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Valley Forge Guest Book Archives: November-December 2002

My 11-year-old daughter is participating in the DAR American History Essay Contest concerning Valley Forge: Winter 1777-78. She is descendent of Hessian soldiers who fought against the British during the American Revolution. We need to know if Hessian soldiers were present at Valley Forge during the 77-78 time period. There is also a possibility that she could be from the PLOTT family, who later settled in Maggie Valley, N.C. If Hessians were at Maggie Valley, would you know the regiment they were with. Thanks for all your help and please e-mail back ASAP.
Linda Kennedy, Metropolis, IL [12-28-2002]

I love learning about Valley Forge...
Toocute4u2handle [12-28-2002]

I am a direct relative of Jacob DeHaven, who helped with the finances of Washingon's army in Valley Forge
Benjamin DeHaven, Boothwyn, Pa [12-27-2002]

I have read, in the letters of Washington of a David Steward, who was a secretary or some-thing to that effect. Also, he had a Sloop, called the Platter, that he would get supplies for the soldiers, as well as food. Any information on this subject I am keenly interested in because I believe we are descendents of his. I have not been able to find anything further back than Capt. David Steward, b.1778 in Alsace, Berks Co. Pa., I would love to find his parents. Thank you Nancy Steward
Nancy Steward [12-24-2002]

Thomas Nichols, Valley Forge Rd., Phoenixville [12-22-2002]

thank you! for helping me with Georgr washington work I needed it.
jame delgado, lyford tx [12-22-2002]

Great info but when you refer to 1 person in the war you should list things about them for kids doin school projects but overall very informative.
Fireroses [12-22-2002]

I would suggest you to put more fun things on this web sit
Kerisha Childress [12-22-2002]

how did you survirous make it though vally Forge?
Jessica, Anna [12-22-2002]

Valley Forge must have been harsh.
Nikki Schimidt, Anna, Ohio [12-22-2002]

This is a wonderful website and I thank you for it. I look forward to taking my children,when they visit, on a tour. I go frequently to the Park and each time I drive through it and visit the Chape and the wonderful Cabin Shop, I thank God that I have the privilege of being on the hallowed ground that held George Washington and his suffering Army. Thank you for making this site possible for us and for continuing to educate others about our glorious heritage as Americans.
Christine S. Tonkinson, King of Prussia, PA [12-22-2002]

Your web site is totally awesome
lauren [12-18-2002]

I have just discovered this web site prompted by several volumes of reading about the revolution I have been reading recently. What a joy to find your web site. I have not looked through all your info. yet, but what a tribute to George Washington and those who served along side with him. Thank you so much, I know George must be proud of your site. What about Martha? She served and cooked for the soldiers at Valley Forge and other locations. Is she here also? Janis
Janis Kozak, Susanville, CA [12-18-2002]

Aloha! This is Johannes reporting in from Germany! Aloha!
Johannes Smitzinhemier, Smitzinfield, Germany [12-18-2002]

Valley Forge Photographs Online. I'll take you back to the past!
Chris Gallo, pa [12-18-2002]

Hey wud ^ peps ionno this site but i'z azn so peace out mo fo... P.S. Fa Q
Alexandre, school [12-18-2002]

What up people iam just learning about the winter battle of valley forge. It is a very interesting subject
Corey O. Banguil, school [12-18-2002]

Alexandre, school [12-18-2002]

Jessy Mae L, Maine [12-18-2002]

Sup Home Dog
Sarabeth:), Virginia [12-18-2002]

Hey if you put more pictures on the site then a lot more people would come and see it because a lot of kids like pictures of it for assiments and other things. I also think that if you make it shorter then it also would help kids understand the winter at Valley Forge. Put More Pictures Please!
Kandi, Valley Forge [12-18-2002]

i think valley forge is something good to learn about. most people might think its a war but it wasnt. it was just a hard time gone through by the americans. the were staving and tired of fighting.
angelica rodriguez [12-18-2002]

Found it very interesting. Thank you.
Melvin Slabaugh, Canton, Ohio [12-18-2002]

My wife is a descendent of Joseph Freethy, who served in Capt Billy Porter's company during the Revolutionary War and endured the hardships of Valley Forge during the winter of 1777-78
Mike Taylor, Fort Wayne, IN [12-18-2002]

Hey wats up hows it goin? Corinne is awesome!
The Awesome Corinne, In the most awesome town of Corinne [12-18-2002]

Elizabeth [12-18-2002]

you need a spot for asking questions. other than that, it's awesome! Thanx for helping me on my American Revolution "newspaper" see ya!
Kayla (14), Michigan [12-18-2002]

Thanx for all of the info. it helped a lot!
Miranda, sc [12-18-2002]

Thanks so much for giving me soooooo much info on Valley Forge
Audrey [12-18-2002]

Sup'everyone! Your site was great, thanx a lot!
Erin, montana [12-18-2002]

Martin Robinson, Detroit, MI [12-18-2002]

thax i am doing a D.A.R report it helped billions
Katai Goodman, St.louis Missouri [12-18-2002]

Katai [12-18-2002]

I'm glade I found this site because I have to wite a letter like I was in Vally Forge.
Hillary Bramell, Missouri [12-18-2002]

Kelsey [12-18-2002]

aaron wright [12-18-2002]

Great Web Site! I Love It.
Wesley Kakavecos, Work Station [12-18-2002]

ahh..i like many of the other peole who signed this web page had to write that d a r essay...without this web site i would have had NOTING to write about... thanksssss
Alice Brousard, Louisiana [12-15-2002]

i live so close to valley forge,it really is an exciting and historical place to live
taylor, conshohocken pa [12-15-2002]

whasup my homies?
gwenDle, ozie [12-15-2002]

This site REALLY helped me with my d.a.r. essay. I wasn't too excited too do something involved with history because it isn't too exciting but with this site it really is!
Beth, Louisiana [12-14-2002]

Your information really helped me, thanks!
anonymous, United States [12-14-2002]

hey world!
Jordyn Lee, texas [12-14-2002]

This site gave me my whole D A R essay thanx
jordan [12-14-2002]

Jordan Levers [12-14-2002]

This is a great website for info!
Sarabeth, 12-12-2002 [12-14-2002]

Thanx SOOOOOOO much for your info on the Hospitals at Valley Forge! I really needed it!
Katarina [12-14-2002]

i really need to know info. about the d a r essay on vally forge
anonymous [12-14-2002]

Great site, but needs information for a bibliography.
anonymous, tx [12-14-2002]

Were there any Nurses at Valley Forge or German town????? Thanx
Ali, *****miami, florida!***** [12-14-2002]

Whenever i need some information for a report i can never find it until the last minute thatnks to this web site i got it done early n had loads of time to hang out!~*~*~*
alexandria maiden, Anchorage, Alaska [12-14-2002]

that was great..but i didnt read it yet? geez
courtney [12-14-2002]

I need the actual format not examples of how to do a bibliography. I looked under frequently asked questions, but i couldn't find it.
jessie [12-14-2002]

