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Valley Forge Guest Book Archives: October 2002

hey! Whatsuppy you!
Tina Dang, Edmonds [10-31-2002]

This site is very useful!
Yean Do [10-31-2002]

amelia, school [10-31-2002]

thanks for all your help my son is doing the dar like the rest of the state and the information you provided has been a great help. keep up the good work.
lisa, florida [10-31-2002]

On the page that has the military leaders you spelled Baron fredrich Von steuben spelled Fredrich with a k (Fredrick). You need to correct it before you confuse anyone else.
Danny, wa, usa [10-31-2002]

I am lookeing for info on the war for school at hanna Mcclure i'm inthe 5th grade.
courtney [10-31-2002]

I rule
anonymous [10-31-2002]

Monica Arencibia [10-31-2002]

I'm looking for cool ideas to help me write my D.A.R essay about Valley Forge.
Ally-Oops, Florida [10-31-2002]

Meagan, Mississipii [10-31-2002]

This was and extravagent site wich i enjoyed thoroughly for many hours. I have come to the conclusion that this is the best site that i have ever vistited in my day and i excepially liked the part sheding ever more light the great fore father gorge washingtons life. Thank you this site will be in my memories for all time to come before i pass into the shadow of death
Greg Mah [10-31-2002]

Thanks for the info on DAR I'll come to you next year
Josh Poole, ga [10-31-2002]

I am amazed that you have no mention of Col. Alexander Scammell among Washington's officers. He was, after all, the Adjutant General of the Continental Army and the highest ranking field officer, largely responsible for the day to day administration throughout the entire period the army was encamped at Valley Forge. Having just written his biography, I feel some amendment to your list would be in order to redress a very severe injustice. Best wishes. Antony J. Scammell.
Antony J. Scammell, Bristol, England. [10-31-2002]

heyhey this is kewl
jenny [10-31-2002]

Looking for members of US Army Ranger Class 11 / 64 Ranger Stewart
anonymous [10-31-2002]

just qurious
kerrmitt jones, Baltimore, MD [10-31-2002]

matt [10-31-2002]

Hello! I am doing a project on Valley Forge and this site gave me plenty of information on Valley Forge. You are doing a good job on this site! Keep it up!!! :)
Jeannie, usa [10-30-2002]

Jelisa .A. Holloway [10-30-2002]

I am just looking for information to do my Daughters of the American Revolution essay for school, your website is a lot of help, it is fantastic! Thanks!
Ashley, Berkeley Springs, WV [10-30-2002]

I have to do a DAR
Andrew, tn [10-30-2002]

Thank you for creating such an informative site. I never knew Valley Forge Could be so interesting! I have learned so much cool, new stuff! Thanks a bundle!
Stepherz, ca [10-30-2002]

Maddawg [10-30-2002]

Amanda, Chicago [10-30-2002]

you rock i found my info
anonymous [10-30-2002]

anoiu [10-30-2002]

What is the information on Valley forge weather report?
chekitha Hardiman [10-30-2002]

Danielle, wa [10-30-2002]

i need an essay about valley forge
anonymous [10-30-2002]

Hello I am looking for pictures on Molly Ludwig or Molly PItcher do you know any place where I can find them thanks
Shannon Huss, school [10-30-2002]

Brian Daleiden, fl [10-30-2002]

sara anderson, pennsylvania [10-30-2002]

its cool yep thats it, cool.
julia, kenova wv [10-30-2002]

It's kool!
Tabbie, Huntington [10-30-2002]

jennifer latham, 6 [10-30-2002]

Ashley [10-30-2002]

can you send more stuff
stanley [10-30-2002]

Jon Mac [10-30-2002]

im really glad you had seven pages on the subject i need
Katie, eldorado [10-30-2002]

This sight was very helpful!!! It helped me right my DAR essay. Thanks!
Ann Austria, Tustin, CA [10-30-2002]

Mansi [10-30-2002]

