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Guest Book Archives: July-Dec 1998

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For many years I have wanted to visit Philadelphia. My father studied Dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia has fascinated me for a long time. Unfortunately, I have never been able to visit the city due to different circumstances. However, I am looking forward to going to Philly next summer. Recently, I read an article in a newspaper in Quebec City that says Philadelphia has made lots of efforts to improve the quality of life of its citizens. The new Avenue of the Arts is said to be very nice.
Martin Huard, Quebec City, Canada [12-31-1998]

matt [12-29-1998]

I was looking for a pretzel recipe from Philly as they sold those pretzels at my high school and nothing is as good as them. I found this tour and it is just great. But if someone has the recipe please write me!!!
Joan Lightner Janzen, graduated from William Tennent High School, Johnsville PA [12-29-1998]

I like your web page because it tells lots of information and is a good site for my schoool reports. Thank-you Justin
Justin, 13 years old [12-29-1998]

I am interested in coins!
Patrick Bowen, Age 8, Whitehall, MI. [12-28-1998]

I have family tree of William and Joseph B back to 1700 before the family left Lincolnshire, England
carolyn walker nee `Bartram, In England,father Allan B, grandfather William B of Ottowa [12-28-1998]

I have a nephew whom I haven't seen since he was 4 months old livng around there and I have enjoyed learning about his area.
Sheryl Bourque, 26 years old Rayne, La. [12-27-1998]

It was a pleasure to do some internet reading today on the history of Pennsylvania. I'm a PTO President in my town and I will be making an effort to plan a trip to historical Pennsylvanie. I beleive it will be a great learning experience for our children as well as a fascinating school trip. Keep up the good work with this website, I really appreciate it.
Victoria Thomas, West Caldwell, NJ [12-27-1998]

Khalid Omer, New Castle, PA [12-27-1998]

Roger C. Jones [12-27-1998]

Priscilla Lee Baird [12-27-1998]

The philadelphia tour is awesome email me if you read this message. I will email back
Michael, 15/w/m Pennsylvania [12-27-1998]

This is a wonderful site! I am looking for info on my g-grandfather, Bartholomeo Rulli/Rullo, who died in EAstern Penitentiary 9/Dec/1941. He was a Philly resident from 1876 til his death. The family lived in South Philly, either on Jackson or Fulton. Several family members were involved in some type of crime in the early 30's, perhaps counterfeiting. I would love any info, newspaper clippings relating to these blacksheep! Please help fill in the blanks!
Lisa, 31, Central NY [12-27-1998]

I am doing a report on the ''Liberty Bell''and I need more information about it to complete my report please send more information Bye Bye!
Kevin Maguire May, 9,Kirkland,WA 98033 [12-27-1998]

i will be in philadelphia in a few weeks so this site should help me plan my visit.
kevin [12-27-1998]

PENNY SAYLOR, live in Tampa, Florida [12-27-1998]

Interesting Site. When you can, check out the following Web-Page: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Academy/4721 In Christ.
Tony, Norwalk, CA USA [12-27-1998]

Very informative. Gives me a taste of what I might see as I hope to visit your city during 1999.
Jim Scott, Prestwick,Scotland [12-27-1998]

Would like information on the Atwater Kent factory. Do any early pictures exist on the net, or can they be purchased?
Jimmy Edington, Live in Vinton, La. [12-27-1998]

William K. Carlile, Live in Phoenix, AZ; originally from Philly; descended from Philly Quakers [12-27-1998]

I have a 49 star flag and could not remember the two states. Now I know - Alaska and Hawaii. Only one year between the two but long enough to issue a flag. I had at first thought it was after Arizona. Thank you for answering my question. (Now any idea where I can find the value of such a flag?)
Sue Angelon, Tucson, AZ [12-27-1998]

From my youth in Germantown & West Oak Lane in the 30's & 40's through a career as a history teacher in New Jersey and now retirement in Arizona I've never forgotten my Philadelphia roots. A"WELL DONE" to all involved in the creation & maintenance of this outstanding website.
Don Clark, Chandler, Arizona [12-27-1998]

Minnesota is the best
Diamark, 13 year old girl [12-27-1998]

i have been trying to find out if I am a direct descendant of George Clymer - signer of the Declaration of Independance and the U.S. Constitution.. I have gone back to my great grandfather but am unable to trace George more than two generations.. any suggestions ???
David B. Clymer IV, 71 years old - Snellville, GA originally from Upper Darby, PA [12-27-1998]

darren horton, firefighter/par [12-27-1998]

Your website gave me a whole new appreciation of Philadelphia. I left Philly in 1972, but Philly will always be "home".
Cynthia A. Ballard [12-27-1998]

I have seen a print that was made from a glass-in-lead window removed by the Park Service from Independence Hall? I am not sure from where it was removed. The picture showed the framers of the consitution in reflection. Where is the window and why was it removed.
alex simons [12-27-1998]

Good site, I'm getting more help from this site for a school project then I was able to find at the library. Good site
Marc, 13, Philadelphia, PA [12-27-1998]

Thanks to your website, I found quickly the information I needed on the Presbyterian Historical Society of Philadelphia. Thank you!
Susan W. McArver, Columbia, SC [12-19-1998]

Looking for possible relatives - Kruck is an unusual name, at least it is in England.
Fred Kruck, Age 54, Milton Keynes, England, UK [12-19-1998]

I'd love to learn more about their records in PA, Delaware and Bedford, VA
Janette H. Williamson, I have many Quaker ancestors on both sides of family [12-18-1998]

it's cool
Dan Miller [12-16-1998]

Thanks so much. I wanted to get a preview of where to go during my visit next week. This is a tremendous site. Packed to the hilt and rich in history. Extremely educational and enjoyable.
Janis Leibold [12-16-1998]

looking forward to the opportunity for a real visit
Glynis Hunt, new York [12-15-1998]

Nice Tour
Mr. New, 15,Omaha,NE [12-15-1998]

This is by far the best site about Philadelphia on the web.
Frank O'Donnell [12-15-1998]

DB Douds [12-14-1998]

Doug Burns [12-14-1998]

I think that this is a great site. Every time I have a Government project, I come here for the information.I hope that a lot of people can benefit from it.
Carly Jones [12-13-1998]

Jennifer Carson, Indiana [12-13-1998]

I am searching my mothers side of the family which mostly settled in Byberry, Phila., PA. and some other parts of Phila. Have some relatives back to the 1700's which went to the Horsham MM which at that time was Phila. but now Montgomery Co. I just found your site with the help of a relative.
Alice Kidd, Pennsburg, PA [12-13-1998]


I really enjoyed the site. It makes me proud to live in such a great city!
Erin Kilrain, 18 yrs old-From Northeast Philly [12-03-1998]

Hello My name is Rick and I was raised in Philly and I would like to say that this is a wonderful site. I have a list of e-mail addresses that I share with my clients at work. I work for a travel agency (Rider Travel BTI).
Luis Ricardo Rivera, 29yrs old Ottawa Canada [12-03-1998]

Scott [12-03-1998]

landon k [12-03-1998]

I visited Philadelphia and Independence Hall on Sunday 15 Nov, and heard a wonderful talk about the founding of USA from a young short lady with long dark hair. It was one of the best speeches I have ever heard and if it is possible to find her I would like to thank her.
Dr Bernt Sundstrom, 52 years old from Stockholm, Sweden [12-03-1998]

I am an elementary art teacher. I have 750 students each week, grades 1-5. We are studying American History this year.We are drawing,painting printing and sculpting our feelings about America. The more we talk about our proud heritage ,the more I hope our classes teach my students to truly love our country and what it stands for. I want them to know of the sacrifices given to achieve what we have and the beauty of our freedoms.
Harriette Edmonds, I am from Columbia, S. C. [12-03-1998]

Ann Gue'dry Melear, Hayter, Melear, Bishop, Gue'dry [12-02-1998]

Dr. Alfred V. Sforza, Huntington New York [11-30-1998]

Great site!!!
Kevin O'Rourke, Adams, NY [11-30-1998]

I was assigned a history report and I found all the answers I needed here!
Rachel Kodner, 11 years old . Chicago,IL [11-30-1998]

Once again, we're on your site looking for info. on Philadelphia. Luckily, we found some great information. Keep up the good work!!!!! I'm sure we'll be on again soon.
anonymous, Kara and Cara; 13 years old and live in Houston,TX [11-30-1998]

I am a bilingual teacher of U.S History at Holyoke MA. This is a great site for me and my students, Thanks. Hector.
Hector Alcaide, Westfield, MA. [11-30-1998]

Member of St. Philips Lutheran Church Cleveland OH very nice web page. May I invite you to visit out web site http://stphilip.com
louis D. miller, age 79. Shaker Hts. OH [11-30-1998]

I think you need more information from before 1775
Lora B [11-30-1998]

daren [11-30-1998]

looking for info on PA
Jill, indianapolis [11-30-1998]

I hope to get to our great nations capital some day soon
William Lee Holton Sr., Palmdale CA 93552 [11-30-1998]

wonderfull site. i was hoping that you might ale to email me about David Willson, he lived from the 1770s to the 1890s. and was born in Bucks Co. PA. he then moved to Upper Canada (Ontario) and formed the Children of Peace. although he started religious life as a friend.
brad pawlek [11-30-1998]

It has been many years since I visted Phildelphia, but now that I am doing genealogy research on the family that has lived a number of generations in Phildelphia, my interest has been renewed.
Wesley Leiser, 64 years old from Sunnyvale, California [11-30-1998]

Please send me all the info on colonial pennsylvania you have. It would really help me on a history project. By the way, you've got a pretty good site! Thanx!
Erin, 13 yrs old [11-30-1998]

Excellent piece on Stephen Girard. He truly was one of America's greatest heroes. It's nice to know that someone finally realized SG's place in history.
richard mclaughlin, Girard College Class of 89 [11-30-1998]

Thank-you for the information on commodore John Barry. i am writing about him for a school report and found your site most helpful.
Allen Brockway, 12 yrs [11-30-1998]

Great information here! I am trying to help my collegues plan a class trip and this site was very helpful!
Mrs. Veronica DeCarlo, Teacher from Galloway Township, NJ [11-30-1998]

I am in home schooling and i had no work to do so my mo said that i sould do a project on Philadelphia, with out this site i would have not been able to do such a nice job! THANKS
david couzens [11-30-1998]

This webpage is ok
david couzens [11-30-1998]

Have used your site for info on Poe...students will be developing a biographical poster based on info on this site. thanks!
deb milne [11-30-1998]

Enjoyed the web page it is full of good info keep itup.I am also trying to link on to any info on the Bates family that was born in VA.
Larry G Strite, Greencastle, PA [11-25-1998]

Nice Web Site.
Richard A. Rockwell, Jr., Swannanoa, NC [11-24-1998]

C. Sears, English teacher, American Literature, eleventh grade [11-24-1998]

Hey! What a cool site. Here for class!
Jennifer Bolar, Mobile, Alabama 36606 [11-24-1998]

John Barry was very brave and stuburn
anonymous [11-24-1998]

heath peters, 16,alma,arkansas [11-24-1998]

this web sight stinks. no just kiding this web sight teaches me stuff and is fun at the same time.
Emily D. v.w., 10yrs old and I live in sacto [11-24-1998]

We're both in 8th grade and are working on a Revolutionary Newspaper that takes place in Philadelphia. We're trying to find interesting sites on it and are really stressed!!!! We thought we'd tell you all how we feel about our lives right now!!!!
Kara and Cara, we're both 13 adn live in the wonderful city of Houston [11-24-1998]

This site is cool
billy bob joe smith, (11-23-98) [11-24-1998]

GREAT I helped a student do a report on John Barry from You Site Thank You for this great service.

