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Valley Forge Guest Book Archives: 2004

I really enjoyed my trip to "The Vally".
Emo CatffuJr., Bamma [12-29-2004]

It helped with my history project.
Joe Haas, Cincinati, Ohio [12-29-2004]

Samantha Alcorn [12-29-2004]

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Ihab Elkadi [12-29-2004]

mark ahmann, wayne nebraska [12-29-2004]

I would like to locate a-VAN RICHARDS who works at a coffee shop-oe a bed and breakfast. He borrowed my grandfathers civil war SHARPS SHOOTERS (BLOUSE) Jacket-----Our family would like it back----unabel to locate him. It is priceless to uor familY!
June K Fox, Antioch, California [12-29-2004]

I thoroughly enjoyed reading at your site. Bookmarked and will visit back soon.
Kai [12-29-2004]

I cant find anything on how Martha Washington contributed to the American Revolution. But otherwise, it a great site.
Shaina Lall, Long Island, New York [12-29-2004]

Did deborah sampson really stay in the army that long without anyone thinking she was a girl?
Jordie, ohio [12-29-2004]

stephanie orgyporgy [12-29-2004]

Morgan [12-29-2004]

Descendant of John Cannifax, Jr. who served at Valley Forge. John's two brothers were also there. His brother James died at Valley Forge. Rosemary
Rosemary Shields, ca [12-29-2004]

great saying for the comic! kids website is awsome!
caitlyn, stc (saint cloud) minnesota [12-29-2004]

u need more info on valley forge i cant find good info for my report
missa [12-29-2004]

My family came from Ft. Williams, Scotland, by way of Cuba
Eduardo McIntosh, Boston [12-29-2004]

HI! I <3 SOCIAL STUDIES! hahah riiiiiiiiiiight... luv me
Kate (to Mr. Aronis Katelyn), hi [12-29-2004]

Tiaa and Brian [12-29-2004]

peace out everybody
Lauren again [12-29-2004]

This is a great site but my social studies project is due tomorrow and with all this information on here i'll be up all night trying to find everything i need!
Lauren Radix, Black Earth, WI [12-29-2004]

meghan [12-29-2004]

Hi everybody!
Mallory [12-29-2004]

Was Abigail Jane Stewart a real girl in the Revolutionary war?..
CoRi, Washington [12-20-2004]

hello go eagles hy mr. aronis this sites dandy and all but u have way to much stuff and i cant find anything and now im gunna fail my report thanks a lot .... ps ray lewis is terrible at football
jack naughton, brielle nj [12-20-2004]

i'm doing a social studies project on the american revolution
adrian, rochester, ny [12-19-2004]

great site
anonymous [12-19-2004]

kyle [12-19-2004]

this website is confusing, but very informative
Matt, new jersey [12-19-2004]

I'm so proud to serve the U.S. Navy and have Majestic Valley Forge in my own back yard!
Jay Miller, Bridgeport, PA [12-19-2004]

hey peeps whats goin on. cetch ya latr
Brianna, New York [12-19-2004]

what about the what the women did at Valley Forge?
anonymous [12-19-2004]

Wow! Your website is incredible. You have a great website because you have the author title of article title of webpage and great info on valley forge! Great website! Godbless you!
Renee [12-19-2004]

Pat McGuire Morgan, FFMS, West Nyack, NY [12-19-2004]

I really found this website helpful especially the parts with bennedict arnold (fairly oddparents discredit him and washington). it was really interesting. Keep it up! ( by the way, i'm in 8th grade.)
Andrew Kellers, Brielle, New Jersey [12-19-2004]

Yo this is site is off the hook, for sheezze! Its got a lot of intresting info in it, and it has all my answers to my homework! Thats hot! mL Laquisha Jasque
Laquisha, New York [12-19-2004]

colin, richmond [12-19-2004]

this website is freaken awsome!
amanda holden, southern utah [12-19-2004]

h, school [12-19-2004]

sam meeker, redding [12-19-2004]

Hey, Mr. Gibbons is the oldest man alive
Adam Polack [12-19-2004]

is there a website for rip van wrinkle
brittanie, california [12-19-2004]

great website
Moeneek Thornes [12-19-2004]

This is an awesome web site, I have to do a whole report about Valley Forge using only this site. i think I've got PLENTY of info here....Thanx! :)
Brigit, Brielle [12-19-2004]

I wouln't have like to be at Valley Forge I would have froze!
Sam, Brielle [12-19-2004]

i really like how organized this site is! it is totally useful for my project!
Seton again, same spot [12-19-2004]

hello mister
Sean, China [12-19-2004]

tim [12-19-2004]

this is a site that i am using for a school project! hi liz if ur looking at this. omg george washington was such a brave guy but did he really have wooden teeth? bye bye
seton d., Brielle Elementary School Bumpout, New Jersey [12-19-2004]

This website has lots of information that I can use for an upcoming project. Hey Seton if you're reading this!
Liz, Brielle Bump Out [12-19-2004]

thanx for the information, i needed for a bibliography at school
anonymous [12-19-2004]

thanxs 4 the information
anonymous [12-19-2004]

nice site
c.v.p., West Lafayette. IN [12-19-2004]

hi,this website is fab! It helped me get my ws done! Just saying thanks!
darklilly [12-19-2004]

I have a presentation on valley forge tommorow and i need information.plz help
shona, ma [12-09-2004]

hey hey
kristin, indiana [12-09-2004]

I am a teacher at an elementary school and we have been researching revolutionary was and have come across some vocabulary words that we can not find information about what they are. could you please let us know what these terms mean. hammerlock bookcode
greg, lincoln [12-09-2004]

cool site!
Rachel, Illinois [12-09-2004]

I think this website is helpful for kids who need it.
anonymous, San Antonio [12-09-2004]

durgham [12-09-2004]