Any soldiers with the last name "Devine"?
Devine, Draper,Utah [10-30-2002]

hey im kelly hu and im a actress....i like valley forge cuz i live by there! my great great great great great great great grandpa worked there as a soldier! bye!
kelly hu, california [10-30-2002]

was there a lot of deaths at vally forge
matt [10-30-2002]

this site helped me with my eassy on winter at vally forge in 1777-1778
Kacee, virginia [10-30-2002]

this website has helped me a lot so thank you ~Brezzy~
Brezzy, pennsylvania [10-30-2002]

i like ur site it tell a lot about Valley Forge and its very educational. John says, "Hi". Gavin says,"true true:" Ryan says, bye.
Ryan, Gavin, and John, United States of America [10-30-2002]

This is a great period in History! Even though i didn't think so, until i had to do this assignment on it!
Jessica, Mississippi [10-30-2002]

What kind of chores did children do in 1777 at Valley Forge?
alex [10-30-2002]

This is agreat site i needed to do reserch for my DAR essay and i found all the information i needed!!!! :) <3
anonymous [10-30-2002]

This website really helped me for an essay I was working on. I even got most of my notes from here.
Lauren Barchetti [10-30-2002]

I like this website it really helped me with my DAR.Thanks!
Katie, Ga [10-30-2002]

You guys helped a ton! i had to write a 600 - 1000 word DAR essay for Soc. Science! (it looks a lot of you had to also!) well you gave me tons of info! thanks and keep it up!
Margot*, naperville, il [10-30-2002]

Hi my name is Nicole and I hope the people at the Valley Forge land didn't have a bad as a time and place because that is what I had heard from my Social Studies teacher Mrs.Kitsmiller
Nicole, Lancaster [10-30-2002]

Thank you soooooooooooo much for all of the great information here. It is a great place to find EVERYTHING on Valley Forge. This site helped me a lot with my DAR report of Valley Forge. On this site I found all the information I needed. Too bad I needed a to use a book for my report too. Thank you again!!!!!!!!
Jenny, ct [10-30-2002]

Hi! My Peeps! How are you. Well I think this web site is dome.
Alicia Parker, Baker, W.V. [10-30-2002]

thanks for all you did
jake [10-30-2002]

Hey peeps what ^ i'm erin and i just want 2 say hey to my friends Jess Kim Stef Kat Courtney and Lissfer
Erin, ~*Florida*~ [10-30-2002]

Jose valdez [10-30-2002]

can you give more info on valley forge
Crystal Hare [10-30-2002]

GW is the best
anonymous [10-30-2002]

thank you
jessica scott, statesbor ga [10-30-2002]

this sight is very helpful cause our class is doing a project on valley forge and we have to present it to the whole class and one of our classmates is dressing up as a french person andthis sight really helped us.
Ashley, Florida [10-30-2002]

the valley forge people who served im grateful for them and thank you for saving the country
tiffany, fl [10-30-2002]

Hi, this is a good web site
Bike [10-30-2002]

i am also doing a DAR essay.i have seen many ppl doing the essay.i would also like some info on the women at Valley Forge.this is a very, very good site to go to for info.
crazygirl, mo [10-30-2002]

Hey!I live in Georgia!I'm 12
Lauren [10-30-2002]

i need martha washington
alexa granja [10-30-2002]

how did the war END
anonymous [10-30-2002]

Nicholas Bader, Lakeland Fl. [10-30-2002]

Jennifer, victoria va [10-30-2002]

I love ur site
Brittany, ga [10-30-2002]

Thanks for the help on my essay
Clayton Williams, Lindsay, Texas [10-30-2002]

Thanks for all the good info
Makalia hellum, u.s.a [10-30-2002]

This is a GREAT site for info on Valley Forge, but I need help finding info on Kitty Stirling for my D.A.R. project! Plaese show more stuff on her or Lady Stirling! THANKS!!!
Amelia, California [10-30-2002]

I am writing a 600-1,000 word letter for the Daughters of the American Revolution. I have to pretend I am a soldier writing a letter to my family describing the activities, and conditions at Valley Forge. Could you please give me some help. Because I don`t know who was a soldier and I am hoping to actually do this letter good. So could you help me? Thanks, Shannon
Shannon Hartley, fl [10-30-2002]

I am still the bomb
Tommy, da' bomb [10-30-2002]

What happened during Valley Forge?
anonymous [10-30-2002]

so everyone here in the same DAR boat?gosh i wish i didnt have to do this "a letter home from valley forge".....*snores* but this site was great help ^_^
darcy, Texas [10-30-2002]

hey there.this web site is like so cool and intresting.
nancy #16, texas (c.m.s) [10-30-2002]

