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Valley Forge Guest Book Archives: 2005 July-December

I am looking for information regarding catain isaac israel.he was at valley forge and legend has it that his lighting of a chanukah menorah there led to a conversation that encouraged washington not to surrender. i have found that he did exsist and was there but i can fond no official recor of his menorah or the medalion washington suposedly gave him after the war. anyone with information please contact me. thank you.
chava, New York [12-27-2005]

I really liked this page. I had a really hard projet that is due and this page helped me a lot. I am in 7th grade and 12 years old thank you a lot for creating this page! -kalie
kalie johnson, richfield m.n [12-22-2005]

Today I had to mak e apresentation on Martha Washington.I learned some intresting things! thax
Courtney, n.c [12-22-2005]

I have recently pruchased a painting in the UK entitled 'Redcoats at the Forge' painted by B. Hildick in 1893.Is it an incident in the War of Independence ? Is anything known about this artist? I can send a laser print Best wishes Roger Pope
Roger Pope, pewsey, wiltshire, UK [12-22-2005]

I just want to say that I saw the kids page where you fill in comments for what they are saying as they cross the Delaware are insulting and anti-American. Free speech is one thing, but I hardly think that those comments represent the best of what people had to say. In a world where our "heros" are not worthy to stand with the brave men, like those from Valley Forge, I am disgusted that you would dishonor them and allow such trash to represent this site. I am tired of pandering to those who want to trash America and spit on the principles upon which it was founded, while siting their "rights" based on said principles. How about some self-discipline and remember that if you can't something nice or at least truly witty then don't say it all! This shouldn't be a place where you can spread your Anti-American views!
anonymous [12-22-2005]

This is a cool Website!
Bambina [12-22-2005]

this is a intresting and helpful site thank you for your help.
pierre hack, New York [12-22-2005]

stephen bungay, n.j. [12-22-2005]

gina [12-16-2005]

ron [12-16-2005]

i think you tell more about valley forge
sarah, pa harrison city [12-16-2005]

tyler [12-16-2005]

ashley [12-16-2005]

this website is awesome!
anonymous [12-16-2005]

This website helped out a lot. Im in the 8th grade and we are studying the Valley Forge and have to write a report on it and all this really helped. THanks for ur great website!
anonymous [12-16-2005]

this is cool
jon, alaska [12-16-2005]

how manny people died during the winter in vally forge i need to know for a prodgect! ! ! ! ! by the way nice site
anonymous [12-16-2005]

I don't know much about this site but I really appreciated the part about Hamilton serving with Washington at Valley Forge.
molly nelson [12-16-2005]

My ancestors were at Valley Forge and one was wounded at Bunker Hill. But although I am British my ancestors (not direct antedents; cousins etc.) were on the American side! Sorry, that's why i am fascinated by American history.
anonymous, uk [12-16-2005]

Sur les traces de Lafayette je suis venu faire une visite à George Washington. Je recommande à tout français de venir voir les lieux d'une petite participation française et que chaque américain a su nous rendre à maintes occasions en France. Que mes compatriotes ne l'oublient jamais !
François J. RATEL, bordeaux - france [12-16-2005]

Katie Combs, Ohio [12-16-2005]

Cool Site
madison, school [12-16-2005]

Aaron Young, Sac,to,Ca. [12-16-2005]

Can you help me find out what daily life was like during the Revolution? All I seem to find all over the internet is, at best, biographies of the famous men and women that everyone already knows about. I need to know how families lived during those years. Especially store-owners or merchants in Boston. Can you help me?
anonymous [12-16-2005]

Very informative. I was seeking an overview on Gen. Mad Anthony Wayne. I have one of his limited editions written in 1929 for sale. I was surprised and impressed when this site appeared.
Arisbooks [12-16-2005]

i like this website
scotty ward, cincinnati,oh [12-16-2005]

Nice website. I wish every individual in our country still held to the moral and God-fearing values that characterized our nation's beginning. "This is a degenerate age!" But it is thrilling to read about our Revolutinary War and how even if there were discrepancies among the Patriots, they put them away and fought together for what was important. "United we stand...."
Hannah [12-16-2005]

You're nifty!
Rachel, Portland, OR [12-16-2005]

anonymous [12-16-2005]

Comander Cool, Oklahoma [12-16-2005]

mallory [12-16-2005]

Bryce Ring [12-16-2005]

Neil Maclean, Glasgow, Scotland [12-16-2005]

I need informaation about a slave-patriot-soldier
ccllkk [12-16-2005]

typed my name on google,Jerry Golliver of Muskegon Mi linked me to this web site
Richard golliver, mt.vernon,wa [12-16-2005]

hi i would like to know why the soilders had a shortage of food and supplies at valley forge and where is it on your site
shelb [12-16-2005]

Thank you for the information on my ancestor John Taylor of 1st Maryland. Why are the Maryland regiments not listed in your Regiments at Valley Forge list ?
jim dempsey, cincinnati [12-16-2005]

Do you have any pics of valley forge?
Sage, Maine [12-16-2005]

we don't known what you are talking about i am 13 but you need more info.
Kali mcGrath, unknown [12-16-2005]

sara [12-16-2005]

this website is soo rockin awesome! i can find, like, all the info i need on anything with Valley Forge, even when I only have one night to do a Social Studies project (*cough*tonight*cough) *guilty look* thanks for all the info guys!
Christine (aka bobbi aka sykochik), Charleston, SC! [12-16-2005]

anonymous [12-16-2005]

