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Valley Forge Guest Book Archives: 2007

I Just came across this website of the hanging rock. j aubrey anderson was my father, richard platt, favorite uncle. We had the picture of the hanging rock in our house since we were kids. It's a part of our family which we are very proud. Every trip out East included a vist to the hanging rock. We are decendedents of the Walkers, the McFarlands and the Platts...all from Gulf Mills. Thanks for the tour down memory lane.
Athalia & Tacy Platt, Kirkwood (STL), MO [12-31-2007]

Totally great article, will hep with my report. Anonymous
anonymous [12-31-2007]

Apparently, I am a descendant of two members of the 10 VA who died at Valley Forge. I would like to know where these individuals would have been buried. Thank You.
James E. Jackson, Memphis, Tennessee [12-28-2007]

I'm reading George Washington's War by Bruce Chadwick and was interested in websites dealing with the American Revolution.
Hans Hulswit, Papendrecht, Netherlands [12-26-2007]

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shantiqua, school [12-21-2007]

You are claiming a flag to have been donated by a descendant of George Washington. Several sources tell me George and Martha had no children. Martha and George raised her two from a previous marriage.
diplod [12-21-2007]

I love History so this is the best place to read..
Teddy Adams, Oklahoma [12-20-2007]

I like this web
Tiffany the homie G girl [12-19-2007]

i used this site for an ss project... it's great
sharon cho, nyc, ny [12-19-2007]

blabla [12-19-2007]

awesome dude
anonymous [12-17-2007]

this site rocks
anonymous [12-17-2007]

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jake [12-17-2007]

i have 2 do a project for mr.blakely's class...and it stinks...i dont know anything about valley forge but i guess imma find out..right?? lol...anyhow! better get to workin
emily [12-17-2007]

i love your website
jainaba njie, penn [12-17-2007]

this is cool i wanna shout out to all my homies fashizzle
allie [12-17-2007]

Thank you!
Wesley, Dallas, Texas [12-17-2007]

hi how are you?
anna, yo mama [12-17-2007]

I will be visiting the park with my daughter’s 5th grade class on Dec 19, the same day the troops came to VF 229 years ago. Where can I get a map of what VF looked like in 1778? Help show why they chose VF and not Gulph Mills only as forward position.
Dom Faust [12-17-2007]

The info is great
Ashley, st.paul NE [12-17-2007]

train boy [12-13-2007]

Hi I was just wonderind who and when wrote this it is for a projert
1212 [12-13-2007]

anonnomys [12-12-2007]

I really liked your site it seemed factual and was neatly put together. I am doing a research article on Benedict Arnold and found that your site was well above most of the others on information and facts thank you very much.
Tyler, South Carolina [12-12-2007]

This page is OK. but I sugguest you put a thing or something that culd help ask for more information of one person or thing. LIke for ANN BATES a spy from the revolutionary war.
Paula [12-12-2007]

This website is the tells you so many details about Valley Forge.
anonymous [12-11-2007]

I'm having trouble citing your website. Where are the authors of your articles? My teacher can't find the authors either. Thanks.
Zac [12-11-2007]

rachael smith [12-11-2007]

i am realley getting to understand things better
anonymous [12-11-2007]

haleyPresley [12-11-2007]

On my second visit to VF, I saw where a Co, Regiment, etc of troops from Maine was bivwauced. What was their # and who commanded it?
anonymous [12-11-2007]

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courtney yocum, ky [12-11-2007]

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SIA SONASI, west valley city [12-11-2007]

Hey. this site is pretty helpful for my Wa. State History Project. Thanks
Scott [12-10-2007]

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anonymous [12-07-2007]

This site is very helpful with our History Project.
Katlyn and Stevie, Indiana [12-07-2007]

What's up my homies? =O
Marc, Texas [12-07-2007]

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courtaisia, florida [12-07-2007]

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taisia, florida [12-07-2007]

Brittany [12-07-2007]

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ronald mcdonald [12-07-2007]

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marvin [12-06-2007]

I am searching for General Duportail's oath of alligeance (copy) signed at Valley Forge on May 12th 1778, and countersigned by general Washington . Thank you, I am in charge of a thema upon the role of French Engineers during your Revolution War for the French Engineers Museum at Angers (france )
Le Pottier, Angers (france) [12-06-2007]

hi, i am just doinng a paper on valley forge & im just here to say waz up.
Cindy Silversmith, madras oregon [12-04-2007]

Carree Arnold-Tifft, Syracuse, New York [12-03-2007]

For the Declaration of Independence, who's thoughts & ideas were written on paper? Was it all of Congress, or just one persons? Thank you
anonymous [12-03-2007]

A concise yet informative piece on a crucial aspect of American history. Interesting read!
Prabhakar Rao [12-03-2007]

Ashley, Dubtown, Tx. [12-03-2007]

Please feel free to visit at And Shannon Bridget Murphy
Shannon Bridget Murphy [12-03-2007]

yeah. i got the things i needed for my school priject. just thought id trow that one in. the kids page was preeety chill also !
sascha! [11-30-2007]

Sffaffnfjldfkoifsa [11-30-2007]

i think ive found the perfect site 4 finding all my goerge washington needs except pictures
nick [11-29-2007]

Breanna [11-28-2007]

this site is so awsome it helped with me research paper thanx
uhh somebody, konohagakure [11-28-2007]

lanna, none [11-28-2007]

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anonymous [11-28-2007]

Jennifer [11-27-2007]

I have gotten a lot of good facts for my monologe.On Molly Pitcher.
Elizabeth Tennant, Fairmont [11-27-2007]

ashley, cali. [11-27-2007]

what is the American revolution of sally hemmings
toya, eny [11-27-2007]

Love my twins! haley & hannah
Momma of twins! [11-26-2007]

Awesome site. I can spend days going over this site and still not be tired. Love it.
Judy, Tracy, Ca. [11-26-2007]

this website is great for kids
Sianni Pugh, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [11-22-2007]

