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Valley Forge Guest Book Archives: 2008

I try to get a picture of the farm bought by General Duportail (1795) when he became a farmer in your aera . Was this building destroyed ? Duportail never returned to this farm he left in 1801, because he died aboard a ship .
Le Pottier, Angers, France [12-30-2008]

i learned a lot from this site. thank you!
dayna morris [12-29-2008]

Great for historical information !
Joshua D. Rodriguez, garden grove California [12-29-2008]

enjoyed visiting you here and hope to visit you for real next October.
Naomi Spence, Ar [12-26-2008]

Can't seem to find a good illustrated book on the Valley Forge encampment
anonymous [12-22-2008]

hay send me some e-mails i want to talk to yall ("Tee Hee Hee")
Teresa, Fruits Basket [12-22-2008]

hockeynut cathedral
Chris [12-19-2008]

makin apart of history
samantha, baltimore [12-18-2008]

Hello everyone, padon me I would like to say good day!
Jennifer, North Carolina [12-18-2008]

very helpful information. thankyou
Ben, Louisiana [12-18-2008]

omg its is soooooo kool u can put any thing on here! soooo kool! and u could talk to ppl
apples are yummy [12-18-2008]

anonymous [12-18-2008]

Website helped a lot on revolutionary war timeline i had to do. IN the 8th grade
keith jann, niles, michigan [12-18-2008]

r [12-18-2008]

Damarious Foster [12-18-2008]

I'm in 8th grade and we have to do a report for history, this websight has helped so much! i used it to research benedict arnold. THANKS!
Jennie, Ohio [12-15-2008]

do you have tour guys dressed up like they're from the war?
:-) [12-15-2008]

this is a great site!
cheznie [12-15-2008]

hahah schooools boring
victoria [12-10-2008]

pajo hijo [12-08-2008]

really good info i mean it i did a project off this site ( and cited it of course)
drew [12-08-2008]

clarissa, laredo texas [12-08-2008]

Gen George Washington for ever
Zach [12-08-2008]

dear you, you better watch out, you beter not cry, you better not pout im tellin you why pajo hijo is comin totown..................... .............i love this website
pajo [12-05-2008]

hijo [12-05-2008]

diamond, Pgh, pa [12-05-2008]

Hey well yeah i love are the best perseindent in the world
Ciara Wilson, Winner South Dakota [12-04-2008]

this is a really good website. it really helped me with my history.
mason, blancherdville WI at pec school [12-04-2008]

peant [12-04-2008]

This site was very helpful and informative about Washington. Thanks so much!
Britney Spears, Hollywood, California [12-03-2008]

Wat up ppl!
aj [12-02-2008]

I wished you has nore info on what life was like back then. but this was a great help for my school project
Sydney, Lynnwood, WA [11-27-2008]

i really want to know more about the ghost sightings in the park and there where abouts if you could send me some info on web sites that would be great thank you so much for leting me view your site
Maria Davey, Royersford Pa [11-26-2008]

I just thought I'd mention that, as much as I hate to say it, because I was moved deeply by it as well at first, the story of Washington's vision at Valley Forge is apparently a hoax. For the actual details behind it, you can check out
anonymous [11-25-2008]

this wbe site is the most accurate but i would like to find out more about nathanael greene
destiny bonilla, florida [11-25-2008]

thanks guys, this is nice and easy
andrew hagensick, springville, iowa, united states [11-25-2008]

THis is great
Daniel, Fukui city,Japan [11-24-2008]

Hi- I'm doing a project about this and this site is helpful. Thanks!
Taylor, Massachusetts [11-24-2008]

why did you call it Valley Forge?
anonymous [11-24-2008]

I just love this website! It's very convienent when your on the road to have such a great study tool! Thanks guys!
Miley Cyrus, Hollywood, CA [11-20-2008]

DUDE! This site ROCKS!
Dylan, Florida! and I am 16 [11-20-2008]

helped me with a project! thank you
Sarah Greene [11-19-2008]

Can you please post when the site was last edited/updated. Thank you!
Amelia, ca [11-18-2008]

Robert Wolf [11-17-2008]