I would really like to enter the contest but i'm afraid i will get made fun of and not get picked.but it is ok if i dont get picked.I'm Glad every one who served in valley forge did because if i knew you you would probuly been one of my good friends!
amanda, Newtown Mo [12-14-2002]

jessie, south carolina [12-14-2002]

aroundhow many people served here
Ashley, metcalfe [12-14-2002]

your webist has helped me learn a lot for my DAR letter about Valley Forge winter 1777-1778
Kristi, Missouri [12-14-2002]

Brandi, school [12-14-2002]

Hello I'm Danny
Danny Lombardi, Ocean, NJ [12-14-2002]

if u live in tha tampa area and in tha 8th grade e-mail me at! love ya! hey glenna! hey kayla! peace
Stephanie, tampa florida [12-14-2002]

I really like thins website. I think it is very informational!
Stephanie, Tampa Florida [12-14-2002]

i am writing a letter has if was a soldier .
kaley, texas [12-14-2002]

nice web site it realy helped me. (thankyou)
Michael S. [12-14-2002]

Thanks for the information. I used it in my report. It was very helpful and interesting. I am looking forward to some day visiting Valley Forge.
Hillary, Alabama [12-14-2002]

I think that this site is really neat
anonymous [12-14-2002]

I love History i think it is awesome. It tells about things you could never amagine so thats what I had to say.
Ashley Upchurch, MindenLa,71055 [12-14-2002]

what happened at valley forge was truly a miricle
adam james, guthrie [12-14-2002]

justin [12-14-2002]

great site!
stephen, texas [12-14-2002]

ashley, pa [12-14-2002]

Thanks for providing such an informational site. I got a lot from it. Keep up the good work!
Karis Elaine Peelen, Arizona [12-14-2002]

this website has helped me know more and how things were back then
maggie, school [12-14-2002]

hey if you are wriiting this essay about valley forge it is really asome. just go to google then type in valley forge. it will show you a lot. so go check it out check check it out
meagan [12-14-2002]

Daniel [12-14-2002]

thanks for the site its very helpful
audrey [12-14-2002]

Nicole [12-14-2002]

devin belcher [12-14-2002]

hey yo im from texas
steph f [12-14-2002]

im a little prep
nicole rivers, texas [12-14-2002]

Karina Gonzalez, 11002nd AVE [12-14-2002]

thanks for the help on the DAR
kurtis winters, s.c. [12-14-2002]

Your website is really helpful. You gave me 510 words for my essay! Now I only need 90 more! Thanx a lot! ~Sailor Century~
Sailor Century [12-14-2002]

hey im at school
anonymous [12-14-2002]

Callie Tumilson [12-14-2002]

I need Info on activities
Kayla, Activities [12-14-2002]

kool site :)
Franchesca, Indiana [12-14-2002]

kool site mon!
Emilie, Chile [12-14-2002]

thanxs for your help on the DAR
york alexander, s.c. [12-14-2002]

thanks y'all for the great infa.
york alexander, walhallaer [12-14-2002]

thanks a lot y'all
Bob Macll, south carolina [12-14-2002]

Hi, this is Anne from GERMANY! It was my English homework to find out something about Steuben, so thank you very very much for the helpful informations!
Anne [12-14-2002]

My daughter needs a map of Valley Forge during the revoluntionary war. I would be very greatful if you could help us find one that is printable and readable. Thank you, Eric Light
Eric Light, Conway Massachusetts [12-14-2002]

I need information for my bibliography for DAR essay on when your site was last updated, Author/Editors last name, first and middle name or initial. version name or number, volume,issue,etc. forum name, site sponsor and electronic address
anonymous [12-14-2002]

It was perfect inromation for my report!
John Tilton [12-14-2002]

Thank you for this website! It helped me a lot on my Valley Forge report I had to do for school. Your website has a lot of info and it helped me for my DAR essay.Thanks again!
anonymous [12-14-2002]

I really liked the article!
anonymous [12-08-2002]

Elizabeth Cardenas, san antonio tx [12-08-2002]

in wearsvally there is a hool called wearwood elementary and we are doing a project called D.A.R. and we have to be a person from valley forge that's in the war, writing a letter to our family we can be a made up person but i want to be real so with our school good luck please. this is grades 5-8.lets hope we get to go to the county and presnt it there. thanks Kayla N Martin
kayla nichole martin, seveirville Tn.(wearsvally) [12-08-2002]

you need more things JUST about Martha Washington!
Syndy loo hoo [12-08-2002]

thanks a lot
lakisha, united states [12-08-2002]

Can you give me information on the D A R???
Amanda [12-08-2002]

Were there any women at valley forge besides martha washington?????Answer A.S.A.P please! Website is great!1
Amanda [12-08-2002]

What kind of food did they eat, and what were there clothes made out of??(In the Valley Forge.)
Krystal, 726 East Rose Marie Lane [12-08-2002]

Y'alls website is full of good information for my essay I have to write. Next time I need info about any more history I will sure come to Y'alls web page. Thanks!
Karrie Simpson [12-07-2002]

Brittney wuz here but now shes gone and shes left her name 4 you to pass on!
Birttney Carlisle [12-07-2002]

Excellent site for research and information. Thank you
Tony DeMarco, New Hampshire [12-07-2002]

this site needs information for bibliographys... just letting u kno becuz its hard. later
james [12-07-2002]

Hi I'm larning about valley forge in writting I know it sounds funny but I am.
Kelly, chesterfield [12-07-2002]

Thanks to you guys, I got an A on my essay!I think all of us at the middle school thank you.
Sami Jo, Iowa [12-07-2002]

Carly, u.s. [12-07-2002]

Andy [12-07-2002]

really love your info on valley forge but need a little more!
Brittany [12-07-2002]

this is a good website i am doing a essay and it has helped me a lot thanks Trent Bagwell
Trent Bagwell, sc [12-07-2002]

it's awesome
celeste edwards [12-07-2002]

alejandra mares [12-07-2002]

i love the story of valley forge
Danielle [12-07-2002]

cool totally dude!
tiffany [12-07-2002]

great site for kids too!
sabrina, california [12-07-2002]

i like this website cause it has every thing a child needs.
destinee johnson, cocoa florida [12-07-2002]

This site is wicked cool. It completely helped me write my two page essay... Thx! You guys rock
cc, nh [12-07-2002]

i found a lot of inf o for my valley forge esay here can you get the layout of the incampment
Patrick, Litttle Rock [12-07-2002]

I am concerned about he lack of respect of some of the students signing the website guest book. It occurs to me that it is their responsibility to read, research and understand. Many of the guests here appear to be holding this site responsible for their own short comings. I personally found more information on this one site than I did on the many other sites I have visited. Thank you.
anonymous [12-07-2002]

this site is sooo coool. I love it
anonymous [12-07-2002]

this web site has been very helpful with my history studies. I think it is very cool. I have enjoyed the inforamtion I have learned about Valley Forge.
christian aultman, minden,la 71055 [12-07-2002]

