For Teachers

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Details and information to make your site visit the best

  • Help us to help you have the best field trip possible! We ask that you be a courteous guest as well as teach your students what is appropriate behavior at this special historic site.
  • We ask that teachers and chaperones remain with their students. (It sounds simple, but we had many teachers and chaperones in the past who wandered away from their group to shop or relax, leaving their students unattended.) We hope that teachers and chaperones find the information engaging enough that they are learning and interacting along with their students. WE ESPECIALLY ASK THAT TEACHERS NOT LEAVE THEIR GROUPS. Chaperones are here to help the teachers. However, chaperones may not be aware of all the student's needs and personalities as are the teachers. The teachers are ultimately responsible for each student.
  • Food and drink within the historic buildings are not allowed. We ask that snacks be eaten out of doors. Please be considerate by putting trash and refuse into its proper receptacles.
  • Photography within the historic structures is not permitted. (This is STRICTLY enforced in the McKonkey Ferry Inn.) Students may take pictures in the boat barn and outside.
  • Our volunteers, paid demonstrators, and staff have much to share with you! We ask that you give them your full courtesy and attention.
  • Help us preserve our objects and buildings for future generations by restraining from leaning on or touching objects, unless otherwise instructed by site personnel. We ask that students not bring back packs on the trip. Notebooks are allowed to be carried within the historic structures, but we ask that the students write with pencils rather than pens or markers.
  • CELL PHONES SHOULD BE SILENT during your experience. Anyone using their phone during the activities will be asked to leave the session and go outside to receive their call.
  • Please arrive promptly at your start time. IF A GROUP IS LATE, we may need to eliminate a session/building or reduce the length of a session/tour in order to complete the day on time. If you know of time concerns or delays, please let us know as soon as possible.
  • Please make us aware of any special needs your group has, especially relating to mobility. The tours do require some climbing of stairs and standing for limited amounts of time. We will try to assist you in whatever way possible to ensure that all students of differing abilities have a wonderful experience. However, if you don't tell us before you arrive, we may not be able to put our best efforts forward to assist you.
  • Please make all your adults — chaperones, teachers and bus drivers aware of this information.