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hi im on my 3ds
anonymous [12-26-2011]

Looking for any info abt family surnames.jackson,craddock,fincher,davis,webb,rhoads,plankinhorn,roth,jones,thomas,bennett,carter,clark,childers.THank you so much for your help.virginia
Virginia bennett, texas [12-21-2011]

i wanted to know what was the valley forge about and how did the colonist feel about it.thank you daniela
daniela [12-21-2011]

I have the Original Charter for Women's Patriotic Association of Ft. Worth, Texas. It's dated June of 1945. Is is worth much? I'll check back.
anonymous [12-18-2011]

Click here for guidance

Lilith, Indiana [12-15-2011]

Hi, I am writing a report about Valley Forge for school. I would like to know more about the authors etc. so I can cite you in my bibliography. Thanks, David
David [12-12-2011]

hi im learning about benedict arnold
anonymous, iowa [12-06-2011]

hi :)
anonymous [11-30-2011]

we are learning about this in our history class
i am not telling [11-29-2011]

Nice info :)
Yan [11-28-2011]

I am a direct decendent of gen macintosh, exellent reading
eugene wheeler, california [11-21-2011]

nick [11-11-2011]

Everybody should love learning about Valley Forge. It is sooo interesting. :)
Deserae, North Dakota [11-10-2011]

Related to Timothy Murphy!
Christopherson [11-09-2011]

shaquandra [11-09-2011]

I am from London, and am doing a report on The American Revaluation. Very interesting to read this.
Katharine [11-07-2011]

im not related to anyone important... :(
anonymous [10-30-2011]

chantel long [10-25-2011]

whats up yo!
Joe [10-24-2011]

My name is model, i am from Turkey/istanbul. This site's in articles, very good; thank you so much.
model [10-24-2011]

Kathryn Wenzel, NEO A&M College [10-12-2011]

My however many great grandfather, was in Valley Forge, George Hood, you have him listed. I was raised in Valley Forge, on the mountain, and spent many a summer day riding or hiking in the park. I remember it mostly as a State Park, so simple then, to find out that I had a relative who was there during such a hard time makes the park even more sacred then I already felt it was.My parents, sisters and I were all married at the Washington Memorial Chapel and our cemetery plot is there also, where my Father lies in peace. I have recently discovered a letter written by George Hood's granddaughter, my great however many Aunt, where she states his story of the time he spent in Valley Forge, saying that the snow was covered with blood by the men's feet. The sentence reads Grandfather was with the Army in Valley Forge and used to tell his children how the troops suffered and how they could be naked by blood in the snow from their poor frozen feet in the snow. Some say it wasn't as bad as portrayed, but this says it all.
Karen Burns, Kennett Square [10-11-2011]

Hi, whats up homies
anonymous [10-07-2011]

hey it is a good history book
james ray, new creek wv [10-02-2011]

my father, brothers, and myself bailed hay at valley Forge park circa 1950. i saw many visitors take pictures. i would love to see some of those pictures
jeannette ott, downingtown,pa [09-29-2011]

I'm being forced here :(
Ceara, None Your Business [09-29-2011]

kyla, chaparral nm [09-13-2011]

N. Greene is my 7 time great grandfather. We plan on visiting his grave site this winter.
Daryl H. Long, Laurens, Iowa 50554 [09-12-2011]

From time to time America needs some Germans. Baron von Steuben, Wernher von Braun...God bless the German-American Friendship!
M.M.Schmidt [09-12-2011]

come from a long line of UK Waynes, of which some emigrated early to the fledgling States. I have received notices in the past from Historic Waynesborough and think I may have dropped off the mailing list. We have not been able to accept invitations to the "Bash" before but may be visiting the USA for our first vist between July and October this year. I should like contact with anyone who may be able to advise if there are any functions etc to which we may be able to attend within that timeframe. My parents visted Paoli many many years ago and suggested we should do the same. I apologise if I seem to be going through the wrong channel. Thanks
Anthony Wayne [09-07-2011]

Haley [09-07-2011]