DUDE! this is Sweet!(dudes if u live in screven and in da middle school u kno me)Peace Out!
samuel w [12-07-2002]

Scott Betsher [12-07-2002]

When is the "The Great House Of Valley Forge" closed? (specific dates).... I might go there with my family..... what are the check in and out hours?
Lexi, Ill [12-07-2002]

hey this school rocks
tricia [12-07-2002]

miles owen, missouri [12-07-2002]

Hi! I like your site and hope you keep it up!
anonymous [12-07-2002]

This website is hottt!It helped me write my region wide essay! I might even win! If you ever need help...this is da place!
anonymous, *Norristown,Pa* [12-07-2002]

In my school, we had to do an essay about Valley Forge, this really helped. We had to pretend we were soldiers or nurses, we had to write a letter to someone back home. It had to be anywhere from 600-1000 words. Thank you!From all of us at the school
Thank You!, Iowa [12-07-2002]

I really like your web site and it has a lot of good info for kids like me, for a project. Keep up the good work :)
Donnie Darrell Booker Jr. [12-07-2002]

Thanks for all the information!
Chyna Miller, Atlanta [12-07-2002]

Sarah Dempsey [12-07-2002]

sanx this site helped w/a project for skewl
claire annette, i forgotted [12-07-2002]

velvet, beloit wi [12-07-2002]

thanks 4 the help!
Jessica, usa [12-07-2002]

Kool site 4 history homework
Dolphins Rock, scotland! [12-07-2002]

I just love this website! I tell all my 9th graders about it, and they are big fans!
Pat Mygoin, Yukon [12-07-2002]

Jonh Handcoc, penssfsania [12-07-2002]

jenny, somewhere ovada rainbow [12-07-2002]

wuz up!
Dustin Kelly, houston [12-07-2002]

this website is very helpful it got me a good grade on a work sheet thanks! and hi colline!(caroline! lol) lata ~*meg*~
~*meg*~ [12-07-2002]

Thanks it was great
anonymous [12-07-2002]

HEY, thnx, peace out
brandon baker [12-07-2002]

HEY, this is a pretty cool site, but to make things easier, could plz rite in todays type words, bc i cant read all these big words, PEACE!
!baker!, home [12-07-2002]

You're site was really helpful, especially since I'm doing the DAR writing contest P.S
Lisa [12-07-2002]

Jessica [12-07-2002]

your information helped me a lot for my report. thanks?
Jackie Verdin, sebatain [12-07-2002]

Misti L. Whitehead [12-07-2002]

i used this web site for my progect and got a 100%! thanks lots!
autumn c bowman [12-07-2002]

Every time I think of the things that happened to those soldiers i cry
chelsea [12-07-2002]

This wesite helped me a lot!thanx!
Leslie Pfeffer [12-07-2002]

Help me find George Washington's letters home from Valley Forge:winter 1777-1778
Brandi Lee, Washington [12-07-2002]

ma I have information on Vally Forge;winter,1777-1778
drew, ms [12-07-2002]

What food did they eat?
anonymous [12-07-2002]

I really got some good info THANKS
Aaron, Robertsdale AL [12-07-2002]

am trying to find prints to buy of george washington...reviewing the troups...crossing the delaware...and any other prints of his achievements...cant remember the artists name...i have the one of him praying by his horse...would like information...thank you...
janet claire hurley, trafalgar, indiana [12-07-2002]

Hey i am doing a report and i used ur site as a big help thank you soo much for ur web site
#Brooke C#, conn [12-07-2002]

This site really helped with this huge project I had. Thanks!
Kristin Weisell [12-07-2002]

Caroline Edmodson, Bartow F.l 33830 [12-07-2002]

Hey! i'm doing a biography on Lafayette.. and I got some great information from this site! thanks~
Karey, Florida [12-07-2002]

Hey, well this site is awsome im not as interested in this as my teacher is but it turns out to be awsome the way you guys put it.
Nicollette Yurich, Guthrie,Oklahoma 73044 [12-07-2002]

you need mores stuff about valley foge
maggie barnett, school [12-07-2002]

hey I'm enjoying your website
maria [12-07-2002]

Eric Remillard [12-07-2002]

this site helped me with an essay thanks
jacob [12-07-2002]

This site had sooo much information for my essay. Thank you thank you thank you!
Grant, Dallas TX, 6th grade [12-07-2002]

I am using this site as a source for a Daughters of the American Revolution essay. I have found this site very helpful. Thank you.
Katie [12-07-2002]

Very good website, exactly what i needed for my essay, nice!
anonymous [12-07-2002]

I did a DAR essay and got my whole essay from this website. Thanks a lot you helped me do the whole essay. Thanks again.
Tiffany, Buffalo, New York [12-07-2002]

teresa cleveland [12-07-2002]

i want know where i can find a soiler's dairy from valley fodge because i am doing a reaseargh and i really need help please and thank you
andre mason [12-07-2002]

This website is great for socail studies projects. This site ROCKS!
Tara, s.c [12-07-2002]

Hey! I am in 6th grade and I have to do the DAR thingy. Yall gave me 6 pages of info! Great Job! I mean this is the best web site for a history project. We have a history project on South America and I am doing Columbia and do you have anything on that? THANX! this site rox! :) <><
Katie [12-07-2002]

Hey! Wassup?
Katie, Carrollton TX [12-07-2002]

hey this site is soooo kool cuz I have to do a project on these guys that stayed in the log cabins for a really long winter, which was really cold too! Thanks!
ally, !N-TowN! [12-07-2002]

hey im latche and i like milk and blue cheese together!
LAtche, atlantis [12-07-2002]

This is a great web site if you have to do a report or something that has to do w/ Valley Forge!
Richelle, Tampa, Florida [12-07-2002]

How did the soldiers at Valley Forge send mail?
anonymous [12-07-2002]

heylo Iam J Lo! Wazzup? how are you today?
anonymous [12-07-2002]

It was great to read about Valley Forge. I am researching for a DAR Essay contest. You have wonderful information that helped so much. Thanks!
sam justus, Lula, Georgia [12-07-2002]

its got a lot of things i can use 4 my DAR essay.
anonymous [12-07-2002]

Gracie Sudduth, wv [12-07-2002]

Hi,Im really interested in your web page!Its really edcucational! I have this assiment for school,and we have to get notes from youe website,I was just wondering if you locate all the importent notes,and send them to me! Thanks,~*~Alley Brown~*~ e-mail:(
Alley Brown, Califoria [12-07-2002]

Sara Tebes, Irving, TX [12-07-2002]

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Hailea Aragon, Bastrop Taxas [12-07-2002]

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peaches, ga [12-01-2002]

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LUCY (U no me if you live in Tullahoma, go 2 East, and r in the 7th grade!lol), Tennessee [12-01-2002]

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Andie Hall, Tennessee [12-01-2002]