Hello I am kathryn and I am in the 6th grade.
Kathryn Johnston, Fullerton, California [10-30-2002]

does General Jedediah Huntngton have a wife and kids if so what are there names
Mat Evans [10-30-2002]

i find that this is very interesting and i hope to learn more on this subject.
Brock [10-30-2002]

Great site! Really helpful info! Thanks for the help!
anonymous [10-30-2002]

awesome dawg!
Frank, Ft Pierce FL [10-30-2002]

cool website. it helped me a lot for the DAR essay/letter thing. THANKS!
amber, virginia [10-30-2002]

Elizabeth Bowen, Cochran, GA 31014 [10-30-2002]

Zachary Minner was here
Zachary Minner, alaska [10-30-2002]

cool site
anonymous [10-30-2002]

Who else here is doing the DAR essay?
Danielle, Texas [10-30-2002]

i love this
melashia woodall, cedartown [10-30-2002]

please tell me where to get all the information for the dar report. i would like to know a lot about it like hiow gorge washtion inspired is men to go on and how and wahat was the revloutionary war like,and about it thanks ps where is vally forge. bye and thank you lots and lots i need your help
Carolyn [10-30-2002]

This web page was really interesting and i am going to tell all of my friends to go to it....On friday night we are all going to get on the computer and go to this website and instant message each other and tell each other new facts that we have learned! Learning about history is way more important than going to parties or going to the movies..Plus you actually learn from this!! Finally something that is usefull on the computer instead of just all of the trashy stuff!
Sara [10-30-2002]

DUDE this is an awsome site!!
scott, wyoming [10-30-2002]

melashia, cdt [10-30-2002]

it needs to tell us about what happened during the war. what did the woman do that were with the soldiers?
pooh bear age 13, winder [10-30-2002]

i enjoyed your web site thanks.....
jasmine, cdt [10-30-2002]

how many men stayed at vally forge?
plzz [10-30-2002]

What was George Washington's marquee and what did he use it for? Someone answer this for me.
. [10-30-2002]

This has really helped me with my DAR essay I have to write! Thanks So0o0o0o0 much!!!
Ashley, South Carolina [10-30-2002]

what did they have the battle of Valley Forge??
Laura Lynn Lace, Garland, Texas [10-30-2002]

howdy folks!
Rachel, tennessee [10-30-2002]

thanks a bunch for gathering this info! it sure has helped a lot for the DAR essay contest. i found everything i needed.
Amber, Victoria Va [10-30-2002]

i am righting a jornal for school as a man encaped at valley forge during the revalotinary war and am loking for information
jesse, florida [10-27-2002]

I got a LOT of great info. for a homework assignment here!!!!!!! Thanx
Emily Rankin, Billings, MT [10-27-2002]

Thank you so much, this website helped a lot.
Olivia Garner, My computer [10-27-2002]

Brianne Martin, lodi ca [10-27-2002]

I love this site, it rocks. I've been to many other sites but none compare to the content in this site.
Fathatyme, West Nottingham [10-27-2002]

emiline jockalee' [10-27-2002]

I found every thing i needed for my DAR report on Valley forge~!~ thanks October 27, 2002
Justin, N. Augusta SC [10-27-2002]

I came for imfomation at school
Catherine Miranda Green, sc [10-27-2002]

Did the Valley Forge men have any medcine?
anonymous [10-27-2002]

totally awesome!! *~brenna~*
Brenna N., Texas [10-27-2002]

It helped me a lot, and it was quick as a button.
jade, mississippi [10-27-2002]

Was there any women at Valley Forge? If there is can you tell me some imformation about her?
Christy Michels, Fullerton, California [10-27-2002]

You have the best info on things.
Bryce Rowland, Duncan Oklahoma [10-27-2002]

this site is cool....
Cat, Fla [10-27-2002]

Hey wass uppp?
Lou, illinois [10-27-2002]

I had to write an essay for the Daughters of the American Revolution. Your site was very informative and fun! Thank you for making the website.
Alexis Onderak, South Beliot, Ilinois [10-27-2002]

i was wondering who were the people who created this site i need to ASAP
Rachel, Lakeland, Fl [10-27-2002]

