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Valley Forge Guest Book Archives: 2005 January-June

When did Benedict Arnold started being a tratior
anonymous [06-30-2005]

E ddue [06-30-2005]

this web site is wounderful, I live so near the battle field of Saratoga, and the web brings you right there, in that time
nicole, Waterford, NY [06-28-2005]

I really enjoyed "touring" this web site! Very informative and having a kid's site is awesome! It's a great way to get the kid's involved!
Stacy, Texas [06-28-2005]

denise harris [06-28-2005]

Happy to be a part of this Heritage of Freedom!
Monique, Mount Shasta [06-20-2005]

I live in Monroe Twp,Conneaut,Oh. In our Kelloggsville Cemetary we have a monument to a Officer whom encamped at Valley Forge with Gen. Washington. I believe his name was Capt. Greene. We are going to Boston this summer for a Revolutionary War trip, and to Gettysburg also for a cival war re-enactment 7/2/05. This is a history vacation for the family. We are very excited about early American History. Maybe someday, Valley Forge will be on our list as will the Liberty Bell, etc. Thank you for your site. GOD Bless and Keep America safe and free.
John H. Payne, Conneaut,Oh. [06-17-2005]

this place rocks!
Ashley, lakeland [06-17-2005]

anonymous [06-17-2005]

found site looking for Lafayette. George Washington is a hero of mine and so is Lafayette. Little Lafayette lived with George and Martha in presidential years and even into retirement at Mt. Vernon. Excellent Marquis Lafayette informtion
Linda Thomas, Miami, Florida [06-17-2005]

Excellently put together web site! My interest in Valley Forge came from a "Dear America" series book entitled,"The Winter Of Red Snow. The Revolutionary War Diary of Abigail Jane Stewart." It is written by Kristiana Gregory. It makes you feel like you are there! My thanks go to those who worked on this web site. Well Done!
David Tipps, Cheney, KS [06-13-2005]

Jessica, Canada [06-13-2005]

Hello, I've been searching for a copy of the painting by W Trego called "Marching to Valley Forge". How can I obtain a print of this fantastic painting?
David Parkerson, Ft Wayne, Indiana [06-13-2005]

From Old families of Randolph Co., MO., by Howard Wright Marshall p 401 Elijah Williams, written by Leah Williams Lowe (These Williams were connected with the Carters and Harris families of Fairfax Co., Virginia some of whom came to Moberly, MO via TN. and KY after 1800) ... "Captain Jack (Williams- Elijah Williams father) enlisted with General Washington early in the Revolutionary War and served throughout the conflict. My Great Grandmother told of his trials and suffering at Valley Forge:" "They said they could have tracked us for miles by the bloody tracks on the snow and frozen ground from their shoeless and frozen feet. He said this was around the New Year, and that they sometimes were without food for three or four days at a time..." 'Major' Elijah Williams d. Moberly, MO 1-31-1887 at 90 years, one month and two days.
Missouri Lover [06-10-2005]

Sarah Dempster, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland [06-09-2005]

Thanks, I had to do a project for S.S., this helped a lot.
Sarah [06-09-2005]

I was excited to find that John Skidmore, division wagonmaster, who took his oath of allegiance on February 3, 1778 - He is my Gx6 Grandfather. That is what has lead me here. Rose Jones (Rogers)
Rose, Coon Rapids, Minnesota [06-08-2005]

signed, laura
laura, washington [06-04-2005]

kara lynn [06-03-2005]

thank you for this website it helped a lot with a research paper i was doing!
jayme [06-03-2005]

Dave Jester, Ridgecrest, Ca. [06-03-2005]

im doing a repoort need help please
carneala odom [06-03-2005]

Benadick Arnold
anonymous [06-03-2005]

sara [06-03-2005]

Your page on Alexander Hamilton falsely accuses him of spying for the British, a false rumor spread by his political enemies. See Ron Chernow's new (2004) biography of Hamilton for a correct explanation of events.
Carol Van der Veer, Pittsburgh [06-03-2005]

ever since i came into fitfh grade with an awesome teacher that teaches social studies i have become so interested in it!
anonymous, anonymous [06-03-2005]

I really liked your site, has a lot of good information and something for the kids also. I have a web site I have put a link to your page about Valley Forge. It is linked to the Soldiers Prayer. I thought to refresh peoples memories of how lucky we are in our day and time and what our ancestors went through so we might live free.
Janice Enkoff, California [06-03-2005]

anonymous [06-03-2005]

hi im sposed to be workin but im checkin ur site. its so cool
mari [06-03-2005]

Very nice web page. I am the 6th Great Grandson of John Buzan Personal ID VA25679.
Donnie Ruyle, Burlington,WA [06-03-2005]

alex [05-28-2005]

this site is the coolest that makes all kid interested in it
diane, texas [05-26-2005]

We are descendant from Jacob Green. Thrilled to see his name among the Patriots. Great site
anonymous, Alabama [05-26-2005]

