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Guest Book Archives: Jan-June 1998

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A wonderful collection of information on the founding and strength of our nation. I plan to link to it to use under the Betsy Ross flag on my website showing my g-g-g-g grandfather's emigration from Ireland. Francis FERGUS served in the Revolutionary War as a young man after immigration at Philadelphia.
Cynthia Russell, Traverse City, Michigan [06-30-1998]

I truly love this site, so much wonderful information, i esp, like the instructions on making Betsy Ross's 5 pointed star. I live in KY, have a 9 year old daughter that I can't wait for her to see all the historical sites in your wonderful city.
Rose Akers, Will be visiting Philly in a couple of weeks, would love to find a hotel near by that has shuttle or bus service to the tours,,,,,could you help,,,,, [06-30-1998]

Kenneth Levy M.D., N/A [06-29-1998]

Well presented information - will use for a presentation the week before July 4th.
laura hardeman, Florence, Alabama [06-28-1998]

Had to do a summer project for Advanced Placement History and this site really helped. Had alot on 1700's in Philly. Some more would help. Thanks again.
Murphdog, 16, Philly [06-27-1998]

I've lived in Philadelphia and environs for over 70 years. The family joke is we have been here for 300 years and never moved more than 15 miles from where we got off the boat. Why would anyone live mire than 15 miles from Phila.? I do have a few suggestions 1. Move the Philadelphia archives to a better more convient location. Expand and repair the resources. It is a shambles something is always broken. Space is limited. Do some research on your vital records branch. The cost of looking up in an indexed data base is prohibitive particularly when they come back not located, and you know better.
Bill Domm [06-27-1998]

colleen fields [06-27-1998]

I am Secretary of Carnoustie Gala Committee and for the first time this year we going to have a Town Crier during Gala week (my idea). Gala Day this year is on 4th July and the theme will be (and what else) "An American Dream". Maybe we will welcome some of you to Carnoustie next year for the British Golf Open Championships. See you then. Erika.
Erika Gangolf, from Carnoustie, Scotland [06-27-1998]

Martha Balcom, Age 54 from Kalamazoo Michigan [06-27-1998]

We are planning a trip to Philadelphia and I am pretty excited. We want to see the zoo and all of the town. Hope we have enough time to see it all.
Helen, Howard,PA [06-27-1998]

margie, 30 yrs. lived in philadelphia all my life! [06-26-1998]

Just checking in.
Sylvia Law, Age 51.. Now in Los Angeles [06-25-1998]

Rich Kelley, Bellefonte, PA [06-25-1998]

Great page. I have family coming over to the USA for a Philadelphia and Delaware Valley visit. Philadelphia home-page has given me some great ideas of where to take them. Will be using your home-page often. Thank you...
Michael Gould [06-23-1998]

What a great site! We have company from Texas and this was a great way to show what is here and to be able to pick what might interest them most. Besides living here we thake these things for granted and think some day I'll visit. Do it now, we live in a special city full of our country's roots. Enjoy your day.
Pat Nichols, Phila [06-23-1998]

No one has the right to celebrate the so-called birthday of a land that is not theirs. This land was stolen from my ancestors and things didn't stop there. My people were raped, killed, and made to give up our traditional ways. Columbus is no hero and America is not yours. There's no such thing as Thanksgiving, Flag Day, Columbus Day, or Independence Day. It's all the white man's lie!
tanto [06-22-1998]

Great page. I am very interested in American History. After viewing your page we have decided to take some time to tour Philly. we are so close but never took the time to drive over and visit your great city.
Pam Fitzroy, 37, from Pittsburgh, PA [06-21-1998]

Greetings from Sherman Chapel AME Church San Antonio Texas. The best time of my life was when I was 10 Years old and went to my first Annual Conference in Dallas TX in 1972. I had wanted to join the Catholic Church. My mom, who once worked for Bishop Primm and graduated from Morris Brown College in Atlanta, took my sister and I. Since that time I have never wanted anything else but to be AME. My sister is now an AME minister. Thank God for Richard Allen. Sincerely, Mercedes Singleton San Antonio, Texas
Mercedes T. Singleton, San Antonio, Texas [06-21-1998]

My seven year old son asked me how big the Liberty Bell is. It's been so long since I studied American history (ouch!) I said "let's look it up on the 'net." And there it was, with lots of other information, and even pictures for scale. Thanks a bunch! RZ, Virginia
anonymous [06-21-1998]

A college chum is visiting me next week and we're planning a trip to Philadelphia. Thanks to this web site, I gathered enough historical information to conduct my own tour. Thanks!
A. R. Scarborough-Ward [06-21-1998]

I was truly fasinated with your site. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. I hope to visit frequently. It makes you proud to be an American.
June M. Selzer, New Orleans, Louisiana [06-19-1998]

This is a great page. Too bad we did not have this when we were younger. My wife always took our out of town guests to all the historic spots she could find in Philly. And, of course, the kids. Some of our friends have never seen the Liberty Bell or Independence Hall. Maybe if they read this page it will encourage them to visit.
Bill Connelly, Glenside, PA [06-19-1998]

I too found out about your site in Country Living. This was a very enjoyable site and one I book marked for the kids who will be studying American History in school.
Patti Black, Wisconsin [06-18-1998]

Most of the pages were really interesting and the links to other sites were mostly good. I was a little disappointed I didn't find a really good full size picture of the bell anywhere, but maybe I wasn't looking in the right pages. One site that does have really neat pictures of the bell is at http://home.att.net/~HonorAmerica/ Thanks again for a really good web site. I will come back again when I have more time.
Corey White, Age 9, 4th grade, Hyattsville, MD [06-18-1998] [Click on a picture on the Liberty Bell page to see an enlargement -Webmaster]

Major Russ Smith, 37, Major, US Army, alexandria, VA [06-18-1998]

RAD [06-18-1998]

no com.ment.
Stefanie Gonzales, 15,Sorry Vista,Arizona [06-18-1998]

I think it was a great resource to what I needed. I really like the pictures, but sometimes reading it gets really boring, but otherwise it's cool! Hey i'm single!!

The information looked too long to read, although the pictures were interesting
Michelle, 16 [06-18-1998]

well i thought that this site was really great and i will come back every single day
GILBERT MIRANDA, 16 Sierra Vista, AZ [06-18-1998]

I was born and raised in philly, my whole family is still there. I moved to North Carolina about 4 years ago for buisness reasons. I am in Philly at least once every 3 months. Sometimes I don't want to leave when I visit. I have a 10,8 and 6 year old who love coming to Philly and going to all the museums and penns landing. I have pictures of them when they were infants at penns landing and they think it's really cool taking pictures in the same places now that they are older. With my Birthday being on flag Day(6/14) my kids wanted to look up things about the flag and thats how we found this "GREAT" site. I am coming up this weekend for Fathers day, can't wait!! Also my Father works at the Bourse building we are going there to get some souvenirs. Keep up the good work! "LETS GO FLYERS"
Andrea Miskell, 27 , Shelby NC. A Very' Die Hard' Flyers Fan! [06-15-1998]

We were just watching "Jay Leno" this past week, when he went out on one of his info, and asked about "Betsy Ross" and the flag. It was a very sorry state that most didn't even know how many stars were on the flag much less who sewed the flag. I found your site through the "Country Living " magazine when I noticed your little story about "Country Sites" w/this web site. VERY MUCH ENJOYED TO RE-ENFORCE WHAT ALL AMERICANS SHOULD ALREADY KNOW. Thanks for this very informative and refreshing site.
Susie H, grandmother, Calimesa, CA [06-15-1998]

Worth every minute online. Congratulations to those who put this together. Will be viewed on the 4th as family celebration! Thanks
Donald Kruck, Haledon,NJ -- New Smyrna Beach,FL [06-15-1998]

So wonderfully written and beautifully photographed, that I imagined myself on tour of Philadelphia with a dark handsome man, who rubbed my tired feet after the days journey, at the inn called "A Man Full of Trouble Tavern". I would surely raise my glass of rye to him and smile. With all the intriguing facts gleaned from this historic stroll, I should be wandering the streets of Philadelphia, looking for the ghosts of men and women, who wrote with feathered pen.
K.Nezelek, Madison County, Bridgeport, NY - age 41 [06-14-1998]

A fine guide and page to Philadelphia...
Erin, Michigan [06-14-1998]


Paula Parziale, age 46, from Plaistow, NH [06-14-1998]

Great pages and extremely informative will be back again to read further. I'm sure there are a few folks downunder that will love to visit so will be passing the word on. Thanks for the Pleasure.
Trevor Silcox, North East Victoria Australia [06-14-1998]

I Thoroughly Enjoyed Your Web Page. Thank-You For The Effort To Make It Available. Brought Back A Lot Of Memories Of My Pennsylvania Childhood, Thank-You. May God Continue To Bless The Usa, And May We Remain One Nation Under God!
pastor Bob Damey, Westminster, Colorado [06-14-1998]

An American patriot couldn't ask for a better website.
elizabeth m girolamo [06-14-1998]

I am very pleased to find General Washington's letter on your web site. My ancestor, James Graham, "served in Commissary at Valley Forge as Capt.", according to the "Official Roster, Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Ohio," 1929 (D. A. R.). He was in Col. Richard Buthle's Regt. 9th PA. Are there any reccords there (or anywhere that you know of) that would give me more information about him? His father (name unknown) was also reputedly in the Revolutionary War.
Sally Price, CA [06-14-1998]

Thanks for the great site. My wife and I are planning a trip to the city and the information provided will help us make better use of our time.
Richard Jordan [06-14-1998]