Victor Olson [10-27-2002]

I am doing a report of Valley Forge for DAR and your site has all of the information that I need. All of the books that I have on Valley Forge don't even begin to compare to all the information you have on your page. Thank you for your hard work in gathering information to make this page and thank you for the hard work to keep it goin. Your friend from CT, Jenny
Jenny, ct [10-27-2002]

thanx a lot ur site heiped me atot with my project
anonymous [10-27-2002]

Wow this site has tons of info, everyone has to write a DAR essay and they stink!!! Mine is due in a few days and I haven't even started. Hopefully this site will help me out a lot ~Lauren~
Lauren, Michigan [10-27-2002]

Great site!!
anonymous [10-27-2002]

this page helped me so much with my history project.who ever is running this site keep up the good work. thankz a million, samantha
samantha [10-26-2002]

Mason Cornell [10-26-2002]

the internet on valleyforge really helped me a lot. It is a good thing that it have stuff on Valleyforge!
shnay lester, valleyforge [10-26-2002]

great site
Caleb Humphreys [10-26-2002]

Thank you for having all the information at an arms link. It is nice because I have to write a report on Valley Forge for class.
anonymous, Mississippi [10-26-2002]

this website helped me sooooo much with my project. i was able to get finished with my project before anyone else!!! thanks!
camille [10-26-2002]

I am one of the 7th graders doing this essay. I enjoyed it and Got a lot of info.thanks
Jocelyn, Meriden [10-26-2002]

This is a great resource for my DAR essay. there is just one thing missing-how can I write a bibliography card on this page?
Racheal, My computer [10-26-2002]

I'm writing a report for school and i was wondering if there were any letters found.
Gil, Clifton, NJ [10-26-2002]

Trav [10-26-2002]

I am writting a paper on valley forge and i was wondering if there were any letters found?
michael [10-26-2002]

I love this site dont you peeps
Ellen Robbins [10-26-2002]

Brinson Crotts, Summerfield, NC [10-25-2002]

You have a good website, i really enjoy learning about history....
Lloyd Timms [10-25-2002]

Your web sight helped me with a report that I did not have info on!
mark knauss, rome,GA [10-25-2002]

This is the best website to get information from!
Sarah, Stateboro,GA [10-25-2002]

hi people!!!!!I'm so interestied in the Revolutionary War and stuff. Amber AKA Bop
Amber, South Carolina [10-25-2002]

this is a realy good web site
coby [10-25-2002]

Brittany Ann Watson, Xenia, OH [10-25-2002]

I really like this page it has good facts for my dar essay thanks for inventing this page.
Butterfly [10-25-2002]

Dalongray(desiree) [10-25-2002]

Marianne Morton, Lumberton NJ [10-24-2002]

Did any Ladys fight in the revilotionary war?
emily, Kansas [10-24-2002]

Your websute has really helped me on my essay on Valley Forge in my Social Studies class.
Blayze, Lawrenceville, IL [10-24-2002]

hey coolio this is so good to learn about the past history
anonymous [10-24-2002]

Thanks a lot for the help wiht my DAR essay! Maybe i'll win!
Caroline, Franklin North Carolina [10-24-2002]

Jessica Bunn [10-24-2002]

Derek [10-24-2002]

Hey i'm a girl and i like stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the coolest site ever to do reseach.DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Angel Lakend Pittman, ovett mississippi(the best state ever) [10-24-2002]

your site is cool
jonathan perez [10-24-2002]

shawn,,kjhk,h [10-24-2002]

Hi this is very cool
Colt [10-24-2002]

Iam doing a Project on Valley Forge and the American Revolution is thier any really important information I need to know?
Stitch, North Carolina [10-24-2002]

kristen [10-24-2002]

thanks a lot! i was really when i could rely on this page for info. Especialy when i had to write a 600-1,000 word essay on being at Valley Forge!
katie, lincolnotn, nc [10-24-2002]

thanx ur website helped me a lot w/ info for a paper i was wirting!!!
anonymous [10-24-2002]

Megan Odom, Cochran Georgia [10-24-2002]

