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Valley Forge Guest Book Archives: 2003

hey y'all. jim bob say hi to you. :0
Jim bob jankawits [12-27-2003]

good site
anonymous [12-27-2003]

i am doing a history report over molly pithcer. thank for all of your help.
amber, california [12-27-2003]

William Fieler [12-27-2003]

Is there a historical documentation of Jewish Americans in Washington's Army at Valley Forge?
Abe Skaletzky, l.a. [12-27-2003]

I'm impressed much visiting Valley Forge,keep going this way because many people didn't see it yet.
dron-lemon, belarus [12-21-2003]

What a wonderful and informative history website! History is so important to our progress as Americans. You have to know where you've been to know where you are headed. God Bless the USA
Erica Nawfel, Maine [12-21-2003]

I have been studying Virgiinia History around 1700-1800 and I would like to know more about virginia document writers. For a example,Thomas Jefferson and George Mason.
Yasmeina Omens, Richmond,Virginia [12-21-2003]

I am a decendent of Col. Israel Shreve and looking for information.
Rebecca Faulkner, Houston, TX [12-21-2003]

This is a beautiful story of our nation's birth withing the Word of God. Isa. 18.
Daniel Hsu, ca [12-21-2003]

i realize now that sophmores shouldn't take world history after 8th grade! hehe..i took it twice...*~reminder to those of u who are gunna be sophmores....dOnt take it aGain!~* peace ya'll
Rissa, school [12-21-2003]

It was nice to have visited such an historic location.
Fred Logue, Dallas [12-21-2003]

we do geneology in our family. on my fathers side, his granddad booth, from pennsylvania, seved under abraham lincoln. i am proud of our country and families that serve in many different areas to keep our country safe.
cheryl d. bohn, olathe, kansas [12-21-2003]

I like dis site i had to do aproject for Mr.Kellers class dis site waz very helpful holla!
anonymous, p-way [12-21-2003]

I Love Steven! -Bridget-
Bridget, New Hanpshire [12-21-2003]

Hi everybody! My friend Bridget just wrote her message too!
Maureen, New Hanpshire [12-21-2003]

In my class we have to keep a journal, but we have to write as we are the soilder. We have to keep record and such. This web site was very helpful but I think that it would be better if you had a timeline during the war and stuff
jessikah, granite falls [12-21-2003]

hey yalls website is awsome mybe you should be on tv or something yall are the collest website ive ever been on well see you later
carlton, tx [12-21-2003]

History rocks
Emily, Mt. Vernon [12-21-2003]

This is intersting
Mille White [12-21-2003]

this site is very imfomative and the should be sites like it
jebidia springfield [12-21-2003]

jonny, hannover [12-15-2003]

at i only have one life to loe for my country
arielle anderson [12-14-2003]

jay [12-14-2003]

I really like this site for an eight grade american history student and I love the options on the site. Thank you! Danek,
Danek [12-14-2003]

One of the most interesting places I've ever visited! Steve at
Steve Pickering, Wallingford, CT [12-14-2003]

I feel sary for the guys that died.
jonathan, ak kake [12-14-2003]

i think this is so kewl, i mean we dont have that many schools nd educational facilities down herrre, but i think my iq went up!omg, that wud be so perfect bi bi
pretty kitty, texasss [12-14-2003]

This site is so totally awsome!
anonymous [12-14-2003]

this is such a cool website! i think that the hisory or w.e of our country is sumthin we all need to know-u know? well, anyway keep up the good work~CALL ME! much love bi
krock, pennsylvania [12-14-2003]

I look at this website for Mrs. Walshs class and there is no marquee.
Paul Ventura [12-14-2003]

hey this a cool site so why dont you come and see
cat, houston,tx [12-14-2003]

wow that amasing i bet it was really scary if you where there man i feel sorry for the guys that where there.
carlton, texas [12-11-2003]

This Website would have been more helpful if it had more pictures
Rachel, Ohio [12-10-2003]

i still dont understand valley forge ahhhhhhhhhh
anonymous [12-10-2003]

Step Grampa Levi Coy who Adopted James Mcclaran in Garden Grove Iowa aprox 1872
Jolene Ccoy, Medfor, Oregon [12-10-2003]

Hi I am an 8th grader at Mason Middle school and I'm now doing a report on the Vally Forge. This website is very informative. Keep this site running. When need help I am going to come to this site so please remember me. :-)
Nicholas B. Jackson, Mason, Ohio [12-10-2003]

This sight is SWEET!
anonymous [12-10-2003]

U rock!
Rachlicia, boston, mass [12-10-2003]

hey hey hey,
*Carter Dodeci*, uh how bout no! [12-10-2003]

c.t borango, uh how bout no! [12-10-2003]

how many people died was it blod guts and gore
ryan, hawia [12-10-2003]

Hey i like your site, especially because its giving me a lot of good idias for my social studies project -------YIPPEEEEEEEE!1
jkl, New Jersey [12-10-2003]

this website is narly it gave me this sweet information about the valley forge cause im doing an article about it but ihavent read the information but its still sweet dude. Im out peace.!~!~!~
bertha [12-10-2003]

I have been studying the American Revolution and I am enjoying the things that I have been learning about it. This website has been a great help. I am in the 8th grade and we are doing a report on the revolutionary war! Thanks for the great help!
Kaylee, Marysville, Washington [12-10-2003]

Hey!America is Awsome! I live in Washington! This was a great website for me to learn about my country and its leaders! Thanx 4 the help!
anonymous [12-10-2003]

hey whats up?
sierra, port clinton ohio [12-10-2003]

I loved your site. It gives history buffs like me a chance to get extra information. The only thing that i would like to mention is there are no pctures which would be a good idea.
Becky, Ohio [12-10-2003]

Hey, well i'm an 8th grader at Wilson Middle School, and I'm doing a report on Martha Washington. This website has been very helpful, and if you have additional information on her it would be great that you could e-mail it. Thank You!
Daisy, Indio Ca [12-08-2003]

hey thax for the infomation cya!
foxybrown, chattanooga, Tennessee [12-08-2003]

i need a quote from baron von Steuben or General von Steuben. Born in 1730 died in 1794
anonymous, chino [12-08-2003]

Im also a web developer I can understand the efforts inputed. Really good work Thanks Pavan Vishwakarma
pavan vishwakarma, india [12-08-2003]

this site is so informational! I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT! lol
James Dalgarno, New Jersey [12-08-2003]

madengon [12-08-2003]

we had to do a report and this did not help my class at all there is not a lot of info about the land
anonymous [12-08-2003]

Yes, I am a military member currently stationed in Ohio but form Malvern, PA just up the street from Valley Forge. Everytime I come home I make sure to visit Valley Forge. I now have three children and I take them there to show them a part of history that most children will only read in books, they can actually say they have been there.
Randy Maningas, Dayton, OH [12-08-2003]

I love American old soldiers YAY!
Jay Dalgarno, Jeisey [12-08-2003]

i'm doin a report on valley forge and was wondering if you could tell me which european nation formed a treaty of alliance with the Americans while the army was at valley forge? thanks, BOB
bob jr., florida [12-08-2003]

Go America!
James Dalgarno, New Jersey [12-08-2003]

I like this web site, well organized because I am doing a report o this web site. Keep working on it
Ian Gray, Manasquan Elementary School [12-08-2003]

This has some great information! I'm an eigth grader doing a History Fair project on Baron von Steuben, and this site has tons of valuable stuff! Thanks!
Libby [12-08-2003]

Sally [12-08-2003]

Nice PAGE!
Jessica Stice, Missouri [12-08-2003]

Hi! Twin Valley Middle School is about an hour outside Philadelphia, PA. I'm an 8th grade student there. I'm currently working on a report about the Marquis de Lafayette. If you have any information or other e-mail sites, please e-mail me. Thank you!
lindsey, twin valley middle school [11-26-2003]

I love history and this website.!
Jeffrey Perez [11-26-2003]

Eric [11-26-2003]

Hello, I have a question, do you have a search web site, because if you do not you should have one, I would deffinately use it!
Bridget R., New Hampshire [11-26-2003]

Hello, I just came on to this site for a history paper, and I found that it ahd a lot more to offer than any othe site I have ever been to. Thank You!
Bridget R., New Hampshire [11-26-2003]

What were three diseases that they had to deal with at valley forge.
anonymous [11-26-2003]

What is the Donations address to Valley Forge so that I can send in a small donation to the care and upkeep of Valley Forge's historical buildings. I can't seem to find one. :^(
Camilla C. Nesbit, North Carolina [11-26-2003]

Tiffany carr [11-26-2003]

Anna Vollette, Texas [11-26-2003]

I am trying to track down a reference in Pres. Carter's new book. The review said "Carter is very good on the long-forgotten tar-and-feathers episode that transforms the Tory Thomas Brown into Clarke's archenemy." I am looking for the true story.
Harry D. Fisher [11-26-2003]

I just saw a part of "King of the Queens", where the name "Benedict Arnold" was mentioned. I remembered, that I read this name first time in a "Superman" comic strip in the early seventies, when I was a lad; I then got me books from the local library to learn more about this man and his time. Today, we just feed the name to a web-searching machine like "Google" and get plenty of informations, so on your beautiful website. To me this collection is somehow enchanting: the ease of fictional Comedies and Comics, the seriousness of history and real live, the austere perfection of computers and the internet.
Michael Gierke, Berlin, Germany [11-26-2003]