I have visited Valley Forge on several occasions and was every time impressed with the history presented there. Having worn a uniform myself in a dirty war, I can well imagine the terrible conditions these guys in those days had to endure. Soldiers no matter when and where do have a tough life, there is no glamour in this job, which has to be done. John
Johannes Helmut Merz, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada [06-13-1998]

Saw a great info page in July '98 Country living magazine with a clip on Betsy Ross, her house in Phila., and a lesson on cutting a five-point star in a single snip! I decided to check the website and find out how! Have been to Phila. about 30 years ago but plan to get back there again one day. My Grandmother, Florence Roslind Smith Huffman, was born in Juniata County (not sure I'm spelling that correctly), Penn., in 1899 or 1900, to Elmer Elsworth Smith and Dora Mae Beers Smith. They lived in a house that the family called "The Fancy". I understand it is still there today. After 1904 they spent most of their time in Wabasso, FL., but returned for lengthy stays to "The Fancy". Would love to know more about the house and maybe see it someday as I continue to seek info on my family. Pennsylvania will always remain close in my heart because of my beloved Grandmother. Thanks for making the website available and allowing folks to learn more about their heritage.
Sandra Hogan, Burnsville, N.C. [06-13-1998]

He doesn't regret a momet of his serving our country and we love the flag and say GOD Bless America and we always will! We don't like to see our flag mistreated or wore on clothes!
Henry E & Saundra Conine, we are retired my husband is retired from the military [06-13-1998]

Thanks for the info. It's amazing how much we as Americans don't know about our country's history (or have forgotten!), and I thank you for this web-site...I am helping with a talk about America (with emphasis on July 4th) for a group of English children.
Wendy, England [06-11-1998]

As a Girard College alumnus (1943) i was alerted to your site by a classmate because of the reference to Steven Girard. Not only is that particular item well written, it should be of interest to all Philadelphians. Have not had a chance to read all of the articles, but will certainly spend a lot of time at this site.
Robert Johnson, very old, warminster, pa [06-11-1998]

Plan to visit 10/1/98 thru 10/3/98
Norman Ketchie, 108 Sunny Dr.;Walterboro,SC29488 [06-11-1998]

I just loved visiting this site. It is very, very informative. My son will really get a lot of use out of this site next year for school. Thank you for all the wonderful facts on Phila. Keep up the good work.
Kathy H., Havertown, Pa [06-10-1998]

I am related to William Penn thru Richard Penn I signed in before I read everything
mart, originally form NJ now Fla [06-10-1998]

This was great. My family fought in the War of Independence. Samuel McCray II and his teenage son, Phineas fought in the 1st Battalion, Washington County, Pennsylvania under Captain Andrew Fereley. I am, therefore, very interested in Pennsylvania history and plan to visit here often.
Gloria McCray, Amateur genealogist [06-10-1998]

I had to do a report and, got my facts here.
ryan brown, age 10 York, Maine [06-10-1998]

Christopher Schillizzi, Philadelphia [06-09-1998]

Wilbur Burt [06-09-1998]

As a child growing up in Philadelphia, I never realized the historical significance of the city in which I was born. I now live in Florida and I am thankful for those days in Philadelphia. I remember the Bicentennial and how special it was to be considered a Philadelphian. I encourage everyone to explore and discover the beauty and warmth of Philadelphia, a city that I still miss today.
Kevin Neary [06-09-1998]

fitto teresa, 27-years-old, brindisi-South Italy, I work in a library [06-09-1998]

A beautiful home page and site. A wonderful resource for history students...esp. those on other coasts!
patricia schechter, Portland, OR [06-09-1998]

I liked the info you have on Poe
meghan [06-09-1998]

I am enjoying your web site, but the reason I'm surfing is to find out about the possibility of joining the Guild and also for The Corporation of Hamilton to get some ideas for a formal attire, which is hard to come by.
Edward s. Christopher, I'm from Bermuda, 42 yrs , Hamilton Town Crier of Bermuda [06-09-1998]

I was excited to find the website on the charter signing of the American Guild of Town Criers. It was such an honor to see our event displayed so professionally. Anyone interested in joining our Guild, please contact me at TWN1CRIER@aol.com
Richard A. LaLena, President of the American Guild Of Town Criers [06-08-1998]

Jay Gouse [06-08-1998]

Mary Volmer, Menomonee Falls, WI [06-08-1998]

frank j rizzo iv [06-08-1998]

Watch out Philly, I'm bringing a herd of 50 students tomorrow, but your tour looks like it's going to be fun. See you soon, Miss. M
A. Mastropaolo, 5th grade teacher [06-08-1998]

Jim Parent [06-07-1998]

I used to live in Philly and i wish i still did but we moved almost 3 yrs ago. It is such a great city and i'm glad so many people have visited the site. you have really great info. even though i live only 60 min. away, its like a different world. although i have visited almost all the historic sites featured, i have never been to south street. i was only 10. anyway, Philly is a great city with great people and stuff!!!!!
Kat, 13, Chuchville PA [06-07-1998]

Great sight but where is the Philip Syng, Jr. Inkstand? What better symbol is there for the risk the founding father's took by signing their names to the Declaration of Independence and one of history's first written Constitution? In my mind Philip Syng, Jr., was the greatest of my unsung ancestors. Philip Syng worked with Benjamin Franklin in conducting electrical experiments, was a member of the "Junto", one of the original Trustees of the Public Academy (U. of P.), one of the founders of The American Philosophical Society, "The Colony in Schuykill" fishing club, Union Fire Company, The Philadelphia Contributionship for which he created the "Hand-inHand" firemark, vestryman of Christ Church, city Treasurer, a contributor to The Pennsylvania Hospital, and creator of the Independence Hall Inkstand in 1752. Syng's daughter Abigail married Edmund Physick, last Propietary General and Keeper of the Great Seal for the Penn family. Edmund Physick sold a lot they owned! to Jacob Graff, Jr., who in 1775 built the house Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence in. Physick's son, Dr. Philip Syng Physick is known as the "Father of American Surgery". In 1793 he was Physician to the Yellow Fever Hospital at Bush Hill. America's first Professor of Surgery, member of many orginazations and extraordinary inventor. Physick was doctor to Andrew Jackson, Abigal Adams, Dolly Madison, Winfield Scott and many other famous people. It was while being cared for by the Doctor that John Marshal died and in ringing while his body was transported to a ship that the Liberty Bell was said to have begun to crack again. The original part of Physick's house was owned by John Nixon in 1776 when he was first to publicly read the Declaration of Independence. Doctor Physick's daughter Susan Dillwyn, married Commodore David Conner, U.S.N., a hero of the War of 1812 for which he was awarded a Medal of Congress, a sword from the State of Pennsylvania presented at I! ndependence Hall on July 4th 1827, and Eagle of the Cincinnati for service as Naval Commander-in-Chief in the Gulf during the War with Mexico. Conner's landing of General Scott at Vera Cruz was the most ambitious amphibious expedition up to that time in human history. I serve on "Landmarks" Physick House Committee, the Board of Directors of Awbury Arboretum, and the Awbury Neighbors Association. As an illustrator I have created Bird's eye-view maps of the University of Pennsylvania, Center City Philadelphia, and Morris Arboretum. As a sculptor I have created amoung others a "We the People" fireback which features the Syng Inkstand and the Rising Sun Chair of Independence Hall. This fireback can be seen at the Pennsylvania Fireback webb site at www.fireback.com
J. Del Conner, 47 yrs. Awbury Arboretum, Philadelphia [06-06-1998]

What a great site! You're doing a great job of dispensing much Americana information. Thanks.
Robin Smith, 34, Webster, Tx. [06-06-1998]

i am nine years old and i really like your web sites. they are very very nice. love,Sunshine
Sunshine [06-04-1998]

Just came back from an American Heritage Tour, and Philadelphia was one of my highlights of the trip. So much history.
C. Lee, California [06-04-1998]

I think you should have a contest with Questions like Who sketched the first American flag? andWho established the First U.S mint?and When and why was the Liberty Bell rung?,Who founded PHILLY,Name the oldest hospitial in PHILLY,Who founded the hospitial and who overlooked the writing of The U.S constitution
Cassy Nicole, Age 11 Morrisville [06-04-1998]

were all say hi
Racheal, 12 morrisville [06-04-1998]

I went to the betsy rose house when I was in elemtary school.It was fun
Shannon Gooch [06-04-1998]

I thought The most Amazing thing in Historic Philadelpha was the liberty Bell when it was rung onceI absolutly loved Learning about Betsy Ross
Cassy Nicole, Age 11 Morrisville [06-04-1998]

This is a great page...I have to do a historical biography for my comm class and the information really helped.
Courtney [06-04-1998]

I am using this site to compile a thematic unit on Philadelphia for an Elementary Class it is a great resource for teachers and students especially with the virtual tours!
Jen, 21, Wayne PA [06-04-1998]

This information makes me proud to be a Bartram!
William D. Bartram [06-04-1998]

Joseph F. Lutton, 46 yrs old philly boy [06-04-1998]

I left Philadelphia when I was young. I am disappointed that Wanamaker's changed names. It was fun to visit, especially around Christmas time. I loved this site . It brought back my memories of the city.
Rodman Wanamaker Leas, Palm Beach, Fl [06-01-1998]

Thanks for a wonderful "virtual" look at our nations birthsite. My family and I are looking forward to visiting Philly in late June '98.
Mark Lantz, Greentown In [06-01-1998]

Your virtual tour is wonderful. It made my brief trip to PHILI that much more meaningful. Also, George Edelman at the Visitors center was a wealth of knowledge and a great tour guide. Thank you for all the work you have put into this web site. Nancy Baglio
Nancy Baglio, Escondido, Ca. (inland San Diego) [06-01-1998]

