for almost 35 years. both are anxious to see the city. [04-08-1999]

great web page!!We are planning a trip to look at colleges in pa. at the end of april and will have to take a tour!can you send me a city map? thanks
steve white, 54 hawley rd.melrose,ma. 02176 [04-08-1999]

This is a really great homepage!!!!
Stephanie, Germany [04-08-1999]

I am doing a report for my 8th grade history class on Philadelphia and how commerce and transportation influenced the city's growth. I found this website to be very helpful and easier to read than some of the books my dad made me read.
Sarah Marsh, Los Angeles [04-08-1999]

Margaret Clemons [04-08-1999]

Hi! Could you send us pictures of Martha Washington For our report
Kendra Ramsey and Lindsey Monti, ages 10 Marlborough Zip code 01752 [04-08-1999]

I love the page!! Thank you especially for the picture of the statue. Lots of descendants in Florida of his sister thru the Wilcox line. Any questions, e-mail me!!!!
Karen Doke Colson, Descendant of John Barry's sister Jane Barry Butler Byrne, thru her daughter Rebecca Butler (Willcox) [04-08-1999]

Oyez! Oyez! Just a line to say how i enjoy your pages. It is not possible to be a town crier without being interested in and enjoying history. Especially when it relates to our own past. A short blurp on the past and present purposes of a town crier on the criers pages would be benificial to our cause.
Gary J. Long, beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia [04-08-1999]

We are planning to visit Philadelphia this summer looking up all the info we can find on the internet about your city
Elmer D. Avaty, Lucas Kansas [04-08-1999]

great website!!!
Claire, 4-6-99 [04-08-1999]

William Penn I studied about you. I know your a Quaker. Do you still live in Pennsylvania? Well got to go now Yours and truly, Brandon Grissette
Brandon Grissette, 10 years -Elgin ILL Channing school [04-08-1999]

Great information. Planning to take my class on an over night field trip to Philadelphia and you were a great help. Thanks, A.L.S.-D.
Andrea L. Stoddard-Draves, Granville, NY [04-08-1999]

I am an elementary school teacher and an have an avid interest in history. Please keep me on your mailing lists.
Victor Riddle [04-04-1999]

John Hilpert, Cape Girardeau, Mo. [04-04-1999]

les [04-04-1999]

I am exploring Quaker history and current information. My ancestor, Peter Trego, was one of the original members of William Penn's settlement in Pennsylvania. Although my grandfather travelled west, and we have remained here, I am interested in exploring my roots. I have been working in the area of prison reform, social justice, education, and counselling for many years, and feel a deep sense of connection with Quaker philosophy and values. Thanks for the opportunity to say hello. Hazel Trego
Hazel Trego, 49 years old, Kamloops, B. C., Canada [04-04-1999]

would like information on purchasing coins from the mint
jay kusnierz, sandisfield,ma [04-04-1999]

I actually have two qusetions, and would like a responce, if posiable? The first is why is Alexander Hamilton, on the $10 bill looking in the opposite direction, of all others? And the secound is where can i purchuse a "mint" set of the all 50 state quarters? thank you.
Nick Tsimenis, 27, originally from Brooklyn, N.Y. now i live in a Chicago suburbe [04-04-1999]

I enjoyed the mint, the liberty bell, Edgar Allan Poe's house, and Elfred's Alley! Great page!
ryan, i live in the suburbs of Philadelphia [04-04-1999]

I just found this page and will be back many times, since I am researching my family line.
Linda C.Prats, Los Gatos,Ca [04-04-1999]

Excellent site for any student studying history. well done!
Rosemary Butler, Age 19, Ireland [04-04-1999]

Great site. As a amateur historian,this will be a site to visit on a steady basis. Also to tell friends. thank you and keep up the great work. This site is invaluable to me and I know others. much success chuck talmadge
chuck talmadge, butler,nj, 51years old, hobby-study revolutionary war [04-04-1999]

I came to this site to look for info on a Andrew McNare who was the first bell ringer in Philadelphia in 1759 to 1776 ,and got hung up on reading what everyone else thaught about your site
Richard D. Mackneer Sr., Iam 59 yoa and from New Bern ,North Carolina [04-04-1999]

Stephenie Saucier [04-04-1999]

donna kreitzer [03-30-1999]

This is the best site I've found. I'm having to do research on Treatment of Soldiers in the Continental Army. I have had difficulty getting some of the informtion i.e. specifics. This site has been a tremendous help. If you know of anyother links about Military Medical History, I would certainly appreciate it.
Arch Payton, 5417 Peninsula Way Garland, Texas 75043 [03-30-1999]

i wanna know more about Quakers
Gokberk Can, 17 m [03-30-1999]

Hi i am studing on William Penn in Soc. Studies. Your friend, Brandon Grissette I studie alot on him. Got to go now bye bye
Brandon Grissette [03-30-1999]

Lydia J. Miller [03-30-1999]

shane [03-30-1999]

My husband is a descendant of Issac Allerton, and if anyone out there might have some information regarding the Allerton geneology, I would love some information.
Karren Stone, Calgary,Ab Canada [03-29-1999]

I've always wanted to become intimately involved with our Philly History. Now that I have a daughter I'd like to use this site to find places to go, things to experience and DIRECTIONS for how to get there.
Sharon M., Central Jersey, 1999 [03-29-1999]

Very interesting site.
Larry Truitt, Pastor of Sugar Plain Friends Meeting, Thorntown, IN [03-29-1999]

sandra jenkins, 31, Torrance.CA [03-29-1999]

So very informatve and interesting. Wish I'd seen it before the wife and I attended the National Postal Forum there several years ago. We saw several things on your site that we would have loved to see. Now we want to go back You Done Good!.
Dale Harper, I'm a Missourian, (Kansas City) and you have to show me! and your site really did. [03-29-1999]

I'm ateacher and I like to surf.
Harry Oliver, San Diego,Ca. [03-29-1999]

kristina craig [03-29-1999]


Debbie Mumphrey, Kaytlin Mumphrey, Mary & Lauren Girard, Velma Deffes, Cathy Hicks, AGES RANGE FROM GRANDMOTHER TO GRANDDAUGHTER, [03-29-1999]

mark rosekelly [03-29-1999]

Arthenia Turner, State Flag Chairman, [03-29-1999]

MICHAEL WATTS [03-29-1999]

I think that you should have a page all about the Revolutionary War in Philadelphia but other than that it was a good page.
Sara, 13 [03-29-1999]

Erin Farquhar, may move to philly [03-29-1999]

What a great site! I was born in south west Phila. I've been living in so. Fla for 13 years ... I miss my home AND VISIT AS MUCH AS I CAN ... If there's anyone out there who went to John Bartram high school and wants to say hi just e-mail me at franhay@webtv.com. I was class of 69.
Fran Hayes, Phila will always be my home! [03-25-1999]

luv the web site
mihelle [03-25-1999]

