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Guided Tours for Students

inside the McKonkey Ferry Inn
Rich Buser
The story of tavern life unfolds before the eye inside the historic Inn

Students can watch our award winning orientation video, (approx. 15 minutes in length) in our Visitor Center. Guided tours of the Lower Park include: a River-side talk where Washington crossed the Delaware on December 25, 1776; the Durham boat barn which houses replicas of the boats used that fateful night; and the McKonkey Ferry Inn, which was used by Washington prior to the Crossing and as a place for Hessian prisoners after the Battle of Trenton. Beyond the history of the Crossing, the Lower Park tour includes a visit to buildings associated with the historic Village of Taylorsville, which tells the story of the region and the prosperity it exemplified after the Revolutionary War.

At the Upper Park, students can tour the Thompson Neely House, a miller's home used as a hospital for soldiers during the winter of 1776-77 encampment of the army. The Thompson-Neely gristmill can also be toured. (The mill is not operational at this time but still offers an informative and interesting touring experience.) Seasonally, students can visit Bowman's Hill Tower, allowing them a scenic view of the Bucks County area.

A complete tour of the Lower Park, not including the Visitor Center, is approximately one hour, however a shorter version highlighting the Washington history of the site can be given. Additional time will be needed to tour the Thompson Neely House and to visit Bowman's Tower. A group can choose either one tour of the Lower Park, Thompson-Neely House or a Tower visit for their experience at the Park, or may choose to visit all three for the same cost.

Fees and Sizes

$8 per child for a Colonial Day tour and $7 a child for a standard tour for groups of 25 or more. Special rates apply for special events.


One adult admission is free with every 10 students. Extra adults are $6.00 each if the group size is over 15 students. Fees and programming may be different if the day is a special event day.


Tours are available Thursday through Sunday from 10am to 4pm. Start your visit by viewing our orientation video in the Visitor Center. The orientation video usually begins on the half hour. Guided tours are given on the hour. No tour is given during the noon hour. NOTE: Colonial days will be on specific scheduled dates only.


Standard tours are appropriate for all ages

Accommodations and Transportation

There are plenty of spacious areas of land for students to run and play or picnic on the lawn. To rent one of the Park's picnic pavilions, a separate fee is charged. (See rental section of the website.) The Lower Park with the Visitor Center and the Upper Park with the Thompson Neely House and Bowman's Hill Tower are not within walking distance of each other. Bowman's Hill Tower and the Thompson Neely House, both located in the Upper Park, are also not within walking distance of each other. Buses will need to travel with the children between the various sites, paying strict attention to bus weight limitations on certain area bridges. There is a general store, The Patriot, within the Village for souvenir purchases. Field trips are scheduled rain or shine and it is up to the group to cancel or reschedule. The site prefers not to book rain dates but rather reschedule based on availability if a school cannot make its time.