I found the information helpful but Philidelphia seems to have forgotten some of its Founding Fathers. My ancestors, Richard & John Nixon. They were father & son, and from 1700-1800 they were co founders of everything that occurred in Philadelphia. Richard was one of the first deacons of Christ Church. John was with John Paul Jones, He was the first man to read the Declaration of Independence to the American people on the steps of the Philadelphia Courthouse. He was a Colonel in George Washington's Silk Stocking Brigade. He was one of the founders of Pennsylvania University, He was one of the founders of the Philadelphia Hospitol, He was one of the founders of the Bank of Pennsylvania. He had a son Francis Marion Nixon (Frank), who went to Kentucky with Danial Boone, fought many Indian attacks and Later served under Andrew Jackson in the war of 1812. And later went to Arkansas when it was still an Indian territory 1835. He and his children were very successful he became a Congressmen, His grandson Joseph (my great-great grandfather) was State Treasurer, One of his sons Lorenzo Dow Nixon went to Texas in 1831 and fought in the Texas - Mexican War and was ! given a land grant. His wife was Sarah Parker sister of Cynthia Ann Parker. He was a Texas Ranger at Fort Parker when it was attacked by Indians. He went to Missouri with Sam Houston and rescued them and they all stayed the winter with Frank in Arkansas. One of Franks other sons went to California and struck it rich in gold and supplying gold miners. He would later have a controversial grandson named Richard M. Nixon our late President whom we all remember. Sorry to have been so long winded but this may be history that would otherwise be lost. This information was gathered from the Library of Congress, Texas State Capitol , Early History of Arkansas and Missouri Thanks (Phil from Somerville)

Just came back this morning from Philadelphia. It was great.It was fun. Better than New York. Only the french fries at Downeys on South street didn't seems french or like fries. Splash was great and my feet still hurts. We will come back, sooner than you expect. Philly, we love you. And if you got pics of Philly....send them, so i wont forget this new love....... Luc & Francine Bal
Bal Luc, Geraardsbergen, Belgium, Europe [06-01-1998]

I'm doing a roport on Dolley Madison. This site really helped! :), Ramana M.
Ramana Marshalla, 11yrs old, Bothell, Wa [06-01-1998]

I think this site is good because it gives a lot of information
alex [06-01-1998]

Very nice and informative site. Was a tremendous help to us, while planning our visit to this area in about 10 days from now. Suggestion: Consider adding parking sites and information to the site. Will I be able to find reasonably close day-time parking for my Lengthy RV? Thanks. roofcam@uswest.net
Leo Gengler, Broomfield Colorado [06-01-1998]

I loved Philly
Edward A Hall, 57 years old-live in San Diego,Ca. have lived all over Philly. North willington st. 38th &Brown st. Sharon Hill Pa. 49th & Woodland st. 50th & kingsesing ave. 12th & faifmont st. ( Richard Allen projects) 53rd & Pentridge st. 7000 block of Limekiln pike , 1900 block of Thorton st., 78th & Mitchner st., Washington Lane in Lynnwood Gardens, Montgomery County, and a few more. [06-01-1998]

This page was very interesting to look at.
Dawn R. Swalley [05-29-1998]

Edgar allen poe is my favorite poet
Shannon E Marks, 15; colorado springs colorado [05-29-1998]

I'm a former Philadelphian and and always loved the city. I enjoyed the city's home page and the history of how Phila. was settled. It was especially interesting to learn the names of the initial districts and their boundaries. I would like to have learned some information about the former mayors. I always heard that I was a relative of Mayor Jim Tate who lived in the Hunting Park area, and I can't seem to find any information about him. I've been researching the family genealogy for many years and will include some of the facts from your home page when I write my family book.
Peggy Cummings, Cape May, NJ [05-28-1998]

Grew up in Philly area and remember the song "South Street." My son now attends college in town and we had a discussion with him and a group of his friends regarding the song " South Street." They all laughed and did not believe there was such a song. Thanks to this page I was able to confirm the song and am now looking for a copy to send to the kids at the school. Does anyone know if an audio of the song can still be found.
oldtimer [05-28-1998]

I would like to see a web site or booklet outlining all the districts and conferences and the name and location of each church in these districts.
Mike Chaney, Brunswick Ga. (sixth episcopal district) [05-28-1998]

thank you for settling a bet down here in georgia. Savannah seems to think that it was the first planned city and I begged to differ. The first's page definately put the facts on my side. Hard to argue with a 1681 date versus the 1733 date of savannah's founding. Wonderful site in many other ways.
jeremy dulin, 27-savannah, ga [05-28-1998]

the philly region is a phenomenal one.
gloria keaton, upper marlboro,md [05-27-1998]

I found a lot of information for my children to absorb before they hit phila for one of their trips.
DeWrez5, adult, bucks county, childcare provider [05-27-1998]

We live on Elfreth's Alley and love it! We have our annual Fete Days on June 6 and 7. If you are interested in more information about this or Elfreth's Alley please e-mail us at carenann@aol.com, or call the museum house (215) 574-0560. Hope to see you there.
Caren and Scott Cronin, 109 Elfreth's Alley Philadelphia, PA 19106 [05-23-1998]

I love you web-site
Corrina Coady, Ireland, Waterford. And I am 19 tommorrow [05-23-1998]

Am planning on visiting Philadelphia for the first time Memorial Day Weekend. Thanks for a great introduction to the City.
Charline Killgo, Vicksburg, MS [05-22-1998]

We're doing a project and are using this to find info about colonial Philadelphia. We have to make a really big map. It has to have a border and and it has to reflect things we know about colonial Philadelphia. This site was extremely helpful for our project. Hopefully, we will get an A on our project.
Lizzie/Talia, 8th grade students [05-21-1998]

Stumbled on this by looking for info on helping Paoli. The Philadelphia Campaign tour is GREAT! What a detailed yet general overview of events; great for those who know little about the war and even good for those who know a good deal! Interesting set-up; can you make more troop-movement maps? Neat overall set-up; would be good for all cities to try set-ups like this. Good Luck and keep plugging. God preserve the Constitution of the United States of America!
the Ol'Line Rebel, 28-yr-old Marylander and REVWAR lover [05-20-1998]

John Cody [05-20-1998]

you need some info on the constitution but other than that it is a nice site!!!:-)
Yvette, Chicago [05-20-1998]

I would have liked more information regarding the history of town crying
Ruth Arnold, From Birmingham, England [05-20-1998]

It was allright,but you should have pictures of inside the buildings
Jeremy, 14 Springfield,Or [05-18-1998]

Thanks for the information. I am doing an oral report on Betsy Ross. I like learning about the flag.
Katie Dubois, Age 7, Willowick, Ohio [05-17-1998]

I'll visit Phylladelphia as soon as possible. See You.
Emilio Carlos Ribeiro Mattos, from Brazil, Curitiba - Parana State [05-17-1998]

I cant wait to go to Historical Philadephia tommorow
Franny,Jay,Mike,Gary, 11 Voorhees [05-15-1998]

I like this page, I got it from school. Thanks.
anonymous, age 10, Pittsburgh, PA [05-14-1998]

this page is exciting and cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gennie Smith, Age: 14, Los Angeles [05-14-1998]

tour guide was interesting
chris, horse and buggy ride was great [05-14-1998]

I grew up in SW Philadelphia, feasting on soft pretzels. Now, as president of a company in Boston, I crave a soft pretzel and black cherry soda for lunch. Your tour of the pretzel factory lead me to a mail order house. I'm ordering first thing in the morning!!!
Rich Krezwick, Boston, MA [05-14-1998]

Wow, what a great website. The virtual tour is great. Have always loved Philadelphia for its history, museums, restaurants, and people. I realized, while going through your site, that I don't visit there often enough. Will do so very soon!
Steven, new jersey [05-13-1998]

America is a great country with a rich history of freedom. Remember to Salute Our Flag & respect it.
David Johnson, 17, state of Texas [05-12-1998]

I enjoyed this site very much. It got me even more excited about going to Philadelphia tomorrow(field trip,5-13-98). Also this site contains alot of exciting information!
Shari Schindler, 11 yrs. old- Derwood MD [05-12-1998]

NICK STEINER, AGE, 11 [05-12-1998]

Autumn [05-12-1998]

this stuff is OLD !!!!
rebecca c, 11 yrs, w.babylon N.Y. [05-11-1998]

Karen Comer [05-11-1998]

I think that this page will be good enough to print and rwad to the class!!!!
Marque T., 10 years old im hear to look for information on the Quakers [05-11-1998]

ashley fowler, 11,voorhees, N.J [05-11-1998]

Excellent site on the birthplace of America-- I'm from Philly, and although I've been to the "must see" sites in person, I learned so much from this virtual tour. I just bookmarked it on my Netscape program so that I can make all my non-East Coast friends look through it as well. Wonderful work!!!
Barbara Blank, Chicago [05-11-1998]

this is the best for my report i have to do
michelle, 602 cortland lane ferless hills pa zipcode:19030 [05-11-1998]

a must site for the efficient tourist seeking maximum info before a sight-seeing trip
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We are the Co-Founders of the Philadelphia Ghost Hunters Alliance. Come Pay us a visit! We love Haunted Philadelphia!!
Lew & Sharon Gerew [05-10-1998]

DUSTY LOFLAND [05-07-1998]

We want to see the movies in the Franklin IMAX.
University School 5th Grade, We are a group of students who did not go with the rest of their class to Phila. [05-07-1998]

Lots of great info!!!
Susan Riley Smith, New Augusta, MS [05-06-1998]

This was pretty cool, although I didn't look through it.
Emily Ricketts [05-06-1998]

i like it i love it i want some more of it
patrick ballard, 15 peterstown [05-06-1998]

I Decided to look up information about Betsy Ross after hearing a librarian say there were students who did not know who Betsy Ross was.
Nora James, Florence SC [05-06-1998]

