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Valley Forge Guest Book Archives: 2006

I was looking through and I came upon this website! I was doing my homework on Valley Forge in American History. Your site has given me many interesting information. Thank you very much!
Yvelle [12-29-2006]

Who won the battle of ValleyFord
Henry caulfield [12-27-2006]

did site is totally awsome
Nicholas Nealy [12-27-2006]

jarry [12-27-2006]

Very informant on homework.
Samantha Youngblood, Louisiana [12-27-2006]

The bio on Alexander Hamilton contains both errors in facts and omissions in accomplishments manifesting a misrepresentation of Hamilton's character. Since this site is an historic resource on Valley Forge - you might want to mention Hamilton's comment to delegates Samuel Chase and other state's rightists (Jefferson, ex rel.) reticent to spend state money on provisions to feed and clothe the continental army; the only erecting barrier to imminent attack from the British: "Drivelers in the business of soldiership, and something much worse." The same might be said for your attributions to Hamilton on this site; clean that up, will you? For the sake of the ttenage boys who visit your site for their history projects, who might like to know who challenged the power-that-be in defense of the 15-17 year old boys who comprised a majority in the Continental Army and left their red footprints in the snow at Valley Forge. Signed, Phocion
Lisa Varga [12-27-2006]

I used it in American History Class
Anthony French, Cardinal Middle School Middlefield, Ohio [12-27-2006]

Hey wats up people, i'm sorry that you people like history so much! um.... You wanna help me on it sometime lol. K heres my
Ashley, Detroit [12-27-2006]

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anonymous [12-27-2006]

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anonymous [12-27-2006]

Hey wats up people! History is for heyas
ashley, Tecumseh [12-27-2006]

Hey i love this site i use it all the time!
anonymous [12-27-2006]

"your info is infalid or just plain out all wroung"and whoever likes this site u suck so much cause this is a suky site and oh yea i was tring to do a history report and i did not get eny info on what i needed. -.- im just totally kidding with u i like this site a lot it gave me a lot of info for my project thanks for making this site it rocks...
anonymous [12-27-2006]

if it says vally forge um you would expect somthing on vally forge! you need info actual info.
lin [12-27-2006]

Thanks for the imfo. it was really helpfum to me.. and i could really use the help..
D'atra, Plainfield [12-27-2006]

Michelle Jasper, Rochester, New York [12-27-2006]

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tyler [12-27-2006]

Amanda Cofield [12-27-2006]

I attended a leadership program in which the "facilitator" informed the group that "Washington didn't sleep alone at Valley Forge," implying that he was unfaithful to his wife. Is there any support for this accusation? Thanks
Dean Bucci, Georgia [12-27-2006]

caitlin, florida [12-27-2006]

yo homies this site is AWSOME...ummmmmm bye
Breanna, a place [12-27-2006]

hi i really like this website its really kool i never really heard about Valley forge until my Social Studies teacher told us about it. Theres a lot of facts on valley forge and pictures too. thankx for all of the facts on valley forge..^_^
anonymous [12-27-2006]

i gotta go my teacher says im too loud ill talk to ya in tommarow
anonymous [12-27-2006]

interesting, i`ll visit one day.
Cindy Forge [12-27-2006]

this is cool...
anonymous [12-27-2006]

Hi I'm claudia thomas.
claudia thomas, pa [12-27-2006]

It was a very good website
anonymous [12-27-2006]

greatt siteee!
mc [12-27-2006]

history is so titght
snowman, yulee high school [12-27-2006]

you should get a link to revolutionary war technology
anonymous [12-27-2006]

thanks you really heped me on my homework!
katie [12-27-2006]

This section of the book is the best part and the first five chapters need more intersting facts.
Ariel, New York [12-27-2006]

this website really needs more pictures if you did it would have really helped me more with my project also more colored pictures (graphic like blood and more pictures that were actually taken during the alloted time period)that would really help with getting those browine ponits that you actually need in order to complete the project. p.s. you could have helped me if you had graphic pictures.
jennifier, atlanta [12-27-2006]

my name is pie
perlmutter [12-27-2006]

George Eisner [12-27-2006]

I was interested to read that there was no clear evidence that Washington prayed at Valley Forge. I read on your site and in other places clear primary sources acceptable to a present court of law to prove that he did. Why make it seem like it is so doubtful? Let the facts stand without presupposition of doubt. Sincerely, Joyce Atkins Social Studies teacher
Joyce Atkins, Wooster, Ohio [12-27-2006]

very nice site keep it up for others to view.
Owerri Asaba, florida [12-27-2006]

How did the men at Valley Forge get thier food? I have to do a project on Valley Forge ond that's why I am wondering...
Jeannette Mayville [12-27-2006]

I am here for National Histroy Day. Thanks for the help.
james, harrisburg,holy name of jesus school [12-27-2006]

simon bernick [12-27-2006]

Hello, this is a very educational website
Amy [12-27-2006]

Benedict arnold's aunt's name is Jarusha
Nick Paradowski [12-27-2006]

Michael Rosen, Otsego county new york [12-27-2006]

hey whats up
karol [12-27-2006]

THis is a very great site to visit if you want to learn about people who fought in the Revolutionary War; thanks!
Karaboomoo [12-27-2006]

Dave Cook [12-27-2006]

this si a really nice site!
Carli [12-27-2006]

My name is Jillian DeHaven and I just want some information on my family
Jillian, Port Townsend [12-27-2006]

i liked this website.
anonymous, northwood [12-04-2006]

tim, ford middle school [12-04-2006]

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anonymous [12-04-2006]

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John John Florence, ocean [12-04-2006]

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josh, Tacoma WA [12-04-2006]

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Wendy VAlles and Kina Llanes, Mauriceville,Texas [12-04-2006]

what can i learn about vally vordge
anonymous [11-30-2006]

Is there a photo at valley forge showing our ancestors name on the memorial. If so how do i get copy?
imogene blair houck, indiana [11-30-2006]

yo yo yall im just a diggity dog tht checked yo site out sho. keep it reel.
jimmy dog 4 sho, here [11-29-2006]