Great! I learned so much,for my paper I wrote. I also enjoyed taking a break on the kids page!:)
C.G. [11-22-2007]

Breanna Wilkie, Broken Bow,NE [11-21-2007]

haven't been there but i wanta! sounds kool! nice! Bob
anonymous [11-21-2007]

this has a few cool games
natali, ne [11-20-2007]

i find this website to be very helpful in school reasearch
freddy [11-20-2007]

anonymous [11-20-2007]

KARLA JAUREZ [11-20-2007]

im doin a timeline on battles and one of them is Valley forge
paola princess [11-19-2007]

i am doing a project on the revolution war and i need some information about what had happen during tha war
sahmera scurry, philadelphia,pa [11-18-2007]

I have visited Valley Forge, though hurriedly, I do appreciate the views and prayerful recollection. I am looking forward to returning next summer.
James Byrd, La, [11-18-2007]

this sight gives a lot of great facts and cool stuff.
asher, hurst [11-15-2007]

Sweet website, it helped out a lot on my report and I'm sure I'll use it again in the future.
ivy, In Your Darkest Nightmare [11-15-2007]

This is Soph Tosc (Soaf Ta Sock). I would like to say that Valley Forge is koolie-o!
Soph Tsoc, Brunswick, Maine [11-15-2007]

Dude i am doing a project on being a spy in the american revolution and this stuff is too long to read so please shorten it up a bit
jordan williams [11-15-2007]

anonymous [11-14-2007]

kent, us [11-14-2007]

i think this site was very helpful when doin my report on valley forge i thank u very much im hoping to get an a!
lexie [11-13-2007]

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anonymous [11-13-2007]

Searching for my past... I'm originally from New Jersey. MySpace URL:
wendy karcher, pennsylvania [11-13-2007]

valley forge
silentdogood [11-13-2007]

Outstanding website.
James S. Shiffer, Lancaster, PA [11-13-2007]

i like social studies
cody [11-12-2007]

jessica kisc [11-12-2007]

I am looking for a historical print "George Washington and his Drummer Boy" circa 1886 This print and "An Historical Reminiscence" poem was sold for 10cents to benefit the Valley Forge Memorial Monument Chapel in order to insert marble tablets in commemoration of the services of the two youthful heroes mentioned in the poem. Who can I email or call for help in locating this print?
Louise Collins, Tallahassee, Fl [11-09-2007]

love you guys-!
lil sexy [11-08-2007]

anonymous [11-08-2007]

Megan [11-08-2007]

Your web site did not help me by love austin
Nathyan, Belton [11-08-2007]

i just wanted to say god bless our troops and thank all soldiers for fighting. i would never be writing this essay had it not been for afjrotc. go sandalwood. national and state champs.(drill)
sara, jacksonville,fl [11-08-2007]

shaggy2dope [11-08-2007]

this is a cool site for the battle of valley forge
anonymous [11-08-2007]

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kiki chavis, irving,tx [11-05-2007]

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mice, 1128 [11-05-2007]

i needed to know about this for school, and it really helped
Kelci [11-02-2007]

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anonymous [11-02-2007]

Christina Marley, Somerset, MA [10-31-2007]

Valley Forge is the Best
anonymous [10-31-2007]

This website has tons and tons of information about Benedict Arnold, Vallyforge, ect. It also helped me with a lot of essays i had to on history! I give it two thumbs up! -Essie
essie, missouri [10-30-2007]

This website helped me with Marquis de Lafayette! Thank you! -Smexillion
Smexillion [10-29-2007]

This page has helped me to better understand what happened in Valley Forge. I am doing a research project on this topic and this site has helped me. I chose this topic for research because I am now a Junior in high school and I used go to Valley Forge Elementary School. When I lived there, I went to Valley Forge National Historical Park every weekend, but barely understood anything about it. Researching it has now opened my mind to what really happened there and I am thankful for all the people who lost their lives there. They struggled so much for us.
Bianca, Syracuse, NY [10-29-2007]

i love this web site
CORINA, colorado springs, co. [10-29-2007]

needed your site for a school project
JROD [10-26-2007]

Brandi, Portsmouth, Ohio [10-26-2007]

I just want to say thank you to Mary who sent me this page.
Nkolika, Nigeria-West Africa [10-26-2007]

I am in a sea scout ship, and my mom is the advancement person and when we have to get things from a scout shop we go to the valley forge scout shop to enjoy the scenes and see the nature. The one time we were there we were leaving and continueing on the encapement road path and we were thinking about all the deer we counted on the way in and how cool it would be to see a fox and we all thought about for a second and realized that it would be odd to see one during the day, and as we came to the top of the next hill we noticed a deer was looking at some thing and as we got closer sure enough a deer and a fox were stairing at each other. We took two other trips out there and saw the fox again.
Stephen Thomas, Bensalem, PA [10-26-2007]

Im a lover of US History, Im very concert about protecting our past to preserve the Future, very important Deed, Thanks, ATT: Carlos E Rivera Frances,SSGT/USAF, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Carlos E Rivera Frances, San Juan, Puerto Rico [10-26-2007]

Why isn't Pulaski mentioned within the list of Who Served? If he is good enough for the arch in the park, why not the web site... Also, is there a statue of him or will there be? And yes I am a Polish American.
Paula Haefner, Mechanicsburg, PA [10-26-2007]

I wish more of the trail maps were available. The place is VERY clean. Don't know if it is the people that go there or the respect for the park. It is too bad the buildings are not open later and there are not tours in the evenings. Realize this is a volunteer thing, but once or twice a month it would be nice. My dog and I walk there as much as we can. What a wonderful, historic place.
Paula Haefner, Mechanicsburg, PA [10-26-2007]

I'm researching Valley Forge. Contact me with info if you can. Thanks!
K-Diddy [10-25-2007]

wats up
aJmoney, phladelphia [10-25-2007]

