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Valley Forge Guest Book Archives: 2010

this is great
Jacob Pardue, haughton,la [12-29-2010]

Great-Great grandson of James Quigley at Valley Forge from Hopewell Twp, Cumber Co. PA and the many brave men from Middle Spring Presbyterian Church who faught and died for Independence !
Timothy L Quigley, Harrisburg,PA [12-20-2010]

this helped me on a history project for school!thanks!:)
anonymous [12-17-2010]

okay, i have to do this asingment on george washington, and you have so much stuff. thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou
anonymous [12-17-2010]

would'nt mr washington be a shame of what we have become!this is not what those brave men had in mind!
charles stone, fayetteville n c [12-13-2010]

Hi, my name Kennedy Alexis Moorer, and I love to study about Nathaniel Greene.
Kennedy Moorer, Santee S.C. [12-10-2010]

graco taco [12-10-2010]

omensh [12-10-2010]

Fantastic website! Via this site, I got a better view of Valley Forge.
worldhunter, China [12-09-2010]

I use this website for all of my reports! thank you guys!
CELESTE [12-06-2010]

my research has lead me to valley forge.what a wonderfull 6th grandpa william deweese were in the rev. war. j.chad deweese
JEREMY CHAD, ky. [12-05-2010]

like omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg
fuzza, mcdonalds [12-05-2010]

This site is extremely detailed, thorough, and helpful! It was easy to read and understand, too! Thank you very much! :)
Liv [12-02-2010]

can you tell us the entire story about valley forge id love to know more about it
justina robinson [12-02-2010]

I am still amazed at how the patriots, under such stark conditions, remained loyal to their cause and moved forward to fight another day.
Eward Muro, Long Island, NY [11-29-2010]

haley jones
HALEY JONES, haley jone [11-29-2010]

this helped me a lot on my report on martha washington.[the website]
grace [11-26-2010]

whats up
QUAYSHAUN VAUGHN-GARDNER, kalamazoo michigan [11-25-2010]

I LOVE it!
anonymous [11-23-2010]

what were the duties of docters at vally forge?
anonymous [11-17-2010]

Larry T. Hedges [11-04-2010]

My family originaly settled in what is now On the border of Lancaster and Chester County. The Cochran(e)'s had dropped the E at the end of the name at some point after leaving Ulster in the late 1600's through the early 1700s. There is an old Presbyterian Church just north of Cochranville, Pa. in Sadsbury Township. It is very close to the town of Gap, Pa. This is where Dr. Cochran was born. I have photos of many gravestones. My Great(x3) grandfather was born there in 1800 and settled in Moon township, Allegheny County (The Pt'sbgh airport is partially in Moon) And they were some of the first settlers of Middletown which was renamed Coraopolis, Pa due to another Pa. Boro w/ a similar name (1886)
Robert Harry Cochran, Mansfield, Pennsylvania [10-31-2010]

anonymous [10-31-2010]

Thanks for all the information. God Bless
Anne Stephens, Lexington [10-22-2010]

i love it it is so educational
pheobe Waters [10-15-2010]

Very nicely written. i stumbled on the page and stayed on, on and on. Looking for some mention of a Captain McGuire who was with General Washington in Bedford PA. If you can put me on to anything, I will be grateful, nevertheless, thank you for this. Sincerely. Maureen McGuire
Maureen McGuire, Ruidoso, NM 88345 [10-12-2010]

i would like to visit
JENNIFER DEWEESE JONES, roundhill [10-12-2010]

I am honored to be the descendant of Ezekiel Apley who served with General Washington at Valley Forge.
Shirley Apley, Fort Worth Texas [10-11-2010]

I grew up on Rampart Ridge in Gulph Mills and now manage the historic DuPortail House in Chesterbrook where Gen. DuPortail stayed in 77-78 with the Havard family. It would be great if you could provide a link to the website, The house is open to the public every Sunday from 1pm- 4pm (unless there is a special event planned) and tours can be arranged throughout the year.
Kate [10-05-2010]

Looking for reenactors to come to the school to talk about Revolutionary War. Can you help?
Connie Ison, Minford Ohio [10-02-2010]

I love to think of George Washington as a God fearing, Christian leader. I hope to visit Valley Forge someday. Thank you for a beautiful web experience. Bob Long
Bob Long, California [09-22-2010]

i am doing a research paper on george III and need to know what things did king george III do so that the colonists hated and went against him
anonymous [09-20-2010]