Sarah Steele [12-09-2004]

It was a great site I really enjoyed it
Caitlin, Ayer Ma [12-09-2004]

Sam Thompson, Indianapolis, IN [12-07-2004]

Aaron [12-07-2004]

How are you doing?
Tony Castillo [12-07-2004]

Hi to all
Steve Duon, neverland [12-07-2004]

This site was ok but for school it makes it suck I HATE SCHOOL!
Nick, Gering, Nebraska [12-07-2004]

Hi i am 15 years old i go to T>T knight
anonymous [12-07-2004]

this is a fun project learing about Valley forge.
Christine [12-07-2004]

i like this site, if you have a history project go to this site it is a good one.
Adrianna, washington [12-06-2004]

ashley [12-06-2004]

thaought page is cool Im a real history buff
Chad, Arizona [12-06-2004]

I would just like to say I am not a fantastic speller,but if i was going to have a web site on the internet I would look for spelling mistakes. There is one on (Who served Here?,Arron Burr)parage 4 sentance 2 The b is not caped on by. Other then that you guys are great From a kid trying to help
anonymous, maine [12-06-2004]

What was her life like in the war
Christy [12-06-2004]

i need to know what the importants of Valley Forge was
anonymous [12-06-2004]

I'm doing a project on Valley Forge and I NEED to know what Kind of huts they had. I REALLY love your website I got all mt info. on this awesome place.
Justin Ying, Plano, Texas [12-05-2004]

i was doing a project and used ur site for some information regarding Benedict Arnold, in the future i think it would be a lot of help to kids if you put the author of your articles at the end. I had no idea what to write for my works cited
anonymous [12-05-2004]

Rev. Gary J. Hammond (Hammond International Ministries), Bethlehem, Pennsylvania [12-05-2004]

the story about the ghosts was realy cool but scary but cool
anonymous [12-04-2004]

I'm doing a project on Valley Forge and this website really helped me out! Thanks.
Sydney Ford, Brunswick, Maine [12-03-2004]

sally, sally [12-03-2004]

HEY, Wazz up I love this place well g2g bye
Crystal [12-03-2004]

I am reaserching Valley Forge and I wonder how much it cost to visit there because it is one of my questions on my paper that I have to answer so if you could give me that info that would be great
Jessica, 409 ZionRd BirdsboroPA 19508 [12-03-2004]

Anne, Us [12-03-2004]

great site keep up the good work
C razy ToM [12-03-2004]

Hello, I love this site. Even though I didn't explore the site all the way through, what I did see was great!
Alesha Coffin, Brunswick, Maine [12-03-2004]

Simone Blue, Chicago [12-03-2004]

Tyler Johnson, Malta,Ohio [12-03-2004]

Your site is very useful, thanks a bunch!
Scott, Westover, Alabama [12-03-2004]

how often did he drill
michael [12-03-2004]

Hey fools, I am INTHE 5th grade!
Jon Simmons [12-03-2004]

Hey matt
juju [12-03-2004]

history, history
amy dudley [12-03-2004]

This web site is VERY helpful.I just got some good info for my Soc.Studies class about Valley Forge. Thanks so much!
Katie, ma [12-03-2004]

Hey this was a great web site to go to if you like history
Ashley, Lowden Ia [12-03-2004]

YAY it helped on my research paper!
anonymous [12-03-2004]

Cliff Hershey [12-03-2004]

i am stupid
Jayson Chapman, Kansas City Missouri [12-03-2004]

I would like to known if any Winquists were in the war. i just like righting this to u because it is FUN!
Ashley Winquist [12-03-2004]

i am in challengen s.s. only becuz my parents want me to be a accelerated student in the academic department. The only reason im writing is becuz i wanted to know what a musket looked like!
Brittney, kansas city mo [12-03-2004]

Martika Stewart, Kansas City [12-03-2004]

Samantha Hughes, Birdsboro, Pennsylvania [12-03-2004]

Looking for the birthplace and history of Thomas Holland - served at Valley Forge Great Grandfather of Barbara Hunt -
scott ingram [12-03-2004]

i had a hard time doing the worksheet!poop
zhikai wang, san diego [12-03-2004]

cool site
alan cai [12-03-2004]

Rod Montgumry, New York, New York [12-03-2004]

My group is making a board game on Valley Forge. My part of the game was to make question up. Can you gave important links to important facts, which happen in Valley forge during Dec. 1777- June 1778. Thank you!
Shawna Fallon, Blue Bell, PA [12-03-2004]

Very interesting history of Benedict Arnold. I see his grave every week as he is buried in, in Battersea, in a church crypt that is now a nursery that I work in.
Saul, London [12-03-2004]

This site was pretty cool i guess
Amanda, Pennsylvania [12-03-2004]

yo! whats crackin!
Emmy-Lee [12-03-2004]

teks, Virginia [12-03-2004]

Great website! I learned a lot yet only alittle of all the information there is.
Abigail Anson, Amherst NH [12-02-2004]

who wrote this web...
thanh, oklahoma city [12-02-2004]

Sierra [12-02-2004]

Thank you! Your web site has really helped me out in times of studying or reports. Your site has offered more than enough and I am completely satisfied! Thnx!
Sierra, California [12-02-2004]

anonymous, shenandoah pa [12-02-2004]

Visited over the Thanksgiving holiday. The land there at Valley Forge is beautiful with tall trees and the winding creek and river. I was most impressed by the arch and the words that are etched on top. People need to stop and remember what an amazing thing it is that the United States ever became a country at all.
James, San Antonio,Texas [12-02-2004]

This sight is really helpful
Louise Macey [12-02-2004]

i think valley forge was a great place and general washington was good and patient thanks george.
anonymous [12-02-2004]

This is a great website.I like it because it really helped me on Valley Forge.
Kayla Hammann, cis [12-02-2004]