I am a grand nephew of Gen., George Washington as I am a direct of Martha who was originally a Ball as was my mother.
wilfred edward higgins, Goderich, Ont., Canada [05-26-2005]

I love history! Thanks for making such an AWSOME site!
Samantha Olson, North Dakota [05-26-2005]

I have nothing to say.The only thing I can say is that I have 9 years old
jade, Carracas or Virginia [05-26-2005]

did molly pitcher die alone or not
bryant, school [05-26-2005]

every year i go to your park and i alway get kiked out by like nine or so. i thing your park needs to be open for a wile longer at least till mid night. thanks
Maryelizabeth [05-26-2005]

I king of like this page. I learned about this page from my teacher. We are studying about the events that happened in the Revolutionary war. I am studying about Valley Forge, and I think that it is vary interesting. Well I just wanted to say that I really like this website.
anonymous [05-26-2005]

federico, marsala [05-26-2005]

My great-great-great-great grandfather was Owen DeWees, son of Cornelius DeWees. I have been told that Owen was the brother of Colonel William DeWees who, along with a gentleman named Potts, were the owners of the forge at Valley Forge during the Revolutionay War. I began to trace the family heritage on the web through a site that published the LaMunyan book. Unfortunately, the site has been removed from the web. Can you provide me with any other sites, sources, references, or suggestions that would help me trace my family history? Thank you.
Richard L. DeWees [05-26-2005]

josh [05-26-2005]

anne [05-26-2005]

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anonymous [05-26-2005]

who was Benadict Arnold
anonymous [05-26-2005]

Good Bio.
tho, germantown, md. [05-26-2005]

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ako, 123ave [05-26-2005]

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ashley, ct [05-26-2005]

Hi this is cool!
anonymous [05-26-2005]

What is valley fordge?
tri [05-25-2005]

Richard Betancourt, [05-25-2005]

hi from the visitor me i am verry smart
josh baker, valley forge [05-13-2005]

Valley Forge! Here i come!
Malik Williams, Broken Arrow, OK [05-13-2005]

Just visting
Keffie Deen II [05-13-2005]

john space, amissville, va [05-13-2005]

When did George Washington die
kimi p., mayville mi [05-13-2005]

I'm am becoming very interested in US history. I am trying to write a paper about American History for myself. Not for school or anything. After watching National Treasure, I became engulfed inside of American History. If you would like to help me and send me useful information or things that I might not know, please contact me. or AIM CameronAChen
Cameron C., Lake Oswego Oregon USA [05-13-2005]

Joseph [05-13-2005]

ellen ayotte, Massena NY [05-11-2005]

my report on hamilton got an a
alex ash, marietta [05-11-2005]

Landon [05-11-2005]

please healp in wrighting a artical on thetopic nature is always noble it is human which is innoble
vikas, india [05-11-2005]

This site is like da bomb
Shannon, Pennsylvania [05-11-2005]

it was kewl
aaallleeexxx aaassshhh, marietta ohio [05-11-2005]

martin, mexico [05-11-2005]

Great site, helped with a report
Ben Ward [05-11-2005]

I hereby declare, England as my hometown, but America as my God-fearing country.
Emperor Drake [05-11-2005]

Vaughan Brown [05-11-2005]

anonymous [05-11-2005]

This site is okay. I just have to say there is no gun noises!
A Squirrel is, In my house [05-05-2005]

cuty, disneyland [05-05-2005]

It was really neat looking at all the things about Valley Forge. The reason I saw all the things about Valley Forge was because I have a Social Studies Project that has to do with Valley Forge
shannelly, lawrence [05-05-2005]

George Washington's rules of civilty . Rule 82 Keep your promise
RONALD JENKINS, york pa 17403 [05-05-2005]

I love learning about the history of GEORGE WASHINGTON and VALLEY FORGE.
Kevin Melendez, Germantown Maryland [05-05-2005]

cody, texas [05-05-2005]

Kevin Fairley, Pittsburgh [05-05-2005]

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JILL [05-05-2005]

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Jenny, Ohio [05-04-2005]

jack [05-04-2005]

I think this sight totally Awsome!
DeAnna, My age is 11, I live in Falfurrias,Tx 4-27-05 [04-28-2005]

andy [04-28-2005]

where do you live
noe, falfurrias [04-28-2005]

what does molly pitcher look like??
anonymous [04-28-2005]

Drove Lorretta Lynn's covered wagon in the 1976 Trail Ride. He a very good time. Those were the times for making memories. Thanks for the welcome he received in Valley Forge. "Ride on Forever". Gone to the Lord now, remember us.
"Big" John Green, Hollow Rock, TN [04-28-2005]

To love or to be loved that is what I ask.
Gwendalin [04-28-2005]