Heidi Parviainen, Suolahti Finland [11-24-1998]

sam, bc canada [11-22-1998]

thanks for the great information on John Barry
Mike Axe, nothing [11-22-1998]

My son, in 7-th grade, selected Commodore Barry for a histry paper. Thanks for a great resource.
Charles Pillar, Fayetteville, New York [11-22-1998]

Thank you so much for your information. I was having so much trouble finding information on the navy during 1750-1800. I appreciate your shared love for history and wish you all the best in this and future sites.
Jennifer N. Henry, age 16, Waynesboro, PA [11-22-1998]

As I graduate of Greece Arcadia HS in 1976 I was thrilled to find your page as I was helping my 7th grader reseach info on the revolutionary war. Great Job! Way to go Greece Arcadia! Kathy
Kathleen Gleason Laughlin, Horseheads, NY [11-22-1998]

David J. Morrical, Granger, Indiana [11-22-1998]

Tammy S, Michigan [11-21-1998]

I am an 8th grade U.S. History teacher. Thank you for a really valuable classroom resource. Sincerely, Sharon Parker Ousley Junior High School Arlington, TX
Sharon Parker, Arlington, Texas [11-21-1998]

Hi! from Colton,NY
Shane Chapman, Colton,NY [11-21-1998]

We enjoyed using this site during our social studies lesson on Friday, November 20.
Ms. Moser's 4th grade class - Louisiana, Mooringsport, Louisiana [11-21-1998]

cool pages
Missy, California [11-21-1998]

Marie Kristen Palmquist [11-21-1998]

I have visited this web sight because of a school teacher it was a school assignment and I just want to say this is a very neat web sight Thanks.
Leslie, Dayton-Ohio,USA [11-21-1998]

john keener, lexington,kentucky [11-21-1998]

What were the weather conditions on the day of Cornwallis's surrender?
John, Nashville, TN [11-21-1998]

Nathan Thurmond, vale,Oregon [11-21-1998]

Len Quebedeaux [11-21-1998]

A great web site and beautifully laid out. I throughly enjoyed it.
Al(Bert) J. Smith, Croydon, NH 03773 [11-21-1998]

helen emmelkamp [11-21-1998]

I have a beautiful picture of the Liberty Bell which I display with other historic pictures in my home. I took the picture by waiting until the very end of the day and asking a policeman if I could be the last in line to take the picture. I treasure the picture!
George S. Jewell, Auburn, Massachusetts [11-21-1998]

I had to do a history project and this was the site my teacher gave me.
candace williams, Garland, Texas [11-21-1998]

Ben Maciag, Canton, MI. USA [11-21-1998]

april, voorhees nj [11-21-1998]

Very interesting. I think if our children could know more about our history, we would not have the problems we are faced with today. Do youngsters truly know what patriotism is. What was sacrificed to obtain our country and the freedeom we are perhaps loosing? Is there a balance in our educational standards? Or a lot of junk?
Anonymous, Seal Beach, CA [11-21-1998]

I just wanted to say how pleased I was to stumble upon your page. I am Novice Teaching in a fourth grade classroom and we have a short section on the Revolutionary War. I was hard pressed to find anything adequately descriptive of what the conditions were like there (our text is not very helpful). Thanks againf!
Amy Strabley, Peoria, Illinois USA [11-21-1998]

If you like learning about the Revolutionary War a good book to read is "My Brother Sam is Dead" it is a story about a young boy that has to grow up fast after his brother goes off to war. We read the book in English class and I am now on the internet looking things up about the War for a report
Allison Peterson, Mankato Minnesota [11-21-1998]

This site helped me with a tough essay on Naval Hero's of the Early American Republic. Thanks a lot.
Tyler Craig Hebert, Age 11, Morganza Louisiana [11-20-1998]

I have a degree in American History and would like to be an American History Teacher. Great web site.
Stacy Curtiss, 25 Billings, Mt [11-20-1998]

I now know enough at this stage of my life to know that I don't really know much at all!
Shawn P. Moore, Dayton, Ohio age:34 [11-20-1998]

I love Poe's writings
Misty Anderson, 17,Clinton, Tn, Female [11-20-1998]

I just found your site today and I love it, I have lived in Philadelphia all my life and have been all over the historical district. Your site has taught me a few new things even I did'nt know, I'm sure visitors or perspective visiters will love it. Good Job and Thanks
Daniel O'Donnell, Married 32yo father of two boy's [11-20-1998]

Your web site RULES!
Alanis Love Martinez, I live in San Antonio TX and am 17 yrs. old [11-20-1998]

Another 8th grade U.S. History teacher has just hit the jackpot! I wish all my kids could visit in person, but Texas is a long way from Philadelphia. This web site is almost as good as being there. Thanks to all those whose efforts go into maintaining this top quality resource.
Sharon Parker, Ousley Jr. High School; Arlington, TX [11-20-1998]

I love your website but I wish that you would have more info on other people of the American Navy from 1789-1815 because I really needed it for HIstory. John Berry had already been used!
Jennifer Bell, 14,Brownsboro ISD , [11-20-1998]

I think that your website includes the best information for projects and for history sections I think you need a whole section on naval heroes and other famous historical figures.
Justin Spencer [11-20-1998]

I realy enjoyed you sight and the real philadelphia. I think you should expand it

This is a great web page. I did a report on Elfreth's Alley was all very helpful. I think you did a good job keep up the good work.
Meredith, Philadelphia [11-20-1998]

My students will benefit from this site. Although, I've been to Philadelphia, this site refreshes my memory. Keep up the good work!
Lorraine Offer, hometown-Sanford, Florida (Elementary Music Teacher) [11-20-1998]

Don't have any at the time.
Angela J. Carter, 33 year old african american from Chicago [11-20-1998]

It is great to be able to read about the historic things in Philadelphia before visiting...myself, my husband, and another couple will be going out in May of '99..... we do wonder about one thing...we will be in a 34' motorhome and will need a little information about good places to camp while visiting...Thank you so much for your kind assistance and really looking forward to a very interesting and learning trip...Diana Spradlin
Larry and Diana Spradlin, Kokomo, Indiana [11-20-1998]

This information about the pretzel is very interesting. I've heard that the pretzel was made during Lent because you were not allowed to eat eggs or meat.
Jean Vickey, Erie, PA [11-20-1998]

One of the best sites that I have had the pleasure to use. We will be visiting the historic district in two weeks and have little time to plan. I feel very informed now, having a good idea of what not to miss with the kids when we come. Thanks and keep up the great work.
anonymous [11-20-1998]

When my class was assigned a report on Naval Heroes, I chose John Barry because he sounded very interesting. I discovered there isn't much written about him. Your article on John Barry helped me with my report. Thanks so much. Mikaela
Mikaela J Knutson, 11 yrs old Tucson, Arizona [11-20-1998]

Great site! It really hepled me find what I wanted to know.Thanks!
Ali, age 12, new york [11-20-1998]

I really enjoyed this site. Our Literature class took a trip a few days ago. Now I have to write a report. This web site gave me a lot of information that I missed. I will be sure to visit this site more often for my History class reports. A job well done...Thank You.
Julene Dowhy, 16, Pennsauken NJ [11-20-1998]

James A. Christian [11-20-1998]

I was participating in the Daughter's of the American Revolution essay contest and I needed information about John Barry. I looked it up on here and I found more information that I ever knew what to do. I think that this a great site and I will be back!
Sarah [11-20-1998]

I am just sitting in germany and try to write paper about the American Revolution and it is just to find so many intersting things about it C. Kretschmer, Germany
anonymous [11-20-1998]

hello, i am doing my dar project and your site has been very helpful. i just wantd to say thanks and that john barry has a very interesting life.thaks again. sincercly ; miss carla beth behe ;age 13
carla beth behe, 13,littlefalls new york. [11-20-1998]

I consider myself fortunate to have visited Independence Hall in person and on-line. This seems to be a great sight!
Charles A. Mazzarella, I was raised in Wyoming, PA [11-20-1998]

Virtual Tour is excellent but to have any black painting
Celestine D Ward, philadelphia [11-20-1998]

Pacey Barron, Mannhattan, New York [11-20-1998]

Visiting this website with a group of 5th graders thatare now studying the American Revolution. A suggestion was made to have history games on this web site.
anonymous, Arlington,MA [11-20-1998]

I've lived in Philadelphia, all my life except for my military time..I would like to know more how and where blacks lived and worked in Philly
William Barber(Ret), I'm 60 years old Philly [11-20-1998]

It's a shame that I have been a Philly resident all my life and have never visited the African American History Museum until this past summer. Once I visited the museum, I came away thinking, how could anyone live in or visit Philadelphia and not visit this great place of knowledge. I strongly recommend it to all visitors and especially to residents. This will become a yearly visit for me and my grandchildren from now on.
R.E. DeBeary (Ret), 53 yrs old - Philadelphia [11-20-1998]

Fantastic site! A Philadelphia native/history buff, I find your chronology fascinating. Thanks for your efforts in helping to preserve and make available a glimpse at past events.
Charles, Philadelphia [11-20-1998]

This page is a beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes!
Sarah Lundbergmen, 81 [11-20-1998]

I started looking for informantion on an ancestor named Maj. Hilkiah Grout who led troops at the battle of Bennington. Got lost in your wonderful site and have to get back to looking.
Norman Wakeman, Claremont, NH [11-20-1998]

AHR [11-20-1998]

This is a very imformational site! :( -Laura Yes it is!!!!!!!!! :) -Kaisa
Laura and Kaisa [11-20-1998]

Planning a class field trip to your city and found more than I could possibly use or see. Thanks for the great preview and oppertunity to motivate my students in seeing real history. See you in the spring.
Tom Stohler, Susquehanna twp middle school history teacher [11-20-1998]

This site is SWEET! I hope it will help me with my AP history class.
Melissa Hecker, 17 from Hellertown PA [11-20-1998]

Thank you so much for this site! It helped me so much on my report of the A.M.E. Church.
Katy [11-20-1998]

I was looking for facts on the Yellow Fever Epidemic. Unfortuantly, there were few to be found. I enjoyed the other facts though. Thank you for a website of facts...not fiction
Elizabeth B., Age 13, Furlong, PA [11-20-1998]

3 things: 1. Great site! 2. I'm looking for any info 2 ancestors in Phila. Irish immigrant from County Clare(sp?) named Patrick Martin, member of the Southwark Beneficial Society. 3. Trying to establish a connection to General Anthony Wayne. Anyone with info please e-mail me. Thanks.
Steve Ford, Philadelphia [11-11-1998]

Wonderful site...sending others (hopefully) after I teach other MS educators about web sites for history on 11/11 (Veteran's Day...wouldn't ya know?).
Richard M. Yanku, 46, orig fm Albany NY now in Va Beach [11-11-1998]

i found this info very helpful on a report for my U.S. class
david bryant [11-11-1998]

this page is cool. it helped me on my social studies project i had to make a newspaper on Philadelphia. it helped me a lot. it is a very informativied page. i will visit here again not for a social studies project or for a newspaper but maybe i will visit here just for fun. thanks
Greg Travassos [11-10-1998]