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Kayla [12-01-2002]

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Cheree Oreta, Fremont, CA [12-01-2002]

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Clay, nj [12-01-2002]

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anonymous [12-01-2002]

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*Me...., u.s [12-01-2002]

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Mary-Louise, Georgia [12-01-2002]

hey everyone...wish i didn't have to be on this website...I have a big report due tomorrow and i'm just starting
Gina [12-01-2002]

I really just wanted to know what the temperture was in December of 1777. --Eloise Land 8th Grade
Eloise Land, La Grange, TX [12-01-2002]

why is it that every educational site has a guestbook?
Katie, Los Angeles [12-01-2002]

hi i have looked on your site a few times because i have a project in history about valley forge.looking and reading the information that you have put out has helped me a lot!thanks!
Lauren [12-01-2002]

Pictures of molly pitcher please.
Cassie, home [12-01-2002]

this site was really good it gave u a lot of info and i used most of the stuff
Rebecca [12-01-2002]

hey i think you need more info cause i have to do a report and i cant find crap. i hope i dont g a zero because i couldnt find any info
T-dog [12-01-2002]

Hey I love your web site it helped me out on what i needed to know about history thanks very much~*~ Nicole
Nicole, west virgina [12-01-2002]

Cool Web site
Terra Conley, nh [12-01-2002]

raelynhardee [12-01-2002]

hope i get my DAR done! :) nice site!
Patrick, Chillicothe, oh [12-01-2002]

Thanx 4 the info.
anonymous [12-01-2002]

This site really helped me out writing my DAR essay for English class. Thanks
Catie Copeland, Beaufort,SC [12-01-2002]

If Washington didn't cross the delware standing up than how do most peoplethink he crossed?
Sean, Eastampton NJ [12-01-2002]

Hey thax 4 the info! It helped me write my DAR paper.
anonymous [12-01-2002]

Im doin a essay on Valley Forge and I hope that this website is a big help. So Far it is. My school is entering a contest. Hopfully I'm gonna do Great!
Alexa [12-01-2002]

This is a really cool and intresting web page!
Jessica, Texas [12-01-2002]

I looked throughout this whole website and I don't understand how the soldiers at Valley Forge, considering the conditions, how they were able to sustain their morale. When I asked Jeeves that question, he didn't answer it very well. You should conside answering these questions more thourily so not only adults can understand, but kids as well. Kids do look at this site because we have to write a 600-1000 work essay thanx to our teacher.
anonymous [12-01-2002]

Tiernan Evans [12-01-2002]

Ur site gave me a lot of info thanks
Megan, Florida! [12-01-2002]

How long did the troops stay in Valley Forge?
Ashley Ewaniuk, Payson,AZ [12-01-2002]

Ummm... Uhhh... Huhh... Rrrr... Mmmm... Hmmm... Uhhhhhhhh... MAKE ME WRITE SUMTHIN!- I DARE YOU! lol- i love dah site! who made it up?
Jessi Blank, Egypt [12-01-2002]

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Rachel [12-01-2002]

what is up w/ this site it takes for ever 4 the guest book to show you singed it!
anonymous [12-01-2002]

this site is ggreat 4 reports!
emmie, austrillia [12-01-2002]

Do you have any information on the Valley Forge during the battle itself
anonymous [12-01-2002]

I think it's a GREAT site for educationa and facts!
Shane Thorp, Pennsylvania [12-01-2002]

I think you should tell a bit more about how the soldiers trained, who trained them,(washington didn't train the soldiers by himself) etc. other than that I think it has lots of info.
Farah [12-01-2002]

this is a great website it really helped me write a paper easier Thanks!
ashley, alabama [12-01-2002]

hey! im writing a DAR paper... yeh.. much fun.. well, i have been searching for like 2 hours and i jus wanna find some info.. so i hope this is a good website....and good luck to all yall who have to write this thing too! <>< ~ginger~
ginger [12-01-2002]

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Allison [12-01-2002]

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Perhaps someone has a copy of a letter from a daughter or wife writing home to her parents during 1775-1782. I just need to know how the wording would be so I can put myself in her place. Thanks for any kind of help.
anonymous [12-01-2002]

Why exactly did the war begin?
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My great grandfather, William Haddix, served under General McIntosh during the march into Indian territory to the banks of the Tuscarawas River. It was here they built Fort Laurens, and engaged hostile Indians regularly.
Donald Haddix, California [11-25-2002]

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Norma Chatlos Howard, Carson Calif [11-24-2002]

Did all men at Vally Forge die frome their amputations, and if not, did they continue fighting the war, [if they got their leg{s} amputated] when they left Vally Forge?
Samantha, Muncie, In. [11-24-2002]

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A Kid [11-24-2002]

I need information for a DAR paper I am wondering if you could send me some letters over the internet about what troops wrote at Valley Forge
Adam French, Rockwall, Texas [11-24-2002]

Hi, I'd like to know how the land characteristics of the Lenni Lenape (Delaware) Indians changed after the European settlers arrived. E-mail me back! Thanx a lot!
Kylie, Islip, NY [11-24-2002]

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Nathan B... [11-24-2002]

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What year was Valley Forge started? Ended? I am doing a report about the site and I need some information. thanks!
Whitney Nugent, Cannelton, Indidna [11-24-2002]

Your web site is wonderful. There is so much about Washington that I have never learned in school. Years ago, his Inagural speech was taught in school, but like most of our country's history it is no longer taught. Thank you especially for highlighting his faith and publishing his prayers. Whether one agrees with his beliefs or not, they made him who he was and it should be taught when children learn about Washington. We as a nation have lost so much by not teaching our children about the moral character of those who led the American fight for freedom, something unequaled in all of recorded history. Thank you again for this web site.
Laura M, Texas [11-24-2002]

I haven't looked at this site yet but just by reading your Guest Book, i can tell it will prolly be a lot of help on my DAR essay that I HAVE to do. I wanna holla at my "homie", Rachel, and send a shout out to my B.F.F. Jill ~n~ Dia
Kara Whybrew, J-town, AR [11-24-2002]

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Renee Rains, Fallon, Nevada [11-24-2002]

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Sharon [11-21-2002]

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LiSa Colon, Treton NJ [11-21-2002]

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anonymous [11-21-2002]

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Bailey [11-21-2002]

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Becky [11-21-2002]

I have visited the "Who Served Here" page on Martha Washington. I am doing a report on her and I am very pleased to find your information so useful. I hope other websites will even compare to this one. Thank you for the outstanding and thourough job you have done, it makes my life a little easier.
Becky K., Georgia [11-21-2002]

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Jamie Myers, Hattiesburg [11-21-2002]

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anonymous [11-21-2002]

Melissa, Needham MA02494 [11-21-2002]