How did Washington die? Was it disease, or age, or fighting? I'd love to know. Do you know if he knew (Benadict) Arnold left? I was hopin' you'd have som info on it. if you don't, but you're gonna get 'em, e-mail me Sincerley, Garrett Seth Wease. PS. I'm rarin' to git some info on that creepy Benadict Arnold!
Garrett S. Wease, Kings Mtn., NC. [04-25-2005]

did you exchange things?
jennnifer, 3t [04-25-2005]

I think this web site is very interestig and helped me with a project
ali [04-25-2005]

I like Valley Forge the Store
Tyler boston, Staunton,IL [04-25-2005]

This site is greatfor kids
Johnathan [04-25-2005]

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lori [04-25-2005]

I like this site it really helped me with our oritoricals this year seeings how i had valley forge
Victoria Shope, Pennsylvania [04-25-2005]

I had the opportunity of attending the "Freedom's Foundation at Valley Forge" workshop for educators last summer---it was the best! I learned so much! I love this website! It will help me in my teaching of 5th grade US history!
Ann, American Fork, Utah [04-25-2005]

Hey, you did a great job on this.
Mario, Germany [04-18-2005]

hey tis is a great website becauz i am in 7th grade and 12 years old and i have an 8 page essay and this helped a lot! xoxo thanks, jazmin manalang
jazmin, virginia [04-17-2005]

Eric Mayer [04-17-2005]

i need info ohenry knox for my 5th grade project i need 350-500 words in the report
anonymous [04-17-2005]

I love imfo on vally forge
Carissa, Elizabeth Pa [04-17-2005]

I need imfo on Benadict Arnold
Carissa [04-17-2005]

hey ppl i love trevor!
ashley [04-17-2005]

i need more info on valley forge for my 5th grade project
kayla, at levie fry [04-15-2005]

I really luv Trever Forever!
ashley, fl [04-15-2005]

ya I think this guest thing is tite yo
bob doe [04-15-2005]

I like the pics
anonymous [04-15-2005]

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charles ward, ma. [04-15-2005]

Is there a list of names of the men killed at Valley Forge?
mary gates [04-15-2005]

I love trevor Thomas forever
ashley [04-14-2005]

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allison [04-14-2005]

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ashley [04-14-2005]

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Joan, [04-14-2005]

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autumn williams, reserve [04-14-2005]

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Rainer, Köln [04-13-2005]

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Royce liu, Beijing, China [04-13-2005]

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sarah miller, paoli [04-13-2005]

BRITNI M., arizona [04-13-2005]

I love the American Revoloution
Lauren, torrance [04-13-2005]

i am a vistor to vally forge
nicole, hartwell [04-12-2005]

i kneed to know why the soldies gibing thier lives made ous better today
anonymous [04-12-2005]

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anonymous [04-12-2005]

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lindsey, at the mall [04-12-2005]

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Andrea [04-12-2005]

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carrie [04-11-2005]

Kevin B Skinner, Hazleton, Pa [04-11-2005]

anonymous [04-11-2005]

I need to know if Abigail Jane Stewart was really alive back in 1777 and 1778, during the March to Vally Forge.
Courtney, Spokane Washington [04-08-2005]

Just looking for information so i can do a school project
Adam, spokane, WA [04-08-2005]

kassy garcia [04-08-2005]

e=mc2 [04-08-2005]

thanks for the info
anonymous [04-07-2005]

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anonymous [04-07-2005]

what happend?
anonymous [04-07-2005]

I love your website!
Mallory Martens [04-07-2005]

Now my speech on Benedict Arnold is finally complete! Thanks a bunch!
Leah [04-07-2005]

I live in the getto and i am lovin it! so yeah c ya later bye!thanx 4 the gr8t stuff for my report bye bye lov ya Ginger
Ginger, ov [04-07-2005]

thanx for my thingy! bye
Dylon Roberts, Fair oaks [04-07-2005]

I love your webby doll. It is so cute. I love it so much doll. I love it so much. I love the history. It is so kool. I want to go to Valley Forge now!
Fredy, Warington PA [04-06-2005]

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anonymous [04-05-2005]

james roy., nigera lagos [04-05-2005]

Hidy Ho camper Joe! ! Thanks for the gr8t stuff!bye
Kylie, orangevale [04-05-2005]

hi i want to tell you that you have good info about valley forge. but maybe you can add a little more about the womens role, and the main weapons that were used in the battle and how they used them.
person with ideas [04-05-2005]

It is great
Alexandra, Virginia [04-05-2005]

Thank's to you I have a four page report for my Scocial Studies Fair. THANK YOU !
Michael Stone, Moravia I.A. [04-02-2005]

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bill [04-02-2005]

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tyler [04-02-2005]