I love this website. I had to make a scrapbook for my 8th grade history class and I found a lot of info here so thankyou.
sarah, midland [12-02-2004]

this is a cool site
anonymous [12-02-2004]

Benjamin hardin [12-02-2004]

hihihihihihi i am so smrt
Oscar Quased [12-02-2004]

hey there waz up
amber [12-02-2004]

phillipsawyer [12-02-2004]

Jenna Brooke Graves, newark, ohio [12-02-2004]

i would like to learn more about valley fordge
drew, tennessee [12-02-2004]

why didnt the soilders lay on the floor and fire
mike, somerset,Tx. [12-01-2004]

I would like to learn more about the revolutionary war.You should also have trivia here and have some videos from back to the revolutionary war.
Crystal, School [12-01-2004]

I visited Valley Forge on a perfect day in July, 2001. The Revolutionary War became more than just history. Aloha to the young man from Jamaica who showed us Washington's headquarters.
Wallace Hiraoka, Honolulu, Hawaii [11-29-2004]

did baron von steuben have a close relationship with Washington?
anonymous [11-29-2004]

Could you please direct me towards more info on you oven? I am currently researching information in an attempt to join into rendevous and reenactments in the MO/ IL area. And am hoping to validate that earten ovens might have been used in encampments at that timeline... thank you so much for your site. I am pastry chef and bakery supervisor by trade and work at Washington University for Bon Appetit.
Lou Anne, St Louis Missouri [11-29-2004]

Thank you for the hard work that went into this site!
Vincent, Atkinson, NH [11-28-2004]

What about other letters written by george Washington, such as, the letters home stating that it was by the grace of God that he had been saved or not killed, etc. What has happened with the original American history books?
anonymous [11-28-2004]

This site was very helpful on my gathering information about valley forge, but i'd like to know some more specific information on it if at all possible. Thank you.
Emily Lofquist [11-28-2004]

this site needs trivia!
Mel [11-28-2004]

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tommy bonerveer, michigan the ghetto [11-28-2004]

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amanda, dallas tx [11-28-2004]

This sight was horrible..There needs to be more pictures and stuff thats intersting...thanks for a boring site...adios
BrAnDi, texas [11-28-2004]

hey i just wanted to say that i am learning about valley forge so sad about what happened
Sheilah Eads [11-28-2004]

Thanks for all of the really helped me out on my project
Hailey [11-28-2004]

We plan on visiting next fall. Closest lodging? Thanks
Lynn Huston, Indiana [11-28-2004]

Kelsey Yattoni, Tennessee [11-28-2004]

Danny Fitzpatrick [11-28-2004]

Any Information on John Sowers, N. C., or a Michael Day, N. C.
Dorthy Abbott [11-28-2004]

Thank you for your site. I'm doing research for a project and it was helpful. We remember the brave soldiers who died for our freedoms.
Laura, Proud to be in America [11-28-2004]

Great website helped me a lot with my project thanks.
Kevin Gannon [11-28-2004]

wats crackin yo yo yo
anonymous, kentucky [11-28-2004]

I liked the site, very informative and it will help me get some xtra creds! thx!
MCtspartan [11-28-2004]

Margaret Tartala [11-28-2004]

Josh, Duluth,Mn [11-28-2004]

I am new to your superb site and am pleased to have found it. It is very professional and well-layed out. I especially appreciate your choice of topical materials and their accompaning -- exceptionally written -- narratives. I love to read about the 'Father of Our Country,' George Washington, a man of BIBLICAL proportions -- a FEARLESS man of sterling character... Keep up the good work. Cecie Doucet, Kirkland, WA
Cecie A Doucet, Kirkland, WA [11-28-2004]

This website is good for projects
Scott [11-28-2004]

Cassandra, Pittsburgh [11-28-2004]

Oh my gosh! This website is absolutely unbelievable! I have been searching for about three hours now on any information I can get on the Winter at Valley Forge, and then I find this website and it has tons of extremely useful information! Thank you so much to the creator of this website!
Tara [11-28-2004]

I found out that I'm related to John Marshall!
Catherine [11-28-2004]

Hi everyone! I love you all!
Brianna, valley forge [11-28-2004]

Jean Marie [11-28-2004]

i need info about somebody from the revelution whos last name starts with i
anonymous [11-28-2004]

Do you have or can tell me where I can find a picture of General Knox. I have a portait miniature by Jeremiah Steel of a person named General Knox but would like to be able to verify and to identify that it is the same person and has a similar likeness. Many thanks
John Brice [11-28-2004]

hey hey guys this is awesome i was doing a report for english cuz we are reading a book called my brother sam is dead and we had to look up some ppl that were in the american revolution
anonymous [11-28-2004]

Excellent presentaton of our National History. Thanks for a job well done. James A. McCafferty, Former FVPG, NSSAR 2002-03
James A. McCafferty, Fort Washington, MD [11-28-2004]

this was a very educational site for my American History report about him.
fro musyt [11-08-2004]

heyhey whats goin on?
Ashley! [11-08-2004]

I am doing a project on Valley Forge for history and this site gave me the most and most useful knowledge out of all the others! I love the American Revolution and I learned so much from this site!
Brook, Texas [11-08-2004]

Casidee Mcdubnal [11-07-2004]

I find it good that a german person in US-History This is very nice from Baron von Steuben he was born in the same city then me. In Magdeburg are born the Coposer Georg Philipp Telemann. Nice grettings on the german fans in USA
Steffen Dreier, Arendsee,Germany [11-07-2004]

I hope someday i visit there bye
aguadecalidad, mexico [11-07-2004]

History. I like it. It's great I love to learn about past people, events, etc--its great! There's good times and bad. But you should always know something so you don't doom yourself to repeat it! :-)
Leslie [11-07-2004]

how did the soldiers react to valley forge?
Alicia [11-07-2004]