Gretchen, fl [11-26-2003]

This is a really cool page! I'm so glad my teacher let us go on it. It is very interesting and it makes learning the not so fun side of history so much easier.
Tonya, wv [11-26-2003]

Ya website is of the wall! Danka, you are so like im my book. Rock on dudestar. I have to bounce, 'Cuase im in the BEST SCHOOL IN THE WORLD!And im #1. SO byez! PEACE OUT!
kristi Nikke, ely. mn [11-26-2003]

i lovbe this site and i want u to keep it it up this way...
kuling, africa [11-25-2003]

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clavencefrank [11-25-2003]

Ive heard about it but Ive never went there but I hear itsamasing well catch ya later by
chris, surgoinsville T.N.N [11-22-2003]

your website has been a great guide for me to learn more about valley forge and other things Thank You! :)
Carol Kim [11-22-2003]

you need a search button! i need to find George Washingtons personal life and what he did in the Revolutionary war and i can't find what i need
carriy [11-22-2003]

Did George Washington really have wooden teeth and if so how where they installed. Another question did George Washington ever visit the state of Washington
Justin Toyer [11-22-2003]

I like what is done here but please add this info for school use: sign the page, and tell then the page wqas last updated.
Tanis Beireis, Minnesota [11-17-2003]

I just found out he was one of my ancestors.
anonymous, Florida [11-17-2003]

Mr. Aronis' eighth grade class is the best!
Travis Burke, nj [11-17-2003]

Nice job with the web site
Jim Baluyot, La California [11-17-2003]

I love valley forge
Paul, bethesda [11-17-2003]

Howdy amigos! I used this site for a report and got an A! Thanx!
Randi (Blibolyte) Spencer [11-17-2003]

I hope you can add material to the site on the reason why the troops were starving at Valley Forge. The British were ruining the colonist's currency by printing counterfit. The colonists solved the problem by printing new currency. That saved the revolution and our nation emerged from the effort.
David Grace, San Francisco, CA [11-17-2003]

Elizabeth Vossmer, Labach, Germany [11-17-2003]

Hi. I am hoping you can help me. I have an artist friend who does wonderful oil paintings of Revolutioary War scenes. Can you tell me of a place where he could exhibit his work for possible sale or display. His work is just grand. Thanks, sincerely, Marge Crunkleton
anonymous [11-17-2003]

This site really helped me out a lot on my group report on Valley Forge
Maddie [11-17-2003]

Waz up I'm Amber I'm 23
anonymous [11-17-2003]

Lorri Taylor [11-17-2003]

What a great Social Studies report website! Hi to Mr. Aronis!
Cate [11-17-2003]

I like your site! It is very informing and interesting. Keep up the good work!
Curtis, nc [11-17-2003]

Roxanne Lawrence [11-17-2003]

This is quite impressive. I would very much enjoy hearing how you put this all together! Thanks for sharing!
Sister Rochelle Kerkhof, St. John Neumann Middle School Office [11-17-2003]

hey what up homies you sound really popular you have some good info about you well talk to ya later DOG. sincerely, dusty
dusty, fenton [11-11-2003]

annie young, texas [11-10-2003]

lol totally cool it help me a lot thanks it rocks.ilove jon
nikki, Rockford illinois [11-10-2003]

What a great website! And what a pleasant surprise to find an ancestor who was in the American army at Valley Forge, and read about the great and heroic men who endured those desperate years of the formation of our great country! My ancestor was Job Phillips, 4th Connecticut, Spaulding's Wyoming Valley Company.
c.a., Missouri [11-10-2003]

i love the war
alisha pope, illinois [11-10-2003]

This site helped a lot on my report on Benedict Arnol and I think it will be used by many others and help people end their hunt for info.
Valdano, ga [11-08-2003]

Was there ever a batte at Valley Forge??
Anonymous [11-08-2003]

Did Jean Lafayette have a wife ?
anonymous [11-08-2003]

How can I join the Valley Forge Historical Society?
MaryEllen Coombs, Wheaton, Illinois [11-08-2003]

I realy like this site. It seems like it is dedicated to history, and not slandering it!
Elizabeth, Utah, U. S. A. [11-08-2003]

I really like this website it tells a lot on what went on at Valley Forge!And i would really like to go there and see what went on their! Thank You very much for all of the good info!
Ashley, Doland,SD [11-08-2003]

This website is great i want to live here. I would be free. I really love you guys for coming up with this website and the great idea for the learning or children.
Tyler Mason, some where in the us [11-08-2003]

good place
Patrick Wolberg [11-08-2003]

I really like this website! it is very informative! It makes me want to learn more about the battle on valley forge! Thank You Very Much for all the info! Katrina
Katrina Gabin, Florida [11-08-2003]

This sight is really NEAT and SWEET
Derek [11-08-2003]

I really like this website! I think you did a great job on it! I would like to come and see the place that would be fun well bye!Thanks Brittany
B Des Lauriers [11-08-2003]

I really like this page so I think you should keep this page up. It gives a lot of interesting facts about the war and people.
Laura Elizabeth Grace Kateson, California [11-08-2003]

I think it was very brave for the soldiers to try to defeat the BRitish at valleyforge. I'm so happy that we are a free country and we can say what we think.I waant to say thank you to all the soldiers that risked their lives and fought for our freedom. THANK YOU!
Briana, sd [11-08-2003]

This website is pretty cool some of it is boring though but that is ok some stuff. I found the trip to valley forge was interesting.
Tyler Mason, Frankfort SD [11-08-2003]

Wow! This is sooo cool. I love Valleyforge! I wanna learn more about it, and someday live there! I wish George Washington were around to tell more about the wars! Someday I will die and visit him. Thank you for letting me look at this website! I will return.
Amil, nowhere [11-08-2003]

This sight is very SWEET!
Casey Board, Doland, SD [11-08-2003]

I want to learn more about Valleyforge! I think it is very interesting.
Kelsey Heer, South Dakota [11-08-2003]

Dana Felderman, South Dakota [11-08-2003]

Garrett Smith, Doland South Dakota [11-08-2003]

Jon Noethlich [11-08-2003]

This websit teaches students in a fun way. I have possibly made up my mind that I shall came onto this site every day for every day information. I hope you do to. ~Muah~
Brandi, u.s.a [11-05-2003]

i lvoe your wevsite i go to it everydayyyyyy! im obsessed with the battle of valleyforge!
Caroline, Coppell [11-05-2003]

Why was Benidicte Arnold so crazy.
Danielle Harlow, Morgan Jr. High School [11-05-2003]

Hey..Yeah No Clue What I'm Doing Here, So Later!
mac buchanan [11-05-2003]

can y hear me now?¿good.......
tyler conway, morgan county,ohio [11-05-2003]

michael sutila, ridgefield, ct [11-05-2003]

this is great!
rachel [11-03-2003]

Your website is great!
Jaicel, Houston,Tx. [11-03-2003]

Hi My name is Sasha Whitney Ibeleve that you know my brother braun Whitney
Sasha Whitney, none [11-03-2003]

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Jerry [10-30-2003]

This is the best sight I've ever been too!
anonymous [10-30-2003]

Ashton Kutcher [10-30-2003]

monaca [10-30-2003]

Jackie [10-30-2003]

Donna [10-30-2003]

i love this sight thankz and i got a lot of stuff out of it for my history project thanks again bye
anonymous [10-30-2003]

i'm related to him
kyle, california [10-30-2003]

ronica delacera [10-30-2003]

this is a fun website. though my s.s. class is so boring and my next claas is the same. --- do you have any advice for me. i am 13 and have a big boring s.s. class. i am really not aloud to do this so ihave to go. by i'll type agin, see you latter. p.s. i'm bored out of my mind. thanks for reading.
J.Blankinship, McConnelsville, Ohio, 43756 [10-30-2003]

hey people!this is awesome I LOVE LUKE
Luke's gurl [10-30-2003]

yeah i think that like your park is like totally awesome and like i gotta go
carmen, california [10-30-2003]

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Isak Hedges, McConnelsville,Oh [10-30-2003]

Do you have any pictures about Layfette
anonymous, Ohio [10-30-2003]

What were Mr. Washington's thoughts regarding American Indians? Thanks again, MG
Marshall Garrett, Indonesia [10-30-2003]

Did General Washington ever send troops to attack Indians living in the Valley Forge area? Someone recently stated to me that this happened. My study of Mr. Washington shows no such incident. Kind regards, MG
Marshall Garrett, Indonesia [10-30-2003]

The website is off the hook, it helped me with my research paper due. Thanks
Megan [10-30-2003]

history rules
joe addicoit, nachtez [10-30-2003]

we have heard that you have a re-enactment on christmas night of the crossing of the delaware. we would like to see this. could you send me some details? thank you. deborah cluster
deborah cluster, altoona, pa. [10-30-2003]

Thank you for all the information on this website. It's really helped me in my U.S. History class. Keep up the good work!
Madison, Utah [10-30-2003]

I love ur site u have all the info i need for my school projects!
Bethany, kentucky [10-30-2003]

I can visit the wayne block house avery day. Which i do (not to brag) everyone should go see it sometime it is a really nice thing to see. And the location is so peacefull. So if you can come see use and see what we are all about.
Stella Laffin, Erie pa [10-30-2003]

Need the Geography of Valley Forge please???!
anonymous [10-30-2003]

hi i luv u
harri billford, lapd [10-30-2003]