Wendy Valles, Mauriceville,Texas [11-29-2006]

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billy jean [11-29-2006]

i love your web site it helps me a lot on my homework thanks
SUSANA PELAYO, 415 north 3rd st [11-29-2006]

anyone from high school?
greg beckman, Farmington MN [11-29-2006]

I love history this is an awesome website! History rocks!
Sami [11-29-2006]

samntha elkins was here
samantha [11-29-2006]

Thomas Holloway, Frederick, Maryland [11-27-2006]

This site is a good site for school reports on Martha Dandridge Custis Washington and George Washington...great
not being told 2 u, nowheresville nowhere [11-27-2006]

Eva Sachar [11-27-2006]

I was a student at Valley Forge Christian College and grad uin 1981. I always remember the time when i went to Valley Forge to experience those precious momentys at Valley Forge, PA.
Rev.,Dr. David Caraballo,DRE.,Ph.D, Charlotte, NC [11-27-2006]

hey wheres a kfc round here
corey, i'm not sure where [11-27-2006]

ricky curtis [11-27-2006]

micheal taylor [11-27-2006]

i like to read the historys of it
agnes, south dakota [11-27-2006]

well i don't know who you are but my dad who has died recently and i have seen a acutual journel of jacob dehaven . so it is now fiction its reallity.
suzanne dehaven, arizona [11-27-2006]

Under the Massacre of Wyoming story there is a Capt.Spaulding mentioned. If it is Benjamin Spaulding it is my G. Grandfather-5 back on my mothers side. Origional immigrant was Edward in 1633. In any case I am quite sure it was a relative.
Ron Nelson, Canby, Oregon [11-19-2006]

Hey this website will get me an A
Wendy Valles, Texas [11-19-2006]

son of john wasso cochran-died in air force 1962-would like to find family on dads side-i have know idea who or where.
CHARLES R COCHRAN, lancaster ohio [11-19-2006]

i need pics of george washington when he was in the french and indian war!
lauren, mt. pleasant, sc [11-17-2006]

this site helped a lot with my valley forge paper. Its got a lot of cool facts.
michele [11-17-2006]

Natalie Lucero, Phoenix, AZ [11-17-2006]

I think this site is helpful for doing socisl studies home work
Joanna [11-14-2006]

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corey george, britain [11-13-2006]

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KUMAR [11-13-2006]

i am from the year 1676536 i like pie from your time. oh yea kool website
ISHMAL [11-13-2006]

im related to king george what a guy huh
corey george, britain [11-13-2006]

Kelsey Kannibal [11-13-2006]

i couldn't find a pic of george washington in the french and indian war. HELP!
lauren, sc,usa [11-13-2006]

Our ancestor was a cousin of George, they had the same great grandfather. I thank you all for the info. It helps to know what happened during this time in our history and the impact of those living at the time. I wish to make our history come alive and be truthful, not someones opinion according to the authors viewpoint - which in todays society I feel is many times corrupted.
Hilda Patti C. Howell, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma [11-13-2006]

In our familly verbal history, they mention Mary Smiley being captured by Indians. Her brothers served with Lafayette as scouts in the Revolutionary War. Is there any record of this?
Bob E. Smiley, PhD, Indiana [11-13-2006]

I am a WW-II veteran who served in the US 3rd Army in Europe, 1944-45...It has been said of that era; We are "The Greatest Generation"....but, I would not hesitate one moment in applying that moniker to the men and women of the Revolutionary War Era and Gen. George Washington.
John E. McAuliffe, Worcester, MA [11-13-2006]

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anonymous [11-13-2006]

Hi! Kewl site... yeah... I liked it...
Amanda Joy Cyrus, Calabasas, California [11-08-2006]

i did a report on Valley Forge i learned a lot but somethings i couldnt find about it!
George Washington [11-06-2006]

Cool site, I'm doing a report on the Revolutionary War so this helped. whooo! Kewl...
Miley Michalka, Los Angeles, California [11-06-2006]

This is a very nice site and gave me some good information for a history project that I need to complete. Thank you, and keep up the good work!
Rachel, Maryland [11-06-2006]

randy summers [11-06-2006]

How can you say there is no evidence to prove the DeHaven family story is true. This just makes me a little upset because to my knowledge anyone can find the ggovernment I.O.U. document signed by the treasurer at the time and the late George Washington. If you would like to ask yes I am a desendet of MR. DeHaven in question and a part of the family and sometimes it seems some parties refuse to be a person of sight but rather they choose to be blind but I am just stressing known knowledge as seen in the Library of Congrees. If you view this as a opinion and not truth all i ask is that you research the material and as far as my answer goes if it's in the Library of Congrees then I have a feeling that it's the truth. My name is Christopher L. Drees and loving family member of the DeHaven family.
chris [11-06-2006]

I am just looking for any information I can find on William B. T. Trego, my husband is a descendant.
Linda L. Trago, Lancaster, PA [11-06-2006]

I have to say that this website is very helpful! I suggest using it.
Rebecca [11-06-2006]

The war at valley forge was an exciting thing to know about and I would like to know more bout it if you don't mind... Te.
Te.Ivory, Plano Tx. [11-06-2006]

i like this very much
samantaha youngblood, pineville la [11-06-2006]

Hey to all my friends in Mrs.Roberts Class, this website gives good info and i will definately come back!
Keely, Pineville,71360 [11-06-2006]

this site is great!
Lil"D", kc [11-06-2006]

What were some of the medical problems in Valley Forge?
anonymous [11-06-2006]

letty, ca [11-06-2006]

katrina, d.h.s [11-06-2006]

hey i have to do a report on molly pitcher...!~
Rebecca, Minford.Oh [11-06-2006]

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gansta, home [10-30-2006]

moe, ffff [10-30-2006]

How'dy whats up?
Mirko Stimac [10-30-2006]

Norm Misrok, South Bellmore, New York [10-30-2006]

Thanks for the info.
Christine G. Harris, Pineville LA [10-30-2006]

hi my name is tom
tom, millersburg [10-27-2006]