Randy Stevens, Grafton WV 35/M [11-10-1998]

I have been looking for a site about John Barry for a week now. thank you!!!
shawn, Meriden [11-10-1998]

I am one of Old Ben's granddaughters, and I have not yet been able to visit his grave. This was tastefully informative.
M. [11-10-1998]

I'm just writing to say,God bless you and the entire A.M.E.Church.I am a member of the Delaine Waring A.M.E.church in the Western New York Conference.God Bless...
Horace Cromer, bufflo [11-10-1998]

Thanks for the great information on John Barry. I was having trouble finding information about him until I came to your page.
Matt Gruel, 14 yrs. old/ Richland, WA [11-10-1998]

This information for my DAR essay which is due shortly has been most helpful, in helping find information on John Barry. I will certainly use this site again .Thank you for being there!!!!!
Amanda Caza, Hooksett, N.H. St. Catherine's School,11 years old [11-09-1998]

Amanda Caza [11-09-1998]

AMBER NEWHART [11-09-1998]

I grew up in the Phila. area and lived there for 24 years. I truly did not appreciate it as much as I did when I moved to FL. Phila. is a wonderful and historical place to visit. I'm proud to call it my home town.
Kimberly Wright, Ft. Lauderdale, FL [11-09-1998]

Kimberly Wright, Ft. Lauderdale, FL [11-09-1998]

The poem "Mending Wall" can be a metaphor for many things. The Civil War, a person leaving their home, or just life itself. I can see perfectly how this poem is a metaphor for the Civil War. The words themslelves, and the meaning behind the words. "Something there is that doesn't love a wall, that sends the frozen ground swell underit." The North and South are in an argument. They are disputing slavery. The North doesn't want slavery.
David [11-09-1998]

This page was really helpful in getting info for a project! Thanks for all your effort! I used to live in philly and just moved recently and i miss it!
Kathy McKibben, I'm 15 and now live in Indiana [11-09-1998]

This is the greatest sight that my children use for research information. Thanks USHistory
Leo Nelson [11-08-1998]

This was great. I use it all the time for my projects. It has really helped a lot with my Daughters of the American Revolution paper on John Barry. Thanks for all your help. Andrea
anonymous, 13 years old Silver Spring MD [11-08-1998]

We are planning my first visit to the East Coast, a reunion trip for my husband and his family. I can now make the most of the 1 day we will have in Philly, thanks to your page.
Kathleen Neary, San Angelo, TX [11-08-1998]

Great site! Looking for a place to bring my family for historic education... it worked. We're flying up in 2 hrs.
R. P. Wright, Atlanta, GA [11-08-1998]

Sajiit Haraas [11-08-1998]

I came here to look up info for a project I had to do for Pennsylvania. I didn't know how cool Pennsylvania is, and how many places there are in just Philly! The only real problem is that the report is about what happened during the period 1700-1750. In my report, I also have to write about Delaware. Do you also have a website for Delaware also? Anyway, thanks a million. If it weren't for this website, I would get an F.
AMC, Brooklyn, NY [11-07-1998]

kosta elefter [11-06-1998]

Fantastic sight with so much history, I must get there to see it all.
John Porter, Adelaide / Australia [11-06-1998]

Was helping my son do a Junior High Paper on Commodore John Barry. Little information is available through encyclopedias. Happened across USHistory.Org via a link. Have is in my Favorites file for future use. Thanks.
Raymond Liotta, Fort Smith, AR [11-06-1998]

Thanks so much for your site! It was a great help for my daughter to write a DAR essay on Commander John Barry. This was the most information we found on him. Thanks again and I'm sure we'll be visiting this site again.
Laura Akahori, Galt, CA [11-06-1998]

Great Website
Andee [11-06-1998]

Looking for the printed records (by Wr8ght ?) for the Falkner Swamp Church. Please advise how I can obtain a copy of this book. Thank you
FRANK L. FRY, JR., Born and raised in Perry Co., Pa.; now in Boise, Idaho [11-06-1998]

hi i am an 8th grader at a school. i looked at your web site to help me with a project. thanks u should have more history games in therer thouw
anonymous [11-06-1998]

i live away from the area and would like to bring my exchange student. i was afraid i wouldnt know where to park or where to start. any suggestions?
anonymous, mother of five 12-19 [11-06-1998]

Wendell Bibbs [11-06-1998]

Most of the websitees i have come across are more advertising/sales/business driven. Your site has information you can use for research or general knowledge without having to buy it, or go to the library!
KWB, Collingswood, NJ [11-05-1998]

I'm a 4th grade Vanguard student in the Houston I.S.D. I am doing a report/project on a famous UNITED STATES LANDMARK. I CHOSE THE LIBERTY BELL
Kristopher Adams, Houston, Texas [11-05-1998]

Thank you for having this great web site
Jeanette Solano, I'm a little old [11-05-1998]

This is realy cool!!!!
Heather Foster, 15 yrs.;Humble, Tx. [11-05-1998]

i've been researching the hill-physick-keith house for an art history paper this semester. thanks so much for the information, i'm sure it will be helpful!
shannon magee, student @ phila.college of textiles & science [11-05-1998]

Brian Bliek, Marietta, Georgia [11-03-1998]

I have come to this web sit for a school project.
Matt Bitz, Galt California [11-03-1998]

Great site! It helped me on my first history report for college.
Tuesday Smith, 17, Dallas, TX [11-03-1998]

Brandon Powers [11-03-1998]

Amber Cox, 14 female, mansfield ohio [11-03-1998]

Claudia willis [11-03-1998]

This site is sooo cool! It really helps you on Edgar Allan Poe stuff. Especially if you have to do a BIOGRAPHICAL POSTER. Put in more weird Poe facts! Bye for now. (I'm using a school comp. to do this! ha ha
Wolf, Age-12 NC,Matthews (outside of Charlotte) [11-03-1998]

Great web pages. I really enjoyed the information. I have never been to penn. but would love to. Thanks
Sandra Davis [11-03-1998]

I Enjoyed seeing the different sights.
Rachel Whinna, Age:12 State:NC [11-03-1998]

Misty Bone [11-03-1998]

Kristi Holifield [11-03-1998]

This is a great site for students like me who have to do mini projects on Poe. I have to do a biographical poster. This site is great!
Kristen, age-12 [11-03-1998]

John W. Cogan, EggHarbor Twp., NJ [11-03-1998]

Janice Babbs [11-03-1998]

Thank You! This is really going to help me with a report I am doing. Thank you very much. Colin T. Waters :-)
Colin T. Waters, Central, New York [11-03-1998]

I needed this information for a report i am doing! Thanks so much!!
Caroline, Im in Middle School...PA [11-03-1998]

Lived near Philly for 6 years in 50's; visited there summer before last.The tour offered by KOAof West Chester is excellent.Guide was very good. Trip was interesting.Two other favorite sites in Penna: Valley Forge and Gettysburg.Love your website too. I work in the Youth Dept of a public library and I just helped a young student find info on Commodore John Barry on your website. thanks!
Ann Houpt, native Floridian married to Pennsylvanian [11-03-1998]

I have been AME all my life. My father is an AME minister and I was really excited to see that the AME church has one!
Lynnette Daughtry, 18, Virginia Beach, [10-31-1998]

john j miller, B.X.new york USA [10-31-1998]

This information is most helpful. I am preparing a flag history to teach to "troubled youths" in a program being sponsored by our local detention center. Hopefully, at the end of this extensive course, we will have fewer clients in the county jail. Thanks again for the info, Mike Lee Sgt, Training Division Anderson County Detention Center 1009 County Home Road Anderson, South Carolina 29625
Mike Lee [10-31-1998]

WE moved form outside Valley Forge in June and your site allows us to "visit" familiar places.
Ginger Baker, Chaandler, AZ, USA [10-30-1998]

I am interested in African American Cultural, and I am attempting to expose my family members especially my husband to the same. Please keep me informed of special shows and events. Thank You
Cassandra Langston, 45 Years Old, Philadelphia, PA [10-30-1998]

We are doing "The Insanity of Mary Girard" in my drama II class. I love history so, when I found out that it was based on a true story I had to find out about it. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find very much. If anyone has ANYTHING they would like to share, PLEASE email me! Beethoven1770@yahoo.com
Mrs. Lum [10-29-1998]

Hello. I am doing a report on the History of Independence Hall. I have only one question for you. Did the Hall have a bathroom during the time the Continental Congress was deliberating? In the movie 1776, Hopkins must go to another building to take care of buisness. Is this historically accurate? If you know drop me an E! Thanks you are my last hope. Rockstinks@ccm.net or Rockstinks@hotmail.com
Rockey, Chicago, Illinois [10-29-1998]

I was very happy to find you on internet, I LOVE YOUR PRESENTATION! THANK YOU,
LOUIS GILLINGHAM JR., new jersey [10-29-1998]

Hey, Thanks a lot to the makers of this page. I have a big History journal project and this information will be really helpful. Thanks again and I do appreciate it. -James Katz
James Katz, Boston [10-29-1998]

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anonymous [10-29-1998]

Just for my knowledge, thank you.
AZHAR ABD AZIZ, -na- [10-29-1998]

Robert Acheson [10-29-1998]

Looking forward to visiting your beautiful state in nov. got to see the Liberty Bell. I loved what I have seen already of your site, I will be doing more looking later.. Good work.
sandra tyrrell, Ontario, Canada [10-29-1998]

Angelica Turi, I'm fifteen years old [10-29-1998]

BCJS [10-28-1998]

BCJS, 10 ASHLAND [10-28-1998]

I am searching for the history on a Philly bakery dating back to the year 1923. The name on some of the tins that I have is coincidentally is Ivins. They made crackers, cookies and candy. If anyone out there has any info of where I can look just drop me an email. Thanks Mary K. Ivins
Mary K. Ivins [10-28-1998]

Good information. Very useful for my classes.
Paul Tillson [10-28-1998]

Cody Brennan, 14 Minnesota Grandpa was in the WW II [10-28-1998]

F. Hueber [10-28-1998]

SHANE KAHN, ROSWELL, GA [10-28-1998]

this is great because when I. do reports I go here because this has rverything I need.
Nicole Isaho, 12,clearwater FL [10-28-1998]

We loved the virtual tour and we look forward to visiting Philadelphia in November 1998!
Clayton Huey Elementary School, Center Moriches, New York [10-28-1998]


Searching for family lines of my gggrandfather ROBERT W. PENN, b. NJ. abt 1775. Any connections to any PENN, appreciated.
Karen Peer Terry, Florence, Arizona [10-25-1998]

I used a lot of information found on your web pages for a school assignment. The information was very helpful.
Chris Thorsted, I am 16 and I live in Ogden, Utah [10-25-1998]

Great site. I discovered it doing a research into my family history. I am a direct descendant of John How of Marlboro MA. his grandson Ezekial How led the Sudbury militia to the bridge at Concord April 19, 1775. I hated history in school, but after I became interested in geneaology three years ago history came alive. I also am primarily interested in the Colonial/revolutionary war period as that is my roots. I will be adding your URL to a link on my web site's geneaology section. By the way the story of Paul Revere's ride was published in Longfellow's Tales of a Wayside Inn. The story is accually called the Landlord's tale. The landlord was Lyman Howe, Ezekial's grandson. I read that book many times in school and never connected it to my family. My web site is http://www.mint.net/~dutchman. Thanks for a great history lesson.
Michael R. Howe Sr., I live in Belgrade Maine [10-25-1998]