Omg i have to do the same thing....its for like an award thing...and i really wanna win! Can u e-mail me and help me out?
Kayla [10-24-2002]

this site has great info an is very well constucted
Adam Copland, altlanta [10-24-2002]

valley forge is awsome
anonymous [10-24-2002]

wow i just have read ur guest book and ive havent seen so many people do dar essays well this encpuraged me to do better and look for mare facts
becky, ocala fl [10-24-2002]

love your web site it has lots of information for my reasearch
Shel by [10-24-2002]

This is a great site to learn about the past!!!!!!!!!!
Lisa [10-24-2002]

Thankz this helped me with my DAR prodject
Kristian, North Carolina [10-24-2002]

Christopher Potts [10-24-2002]

We are doing an essay for a dar competition. Your web sight has been very helpful
Rebecca Jones, My class room [10-24-2002]

I entered this sight for info on Valley Forge for my D.A.R. Essay. I got bunches of real good info but now i g2jet ttyl. Keep up the good work pplz! And by the way if you see my bathing suit I lost it surfing the web!!LoL!! buh~bye. Caitlin M Mezey A.K.A. *some stupid cheerleader*
Caitlin M Mezey, Kings Mountain, NC [10-24-2002]

hey we're wrighting a dar essay on the events of valleyy forge and i thought maybe ya'll could share some info on Dr. John Coachran. PLEASE!!! thanks erica
erica jackson, north carolina [10-24-2002]

erica jackson [10-24-2002]

Brittany Giddens, Chocran,GA [10-24-2002]

This is the best historical site ever
Shelly, Georgia [10-24-2002]

I think its a really neat site
Sarah [10-24-2002]

Doing 600 word essay, u guys need a letter to his wife during valley forge.
Caroline E., Camden, NC [10-24-2002]

hey this really helped me
PāT˙ [10-24-2002]

Hi i am brittany i am signing this book because it is cool to me here with all the other kids and teens interstedin this stiff.Also because i have a 300-600 word eaesy on " A Letter From Valley Forge."It has to be coupletle finished on Noveber 14,2002.It is preety easy to i am having so little time to work on it though.I am really glad Mrs. White gave use the eseay. yours turely BRITTANY
Brittany [10-24-2002]

anonymous, st pete, fl [10-24-2002]

ryan [10-24-2002]

Valley Forge was so col
Jeff Taves, Californa [10-24-2002]

i am making a letter from a soldier from vally forge. i need info
anonymous [10-24-2002]

Kelsey [10-24-2002]

javassia robinson [10-24-2002]

I think your websight is awsome!!!!
Katie Mair, Dublin, Georgia [10-24-2002]

hitory is fun to know......SWEEEEETMMMAAAANNNN......
jess wilaim o'leary, south dakota [10-24-2002]

Where can I find information on a soldier that was at vally Forge and what it was like for him?
anonymous [10-24-2002]

this website is full of information.
brian, valley forge [10-24-2002]

Thankz this is hellping me with my DAR prodject.
Kristian, North Carolina [10-24-2002]

HI I love to learn about history. At school we are doing a prject and so I am finding out about valley forge. Thanks for reading!
Sara [10-24-2002]

valley forge
kaliprice, website [10-24-2002]

im doing a reprt on valley forge due on the first of novenber
anonymous [10-24-2002]

what foods does valley forge ?
jasmine chance, baltomore md 21230 1139 scott street [10-24-2002]

This is a great page for DAR essays!!!!
Stacey, Chillicothe [10-24-2002]

Thanks to all the soldiers and this website because it helped me get an A on my homework. P.S:IM a 14/m/in i have brown hai and brown eyes I'm 5'5" tan skin and if ne ladies wanna chat e-mail me
Allen Miller, Indiana [10-24-2002]

I have a report due on a letter written home from Valley Forge I have to act as if i was at valley forge in 1777-1778 and have to write a letter home giving details about the place, how it has been and stuff about whats happening so can you please sum up this and send me some information on Valley Forge PLEASE!
Adrienne, Georgia [10-24-2002]

This site is great for school projects it really helped me and i learned a lot from it!
Shelley, Florida [10-24-2002]

I love your website
LaNeshia, 315 E. Main St. Marion,VA [10-24-2002]

I love your web sight!
Jordan Mills, Sacramento,californa [10-24-2002]