I think that this helps people out a lot when they are working on reports and stuff.
Breanna Gross, 14 ear old freshman from Hazard, KY. [03-25-1999]

Enjoyed this site!
Karyn Wolf, age 33 - Canton, Ohio [03-25-1999]

very good site, keep it up!
william tobakos [03-25-1999]

I think that you should have a search engine that finds certain things quicker. But over all you have a wonderful website! I used a lot of your information in most of my research report!
Webpagegrl [03-23-1999]

Hi Mr. I would like to say this is a high quality site and it has a lot of information. I really enjoyed it myself. I take my hat off to this site. From your friend. Tony Marvin
Tony Marvin, 13 yrs old, Racine Wi. [03-23-1999]

I am doing a class project on the Constitution and are browsing several sites. Your virtual tour was great and it gave me a lot of information.
Tom Horton, Racine Wisconsin [03-23-1999]

We love the site it was very useful to us thanx alot Jesse
Jesse Toncray, 14/Coolville [03-23-1999]

This Site was really useful to use here at little hocking school thanx alot
Lindsey Burns, 14/Little Hocking [03-23-1999]

Great sight. Enjoyed the article on the local Philadelphia drinking establishments.
Bill News, Doing Family history on NEWS, BOYCE, PITHA, BERGMEISTER [03-23-1999]

I am espically thankful for your information on edgar allan poe. It was very useful in writting a school report. Thanks a bunch!!! Keep up the great work!!
Joshua Jerome Froelke, 16 yrs. old, Forest Lake Mn. Forest lake Senior High [03-23-1999]

Thanks for having the website. It's helping a research paper on riots in Phila. The historical timeline is informal and begins my search.Maybe a continuation into the 1990's.
tiffany, 21,Univ of Arts [03-22-1999]

Since 1965 I am the personal manager of philadelphia's rev. johnny thompson one of americas finest gospel artist we traveled the world over and philadelphia is my second home town.
Freddy J. Angstmann [03-22-1999]

Thank you for being on the Web! Whenever people ask me now about the definitive meaning of pretzels I know where to send them. I am basing and Sunday School lesson around info. from your site! Thanks again!
Jennifer Kondak, Christian Educator [03-22-1999]

Mary Jo Wilgenbusch [03-22-1999]

I'm looking for information on Hessian deserters (from the Lossberg Regiment). I haven't found any yet. But nevertheless your museum is great.
Hermann-Jürgen Rinne, Rinteln, the former garrison of the Lossberg Regiment [03-22-1999]

really loved the sight . keep up the great work....
edward hensley, 26, sparta,tennessee [03-19-1999]

Excellent site
Jerald R Brooks, Tunkhannock Pa. 18657-1317 USA [03-19-1999]

Kristi [03-19-1999]

i would like to see a larger map of the historic district so i can show it to my children and students so i can give them a better idea of were we will be and what we will see
robert sinopoli, i was born in philadelphia and i love the city [03-19-1999]

Praise the Lord!!!Greeting Dr. Frank M. Reid and the Mother Bethel Church Family. I view the "Outreach of Love" Broadcast every chance I get. Now I am happy to find you on the internet. You are helping many to enrich themselves with a history that is not stressed and often forgotten. May God continue to BLESS YOU in mighty big way. Hope, Peace, and Love, Rev. Kenyun L. Johnson
Rev. Kenyun L. Johnson, 23 years old, from Rosedale, Mississippi, an itinerant elder of the A.M.E. Church [03-19-1999]

I thought that it was a really good site!
Chris Smith, My age is 15, and i live in Emlenton, Pennsylvnia. [03-19-1999]

My 8th grade class is going to D.C. and other places like that at the end of the year and we have to do something called "D.C. Reports" it is where we write a short paper on certain things like White House and Liberty Bell and stuff. I went to your website and found all the things i needed!! thanks!
Rachel, 13, Chattanooga Tn., [03-18-1999]

Mr. C....this is actually a good site....Ithought it was gonna be complete junk, but I found out differently..
Anthony Wagner, 16 Sophmore at St. Joe's Prep and student of Mr. Conners [03-17-1999]

Very informative. The best web site I have seen.
William Hinton [03-17-1999]

This is a very helpful and informative web site. Thank You
Christina Frost, 17 years old , from New York [03-17-1999]

I am going here for extra credit points
Anthony Compitiello [03-17-1999]

I can't wait to see cinderella!
Erin Zimmerman, 6th grader @ General Wayne Middle School [03-17-1999]

What a great way for children (Of all ages) to learn about our history. It is too often forgotten by the young people today. Thanks!
Sharleen Noakes (grandmother) Sharleen (Grandmother of) Zac and Nathan Noakes [03-17-1999]

I am an AP US History teacher looking for documents for a DBQ project my students are working on for the time period 1750-1800. Nice graphics. I'll be back to spend more time here.
Nancy Strange, Dayton, OH [03-16-1999]

Ben is COOL!!!!!!!!!!
Mollie Linn and Andrea Moore, Mollie is 10 and Andrea is 11 [03-16-1999]

good site.
jill [03-16-1999]

A very interesting web site, a wonderful source of information about your country, from a visitor from across the boarder.
Michael Cibulka, Canada [03-15-1999]

you're nice. We're going there in 4 days. Seeya there!
brandon kearney [03-15-1999]

JEREMY,DAVID,JULIA,JASON,BRITTANY, 10 years old Upton KY [03-15-1999]

We liked the Liberty Bell and the Independence Hall.
Matt, Leanna, Justin, Nicole and Travis, We are from Upton ky and we are 11 and Matt is 10. [03-15-1999]

Your great site would be enhanced by maps of pre and post consolidated Philly.
Sue Feder, Towson, MD [03-15-1999]

Thank you so much for this great site. 'Gotta Love American History!"
Jeremy Bates, Louisville, KY [03-15-1999]

Michael D. Ferguson, age 14 city san diego [03-15-1999]

I liked your information. Its very handy for me especially since I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross. It was very interesting. Also it is helpful to me. Thank you.
Ashley, CT, age 12 [03-15-1999]

I was in your unique city last weekend and greatly enjoyed myself. I took a tour on the Choo-choo trolley. It was great - very informative and upbeat.
Bev, Bismarck, ND [03-15-1999]

I'm doing a reaserch on William Penn. If you have any more info about him please add it to your website.
Jacob Mauck, age 9 Hbg. PA [03-15-1999]

I would like information on Thaddeus Kosciuszko please. Thank you in advance.
Clara Kielbasa, 14 Amsterdam, NY [03-15-1999]