I think people from anywere but Iowa are cooooollll! Because I live in Iowa. Hi my name is jeff and I always wonder If there would still be great American heoros in history if there was no war. Like all the movies that are made about war and all the history of it that kids learn in school every day and all the people that were lost in battle or became heoros by doing things like killed some one really bad. I meen would we be happy and peaceful and nothing wrong? I think it would be caos! Well on the upside, anger managment shrinks would be realy rich!
Jeff (Jethroe), MARS! nonya [04-01-2005]

do you have pictures of ghosts?
judymaine, maine [04-01-2005]

had a great time looking at this website
caitlyn, northumberland [03-31-2005]

jenny [03-31-2005]

Great History Website, I like it. Greetings
anonymous [03-31-2005]

How do you get a person added to the Muster Roll. I have been researching a possible ancestor who was in the 12th VA and according to his muster roll was at Valley Forge in May 1778. His name is John Leskelete.
Richard Lescalleet, Leesburg, VA [03-31-2005]

i need to know what it smells like and looks like there.
jessica [03-31-2005]

Kate & Bre Were Here, cf [03-31-2005]

love it great
A.B., california [03-31-2005]

Is there a hiking trail that our boy scout troop can walk with different sites? and if so how long is it and is it one complete loop? Thanks Lenny Ward
LENNY WARD, princess ann maryland [03-31-2005]

hi i rock and rule
anonymous [03-31-2005]

do you know where i can get a good picture of something that represents vally forge?
Valerie Rodarte, Tucson, AZ [03-31-2005]

caitlin escobar, verona, nj [03-31-2005]

this cite is a good one it help me with my report on benedict i had to chose if i thought he was a loyalist oportunist or patriot i chose loyalist
sammy, never never land lol [03-28-2005]

how did the soldiers feel about winning the war while they were at valley forge?
anonymous [03-28-2005]

this website is awesome! i luve it. It is perfect for my ss research paper.. i liv in the ghetto!
DJ Spinbad [03-28-2005]

Dear people, this is toooo boring - research i mean. Please make this more fun during peoples resaerch Thanks! From, 5th grader @ Cabot middle school north
anonymous [03-28-2005]

sheri [03-28-2005]

Ricardo Monteiro, Germany [03-26-2005]

Krista, mn [03-26-2005]

yo i would like to know where jacob broom lived in 1775!
anonymous [03-26-2005]

Does any one know a topic i could do for a 5th grade speeh on agreat time in american histor
shelby, anthon [03-26-2005]

Hi I'm so glad this is a web site that actually has good stuff. Thank you!
Nancy Sandhu [03-25-2005]

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anonymous [03-23-2005]

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Paije, None ya [03-23-2005]

Eric "D.", Texas [03-23-2005]

May I have a pictrue of Henry Knox?
Grace [03-23-2005]

what does the site look LIKE the aRCHITECTURE OF THE BUILDINGS AND WHAT THE LAND LOOKS LIKE, aston pa 19014 [03-23-2005]

Plan to visit in person in September. This site is real good lots of good information. Thanks
Keith G. Cole, Bartlesville Oklahoma [03-23-2005]

michael onderak [03-23-2005]

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anonymous [03-18-2005]

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Enna, North vercler 4604 [03-18-2005]

Ricky [03-18-2005]

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Tayler [03-18-2005]

Is George Washington a real cyharacter?
Alicia Giannino, mass [03-18-2005]

i love this site i passed my history calss and i owe it all to you people, thank you DgAf
anonymous [03-18-2005]

Where is all the information? I mean if I could find it it would be very helpful but you know I really don't know where it is. See ya'll later
Thunderchick, Calafornia [03-18-2005]

yo valley Forge is cooooooool! :0....
anonymous [03-18-2005]

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J.J. Thompson, huh? [03-18-2005]

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Orlando Bloom [03-18-2005]

ashton mitchell [03-18-2005]

ryan [03-18-2005]

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morgan coe, belpre,ohio [03-18-2005]

Julia [03-18-2005]

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Meagan, Alaska [03-18-2005]

If you had more games for 4th and 5th I would come here often than I think!
Jasmine, at school [03-18-2005]

bob, africa [03-18-2005]

I am doing a report and this was very helpful to me.
Ben, Boise,Idaho [03-18-2005]

Great Website
Harrison McClure, Atlanta,Georgia [03-18-2005]

The history was very interesting
Kassandra [03-18-2005]

Nice website!
JR [03-18-2005]

My ggggrandfather, Pierce Dant Hamblin served with the Va 4th reg at Valley forge, a member of his family included me has served in every war america has been in except the Iraq war.
Tom L Barrett HM3,USN, Wagoner,Oklahoma 74477 [03-18-2005]

Is Abgail Stewart a real person?
anonymous [03-07-2005]

I loved the park! It is so rich in history!(hint: I am a big history buff!)I also liked going to Valley Forge because there was snow on the ground at the time, and it seemed like you were a soldier, serving in the Continental Army. Thanks for a great time! Bobby S.
Bobby Schrader [03-07-2005]

Very interesting. Lots of good information
Laurence Arthur [03-07-2005]