My husband Michael, son Jeffrey and I moved to Colorado July 1997, from Chester County PA. We moved for a relaxed, better quality of life, however we still inquire about what we are missing out on in PA. I'm very home sick and occasionally browse your web site, its like feeling apart of my old home town. I grew up in DE, and moved to Unionville in high school, not far from the Wyetts Estate. I have many fond memories such as driving along the Brandywine smelling the sweet smell of spring and summer, going for walks at the Bradywine Battle Field and of course even going bar-hopping on South Street (of course a favorite was to visit my buddy "Wally" of Wally's Weiner World a.k.a. Scott Vassil in front of the Chester County Court House.) My husband was from Delaware County, graduated West Chester University and Hahnemann University. I my self attended Penn State and transfered to CSU. Both of us enjoy looking through the web site to find out the various events going on back east. It is especially nice for our son Jeffrey, he is in 6th grade and always required to write papers for school, your web site provides him with lots of information. Keep it updated and we'll keep browsing!!
Lisa Era-Riley, 30+ Highlands Ranch, Colorado [05-06-1998]

Hello I use to live in Philadelphia, and I think that is a great city. I cried when I left, and I had to move to Chicago, but then 2 years later I moved to Tampa. It's been a while that I haven't gone up there (to be exact about a year.) But I'm planning to go on this summer. I just want to let you guys know, that this page is very awesome, and it makes me see things I ignored while I was leaving up there, and to those people that live in Phillie: Appreciate the place where you live, and enjoy it, cause many people would love to have a city like yours and they can't. so enjoy it while you still have it. And the people that made this page, keep up the good work, and thankyou once again. Bye Bye, I love you Philadelphia
YLopez, 16, Tampa, Fl. [05-06-1998]

Stephen Ott [05-06-1998]

I am a friend of a participant in the competition, Ron Lehew. [To see Ron Lehew and other town criers, click here] Just investigating site out of curiosity and to see Ron on the net. Very impressive!
markgandy, website [05-06-1998]

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Bill Conto, 7 N.Y.C [05-05-1998]

I have an ancestor George Haworth who lived in Buck's County and came over in 1699. He landed at Penn's Landing so i have included it in my Haworth Genealogy page. You can see it at http://members.aol.com/HenryClann/Haworth.index.html. I enjoyed my short poke around and will be back many times. Hope to visit Philadelphia the cradle of our country some day. Good work Webmaster! :-) Larry
Lawrence E. Henry, From Indianapolis, Indiana [05-05-1998]

Recently, I took a trip with my student government to Philly. We had a great time and this site remindes me of all the fun we had. Thanks!!
S. Denman, 14 years of age, Slate Hill, NY [05-05-1998]

Yhanks for your site, I've printed out various tours. Coming over in 4 weeks time for a hol, in and around Phil. Would like to find info on model and full-size aircraft activities/sites around Phil. Can anyone help? Thanks, Mike M
Mike Minty, A lot over 21! Sydney Australia [05-05-1998]

would like info on Gov.Morris and any info on phila history in 1700's...Trafik007@aol.com
Mary Alice Moser, BurlCoNJ [05-05-1998]

Very interesting page.One of the most interesting pages on the net.
Vesa Kytö, 27 yrs.old male, from Finland [05-05-1998]

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This site was one of the best sites that i have loked into that is on history! it's so easy to use and you don't have to spend all day waiting to see if that is the page that you want to look into! It's great!!!!!!
Paige Kidwell, I am 14 years old and I live in Chattanooga, TN. [04-30-1998]

Hi! My husband and I are from NYCity. But, I was born and raised in Philadelphia. My family history goes back to the late 1880's. My grandfather was Aaron Grossman who died in 1963. While he was alive...he was a furniture merchant in Philadelphia. He was given a citation by Mayor Tate in 1963 for being the City's oldest merchant. He had been selling furniture with his Father since 1888. His furniture store was the Kensington Carpet Company on 2nd and Market. Mayor Tate and the city of Philadelphia; as a gift; gave him a building that had originally belonged to Ben Franklin. Philadelphia will always be my first love....I spent many years at Old Christ Church; Headhouse Square, and the Franklin Museum...God Bless you all. Mrs. Susan Grossman Swift
Susan Swift, Bronx, New York City [04-30-1998]

Melba B. Delgado [04-30-1998]

Your page is both interesting and very creative!
Rev. Eric l. Brown, Pittsburgh, PA [04-30-1998]

Norman Rockwell made ordinary people famous and I live in the hope of visiting America to see his work at first hand.
David W Philips, Tamworth,United Kingdom [04-30-1998]

This is my initial visit to your well designed and attractive website. Was hoping to find some links to the Philadelphia Biddle family (our branch was located in Canton, PA. If not too much trouble would greatly appreciate any suggestions you might have. Keep up the good work! Most sincerewly.
Hugh Conklin, Am 82 yr. old descendant of Nicholas K. BIddle - located Palm Coast, FL 32137 [04-30-1998]

L.E. MORRISEY, AGE 68: LIMA, OHIO 45805 [04-30-1998]

I thought this web page was pretty cool. It gave a lot of information that I didn't need. But other than having a lot of useless information it was allright.
Chad Chambliss, 14, Cypress, boy, likes girls, cool, [04-30-1998]

Hi, Anyone with information about the Bartram name contact me. At Tel 44 155 9260026, cheers
Philip Bartram, Nottingham, UK [04-30-1998]

I am a former member of the church. I miss you all greatly. my heart has never left Moter Bethel. I am now attending Bethel AME, Wilmington, DE. I am sure that you all know my Pastor, Rev. Sylvester Beamon. Please give my regards to Rev. Leath; Seymour and Kathy Jones, Mrs. Hairston, Mrs Raby, and all of the Mother Bethel Family.
james brunswick, Newark, Delaware [04-30-1998]

Thanks for the help on my report.
, Charlie Wall Township,NJ Mrs.Abbamonte's 3rd Grade [04-27-1998]

Cool tour dude !
Maya Weatherspoon, 11 Houston,Texas [04-27-1998]

My husband and I are going to be visiting Philadelphia in the next few weeks. While we knew that there was a lot to see pertaining to American history, we had no knowledge of many of the sites on your virtual tour! We are looking forward to our visit even more now!! Many thanks to the folks who obviously spent a lot of hours and hard work in putting the site together!
Pat Haarhoff, Gaithersburg, MD [04-27-1998]

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we are planning on visiting philadelphia in the near future and would really appreciate some information. i am hoping to get it here. my husband is from texas and has never been to philadelphia, and i was here only as a young child. thank you
The Dodson's, dillsburg, pa [04-24-1998]

I was surprised to see the namesake of our school referred to as Father Daniel Pastorius on the Penn's Landing site. Please provide more information about this reference. My student's and I need to know!
lyn bauer, third grade teacher at Francis Daniel Pastorius School in Germantown [04-24-1998]

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Heidi Cozad, 14,Olympia,Washington [04-24-1998]

I am meeting my college roommate in Philly for a few days of sightseeing and am finding your site and all the information invaluable in planning our trip. I am looking forward to the visit. Thanks
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I'm a second generation Polish American doing research for a story I'd like to set in the environs of my father's childhood in Philly and Camden. Looking for information on the neighborhoods. Any good sources you know of?
Maya Bohnhoff [04-19-1998]

Andi, Huntsville School [04-19-1998]

I am setting up my summer on the landmarks and lifemarks of Philadelphia and this web page is giving me great ideas. If anyone has any ideas. Please feel free to contact me at WarriorCC@AOL.com. Thank you.
Christopher Curtis, Enrichment Coordinator for North Light Day Camp [04-19-1998]

I visited Philadelphia in 1997, I work for the House of Representatives in Puerto Rico, I found the city the most educational, historic and entertaining of all. I hope to visit Philly real soon.
Ivonne Diaz, San Juan, Puerto Rico [04-19-1998]

Thank you for having this web cite. It was very helpful in my search of Philadelphia for my Intro. to Travel paper. It was very informative, and was enlighting to read. Your city in very rich in history and I hope you keep updating this cite. Sincerly, Maria-Nicole Scaffidi
maria-nicole scaffidi, age:20, city: Milwaukee, WI [04-19-1998]

If you have a seriuos interest in volunteering or mentoring young African American Males, contact the AfriMale Institute in Burlington, N.J
Nicole Binyon, Willingboro,N.J [04-16-1998]

thank you very much for keeping our heritage alive. I commend you on the historicallsy information i have recieved
, 23 chesapeake virginia [04-16-1998]

My grand daughter who now lives in the USA gave me a Norman Rockwell calendar and I wanted to see more of his work and learn about the artist
Muriel Agnew, Great-Grandmother [04-15-1998]

enjoyed your page. will be visiting in october and the information will be of great help!
john m. richards, santa monica, ca. [04-13-1998]

I was excited to find the website on the charter signing of the American Guild of Town Criers. It was such an honor to see our event displayed so professionally. Anyone interested in joining our Guild, please contact me at TWN1CRIER@aol.com
Richard A. LaLena, President of the American Guild Of Town Criers [04-13-1998]

My ESOL students are taking walking tours of historic Philadelphia. Your site is invaluable!
Connie Sekaros [04-09-1998]

Wonderful tourist guide and educational resource! I'll recommend this page to students.
Vicky Milbrandt, Spokane, WA [04-09-1998]

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Cat [04-09-1998]

I look forward to visiting the city of "brotherly love" to rekindle our families of togetherness.See ya soon!
Rosalind and Casselle Russell, Wakefield Triannual Family Reunion June 1999 [04-09-1998]

After 21 years in the military and living all over the world I find myself happlily returning home to the Philadelphia area this summer. You don't relize how good it is until you you move away.
Ralph Patton, 39 years old writing from Germany [04-08-1998]