This is very cool! enjoy your stay here, its great! thanks Ashley
Ashley, ca [10-27-2006]

mike furness, 875 main st grand jct colo 81501 [10-26-2006]

I'm interested in Major John Clark, Jr., intelligence officer for Washington. When was he born? Any references about him will be appreciated. Thank you
Thomas B. Allen, Bethesda, MD [10-26-2006]

b [10-25-2006]

Cool website:)
Hannah [10-25-2006]

perry [10-25-2006]

This place is AWSOME! Kewl games and caption! May I sugest different captions eatch week or something like that?
M&M [10-24-2006]

Sarah [10-23-2006]

I Love the presedets and I am clss presedent so I need advice give me some
Mary_ann, Massettusets [10-23-2006]

this is awsome site but you guys should have quzies.
Racheal, lovell wyoming [10-23-2006]

mike furness, 875 main st grand jct colo 81501 [10-23-2006]

Thanks to all the men that served at Valley Forge!
Emma Martinez, Sugar Land,Texas [10-23-2006]

i am a arnuke beast
COCO [10-21-2006]

hi :)
Many [10-21-2006]

Recently, I visited Valley Forge and in the gift shop found a book named “Campaign to Valley Forge by John F. Reed, Pioneer Press” were he notes a General Nash was taken to the DeHaven home in the now present Kulpsville, Pa. area, to recover from injuries at the battle of Germantown. Later he notes the Commander-in-Chief’s attend General Nash funeral that began at the DeHaven residence. Two different Dehaven’s appear within this web sites search engine for the Muster Rolls at Valley Forge. I sure Judith A. Meier, of the Historical Society of Montgomery County made some type of research effort about the DeHavens and Valley Forge, but as is with most historical research and genealogy mistakes abound. Then again who is Lorett Treese or John F. Reed for that matter, just cause they were able to publish books does not mean their facts are correct.
It isn't America Great!, Living the Valley Forge dream [10-21-2006]

Levi Malone, Pineville [10-20-2006]

GRUMPYBEAR6 [10-20-2006]

I am a history major who has always admired President Washington and the other founding fathers of this great country. I will definately visit again. Thank you.
STEVEN SHRAUGER, salem, oregon [10-19-2006]

Higb Oayuk
Laura Krebser, Olympia, WA [10-19-2006]

cp, houston [10-19-2006]

amanda [10-19-2006]

hi! i just wonder if you could have the facts in swedish and french too? it would help us a lot here. thanks! a
anonymous [10-19-2006]

this site was like totally great and i like fell in love w/ it
anonymous [10-19-2006]

hi ya'll
anonymous [10-19-2006]

how was the mayflower invented
shaniece, harrisburg pa [10-19-2006]

nice site, needs biography
claire, north america [10-18-2006]

yo waz up i like ur website keep up the good work!
billy bob joe bill [10-17-2006]

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anonymous [10-16-2006]

i learned a lot from this website and you can learn a lot from it so thanks maybe you should make like a study guide for kids like me that have trouble in american history.
ashley m atkins, [10-16-2006]

sherry [10-16-2006]

bob, california [10-16-2006]

Where would I find out about what Washington did not like to hear.
Katie, Pineville Junior High [10-16-2006]

Hey i would like to see more about the history valley forge
chericka, alexandria,la [10-16-2006]

Thank you for correcting the spelling of my ancestor John Cannifax and his two brothers, James and Edward. Rosemary Shields
Rosemary Shields, San Francisco [10-16-2006]

hey! yeah this site does have a lot of info about Valley Forge. i think it's cool. thanks for the facts!
Emily, Catonsville, Maryland [10-16-2006]

hi from smiely town
smiley, smiley town [10-16-2006]

anonymous [10-16-2006]

Hello I am a descendent of pierce dante hamblin; would love to find a picture of him and his wife. if anyone out there has one would they please share. hope to hear from you soon.
cathey garland, kentucky [10-16-2006]

this website is fantastic for gw history
Taylah, Toowoomba QLD [10-09-2006]

Great Site! I was looking for information for a college U.S. History Class your site really had some great information. Thanks a Bunch!
Cheri Aguilera, Colorado [10-09-2006]

mike furness, 875 main st grand jct colo 81501 [10-09-2006]

I love this website!
Kelsey McGaha, North Carolina [10-08-2006]

schelby [10-08-2006]

i like your page its sweet
Rei Ayanami [10-08-2006]

A health food store is claiming that Slippery Elm was eaten at valley forge when they ran out of food. Is there any truth to this?
Carrie [10-08-2006]

robert rea [10-05-2006]


This is so great! I'm doing this heirtage thing where you have to go across the u.s. while visiting sites and parks. This is great. I'm sure to get an A.
anonymous, Indianapolis, IN [10-05-2006]

Hammer [10-05-2006]

Valley Forge!@!
Kayla!! [10-05-2006]

hi. this site did not help me. but thats ok..thanks..a bunch! =/
NIKKI!!, oh hi oh [10-05-2006]

ausitn, mi [10-05-2006]

Hi. I really liked your website it helped me a lot on the revolutionary war. I found everything i needed and I won first place history fair all because of you. Thank you so much and more.
Lynn, Florida [10-05-2006]

I have a question for a report I am doing. What were the British doing in Philadelphia while Washington and his troops were at Valley Forge?
Jennifer, Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina [10-05-2006]

bianca, chicago [10-05-2006]

Lynn Hu, Houston [10-05-2006]

I knew one of my ancestor grandfathers was at Valley Forge Have traced him from England to when he fought of Liberty in the US So glad to see him on the roster Robert Lorton my grandson has a project going for his history class and will be using this as part of his presentation. God rest all those brave men.
Martha J Moss [10-05-2006]

omar [10-05-2006]

Your website is very imformative. Thank you for your effort and hard work.
Delores M. Lind, Minnesota [10-05-2006]

i really love historu
snjjbeb, mexico [10-05-2006]

Is the copy of We the People that came out during the bicentennial still in print?
anonymous [10-05-2006]

