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the physick house was big suprise i can trace my ancestry back to 1711 i hope she is related.will try to visit in the next two years
william david physick, 49 years old. lancaster lancashire england [12-30-1997]

Greeting - Just a few word to say Hi to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. The use of the Internet is a good way to keep in touch with one another and share information. So, until next time May God continue to bless you all.
Robert Watkins Jr., Sumter, S.C. [12-30-1997]

My wifw and me are planning a trip to the United States in the spring of next year and plan on making Philadelphia part of our trip. I was surfing the web looking for information.Your sight is great and has given us a great amount of information.Keep up the good work.
Shane Halliday, Halifax,N.S.,Canada [12-30-1997]

Christopher L Cleveland [12-29-1997]

I have been the Philadelphia only once and fell in love with the city. I am planning a second trip there and that is why I am visiting this site.
Ruth, Cherry Valley, NY [12-27-1997]

Deidra Bethea [12-25-1997]

Like the site! Looking forward to getting on with Mobile City Fire and possibly using the web and sites like this one for reference and for gee-wiz info.
Don Hall, 22 yrs; live in Milton, FL; Just got on w/ Mobile City Fire [12-25-1997]

Was interested in the "Tomb of the unknown Soldier". Had no idea that the person buried there was from the revolution war.
Leo Rostykus, age 39---Harrah, Oklahoma [12-25-1997]

Michael Kaplan [12-25-1997]

evil thigs, in robes of sorrow, assailed the masters high estate,.. morrow... ..desolate..........
wm. wilson, anon [12-22-1997]

I teach social studies & love history. I have visited Philadelphia any number of times in person & really love the city & all its history. This is a wonderful way to visit Philadelphia anytime you want.
Peter C. Adams, Ann Arbor, MI 52 years old [12-22-1997]

I am not interested in history that much, but here it is very easy to find infomation and I find that very helpful. I am about to play a history game . So II just came here to say This is alright
Jennifer Grullon, 14, New Jersey, Cherry Hill [12-22-1997]

Beautiful presentation--I plan to visit you often.
Walter L. Davis, Santa Ana, CA [12-22-1997]

Visited the site to help my brother's baby sitter reseach Philadelphia for a high school report. I wish I would have had such information available when I was In high school.
Steven Seville, age 26 Sacramento CA [12-22-1997]

Janine McClain [12-20-1997]

A very handy reference tool. thanks to all who had a hand in this page. JW
John Willett [12-19-1997]

THE ATH, ST LOUIS MO [12-17-1997]

Wonderful Site !
Rafael Ricardo, Middle School American History Teacher [12-17-1997]

It doesn't have enough info on Penn.'s President and Mayor frorm a long time ago.
Moreal Wilson [12-17-1997]

mike, age14 [12-17-1997]

it is a cool site that i went on during school.
jamie wedel, omaha,nebraska/13 [12-17-1997]

This page is great! I needed info on Philly and all I had to do was come here
Brendan Greene-Walsh [12-17-1997]

I was thrilled to find Old Pine Presbyterian on the Internet. I was clerk of Session there in the early 1960's, when I lived at 125 Elfreth's Alley. Hail Philadelphia.
John R. Roberson, Old Greenwich CT [12-17-1997]

This Page helped me with my history report, Thanks!
Jill [12-17-1997]

It helped me stay at home and do my history project!
Gwen, 12/f/IL [12-13-1997]

Love your website! Found it while looking for info on my ancestor, Timothy Matlack, who was the engrosser of the Declaration of Independence. Thanks for your help!
Scott East, 40 yrs. old, New Orleans, LA [12-13-1997]

It is amazing to me to see more people in world share the same love for Poe's great literature.
Kimberly McMaster [12-13-1997]

I appreciate the past hospitality shown by the staff of the historical society. It has been generous with its resources, and helped me to research several articles for AMERICAN PRESBYTERIANS. My special interest is millennial theology within the Reformed Tradition (sounds pretty esoteric, but with the year 2000 near it is now a hot topic!) Good luck to the staff and may they continue to keep up this invaluable historical collection.
Robert Whalen, Chatham, NJ [12-13-1997]

I think it is good that they got all this info. I am sure to get a big fat a+!

My thoughts are that Edgar Allan Poe was pretty damn cool. He was like, morbid and stuff.
Amber Harriman (AirWalk), 17, Waterloo, Iowa (Hickville, U.S.A.) [12-13-1997]

Rev Silas Swint, Killeen, Texas me = [12-13-1997]

Writing a report on the war.Page was a big help!
Lee Durbetaki, Hillsboro, Oregon [12-13-1997]

this is cool
Anne Garrett, age 10 [12-13-1997]

To jest fajnie strone! This is a super site for Poles around the world to learn about our Polish heroes. Keep up the great work! Dziekuje bardzo! Moja strona http://www.itol.com/~tomek
Tomek Bohaczek, Green Bay, WI - USA [12-09-1997]

I just came from seeing the Bell a few days ago in Philadelphia and I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot about it and will use that info in the future
Melissa Anne Footlick, age: 11 Mission, Kansas [12-09-1997]

Johnie Lance Landeen J.R, age 14 Adress RFD #1 Box #190 Belgrade M.E (write Me) [12-08-1997]

None at this time
Kent Smith [12-07-1997]

I've been in the military for 16 yrs.....that's precisely how long I've been homesick!!!!! Thanks for an outstanding Web site, I will visit this often!!
Dave McArel, 34 yrs old, San Antonio TX [12-07-1997]

Greetings from Quinn Chapel AME Lexington, Pastor Matthews is our new pastor. We send our Christmas blessing to Mother Behtel and her congregation. May God bless you real good.
Saunda Richardson, Age-old enough-) Lex. KY [12-04-1997]

browsed your page as I was doing genealogy research, definitely will add this to my bookmark page
Michael X. Bell, 32 yo, charleston, sc [12-04-1997]

Great education site! Helped me a lot!
Ryan Hross, 12, Oakland,Maine [12-03-1997]

Great education site! Helped me a lot!
Ryan Hross, 12, Oakland,Maine [12-03-1997]

Great education site! Helped me a lot!
Ryan Hross, 12, Oakland,Maine [12-03-1997]

Great education site! Helped me a lot!
Ryan Hross, 12, Oakland,Maine [12-03-1997]

Great education site! Helped me a lot!
Ryan Hross, 12, Oakland,Maine [12-03-1997]

Derek Bean, 12, Oakland, Maine. Friend of Ryan Hross [12-03-1997]

How about some historical maps of various periods in time................?
Dan M [12-02-1997]

JESSE PERGANDE, AGE-12 [12-02-1997]

This site has been a big help in my Education class for Social Studies lesson ideas. Thanks for the great info.
Colleen Cooney, St. Joseph's University [12-01-1997]

With the exception of the 4 years spent overseas in Australia, New Guinea and the Philippine Islands, I have spent my 79 years in the area known as the City of Brotherly Love. As a citizen of this town, I'm still learning the history of our historic city more each day. I urge all, both local citizens and those from of other places visit our town more often and learn where the beginning of this nation began.
Nick Myers, 79 year old native of Philly. [12-01-1997]

Tiasha Walker, 13 Chestertown [12-01-1997]


RYAN WILSON, AGE 13 CHESERTOWN MD 21620 [12-01-1997]

(: I liked this web page. It is very intresting and has lots of information. I like how you organize it. Thanks for spending all the time to create this!! :)
Andrew W. Wilmot, Age:13 Gender:Male [12-01-1997]

Some very helpful educational materials for my classroom.Thanks!
Jolyn Knutti, Paris, Idaho [11-30-1997]

My wife Carole and I are 18th Century fans. She's employedby the Monmouth County(NJ) Historic Association
Kimber M. Smith, Spring Lake, NJ [11-26-1997]

Good afternoon!! Just found your website today, and it is super!!
Felicia M. Ciaudelli, from historic Bensalem PA [11-25-1997]

Gerry DiNunzio, Jr, West Chester [11-25-1997]

Bobbi Turner, I'm 14, I live in New Bedford, PA, and I'm researching the Liberty Bell. [11-25-1997]

I had the opportunity to visit Philadelphia in 1991 (when I still lived on the East Coast). I loved it. Now I'm in Washington State where I'm working on my social studies teaching certificate. This site will be a GREAT way to bring some real history into my classroom. Thanks.
Karen M. Kasprzyk, Edmonds, Washington [11-24-1997]

Looking for information on Germantown and the Quakers that settled the area in the 1680's. My ancestors were part of the originally 13 families that came to this area. I enjoyed your site.
Anita McColm, Kansas [11-24-1997]

A beautiful church, and the website helped very much on my History project- Thanks.
Pamela Mae, 16 years old [11-23-1997]

Philadelphia Has The Best Cheesesteak
Mike Donahue [11-23-1997]

Have never had privilege of visiting your area of PA. Have traveled extensively in U.S., have been in PA, but never this area. Thanks for a brief snapshot of where my mother's family originated. Name of ancestor was Martin Thoman, who began his life here in this area. Fascinating to see some of the sites that were familiar to the family of Jacob Thoman who m. Marguerite Sutton. Thanks for a peek at your fascinating city. Norma Custer Rice 22 Nov 1997. Rodney, MI
Norma Custer Rice, A Senior Citizen, live in mid Michigan. Gr Gr Grandfather b. Philadelphia 16 Oct 1822. Original fam of another line came to America 1683 on the ship "Traveler". Settled at Germantown, PA. Worked 16 yrs. in libraries. Love genealogy and history. A pleasure to find your site this morning at 5:45 AM [11-22-1997]

All in all, I'd rather be in Philadelphia!
James De Waele Cookman [11-22-1997]

Madzani @ Saidie Nusa, 23, Kuala Lumpur [11-22-1997]

I am very disappointed because I see very little African-American history incorporated into the European history in Philadelphia. There were slaves and free blacks during Penn's era in Philadelphia! Concerned, Packout.
packout [11-22-1997]

I visited your site today and was very impressed with all the information you had to offer. The next time I am in town I will visit your church. I am a member of White's Chapel A.M.E. Church in Memphis. We are located at 1712 Fields Rd. phone (901) 785-0078 Rev. Steven Miller is the pastor
Hughley Moore, Jr., age 61 Memphis, Tn [11-22-1997]

Russell [11-20-1997]

C. WILSON, KIEFER, OK [11-20-1997]

Great fun description of Independence Hall.
Ben Beisswenger, Lyme, NH [11-20-1997]

I'm doing a state project on Pennsylvania and your web page has helped me a lot. I've gotten all of the information I need for the part on Historical sites. Thank you!!!
Kathryn Jargo, 8th grade [11-19-1997]

There's no place like home and Phila. is my home. I miss the cheesesteaks Hoagies Delis Good Food. Just send me a good South Phila. Sandwich -- any kind!
William C. Greene, Age 53 city Richmond,VA. [11-19-1997]

I think this is a good page. I was looking this up for G.S. I am trying to find the different types of eatable plants that he ( John Bartram) found. My leader told me that there were Mint, Sasaphras,and a few others. She also told me that he was a pioneer her in High Springs Florida. If you have any info please e-mail me and put under subject " info for Annette" thanks!!
Annette, 14 High Springs ,FL I'm doing this for Girl Scouts [11-18-1997]

How was the Liberty bell cracked?
Matthew Palmer [11-18-1997]

I came to the page after looking up Bartram to see if there were any others I stayed to enjoy the scenery. Thank-you Alan Bartram (18/11/97)
Alan Bartram, 50 years old living in Melbourne Australia. [11-18-1997]

Your site is great! Keep up the good work. I especially like the liberty bell becuase of the Scrupture reference Lev 25:10. I hope that everyone in America will one day realize that God is the Author of Liberty & His Son, Jesus Christ, is the true King of our nation and the only source of freedom which is the foundation our country was established upon.........
Wesley Corbitt, I am nine years old and enjoy reading about America's Providential history [11-16-1997]

Very helpful webpage, thanks.
Charlie Christmas, student, SJU [11-16-1997]

The information in your site should be very interesting
bill halle, Delaware indian born SINY, baptized Moravian [11-16-1997]

Enjoyed your web sight. The history of firefighting was very good, I am a firefighter and it is always nice to find more about what I do.
Dwight J. Moore, Royersford PA [11-16-1997]

Angela Romano, 15 yrs. old New Jersey [11-16-1997]

Kristen Millot [11-15-1997]

Thank you. I really needed this for a social studies project. It was really hard to find info in the libary, so I got on the net and found this site. It helped a lot. Thanks again
Stephanie C., 13 years old, Olathe, Kansas [11-15-1997]

Kristen Nicole Gloudeman, I am 13 years old and visted this site to find out information regarding Dolly Todd Payne Madison. I found lots of interesting articles and pictures. My mom and I printed them out and I am going to use them in my report. This was alot easier than having to go to the library. I live in Orange County California. [11-15-1997]

My family has its roots in Bucks County, just north of Philadelphia. Six children whose parents had died at sea were left at the Bucks County Orphanage in the 1780s. The oldest boy of those six orphans was one of my great grandfathers. My interest in my family's history and American history in general has a natural tie to historic Philadelphia. Thanks for the informative web site.
Ronald K. Kerwood [11-14-1997]

thank you!
Jean P. Cary, New York Yearly, Easton Monthly Meeting NYS [11-14-1997]

Cool web
Celia Lea McCauley, I'm 13, Vinton [11-14-1997]

hi from William Byrd Middle School

I really like your web sight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well got to go now Bye G-Dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lisa Fowler, 14, Vinton, [11-14-1997]

Marie Carroll, Monahans, Texas 79756 [11-14-1997]

Very nice site!!! We invite you to visit our humble beginnings at: http://www.flascot.com which we will be adding to shortly providing more information. We are excited about the games this year as we have a new look with "The Royal Mile" and new activites such as handfasting and The Battle of Bannockburn, among others. Of course we have all the traditional events we all enjoy. We hope to see you there ! Have a great day, aye!!!!
Cindy Ramsey, Orlando, Florida [11-13-1997]

Shaunna Larsen, 2-7-82 [11-13-1997]

Enjoyed your museum the last time that I was in Philadelphia. Will revisit when we come to celebrate the 201st anniversary of Major General Anthony Wayne's death on 15 December 1997. According to author Gregory G.W. Urwin (University of Arkansas, Conway, Arkansas)who authored The Illustrated History of the United States Infantry, the term Leatherneck did not date back to the Revolutionary War. He wrote a brilliant and insightful article that appeared in the military journal Campaigns in 1984 about the United States Marine Corps. He noted that although there were "Marines" in the Revolution, the Corps was officialy designated on January 17, 1798 as a separate branch of service. Since they had no uniforms, they were given uniforms of the two Sub-Legions of General Wayne's Legion of the United States (1792-1796) that were abolished in 1796. The winter uniform of that army had a high collar, red piping on the epaulettes and blue pants with a red stripe on the seam. Part of that uniform was a thick leather stock. This is where he claims the term originated. Subsequent research by our staff on his article has verified the authenticity of his research. I just read an article in our local paper about the local Marines celebrating November 10 in honor of the historic meeting at Tun's Tavern. I have not even heard mention of any type of celebration planned for January 17, 1998. I sure wish the Marines would recognize the contribution that Anthony Wayne's Legion of the United States gave to the Marines. We are in a life and death struggle trying to preserve the 1792-1793 training camp of Wayne at Legion Ville. It was here, also that Captain William Eaton served. Eaton was in charge of the expedition to Derna in 1806, immortalized in the Marine Corps hymn. The army doesn't even care about preserving this site even though 17 men are buried there. I know the Corps would never let us down. Semper Fi.
Patrick R. Riley, http://tristate.pgh.net/~bsilver/legion.htm [11-13-1997]

Wait a minute, I live in Philadelphia!! What am I doing at this sight??
Todd Schaeffer [11-13-1997]