I have always loved history and I am extremly excited to discover a direct ancestor, Thomas Ogan, who served under Gen. Washington and Daniel Morgan and wintered at Valley Forge with them. I would love to learn more about his years of service.
Jennifer McDavid, Indiana [09-18-2010]

SAR #177779 Elijah (Elisah) Barbee. Fifer, 2nd Va Brigade.
Douglas Jewell, Kentucky [09-13-2010]

This site offers valuable information for my year 10 students who are currently doing research on the topic "The American War of Independence". I'd like to thank everyone who is contributing to this website for all their efforts!
Ulrich Sagebiel, Germany [09-06-2010]

Descendant of Henry Nelson, 2nd Mass 4th Division, QM Sergeant
Vallerie Jane, Tennessee [08-28-2010]

=] you guys are doing a good job [=
Nora [08-24-2010]

My grandmother was Ginny Dehaven, I too, am a descendant of Jacob Dehaven. My father always said that someday the family would collect the old dept owed the family.
Richard Grassley, Mooresville, NC [08-09-2010]

i would like some information on jacob dehaven and a rockwell who has powder holder on display at valley forge..
helen lynn, pennsylvania [08-09-2010]

Click here for guidance

Descendant of Charles Nichols, 1st Virginia. Thank you for maintaining this website.
Dana Garretson [08-05-2010]

Mary Tillery Walker, Alabama [08-03-2010]

I can not find a list of the units that were at Valley Forge. Where can I find that info? THANKS
anonymous, Louisville, Kentucky [07-13-2010]

sharron king, Bartlesville, OK [07-04-2010]

The statement "It is well for men's souls to feel that a leader of men sought and obtained guidance from the Son of Man." from is not true. Given that George Washington was a Deist....and all that fact portends.
Joey [07-03-2010]

I was told that the law suite was settled and that we lost all claims to the monies that the government owes us, is this true?
Theresa DeHaven [06-29-2010]

My Father Stephen V Carta S/SGT won the 1957 essay "My job protecting America's freedom". He has since passed away. I would love to have a copy of the essay that he wrote, while serving in the Air Force in Ramstein Germany.
Art Carta, Florida [06-16-2010]

We are grateful for what you mean to our country. Keep telling our youth the real story of George Washington, Valley Forge and all of our ancestors who gave us the opportunity to have Liberty, Freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Is there still a Valley Forge Award given to schools?
Angela B. Burdick Toney, SouthWest Virginia and Florida [06-11-2010]

ancester of Issac Lewis (Ct.)
Edward D. Lewis [06-10-2010]

Looking for Timothy S. Houck Information
Timothy S. Houck, Altoona, PA [06-08-2010]

I think this is great for PA day.
Wesley [06-03-2010]

william hite dehaven, ocala.fla [06-01-2010]

I would like to sign the guest book
Anna [05-25-2010]

brianna [05-22-2010]

it was help full
anonymous [05-20-2010]

I am a Proud decendent of a Rev. War Veteran that served in Washingtons troubled winter in Valley Forge,Elijah Foote.
Robert M Litman [05-20-2010]

Were doing this for the wax museum at school
anonymous [05-20-2010]

olivia [05-16-2010]

Hey, I want to use this site in my school history/english project. It would be really helpful if y'all had some sort of easy way to cite this place.
Isabelle [05-13-2010]

i dont like it when people study for fun...random statement ok...bye!
person [05-12-2010]

George Washington was a inspiration to us all . Thank you for caring enough and being a founding father.In God we trust.God Bless America.
Michelle, Australia. [05-09-2010]

this site helped me on a school project! awesome!
Jess [05-06-2010]

I am home schooled through the Lawrence Virtual School (Lawrence, KS). I really like History and really hope I get to visit Valley Forge someday. Thank you for your nice website.
Wyatt Lickteig, 3rd Grade Lawrence Virtual School [05-06-2010]

i have just tried to figure out what a soilder said and what george washington said. it is really hard. another game i"d like to see on here is a coloring page for kids so they can learn about facts and so they can have fun at the same time.
RAINBOW [05-06-2010]

i like this site it has helped me in my time of need
hailee [05-04-2010]

tiara bell [05-04-2010]

william mehls deweese sr. 1711-1790,i am the 6th grandson of william, my name is clyde j. deweese. i hope to be visting valley forge soon.
CARPENTER, ky [05-04-2010]

Bradley W. Edwards, Illinois [05-04-2010]