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Hope Kemp, Knoxville, IL [11-21-2002]

historic valley forge is a very good site. in my opinion valley forge was the turning point of the fight for independence,order and discipline came to the troops.present or find out more about von Steuben. on july 5th,1776,heinrich Miller's Pennsylvanischer Staatsbote in philadelphia announced:"philadelphia, den 5 july. gestern hat der achtbare congress diesen vesten landes die vereinigten colonien freye und unabhängigen staaten erklärt. die declaration in english ist jetzt in der presse ;sie ist datiert,den 4 ten july,1776, und wird heut oder morgen im druck erscheinen." that was the first announcement in any language or newspaper stating the declaration of independent staates in north america. anyway,don't forget all the germans that lived along the MOHAWK river;in settlements like: NEUBURG;RHEINBECK ;LUNENBURG ;MIDDLEBURG ;FT.DAYTON. find out more about your ancestors. yours DENNIS
Dennis klusmeier, Düsseldorf / germany [11-20-2002]

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Heather Johnson, Lancaster,s.c,29720 [11-20-2002]

Why was Valley Forge called Valley Forge?
Lauren Taylor [11-20-2002]

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Brittany, Grand Prairie, Texas [11-20-2002]

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anonymous [11-20-2002]

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B. Adam Holland [11-20-2002]

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megastar45 [11-20-2002]

Hi! i really enjoyed your site! i got about 7 pages of info.! i just have one question...? do you know anything about the essay contest ' The Daughters of Liberty'? im in the 8th grade, and i have to write a 300-600 word letter/essay on valley forge and i was just wondering if you could help me out...? do you have any good qoutes? i will greatly appreciate your help...thank you soo much for all the info. sincerly your web-site visitor, Heather
Heather [11-20-2002]

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Bobby, Grant street [11-20-2002]

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Briteny Miller, gsfhs [11-20-2002]

I would like to see if any of my family fought in the battle at Valley Forge in 1777-1778. The last name is Ragains.
jessica [11-20-2002]

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hotstuff4you [11-18-2002]

What were the weather conditions like?
anonymous [11-18-2002]

i enjoyed the information it helped on my project on valley forge. thanks a lot
lildee, not told [11-18-2002]

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I have a project on valley forge, and so did my brother last year. Every year we come to this website, thank you for all of your great help every year!
Amy [11-18-2002]

What are the average ages of the SOLDIERS?
Aaron Libby [11-18-2002]

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Kate Vernon, Daphne Alabama [11-18-2002]

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Kate Vernon, Daphne Alabama [11-18-2002]

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anonymous, u.s. [11-18-2002]

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anonymous, united states [11-18-2002]

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Brooke Sacksteder, Muncie,In [11-18-2002]

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Katelyn [11-18-2002]

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Raquel, Spain [11-18-2002]

dakota barnes, mound city [11-18-2002]

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Spencer Sharp, Hagerstown, Japan [11-18-2002]

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lacey wyatt, school [11-18-2002]

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Kyle [11-18-2002]

What is some other information about the Valley Forge in the Winter of 1777-1778?
anonymous [11-18-2002]

Amanda Smith [11-18-2002]

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anonymous [11-13-2002]

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Taylor [11-13-2002]

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Jessica, New Jersey [11-13-2002]

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Kathryn Nash, Williamsburg VA [11-11-2002]

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I like our web page because it gives a lot of good information, about Valley Forge and what really happened. Most people didn't really know about it.
Sasha Freeman, Beacon, New York [11-11-2002]

THe web site wasnt as helpful to me in my case! my social studies teacher wants us to write about valley forge and it just wasnt what i was looking for. but thanks anyways
taylor, alabama [11-11-2002]

I was wondering if you could tell me what activities the soldiers had to do at the Valley Forge. Could you please get back with me by tomorrow evening? I tried searching through your website, but I couldn't seem to find anything relating to that. Thank you.
Mary, Mexico, MO [11-11-2002]

hi i love the web site i go to holy name of jesus i am working on my DAR essay too!
sara, florida [11-11-2002]

This site REALLY helped on my DAR report for school!!! THank God for this site!
Leila, va [11-11-2002]

Your site is cool!
Emily [11-11-2002]

hi im doing research on Valley forge i think it is intersting And your web site is very cool
alee [11-11-2002]

Thanks, this website helped a lot !!
Jenna, Florida [11-10-2002]

When did Benidect Arnold become a trader? Great let me repeat GREAT website!
Invader Gir, florida [11-10-2002]

Wow, this site was a great help. I am in eighth grade and I am doing a DAR project for school. I have to write a letter to a soldier in Valley Forge. It has to be 600-1000 words. I thought that would be a nightmare but thanks to your site, it was a piece of cake!! I am already at about 590 words and I have only been on this site for about 1 and 1/2 hours!! THANKS SO MUCH!
Lindsay, Missouri [11-10-2002]

This is a great sight. I have but one complaint. For "Who served here" there are only very little people listed. I have to do a report on John Cropper and you have not one bit of info. on him!
emily, Nothing* [11-10-2002]

i really like the um uh...information and research that was put into this site..i am doing a 80 point extra credit report ...well actually letter for valley forge that is due in like 3 weeks,...and with this subject..i really like the information that i have received, thank-u
Veronica, none of ur business, world 00000 [11-10-2002]

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Karina Lee Montalvo, NJ.Paterson [11-10-2002]

Kerry Castaldi, pa [11-10-2002]

your information is great I need a lot more information on valley forge for my dar essay it has to be 300-600 essay.could you give some more information on valley forge before november 21,02??? please!!!! thank you very much.send to Shaina joseph please!!!!
shaina joseph, vero beach [11-10-2002]

Good luck to the soliders at Valley Forge and i really like your web site it's so organized!!!!
Brittany Watts, Georgia [11-10-2002]

Wow, this site has a lot of great information. I am currently doing a paper on Valley Forge for a history award at school. this has my mind captivated and i want to know more.
Justine Sperbeck, East Worcester, New York [11-10-2002]

Cera [11-10-2002]

i need to know what woman served at valley forge
sheila [11-10-2002]

This site hepled me with a report I had to do and it is cool.
Nicole [11-10-2002]

Megan Turner, Belton, Mo [11-10-2002]

I am doing a DAR essay at School
anonymous [11-10-2002]

The website is so interesting..
Kathey Perkins Muncy [11-10-2002]

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chasidy shugart, Unadilla, G.a. 31091 [11-10-2002]

Leah, Giles County [11-10-2002]

It is so sad that people starved and was freezing cold.
katie tice [11-10-2002]

This site rocks almost as much as I do!!!!It is the best site I could find
d 1 and only 1 Danielle %)=, washington $ [11-10-2002]

You know what would make your website even collio, cooler??? If you had more games that would make your website even better!!! I mean that when i get onto a website i like there to be lots og games i mean you could have a um, game where you take and are able to like pin horses and bushes and people and other things like that you know like make your own kind of war at valley forge and then you could have a contest each week and pick the coolest or best one. that would be soooo coool and sooo fuuun.
Alexandra Denver, Florida [11-10-2002]

wow, nice site, it really helped with my paper
anonymous [11-10-2002]

y is everything on thuis page optional??¿¿
lesley [11-10-2002]