I am a delegate from Virginia back in the day. I believe that we should abolish slavery!
Steve Prew, 14, The Boss [10-23-1998]

Why, in your South Street section, is there no mention of Head House Square Market, the beautiful buildings on that block and the most delicious part of south street, Chef's Market! Its been there for fifteen years and is the hub of the neighborhood. Most people describe it as the Balducci's of Philadelphia---the best gourmet food in town, eat in or take away.
Polly Georgiou, you forgot something important [10-23-1998]

Our class is doing a project on this page where we have to look tones of diffrerent info. Its a lot of work but its fun.
Hal, 13 /CA [10-23-1998]

An excellent history on the life of one of my most cherished poets, Edgar Allan Poe.
Eddie Foster, 19 years old...from Oxford, England [10-22-1998]

I love Philadelphia!! I haven't been able to get back in a while and this site is just great! I urge anyone considering taking a visit to the fair city of Brotherly Love to just get out and go there!! There is so much to do and see, you could spend the rest of your life exploring every facet if you wanted. Oh, did I mention I love Philadelphia? :)
pamela hesselink, 30 years currently residing in New Orleans,LA [10-22-1998]

Enjoyed your tour, very educational.
S&J [10-22-1998]

Thank you for the info. I am goin on a field trip to Philadelphia on Friday 23rd. I printed out some info. that my teacher could use. THANK YOU!!
Danielle Shelton, 10, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania [10-22-1998]

Germantown House Tenant Council, Senior citizens [10-22-1998]

I had to write a report on Valley Forge and i got all the information i needed to write it off your web site.
Brian Saurwein, San Diego, Ca. [10-22-1998]

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Oyvind Hraljfson [10-22-1998]

this is a pretty cool site. i could get so much information. so i thank you for that .....
dae lee, i am in pennsylvania [10-22-1998]

Robert W. Archbald Jr., the liberty bell is a great place to visit [10-22-1998]

Member of St. Paul AMEC in Kansas City, KS. Active member of the local, area, and conference branch WMS. Very excited to learn of the web page. I think it is excellent. I could ot connect with the Kansas City Area Churches page. Will that be available soon?
Albertha Martin [10-22-1998]

it really gave a lot of info about philly. that what i needed
Loretta Moritz, 16--perry,ohio [10-22-1998]

Patrick J. Murphy [10-22-1998]

Lorrie Losanno, 21, Westfield, MA, Student Teacher [10-22-1998]

You need pictures of the people of chinatown
Michael bennett, 14,Crescent city [10-22-1998]

I teach US History in Federal Way,Washington and was searching the web for information to share with my students. They are doing a project on Colonial Life. I was pleased to find your site. It will be quite beneficial to myself and to my students. Thank you for creating and maintaining this site!
Cindy Steinborn [10-22-1998]


why live anyplace else? this is the greatest. thanks guys
sam lalena, 44/m/nj [10-22-1998]

Great site! God Bless.
Wayne van Balla, AME ,Trinity Chapel, Grassy Park, Cape Town, RSA [10-22-1998]

I have a lost branch of my family last seen in Philadelphia circa 1910. Anybody there have a Joe McDonald as a great grandfather, his brother,Jack, was my grandfather. Joe stayed in Philly Jack returned to england
Joseph William McDonald, 37years Newcastle Upon Tyne England [10-22-1998]


Sue Saylor, Simi Valley, CA [10-16-1998]

I'm very impressed! This is a lovely site, and I'm glad that there are people putting an emphasis on our nation's history. Thank you for effort!
Kim Mackoy, 16, Lakewood, CO [10-14-1998]

See Ya'll tomorrow for the Harvest Crusade!!!
The Beasley Family, Corona, CA [10-14-1998]

Enjoyed this web site - I'm from Lancaster, PA and have always enjoyed Philly. It's a great place!
K. Wolf, Bolivar, OH [10-13-1998]

LEE MOORE [10-13-1998]

This website is so cool!!!
BDBrett [10-13-1998]

I really enjoyed your article, think it is very well written and especially like your sense of humor. Well done. Thank you very much.
Judith Strong, Norristown, PA 19403 [10-13-1998]

Armando Diaz [10-13-1998]

Oyez! Oyez! This site is cracker jack! For people that love history.
American Crier, 55; Jamestown, Virginia; 10-12-98 [10-13-1998]

I love US history. This is the best website. I'll be back!
Gloria Gioia [10-13-1998]

My history teacher gave our A.P. American History class an assignment, asking us to find 100 of the most important events in U.S. history, and this site alone gave me over 20 events! It was incredibly helpful and I was very grateful for the info! Thanks a lot!
Kerry Johnson, Gar-Field High School in Va. [10-13-1998]

Just signing in at the moment. What a good idea to have a place to share thoughts and ideas. Will visit again soon.
John and Doreen Geekie, From Beverley, UK. [10-13-1998]

Visited the Philadelphia Fire Dept.'s Fire Museum along with many others. This one in particular shines above the rest. Many thanks to the Philadelphia Fire Department and the brothers of Local 22.
Christopher Burnett, Firefighter Local 3091, Burlington County, NJ [10-09-1998]

I think this website was really great for finding the info. I needed for my history project.
Liz Davison, 13, Danville CA [10-09-1998]

jeff v, 13 [10-09-1998]

enoyed your site very much my mother was baptized at st peters church history is veryexciting also had a cousin from england who fought in american revolunary war as always barbara
barbara hinckley landers, born wellsburg wva [10-09-1998]

I am very much interested in history on Henry Pratt, the last owner of Lemon Hills. I know he was the son of a portrait painter, married 3 times and had 15 children. I would like to know more about him, how he made his money, who designed Lemon Hill . . . any descendants. Thank you for your help.
Constance M. Becker, 60 YEAR OLD NATIVE. INTERESTED IN HISTORY. [10-09-1998]

mary [10-09-1998]

hey jamal and boobo
James(OO7)Bond, i like to mop' it mop' it [10-09-1998]

Great site. Never thought I wanted to visit Philly till now.
Ed Chamberlain, Cincinnati OH [10-08-1998]

Bob Deuso [10-06-1998]

This is nice.
Walter Simonsen, I'm in high school [10-06-1998]

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Blakely Rule, Ames IA [10-06-1998]

useful website, Thanks
Dubas, Brent, 16, Like to party like no other, Columbus NE. [10-06-1998]

P. WNEK, CLINTON TWP., NJ [10-06-1998]

My family and I toured Historic Philadelphia in June of '98, and had a wonderful time. We actually consider it our favorite vacation. The people of Philadelphia were very nice to us, and that meant a lot to us too. My personal highlight of the trip was the visit to Carpenter's Hall, which was kind of the birthplace of a lot of the ideas which became the Declaration of Independence. The lowlight of the trip was seeing that Independence Hall is a United Nations Heritage Site. I consider it to be an American monument and I don't see why the UN needs to be represented there at all.
R Kilbury, California [10-06-1998]

VALERIE LU, age 10,city Saratoga,California [10-05-1998]

good site but not enough info on revolutionary war
jeff zimmerman [10-05-1998]

I went to this site for a school project. It was very helpful.
Shawn Rogers, 11 years old [10-05-1998]

I enjoyed the website and look forward to seeing the city with all of it rich history and sites. Would like to come with my family and let them see a part of history that they have learned in school.
Christine Martin, age 46, city New York [10-05-1998]

Do you have any info on Jeffersonian democracy?Would much appreciate any help you could provide. I have turned my us history class on to your incredible website. Keep up the good work.
Kris Schmalzbach, beautiful Seattle,Wa. [10-05-1998]

this page is cool.
Greg Meister [10-05-1998]

I just wanted to get on the guest book!
Todd Benore, 14/Marion,IA [10-05-1998]

I have enjoyed reading the history of "Mother Bethel", I am extremely proud to be a member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
Barbara J. Ransom [10-05-1998]

I'm putting together a program on "Faith Lives of Famous Philadelphians" for an "All Souls Walk" for my church on 11/1/98. I'm finding great information on "Lives of 'faithful' Philadlephians," but not much on their faith lives. This site was GREAT for lives of the faithful, but I need more help on faith lives -- can anyone direct me to more information on faith lives -- i.e. church involvement of the famous. Thanks.
Sue Schmitt, Philadelphia area [10-05-1998]

It is nice tour to look at U.S.A.Very good!!!
Janica Heikkilä, age 17 year,Finland [10-04-1998]

Thankyou for this page. It has helped me so much for this report I am doing.
Chelsea Johnson, 13, Virden, IL [10-04-1998]

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Jaime gonzalez, 11,vernon hills,il [10-04-1998]

This is the first time since birth to read about the american history so seriosly with full curiosity n such excitment.Liberty is great n so is america.
Kok chi koi, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Republic of China. [10-04-1998]

I was raised in Allentown, PA so when my us history teacher said we could write a report on whatever aspect of history I wanted to I decided to do a report on something about PA. PS to Corey if you're reading this wb soon!
S. F., age 16, conn. [10-04-1998]

i really like the old times and i'm the biggest nerd in the school. I wish everyone would stop making fun of my gold and pink glasses
anonymous [10-04-1998]


I'm heading to your end of the world in 18 months....and I can't wait to see your beautiful country.
Sia Platsis, Brisbane, Australia!! [10-04-1998]

Found your site while doing research on Betsy Ross and the American flag for cub scouts. Wonderful! thank you.
Sally Eilersen, Almont, MI [10-04-1998]

This site looks interisting.
Shaaz Ahmed, age 12 city Vernon Hills state Il [10-01-1998]

stacey bearden [10-01-1998]

AMBER LEE AND MICHAEL CANNON, 20-27 [10-01-1998]

I like history!!!!!
Zach [10-01-1998]

I drive a cab in Philly and am always proud to explain various points of interest to our visitors. Great job, keep it up.
Jim Nash, Life-long traveler, always returning. [10-01-1998]

I adore history and being new to the area, would like to find some fun, interesting historical areas to explore.
Trisha L. Sullivan, Lancaster/Philadelphia, Penna. [10-01-1998]

I'd like to know more about Route 30 (Lincoln Highway) history around Gettysburg. NOT just civil war stuff--from the beginning till now. Any suggestions?
Nicki, homeschooler [10-01-1998]

I am a descendant of the earliest Swedes who came to what is now known as Philadelphia. They had a place called Matson's Ford that is about where the Philadelphia airport is. Are there other sources online for this group and the native tribes they befriended? Thanks.
Anne Blocker, Woodland Park, Colorado [09-29-1998]

As a former Park Ranger with the National Park Service (1981-1989), with the last few years of my tour (1984-1989) spent at Independence National Historical Park, I am a bit dismayed that you provide superficial information about INHP in general, and the role the Park Rangers perform in particular. Some of the best historians that I have had the pleasure working with are those folks in uniform who don't push pencils behind a desk or play political games, but day in and day out interpret the history of that "historic square mile" with the visitors. Individually, they do jobs you never hear so that a visitor's experience is even more profound. So please give credit to the Rangers who, in two and a half minutes, can bring tears to one's eyes at the Liberty Bell, those who know Jefferson's motivations behind the Declaration, and all the other stories worth hearing (and remembering!) that make your job so much easier! Regards, Dennis Lapcewich, ITS HelpDesk Administrator / Webmaster University of South Australia Adelaide, Australia (USNPS 1981-1989)
Dennis Lapcewich [09-28-1998]