I was at Valley forge and apparently channeled deceased soldiers who reveal that it was indeed only by God's Grace that they were able to win against such odds, in near despair, under the command of the Great General George Washington. Through Divine Intervention He was able to give them His strength. We owe them everything. GOD BLESS AMERICA
Stormy, Ohio [05-03-2010]

peyton rocks
anonymous [04-30-2010]

I have just found out that Private Jonathan Bozarth is my 5th Great Grandfather. I heard that he fought at Valley Forge with George Washington. I wonder if you have anything about him. Wonderful site. Thank you Jan Cobb
Jan Cobb, Medford, Oregon [04-29-2010]

SONTOON [04-28-2010]

im a rebel
anonymous [04-27-2010]

I did the illustrations in a publication "Washington-Rules of Civilty" Found your site very interesting.
Michael Embrey, Leesburg Virginia [04-26-2010]

Just visiting
anonymous [04-22-2010]

Hi, I grew up in Betzwood Pa and the park was my life back then (born 1958) and would like to know if I can use a metal detector there today being I moved back and would like to dig and fill any holes 6 inches deep that i dig. I`ll check with your office this weekend but would like to plan sooner. Thx Scott
Scott Kilpatrick, Spring City, pa [04-22-2010]

anonymous [04-22-2010]

guht [04-14-2010]

lol thgis is a reALLY GOOD WEBSITE LOL:)
lol [04-08-2010]

hi Goerge washington you are the best
kiera, ruskin [04-06-2010]

I am a desentant of Jacob DeHaven and was active with this 20 years ago. Old address was 1053 Thornwood Dr Pittsburgh PA 15234 My Grandmother Iva Lydic Frederick was a direct desendant I wish I could have done more for Ms Kloeecker. This is an ongoing claim that I feel will never be resolved. Jacob won the war for our found freedom, if it were not for him, we would not be know as the United States of America (the land of the free) All courts should be able to relate to this and thank our family for the belief and dedication of the DeHavens Yours Ray Prendergast
Ray Prendergast, Canonsburg Pa [04-01-2010]

George Washington's vision is a story many would like to believe is true. It may be akin to the story about Davy Crockett voting against the appropriation of funds which were not Congress to give away ("The Life of Colonel DavidCrockett"). The latter story appears to have been based on a real vote, but was dressed up with a back-story, and a different beneficiary. The following believes Washington's vision to be false:
Nanoo Visitor [03-26-2010]

Sandy Andrade [03-25-2010]

thad, doland [03-25-2010]

I have always loved the Hanging Rock in Gulf Mills and always will == I believe it was shaved down a little since I was a kid == I haven't seen it in 30 yrs === I hope it still shows well in all it's glory === It should never be disturbed in any way for any reason ===
Matt, Hollywood Fla [03-22-2010]

Amelia Wilson, Florida [03-19-2010]

Benedict Arnold fools yiggle!
nick [03-17-2010]

the american revolution is so cool
Savannah Simmons [03-17-2010]

I am looking for information on my ancestor Col. Phillip L Greenawalt. He was involved with the commissary during the winter at Valley Forge.
Roxanne Schroen [03-13-2010]

hi go george washington
Sam, usa [03-13-2010]

alex, america [03-11-2010]

Very interesting.One glaring omission in my estimation was the appeal that Lafayette made to Washington to ban slavery in the new country. When Washington refused, Layfayette expressed extreme disappointment and said had he known that it would be continued, he might very well not have given his support to the cause of liberty.
Bill Wilson [03-09-2010]

JAMES M. RAHN [03-09-2010]

Major Jacob Latch is my several times great grandfather. I have his picture framed at my home. He was the son of Rudolph Latch and Mary Bealert. Born October 31, 1758. He was called "Washington's Runner " however what special duty was involved I do not know.
Don Schwartz, Jamesville, New York [03-08-2010]

michael [03-08-2010]

kyle carson, indianapolis indiana [03-05-2010]

hello people i dont know !
alex, decatur middle shcool [03-05-2010]

lucy [03-03-2010]

hello this a wonderful site there are a lot of neat facts
michelle remaley [03-02-2010]

kyle [03-01-2010]

i love nick petersen
annabell [02-25-2010]

jamal turner [02-25-2010]

diane ottinger, merchantville nj [02-25-2010]

ray [02-22-2010]

was there a battle in valley forge
michael, fontana [02-22-2010]