I enjoyed your website. I learned a lot. Joseph Normand Grinnell. Grand Isle, Maine; formerly of Milford and West Haven, Connecticut. Publisher/Editor of "Le Journal du Maudit Gratteux".
Joseph Normand Grinnell, Grand Isle, Maine, USA [11-17-2008]

freddii eff baybeeh
anonymous [11-17-2008]

i love valley forge
Tyler, chebangbang [11-14-2008]

great website!
ANNA [11-13-2008]

hey! i have to put this site in a M.L.A. citation format but i can't find any of the info. i need. can someone help me?
Jillian [11-12-2008]

my father and brother worked for the park when it belonged to the father only made .55 cents an hour when eh passed away in1941 I've live for 84 years saw a lot of changes
stewart, valley forge [11-07-2008]

I am teribly sorry to hear about the valley forge but am excited to hear about my history.
KiKi, Jacksonville [11-06-2008]

i need to know what country the clolnist made a treaty with.
anonymous [11-06-2008]

TRACIE YOUNG [11-06-2008]

Whoa. Nice site holmes. Very helpfull.
STF SG3 Jordan A. Sable [11-04-2008]

I just read in the 1899 Oct. issue of Connecticut magazine the William Ayer was a body guard of George Washington at Valley Forge. He was from Haverhill MA where the Ayer family was in large numbers. He was born in 1853. Could this be true.
william ayer, Connecticut [10-31-2008]

This is a great web site. It helpes a lot with some of the reports i am doing.
Patrick Koehr, Warrenton, Virginia [10-30-2008]

Zain Ray [10-29-2008]

LAKITA, school [10-29-2008]

lalalla dee dee daa daa!
Lina Partida, Santa Paula, Ca [10-29-2008]

sam [10-29-2008]

sg [10-29-2008]

very helpful for projects thank you
Carly Proud [10-28-2008]

ALAN CRAIG, nwpa [10-28-2008]

emily [10-27-2008]

lol this site was so beautiful xD haha! ya right!
I LIKE PEANUT BUTTER! [10-27-2008]

hey there! i had to do a report on Benedict Arnold and this page was my main resource. it help so much, i got a A plus, the only one in the class too. i even showed it to some of the other kids who had people in the who served part of the site and they got A's too! this site rocks my socks!
Grayce, usa [10-27-2008]

Hi guys if you have any questions about Valley Forge, feel free to amil me at I live in Valley Forge, well my house is across from it
Antara, King of Prussia (Valley Forge) [10-27-2008]

anonymous [10-24-2008]

Very informitave, maby I learned something about Leadership. I love Hillary.
George W. Bush [10-24-2008]

im doing a report and it is helping me for history
Madison [10-24-2008]

hey do you guys have any pics of the winter time at valey forge
Jamie [10-24-2008]

This site is so cool I love it!
Kristen, nowhere [10-23-2008]

anonymous [10-22-2008]

this is a great site for 8th grade history projects
unknown [10-22-2008]

Please send me any information you might have on William B.T. Trego's painting titled "Battery of Light Artillery En Route." I saw an image of this painting on the website of the 4th U.S. Artillery. The website acknowledged your organization for providing information on the artist, Wm. B.T. Trego. Thanks very much.
Steven Turkel, Mt. Airy, MD [10-20-2008]

Nice site. =) I used it for my project. Yaaay. =D Btw, does everyone here who signed this guestbook have a relative they are tracking down? Haha. =]
Girl., Cali! [10-20-2008]

I am related to benedict arnold by blood line and i was just wondering how much info there is about him
chris, kelso [10-18-2008]

I am a Great Granddaughter X'4 of General John Armstrong. My family came from Mississippi. It is so great to find out important information on family members that you didn't know anything about until you start doing a Family Tree. So kudo's to my daughter Kayle for this is part of a school project that she has to complete. Thanks again!
Christina Armstrong, Louisville, Ky & Corydon, IN [10-18-2008]

libby [10-18-2008]

I am not particularly interested in history, but your site makes history interesting. And oil paintings do have some connection with history.:))
Jenny Kan, China [10-13-2008]

anonymous [10-13-2008]

This site ROCKS! And to the 16 yr old ladies I am single (and hot!) lol
Dylan, florida [10-13-2008]

yeah, i am just sitting here and i am so freaking bored so i decided to do this little guest book thingy, so, peace!
Meridan, tupelo, Mississippi [10-09-2008]

i love this web site for history proijects the most i have one right now!
desmond, Baltimore [10-08-2008]

anonymous [10-07-2008]

