Colonial Days

open hearth cooking
Activities for school children occur throughout the year.

Costumed interpreters/demonstrators can give your students various information and activity session during this interactive experience. Students are divided into smaller groups and rotate around the Lower Park for 15-20 minute sessions regarding different topics of the Colonial era and, more specifically, the story of Washington's Crossing. Sessions can include open-hearth cooking: military rations and daily life; a look at tavern life at the McConkey Ferry Inn; soldiers or sailors in the boat barn discussing the Crossing of the River and the Durham boats; Colonial medicine and public health; children's games and more. The site determines the sessions based on the age of the students, availability of demonstrators, and recommendations by teachers.

Fees and school size

$6.00 per student for the 2008-09 school year. Pre-payment is preferable, but we can accept payment that day. Payment can be made by cash, check or money order. Checks and/or money orders should be made payable to "Washington Crossing Historic Park" and should be filled out for the exact amount/total payment as change for checks or money orders cannot be issued at the site. Classes participating in a Colonial Day must have a minimum of 65 students. If you are a smaller class, we would be happy to try to arrange a day when you can come with another smaller school, however, we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate this. If your class/grade level is large (over 150 students) we can book several days in a row to accommodate meeting the needs of your students. If a school group cannot come for their pre-booked Colonial Day and does not call the site to tell them they will not be coming, the group will be charged for the field trip.


One adult admission is free with every 10 students. Extra adults are $6.00 each. Chaperones and teachers are expected to remain with their groups during the Colonial Day experience.


Colonial Days take place Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from late March through early November. The group must have an arrival time between 9:30 and 10:00 am and must be able to stay at least 2½ to 3½ hours.


4th and 5th graders are ideal for this program, however, we can accommodate younger children (3rd grade) if they are studying the Revolution and older students. If we have younger students (1st and 2nd grade) we can do a version of our standard Colonial Day for you, but we suggest sheep shearing as a better alternative.

Accommodations and Transportation

There are plenty of spacious areas of land for students to run and play or picnic on the lawn. To rent one of the Park's picnic pavilions, a separate fee is charged. (See rental section of the website.) Colonial Days take place in the The Lower Park and the Visitor Center. The Thompson-Neely House and Bowman's Hill Tower are not a scheduled part of the day, but can be discussed when booking the group as an addition after the Colonial Day program. Washington Crossing Historic Park has a museum shop in the Visitor Center. There is also a general store, The Patriot, within the Village for souvenir purchases. Drinks and a light lunch/snacks are also available at The Patriot. Groups may wish to contact The Patriot directly at 215-493-5411 if they plan to utilize their food services or wish to pay them a visit as a group. Field trips are scheduled for rain or shine, and it is up to the group to cancel or reschedule. Due to hiring outside staff for the Colonial Day and the demand for Colonial Days, we do not schedule rain dates.