I have a note from a great great great grandmother who mentions our ancestor a Forward came from England to fight at Valley Forge with Washington. I wonder if we could find his first name.
virginia przybocki, Palos Hills.IL [10-24-2007]

This helps me understand more things in U.S history! thanks for the help and information you guys gave me.
Yasmine, Yuma, Az [10-24-2007]

This really helped me with my school report
Kristina [10-23-2007]

hey ppl i love this web site!1 ;)
katie, garden city [10-23-2007]

Zack L [10-22-2007]

This site really helped me for my DAR it has all the info you would need about the American Revolution. I personally think this is great
Naaz [10-22-2007]

ashley [10-22-2007]

It was awesome
Morrison,Sam, pa [10-19-2007]

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marina [10-19-2007]

garcie [10-18-2007]

I am a history lover i knew a lot about this stuff without even learning it in school smart thinking. I could name all the presidents. Very informational website.
Samantha [10-16-2007]

this is fun
brenda mcduffie, 2424 w. huntingdon st. [10-16-2007]

I was wondering - if I make a monetary contribution to the Valley Foge Site, and send my own flag with return postage, could it be flown at this very impt. historical site in honor of a Veteran? Thanks, Tenessa Karmozyn
Tenessa Karmozyn, ri [10-14-2007]

This is a very onrormational website...
ur mom, Orange Heights [10-14-2007]

Very Informational
Student [10-12-2007]

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yazmin, tulsa,oklahoma [10-12-2007]

What were the consequences of a spy if they got caught by an enemy?
anonymous, whittier,california [10-11-2007]

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vsh [10-10-2007]

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bryce dillard, nicole kramer, zach carlson [10-10-2007]

zach carlson [10-10-2007]

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Caleb Riley [10-10-2007]

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jasmine [10-08-2007]

cady, harrison MI [10-07-2007]

were did molly pitcher go to school
kelsey, school [10-07-2007]

Nice site. Visited VF some time ago, interesting place!
Edward Norton [10-05-2007]

Crystal Purvis [10-02-2007]

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blutex perry, usa [10-01-2007]

megan [09-28-2007]

you have agiven description of the weather,1 food rations 2 discipline problems 3 historical cintex 4 and who was in charge describe the conditions.
anonymous [09-28-2007]

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chris [09-28-2007]

What is PAul REvere famous for?
Sallakeritinyalipckerhas [09-28-2007]

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ME!!!!!! [09-26-2007]

My maiden name is Blackburn and we have found that Martha Washington in surrounded by Blackburns in the Mount Vernon Cemetery. We need to make a lineage connection. I am writing a family history book and would like to solve this mystery. Also, were there Blackburns with George Washington when he croossed the Delaware? I would appreciate a response as soon as possible. Thank You, Lorna Hedinger
lorna Hedinger (Blackburn), 2524 Elm Av Nodaway, IA 50857 [09-26-2007]

These times Try men's Souls - Thomas Paine awesome guy!
Samantha [09-26-2007]

I love George Washington
anonymous [09-26-2007]

anonymous [09-26-2007]

anonymous [09-24-2007]

maggie [09-24-2007]

Our ountry is indeed your Country Too.
anonymous [09-22-2007]

Emily E. Winters, Ripley, TN [09-22-2007]

Valley Forge sounds so scarey. Good job to GW
Taylor [09-22-2007]

well i have a project on martha washington and this website really helped me on my research.
ainarina, hawaii [09-19-2007]

what two sides did benedict arnold fight for
anonymous [09-18-2007]

My family is the DeHAven family...YES WE ARE STILL TRYING TO GET THE MONEY!
Amy, ny [09-17-2007]

This web site was really awasome!
Bobbie Meekma, tn [09-16-2007]

I am so interested in Valley Forge and im a kid
Demi Moore, Lodi [09-14-2007]

Mary, massachuetts [09-13-2007]

OMG im doing a report on VF and this site did nothing! Thx a lot!
Andrea, Yo Momma [09-13-2007]

This website is awesome!
Garrett Murphy [09-12-2007]

jenny [09-11-2007]

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nick leisner, dk [09-11-2007]

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Lil CAT, Old Hickory [09-06-2007]

Oh snapp... Our class is checkin' your page, you know... well cool deal.
Caleb, Madison, TN [09-06-2007]

hey i just wanted to say hi to all the people that loooooooove History
Skittles, Nashville, Tn [09-06-2007]

Madison Academy Rocks!
Nathaniel, Madison Tennessee [09-06-2007]

My name is Teet Juarez.
Teet, Nashville [09-06-2007]

betty [09-05-2007]

well as u see my name is eddie mitchell and i have been trying to find some info about the battle of saratog anad it has really been hard for me so if u can give me some helpful info i would really appriciate it, thank you very much eddie mitchell!
EDDIE, 3341 state road 26 east [09-04-2007]

My ancestor, JOSHUA HAYCRAFT, served at Valley Forge. I have his military record to prove it. I am a long time member of The Society of Washington's Army at Valley Forge. You do not have his name on the Roster. Will be glad to send a copy of the military record.
EVA GAITHER THORNBERRY, Louisville, KY [09-04-2007]

Thanx anybody, ".9 ! "Without real artillery feild peices we wouldn't even be here," -Dave Levesque thx GEORGE!
Mr. David H. Levesque, petaluma, ca, u.s.a. [09-04-2007]

Hey hey hey! Im sittn here in my gifted class and we have been assigned an essay involving the spies of the american revolution but yea.... ok! BYES!
Jaria, u dont need to kno! [08-30-2007]

What did the troops live in when they first arrived at Valley Forge?
anonymous [08-29-2007]

when was the cornerstone for Washington Memorial Chapel laid?
anonymous [08-29-2007]

My ancestor, JOSHUA HAYCRAFT, served at Valley Forge, but you do not list him. I have his record if you want a copy. I am a 20 year member of The Society of Desc. of Washington's Army at Valley Forge.
Eva Gaither Thornberry, Louisville, KY [08-27-2007]