Thanks for the great website. We need to do the DAR report for History and this helped a lot. Thanks a bunch!!! : )
Kelly, sc [10-24-2002]

Thanks for helping me on my D.A.R report. I love Valley Forge.
Christina Grajewski, pottstown, pa [10-24-2002]

hello i am looking through the website so i can win a contest lol
gurl [10-24-2002]

this is a great website.thank you for whoever made it. (it helped me on my essay thanks a lot)
kimberly young, g.a [10-24-2002]

Austin, Duncan O.K [10-24-2002]

This is a GREAT site! However, I do think it needs more information about more people. I am in the 7th grade and i am 12 years old and i am doing a school project and i have to pretend i am a soldier at vallyforge and i have to write a letter on how i am and feeling to my wife, son, daughter, brother,or one of my other family members and i would absolutly love it if i had more examples for my project. But don't forget i absolutly love your website! It must have taken u guys an long long time to do it. It is an awsome site that i would recommend to anyone who has to do something for school or anyone who wants to visit Vally Forge. Thank You VERY VERY MUCH FOR THE SITE! It is great! Your Visitor, Myles THANKS A LOT!!!
Myles, Louisiana, Lafayette [10-24-2002]

I really enjoyed going to your website!! It really helped me learn a lot more about Valley Forge!! To tell you the truth....I really didn't even know what Valley Forge was until I came to this site!! Well I have to finish my research and keep on looking at your lovely page that I so admire!!
anonymous [10-24-2002]

your page helped me on my huge report. thanks.:)
Amber, Afghanistan [10-24-2002]

I love cheese! I like history!
Moesha, Kansas [10-24-2002]

Your page is helping me do some suff for my Social Studies class!! Thank You
Ryan, la [10-24-2002]

anonymous [10-24-2002] are u doing?
anonymous [10-24-2002]

this is a cool web site
sarah, wv [10-24-2002]

Awesome site, love all the information!
Kendra Reed, Illinois [10-24-2002]

I would like valley forge
anonymous [10-24-2002]

i like valley forge
anonymous [10-24-2002]

Sweet Site
Joel [10-24-2002]

what were the names of some of the nurses in valley forge
sarah, georgia [10-24-2002]

This helped ne with my darproject thanks
k [10-24-2002]

dude this is hard to write a news paper article on valley forge
Ashlee : ), canton [10-24-2002]

hey nice website
Elizbaeth Morris [10-24-2002]

hea,hea dude this web page rock dude u should try it peace dude
v man, psl, fL [10-24-2002]

hi, i was on your web site and can't find when the war was truly over. Was it the 28th of june when it was all over??????
jenny hicks, port st. lucie [10-24-2002]

this is a very educational web site. I picked this web site for my D.A.R. essay. I picked to be Aaron Burr.
jenny hicks, port st. lucie [10-24-2002]

thanx a lot this web site helped me a lot and i will definetly get an A on my paper
sarah, mars [10-24-2002]

Hi, my name is KaTrina i go to South Port Middle School and i am researching Valley Forge for a term paper. i used your web site and it was a lot of help. thank you.
KaTrina, Port St. Lucie, Florida [10-24-2002]

timothy hodges [10-24-2002]

Don and Kathy [10-24-2002]

I do not want a optional.
Bridget, Aiken sc 29805 [10-24-2002]

matthew [10-24-2002]

Chris, ca [10-24-2002]

Valley Forge Has Many Important Things
Ashley [10-24-2002]

zachary bailey, Spokane, Washington [10-21-2002]

This help me so much with my dar project thanks
b kerivan, south carolina [10-21-2002]

this was rellay a great help 4 a schol project
quonesha walters, Ellisville, Mississippi [10-21-2002]

thanks a lot! i was really when i could rely on this page for info. Especialy when i had to write a 600-1,000 word essay on being at Valley Forge!
nikki, jensen beach FL [10-21-2002]

Great site
naomi vaughan [10-21-2002]

Your website really helped me on my school report. Thanks!!!!!
Kurt Breitwieser, Jasper, Indiana [10-21-2002]

hey this is a really kewl site g2g ttfn
anonymous [10-21-2002]

This is my first time on this website and i think its sooooooooo cool!+I am in 6th grade if you want to know!!!!~
anonymous [10-21-2002]