Is it true that George washington stayed at a house that belonged to a Hewes family??? I'm doing a report and need to know! Thanks!
Gaby, Irving, Tx [12-07-2005]

I just would like to know about the profile of Mr. Deon Abraham who claimed to be from Bracknell road, Ontario Canada. I want to know if there is a man named bDeon lives there.
anonymous [12-07-2005]

hey im emily i im reaserching a prolect which happens to be benedict arnold
emily treibel, humble tx [12-07-2005]

Go Marie Joseph Paul Yves ROche Gilbert du Montier!(a.k.a. Lafayette)
Anna!!! [12-07-2005]

This is a great site to find interesting information on the American Revolution. Keep it up!
Ashley [12-07-2005]

How the heck did Molly Pitcher die...I ma doing a research paper in her and i was just wondering
Brandi Lee Traylor, Kansas City, Missouri [12-07-2005]

hey i hope u like this site i do
cortnei, middle town [12-07-2005]

this website was great it helped me a lot on my american history homework over valley forge
KIP WHITELEY, adair oklahoma [12-07-2005]

DT [12-07-2005]

watz good
game, boston [12-07-2005]

I have a question. Did George Washington really stay at a house belonging to a Hewes' family? Or did he stay somewhere else? Please answer, I'm doing a report and need to know. Tahnks!
Gaby [12-07-2005]

Gabriela F [12-07-2005]

this site helps me with my school work thanx
Cassidy, anchorage,ak [12-07-2005]

I think this is a great site for Valley Forge! This site helped me out so much with my homework! i'm greatly appreciated that I found such a site like this, and it has everything about Valley Forge!
*Mandi*, Missouri [12-07-2005]

Was their any time for recreation?> if so ehat did they do
HELP ME! [12-07-2005]

how many kids did molly have and what did she do after the revolutionary war and what did she do during the war and what was her moms maiden name and her dads name how many siblings did she have and did she get a primary education and did she get a secondary education did she get a college education
libby [12-07-2005]

A true gentleman and a hero.
Maria L, ma [12-07-2005]

hi i ame 8 years old and i love you games and webcite
anonymous [12-07-2005]

what is Martha Washingtons middle name?
Andrew, austin [12-07-2005]

who maried bengremen fraclin
Mattew [12-07-2005]

I really like this site. I like it so much that i put it in my Favorites! It is a helpful site for any research being done on the Revolutionary War. Thank You for the info.
Kathleen, Hockinson [12-07-2005]

John Hancock was my 6th great grand father! I love your site, it has helped me a great deal on my history project. Thank you so much!
Chelsea Hancock [12-07-2005]

hello my peeps
naomitwigg, maine [12-07-2005]

nice site
dazhann, nj [12-07-2005]

My grandparents and family lived in Gen Varnums Headsquarters for several years. Grandfather was a farmer and farmed a food portion of what is now the Park. He built a house on the other side of the road that passes by the Hdqtrs. Later the farm was taken over by the government and claimed byEmminent Domain. The value of the property was disputed by my Grandfather but he was unsuccessful in obtaining any additional compensation My Mother and Father were married in the Valley Forge Chapel.
William C Stephens, Orange CT [12-07-2005]

The one room school in the center of Valley Forge was an active school long after the Revolutionary period. My Grand mother taught school there until it was no longer active.
William C. Stephens, Orange CT [12-07-2005]

Big Bus
Alyssa H, Caribou, Maine [12-07-2005]

like omg this is like totally awesome, like totally freak me out, right on, valley forge is number 1!
anonymous [12-07-2005]

Karly Beuck [12-07-2005]

nice site
jack, texas [12-07-2005]

Dr. Samuel Clagett also served as a surgeon's mate during Valley Forge. His wife had received a pension for this after he died. He was from Maryland. He had been a student of Dr. Gustavas Brown. He served from 1777 to February 1780, he then resigned and went to sea. He died March 25th, 1821 at New Baltimore, Fauquier, Virginia.
Karen Francis, Iowa [12-07-2005]

is there any way i could get any brocures or something sent to my house for the history fair me and my group are doing our project on valley forge.
kim, florida [12-07-2005]

exceptional! exquisit la di da di daaaaaaa
george [12-07-2005]

don, henry knox [12-07-2005]

chairity, richiland [12-07-2005]

douglas, richeland [12-07-2005]

mackenzie [12-07-2005]

this has been a very helpful sight for researching the winter at Valley Forge for a video that my daughter has to due for class
christine, in [12-07-2005]

At valley forge was there an opportunity for recreation while George Washington and his troops were stationed their
Sean, Brielle [12-07-2005]

WOW this counrty is SO awesome. People worked SO hard to get it to where it is today!
haylee [12-07-2005]

what was the job of Mary Ludwig Hays in the Revolutionary war?
fernando roque, san jose, ca [12-07-2005]

john hart, moon [12-07-2005]

the historical accounts of these two women are what is known as "social history" because they are not the regular, or "top-down", histories of Presidents and powerful men. Explain which type of history you find more appealing and why?
lara [12-07-2005]

otto, fl [12-07-2005]

love the site
michelle [12-07-2005]