You have profound and detailed information. I am an adult and was curious about the historical facts which are available to children. Fortunately the information is concise and I thank you. Sincerly Marilyn Vail
Marilyn, Florida [10-04-2008]

cody, Latham [10-03-2008]

hi this is an amazing site.
Ieashia [10-03-2008]

Very Good, i used this site the most on my presentation. (of course i cited)
mojo [10-03-2008]

dude... my teacher didnt spell you name correct! you should sew him! and he is retarted, and he dissed my homie (Juan) in math class!
i am so cool!, New england [10-03-2008]

:D this website is ok !
kendall [10-03-2008]

angela alvarez, l.a., CA [09-28-2008]

joe jones, 710 e. 9th str. plaesanton, KS. 66075 [09-26-2008]

wow !
Alexander Grady [09-26-2008]

If we had had a decent king you'd be eating Fish and Chips now. Just joking guys and gals but it does make you think.Great site I really liked it
Gary Byrne, london [09-24-2008]

hi this page is sweet
jillian [09-24-2008]

This site helped A LOT!
Nick, Colorado [09-23-2008]

Rachel Dart, Mckinney Texas [09-21-2008]

this site is gansta doggggg
tyler dillard and bryce greenough [09-19-2008]

Annie McElrath, Georgia [09-15-2008]

I heard that my 5th great grandfather, Lebbeus Ball (4 MA, ID# MA12984) was at Valley Forge, now it is confirmed. Thanks.
Jerry Bills, Wisconsin [09-15-2008]

jamie quick [09-15-2008]

i rule!
oooooooooo, hmmmmmm [09-15-2008]

awesome website!
anonymous [09-12-2008]

gentlemen: There is sound historical documentation my GGGG grandfather served at V.F. His name is James Wooden 3MA ART. Do you have any more info on this man you could send by e-mail . Thank you.
DeeAnna Wooden, michigan [09-08-2008]

one of my great grandfathers went to the war and he did not die,
Madison Ava szeremet, eight years old [09-06-2008]

Available Now! The BLACK REGIMENT OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION by Linda Crotta Brennan Illustrated by Cheryl Kirk Noll “A thoroughly documented, endearing testimony of the roles of African American patriots. I highly recommend this book for children.” -- Charles Blockson, Curator African American Collection, Temple University Contact Apprentice Show Books, LLC Bedford, New Hampshire Also available through Amazon: The Black Regiment of the American Revolution
Linda Brennan, Rhode Island [09-06-2008]

I have found that one of my ancestors died at Valley Forge. His name was Samuel Coy and he died in 1776 at Valley Forge. What a small world. Any information would be greatly appreciated, as I am using him to connect to the DAR. Thank you so much!
Diana H., Southern California [09-01-2008]

Great Site! I recently found my patriot Cpl John Athey - direct descendent through my mother's line, the Athey family. Fascinating history!
Deb Jo, Californai [09-01-2008]

Just researching ancestors that were at Vallege Forge: (1) Brig Gen William Woodford and (2) Priv. Richard French...I was looking for a James French. Love your web site.
Sarah F Hamilton, Lexington, Ky [08-29-2008]

How do I prove that this certain ancestor was mine?
Jean [08-18-2008]

Great Site! I was just surfing and trying to escape for a few moments. Thank you.
Kevin Kibler [08-06-2008]

steve brelsford, tenn [08-04-2008]

My Great,Great Grandfather was Thomas Brown from CT who served in the 5th CT Regement. It is beleived that he made rifle stocks at Valley Forge. I have a cane (ram rod covered with rings of leather, horn and bone) that it is beleived he made at Valley Forge. Do you have any records of rifle repair at Valley Forge?
Dean W. Brown, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA [07-22-2008]

Tim Shey, North Platte, Nebraska [07-08-2008]

I recently discovered a letter amongst my fathers papers. In it, my Great Uncle tells the story he heard from his grandfather, who at the age of 16, was driving supply wagons to Valley Forge. (John Loder).
Thomas F. Derrick, Lincoln NE [07-06-2008]

do you [07-03-2008]

At one point George Washington had a horse named "Horse."
Kurt Hale Schroeder, Rochester, MN [06-20-2008]

