Washington Crossing Scavenger Hunt

Soldier looks across the River
Russ Sieber
Historic reenactors bring the Revolution to life such as this soldier looking at conditions across the Delaware River

Colonial Clue Club

There are so many fun and interesting things to discover at Washington Crossing Historic Park. What better way to seek and find these great facts than by putting on your investigative tri-corn hat and going on a historic scavenger hunt? Using artifacts, buildings and markers found at the Park, you can piece together some of the interesting history of the site and have a great time doing it. So, print off the pages and bring them with you when next you are visiting the Park and take the Colonial Clue Club challenge! Start your trek near the Visitor Center on the village pathway by the River. Walk to the boat barn. Answer the following questions...

  1. What type of boats did General Washington use to cross the Delaware River — Hint: The name is given on the top of the little plaque inside the big white barn. How many of these boats are currently in the boat barn?
  2. Look to your right, find the stone building where General Washington spent time before he crossed the river with his army. What was this building used for?
  3. Across the street is a large house owned by Mr. Taylor who built many of the buildings surrounding you. He also helped in the 1830's to build a new way to cross the Delaware River at this spot without using a boat...what did he help build? (Hint: It is still used today by cars and people.) Turn around and walk toward the Visitor Center along the river. Find the large square monument near the pathway.
  4. What is written on the monument? Continue on the pathway that places you behind the Visitor Center. You will see two rows of flags with a large flagpole at one end.
  5. What is the significance of the flags? (There are at least 13 of them...hint, hint, hint. . . think about what a map of the US may have looked like in General Washington's day.)
  6. Are there still 13 of these today? If many?
  7. Who is the statue supposed to be at the other end of the flagpoles? Can you name some other places where this guy's face is seen...I bet he is hanging out in your pockets right now! Go inside the Visitor Center...using the glass doors to enter.
  8. Go into the auditorium and find the big picture. What is happening in the picture? Is what you see in the picture what really happened? What was the name of the artist who created the original painting?
  9. After all this hunting, do you know what day Washington and his army crossed the Delaware River and where they were going? Write when and where…if you don't know, we will be happy to tell you all about it! Just ask the tour guide at the front desk.
Answer Key