Our duty is to preserve history, in order that future generations can learn from the history that we've lived
Kenneth Daniel [12-07-2005]

Can you tell me were I could find some important dates in history for me?I have to do a school project.
natania parker [12-07-2005]

we miss you very much.
chrishaunda dickens [12-07-2005]

Valley Forge...Like wow!
Aimee [11-23-2005]

Alyssa, north judson [11-23-2005]

This site is great for our project, and its suitable for us to get'er duuun! --Thanks!
Danielle, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania [11-23-2005]

i am the great cornholio
luke [11-23-2005]

i watched a vidio about washington in my history class it was about him fighting the hessions i got interested and wanted to learn more about it and this website helped me learn a lot more about it in memory of washington one of the best presidents of are time
nicole [11-23-2005]

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anonymous [11-23-2005]

I need pictures of those mentioned in "Those Who Served here." Please help!
Ellen T Graves [11-23-2005]

omg i love this website it is so aswomely friends think im a geek cause i use this website......but they are really the geeks....... sinfully, yonny
yonny, RHAM Middle School [11-23-2005]

Did the soldiers at valley forge have an oppurtunity for recreation
Sean P., Brielle [11-23-2005]

i luv it
Bri brown, Greenland [11-23-2005]

tyler [11-23-2005]

Hey, Great site! I had to get on here to look up some information in school and this helped out a lot in being able to write my Valley Forge letter. Its great! Thanks so much!
Amanda [11-21-2005]

My Chemical Romance ROCKS YOUR SOCKS OFF!
Ramona, newark, new jersey [11-21-2005]

aj [11-21-2005]

i love this site
Raven Cascaden [11-21-2005]

bill [11-21-2005]

put more information on this thing. i cant find any of my socail studies questions on this.
jazzy, blah [11-21-2005]

Bryan Koppa, Colorado springs [11-21-2005]

waz up
anonymous [11-21-2005]

needs a bit more in the battle
john [11-21-2005]

was pete higginbotham in the war and is there a pitcher of him
rosanne, hull [11-21-2005]

please put my name up there
Sean Bower [11-21-2005]

i cant find nothing on this site thanks for nothing
jake, school [11-21-2005]

praise god for his blessing own our country
owen gore, durant oklahoma [11-21-2005]

ayaz, houston [11-21-2005]

jesus gonzalez [11-21-2005]

What was the womens roll at Valley Forge?
Sean P., Brielle, Nj [11-21-2005]

remember me!
Benedict Arnold [11-21-2005]

If you know of anyone named Blake or Qualls who served in the revolutionary war please notify me immeadiatly. thank you.
Victoria Blake, Miamisburg ohio [11-21-2005]

The Revolutionary war has always fasinated me. Valley Forge was one thing that fasinates me the most, still to this day. The dear America movie was awesome
Irish Rose, Ireland [11-21-2005]

I am single.
Andrew Schmitz, pa [11-21-2005]

This is a great website !
LaTanya, Los Angeles [11-21-2005]

Hallo, nette Webseiten mit guten Inhalt! Liebe Grüsse der Johann Germany / Europe
Johann, Germany [11-21-2005]

Could yo please tell me if Molly Hays Had children. I so what were theirs names.
Kathy Hays Meharry, Oregon [11-21-2005]

Brenda McDaniel, Colorado [11-21-2005]

I love the Prayer at Valley Forge picture by Arnold Friberg. I have spent lots of time looking for an inexpensive unframed copy but nobody seems to have one for less than about $100. Does anybody know where I can get one?
Brenda McDaniel, Colorado [11-21-2005]

I'm using your site or my report. I need to know who wrote the FAQ: "How did Martha Washington help out at valley forge?" for my bibliography/works cited list. Thanyou!
Tricia L., Ohio [11-21-2005]

i'm in the 7th grade, and i'm working on my investigation about alexander hamilton.
JUAN ABASCAL, chicago, il 60618 [11-21-2005]

I have learnd so much on benedic arnold .It ahs help my so muc in my american history prokect
fatima garcia, texas [11-16-2005]

wats with the heads
jared [11-16-2005]

i love this sight! please post my jokes
anonymous [11-16-2005]

I lesrn more here in 3 days than I learned so far this year.
Keith Pretlow, Pa [11-16-2005]

I spent some time at the freedom foundation and it enhanced my knowledge on the United States Constitution. Please email me and give me some feed back on what you did and what it did for you.
Keith Pretlow, Philadelphia Pa [11-16-2005]

bob, lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll [11-16-2005]

What a website
Celine LaPointe [11-16-2005]

luis [11-16-2005]

This site is so awesome!
Courtney L. Finley [11-16-2005]

i love socal studies and i love 2 learn about all of this boring stuff
jennfier [11-09-2005]

hi i am looking for guns to do as a class asinement
julian, 4295 hess av [11-09-2005]

danyelle gray, waynesboro,mississippi [11-09-2005]

anonymous [11-09-2005]

reinhardt [11-09-2005]

Tom Whitelock, Dallas Chapter - SAR [11-08-2005]

very informational, thank you
Aaron Carter, New York [11-08-2005]

Patricia Garcia, Lubbock, Tx [11-08-2005]