I am a descendent of General Nathanel Greene. I would like to get in touch with others that are also related to him. I am related to him thru George Fredrick Greene of the Flint, Mich.
nora horne-cox, waycross, georgia [06-19-2008]

good site and I find it very useful. Lots of info I needed. Thanks
Colleen Noll [06-19-2008]

this is awesome i really injoy researching for school on this page
clarissa lang [06-10-2008]

anonymous [06-03-2008]

very good site
udolo ishanman [05-28-2008]

Do you have any information that a Mr. Passmore (Enos) owned Valley Forge during the Revolution? I have a will in my family history that says a man is descended from Enos Passmore, who owned Valley Forge. Is this familiar to you? Thanks!
Kathy Smith, Pueblo West CO [05-25-2008]

this was great help for me when i did my project !htanks!
anonymous [05-21-2008]

do you know any effcets on louisianna before the civil war
shaniece, tokyo, japan [05-14-2008]

iam looking for pictures relating to the 1976 celebration held at valley forge for the bicentenial wagon train that i was part of when i was 7 years old. my mother rode in on horse back carrying the american flag. i would think there would be some media pics or private pics.
mike finney [05-14-2008]

i couldnt find how benidict arnold became a trader
anonymous [05-12-2008]

how can i join the ranks
daniel petersen, michigan [05-12-2008]

Tons of info. It's awesome =D
Demi, but that's all. I'm a pre-teen New Yorker. [05-08-2008]

Hello Ladies, Great site! Later, Jim Email:
Jim Morrison, usa [05-08-2008]

I found lots of informationon Benedict Arnold of whom I am doin g a report on THX!
not avalible :) [05-07-2008]

Tisha, usa [05-07-2008]

thanks your web is cool. It got me a A+.
sbm, nc [05-07-2008]

Rory Lavery, Bedford [05-06-2008]

anonymous [05-05-2008]

Thanks to your website I have one more piece of information on my ancestral grandfather, John Armstrong, 2nd Lt., 3rd Pa Continental Line, not to be confused with John Armstrong Sr. & Jr.who remained in Pa., my ancestor patented 176 acres in Northern Ky. making him one earliest settlers in Campbell Co. Thanks guys!
gene armstrong, ohio [05-05-2008]

I was there at 5:15pm on a sunday and it was closed. We drove around but it's nothing like taking a tour I bet. We will return one day.
Shirley, Florida [05-03-2008]

Just wanted to say hi. I am distant grandson of General Nathanael Greene.
Jason Gardner, Portland, Oregon [05-03-2008]

george wahington had wooden teeth
anonymous [05-02-2008]

Hello have a great day!
Britney Onofre, school [05-02-2008]

Jeff dog [04-30-2008]

u make history so much fun
antonishawynn, porstmouth,va [04-30-2008]

Ok site. But you need more about Valley Forge and the generals of the army. I did find a lot of the info I needed though.
anonymous [04-30-2008]

Awesome sie. Loads of info! Thanks!
B [04-28-2008]

i want to know how casulities where in valley forge battle
billy bob [04-26-2008]

thank you for a very informative look into the military life of benedict arnold.

I have an old Valley Forge Flag that is in the original box. The flag has 48 stars and is rolled on a wooden pole. Could you please tell me the value of my flag. THANKS
connie slone, Jenkins, KY [04-24-2008]

how people lived in 1797
anonymous [04-24-2008]

wat you sponcer
ashley [04-23-2008]

Kim Morris, texas [04-22-2008]

This is has a lot of information
Carly, new york [04-21-2008]

You have a very good site, I will continue to use it often ! Thnks !
Zach, Reynoldsburg, OH [04-20-2008]

nicole stogner, lancaster,SC 29720 [04-16-2008]

M.C..H [04-16-2008]

katie ann mccaleb [04-16-2008]

nykia [04-16-2008]

like omg i am learing this in class of all the states like the 13 colonist is is really cool is back in to the furter
Danielle, newyork [04-13-2008]

hi i am signing my name matt
anonymous [04-09-2008]

you guys rock out loud!
anonymous [04-08-2008]

halie, ttylertexas [04-08-2008]

There is something in the ditch parallel to the Needle erected in 1901. Why the stones? And why does the 1901 portrait show a small tree and a bush where the big ditch surrounded by trees is currently? Or could've concieveably been? Prior to the Revolutionary War were people scared of going to or passing by Valley Forge? Is it best to explore that field when the grass is 6 feet high?
Jim Dusewicz, King Of Prussia [04-06-2008]