Charles M. Collingwood, Asheville, NC [10-05-2006]

Thanks for the assistance in listing my ancestor to the muster roll at Valley Forge.
Harold J. See, Grinnell, Iowa [09-21-2006]

Hi . . . Awesome website. Thank you! I am doing some research on Valley Forge and was wondering if there is anyone I can speak with or email to ask a few specific questions I am having trouble answering. I checked the FAQ page with no luck. (ie: any specific information on the bounties offered to re-enlisted soldiers to return to Valley Forge after their furloughs? dollar amount? I reviewed your piece on the weather conditions during the winters of the revolutionary war . . . is there any raw data available for review to better understand how you drew your conclusions? (I have found conflicting evidence of the severity of the weather during the winter of 1777-78.) Do you have any maps that clarify the proximity of Valley Forge and the British troops housed in Philadelphia? Any statistics clarifying the effects of illness on the Continental Army during their stay at Valley Forge? I would so appreciate any help. Looking forward to your reply. Laura Flangel
Laura Flangel, Evanston, IL [09-21-2006]

mike furness, 875 main st grand jct colo 81501 [09-21-2006]

whoa baby yea valley forge!
stephanie m [09-21-2006]

this is an intresting site
ALA OWERRI, usa [09-19-2006]

wow this is truly as compelling story of how these men survived the long winter with many to little supplies
anonymous [09-18-2006]

Great job :
Zaches, France [09-18-2006]

Jacob Dehaven was my fathers GGrandmother Mary DeHaven Without posting all the lineage i would like some how to cut to the chase as Terry Masters Janus/Ventura is the same lineage.from Southren Mn I would like Terry to know this as well. Give the man at least the deserved recognition of a headstone and memorial at Valley Forge
Loraine Manke, Minnesota [09-18-2006]

Hey what up
Christa [09-18-2006]

Great website! I found my ancestor on the Valley Forge muster roll.
Karen Elder, St. Louis MO [09-18-2006]

mike furness, 875 main st grand jct colo 81501 [09-18-2006]

Amber [09-18-2006]

This was a very good site for me to use in school! We are going to get a good grade on our Project! :)
Kelsie, North Carolina [09-18-2006]

i have come into possession of an item bearing the stamp, "Valley Forge Historical Society", also "Washington Camp City", and some letters and numbers. the item is made of fief puter. i'm interested in finding more information about it, and who its original owner was, and the approximate worth of the item. thank you for your time.
bernard carman, asheville, nc [09-18-2006]

Was a man named Davies in the boat with Washington when he crossed the Delaware?
V Tanner, Oregon [09-18-2006]

im distantly related to capt. thomas thweatt 14th va company mom helped me find out related to thom. jeff. too God and Jesus bless america
ben [09-18-2006]

I am studing valley forge in my history class, in my freshman year and it is very interesting! i would hope more people would get interested in this part of the war...
Jenna Smith [09-18-2006]

We are planning a trip to Valley Forge and used this information as background.
Robert H. Havard, Monroe, LA [08-31-2006]

i would like some moere info on valley forge i would like a bouhre my address is
mike furness, grand jct colo [08-30-2006]

I purchase an old bible on E Bay, in this bible is a picture of Levi G. Foss, It is dated Saco, Aug, 2, I don't know the year, it is not on the article. It reads Saco's last Veteran of Civil was 94 years old. I am curious about this . article. A civil war buff. His photo is also in this article.
Joyce Clark [08-29-2006]

Hallo: Apart from General Washington have any other people been identified, or represented, in William Trego's painting " Washington Reviewing His Ragged Army at Valley Forge. Some American friends are also interested. Best Wishes and Thank You Fred Finnerty
Fred Finnerty, Redditch England [08-29-2006]

Benita, Denver [08-26-2006]

I will be president of the United States of America in the future sometime!
Dylan Gorski, Monticello, KY [08-24-2006]

Wayne Palmer, Kennewick,Washingto [08-24-2006]

Under "Who Served Here?" regarding Aaron Burr: There is no mention of the mutiny down in the "Gulph," which Burr, outnumbered, put down successfully. Most of the facts in his biography are true, but there is a sentence regarding the election of 1800, part of which reads, "...each loss he blamed on Hamilton." During the tie-voting in the House, Burr sent two letters to Jefferson affirming he (Burr)was to be the VP, and even offered to step down if necessary. These letters are a matter of public records. Second, although his defeat in the NY gubinatorial race had Hamilton feverishly working against him, his loss of the Assembly race in New York in 1799 shows no trace of Hamilton's hand. It was, however, pubically circulated that Burr's defeat was due in large part to his formation of the Manhattan Water Company, which participation was considered unseemly. As an historical researcher, I find many unprovable "facts" concerning Burr. There is no written evidence by Burr that he blamed AH for,"..each loss" as your bio states. The loss to Lewis everyone agrees must have infuriated Burr, but that is a reasonable assumption only! The other two incidents mentioned stand as I have related them. Burr had many faults, but talking or writing about them was very rare on his part. As long as no evidence exists, you should amend that sentence. The man is dead - it is up to the living to keep the record straight. Thank you. D.H. PS I visit Valley Forge occasionally, and am always delighted with the preservation, presentations and services. High quality indeed!
D. Harscheid, Virginia [08-22-2006]

when were firecakes invented?
anonymous [08-17-2006]

Charisma Boomer, Auburn Hills, MI [08-17-2006]

I find your web site very disturbing since you do have erroneous information posted. If the portion concerning Jacob DeHaven is wrong, how many other things that you have posted on your web site is wrong? In the matter of the DeHaven family and Jacob DeHaven...You are very sadly mistaken. It is a matter of Congress, US Treasury Dept, other documents, and even President Calvin Cooledge acknowledged the debt and said it needed to be repaid because it was a "debt of honor". I can't remember at this point, but either Jacob or his brother Peter was a solider in that war and that is a matter of record of soldiers. I agree with whoever Joy is who wrote you in 3/20/06. Maybe you should re-read her statement. You need to make sure you get your facts straight and that your "historical society" personell (if they are indeed that) get their facts straight before slandering anyone's family name or the name of someone who helped to provide what you and everyone who lives here enjoys this very day in in the USA. I would suggest that a retraction of your statement concerning DeHaven be entered on your web site.
Concerned [08-17-2006]