Enjoyed your web page tremondously. Entertaining and educational. By the way, Poe should have stayed in Philadelphia; not "should of stayed."
P. Richards, North Smithfield, RI [11-11-1997]

Very much enjoyed your site! Have GR-GRANDMOTHER that was "Pennsylvania Dutch". I look forward to returning soon.

it means freedom to me
Joaquin Thomas, St.Paul,Arlinton high school,mn [11-11-1997]

terrific site
Lance Diefenderfer, Greenville, SC age 28 Teacher of Social Studies [11-11-1997]

Patricia C., 42 from CT [11-10-1997]

I'm home sick!
Tina, 41, Pebble Beach, California [11-10-1997]

peter southwood, pietermaritzburg town crier - SOUTH AFRICA [11-10-1997]

My father Bertram Bieber Jr.was born in Phila.I believe believe he lived on Chestnut St.before moving to NYC. His father Bertram Bieber Sr.also lived in Phila. likewise,his father Jacob Bieber.My father was born Nov.20,1900.I've been trying to find out about my family but don't know how to start.I thought someone might give me a hint.This website is great! Thanks!
Donald Leroy Bieber, Monterey CA [11-10-1997]

CHAD D. FISHER, AGE 14/ROANOKE, VIRGINIA 24019 [11-10-1997]

Hi im doing a report on Quakers, and i chose it because a very special friend of mine goes to Friendship High School. Hi Dave and Rachel, I love Philidelphia, and can't wait till I see you again.
Hilary Puzak, Ridgefield, ct 15 yrs old [11-09-1997]

Doing a family tree with my children, was just interested about Thadious Kosciuszko, he is supposed to be related to me
Cynthia Lynn Kosciuszko (Oeters), Age 37, Hewitt N.J. [11-07-1997]

I hope you all are well. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary bless you always for having this beautiful Homepage in the Internet. Let's pray that all Churches and Parishes will have a Chapel of Perpetual Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament where we can visit Jesus, our Only and True Friend. May God bless you always, and please try to have my family and me in your prayers. I will pray for all of you always.
Grace Franco, Ontario, Canada [11-07-1997]

i love the independance area, as this is where all my ancestors lives. i walk down the same streets they did.
scott w. bennett, 3 greatgrandnephew of joseph m. bennett, whose store was located at 518 market street in the 1800's. this is the exact spot where the liberty bell pavillion is now located. [11-07-1997]

I teach American Literature to high school students and enjoyed learning about Poe's stay in your city. I try not to let on that the man had a drinking problem. I read an article recently in out local paper that a Dr. who researched Poe's medical records determined that his symptoms during his last days with us indicated rabies rather than alcohol as the cause of his death. Thanks for your page. JB
John Bullock, Lompoc, California [11-07-1997]

I very much enjoyed your site. I visit Phila. several times a year and I have learned of a few more places I would like to see. I was at a Chester County Interlink meeting and the guest speaker was the president of Chester County Connect. To learn all about Chester County you must visit her site at http://www.ccconnect.com
Pat Kahmer, Gradyville, PA age 48 [11-06-1997]

This place is the coooooolest
Sam Pemberton, 19, Daytona Beach [11-06-1997]

I was stationed at the Naval Regional Medical Center in 1976. I loved it! I'l be bringing my wife and kids for a visit this weekend, as one of my sons is doing a state report on Pennsylvania. Looking forward to revisiting all the sites and packing away a few cheesesteak hoagies as well!!
, 44 y.o./Wappingers Falls, NY [11-05-1997]

neat page, helped me plan a trip.
Jonathan Dinstel, 15, Kingston Pa. [11-04-1997]

The website is fantastic. I am planning a trip for my students . This site would be a great preview or even a minor substitute for a visit. I was greatly impressed by the information on Richard Allen. Great research and very interesting writing style.
Jayne, 41, Phila (lifelong resident!!!) [11-04-1997]

This site is wonderful. Wea re planning our first trip to this historic city, this is a great way to be prepared.
H.H.Lohr [11-04-1997]

I just love pretzels, and each time I'm in PA. I stop at the Pretzel Museum. Great Web Page!
Erica Heninger, 20,Lincoln,Nebraska [11-03-1997]

I found it very helpful.
Carlos Almeida, 16 [11-01-1997]

I found your site very informative.
Nakia J. Sims, Social Studies Student Teacher [10-31-1997]

I think your site is very interesting
jasmine kershner, 13, lead, south dakota [10-31-1997]

Kevin A. Tierney [10-30-1997]

I crept up the stairs closer and closer I got to the old mans room....
JUstin Syddall, age 16 [10-30-1997]

Fred Schoenfeld, New Milford, NJ Age 50 [10-30-1997]

PATRY francis [10-29-1997]

I really like this web site. I think it was really interesting.I will come back again. And again.
Sarah Hillis, 17 single white female in Dallas, TX [10-29-1997]

This is SHWEET!! Sopremo web page!
, Katee Anderson Provo, Utah [10-29-1997]

cool i lke it
bogart [10-29-1997]

All I wanted was a pretzel recipe and now I know a little more about the US of A
Larry Erb, I live in Niagara Falls. Drop over some time! [10-28-1997]

All you brave souls that have journeyed to the bottom of the page and can read my horrible grammar: All these formalities we go through just to sign a guestbook, imagine if we took the same measures in life? Anywayz :) I just visited Historic Philadelphia with my class and am now compiling more information for my project. Intresting how it is always AFTER the fact that we relize we should have taken notes... or pay attention at all. must go do my homework :) Good luck in all futures Endeavors -me
Katy Bauer, 13, Columbus Ohio, [10-28-1997]

I needed some information for Seniors Unite! club.
Laquisha Adams, 98, Paris, TN [10-28-1997]

I have had such an emotional time on your website. I will cherish the memories forever. I will tell all three of my friends about your wonderful page.... EVEN MY MOM AND MY AUNT BEATRICE ARE VISITING YOUR SITE EVRY DAY....Thanks for making a contribution to society
MAtteo, 45/MAle Neptune, NJ [10-28-1997]

This website was very helpful with my project on Philly. THANX
BERYL BIRD, 15/Keansburg,NJ [10-28-1997]

We enjoy visiting Philly all the time. There is so much to see and do. My son is becoming the history buff. He thinks that it's cool to be related to General Picket. He looks for information about him all the time, and he tells his friends about it. We'll be back to Philly in the future. We really enjoy the Franklin Museum.
Gae A. Burger, Brick, New Jersey [10-27-1997]

Enjoyed visiting your homepage.
Barbara Y. Brown, Wesley Chapel A.M.E. Church Houston, Texas [10-25-1997]

A good sight giving valuable information about the services offered and the also history of Philadelphia.
Nipun Shrivastava [10-25-1997]

I visited Philadelphia this summer and your page brings back a lot of memories. Thanks!
Valerie, Missouri [10-24-1997]

Was a great page. Helping my 13 year old with a school project. Also 8th grade constitution test. Thanks a Alot.
Pat Gayles, Age 39 California [10-24-1997]

I love Poe! I think his work is awesome!
Joslyn Knehr, 13 [10-24-1997]

My son needed information on Valley Forge - he swore there was a battle there, but, I found out differently for him. I couldn't exactly remember from my old history classes. Thanks for an informative and helpful site!
Kim Foley, Cincinnati, Ohio [10-23-1997]

Beautiful web site; reminds me of my roots; Often cite details of historic aspects of Phila. when teaching Citizen in the Nation Merit badge to Boy Scouts. Hope to attend a meeting of Free Quaker Society sometime. Greetings to long-time member Elsie Hallock (my mother), and to Elkins Wetherill, an esteemed cousin. Be vigilant, Oh Minutemen, for we may call upon ye again!
William Berl Patterson II, Avid Boy Scout leader, 49 years old, born in Philadelphia, living in Houston, TX last 27 years [10-23-1997]

I got what I was looking for. Some history about Philadelphia.
Patrik, Sweden [10-23-1997]

ALONZO B. SPARROW [10-22-1997]

We originally visited because my son's school (F.D. Pastorius Elem.) is using Pa. as its thematic unit this year. Stayed and surfed because you have a wonderful site! We will spread the word!
Gloria Summers & Family, Phila., PA / Mom of 2 / guest teacher / volunteer / etc. [10-22-1997]

well, it's a nice place to visit, come and visit pennsylvania one day!!
michelle and rocio, 14 and 13 years old burbank,cal [10-22-1997]

bryant hettinger, poughkeepsie ny [10-21-1997]

Thanks so much for your site. My nine year old son is working on his first research paper - the colonial architecture of Philadelphia. We've enjoyed viewing everything We appreciate what we've learned. The library books do not do Philadelphia justice. We just got on the internet so this has been great!
Margi Myers, California [10-21-1997]

This section of the Internet was really helpful to me while I was doing my report.
Shemekia Stevenson, 17, Memphis, TN Melrose High School [10-20-1997]

Kamyar Najmi [10-20-1997]

I can't wait to visit Philadelphia in November 97. I have gotten more information to prepare for the trip than I ever imagined. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful words and picture images about you city.
Valery Ward, Birmingham, AL [10-20-1997]

so far, so good
Coralie Wilkes [10-18-1997]

Cynthia Olson [10-17-1997]

You sure have a mighty nice web place. Was glad to sign Your Guest Book. Drop by Santa's web page
Popeye-Dave [10-16-1997]

I miss my city...Philadelphia is the best...It is historic, yet modern, enormous yet based on community, and just wonderful! I love you Philly and you are America!
Colleen Powers, I am 18 and in college in NY [10-16-1997]

Ken, Hello you seem to be the only spot on the web with info on national bank [10-16-1997]

thanks for being brotha
josh [10-15-1997]

Emiy Mullins, Age:15 [10-15-1997]

Gunnar Graff, Living in stockholm sweden [10-15-1997]

Our history lies here, in the heart of America.
Sara VP, 17 [10-14-1997]

The gentleman who spoke to our two of three children caught their attention by stating the quill pen was their tv, their nintendo, entertainment etc. He really held their attention. Three point hats off to him!
Maggie Thompson, Ewing, NJ [10-13-1997]

We were headed to the Philadelphia Zoo but thought we have always wanted to make a stop at Penn's Landing. From there we found ourselves at Independence Hall, Liberty Bell abd the Carpenter Hall. It was interesting to our children to see horse draw carriage tours and they had never seen cobblestone streets. We had lunch at Dave and Busters on Delaware Ave. What an experience!
Maggie Thompson, Ewing, NJ [10-13-1997]

This is a Great web page
Joe Stoffers, 16 years old, Bozeman, MT [10-13-1997]

I'm a 13th generation descendent of William Bradford and love colonial period history. Thank you for having such an awesome site.
Bradford Thomas Nyquist, Bozeman Montana 17 years old [10-13-1997]

Alyson Kaplin [10-13-1997]

mimi pepper, I just love history!!!! [10-13-1997]

I have attended several functions at the Afro and enjoyed myself, not a surprise. The staff should be very proud of tbemselves for putting on such spectacular presentations and shows. Valentines '97 was an event no one should have missed. Keep up the good work and to those who have not yet visited....do it!
Ms. Shawn Richardson, Yeadon, PA [10-13-1997]

Katsy [10-12-1997]

Looking to see about Conway's 54. That's All
Thomas E. Conway Jr., San Antonio, TX [10-12-1997]

Roberta Evans [10-10-1997]

We are the PUNX of the world!!! Tricolour Convention, Green Day, Artificially Flavored, NOFX, MXPX, MTX, Rock forever!!!! We love you!! XXX Straight Edge Forever!!!! We are going to become famous!!! Artifically Flavored We love you!!!!! You are awesome.
Marlo Manganiello and Kym Hua, 16/f Wilkes-Barre PA [10-09-1997]

Stewart, 101 [10-09-1997]

we love to party with the unknown soldiers!!!!! Peace out
Jill and Candi [10-09-1997]

Clifford D. Albert [10-08-1997]

I love Philadelphia history and am delighted to find your page on the Internet. Congratulations.
Mike Hammer, I live in a house built in 1840 in what was then the township of Moyamensing...now Bella Vista in South Philadelphia. [10-08-1997]

The Old Pine Street is very pretty. I had to find buildings with Greek architecture for a world history project and this is probably my favorite.
Krista Hughes, 15, Atlanta GA [10-08-1997]

It's nice.
Kristy Coder, 14, DuBois, Pennsylvania [10-08-1997]

melody gibbs, 20 yrs. old, Aiken, SC [10-07-1997]

Just visited the Sephardi Congregation page. Good information on the Congregation.
Wanda Weed, Vineland. NJ [10-07-1997]

Randie Friend Peterson, Portland, Oregon [10-07-1997]

I was born and raised in Phila. and now live in Valley Forge. This page has been such a help to me because I can no longer get out and visit the sites of Phila. I am interested in genealogy on my family who came over with William Penn and this page is certainly a help.
Gloria Crossin, Valley Forge, Pa. [10-06-1997]

Rebekah Holt, I'm 14 and live in Woodland Park, CO [10-04-1997]

i'm away at school in boston,and i wanted a little reminder of home. this is great
Emily Wilson [10-03-1997]

The most educational page I have found in the web. Thank you for the detail information. It made my son's homework easier to work. Thank you.
Jimmy Pelaez, 33, live in Wichita KS [10-03-1997]

jennifer jones [10-01-1997]

Tanya Boone [10-01-1997]

Terrific, insightful site. Great for a beginning teacher like myself.
Lori Patrick, 29 years old, Columbus, GA [10-01-1997]

Mark A. Lomax, 40, Ellenwood, Ga. Pastor, First African Presbyterian Church Lithonia, Georgia [10-01-1997]

I belong to Brown Chapel AME in Joliet, IL I was raised in the Methodist Church. Your web page is great I visit it often and have really learned alot about my religion. Fredrica D. Davis
Fredrica D. Davis, 56, Romeoville IL, [09-30-1997]

Chris Heim, Lancaster N.Y. [09-30-1997]

I have always wanted to visit the New England states and through this web site I am able to travel without leaving my classroom. Thanks so much for the info.
Nena Burgess, Williamston, SC [09-30-1997]

Delightful site. I stopped by looking for Presbyterian Chruch Archives. I am interested in the California North Fork Indian Mission founded in 1906.
Virginia Pilegard, Wishon, California (central Sierra Nevada foothills) [09-30-1997]

ANTHONY GREEN, 14 [09-29-1997]

Ya so I was doing a school project and looky here I'm having fun.
Amanda Baca, Tucson, AZ [09-29-1997]

With all the traveling I do jetting from country to country, it is always nice to visit Philly. My mother (Queen Zsa Zsa Lenska) and I would always stop by to eat a philly cheese steak sandwich every chance we got. Hail Philly!
Madame Lenska [09-29-1997]

H.G.Kunkel [09-28-1997]

Enjoyed touring Philadelphia through your site. Have enjoyed many visits to your city and your site is a way for all to visit and enjoy. Thanks.
Jack Stone, Rutherford NJ [09-28-1997]

I was born and raised, worked many years in Phila. and have many fond memories of visiting many of the historical places there. Al Alberts song "Phila. My Home Town" is great. It's a shame it never got as popular as New York, Chicago or San Francisco.
Betty Wieslawski, Cape May Court House, NJ. [09-28-1997]

Your page provided me with an incredible amount of information for a research project on colonial Pennsylvania
Carolyn Pointer, 14 years old, sophomore in Tampa, FL. [09-28-1997]

What a great way to travel & learn. It's like having a virtual class trip! 09-27-97
C.J. Wielgos, Philadelphia, PA [09-28-1997]

I was born in Phila., and love all the history that is there. Just visited Allentown, PA and had the strangest cheese steak with tomato sauce on the top of it. We love cheese steaks but that was a new one on us.
Joan B. Roth, St. Augustine & Lighthouse Point, FL [09-26-1997]

Melissa Gordon [09-26-1997]