I really liked this website. If I had a History project on this, it would help me a lot. You guys put in a lot of informational stuff. I liked it also because you didn't just talk about 1 thing, you talked about many other things. I leared a lot from this website. I am going to tell my friends and family about this website. I hope you guys keep on adding interesting things about the U.S.A.'s History. I am proud to be an Indian from India, but as proud to come and live in America.
Laishiya (Nisha) M., Akron, Ohio 9 years old [03-15-1999]

The information I gather from this site makes me look like a history scholar to my out-of-town guests. Thank goodness they don't know I got a D in American History. Thanks for your help.
Sandra Moskowitz, Wayne, PA [03-15-1999]

I really enjoyed using this website cause it was so easy.I needed info on the Dec. of Independance. I got what I wanted.THANX!!!!!!1
Brianna Cruz, confidential [03-11-1999]

Wonderful site, when it holds the interest of 25 teen-agers, I'm sold.
Steve Brooks, Jr. High history teacher - Iowa [03-11-1999]

Nice looking site and functional. Lot of history which I love and it goes will with genealogy. I particularly like the Revolutionary War. But everything is excellent.
Marvin Woltje, Genealogist, Sacramento, CA [03-11-1999]

It is a very good sight. I enjoyed looking through it. plus it has helped me a whole lot on my report for history.
Jonny Gren, none [03-09-1999]

Getting ready for a schoolwide multicultural activity. We have Poland/ Polish-American to present. Thanks for the details on Kosciuszko. Wish I had found you last month when we were recognizing African-Americans IN OUR history! Will visit again just for pleasure. Must also share your location with our social studies and English teachers!
Barbara J. Smith, "Ooooold " school teacher, Fayetteville, NC [03-09-1999]

Nicely done site. Its very neat.
Taryn Nichols, 10 yrs. Selinsgrove Pennsylvania [03-09-1999]

this is really cool.
Dustin Koons, I'm 10 years old [03-09-1999]

My sister told me about this web site it is really cool.My sister is Leanna Mae Carstetter I'm having a blast. I hope you like how it turned out. sincerely Stephanie Lee Carstetter
Stephanie Lee Carstetter, I'm 7 years old [03-09-1999]

The Constitution was a great idea. Do you think so too? My class and I are learning about the Constitution, and the Revolutionary War -- it is very sad how those people died. Don't you think so too?
Alexandria C. Laniewski, Selinsgrove PA. [03-09-1999]

I think that it is neat that I was bron on the 4th of July I'm proud I was bron on the country's birthday!!!!
Leah Strocko, I will be 10 on the 4th of July [03-09-1999]

BRADEN KLINGLER [03-09-1999]

I think that the the Historic Mile is great! I like history. Will you send me a present that has to do history, PLEASE!!! Your friend, Hekmat AL-Mohamad
Hekmat AL-Mohamad, Hi, I am 10 years old I live in Winfield P.a. 17889 [03-09-1999]

Joe Dubaskas [03-09-1999]

I am interested in social studies. I especially enjoyed learning about the liberty bell! Your friend,
Britani Bartello, I am 10 years old my adress is 709 Bogar Dr. Selinsgrove Pa. 17870 . [03-09-1999]

I think this is really cool. I'm having lots of fun. My whole class is enjoying it.
Leanna Mae Carstetter, I'm 10 years old and I like history [03-09-1999]

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Joe Dubaskas, I will be 11 in Feb. Selinsgrove [03-09-1999]

I think this web site is really cool, I really like the info on the Liberty Bell
Michelle Walter [03-09-1999]

I like the Liberty Bell.
Michael Derk, Freeburg PA [03-09-1999]

Evan B. Ames, 43, Philadelphia PA Doing Reserch on Pa Bible Society [03-09-1999]

Great web site. i am searching for a list of names of the men who served in The Green Mountain Boys regiment in the Aerican Revolution looking for Jeremiah Colvin Thank You
Jerald R Brooks, age 58 Hometown-Tunkhannock Pa 18657 [03-09-1999]

The only person missing from this wonderfull page is the Town Crier of the most easterly City in the world Gisborne New Zealand. The first City in the World top see the dawn of each new day and the first City in the World that will see the Dawn of the NEW MILLINNIUM. Congratulations to all those who have contributed to to this page. God bless all my friends The Honourable Town Criers of the World . AND GOD SAVE THE QUEEN
John Kibble "Town Crier" Gisborne New Zealand, Champion NZ Crier 1998 [03-09-1999]


Though I am a Philadelphia native, I only went to the Flower Show for the first time last year. It was such a great experience, that I am going again this year. Wouldn't miss it!
Claire B. Murphy, 37, Conshohocken, home gardener [03-09-1999]

great page.... we'll be visiting PA during the third week of march and looking for the things to do in Philly on a one day whirlwind.... this site was just the ticket. thanks!
the luebkes, stlouis mo [03-08-1999]

Robert W. Miller, 60 Argus PA [03-08-1999]

Just skimmed your home page. Obviously much to offer. As a member of the PA Society of Sons of the Revolution I appreciate the importance of PA in our history. Will probably come back to this site many times as well as visit the sites im person. John
John Stevens, An older American living/working in the area. [03-08-1999]

I am looking for a picture of William Levington(livingston) third African American Episcopal Priest tobe ordained and the first to establish a church for Blacks in the South - St. JamesP. E. Church in Baltimore, Md. in 1836. He was ordained At St. thomas P.E. Church in 1827 and lived in Philadelphia in his youth.
Phyllis C. Green, Baltimore, Md. [03-08-1999]

I noticed many comments on folks researching family on this site. It would be great to have a area where you could your ancestors name in & maybe find someone else researching the same name from Old Phila. It would help this small community of years ago bring its extended family of far & wide in todays world come together in Phila. once again. Like a family reunion. I'll visit this site again. Its a wonderful source of history in great detail.
eileen, richmond,va [03-08-1999]

This site had a big influance on my roport on 1917!!! Thanks!!!
Jill, New York [03-08-1999]

Scary stuff is cool
Doug Swank, 18/male/Delton, MI [03-08-1999]

I liked reading about Betsy Ross and learned that she never created the U. S. flag. All she did was sew it. I also learned what the colors of the flag stood for. Thank you for your time.
Criann Captlin, I am 10 years old and live in Olmsted Falls, Oho. [03-08-1999]

This page is great for my Modern Woodman speech on Independence Hall~thanks!
Annie, 10,Mitchell,SD [03-05-1999]

Thank you for the Colombus letter, it will be of much help for a school project. This site is great.
Kris Schmalzbach, beautiful Seattle, WA. [03-05-1999]

As a fifth grade teacher I find your site extremely valuable. We visit Historic Phila. every year, but have limited time. Now, I can plan my students' tour more efficiently. More importantly, my students will be using this site to take the virtual tour ahead of time so that they have background knowledge of each stop on the real tour. FANTASTIC! Thank you.
Deborah Redfield, Glassboro, NJ [03-05-1999]