Harold R. Stein, Idaho [08-17-2006]

Damon, Wolfgram Library [08-17-2006]

Linda Scanlan, Burleson, TX [08-17-2006]

We are building a B&B in honor of George Washington ( We have a link to your site (click on Arnold Friberg's picture on "the legacy" page). Thanks for making this valuable resource available.
Dan Abbott, Port Angeles, WA [08-17-2006]

Cathie E. Davis [08-17-2006]

thanks for a very informative website; there's much to learn from it.
cecilia thompson, hernando, fl [08-17-2006]

I have enjoyed this sight and will follow it again. Thank you for such great information.
Nina Kalinka [08-17-2006]

went to the park and just so happen to stumble on the campfire and story.. wow. my boys and i loved it. will come back next week.
leslie denno, kop [08-04-2006]

Your information in regard to the service record of Major John Clark appears somewhat confused and blends together the biographies of two John Clarks. In his "Memoir", Major John Clark the spy-master says that he resigned in November, 1779, having completed two years' service in the Army Auditor's Office.
anonymous [07-27-2006]

nicely done web site. easy to navigate and good for kids.
george [07-17-2006]

I remember my parents taking me to the Chapel in the 70's and telling me my father's name was engraved "in the belltower". I don't see anything about engravings of servicemen from WWII. Is there such a spot? If so, how would I find his name?
Celeste, Philadelphia [07-17-2006]

We were at Valley Forge this year, June 29th. Stayed about 3 hours and will try to get back again this fall. We have one ancestor confirmed serving there - Elijah Herrick, 2nd CT. Brigade and believe that the Lt. Hezekiah Tracy, 2nd CT. Brigade - Capt. Ben. Throop's Co is also a relative. We had a great tour guide [on the trolley] and really liked being able to take photos inside Washington's cramped quarters. Thanks! Just wish that your computer's had been up and running at the time. Is there anywhere [or place] that keeps all records of soldiers being at Valley Forge?
Sandi Lee Craig, TX and NY [07-12-2006]

well i would like to say i never liked history but now that i just read that i love it
amber, cedar hill [07-10-2006]

Just check your site out . Trying to find ancestors.
Carlton T. Mc Intosh, Houma,La. [07-10-2006]

colonial and revolutionary war preservation ltd john s kabli, founder 274 steeple chase drive, exton pa 19341 congratulations on approval to build a revolutionary war museum. if i can be of any help in the future, please feel free to contact me.
JOHN S KABLI, 274 steeple chase drive exton pa 19341 (610)524-6099 [07-07-2006]

It is lovely to read about George Washington and what he did to change history and not let the english have their way. Even through he was closely related to England by family links. I am linked to George Washington through my Collingwood family links.
Robert, New Zealand [07-05-2006]

hi sir or maam, could you please se nd some information on your city please.thank you very much.
JOHN BLARR, anchorage,alaska [07-03-2006]

MARK KELTNER, santa ana, ca [07-03-2006]

Great site. Found my 7th Great Grandfather George Francis was at Valley Forge as Sergeant Major on the Regimental Staff.
Bill Effle, u.s.a. [07-03-2006]

What did vally forge have to do with the war? Where is it located confederate states or the union?
Stefani Nasser, Indianna [07-03-2006]

This is great. I am in the DAR and this info is very useful. Thanks
Claudia Casseday, New Freedom, Pa 17349 [07-03-2006]

I'm a direct descendent of Pvt. Jacob Decker, who in his Revolutionary War pension related his time at Valley Forge. It's nice to see a site dedicated to the men and women who served at Valley Forge. As a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Pvt. Jacob Decker was my patriot, I am always researching and looking for information on the Revolutionary War.
Alice Beard, Lancaster Co., PA [07-03-2006]

I am the 4th great-grandson of Pvt. Aaron Stiles, who was at the Valley Forge encampment with the 3rd PA Brigade.
Douglas J. Stiles, New Jersey [07-03-2006]

good site
sdsdf, usa [06-20-2006]

I was referred to your website from the Civil War Artillery webpage of a Mr. Chuck TerBrink. On his webpage he had a link to yours about the painter, William BT Trego. Mr. Trego painted a work titled "Light Artillery Battery En Route." Can you tell me where it is today and whether prints are available? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks very much.
Steven Turkel [06-17-2006]

who named this national park?
anonymous [06-15-2006]

I wish I lived through history
Evelyn Corona, Florida [06-13-2006]

Do you know what the soldiers at Valley Forge slept on? [mats, bed, cot, etc.]
anonymous [06-13-2006]

Gerard von Aachen, Levittown N.Y. [06-12-2006]

we were very disappointed in the tour we took of Valley Forge
anonymous [06-11-2006]

After reviewing soliders serving with General Washington I find my ancestory not included. I would like to have them honored in your roll call and have sent such data to the e-mail suggested for such corrections. Thank you. Harold J. See
Harold Joseph See [06-11-2006]

thank u 4 being so intreauging that u made me look on this fastinating site duudie love kelsey may
kelsey maynard, maine [06-09-2006]

Where can I find a list of the people who served under Marquis de Lafayette?
Danny Ballais, Alaska [06-09-2006]

The winter of 1779-1780 spent at Jockey Hollow near Morristown N.J. was the worst winter in 100 years, it was worse than Valley Forge!
John, n.j. [06-04-2006]

how cold did valley forge get? just wondering for a project i'm doing
Jasmyn Arnold, rochester new york [06-04-2006]

this place is awsome for studying for the final exam
zachary, ny [06-04-2006]