Cool! I can write a whole page about the Marquis de Lafayette!
anonymous [11-05-2004]

i was here
genna [11-05-2004]

juan orrala, oakdale [11-05-2004]

This site is cool! You should visit it!
Kaki Johnson, Australia [11-05-2004]

you guys rock!peace out yo,keep yo' cheese in the fridge, yo!
Kelly Parks, New Zealand [11-05-2004]

Natalie Hinds, Colorado [11-05-2004]

just looking for ansera an i got them thanks to your websight
lucas mckay, gravenherst [11-05-2004]

A very interesting site and easy to understand I found it helpful with research that I was doing.
Jane Riddiford, Thornbury South Gloucestershire England [11-05-2004]

Is John Bibby who was at Valley Forge in 1777 or 1779 the same John Bibbee and Susanna Bibbee of West Virgina and Ohio? Who were John Bibby's parents,where did he come from and where did he go after the revolutionary war?
Bill Bibbey, American Fork, Ut 84003 [11-05-2004]

In the movie the Crossing, Gen. Washington's doctor is reportedly Dr. Hugh Mercer of Pennsylvania. Can you confirm this and the length of Dr. Mercer's service?
Robert, Virginia [11-05-2004]

I think you should have more information on some people and a special page dedicated on how to cite this website.
anonymous [11-05-2004]

I really like your website.I don't live too far from Valley Forge. I haven't been there for awhile, but after looking at your website, I'll be going back soon
Tom Kelley, Wilmington, De [11-05-2004]

Bradely Horton, Indiana [11-04-2004]

Re: your article about Marquis de Lafayette ... towards the end you mention he returned to the U.S. in 1825. The Minute Book of Fredericksburg (VA) Masonic Lodge #4 recorded his visit to the Lodge on November 24, 1824. Sincerely, Dan Thompson, Past Master, Secretary Lodge #4
Dan Thompson, Fredericksburg, VA [11-04-2004]

This is delightful site. As well it would be. Thank you.
George Griffith, Elmira, NY 14905 [11-04-2004]

loklo [11-03-2004]

I was here
anonymous [11-03-2004]

dude, this site is alright... i think it has too much info on the non-important stuff and not enough on the important stuff... but its cool
kandace [11-02-2004]

nawal kirts [11-02-2004]

andrew betolasio [11-02-2004]

I find it very interesting that Judith A,. Meier of the Historical Society of Montgomery Co. has such a dislike of the DeHaven family as to lie about their heritage. She is either a liar or totally ignorant as to the various names the Dehaven family used before they permanently used the name Dehaven. If she knew, then i would believe she knew what she was talking about, but she doesnt. I have books here that date them to 1698 here and signing their names for allegiance in 1704. The story has been passed down to all the descendants. Who knows what the real amount was but the fact remains many Dehavens fought in the revolutionary war, just as many others and we dont appreciate their efforts being demeaned by a ignorant person such as Miss Meiers. Anyone can check with the D.A.R. and they would find my greatggg grandfather listed as serving during this war and Jacobs son was killed at the battle of germantown. I could go on but who really cares there, you have had the same crap up for years.
anonymous [11-02-2004]

i was here
anonymous [10-31-2004]

i never knew they had virtual guest books,thats pretty cool
tj, [10-31-2004]

I am a graduate student of secondary education, who intends to teach history or social studies. I found your site to be excellent; one that offers substance, with interesting, in-depth material, rather than glitz and glamour. To me history doesn't have to be disguised as entertainment -- it is entertainment. I especially like all your primary-source material; particularly Washington's letters. A very-well organized website. Thankyou.
Estela Moreno-Bosketti [10-29-2004]

Ilove your guest book,i need someone to chat with.
alexson, london [10-29-2004]

great website keep tis up!It has helped my report a whole lot!1
Kelsey, mor [10-29-2004]

Dana [10-29-2004]

Hello all! Have a great day! See ya!
Sara [10-29-2004]

Nice web site, keep it up.
Yujin Boby, India [10-27-2004]

My family purchased a house on Mount Misery thie weekend and I'm curious about the origins of the names Mount Joy and Mount Misery. I greatly appreciate the information that your site provides about my new home. Thank you. EVO
Eric Orange, Sugar Land Texas [10-27-2004]

hey ya'll
Haleigh Thompson, Alabama [10-27-2004]

A nice informative site,and something for serious "Study and Consideration"...afterall, "If we know not from whence we have produced Ourselves,how can one feel Pride and Respect for the United States of America". Save our History,Respect it and help it to be brought forth in all future generations,it's deplorable our citizens aren't well versed on thier own Heritage. Keep up the good work .
Chuck McDowell, Nashville,tn. [10-27-2004]

I have already traced my family to Scotland. Thanks Joe Bagby
Joe Bagby, North Carolina [10-27-2004]

Although not my known Whiteside family. A family of Catholic Whiteside brothers supported our Revolutionary War. One of them (Peter) Whiteside who was a business associate of Robert Morris had shoes made for those who were bare footed at Valley Forge. He also used his own money for the Louisiana Convention which resulted in the eventual purchase of the French territory. Although a loan to our struggling government, Peter was never repaid and died in poverty in 1829 as did many other prominent patriots. His associate Robert Morris included.
Warren Whiteside, Odessa, DE [10-27-2004]

Laides and Gentlemen, This is very interesting location because of the Valley Forge Academy, where had been study ours Ex-King Tzar Simeon Second Coburg Gotta from Bulgaria (Now Premiere in full power!). I have interested from more information about the Military Academy Eng. Bogomil Kostoff AVRAMOV-HEMY Writer, Researcher & Publicist.
Bogomil K. AVRAMOV-HEMY, Varna City, Bulgaria [10-24-2004]