Great Page, it came in handy for my school project, thanx..... Bye...
Lindsey [09-25-1997]

I would like to see the Liberty Bell(Nick Reed) I would like to see it too (Kyle Morgan)
Nick Reed and Kyle Morgan, Nick is 10, and Kyle is 10. We are in 5th grade. It's very cool in Mrs. Roberts science room. [09-25-1997]

William Friley, Jackson, MS [09-25-1997]

I think this is one of the best sites on the net. It was very informative as to the history of some of our country's most important archetectual structures. I highly reccomend this site for parents with young children who have an eagerness to learn about our country's history.
Justin Burkleo, 16 Lafayette, La. [09-25-1997]

It is a very interesting web site, and it said lots of information that I can use in reports and essays. I'm glad I found this place.
Jennifer [09-25-1997]

I was born and raised in Linwood, PA just outside of Philadelphia. I have a lot of fond memories of the history and visits to Philly. Although I call Hawaii home I am grateful to have lived and learned there ... Aloha!!! Hi DAD (Harold Raymond Peden - Brookhaven)
Dana M. Shaffer, 33, Kaneohe, Hawaii [09-24-1997]

I have always wanted to visit Philly, and see the replica of Graff House. Jacob Graff was my great great great grandfather.
Robert L. Smith [09-23-1997]

This is a really neat, but you should get some information on Ben Franklin, or at least some pictures of what he was like and what he did during his lifetime.
Alan Moore [09-23-1997]

Mike Davenport [09-23-1997]

Megan Hawkins, Stillwater, OK [09-23-1997]

Marie, NC [09-22-1997]

Anthony Weber, 14, Flemington [09-22-1997]

Laura Weissberg [09-20-1997]

I was born & raised in North Philly, now I'm in the army stationed overseas in Italy. Whenever I get homesick I like to visit the Philly websites and this site is another one that brings me back home.
Rasheed Townsell, 25, Sarajevo, Bosnia (for another month), Staff Sergeant U.S Army [09-19-1997]

JESSICA RICHEY [09-18-1997]

Just found your site--Timothy Matlack, the Fighting Quaker, my 5ht gr.grandfather, the scribe who actually penned the Declaration of Independence, was buried in the Free Quaker Cemetery at Arch and Meeting Sts. but his body was moved to a Baptist Burying Ground on the road to Applebachsville later. He was married to Ellen Yarnall, dau of a Quaker minister. Timothy Matlack was friends with Thomas Jefferson and Jean Lafayette. He was a member of the Council of Safety The Philadelphia Philosophical Society, and a Col. in the Shirt Batallion just as the war began. I have so many other ties to Philadephia--Thomas Dewees was a jailor during the Rev. and his father, William Dewees was a sheriff. His son and Isaac Potts owned Valley Forge during that dreaded winter long ago. Do you cover Valley Forge anywhere?
Anne Ponder, Born in MS 1942 -- live in GA now [09-17-1997] [Yes, we have Historic Valley Forge and Valley Forge is the last stop in our Philadelphia Campaign 1777 -Webmaster]

Philly will always be my home (grew up in the burbs but love to call Philly my own). Much of my family lives in the area and I bring my 10 yr old son and husband to visit as much as possible. This site is terrific for planning and learning stuff I didn't even know! Hello to everyone in Philly and if you've never visited ... plan on it.
Ginger LaFreniere, 45, now residing in schenectady ny [09-17-1997]

this really helped me on a report for the constitutional convention and george washington, thanx a bunch
diana, 16, originally from philly now in nc [09-17-1997]

diana moore, 16, originally from philly now in nc [09-17-1997]

I would like to study more about history and study more on tests ... learn more about stuff I know little about. This unit is really fun so far. It has not been hard at all. I did not know that there was two LIBERTY BELLS. This is fun to learn.
Crystal A. McCoy, 10 Cherokee, N.C. [09-16-1997]

Thank you for all the trouble you went through to give this privlege to all of us around the World!
Kristen Curry [09-16-1997]

I really appreciated this site. It helped me complete my first history essay of my freshman year. I used to live in Pennsylvania about five years ago in '92. well I best be gettin back to good old research!
Brad Williams, Boise, I'm 14 years old [09-16-1997]

Carolyn Johnson, 4th grade teacher (Stanton,Michigan [09-15-1997]

Ronald D. Pogue [09-15-1997]

This site helped me on my school report
Phil, nj [09-11-1997]

Zachariah C. Maynard, Gainesville [09-11-1997]

AALIYAH AHMED [09-10-1997]

Planning on visiting the end of September for the 25th Annual Firemark Convention. Please look up the Firemark web site at: http://members.aol.com/firemarks/index.htm for more information.
Richard Yokley, San Diego CA [09-09-1997]

I was looking for research on Philadelphia because we're making a school trip there in October. While I was "surfing" I stumbled across this web site. Thanks! It's great!
Christina, student at General Wayne Middle School, Malvern,PA [09-09-1997]

Just fascinating all the historical events that took place in this great city of Philadelphia! I am glad I stumbled across such interesting facts! I hope to visit soon and share this history with my grandchildren.
Helen Funnye, East Orange, New Jersey [09-09-1997]

milo twigg [09-08-1997]

Michael Rusnak [09-08-1997]

Jane Garvey [09-06-1997]

[Re Town Crier's page] Heard you loud and clear over here in the UK. My wife and I will hopefully visit your community in the future. I write this on a sad day in the UK. If the awful accident had happened 200 years ago, it would have been the Town Criers job to go out and inform the people. To-day, the whole world learned of the event within minutes. The whole world loved her.
Bevan Craddock, Town Crier of Penkridge, Stafford, UK [09-05-1997]

Thanks for the information on Commodore Barry!!! My son and I were all over the web looking for him. You saved the day for us with your great web page....Thanks again, Joanne Pinelli
Joanne Pinelli, bayonne,N.J. [09-04-1997]

i'm very glad i was able to use your homepage to find information on a project i am working on about Elfreth's Alley.
michelle bowers, 20, interior design student in philadelphia [09-04-1997]

Clan Ross Association of the United States flies the Betsy Ross "13 stars in a circle" flag as their American flag at their tent during Scottish games and festivals. And flies it very proudly!
Susan Ross, Chicago, IL [09-04-1997]

Great information to help visitors to your super city prepare to see the sites!
Dwayne Hicks, Carrollton, GA [09-04-1997]

Amanda & Corinne [09-03-1997]

Zachary VanHoven, 15 y/o in 9th grade onlym reason i would come to this site is force by the english teacher [09-02-1997]

Ed Johnson [09-01-1997]

As a descendant from the strong Quaker family of Potts I just wanted to say "hi" & how I hope someday to visit PA (esp. Pottstown & Pottsgrove). Thanks for a great site! Joanne
Joanne Smith, 47 yrs. old, Spanaway, Wa. [09-01-1997]

Although I never lived in Philadelphia, I have a keen interest in the area as my great, great, great, great grandfather, Colonel Jacob Weiss was a resident of the city. Col. Weiss was active during the American Revolution and was later involved in the promoting of the use of Anthracite coal. I would be interested in hearing from anyone with more info concerning Col. Weiss
John Raudenbush, Pinellas Park, Florida [09-01-1997]

I entered your page to answer a question in a competition on B.B.C. Radio Scotland and spent a LOT longer than I intended. Thanks for some enjoyment, enlightenment and education.
John Lamond, Larkhall, Scotland [09-01-1997]

I just wanted to thank all of those people who have contributed to this site. In the process of doing porjects concerning the research of historic Philadelphia, I find this site to be most helpful. Thanks again, Jesse.
Jesse A. McCarter, Architecture student at PCT&S [08-31-1997]

This page has helped me accomplish many historic trips for my job and enjoyful places to go with my family.
Dominique Lyons [08-31-1997]

Thank you for having this page. My husband and I are history fans and this page is just what we were looking for. We never knew Philadelphia had so much history.
Kristina Stabler [08-28-1997]

Does anyone have any thoughts on "Miracle at Philadelphia" by Cathrine Drinker Bowen
Alison Kuchta [08-28-1997]

would love to visit... thank you for preserving our country's heritage! this is a great site and alot of fun...very informative, too!
caron ortiz, 20, harrisonburg,va. [08-27-1997]

Wayne D. Horsley [08-27-1997]

I just started using the Internet and your wonderful website started me out right! I will be attending an Elderhostel in your city beginning October 5, 1997. Seeing your website has made me more excited than ever about being in Philadelphia.
Helen Hadden, 80 years young! Riverside CA Retired Teacher [08-26-1997]

Great work! Keep it up. Thanks
Don Scott, Sugar Grove WV [08-25-1997]

I enjoyed my visit to historic Philadelphia in the early 90's, and I enjoyed visiting this site.
J. Hill, Shreveport, LA (22) [08-24-1997]

This is a great site packed with information. I plan to use it in my TRAVEL USA project in which the kids navigate their way to 25 U.S. cities using a Rand McNally road atlas.
Tim Pinnick, 7th grade geography teacher in the Chicago suburbs [08-24-1997]

What a wonderful web site. It is first rate, but then you Yankees always do things up right. You should be very proud of your hard work. My ancestors were U.E.L.'s and fought on the opposing side with The K.R.R.N.Y. and eventually fled to Canada, but I will because it is informative. Thank you
Brian M. Ford, U.E. [08-24-1997]

I like the church. I visited the church on the 13th of August with my church, St. Luke A.M.E. in New Orleans. It is a nice chuch. I hope to visit it again.
john simmons, 17 New Orleans [08-24-1997]

Jo Gorodetzer Abraham, New Jersey [08-24-1997]

I love this page. It's very cool, because I know what a great city it is. I was checking out the schools here. I went to great city when I very little, and can't remember how it was. Sounds so cool, and it's full of history.
Natasha wells, 17/f in South Dakota [08-24-1997]

Plan on visiting your fair city in September. Judging from this marvelous web site, however long we spend there will most certainly not be long enough. Masterfully done. Looking forward with revived excitement to our trip next month. Thank you for the show.
Terry Ratcliffe, Canadian Forces (Retired); Ottawa, Ontario [08-24-1997]

Thaddeus E. Rivers, I'M FROM SOUTH JERSEY [08-24-1997]

I was born in Pennsylvania Hospital in a section called "Lying Inn" I have learned more about this city from this one tour than I did in the 30 years I lived there. I lived in Center City and worked in Center City for years I miss and think about Philly everyday and I have been in Florida for 14 years now.
Bradford J. Crompton, 43, Boca Raton, FL - Lower Merion Class of 71 [08-24-1997]

I live in NE philly, and I LOVE visiting Center City. I love Kelly Drive, Delaware Ave., South Street, the Art Museum, Boat House Row lit up at night, Broad Street, the theaters, EVERYTHING! I just realised a few months ago how lucky I am to live here, and I encourage everyone to visit!
Coleen, 17, Philly [08-24-1997]

ithink history is a great thing to know about!!!!!!
branden, 9, kissimme [08-24-1997]

lovely experience, i´ll be back
jose antonio lopez [08-24-1997]

I love all history, I find it interesting and exciting. my husband and I will be visiting you city this year and are very much looking forward to it. The information I have been able to get from this site will help us greatly in planning our visit. We have limited time. This city will be very special to me as my family are very distant relations of William Penn. Well done.
glenda Kociszewski, Newcastle, Australia [08-24-1997]

Have to say that this website is terrific.
Ralph Rosello, Silver Spring, Md age 62 [08-24-1997]

Dominic A. D'Orazio, formerly a Philly resident (lived in Mount Airy for 20 years). Attended elementary, high school and college (Phila Textile) before relocating to Jersey. [08-24-1997]

Charles C. Freeman [08-15-1997]

Scott T. Kamin, 31, Chicago [08-15-1997]

I am planning a tour for some friends from out of town. Your site has been very helpful.
Jim Lippincott, Philadelphia, PA [08-15-1997]

Philadelphia: City of Brotherly Love And Sisterly affection.
Michael J. Pickett, 42, Phila, Pa [08-13-1997]

Visited your page on Thedeus Kosciuszko. I enjoyed it. As far as I've been able to tell, I'm one of about 50 families in the U.S. descended from TK's brother (since he never married). Thanks
Christopher Paul Kosciusko, 28 yrs. old. Santa Barbara, CA resident [08-13-1997]

Philadelphia is both beautiful and built on a very human scale. Visiting Phila. is a real pleasure compared to NYC. As an art lover, I can say that the art in Phila. is as good as NYC and a lot easier to get at. NY art's power trip gets between me and my enjoyment. And, always the transportation hassle...Fairmount Park is without equal here or Europe. Please re-open the scenic turn-out so that drivers can stop and view the dazzling Phila. skyline. In NJ you have to look through 10 miles of smog to see the NY skyline. Phila. is very fresh and down-to-earth!
Stephen E. Reade, 50 years a New Jersey resident [08-13-1997]

Warm memories of my visit to historic Phila.as a very young lad.
Jeff Brooks, Pembroke, N.C. age 46 [08-13-1997]

I just wanted to see how MY city is represented on the web and was pleasantly surprised! My car broke down while I was driving past Philadelphia, and I had to wait a full day for repairs. Within six months, both my friend and I moved to Center City and thought we would give it a few years. It's been 28 wonderful, colorful, diverse years for both of us, and we NEVER see each other, although we live only five blocks apart. I am certainly glad I escaped from a small town, travelled the world, and found someplace comfortable to call home.
John W. Petsinger, Center City, Philadelphia [08-13-1997]

Web site was great!! I like the idea of having visitor comments on line but there are way too many to feel as though you can read any substantial amount.
Valerie V. Johnson, Philadelphia born, but unfortunately not raised [08-13-1997]

history knowledge is wealth
DAVID DAVIES, 70-grants pass, or. [08-08-1997]

Since I work at Pennsylvania Hospital, I thought it might be interesting to come visit the site. Great idea!
Linda Sands, Collingswood, NJ [08-05-1997]

I thought the pictures were interesting and cool!
Jennifer Nash, 9, Denver, Colorado [08-04-1997]

Greetings, My wife and I love the arts, especially classical ballet. If your interested in being our net pen pal, please send us an e-mail. Best Wishes!
Golden K. Koscuik, KCStS., Glendale, CA [08-04-1997]

Great page, I hope to visit you in person some day. Good luck and keep on yelling and belling.
David Maguire, Town Crier and Beadle, City of Chester, UK [08-03-1997]

Loved it Going to go see it in person today. Cant wait.Moving back to Ks. soon I'll tell friends about it.
Chris Darnall, Moorestown, NJ [08-02-1997]

Fred Threats [08-01-1997]

Just signing in
Maileen Doria, 26, Manila Philippines [08-01-1997]

I love Philadelphia. It's just a little more than 20 minutes from here. I love it!!!!
Anne Harding, I'm 10 in Wilmington DE [08-01-1997]

Philly is the best city there is. It is the bomb-Diggity and you know this.
Anima, Philadelphia [07-31-1997]

I'm a lifelong Philadelphian and I love to be a tourist in my own hometown. Just last week I took a long stroll through the Independence Hall area and was struck again by the wonderful scale and the beautiful buildings. To my mind, William Strickland's Merchants Exchange (between 2nd and 3rd on Walnut) is the most beautiful building in the city. I recommend to other Philadelphians becoming a tourist in your own hometown. You can really begin to appreciate it. I think I'll drag my kids down there again. "Oh no, Mom! Not the 'tourist in your own town' thing again!"
Carol Baldridge, Philadelphia, PA [07-30-1997]

Barry Kolsky [07-30-1997]

Great pages! Makes me sort of miss Philly, but my 4-mile traffic-free drive to the beach makes me forget about ever moving back! By the way, the ocean temperature here today was 83, nice eh?
John M. King III, formerly with King Transportation Inc. Phila, Pa now: Daytona Beach Firefighter [07-30-1997]