Phil Mckrackin, sexy st [10-30-2003]

I wouldlike to know how Benedict Arnold affected history. Can you help???
anonymous [10-30-2003]

Many years ago My great Grandmother had told us that if we so desired we would be eligible to join the Daughters of the American Revelution. My grandmothers maiden name was Welch and they were from Greenup County Kentucky. I do believe that my great Aunt was a member of this organization and her name was Lyde Kimbel who lived in Vanceburg Kentucky
Jo-Ellen Weber [10-30-2003]

I'm an avid knitter and would like to know if there is any information available on knitted garments, old patterns,etc. that were made for the soldiers who served at Valley Forge. Can you help me?
Marilyn Gural, Valley Forge, PA [10-30-2003]

i really think molly pitcher was a great leared she thouht women don't be afrid to fight for ur country
laura [10-30-2003]

John T. Chittenden, Safety Harbor, Florida [10-30-2003]

GO Americans! We won the Relovlution, YAY! We rock. go americans! Woo Hoo! Hey people catch me on aim! Oh yeah and this site is rad. This is da best homework help site, eva! And remember, ALL girls, (Yes, ALL girls (unfortunetly the preps as well) are princesses! So ugly or not-so-hot rock more!
samwise gamgee! (samantha Fuskie), Des Moines/Seattle, Washington [10-30-2003]

I had to do a report on Quakers for school and a diary I was able to get from the library was The Diary of Sally Wister and this website was on the back. I think if you had information on the Quakers and the conflicts they had about war and not being accepted because of their religion etc. would be great. I think this would be a great reference page for this material.
Christina [10-30-2003]

This was great and very informational.People doing research on Valley Forge would really appreciate this site and I would recommend it to everyone. Thanks
Caitlin, North Carolina [10-30-2003]

This site RULES. It is the best place to find info and is very well organized. The timeline of the revolutionary war has helped a lot. THANX! HOT GIRLZ RULE!
Matt, ca. [10-19-2003]

Hey, great information and it really helped me with my project. I have visited Mt. Vernon it was a very interesting place and I went back 2 years afterwards to visit again. Thanks, Nancy
nancy cochran, soper, oklahoma [10-19-2003]

after reading most books concerning washington, i find out that the man was a fraud,he laid a very bad foundation for relatio who is now the president is also towing the same line with him an surely they will lead america to doom, i need to hear from people whom their fore fathers fought in the civil war
craig bush, texas [10-19-2003]

Thanks for you webpage! It just helped me understand my homework...
Dana [10-19-2003]

hi people! Which man did General Washington make the Chief Inspector of the colonial troops? If you know please email me at Thanks!
mandy, ms [10-19-2003]

I was on this website to look up benedict arnold because i am acting him in a play and i justed wantned to run research on him thanx bye!
jessica, louisiana,bossier [10-19-2003]

A good historical reference site.To find historical effents.
Bryant Weatherton, Beaumont, Texas [10-19-2003]

I was a nine year old in 1956 when my Mom married my wonderful step-Dad in Washington Chapel, in Valley Forge, on Washington's birthday! We lived in a lovely place in Bryn Mawr, PA. My best friend lived in Wayne, PA, on the border of the Valley Forge Park, in a house, (for real) that George Washington "slept in". One day, Robbie, my friend and I were near one of the museum sites, when we heard, "Stop, stop that boy!" We saw a boy, about our age run out, and we started to chase him! He was quite ahead of us but we saw him throw something on the ground. When we got there we found a lot of Revolutionary bills on the ground and returned them to the ladies at the museum. The ladies treated us like heroes for finding the bills the "stinker" had stolen from the exhibit. One of life's golden moments. HISTORY is what WE are TODAY!
Scott Sofie, Calistoga, CA [10-14-2003]

I am doing a project on Marguis de Lafayette and I couldn't find any other info. on any other cites. Thanks!
Sarnia*(this is not my real name)* [10-13-2003]

Marcus Johnson, Washington [10-12-2003]

Heyy people so bored and tired. email me if u wanna, and my s/n is lil salt girl. thats for aim. i used this site for a project for Social Studies last yr and it helped. thanx. p.s. i love bobby
Isobel, n/a [10-12-2003]

This is such a great web site. I am so glad that it is here, because if not for this site I wouldn't have gotten the information I needed to do my college paper. Whoever made this web site let me tell you that you ROCK!
Angela, Texas [10-12-2003]

herb [10-12-2003]

happy b-day evreone
ash [10-12-2003]

yo what up
joe, new york [10-12-2003]

I think that you should have more information on Benedict Arnold. He wasn't such a bad guy.
Ray Milles, Virginia [10-12-2003]

Hi, im doing a school project on the American Civil War- the divided families(brother fighting brother)i would like to know if you have any information on this topic and if you do could you please send it? Thankyou Courteney
Courteney, Australia [10-12-2003]

i would like anyethang about his life his mom life anethang. thank you
lacinda osborne, four my son book reporte four school his age is 6 [10-12-2003]

The only reason I am at this sight is because I have the choose of writing a paper in U.S. History this year for extra creidt, and I decided to do it.
Samantha Thomas, White Oak, TX [10-12-2003]

gaby rios [10-12-2003]

I've been to Valley Forge's awesome!
Marissa Coley, Spring Valley [10-12-2003]

cool site
Bob Ding, usa [10-12-2003]

I thought we might be able to help: We make Full Scale Civil War Reproductions Cannons to specs. Please feel free to email me with any questions. Our website is Thanks you, KH
Vicksburg, Mississippi [10-12-2003]

good job on your web page ii got a lot of information
maddie, usa [10-12-2003]

i have learned a lot! I also have found very good information on the things io was looking for! Thank you so very much for makeing this website possible for people like me! a surfer marissa
marissa, minnesota [10-12-2003]

have grand daughter in sc. wish I had computer when I was 12 belive now I have to look & find things for her to see. thank you
scottie mellott, 17225 [10-12-2003]

i was lookin around on here for information about valley forge for a class susbject in history
Mark Knapp, Hydaburg Alaska [10-12-2003]

I just found out that I am a distant realative of Benedict Arnold. I look forward to tracing my roots. I am 57 years old.
Sharon Hughes, Hatfield Pa. [10-12-2003]

I would like to see more info on Margret Mansfield, Benedict Arnolds' first; how long she was married to Benedict Arnold... cause of death etc.
Sarah Mansfield Forbes, Farmington Maine [10-12-2003]

I`m looking for info on JOSEPH JOHNSON & NICHOLAS JOHNSON. I have a grandfather named Joseph Johnson, born in Richmond, Vir. abt 1784. This is as far back as we`ve been able to go because of the British in The War of 1812. My gr. grandfather`s name is NICHOLAS W. JOHNSON, born in Butler Co., Ky. 14 Dec. 1839. Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thank You. Stephen H. Johnson
Stephen H. Johnson [10-12-2003]

Stephen H. Johnson, sou. ind. [10-12-2003]

Lori Pulham [10-12-2003]

In the muster listing on Valley Forge, there is a listing for an "Elisha Barbee". In fact, this is "Elias Barbee", who later represented Kentucky in Congress.
Kent Barbee, Santa Barbara, CA [10-12-2003]

i just read about martha washiton. i love the imfomation that you gave. you will reach your goal surely of teaching children to love history!
dayana mireles, indianapilis,idiana [10-01-2003]

Just learned that Baron v. Steuben's grandfather came from Heldra/Hessen. (s. Google: Heldra)
Heinz HANG, Dreieich-Offenthal Germany [10-01-2003]

In an exhibt was published that von Steuben was born in Heldra, a small town in northern Hessen, and that his name originally was Steube; the 'n' was added later.
Heinz HANG, Dreieich-Offenthal Germany [10-01-2003]

a great internet site.I learn so many the beginning,I was just tring to find some informations about my name.thanks. Kareen FORGE from France.
anonymous, france [10-01-2003]

this is so cool and very helpful for my report. THANKS!
mackenzey, valley view middle school [09-30-2003]

Great learning aadventure
Allison and Ashley Gibel, Perrysburg,Ohio [09-29-2003]

i did a report on valley forge and i wish that i could have had this website for some more info. but i still won first in my state for the essay, thanx for putting stuff like this out for kids my age to read instead of stupid love stories!
liz, ct [09-29-2003]

hello i really like this site! i had to find some information about benedict arnold, and this was just great! good going! great work! ;)
Danielle, Orlando, Florida [09-29-2003]

Lucy Peterson: I am excited to know of your interest in Samuel Coy. He was in fact in the Revolutionary War, died at Valley Forge April 6, 1778. I was accepted into the DAR by him. I would, however, love to have a picture of him. Are you a descendant? I would love to chat with you. My email is I have already found a distant relative in California through another ancestor. It truly is exciting to meet and compare notes.
donna droe, hacienda heights, california [09-29-2003]

Thanks for the historic adventure!
anonymous [09-29-2003]

joe, botswanna [09-29-2003]

Good web site
Cody Barrett [09-29-2003]

Great web site! Thank you!
Addie, Huntly, VA [09-29-2003]

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kyle, dedham,M.E. [09-24-2003]

Your website taught me a lot in a short time and it helped me answer my Social Studies homework; thanks!
Eviola Nakhla, California [09-24-2003]

I am studing history in college and am looking up the history on the revolutionary war.
Georgia Gleason [09-24-2003]

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hey how was the war?
Lori Macias [09-24-2003]