I'm trying to identify my mystery quilt made by a women's patriotic organization probably WWII era. See photo #5601 on Could this be Daughters of the Revolution of 1776? How would I get hold of them? Antique Quilts 5601 - Young Man's Fancy Red, white and blue patriotic - From Springfield, MO estate probably WWII. Hand pieced postage stamp squares. Great graphic design from Springfield, MO estate. Help us sold the mystery. It's not a DAR, Colonial Dames, Eastern Star or PEO quilt, but some similar women's patriotic organization, . It has women's names from the early 1900s with 3 and 4 digit numbers in all blocks except for 5 blank blocks on bottom row. In the middle the table at the top contains a candle, book and gavel, 3 empty flagpoles, an empty table and 13 empty chairs. Outline and diagonal quilts @ 8 st/in, MINT CONDITION 77" x 102" (probably 1940s) Judy Howard, Owner since 1976 Buckboard Antique Quilts
Judy Howard [02-22-2010]

pretty cool, helps to know about the great guy
anonymous [02-17-2010]

i love this website
kaline [02-17-2010]

i like pie
bob [02-17-2010]

anonymous [02-12-2010]

Richard Burch, Glasgow, Ky. [02-11-2010]

Nicholas, Naperville IL 60564 [02-11-2010]

contribution nedir
mert bozdemir, benjamin franklin contribution [02-08-2010]

kelso [02-08-2010]

Breanna [02-08-2010]

andrea [02-08-2010]

it was pretty cool!
anonymous [02-06-2010]

its just how important it was for the people from other countries to help in the revolutionary war.
Phil, Anchorage,AK [02-04-2010]

anonymous [02-04-2010]

i am awsome
ezekiel, berea [02-03-2010]

Great Articles.
Rosemary Hamm, Harlan, Kentucky [02-01-2010]

Ludwig Von Koopa, Anchorage Alaska [02-01-2010]

> enjoyed refreshing my history knowledge, I am 74 yrs. old & enjoy anything related to our country how our forefathers fought for our Freedom.We need to appreciate all that has been done for us down thru the ages;all the human suffering our nation has endured to keep us safe & out of harms way. Thank You all who served in battle in all nations to set them free.God Bless You!
anonymous [02-01-2010]

hi its me again
Ludwig Von Koopa, Anchorage Alaska [01-29-2010]

anonymous [01-28-2010]

Hi Peeps
Ludwig Von Koopa, Anchorage Alaska [01-27-2010]

Hi Peeps I HATE SOCIAL STUDIES it is so boring I have to research Marquis De Lafayette .
Ludwig Von Koopa, Anchorge,Alaska [01-26-2010]

Awesome site! "Don't tread on me!"
David Reeves, Moses Lake, WA [01-25-2010]

hear a rahn was in the boat with george washington at valley forge,is there any records !on this<anonymous [01-22-2010]

I need to know about Nathanael Greene, just the basic information really and y he was important to the revolutionary war.
anonymous [01-22-2010]

Hey sup y'all i heart life and me and y'all
RWasie, Wisconsin [01-22-2010]

This site is cool!
Alisa [01-21-2010]

This website was extremly helpful with my reserch paper.
Holly [01-19-2010]

kodi [01-16-2010]

Kodi Wentzel, Canton,New York [01-16-2010]

heyyyyyyy people of the world sydney is in the house hahahahaahahh
sydney, iowa [01-16-2010]

Im so bored im writing about Marie Jean Paul Joseph Roche Yves Gilbert Du Motier Marquis De Lafayette he is boring .
Ludwig von koopa/tru luv, Anchorage, Alaska [01-15-2010]

Hi peeps sup I like your website its pretty cool.
Bob Fred Gorge [01-15-2010]

jack, va [01-13-2010]

john, hutto [01-13-2010]

This is a great website. Thanks for all the info. "Give me liberty, or give me death!"
Abigail, ma [01-10-2010]

hello! goodbye!11
anonymous [01-09-2010]

Peter O'Neal [01-09-2010]

I come from a long line of UK Waynes, of which some emigrated early to the fledgling States. I have received notices in the past from Historic Waynesborough and think I may have dropped off the mailing list. We have not been able to accept invitations to the "Bash" before but may be visiting the USA for our first vist between July and October this year. I should like contact with anyone who may be able to advise if there are any functions etc to which we may be able to attend within that timeframe. My parents visted Paoli many many years ago and suggested we should do the same. I apologise if I seem to be going through the wrong channel but "" gave a zero "not found" return. In strength, Anthony Wayne
Anthony WAYNE, Western Australlia [01-07-2010]

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