1-st I'm a member of the Sons of the American Revolution War (National # 167113) and a Member of the Mayflower Society(64263) Major Lebbeus Ball is my Great, Great, Great Great Grandfather. I know he was @ Valley Forge (muster # 12984) He was in the 3-rd Massachusetts Regiment and than the 4-th Massachusetts Regimets. Would you have any additonl information on the Major. I'm in the process of documnenting all of the engagemnt he fough in Thank you for any help Bob Brennan
Robert Brennan, Chicago Illinois [06-04-2006]

brison [06-01-2006]

Samantha [05-29-2006]

Natalia Cammarota [05-29-2006]

where did the hesson (german ) soliders come from and are there records of their lastnames . do you have record of any with the last name of jauss ? thanks
staff sergent jauss us army ret., barstow calif . [05-29-2006]

I will be visiting the USA in a couple of weeks with a tour party studying the War of Independence (or, as I prefer to think of it, the American Rebellion!). We are due to visit Valley Forge on 22nd June and I am really looking forward to it. Best wishes. David.
David Skuse, Morpeth, Northumberland, England [05-29-2006]

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I look with great interest at your web site.I have family members,who state in there Pension papers that they were at Valley Forge with Gen.Washington and Gen.LaFayette.How can I add there names to the History?Sincerely,Toni DeMoss
Toni DeMoss, Kent,Ohio [05-24-2006]

I'm doing family history research and Potts is my father's line. Trying to make a connection to his Pennsylvania ancestors. My GGGrandfather was born somewhere in PA in September of 1803. I've enjoyed the website. Thank you.
Delores Potts Rowe [05-23-2006]

Dear Sirs: My name is David Wilson. I am a playwright who usually writes Halloween plays, but this year I decided to write one for the Fourth of July in my hometown, Grantville, Georgia. I have always wished there was something on the Fourth about the American Revolution, and decided it was time to do something about it. So I wrote a play, "America, the Great". It is about two young men in the British Army in the French and Indian War when one saves the other from being massacred by Indians. The one who is saved introduces his rescuer to the woman he married. They become the best of friends, settling in Georgia. But when the American Revolution breaks out, they find themselves on opposite sides. But the one in the British Army leaves it over the cruel killing of a civilian by a British officer. He is re-united with his friend, and they are both with George Washington when General Cornwallis surrenders to him at Yorktown. I play George Washington, and am quite honored and humbled to play this great and Godly man. I have researched a lot about General Washington, and the more I read, the more I learn how great a man he was. I hope and pray I give my best performance yet on stage, and do justice to playing such a fine man. I hope our playmakers really put on a great show, and that this play becomes an annual event on the Fourth of July in Grantville, Georgia. I just wanted to share this with you. Take care. David A. Wilson Grantville, Ga. 30220
David A. Wilson, Grantville, Ga. 30220 USA [05-23-2006]

Bob, sandieago [05-23-2006]

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I have been going to Valley Forge for the last 30 years. My grandfather and father used to take me there to fish trout.
Jason A Casmay, Camden [05-22-2006]

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How many children did Molly Pitcher have?
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Bob [05-17-2006]

An extraordinary amount of biographical info. We are attempting to link my wife's family with Benedict, but have been, so far, unable to make a proven connection. Truly interesting. Benedict was also a Freemason.
Harold L Spencer, Jr., Yorkshire, NY 14173 [05-17-2006]

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aubrie [05-11-2006]

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More rev. war battles were fought in good old New Jersey than any other state!
John [05-11-2006]

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darina [05-11-2006]

i need to know stuff about watermans monument for a project i need help ...its due the 26 of may
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what important people were at valley forge?
anonymous [05-11-2006]

Thank you for the work you do on this site. We will certainly use it as a valuable resource. Can you help with a question? I homeschool my 3 children. We are reading a book called The Cabin Faced West, which is based on a true story. In it, the author mentions a girl named Rachel Peck that made gingerbread for the soldiers at Valley Forge. Do you know if this person actually existed? Thank you. Barbara
anonymous [05-11-2006]

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I'm Homeschooling using Streams of Civilization Book 2 and your site was very helpful on the War of Independence topic...thank you.
Jo Mihalic, Borroloola Northern Territory Australia [05-06-2006]

Re: 15th Virginia Regiment I have the following from the Nat'l Achives National Archives Record RWS File 942 (Roll 410700) Daniel MULLINS, 15th VA Regiment. Dates Regiment Commander Unit Cmdr Purpose Location May 77- Mar 1778 15th Regt Major G. B. Wallace Capt J. Harris sick Valley Forge Mar-6 Apr 78 15th Regt Major G. B. Wallace. Capt J. Harris pay Apr 1778 15th Regt Major G. B. Wallace. Capt J. Harris pay 7 Jun 1778 15th Regt Major G. B. Wallace enlist 3 yrs Valley Forge Jul-Aug 78 15th Regt Col. D. Morgan Capt T. Wills sick White Plains More records thru Dec 1779 _______________ Your note on 15th VA is that there presence at VF not verified. This establishes the 15th VA as present.
Hugh Hoffman, va [05-06-2006]

I went to Valley Forge tree or for times, on my way to the south (Winthertur Museum for example)and it was a pleasur. I like to see were the history appened, and what the things look like to day. I want to see the park again. By! GL Master in Histy, Canada Quebec Social and cultural life Société des Alcools du Québec
anonymous, Saint-Georges de Beauce, Qc, Canada [05-04-2006]

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I'm a descenant of the Potts line, not knowing if my Potts is the Isaac Potts discussed with the Washington Army, However, my father and his relatives say that our John Potts farm was given to them by Gen. Anthony Wayne and the deed was written on a piece of the way, family is from Ohio, still during research to find out if this is our Potts...My John Potts drowned in the Miami River in 1801 near Franklin, Ohio and he died with 2 Buchanan Brothers. Are they related to Pres. James Buchanan? thanks, great site!
Debra [04-30-2006]

did molly pitcher have any siblings?
anonymous, oklahoma [04-30-2006]

I am hunting for a uniform like Paul Revere wore during the war.
Donald Allen, Brookfield, Missouri [04-30-2006]

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I have been there and its great history.
Sandi, South Milwaukee, WI [04-29-2006]