Your city is quite interesting.
Jill Isotani, Vancouver, BC Canada [04-08-1998]

Great site! Got lots of info to share with my students. Thanks! Mary Murray, teacher, Bel Air, MD

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I'm always looking to find out more about our rich cultural heritage and I look forwad to visiting your museum later this year. Please keep up the good work and keep spreading the word.
Aaron Riser, Detroit, MI [04-07-1998]

Great page! True to Polish Culture!
Krysta Kozlowski, Allen Park Michigan [04-07-1998]

My husband was just accepted to the Academy of Vocal Arts and so we will be moving to Philadelphia in September. I'm not a person that likes change. Moving to a large city is kind of scary! I don't know how to ride the subway, or call a cab, and I certainly do not want to drive in a large city. We need to start looking for an apartment--if you have any suggestions, let me know. And if you have any words of encouragement...it would be GREATLY appreciated.
Christine M., Bowling Green, Ohio [04-06-1998]

nice site---keep up the good work could you possibly post a schedule of the years events??
dann gravett, stlouis,MO 56yrs "Save Paoli Green" [04-06-1998]

I have been researching Poe for my grandaughter who is doing a 9th grade project on Poe--her favorite author! Thanks for making this site work.
Bill Jenkins, Ft. Worth, Tx [04-06-1998]

I have enjoyed your site very much. Keep up the good work.
Mike Barry, Marengo, IL. [04-06-1998]

Glad I found your website! I look forward to visisting your museum very soon!
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whitney, 15 [04-01-1998]

Just visited my native Philadelphia with my husband a few weeks ago. Every time I come back "home", I call to mind the wonderful memories I had there. I graduated from West Philadelphia Catholic Girls' High School in 1976, and from Temple University in 1981. Philadelphia is truly a great city, a city of "Brotherly Love!" Mrs. Leslie Eaddy-Brooks
Leslie Brooks, Charlotte NC [04-01-1998]

Janet Harkins Utman, descendant of Coryell family of Coryell's Ferry [03-31-1998]

Melissa Gray, 17,Whitesboro,TX [03-31-1998]

I am a really big fan of Poe's writing. I need info on how his real life experience with death as a youth related to his obsession with it in his literary works. Have fun researching Poe!
Melissa Gray, 17,Whitesboro,TX [03-31-1998]

Walt Brodrick, Montclair, Virginia [03-31-1998]

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I am planing to visit your City with my children, because we love American people and your history and we'd like to have more info about the city before going.
Walter Palinkas, 47 years old, My address- Rua Maceod, 83 apt. 31 - Guarulhos Sp, Brazil, Zip code- 07113.110 [03-31-1998]

Tynell McFadden, 21, Philadelphia, Pa [03-31-1998]

We're planning our wedding for May (98)...This site has proven to be a life saver...80% of our wedding guests are out-of-towners...they're excited to explore OUR HOME TOWN!!
G. Terrence Hornig, Philadelphia resident (again!) [03-31-1998]

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I enjoyed Virtual Tour. It helped me with my report.
Craig Weiss, 11, TInton Falls NJ [03-31-1998]

GABY SOLORZANO, 22 YEARS [03-28-1998]

I need some help in tracing Barry's family history in the States. I wonder could you help?
Bill Duggan, I am the great, great, great, great nephew of John Barry. [03-28-1998]

Nice to see the family got as far as America!!
Philip Bartram, Politics Student, Leeds Uni, UK [03-27-1998]

Jimmy Rhoades [03-27-1998]

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Maria skaan and Anna johansson, Sweden [03-23-1998]

I was looking for pictures of Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and articles dealing with the Decl. of Independence. Boy, did I find what I needed. Thanks. Any pictures we can download?
ross monten, 12, apple valley, mn, Valley Middle School [03-23-1998]

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Mark [03-23-1998]

Was looking for information on the history of pretzels to use in a children's sermon. Thanks!
Cindi B, FT. Collins, CO [03-23-1998]

This is a wonderful site. I have bookmarked it and when my grandchildren visit next month we are going to spend some time touring the entire site. I don't think our schools teach much American History today. Seems it isn't too politically correct. I am most impressed with what you have presented. Sincerely, Gary Crile
Gary Crile, 64, retired, Summerfield, Florida [03-23-1998]

Nice site.
Steve Long [03-23-1998]

love your material on the web, keep up the good work!!! Is there anything that can be done about getting the bicen-bell at the third street visitors center ringing again? I am very interested in knowing what is going on...could you direct me to someone who could tell me.
Joe Anglim, philadelphian, very interested in American history [03-19-1998]

Joe Anglim [03-19-1998]

Great Web site. Thank you.
Alton A. Tillery, 51 yrs of age-Greensburg, LA -Turner Chapel AME [03-19-1998]

This is a very interesting site with a lot of valuable information. I am excited to show this to my class. Also, I will be visiting Philadelphia in May, and I have found some good stuff to do from your site. Thanks for the great information!
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I am coming in June with my 5th grade class and I can't wait.
Tyer Spofford [03-18-1998]

Thank you for having a historic map for our geography homework
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I did not search all the related pages, but thoroughly enjoyed the information I did glean from your pages. Thanks for providing such an attractive, practical, and informative site.
Randy Hall, Lexington, NC [03-18-1998]

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Thank you -- Used the information on Pretzel Museum in Childred's Sermon. Naturally, each child got a large pretzel to enjoy!
Rev. Conrad Heisner, Pastor, Lake Fork UCC [03-18-1998]

As a native Philadelphian, I enjoyed this website!
Lori Brehmer, 33, Ft. Lauderdale, FL [03-18-1998]

Doug weist, no [03-17-1998]

This is neat. My husband's family is from the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania and I can't wait to show my grown-up children a part of their heritage and the name of one of their ancestors, John Price Wetherill, at the Free Quaker Meetinghouse site.
susan elizabeth herbert, Lovettsville, VA [03-14-1998]

I was born and raised in North Phila on Broad St. and am currently researching my Philadelphia Roots while living in Arkansas. How terrific to find your Web Site with info about the Northern Liberties and Penn Township where my great grands lived. Sharing this kind of information long distance, is what the WEB is all about. Thank you again MW
Mary W, Arkansas [03-14-1998]

It was fascinating and I will return many more times. I also would like to visit Philadelphia.
Dennis D. Wyatt, Nelsonville OH [03-14-1998]

will be visiting philly with my family in august while i am there for a meeting. just surfing the web for information that i might not find anywhere else!
chris grass, florissant, mo [03-14-1998]

Thank you for this interesting web page. It is especially exciting for me, as my husband is a direct decendant of Samuel Powel.
Fran Powel, 44 years, Seattle [03-14-1998]

I am looking for information on a local micro-beer called "Tun's Tavern".This is most likely a Philiadelphia micro-brew. Specicifically, I would like to order several cases for a Marine Corps Veterans events. any help would be greatly appreciated.
Dan Baldwin, Former Marine, Grass Valley CA [03-14-1998]

Congratulations on a great web site. Thank you for keeping our great History current and easily available to all of us. Job well done
Kent Cadwalader [03-14-1998]

Just surfing through black pages on the internet,and was delighted to see some unknown black history. This is a true blessing for me,Thank you.Pray for my church and pastor(James L. Fullard)as we continue to do and be about GOD'S work. GOD bless you all.
garland drake, san jose,ca [03-14-1998]

donna anton, 39, Houston, mom of 3 [03-14-1998]

Live just across the river and know lots about the treasures in Philadelphia - but your web site is still so informative. I plan to visit it again and again. Thank you.
Martie [03-12-1998]

I was in need of some info., on E.A. Poe, when I ran across this site. It totaly saved my hide. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Jen Williams [03-12-1998]

The history of Philadelphia is very interesting and very much fascinating to learn about the colonial days.
Bill Bacon III, the history is very interesting [03-12-1998]

I was looking for some on-line historical information for my son, so that he would be able to continue to study American History while we are here in Japan. Your pages are a great way to get an overview of Philadelphia's past. It was almost like coming home for a few moments.
, Philadelphia Teacher in Omiya, Japan [03-12-1998]

this sight is cool
Jeremy Hamilton, Stewartstown Pa 13 [03-12-1998]

I was in Philadelphia when the presentation was made and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope the tradition stays alive. Please add me to you mailing lists if you have any literature being mailed.
Eddy Cash-Dudley, Modesto, California [03-11-1998]

Looking for any bit -- or bit of a bit -- of genealogical information about one Tanguy Bossiere, a St. Domingue refugee in late 1790's. Thanks in advance. The family is important historically and I'm attempting to research that history.
P. Lemee, Austin, Tx. [03-11-1998]

Member of Baber A.M.E. located in Rochester,NY
Samuel Wilson, age 44, Rochester,NY [03-11-1998]

Need some info if anybody knows. I have a sister and brother in law living out of the area. They miss the Phila Steaks and things like that I heard that there is someplace that will ship t "The Best of Phila" but I can't find them does anyone know where to find them?????? Any info would be great thanks much. jvm.
Joe M [03-10-1998]

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Rybee, 14 [03-10-1998]

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What brought me to this site was to obtain information on tour guides as I am comtemplating making a career change. What a feast I found!!! The walking tour through historic Philadelphia was informative and interesting. Now I'm really psyched to become a tour guide.
Susan Louise Lang, Aston, Pennsylvania Age 40 [03-10-1998]

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Madelaine [03-10-1998]

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Your website was very helpful in creating a Philadelphia information bookelt for my home-schooled daughter. Thanks for all the help.
Kathy Evans, Carbondale, Pa [03-10-1998]

My daughter is doing a research paper for her 8th grade class on firefighting past to present, positive and negative effect of the advancement and changes in equipment and techniques. Your site is very helpful.
John Taylor [03-10-1998]