I enjoy reading your information all about what Valley Forge has to offer and you should be commended on your outstanding community participation. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and I find it refreshing how we can learn so much about each others tastes and about all kinds of ideas all over the world through the information we read and see on the internet.
Steve's Dating Online Book, Nova Scotia, Canada [10-24-2004]

thank God for men like General Washington
Donald B. Crosby, Belleview, florida [10-24-2004]

We visited Valley Forge today and had a grand time.
Sue Bowers, Silver Lake, Ohio [10-22-2004]

I'm glad I finally found this site. It has been very helpful in providing information about several of my ancestors.
Robby Robinson, Talladega, AL [10-22-2004]

This site's great. It gave me all the info I needed to finish my report in one day. XD
Anonymous Bob [10-22-2004]

yeah thys is an iight page but it would b nice if it wuz moR brief wen it comes 2 biographies. i dun lyke 2 read much
Amanda [10-22-2004]

I am a decendent of The DeHaven family that gave gold and spplies to the forces at Valley Forge in 1776. I have a copy of a letter to that effect. I am a charter member of the DeHaven Club out of Texas.
Lois E. Weyandt, Greensburg, Pa.I am a decendent [10-22-2004]

Thank goodness Goerge Washinton fought in the war. This website rocks. I hope others see it.
Kiran Neha, n.j [10-22-2004]

Great web site good job keep up the good work.
shannon, north carolina [10-22-2004]

I was very impressed with the whole area and what it stands for,can you give me any information on the Masonic side of Valley forge?
leo whelan [10-20-2004]

Hi every1! This is da coolest site eva! Nick is evil!
Tiffany, Maryland [10-20-2004]

kim [10-20-2004]

I am interested in speaking with someone on about the recruitment commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Aaron Ogden. I have a document that he served in the 11th Infantry under General George Washington. I noticed in the question/answer area, it was stated that there are no images on the parchment paper which you sell, of which to be a replica. My document shows all stances of soldiers in uniform including complete poses of holding muskets, and my document starts out the same way and includes Ogden's name in it. I need to speak with someone on how to find out if it is authentic. Sincerely, Marlene
Marlene Woods, Michigan [10-20-2004]

Great site. Thank you so much!
Maria, Cleveland, Ohio [10-20-2004]

Carl W. [10-20-2004]

This sight is cool i have to right at least 32 sentences, for SS
Minime, md [10-20-2004]

Susan Frat, Africa [10-20-2004]

I greatly injoyed the articles. Thanks.
Joe Bagby [10-20-2004]

excelllent site, help w project
anonymous [10-20-2004]

loveyour web page.Im sorry to say I have not been to valley Forge.But I have read Dear America,diary of Abigal Jane Stewart.It is very sad how she describes the snow being red with blood.Im glad my dad did not have to go to war.
Kayla, Maryland [10-20-2004]

i think that it was a okay site but i couldn't find any pictures of him.
lilo, jasper [10-20-2004]

looking for family history of lachland mcintosh
anonymous [10-20-2004]

The surname of Potts' partner at Mt.Joy/Valley Forge is Hockley. In the very nice answer to the question about the Potts family the name is written as "HackelY", which probably just a typo.
anonymous [10-20-2004]

where was gen nathaniel greenes headquarts during the siege of boston 1775-1776
anonymous [10-17-2004]

this website totally rocks! it helped me w/ my homework and i got to know more about benedict arnold! thanks! history rules. byebye!
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I am related to Nathaniel Greene and can't seem to get any information for a family tree much past him and a few areas are unknown. If you have any information write to me. Especially if you are related to me.
Courtney Smith, Moosup, Connecticut [10-04-2004]

I just moved to a house this summer called the Collingwood. My dad found out it was DeKalb's headquarters for the revolutionary war. I love the history of Valley forge. thank you.
amy staub, valley forge pa [10-01-2004]

i think that history is very important because thats how the cholos came about
chola [09-29-2004]

Very cool website. Gave me lots of info. Very helpful for 7th graders like me.
Jessica, Ohio [09-29-2004]

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Krista, brooklyn [09-29-2004]

I have come across papers including invitations to the Centenial celebration, a certificate for $1 worth of stock in the event and other items. Are these of interest to the park?
Tom Coffman [09-29-2004]

melissa [09-29-2004]

Very interesting site - it helped me for a US History AP class presentation I'm doing. Much thanks to the Webmaster.
David, California [09-29-2004]

Your site was very informational for me and my project on Benedict Arnold.
Jordan Brown, cortez, colorado [09-29-2004]

Yes Gen Athony Wayne is my Great Great Grandfather and I just wanted to know if you have any other descendents you know of and if there is any info you can give me on rights I might have
Blain Richard, Phoenix Az [09-29-2004]

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Sergio [09-29-2004]

I have been to Valley Forge, Pa before and also I was born not very far from there in West Chester, Pa.
Debra Keller, San Jose, Ca [09-29-2004]

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Ralf [09-17-2004]

I visited Valley Forge 35 years ago with my 4 children. Recently revisited Gettsburg and would like to revisit Valley Forge. Nice information on the website - something we didn't have 35 years ago. Downloaded a lot of info - thanks.
Marilyn Guzman, Highland Falls, NY [09-17-2004]

I was born in upstate New York, and this was a big part of our schooling. I now have a daughter in California who is studying this and I am proud to say I remember being there. I believe it is a great site. Thank you! To the person whe said it was boring...war remains are represents a battle fought!
Dale, California [09-17-2004]

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I believe that I am descendent of a man who was an aide de camp of George Washington. My descendent's last name was Loop or Loope. He received a bit of land as well as some monetary rewards.
Laurel Hopaicker [08-29-2004]

I am looking for information about my uncle Leo ALbert Godtfred Karpinski born in Vordingborg, Denmark died ???? in Germany.
Birgitta Klüver, Denmark [08-29-2004]