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I'd like to find any information on the role of American Indians in feeding the troops at Valley Forge, i.e. Oneida woman Polly Cooper. Why is this not mentioned at all?
Jenny, North Carolina [04-29-2006]

Help I need how many brothers and sisters Mary Ludwig Hays had if any.
lita12866 [04-29-2006]

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Breitling, text [04-29-2006]

After congress adopted the 13 star flag on June 14 1777, the first place it flew over continental troops was in NEW JERSEY at the Middlebrook encampment of June 1777, NOT AT THE MOLAND HOUSE ! And I can prove this .
John, New Jersey [04-29-2006]

new jersey is where americas independence was won !
John, New Jersey [04-29-2006]

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stephanie, milford [04-29-2006]

Did Benidect Arnold Die or was he hung?
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I'M the Great, Great, Great, Great Great Grandson of Major Lebbeus Ball. I would like to knoww if he was there @ Valley forge? I belive he was in the 3-rd Contintential Infrantry till- 31, December,1776 as a Captain and than Captain of the 4-th Massachusetts until 1, January 1777
Robert Brennan [04-27-2006]

I have a print of Washington (Prayer at Valley Forge)what was the name of his horse? I think it was "Nelson".
Rodney Downie, Brunswick, Georgia [04-27-2006]

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I wish you would remove the reference to Judith Meier of "The Historical Society of Montgomery Co" regarding the Jacob Dehaven question. I checked the officer roster of that society and her name is not listed. She is obviously wrong about Dehavens not having lived in the area prior to 1790. She probablly did not know that the original name was Americanized and one name was Indenhofen. The Skippack Historical Society has a picture of the Indenhofen Farm purchased by Gerhard and Herman in 1706. Certainly it is true that there is no proof of the famous loan, but it does a diservice to both your site and The Historical Society of Montgomery Co. to have her quoted as a representative of that worthy organization. Who exactlly IS she?
Joy [03-20-2006]

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In your timeline you seem like many other people to ignore New Jersey.You mention South Carolina a lot at the end of the timeline but they were 2nd to New Jersey in battles fought on their soil! No other state had more battles fought in it during the war than New Jersey! After all New Jersey is called the Crossroads of the Revolution and the Cockpit of the Revolution .
John, NewJersey [03-20-2006]

I agree, there is barely any information on Seymour Burr, making it extremely difficult to do a project on him.
Kelsey [03-20-2006]

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My genealogical records show that Reuben Calvert died at Valley Forge Jan 1777, in Philadelphia,Pa. He is not listed on your muster rolls--is there any other place to search?
anonymous, utah [03-20-2006]

I lost my mother when I was 12. She was a very serious person, and told me once when I was quite young, that I was a direct descendant of The Marquis De' Lafayette, from her side of the family. Later in life I remembered what she had said, and quizzed my father about it over a few beers in the Canadian Legion Pub. "Yeah, you and about 30 million other people, from what I understand he was quite a wh*re. I think he was quite wrong about that, and after reading The Marquis' bio I am quite proud of him.
Donald M. Lugers, Windsor Ontario [03-20-2006]

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the Tea Act was when colonists of Boston dressed up as Native Americans and threw British Tea in to the Boston Harbour...As a result of theis King George III closed the Boston Harbour.
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Hay, I'm studying Molly Pitcher and I have a qustion, where is molly''s statue today?
JM [03-01-2006]

My ancestor came to the U.S. with Lafayette on his first visit. His name was John Leclear.
Harriet Green, Goldendale, WA [03-01-2006]

pubert [03-01-2006]

I had to do a report on Marquis de Lafayette. I thought that this would be a check back site to check on my info that I got on other sites. Boy, was I wrong! The page for Lafayette is HUGE! They have a lot of BIG paragraphs! Tanks for the help on my report! P.S a lot of my friends used this site for their reports, too!
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Jonathon Rowe, cwms [02-26-2006]

my child needs some more info on molly pitcher. please can any body let us know the answers to these questains? 1 what was molly pitcher life span? 2 was molly pitcher a colonist or a resident of Britain? 3 was molly pitcher a patriot or a loyalist? Email us back at thanks for your help and time !
april, Waycross,GA. [02-26-2006]

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My father left me a print "march to Valley Forge" by William B.T.Trego"It is print 222/300. I am having no luck finding anything about its worth
Marty Moore [02-26-2006]

SAra N. [02-26-2006]

what was martha washingtons secretarys name?
mani, united states [02-26-2006]

Hector A . Robinson, Chambersburg, PA [02-26-2006]

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Donovan L. [02-26-2006]

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I am ten years old and writing a paper for school on Molly Pitcher. Can you please tell me if she had any brothers and sisters? One book I am reading said she had three brothers, but another one said she was an only child. Thank you for the help! Laura
Laura Williamson, Tennessee [02-26-2006]

i am the 5th great grandson of david potts. i would like to get information on david but i do not know where to look. can anyone help me. thanks charles potts
charles potts, south vienna, ohio [02-26-2006]

help me
anonymous [02-26-2006]

I have a copy of a letter about my great,many times over grandfather who was an private in Capt. John McGowan's and Col. Wm. Butler's Penn. Regt. He winter at Valley Forge from 1776-1777. We also have an letter dated May 4,1895 from the Dept. of the Interior about his pension. Since he is not listed I thought you my want to add him. Let me know Thanks C-
cwhd [02-26-2006]

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My mother always told me that I was named Martha after Martha Ball who married George Washington. This was so very interesting for me to read. I have learned that Nancy Hanks (Abraham Lincoln's mother who was the son of John & Mary Mott are in my family tree.My geneology has been traced back to Wiltshire, England 1538. Gail Watkins Joiner Talladega, Alabama
Martha Gail Joiner [02-26-2006]

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Ems [02-26-2006]

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did benedict arnold get hung or did he just die
yia, hong kong [02-26-2006]

jamie campo [02-09-2006]

anonymous, Texas [02-09-2006]