Jim Nelson, Garden Grove, California [03-10-1998]

Hi! You can call me Kulangot. But I just wanna say this page is incredible. When I was asked to do a presentation on Andrew Jackson, I went insane. But, anyways, I went and did an outline and my friend (my partner for this project) told me he could bring his notebook or laptop or labtop to do the presentation. Well, we needed some pictures and alot. So I went on the web and searched for andrew Jackson. It didn't do much but I did get some. Well, I finally got to your web page, when I decided to put Nicholas Biddle (director of the National Bank or 2nd U.N. Bank). I thought it was the best history page I've ever seen. It had so much material to work on. Well, It's right now the presentation is due Monday, and this web page has gotten me everything I need. If you'd like to know what happened please E-mail me at "Klangot4u@aol.com" Thank you for your time.
Kulangot (This is not my real name of course), 13 Years of AGe, Lives in northern valley of California [03-07-1998]

Very informative webpage, from one firefighter..to another!
Miranda Doucet, Larose, LA [03-06-1998]

Marilee Frigaard, Oregon City% [03-06-1998]

My wife and I are both teachers. We found this site to be very informative and intriguing as well.
Jeremy Griffith, Burnsville, WV [03-06-1998]

Excellent home page and reference.
John Jacobson [03-06-1998]

Watch 1776
Lisa M. ;-) [03-06-1998]

Just thought I'd stop by and see what this page was all about.
Barb Overholt, Bucks County - PA [03-06-1998]

I have always loved Norman rockwell's art. I was first introduced to it when my parents purchased a print of BARBERSHOP QUARTET more than a decade ago. It is now hanging on my bedroom wall. I am using your site for a college art appreciation class. Keep up the good work.
Matt Browning, 20 yrs old Athens Ga. [03-06-1998]

I will be bringing 25 Girl Scouts to stay in Aug. 1998. This has been a great way for me to get some info on some of the sights we hope to see.
Darlene Woods, 42 - Suffolk, VA [03-06-1998]

I just acquired two sack-back windsor chairs and my research of them brought me here. Thanks for the information.
Lorie Dowell, 32, Va. Beach, Va [03-04-1998]

Great info, keep up the good work!
Frank Brady, Born in Norristown, miss PHILLY, 71 yrs [03-04-1998]

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nate norbeck :}, im really wacky and i like to ski race [03-04-1998]

I was searching the net for information on my gr-grandparents that came to Pennsylvania from Canada between April of 1876 and April of 1878, when I came across your website. I was very impressed, because it is so informative and I absolutely loved the time line. After reading it I felt almost like I had traveled back to the time my ancesters came to Pennsylvania. I will continue to hunt for the location of Pennsylvania archives, but I wanted to let you know I enjoyed your site. Ruth Vilardofsky, Rhode Island
Ruth Vilardofsky, Rhode Island [03-04-1998]

jessica [03-04-1998]


This is an excellent resource for historians.
MJ Davis [03-04-1998]

Jim Miller, age19 West Deptford, NJ Firefghter for 3yrs [03-04-1998]

this site was very helpful but I would have liked to find some dates closer to the present time
cori [03-03-1998]

I took a peak at the historic virtual tour of Philadelphia, and I thought it was fantastic. I think I'm going to have to visit soon.
Matthew Smicker, 22 FT student [03-03-1998]

We visited the great city off Philadelphia back in 1987 and plan to return soon. We were happy because there was the 2000th birthday celebration of the US Constitution.
Miguel A. Sierra, Carolina, Puerto Rico [03-03-1998]

great photo's the virtual tour was awsome
Bryan Manning, 13 ,single [03-02-1998]

Philip Stoker, Salt Lake [03-02-1998]

Clayton Jones, Jr., Hamilton, MS Vol. Fireman [03-02-1998]

Cristine Eberle, Labadie, MO [03-02-1998]

Thank you for putting this site together. As a fourth grade teacher teaching the American Revolution this year, this will help show the students where these things were located and what they look like now.
Karen Forrester [03-02-1998]

Visit our website at ucb.org
Sam, Santafé de Bogotá DC Colombia [03-02-1998]

Great Site. Very Patriotic and Informative!
David Siegfried, Vienna, Ohio [03-02-1998]


Pretzel man for nine years and still twisting. Just stumbled across your website and decided to sign in.
Norman R. Lorenzen, St. Louis, MO Gus' Pretzels [03-02-1998]

Fighting the good fight to remind Presbyterians that our Christian forefathers (in Philly) were adamant about the right to keep and bear arms! There would be no Constitution without the 2nd!
Jack Painter, Virginia Beach, VA [03-02-1998]

TerriLynn Smith [03-02-1998]

I am thinking about moving back to Philadelphia, Your site is good, however there is a darker side of Philadelphia. Crime, theft and a police force that is not given the power to serve and protect. I suppose I will think about moving back some more. I remember in the 80's Philadelphia seemed like a much better place for everyone not just the wealthy. I hope it becomes a nice place for everyone again George, New Mexico USA
George Garner [02-25-1998]

I thought it was one of the best sites ever
Brett Betista, 14 High Point Nc [02-25-1998]

Excellent web site. So informative!
Judy Weisberg Thomas, From MARTA in Atlanta [02-24-1998]

HI! Looking through the Philly homepage in Norway, am from Philly. I'm homesick!! Philadelphia is a cool place to visit, I wish I could just jump into some of these pictures! Margit, expatriot

Thanks so much! I had to write a newspaper from Philadelphia in 1781. Your web site was a really big help. You were the only web site that helped me out. Thanx again : )
Amanda Troy,, 13 f/MI [02-24-1998]

looking foward to my first philly trip march 6-8
judy moughon, mathews va. 2-23-98 [02-24-1998]

A wonderful research site for U.S. Catholic History
Barbara J. Heitz [02-24-1998]

Great site,,,,planning trip to PA this summer,,,,this was great site to preview and make plans from........!
Joanna Wilson, Peoria, IL [02-24-1998]


Thanks for a great resource!!!
Blake Hill [02-21-1998]

I'm so glad I stumbled across this site. I've missed Philly like you wouldn't believe! Hope to visit soon!!!!!
Robert Israel, 40, Glendale, AZ [02-20-1998]

Jean Hollis, Fulton, MO [02-20-1998]

I love this page that, I found and I am using the information for my Geography class at Temple for a project about an urban experience and I plan to use information that, I will comply about Kensington back when there were factories and mills and how it has changed to where it is now in the 90's.
Rozanne T. Zappile [02-19-1998]

I`am constitionalis`t ,NRA, Love Philadelphia freedom ring, My fore father`s ,what they gave to each one of us..
Emma M.Rohrbach, genealogy, History, Elk co Pa. [02-19-1998]

I'm going to Washington D.C. in March for an 8th grade class trip.. Our teacher told us that we could do a report on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to decide which 3 of us would get to lay a wreath down with one of the guards.
Alison Kepner, 13/f Lena, IL [02-19-1998]

Do you know any good web sites on Benidict Arnold?
Dalene, Age:14 City:Jerome ID [02-18-1998]

I am increasingly impressed about the rich history and historic sites. Learning by every virtual visit more about the birthplace of the evolving true democracy. A real democratic culture finally will emerge as a result of the American Revolution.
Folkert C.M. Rynja, Rotterdam, The Netherlands [02-18-1998]

PEGGE/ PEGG/ PEG/ PEGE/ PEGGS Check out "Pegg Family History" at http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Meadows/8035 Covers some descendants of Daniel Pegge, Quaker yeoman, d.1702/3 Philadelphia, PA. This site is also a "one-stop shop" for all Pegg surname researchers! Stop by and see what I've got for you!
Janice Baker [02-17-1998]

Rena Bunns [02-17-1998]

Norman Rockwell represents everything that is American
Vicki Hanna [02-17-1998]

This web page was very useful and got me an A on a school project! Thanks!
Gretchen Morehouse, Age 13 Darwin MN [02-16-1998]

See you soon Philly!
Bridget Baumer, Rochester, New York [02-16-1998]

herbert brewer [02-16-1998]

We'd like for you to tell the wife and me those areas that a lover of history would enjoy visiting. We plan to go to Philadelphia sometime in late March or early April. Is it that cold up there during this time. Let us know, please. Thank you very much.
Lt Col Daniel Gomez, USAF (Retired), 66 years old, [02-16-1998]

As a transplanted Philedelphain, I was pleased to see this site. It will do wonders for people of all ages. School childeren should be required to view these pages. Children today have no concept of what this country is all about or what our forefathers did.
Thomas Kio, South Bend, Indiana [02-13-1998]

We're leaving tomorrow morning for a fast 3 day trip to Philly. Was last there 3 1/2 years ago. I always enjoy going down for a visit. As an American History buff, Philly, along with Boston, is one of my favorite cities to visit. Looking forward to the next 3 days! Enjoyed your site very much and picked up some usefull info. Thanks !
Vic G., NYC [02-13-1998]

Looking for 1770s brewery business where gggggrandfather worked off his passage from Germany for 5 years and stayed 2 more. Also, looking for information on Little York he mentioned in Amer. Rev. Pension Papers
Dottie Millen, Florida [02-13-1998]

Your site is an ausome place for young adults to get a picture of what history was really like. A few suggestions: on each site you could include the answer to the following question; 1) what is the importance of this site to the development of our country
Elizabeth Morrison, i'm 14 years old, i go to Poulsbo Junoir High in Poulsdo Washington, [02-13-1998]

It's good to get news from the east coast. We are from Miami Florida. My wife and I decided to seattle down here in Colorado after a long career in the military. Any new concerning Black History or any thing else involving the east coast makes us feel good. There is not much published about Black History out here for our kids to learn.
Robert Holmes, From Colorado Springs Colorado [02-13-1998]