Your site was sent to me by a fellow "Philadelphian", whom I was fortunate enough to meet online a few months back. Having made his acquaintance has brought me so much joy. Our talks have brought many happy memories to the forefront of my mind. In his most magnificent gift to me of your url, I have found ecstasy and pride in the city of my birth and first eighteen years of life. I, like many others that have written you, will always root for my "home team" even though that could mean "death" to anyone not rooting for a "Texas" team. I gladly accept this fact and will continue to my last breath, loving and holding dear this phenomenal city. It is my wish that when the time arrives to depart this earth, my wish is to take from my body whatever is needed for the living, and cremate the rest and dust my ashes over the City of Brotherly Love, to return me to the dirt I came from. There is no finer city anywhere in the whole world than Philadelphia. Thank you for giving me my home to visit anytime I wish. Signed a transplanted Philadelphian, residing in San Antonio, but in my heart living and longing to be, in Philadelphia.
Tina Greenstein Chasan, Graduated Olney High School in '61 [07-28-1997]

I am doing a project on Independence Hall. Thanks for all the good information!!!!!
Staci Hanna, 17 yrs. old, southwest philly, west catholic high school [07-27-1997]

I think Philly is a great place. It has so many things -- especially Historic stuff. Philadelphia had the first fire dept, library and others. Things like the Liberty Bell. There ain't a lot of reasons not to like Phila. I was born in South Phila. We have lots of old photos from the late 1800 and early 1900.
Chester Heinlein, age 10 phila. [07-27-1997]

just want to say i love historic philly and miss it very much. thanks for this web page.
Grant, 19 y/o philadelphia, in the US Navy [07-27-1997]

This is just to let you know that I think this is the absolute best web page I have ever seen. As a resident in the Bucks county area for 11 years over multiple tours while on active duty, and as an avid visitor of the historic district during that time, I am delighted with what you have done here. Magnificent!
David C. Johanson, Ph.D., CAPT MSC USN [07-26-1997]

Rev. Carlyle Thorne, 42YRS, Chaguanas, Trinidad & Tobago [07-26-1997]

This is the best website I've ever seen for travel, art, food, etc.... Makes me want to move to Philadelphia. So much jewish heritage.
Cindy H. Popkin-Bradley, 39 yr., Raleigh, NC [07-26-1997]

Linda Bonhoff, Punta Gorda, Florida 33955 [07-26-1997]

Can't wait to bring my husband to Philadelphia this summer. Rev. Dr. Archie L.Criglar Sr. is my pastor.
Eva J. Patterson, I am a member of Bethel AME on Ann Arbor, MI [07-25-1997]

Judie Artzberger [07-23-1997]

My husband is interesting in learning more about his great-great-great-Grandfather named Dutton who helped build Old Ironside many years ago. If anyone can gives us any ideas on learning more about those who built it and any ideas about obtaining information about Mr. Dutton, we would appreciate it. Thank You
Janelle Gore, Gause Landing, Ocean Isle Beach, N.C. [07-23-1997]

Jane Moody [07-23-1997]

Oh my Philly how I miss your steak sandwiches!!! I used to live close to Philadelphia then I moved to cold Canada. But I miss this beautiful city very much
Jamie Mckinney, age 20 from Steinbach MB, Canada [07-23-1997]

Kevin, Peggy, Katy, Emily, and Reid Bauder [07-23-1997]

I have no message
Andreas Schwind, 26 [07-23-1997]

Jimmy and Candace Jeffress, Crossett, Arkansas [07-23-1997]

Am planning a trip with a stop in Philadephia. Good info here to plan by.
Irene Pilgrim, Harperville MS [07-23-1997]

I would like to see information on topics for my son who is 10 yrs old.
Liyakat Nurbhai, age 47 Sunrise, Fl [07-23-1997]

Wonderful job! Happy fourth of July!!!!
Jen Boza, 21 years old, Washington DC [07-18-1997]

I found your site while doing some genealogical research. I'm a native Delawarean, who moved to Florida When I was growing up, a trip to the Big City of Philly was a real treat. Miss the culture and the great ethnic food.
Joan W Musser, Lakeland, FL [07-18-1997]

Joan Zembruski, Highland Falls, NY [07-16-1997]

Congratulation on the Independence day! God bless U.S.A. forever and ever.
Jeom-yong Park, South of Korea [07-15-1997]

Dwight Copper, Librarian; interested in genealogy and Church histories; New Wilmington, Pennsylvania [07-15-1997]

Your WebPage is very informative. I found it very interesing and inspiring. I have always been interested in Historical factors and this page has enchanced my knowledge. When I visit USA I would definitely stop over at Philly. Thank you Webmaster you did a great job!!!
Santhia Thevy, 24 YEARS, I am a Banker, KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA [07-15-1997]

I was in Philadelphia when the presentation was made and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope the tradition stays alive. Please add me to you mailing lists if you have any literature being mailed.
Eddy Cash-Dudley, Modesto, California [07-15-1997]

I am going to be doing a social studies project in the fall, and I am getting some information together to start working on it.
Erica Caldwell, West Virginia [07-14-1997]

violette sutherlandf, retired age 70+ Woonsocket,R.I. [07-14-1997]

Huge Flyers fan since birth. Love the city to death. All the history, the sports, and the people. Last trip was Summer '96. You'll be seein me soon - you can count on it.
BJ Miller, Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA [07-14-1997]

I now live in Florida and I really enjoy it here. But before I got married almost 16 yrs. ago , I lived outside Phila. in a small town named Croydon! I feel somewhat embarassed that I never visited the sights in Philadelphia. On my most recent visit home, my two children and I (along with some family members went on a small tour of the landmarks. My children loved the history but especially the carriage ride tour! I highly recommend this reasonable and personalized tour of the city. Thanks for all your great info you shared!
Gayle Marie Larson, Palm Bay Florida 40 yrs. and holding [07-14-1997]

Thank You for this Web Site. I haven't started school yet from summer vacation but I think it will help me in Social Studies. Thanks Again!
Rebecca [07-14-1997]

What a great site for people to learn history facts!
Thomas Baucom, Rockingham, NC 28379 [07-14-1997]

Enjoyed the virtual tour! My family will be going up Thursday to visit the historic district enroute to a wedding in NY. With the information given on your web page, this will make the trip a lot more enjoyable for all. Thanks.
Thomas D'Andrea, Raleigh, N.Carolina [07-14-1997]

Mrs Andrew J. Eason, Tonopah Nv 89049 [07-14-1997]

Mrs Andrew J. Eason, Tonopah Nv 89049 [07-14-1997]

I really loved your tour of the liberty bell, it was just like i was there myself,eventhough i could never afford to visit you. i appreciate your service and will visit you again soon
angel mendoza, i live in peoria, az. (a great place to live. [07-12-1997]

Pat Carey, Old Bridge, NJ [07-12-1997]

Can't wait to see it all..
Tom, Future visitor from Perth Western Australia [07-12-1997]

Looking forward to our visit to Philadelphia next month.
David Steves, San Antonio, TX [07-12-1997]

This is one of the best, most informative sites I have ever visited. Period. Great, great job.
Claude Demers, New York [07-11-1997]

Dear others I just drop-by as I noticed this place from Visonx sites. What the wonderfull, interesting and knowledge one site You have. It's also world Freedom history what is here. I think that one of best thing what world has happend is Independence U.S.A. For now I very much thank Your's country that its still be there and You for Your's site. I'm sure that I'm going to visit again, again.. Have a nice Indenpendence Days. My best to all of You from here under The Pole Star.
Rauno Söderholm, about 45, writer under The Pole Star-Finland [07-11-1997]

Clarke Holmes [07-10-1997]

I've been to Philly many times and I always thought it was a special city. I love the cheesesteaks and I always enjoyed watching a Flyers game with my American friends. I do miss the States a lot and I can't wait to return in September! Thanks for this tour through the "city of brotherly love"
Regina Schmid, age 23, Munich, Germany [07-10-1997]

Inspiring way to visit places and meditate -- saves much time and gas -- and reduces pollution thanks very much
Paul Chuhnov, Trumbull CT [07-09-1997]

my sister and i visited philadelphi six years ago. i was very impressed with the old historical sites
iva mae reed, i am 76 years young and livee in california [07-09-1997]

Nice page! Three years ago, I was able to visit historic Philaelphia while in Pennsylvania working. It was fabulous! Thanks for the great photos/visuals to bring back great memories!
Matthew Fallon, 23, Burbank, CA [07-09-1997]

I was excited to see the information of Mother Bethel A.M.E. Church. I was born into the A.M.E. in 1940. Ihave enjoyed the spieitual connection. MT. Pisgah A.M.E.Church is my home church. I went to A.M.E. First Historial University Wilberforce, Ohio. My Two Sons attented W.U. also. I married Martin Willet Cuff who was related to Thomas Cuff and many preacher name Cuff in Salen,NJ.Some many connections that I cannot believe this could happen in one day.
Janice Woodland Cuff, Member of Hictorial Society of A.M.E. Chruch [07-09-1997]

I am known among family and friends as "Greg Grey Line" ... as I am always bringing people places and showing them what/where/when/ for every locale I've been to. Your www site is going to heaven for someone like me!!! I will walk your tours the next time I am I Phila., even though I've been to the same places many times. I like the info on the preservation efforts underway in Paoli. Thanks!
Greg DeLapp, Wyomissing, PA , age 42, a frequent visitor to Philadelphia [07-09-1997]

Visited Carpenters' Hall for another Historic Occasion, the inauguration of The American Guild of Town Criers. The feel of history in the area is remarkable. People great! Mayor vibrant! Loyalist rabble-rousers intriguing! Patriot invigorating! Thanks for allowing me to be part of the event. Town Crier Town of New Tecumseth God Protect Carpenters' Hall and American History. God Bless America
Ralph Wilding, Tottenham Ontario Canada [07-08-1997]

What a neat idea . We have traveled a lot while in the army but we have never been stationed in the Northeast. I feel like I have been there. Ring Bells Ring!!
The Fraga's, The Fort Knox Area [07-08-1997]

I'm from Philly and browsing your website has brought back good memories of living there. I graduated Archbishop Ryan highschool in 1989 and after 6 years of military service I settled down here in Sierra Vista, AZ where I'm a computer maintenance technician. I really miss the pretzels, cheesesteaks and going to see the sports teams play downtown. Philly is always going to be "Home" to me. There is no other city with such a great heritage.
Mark Moore, 26, Sierra Vista , AZ [07-08-1997]

I'm surfin' the net to get a look at other Catholic Church websites. Each one, of course, is distinct. We have several families in our parish from Philadelphia, so I'll have to bring your site to their attention - it's excellent. Since I installed a guestbook on our website - http://www.epix.net/~mcdowell/ - a few weeks ago, I look for every opportunity to stop and say "Hello". God bless you! Fr. Pat McDowell
Rev. Patrick D. McDowell, St. Jaochim's - St. Bonaventure's Parish in Meshoppen, Pa. [07-08-1997]

Happy 4th of July
Tony Blair, Age:43 Job; Prime Minister of Great Britain [07-08-1997]

A very well developed web sit full of information on our countries historical past for searching students and visitors. Thanks Webmaster.
Ken Beazley, Ft Worth, TX [07-07-1997]

Will be revisiting you next time
roma, agana, guam, USA [07-07-1997]

I could not get the vr to work but i do like your site and plan to visit on a regular basis...
Ken Tucker [07-06-1997]

O.k., I guess I should write stuff that I enjoy doing. Here goes: I love to read, draw, color, I play almost all sports, and I'm active in my school/parish.
Jamie "Stoney" Lynn Nored, 12 years; St. Louis; female [07-06-1997]

Gwendolyn Bennett [07-06-1997]

Alida Vander Heyden [07-06-1997]

I will be going to Philadelphia in on Tuesday the 8th of July and I hope I have as much fun as some of these people in this website. I think this is a great idea and more states should do the same
Peter, 12 [07-06-1997]

I love your site. I first visited the historical district on a trip from Florida at the age of 8 (I am now 43) while visiting family in Drexel Hill. I returned in 1987 with my 2 daughters and was thrilled with what has been done in the historical district. Visiting there as a child, had a great impact on me and helped develop a real interest in history. The same happened to my children. I have visited Washington, Richmond and numerous other historical sites in my life, but the visit to Independence Hall and the Historical district truly left the biggest impression. It would be wonderful if every child could have this opportunity. Thank you for this site and for the wonderful work that is and has been done there. Sincerely, Deborah Callicott
Deborah Barrington-Callicott, Green Cove Springs, Florida [07-06-1997]

Love the virtual reality tour!
Sharon R Coleman, 47y/o Fe Lakeland FL [07-06-1997]

From a Jersey girl living in Hawaii! Great page! Philadelphia holds some of my fondest childhood memories. I can't wait to visit this summer!
Denise Carpenter, Kahuku, Hawaii [07-06-1997]

Was in Philly a few weeks ago to see the Rodin/Michaelangelo Exhibit and last year for the Cezanne. Have been there on school trips with my children and with my family and for my sister's graduation from U of Pa Vet School. Thought it would be fun to be there for Independence Day but couldn't arrange it. Was pleasantly surprised when my online server, Mindspring, provided a link to your site for Independence Day. I can visit and relax at home at the same time. Is this a great world or what? Great site. Thanks.
Judy Parker, Parkton, MD [07-06-1997]

John D. Thomas, Active Duty Military [07-06-1997]

I'm Pa. born and raised and it is good to know there is a site with all the history of Philadelphia that you can share with us. Thank you!
Heide Ruthardt, Glendale, Az. [07-06-1997]

FORMER PENNSYLVANIAN , it`s good to see some things will be around for my children to enjoy . HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!! GOD BLESS THE USA.
STEPHEN L. EDDY, AGE 32 [07-06-1997]

Especially enjoyed the info about Ben Franklin. He is my 1st. cousin 6 generations removed.
David Bishop [07-06-1997]

David Bishop [07-06-1997]

Thanks to you , people will really know what a great city Philadelphia is!
Dewie Sippel [07-06-1997]

Good site, enjoyed it very much and will return for further information about this historic city and the area around it. Thanks so very much. George from Colorado.
George M. Goldring [07-06-1997]


According to family lore, Jacob Baker of Philly fought with George Washington in the Indian Wars. During the Revolutionary War, he stole horses from the British to sell to the Americans, and vice versa as the fortunes of was shifted. He wanted to be on the winning side. As a result, his large tract of land was supposed to have been confiscated during the second continental congress. How can this information be verified? Also, one of his forbears was supposed to have been an early immigrant to the colonies with William Penn. I have always found Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, to be a fascinating place. Loved your tours!
Joyce Baker Porte, Born in Philly in '36, but have since found new frontier! [07-06-1997]

lilcrazy [07-06-1997]

The site brought back many happy memories. We're former residents of Yardley, Bucks Co. Pa. and retired here in 1993.
Ray Seidensticker, Leesburg, Fl. [07-06-1997]

Great idea! Let's hope the existence of your page will be made known to teachers from 3rd grade through high school!
Elmer C. Parish, Age: 77 1/2 ! Conyers, GA [07-06-1997]

Nice idea to have this forum on the 4th!
E.F. EDDIE STINSON, Lifelong Philly resident. [07-06-1997]

Fabulous site. Need more like it
Kenneth Davis, W. Palm Bch. Fl. [07-06-1997]

Scott Ohzourk [07-06-1997]

Christal M. Herren, AGE 21 HOUSTON, TX [07-06-1997]

Enjoyed your site very much and will return. THANKS!
David Greene, Jamestown, New Mexico [07-06-1997]

We have never had the pleasure of visiting Philadelphia in person, but your page gave us a great introduction to your historic city. We hope to see it for ourselves one day.
Robert Mutis, Port Coquitlam, BC Canada [07-06-1997]