This is a great site. I had to pick a famous person to do a report on. Then after my mom told me that Besty Ross made the first american quilt I choose Besty Ross for my report.
Hailie Davis, Age11 Bend ,Oregon [09-27-1998]

i love the movie scream
Amanda Hugandkiss, 69 [09-27-1998]

Found your site while looking for information re: Town Criers. Why? Sidney British Columbia Canada, on Vancouver Island (about as far west as you can get and north of Seattle) has just been awarded the 8th International Town Criers Competition. The Town of Sidney and its citizens hosted the 7th World Town Criers Competition in September 1997...65 town criers from around the world came, saw and conquered. They had such a great time they have persuaded the Ancient and Honorable Guild of Town Criers to allow us to host the competition again in 1999 which is unprecedented in the history of competitions. At no other time has one community hosted the international competition "back to back" We expect double the number of criers from around the world to visit and enjoy the magnificent spectacle of over 100 criers gathered to compete. Plan to be here!
Brenda Harfield [09-27-1998]


We are impressed with your web site....scholarly and imaginative. Thank you. Roy and Ellen
anonymous [09-27-1998]

This web sight is very interesting, I had no idea it was even here.I stumbled upon it merely by accident. ushistory.org gave me a lot of information for my term paper on "The Founding of Our Nation"
Christine Sullivan, P.O.Box 2072 Gulf Shores, Ala. 36547 [09-27-1998]

An ancestor was born in Philadelphia 1854 Henry Charles McKenna - the only American on the tree and have spent twenty years trying to get some information on him. Now that I finally have internet, anything to do with Philadelphia and Pennsylvania is of interest. I guess a lot of Americans wouldn't know much about Australia and the same is true for me not knowing all the basic history of the country. I thought I could just get a birth certificate for 1854 and then through the internet discover that the legal recordings of births started later so it is a continual learning process. I have discovered a lot which makes me want to learn more. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of that world. Sylvia
Sylvia Schwede, Brisbane Queensland Australia 44 years [09-27-1998]

Greetings: This is indeed a great site, and much appreciated. There is a great online debate going on as to the exact time the Declaration Of Independence was signed. If anyone has knowledge and proof as to the correct time ...kindly e-mail me at HostANZuud @ AOL.com. It's a hot debate!!! "Peace Out" Zuudiakus
Zuudiakus [09-27-1998]

First I wanted to say that YES there was a aquarium behind the Art Museum, matter of fact if you go to the back at the water works you will see the glass blocks located in the cement and under them is where the aquarium was once located. This web site is excellent I am glad I took the time to check it out, it told me things about my hometown that I never knew in the past 26 years I lived there. I have just recently moved across the bridge to the Jersey side, but faithfully everyday I come back across to the Philly side....You can take the girl out of the city...but you can't take the city out of the girl.
Kim Cornish, Cherry Hill, NJ but will always be a Philly Girl [09-27-1998]

Great web site, found info I needed for my essay, Thanks!
Nicholas Urbani, 12, Sacto., Calif. [09-25-1998]

This site helped me with a US history project
Joe Homan, 17/m/WI [09-25-1998]

My family is planning a trip to Philly and found this website to be very informative and helpful. I'll recommend it to all my friends. Thanks for a great site!
Jan Kather, 41, Montgomery Village, MD [09-25-1998]

Kristina Godwin [09-25-1998]

4th Great Grandson of Jonathan Stevens. A member of the 15th Mass that spent this winter in Valley Forge
James Youngdale, Collegeville, PA. USA 19426 [09-24-1998]

A wonderful page! I will inform our members. Thanks
Mozella Galloway, President of the National Black Herstory Ta 55021, Atlanta, GA 30308 [09-24-1998]

i love edgar allan poe and i neede lots of info and i got it here. i loved it
sarah meinhold, 17 new york [09-24-1998]

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mary ann oldfield, 21 years old [09-23-1998]

This is da bomb keep going
Brittani Bowling [09-23-1998]

BRIAN JONES, I am 11 years old. I am learning about the Flag and Betsy Ross in school. I attend St. Rose of Lima in North Syracuse, New York. [09-22-1998]

I am a native born Philadelphian and still reside in the nearby Suburbs. Your web page is really great. I am using the Web for genealogy and your page certainly will be a big help! Thanks,
Gloria Crossin, Valley Forge, PA [09-22-1998]

good job send info
billy nichols, massacheuttess [09-22-1998]

Nicholas Stokes, 17 houghton [09-22-1998]

I visited the Mother Bethel site and found helpful informaiton that I will share with my AME Lay Organization members. As a librarian, I find the site to be helpful and accurate. I also work at an historical library. Thanks for the site!!
Kathryn M. Harris, Springfield, IL [09-22-1998]

Hi, I am a student teacher. My Social Studies Methods Prof. has asked us to access your site for information. It is great! I toured Philadelphia last year and had an enjoyable time. It was great touring your site since it brought back many memories. Thanks!
janice, Cleveland, Ohio [09-22-1998]

Jeremy, Japan [09-22-1998]

Anish Mitra [09-22-1998]

Victor G. Holliday [09-22-1998]

Great site, any other places we should visit?
Rebecca Seehusen, Visiting Philadelphia Oct 3-7 [09-22-1998]

Love this web site. Very well put together, my A.P. history teacher will absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Josh Lewis, I'm tall dark and handsome and love the revolutionary war. I'm sixteen years old and live in Ohio. [09-22-1998]

Excellent web site. Enjoyed very much the Philadelphia campaign of 1777 and the information on the Battle of Brandywine.
Charles M. Townsley, Elkton, Maryland [09-22-1998]

I am a lifelong A.M.E. My home church (St. Paul A.M.E., Winter Garden, FL) was started in my great-grandparents' living room in the early 1900's, and the WMS is named for my great-grandmother, Sarah Toney. The Mother Bethel webpage is very informative and enlightening. Although I have been taught the history of the A.M.E. church since I was a young child, there is information on this webpage that I had never seen before. Thank you for such a comprehensive history. It has renewed my pride and respect for my church and my people.
Tracey J. Brunson, Tampa, FL [09-22-1998]

I visited Philadelphia this past July. I toured the historic areas to a great degree. I enjoyed seeing the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Franklin Square, South Street, and numerous other places of interest. I took pleasure in the group tours which were given at various times. I would recommend a trip to the city to others.
stanley johnson, st. louis, missouri 34 years old [09-20-1998]

I was born in Phila and lived there until I was 20 then I moved to Tuckerton,N,J. Now I live in the Fla Keys 3 years ago I took my boy friend there to see the part of his heritage and what he went to Viet Nam for,he was quite impressed and overwhelmed with the city and all of the Historic sites. He is from Missouri and it was quite an experience for him and it made me very PROUD
dot staples, 46 now living in the florida keys [09-20-1998]

Howard Whidden, Live in Vernon, NJ, high school history teacher in North Arlington, NJ [09-20-1998]

Dion Gray, Irvine, CA [09-18-1998]

Your web is dope, man.
Hummel, 14 Bondurant Iowa [09-18-1998]

I was very impressed with the layout and design of your website. Also I found it to be very interesting reading. Well Done. I to have a historical website. Mine is about an almost forgotten conflict the War of 1812-1814. http://members.tripod.com/~war1812/index.html
Rob Taylor, Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada [09-18-1998]

We enjoyed the tour, the pictures, and the most of all the stories. Thanks Holli Burkett, Jesse Flores, Sean McCarty, Jeffrey Wininger, and Donna Stone Florence High School, Florence, Texas
dstone, Florence, Texas [09-18-1998]

Lucy Cross, 22, Orlando, FL [09-18-1998]

I really think that this web site has a lot of information. Thanks for making it. I know it will help me with my TERM PAPER!!
Dororthy Burchett, 17, Dewitt, NE [09-18-1998]

kenneth keller, west islip new york [09-17-1998]

My wife and daughter and I, after a full day in Philadelphia at Independence Hall, Christ Church, the portrait display and the Liberty Bell, dinner at the City Tavern (evcellent!), drove to Valley Forge. We arrived there at dusk and drove slowly through the encampment. Although there were no guides or cassettes to inform us and it was in the middle of summer, the sheer stark and bleak emptiness of the place profoundly moved all three of us.
George C. L. Ross, Martinez, CA [09-17-1998]

This is a nice site, very well put together.
Jason S. Rice, 19yrs. Allen, KY Allen Vol. Fire Dept. [09-16-1998]

Great Website!! I am a big history fan and this was very informational!!
Shannon Strong, Dayton,Ohio [09-16-1998]

I wish I could really go there.
Lonnie Beck, 17 yrs. Yucca Valley CA. [09-16-1998]

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This information is great. I have a research paper to write. The information I received from your web site has helped me a lot. Thanks.
Ashley Bishop, 10 years old. Arcadia, Florida [09-15-1998]

i think edger allan poe is an intresting writer
melanie rotenberry, 17 years old northfork w.v. [09-15-1998]

Great site!! This is one site I really want my Grandchildren to visit. Also Thanks !!! for the information on the Certificates. Sherry Robinson Coconut Creek Fl.
Sherry Robinson, Coconut Creek Fl. [09-14-1998]

Toni Hamlin, tampa,fl [09-13-1998]

I wish you would offer units of instruction or lesson plans to supplement the United States history curriculum
jessie thaxton [09-12-1998]

Nigel Ridley, Israel [09-12-1998]

Tammy Moses, Magnolia, Arkansas [09-12-1998]

It's like a text book but on a screen!
Patty Davis, Elementary Education Major, UCF, Orlando, FL [09-10-1998]

I am a college student studying to be a teacher and we visited this website in class one day. I thought there were amny interesting facts dealing with history that students would really enjoy and find interesting.
Dawn Tomlinson, 21 years old from Orlando [09-10-1998]

Michelle Bodak, Orlando, FL [09-10-1998]

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kristina robinson [09-10-1998]

Thomas A. Tagye Jr., Orlando, FL [09-10-1998]

I can't find what year a degree of medicine was conferred upon women at the Female Medical College (now Woman's Medical College) of Philadelphia.
Rob Lumley, 15 [09-10-1998]

breann schultz, 16 [09-10-1998]

This is a good site, great for finding info. for reports
Leah Richter, I am 16, born in Hayward, WI. I am now living in Spooner, WI. [09-10-1998]


this is a very educational and interesting site
Brian Beckham, 17, Texas [09-08-1998]

Great pages with heaps of info on Philly, for me as a tourguide there´s all the essentials in it to share with the visditors. mange tak !!
wolfgang maas, Graasten, Denmark [09-08-1998]

I have enjoyed my trips to Philly.
Keri Keiter, 22, Orlando, FL [09-08-1998]

Kelly Crockett, I am a senior at the University of Central Florida,in Orlando. I am studying Elementary Education. [09-08-1998]

I love your site. It has so much information that would be helpful in my future classroom.
Gena Gordon, Elementary education major at UCF [09-08-1998]

Great site for social studies curriculum!
Liz Spears, Elementary education major at UCF [09-08-1998]