This is one of most wonderful Web Sites I have visited. I am using your site for research to get a picture of Philadelphia in 1738, when My ancestor Jacob Utzman landed on the ship St. Andrew. I have already found a small article where the same ship landed in 1734 with previous immigrants. The more history you can add to this page the better. Not everyone will have the opportunity to visit Philadelphia, but many would like to be able to know more about the city.
Dr. Ralph T. Usman, Age 65 -- Three Hounds Chase Drive, Hendersonville, NC 28791 [02-12-1998]

This page has great information, and was extremely useful in researching a major paper. Thanks!!!
Heather Krehling, Penn State University, State College, PA [02-12-1998]

As a Service Learning Coordinator I am always looking for resorces that I can share with my students that will enhance study, interpersonal and leadership skills. I'm currantly working on an interactive research project with the students at Sayer Middle School on Afro-American History in Philadelphia. Thank you for making research fun and interactive for me and my students. Finding information on your site makes learning fun and personal. It engages their minds and allows them to make what they learn in the classroom relevant. The students are excited about learning!! Maybe the students can share their investigative findings and/or other presentations with you and/or your visitors. Thanks again. "I'll be back!"
Linda terry [02-12-1998]

I'm a member of a black female social club and every February we take the children of our members to a Historic place to show and teach them history of Afro-Americans and until going on the web I had no knowledge of the Museum in Philadelphia, as many times as I have been there, just recently for the Million Women March, this is a area that I will plan on visiting and suggesting to our club.
Vernita Coles, Capital Heights, MD [02-12-1998]

I am looking for the Charles chips and Charles pretzel company. It may also be called the mueller potato chip company.
DOUG BUIST, kalamazoo,mich., [02-11-1998]

I lived in "Fluffya" from 1966 to 1971, in King of Prussia from 1971 & 1972, and Willow Grove from 1972 through 1976. During my 5 years of exile in the suburbs, I considered myself a Philadelphian and even voted there ("Representation *without* taxation" was my motto at the time). Even before 1966 I was a Philadelphian, because my mother was a born-and-raised native and always talked about the place. When I make fun of Philadelphia, I do it with *pride*. Making fun of Philadelphia should be reserved only for peole who know and love (with a little hate mixed in) the place. I attended and graduated from MIT between 1962 and 1966, and I've been living in the Boston area since the beginning of 1977. My total years here are 2.5 times that of the number of years I actually lived in the Philadelphia area. Yet, I still feel like I'm from Philly. Oh, sure, Boston is very historic, and the city is 61 years older than Philadelphia. The trouble is, Boston had a major fire in the 1870's (no Billy Penn and Ben Franklin-inspired fire safety construction here), so a lot of really old buildings no longer exist. Then came urban renewal in the 60's, and more old buildings disappeared. Philadelphia, by contrast, looks just like it did 200+ years ago in many places. The sense of American Revolutionary history is a little more intense than it is here in Boston. In addition to the fire, not a lot of Revolutionary War things happened here after the British were driven out in 1775. Yep. Good old Philly! I laugh (in a very friendly way) just thinking about it! Gotta come back for a visit soon!
Aaron Z. Snyder, 54 (on Feb 13, 1998); Brookline, MA [02-11-1998]

As a British countryman now living in Pennsylvannia for the last 4 months, I have found this to be the most informative, educational and fun site on the area that I now call my home. I cannot imagine what you could possibly improve, thanks for a marvellous job and thanks to all you locals for welcoming me into your community.
Mike Payne, Malvern, Chester Count, Pennsylvannia [02-11-1998]

I am coming to Philidephia tomorrow. I go to Landon school in Bethesda MD.I am at shcool.
Philip W. Stoer, Bethesda md [02-11-1998]

Have virtual movies of the sights to make it more interestin because it is boring just to look at a bunch of pictures if you are not there. Also get some more interesting places like the Corestates Center and the baseball park. Also you should have more imformation on the sites because my class is going to Philadelphia tomorrow and I have almost no imformation from you.
Jack Eshelman, 10 Chevy Chase,Md. [02-11-1998]

chris [02-11-1998]

What a wonderful chronology. I'm sure your efforts are deeply appreciated by all serious students of Philadelphia's history.

I'll return to Philly soon and the next time my top priority will be to visit the museum. You're webpage is great!
Mozella Gallow, Atlanta, GA [02-09-1998]

enjoyed reading the info on a most interesting man: Thaddeus Kosciusko.
brigette, north carolina [02-09-1998]

Visit the new Museum of Afro American History, Boston web site
Lisa [02-09-1998]

I visited Phily during the war in 1940, I wish I could go back again
Roger Hénault, I'm 74 years old, from Montreal,Canada [02-09-1998]

I have recently moved away from Philadelphia, and I miss it terribly. I was very happy to have taken your virtual tour through the very streets I used to wander. It's a great city and I hope to return soon!
, Jennifer, Kingston NY [02-09-1998]

I loved your home page
Rosemarie Brown, I am 51 from Phila [02-08-1998]

this is a very resourcefull homepage and i enjoyed it!! i will definately come back!! my parents also say that its a good thing there is something worth while on this computer!!! THANX!! and any guys wanna e-mail me for info.!!!
brandy chapman, 13/f washington!!! lovechild12@hotmail.com [02-07-1998]

We're taking our boys for their first visit to your city next weekend, and have found your pages to be invaluable help in planning what obviously is a far too short three-day trip. Thank you!
The Weinstein Family, Gabe, 8, Ben, 9, Mom & Dad - Washington, DC suburbs [02-07-1998]

Michelle Anne Taylor, 13, Putnam Valley [02-05-1998]

This page was good for school work ... Go here - Go here
Delia Stanley, New York New York! [02-05-1998]

it is really great
Joe Masi [02-05-1998]

As a local historian in the Roxborough/Manayunk area, I'm still learning about the historical aspects this city and its suburbs has given to this country. A great city.
Nick Myers, 79 years of age, living in the Philadelphia area all my life. [02-04-1998]

Dawn Ashby, Litchfield, Illinois [02-04-1998]

Whoo City of Brotherly is the place to be!! Great food, museums, music, and clubs!! Philadelphia has my fav place to be during the summer. You website is probably the only site that talks about South Street (best place to go to get a cup of joe). I am going to get my tongue pierced on South Street at one of the many piercing joints!! Can't wait!!! LOVE THE SITE!! Will definately visit again!!!
Alicia Mohat, 17, San Antonio, TX [02-03-1998]

Claxton H. Francis [02-03-1998]

I love Philadelphia, and I was trying to look for pix of South Street(my fav place to go!!) Next year I'm going to be applying to Philadelphia College of Textiles and Sciences and maybe then Philly won't just be a summer vacation!!!
Alicia Mohat, 17, San Antonio, TX [02-03-1998]

Used this site for pictures for a project. Came in extremely handy.
Damon D. Williams, 20, Washington D.C., College Student [02-03-1998]

Justin Staley [02-02-1998]

just visiting
sandy [02-02-1998]

I am part of a grassroots effort that is interested in building an African-American museum here in South Florida. If anyone would like to share their experiences in pursuing such an effort or have referral sources to help us create a state-of-the-art facility, please e-mail me at the address noted above.
Laveria Knowles, West Palm Beach, FL; Age: 33 [02-02-1998]

Sylvia F Haines, age 56 Lemoyne PA [02-02-1998]

Philly!! (my home town) The City of Brotherly Love!! GREAT WEBSITE!! Very informative and educational.
Colleen Webber, 26 [02-02-1998]

Wonderful! I enjoyed the excerpts of everyday events, which gave the feeling of Phila. as growing city inhabited by real people. How about informatin on the neighborhoods and on immigrants to Phila?

I am pleased that so many people are interested in our culture here in Philadelphia. If you have learned anything about Native People you know that we are a proud people and I am determined to serve the communities interest by teaching children about the "First People". If you are interested in having an authentic Native American lecturer please contact me. I am Blackfeet/Seminole and I was very fortunate to have travelled to Montana this past June to the Blackfeet reservation to visit family that I have never seen. I also teach crafts such as dream catchers and other Native American traditional items. Thank you for your interest and hope to see you at UAIDV's annual Pow wow in August 1998. #(610) 583-9625
Vaughnda Two Feathers Hilton-Lyn, I am a Native American living her in the city. I teach Native American History, Aerobics, kickboxaerobics, Dance and I am also a member of United American Indians of Delaware Valley. [02-02-1998]

This web page helped me on a school project! Thanx
Catherine Gouge, North Carolina [02-02-1998]

I'm homesick!! I've been away from Philly except for some short visits to family, for almost 20 years. I miss hearing the Philadelphia accents, the hoagies, and cheesesteaks. But most of all I miss those wonderful pretzels!!!!!! Great job on the site; I visit it regularly.
Noreen Gilman, Ft. Lauderdale, FL [02-02-1998]

The web page was awesome to go throuhg!!!
Brianne Lovell, 13,Ririe, Idaho [01-31-1998]

I finally found my ancestor, George Duffield, the minister of the Church of the Patriots. Have been looking at the portrait of the wigged gentleman for years. Proud of his courage and convictions !
Connie M. Moody, Dallas, Texas [01-31-1998]

As a former Pennsylvanian (born in '53 and raised until '75 in Johnstown) I'm embarrassed to say that I never visited the great city of Brotherly Love. Planning to this summer (now that I'm 1200 miles away), and this great website is sure a motivational and helpful tool. Looks and works great. Thanks.
, Lakeland, Florida [01-31-1998]

