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Valley Forge Guest Book Archives: 2009

Hello, it's a beautiful site, however Baron de Kalb is born in Hüttendorf, Bavaria, Germany in June 29, 1721. Thank you and best wishes!
Norbert, Germany [12-30-2009]

This is a great site. I found my ancestor's name on the muster roll. He came in the spring after the terrible winter. We had one this week. I was very pleased to fine his name on the roll as having been there
nancy, Oklahoma [12-28-2009]

I am a direct decendant of General Nathanael Greene. This is my order. Daryl R. Baisley → Frederick Baisley your father → Harry Baisley his father → Ella C. Greene Baisley his mother → Gabriel Greene her father → George Washington Greene his father Nathanael Ray died early in life and is buried with his father. the name Geroge Washington is wrong in the history books. George Washington greene is my great great grand father on my great grand mothers side. his grand daughter Elle C. Greene died on Red Mill Road in Peekskill, NY. This was my grand fathers house. → General Nathanael Greene his father → Jabez Greene his father
Daryl Baisley, Los Angeles, Calif. [12-28-2009]

hello, my name is ...........
annanymous, Boston,Mass. [12-21-2009]

Hi, You have a Francis (Aerts)Smith listed as a surgeon from PA who served as a surgeon at Valley Forge on your "Who Served" page, but he is not listed in your muster rolls. Can someone help me find out more about him? I think you have him listed as a French officer, but he was really from Brussels. Thank you!
Jen Rakeman [12-19-2009]

yo soc is fun?
anonymous [12-16-2009]

hi im bored in soc
sarah, social studies pd 4 [12-16-2009]

Great site I enjoyed the muster roll section which had the names of the brave souls that served there.
mark, indiana [12-15-2009]

t y [12-14-2009]

cerrick [12-14-2009]

i was here yay me lol
anonymous [12-14-2009]

hi i am in history class right now and it is 12:38pm
Alexandria Dilley [12-12-2009]

Allie Lambert [12-12-2009]

What happened at Valley Forge? Why was anyone there? I can't seem to find any info.
anonymous [12-12-2009]

Personaly, I think that all of this information throughout this website needs to be organized. I can't find what I'm looking for, without having to read a ton. Just my opinion!
Kelly, Ohio [12-12-2009]

so cool what happened at valley forge. G.W rocks. he's the true person who made us here standing. He still went on and on and on after all the sickness, coldness.......... for his country. He really wanted freedom. That shows that he is persistant and well-mannered.
the awsome, ca [12-10-2009]

anna, new york [12-08-2009]

Whatever the source of such great learning that enabled Mr. Washington to rise to such stature needs to be discerned and fostered to great extent if this country is to see another 230 years...
Charles Matthes, Indiana [12-07-2009]

bailey nelson [12-07-2009]

george washington made our country the best. He tried sometimes, he got sick of the public and needed to retire so he dd. witout him we wouldn't be like we are today
anonymous [12-03-2009]

Baron von steuben was the best...
Tianna Sharece, Atlanta [12-02-2009]

tour message this opportunity question declarant independences the united stated you may use washington the asked question please written and history mexican war the united stated okay good moniry
ALEJANDRO MORENO PEREZ, mexico [12-30-2009]

i hope u know im only here for a report on benedict arnol...and he is flippin boring
Annie, Everett, WA [11-30-2009]

baron all american all the way
anonymous [11-25-2009]

i hate school
yomega, in school [11-23-2009]

for what is valley forge remembered?
anonymous [11-23-2009]

Great site. Number one for my next trip..
Chris, Bryans Road, Maryland [11-23-2009]

i luv this
Paul`a [11-20-2009]

I used to live right by Valley forge about five minutes away its a really cool place and a wonderful part of histpry (even if there i some deer poop) haha!
Tia [11-19-2009]

I have just finished reading 1776 by David MCcullough and I have learned more about Greene and I have a deep sense of patriotism. I am in awe of what these men did in the face of overwhelming odds. Thank you.
Michael T. Chute, South Carolina [11-19-2009]

Everyone should go play Aion!
KrasNasty, Abyss [11-19-2009]

They should allow ghost hunts at the Park
anonymous [11-19-2009]

the american revoltion is my favorite war. this site helped write a book,i needed some info and this helped. thanks.
Emily [11-19-2009]