Dear Historic Valley Forge, Attempting to find a 27.5" x 35.5" George Washington Commander and Cheif Standard flag for father Sgt. Major William A. Gesswein ret. and son and I. Have access to 3'x5' flags above on internet. Wish to obtain General Washington's flag of same size,25.5"x35.5". Please advise if you sell same or if we can obtain with other vendors. Jason P. Gesswein
Jason P. Gesswein, East Moriches, NY [08-27-2007]

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katelyn [08-27-2007]

My ggg grandfather William Reddick was a fifer in George Washingtons army. Was at Valley Forge, Germantown, Brandywine all in PA; and, Battle of Monmouth in NJ.
Dwight L. Reddick, Englishtown, NJ [08-16-2007]

Great site! I'm working on the genealogy of Private Hugh Agar. I have his military records from NARA. The alternate spellings of his last name are confusing. His son was Enoch Aggings of Gloucester County NJ. My goal is to find Pvt. Hugh Aggings (Ager, Agin, Agar...) gravesite.
anonymous [08-13-2007]

I have examaned the roster book at Valley Forge Visitor Center but find that Dr. James Tilton is not listed. Your website list him as serving there. His book on hospital design is featured in the center display. Were medical staff excluded from the roster as bring non military?
McLane Tilton, Santa Barbara CA [08-07-2007]

What was schooling like at Valley Forge? How many years did most children attend school?
Anonymous [08-07-2007]

Plan on visiting next week. Feel my ancestor, Isaac Ross was here prior to participating in battle of Monmouth.
Kenneth L. Ross, Nashville, TN [07-21-2007]

Do you know where I coud find prints and statues of Molly Pitcher? I am a recipient of the Molly Pitcher award and would like to have a couple of bits to go with the award. Thank you, Rebecca White
Rebecca White, Dupont,WA [07-18-2007]

I am a descendant of Mary Hays McCauley (Molly Pitcher) on my mothers side. We are digging for clues as to her REAL maiden name.
Eleanor Sides Weightman, New Jersey [07-12-2007]

You question the weather or not the 15th VA was at Valley Forge that winter. In his June 4th 1818 pension request (pension certificate #15,059 - was granted - # S39192), my great, great, great-grandfather Jeremiah Bentley born May 1, 1759 swore that he served "in a company commanded by Capt. James Foster, in the 15th Virginia regiment, and in General Woodford's Brigade of Continental troops. That on the 14th day of January 1778 he joined General Washington's army at Valley Forge; at which time, said Capt. James Foster being dead, your petitioner served under a Capt. James Mason (to the best of his recollection) in the Regiment and Brigade above mentioned." This and some other pension info may prove that the 15th was present at Valley Forge, but was morphed into the 11th VA. Would love a response. Regards, George F. Bentley Jr.
George F. Bentley Jr., Lafayette, LA [07-10-2007]

i am looking for apperson geneology for apperson bros automotive in kokomo ind
donald apperson, nc [07-06-2007]

mnjninbjnbjn, mOTANA [07-04-2007]

I have 5 or 6 1955 vintage freedom posters still in the mailing tube they were sent in and can't find any info. about them. I was wondering if you could help. They are printed by the freeddom foundation in valley forge. Thank you Phyllis Bryant
Phyllis Bryant, Tennessee [07-02-2007]

Can you inform me, in what Chester county township did Valley Forge lie, prior to the formation of the National Park Boundary? James R. Davis
James R. Davis [06-29-2007]

Just learning
Corrie, San Diego [06-22-2007]

Brother George Washington is the USA born Messiah! Brother George Washington is number one, USA is number one!
Sam Washington [06-19-2007]

Kimberly Costa [06-18-2007]

mike furness, 875 main st grand jct colo 81501 [06-13-2007]

Sarah [06-09-2007]

very there a list of hotels and the room rate?
espie perrella, new york city [06-09-2007]

anonymous [06-08-2007]

i wanted to know a little bit about Martha Washington for a school asignment that would really help me a lot Thanxs! ~Genesis~
Genesis [06-06-2007]

Katlyn [06-04-2007]

Hi, I found this question posted. My father, a teacher had a tape of all the songs from this song-writer performer. I too am looking for a way to purchase copies of his songs. If you know of a way to order them or who the song writer is please contact me. The posted question, "I am a 5th grade teacher looking for a song about Valley Forge which my sister learned in elementary school in the 60's. We don't know the title, but the chorus goes something like this: So, it's drill, march, march, drill It surely wasn't fun To winter down at Valley Forge With General Washington. The verses talk about all the hardships the soldiers endured (no shoes, moldy bread, etc.). Anyway, if you have it great. If not, any ideas on where I can go to look for it with my limited information? Thanks PJ" Again thank you for your help, Terri from California P Jeffery, San Diego, CA [06-20-2001]
Terri, California [06-04-2007]

I attended a ships reunion in Valley Forge last October and spent several full days in the park. The reconstruction of the huts was excellent and as far as I have been able to tell, accurate. The staff is to be commended both for their knowledge and enthusiasm for what they represent. Thank You
David Nicholson, Stanton, CA [06-04-2007]

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mac, Dunn, NC - USA [06-04-2007]

As a devotee of Martha Washington, and an employee & volunteer at historic Mount Vernon, I loved your website. The Martha Washington section was excellent.
Rosina, Mount Vernon, VA [05-31-2007]

Hi howe did the people stay alive durring the battle and how many use there?????
Michaela L Bernecky, pa [05-30-2007]

ahkea, 10 [05-28-2007]

Hi I'm Linda Vo and I am 17 year's old and I am you biggest fan I would love to get a pitcher of you from you with you signing it
Linda Vo, MI Grand Rapids [05-28-2007]

Cool website!
Miss. Alaineus, pa [05-28-2007]