I entertain many out-of-town guests. This site has become a valuable tool for me. Also the information you provide makes me look like a genuis to my guests. Thanks.
Sandra Moskowitz [09-08-1998]

looking for a geneaolgy spot on your home page. your page is beautifully done. i intend to visit often.
james e wilson, wv born, related to james e wilson, pa delegate to declaration of ind. and constitution. [09-08-1998]

This site is interesting and educational
Andrew, I'm 12 and I live in Ohio [09-07-1998]

Looking forward to our visit, after down loading and printing many points of intrest. Thanks for all info. Bob
Robert E. Hanshew, 60 Warrenton,MO [09-06-1998]

Rich A. Kelley [09-06-1998]

My husband and I plan our first visit to Phila. 10/26 and may do the Hlaf marathon. Any comments about this half marathon?. We love to run, shop for used books and other stuff and visit historic sites. What should we not miss and what is the "best" hotel in terms of price (not over $100)? The webpage is great!!
Georgia Hagen, Raleigh NC, age 42 [09-06-1998]

Courtney Olson, 11, Corona, CA 91719 I'M A GYMNAST [09-06-1998]

Courtney Olson [09-06-1998]

A wonderfully assembled site! I'm looking forward to using it extensively during the upcoming 50th International Science & Engineering Fair in Philadelphia, May 2-8, 1999.
Lee Bennett, 50th International Science & Engineering Fair: May 2-8, 1999 [09-06-1998]

You need to do lttle more on Preamble
danielle jackson [09-04-1998]

F. Renee Gaters [09-04-1998]

I was just surfing the net and came by the beautiful website of Mother Bethel. I hope to visit one day. God Bless you.
Rev. Nathan A. Dixon, member of St. James A.M.E. Chicago Conference, 4th Episcopal District. [09-04-1998]

Your web page is sensational! Keep up the exceptional work!
Daniel Anstandig, Cleveland, Ohio [09-03-1998]

I was brought up in the A.M.E. Church(Beaufort West) South African and I could not believe the foundation laid for my life. Today I am saved and I must say I wish that the South African A.M.E.'s can preach the gospel as is in the word like you saints. Jesus our Saviour. Sisa
Sisa Ngondo, South Africa (Cape Town), [09-02-1998]

Bill is the best
Matt Meyer, 15 spooner wis. [09-02-1998]

Earl W. McKnight [09-02-1998]

I was looking for information about where to go/what to see in Philadelphia and your website is really wonderful! Gives lots of history, detail, even has a map! Terrific!!!
Joni Breedlove, McGuire AFB, NJ [09-02-1998]

I too have been an A. M. E. all of my life. And now with joy, I share with the Virginia Annual Confernece and the Second Episcopal District in the establishment of a new congregation. When I left my home city of Norfolk, 6 years ago I found no A. M. E. church in Emporia. With the yes of some of the elders, and the good people of Virginia we now have a congregation of 15 A. M. E's. Looking forward to many, many times that number. Just somebody who loves the A. M. E. church, but love the Lord first!
Eloise A. Neal-Moore, Native of Virginia [09-01-1998]

Wonderful. Thank you.
Bill McHenry [09-01-1998]

very cool web site....I'm home-schooling my kids, and we are using your informative sites and links for our cross country history trip....thank you
janice, Damascus, Oregon [09-01-1998]

It's great to be able to visit the actual places our forefathers frequented and it's even greater to stand where they stood! The main thing that separates us is a lot of time! Great web site! If all goes well, my husband and I might visit tomorrow! I've never been there!
Catherine Pickett, Baltimore, MD [08-31-1998]

Give Me liberty or give me death Stars and stripes forever
Louis Bock, Newtown Pa [08-31-1998]

Hi, i´m from bavaria, germany. me and my wife have visits to phily in 1996 and 1997 (and 1999 !?!) WE LOVE PHILADELPHIA AND THE UNITED STATES SOOOO MUUUUUCH! greats form bavaria. see you. Roland
Roland, bavaria, germany [08-31-1998]

Congratulations on a dazzling website-great color and enthusiasm. And for keeping alive the most precious history this country has ever known-its beginning. Major Carol Lido Star Regiment 1
Carol Lido, South Florida [08-31-1998]

It was a pleasure to visit your page. Keeping alive this vital history keeps alive the fluidity of freedom in this country. Thank you Major Carol Lido Star Regiment 1 http://starmilitia.com
Carol Lido, Pompano Beach, Florida [08-31-1998]

Really enjoyed the site ,was thinking of seeing the BELL but now am deffinately going.
Tommy Gonzalez, 42, Hialeah ,Fla. Puertorican decent,born in Gary,Ind. [08-28-1998]

I am seeking information on Robert Morris. There seems to be minimal info available regarding his family, names of children, their children, etc. He is a relative and I can not tie my family to him. Can anyone help?
Bob Quinn, The California desert [08-28-1998]

The information and the map of the Historic District were extremely useful. I used both on my recent visit to Philadelphia. I would suggest that the Fire Museum be added to the map, which I used as the base for wandering around. I found the museum only because another tourist whom I met at Elfreth's Alley had been there and recommended it. Since it opens at 9, it can be visited while one is waiting for other sites to be opened. It was well worth visiting.
Shirley Sailors, St. Paul, Minnesota [08-27-1998]

Kris Schmalzbach, 27 YO [08-25-1998]

A website of the upmost significance, beautifully designed and executed. A national treasure!
The Rev. Willard Wetzel, retired UCC pastor; editor of The Pa. German Society [08-25-1998]

What a great sight!!! As a US History teacher I will visit this sight often.
Jeff Walsdorf, Houston Tx [08-24-1998]

really enjoyed all the topics and especially the museum. thanks for this wonderful web sight.
glenn michael hodge, jr, 13 yrs old...aiken SC29803 [08-24-1998]

glenn michael hodge, jr, 13 yrs old...aiken SC29803 [08-24-1998]

how about some free samples
roger, doylestown, pa. [08-24-1998]

I love your information. My husband and I will be visiting soon and appreciate the information you have for us. Thanks again.
mary jane pickett [08-24-1998]

The site is practical, informative and easy for a child or adult to use. It's just great. --How do I find other historical sites ? Thanks.
Steve Weinberg [08-24-1998]

I would like to study history in a Christian perspective.
PASTOR BERNARD D. CARTER, 38-orlando fla. 32810 [08-24-1998]

Great site, Lots of info I can use. Be back soon. My ggggrandfather died in Phil. Need more infomation.
anonymous, Viice Regent, Havasu Chapter, NSDAR [08-24-1998]

This site is awesome yo! I love it ihad to do i project and i saw this site and was like oh ill try it and it has more pics and everything!if u have any other pics on independence hall please send them to me! thanks, Mary
Mary, 13/Philly pa [08-24-1998]

Thank you for providing little known facts about the various military engagements around Philadelphia during 1777-78. This information provides greater meaning to the historical importance of many suburban communities to nearby Philadelphia.
R.A.Bishof, William Penn's "Newtowne" in the County of Bucks [08-24-1998]

I am looking for information on the origin of the word Schulykill. Is it Dutch or Native American?
Mary Loewer [08-24-1998]

I would like to buy mint sets as they are issued. Would you please let me know how to get on your list and go about doing this?
Maddi Sewell, Spartanburg, SC [08-24-1998]

I like plants and cant have enough!
Todd, 13 intrested in plants and my mom entered the philadelphia flower contest [08-24-1998]

Has anyone info on the last battle of the Revolutionary War (The Battle of Blue Licks in KY)??? I had a relative who fought there...Captain John Beasley. Thanks for the read. BettyO
Betty J. Omohundro, I love American History [08-24-1998]

thanks for making this nice net!Every fireme,try you best and take care!
Bonnie Wong, 20 years old.Hong kong [08-24-1998]

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I think this web page is very good on it's purpuse. Also I want you to know that the Oklahoma State C.A.R. supports. you Thank you/
David N. Hildebrand, I am the State President of The Oklahoma State Children of the American Revolution. [08-16-1998]

we will be visiting philly again in 2 weeks. just came to see if we missed anything in your great city.thanks for the tour.
lisa minkoff [08-15-1998]

great to see your home page regards to the american town criers - e.g. redmond o'colonies et al
peter southwood, town crier, pietermaritzburg s.africa [08-15-1998]

RANO [08-15-1998]

would like to see more information about the Battle of Kings Mountain, October 1780 thanks
anderson [08-13-1998]

Visited this site while taking a computer class with teachers. Can't wait to use it with my classroom of children!
Eileen, Haddon Heights, NJ [08-12-1998]

sonya kirk dailey, 31, raised in philadelphia [08-12-1998]

i am proud to say i am philadelphian, even though i relocated to texas with my husband philly is still home to me and patti labelle phyllis hyman, boyz ii men, bill cosby philadelphia get to know us once you get to know us, you never want to say goodbye!!!!!
sonya kirk dailey, 31, killeen, texas [08-12-1998]

i am a history expert and I think this is an excellent site.
conrad edises, santa barbara, ca. [08-12-1998]

I have been a member of the A.M.E. Church my entire life and I thoroughly enjoyed the history on Mother Bethel A.M.E. Continue to allow God to use you- God Bless
Anese L. Adams-Shepard, Chicago, IL [08-10-1998]

Looking for different information on the American Flag for a program for our DAR Chapter.
Alice Johnson, TX [08-10-1998]

I enjoy the history stories as well as photos,maps it is the first contact my family had in this country after arriving from Scotland..Mr. wm lyon was in the battle at Kings mountain I have a copy of his pension papers. V L S
virginia lyon salzman, jacksonville fl [08-09-1998]

Left Philly in the late sixties, but your web site makes me want to visit real soon! Love to look up history of the city of my birthplace. I was in the third grade in 67/68 at Sullivan school N.E. Philly. Please contact.
Mike RALSTON, La Habra, CA. [08-09-1998]

I lived in Phila. for 57 years and now residing in florida. Some told me that there was an aquarium in Phila.But I differed with her.Am I wrong or was there an aquarium in Phila?
Martha Rappatone, Looking for information on an aquarium that use to be behind the art musieum. [08-06-1998]

I am searching for information on Thomas Cope. this web page told about a diary. How can I get that information? Thanks Alicia
Alicia Wakeam, seeking information on Thomas Cope [08-06-1998]

We're looking forward to visiting your state this September.
Joanne Ahrens, Fairdealing, Kentucky [08-06-1998]

Hi, We just spent some time out in Phila, NYC, & NJ. My 15 year old son didn't get the coins and metals he really wanted from the Mint and so I need to know if there is an online catalog to choose coins and metals from. Also, I had wanted to buy one of those cracked Liberty Bells, but thought that I'd be able to purchase one elsewhere, but never found one later. My question for the day (or maybe cent- ury) is, did anyone see the movie Jungle-to-Jungle with Tim Allen, well, he gave a Statue of Liberty lighter to his 'son', DOES ANYONE MAKE THOSE LIGHT- ERS FOR REAL?? I really wanted one and was very disappointed to not find one. Thanks for any help.
Nancy Fox, Carpentersville, IL [08-06-1998]

Hi, We just spent some time out in Phila, NYC, & NJ
Nancy Fox, Carpentersville, IL [08-06-1998]

my living room is red,white and blue. uncle sam's, liberty bells, etc. god bless america.
lynda hellen, cudahy,ca [08-06-1998]