Dear Sirs; This site is very interesting, because you are showing a real and historical part of this country. Congratulations!
Christine Stagnetto-Pena, Miami, Florida [07-06-1997]

Just got back from a wonderful family reunion in the Phila. area -- Wayne, Devon and thereabouts -- as well as a tour of historic Philly. Some of my ancestors were Quakers who got their land from Wm. Penn himself! It's a beautiful city, a beutiful area, and I love it.
Joe Watterson, Columbia, SC [07-03-1997]

a very interesting and educational site
david anderson, hawesville ky [07-03-1997]

Robbi Augeri [07-03-1997]

I like it a lot.
William Wallace, I was a rebel Scot soldier in the 1400's. I am 30. I live in Edinburgh [07-03-1997]

Cool Website!
Drew Ray, 13 [07-03-1997]

I enjoyed your pages. My family began in your state about 1715. I think there is still a town with the family name. I was named after Daniel Womeldorff. Also, I work for Day & Zimmermann Inc. with there home at 1818 Market Street. Thanks
John Michael Womeldorff III, Parsons, Kansas 67357 [07-03-1997]


Mary Jo Pauxtis, Narberth, PA [07-03-1997]

I visited Christ Church because my wife and I were married there 17 years ago. Thank you. What a good feeling.
Robert Woodington [07-03-1997]

This was a wonderful way to learn about the city of brotherly love. Thanks so much.
Penny Andracki, Phila PA [07-03-1997]

this was a wonderful way to learn about the city of brotherly love . thanks so much.
penny andracki, phila pa [07-03-1997]

I was born in Phadelphia, and considered myself an amateur historian. And what a historic city to live in! There is a book sold in the Independence Hall area called "A Miracle in Philadelphia." It is a history of how the Constitution was adopted. I think all Americans and all freedom-loving people would enjoy reading this book. And to think it all started here in this city of brotherly love.
Arthur Odessey [07-03-1997]

Alice Faust, no [07-03-1997]

Living in Newark, New Jersey was wonerful, because I knew just a short drive away was Sweet Philly home of The Cheese Steak. It is also the home of my one and only big brother. He thinks I visit to see him when it's really Philly that kept me going back. ENJOYED THE TOUR!
Carolyn J., SUNNY LA [07-03-1997]

Sorry I couldn't stay longer tonight. I'll return when I get the Plug-In installed. I am an at-large member of Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia!
Peter E. Roberts, Age 74, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 [07-03-1997]

I loved being able to plan a tour of the city and give the kids something to read about the historic attractions so the day was more meaningful when we visited all the sites they had read up on. What a beautiful city!!
Tricia, Pocono Mountains of PA [07-03-1997]

james m. gorman, montgomery, alabama [07-03-1997]

Your Web pages were a great way to "travel" to Phily! Most interesting!
Marlene Wirth, 49, Strasburg, Illinois [07-03-1997]

Stu Cats [07-03-1997]

I went to Pa. West Chester County for a vacation in the spring of 1956 and stayed 22 years. I met my wife ( from Norristown) in 1957, married in Aug. Lived in Eagleville 21 yrs. I was a founding member of the 2ND. PA./43rd Regt Of foot. I would be interested in hearing from anyone that presently belongs to or was in the Regiment. I did blasting work for 20 years in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey for many contractors. Am a former employee of Explo-Tech, Inc., Norristown, Pa. This is a really awesome web page! Wonderful! Keep it up! Now live in St. Augustine, Florida, my home state.
R. Byron Van Morris Jr., age 6/26/32 [07-03-1997]

My husband and I love "Philly Cheese Steaks" and now that we live in Florida the only way we get them is if I make them! (Which I do!) My husband was a member of the Second Pennsylvania Regiment and British 43rd Regiment of Foot back in the 70's. Any of you out there? Would love to hear from you!
"G" Van Morris, Graduated from Norristown High, class of '55. Maiden name Simon (Gertrude) [07-03-1997]

R. Byron Van Morris Jr. [07-03-1997]

Just from reading the above testimonials and all the informative literature we received from your cities' visitors office we know we'll enjoy our upcoming trip to Philadelphia in September. Do we need to bring some of our beautifull weather then?
Mr and Mrs Verwey, just retired Californians [07-03-1997]

Thanks for sharing your tours with us and allowing us to view your wonderful city!
Sunnie Robbins, Gainesville Florida - home of University of Florida #1 Football team in USA [07-02-1997]

i was born and raised in n. j. i have visited your city many times with my children, especially in 1976 it was a wonderful time. my last visit was in 1985 just before i moved to ga. thanks for the memories.. sincerely the yankee in ga.
patricia nixon, i am from lagrange, ga. 30240 [07-01-1997]

I really enjoyed my time spent in these Web pages. I printed out several articles to add to our vertical file information at school. Thanks for doing such a great job. Anne B.
Anne Boulier, Library media specialist k-5 elementary school, Kingston, GA [07-01-1997]

Steven and Catherine McLamb, Bailly, France [07-01-1997]

Visited Phili a few years ago and fell in love with a great historic city. I especially enjoyed the Liberty Bell info tour and the historic tour of Independence Hall. thanks for a great web site too!
Nancy Cavanaugh, Sitka, Alaska [07-01-1997]

Christopher Scott Burgoon, age:22 Collegeville, PA [07-01-1997]

This web page deserves a SALUTE and a "GOD BLESS AMERICA"
Raymond Burr [07-01-1997]

don & sharon Greathouse, Lake Worth Florida [07-01-1997]

Leon B Holloway, slidell la [07-01-1997]

July 4th; A special day for the world's most special country. Thanks for the tour.
John A. Dawson, BOCA RATON FL. [07-01-1997]

I will be in Philly in three days. I am looking forward to seeing the sights.
Kathy Price [06-30-1997]

I am a descendant of Daniel Pegg, a Quaker, who bought land, which is know as the Northern Liberties, in Philadelphia back in 1665. This land was passed from generation to generation, but 96 3/4 acres were unaccounted for in the records and the documents were mysteriously "lost". Hey, Philadelphia! We'd sure like to have our land back! :-)
Janice Baker, Pegg Family History Mystery! [06-30-1997]


Enjoyed the tour. As we are traveling to Philadelphia to attend the Lions International Convention, we found this page as an exciting preview of things to come. Thank you from a Missouri Lion.
Jerry Nibarger, Chillicothe, Mo. [06-30-1997]

Stanton L. Cary, Age: 41 [06-30-1997]

Philadelphia is where it all started. I will be visiting in the area in late July. Thanks for the guided tour!
Barbara Fowler, age 49, Yukon, Oklahoma [06-30-1997]

Thank you for preparing such wonderful tour of our historical city. Thank you for caring.
Robert Schechter [06-30-1997]

GREAT - Love it. Fantastic!
Myra Heller, Your mother [06-28-1997] [Thanks, Mom! I'm glad you are finally online! -Webmaster]

I am happy that I live in this wonderful place called The United States of America.
deborah hartman, Delray Beach, Fl [06-28-1997]

We lived in Phily for 30 years, relocated in Fl in 86. Sorry, today I wouldn't want to move back, but there are lots of things to do and see and the food is great. We miss that living here, but the great weather here makes up for it. While we lived there, we visited everything there was to see, and it it quite a lot. Anybody visiting there is in for a treat.
Carol & Dick Hasson, Jacksonvillle Beach, FL [06-28-1997]

I visited Philadelphia several years ago. Didn't get to see everything then so I am enjoying visiting this site, especially close to The Fourth of July. I think Pa. is a very lovely state.
Janice Meads, Lakeland, FL [06-28-1997]

My husband and I moved from Philadelphia in 1992. We have lived in Georgia and currently reside in North Carolina. I have to admit we are terribly homesick and are seriously thinking about moving back to the Philadelphia area. There are no folks like Philly folks. We miss the arts, the restaurants, the historical sites, the music, and the general Philadelphia feeling. I guess you don't realize what you had until it's not there anymore. PHILLY, WE LOVE YOU. SEE YOU SOON. You truly are the "City of Brotherly Love!
Brian and Leslie Brooks, Charlotte, North Carolina [06-28-1997]

doug johnson [06-26-1997]

we think that history is the most awsome subject there ever was and we would love to hear more about it. we cant get enough of it, we eat, sleep, and breathe history.
amanda and sallie, 18 and 18 [06-26-1997]

Planning to visit Phili in August and loved your virtual tour and all the great maps.
Pat Antliff [06-24-1997]

I have been planning a trip to Philadelphia for a few weeks now, and out of the blue I found your website. It couldn't have come at a better time. I love history very much and I am feeling like a kid at christmas right now. Thank you so much for all the helpful information you have provided me. Sincerely, Danielle Baker
Danielle Baker, 27 Female Jacksonville Florida College Student [06-24-1997]

Philadelphia is a very historic place that I have visited. I really enjoyed the sites.
Susan K. Tolikas, Shippingport, Beaver County, PA [06-24-1997]

did not see where Edgar allan Poe lived...
kenneth arant, texas [06-24-1997]

I seem to be the only perrson who is from canada and just have to say, CANADA ROCKS!
shaunna carnes, ontario, canada [06-23-1997]

Philly sounds like a nice place to visit. I live in Canada so I REALLY want to move there from what I saw on this web page
Sonals, 16 [06-20-1997]

For those of us who cannot quite make it across country to see Philadelphia up close, this page give us the oppurtunity to see a great piece of history in the convience of our own home.
Greeley, CO [06-20-1997]

I was thrilled to find your site on the web. My husband and I grew up near King of Prussia,PA and we just moved to TX last year because of his job. We miss PA so much and it was great to see something that was familiar to both of us.
Melissa Shaw, Euless, TX [06-20-1997]

This web site is excellent. I am currently a student at East Stroudsburg University majoring in Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management. This is a great way for tourist to visit the city of Philadelphia without leaving home. Philadelphia has so much to offer since it is the birth place of Independence. I grew up in Northeast Phialdelphia and I believe it is the best city in the United States. I enjoy touring the Historic Sites even thou I have seen them a million times. I also enjoy the Annual Welcome America Festivities in which I will be volunter at. Philadelphia is the best place in the US to be at on the Fourth of July. It is the birthplace of our Independence.
Annette M. Pyffer, Bucks County, PA 26 [06-16-1997]

Enjoyed your info very much. Great Job.
Keith A. Wilkins PhD, St. Augustine, FL [06-16-1997]

Steve Gregor, Vineland, NJ [06-14-1997]

We left Philly in 1982, and lived in Michigan, Iowa, and Louisiana. We returned to the area last August. I always told my friends that I missed the rolling hills and beauiful scenery. I never missed the snow in the 6 years we lived near New Orleans, and I wish we could have a taste of Mardi Gras here! I'm glad to be back, and I love your Website!
Merle Gold Feldman, Thorndale, PA Overbrook High, '69, Hahnemann, '74 [06-14-1997]

I am planning a trip to Philadelphia this weekend. I bumped into your pages while looking for visitors information. It was a nice Web-Tour. I look forward to see Liberty Bell and other things.
Ram Mallappa, Age: 28, Working in NJ [06-12-1997]

Love your city.
Mike Spotswood [06-12-1997]

This is a truly wonderful web site! In the short time that I've visited today, I've learned a lot and saw many things. This sight will be a tremendous help as I plan a trip to Philadelphia. Thank you.
Pam Ostrowski, Amarillo, TX [06-11-1997]

Just found your page and thought I should tell you of the great job you are doing with it.We need more patriotic material on the net for the kids of today. Marvin Stovall
Marvin Stovall, Secretary of Topeka Scottish Rite Masons [06-11-1997]

I grew up outside Philly.I was psychologically scarred by the collapse of the 1964 Phillies,so I moved to Guam.I could use a good cheese steak, though.Good web page.Thanks for the memories.
John KennyBarr, Barrigada, Guam [06-11-1997]

I have just completed a day of training on using the internet in my classroom. Your site has motivated me to want to take the plunge!
Shari Timberlake, 46 years old today, Levelland, Tx. [06-11-1997]

Hume Fogg Academic Highschool, Nashville, Tennessee [06-10-1997]

My family will be moving to the Philly area soon. I had a hard time getting my husband involved in the tour books and brochures I'd recieved in the mail. Your online tour was outstanding. He took the whole tour and hopefully is better prepared for the move.
Suzette, 22 Boston [06-10-1997]

b. j. higdon, Greensboro, NC [06-10-1997]

Lauren lived in Philly many years ago. We will be visiting Philly the the Internationl Lions Convention this coming july. Teresa is a Lion from the Mesa Host Lions Club, Mesa Az. She will be Installed as 1st Vice President on June 21, 1997. This will be her first visit to the Philadelphia area in many years. She is a native Bostonian.
Lauren & Teresa Pike, Lauren age 63 Teresa age 53, Mesa, AZ [06-07-1997]

I am home in Sylvania, Ohio with my family for the summer. I came across this page on the net and it made me smile. I have only been away from Philly for about three weeks and I miss it already. My family moved from the Phila. area 4 years ago to Ohio, we will always consider Philly, home. I am so glad to be studying in Philly, it is a great city and I love the University of the Arts. I just can't wait for next semester to begin again just so I can be back in the city again. Right now on television the Flyers are hopefully beating the Red Wings in the 3rd game of the Stanly Cup. Here in Ohio everyone is rooting for the Wings...my lil' bro hopes the Flyers tonight so that he can wear his new Flyers t-shirt to his last day of soph. year at Southview High School. Well, I miss you Philly and can't wait to be back home in my new apartment. YOU WILL REMAIN IN MY HEART UNTIL I RETURN IN LATE AUGUST 97.
Heather Mae Erickson and Family (Eric, Janet, Erica, and Jared), University of the Arts-soph. yr. '97...crafts-ceramics major concentrating in Art Education [06-06-1997]

I am visiting this city in July. This site was very helpfull to plan my visit. Simply excellent!
Eddy Lebon, Belgium, Europe (46 years) [06-03-1997]

Congratulations on the great job of showing off our beautiful city to the World through the WWW. I live just outside of Philly in on of the surrounding suburbs, and was looking for a good area on the Web to find places to take friends when they come to visit. I will look no further than this page. Keep up the good work. Hopefully more people will see this page and come to visit our beautiful and Historical City.
Charlotte Hertler [06-03-1997]

Very helpful website
Kerri Forrest [06-02-1997]

I was born and raised in philly, left in 1981 for military duty, I still have family living there and the last time I visited I stayed for Labor day weekend. I've worked at the Naval Base, Spectrum, and Veterans Stadium during the early 70's. I attended Ben Franklin High School on Broad & Green Sts. I graduated in 1973. I currently live in Mi., and I like to say that the Flyers are still my team and I hope they beat the Red Wings!!! I still love Philly.
Charles O. Sims, age 41, Kalamazoo, MI [06-02-1997]

I have visited the historical Philadelphia area several times. I always come back with a lasting impression of the area. My son is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania and although he is a business major there, he finds the area to be very interesting.
steven kalan, 46 years of age/ u.s. history/government teacher van nuys high school-van nuys california. [06-02-1997]

Browsing thru, great site. Dobbins grad (1956)-now here near Nashville. Born in Fairmount, lived in S.Philly. Miss the pretzels, tastycakes, cheesesteaks & scrapple.
Barbara Slowick McAllister; TN [06-02-1997]

We will be visiting at the end of June.
Robert A May, We are from Va. [06-01-1997]

We are using this information to plan a trip to Philadelphia this summer with our two children. Our oldest is 9 years old and just starting to appreciate history. So we thought what better place to begin than at the beginning of our American history. Since we live in New Jersey it is only about a two hour trip. Having all this information ahead will enable us to make the most of our visit when we get there.
Union, NJ [06-01-1997]

We will soon be relocating to Philidelphia. I would like to know some of the positive aspects of living in Philidelphia. thanks
Kandice Fitzgerald, We currently are in Japan, originally from Washington State [05-30-1997]