Found pennant of George Washington from the Boy Scouts that might have been given to someone that helped errect the George Washington Tower at Valley Forge. Need info about this artifact that has been found. Sincerely, Rosa
Rosa M. Laborde-Cain, Phoenixville,PA [09-20-2003]

Hello, just browsing websites, for materials to use for my daughters whom are homeschooled. I have however, just recently started a Geneology research, and it looks as though it may be difficult. Thanks, Sharon Hallman
Sharon Hallman, Vero Beach, FL [09-20-2003]

I really like this site-for an eigth grade american history student-and I love the options on the site. THank you whoever set up this site! You are a lifesaver!
Christa, Corpus Christi,Texas [09-20-2003]

Very lovely website!
anonymous [09-17-2003]

very interesting website... i loved it.
anonymous [09-17-2003]

I am very impressed with this website's plethora of information of not only the encampment at Valley Forge, but with the inclusion of any and all significantfigures which served under Washington at the time. The primary documents are also very beneficial.
Andrew Stevens, Cape Cod, Massachusetts [09-17-2003]

this website rules
Molly, ~~~~~ [09-16-2003]

you had a lot of good information
Lindee Johnson [09-16-2003]

am"i so lucky to be born in a nation so great as to think i will take things for granted? when my life is long and my hands are weak, i shall remember the unfortunate and thank my lord for the gifts my country gave me, unconditionally. god bless america dan mazzenga, american
daniel c mazzenga, limerick,pa. [09-14-2003]

We lived in Broomall and Ambler PA when I was a child - I have fond memories of Valley Forge - we took all visiting relatives there and us kids used to climb the big observation tower - thanks
duncan, sacramento ca [09-13-2003]

Your website is very well done. Very impressive!
matt salomon [09-13-2003]

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Jenna Allard, Roswell, GA [09-11-2003]

Our town was named after General Nathanael Greene. I enjoyed this site and reading about him.
Donna Whitbeck, Greene, NY [09-09-2003]

valley forge is great. i learned a lot of things ona computer..
brandon folk, hughesville,pa [09-09-2003]

My grandmother, Amelia Davis was born in the village of Valley Forge in 1880. I'd like to know more about her family
Norma Ford [09-08-2003]

this site is bomb...i love it, it helped me so much!*ahh i learned like omg so much..and these pics are totally awesome! iwish i was there back in the day..but i'm not ahh oh well i guess i'll write back to you later! thanks again! =o) mwa!
jenna, School! [09-08-2003]

I would like to make contact with Donna Droe who was asking about Samuel Coy on 8-21-03. Is there any way to do this? Donna, If you read this, please email me. Lucy
Lucy Peterson, Utah [09-08-2003]

aah thanks for clearing up my relatives history... Yea i bet people say there related to him but i am so yeah.. my dads side, found out when i did my 8th grade family tree
Kyle, cali [09-08-2003]

If Valley Forge interests you, check out
Joc Criscuoli, usa [09-07-2003]

My anstor was at Valley Forge as a fifer and is not shown on your site
Kimball [09-05-2003]

Tori Lythjohan, Cedarburg [09-05-2003]

Christine, Cedarburg [09-05-2003]

School Sucks!
Jack Norman, Amsterdam, Netherlands [09-04-2003]

I would like to contact the lady looking for information on Hessian Soldiers in the Revolutionary War. I am also researching a relative, and have some information she might like to have. Thank you.
Ingrid Briles, Charleston, WV [09-02-2003]

As a student of history, I found information here that was not in the history books even when I was in school.
Keith Thompson, Everett,WA [09-02-2003]

Brenda, Chambersburg, PA [08-30-2003]

I staayed at valley forge in 1957 when i was 13 years old. I was in troop; 7 from Huntsville,Ala.We rode the train from huntsville to valleey forge. now i am 59 years old and the trip is one of my favorite memories. If anyone reads this who was there in 2957 i would like to hear from them. Jimmy Dean was there and I got to be on his show. We didn't even have a t.v. in my home. The neighbors had to tell my family that i was on t.v. I have only had my computer 2 weeks so excuse my typing. I am a farmer in tennessee now I grow hay and cattle. thanks
Nolan A. Myrick,Sr., Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334 [08-28-2003]

In these times of turmoil in our relationship with France, many Americans feel it necessary to remind France of the services that we have rendered in 2 wars. Perhaps it has been too easily forgotten that the French, both individually and as a nation, served the US equally well. Great website.
Tom Faris, Ohio [08-28-2003]

Great site !
Vera Dickmaus, Leverkusen, Germany [08-27-2003]

This Website is great if you are doing a report or want to find out more information about Valley Forge and the American Revolution. Great Resource and explanations! Thank you!
Amanda, California [08-26-2003]

Interesting to learn about someone who is no doubt a relative. I wonder what he looked like. Do you have any photographs?
Jocelyn Learned, Kansas City, MO [08-22-2003]

i am looking for an ancestor named samuel coy, born 5/5/1723 in norwich, n-ln, co. married to sarah hall, died 4/5/1778 in camped, probably at valley forge, chstr, pnns i am looking for something that tells me he was in the revolutionary war and any history of that, plus any picture of samuel coy, single, group doesn't matter
donna droe [08-21-2003]

Keep up the good work.
Gary Nichols, ny, usa [08-18-2003]

Thank you for your wondeful website. Valley Forge is one of the treasures of our national history, and you have presented a terrific reference point about it. Keep up the great work!
Mark Allshouse, Baltimore, MD [08-09-2003]

I Am comming to Valley Forge in April !
Randi [08-08-2003]

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Ellen McKee Estes, Hamilton Co., Ohio [08-08-2003]

I really love your page! It was so helpful in my research about Valley Forge. I found information about George Washington and his troops that I had never known before! Keep up the good work!
Christy, Bainbridge, Georgia [08-04-2003]

I visited Valley Forge as a student in 1999. Unfortunately, back then, I didn't know the history behind Valley Forge. After seeing the movie "The Patriot"(Mel Gibson,2000),I've been very interested in the history of the Revolution War. Now,I would like to visit Valley Forge, Independence Hall and all those places again to REALLY enjoy the trip and have a TRUE learning experience.
Pedro J. Mora, Puerto Rico [08-04-2003]

Thank you for a terrific and informative site. The park is even better! What a shame that those of us throughout Pa. don't take advantage of our wonderful heritage, myself include.
C. Logan, Central PA [07-31-2003]

on your timeline you dont say nothing about the french after all they did win the war for you
redcoat [07-31-2003]

I don't really care who served Martha i need to know how her life was before during and after the Revoulutionary War!
b, mindyabiz [07-31-2003]

Silvia Ballena, or [07-28-2003]

Looking for information on the family that originallly owned the property that is now Valley Forge Memorial Gardens, South Gulph Road,King of Prussia PA Thanks - David
David Stasney, Philadelphia [07-27-2003]

very nice site very informitave its hard to find good ones keep up the work
Henri Richard Maurice Dutoit Lefebrve, France (i wish) [07-26-2003]

You helped me win my Chapter's contest! Thank You! Callie Huffman 2001 Pre-Teen Illinois Sr. 4th Runner up 2002 Pre-Teen Illinois Sr. 2nd Runner Up 2003 Pre-Teen National Sr. Merit Finalist 2002 Chapter Winner
Callie Huffman [07-25-2003]

scott bryan, dallas [07-25-2003]

Capt. Thomas Butler of the 3rd PA, from Carlisle, PA (Original Member of the Soc. of the Cincinnatti) who was a Valley Forge is my fourth great grandfather and my favorite ancestor. I am researching his life. After his death Washington Irving wrote a story about him in Diedrich Knickerbocker's Tales of NY. Before moving to Hilton Head I lived very close to Valley Forge Park and took walks there frequently, never knowing I had had an ancestor there.
Jean Meaney, Hilton Head Island, SC [07-24-2003]

The lord is same even just today. He will bless and give the grace very much.The heaven is with us. Rejoice for this and be glad. Great bless to your from my the hearth. keijo
keijo, sweden [07-24-2003]

Vally Forge is very historical.
Mohd Imran, Malaysia [07-22-2003]

Samuel C. Pugh, Sugar Land, TX [07-22-2003]

my father eugene forrest worked at valley forge park in the late 5os and early 60s he would find a lot of things from the war there he would take a lot of children to the park every weekend and show us a lot of awesome things we would be gone all day take a lunch with us and walked a lot of places we also had fun flying kites i really do love the park and all its history thanks marilyn mccormick
marilyn mccormick, colorado [07-21-2003]

The Library of Virginia Archives indicates that a Reuben Cooper and his brother, Charles Cooper, served in the 1st Virginia Regiment from 1775-1779 and would, therefore, would have served at Valley Forge?
Ray Walls [07-21-2003]

What is the reference for the list of regiments that served at Valley Forge?
Ray Walls [07-21-2003]

I love Valley Forge, it has so much history and background. My grandmother lives in Bridgeport and every year we go back there and always are at valley forge. Although Im only 16 I love to go and learn more every time I come. Thanks to valley forge Ive taken the time to learn about the revolutionary war. It is an amazing story and I want to personally thank all of those who work and volunteer to run the shops, buildings and website. Your work is greatly appreciated and I would hate to ever see that valley forge is no longer servicing the public. Youve created an amazing experience for all those who visit the park and/or website
Katherine Lutz, California [07-15-2003]