Wasington's "vision" looks like a recipe for a thousand-year-Reich. I first heard this nonsense while visiting a friend in Miami, and thought then what I still think: that tyrannical regimes have always claimed divine authority: the US is not different in their perpetuation of this myth. No doubt the Palins/Bachmans and co have this furphy engraved on the back of their toilet doors so they can memorise it. What drivel!
Paul Lehmann, Australia [09-05-2011]

I am searching for the years that George William Edwards, Jr. attended VFMA. Probably late 50's or early 60's. thank you
Carol Edwards Brown [09-05-2011]

Shame on your "biography" of Steuben. Not even a single mention of his purported homosexuality! You do a disservice to the man and to history with this website! It's more likely than not that they were rather more than his "aides" and his reason for leaving Europe is also not as uncertain and unknown as you try to portray it. Shame
Jake DiVeronica [09-02-2011]

In the account of George Washington"s vision at Valley Forge There is quite a substantial amount of facts pertaining to Anthony Sherman that have not been included. Maybe this helps you to obscure his reliability, you don't care, or you are just plain ignorant. I doubt the latter. I believe whoever wrote this is completely aware of WHERE Sherman was, WHEN it was, how old he was. The first account was actually printed in 1868, (which is highly significant to judging the credibility), by the national Tribune, which became the Stars and Stripes. There are a couple of other facts which you have conveniently omitted that insure the credibility of Sherman. As is obvious of history, to the fact of when this article was first printed, the omissions are obvious and blatant to the attempt to discredit this account of Sherman and the actual connection to historical events that actually took place after being foretold. What a bunch of bastards you are. History as you see fit is not history. You have intentionally misled all the facts that would lead to a reliable conclusion to skew and darken the truth. You will be punished by God, since it is God that gave this message to Washington. You will see the events told him and you will be of the casualties of it. You are not worthy to speak of the histories of this nation or it's People. You are not worthy of the blood paid for it. If you were in front of me I would spit in your face. You are lucky you are there and I am here!
Devon Drake, Morgantown, WV [09-02-2011]

As a child born in the 50's I remember my father telling me the story of how Washington and his troops marched down the Gulph towords Valley Forge. Our bus would drive down the Gulph on the way to school. Many years later after I had moved from the area then returned I was heart sicken to find out that "they" had shaved a portion of the rock off. The side of the stree with the rock should have a walkway so anyone (me, included) would be able to go up to it touch it and even view the marker on the road for which I don't even know what it is for. There has to be a way to save it for future generations to come. I tried to find somewhere to park and walk to the rock but I would be taking my life in my hands if I were to do it.
Ruth, West Conshohocken & Bridgeport [09-02-2011]

he was my 6th Great Grandfather
Jack E. McIntosh Jr, Oklahoma [08-26-2011]

My Ancestor, Colonel William Cooke was at Valley Forge
Charles T. Cooke IV [08-22-2011]

The Benedict Arnold article is a very difficult read. As if written for victims of acute trauma to the brain, but being even less coherent at times than a mis-spelled nutrition label on chinese melamine and cadmium krispies.
Dave [08-22-2011]

it was very helpful and educational.
jasmine [08-02-2011]

I cant believe Im related to Nathaniel Greene
Zion Greene [07-22-2011]

I have a vintage Visitor Vehicle Pass for Valley Forge General Hospital. P.M.S No. 148 if your interested let me know I'll mail it to you.
Jeanine Dement, United States [07-20-2011]

my descendants, william deweese owned land at valley forge,also associated george washington! i wouid like to learn more about william deweese & george washington,revolution war soldier, george was a spy,i belive that william deweese also a spy.i would like to see valley forge. clyde jeril deweese butler,
CLYDE JERIL DeWEESE, butler,co.kentucky. [07-17-2011]

I have been to Valley Forge several times,it is indeeed a interesting place.The history is so much alive,being born i Pa am proud of such a place playing an inportant role in our nations history.
Bob E, Texas [07-05-2011]

In honor of my great grandfather: General Lachlan McIntosh
Rev. Russell Noble, Munroe Falls, OH [07-05-2011]