Pennsylvania is a great place to live in!
Skander Chida, Dec 23, 1966- Lincoln, NE [05-30-1997]

I visited Philidelphia about two weeks ago and I thought it was a wonderful city. I really like the Web page. Thanks.
angela Leopard, Toccoa, Georgia 22, I am a teacher [05-29-1997]

albert e mcclain, harrisburg, pa [05-29-1997]

Great memories of the days playing in marconi plaza and swimming at the lakes near the stadium. Retired from the Phila. Naval shipyard in 1974.
Al Severino, Born and raised in south Plilly [05-29-1997]

Hi. I am going on a field trip to Historic Philadelphia. I have been there 2 times before and found it very interesting. My father is a chaperone and he will be taking his group around Philadelphia. So see you soon. Bye
Valerie V. O'Shea, 12 Voorhees, N.J. [05-29-1997]

We will be visiting Philadelphia tommorrow and me and my group, after doing all of the things we are supposed to see, will go to SUB-ZERO and the Flyers Stadium. Let's Go Flyers.
Zach McCart, 11, Voorhees, NJ [05-29-1997]

We are going on a field trip tommorow and I am going to see that jersey on William Penn. The Flyers rule!!!!! PAAF!!
Dan Roth, 11, Voorhees, NJ [05-29-1997]

Sheila Hagan Holst, Ardmore, PA [05-26-1997]

I really needed this because I am doing a class report on Independece Hall. I am in fourth grade at a.m. kulp school in Hatfield.
carrie delp, 10 years old [05-24-1997]

I was born and raised in Bristol, PA but a year and a half ago I graduated from York College of Pa and headed south. I miss some things about Philly like Tastykakes (my mom still makes care packages with them) and the Flyers!!!! I really hope they beat the pants off of the Rangers in Game Five tomorrow! Raleigh NC is getting an ice hockey team next year to the delight of many northern transplants. The natives don't have a clue what crosschecking is but hopefully they will learn! I don't miss the cheesesteaks because I don't eat meat anymore. I get slightly peeved when people down here call them STEAK AND CHEESE SUBS. :( I will be visiting in July. Ahhhhh....flying into the airport. Thanks for jogging my memories and helping get psyched for my visit!
Tricia Gatte, 23, Raleigh, NC [05-24-1997]

Tricia Gatte [05-24-1997]

Though born in Lancaster, never had a chance to visit Phila. until summer of 1977. Took some pictures then at Penn's landing (among many others); but was fascinated to learn three yrs ago upon, starting into genealogy research, that my ancestor, John Ottey arrived there with William Penn on the ship, "THE WELCOME". in Nov. 1682. Did get back there last summer (1996) to visit my sons in and around the Lanc. area. Did not make it to Phila. then; but did get all around the outskirts, including Westchester, Media, Coatesville, etc. My ancestors were originally from those areas and Phila. Would appreciate anyone fron around there who may have any info at all about OTTEY family history to contact me at my e-mail address -- or look me up on the www.switchboard.com) directory. Fortunately, I can get Tastykakes here and frozen soft pretzels from PA.
Herb E. Ottey, age 68, born Lancaster, PA, now live Colo. Springs, CO. [05-23-1997]

I will come visit.
Maunas Sinha, 11, Vorhees [05-22-1997]

I'm going on a field trip to historic Philadelphia with the rest of the 5th grade at Osage Elementary School
Geoff Forman, 11 Voorhees N.J. [05-22-1997]

Alexis Gramer, Under 18 [05-19-1997]

I've been in Seattle 27 years. I've met a number of former Philly folks. We always talk about the cheesesteaks, Tastykakes, cheesesteaks, Tastycakes and delis in the stores. I was there in January. Everyone was so nice.
Patricia Simpson Newton, Seattle Washington Elementary School Principal [05-14-1997]

Looking forward to visting historical Philadelphia.
David O'Connell, Ripon, WI [05-12-1997]

Shellean P. Berry, Champaign, IL [05-09-1997]

We are going to visit your town the third week of June
Judi Imfeld [05-09-1997]

This is really fun!
RACHEL ERICKSON, I'm 9 yrs. old and have to do a report on philadelphia [05-07-1997]

I was born and grew up in Philly and I was happy to find this web site. It's great and I learned new things about the city's past.
Edward B. Treiger [05-06-1997]

My family came to Philly in 1875. There are still a few there. There is almost nothing I can learn about Philly. The people are great. I miss all the good food. When you eat an Italian roll, think of me! I miss St. Nicholas Church and the lunch meat! I can't talk about it any more. Keep up the good work.
John W. Clifton Sr., 68 yrs. old. Spent 58 in S. Philly [05-04-1997]

I was born and raised in Philadelphia and have seen the Liberty Bell once and Betsy Ross house once. I know that is a disgrace but I have atoned for it. I acquired a job at John Bartram's Garden as a tour guide and I love every minute of it. I have grown to love Philadelphia and all it has to offer historically. Keep up the good work. Glade to see the Gardens on your virtual tour.

Rick Joers, Philadelphia [05-02-1997]

Bryan Koehler [05-01-1997]

I found your infomation on on Besty Ross to be very helpful as I write my recerch paper for my high shcool english class. Thanks
Renee Rasmussen, Kerkhoven, MN [05-01-1997]

I grew up in West Oak Lane, on Gilbert St., and am currently writing a memoir of my childhood. If anyone has interesting information on the history of West Oak Lane, or Mount Airy, let me know--
Gary Weismer, 47 years old, living in Madison, WI [04-26-1997]

My family is planning our first visit to Philadelphia this summer, and the information presented here is great! We're all history enthusiasts (have been to Gettysburg twice in the last three years) so we know we'll love Philadelphia.
Susan Keljik, Minneapolis, MN [04-22-1997]

I really needed this for my report. Thanks a lot
Beth Hembree, Tulsa, Ok age: 14 [04-22-1997]

Barbara Gobrecht [04-21-1997]

A wonderful site
Dr. David A, Welton, Lubbock, TX [04-21-1997]

I used to go to school in Philadelphia. I would like to know how the school is doing.
Tony Benjamin [04-17-1997]

My ancestor Charles Powell was at Valley Forge with General Washington. Thanks for providing this wonderful site for the public. I intend to link our record of Charles Powell at Valley Forge to your Valley Forge URL to help others find this information. Thanks again.
Fleta Aday, website Powell Roots & Branches http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Plains/5792 [04-15-1997]

Emily Mustard, 11 years old [04-15-1997]

Jeannine Castilgione [04-13-1997]

I enjoyed the virtual tour of Philadelphia. It brought back a lot of memories from my vacation there two years ago. As a U.S. history teacher, I am constantly trying to find ways to make history come to life for my 8th grade students. I think this virtual tour would be an excellent way for students to "see" what they have discussed in class. I hope to use this in the future. Thanks for your concern about our nation's great history.
Jeff Keyman, Canton, SD [04-10-1997]

Adam Frank, 10 yrs. Pasadena, CA grade 4 [04-07-1997]

Wonderful visit - brought back many pleasant memories of our family trip to Philadelphia a few years ago! I want to return as soon as possible!
Jon K. Ronning, Star Prairie, WI [04-07-1997]

Peter P. Gladis, 49, Plainville, CT [04-06-1997]

I go to a private school in Dublin, New Hampshire. Instead of just reading textbooks about what happened in Philadelphia, we were going to take a class trip there. I was the only kid that didn't go. The rest of the kids left this morning at noon. They took the train down. Mrs. P said that it would take about six hours to get to Philadelphia. One thing that I really wanted to do when we went down to Philadelphia was see the Declaration of Independence. Since I'm not going, my parents are going to take me to see Rhode Island's copy of the Declaration. In fifth grade I was in the play "1776" and was Stephen Hopkins, the Representative from Rhode Island.
Robynne Côté, 13, Hancock, New Hampshire [04-03-1997] [Unfortunately, the Declaration of Independence is in Washington, D.C., but we hope the class trip to Independence Hall, where the document was written, will be fun and educational. Click here to visit the Declaration online -Webmaster]

I'm a former resident of Phila. in fact, Phila. is my birth place. Never fully appreciated the wonderful historic sites I had at my finger tips until retiring here to Florida. Phila. is one of the greatest. Your web site is mananimous. Keep it up.
henry p mickshun, daytona beach, fl 76, retired [04-03-1997]

During my youth, I lived across the river in New Jersey. As a young boy our school and church would frequently take us on trips to the many Historic places throughout the Philadelphia area. Your wonderful portrayal of your city on the network has brought back all those exciting childhood memories. My wife has never been to Philadelphia but after reviewing all the many exciting places to visit, we both plan to visit this spring. Thanks and keep up the fine work.
Robert M. Harrison Jr., Manassas, Va. Age 57, Retired [04-02-1997]

My son is doing a State report and has chosen Pennsylvania. We have found some wonderful information. We have been unable to locate dates such as when the state flower was adopted or when the state seal came into being. But overall it sounds like a place we'd love to visit for all the historical influences.
Jennifer Lee, 40ish Watsonville, California [04-01-1997]

I was born in Philly and visiting this site brought back a lot of warm memories. I miss going to the stadium to watch the Eagles and the Phillies. I enjoyed taking my sons to my hometown to see some of what I experienced growing up. Although I probably won't get back there again, Philadelphia will always remain in my heart.
Edward Richardson, Watertown, N.Y. 13601 [03-31-1997]

I was born in Philidelphia and knew one of the architects that worked on the Independence Hall (IH) in the 70's. I visited the IH tower with Robert Mack who helped restore it.
Bill Jenkins, Ph.D., 53, psychologist now live in Scottsdale AZ [03-27-1997]

Janet, Ben and Jessica Poling, Moastville, WV Janet (mom), Ben 14, Jessica 12 [03-27-1997]

Being on the internet is very helpful for everyone especially if you don't have time to go to the library to do the research. Liberty Bell is the project of my daughter and I was looking for a picture of the above mentioned historical bell and I found it on the internet. To the staff of Historic Philadelphia my family and I would like to extend our sincere appreciation and it's so convenient not only for us but for everybody who might be in need of any information about this article. Again, thank you so much.
Romy T. Pangilinan, 51/Azusa/Suburb of Los Angeles, California [03-27-1997]

I found that you have one of the best laid-out home pages on the web. Great source of information about your city's role in the foundation of our nation. By the way, I chanced upon your website while trying to help my daughter find out where the original Constitution of the United States is located. If anyone knows, please e-mail it to me. Thanks! [We did, it's at the National Archives in Washington -Webmaster]
Kits Roa, Fremont, CA [03-25-1997]

I did my undergrad schooling in Philly ... and although people say cities are a nice place to visit, but they wouldn't want to live there ... I would go back in a heartbeat. Never have I been to a city so rich and diverse. From South Street to Rittenhouse Square. From Boat House Row to Geno's Cheesesteaks. Philly is a city that can't be matched! Every time I visit I never know where to go first, and never have enough time to do everything I want to do! You can't beat Philly's college basketball scene, and the shopping is great. And ... Philly has the best dining this side of the Mississippi! You can't find a better and cleaner city than Philadelphia!
Candi MacDougall [03-25-1997]

Adam Smith [03-25-1997]

Hey Philadelphia! It's very windy here
Christy Hetzel, 19 years old from athens [03-23-1997]

Harry P.A. De Pew [03-23-1997]

I am about to go on a school trip to Philadelphia,PA and I am on the internet to find interesting facts about Philadelphia.
MaLinda [03-21-1997]

Philadelphia is a great historic place, especially for history buffs like me!
Dan Kober, I live in New Jersey. I'm 10 years old. [03-21-1997]

Wow, Cool, Awesome, and Tubalur.
me, myself, and I [03-20-1997]

Reading others' comments about the Historic Philadelphia Homepage made me realize what a treasure we Philadelphians have in our own back yard, and how easy it can be taken for granted. I do try to make the historic city tour every few years, and my family takes frequent advantage of the museums, parks, architecture, and fun things to do in Philly, which just increase every month! What a place to live!
Linda Devine-Smithson, Age 40, lifelong resident of Philly [03-18-1997]

Bob Shinkle [03-18-1997]

This page is awesome!
Alicia Richie, 15, Weatherly, PA [03-16-1997]

I am doing a report on Philadelphia for school because we are going there in May. I looked on your website for info. about Philadelphia. It tells so much about it. ~I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT GOING THERE!~
Grace Vagnini, Age: 9, Lloyd Neck, N.Y. [03-16-1997]

My family and I will be visiting at the end of the month of March. There will be my grandma, who's 86, my mom, 52, my aunt, 49 and myself, 33. We are looking forward to this very much and have never been in this area.
Lori Miller, from Columbus, Ohio [03-15-1997]

Richard Castor [03-14-1997]

Jeanine Ferrante [03-12-1997]

Congratulations on your excellent WWW sites on Philadelphia, complete with music tunes!! I am enjoying obtaining information in preparation for my first visit to Philadelphia for an Elderhostel Program, March 22-28,1997.
Margaret Turner, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada [03-12-1997]

Your pages are wonderful augmentation for genealogical research. I have found many of the most interesting historical bits of information for families, including our own, that emigrated from the Old World. If you're a Boyer, contact me re: the annual reunion in Boyertown, PA. This annual event is the best source for beginning your Boyer family research. The original name was variously Bayer, Bayern, Beyer, Beyern, Boyer, Byur, Bier and many many more. Some of the Boyers emigrated from present day Germany, while others emigrated from present day France. The litteral translation of the name is usually referenced as "bow maker." If you want Boyer contact info, e-mail me.
Suzanne Laborde, Louisville, Kentucky genealogist [03-11-1997]

My wife and I made our first visit to Philadelphia last Summer to see the wonderful Cezanne exhibition at PMA. First we visited your Libertynet pages, so the city was already somewhat familiar to us when we got there. We had a good time, and we're planning a return visit in a few weeks to see the Rodin/Michaelangelo show. Keep up the great work!
Bob Conway, Niles, Michigan [03-11-1997]

Can't wait to bring my children to Philadelphia this summer.
Lynn Thomas, Boise, Idaho [03-09-1997]

I must write a referat about Philadelphia. Your pages helped me wonderful.
Sebastian Storch, Oldenburg (Germany) [03-09-1997]

I was born and raised in Philly and have very fond memories of the City. Aside from the wide assortment of good ethnic foods (we'll include pretzels by default) I suppose I miss the "neighborhoodness" of Philly. I have many photos of the City both real and in my memory and your tours are bringing them to life. I remember the old Frankford El...is it still there? Gimbels? Olney High School? I read that the Sears store on the Boulevard was demolished...I recall going there with my dad many years ago and walking on the old wooden floors. Oh well...Philadelphia lives on forever. I've been in Georgia for almost 40 years but still think of myself as a "Philadelphian".
Stuart Kramer, Marietta, Georgia (near Atlanta) age: 58 and holding [03-08-1997]

I really liked learning about Betsy Ross from this.
Sarah Schaffer, 11 Tennessee [03-08-1997]

Would like to have upcoming events listed for a month in advance. We are planning a trip approx. 2nd week of April. Interests are flower shows, quilts, history. Any suggestions? Isn't the internet wonderful!!!
Carolyn, ME [03-08-1997]

Karl Mayro, 30 yrs. old ... from King of Prussia [03-08-1997]

Great page!! This brings back many a fond memory of my youth growing up in the Phillly area. As a history teacher, this is a gerat resource for myself and my students. It is amazing how many of them have never been out of their hometown let alone their state. This allows them to travel to some of the most important places in our nation's history. I can describe it to them but like everything else in Philly, you have to see it to believe it. Great site!!!
Nelson Schroeder, High School History Teacher Sterling Colorado age 35. A former Malvern and West Chester resident [03-07-1997]

I will use the information that I found here for a report on Betsy Ross that I have to do for school. Thanks for your help.
Amy Forste, age 10 Centerview, MO [03-07-1997]