I am about to take some British family members on a car tour historic sites including Paoli, Brandywine, Chadds Ford, Kennett Square, Whitemarsh and of course, Valley Forge. This is their first visit to the United States and I thought it would be fitting for them to visit the area after seeing Independence Hall. Your information was incredibly interesting and will give them a unique insight into the formation of the United States as it began to take shape through battles, philosophical discourse and courageous actions based on deep-held beliefs. Not to mention giving me a great education on early American history. As an immigrant to the US in my college years, I never had the chance to learn the stories and anecdotes of America's birth. I'll write back to let you know their reactions (and mine). Thank you for a wonderful website. Orna Wiseman
Orna Wiseman, Media, PA [11-08-2005]

I would very much like photographs of the Medal of Honor won by Henry Holden,thatis on display at Freedoms Foundation.
Tony Clevett, England [11-08-2005]

I love being at Valley Forge. I often just drive through for the beauty of it. Thank goodness I live close by in Harlesyville PA
Dave, Sales [11-08-2005]

i love you
Erin Carner [11-08-2005]

Who was the fist man/woman to die in the Revelutionary War?
Levi Todd [11-08-2005]

What did the colonists protest for?
Kenia marreros [11-08-2005]

I like ur website it help with this history prodject that i had to do!
Michaela, Berlin,OH 8th grade [11-08-2005]

Nice site! I have family that fought at Guilford's Courthouse in The Virginia Militia
Keith Hankins, Black Forest, Co [11-08-2005]

ashley west [11-08-2005]

This is Much fun
Britney Mccray, Grand Blanc [11-08-2005]

whats up with that war
henery, school [11-08-2005]

jessica [11-08-2005]

wat r u the name of the peolpe that were in the war
anonymous [11-08-2005]

This is a good site and was helpful in my report. We will visit Valleuy Forge next summer. We have already been to Jocky Hollow.
The Gannon Family, Verona, NJ [11-08-2005]

Basically, my site is geared toward people that like to have fun with history and I found your link to be just a joy! This is a copy of my links page of which I've included your page. Should you have any problems with my linking could you please let me know and I'll remove your link. Thank you, Connie This is very intresting!
Proba, io [11-08-2005]

ROGER SMITH, nh [11-08-2005]

this website was very informational,it included all of the information i needed to do a report for history.THANK YOU!
Rosealynn Stanfill, Belton Texas [11-08-2005]

i like you
anonymous [11-08-2005]

I got almost all of my interview questions from here eccept the one about Washington's marquee. I can't find it any where!
Chandler, Kansas City,MO [11-08-2005]

i love your website
crystal, grand juncton [11-08-2005]

god bless whoever wasts their time to read this! thanks
mmmhhh [11-08-2005]

Amber, 101 Monroe [11-08-2005]

karli [11-08-2005]

I really like this website.It has a lot of information about valley forge & the peole who served there
jgray, waynesboro,mississippi [11-08-2005]

I love the history of Valley forge
Rebecca, California [11-08-2005]

My history class used this website to integrate technology in the classroom. We had so much fun exploring this site. I always knew learning would be fun! Thanks for making history enjoyable.
Mrs. Kelley, Grand Blanc Middle School [11-08-2005]

i like to write history of george washington
anonymous [11-08-2005]

Jon Phipps, Monmouth County NJ [11-08-2005]

Excellent info! I especially liked the research on Washington's prayer.
Steve Jacobs, Vacaville, Ca [11-08-2005]

cassieee [11-08-2005]

i'm 15 years old and i love history.
latonya poteat, new britain [11-08-2005]

I was there with Freedoms Foundation! I LOVED IT! Hecks Yea!
Vanessa, Jacksonville, FL [11-08-2005]

swiss [11-08-2005]

what made molly pitcher die
swiss [11-08-2005]

The best webstite about valley forge and the Continental Army that camped there
Phillip Ivey [11-08-2005]

Reed Plumb, Atlanta, Ga. [11-08-2005]

very good it help me learn more about him
alicia shackelford, west memphis [11-08-2005]

i was woundering if you could put the dates and the famous people from the past? also include the famous ratio people too if you could. the dates can be as far back as you can go. i really dont care but it helps people that need to look up info or use it for other thing's!
nikki, home [11-08-2005]

Tiffany, Hudson [10-28-2005]

It help me do a report
anonymous [10-28-2005]

lester holt [10-27-2005]

You have a really good website, thank you.
anonymous [10-27-2005]

Tylor shaw, Dundee, Ohio [10-27-2005]

what is treason
juan estrada, painesville [10-27-2005]

David [10-27-2005]

ashley, Lee Middle School [10-27-2005]

Can you send me some facts about valley forge no 1 really knows. i am in high school
nick, linden [10-27-2005]

what did valley forge look like?
anonymous [10-27-2005]

your website helped me loads in my assignment thanks lotses!
allison, berlin, ohio [10-27-2005]

ciara cuellar [10-27-2005]

I am very patriotic kid. I admire the soilders in America during Valley Forge.
Lonnie Moore, North Carolina [10-27-2005]

kick but this is a nice site
isaac killough, wichita [10-27-2005]

Why is the message thing optional? That's weird. Anyway, yeah. Good site... it helped me write an awesome poem about VF.
anonymous [10-27-2005]