I grew up in V.F.We lived in a house on Valley Park Rd. Just up from the firehouse. My Dad worked on a farm, which was developed It was Sunwood Farms. My Dad & Brother worked in the park. My brother just retired from there. I was just browsing. I don't get back there much anymore as my parents house was sold. I do miss waking through the park. Just thought I had to write a note. Thanks, Ellen (Crawford) Stefanski
Ellen (Crawford) Stefanski, Sturgis, Mich. [05-28-2007]

Those who act in spite of there feers are truly brave
charles, washington [05-28-2007]

Thanks,just browsing through.
Edward Endrich, Effort PA [05-25-2007]

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anonymous [05-24-2007]

matthew, 836 via altos [05-24-2007]

The history of the United States of America it's very interesting. This history belong to all the human race.
Ernest Pujadas, Malgrat de Mar, Spain [05-24-2007]

macy hipkins [05-24-2007]

I will be visiting Philly next month and thought about visiting Valley Forge. What are your hours of operation? Is there camping nearby? What is the cost of visiting? Thank you.
Kas, Texas [05-23-2007]

My sister and family are currently visiting America and have been to Valley Forge today. Recommends it highly and has found it to be tremendously interesting.
Anne L Wright, Newtownabbey Northern Ireland [05-23-2007]

i loved it there it was so nice to see vally forge
CASSIE PETERS [05-22-2007]

this website gives TONS of information! It's okay?
anonymous [05-22-2007]

exactly how many people served in valley forge
anonymous [05-22-2007]

Brian Hutchens, erie pa northwestern middle school [05-22-2007]

researching Ephraim Kibbe
Michele, Indiana [05-18-2007]

what did the men were
anonymous [05-16-2007]

hi ppl
anonymous [05-15-2007]

i am doing social studies homework, but i can't find 3 facts of why Paul Revere's ride was more challenging than Sybil Ludington's
anonymous [05-15-2007]

my family line is owens,brewster.richerson.all of these,s names are on the muster roll.
h.l.owens, bayard [05-14-2007]

hey whats up pplz if you see this you should email me. my name is lexie. and if you want you could send me info on Ft. snelling its due in a week for s.s. well i loved this web site. cya
Lexie, mn [05-11-2007]

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Hey! u guys rock! I get A's on my reports or people cause or this website! Thanks!
Clara [05-08-2007]

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billie joe armstrong [05-07-2007]

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kitkat, usa [05-07-2007]

Dylan [05-07-2007]

what did george washington do during the valley forge that george washington took genaral apart of
jack, new york [05-02-2007]

I loved being on this website and it is so interesting because we r learning about this in our classroom
Taylor Colvin [05-02-2007]

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Cody Budelovich, ophs [05-02-2007]

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hadia [05-02-2007]

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anonymous [05-02-2007]

I'm looking for any information on Donald Morrison the man who physically collected theDeHeaven loan. He was the secritarty of treasury Pennsyvnia. Sincerly Westley Slater
Westley Slater, wyoming [04-30-2007]

About Deheaven. My grandmother has a letter were the government has offered to pay back the original amount of the loan. It was also decided in a federal court in Denver colorado and published in the denver post that the validity of the loan was true according to the US Government. The government tried to say that there was a statue of limitations on the loan and it was rule the their was no statue of limitations on the loan at the time it was loaned. and there for there is no statue of limitions on said loan. it was confirmed that the loan is realized and does exsist. in 1990 it was 147 billion at 4% compound daily such as recorded in court Federal court. If you would read the george washington diaries you will find were George Washington visited him many times after the war. And that in fact his family member even married a deheaven. Furture more Donald Deheaven the brother of Jacob was the man that the government hired to put together the first assembly line for guns and weapons and is how Washington and jacob DeHeaven got to know each other. I you would read Mr. Ross information filed with the family Geneology Center at the morman church in salt lake city, it would tell you the exact government books, pages and chapters filed at the library of congress. Most people just don't go all the way to find the truth. Infact the government owes. Donald DeHeaven a lot of money too. For the $50,00 Dollars he donated to war dueing the manufactuing proccess. And further more I have found the charters and logs of the 2 Brothers three ships in which they transported wine and other goods to the west indies and is were they got most of their money. How ever, the DeHeavens are from england and served the king by transporting goods for him and decided to stay a help develope the free land were they could make more money here. Need any more information please e-mail me. Sorry for the poor spelling kind of late here. I would like to read DeHeavens Journal Please help. Sincerely, West Slater
Westley Slater, wyoming [04-30-2007]

what was the most important thning when george W. bush was president and what does the w in his name stand for.
leticia juarez, lone star circle 129 78602 [04-30-2007]

My brothers and I were born at Valley Forge Army Hospital. I am the oldest of 4 and was born in 1955. My father, Daniel Alexander was stationed there during that time. He was good friends with Andrew Prezybylski(I am not sure of the spelling). If you know my father or Andy or Howard Biggs let me know. I have lots of old memories of the place and the last time I was there was back in 2001. Although I live in Ma is still have lots of relatives in the King of Prussia, PA area.
Mark Alexander, Mendon, MA [04-30-2007]

alyssas [04-28-2007]

I think that you are so cool and your site is very safe
anonymous [04-27-2007]

Dear People I Want To Tell You That You Guys Are The Best Historians EVER
anonymous [04-27-2007]

anonymous [04-27-2007]

I know of a James Carothers ( my direct ancestor } who came out west with General John Armstrong, and took part in the victorious battle against the indians at Kittaning Point. I am trying to find this James Carother's name listed somewhere in a document page. Is it possible for you to send me such a doument? This James Carothers later came to Huntington County, Pennsylvania, after the close of the French and Indian Wars. So, let me know if you can help.
Joseph Helinski [04-27-2007]

I need to know how Martha Washington dresses!
Alexa [04-25-2007]

This Website is sooo cool
Jordan >T< [04-25-2007]

This website gives kids an inner look on the history of us americans it is an absolute need for projects. Great!
Loco Bozo Says This Web. is Cool [04-25-2007]