Ben George, Larsen WI [03-05-1999]

As a lifelong Philly resident, I found a lot of useful information and locations of historical places. The only thing lacking is the hours of operation, any fees, and phone numbers if available. Good job!
Mary, Philadelphia [03-05-1999]

your website is great and we really enjoyed it. thanx alot guys i really loved the betesy ross flag page thanx!! McComb Middle School Music Class Hoytville, Ohio
Matt, McComb middle school Music Class [03-05-1999]

While searching the web for a logo of our church, I became so engrossed in the history I almost forgot for what I was searching. Very well put together and thorough. Proud to be an A.M.E.
Naomi K. Townes, NJ Conf.; Camden/Trenton Dist.; Mt. Zion A.M.E.C. [03-05-1999]

looks great, checking website for info on aleander hamilton. thanks
joseph heery, fayetteville, ohio [03-05-1999]

cool web sight! Love the pictures and information!
Rachel Warrden, I live in Wyoming & I love history [03-05-1999]

i would like to learn mor about the people who faught in the war and about their lives.i would lik to learn more about the civil war and how some people fought
ashley hatter, 11,grant mi [03-05-1999]

I will contact you on research I am doing in Philadelphia.
Garry Apelian, Numismatist Historian [03-04-1999]

Excellent site. The Revolutionary War period comes alive.
Sean J. Campbell, Carmichael, CA [03-04-1999]

JAMES HILLEGAS, desendant of Michael Hillegas Wilm. De. [03-04-1999]

This site was a great help with my social science fair project! I visited Penn. last year with my parents and my project is called 'A Trip Through History'. Thanks a lot for all the good information.
Amy Kathrine Williamson, Age 9 Birmingham, Alabama [03-04-1999]

Zachary [03-04-1999]

I like your webpage a lot
lauren highum, 10 [03-03-1999]

HI i am doing a report on Pennsylvania and so far I love it so well Pennsylvania is GREAT!!!!!!
Emi Nakashima, I am 10 I live in Oklahoma [03-03-1999]

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alex baker [03-02-1999]

An absolutely wonderful site. I would recommend it to any student of history.
Mario Vasquez, librarian, St. Monica's Catholic High School, Santa Monica, Ca [03-02-1999]

this web site is awesome its got tons of ifo in it
Katie [03-02-1999]

This is really cool.
Shelley Anderson, Waverly,Ohio [03-02-1999]

I'm looking forward to visiting this city in the summer of 99. I hope that it's all its said to be.
Devon Haskins [03-02-1999]

Poe makes good books
sarah padilla, Omaha NE [03-01-1999]

I am studying short stories by Edgar Allan Poe and found this site really helpful because it puts a background to what I have been reading.
Doryenna Longhurst, age:20 from Bristol, England. [03-01-1999]

my 10 year old son is studing the revolutionary war he needs to do a report on simple or complex machines that were used during the revolutionary period that are not in use today or have changed in design. we would really appreciate and helpful advise on this subject. thanks for all the other good info.
frances, New York [02-28-1999]

My father was stationed at Valley Forge Army Hospital when I was in high school. Although we lived near Phoenixville for two years, I did not get the opportunity to visit many of the historic sites in Philadelphia. I will be attending a meeting this next week. My wife and son will be accompanying me. My son is eleven and is studying the colonial period now. I hope he is able to see as much of our country's early history as possible.
Mark T. Buchman,M.D,M.S., El Paso, TX [02-28-1999]

Philip J Sinagra, Asst. Fire Chief Hurley Fire Dept. Hurley NY [02-28-1999]

My first Virtual Visit I am quite impressed with the wealth of History and information. Thank you A really interesting site.
Jacqueline Daniels [02-26-1999]

nice job, was looking for alot of things that you have right here on your site...we are a homeschooling family, and will use the information on your site extensively..thankyou!
The Trapani Family, Middletown, NY [02-26-1999]

jackie Herring, 17----Philadelphia------ [02-26-1999]

colleen pride, your site really helped me with my history project thanks! [02-24-1999]

I had to do a biography on BETSY ROSS. I made copies of the 5-pointed star. THANK YOU
Heather, 7,Long Island,NY [02-24-1999]

great site
mark dunlap [02-24-1999]

Enjoyed your website very much. My Grandparents lived in Philadelphia all of their married life. In l902 they performed at a place called "The Dime Museum" it was on Broad St. Would really like to know more about it, if anyone has any information about it.
Virginia E. Whyte [02-24-1999]

Very informative information, I used it in a Black history quiz during Black History Month
anonymous [02-24-1999]

Great page....would be an exciting place to visit. Very historic, and a whole lot to see. Definitely on my list of places to travel to
Jessica Hiironen [02-23-1999]

Jessica Hiironen [02-23-1999]

My cousin lives in pennsylvania (for 3years)and she still thinks it's a wonderful place ,I would like to say beautiful and very important to our history.
Genna, 13yrs.,ovid-elsie michigan [02-23-1999]

I think this is a very good site, but I sure do wish you guys could make it easyer to get to James Oglethorpe
Kris H?ert, Fayettville Arkansas [02-23-1999]

I had to write a long report and this site gave me more than enough information to do it. I love this site and wish more sites were like this: informitave, easy to use, and easily accessieble
John Allen, I am 11 and in 6th grade. [02-23-1999]

Planning a spring break trip and found this web site full of helpful information. Cannot wait to visit this historic city!
cd maples, Va. Beach,VA [02-23-1999]

I am a music teacher and I was surprised to find out that so many of my students had never heard of Betsy Ross. I came to the web-site to find more specific information. I never expected to find the virtual tour of her home. That is great! I began reading about the revolutionary war and found so many things that I had either never read before or had just forgotten.
anonymous [02-23-1999]

Your main page is excellent and gives good information for starters. I am a proud Quaker. Katie Alden
anonymous, I'm 13 I live in Berkeley, Ca [02-23-1999]

Martha is the best G Dogg.
Bryan West, SO. CALF [02-22-1999]

A Phila area native transplanted down south. My heart is always in Phila along with most of my family. I have researched my family off & on for years and this web sight has been heart warming to me. I enjoyed visiting so many of the sights thru your web sight. My family is from Old St. Joseph's, St. Mary's and St. Augustine's parishes so I was so pleased to see them amoung the pages. I had a grandfather who graduated from Girard College in 1879 (Michael Potts) and another Great, Great G.Father who marched on Washington to make the Fire Dept. a paid fire department. He was a Fire Chief when he retired from the paid fire dept. (Michael Keevan) I don't have famous ancestors just great men who walked amoung them. I was lucky to attend a wedding last summer at St. Mary's and enjoyed walking over to Old St. Joseph's afterwards with my parents for a quick visit. Most of my ancesters were buried from there so I felt like I was paying my respects. Thank you for an enjoyable visit. I will be back for another look.
eileen smith, Richmond, Va. [02-22-1999]

it was very interesting
Steph Hamre, 14, Minnesota, North Veiw Junior high [02-22-1999]

it was ok
Steph Hamre, !4, Minnesota [02-22-1999]