I would like to thank you for this well presented website covering the history of Valley Forge. With the basic illiteracy of Americans of our own history, it great to see so many sites such as yours that help us learn our history. It cannot be overlooked the importance of that winter at Valley Forge. The Continental Army that entered Valley Forge and the army that left the next year were not the same force. They were a true army now and ready to take on the British.
Kathy, California [10-27-2005]

this stuff is good helped on Cliffs project JOSH PITTS
hillbilly BoB and the terror squad, taunton,mass [10-27-2005]

I've been there multiple times, and it is a wonderful and enchanting, if that's the word, place. There's a lot of history right in that little valley.
Matt, pa [10-27-2005]

I absolutely love this web site i was having a problem with getting information on vally forge and now i have way more that i need THANK A TON
Blu [10-27-2005]

Hi i hope this is good
seth petri [10-27-2005]

I hope to become famous one day God bless America
Megan Ashley Stewart, San Antonio, Texas [10-27-2005]

Cameron [10-27-2005]

I had to do a project on Valley Forge and your website really helps!
Marissa, Texas [10-27-2005]

Thank you for so much information. I have bookmarked you and will come back to read more closely.
Sally, Virginia [10-27-2005]

anonymous [10-27-2005]

I just thought i would let you guys know that i really enjoyed your website.
George, Washington [10-27-2005]

send info about molly pitcther
Chelsea [10-27-2005]

The best recerch website ever booyah babby
Matthe Buzzeo, Maine [10-27-2005]

i think this wed site is helpfull even more 2 home school students grace
grace, cortland mannor ny [10-27-2005]

your park staff was very informational and very helpful in helping me understand the time and space of Valley Forge. Bruce Stocking help fill in missing information and gave time and information to assist my understanding of the area.
Doug Roush, Indianapolis, IN [10-27-2005]

Jennifer [10-17-2005]

I like this website! It is nice to learn some new things about Betsy Ross and all the other people that I don't get much of a chance to read about.
Hannah, Fenton, MI [10-17-2005]

...u dont even have to type
anonymous [10-17-2005]

JIUISS [10-17-2005]

pictures of martha washington!p.s now
jazmin, texas [10-17-2005]

you should really have more info about the generals-------------but a great site
anonymous [10-17-2005]

I am doing a report on valley forge and this website is OK.
anonymous [10-17-2005]

Basically, my site is geared toward people that like to have fun with history and I found your link to be just a joy! This is a copy of my links page of which I've included your page. Should you have any problems with my linking could you please let me know and I'll remove your link. Thank you, Connie
Connie [10-17-2005]

Mary, New Jersey [10-17-2005]

great information
briana, milpitas [10-17-2005]

This website helped me on my social studies project a lot
Ray, School [10-13-2005]

hey i need some picture of the weapons they used for the war so i can finish the project please send me some
jessica [10-12-2005]

good site
Jeff, Milford [10-11-2005]

Thanks for the website it helped me on my social studies project
Harrison, Taunton,Mass [10-11-2005]

i just did a project of vally forge and the information is great
anonymous [10-11-2005]

mary, lousville, ohio [10-11-2005]

This website rocks Im only nine and I have a book report due my book is on martha washington it really dosn,t tell me anything so I went on this website and it tells me everything!
Danielle, south carolina [10-11-2005]

Great site on helping me with my project Thanks a TON!
Pauly O, palm beaches en florida [10-11-2005]

margaret [10-11-2005]

On NPR I heard that after many attemtps the Indians gave up trying to kill Washington during the French and Indian War. They said he was guarded by the Great Spirit. If anyone knows where I can read about that e-mail me, please.
Joe [10-11-2005]

Nice site!
Courtney [10-11-2005]

good site but where is the information?
anonymous, georgia [10-11-2005]

I am looking for good maps of Valley Forge which will show the encampment in detail for research I am doing. Where can I locate them primarily on the web or other sources?
Keith Hoffmeyer, Indiana [10-11-2005]

bobby [10-11-2005]

anonymous [10-11-2005]

because they say george washington is meen
cynthia, hey [10-11-2005]

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deirdre burke, stoneham high school [10-11-2005]

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Stuby Stud Davis [10-11-2005]

where was molly picther born, where did she die,and whet year did she die
anonymous [10-11-2005]

My first time on this site, but definitely not my last! Informative, colorful, nicely presented!What a great way to publish history, and spark an interest in learning more about our great nation and our ancestors.
Barbie LaBanca, Daytona Beach, Florida [10-11-2005]

Suzzuie [10-11-2005]

what up
raychelle, colorado [10-11-2005]

this is a great website for reaserch
anonymous [10-11-2005]

i am doing a report on seymour burr and we are supposed to have an in-class debate using each side of the revolution's fighters (naturalist/loyalist/patriot)and i can't find any information on him. I was very glad to find out that your site had much about his life, and what he stood for in the Revolutionary war. thank you - Michelle Mcintire - - - 8th grader from Mesa View Middle school, Huntington Beach Califonia
michelle mcintire, huningto beach, ca [10-11-2005]

This is a good site very informational. i used it for a report for middle school. Very informational. I give you an A+! :):)
Lucy, usa [10-11-2005]

kayla crawford, tyler, tx [10-11-2005]

A very nice web site of my home growing up in 1940's
Dorothy, Ga [10-11-2005]

Brittany Carlile [10-11-2005]