This is a very informative website - I thoroughly enjoyed reading through the different topics
Linda Frausto, Westfield, IN [11-19-2009]

i love history!
laura, florida [11-19-2009]

hola! go gw!
TK [11-14-2009]

i like corn
Zakito [11-14-2009]

i looking up the history benedict arnold my family come from milton abbas i think i am related
ben arnold, new forest,england [11-12-2009]

Dear Sirs: I am troubled by an appearance of a change in the text from the first time I read this account. The source is an epilogue in the first edition of the book entitled, Celebrations of a Nation, written by Lucille Johnston. In that recording,as I recall, the most feared battle was the second peril. I will trry to locate this again,and will appreciate your research into this discrepancy. Kindest Regards, Tina Stallings
Tina Stallings [11-10-2009]

Um Questions Who What Where When Why How
Need Help With Homework [11-05-2009]

jurny [11-05-2009]

wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow!
Libbey [11-05-2009]

Scottie [11-04-2009]

Thank You to these people to make so my family could come to America!
Emma Angene, Des Moines [10-29-2009]

Jennifer Utley, Auburn, CA [10-27-2009]

thank you manshe
nanaaa [10-26-2009]

my family history says RAHN FROM
JAMES M. RAHN, guyton, georgia [10-26-2009]

Revel Walker, Longwood University [10-22-2009]

anonymous [10-22-2009]

i wanted to a report on the revolutionary war because i love the way the men gave their lives to give us the life we have today..
alicea, Ponca City, Oklahoma [10-22-2009]

So DID Washington see an angel or not?
Jeffrey Pelletier, mn [10-19-2009]

I got here because of the intricacies of Net search. I was actually seeking to contact Larry T. Hedges and tell him how wonderful I found his truck! However, I found this site and I must say it's simply unbelievable and I will return to read more. Helena Writer (and sometimes poet), Malaysia
Helena Fernz, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [10-13-2009]

jill [10-13-2009]

Tommy Murin, Geoge Town [10-07-2009]

When in the course of Human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another,and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of Nature and of natures God entitle them. A decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which empell them to the separation. We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal, that the are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. ...
Abigale Adams, Valley Forge [10-07-2009]

@ aots 8==0
*ASTERISK*, Tokyo Japan [10-01-2009]

Always heard that one of our ancestors was there.. Wow three..
Mary Apperson, Oklahoma [09-28-2009]

dudes' this web sight totally rcks and all but i think you should add some pink. pink is the new black!
Kegyn Allen, phoenix,arizona [09-23-2009]

Kr [09-23-2009]

Descendant of Valley Forge soldier, Jacob Parkerson/Parkinson. He was one of the youngest soldiers during the winter. Glad to see this site!
R L Snyder, Ohio [09-20-2009]

Found while doing a Family Tree that my ancesters owned the land at Valley Forge. William DeWees was also my Grandfathers name
Jerry DeWees, West Virginia [09-20-2009]

hello pplz
anonymous [09-20-2009]

Uhhhmmmm.... Hi(: I Like Chocolate(: Ok Well Bye :D
Felisha, school(: [09-17-2009]

Hello fellow historians
Diandra Janet Mejia, Texas [09-10-2009]

Chris D, DuBois, PA [09-07-2009]

Hail 2 the Flag of the Stars & Stripes the Red White & Blue forevermore.
Hugh O'Hara, Australia [09-07-2009]

Valley Forge is so awesome!
Lena Z. [08-18-2009]

fREDERICK SUSSI [08-17-2009]

I was sent here by Alex Collier. A contactee of the Andromedians. "We are in a precarious situtation here on Earth and must learn from the past as to change the future to our liking". We must and will take full responsibility!
Tony, Suburbs of Chicago [08-11-2009]

Brandi Larkins [08-04-2009]

my grandfather was named cadwalader biddle howell.just checking to see where we are from?
john t howell, syracuse ny [07-28-2009]

How do you get to Valley Forge from Center City, Pa by public transportation? Any tour buses leaving from Center City, Pa.?
anonymous [07-20-2009]