Delighted to see a picture of the Free Quaker Meeting House, which my ancestor designed and helped found.
A. Wetherill Woods [02-21-1999]

former philadelphian now living in the sun, when it comes to colonial history and earlier, philly has it over all. great site, keep up the good work
john monaghan, pompano beach, fl [02-21-1999]

I'm a native Philadelphian who has spent the last six years living abroad. Your site brings back great memories and I look forward to my next trip back home.
Len Simone, Bangkok, Thailand [02-21-1999]

Thanks for the site. A lot of great information can be found here!
Kelsey Rusk, Dubuque, Iowa [02-21-1999]

Great site! It makes me want to stand up and do a history cheer! Thanks!
Becky, 22, Bellingham, WA [02-21-1999]

This brings back lots of fun times. I toured your city in 1972 while I was at a medical convention. I was thrilled to see all of the historical sites, especially the Liberty Bell! This Website is great. Thank you!
Nancy Jane Kern, Niskayuna, NY [02-21-1999]

I grew up near Girard College. The information on Stephen Girard and the college was excellent.
bpoe, Chambersburg, PA [02-21-1999]

Planning history tour vacation
Don Simpson, North Haven, CT [02-21-1999]

This is a truely great web-site and I'm sure the musuem is great to. I find Benjamin Franklin a truely intresting man. He was a great representive for the state and a great inventor. I found out some intresting things at this site I didn't know and I hope it stays open for a long time to come.
Pat Dugan, Alden, New York [02-21-1999]

Came upon this site by chance. Visited Valley Forge last summer. I wish more history teachers would emphasize our Founding Fathers and the risks they took. I'm so proud of this country. This website is wonderful - so informative! God Bless America!
Kathy Dean, Age 44, degree in history, Indiana Univ. of PA (non-education) [02-21-1999]

All my friends say computers are stupid but I love them in secret and your site is the best site about HISTORY I have ever been to.
Amy Zallar, age:13 City: White Bear Lake [02-21-1999]

Jim [02-21-1999]

Looking for information on Daniel Morgan and his life story.
Don W. Jones, Teacher, retired Army LTC, West Point Class of '68 [02-21-1999]

Patrick Thornton [02-21-1999]

I remember coming to Old St. Joe's when I was a little boy on a boy scout trip. Recently, I've made my way back again... and again... and again.... Father Rickle rules!! See you Sunday! P.S. I hope my local parish doesn't think I am alienating them?!?
Joseph, I am 31, born and raised in Philadelphia of Stella Maris Parish [02-21-1999]

Amazing site for us "novice" history buffs!
Fred M. Genchi, California [02-18-1999]

Ticie Stacey [02-18-1999]

This is perfect!!!!! My daughter has to do a history project on anything. Why not "Philly" my husband is from here. I will visit again. Take care, and thanks for a beautful site.
Lisa Smith [02-18-1999]

i love history.
lorien m.stice, provo ut [02-17-1999]

I like the web page and all of the info on it! Could you put an some more quotes about the Unknown Soldiers.
anonymous [02-17-1999]

Gee, I've been on the road... and I've been traveling, traveling, traveling. I've been everywhere on this virtual tour of the "City of Brotherly Love". What a great city to have the next Republican Convetion at! I'm going to research the details and make reservations, as quickly as, possible. This is a more interesting web vein I've hit tonite. The original purpose of my visit was to do a little research for this java quizzes I'm putting on my own site. But I've had a most entertaining time. If you happen to visit my site, please sign the guest book. Thanks.
Sylvia R., I currenty have a site at http://elizabethdole.faithweb.com [02-17-1999]

Saw an article in Country Living Mag. with your web page noted. Great, Great Grandparents Raymond, came to Mass. in 1654. Want to know all I can of our history. Love America and all she stands for. Thanks
Nancy Tabb, Beautiful Bishop CA in the High Sierra Mtns [02-17-1999]

colleen pride [02-16-1999]

I visited Betsy Ross and learned how to cut a 5-pointed star (hopefully).
Sheila Sellers, 48 years old baxley , ga. [02-16-1999]

i thought that this site was helpful in information but really needs some pictures
stephanie, 14,cincinnati, ohio... at school [02-16-1999]

Mariann LoSasso, Spencer,MA [02-16-1999]

Completetly enthralling! What a treat! My kids even love it! Great help with school-this site keeps them interested and informed! THANK YOU!
M&H B [02-15-1999]

craig williams [02-15-1999]

I have visited the city of our founding fathers and loved it. I really enjoy soaking up our country's history. This is a great site for students in the fifth grade to use when researching.
Bette Brown, Argillite, Kentucky [02-15-1999]

J. Howard Pew Black, Naples Fl Age 51 [02-15-1999]

Your website is outstanding. I am a fifth grade teacher in Georgia. I wish my students had internet access at school so we could visit your site. You all have done a marvelous job in developing your website.
Marie Cole [02-14-1999]

Have visited many times and never get tired of seeing the history there
E. Ray, St. Paul, Mn. [02-14-1999]

Your history of Phila. was great, as i found out thing of Phila. that i was very interesting in. Thank you again for some great reading.
John E. Vail [02-14-1999]

Im glad to see there is a site that looks at philadelphia's great history. As a former resident of the city, a know a lot of people put it down, but this site brings out the good in philadelphia!!!
Sean Bradley, Jacksonville, Florida [02-14-1999]

craig williams [02-14-1999]

Completetly enthralling! What a treat! My kids even love it! Great help with school-this site keeps them interested and informed! THANK YOU!
M&H B [02-14-1999]

Great site!! Searching for Betsy Ross info....decorating theme in my home is the grand American Flag! Look forward to stopping by in the future!
Kriss Spencer, Pea Ridge, Arkansas [02-13-1999]

Good amount of info- it has assisted me in my history college exams- CHEERS!
Amelia Crowley, 18yrs, london england [02-13-1999]

Janeen Hovnanian [02-13-1999]


I'm go here for my hisory projects all the time my teacher recommeds you. Thank you for the website. Brittany Bealw
Brittany Beale [02-13-1999]

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Will be Crying for first time this coming summer would like any info. any experienced crier could send. Thanks, from cape cod..
maebush [02-10-1999]

you have a really nice page. keep up the good work.
Jakal, 17 morgan city louisiana [02-10-1999]

Mariel Pesavento, Currently living in Hillsborough, NJ [02-10-1999]

nice page about the fire museum at a great website. hope to visit the museum this year. keep up the good work.
john mahlbacher, clayton fire co #1, clayton, de. [02-10-1999]

patrick henry, age 59 city Miami Flordia [02-09-1999]