It's been 15 years since i was last at the park i had forgoten what that place ment until i revisted it in july it made me feel like a true american again something i think was somewhat lost to me.The feels of a patriot came back to me.I feel better and hope that a least once in everyones life they take the time to go there and just stand and close there eyes and see just how much the soldiers endured and suffered to make this the greatest country in the world And to understand that these man did so because they believed in this country They Had no training that we have in the milatery today All they had was faith in there leaders and god to guide them
David W. Ullman Sr, houma Louisiana [08-29-2004]

While the gulph itself may have historical importance, the "hanging rock" has none. It is a traffic hazard and I suggest it should be removed.
anonymous [08-29-2004]

I am an Immigrant from England, Washingtons Vision is a Great look a What is to come....and the Third part ...if read with a Clear Mind, it seems to Open the Understanding to where this will occur, The Light of a Thousand Suns, that is clear to everyone what that could be! Some suitcase Missing from Russia? and many people comming here from All over, Not to be Citizens, But maybe Sleeper waiting for the Time to AWAKE! Even if someone says"this is Not a true Vision" I say, anyone who can at nearly 90 yrs old tell a story about what George Washington, had seen, and had experienced, also had some future insight to "ATOMIC DETENATION", well then remember JESUS did not write the New Testament, People He had know Wrote the Accounts, that does not negate it's authenticity! Hey,"For those that have Eyes to See,and Ears to hear" look where we are going! God help the Children, and the rest of US! Thanks .
Paul Hone, Cal [08-29-2004]

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My name is Sharon Lafferty Strong and I have just discovered that my third great grandfather, Edward Lafferty, was at Valley Forge. I want to thank you for providing this information. Several years ago I went to a ceremony honoring Rev War veterans, one of which was Edward Lafferty. His gravesite is right outside Cadiz, Ohio. I would like to know where I might look for more information on Edward Lafferty. Thank you again, Sharon Lafferty Strong
Sharon Lafferty Srong [08-29-2004]

I thoroughly enjoyed reading at your site. Bookmarked and will visit back soon.
Kai [08-29-2004]

i have a letter thats been passed down over the yrs,from General Lafayette,i cant read it but there are dates on it that say july,11 1822,1792 and 1830,just dont know what to do with it,thank you
kevin, wisconsin [08-29-2004]

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Michelle [08-16-2004]

I was looking for information about the American chestnut trees grown on the Martha Washington Estate.
Dianne Smith, Dalton, Ga [08-07-2004]

very informative.....really nice.
frank morrill, salem,mass. [08-07-2004]

I visited Valley Forge several years ago, and would like to take my second graders there for an annual field trip. Would someone send me information regarding field trip cost, availability for next school year, and hours of operation? Thank you so much!
Sharon, nj [08-07-2004]

I have just visited your site which I adored I will speak about it with my entourage to make you publicity and still cheer with the webmaster :)
Kai [08-07-2004]

My brother enlightened me to the "Benedict Arnold" being synonomous with "traitor". So, I searched and found the information at this site. It was very enlightening, but is seems to paint a picture of Benedict Arnold as having a good excuse to be a traitor. No problem. It will be interesting to read another account of his life from a different perspective. Thanks for the information.
Mitchell, Cary NC [08-07-2004]

weird life BENEDICT ARNOLD a great general brave in the war capture from fort ticonderoga with ethan allen invasion from quebec CANADA 1775 navy war us ENTERPRISE 1776 CANADA 3 GENERALS GENERAL Philip J Schuyler retro GENERAL CHIEF Horatio Gates retroretro GENERAL BRAVE BENEDICT ARNOLD UP thanxz lalo
laloglenguas, montevideo [08-07-2004]

My ancestor, William Davies (Davis) died in 1715. His Will, mentions his residence as Manor of Mount Joy (Valley Forge). Are ther records which might indicate date, my ancestors purchased land from Letitia Penn and her husband William Aubrey? Thanking you in advance. Regards, Jim Davis
Jim Davis, Honolulu, Hawaii [08-07-2004]

There is an old 18th centry ruin between the visitors center back parking lot and Gulf road. It is back in the woods off the field to the left of the church. It consists of three old dwellings. No floors or ceilings remain. The stone walls are still standing and at one time was a house, another three story building and a smaller shop or something that used a furnace. Is there a way i can find out more about this location? Who lived there and what happened to it?
Dominic Withers [08-07-2004]

You created a great Page!I'm happy to sign the guestbook!
Juergen [08-07-2004]

Glen [08-07-2004]

I have been looking for an ancestor. The story in our family is that a Major William Lewis served with Washington at Valley Forge. Major Lewis is a direct ancestor of my great-grandmother, Mary Lewis Raper of Hickory Valley, TN. Major Lewis is buried in Hickory Valley.
Levonda Hallums, Doyle, Tennessee [08-07-2004]

my twin brother and i were at valley forge jamboree in 1950 it was a great event which we will always be a highlite . there were 50.000 boyscouts from all over the world to see and a lot of tradeing .to a great adress from president trumanon june 30 1950. what a great event to remember.god bless to all who were there.
joseph and joel trematore, simi valley ca and reno nv [08-07-2004]

good site !...fantastic infos!
Axel [08-07-2004]

I am looking for information about my ancestor that is listed on page 194 of W. T. R. Saffell's 1894 book "Records of the Revolutionary War." My ancestor's name is John Hide. He came from Germany as a young boy. It's been said that he was an Assistant Drill Master under Von Steuben while serving at Valley Forge. He stayed at Valley Forge for the duration of the war. Could someone verify this with a source, where he was buried, birth & death dates. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
Dorothy Wilkins, Rockville, Maryland [08-07-2004]

Great site!
Jon R. White, Milwaukee, WI [08-07-2004]