Thanks for creating such an informative web page! I plan to visit Valley Forge next month and this has been really useful!
Honora, Raleigh, NC [07-14-2003]

I and others are no longer able to access the "muster." My ggg. grandfather James Berry and his brother John Berry(a life gaurd to George Washington) 10th regiment PA. were listed, as was James's superior Capt.R.Sample.No one has been able to access the site for weeks. Please advise and thank you.
Larry Wolford, Sw. Washington state [07-14-2003]

I am Related to Fedrich Von Steuben my Dad's grandmas maiden name is Steuben
Amanda Hough, San Diego Ca [07-14-2003]

Very good site!
Michael, Gary, IN USA [07-12-2003]

Anyone who writes a message on this page except me is a wanker. Ha Ha ha, you just took time out of your life to read this, probably more then i did to write it.
Steve, Bracknell [07-12-2003]

James A. Basile, Warwick Pa [07-10-2003]

Excellent site. I read your FAQs but didn't see where one could ask their own question. I'd like to find what George Washington's thoughts were about the American Indians. I have read he properly esteemed them highly and would like to read his insights. Thanks.
Alan Stevens, Kaysville, UT [07-10-2003]

Like this web site
Rita, Dixfield, Me. 04224 [07-10-2003]

Brian Morgan [07-10-2003]

I just watched a tv program on Valley Forge on the History Channel and it made me want to help preserve, visit and learn more about Valley Forge. I definitely want to go there. I've been to Gettysburg. Put me on your mailing list for books, videos, donations. I've read about Valley Forge in numerous biographies and novels about George Washington, who I'm a big fan of.
Helena Czarniecki, Miami, FL [07-10-2003]

marilyn, colorado [07-03-2003]

Thank you for the information. A timely reminder of why we are a free nation. I sent the neighborhood site some photos I took this winter (2003) of the log cabins & the Monument in the snowy winter we had this year. They linked them to this site. Very nice to read the text after seeing the photos. I forwarded many friends the site for this July 4th. Thank you. Jim Aikens
Jim Aikens, Chesterbrook,Wayne PA [07-01-2003]

Thanks for maintaining such an interesting site.
Samuel Muller, Los Angeles, CA [07-01-2003]

We are looking forward to bringing our children to see this park.
LaDonna Ryggs, Greenville, SC [06-26-2003]

Bravo! Long live the Republic!
William Hughes [06-22-2003]

Carletha Riggins, Cuthbert [06-22-2003]

Please tell me the names of Martha Dandridge Custis Washington's five sisters and the date of birth for each. Or refer me to a site where I can retrieve this information.
ben elliott [06-22-2003]

We enjoyed our visit very much but have one question. Are people allowed to come there and metal detect? Pleas write back soon. Sincerly Warren
warren rambo, riverside, nj [06-22-2003]

I have a question. My grandfather,C.M.Oliver, as editor, and "Gun Shots" piblication won four Freedom Foundation Awards, the fourth in 1953. With the four awards came the Foundation's Distinguished Service Award". Can you provide me with the history of the award, as the award has "Freedom Foundation Valley Forge, Pa.? I would like to know the other winners. Thank you very much. C.M. Oliver Soule
Moseley Oliver Soule, Louisiana [06-22-2003]

Hi, I am a student who was told that there was a site near Valley Forge with some interesting prayers inscribed/written for the public to see. Could you tell me more about this or if there is a link to their website? Thanks very much. Religious studies student
Mark, California [06-22-2003]

michael [06-18-2003]

Wonderful site! I tried to access the muster roll, but couldn't get it to open. I have an ancestor who was supposed to be at Valley Forge. His name is John Burris. Can someone tell me if he was? He was with the 2nd NC regiment. thanks
Jeanette [06-16-2003]

Leila MacCurrach [06-15-2003]

I cannot get the muster roll for Valley Forge to open. I have a relative that is supposed to have served there during the Revolutionary War. His name is Henry Miller. Thank You.
Scott Weldy, California [06-12-2003]

Rachel Cutter, Plattsburgh, NY [06-12-2003]

I found your website very helpful.
Travis Krebs, Newmarket, Ontario [06-11-2003]

This is an exelent site for info on the revolution.
Travis Krebs, Somewhere in Canada [06-11-2003]

I really like your website it helped our school win a contest! it told us all about Martha,washingtoning.i will come to your website when i need history!
Stephanie [06-11-2003]

I'm from Canada! how do you like that, eh? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! P.S.: we don't live in iglues, alright? we have almost the same weather as you dudes!
Travis, Somewhere in Canada [06-10-2003]

Rachael Mock [06-09-2003]

This Webpage was very informative.I used a lot of this information for my report on the American Revolution. Although it did no give me details and pictures.
Kate, Pittsburgh, Pa [06-09-2003]

correction, on info: given by barbara middleton on june. 5, 2003. grandfathers first name was joseph(joe)middleton not john as she thought. sorry about the confusion. grandfather joseph middleton came from virginia,then moved into harlan kentucky.
barbara middleton, ft.myers,fl. [06-09-2003]

rebecca sisson [06-07-2003]

ja, buffalo [06-07-2003]

I'd just like you to know that you're website was so helpful that I won the Governor Bradford DAR Chapter Essay Contest. It helped me win a medal, beautiful certificates, and $25! Thank you SO much! Proud Pre-Teen America Scholarship State Program and National Program Finalist
Callie Huffman, Illinois [06-06-2003]

monique [06-05-2003]

books flouer miller
buhtto, pak [06-05-2003]

to:gene, whoever you are. you didn't leave an e-mail address. my grandfathers name was john middleton.i was told he was from harlan,ky. do you know if you are related to any of these people? ernest,edward,johnny,joe,reuben,henry,james,coy, leonard and nancy middleton.all children of my grandfathers first marriage, to lula(don't know what her last name was before she married my grandfather). he later married nellie detzel, and had :rosabeth,ray denny,(twins)roger and rodney,theresa,and denice.all middletons in or around dayton,miamisburg,germantown,lima,cridersville,kenton,bucyrus,marion,bluffton all cities in ohio.note for medical reasons, this family has lung and colin cancer that runs rampant.most of the brothers in grandpa john middletons first family have all died of father henry middleton died of lung cancer in feb. of 1994. my younger sister patricia died of colin cancer in may of 1996 .dads half bro; ray denny died in 1999 of cancer,bro;coy and joe both died of th way i have two bros; tim and mike middleton and one sister mary middleton-maniace.i have a bro; that died in 1955 his name was henry earl middleton .he is burried at the indian mound cemetery in miamisburg, i said my fathers family came from harlan, ky. but they moved in to the broughtentown,and crab orchard and stanford areas of kentucky. then later most of the brothers moved up into the ohio cities i mentioned.there are so many from just these brothers mentioned that it's unbelievable. well, i hope that this info has helped you,but if not maybe it will help someone else.bye for now,and goodluck on your quest for your long lost relatives barbara ann middleton june,5 2003 and
barbara middleton [06-05-2003]

I was listening to a discussion on the radio about Vally Forge. As the questions popped up, I was able to check them out with your USHistory web site. Thank you
Henry Assenheimer, Monroe twp. N.J. [06-04-2003]

i am doing my social studies report for MR.T and this website was a big help thank u!
molly, massachusetts [06-04-2003]

yes it was a good story and if this is leila maccurrach in jacksonville fl i like u
K.J. Schnippert, aol [06-02-2003]

You make learning fun and interresting
mara [06-02-2003]
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This website is cool!
anonymous [05-28-2003]

rocco a. smaldone, elizabeth, new jersey [05-27-2003]

You site really helped me with my report. I gave you a very good amount of credit of course. :) Anyway I really think this site doesn't need much of a change. Great facts are always a burden to find.
Latias Sister [05-27-2003]

I am doing a report on Valley Forge. I am making food that the soldiers ate at Valley Forge. Can you please put some recipes on FAQs. Thanks a lot!
anonymous [05-27-2003]

i guess im related to you i was born in menomonie in 1980 jan. 16,. i am related to you through my great grandmother dorothy wescott born 1907, married carl hartmann dec.26 1901. hugh stone b.1638 england of warwick, rj in 1666. conspiracy nick davis or norenberg or anderson ist du, high f. prophet bin das AL GORE has an ac ist the AC GEORGE W. BUSH IN 2004 $$$$
nicholas anderson or davis or norenberg, wilson,wi [05-27-2003]

I've visited Valley Forge back in 1995 with my good friend Laraine. This site brings up memories.
svetlana, Belgrade, Serbia [05-27-2003]

William McKinley, Newnan, Georgia [05-26-2003]

Hello, I was with my friend Birgit in March I think 28 or 30 - 1993 in Almeria - Spain, met we two there friends Tom and Doug from a USS warship, Tom was 1993, 22 years old. We would stand gladly again with them in contact. Who can help us to find the addresses. Made a photo of us for it, I would like to get this photo gladly, thank in advance. Maybe someone knows the name of the warship in March 1993, in the port of Almeria - Spain was. Please help me all. Yours sincerely Loretta E-Mail
Loretta, Germany [05-26-2003]

Your site confirmed my ancestor was at Valley Forge. I had known previously that he was at the Battle of Monmouth, however, didn't not know when he had entered the Continental Army. His name was John Nunnally of VA. I have a copy of his widow's 1845 Declaration for a Rev. War Widow's Pension. Thank you for posting the muster roll as part of the entire Valley Forge Web site.
Robert Klebs, California [05-26-2003]