I think that we have forgotten that this is our history and the ideals that we have today are misunderstood. It would be grand if people we see that being an American is a history that a people can achieve and overcome tyranny. Freedom is not financial, Its a feeling you find deep in your heart that i will not be supressed and I stand for what I beleive in and I will not restrict myself in the light of truth.
Lee Mayo, 22, Russell's Point, Ohio [08-06-1998]

I am an 8th grade American history teacher who just discovered your site. I can't wait to share it with my students. Hopefully some of them have enough power to access your virtual sites. I don't:-(, but I am excited just to have discovered you as I begin with the Revolution. Using this site would be a good extra credit option for anyone who would wish it. Thank you for doing such a fine job on bringing this part of history more alive, and I thank Country Living magazine for mentioning you. That's how I got your address. Keep up the great job!
Katherine Janousky, Ocala, FL [08-06-1998]

Philadelphia is America History. Your website makes this point well. I have been to Philadelphia and made a few visits to historical places. Will this site it will make future visits a little better. Will be better informed. Hey, if you find the time, drop over to my site, BLACK QUEST-THE GRIOT http://blackquest.com
C. Arthur Blair, P. O. Box 443, Bladensburg, Md, 20710-0443 [08-06-1998]

Looking for information about war of 1812? Any directions? I really enjoyed your pages.
Gary Tustison [08-06-1998]

Eeva Grimes, Narberth, PA [08-05-1998]

Great website! Hopefully this site will give Americans a good understanding of the history of America, the great men and women who made it and the sacrifices they made to give us are freedom today. Every American should be proud. The great documents will show us the true meaning of "freedom" and the rights we have today!
David E. Lewis, Waukesha,Wisconsin 45yrs.old. [08-05-1998]

christina vega, san benito, tx [08-05-1998]

great place to look up historical places to see on vacation
bill yarbrough, lexington.nc [08-05-1998]

I was born in Philadelphia 30 years ago. It has taken me that long to gain an appreciation for our nations history. My wife and I are visiting relatives in Philly in a few weeks, and this website has given us the historical roadmap we need to visit some of the historical places.
Adam Brandau, Alpharetta, GA [08-05-1998]

i love new york!!!
THOMAS WILLIAM RAYER, BROOMALL, PA. 19008 [07-31-1998] [uh ... okay -webmaster]

i am looking into my maiden name pemberton's ancestry and came across "the pemberton house". some day i hope to visit it.

Hi - I grew up in South Jersey, Haddon Heights, and now live in Kansas. Some friends are taking a trip to Philly and wanted to know sights to visit, so since I can't go with them for a personal tour, I checked out your sight, and love what I found. It makes me homesick for the big city! There is so much great information on this sight, I can't print it all so I'll bring my friend to my computer! Thanks for a great place to visit on the net!
Christine Agnew Wilson, Wamego, Kansas [07-31-1998]

Thank you for providing a concise and insightful history of the Mother Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, located in Philadelphia. I was able to get the correct address and look forward to visiting the site, very soon.
Sharon Minor King, Ph.D., Washington, D.C. [07-31-1998]

Corey Simpkins, 21yrs, Havertown, African-American [07-31-1998]

I'm traveling to a wedding in New Jersey in Sept. Today Philladelphia must be beckoning me to come visit as The TV show "The Travelers" devoted a whole hour to it, and then I found your site. It is absolutely great. See you in September.
Pat, Cascade, Montana [07-30-1998]

Planning a vacation to the Philadelphia area later this summer. Your web site was quite useful in helping to plan a visit to Valley Forge
John Larsen, Columbus, OH [07-29-1998]

Thank You for the information that is just a click away. Can't wait to visit Philadelphia.
Marjorie Metoyer, Norcross, GA [07-28-1998]

I am lucky enough to have married a Philadelphia native. Therefore, I have visited most of these sights. It is wonderful to have them on here for people who may never get to see them in person. Thanks for sharing them.
Ruby Pantalone, Live in Salem, Oregon [07-27-1998]

Visited Valley Forge back in April 1993. Watched the film that preceded our walk. Saw some of the Boy Scout artifacts in the display cases. Looking forward to seeing the Boy Scout Museum that has recently been added within the last few years.
Dominic A. D'Orazio, Oceanport, NJ [07-27-1998]

Great site! We found it very helpful in steering my family where to go around Philadelphia! We're looking forward to the real thing in early August. Regards!
Michael A. Long, Lafayette, NJ [07-27-1998]

Am interested in Freemasonry at Valley Forge; it was in 'Military Lodge #19', now Montgomery Lodge #19, held in Berry's Tavern (now the King of Prussia Inn) that Bro. the Marquis de LaFayette was Raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. Montgomery Lodge #19 is looking to re-enact that event for the benefit of the "Home for the Inn" charity. Interested persons or those with pertinent historical detail are encouraged to email me.
Brian James Fegely, Royersford PA [07-27-1998]

Bunny Conner, 74, Lansdale, PA [07-27-1998]

Molly Crowe, 9 lansdale pa [07-27-1998]

The interest in the flag shown by the responses on these pages causes me to believe that the following information might be of wide spread interest. I belong to an organization whose prime purpose is to promote patriotism, honor for the flag and country. We are called National Sojourners,Inc, "Heros of '76". We dress in uniforms resembling those worn by the armed forces of the Revolutionary War; the Continental Army, Navy, Marines. We participate in various ceremonies, parades, color guards,ets. One program which we are proud to present is called 'Building of the Flag'. This is a thirty minute program in which we give a short history of the flag and then proceed to build the flag stripe by stripe, star by star, giving the significance of each. This program has been enthusiasticly recieved by many fraternal, service,or business organization, and especially schools, as it does present history in a manner which seems to hold the student attention. To obtain more information about a Chapter of 'Heros of '76 ' in your area, anywhere in the USA, contact your nearest Masonic organization, or send inquirey to: NATIONAL SOJOURNERS, INC. 801 EAST BOULEVARD DR. ALEXANDRIA, VA 22308-1399 phone 703-765-5000 e-mail nationalsoj@juno.com
HAROLD DUBY [07-27-1998]

This is a terrific website with lots of interactive experiences for everyone. We need to connect Fort Mifflin with you all!
Linda Callegari, New Director of Public Programming for Historic Fort Mifflin [07-27-1998]

I think this site is really interesting. I think the tour is really cool.
Zane Mohling, 11 years old, in Mt. Vernon, Missouri [07-23-1998]

Please, please, please, use EVERY means possible to keep Parrish & Tiffany's magnificent "Dream Garden" in the Curtis Center where it belongs! It would be a terrible loss to the city and its visitors if this one-of-a-kind masterpiece were removed from its home of more than three-quarters of a century. May the "Dream Garden" always bloom where it was planted!
Pattye Stringer, Proud Native Philadelphian!! [07-23-1998]

I like this web site because it is bursting out with information.
annie [07-23-1998]

We are planning a trip to Philadelphia around Labor Day this site was most helpful in giving a preview of what is to come.
Rozetta Shuffield [07-23-1998]

Joe Lemley [07-22-1998]

Love your site ! interested in flag making. Betsy was our best.... Is this a great country or what ! sincerely, Dorie Maloney
Doris L. Maloney, almost 70 live in Boston&West Palm Beach [07-21-1998]

I miss my home in Philadelphia so much. I only live an hour away, but rarely get to go there. When I do ge to go to The City, the first thing I have to get is a cheese steak. Can't beat Philly for that. Most of my family lives in Philadelphia still, and I always look forward to days I can go and visit.
anonymous [07-21-1998]

I greatly admire the gross amount of knowledge wrought by this website. I am a member of The Jonathan Adams Society, NS Children of the American Revolution and the Granby Chapter, NS Daughters of the American Revolution. I have received much needed information that has been provided by this site. I did visit Philadelphia, PA when I went to Freedom's Foundation sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary. It was one of my most memorable experiences. Friendship wise and educationally.
Theresa Fuller, 19, Lexington, SC [07-21-1998]

Great information on the African Methodist Episcopal Church, its history, as well as that of Philadelphia. More More!!!

This is a wonderful approach to electronic information. I am printing the entire virtual tour as I type this since my wife and I are headed to this wonderful city next week. You have my heartfelt thanks for making this web site available. Keep up the good work!!!! Jim Ridges
James L. Ridges, St. Louis, MO. Age 54. [07-20-1998]

edward brewster, peru,n.y. [07-20-1998]

I have always been slightly interested in the American Revolution, but after seeing the movie 1776, I an fascinated. I want to learn all that I can. I remember pretty much nothing about it from school. If anyone knows of any good books on the subject please contact me at john316@burgoyne.com - thank you
Mark W [07-18-1998]

Thanks for the info. for my report on the colonization of Pennsylvania.
Gmaria, Granite City, IL [07-17-1998]

This sight is so neat!
Veronica Sharkey, age 10, Stanhope,NJ [07-17-1998]

Tom Healey, SOUTH BOSTON [07-17-1998]

Samuel E. Wetherill [07-17-1998]

BAMorris, Philadelphia [07-17-1998]

Great site. Visit our site at: www.netdirect.net/anderson/allen A member of Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church
Aaron Hill, Age, 69, Home City, Anderson, IN [07-16-1998]

Just looking for info on sites in Philadelphia. Coming there for the first time next month.
Tom Hamff, 50+ Temple, TX [07-16-1998]

The virtual march through the American Revolution is great. Will take several days to to through it all and absorb. Great job!
anonymous [07-16-1998]

I'll be visiting Philadelphia for five months starting august ninth and your site has given me a lot of info, very useful. Thanks
Vanessa van de Wiel, Amersfoort, Holland [07-16-1998]

i had just finish the army here in korea i now work for the goverment here in korea and i miss go old USA and my home city philly i really miss those hogies and soft prizels and the history of our city thanks for this web site!!!!!!!
terrance l mason, i am from Media and i am 39yrs old [07-16-1998]

Great site. Thanks for sharing!
Tammy G., Chester County, PA [07-16-1998]

I am seeking more information on a John Hoover, born in Lancaster County, Pa in 1755. He served in the war under Capt Copenhover and Capt Fredrick Stover in the Pennsylvania Militia. He is buried here(Ohio, with his wife and one child, on what once was his farm. I would appreciate any assistance in this matter.
Larry Bowman, SSgt USMC [07-16-1998]

Thanks for all the info---will come in handy on upcoming visit to the Philadelphia area; can't wait to visit Longwood Gardens and relive history.
linda, massachusetts [07-16-1998]

I want to get back to the basics.I think this Web Site is a great way to refresh my memory of what America is all about.
STEVE WATSON, I am 39 years old,and love american history.from WATERTOWN,NY [07-16-1998]

GARY M. CALL [07-16-1998]

Moved to Phoenixville, PA in 1980, Ilived there for 10 years. Valley Forge National HistoricalPark was my favorite place to visit. There is a beautiful covered bridge on Route 252 and the home of George Washington is a wonderful place to visit as are the surrounding grounds. I belonged to the Valley Forge United Methodist Church, which is nestled in the grounds of the park, a small, but very loving Church. I encourage all who visit the area to stop by these places and enjoy our heritage, both nationally and spiritually. God Bless!
Estelle Jocsak Selim, Now in Hackettstown, NJ (northwest New Jersey) [07-15-1998]