Where can i find 6 revolutionary war styled clothing?
Michael [04-06-2008]

micah [04-05-2008]

hey i really like your site it helped me get lots of info for my history report for Marquis De Lafayette! luv ya
hannah [04-05-2008]

anonymous [04-04-2008]

A very helpful site. it was great for my projects.
Lisa [04-04-2008]

no way wow thats amazing
anonymous [04-02-2008]

anonymous [04-01-2008]

how is the mintenmen what did they do
anonymous [03-30-2008]

Loved the story on General Greene.I just found out that My family is related to him.Keep up the good work.
Scott Greene, Gastonia,North Carolina [03-25-2008]

I like it!
anonymous [03-25-2008]

moriah MORRIS [03-25-2008]

Hugh Aggings was my ancestor. Someone was looking for information about him. Have been to Enoch Aggings' gravesite in Mullica Hill NJ.
Sue Wynne, nj [03-24-2008]

what kind of education did mary molly pitcher hays have
liz, 46221 [03-21-2008]

Question: Was there a Tinicum Township, Buck County Pennsylvania militia company, captained by Nicholas Patterson at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777/78? This company may have been under Colonel Hugh Tomb’s 1st Battalion PA. Wayne
Wayne McCargar, Nanaimo B.C. [03-21-2008]

what were challenges deberoh sampson ran into? I love harry potter and wuished it hadn't stopped!
mapia [03-14-2008]

this site is the bomb. i had my reaserch project done quicker because of this
anonymous [03-14-2008]

I like george washington because he envintied a lot of things that we would'nt have if it was'nt for george washington.
Princess Jones, lovely [03-14-2008]

Hello Martha Washington up above in heaven with your two husbands clouds floating by you all were great presdents
Violet Raine A- G-, Rivers Academy [03-14-2008]

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Chris [03-14-2008]

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jason helbing [03-14-2008]

I love this website, i am homeschooled and come here everytime i have history. This is a very interesting site with lots of useful and fun information. Thanks.
Anonymous, The Show-Me-State [03-11-2008]

i liked the graves and ghost is it true? i think il gett my notes reel good from here theanks 4 all u do gys i love yall write soo love allison
allison wall, at school in clayton ga [03-11-2008]

hello u no wt? well i dont even no, so dont ask me
johnny [03-11-2008]

this site is interesting
jess <33, wyncote, pennsylvania [03-11-2008]

Je suis très intéressé par votre site .Je cherche également une copie du buste de mon ancêtre le général Duportail .Est-ce que vous pourriez me enseigner à ce sujet ? Merci !
DUPORTAIL Christian, nantes ( france ) [03-11-2008]

hay i needed lots of info and here gave me my info so i hope i get an (a+) but realy thanks website you made me learn a lot!
KRISTIN, at school right now [03-11-2008]

this website is amazing! it totally had like all the information i needed for my history paper on Valley Forge.
Bernadette [03-10-2008]

I call valley forge, VALLEY FRAUD! IT was NOT the worst winter of the war! The worst winter was 1779-1780. The army spent this winter in NEW JERSEY at Jockey Hollow near Morristown N.J. Morristown became know as the "Military Capital of the Revolution". Jockey Hollow became Americas first "National Historical park in 1933. The park contains Washingtons H.Q.s, The site of Fort Nonsense,the site of the Jersey Brigade encampment, and Jockey Hollow itself with a visitors center, huts from that winter, a farm house used by a general also from that winter and many signs throughout the park telling about the brutal winter of 79-80. This year the park is celebrating its 75th anniversery.
anonymous [03-09-2008]

My ancestor, JOSHUA HAYCRAFT, served at Valley Forge. I have his military record from National ARchives to prove it. I am a member of The Society of Descendants of Valley Forge thru his service, since 1984. However, you do not list him as a soldier. Please include his name in your roster. I will send you a copy of his record, if you want it. EVA THORNBERRY
Eva Gaither Thornberry, Louisville, KY [03-09-2008]

You rock
Alli [03-07-2008]

hey if you read this samantha hi well sam r.. in my class
julissa [03-07-2008]

i think this is a good website. but when people type something in the search box i think it should pop up oly certian stuff though
monike, u.s [03-07-2008]

Kira [03-07-2008]

kaylee [03-07-2008]

it roccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk dude
myasia [03-06-2008]

bob [03-06-2008]