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pani lil, new bedford ma usa [02-08-1999]

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chad diaz [02-08-1999]

I was looking for information to use with a unit in Social Studies. I found everything and MORE...Thanks, I will return to this site often.
Kay Van Keuren, Ashland, Kentucky [02-08-1999]

I'm glad that during the American Library Association's Midwinter meeting in Philadelphia I had an opportunity to visit many of the sites on your virtual tour. I hope to keep up-to-date on the enhancements to the historical sites and visit more when we return in three years.
Sue Kamm, Los Angeles, CA [02-08-1999]

I am doing a report and this website really helped. Thanks
Marquis and Lisa Green, Woodbury, NJ [02-08-1999]

I'm a History Major interested in Canadian-American Relations. What a great place to learn more about the American Revolution. Being from Canada I don't know much, but I'd love to learn more. Very interesting stuff! I would like to know more about Bostons' role though since it is my most favorite American city!
Jennifer Pye, Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada [02-06-1999]

I thought that this page was really neat and I wish that I could just look at it all day. I have learned a lot from this about the report I am doing. Well that's all I had to write But I hope that can come back soon. Love Barbie babe (Angie BOuvia)
Barbie Babe, Uh Hi [02-06-1999]

John W. Bild, st. louis, MO [02-06-1999]

you did a good job on your webpage
philip r. frase, smithville,ohio [02-04-1999]

Ty [02-04-1999]

I couldn't find anything on the Proclamation Act of 17something
Clare, I am Happy [02-04-1999]

I am new to the area and found this site looking for local attractions. My parents are coming to visit in April and thanks to your site I have found many interesting places to take them. I never realized how much history there was in Philadelphia. Thanks for the information and the web site!
Jennifer Earley, Delaware [02-04-1999]

The Virtual Tour makes me want to see the city of Philadelphia, now more than ever.
Rita Schumacher, OKC, OK [02-04-1999]

c. campbell [02-04-1999]

j. mckinney [02-04-1999]

Ashley Erickson, I'm a chatty chic [02-03-1999]

I like all the information and great pictures you provide!
J [02-03-1999]

Good, informative site.
Albert Acena [02-03-1999]

I'll be in your beautiful, historical city (on business) this weekend (2/5 - 2/7/99), and I just wanted information on sites--what a should see, where I should I eat, listen to some jazz, etc. Your website is very helpful, elaborative, and the pictures are great. I cannot wait until I see all of these things (well, not all of them) when I arrive. I know I'll have to make a special trip and stay longer. Thank you! Viva Combs, MPH, CHES
Viva Combs, Atlanta, GA [02-03-1999]

I'll be in your beautiful, historical city (on business) this weekend (2/5 - 2/7/99), and I just wanted information on sites--what a should see, where I should I eat, listen to some jazz, etc. Your website is very helpful, elaborative, and the pictures are great. I cannot wait until I see all of these things (well, not all of them) when I arrive. I know I'll have to make a special trip and stay longer. Thank you! Viva Combs, MPH, CHES
Viva Combs, Atlanta, GA [02-03-1999]

This site is very informational, but not fit for younger students. Needs to be more attractive! More LARGER pictures! :)
andrea stovall, 22,orlando [02-03-1999]

Enjoyed reading and learning about my ancestor. Thanks.
Major John W. Barry, Ret., St. Clair, Mi. 478079 [02-03-1999]

I was searching for information on a distant relative of the American Revolutionary War, Capt. John Douglas. Appointed by John Handcock to the Penna. 11th Volunteer Army, also served as Sheriff of Phila. I came across your web page as was fasinated by the information and interesting articles. I will return to your site again with my two sons. Anyone in your organization ever heard of Capt. John Isaac Douglas? His DOB is 07-08-1750, he died at the age of 90 on 07-09-1840.Well thanks for your time, I must continue with my search, BOB E.
Bob Ervin, BROOMALL, PA. 19008 [02-03-1999]

Chris Gilbertson, Elementary teacher [02-03-1999]

Great site
Gary Lavaron [02-02-1999]

i like this place. im sure one day you guys will take over the world.
Matt Vaughan, 17m from texas [02-02-1999]

Enjoyed your site very much. I also am interested in gardening, as i am self employed here with a landscaping business
joseph pick, live and work in knoxville,tennessee [02-02-1999]

Although I've lived in Philadelphia all of my life (41 years), I never fail to get goose bumps when, upon my return, I see Penn's statue. I plan to take all of the walking tours this summer.
Michael Piper, Philadelphia, Pa. 19143 [02-02-1999]

I need information and pictures regarding children in the Colonial era. What school was like; Clothes they wore; Games they played etc. Can you help? thanks B
B Rutledge [02-01-1999]

Thank for telling me about the constitution of the U.S.A.
Jennifer .c., 13,long beach, [02-01-1999]

I thoroughly enjoyed your "tour" of the historic sites. My wife and I returned to Philly several years ago without the benefit of your presentations. We plan to visit my Aunt there this summer and take in several places that were shown on your websites. By the way, the Garrigues family has been living continuously in Philadelphia since the 1730s and even operated a ferry which is shown on a map of Philadelphia in my possession dated 1777. There aren't many of us left today!
John S. Garrigues, The Woodlands, Texas [02-01-1999]

This site helped us on our report for history.
Mark Smith and Amber Pinkal, South Dakota [02-01-1999]

I have to do a report on History.So I chose the Liberty Bell.I think this site is perfect. I really needed it for this report. I love history.
Chelsa Henson, age:8 city:Mullbery State:Arkansas [02-01-1999]

Bravo! This is the greatest site we have found as we prepare for our Eastern seaboard tour this summer. Your site has given us new and different places to visit on this trip, which will be with friends who have not been East before. This will surely make this a memorable trip. Without a doubt the most thoughtful visitor-friendly site we have found. Where else but from the "City of Brotherly Love".
Rex & Cheryl Reynolds [02-01-1999]

Denise Laurelli [02-01-1999]

As a descendent of Haym Salomon, I was thrilled to find you page! I had always thought my great-great-great-great grandfather was in an unmarked grave. It was good to see the grave marker at the top of your page. Thank you so much!
Katherine Paxton, Portland, Oregon [02-01-1999]

charlene richardson, 14 newark [02-01-1999]

Victoria &Rachael [02-01-1999]

I teach 3rd grade and was surfing for info on US symbols and historical sites for a unit we are doing in Feb. Will definitely be back. Great info!
Bonnie Stewart [01-28-1999]

I found a lot of information about Edgar Allan Poe that I needed.Thanx!!!!! @(*o*)@
Erin D., Louisiana [01-28-1999]

This is a wonderful site. I have been reading Van Doren's bio on Franklin and have ever since been longing to get to Philadelphia. This helps me to plan my visit.
scott ryan anderson, South Florida age 28 [01-28-1999]