It is a cool site and i love the gigantic mega amounts of info. It has helped me in the research i am doing for a school project. I am building a website about things like this for my project and i have also has some help from some people with my
Olemaga kenny, Louisisana [10-11-2005]

hey I really like the battle of valley forge !
annabell, gonzals,la [10-10-2005]

i really liked your web site. Very Informative. I enjoyed the history of Valley Forge. Thanks For The Help
Chris, grand rapids, mi [09-30-2005]

Jodi Ingram, windsor [09-30-2005]

washington is a great man and i am glad i found this website to do my school report on him my name is katie shifflett i am 12 yrs old
katie, USA,Florida [09-30-2005]

My Grandmother has a emblem on her gravestone that reads "Daughter of the American Revolution". My daughter asked me to explain and I did not have an answer, only that it must be in our family tree somewhere. My grandmothers name was Ruby Tucker Gue. Any help would be appreciated!
Bob Gue, Seattle [09-29-2005]

All I want to say is that Americans fought for freedom and people are saying that we shouldn't be in Iraq. But I believe that God gave us freedom and we should fight and give freedom to all the people in Iraq who lived in constent fear of being lead away into a torture chamber in one of the Palaces.
Hannah Joy Kissling, Fenton, MI I'm 12 years old [09-29-2005]

it's a good website
anonymous [09-29-2005]

I like the people who in the valley forge! so so much!
Stephanie, LA Baton rouge [09-29-2005]

hey this is a really great website thanks for putting it up for all of us to view danielle Michigan
anonymous [09-29-2005]

I had to do a report on valley forge and this site really helped me out! THANKYOU!
Whitney [09-29-2005]

God Bless our founding Fathers for their extraordinary sacrifice to our country...........God Bless America!
Rebecca Alford, New York City [09-29-2005]

Whilst flying recently, I saw a cloud forming below me over the sea. It was a map of north& south america. North America dissolved into the face of George Washington enclosed by a large crescent. South America remained intact. I was impressed that america was going to be invaded by an Islamic force. Some american friends told me about washingtons vision, which I have now read on your website and it seems to concur with washingtons vision. John Jephson, Christchurch NZ
John Jephson, New Zealand [09-29-2005]

you need to have a search to find out if the information about the person is on the page or where it is located on the page
Kaci, Louisisana [09-29-2005]

Very cool website! Wish there were more like this...
Cassy, Minnesota [09-29-2005]

It seems to me that without french intervention the cause may have been lost. It also appears strange that the french would intervene as they were still a monarchy at the time. When the french revolulion started a couple of years later the french monarchy turned to Britain for refuge. Regards Bob Scott
Bob Scott, Waratah, tasmania, Australia [09-29-2005]

gustavo barboza elias [09-29-2005]

won't my husband be proud that i researched history!
ROBIN DAVIDSON, ohio [09-29-2005]

Rocci James Morris, Travlers Rest,Sc [09-29-2005]

thought i'd check out a bit of us history. good site, though a bit confusing to a non-american. oh, by the way, for metal fans, valley forge from hammerfall. fun!
feytalist, south africa (real south of the dark continent :p) [09-29-2005]

it is ok but you need to add some more things to the kidz paage and as much more information as you can. Kathryn
Kathryn Twitchett, England/London/kent [09-29-2005]

I love History and God Bless the U.S.A!(and presidant Bush!)
Sarah Kissling, Fenton, MI (By Flint) [09-29-2005]

I Love History! I especially like to read how God worked through all the men in the Revelutionary War.Like General Washington,General Greene,General Lee,General Lafayette and all the others!
Hannah, Fenton, MI [09-29-2005]

Alex Barajas and Luis Ruelas and Diego Solano we are the carnales
anonymous [09-29-2005]

Jon Hurd [09-29-2005]

Thank you very much for the good informations!
Mareike, Immendingen Germany [09-29-2005]

anonymous [09-28-2005]

Go history!
Samuel, Tennessee [09-14-2005]

Have you ever heard of a song about Valley Frge with chorus like this: So it's drill, march, march, drill It surely wasn't fun to winter down at Valley Forge with General Washington.?
Pam McGregor, San Diego [09-13-2005]

very cool things for kids ecipecially when i have a history project
Aletha, castle rock co [09-12-2005]

Thisn site is awsome!
Leeann boone, waukesha [09-12-2005]

anonymous [09-12-2005]

Thank you for the thorough information!
Inghe [09-12-2005]

Benny [09-12-2005]

I just want to thank you for helping me turn my grades around. THANK YOU:)
Isaiah, Chatt. Co. High School [09-12-2005]

Great web-site! Don't change! I had to look something up for school, and I found just what I needed. Keep it up!
anonymous [09-12-2005]

Among the records that cite my fifth great uncle Abraham Buford (Beauford) serving as colonel under General Washington at Valley Forge is a letter from Washington responding to a court martial over which Col. Buford served as president. The transcribed copy: )) is found in The Library of Congress "George Washington Papers." Your website does not include Col. Buford as having served at Valley Forge. How do I go about rectifying this? Thank you. David Robertson
David Alan Robertson, Chicago [09-12-2005]

heather [09-12-2005]

I visited. FYI.
Nathan [09-12-2005]

Why did "Molly Pitcher" marry again?
anonymous [09-12-2005]

crystal [09-12-2005]

Greetings Earthlings, I am from planet xerox.
anonymous [09-12-2005]