Hi Philly, I miss all the hoagies and cheese steaks! Philadelphia is a great city with lots to do and see. If any of my Dobbins buddies are surfing, drop me a line on e-mail. I'd love to know how you're doing -- especially Tonya Archer, Darlene Dorn, Denise Payne, Vicky Carter, and Deneen Rose.
Donna Pugh-Jonathan, Seattle [03-04-1997]

Philadelphia is a great City for all to see, loaded with history and many things to see. I think the home page is neat. It provides so much for everyone.
George J. Rickert, From IL, retired in cherokee Vlg. AR, 80 year "Old Geezer" [03-03-1997]

Somehow living in NY has never made me feel like it's a hometown but having grown up in Philadelphia, when I visit, it feels very much like I am in a hometown. I still use the shopping in Philadelphia instead of NY, I like the theater in Philadelphia, the restaurants are excellent, the atmosphere friendly, transportation is Ok but could be better. Getting to The Main Line and also to the northern suburbs is a bit difficult. Philadelphia is one huge historic site with endless possibilities to explore the past. There is not a another city in the world that can boast such great pretzels smothered in mustard. Oh! and Bassetts ice cream. I dare any city to top that! Where else can you get Irish Potatoes on St. Patrick's Day filled with delicious coconut except in Philadelphia and speaking of candy, just across the river is that delicious Bayard's Chocolate House. Yummy! Three cheers for William Penn. My great grandfather was a blacksmith and helped build that wonderful statue on top of city Hall. Notice how Penn is facing. Can you guess why? It surely is the city of Brotherly Love!
Barbara Brick, Former resident, teacher, [03-03-1997]

Amy Pitchnick, Croydon [03-03-1997]

Thank you for preparing such wonderful tours of our historical past. Some of us may never get to visit these areas in person but through the internet home pages we can experience them. Thank you for caring.
Bobby J. Funderburk [03-02-1997]

Philadelphia has a lot of historic sites and the food is great -- especially Dalessendro's cheese steaks, Tastykakes, pretzels
TMartin714, 44, St.Petersburg, Fla. [03-02-1997]

I work on project in school.
Jane Shmoe, 10, Blooming Dales, TX [03-02-1997]

Most beutiful state in the country!
Phillip Ray Bearden, Greenwood SC [03-01-97] [03-02-1997]

I lived in Levittown Pa. from 1973-77. I always enjoyed my visits into Philly. A subject that I thought was dead history became very much alive. I appreciate everything our founding fathers did to secure our freedom. It gave me a deep sense of pride to walk the streets they walked and see some of the things they saw. I am now a big fan of early American history. In October I will be returning to the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. I plan to visit my favorite historical sights and add some new ones to the list. Of special interest to me is the Battle of Brandywine. I had a great-great etc. uncle lose his life there on Sept. 11 1777. I do plan to visit. Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts.
Cynthia Hockaday, Chicago [02-28-1997]

Nicholas Jacobsen [02-27-1997]

Interested in Logan genealogy, and the early Penn settlements William and Jane Buchanan Logan, 1776 in area Lancaster co. Pa. to the Gore Section of Indiana 1806.
John W. Logan Sr., Indpls, IN [02-26-1997]

I am a teacher in Baltimore and plan to join a fifth grade trip to Philadelphia. I was very happy to find your web site so that I can contribute to the trip by providing great information found here. Thank you
Paula Mainolfi, Baltimore, MD [02-25-1997]

In July I will be attending an Episcopal Church Conference in Philadelphia. I certainly am looking forward to seeing this great city. I have wanted to see Independence Hall since I was a child. Thanks for the great web site.
Carol Morse, Fort Atkinson, WI [02-25-1997]

It's great to be in Philly.
Bill Canonica, Phoenix [02-24-1997]

Great web site. I grew up in Merchantville NJ and although I love Texas I still miss Philly and soft pretzels. Thanks for the memories.
Sandy Stephenson Merrell, San Antonio Tx [02-23-1997]

Philly is a swell place but it does not compare with Mars!
Georgie [02-22-1997]

Excellent page with great information! My son, Carlos-Miguel and I came across your page while gathering info on the Liberty Bell for a school project. It is a very well- presented and interesting package for anyone interested in your wonderful city with a great history. Thanks for sharing some of your proud history with us. Carlos and Carlos Miguel Hondal(age 8); Miami, Fl
Carlos Hondal, Miami, Florida [02-22-1997]

Tommorrow we are going to Philadelphia for the weekend. We have a four year old daughter and a 5 month old. Both my wife and I have previously visited Philadelphia when we were younger, but haven't been in quite a while. When people ask us "what's so great about the www?" it's homepages like this one that makes that question have an easy answer. We were able to plan out our short stay two days in advance, and got more and more excited as the weekend got closer. Anyway, we'll see how the planning went, but I'm sure our trip will be great.
The Bravermans, from New Jersey. [02-21-1997]

I am so excited about this web location! My students begin learning about the history of their country next week. It will be interesting to see how they respond to history on the web.
Robert McMeans, A fifth grade teacher in Corrigan, TX 75939 [02-21-1997]

WOW!!!!! That's all that I gotta say about your page...I have to type over 100 reports for school about Washington D.C. and Philadelphia....I found EVERYTHING here that I needed to....I couldn't have found it anywhere else...This page saved me from failing my 8th grade history class...I really owe this page a LOT!!! Thanks so much.
Bernice Tracy, 14, Tennessee [02-21-1997]

I am currently working on an educational unit on Historic Philadelphia for 3rd graders... if anyone has any information or teaching ideas/strategies please email me... thanks.
amy gargiulo atgarg@planetx.bloomu.edu [02-20-1997]

I recently moved back to Philadelphia after spending four years in the Seattle area. While Seattle is a nice place to live, rest assured that there is a lot of truth in the phrase that there's no place like home! It isn't just one thing that makes Phila. so much nicer, but the whole package. I am proud to say I was raised here, and very glad to be back!
Jerry Clark, age/37 male Phil. Pa [02-20-1997]

georgeanna [02-20-1997]

I Would like to go Philadelphia and see the beautifull city!!
Nunu Viianen, Naantali, FINLAND [02-20-1997]

I am a descendant of Andrew Griscom, who arrived in Philadelphia in 1680. He was also Betsy (Elizabeth Griscom) Ross's great-grandfather. You have a beautiful, historic city.
John Griscom [02-18-1997]

I hope to really visit Old Philly.
Anne Liberman, age 9 live in NJ [02-18-1997]

I really enjoyed all the pages especially the one on the Liberty Bell. I found many interesting facts I didn't know and I enjoyed the patriotic music in the background, it was the final touch!
Aaron Hegwood, 16, ohio [02-18-1997]

i was born in Phila., grew up in Germantown, went to Dobbins Tech. in North Phila., moved to in 1965. Like it here, but there no place like home.
Charles H. Powell, age 68, live in Jamestown NC, between High point & Greensboro, NC [02-18-1997]

Discovered your internet address while visiting the Betsy Ross House. I find it to be first class and very educational.
Timothy A. Shuhler, Newtown, PA [02-17-1997]

I was playing on the internet and saw the Betsy Ross making of the flag, which I'd never seen and found very interesting. I've never been to Philadelphia before, but I would love to see the beautiful sights and historics. Thanks
Lori E, Groover, I'm 24; my husband is 23, we live in Elwood Ind. [02-16-1997]

Shaunna Orris, Boyertown, PA [02-16-1997]

Living as close to Phila. as I do I thought I knew everything there was to know, but I found a lot that my family has been missing.
Richard Dickinson, Lindenwold, NJ age 46 [02-15-1997]

I grew up in Southwest Phila during the Depression and it was and always will be in my heart. If it did not snow there I would still be there
William C Cooper, I am a graduate of John Bartram High and now reside in Largo Florida [02-14-1997]

I lived in Phiily for 5 1/2 years as a student at Drexel. Since leaving, I have traveled around this great country and been to over 20 of our largest cities. Philadelphia definitely combines the best of them all.
Chris Klein [02-14-1997]

My niece Ruth from St Andrews Fife is on school exchange just outside Philadelphia and she tells me she is enjoying her stay very much. I would like to thank her hosts for allowing her to broaden her education.
Hilary M. Nurse, Birmingham UK [02-13-1997]

This helped me a lot with my term paper....Thanks!!:)
Megan Demers, Philadelphia pa [02-13-1997]

Katherine L. Waterson, Auburn, Indiana [02-13-1997]

I'm planning my first visit the first of May!
Pat Whitham [02-12-1997]

We will be back to Philly some time this year (1997) My wife and I will check out all the historical sites. I can't wait!
John Pearston, OLD, Phoenix, Arizona [02-11-1997]

I am a history/government major with a professor that loves writing assignments. Your page helped me out immensely with a research paper on Colonial America. I must say I have traveled the world over and Philedelphia is one of the friendliest cities that I have ever seen. Keep it up Philly.
Thomas Lint, 23 year old college student originally from Berlin, Germany [02-11-1997]

We'll see you this weekend! Wonderfully informative info.
Linda B. Sullivan, Wading River, N.Y. [02-11-1997]

I visited my cousins in Yardley over my Christmas break. We toured Philadelphia one of the days I was there, and I visited all the historic sites. The big city is pretty fun, and Philly is an interesting city.
Aaron Mays, age 16, Mims, Florida [02-09-1997]

KEIICHI HORIBE [02-07-1997]

I am anxious to share this internet site with my fourth graders. We will begin our study of Pennsylvania in several weeks. Thank you for such a comprehensive web site.
Debra A. Geosits, 4th Grade Teacher for Bangor Area School District [02-06-1997]

I am a school teacher planning a trip for my students to Philadelphia. I am a native of the city, but moved away after college. It is the best city for a variety of cultural experiences. I miss it very much.
Anonymous [02-06-1997]

Would like to visit. Where can I get more information?
Ron Feldman, Roselle, IL [02-05-1997] [We're sending him info -Webmaster]>

I live in Philadelphia and I like it here!!!
Barbara M. Sexton [02-05-1997]

Mark J.P. McGrath [02-05-1997]

This Homepage is outstanding. It is so good, it makes me homesick. What a wonderful way to honor America's Birthplace.
Mark J.P. McGrath, Originally from Society Hill, In Philadelphia [02-05-1997]

I am attending Ms. Valley State University in Itta Bena, Ms. I am a retired secretary, and pulled your page up on the American Revolution. I found your page to be most helpful for a class on History of the South. I found quite a bit of information I can use in my report. Thank you.
Faustina Moore, I live in Greenwood, Ms., and am currently enrolled in college for a secondary education degree. [02-03-1997]

m. levinson [02-03-1997]

Several years ago, my wife and I brought our children to historic Philadelphia to see the sights. As a child and teenager, I had seen these so many times, having grown up in Philadelphia. This time, however, looking through my children's eyes, I saw many things I had never seen before. This was truly a great experience for me.
jeffrey a. brodsky, d.o., age 44 ashtabula,ohio [02-02-1997]

My niece is working on a history of Philadelphia and your site was very informative. Thank you
Michael McGinniss, Chicago, Ill [02-01-1997]

I have never been to Philly, but plan to someday. Maybe this fall 1997 for an eastern states vacation.
Duane Bokus, LaSalle, Illinois [01-30-1997]

I am from Philadelphia but I attend school in Massachusetts. So whenever I get home sick I can just go on the net and see my wonderful city. This is a great idea and I really enjoy catching up on all of the local news that I miss when am away from home!!
genene amoia [01-30-1997]

suparwan krissanavarun, 25 years old, san francisco [01-29-1997]

You guys did a great job bringing the city I love to the internet for all to see. *Please* keep up the good work, and as always... PHILLY SHREDS!
johnpaul schuylkill budny golaski, Philadelphia native [01-29-1997]

J.J. Williams, 24, Rochester, NY [01-28-1997]

tuuli ojakangas, I am from Finland, tampere [01-28-1997]

I found this site vary useful in my English presentation. Thanks for all the help -- you have a wonderfully setup page!
Amy Smith, 14 year old student of Ursuline Academy [01-26-1997]

I am researching a paper for my American Government class, and I am stunned to say that it is easier to find most anything than it is to find what was going on (as far as problems) which made the people of the 13 colonies decide they needed a Constitution. There are plenty of sites offering copies of the document, but zilch about commentary, history, background, etc. I commend this site for carrying useful information!!!
Jodi Shook, Age 19, Student of Piedmont College in Demorest, Georgia [01-25-1997]

Great site.
Rodger L. Heffner, Brockway Pennsylvania [01-25-1997]

I am from Philadelphia and this certainly brings back fond memories.
Lawrence D. Phillips, M.D., Sarasota [01-24-1997]

Being born and raised in Philadelphia, it's nice to browse your page. Many sites that were distressed when we were growing up have been saved and restored & that's nice. There is sure a lot to solve within any urban environment, but the people have "heart."
Bob & Nancy Keeler, Palm Beach County, Florida [01-24-1997]

Kenneth Smith [01-23-1997]

I visited Philly on several occasions. Your site makes me want to visit again soon.
Natalie Boyles, Harrisburg, PA [01-22-1997]

Thrilled to take the Historical Philadelphia Tour. As a Heyton/Heaton family genealogist from afar and interested in the early history of Philadelphia, you can imagine what a wonderful website to chance upon. Do have a suggestion. Could you provide the names of the American soldiers who died at the 1777 Paoli Massacre. Many family researchers have roots in Philadelphia and may be generous to the memorial. Will share this location with others.
Julia A. (Heaton) Krutilla, WV [01-21-1997]

Lee Ann Brumble, Burlington, NC [01-20-1997]

Cortesa Marshall, Bowie, Maryland [01-20-1997]

I was able to spend 11 days in Philadelphia when the Teamsters held their convention there in July of 1996. I had the opportunity to see much of the downtown, and found it to be a wonderful city. I took many photos, but none as nice as the ones I found on this web site and others. (The Teamsters sold their helicopters...I was on foot!) Now thanks to you I can see this great city everyday on my computer. I will be returning soon. Thank you very much!
Gaylord Phillips, Ceres, CA [01-19-1997]

Very informative site. Thanks!
Tony Martin, Age 49; Halifax, Yorkshire, UK [01-19-1997]

I heard that Philadelpia is the old capital of USA. Also heard that many US citizens want to visit Philadelpia. These days, many korean enjoy overseas tour. Among many countries, maybe USA is one of favorite contry to visit. Actually, many my friends and relativies ... even more my family already had been in USA for tour. To make me sorry, most of them does not know where Philadelpia is! I believe that tour is not just spending money but learning something and getting a rest for self developing and refreshing. In Philadelpia, there are so many historical sites from where we can understand USA more. In this view, more active tour program for Philadelpia shold be introduced to other ... including my home contry KOREA. Many korean talking about USA, but do not tell about Philadelpia. Owing to your excellent pages, I maybe learned some. I just want my fellows to get more than me when they will visit USA. Thank you for great works in this pages again ... good day.
Sung Jae Koo, 37 years, male, Seoul Korea [01-18-1997]

I vistied Philly last September on a study tour and instantly fell in love with the city. Thanks for a web page that can keep the memories alive!
Penni Fulkerson, 21, Cedarville College Student [01-17-1997]

I am still in school and we had to do a project on Colonial architecture. Mine had to be perfect because that is just the kind of person I am -- everything, especially involving school has to be perfect. Well to begin, I was recommended to check the net; so that is exactly what I did. I searched here, and I did not seek much help, so my next stop was to edit this to see if anyone would be polite enough to direct me in my search to have the perfect project.
Brook Walker [Unfortunately, Brook did not leave e-mail for us to respond. Brook, if you see this, please contact us. -Webmaster][01-16-1997]

I have never been to Philly. Seeing this page, I think we are going to visit soon.
Joseph & Beulah Tanyer, Jeannette, Pa. [01-15-1997]