I have a little question for you. What did Martha Washington do during the Revolutionary war?I am doing a Revolutionary war project on her please reply back!thanks!
kelsey [04-24-2007]

Sydney Taylor [04-24-2007]

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mike furness, 875 main st grand jct colo 81501 [04-24-2007]

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Janice, Oklahoma [04-24-2007]

Virgil R. Conatser, Anaheim. CA. [04-23-2007]

I have seen pictures of the men fighting and no one seems to know the answer. Why are their faces covered with white bags or cloths? Hope you can answer or can tell me where to find it. Thank you.
Mary, Missouri [04-21-2007]

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Tony Burns, York Haven [04-21-2007]

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anonymous [04-18-2007]

Monique Borgobello 151 delacy ave north plainfield n.j.07060
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Jaden [04-16-2007]

anonymous [04-14-2007]

The history of the United States of America it's very interesting. This history belong to all the human race.
Ernest Pujadas, Spain [04-13-2007]

mina, Cairo,Egypt [04-13-2007]

John S. Rice, Huntington, Indiana [04-13-2007]

anonymous [04-13-2007]

I'm a student in Granite vally Middle school
Jessica [04-13-2007]

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Bob [04-13-2007]

I have three relatives who served at Valley Forge
Charles Clough, Reardan, Washington [04-13-2007]

I'm proud to be related to 3 brave Cloughs that serverd at Valley Forge.
Gerold L. Clough II, Flat Rock, Michigan [04-13-2007]

hello i love this site its grandilicious
sarafeanah, new york [04-13-2007]

who are the important politicians from your state
anonymous [04-13-2007]

Is there any way to obtain a full copy of the article listed below? My Great GrandFather was George Addison Learned (1849-1917). I also have a photograph of a N.Y State Historical Marker for General Learned's Brigade and their attack on the British on Oct 7, 1777. My father was certain that this Learned, General Ebenezer Learned was a direct ancestor. I would like to confirm that. I will cover any S&H costs for this. Thank you Dave Statezni The article by Charles William Heathcote, Ph.D., S.T.D., "General Ebenezer Learned: Courageous Patriot and Friend of Washington", The Picket Post, February 1958, published by The Valley Forge Historical Society
David Statezni, 373 Willshire Ct NE,Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 [04-13-2007]

im a student and im doing a report on valley forge and mt teacher told me i might not like it and might regret doing it on valley forge but i dont i think that its a good experience for me and might help me for when i go to high school next i want to visit valley forge one of these days .
analisha sanchez, manchester [04-06-2007]

this is a cool website it is amazing to see a educational site for kids my age
morgan [04-06-2007]

hi about benedict arnold: i cant find info of what the good thing he did of the revolutionary war. and there is way too much info i cant find my answer, or if its there
i hate jacqueline >:) [04-06-2007]

Brittany [04-06-2007]

My ancestor David Epperson/Apperson died here February 1778 and I found his name on your site.
Joanne, Halifax Virginia [04-06-2007]

why is valley forge important to us to day. Im only 10 years old
Anoymous [04-06-2007]

hale of a family history huh ?
Anna Marie Hale, sacrmento,california [04-06-2007]

I Heart Makayla Miller
Austin Grant Kocher, Danielsville,PA [04-06-2007]

Why did george Washington have very little education?
Austin Kocher [04-06-2007]

I need information on George washington and my teacher suggested this site and I'll come backto this site antime. Thanks!
austin kocher [04-06-2007]

This website is awesome. Best spot for information. I'll come to this site anytime. Ushistory .com rocks. Austin Kocher
anonymous [04-06-2007]

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anonymous [04-06-2007]

Rev. Thomas Jewell D.D Ph.D Mus.D [04-06-2007]

Hello It's Great That you are preserving the countries history.
Chastity Hutton [04-06-2007]

i love it
eric beckert [04-06-2007]

Alexandra, ny [04-06-2007]

mike furness, 875 main st grand jct colo 81501 [04-06-2007]

TERRY & LINDA POWELL, Tucson, Arizona [04-06-2007]

Hassie, Dallas [04-06-2007]

Dannie [04-06-2007]

what was really cool
hunter chasteen [04-06-2007]

I have always followed the revoultionary war my whole life!I have a relitive whom faught in the revoloutionary war.I forgot the name but,I know for a fact that he was in the war.I practically know everything about it. Go ahead, quiz me!
Lauree Reed, 9448 Nickleplate rd.98860 [04-06-2007]

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Hannah, lowell [04-06-2007]

Hi I Been reading about ther reviltionary War But I doun't Know what Book To read
Mercees, Lowell [04-06-2007]

michaela, florida [04-06-2007]

i need to know if you can let me read pagies 431-434
anonymous [04-06-2007]

this site was very informitive.
???? ???????, ???????? [04-06-2007]

jaimee [04-06-2007]

looking for the year he was born. found two different years.
11, 11 [04-06-2007]

Amanda Ferguson, West Virginia [04-06-2007]

ATHENA [04-06-2007]

robert, fl [04-06-2007]

johnae [03-06-2007]

I love history!
Mellisa, not allowed to tell [03-05-2007]

This is a wonderful and educational Website
Morgan Schiebsted [03-05-2007]

Sirs, I have recently commenced a study of Alexander Hamilton and his influence on the early struggles of the US in the civil war and most particularly the Philadelphia convention and the establishment of Federation. I have a copy of "Alexander Hamilton, An Essay on American Union" by Frederick Scott Oliver Published 1906.Can you recommend further reading. Please remember (1) I am an Australian not an American (2) I am seventy one years of age so material needs to be cogent but brief and three I am a little biased as to the worth of A Hamilton. I place him in the top four Political figures in your country. Lincoln, Jefferson and F.D.R being the others. Perhaps there is, in your country someone who would care to discuss these thoughts with me. I perhaps should wash out my mouth but I am leaning to the US system of Government rather than the Westminster system with which I have lived all my life.( I do not however propose revolution here in Australia to achieve change!) Beast Wishes John Still
John Still, Hobart Tasmania Australia [03-05-2007]