I am getting an oil painting restored which is entitled 'Redcoats at Valley Forge' by B Hildick dated 1893. i just wondered if this rings any bells with anyone there. Would be great if you have any information. All the best, Steve
Steve Bennett, Somerset,England [03-06-2008]

Hannah Watson, Tiger, Georgia [03-06-2008]

this web site is really cool you guys are life savers my report was on George Washington and i got it done here at valley forge i just want to say thanks again
double g, aisa [03-05-2008]

Ronald Richards, Roseville MI. [03-05-2008]

Emily Winters, Tennessee [03-05-2008]

this web site was so helpful I go here all the time!
Andrew, nebraska [03-05-2008]

This is an awsome web site. THANKS! ! ! ! ! ! ! contact me at
Kylea, Eau Claire Wisconsin [03-04-2008]

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Jake V, Chippewa Falls [03-04-2008]

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noah, eritrea [03-04-2008]

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anonymous [03-04-2008]

I thought they should of had more on what Martha Washington did to help the war.
Holly Slowik [03-04-2008]

Who wrote the story on Marquis de Lafayette i was doing a report on him and i used this website to look things up and i need to know who wrote it for a bibliography. if you can thanks a ton!
anonymous [02-28-2008]

this site is awesome! - Miley Cyrus
anonymous [02-28-2008]

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kalia, carlsbad [02-26-2008]

I have a Washinton Memorial Chapel Commemorative plate made by Adams specially for the Valley Forge Historical Society for sale on eBay. See eBay item no: 220206015399.
Julian Brown, u.k. [02-26-2008]

ashley [02-25-2008]

Christopher Byard, Leander, Texas [02-23-2008]

I know that there were North Carolina troops at Valley Forge. One of my husband's ancestors, Dr. William PASTEUR was the surgeon for the 2nd and 4th NC Continentals. Do you have any knowledge of this man?? Thank you in advance.
Beth [02-22-2008]

wat up
candace.evans, fallcreek [02-22-2008]

Axel, Canada [02-22-2008]

we are making a trip to pa. in late march early april and we would like to donate postcards of valley forge to you there are 11 datting from 1905 to 1940. please let us know if you are interested in them will deliver them personally. My family had owned the land in the park where the chapel is and where the blacksmith and stage depot was.thanks, Robert Fry.
Robert Fry, cape coral, fl [02-20-2008]

hey i read this and u need not to just put timelines but articles back in the colonal timeperiod. thanks
anonymous [02-20-2008]

love this site =]
anonymous [02-20-2008]

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shorty, forth worth texas [02-19-2008]

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cody borshe, appleton [02-19-2008]

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Robyn, ohio [02-19-2008]

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dan, appleton [02-19-2008]

thank you for giveing me that information
Audrey, appleton [02-19-2008]

Interesting site
Brandy, Missouri [02-19-2008]

Valley Forge, the birthplace of the Continental Army! God Bless our Fore Fathers!
Robert A. Cifaldi, Jr., Pottstown, PA [02-18-2008]

Aliegh, Jay, Oklahoma [02-18-2008]

hey dude
sara jhhjjhhaithcock [02-18-2008]

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MK, md [02-18-2008]

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David Rasco, Alvarado,Texas [02-15-2008]

T [02-15-2008]

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Christi Strysko, Zimbabwe! [02-14-2008]

yo! man this is so Ya because thats what wiked awsome! whom ever made this site rocks! Go old stuff... history! I have a killer suggestion you should totaly have like some interview with a soldier from the Valley Forge time war thing. Ya totaly that wold be killer... because thats what we are doing in my history class at this very second! That's how i found this site. Pretty cool huh?
anonymous [02-14-2008]

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Kelly, Stuck in School [02-13-2008]

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I have been to Valley Forge three times and I never go away without learning something new. My daughter, a 5th grade teacher, and I traveled from Saratoga to Yorktown and many, many Revolutionary sites in between. She is creating a DVD chronology of the Revolutionary war and will use the materials in her classrooom. Valley Forge was the pivitol site of the trip. Washington left here to "win" the war.
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Stephen Bayard Galbraith, Pittsburgh Pa. [01-10-2008]

Thank you for this site. It is very interesting to me, having been born in Panama, Rep. of Panama, and learned soo much history as a child. To be able to find a site with factual american history is a great find. Would you tell me how to secure copies of the Constitution and related documents? This would be greatly appreciated. thank you, luis m.
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