Is the information on MARTHA WASHINGTON a fact as I have a friend who doesnt believe her and George took out a loan. I have an ancester HENRY POOLE who was suppose to donate money and supplies to George at Valley Forge and was to receive a deed where Washington D.C. is located. Any information on that. Thank you
Dean Sharpless, Philipsburg, Pa [03-07-2005]

Nice site, but could you get rid of the heads they kinda freak me out
Leslie [03-07-2005]

How and when did Benedick Arnold the traitor die?
anonymous [03-07-2005]

Fascinating write-up about Benedict Arnold. I remember being taught he was a traitor, and only that, in grade school but there was so much more to him than that. His whole life of events made him what he was and I never knew any of this. I looked him up as a trivia question for our newsletter for our pharmacy department.
Karen, Montana [03-07-2005]

anonymous [03-07-2005]

anonymous [03-07-2005]

this website helped me with my homework
timothy, wildwood [03-07-2005]

Why do you have so little info an Bendict Arnold.
Jessica Moody, 5311 CliffRidge Dr. [03-03-2005]

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anonymous [03-03-2005]

Nice Web site! it has loads and loads of info i need for my library project i'm working on!
Bridgette Johnson, Jefferson Elementry - Spokane,WA [03-03-2005]

I am looking for the decendants of the Lee family at valley Forge.
Tina Buckner, Illinois [03-01-2005]

Thanks for the website.I enjoyed it.Bye everyone
Sarah Warren, West Hurley N.Y. [02-28-2005]

Your website is very interesting!
Andrew Anderson, Indianapolis Indiana [02-28-2005]

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jake [02-28-2005]

hey this is a cool web site and it gives lots of information about valley forge and george-washington keep up the great work
LaToya .j, tx [02-28-2005]

Hello, My Name is Joel Cash, I have evidence that my Grand father, Warren Cash, was at Valley Forge. I sent the info via US Mail to the director of the Muster Roll. I haven't had a response. Could you let me know of the status of this..Thank you. Sincerly, Joel Cash
Joel Cash, St. George, Utah [02-28-2005]

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Toniallegro [02-23-2005]

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emma, sandiego [02-23-2005]

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Victoria, az [02-23-2005]

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anonymous [02-23-2005]

Jonathan, 623 [02-23-2005]

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piolet joe, everywhere [02-23-2005]

Kristen Poole, New York [02-22-2005]

Olivia Sutton [02-22-2005]

FYI: Ft. Ticonderoga: Plans to capture the Fort were drawn up in Easton's Tavern, Pittsfield, Mass. Col. James Easton was commanding officer of Pittsfield, Mass.Militia. A representative of Continental Congress came to Pittsfield and ordered Col. James Easton to assign his local militia to capture Ft. Ticonderoga. Col. Easton informed him his men were poor farmers, only used to fighting in the flatlands and recommended Ethan Allen and his Green Mt. Boys be approached with the proposition to prepare to capture the Fort. How did Col. James Easton know about Ethan Allen, a civilian mountaineer? Fact: Civilian Ethan Allen and Col. James Easton had grown up together in Litchfield, Conn. and were friends since childhood. Fact: Col. James Easton, a great judge of character, was a man ahead of his time inasmuchas he never liked or trusted Col. Benedict Arnold and was a thorn in Benedict Arnold's side long before the rest of the world had a clue Arnold left a lot to be desired... Fact: Col. James Easton, (knowing Ethan Allen was a civilian, and taking it for granted Benedict Arnold would attempt to take over military operations when he heard about the plans being formulated in Easton's Tavern) thought ahead and made secret arrangments through Continental Congress representative to secure a field-grade-commission for Ethan Allen... to ensure Allen would be assured military command of the operation and his Green Mountain Boys during the attack on the Fort. Once Ethan Allen's commission came through, Col. James Easton stepped down as Commanding Officer and became second-in- command of the Ft. Ticonderoga takeover. (Something not mentioned in your historical account which states "Arnold had to concede to accompanying Allen"...). Fact: Benedict Arnold was ordered not to enter the Fort by CO Ethan Allen on advise from Col. James Easton. According to our research, Benedict Arnold did not come through to gates and had to remain outside the fort. Fact: Col. James Easton's was the only blood drawn at the takeover of Fort Ticonderoga and there is a bronze plaque commemorating this historical incident at the Main Gate of the Fort. Col.James Easton entered the Fort alongside Ethan Allen and was challenged by a sentry who jabbed him in the shoulder with a bayonette. Col. Easton warded off the attack by hitting the sentry over the head with his gun butt. (Easton was not seriously wounded). Col. James Easton does not get the historical recognition he deserves. Why is that? Col. James Easton was in command until Allen's commission came through and then became second in command.
Sherrill Holley, Port Jervis, New York [02-22-2005]

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Jennifer valadon, Mauritius [02-22-2005]

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anonymous [02-22-2005]