I have a solid brass plaque that measures, 5x 8 inches, approximately and is featured with a framed border with the libery bell hanging from the top center, It weighs aprox 8 1/2 #, and Shows a courthous type building, w/columns and steps that are so detailed that you can walk up them with your finger nails, the road in front of the court building is cobblestone,and it leads past a possible black smith shop, and winds around and leads to the rear of the plaque into what appears to be a factory area with smoke stacks and factory buildings, This is very old, it may even have a smith mark on the lower left front, it appears to be a letter O with a circle around it. I have had this plaque for about 33 yrs, and wanted to find out some history about it, this comes from our garden spot behind our house in the yr of approx 61-1963, and It is in excellent condition and I would like some help ID this item, Please reply if you might can give me a sourse or ave. to take, Thanks David Kilpatrick P.S. this comes from the little town of Bishop, Ga, 30621 located approx 10 miles south of Athens Ga, University of Ga, on hwy 441 South. Thanks again
David Kilpatrick, Sheriff`s Investigator Oconee County Sheriff`sOffice [07-15-1998]

I like all the information available here. It is a very well put together page.
Jason Williams [07-15-1998]

Well, after leaving philly to live in GA and then NC 6 1/2 years ago, my husband an I decided to move back home. We just can't seem to get philly off of our minds. It's funny how sometimes you don't realize what you've missed until it's not there anymore. I never thought I would say this, but I appreciate being a native Philadelphian. With all of the challenges that face philly, there is still no place like home. I guess I just have a heart for the city of "brotherly love". My husband and I are making plans to re-locate back home within the next 5-6 months. Philly is a city rich in social and cultural diversity. After exploring other parts of the country, it's time to come back home and give something back to a city that has given so much to me.
Mrs. L. I. Brooks, Charlotte, NC [07-10-1998]

In looking for pictures to use for a presentation in French class, I've found your website very useful. I grew up on teh other side of the river in New Jersey, but when asked where I'm from, I allway say Philly. Right now, I've been studying at a university in Germany, and I finf it wonderful that I can show pictures of my beloved city to my friends here and tell them a bit about the history of the US. Especially fun was reading aloud a copy of the Declaration of Independance (found on the internet) at our July 4th celebration. Our English friends, who had the good spirit to join us, had to admit that it really is a lovely piece of literature. Thanks, Melanie Aubrey, writing from Konstanz, Germany
Melanie Aubrey [07-10-1998]

Jared Wix [07-10-1998]

This is my first, pretty short, visit. It looks very interesting. I like the comment I read "This stuff is really old!!" I guess some of us are too!!
Paul Delaney, I am an elementary school teacher in downtown Los Angeles. [07-10-1998]

I loved your page!!! I am a history buff and love to read about anything historical...Thank you
Rhys [07-08-1998]

Jastrow Academy, Homeshool [07-08-1998]

Will be visiting your fair state again this summer.
Guidel E. Rivera, Los Angeles, CA [07-08-1998]

I am delighted that our church has the technology to be on the information highway. It is a privlege to access such great historical information. God Bless.
Rochelle L. Baerga, Lancaster, PA Member at Bethel AME Pastor Edward M. Bailey [07-08-1998]

Thoroughly enjoyed your site. Have taken a group of museum members to Philadelphia and enjoyed many of your wonderful historic sites and museums. I especially enjoyed reading about the Todd House - Dolley Madison was born in what is now Greensboro, and we have an exhibit honoring Dolley at our museum. I'm going to share this address with others!
Linda Evans, Greensboro Historical Museum [07-08-1998]

I was hoping to find out what year the original bell was cracked. All the page said was that the bell cracked the first time it was rung. But I didn't know that a second bell was ordered or even existed.
Leah R. Glaze, Oxnard, CA [07-08-1998]

Gavin Tomlinson, Kailua, HI [07-08-1998]

The sites so far that I've viewed here are wonderful. I am originally from Pottstown, PA and only remember slightly my trips to Independence Hall as a child. Now I hope to become a teacher and look forward to using your sites as a resource. Thank you!
Tracey Germano, North Babylon, NY [07-07-1998]

Great site. Currently researching the colonial american marketplace and its place in colonial society. If you can offer any info or ideas or input as to research materials or sites it would be greatly appreciated!!
Melissa Ann Tice, 21,West Chester Chadd's Ford Historical Society Intern '98 [07-07-1998]

jason [07-06-1998]

Visited the Betsy Ross and Liberty Bell page. I will be back. I love history, especially the History of the United States. It's to bad that most history has to be so brutal and ugly (refering to Tonto's message.) I spent about 36 hours in Philly a couple of years ago, work related. Only had time to see the Bell and Independance Hall. Someday I'm going back. Thanks for all the hard work on these pages.
Rhonda Lamb, Joshua, Tx [07-06-1998]

My husband was born in Philadelphia & later moved to Moshannon, Pa. I have always wanted to take a trip to Philly & see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, etc. that we always heard about in school. We are finally able to take a trip into Philly. This site has been absolutely wonderful in helping to plan our trip for next month!!
Juanita Kochik, Rex, Ga [07-06-1998]

the independence hall and statue of liberty are the best places to be to study the history of america. because it help me out when i had history in school. my family went there to see how history was made.
PAUL THOMAS DORN, 06-30-64 INVERNESS ( CHICAGO ) [07-06-1998]

Born and raised in Philadelphia over 60 years ago. I am really excited about seeing these pages and will take my time to study each one. A big thanks for this great effort.
Neal Simmons, Lewisburg PA Home of Bucknell University [07-06-1998]

I came across a reference to this site in a newspaper article, and decided to have a look. Being a history buff, I found the site to be very intersting. I visited the Philadelphia last July and found myself overwhelmed with all the historical sites. Through the development and maintenance of sites such as this, the links to our glorious and amazing past may be strengthened. It is important that our proud American history and tradition of freedom are not forgotten or diluted. Long may Old Glory wave!!
Jim Hill, Age 34, Chandler, AZ [07-06-1998]

Wow! I thought I'd get a dribble of info. on a few places and be out of here. This is an excellent site, loaded with plenty of history & trivia for even the most serious history buff. I will definitely bookmark it.
Steve Seitz [07-06-1998]

NO relation to the British General!
Brian Howe [07-06-1998]

Jamie Godwin, 24yrs old N.C. [07-06-1998]

Jennifer Mackiewicz [07-06-1998]

Anything to teach American History to our history-starved children, can't be a bad idea. GREAT SITE!!!!!
Jeffrey Shockley, Dover, DE [07-06-1998]

I Have enjoyed this tour. Thank You.
Howard E.Chinn, Burley, Idaho (farming country) on the banks of the Snake River. Age: 52 [07-06-1998]

Florence Arkowitz, Phila. PA [07-06-1998]

Marilynn Bader, Scottsdale, AZ [07-06-1998]

STEVE KAFRISSEN [07-06-1998]

Alan H. Klein [07-06-1998]

This is a great web site!!!!!!! Wish this was available when I was in school!!!!!
Gene Rovere, 69 Yrs. Male Gloucester City NJ [07-06-1998]

I thought the Liberty Bell cracked when tolling for Justice Marshall'S funeral inthe early 1800's?
M.A.Falabella, retired [07-06-1998]

C.L. Schickley, 8th grade U.S. History teacher American Rev.-Reconstruction [07-06-1998]

Tom Hanley, Latham, NY 12110 [07-06-1998]

Great site! I grew up in Philly and I will never move too far away. Keep up the good work.
Bernie Brandt, Merchantville,NJ [07-06-1998]

God bless America, and may America bless God.
phyllis [07-06-1998]

Being able to do this on line is great! It helps me prepare for my trip.
Joni Berry, Will be visiting July 4-5, 1998 [07-06-1998]

Cool information. Lots to learn about our history.
jolie foelker, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin [07-06-1998]

Great page for all of us interested in US History. It has provided me with lots of useful info to use in my classroom.
John Walker, Teacher [07-06-1998]

Great site!
Mark R. Johnson, 40 yrs. of age; Springfield, MO [07-06-1998]

William J. Toner, West Chester, PA [07-06-1998]

JOHN W. SULLIVAN [07-04-1998]

Robert Ervin [07-04-1998]

Seeing the Liberty Bell was a very moving experience. Visiting this web site brought those delightful memories to mind again.
Charles W. Bower, Akron, OH 44301-2606 [07-04-1998]

Just found this site. Haven't reviewed it, but bookmarked it for use throughout the year. It should be very useful for our kids' schoolwork.... It looks good at this point. I like the fact that there are so many links for me to hook onto...
Skip, 52 yrs. North Carolina [07-03-1998]

Gerald Perdue, New Castle, Pa. USA [07-02-1998]

KATHERINE RAMOS [07-02-1998]

Jennifer Liberti, I'm 10 yrs old and from L.I. NY [07-02-1998]

Nicely done!!
Vincent G. Heesen, I was born in Philadelphia in 1929. [07-02-1998]

This tour shows what a rich heritage the City has. I have seen these sites many times in person, but this a great way to learn more about each one.
Keith Van Horn, philadelphia [07-02-1998]


Like Edith Thompson of Austin, TX I too moved from Pa. Just across the river in May of '37. Though just a short distance from those many wonderfull sites, I never had a chance to visit same. I enjoyed the tour and hope to get to Onion Square soon to try one of Pats legendary Cheese Steaks
Vincent P Przybycien, Marlton, NJ [07-02-1998]

Enjoyed this site and the history it offers!
Cynthia J. McDonald, Albany, NY - KeyPrivate Bank [07-02-1998]

Moved from Phila 55 years ago. This has been a wonderful visit for me - wandering through your pages. My sincere compliments for all of the hard work. Lord willing I plan to come back and revisit a great city.
Edith Thompson, Austin, Texas [07-02-1998]

I learned of the < ushistory.org > website when someone in the Girard College Alumni office sent E-mail to me telling me about the Stephen Girard Page. I thoroughly enjoyed that portion about "Uncle" Stephen, my benefactor, and have book marked the < ushistory.org > to further explore the other Philadelphia subjects listed. As I visit them, I will come back from time to time and make comment on what I find. A. W. Roller
Albert W. Roller, Girard College Class January 1942. Currently living in Punta Gorda, Florida. [07-01-1998]

J W BOYETT, pa [07-01-1998]

I love PHILADELPHIA. I know that PHILADELPHIA is the most historic city in the U.S.A. It really is a great city. I know that one day the city will be great, better than it already is and I know that it will happen very soon.
Matthew Zagursky, 01-26-83, Sharon Hill, Pa [07-01-1998]

I am a proud descendant of James Lawrence, a private in Capt. John Winston's co. of the 14th VA Regiment of Foot commanded by Co. Wm. Davies. He was a silversmith from Augusta Co. VA. He was not a young man and he had sons who also fought in the war. James and his family were early KY settlers and helped open the frontier to others.
Betty S. Cravens, Campbellsville, KY [07-01-1998]

Congratulations, America!!! Deserve yourself.
Anjali Kapoor, New Delhi, India [07-01-1998]

I am the son of Sheila Barry Ceigersmidt who is related to Commodore John Barry. I am just learning more about him, and now I know him very much more because of your website. I want to thank you for the information that you have posted about him, and I hope to learn more and visit some of his historical sites. Thanks again.
Kevin S. Ceigersmidt, I am 19yrs old and live in Springfield, VA [07-01-1998]

Jim Watson, age:57, city:East Patchogue, L.I. N.Y [07-01-1998]

brenda [07-01-1998]

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