Im wondering if anyone has seen a rare painting of george washington. It was painted by charles willson peale.The painting portrays washington on a horse at valley forge with a small african american boy holding the reins of the horse. If anyone knows of the painting that i have mentioned, please email me at Im very curious to find a picture of it.Thanks...Rob
Rob, ny [02-09-2006]

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Dave Hilsheimer, Madison, WI [02-06-2006]

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janessa valentino, central islip, new york [02-03-2006]

I am a sixth grade student who is interested in Valley Forge- I was asked to do a presentation on an event or place that had to do with the American Revolution so i automatically chose Valley Forge-- Thanks for your help, I appreciate it ! :) ;) :) :) :) :)
Rae, Minnesota [02-03-2006]

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JEFF WATS [02-03-2006]

People listen up here, valley forge is a historical place with lots of memories, if you go there enjoy the views and historical land marks! I have been there before and it is beautiful,majestic,fun,and full of historical figures and facts. Valley Forge is one of the most fomous landmarks of history and I believe everyone should see and enjoyed what I haved viewed about Valley Forge.
Sara, US, CAnada,Turkey,Germany,France,and Mexico [02-03-2006]

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anonymous [02-03-2006]

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Michaelel Nourian [02-03-2006]

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Hannah [02-01-2006]

Evandro de A . Trindade, B.Roxo, RJ Brasil [01-31-2006]

Hello People
Dani, New York [01-31-2006]

kiaira, dallas [01-31-2006]

In your timeline you pointed out the 1st morristown encampment but not the 2nd in the winter of 79/80 . This winter was the worst winter in a century . New York harbor froze over and there were approximately 26 snowstorms/blizzards.
john, new jersey [01-31-2006]

I really liked this site. It was great to get information from for my revolutionary war diary project.
Mandi [01-31-2006]

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dakota patrone, new holland [01-31-2006]

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Marilyn Zimmer, Great website but my Ebenezer Farnsworth was not listed and he was there [01-31-2006]

Im a big fan of Franklin. The way I explain franklin to people is; "If Ben had a computer, he'd of invented Firefox!" Love the site guys. Keep it up!
Mozz [01-31-2006]

I visited the park today and found it interesting, educating and beautiful. How ever, the was a sever lack of directional signs. If we didnt have the map, we would have been lost. Beautiful park, we wanna come back in the spring and fall. God Bless the USA!
greg beckman, glassboro, NJ [01-31-2006]

when and where did molly Pitcher and Margaret Corbin die?
Kasey Yeagley, Sturgeon Bay,WI [01-31-2006]

what kinds of animals and plants do they have at valley forge national park?
ashley, pa [01-31-2006]

Connor [01-31-2006]

i am lerning about vlley forge
anonymous [01-31-2006]

I am doing a in class debate on wether or not to go to war with Britin. I was instructed to dress up as Seymour Burr, the slave.
someone [01-31-2006]

Go Moravia MOHAWKS!
Michael Stone, Moravia I.A. [01-31-2006]

I am a pre-service history teacher currently going for my masters. Right now I am doing my internship in an 8th grade Hist classroom and I am looking for primary source material of valley forge to use.
Jennifer, connecticut [01-31-2006]

hey dude this is sweet
Tyler [01-31-2006]

I will always remember how Pres Washington thanked the The Marquis de Lafayette for the reinforcements he needed for the ill and tired troops - Washington lead to win - in the revolutionary war. It was truly an un-expected victory - no one ever thought our founding fathers could succeed in - but they did and so can we! Historic Valley Forge, from the Valley Forge Historical Society.
Stephen Rene, United States of America [01-31-2006]

looking for information about nuses at the winter of valley forge 1777-1778 asap
anonymous [01-31-2006]

Devon Kassner, Cincinnati [01-31-2006]

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Leigha Malone, Biloxi, Ms. [01-31-2006]

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Cary Crocker [01-31-2006]

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Rev. Brian Robinson, West Virginia [01-31-2006]

anonymous [01-31-2006]

You guys rock>This website got me an A+!
Billy Reynolds, ssms [01-31-2006]

I was wondering who the general was for the britsh army in the Revouloutionary War? If you could tell me this I would appreciate it.! THANK YOU!
MAGZ [01-31-2006]

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anonymous [01-31-2006]

Valley Forge is really interesting. We have to do aproject on it.
Shelby Jackson, Garland,TX [01-31-2006]

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heather, california [01-31-2006]

What did the tents look like in winter at valley forge? (pictures)
anonymous [01-31-2006]

Carmelo Anthony [01-31-2006]

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Tatiana, Kingsland Middle School [01-31-2006]

Immense site. I live in one of Lafayette's great grandren's houses in the Detroit area.
LINDA, Grosse Ile, MI [01-31-2006]

hey guys this was pretty fun but i didnt find what i need wel anyways thanks bye
anonymous [01-31-2006]

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anonymous [01-31-2006]

ashley montgomery [01-31-2006]

martha washington is fascinating!
hannah, somewhere [01-31-2006]

This site was very helpful to me in looking up stuff for a question I hadabout Valley Forge for my American History class.
Chelsea Horhn, New Jersey [01-31-2006]

Derek Veatch, Bloomfield [01-31-2006]

I would like to know of any special events planned to celebrate the life of the Marquis de Lafayette in the future. Thank you.
Joan Fontenot, Ville Platte, LA [01-31-2006]

I have printed out all the NC men in Valley Forge Dec through June and find very few with any information. Please explain! Do you or do you not have complete records of these men on your Muster Rorr or other sources? If so, where may they be located? Need Roll numbers if located at Nation Archives or Library of Congress.
Ann Herzer, Scottsdale, AZ [01-31-2006]

I, try to get a picture of General louis Lebègue Duportail's farm ( Chesterbrook) for the french Museum of the Corps of Engineers Thank you
Serge C. Le Pottier, ANGERS - France [01-31-2006]

LISA CRAWFORD, va beach [01-31-2006]

It´s really exciting learn each time more about the American Revolution. Congratulations from Brazilian people
Cláudio Motta, sao paulo - brazil [01-31-2006]

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elsie, atenville [01-25-2006]

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