I think that u should put more sculpting pictures in the web sit from Augusta Savage
Molly, 5th grade [01-28-1999]

I just want to say thanks to this web site. I had a homework assignment to learn the American's Creed, but forgot it at school. Then I found this web site and know I can learn it for tomorrow. Thanks!
Nikki, 14 year old freshman [01-28-1999]

I very much enjoy visiting Valley Forge - I've been there many times and really appreciate the history associated with the park (member of the VFHS).
John Cook, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania [01-28-1999]

Very interesting!
Jeannine, Michigan [01-28-1999]

Lovely site. Plan to visit this summer on our vacation. Want to look at the buildings that Weightman built for the College there. Am of the family of Weightman and Powers, those men who developed quinine during 1800's. Hurray for Phila Paula Harrington
paula weightman harrington, Albuquerque,NM [01-28-1999]

Michelle Weisenberg, California [01-26-1999]

Helped out a lot on my report for History!! Thanks!!
Michelle Schooley, Student at Westwind [01-26-1999]

Enjoyed reading all of the history pages - especially those concerning Betsy Ross and the historical garden tour. Thanks

I am doing a report on Daniel Morgan and this is the first place I looked this website give me the knowledge I neeed to know.
Chris Smith [01-25-1999]

Wayne Williams [01-25-1999]

Hi, im a 5th grader and i am doing a report on Philadelphia. My teacher told me that your web site has good informaion. When i looked here i found tons of pictures and great information. With the info this page provided me with I was able to achieve an A+ on my report. Thank you very much.
Mike Mercuri, Fort Washington PA [01-25-1999]

This is marvelous web site. I have visited Philly many times in the past, but you help to bring all the facts and info together in one place -- for both the knowing and the unknowing visitor. Thank you.
Steve Anderson, Wheat Ridge, CO [01-25-1999]

"O thou timid one, do not let thy form slumber..."
Edgar Allan Poe, Richmaond, VA [01-25-1999]

Good website for educational and general purposes.
Kenna L. (Rouner-Payne) Pine, I am a distant relative (by marriage) to Stephen Hopkins, one of the Rhode Island authors of the Declaration of Independence. From family records, he went by the nickname of "Step" Hopkins. [01-25-1999]

Lizard [01-25-1999]

Wonderful site......I wish History was actually taught in schools again..instead we get "social experimentation".....
Carol Lay, Springfield, Mo. age 44 [01-25-1999]

I wanted info on Mother Bethel A.M.E. Church. I sure got what i wanted!!!
Doug Ritchie, Ft. Wash. Maryland 20744 [01-23-1999]

great site
michael ochsenreither, 40 california born n.j. [01-23-1999]

We were totally surprised and delighted with your site. As volunteers at Fireman's Hall Museum, we are constantly looking for sites to update our material, and yours was a treasure! We will be publishing our first book, a history of the Paid Philadelphia Fire Department in March, and your information will be expanded on in the book. Thanks for a wonderful site and keep up the good work!
Dan & Jo Anne Kenney, Archivists, Historians at Fireman's Hall Museum, 147 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia [01-23-1999]

I had to find information on Betsy Ross and her flag. Your site was very helpful. THANKS
Craig Callaway, Sandersville Elementary School, Sandersville, GA [01-22-1999]

Got some great information for a report.
Chad Daly [01-22-1999]

I need more information on Lexington, Massachusetts. Your website is SO helpful!
Anne Malone, Columbia, South Carolina [01-22-1999]

I need more information on Lexington, Massachusetts. Your website is SO helpful!
Anne Malone, Columbia, South Carolina [01-22-1999]

you have the best site I have been to so far. thanks for allowing me to use it
Ticie, Murfreesboro [01-22-1999]

I am looking for a particular book on the history of "Schuykill County" I think the author of the book is Munsell(or that's the publisher????)Anyone out there that could help? I would greatly appriciate it!!! :} thank you..AmyPrice
amy price [01-20-1999]

Wonderful site, it was a good chance to see original architecture!
Kristin Phillips, Michigan [01-20-1999]

I believe this was a very honorable thing to do for all of the "Unknown Soldiers".
Mary Asher Vendt, 13 year old girl from Cincinnati [01-20-1999]

Thank you for the information on the African Methodist Episcopal church history.
Anita Covington, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA [01-20-1999]

I am so happy to see your site. I am a working on a resource project for my class and this site will be a tremendous help, thanks!!
J.L. Skinner, Fort Wayne, IN [01-20-1999]

Loved the site. Initially saw the Mint on Saturday mornig T.V. show and thought I would visit the site. Glad I did. Thanks.
Stephanie Newson, from Tennessee [01-19-1999]

Visited Philly and the Pemberton House this past summer. I found the historic area around Independence Hall to be greatly improved over a previous visit in the early '80's. Hope to be able to spend more time in the future when visiting. Haven't be able to establish a link with Joseph Pemberton.
S.E. Pemberton, Dayton, OH [01-19-1999]

Great site! I am looking for the actual reenactment of the war which was done on September 15, 1996. If you have any Info...send it to me please!!! Again thanks for the awsome site!
Ronette Taylor, From Ca [01-19-1999]

I LOVE THIS PAGE! It gave me some info to use on my report! THANKS US HISTORY!
Report on Music for 1777, 12 years old, doing a report on colonial music [01-19-1999]

Love your site.
Lori [01-19-1999]

Will be visiting Philadelphia 10/99. Looking forward to it.
JANICE [01-19-1999]

J. Michael Spivey [01-19-1999]

Frank Cape [01-19-1999]

I am in search of a historian that can tell me anything about the Chestnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia. I am in possession of music that was arranged by my great great grandfather for the Chestnut Street Theatre that was apparently located at 7th and Chestnut circa 1871. THe music that I have came from the printer with a printed in inscription addressed to Mr. Chas. W.A. Trumpler. Any sort of history of this theatre would be most appreciated. Thanks, Eric Pfeiffer
Eric M. Pfeiffer [01-19-1999]

My ancestor, John Stewart, was killed at the Battle of Germantown in 1777. He served under the command of Capt. James Grier, Co. (UNK), 1st Pensylvania Regiment. If anyone has any information about my ancestor or his military unit I would like to know. Thanks, Eric.
Eric Ewing, Pittsburgh, PA [01-19-1999]

Betsy never would've believed this! Thanks for a lovely tour.
christopher cranston [01-19-1999]

christopher cranston [01-19-1999]

I enjoyed reading about Thaddeus Kosziuszko and his National Monument. The map of Philadelphia did not show where this monument was. Good web-site.
Bill Niedziela, Guilford, CT [01-19-1999]

very interesting - will return to this site when I have time to read it all.
B. J. Matthews, from Hideaway Lake, Texas (near Tyler) [01-19-1999]

please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Angela Ackerson, I'm lonely and bord, i have nothing to do,so i want to come to Phili and have some fun! [01-19-1999]