Read the entry about Washington's French and Indian War experiences - what a bunch of inaccurate and embellished tripe!
anonymous [07-02-2011]

I would like to learn more about Us.
Bailey Meng, China [06-13-2011]

Such a website as this is immensely important. It is greatly appreciated. As a side note, I see someone said "God Bless America!" An American, such as I, can greatly appreciate America's history & choose to not say such things. If u believe in God, as I do, God is beyond national boundaries, political parties, etc. 'God Bless The World' is more like it. In fact, believing that 'my nation is God's favorite' is one of the reasons so many millions have suffered the horrifying anti-Christ miseries of death-and-destruction war. Americans: Learn both of these: the amazing histories of our nation and our world.
anonymous [06-13-2011]

George Washington was an amazing man. He gave his army hope when there was none.
anonymous [05-26-2011]

im doing this paper in balanced literacy and its really REALLY boring! We barely have ANY information
Raven Kemnitz, usa [05-25-2011]

anonymous [05-24-2011]

Through my genealogy research I found that one of my ancestors, Col William Deweese owned the land where Valley Forge was located.
Winston Paul Deweese, Georgetown, Ky [05-20-2011]

anonymous [05-17-2011]

I was there last week and it was a lot different then 15 years ago . I like that your restoring all the homes that were there . I do believe the biggest mistake of the war was made by the BRITISH when they stayed in philley and did not attack ! It was here that our nation took root and It is a place every AMERICAN should visit if you have a chance . GOD BLESS AMERICA !
PARKER RISLEY, atlanta, ga [05-15-2011]

um hi I am doing a bibliography and i need to know who did this website can u please give me your name
sadie kane [05-12-2011]

anonymous [05-12-2011]

great website i love the word search but its a little hard i like the story of the french guy this website is awsome thanks for it i would like for there to me a movie of the revolutionary warthat would be so cool o and HI OTHER PEOPLE HOW ARE YOU OUT THERE sorry this is long i just like righting long letters if Goerge was here hopefully he was happy byeAND BYE OTHER PEOPLE THAT I DONT KNOW BYE!
anonymous [05-12-2011]

hi good to see you again bye
amanda [05-12-2011]

I am the great grandson of Thelma Posey, 5th great grandson of Micajah Posey, a soldier who fought in the Revolutionary War at Valley Forge, and Rachel Peck-Posey. I understand Rachel's name is on a plaque of the Daughters of the American Revloution at Valley Forge near a bell. Her father, John Peck, was reportedly very close to Genreal George Washington. I am trying to find any information I can regarding my ancestors. Thank you.
Tom Allen, Topeka, KS [05-11-2011]

Blue is my fav color
Holly, ca [04-28-2011]

anonymous [04-27-2011]

My 3rd great uncle was at Valley Forge with the 12th Virginia Regiment under Gen. Scott. His name was Private James Larkin. After the war, he was neighbors with Gen. Scott in what is now West Virginia. How can I submit my family record on him to the Valley Forge Archives, so that others doing research might have this info available to them? Valley Forge is pretty remarkable. I'm so glad it has been preserved for future generations!
Dana Larkin Gross, Tyler, Texas [04-26-2011]

jaqualine [04-19-2011]

Sadie [04-19-2011]

jesse itresa, los angeles, california [04-15-2011]

How many people died?
anonymous [04-14-2011]

cristian garrido [04-09-2011]

Franziska Bernsdorf, Nazareth Pennsylvania [04-08-2011]

when george washindton and martha washington got married
anonymous [04-08-2011]

thank u for all u guys have done
ROES [04-08-2011]

a man may die nations may rise and fall but ideas will live on
anonymous [04-05-2011]

Good Site
Sarah Jo, Hyderabad [03-30-2011]

Thank you for this wonderful site.
Marianne, New York [03-25-2011]

i have to say that you guys are the best at lest my teacher say that.
cassia, richmond [03-25-2011]

Hello there did you know that George Washington was my family. He was if my great. great, great, something. We are realted because of Augustine Washington, his father. I am so proud of my familys history! I also thank him for being there for the soliders, you rthe best.
Leona, Westmoreland County, Virginia [03-18-2011]