We are homeschoolers from New Castle, Delaware and we can't wait to visit Valley Forge!
The Chambers Family, New Castle, Delaware [05-25-2003]

What beautiful work! Wish I could do somedthing like this.
Andy, Albuquerque [05-23-2003]

Mark Esguerra [05-22-2003]

thank you for creating this sight
yori thau [05-22-2003]

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Bob, Bobville [05-22-2003]

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y is everything here optional? anyway.. this website helped me write notes on Valley Forge and i gotz a A+. thanxs!
( ?), skool [05-22-2003]

hello. this web site is relli helpful. but the guestbooks on websites r the best part! bye buy by bi buh-bye buh-buy buh-by buh-bi buh-biz! remeber if u jump off a tree u can't fly! LoL ~ me( i'm rellllllllllli hyper 2 day)!
me, some where with a computer [05-22-2003]

What happended to the American troops during their winter at Valley Forge?
anonymous [05-22-2003]

Adam, home [05-22-2003]

bob, pepperell ma [05-22-2003]

hey it wa s great i love the website
anonymous [05-22-2003]

taylor [05-22-2003]

I have National Archive Cards for James Logan noted as serving with Capt. Benjamin Casey - Muster and Pay Valley Forge, Dec. 1777 - June 1778. I don't see him listed. How are these names added to your computer listed Website?? Let me know and I will forward same to the appropriate party. Thank you!.... Joan
Joan Logan, California [05-22-2003]

thanx a lot cuzz u got all my work done
bribri, minneapolis,mn [05-22-2003]

I think tour distrect is very cool.
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what Laura wrote was really good. this is what she wrote: "Great Site! However, do you know who happened to write this and where it came from? I'm still looking cause i'm going to take this to a support the troops rally in case the antiwar hateful types show up. The Soldier- After reading this, please close your eyes and picture in your mind the soldier at Valley Forge, as he holds his musket in his bloody hands. He stands barefoot in the snow, starved from lack of food, wounded, weary from months of battle and emotionally scarred from the eternity away from his family--surrounded by nothing but death and carnage of war. He stands tough, with fire in his eyes and victory on his breath. He looks at us now in anger and disgust and tells us this... I gave you a birthright of freedom born in the Constitution, and now your children graduate too illiterate to read it. I fought in the snow barefoot to give you the freedom to vote, and you stay at home because it rains. I left my family destitute to give you the freedom of speech, and you remain silent on critical issues, because it might be bad for business. I orphaned my children to give you a government to serve you, and it has stolen democracy from the people. It's the soldier, not the reporter, who gives you the freedom of the press. It's the soldier, not the poet, who gives you the freedom of speech. It's the soldier, not the campus organizer, who allows you to demonstrate. It's the soldier who salutes the flag, serves the flag, and whose coffin is draped with the flag that allows the protester to burn the flag! "Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen." i agree with her. people just have no fun these days cause they don't want to be stared at in a wrong way. who cares! God gave us all one life to live on this earth. so just make the best out of it. u don't know when ur going to die. so just do what i said before and make the best out of it.
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Thanks for creating this page-- I'm doing a high-school thesis paper on Valley Forge and really found this page helpful. Most history books only devote 2-3 pages to Valley Forge, but you designed a whole website on it! Could you send more info on what exactly they ate? You only mentioned their flour/water mixture pancakes, but I've read about a "beef stew", a mixture of burnt leaves and dirt? Know any more? Would appreciate it.
Melissa H., Quincy, Ma [05-15-2003]

This page was AWESOME! It really was the most interesting port for info I found out of ALL my history books. Thanks for creating this supersite!
Amber Rose C., San Diego Cal [05-15-2003]

I am trying to prove how many of our Dehaven ancestors were actually either soldiers or patriots of rev. war. I have all the documentation for Edward but nothing on cousins or brothers.Please send any available info as I have been a member of Daughers of American Revolution for many years I would like to name a chapter for our ancestors.Will any other DAR contasct me please. end this request to any appropriate person. Thanks, Imogene
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Heidi, Crystal Lake [05-03-2003]

La honte soit sur les citoyens qui ont refusé une présence française officielle à la journée de l'Alliance Française. Dommage qu'on ne puisse pas rembobiner le fil de l'Histoire pour annuler la vente des terres françaises aux américains ...
Hugues, France [05-03-2003] WEBMASTER'S NOTE: Sorry you feel that way. We all hope that relations with the French return to one of mutual trust and respect.

Erica Huttunen [05-03-2003]

I'm a proud descendant of Thomas Craig,Sgt. Major of the 14th Virginia Regiment of Foot. He surrvied not only the winter, but the War as Well. He died in 1842 in Franklin County, Virginia.
Charles W. Good, Casper, Wyoming [05-03-2003]

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Liberty Cline, R1 Box 229-C [05-03-2003]

Thanks a lot! I used your web site for the DAR essay, "A letter from Valley Forge". I wanted to let you know that I won for my chapter, my state (AZ) and the Southwest region (HI, CO, AZ, NM, UT, NV, and CA). I am now being judjed for Nationals. Thanks again
Karis Peelen, Arizona [05-03-2003]

I had to write a historical fiction about a history event. I choose to write about Valley Forge. This site helped me a lot and it got me a good grade. Thanks for putting out this web site!
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a colleague related to me today that paul revere made his famous ride because he was paid to do so. this is news to me. can anyone challenge this unfortunate accusation? thank you.
linda, weymouth ma [04-24-2003]

James CAlhoun [04-24-2003]

I am a descendant of James Grady. He was drafted 14 Feb 1778 and served in 10th VA, 5th Division. He married Elizabeth (Jennings) Reynolds, the widow of Benjamin Reynolds, in Virginia. James and Nancy had 3 known children. Their daughter, Nancy Grady, married Caleb Russell in 1880 in Columbia Co. GA. Caleb and Nancy are my ggg grandparents. Thank you for your site and the information contained on the site.
Deon R. Smith, Eagle, Idaho [04-24-2003]

I think that George Washington did pray at Valley Forge. Whether or not anyone saw him doesnn't matter. The point is, he was a man of God and probably prayed numerous times during his stay at Valley Forge
14 year old w/ an opinion [04-24-2003]

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We will be visiting in your area the first week in May. Will you kindly send us information about Valley Forge Historical site and local attractions, lodging, etc.? Thank you. Milton J. Riley 10254 Pelham Ct, Manassas, VA 20109 Thank you!
Jane Riley, Manassas, VA 20110 [04-19-2003]

What art is available, to a lover of the eighteenth century time period, of Valley Forge and the camp life of the soldier ?
kenneth fouser, Somerset, PA [04-19-2003]

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I am an 18th Centruy reenactor who found much sought after information at your site. Thank you.
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Why did Mary Ludwig Hayes McCauley's name change from Mary to Molly?
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I believe that John Dunbar [Sgt.] was my ancestor. I wish I could find more information that I KNOW is information about him. there are so many other John Dunbars, but this is the one I know is mine...but ..oh well.
Audrey A Schroeder, Washington State [04-07-2003]

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Great Site! However, do you know who happened to write this and where it came from? I'm still looking cause i'm going to take this to a support the troops rally in case the antiwar hateful types show up. The Soldier- After reading this, please close your eyes and picture in your mind the soldier at Valley Forge, as he holds his musket in his bloody hands. He stands barefoot in the snow, starved from lack of food, wounded, weary from months of battle and emotionally scarred from the eternity away from his family--surrounded by nothing but death and carnage of war. He stands tough, with fire in his eyes and victory on his breath. He looks at us now in anger and disgust and tells us this... I gave you a birthright of freedom born in the Constitution, and now your children graduate too illiterate to read it. I fought in the snow barefoot to give you the freedom to vote, and you stay at home because it rains. I left my family destitute to give you the freedom of speech, and you remain silent on critical issues, because it might be bad for business. I orphaned my children to give you a government to serve you, and it has stolen democracy from the people. It's the soldier, not the reporter, who gives you the freedom of the press. It's the soldier, not the poet, who gives you the freedom of speech. It's the soldier, not the campus organizer, who allows you to demonstrate. It's the soldier who salutes the flag, serves the flag, and whose coffin is draped with the flag that allows the protester to burn the flag! "Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen."
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you nead more thing on Martha Washington, and how she help in the war.
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Site visited by Humphry Nichols' (9th Reg. MASS) descendants. Thank you!
Humphry NICHOLS 9th MASS, Nebraska/California [04-02-2003]

sophia, plano,tx [04-02-2003]

I have acquired a very old wooden hand cart which wa supposed to have been used at Valley Forge. I would appreciate any information you can supply as to where I could have it authenticated or appraised.
Lynne Sapienza, Near Philadelphia [04-02-2003]

what happend at VALLY FORGE
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I attempted to get two geneologists to elp me track my history, and both of them started, then burned out and would go no farther. I did get the name John Middleton, born 1790, who had a daughter, Rebecca, born around the 1820's. The guy was pleased about this but would not tell me any more information. If anyone knows anything about the Middletons you can e mail me. It would be nice to have any info. Gene
Gene [03-14-2003]