Aaron Knowles, I'm 17 and live in Austin Texas [01-19-1999]

trying to find the place to buy the new quarters...anyone have any ideas!!!!!!!!!
jeff williams, michigan [01-14-1999]

This has helped with my history homework.
Courtney Owen, Arizona,USA [01-14-1999]

Joe Carter, 32 years old, living in Manayunk, just recently moved to Philadelphia and love it so far (except for the weather) [01-14-1999]

When is Rhode Island going appear on the new quarters? Are they going according to statehood?
James Pickering, age: 33, city: Cranston, RI 02920 [01-14-1999]

emerald [01-14-1999]

Our fourth grade studies explorers and colonial history. We'd like more of that.
Judy Lane Asher, Hillside Elementary School,Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y. [01-14-1999]

some interesting information I have printed from the web for use on the courses that I teach on American and British Comparative History 1750-1960 for the UK Open University.
andre Palfrey-Martin, 9 Clyde Road, St Leonards on sea, East Sussex TN38 0QE ENGLAND [01-14-1999]

Great site, I enjoy it every time I visit. I have one of the documents showned on "The Second Band of The United States" page and I would like to know if it has any Value ??
James Woodley, From Tennessee [01-12-1999]

The Declaration of Independence is an interesting topic for the report I'm doing
D.J. Simmons [01-12-1999]

I thank u so much for making this site1 it helped me so much on the project I had to do for my class. I have to go but thanx again1
shane williams, I am 13 [01-12-1999]

I love this web page. I find it to be very useful. I have one complait to make I find that you need more info thank you rita snow
Rita Snow, age 13 [01-11-1999]

My grandson had a school project. This is an awesome web site for anyone young or old. Very Imformative and interesting. Thank you very much. We Will use again. Karen J.
Karen E Johnson, Stanton, Michigan 48888 USA [01-11-1999]

It is really boring in school. But your website is very good.
Brendan Cleary, Ruairi McComish, 11, 12, Dundalk Co. Louth Ireland Europe [01-11-1999]

I Was born 79 years ago in Philadelphia - lived in Latin America for some 34years and had to come back to Philaelphia to retire and look up information on my ancestor William Rittenhouse, Philly is the only place to live!!!!
Robert L. McIntire [01-11-1999]

Yur website needs more info on the founding of Philadelphia. It needs to express the importance of William Penn. This city wouldn't exist without this important peice of history.
Amanda Hazlett [01-11-1999]

I love your site! I was doing a report and this stie relly helped me out! I thought it was cool that there is something called SHARK FIN SOUP IN A CAN! My report team and I are going to go to Philly and I'm stronly suggesting that we go to Chinatown because of this stie! Thanks
Lizzy Dudko, age 10 Grade 5th [01-11-1999]

I really enjoyed the site! I found it while searching for the surname LITHGOW. I'd really like to know. . .who was the Widow LITHGOW who occupied a room in Betsy Ross' house???
Jan, Lithgow ancestor [01-11-1999]

I really liked your website! It really helped me with the project I am working on for school. Keep up the good work and thank you a ton!!!! Stephanie
Stephanie, Wisconsin [01-11-1999]

January 9, 1999 You have to know where you come from to know where you are going. May God bless you and yours. Your Brother in Christ; Paul J. Pringle
Paul J. Pringle, St. Phillip A.M.E. / Eastover,SC 29044 [01-11-1999]

I always thought Franklin was a much larger man. How could he live in a 33 square foot home? Been a while since I was in school. But is that not kinna small?
DragonsBreath [01-11-1999]

I am beginning a unit on the Revolutionary War. I would appreciate any information on the subject specifically how important Washington as a leader of the Continental Army. Thanks
Robin S. White, Middle School Amc. History Teacher, Peoria IL [01-11-1999]

his is an outstanding tribute to the city of Phila and to Pennsylvania. As a Girard College graduate I am extremely pleased with the section on Stephen Girard. I thank you for a job well done !
William J Condor, recently relocated from Harrisburg to Florida [01-11-1999]

I think the historic sites should be separated into date. Such as 1600's,1700's,1800's,etc.
Kirsten [01-08-1999]

I'm a teacher looking for information to present on the revolutionary war.
Gwyn Powell, Baltimore,MD [01-07-1999]

I'm looking for historical information about Independence Hall
steven henson, atlanta, ga [01-07-1999]

my cub scouts will be studying the importance of the American flag. Your Batsy Ross homepage is an excelent source of information. I'm sure I'll be visitting you again.
Monica Battreal, Cub Scout Den Leader [01-07-1999]

Author of The Book of Cries, a handbook of North American Town Crying, available at BBedell@isp.on.ca
Bruce Bedell, Town Crier # 2 AGTC competition web page. [01-07-1999]

I was surfing the net looking for a good down loadable copy of the Declaration of Independence when I came across your site. Appreciate the opportunity to visit. I love our country and spent more than half of it defending it. I appreciate people who help all people to understand just what the beginnings of this country were and how lucky we are to live here. Keep up the good work.
Dennis Minch, Springville, Utah [01-07-1999]

Mimi Wilson, Learning Lab Instructor, Benzonia MI 49616 [01-07-1999]

Do you have summaries of Edgar Allan Poe's stories
Christopher Matthew [01-05-1999]

Philadelphia is going to be a great city to nominate Elizabeth Dole as the next President of this country
Rick Sapovits [01-05-1999]

Very interesting site. Will visit again
Eyvonda Queen, Morrisville PA [01-05-1999]

Ken Hinkle, Calera, OK. [01-05-1999]

Super web site for Mother Bethel A.M.E. Church. Both being raised in the 11th District A.M.E. Church in Florida, the information has been mind blowing! 01/03/99
Reginald and Audrey Robinson, Jacksonville, FL [01-03-1999]

the page is really nice . right now me and my mother are going to do a family history thing and my great uncle hal "whitey" wiltse and he played on the phillies in 1931 and we are try to find out information and looking for cards so if you have any thing would you please send it me
callie, kentucky [01-03-1999]

As great ++++++ niece of Commodore Barry, was pleased to see article on him. Thanks!
anonymous, P Molden, Greenbelt MD [01-03-1999]

The piece on Commodore Barry was excellent and inspiring!
James John Barry [01-03-1999]

After having lived in South Texas for 50 years, was eager to see "American History" sites. Was not disappointed.
Charles and Blanche Bowles, 55,55 Toms River, NJ [01-03-1999]

Wish we had seen your excellent virtual tour of historic Philadelphia before we travelled there in 1989. Now we simply must return and see what we missed!
Joseph A. & Eloise D. Pomeroy, retirees from Sun City Tucson, Oro Valley, AZ. [01-01-1999]

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