My grandfather many times removed was a Sgt with Washington at Valley Forge. I carry on his fighting spirit for a stonger America. Long live the constitution.
Martha Moss NEE Lorton, Cedar Rapids Iowa [07-14-2009]

Interesting site. Thanks for the info. -- David Orman
David Orman, Florida [07-07-2009]

Love the website. Looking for information on John Cooke of Virginia.
Woody Cook, Cincinnati, OH [07-05-2009]

Thanks for your diligence in maintaining this website.
George W. Francis, Huntingdon Valley, PA [06-22-2009]

John (Jack) Steel [06-21-2009]

I love your site and I'm big fan of history. Keep up the good work. God bless you julie nolan
julie, moline illinios [06-17-2009]

paule revere shouldnt be famous he didnt even complete the midnight ride it was another guy
anonymous [06-03-2009]

Hannah Tippett [06-02-2009]

Sam [05-27-2009]

im doing a historic story about valley forge and it is so cool
anonymous [05-22-2009]

Descendant of William Bradley & Elizabeth Christian through their only son, Drury. Elizabeth is the is the only documented wife of William. Buckingham County, Virginia.
Jim Bradley, California [05-22-2009]

makayla, nnyhdkgzx [05-14-2009]

hey when were you born?
makayla, IN New Castle [05-14-2009]

anonymous [05-13-2009]

I attended the 1957 Boy Scout Jamboree in Valley Forge, PA. also. Troop 33 from Bergen County Northern New Jersey.
Robert Dank, Mahwah,N.J. [05-10-2009]

what did mary ludwig look like?
anonymous [05-10-2009]

My ggggg'Grandfather, Elijah Foote served with George Washington at Valley Forge Pa. He was an eight generation American Foote. My question would be, 'Was there more than one winter spent in Valley Forge by George Washington?'
Robert M Litman, Canton Ohio [05-07-2009]

I need to know some things about Valley Forge for my social studies project.
Austin Green, St.Jacob,IL [05-07-2009]

hi ppl out there how are ya dowing i hope ya are winnig the war see ya!
vane, 9485894 st robin [05-07-2009]

i like this site it gives information about things i like gerge washington he is cool P.s i have to do this for school yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh
scott, somewhere [05-05-2009]

i don come here pack all
michael [05-04-2009]

The Clendenin's are who located the Civil War. So I'm pretty cool.
Tenia Clendenin, Florida [05-04-2009]

My 4th great-grandfather, Pierce Dant Hamblin, served with the Virginia 4th reg at Valley Forge, with General Adam Stephen and General Geroge Washington. Thanks for this woderful site!
Jennifer, nv [04-27-2009]

Fredrick Von Steuben [04-27-2009]

While taking my daughter to Valley Forge Military College we went by Valley Forge and couldn't believe how beautiful it was. I was asked by the college to do a paranormal investigation on two locations on the site and was wondering if it is possible to do a investigation one night while we are out there.I'm the lead investergator for Garden State paranormal. We just did a demo for Discovery Channel on Antietum Battlefield. Hope to hear from you soon Thank You Richard flaum.
Richard [04-24-2009]

peter b, Harrah, WA. [04-22-2009]

were having a tea party in long island ny on may 16 at 1;00 would you have any reinactment people in the area who wouldnt mind comming in uniform so we can stand up with them
billy, queens ny [04-18-2009]

george washington-you rock dude
Angelica, Illinois [04-18-2009]

anonymous [04-18-2009]

i guess this site is ok
anonymous [04-18-2009]

what was the name of the river that helped protect the camp at Valley Forge?
anonymous [04-16-2009]

boston red soxs ruleeeeeeeeeeeeee!
jp, who,cares [04-14-2009]

Question--- You referenced the N.C. units at Valley Forge being disbanded. Specifically To what units were the 10th N.C. ( capt. Bakers Company ) assigned. Question # 2 -- YOu reference then N.C. units being poorely clothed. Were they in continental uniform or Hunting Frocks, again, how was the 10th N.C. dressed at Valley forge. Thank you so much for your help and assistance. Alton E. Cowan
Alton E. Cowan, Norfolk, Virginia [04-14-2009]

What is George Washinton's boat's name?
anonymous, wi [04-14-2009]

sean, south carolina [04-13-2009]