I love American history. Your site is being added to my favorites. Thanks for keeping the spirit of American Liberty alive!
Michael Duffy, Philadelphia [08-07-2004]

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Tom [08-07-2004]

I do not understand why the US based history vainly tries to find a reason why Benedict Arnold did what he did. For those outside the US who have not been brain washed by the historic mythology surrounding the revolution, the reason was clear. The corruption and hypocritical behaviour of the policians and the indifference of the general population would certainly have been something to give him cause for re-thinking. But the clear reason was the acts of the true traitor, Benjamin Franklin. Franklin's dealing with the French, taken in context with the time, where nothing short of dispicable. The French were a catholic autocracy. This was totally opposed to Arnold's, and the supposed revolutions cause. To put Franklin's actions into a modern context, it was the equivalent of a US citizen in the 1960's doing secret deals with the communists. Totally unthinkable! Yes, Arnold was the only decent idealist and honest person. The real traitor was Franklin. However, history is written by the winners. "Treason doth never prosper, for if it does, none dare call it so" If you take a close, unbiased look at Franklin, you will find a double dealing, sinister confidence trickster whose self interest overtook all else. Try some real history, not dogma and myth.
anonymous [08-07-2004]

We recently visited Valley Forge and loved it. It was very, very inspiring. My 5th great grandfather served with one of the Virginia regiments at Valley Forge, but is not on your roster. How might I go about adding his name? Thank you. Jerry Gilmore
Jerry Gilmore, Roanoke, Virginia [08-07-2004]

I was always told that I was related to Aaron Burr somehow. My grandfater was Dr. Olin Burr Hall, my father Olin Burr Hall, Jr and myself Olin Burr Hall, can I find out more info
Olin Burr Hall,111, Safety Harbor, Fl. [08-07-2004]

Olin Burr Hall,111 [08-07-2004]

Thanks for all the hard work. You are providing a great service.
tom [08-07-2004]

Quality website! My ancestor, Thomas Malone, Sr., was U.S. Asst. Indian Agent, magistrate, and U.S. Land Office Agent, Ft. St. Stephens, Alabama. Malone (one rainy day/night?) was playing cards with his friend Lt. Gaines when Gaines wanted to go after an alledged Aaron Burr incogneto; Malone didn't. Burr arrested and escorted to trial (Richmond, Va.?); Burr had escaped at a tavern cross-roads, seeking support from citizens there; but they did not aid Burr. Seeing the futility, at Malone's Rock, South Carolina, Burr surrendered to Malone who wept at the fallen sight of this once great man. Malone's son, Mobile cotten broker Capt. Edw. Malone, Sr., CSA, wed Ann Maria Russell, daughter of 3rd (today's 1st) U.S. Infantry, War of 1812, Col. Gilbert Christian Russell, Sr. They had Leila Ogden Malone, wife of Biloxi harbormaster, Capt. Harry Copp James, my great grandparents.
J.A.L.Miller, Jr., Southport, North Carolina [08-07-2004]

Seeking info on our ancestor, Levi Foss of Saco Maine. The information we found here does not match with records received from the Saco records. Levi Foss date of death is not correct in one place or another. We are also trying to find where he was buried. We did have that he was sent to a hospital in Albany, but have not found a burial place there. Our family historian Fr. Lawrence Kern, will also be contacting you. Thank you for the lovely site and making all the information available.
KE Tuttle, Fort Collins CO [07-25-2004]

Hello,I have just added this site to my favorites,it has histories I tell my sons,it doesnt have lots and lots of commercial adds,so I just love it since I love reading and reading more,I began reading the short Benjamin Franflin's biography it was great, I have now the desire to read a longer one in a book,well may God bless you, bye Arturo Javier
javier flores, mexico city [07-25-2004]

looking for someone to do research regarding a Cantrell that did in military hospital in Vicsburg, Miss Dec 1862
anonymous, Jacksonville, FL [07-25-2004]

this is the first place i see when i vist philly i love the historical facts about valley forge and love to see it again
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Renea, Las Vegas Nevada [07-25-2004]

Have a large Picture? of the bronze by J.E.Kelly on sub treasury wall, "Washington At Valley Forge". He is in prayer. Lower left corner"etched by Evans 1904 Lower right corner c 1904 by J.E.Kelly and SIGNED(can feel raised black ink)JEKelly.Don't know what it is worth or what to do with it----20"X 26"
Bonnie [07-25-2004]

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Jorge Greene, Santiago, Chile, South America [06-27-2004]

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While working on a paper for school I found your site. Thank you so much for providing this easy to use and understand information on Valley Forge. Your site is a fine example of what the web can be.
Scott Thompson, Atlanta [06-27-2004]

My Welsh ancestor, William Davis(Davies/David)who died in Chester County, Pa. 1715 mentions in his Will that he resides at "Manor of Mount Joy" a son Llewellyn Davis resided on Valley Forge Road exactly 0.9 Miles from Gen. Washington's. The home was used by Senior officers during the emcampment. My question, do you have any of the original land records? I am assumming the area would be included as part of the "Welsh Tract". William Davis also owned the land, upon where St. David's Episcopal Church was built in Radnor Twp. also located on Valley Forge Road. I am working on my family history, any information regarding the Davis family would be most appreciated. Regards, Jim Davis
Jim Davis, Honolulu, Hawaii [06-27-2004]

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Joseph Dague, Gettysburg, PA [06-10-2004]

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Why would someone wish to change Alexlander Hamilton on our Ten Dollar bill with George W Bush.Alex Hamilton was a great General, faught for his country, and in every case was a great leader. What has George W Bush done for his country? Serve as its President when he didn't win the peoples vote. put its citizens out of work, start a war all by himself, and raised the price of gas to the highest its been in fifty years. Lets keep the Ten Dollar Bill as it is.
R. Calkins, Springfield, Ma [06-10-2004]