You should have more on the weapons they used like pictures. All you have is information students need visuals for a better learning experience. I myself am a student and i would like to know about the weapons and what they were used for.
Marisa Sturm [09-12-2005]

sarah, kansas [09-12-2005]

My best wishes are with you.
Anton [09-12-2005]

David Pico, Pennsburg,Pennsylvania [09-12-2005]

This John Armstrong may be the Officer in Charge of building Forbes Road from the Allegheny Mountain to Edmounds Swamp.Bouquet Papers II
John, Historian-Fort Duart(Dewart) [09-12-2005]

I was at the 1957 Valley Forge Boy Scout Jamboree with Troop 57 From Barstow California, We took the train too and from the Jamboree. I spent 5 months back packing and hitch hiking "auto stop" in Europe, Middle East and Egyp and on my way back visited the 1964 Boy Scout Jamboree in Valley Forge. In 1990 worked for Baker Diagnostics in Allentown PA and visited Valley Forge many times. Have to say thnk you for the men who help make the USA free. God Bless Larry Payne K6UNT, was KN6UNT at the Jamboree.
Larry Payne, Cataula Georgia [09-12-2005]

My family and I really enjoyed our trip to Valley Forge. Need to come back again in the Spring
KIM KAY BERRY, West Memphis, Arkansas [09-02-2005]

Jeremy Wright, usa [09-02-2005]

Thank you for helping me confirm an ancestor who wintered with the great General Washington!
Pamela D. Pabst, California [09-01-2005]

cool site I like it
Eli [09-01-2005]

Hi, I like your web page very much. What is the best time to visit the historic sites at Valley Forge. Are docents available to help children understand the significance of the historic area? Best Regards, Mike USB Kabel
Mike from USB Kabel, Germany [09-01-2005]

amber [09-01-2005]

A total of 3 Boy Scout Jamboree's were held at Valley Forge . I visted the 1964 Boy Scout Jamboree at Valley Forge. Since 1937, the Boy Scouts of America has held a national Scout jamboree for Scouts and leaders of Boy Scout councils throughout the United States. More than 600,000 Scouts and leaders have hiked the trails, paths, and roadways since the first jamboree was held at the base of the Washington Monument on the Mall in our nation's capital. Since that time, 15 national Scout jamborees have been held. Three were held in the western United States at Irvine Ranch, California; Colorado Springs, Colorado; and Farragut State Park in Idaho. Five have been held in Pennsylvania at Valley Forge and Moraine State Park. Beginning in 1981, Caroline County, Virginia, and Fort A. P. Hill have been the permanent site. Year Location Attendance 1937 Washington, D.C. 27,232 1950 Valley Forge, Pennsylvania 47,163 1953 Irvine Ranch, California 45,501 1957 Valley Forge, Pennsylvania 50,100 1960 Colorado Springs, Colorado (golden jubilee) 53,378 1964 Valley Forge, Pennsylvania 52,000 1969 Farragut State Park, Idaho 35,000 *1973 Farragut State Park, Idaho, and Moraine State Park, Pennsylvania 64,000 1977 Moraine State Park, Pennsylvania 28,637 1981 Fort A. P. Hill, Virginia 29,765 1985 Fort A. P. Hill, Virginia (diamond jubilee) 32,615 1989 Fort A. P. Hill, Virginia 32,717 1993 Fort A. P. Hill, Virginia 34,449 1997 Fort A. P. Hill, Virginia 36,015 2001 Fort A. P. Hill, Virginia 40,002 TOTAL 621,744
Shaun Campbell, King of Prussia, PA [09-01-2005]

May God bless America.
Carol Kimmel Allsup, San Jose, California [09-01-2005]

My great great grandfather, Philander Chase Knox, had a "farm" at Valley Forge which now belongs to the park.
Kimberly [09-01-2005]

jgvbuijdf, l.a [09-01-2005]

marie, sacarmento californa [09-01-2005]

Amy, il [09-01-2005]

LaSHONDRA, fwbh [09-01-2005]

Thanks for making US History such an easy class for me. Now I wish I would have gone the extra mile and taken AP!
Kandis Williams, Evans, Ga [09-01-2005]

Hi, I have an ancestor, Aaron Belvin, from Gloucester County, Va. who was at Valley Forge until discharged in Feb. 1778. I have a copy of an affidavit attesting to his service (not an original). This and other documents attesting to his service are on file at the Va. State library. How do I go about getting his name listed among those who served? Thanks, Jim Belvin
Jim Belvin [09-01-2005]

How were Gen. Washington's troops inonculated against smallpox when the discovery of the small pox vaccine by Jenner took place in 1796?
EIleen M Fox, MD [08-21-2005]

yeah i love it there i have been a few times this summer and just love it every time thanks for making a special memorial place!
lana, texas [08-18-2005]

to find peace, one must prepare for war.
Kirstin, over the rainbow [08-17-2005]

I grew up in Monmouth County, New Jersey and spent most of my life in New Jersey. I went to college in the Trenton area and worked in the Justice Complex on the Delaware River before I moved to Atlanta. I have been to Valley Forge many times as well as Morristown and Clinton, New Jersey. Growing up where I did, I went to grammar school in Englishtown near where General Washington signed the court martial papers for Lee. It has given me a love and appreciation for General Washington and I only wish he were here in these perilous times for our nation.....but, I guess he is with us.
Barbara D. [08-16-2005]