My ancestor. I finally found him. I knew he served with Washington, thank you for your great website.
Sue Armstrong-Shoop, San Francisco, CA [03-04-2011]

koby johnson
anonymous [03-04-2011]

anonymous [03-04-2011]

Does anyone know if Isaac Potts had any children and if so what were their names, I have a Rebecca Potts in my family and she married a William P Rockwell, who was the Great grandson of Jabez Rockwell who served at Valley Forge. I don't know anything about who Rebecca's Parents were if you could help me I would be forever greatful Thank you.
Anita Hancock, Gloucester city, NJ [02-26-2011]

cochran [02-26-2011]

im a dehaven and im saddened by the way our goverment repaid us. jacob dehaven helped this country out and made sure the doliders didnt starve and yet he died pennieless.
Jessica DeHaven, evansville indiana [02-26-2011]

anonymous, Souderton PA [02-24-2011]

i like twilight! :)
anonymous [02-24-2011]

French and Indian war Reenactors!
Paja [02-24-2011]

George Washington is without a doubt the greatest President our country has ever seen. He was a great man, so honorable. He would be very saddened to see the state of our union today. omuch immorality. But there is always hope, I hope that he would agree.
Cara Cicconi [02-23-2011]

visiting there was fun.. me and my family enjoyed seeing the history!
Brooke [02-23-2011]

alexis rice [02-18-2011]

hello people
anonymous [02-16-2011]

Mad Anthony was one of my ancestors. Acording to family tree research probably Great Grand-Father six, seven or eight times removed. My sister traced family tree but hasn't obtained all of the information. I know about the Wayne-Evans connection. Would like more information about Wayne's children and wife.
Shealby (Wayne) Brasier, Perryville, Ar. 72126 [02-14-2011]

So very interesting reading about the General with whom I share a family name! Going to try to find that monument tomorrow.
Debbie DeKalb, Abington, PA [02-12-2011]

kehl a ward [02-12-2011]

i need to know who surrendered
anonymous [02-12-2011]

this web site is great I love it I will recomend ths to my teacher!
Elena [02-11-2011]

None of the Rosters I have seen online list ny ancestor at Valley Forge. JOSHUA HAYCRAFT was there and I have his Rev. War papers. Have been a member of Desc. of Valley forge for 25 years. How come Joshua is not shown on Rosters?????
Eva Thornberry, ky [02-09-2011]

i learned about benedict arnold! :)
anonymous [02-09-2011]

would you like me to go in and end this mess??
anonymous, retired [02-07-2011]

I’ve written a book about George Washington titled The Many Faces of George Washington: Remaking a Presidential Icon (Carolrhoda) deals with the question: Did George Washington REALLY look like the Gilbert Stuart image on the one dollar bill? Mount Vernon decided to find out and gathered experts from the fields of science, history and art to study the evidence and create three life-sized figures of George Washington at the ages of 19, 45, and 57. Today these three figures are the crown jewels at Mount Vernon’s Donald W. Reynolds Education Center ­and a traveling exhibit featuring these same figures is currently being shown at premier History Centers, Museums and Presidential Libraries around the country. My book details how these three figures were created including what cutting-edge special scans of Washington’s dentures taught us about the man; how the hair of each figure was added one strand at a time; how each article of clothing was handmade by craftsmen using 18th century tools and much more. The book has been written with the help and blessings of Mount Vernon. I’ ve had many delightful experiences including seeing a lock of Washington’s hair, his clothes, his dentures, participating at archeology digs at Mount Vernon and Ferry Farm, seeing authentic 18th century clothes at Colonial Williamsburg and much more. Perhaps one of my favorite memories is sitting on the Piazza of Mount Vernon and seeing the sun rise over the Potomac. While the creation of the Washington figures, reveals Washington on the outside, biographical sections of the book, using primary source research, reveal Washington on the inside. Using Washington’s own words, and the words of his contemporaries, I’ve focused on some lesser known times in Washington’s life. It is my hope that after reading this book, readers will have a very different mental image of the Father of Our Country than the one they are used to—I want them to think of George Washington as he really was: handsome, brave, and honorable. The finished book has arrived in the publisher’s warehouse and is currently shipping to bookstores and other outlets this week. If I can send you additional information about me or my book, please let me know. Best, Carla FIND ME ON FACEBOOK Carla Killough McClafferty
Carla Killough McClafferty [02-07-2011]