Mary [04-07-2009]

hello how was it back then??????????
hanna [04-07-2009]

sam, tty [04-04-2009]

cheyenne [04-03-2009]

alexi rae carlos
Alexi, greeley [04-03-2009]

Pudge [04-01-2009]

hi pplz
xoxomariaxoxo [03-29-2009]

I recently discoverred that my 8th Great Grandfather, Rev Captain John Steele, served with General Washington and was influential in the church and the conflicts. I look forward to visiting later this year.
Freddie Steel, Chicago [03-26-2009]

This site is really good.
Jenny, Pennsylvania [03-24-2009]

i think it is a great thing to have info from a long time ago
morgan, omaha,Ne [03-23-2009]

Sup Dawg!
Ares of Olympus, Mt. Olympus [03-22-2009]

Can anyone over there help me with adress and telephone to ALICE MANNION, Valley Forge, Penn?
Margaret Konow Lund, Tranby, Norway [03-18-2009]

heyy i want to know more send me a message to my myspace please ! ??????????????????????????????????????????????????
katie carnley, bonifay FL 32425 3353neal lane [03-16-2009]

hey this is a gggrrreeeaaattt website to find history for projects thats what I did and i got an A! i am in 8th grade so it is hard to make an A and did i add that it was an A+ and my teacher said that there were no flaws so please use this website you will be glad you did i know that sounds cheesy but it is the truth! sincerly,bunny73921
anonymous [03-16-2009]

Hey Tay, Nick and Galen...where have ya'll been? Thayer
Thayer Davis, Palatine, Illinois [03-15-2009]

beth, az [03-10-2009]

I recommend it 2 others who r interested in this kind of thing, like 4 projects. I used it & I was totally glad I found it. Thank you 4 the info.
Julia, Minnesota [03-09-2009]

Alina [03-09-2009]

omg, i love this site. I really like social studies and i study so much for the fun of it and i sometimes feel that i've been there sometimes. P.S Jonas Brothers are the worst in the history of the worst.
Stephany Chung, Newington, Connecticut { 3-4-2009} [03-09-2009]

anonymous [03-09-2009]

love the site
Shenikwa Williams, Milwaukee,Wisconsin [02-26-2009]

anonymous [02-26-2009]

hello i hate you
hawk, kodiak [02-25-2009]

Brittney spears [02-25-2009]

HAVEN, ???????? [02-24-2009]

alexis vestal [02-24-2009]

the attitude towards the loyalists who have helped the british army spending a comfortable winter in philadelphia
victoria, the winter at valley forge [02-24-2009]

Brent Hyden, West Virginia [02-20-2009]

Brian Minish, Bayonne, New Jersey [02-20-2009]

mr yankee [02-20-2009]

i love this!
Austin [02-17-2009]

Just got back from Valley Forge Boy Scout encampment we had an great trip and wish to thank the Rangers, staff, and all the others that made this a wonderful event
anonymous, Bangor PA [02-17-2009]

I attended the 1957 Boy Scout Jamboree at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. I was from Explorer Post # 2052 Columbus, Indiana. We took the B & O Train from North Vernon,In to Baltimore,Md Washington.D.C. Philadelphia, Pa, New York City then out to the Park. I would like to hear from any one from "Columbus, Indiana" who came to this 4th National Boy Scout Jamboree. Sincerely, Bob Lazzell Eagle Scout- Explorer Silver Award. USA (ret) ARC (ret) at
Bob Lazzell, Florida [02-17-2009]

Ronald W. Canfield [02-17-2009]

I am proud to say that Nathaniel Greene is an ansestor of mine. My paternal grandmother was a Greene. It's nice to know that one of my relatives actually worked to make this nation great!
Joyce Finn, Aptos, California [02-12-2009]

this site is the best!
billy [02-11-2009]

I have an original invitation to the George Washington Centenial Inaguration Ball. I am interested in knowing if there is a value or location that it could be perserved at.
anonymous [02-11-2009]

Grew up across the Schuylkill River, catty-corner from Valley Forge Park, in a neighborhood called "Betzwood." Could see the Arch from our street and from trees in our yard. Spent much time in the Park. Love its history, its nature, its importance to our nation. Thanks for this website.
Brian Pickell, Phoenixville, PA [02-09-2009]