My grandfather 7th removed served as a guard to George Washington, thank you for the website. His name was Joseph Timberlake
Catherine Mader Humphrey, Illinois [02-21-2005]

Jessica, columbus [02-21-2005]

whose head is that on the side border of the page?
anonymous [02-21-2005]

I thought this website was great. It helped me a lot for my social studies project!
Avi [02-21-2005]

Can someone pleeeese help me find more info on george washington?
Jessica, Apopka, FL [02-21-2005]

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cody, ballwim [02-21-2005]

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Love your site,very informative and well designed.What books would you recommend on the Valley Forge experence?
William H Miller [02-21-2005]

Jacob Pegg [02-21-2005]

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pie man, 10390495 [02-21-2005]

Redegar, Tomson [02-21-2005]

For my social studies class, I'm assigned to take the primary source of several the journal entries of Dr. Albigence Waldo and turn it into a story. It has helped me to understand better the condititions and emotions at Valley Forge. This site has been a GREAT resource for me! Thank you!
Roo, Iowa [02-21-2005]

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hey kids glad to see that you are enjoying this website!
tom hanks, Bocoratone, FL [02-21-2005]

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michele carvalho, newark,NJ [02-21-2005]

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Victoria, Briarwood [02-21-2005]

I am related to Aaron Burr and your information is really good. Thanks for putting him in there.
Stephanie [02-21-2005]

Did George Washington and Martha Custis have kids together?
Hollie [02-21-2005]

Gina, Waltham [02-21-2005]

hey vally forge seems a pretty cool place
Kayla Perry [02-21-2005]

It wouold be nice to know just who wrote the articles for my socials project.
Rob, Vancouver [02-21-2005]

you rock
justina oliver, seattle, wa [02-21-2005]

hey im doing a research project on Nathanael Greene and this site was awesome and a lot of help! thanks!
Danni [02-21-2005]

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You need more info. about George Washington during the 6-month journey at Valley Forge.
Anonoymous [02-21-2005]

HEY i really liked this page b/c it helped me with history homework thanks a lot! Hannah
Hannah [02-21-2005]

This really helpes!
Meg [02-21-2005]

it was pretty good and i got a lot of information for my reort.also,i've seen a whole lot of better, and i mean way better web sites.
Olivia [02-21-2005]

Cool website. It isn't for me though, I have to go practice my lines for Ocean's 12. c-ya!
George Cloony [02-21-2005]

This website is the
Susie Q [02-21-2005]

This site helped me and my class do a project on the Revolutionary War. It helped a lot. The games are really fun too. I hope there are more cool sites like this. Nice word scrambler too!
Ashley, Michigan [02-21-2005]

was alexander hamilton married? if he was who to?do you know where i could find or where i could order clothes that he would of most likely worn? including hat,vest or unaform or shirt,pants,and shoes. thank you for your time, ya'll are the best........please send anwser's back as soon/as quickly as possible
anonymous [02-17-2005]

would u please tell me what nathanael greene's daughters, louisa and catherine greene's middle name was
Anna, Georgia [02-15-2005]

I don't like history -Elementry student
anonymous [02-10-2005]

I couldn't find info on Langston Heuges
Jamie Smith, Atchison Kansas [02-10-2005]

i couldnt find the other word for miltiman
Mary and Kricket, kansas [02-09-2005]

Kricket and Mary, Kansas [02-09-2005]

Hi I need to find a time line on Martha Washington Fast
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this was the BEST history enternet ive ever been 2.
lizzie mckinney, no [02-07-2005]

This is an exellent web site it is very informative and commendations to the people who built it and those who helped to make the site a success.
Abegail [02-07-2005]

yes we are thinking about visiting valley forge in the fall.there is a lot of good information on this web site.
donna franklin, toadvine,alabama [02-07-2005]

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this was a very helpful website...i am in 7th grade and i have a 9 page poster due about nathanael was a great help..thanks a lot! :) :)
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hey!your site is he awesome i love social studies!thanks a lot for all the info!
Jessica Feeney, buffalo,ny [02-07-2005]

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Good information on things in here great job. I love you guys!
vanssa brown [02-03-2005]

this is the best website ever!
Anna, Georgia [02-03-2005]

Why do people lie about things and make people feel like our founding fathers were these god loving people? I am in a fantastic history class at Macomb Community College and I am learning that for one George Washington was in fact a Deist. There is absolutely no evidencew whatsoever that he was devoted to his religion. Back then church was just a social exercise. They went to church to visit with people. Thomas Jefferson,an Athiest! Didn't believe in God at all! I am just curious why when I was a little girl and other children today learn that they were religous people? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate their contributions, but why aren't we ever just given the straight forwardness that we deserve when it comes to any politics?????
anonymous [02-03-2005]

sarah [02-03-2005]

i think ben frank was a very cool dude. Hey, i got a friend named ben. He's funny, but he's not famous!
keshia dillard, ft. worth tx. [02-03-2005]