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seabass [03-14-2003]

hello, my name is brooke pitts. i read the biography of Martha,Dandridge,Custis,Washington. that was the best book i ever read. im reading about George,Washington now. im on chapter 16. this is the best book i ever read in my life. i really dont like reading books. but books about ppl(people) in the late 1800's and 1700's. i want to read more books about the Presidents and all of the people back then. thank you for making the Guest book. i really enjoyed typing my feelings about the books. they are so amazing. well, i have to go now. BYE!
brooke, Mt. Sterling [03-14-2003]

valley forge was just 1 of the many places where some of the americans who gave us are freedom died at i think we should give our thanks
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Aaron, Asheboro, NC [03-05-2003]

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To: Don from Texas. I am also a descendant of John LeMay. Also a great, great, great, great, great grandfather. Would you please e-mail me if you have any records on your lineage e-mail:
Carol LeMay-Brown, Arkansas [03-05-2003]

My ancestor, Shadrach Pierson was at Valley Forge!
Sarah Pierson Banks, ca [03-02-2003]

Thanks for a very informative site!
Lois Charles, King of Prussia, PA [03-02-2003]

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Katiebebe, hermon [03-02-2003]

I have in my possesion line illustrations of Valley Forge that were published in 1877-'78, for the 100th anniversary of the encampment. They are in a scrapbook keep by Elizabeth Brookfield Holsteine, a resident of Upper Merion. Her mother Anna worked as a nurse during the Civil War and wrote the book "Three Years in Field Hospitals With The Army Of The Potomac". If you would be interested in copies of these I'll gladly scan them and send them along. Or I can just photocopy them and mail them or drop them off. Just let me know if you're interested. MIke
g., Norristown [03-02-2003]

Sean [03-01-2003]

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When are you going to anounce the first round winner of the Valley Forge writing contest you had? Please email me and tell me because I entered in it and was curios about it.
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I am 3 years old and I learned about George Washington in my preschool class today. He was our first President and he was married to Martha. My mommy got on the computer with me to help me learn more about this great man. Gage Acree 8
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Thank you for providing this service. Fantastic leaders make our history fantastic!
Andrew Howard, Provo, UT [02-21-2003]

I am A relative of Von Steuben my Great Great Great Grandfather is Peter Stuben when my family came too the united states they changed it to Stuben.
Amanda hough, San Diego [02-21-2003]

One of my ancestors was at Valley Forge and our ancestor was given a sword by Lafette, this sword is still in my family, as is my ancestor's. We also hold a Cincinnati Certificate.
Mary Jane Woodman-Brazle, Des Moines, Iowa [02-21-2003]

Thank you for this site. I was trying to find a direct quotation from Washington's prayer at Valley Forge for my chapter of the DAR. Although I didn't find a direct quote, I did learn a lot more about the setting.
Kathleen Morrow, El Dorado, Ks. [02-21-2003]

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Jessica, school [02-19-2003]

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Christian Georg Müller, Germany /Westphalia [02-13-2003]

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Very impressed by site. Got lots for my English report. Glad I didn't live in G. Washington's time period. Dear America book The Winter of Red Snow got me interested in the first place. Glad I took the time to visit your site. Try to get more info on Valley Forge life cause it's really interesting. Thanks.
Susannah, Yorktown, but I like to visit Williamsurg. [02-12-2003]

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I visited your web site to look up information on Valley Forge for a history project. I hade to look up surtain things for this project. some of the things that i hade to look up where who were some of the famous people there, some dates, a quote that was said by a famous persoin that was at Valley Forge.
Candice Harris, Long Valley New Jersey [02-10-2003]

Pres. George Washington is said to have sold John Bill Ricketts a horse named "JACK" which the President rode during the Revolution. Washington attended the Ricketts Circus in Philadelphia, then the U.S. capital, during April of 1793. First Lady Martha was also present. Rickettsa purchased "JACK" and he was shown in a special stall at the circus. See my website for more on John Bill Ricketts.
Danny Ricketts, Danville, Virginia [02-10-2003]

I am a descendant of this illustrious man . My great-grandfather was Duty Greene .This is a wonderful and complete history of N. Greene. Lots and lots of Greenes. Thanks .. Colleen Gilmore Collier
Colleen Gilmore Collier, McQueeney, Texas [02-10-2003]

Nathanael Greene is the coolest.
nattilie [02-10-2003]

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google [02-05-2003]

This website helped me learn a lot!
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I really enjoyed A&E's presentation of Benedict Arnold. His name has always signified "traitor" to me. I think this production gave a fairly even handed picture of him.
anonymous, Pittsburgh, PA [02-05-2003]

i love history i love valley forge most of all
cameron [02-05-2003]

Please include maps of Valley Forge durin the war.
Anonymous [02-05-2003]

Kevin Shingleton, Salt Lake City, Utah [02-05-2003]

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You have done an outstanding job with this site. I was helping my 5th grade son do research for a report. The site has tons of INTERESTING information and is easy to navigate.
Becky, Texas [02-05-2003]

Thanks for the picture
Broadway [02-05-2003]

I am doing a project to learn more about George Washington and the work he did in the Delaware Valley
Eric Stonesifer, Philadelphia [02-03-2003]

Dear Sir, Searching for my GGGG Grandfather "Silvester Chunn" I could not find his name by looking for ancestors. He was born April 1758 Charles Co., MD, d. April 12, 1841. Marshall Co., TN. He enlisted in the Rev. Army Halifax Co., Virginia Feb. 1, 1777. He served at Brandywine Creek, Monmouth Court House, Germantown and was at Valley Forge. Muster Roll for month of April - dated Valley Forge May 2, 1778. was private in Capt. Thomas Thweatt's Co., 14th Virginia Reg't. Commanded by William Davies. Pension #S39314. Discharged at Philadelphia 4th day of Feb. 1780, Christian Febiger, Col. Commander 2nd Virginia Regiment. I have enjoyed reading from the pages on this site very much, Regards, Charles F. Chunn Sr.
Charles F. Chunn Sr., Williamson Co., TN [02-03-2003]

Pamela Jeffreys [02-03-2003]

Information is extremely helpful and informative!
James DeGraw, Athens, Ohio [02-03-2003]

Medeiros [02-03-2003]

I love Valley Forge National Park. I go there a lot. My parents got married in the chapel! I went to a day camp there and really liked walking where George Washington and the troops walked! It is such a shame that one of the huts recently burned down.
Taylor, pa [02-03-2003]

mike, alaska [02-03-2003]

kristin wagner, oregon [02-03-2003]

great website keep up the good work
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Would like the article/story I think of as "Imagine" which deals with the valley forge soldiers' sacrifice for us
benson [02-03-2003]

I think this site is very helpful to those who are looking for this type of information and or history.
Kara, philadelphia [02-03-2003]

Very well done, a lot of history, thank you
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i hope that everyone likes this i have learened more than i ever could on one web site this is amazing!
cassie h., larue co. [02-03-2003]

I'm a decent of Jacob of the loyal Americans who lent George Washington & the Continetal Congress at valley Forge over $100,000 in Gold,supplies & food..guns & arms & gunpowder..livestock..blankets, wiskey & ect.It was a nobel thing to do. It was to be repaid by the continal congress with 6% interest..till this day it has never been done.. All debts public & private were to be repaid. Pres.W.Wilson tried to have repaid but was not allowed.. in the 1980's I believe it went to the Supreme Court.. still no payment. I'm Proud to be an American & that my family was one of the many able to help win the war& our FREEDOM! It sure would be nice for Jacob DeHaven's desents to be repaid .. we live in a wealtly country...FREEDOM & Liberty for all. Im sure my family would do their part again if called upon.
Joseph Meskel, Pittsburgh,Pa [01-29-2003]

your web site is very helpful for me when i was doing my history project
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Great Site!
Tess [01-29-2003]

There is no place on earth more sacred to man's freedom than Valley Forge. I was born in Trenton and raised at Morrisville and Philladelphia Pa.
John Ulrich, Fredericksburg Va. [01-29-2003]

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Quinia Chenault, miamisburg Ohio [01-29-2003]

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Why don't you tell more about George Washington?
Mandy [01-25-2003]

Hey Whats up,im doing research for my global Studies class for my teacher.I came to your site because i'm researching reavolutionary!It halped me out thanks!
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anonymous, skool [01-23-2003]

My son is doing an essay on valley forge, The winter of 1777-78. Any information you can provide on that winter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kevin Ashabraner
kevin ashabraner, springfield, tn. [01-23-2003]

i thought that this site was interesting but i think that it could have just a little more information on the war like why was Valley Forge the turning point of the Revolutionary War. In other words keep up the good work.
Andye, Topeka Ks [01-23-2003]

This is a very informative site. My great,great, great,great,great grandfather was at Valley Forge during the winter of 1777. He was Pvt. John LeMay, of the 14 Virginia Regiment.
Don, from Texas [01-22-2003]

i got tons of info on valley forge here. thanxs!
anonymous [01-22-2003]

Thank you very much! Your website helped me find many dates for my history assignment! This is the best timeline I have seen on the web! Thank you for such an intersiting website! Thank you very much! Love, A Big Fan
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Rev. Timothy W. Smith, Sr., Seadrift, Texas [01-22-2003]

Hey Miss Killough, your website is pretty cool!
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My son is looking for a map of Valley Forge for a school project.
Trevor Anderson, Minnesota [01-22-2003]

This web site helps me with lots of HISTORY homework.
Gabriel Wiegand [01-22-2003]

thank you for helping me find some information on the valley forge because we are using it for a project.
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What happend at valley Forge could you e mail me please.
Khurram Hussain [01-22-2003]

i like your website because i am a big history fan and i am interested in famous historic figures who lived in the 18th&19th centuries and i am doing some research on famous historic figures.
john e. krawczyk, home [01-21-2003]