NaDiA [02-06-2009]

how many kids did aaron burr have?
anonymous [02-05-2009]

my great,great,great grand father Benjamine Hamrick was there May June 1778 served under Capt John BLACKWELL 3RD va Brigade.I served our nation in Viet Nam.Great site.
Harvey, Webster Springs,WV. [02-04-2009]

i luv nick jonas
caylee [02-04-2009]

leah [02-04-2009]

Tremendous site.....very educational for all ages. I went to Valley Forge Military Academy and did'nt realize the enticement of the area.
Scott Cabbiness, Fairfax, Va. [02-02-2009]

I trying to find information about the Blue Book. I have read what you had on Baron Von Steuben. I'm tasked to give a class on the Blue Book. Please help.
SFC Michael E Turner, Jacksonville, FL [02-02-2009]

angel, hollwood,california [01-29-2009]

hellooooo! i don't really like this web-stite but i'm from britain so i would't know
anonymous [01-29-2009]

saul, no [01-28-2009]

Thanks My son Is now An Expert At The Librety Bell!
anonymous [01-28-2009]

i love history, since i saw National Treasure.
kayla, shiprock,nm [01-27-2009]

Having been bitten by the Rev. War Bug and being considered for membership in the SAR I find these sites so valuable and enriching. I never quite realized what these heroes accomplished before I become so involved. Keep up the good work. Thank you, Robert
Robert M Litman, Canton Ohio [01-27-2009]

i like the way your site is set up
curtis [01-27-2009]

hello world
anonymous [01-26-2009]

this is a great site! I found it while researching Washington's dream at Valley Forge. I am also the cousin of President McKinley,so I am very history oriented.----theresa a kanost
theresa a. kanost, oklahoma city, ok [01-26-2009]

On Natiional Treasure is the history things about the President's death note on the first one true? And on the second movie is the President's secret Book true?
Bradford Fowler, Tomball,Texas [01-23-2009]

great site im writing a paper on valley forge, and this is one of the best sites to get information from
anonymous [01-23-2009]

Hey this is a really cool site and don't let others tell you otherwise! It is very informal. But I suggest you put more pictures on here. It helps more people looking at this MORE interested. The more the better!
Kailtlyn [01-23-2009]

ummmm.....thnkz 4 the info it was greatly used for my outside info on my DBQ test!i also sited your page for my test and recommended it to others in my school!:) <3
may-may [01-23-2009]

anonymous [01-21-2009]

A .Brandrt-Bergenthal, Germany [01-20-2009]

hi thanks 4 the info
anonymous [01-20-2009]

you stink i hate socile studies you need some really really cool videos about the valley forge! that kid page my soclie studyies teacher does a better job a videos i am bleeding on my leg right now okay! i am really bord of studing so i am just sending you some thing behind my moms back insted of studing! got to go gtg love, lexi ps i will keep emailing you bye
lexi, st.simons island georgia [01-20-2009]

Every citizen should take note of Washington's prayer life, and realize that this great nation was founded and preserved by people of christian faith. I myself am not a particularly religious man, however I do think that when we go through our own private Valley Forges in life, we must remember what got Washington through. It was his faith. Thank you.
Bob Long, California [01-20-2009]

nice information
m-dog [01-19-2009]

One February, I think it was 1962, I camped there for three days at the Boy Scouts' Valley Forge Jamboree. Got any records of that?
Steven M. McCarthy, Independence, Oregon [01-18-2009]

julie jones [01-18-2009]

Hello, I am serching for a friend, I have not heard from for over 40 years! Her name was Alice Rauch, and married a irich man called Michael. I think she lives in Valley Forge. Can you help me with adress ens telephone?
Margaret Konow Lund, Tranby, Norway [01-13-2009]

I visited Valley Forge in 2007 and have looked up everything I could find since. I am very sorry that I did not take an interest in the history of my country before now. I was moved to complete humbleness while visiting Valley Forge.
Shirley Elam, Memphis, TN [01-11-2009]

George Washington was a great man. Thank you for keeping his memory alive and the struggle our forefathers went thru for us well documented.
Dixie, Rural Ohio [01-09-2009]

i like valley fourge
anonymous [01-08-2009]

hey y dont you check all about martha washington
nikki [01-07-2009]

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