You Helped Me Find Out More About My Family,Thanks
Michael, Louisiana [02-03-2005]

where are the ghost in valley forge
devyn, sicly island [02-03-2005]

Thanks dogs!
nathen teroy, newyork [02-03-2005]

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This site helped me with my project
taylor, ga [02-03-2005]

cool site =)
kathy [02-03-2005]

I am a history teacher from Faith Christian School in Westminster, Maryland. We are a small private school, and I am always looking for ways to enhance my students learning opportunities. If you provide any resource material at no charge I would be so deeply appreciative. Thank You so very much.
Lora Strosnider [02-03-2005]

I think Benedict Arnold was wrong for doing that to the Americans
Fatima Rainey, Manhattan [02-03-2005]

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This site helped a lot with my paper on Friedrich von Steuben
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JeSsIcA GotTiaC [01-30-2005]

I need information about Marquis de Lafayette and what he did mostly in the revoulution.And quick!
Alex Gilkeson, Newburgh,New York [01-29-2005]

I like Washington too!
Jefferson Davis, President, CSA, Richmond, VA [01-29-2005]

I love P.A. Lets go EAGLES !
Michael [01-29-2005]

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We need a favorite food of von Steuben so ANSWER!
Person, Paris,TX [01-29-2005]

I think u shoud have more about the history of The Winter at Valley Forge. I thank you for your time.
anonymous [01-29-2005]

this site makes me warm nd fuzzy inside. thanks for creating it fellows !
victor sped [01-29-2005]

I was just wondering if you know where I could get pictuers on Benedict Anold?
Kyrsten Andrews, 156Smith Street RI Warwick [01-29-2005]

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Hi my name is Breanna Shaw and I think that your web sight is great!
Breanna [01-29-2005]

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finney [01-29-2005]

thank you
Morgan & Katie, no town [01-29-2005]

Did George Washington's men really eat their shoes at Valley Forge?
Frankie, library [01-29-2005]

One of my ancestors owned the farm west of Valley Forge at the time of the Revolutionary War and fought side by side with George Washington. Do you happen to have the names of the sons of the Revolutionary War during that period? His name was Richard Tea.
Robin [01-27-2005]

calvin, home [01-27-2005]

Hi, My ancestor John Peter Corn served at Valley Forge and survived. Thanks for such a neat site!
Alice Corn Holland, Georgia [01-27-2005]

anika, ohio [01-27-2005]

I'm only 11 yaers old, yet I find History facinating. It really makes me want to know how these people felt, asnd today's history books are really helping.
Treasure, Alabama [01-27-2005]

Hi I really like History
Rhena, Mobile [01-27-2005]

I was boarn at Valley Forge
christopher Willingham, newnan Georgia [01-27-2005]

Dear Sir/Madam, Perhapse I have some information that might be of interest to you. I have been researching a house here in Cheltenham for two years now. This house dates to 1682, and is one of the oldest in the township. It was originally built by Everard Bolton, one of our Founding Fathers. Everard Bolton was Martha Bolton's Great Grandfather. The house was passed down through the family for generations and infact Martha was born in this house.If you would like more information on the Bolton homestead, or Martha's family,I have a web site: Enjoy! Ellen
Ellen Ginsburg, Cheltenham [01-27-2005]

Jocelyn, North Carolina [01-27-2005]

what are some of alexander hamiltons accomplishments
ronaldo, California [01-27-2005]

i wish i fot in the amerinca revolutino. it looks exsiting! i luv this site!
Jessica Sooks [01-27-2005]

Hey this is a great web site it helped me out a lot for school that i did 4 Benedict Arnold!
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I was working on a project for History and this website was a huge help! Thanks!
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This is a great website. Very fun and interesting.
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I think this is a great way to show kids and teens about their history.
Chelsey Cooper, Michigan [01-27-2005]

Your site was so informative ! Just loved it !
anonymous, St.Mary's County,Maryland [01-27-2005]

Love live the US. They are leading the world to a free, loving future. cheers!
Joney Smith [01-27-2005]

This site is great! It was and is a great help for my homework, and right now I'm making a movie about the battle of Valley Forge for hitory class. It will be on my website soon. To see it, go to visit the movies section!
Dave Shields, Centerville, OH [01-27-2005]

Me thinx u guys should puts dis in supin me can understand.
anonymous [01-27-2005]

Valley Forge is A great place
Tatum, New Jersey [01-19-2005]

Jon Wilson, Aniak, AK. [01-19-2005]

I love to go to ValleyForge! long live america!
Christopher Michael Stone 2, Reading,P.A. [01-19-2005]

Every time I get on the computer, I can't wait to get on this website!
Alexis [01-19-2005]

Derrick McClain, 8 reason lane [01-19-2005]

Jean LeBlanc, 13Toth Ave. Coatesville PA 19320 [01-19-2005]