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This is a wonderfull resource on Valley Forge. I am thinking of taking the family there this summer and at least now I'll know more about it than they will. I'm building a similar resource on my area at destination-sanfran,">">destination-sanfran, but I doubt that I'll be able to give it as much depth as you have given your site. Any suggestions will be very welcome. Thanks again!
John Pendleton, Oakland, CA [06-02-2004]

I spent a week at Valley Forge in 1964, at the Boy Scout National Jamboree. Many fond memories.
Charles Hacke, Reseda, Ca. 91335 [06-02-2004]

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Thank you for this lovely site. The courage of the defensors of liberty gives us an always renewed lesson for the present. May their example live forever in our hearts.
Anthony Behin, vincennes, France [05-30-2004]

I am a direct descendant of Captain Charles Baltzell (PA17600)a company commander of the German Regiment. I noticed on your Muster Roll, you have his last name spelled incorrectly as "Batzell". Simply left out the "L" However it is spelled correctly in the Company name. The only spelling variation I've ever seen is "Baltzel" but never "Batzell" Can this be corrected? Thank you very much. I'm sure old Charles would appreciate it the mcorrection very much. Dan Dall
Dan Dall, Florida [05-30-2004]

Hi, thanks for the info. I was looking up Valley Forge on two differeent search engines and this site came up on both! Thanks again for the info. And hey, whats ^ with the 'dawg' stuff. It's a little strange...
Haley Cobb, Cary, IL (smaaaall town) [05-30-2004]

why was valley forge such a major point in the revoulution?
jacob welker [05-30-2004]

i like your site and I am interested in te history of Valley Forge and would like to learn more!
Brandon Lawrence, Manisrtique, Michigan [05-30-2004]

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milli [05-30-2004]

Marygrace Urmson, Philadelphia P.A. [05-30-2004]

I have papers that show John Dorman was at Valley Forge, Shokill, from Mass. I have the Military Papers, but I cannot find information on the decendents on the Valley Forge decendents.
Virginia Dorman [05-15-2004]

Hi. Sup dawg I wasa lookin around yalls site Pretty good i hate histoy
anonymous [05-15-2004]

Beverly I wrote in another guest book to you about the bybee name. In the research I mentioned I believe there is info on John Bibby. I will find the papers tomorrow and send them to you. Beverly Bybee Potter
Beverly Bybee Potter, Washington [05-14-2004]

man! great info! thanks, and also ...i love Valley Forge! Its a great site! Ilove it! (^ >^)(8, 8)
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Iam interested in learning more about the daughters of the Amrican Revelution War. My g.g.g.g.maybe G. Grandfather served in the Revelution War. Iam searching my family tree and need information.
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I was at the 1964 Boy Scout National Jamboree. Someday I will return and see this park again.
Charles M. Hacke, Reseda, Ca [05-13-2004]

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My direct ancestor Joseph Byers wrote in his pension declaration that at age 17 he served with Washington at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777 by driving an ammunition wagon that belonged to his older brother Robert Byers. The brothers came from a nearby family that had owned property on the Brandywine River since the area was first settled in the late 1600's. By the time of his declaration he had moved to Augusta County, Virginia where his descendants still live today.I’d love to hear from anyone who might have a connection or knows their home site might be.
Cathy Godfrey, Vancouver, WA [03-03-2004]

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Andi Mulligan, New York [02-09-2004]

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Anja, us [02-09-2004]

I have a big report on Benedict Arnold coming up. Do u have any pictures of what he looked like?
RotherBoy [02-08-2004]

Was he german? Dose this subsripshen sound like it was him? german soldier who helped train the continental soldiers at vally forge
mary, hartley [02-08-2004]

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Andrea, California [02-07-2004]

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An American, Outside of Valley Forge [02-07-2004]

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anonymous [01-29-2004]

i must vist again. i was a boy scout in 1950 at the 2nd national jamboree. i was 16. this was my first trip away for home without my parents. my scoutmaster, darrel wilson, made the trip great. my big thrill was meet "greenbar bill".
roger, cincinnati, oh [01-29-2004]

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ell [01-26-2004]

Kristin, Great Falls, Montana [01-25-2004]

Is there a list of the Hessian soldiers who were at Valley Forge, and were captured? What was done with the Hessians captured? Thanks
anonymous [01-25-2004]

During the American Revolution, Fort Ticonderoga located on the western side of Lake Champlain in New York was an important post on the route from Canada to the colonies. Colonel Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen with his Green Mountain Boys led a surprise attack on the British fort in May of 1775. The Americans took the fort without firing a shot. In mid-winter of January 1776, Colonel Henry Knox led an expedition to Fort Ticonderoga to bring back the cannons that Arnold and Allen had captured. The cannons were lined up to face the British ships that were blockading the port of Boston. The British were forced to evacuate Boston, leaving the city and port to the Americans.
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Kayleigh, New York [01-25-2004]

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Robert Martin, Newton, TX [01-25-2004]

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Krazie Monkie, San Antonio,TX [01-25-2004]

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In one of the Faqs, someone asked about recreation. Do you know if the soldiers sang songs? If you do what were the words??
Kara, Clifton Park, New York [01-25-2004]

Good reading. God Bless America.
Sheryl J Cox, California [01-25-2004]

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matt [01-25-2004]

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Nicole [01-25-2004]

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Laurel Hessing, Berkeley Heights New Jersey [01-25-2004]

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I am eight grade student and we are studying American history at school. The site was very useful for me. As a part of a school project I even made a small page dedicated on Thanksgiving History:
Mike [01-04-2004]

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theirry, cote d ivoire [01-04-2004]

Where is there information about Polly Cooper, the Oneida woman who tended to the troops at Valley Forge? If she was there, was her husband also there? Do you have information about the Indian troops that were camped at Valley Forge?
Georgianne Giese [01-04-2004]

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