My son had to do a report on Valley Forge and your web site helped him learn about Valley Forge.
Deborah Thomas [01-15-1997]

I was born in Philadelphia, but moved to Ohio when I was a baby. But I do have many, many relatives in and around Phila. As a child, spent many summer vacations and holidays there. I still get back on a fairly regular basis, but usually only quick trips for weddings and now, unfortunately, funerals. However, on one of my more recent trips for a wedding, we made it a point to arrive a day early and give my children, ages 7 & 11 the grand tour of historic Phila. Something that I have not done in many years and something my husband has never even done. We all enjoyed it immensely! What brings me now to this home page? I am a volunteer for my children's school working on a reading program involving Thomas Jefferson, the schools namesake, and I jumped at the chance to be the one to secure information for the program on the Philadelphia area.Your Web pages are wonderful and a huge source of information. I am mostly looking for contacts (addresses) in the area to seek out materials for display at the school so that the students can have the opportunity to see what Phila. is like now and also what it was like during the time that Thomas Jefferson spent there. Thanks for the memories and keep up the great work you have done here!
Lynda D. Slotnick, Franklin, Massachusetts [01-13-1997]

I am reserching railroad architecture in the lower northeast and enjoyed reading this home page finding it very helpful. Any one with any info on railroad structures in the tri-styate area would be deeply appreciated.
gene paoli, media, pa [01-13-1997]

I thought it was a very good learning experiance. It sure beats going out
Bob Marshall, Philly [01-12-1997]

I spent several hours in your beautiful city a few years ago, but most of the time was spent on the Walt Whitman Freeway trying to get to the airport. I want to return to Philadelphia and spend several days exploring its grand history. My father, the late Maurice Francis Gordon was raised in this great city and left when he was in his early 20's. I have been trying to develop a family tree, so I would be most grateful for any help anyone could give me. My father spoke fondly of growing up in your city, so I have double interest in Philadelphia. Your web page is the best I have seen and I visit you often. Thank-you for giving all of us so much enjoyment.
Joyce D. Gordon, From Fresno, CA [01-11-1997]

Colleen Farrell [01-11-1997]

I sincerely liked your home page, especially the information about Chinatown. I work in Chinatown in Las Vegas and enjoy the Asian culture very much. I will be visiting Philadelphia in the spring and will definately will visit everything on your home page. I am studying the Asian culture here at UNLV and I have a question I hope you can help me with. Philadelphia's Chinatown do they have signage on the freeway so I can find Chinatown easily? Thank you again for your homepage. Most sincerely, Claudette Hull
Claudette Hull, Las Vegas, Nevada [01-09-1997]

Attending classes there (actually, Malvern) for a few weeks with a co-worker. Thanks for showing us the sights. Hope to have some free time to visit a few of them.
Stephen Rea, Little Rock, AR [01-09-1997]

I use the net as a resource for my students (ten and eleven year olds). This sight is fantastic! I have been to Philadelphia several times. Your site allows my students the opportunity to visit also. By the way, there is a highway bridge named after Thaddeus Kosciuszko near Saratoga. I always wondered who he was, now I know.
Susan Warner, elememtary education teacher, Troy, New York [01-05-1997]

I am so excited to find all of the wonderful information you have here on your website. I will be collaborating with other teachers here at Loma Linda to plan and teach US History to our 8th grade students. This site will be used by each and every student! I simply can't wait to hear their reactions!
Mrs. Johnson, Middle School Special Educator, Phoenix, AZ [01-03-1997]

I was actually born in Philadelphia, but moved to Texas when I was 6. The last time I was there was about 7 years ago. Since I don't have any family left there, I doubt I'll be back soon. I was excited to see that there's a pretzel museum -- something I miss -- don't get too many pretzels in Spain. Last year I made some with my students. I live here with my boyfriend, who signed the book before. He works for Kraft (Philadelphia cream cheese!). Another friend of mine here has been to Philly, and his best memory is that of a Philly cheesesteak. Can you blame him? So, at least you know the name Philadelphia rings some bells (Taco Liberty bells?) overseas.
Patti T., Seville, Spain

I found your wonderful pages because I'm planning a trip to Philadelphia this weekend to see my son. What a wonderful presence you have produced for the WWW. Congratulations.
Michael S. Hanna, Professor of Communication, U of South Alabama

I like the way you have pictured our great city to would-be visitors. It was very professionally done, keep up the good work.
Joseph Mollica, Philadelphia

Your homepages are excellently done and provide a whole gamut about the historic side of the Brotherly City that is Philadelphia. It is one of the best that I have seen. I have visit the city many times and I love Philly. Bravo!
John R. Johnson, 35, Washington, African American male

We live right outside of Philadelphia. We will be showing a relative from Italy Philadelphia. For lunch a philly cheesesteak and a pretzel (what else is there!!!)
Beverly Raschiatore, Bala Cynwyd, PA

Arrived home after visiting Philadelphia with wonderful feelings of wanting to return immediately. I came expressly for the Cezanne exhibit and found so much more! You truly have earned the title of the "city of brotherly love".
Anne Paris, Fort Worth, Texas

I am so glad I finally found you. I am working on my family tree and have traced them to your beautiful city. If there are any Kanode's out there Please email me.
Barbara K. Durbin, Martinsville, Va. mdurbin@neocomm.net

I visited Philadelphia in July 1996 staying with my son and daughter-in-law in the Bella Vista area of South Philadelphia near 10th and Catherine Streets, a two-minute walk from the outdoor Italian Market. We saw the Cezanne Exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The permanent holdings of the Museum of Art are stunners including two or three Cezanne's most accessible paintings. No reproductions can do them justice. Also toured City Hall, a great white elephant (the largest seat of city government in the United States) which is slowly by surely being restored and revitalized. Amazed to find that the Amish Country and the little towns of New Hope and Lambertville, New Jersey, are only an hour away by freeway (deep in the green, green Pennsylvania countryside). Also, Philadelphia was the home of Thomas Eakins who was considered America's best nineteenth century painter. His "Gross Clinic" is owned by Jefferson Medical College. Philadelphia was a more-than-pleasant surprise!
Johanne Mullin, Mill Valley, California (age 58)

I live here in Philly and enjoy walking through the historic section of our city. I do it often. I was thrilled when I came across the Historic Philadelphia Homepage. I took the tour and loved it. You've done a great job on the internet. Inspiring.
Jim Lippincott, Philadelphia, PA

Nice city .. full of life.. keep up the historic sites for my future children and grandchildren!
Cam Kelly, Montara, Calif.

I been living in South Philly for 5 years now and I love it. I like the excitment of South Street and all the clubs on Delaware Avenue. So keep up the good work with this page. Go Philly!
Carmen Scott, Queen Village - African American female

We take a student tour to the eastern seaboard each spring and particularly enjoy Philadelphia. The Liberty Bell is a symbol of our freedom and is an attraction of particular interest to our students.
Marilyn O'Malley, Mason M.S., Tacoma, WA (teacher)

I was in Philadelphia last fall and the city was incredible. To see where our forefathers set forth and brought together a nation, I was in awe for the week I visited. Thank you for keeping the history alive and thank you for this page!
Jason W. Roland, I'm 19 years old. I'm originally from Tallahassee, Florida (the home of the Florida State Seminoles!)

My family and I have visited relatives near Philadelphia for the last 12 years. We did tour the historic area of your city. We also were able to visit the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria at Penn's Landing. That was a few years ago in 1992. The ships were replicas of the originals used by Columbus and his men. We saw many beautiful sights that day including the site of Ben Franklin's home and print shop. The young man at the shop showed us and actual paper that was made in that shop in the 1700's. It was truly a real taste of history. Your city is a great one! Your home page is outstanding!
Patrick Slivka, teacher, 48

I lived in Philadelphia for 7 years and miss it! This is a wonderful website, and I have taken the "Liberty" of including a link to it on our homepage. Thanks for the tour!
John Gann, Homepage http://www.anaserve.com/~gann

This has got to be one of the best city pages on the web. Very comprehensive, very educational, and interesting as all get out. Keep up the good work and thank you for a enjoyable evening of reading. I'll be back.
Walt Massey

Thanks for the great tour! We have a project in school and architectural wonders is our subject. I found the information interesting (WOW!) and a great help. All the books that I've glanced in are all just facts and things that are set with dates, but this site helped my presentation be a success (and a whole lot more interesting)! Thanks again. Oh, and just to let you know, the building we did was Independence Hall.
Sara Chang, 13, Washington

I have a daughter living in Philidelphia, but I have not had the opportunity to visit her. The last time I was in your fine city was almost 30 years ago. My cousin lived there at that time and our grandmother asked my other cousin and myself to drive from North Carolina to Philidelphia to pick up our cousin Carol and drive her back to North Carolina. It seems there was a highway 13 that was the outer loop around the city. We started back to North Carolina about 10:00AM. As we drove along we noticed a very large automobile dealer on the right side of the highway. About an hour passed as we drove back to North Carolina and we made another note of a large automobile dealer on the same side of the road as the one we passed about an hour back. This went on for about three hours and then we finally realized after the third pass that we had been going around Philidelphia for three hours and thought we were going back to North Carolina. We were from the little city of Ahoskie in North Carolina and we had never seen an outer loop around a city. Well so much for youth and being from a small country town way down South.
Robert B. Lassiter, Broker of real estate with Re/Max Point East

My grandparents live in Jeannette, PE. Pennsylvania is cool. Thats's all. That's all from me
Robbie Siverd, age 13, Ohio

We greatly enjoyed your lovely web site. My wife, Carolyn, and sons, Gregory, age 9 and Justin, age 11, will be attending a Quaker wedding at Plymouth Meeting in October of 1996. In preparation for our visit we "toured the Philadelphia historic district" by computer. This was an outstanding learning experience for all of us, especially our sons, and whet our appetites for visiting the sites in person. Thank you for a most valuable resource.
William H Van Deinse M.D., Kennebunk, Maine

I moved out of the Philly area 3 years ago and I miss it terribly. I lived in King of Prussia for 5 years and fell in love with Center City. Spent many weekends walking the city blocks gawking at the architecture, historical landmarks, and enjoying the great foods. Since I live away from Philadelphia these days I started a collection of Philadelphia World's Fairs souvenirs, antique paper (view books, ephemera) and I have a large collection of Liberty Bells! By the way, my personal favorite place for a chicken cheesesteak is Ishkabibble's on South Street. Philly is in my blood!
Dinah A. Hale, 36, Hartford, CT

I lived in Philly as a Missionary of the Mormon Church in 1980. I really learned to love the City. I hope to return and visit some day.
Carl W Day, Heber City, Utah

I am currently living in Okinawa, Japan with my husband who is stationed here in USMC. I was born in the suburbs of Philadelphia and was very pleased to be able to revisit my home city on the internet.
Beth Gripp

I grew up in the great city of Philadelphia. I spent the first 23 years of my life there. Recently, I moved to Miami, Florida for a great job. Miami is fantastic: the weather, the nightlife, the ocean, the palm trees, etc., etc. etc. I still can't help but miss my home town, though. South Street, Independence Hall, Delaware Ave., The Italian Market, on and on and on. I try to get back as frequently as I can to, what I consider the greatest city on earth. I miss it.
Frank M. Neill, Miami, FL

The information you provide is wonderful! My daughter got an "A" on her report because of the unique information she had aquired by visiting your sight.
Kelly Travis, Naples, Fl

I was looking for a place to take a vacation. Thanks to this site, I ended up in Philly. Had a great time. I will never forget this one....
Jose Figueroa, San Juan, Puerto Rico

I lived outside of Philadelphia as a child (military dad) for a short time, but didn't remember much about it. I was only in first grade then. Luckily, I spent several days in Philly this past May at the Wyndham Franklin Hotel, which hosted the annual Barbie convention. When I had free time I walked all 12 blocks to the Mint, shopped in the Bourse, saw the Liberty Bell and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I love the cheesesteak subs and all the people I encountered were very friendly and helpful. The historical significance of Philadelphia is immense and extremely fascinating. Your web pages do an excellent job of preserving it. I will be spending much more time there when possible. I consider myself very fortunate to live in this region of the U.S. My husband and I will be back to visit this very week!
Sharon O'Hara, Baltimore, MD

This is one of the best places to visit!!
Kendra Howard, Charleston, South Carolina

Upon stumbling on your Philadelphia website, I wanted to express how great of a job you have done in bringing Philadelphia to life again for me. I was born in Phila and spent the first 17 and a half years of my life there. In those years with the exception of a few short trips to Montreal, Washington DC, New York City, and Atlantic City (before gaming), Philadelphia was my world. After relocating to the West Coast and spending much of my time travelling abroad, till now I have forgotten the charm and history that my birthplace beholds. Thanks for bringing that back to me. I will link it to my personal website which will be online very soon.
Scott "Scooter" Tyman McCarville, San Francisco, CA, 35 years old.

I'll go to Philadelphia next march. Find this page was helpful to know better your city. Congratulations!
Claudio Oliver, 34 years old, dentist, actually living in Curitiba, State of Parana, Brasil

Hi, We're sitting in a hotel room in Philadelphia. We spent the day visiting many of the historic sites downtown. Wow what a neat place! We noticed the web addresses on many of the buildings, and thought we would check them out tonight. Thanks for making these pages available so we can continue our visit, without the traffic ;-)
John & Kelley Snoddy & family, Whiteland, Indiana

I introduced my students to the Web by showing them your homepage. Most of my students have been to Philadelphia and they were excited to see all the sights on the computer. It was a great learning experience.
Richard Spiegel, Teacher

Dear Chris Higgins, This site is just fantastic. I wish I could tour ALL of Philadelphia, and ALL its services, businesses, and historic sites from here. . . . Sort'a like the hospitality center. Pretty neat!!!
Keith Ralph

This is a nice page to visit because I just studied about the begining of America in my home school lessons.
Amanda Lauger, Age 8

Historic Philadelphia is a great site. Congratulations on a job well done.
Donna L. Ryan

I have visited Philadelphia, and this was a nice page to visit. I enjoyed it.
Edwaard Kammeyer, 13 years old, Illinois

What can I say? This page is so much fun!! And it's a good way to procrastinate during finals, too! Thank you!
Jenn Weiss, Boston University student

I stumbled upon this site while searching for information on Edgar Allan Poe my favorite poet. I really enjoyed reading the positive comments of others as well as searching the site itself. I love Philly! It was great to hear that there were other people who love it also. There is so much to love: the "family" atmosphere, the history, and of course the food. Thanks. Keep up the excellent work.
Patricia E. Parkes, Age 20, Philadelphia-born and raised, female, college student

I spent three days in Philly back in 1970 with my wife and family. It is a beautiful and old city compared to Phoenix. I hope to get back there in the summer of 1997. We plan to stay for three weeks. It will be wonderful. See you then!
John A Pearston, Age 68 yrs., Phoenix, Arizona

Chad Gottschlich

I think Philadelphia is GREAT!
Ryan Kelly, I live in the Lehigh Valley

I was born and raised in South Philly. I still live here. I wouldn't leave this great place for the world! Your web page is wonderful. Keep up the great work!!!
Helen M. Jackson, Philadelphia,Pa. Age: 36

Being new to the city and wanting to the know the history of this fine city, your web site has helped me tremedously. Philadelphia is so rich with history and traditions and yet it seems to keep a small town atmosphere about it. Thanks for your help in getting me acquainted with my new home town.
Felix Bravo, Computer Consultant

As my family and I are travelling to Philadelphia in July '97, I was glad to be able to do some exploring before we arrive. We are coming over to attend the Lions Club International Convention to be held in your beautiful city. Approx 7000 Lions members from all over the world we be there and will surely enjoy their visit. I will show your site to our 10 yr old son who will be with us, as he learns a great deal about American history at his school.. Congratulations on a great site....looking forward to seeing it all in person
Lion Rohanne Mason, Sydney, Australia

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