It's a great city! In the past, I didn't take it seriously. But now, I miss it more than ever. Right now I live in the mountains. Big change huh?
Zakiya Briggs, 19yrs., college- Mansfield University, but I'm from Philly [01-30-1998]

Friend, Daniel Pegg, helped to found this great city. If you are a descendant, or just curious, point your browser to: "Pegg Family History" at http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Meadows/8035. See you there!
Janice Baker, Ninth Great-Grandaughter of Daniel Pegg [01-29-1998]

You site is great! I was just wondering if I could get in contact with the woman who signed this guest book on 09-17-97 named Anne Ponder who was born in MS in 1942 but now lives in GA. She wrote that she's related to Timothy Matlack, and I am also a relative of his. I was wondering if I could possibly get in contact with her in some way or another. I would love it if she could give me any information regarding Timothy Matlack. I'm doing a report on my family history and have limited information. [We sent the information along to her --Webmaster]
Fawn Matlack, 19, Rialto, California [01-29-1998]

Your page is a life saver....It bailed me out on a last minute assignment!
Sparticus God, I am God [01-29-1998]

Very interesting tour. We plan to come to Philly over July 4th and were wondering what we should include on our itenerary. Now, I'm even more confused. Oh, well, it looks like it is going to be one of the best trips we have had yet. Thank you.
Gary L. Poulsen, Alton, Illinois [01-29-1998]

Wonderful web-site. I just wish you had more help available for those seeking their "roots" through Philadelphia's ports. Enjoyed my visit.
Melvin R. Springfield, Chandler, AZ [01-28-1998]

This is a very informative sight, enjoyed the tour very much. A very interesting & helpful sight for students.
Mary Rhoades, age 55 Jacksonville, Ill [01-28-1998]

Thank you: visiting your pages I could remember my period in "our" lovely Phila. Ciao, I hope to come back soon
Mauro Helmer Citterich, Rome, Italy [01-27-1998]

Love the site.
William Edom, F.F. at Gravel Ridge Fire &Recue in Gravel Ridge, Arkansas [01-27-1998]

Lynn DeClemente, born 06/21/78; Lindenwold,NJ [01-27-1998]

Yes...even female descendents of John Barry get "Barry" as a middle name. This is the best collection of info on John Barry I have found. I'm interested in visiting the sights. I have heard that there are festivals, etc. in John Barry's honor. Would you e-mail me with the info. on the events? Thanks.
Margaret Barry Satterwhite Brown, G,G,G,G,G,G, Grand Niece of John Barry [01-27-1998]

I was wondering if you could direct me to some information about MOSES LEVY (1757-1826). The Jewish Encyclopedia has a short article on Levy, identifying him as the first Jew to qualify as a lawyer in the United States. He was a resident of Philadelphia - and it is said that when he died, the members of the Philadelphia Bar wore black armbands for 30 days! My son wishes to do a history project on MOSES LEVY - if any additional information is available on-line please forward to me. Does a protrait of Mr. Levy exist? Thank you for the informative web site!
Irv Osterer [01-27-1998]

Simon Gras, Garland Texas [01-27-1998]

Christophe [01-21-1998]

I AM THE BOMB!!!!!!!!
Nathan Hurst, age 12 in Roanoke, Virginia [01-21-1998]

I like Edgar Allan Poe.
Allison Elswick, Vinton,VA [01-21-1998]

this is a really cool site!
Jessica Ham, none [01-21-1998]

we visit every year and are always looking for information
randall sterbinsky, teacher,ramsey, new jersey [01-20-1998]

Looking for info on Edgar Allan Poe on his birthday 1/19. Didn't realize how much of his works were written when he lived in Philly. We share a common bond: He wrote in Philadelphia and died and is buried in Baltimore. Great page on a great writer! Thanks!
David J. Petr, Street, MD [01-19-1998]

Hi. I am just surfing around looking up information on my ancestors. The verbal family history seems to refer to the Bartrams in Philadelphia. Any other people with the same last name can contact me at any time. Heather Bartram (originally from Montreal)
Heather Bartram, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada [01-19-1998]

The tour of Mother Bethel was the greatest. Everone should visit the website and the church. This is a piece of American history.
Alvin Riley, Cambridge, MAss [01-19-1998]

looks like you have a beautiful city to come and visit a lot of historical places...happy birthday!!! ben franklin...also it is my b'day today...thanks...j pick
joseph pick, birthdate 1-17-1938-same birthdate as benjamin franklin's he is my mentor...happy b'day "ben" i live in knoxville,tennessee and hope to come to philadelphia to see all your beautiful sites. [01-18-1998]

The Tour through Philadelphia was quite interesting, thanks for these Views.
Ruediger Harder, 30 yrs,Germany - Wiesbaden [01-18-1998]

Can't wait to walk that historic mile in September. Great site.
Nilda Rego, Moraga Ca [01-16-1998]

The Tour through Philadelphia was quite interesting, thanks for these Views.
Ruediger Harder, 30 yrs,Germany - Wiesbaden [01-16-1998]

Jamie Kroeger, 15, Hays, boy mess = [01-15-1998]

Mrs. Thompson 7th Grade, St. Kevin's School [01-15-1998]

just writing to say that there is nothing like a philly chessesteak, hoagie, or a bag of soft pretzels, and a tastycake for desert...
Chris Stein, 31, philadelphia. [01-14-1998]

Laura Berdyck, Adrian, Michigan [01-13-1998]

laura gerszewski [01-13-1998]

The pages were very informative. I visited Chadd's Ford this summer and was suprised at the lack of information. This tour was very interesting
gary schoen, Long Island, NY [01-13-1998]

Dear Philadelphia homepage, this is a good idea to have people write you. Well that's all for now bye
Kim Ann Bush, 5th grade student Idaho Falls Idaho [01-13-1998]

Rev. Cornelius N. Austin, Jr., Bethel A.M.E. Coffeyville, KS [01-13-1998]

THANX this site helped me alot on my report keep up the good work guys!!
Edward [01-12-1998]

Your timeline is great. I'm doing research for a book set for the most part in late 19th century Philadelphia. This timeline was just what I needed to double-check my research. My book (working title) THE COMING HOME QUILT will be published by Berkley/Jove in Spring 1999. I'm sure I'll be back to see what other interesting facts you have at this site.
Jo Ann Ferguson, West Chester, PA [01-11-1998]

I am searching for a list of ships that Stephen Girard had in the late 1700"s and early 1800"s. Would Girard College have this information?
Todd Fieldingg, age 55, Paoli, PA [01-11-1998]

Emilia [01-11-1998]


can anyone give me any information about the tugboats on the delaware around 1900 to 1950
Scott Yardley, Philadelphia [01-10-1998]

The virtual tour was great.
Jessica Wright, Mnchester NJ, age 16 [01-10-1998]

I would like to open the following accounts in the US. checking savings CD Can you help me Thanks
Zoltan Deffend, Toronto Canada [01-10-1998] [We wrote to advise Zoltan that the Bank ceased operation in 1882 -Webmaster]

I've done some traveling to various cities, and I have not found a city more educational or entertaining as Philadelphia.
Sheila Williams, Philadelphia, 32yrs. [01-09-1998]

Looking for information that would be helpful to a boater arriving in your city, i.e., information about the marinas, walking tours., etc. What information I have found is great and very helpful but I think there are more like me who visit by water.
Carolyn McElwee [01-08-1998]

I didn't make it "home" for the holidays. I started getting homesick, so I decided to visit via the net. I will be "home" for Girls High 150th Anniversary! "She who conquers herself, conquers all!"
Juanita Williams, Philadelphia High School for Girls - Class #201 [01-07-1998]

We had fun on the Virtual Tour. We liked the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall the best. We live in South Carolina and it was neat to visit Philadelphia. Thank You!
Mrs. ROmanek's Class, Sara Collins Elementary School [01-07-1998]

Nice website! Hope to see Miss Pennsylvania in the 1998 Miss America top ten!
Allison C Mattner, 19,Bucks County, participant in Miss Neshaminy and Miss Susquehanna Valley scholarship pageants [01-06-1998]

Stephen J. Bourassa [01-06-1998]

My daughter who is 10 recently had to do a 3-D map of of Old City Philadelphia, and you web sight did it for us. It is very informative. It certinly taught me a thing or two. Thanks.
Terri Renner, Mother of 2 in Hatboro, PA [01-06-1998]

Jesslyn Cheong, Honolulu,Hawaii [01-05-1998]

thank you for the very informative writing on Richard Allen and formation of the a.m.e. church. the Penn's Landing page did not fulfill my expectation, to see recordings about slave-landings and imports.
doris, senior, n.y. retiree, a.m.e. female [01-05-1998]

I think it would be great to be able to see where you could possibly pick up some of his collectibles like some of the Saturday Evening Post covers such as "BOTTOM OF THE SIXTH from post cover date of April 23,1949. Collectors may like to buy plates or even the single paper cover.

i'm playing mary girard in the play the insainity of mary girard and am trying to research the real story unsucessfully. congrats for being the 1st to have any info on pennsilvania hospital but i wish there was more. if anyone knows where i can get more info on her, steven girard, dr. benjamin rush, or pennsilvania hospital; please write me.
liz [01-04-1998]

I luv South Street... everyone is cool and funky...inferno is an awesome store i go there all the time....anyone else who likes south street should e-mail me!
Liz, 14...Philadelphia! [01-04-1998]

We are planning a trip to your great city in the very near future. This was a great way for us to decide what was to be included on our sightseeing adventures! Thanks for all the info!
mary, utah [01-04-1998]

When i found this on the web i was excited about our zion. I thank God for your information on our father Richard Allen and our Mother Church.
REV. J.N. TOLLIVER, Rockdale Tx. [01-04-1998]

jill st. clair [01-04-1998]

Keith Kerr, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania [01-01-1998]

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