What were the conditions like in Valley Forge? What about smallpox vaccines?
Coty, Huntingtn [11-10-2002]

letters from soldiers
Mary Payne, Richmond, MO [11-10-2002]

hi i like coming to your web site
ashley, ashley [11-10-2002]

Eminem Rocks! I would love to do an essay on him! Did you see his movie?
GothGirl [11-10-2002]

Thank you very much for creating this site. It has helped me an absolute ton with writing my DAR history letter about the winter aat valley forge. Hopefully with your help i will do good. Thanks again.
Matt Solverson, Grafton, Wisconsin [11-10-2002]

What did soldiers do in their spare time at Valley Forge?
anonymous [11-10-2002]

I am entering the DAR contest and I have to write a letter to my family pretending I am at Valley Fore that winter. Could you possible give me some information about Willliam Duncan????????? Could you also send me some information about that winter at Valley Forge and what the other soldiers went through I would really appreciate it.... thanx Rach
Rach, w.v [11-10-2002]

matt [11-10-2002]

cory hanshaw, wv [11-10-2002]

hey babe
Mandy, ny [11-10-2002]

Amber Prescott, Virginia Tech University [11-10-2002]

Valley forge is so awesome to learn about and interesting.I love learning about it.I have a DAR contest and I have to pretend I am a soldier and descibe the conditions of my new war-life in a letter to my family.I'm Gonna Win It for Sure!!!
Jasanie Koren Powers [11-10-2002]

thanks your website was awesome
Sarah Mullins [11-10-2002]

Hi! I am exremely interested in U.S history and Valley Forge.I love your site.I have an English assighnment that my teacher is making us do and we have to go on to your site and find out about Valley Forge.We have to pretend we are soldiers and write a letter home to our family and friends describing the conditions.I think this assighnment ROCKS!!!
Megan, School [11-10-2002]

amanda [11-10-2002]

David, gate city va [11-10-2002]

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Tweak, Tweakersvill [11-10-2002]

Michael Wright, Belington WV [11-10-2002]

You gave me lots of information for my essay that is due..thank you
Amber Kitchen, Missouri [11-10-2002]

Autumn Fisher, New Cambria, Missouri [11-10-2002]

this site is excellent for projects.i had to do this dar thing and it is due tomorrow.
Mansi [11-10-2002]

im is 7th grade and im doing a essay on valley forge and this web page was really helpful and understanding so thank a lot u helped me or i wouldnt have got it done nichole ~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!
nichole, wv bms [11-10-2002]

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anonymous [11-10-2002]

Your site is GREAT!I'm supposed to do a letter from a solider in Valley Forge to enter in some contest too.I have to pretend I'm a BOY! What an insult!
Liberty Ann Deichmann, Hollywood,California [11-10-2002]

Where did the soliders stay during the revolution?
D Gilmore, Arkansas [11-10-2002]

This site is wonderful! It's helping me a lot on my Valley Forge report.
Lia Campbell, South Carolina [11-10-2002]

Hey! I like this site! It helps me with all my history homework research! Thanks a bunch!!!
Tiffany, California [11-10-2002]

What did the tent arrangements at Valley Forge look like?
Ryan [11-10-2002]

Randi Collins [11-10-2002]

This site has REALLY helped me. See, I ha to do a reading project on Arron Burr and I didn't see any info in the book (figures)thi site was my hole project (put in my own words of course! :)
Laura, Georgia [11-10-2002]

Dear America I would like you to put this letter in camron's mailbox Tell him I am in the thrid Grade at spiplen elemyty. I love him
anonymous [11-10-2002]

Becky Young [11-10-2002]

Hello to all!
Taylor, tn [11-10-2002]

Ashley [11-10-2002]

Valley Forge is so cool! I have to do the DAR essay! where can I find more information on unsolved mysteries of Valley Forge?
Sarah Barrett, South Carolina [11-10-2002]

I loved when u could type in ur last name and see if u had any realtives in the Valley Forge.
Leah Floyd, SothCarolina [11-10-2002]

This site was sooo helpful for my DAR report! Which by the way I would rather not be doing!
Leila, Virginia [11-10-2002]

I really like this site!!! It has a lot of INFO ON VALLEY FORGE!!!!!!!!! For our DAR Essay, we have to write about being a soldier at Valley Forge for Winter 1777-1778. This site was I lot of help!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kris, Cheraw,SC [11-10-2002]

Some fellow students and I have been doing a report on Valley Forge and so far we have found this subject very intresting. And we just wanna say that it has been a privledge working on this assignment. THANKS from Jeremy Evans, Ashley Chaffin, and Rachel Alexander
Jeremyiah J. O. Evans, Tupelo Middle School [11-10-2002]

u have a good infomational site way to go
anonymous [11-10-2002]

Sean Hundley, Moscow,Idaho [11-10-2002]

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Megan Bell, Mashfeild [11-10-2002]

what was life like in the history of valley forge.
scott draman, orient, iowa [11-10-2002]

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megan, tennessee [11-10-2002]

lloyd andrew raffle [11-10-2002]

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Tika Pearson, Atl [11-10-2002]

lexie [11-10-2002]

hey people can you help me find more info on valley forge
mel, wisconsin [11-10-2002]

who was washington in valley forge
terronte dason, south carolina [11-10-2002]

ruben martinez [11-10-2002]

This site is a good site,but it needs more information about the revolutionary war, for the DAR Essay that I have to write. It's a good and interesting site though.
Brandy [11-10-2002]

Thank you for your FAQ's-if it weren't for your site coming up in my search, I would have never found out the answer for my research. You know, I live in PA, but have never been to Valley Forge. I WILL be making a trip to see you all very soon!
Elizabeth Gnazzo [11-08-2002]

this webite is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tabby, Lawrenceville IL, [11-08-2002]

Who was Govener back then
anonymous [11-06-2002]

this site is kinda ok but i have a d a r project to do an i hate it!!!! my stupid teacher is crazy he made it due in 1 week!!!!!!!
eric, oklahoma [11-06-2002]

Thanks for your website. i am writing a report and Valley Forge and your website was the best!
Lizzie, California [11-06-2002]

wow! i have to do an essay on valley forge and this site is great! i just need a map...
anonymous [11-06-2002]

thank you so much for the help i got an a on my report.
kerri [11-06-2002]

I also need some info on Valley Forge because I have to write a letter as a soldier. Thank you
Patrick Brown, Virginia [11-06-2002]

This website is a really good source of information. I really like learning about the history of America. I wish that we had a class for US History at my school! I'm also doing a DAR essay. I had no idea that a bunch of others in the US was doing it too. Love the site!
Kate [11-06-2002]