I don't believe that Alexander Hamilton's mother, Rachel ever married James Hamilton, Alexander Hamiltons father! You might want to check this out!
Leslie, College [01-19-2005]

I really truly enjoyed visiting your georgeous site. I believe that it is just peachy. It answered all of my various questions about Valley Forge and brought a smile to my face. Words cannot express everything that this site has done for me. Thank you so very much. Yours truly, Seymour.
Seymour Crackin [01-19-2005]

I would not like to learn more about the Revol. War. Good site.
Dan Rivera, New Jersey [01-19-2005]

William Lee Davidson(1746-81) served in the 4th NC regiment as a Lt. Col. at Valley Forge. He was a Brig. Gen. when he was killed at Cowan's Ford. I am his direct descendant.
john martin, bellingham,wa [01-19-2005]

Hey this is a really good website! i forgot my socail studies book and i got this website and i got an A on my project for the Revolutionary War Timeline! Thanks
Katie, Kentucky [01-19-2005]

Hello, a very well done web site! I have read the other peoples comments and found it helpful! Good Luck with your good work! A tres bientot ! BYE FROM the Frankreich Ferienhaus - Andre
Andre le Breton, Penmarch Finistere France [01-19-2005]

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Samantha, nj [01-19-2005]

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jonathon [01-19-2005]

This site is so boring with nothing on it. I can't find anything.
Baby d, Waukesha, WI [01-19-2005]

I was reading the FAQ section of your site when I came across a question about the observation tower and what happened to it. It is currently privately owned and overlooks the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. In season, for a small fee, you can climb the tower to view the canyon.
anonymous, valley forge [01-19-2005]

this web site is really good for history homework! rock on!
Pager, Sturgis,Michigan [01-19-2005]

hermill [01-19-2005]

i love this web stie for info and (school).
sharon booth, Mazomanie, Wisconsin [01-19-2005]

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nancy, pigletsanchez [01-19-2005]

I have been looking for the muster roll and was very happy to find my ancestor, John Israel(12th Virginia), at Valley Forge. What is the source of the muster roll and is there more information than appears on the web site? Do you have diaries or other records from soldiers and officers?
Gary W. Israel, Wichita, Kansas [01-19-2005]

I dont think that this website has all the information that i need on Alexander Hamilton! I think that you should update your site to give the students more information on past leaders in the United States of America.
Laura Alaquinez, Somerset, TX [01-19-2005]

Kate [01-19-2005]

I used to live here when I was little. And I vist here often.
Elizabeth, Pottstown [01-19-2005]

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Gus, california [01-19-2005]

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Jo-Lee Steiner, Florida [01-19-2005]

I love this sight.
Taylor Johnson, Malta Ohio [01-19-2005]

George.Washingtion how old was he when he died
Leah, Klamath falls [01-19-2005]

Rosemary Harper, Columbia, South Carolina [01-19-2005]

i wish u would talk about the nurses more because i have a project at school and i have to write a letter in first person point of view and i have to pretend like i was there and i wanted to be a nurse telling of all the tradgic events that happened but i can still do that but i need some more info on what the nurses did
anonymous [01-19-2005]

I like learning about history. I used to think who cares about history. but, it's nice because you get to learn what happened before you were born and what the world was like.
Chelsey Cooper, Muskegon, Michigan [01-07-2005]

I experienced a true sense of pride as an American during my visit. It reminds us that liberty, freedom and democracy does not come without cost.
jamie corrill, Batavia, Oh [01-07-2005]

The section on Martha Washington is filled with poor grammar. Please redo.
anonymous [01-07-2005]

he fought for us and won.he lived but spent his time fighting for us.thank you george washington.
nicole, woonsocket,ri [01-07-2005]

Great web site!
Caitlin G., Georgia [01-07-2005]

Im doing a report on valley forge.
Kurt Redmon, Houston,Pa [01-07-2005]

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Jessica Nicole Ferreira [01-07-2005]

I would like to see the original handwritten copy of Washington's letter to George Clinton at Valley forge, 16, February, 1778. Where could I find that copy on the web? It is for a teaching unit I am writing. Kathleen Vest
Kathleen Vest, Independence, MO [01-02-2005]

Your history of Hamilton is somewhat weak and disingenious. You may consider to re-revise what is written about him. It paints his picture poorly.
anonymous [01-02-2005]

you people are the most one sided liberals i have ever heard if you are going to write something on George Washington would you learn the facts and i do not want to hear your opinion in somthing that is suppose to be based on the fact i am 13 and i know more facts about George Washington than you do (the real facts)
brittany [01-02-2005]

My wife must be of the very few black decendants of Kitty Stirling.
Douglas Slater [01-02-2005]

Alisa Permaul [01-02-2005]

An interesting site giving information about a war very seldom refered to in English history classes.
Rob Tyler, Manchester England [01-02-2005]

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