I have a burl wood snuff box, with a paper stating that it belonged to Gen. Anthony Wayne, and was presented by him to his drummer boy, John Dilley (1778-79) my ancestor. I'm trying to determine that John Dilley was a drummer boy in the Revolution, and under Gen. Anthony Wayne. Thank you for any assistance you may provide.
Mike Mesler, Tallahassee, FL [01-29-2011]

This was very helpful for my History project! THANKS!
anonymous [01-26-2011]

thanks a lot this helped me on my social studies report!
anonymous, P'cola, FL [01-22-2011]

i think valley forge was a resless time for the soldiers expecially with no supplies.!?
kali, beresford [01-20-2011]

I read a boook on Valley Forge and now I want to learn more!
Kaelyn Matsos, Michigan [01-20-2011]

i love history just kiddinn no realy i do
jennifer, pennsylvainia [01-15-2011]

where is the drummer boy
LIYA, gsfa [01-15-2011]

luv ur games
kevonna knight, rocky mount [01-15-2011]

hello people
anonymous [01-15-2011]

i luv the games on here because its education an you can learn about it so i luv every thing on the site its fun god exlent and its really fun and who ever made it did a good job making it so thanks for making it
jayla chanell dunn, nc [01-15-2011]

I just came from visiting George Washingtons home at Mount Vernon, and each time I go, it is like I can never get enough of our history. Thankyou for sharing this site.
Joyce Baker, Washington, State [01-11-2011]

Maeve [01-11-2011]

About to read Newt Gingrich's Valley Forge.My 5ggrandfather Moses Mingus (rolls show Mingos)was here at Valley Forge.I am humbled by his and all of the other patriot's hardships and sacrifices.May their honor be handed down to every American.History must be learned or we are doomed to repeat it.
Sheila Cathcart, Dallas [01-08-2011]

Sam Freed [01-07-2011]

Regarding George Washington in prayer. This article should help: Providence Gazette dated January 29, 1780 page 1

An American gentleman, now in London, who is well acquainted with General Washington, gave lately the following account of him: That although advanced in years, he is remarkable healthy, takes a great deal of exercise, and is very fond of riding on a favorite white horse.; he is very reserved and loves retirement; when out of camp, he has only a single servant attending him, and when he returns within the lines, a few of the light horse escort xxxxx were he has xxxxx great objects in view, he sends for a few of these officers of whose abilities he has a high opinion, and states his present plan among a half a dozen others, to all which they give their separate judgments; by these means he gets all their opinions without divulging his intentions; he has no tincture of pride and will often converse with a sentinel with more freedom than he would with a general officer.; he is very shy and reserved to foreigners, although they have letters of recommendation from Congress; he punishes neglect of duty with great severity, but is very tender and indulgent to recruits until they learn the articles of war and their exercise perfectly; he has a great antipathy to spies, although he employs them himself, and has an utter aversion to Indians. He regularly attends divine service in his tent every morning and evening, and seems very fervent in his prayers. He is so tender-hearted, that no soldier must be flogged nigh his tent, or if he is walking in the camp and sees a man tied to the h?berds he will either order him to be taken down, or walk another way to avoid the sight; he has made the art of war, his particular study; his plans are in general good, and well digested; he is particularly careful always of securing a retreat, but his chief qualification are, courage, steadiness, perseverance, and secrecy; an act of bravery he is sure to reward, and make a short eloquiom on the occasion to the person and his fellow soldiers (if it be a soldier) in the ranks; he is humane to the prisoners who fall into his hands, and orders everything necessary for their relief; he is very temperate in his diet, and the only luxury he indulges himself in is a few glasses of punch after supper.
Brian Stephens [01-06-2011]

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