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Angela, Grove City, Ohio [01-20-2003]

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Chole [01-20-2003]

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Thanks for your information it really helped on my history project on John Marshall.
Sarah, pa [01-20-2003]

P.S. I must ad that from reading the stories here of how the United States of America came to be AGAINST ALL ODDS, one can only conclude that it was God's doing, in spite of the British AND ourselves. God bless you! ke
Kroy Ellis, Pompano Beach, FL [01-20-2003]

Thanks for a great site, my daughter is gathering information about Valley Forge, this was a jackpot! We really appreciate the effort it took to put this together. I am hoping the report will give her an appreciation for our forefathers. Thanks again!
Kathy Meritt, West Virginia [01-20-2003]

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samantha stull, mason city iowa [01-19-2003]

Wish there were more websites like yours. I enjoy ALL the interesting stories, pictures, everything about it.
Betty, tennessee [01-19-2003]

Did Molly Pitcher take her husbands place after he was shot?
Alicia [01-19-2003]

My questions are about Molly Pitcher. 1.What part did Molly Pitcher Play in the Revolutionary war? 2. Did Molly Pitcher fight in the Revolutionaary War? 3. If she fought in the war, What did she get as a reward? 4. What did she do after the war? 5. Did her husband ever fight in the Revolutionary war after having a stroke?
Geordan Newsome [01-19-2003]

Liked your site: Very helpful to me. Thank you.
Annie, tn. [01-17-2003]

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Ashley johnson [01-17-2003]

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hally, school [01-17-2003]

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Chet, Illinois [01-17-2003]

Found your site to be very informing and helpful in research I'm doing. Thanks!
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Diane Singh [01-17-2003]

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Clay Cooper [01-17-2003]

What did martha washington do as a child... what where her interests/ personality like? THX! This site rocks! Peace OUT!
Sexy [01-17-2003]

This is 4 Lizzy in NY Go to I went there 4 science it really helped! :)
Caitlin [01-17-2003]

Just read you very interesting story of Benedict Arnold. Don't know if we Arnolds come from his line of not? But everyone has some good in them. And every family has some bad ones in it: Even though some want admit it.
betty arnold smith, Tennessee [01-17-2003]

Dear Sir or Madam, I am doing a history fair on the Revolutionary War, and I want to say that your website has a lot of very useful imformation. Thank you! Natalie Seamons P.S. (I'm ten years old and I live in a small town called Ferron in Utah, and I would very much like if I could see Valley Forge. If you have any good pictures of the Revolutionary War, please e-mail them to me. Thanks.)
Natalie Seamons, Ferron, Utah [01-17-2003]

Alice Daniels [01-17-2003]

thank u!
ruthie, north carolina [01-17-2003]

Enjoyed your website. I came upon an email with the following; which prompted me to search the internet for Valley Forge information: "I want you to close your eyes and picture in your mind the soldier at Valley Forge, as he holds his musket in his bloody hands. He stands barefoot in the snow, starved from lack of food, wounded from months of battle and emotionally scarred from the eternity away from his family surrounded by nothing but death and carnage of war. He stands tough, with fire in his eyes and victory on his breath. He looks at us now in anger and disgust and tells us this... I gave you a birthright of freedom born in the Constitution and now your children graduate too illiterate to read it. I fought in the snow barefoot to give you the freedom to vote and you stay at home because it rains. I left my family destitute to give you the freedom of speech and you remain silent on critical issues, because it might be bad for business or politically incorrect. I orphaned my children to give you a government to serve you and it has stolen democracy from the people. It's the soldier not the reporter who gives you the freedom of the press. It's the soldier not the poet who gives you the freedom of speech. It's the soldier not the campus organizer who allows you to demonstrate. It's the soldier who salutes the flag, serves the flag, whose coffin is draped with the flag that allows the protester to burn the flag! Please stop for a moment and say a prayer for our U.S. ground troops in Afghanistan, and the ones facing deployment to Iraq at this very moment - AND all over this world. Of all the gifts you could give a US Soldier, Prayer is the very best one."
Ronald Morrill, Minnesota [01-17-2003]

Hey im a 12/f/South Carolina! I go to Robert E lee acadamy!
Sara H. [01-17-2003]

Your information on Valley Forge is interesting, highly informative, and I was very moved emotionally. It makes me so proud and thankful to God almighty and all those unselfish patriots, who sacrificed their lives for my Feedom and Liberty. Reading your website inspires me to do something more for my Country. May the Lord shine his everlasing light on you always.
Randall K. Honey, Jamestown, New York [01-17-2003]

My fifth grade classes read articles about "George Washington" for an assignment. They have never been so quiet. I think the G. Washington prayer is most inspirational.
B. Hawthorne, Arkansas [01-17-2003]

Thanks for the site! It really helped me do my essay about Aaron Burr.
Stephanie [01-17-2003]

Where may we direct records of someone who was at Valley Forge, but is not listed in the Muster database? The disclaimer asks for such information, but provides no email or snail mail addresses.
Keith, North Carolina [01-17-2003]

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Taicha` Nimmo [01-17-2003]

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Leah Miller [01-17-2003]

I found the information on Benedict Arnold very interesting as I am related to him by blood and Ethan Allen by marriage as well. It's interesting to note they did not get along.
Bev [01-17-2003]

M Durrani, Pakistan [01-17-2003]

WOW! this site is realy good! it is realy good for kids and adults! it has lots of info and its not hard to find it
Lossenmarion Greenleaf, Mirkwood [01-17-2003]

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where can I get some letters written by soldiers during 1777-1778 at valley forge
Kim, ok [01-17-2003]

Hey I love your website! It really helped me on report on Marquis De Lafayette. ~lauren~ P.S.I got an A+!
Lauren, pennsylvania [01-17-2003]

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This is a wondreful web site to do a project on the history os a war. that is what i am doing!
creer, South c [01-17-2003]

i really liked this website and enjoyed learning about the interesting adventures George washington and his troops went though. if i ever need any more information on the revolutionary war or any other us history facts, i will wont hestitate to come to this website to find it. thank you for all of your help. al
ali, montville [01-17-2003]

Lynn San Susan San Gaicomo, Montville [01-17-2003]

Hey where can I get Marquis de Lafayette pictures?
Whitey [01-10-2003]

bryant, miLWAUKEE [01-10-2003]

Excellent Description of the hectic life of a virtual "loose canon", somewhat lide Gen G. Patton.
Herbert B. Wall, Fountain Valley, Ca, 92708 [01-10-2003]

A friend told me that he saw a special on TV some months ago where investors wanted to make a part of Valley Forge Park a shopping area or build houses in the park. I told him I thought that would be difficult because Valley Forge is a historical landmark and I was always under the impression that historical landmarks could not be developed on. What can you tell me about this? Thank you.
Diane Johnson, Phoenixville [01-09-2003]

Jean Dahm, Robbinsdale MN [01-09-2003]

What happened to the American troops during their winter at valley forge?
jake [01-09-2003]

I needed to know about the valley forge and I found it at this web site. Thankyou. i prseated.
Meghan, Naples,Italy [01-09-2003]

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Amber herrera
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anonymous [01-04-2003]

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Carol Faber, new hart fkd [01-04-2003]

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Lindsey [01-04-2003]

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JustinBryden, rhode Island [01-03-2003]

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Thanks for the insightful history writeup regarding Benedict Arnold. Your article was very interesting and informative.
Joan Oleksa, West Bloomfield, Michigan [01-03-2003]

I am doing an essay for the DAR it is really fun learning about were a family member of mine died and why they died. i'm am 11 and in the sixth grade i love writing this essay.
Mary-Kate Eayres, Hartsville S.C. [01-03-2003]

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Lauren [01-03-2003]

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dolly, illion [01-03-2003]

Check out th2 92nd Annual Valley Forge Pilgrimage (day) event which is on Feb 15, 2003. Boy Scouts can camp for 3 days at the Annual Encampment: Feb 14-16, 2003. See (all on one line) for information, pointers, contacts, and photos.
anonymous, Richboro, PA [01-02-2003]

This site really gave me a lot of information on Valley Forge.
Jimmy Grimm, West Virginia [01-02-2003]

I found your website to be very informative and accurate. I am a history "buff" who also enjoys reading, and I was satisfied on both counts by your site. Thank you for all your time, effort, and detailed information! Kat Hinkle, Catasauqua, PA
anonymous [01-02-2003]

This Christmas, I asked for my own book on George Washington. My family gave me the book called, "Washington", by James Thomas Flexner. His earnest attempt to protray the man, and not some whimsical hero, has accomplished just that: Whimsical...NO & Hero...Yes! A hero for today especially when it comes to being a man of character. Was he perfect, no...but his character definately was tested under fire and through the fire!...We live in a day and age when the character of being "American" is under fire...I call to 'arms of character' all Americans, young and old to 'rediscover' the spirit of character found in our founding fathers, who under the most intense and heated debates,circumstances, and most overwhelming odds (military-wise, equipment, travel, weather and disease, lack of funds), managed to bring to birth a nation...We must not succumb to complacency of our duty and obligation as Americans...we must discover for ourselves the great cost that each of them were willing to pay for freedom inorder that we claim the call to defend and preserve our heritage as a people of character, integrity, and deep resolve...Our love of Freedom!
Cathy Farrow, Atlanta, GA [01-02-2003]

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