Dear whoever, Hi! how are you I am fine.when the sholdiers were in battle who was the most nicest and popularst person in the war besides George Washington? how old were they when they died? who was the youngest in the army? when i want to play an educated game on this that is more my age i cant because their all the dinki kindof games for young people. you should put in cool games that are hard for like older 10 or 11 year olds you can still keep in the dinki games but try to put in some harded games. Sincerly, Shannon P.S.send back to Althea Anderson
Shannon [11-06-2002]

hey... gr-8 site. good info. like everyone else who probably ever visited this site, i'm doin a dar essay 2. thanx 4 ur help.
beryl, moscow, ID [11-06-2002]

Thank You all the men of the war members. Good luck in all ferther wars. I want to thank my dad who is in heaven from Valley Forge. WE LOVE YOU DAD!!
Steven Montanez, California [11-06-2002]

Your web page really helped with my report!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS
sarah meier, Chantilly VA [11-06-2002]

How many men served in the war at Valley Forge??????????
Liza Clarkson, Czechoslovakia [11-06-2002]

thanks! This is a great site and this is the only place I could find that told much about Valley Forge. Thank You for helping me!!!!!
anonymous [11-06-2002]

i heard that as the soliders were walking into Valley Forge they left trails of blood from not having shoes
Tayler, Connecticut [11-06-2002]

valley forge, i think, is an important part in american history ^_^
anonymous [11-06-2002]

I'm doing a DAR essay contest. The theme is "A Soldier's letter from Valley Forge: Winter of 1777-1778. I would very much appreciate it if you would send me some stuff. If you do I need it fast. The essay is due right before Thanksgiving! The website looks very helpful.THANKS A LOT!
Callie, n.c. [11-06-2002]

I'm doing the DAR essay too ^^ This webpage really helped me when looking for Valley Forge info. Thanks very much!
Jennifer [11-06-2002]

if you could please send me some info i would like that
andrea [11-06-2002]

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zachary minner [11-06-2002]

howdy folks!
kate [11-06-2002]

Megan Reel, Marshfeild [11-06-2002]

i need help I LUV U CRYSTAL
patrick, danville,va [11-06-2002]

i dont know what i think about your website because i haven't looked at it yet!
Emily [11-06-2002]

paxton, nj [11-06-2002]

I love your guest book
Ashley Mario, !0 Deer Lane Hopewell Jct [11-06-2002]

What can you tell me about Valley Forge?
alexander roberts, feremont [11-06-2002]

how did they servive
Auston Reed Davis, Durango,C.O [11-06-2002]

I am doing a D.A.R. letter to Valley Forge and it is a contest between different counties please wish me luck
CrazyBaby, Warsaw,VA 22572 [11-06-2002]

how did they win
s.h.f [11-06-2002]

What kinds of foods did they eat at Valley Forge, clothing, and their housing?
Jonathan Schultheiss, Durango,Co [11-06-2002]

how did ValleyForge start?
anonymous [11-06-2002]

kassy [11-06-2002]

hey... this website is great!!! i really like reading about valley forge it is so interesting!! i love it! well bye i hope you add even more to it!!
Liz, valley forge [11-06-2002]

Hey--this is a great site..I love learning about the war and i have to write a report on it this is a great learning e-xperience. okay well later xo<33
Merd, valley forge [11-06-2002]

hi my name is hank form hanksonvile. how did all of the men get the food when the army did not give it to them.
hank hankson, hanksonvile [11-06-2002]

Hi everyone, I am also doing a d.a.r essay for valley forge. I have to write a letter to my family back home. this is my first d.a.r essay ever. Wish me luck!!!!
Jamie, Hopewell, Virginia [11-06-2002]

This was an awesome site
Mari, San Diego [11-06-2002]

This website was great. It really helped me with DAR!!!! Just in case you don't know what DAR is it is Daughters of the American Revolution Essay Contest!! Thnx for the help!
Hannah, Georgia [11-06-2002]

i love this site because it gave me a lot of info 4 the contest that i am intering!
Laura-Ashlie, Louisiana [11-06-2002]

Thanks so much for all the info. I'm writing a letter to my family as though I was a soldier at Valley Forge and you gave me a lot of insight! Great site!
anonymous [11-06-2002]

i have to write a big essay making beleieve im a Revolutionary War Veteran in Valley Forge...i need help.
anonymous, paterson.nj [11-06-2002]

hey im doing a dar essay to
anonymous, Florida [11-06-2002]

Doing the DAR contest like probably everyone else who is on this website your acting like your a soldier in Valley Forge writing a letter to someone but im glad this websites here it halped a bunch thanks <:0)
anonymous [11-06-2002]

hey i'm doin a essay for middle school is any one else doing it. i got lots of info. it was a great help
Lydia Yang, Brown Deer, Wisconsin [11-06-2002]

i really like your web site it is great!i have a 300-600 essay due by dec,6th.thanks again!
morgan mccommon, milledgeville,georgia [11-06-2002]

This site helped me a lot for a 600 word essay that's due in 3 days that i haven't even started on. THANKS!!
Stacy [11-06-2002]

This sight really helped me with my DAR letter! I really appreciate the help. I'll have to tell all my friends to go to this sight. Is everyone doing this contest?
Jen Ben, somewhere in IN [11-06-2002]

Megan, Blakely, Georgia [11-06-2002]

Katherine Remley, Indiana [11-06-2002]

you should get more thing like you were doing a report
shelby lunders, Spencer Iowa [11-06-2002]

Hannah, il [11-06-2002]

Im writing a paper about Vally Forge and was wondering if there were any letter written in vally forge .Thanks
Maddie [11-06-2002]

I would like to thank all the war an army private sargents and general with out them we would be NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
?Levi Chadwick [11-06-2002]

Pretty good site. I'm using someone else's PC(mine is not connected;can't afford it, my mother) so I have no E- mail. But, hey, I'd like a letter. RT 3 Box 1370 Cochran, GA 31014.
Michael Carr [11-06-2002]

Your site was sad and very depressing. Please take out the sad stuff.
Bob [11-06-2002]

This was very helpful in finding facts.
Kirsten [11-06-2002]

Jack traet [11-06-2002]

this place is cool
matt Medley [11-06-2002]

i need to write a letter as a solder from vally forge. can you mail me a lot of info from vally forge?
cody, n.j. [11-06-2002]

Look at the historical society it helps on an Essay for school
Kayla Hensley, West Virginia [11-06-2002]

Thank you so much for all the information provided on Valley Forge. If it wasn't for this website I wouldn't have gotten very much information for my D.A.R. thanks again!!
anonymous [11-06-2002]

hey wazzzup? i gots 2 go to class see ya holla
kody vest [11-06-2002]

Cecil L. Copeland [11-06-2002]

Tiffany Lynn Knight [11-06-2002]

your web site is cool
meagan, Brushton,Ny [11-06-2002]

emis, cali [11-06-2002]

i would really like letters from this time period
jraodn, ashland kentucky [11-06-2002]

I am enterring a contest and I got a lot of imformation tha I thought I would get.
anonymous [11-04-2002]

hello i like your site and i am doing this for speech so be lucky i came here.
Kelly, missouri [11-04-2002]