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Mn_ [03-01-2007]

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Cake Washington, Oz, Notkansas [03-01-2007]

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Waayne Herrod, Lisbon, Ohio [03-01-2007]

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ashley, nc harrisburg [03-01-2007]

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your mom [03-01-2007]

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GARY, western new york [03-01-2007]

I like this website but I couldn't play the games. I also want a biography of a british soldier who fought at Valley Forge.
Josselyne, 11337 Lemon Ave Fontana CA [03-01-2007]

I love learning especially about history! Hey that rhymed! Love, Shakira
Shakira, Columbia [03-01-2007]

Ayssa De Leon [03-01-2007]

Ethan Grigg [03-01-2007]

what were all of the drills that baron von steuben out the militia through????
iLOVEyou, alasksa [03-01-2007]

What was the Patriot's attitude toward the Loyalists who helped the British amry spend a comfortable winter in philly? please answer asap. thanks!
:] [03-01-2007]

why did everybody like george washington so much? what were some good qualities about him?
your mom [03-01-2007]

This website is great for kids. It helps me all the time. As I am learning about Valley Forge, I refer to this website for further information. Thanks!
Ellie [03-01-2007]

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Ashley Light [03-01-2007]

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Zsolt [03-01-2007]

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anonymous [03-01-2007]

Aaron Burrs neice, Almira, married a Knowlton in my family and traveled by oxcart from Conn. and settled one of the first settlements in Stedman NY. The house still stands at 3691 Panama Stedman road and has never been out of the family.
Wendy Seymour, Buffalo, NY [03-01-2007]

FYI---VA31617, Richard Coleman, 2nd Lt., later 1st Lt., died of wounds the following day after he received them at the Battle of Waxhaws, SC, 30 May 1780. He was made Captain a few days before Col. Abraham Buford's defeat at the hands of Col. Tarleton (despite Gwathamey's notes that he "retired" in 1781). My ancestor, Cpt. Francis Coleman of the VA Militia, was brother and "heir at law" of Cpt. Richard Coleman.
anonymous, Radnor, PA [03-01-2007]

I do have a print recruiting to join the troops under General Washington; it does have the images of the soldiers in dif. position holding their firearms. It also have the spaces for days and place handwritten. Does it have any value?
Carmen, California [03-01-2007]

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anonymous [03-01-2007]

Hello there sir, for i thought quite fondly of this humdoodle of a site.
Tyler greenough and bryce Dillard [03-01-2007]

anonymous [03-01-2007]

How can I order copies of the original VF Muster Rolls? Any genealogical data at your facility? I'm researching James Armstrong of Norfolk, VA.
Mary Anne, Dallas, TX [03-01-2007]

US Rocks
Tiffie [03-01-2007]

Do you happen to know where we could get ahold of the flag of the 1st Continental Regiment? Or is this a custom design? Thank you in advance for your help. Carol Debbout
Fly-Me Flag Co.,LLC, Green Bay, WI [03-01-2007]

i have been told that marry pitcher was related to the perkins family wondered how how i might find out
DOROTHY PERKINS, idaho [03-01-2007]

Joy Read This
Joy Ryan [03-01-2007]

katie, 44074 Ohio [03-01-2007]

Burr and others planned to take over?
Viviana Gaona [03-01-2007]

Bailey Schmid [03-01-2007]

i think you could learn a lot about Valley Forge here!
Carol Anne [03-01-2007]

very fine page, enjoy reaing here. thank so much. Edwin
Edwin Vencent Hill, ohio [03-01-2007]

Maria, gffghfh [02-13-2007]

I am Canadian and my name is Arnold. I do not think Benidict was a traitor, I am angry that he fought the British is all. I wish I knew where the Arnold folk came from.
anonymous [02-13-2007]

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Krissy poo, nj [02-13-2007]

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Andrew Medel, ind [02-13-2007]

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destiny [02-06-2007]

US History rocks!
ryan, belgium, wisconsin [02-06-2007]

why did marquis de lafaytte go in to the war
anonymous [02-05-2007]

austin vicknair [02-05-2007]

it sounded like it was really hard to be in the army
megane [02-05-2007]

your site is okay
anonymous [02-05-2007]

What were all the events that happend at Valley Forge and what was the importance of Valley Forge.
Bryce Dillard and Tyler Greenough, Spencer,IA [02-05-2007]

this site is kinda coooooooooooool
becky [02-04-2007]

Lauren, Connecticut [02-04-2007]

32851capplegate [02-04-2007]

cyndi [02-04-2007]

Great information.. Thank you putting it up..
Midassoft, Delhi India [02-04-2007]

I was just wondering if Molly Pitcher went to school for a social studies project. I dont even know what im doing now! What am i doing??
anonymous [02-04-2007]

A wonderful informative website! Great for reference. Folk Artist
Lois Allen Charles, King of Prussia, PA [02-01-2007]

i am researching valley forge for a school project and this sight helped a lot! thank you so much! p.s. it might be even more helpful if you include more about the british. what were they doing as the americans struggled?
T.W., suburb of chicago [01-31-2007]

dayshanae, 4840 ferncrest pl. [01-31-2007]

the info was vary helpful on my report thanks Aaron parent
Aaron Parent, dannanmora [01-31-2007]

Did Molly Pitcher go to school? What was her education?
anoymus, Wisconsin [01-31-2007]

Thank You.
Christina Contreras, Idaho Falls, ID [01-31-2007]

this is a kewl sight
cramberyy sue [01-31-2007]

I'm trying to get a print of "Washington Reviewing His Ragged Army At Valley Forge" by William T.Trego. Will appreciate any information you can provide. Thank you.
Herbert Chandler [01-31-2007]