Being as how I am history buff, this is terrific. Especially so since I ahd a t least one ancester at Valley forge with Washington & LaFayette
James L. Robinson, WAshington State [08-16-2005]

From President Washington's Farewell Address: "The name of American, which belongs to you, in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of Patriotism, more than any appellation derived from local discriminations. With slight shades of difference, you have the same Religeon, Manners, Habits & political Principles. You have in a common cause fought & triumphed together -- The independence & liberty you possess are the work of joint councils, and joint efforts -- of common dangers, sufferings and successes." -- United States, 19th September 1796 All who revere his memory should read in its entirety in order to fully appreciate his greatness.
William P. Perry, Maryland [08-16-2005]

caitlin, auckland [08-16-2005]

Matthew C. Douglas, nj [08-10-2005]

History is Good.
Kevin Burns, Pleasanton [08-10-2005]

My 5th Gr-Grandfather Pvt. Henry Carver dide at Valley Forge 31 Mar 1778 accord Natl Archives and rolls at Valley Forge.
Wayne Carver Sr, Wheelersburg, Ohio [08-10-2005]

i love amarican history and i thank the men who fought for this country to make it free.
beckey [08-10-2005]

I have heard that Martha Washington was the first person to serve waffles or pancakes with maple syrup. Do you know if there are any resouirces that might document this fact? Perhaps she served this at Valley Forge. Thank you!
Kathleen E. England [08-05-2005]

hello, its a great site.
max [08-05-2005]

Does anyone know the names of the French officers that came to the USA with Marquis de Lafayette in 1777? My uncle said that William Alexander Chatton was with Lafayette and that we were related to the Chattons from France who helped with the Revolutionary War.
Maxine Green [08-04-2005]

Nice web site. I will visit the real thing next year...
John Beowulf [08-04-2005]

Good and beutiful travel and experience in your works !Keep it up !
Gee Njimaga, Vasseville South Africa . [08-04-2005]

i was born and grew up in dekalb, il. there's a picture of baron dekalb in the public library, yet, i never knew very much about "the man".
al wiggin, spanish fork, utah [08-04-2005]

Hola! Hola! Hola! Holq!
Marlinc M. Flores, Carolina, Ouerto Rico [08-04-2005]

I was raised a McIntosh, so am very interested in this story... enjoyed this wesbsite very much. Grandpa was Eugene McIntosh... very interested in going deeper into the McIntosh history.
Brenda [07-26-2005]

Love the site. Legend has it that Pvt. William Benson of Eduard Lounsbery's 2d NY regiment was my maternal great grandfather many generations removed. The story says he died at the hospital at Fishkill NY in 1778, but his wife and young son moved to Allegheny Co and the following generations moved to Ohio and beyond.
Richard Driscoll, Ft. Worth, Texas [07-26-2005]

It is a cool site and i love the gigantic mega amounts of info. It has helped me in the research i am doing for a school project. I am building a website about things like this for my project and i have also has some help from some people with my
Earl Grey, Alabame [07-26-2005]

please send me any info on the lescalleet,s. tks

The Legend writ. The Stain effected. The key in the Silence, undetected. 55 in the Iron-pen. Mr. Matlack can't offend.
Alexander [07-20-2005]

I am descended from Lemuel Rogers who died at Valley Forge Mar. 25, 1778. His military papers just say "casuality". Is there any way to find out what he actually died from? Thank You Alice Corn Miles DAR Bend Genealogocal Society
Alice Corn Miles [07-19-2005]

The History section is brilliant. Perfect for a topical understanding of the situation. Under • An Anti-Washington "Cabal" •, however there are a few minor errors. 1) In the first paragraph it should be, " orgaized effort...", as opposed to, "...a organized effort". 2) The second paragraph should read, "...better qualified than the Virginian...", as opposed to, "...better qualified then the Virginian...".
ted byrne [07-19-2005]

I wish every American knew about these important documents and what they stand for.
Uba Maga, Carole Hill, San Angelo TX [07-07-2005] [07-19-2005]

Cassandra [07-19-2005]

What is the best time to visit the historic sites at Valley Forge. Are docents available to help children understand the significance of the historic area? Best Regards from a grandma, Laurel Hessing
anonymous, Berkeley Heights, NJ [07-12-2005]

Jim Speas [07-12-2005]

William Mckerrell, Ayrshire Scotland [07-10-2005]

I love Valley Forge
Margaret McCarthy, Upper Darby, PA [07-09-2005]

you people are the most one sided liberals i have ever heard if you are going to write something on George Washington would you learn the facts and i do not want to hear your opinion in somthing that is suppose to be based on the fact i am 13 and i know more facts about George Washington than you do (the real facts)
Asier [07-07-2005]

hey its very nice site,keep up the good work.I will visit your site again.thanks.
binay, Asia:India [07-05-2005]

Aaron Burr's niece, Almira Burr, married a family member of mine and traveled by oxcart from Connecticut to Stedman, NY where they settled approx 175 years ago. I am very interested in the history of Aaron Burr and was wondering if you knew anything about his neice, Almira. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Wendy R. Seymour
Wendy Seymour, Charleston, SC [07-05-2005]

Valley Forge, National Treasure is the movie of all movies Ben!
Luke [07-01-2005]

Where's everybody from 1981 Graduation.
Dr. David Caraballo, Ph.D, Charlotte, NC [07-01-2005]

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