I'm doing a report on Valley Forge, this site is a grat help
clc, Durango,CO [11-04-2002]

Was Valley Forge a camp, if not what was it?
Adonis [11-04-2002]

Felecia Frechette [11-04-2002]

Valley forge was a cold place in the winter
Amy Belcourt, Meriden,Connecticut [11-04-2002]

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haley, longmeadow, ma [11-04-2002]

this site helped me so much thank you for making it!
Stephani Engler, - - wouldn't you like to know hehe - - [11-04-2002]

ur site was cool but i need somw more info...Love ya <3 thanxs
Chelsey Lovett, Scranton,Pennsylvania [11-04-2002]

I am doing an essay for D.A.R. in my class. we have to write a letter as if we were a soldier in the Revolutional War.
bianca, roswell n.m. [11-04-2002]

I am doing a D.A.R. essay in my enrichment class at my school. We have to write a letter to our family as if we where a nurse or soldier in the Battle of Valley Forge in 1777 and 1778. I need information on the life of a nurse in that time period. Regards, Colleen
Colleen, Virginia [11-04-2002]

radical site you all
Jenna, Wheattucky [11-04-2002]

marie [11-04-2002]

I am doing a project and this website is the best for it.If your doing one to I recommend it to you.
Glen, Salisbury Middle School [11-04-2002]

This site gives a lot of good info!
Sarah Campbell [11-04-2002]

Josh [11-04-2002]

I like this page. I'm 10 years old.
Cydney [11-04-2002]

what was the worst disease at Valley Forge?
mankey [11-04-2002]

we have to write a letter and your site makes it easy.
clarissa [11-04-2002]

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mike g. [11-04-2002]

Jordan Hart [11-04-2002]

Yo your site off chain very interesting stuff fo sure!!! Keep it real my man!! with da plan!
The Master [11-04-2002]

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lauren, johnson city tn [11-04-2002]

ur site really helped me with my essay, thanx
tiffany, florida [11-04-2002]

Thank you for a web site with lots of info on valley forge. It was very helpful to me.
Stacy Bloxsom, Grenada, MS [11-04-2002]

i only used this website to help with a report but i learned more from this website than i thought i would. thanx!
unknown, some were [11-04-2002]

we have to do a report on valley forge. that is y i am on this internet site. i like it a lot because it has a ton of information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nick neiswinger, ohio [11-03-2002]

Hi! I just wanted to thank you for putting such a wonderful website about Valley Forge. I received so much info. just skimming the table of contents. I was doing research for the DAR essay contest. It was incredibly helpful. BYE!
Ashleigh, Dallas [11-03-2002]

I think this site is the best of all the Valley Forge sites on the net. I have entered an essay contest and the topic is: Valley Forge. I have to pretend that I am a Revolutionary War Solider, and write about my winter. Your information has helped me tremendously.
Anna [11-03-2002]

Discuss British objedtives for war in the Northern Colonies, key people and events.
debbie, north carolina [11-03-2002]

This is a great and very informative site!
Tiffany Keener, Gainesville, TX [11-03-2002]

I found information about relatives on this web site that are listed in my family geneology. I did not find information about Micah Woodruff. According to my grandmother, Micah had served as an Aid de Camp for General Washington. Micah was from CT. Thank you for providing this site, Curtis
Curtis Woodruff, Illinois [11-03-2002]

i loved ur website!
anonymous [11-03-2002]

This is a great webpage FULL of information, and well organized, too
Jojo [11-03-2002]

Brittany Writesman [11-03-2002]

what were the tents like at Valley Forge? =)
Stefanie, Greenville SC [11-03-2002]

This site helped me with my report.
Lauren [11-03-2002]

This wedsite really helped me with my DAR essay
Jessica Walker, Lawrenceville, IL [11-03-2002]

brandon clarius [11-03-2002]

This stuff will really help on my DAR!
Brian, sc [11-03-2002]

hi im elmo
elmo, Transalvaina [11-03-2002]

thank you you have helped me research for school
Jess, ??? [11-03-2002]

A great site
Nicole [11-03-2002]

tank you for all the help please help with other kids to i recmond this sight for everone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
carolyn a. rhine [11-03-2002]

I loved all of the info on your history page it prepared greatly for the 600 word paper that was assigned to me on Valley Forge
Ben, Alabama [11-03-2002]

please give me the sight to find the information for the dar thank you i go to paulaknox middle school love, carolyn
Carolyn [11-03-2002]

Brittany Wiseman [11-03-2002]

I am only in 5th grade and I stiil am doing the same project. Can I still be doing this. Thank you Bye, Marquetta Lanier
Marquetta, Tuscallosa [11-03-2002]

Hey looks like you are all doing the DAR essay. Our teacher is only only making it mandatory for honor students. I dont even know where to beguin but this site helps a lot thanks!
Shawna, Glen Ellyn IL [11-03-2002]

This is a good website for reports and stuff like that.
Josh Noseda, Detroit, MI [11-03-2002]

Hey im doing an essay for the DAR for middle school. Is anyone else doing this, if so could you post anymore useful sites you have come across besides this one? it would help me a lot. thanks!
elena [11-03-2002]

i have a 600 word essay due and this is the best resource ever
hunter, tucson [11-03-2002]

My family lived in Bucks County, Pa and several of the members also fought in this war. please visit my web site: Linda
Linda Alaythia Musgrave, Myrtle Beach,South Carolina [11-03-2002]

Christy Neal [11-03-2002]

what did solders sleep in
anonymous [11-03-2002]

im doing the DAR report and ur site helped me a lot! Thanks:)
~*Calli Girl*~, California [11-03-2002]

What was a soldier's life like during the stay at Valley Forge?
Jennifer, Texas [11-03-2002]

hello. cool site. good for D.A.R. well bye "Y'all come back now ya hear!"
The panther, here [11-03-2002]

Hi.... ya well im doin the DAR thingie so this site was very good. Ya thanks!
Lindsay [11-03-2002]

thanx for helping me with DAR
Anna [11-03-2002]

Hey the kids site is kewl!
"Ryan " [11-02-2002]

Amy Vanessa Brown [11-02-2002]

josh [11-02-2002]

trav [11-02-2002]

we have been studying The Revolutionary War and came here to do some work.
Brianna, Oak Ridge, Tennessee [11-02-2002]

Sara Lauer [11-02-2002]

ashley voyles [11-02-2002]

hey yawl whats happen w/ yawl dis site helped me w/ skewl trhnx 4 makein it
Leslie, c*town [11-02-2002]

us history is a great doing a essay on vally forge
anonymous [11-02-2002]

what were the activites at valley forge
anonymous [11-02-2002]

Have YOU ever walked in my shoes? Ever walked a day in MY life. If you HAVEN'T, Then why do you judge ME as you do.
Kayla, western virginia [11-02-2002]

i have a 600 word esay due tomorrow thanks
anonymous [11-02-2002]

ana banana [11-02-2002]

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