Dalton Gendron, Mt. Hood, Oregon [01-31-2007]

did molly pitcher have a pet eny type of pet
anonymous [01-31-2007]

maylasia [01-31-2007]

Pat Cosby Pinelle, Pueblo Colorado [01-31-2007]

More battles were fought in N.J. than any other state during the Revolutionary war. The winter of 1779-1780 was FAR worse than Valley Forge and the army was at Jockey Hollow near Morristown New Jersey that winter. Jockey Hollow became the nations first National Historical Park in 1933, 40 years before Valley Forge. New Jersey is where Revolutionary War history lives, come see for yourself. On Oct. 12, 2006 Pres. Bush signed into law a bill creating the "Crossroads of The American Revolution National Heritage Area" in N.J. It is time the country and the world learns the truth about the war instead of hearing all the tall tales like Valley Forge and Betsy Ross!
John [01-31-2007]

Gloria [01-31-2007]

Anthony Tomashunas, Dover,De [01-31-2007]

I Dont think the legend is true at all
John Dough, Georgia, ATL [01-31-2007]

this is great for studying
historic 5th grader [01-31-2007]

leigh, cheltenham [01-31-2007]

Wikipedia copied your text. See for yourself
bob, Michigan [01-31-2007]

Hey your website is so awsome
anonymous [01-31-2007]

hey im doin a report on this stuff and it is very helpful.
anonymous [01-31-2007]

I would like a copy of the information under "Muster Roll" for William Browning. The note at the end states he died in 1809 - his payroll records from Washington state he "died" in 1878. Will pay for copies of verification.
Jean, Newport News, VA [01-31-2007]

anonymous [01-31-2007]

i love history!
anonymous [01-31-2007]

I am a Direct descendant of Brig. Gen. John Philip DeHaas and will attend the 2007 Price of Freedom Conference as an Eagle Scout.
William Nathanial Meyer, Ames, Okla [01-31-2007]

you guys should put more things about what had happened about the valley forge. when kids are going to do projects about the valley forge national hisorial park.
janeal, el centro, california [01-31-2007]

Hello, Nice site. My 4 x grandpa, Ephraim Kibbe, 4th New Jersey, served at this encampment. Proud of him and his brave service to our new country. Keep up the great work! JJ
JJ, Indiana [01-31-2007]

ricky llanes, 11727 sring rain [01-31-2007]

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ljohnson5, Lee couty middle school [01-31-2007]

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danni [01-31-2007]

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Trista [01-31-2007]

What were the numders of the Capured british
anonymous [01-30-2007]

Thank you for this wonderful website
anonymous [01-09-2007]

I visited Valley Forge in 1964 at the BSA National Jamboree. Very impressive place. I just loved the Washington Chapel. I do plan to come back. Just when is a queston mark.
Charles M. Hacke, Reseda, Ca. 91335 [01-09-2007]

George Washington's third part of his dream unfortunately will come to pass within five or six years. Hillary will be President and the United States will be severely judged. It will be a nuclear attack upon the whole country. The U.S. computers will malfunction, and the U.S. will be helpless to the nuclear attack from China.
Clay Byrom [01-09-2007]

In the pension papers Ihave for one of my husband's grandfathers, it states that he was discharged at Valley Forge on 20-Feb.1778. Should his name be included? Thank you,.
Barbara Edwards, Iowa [01-09-2007]

I am looking for a print of a painting called "General Washington Reviewing His Troops At Valley Forge". The painting is by W L Trego. Can you direct me as to where I can purchase a print of this painting?
Chuck Cohenour, Manassas, Va. [01-09-2007]

what types of food did the people and soldiers eat back then in valley forge
anonymous [01-09-2007]

Leeann [01-09-2007]

jessica [01-09-2007]

flooko [01-09-2007]

It was cool I thought, but I couldn't find the authers for my citation.
falcon luver of metaway [01-09-2007]

i really like this place. I have heard of Valley forge and never know what it was. It was neat to read this artical.
jonathan [01-09-2007]

this place is really cool it was neat o. like sweet place to read this stuff dude
Jack [01-09-2007]

Would you please send me an image or images of General Washington's personal position flag? The thirteen (six-pointed) white stared flag with blue background. Thank you in advance. Bob
Bob Wright, Connecticut [01-09-2007]

OMG! U guyz like totally helped me with my history report. THNXS! :-)
floridagrl1919 [01-09-2007]

This website is cool but it needs more info on Valley Forge.... Why do people spam so much on here?
Radsie, a town on earth [01-09-2007]

WOW!..I have learn a lot of things from your web site..It is very informational..I love this site..It has gave me the info that I needed for my social studies presntation..So thanks for all the help.. *Kayla Pike*
Kayla Pike, Knott County, Kentucky [01-09-2007]

I was saddened by the responses allowed on the kids page for the picture of general Washington. They showed quite a lack of respect for what people suffered for the independance of our nation, and it shows that parents do not teach their children respect for anything. Its sad. Maybe you should send a copy of these responses to some appropriate government official to really show the sad state of affairs with our children today. Sincerely, Erin DesPres
Erin DesPres [01-09-2007]

zach ricker [01-09-2007]

Hi! I am doing a report on this kind of stuff
anonymous [01-09-2007]

Jasmine Gallo [01-09-2007]

Very interesting and informative. Logged on because my grandson who is a Sophomore in Mendham High School, NJ told me he was studying this subject. Wanted to brush up on my own knowledge of a fascinating period in US history.
Maureen Stewart-Jones, Lancashire, England [01-09-2007]

hi people how are you
rhonda, clearlake [01-09-2007]

Great resource for school projects!
anonymous, Friendswood, Texas [01-09-2007]

Rylie Eliason, Lehi Ut [01-09-2007]

I was just wondering if you could please send me a lot of information on Abraham Lincoln for a school assignment. It would really help me to pass the course this semister. Thank You. Sincerely, Felicia
Felicia, Joplin [01-09-2007]

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