I have reason to believe that Eli Augustus Eaton served under Washington at Brandy Wine, Germantown, Monmouth and Valley Forge during Winter of 1777 and 1778. I did not find him on your Muster Roll. Could you give me any information on this.
Susan, pa [10-21-2002]

this site gives a lot of information. it's really good.
Rachel [10-21-2002]

I feel so sorry for what the valley soldiers had when through back then. It's so important not to take life for granted because you will never know what tomm will bring. And I wouldn't ever want to go through what they went through. It's too sad.
Jalessa, mississippi [10-21-2002]

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Kelsey [10-20-2002]

I feel so sorry for what the valley soldiers had when through back then. It's so important not to take life for granted because you will never know what tomm will bring. And I wouldn't ever want to go through what they went through. It's too sad. C/o 07' shakin off these lower class one like 08', 09' and the rest of them little babies. We bout it bout. it are u?
Jalessa Young, Grenada Mississippi [10-20-2002]

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Paige, Lanesboro [10-20-2002]

Your website has some good information. Like a lot of other people I am doing the DAR essay. This is all the information I need but I have to have 3 sources. Thank you
Aaron Hartley, Ohio [10-20-2002]

how were soliders treated? What personal possessions did soiders bring to valley forge? What were some of the soliders responcibilties? How did soliders shoot guns? What were their positons in in war? What was daily life like at valley forge?
anonymous [10-20-2002]

I was wondering, were there any disguised women at valley forge? and another thing, if someone were to die, who would write the letter to surviving family memebers about the death?
anonymous [10-20-2002]

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Marissa [10-20-2002]

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Melissa Smith, belmont,wv [10-20-2002]

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Joanna [10-20-2002]

I am doing a report concerning valley forge and i have to answer several questions about the soliders and i have not found any of them. Some include what soliders brought from home, what their daily responcibilites were, how they were treated, and so on. Please help.
no help from a 7th grade student [10-20-2002]

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anonymous [10-18-2002]

Sarah Hoffman, Beaufort South Carolina [10-18-2002]

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Very interesting site. I spent hours reading the informatiion presented. Answered many of my questions concerning Valley Forge, George Washington and numerous other things.
John, Rosemount, MN [10-17-2002]

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Kim Alexander, Mississippi [10-17-2002]

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Christina, fortson GA 31808 175 [10-17-2002]

Great website - do you have any information on the numbers of Native Americans who joined the troops at Valley Forge?
Cheryl Connelly, Marietta, GA [10-17-2002]

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Breanna Smith, usa [10-17-2002]

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Victoria [10-17-2002]

Was Industrial Revolution Justified? why and when? thanx a lot
Bart [10-17-2002]

Hi Whoever recieves this letter I'm working on my DAR and just need one question answered: Did some men bring their familes to war? I may be confused with the civil war but my textbook doesn't have anything about it. So PLEASE PLEASE respond if possible Thanks Jay
Jay Bowie [10-17-2002]

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Leighanna, nc [10-17-2002]

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Loan [10-17-2002]

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Mwoodall [10-17-2002]

Jessica [10-17-2002]

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Christian Glover, Southcarolina [10-17-2002]

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tabatha, camden north carolina [10-17-2002]

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burternie, bulivard columbia,MO [10-17-2002]

Do you have any letters that soldierssent home to theire families (600-1000 words)?
anonymous [10-17-2002]

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Im having to do a essay on Valley Forge and I got all the stuff I needed here. Thanx
Jennifer [10-17-2002]

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Jonah [10-17-2002]

OK i have a question. In my History class, we are writing a report for the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Essay Contest. The report is about Valley Forge. We have to be a soldier writing home to a loved one.Well the libraian at my school told me that she has a book about a woman who disguised herself as a man and fought.I was woundering if any one knew where i could find out about this woman or if anyone knows the name of the woman.Thank you P.S. sorry if there is any misspellings.I am a a kid so sorry
anonymous [10-17-2002]

THis is my first time here
claire Keithly, Downingtown P.A. [10-17-2002]

i would also like to know what types of activities were done at valley forge from 1777-1778
Kaitlyn H., Ft. Pierce Florida [10-17-2002]

Hey, My class is doing the Daughters of America reportso I came to your web site. the topic is a letter from Valley forge. This web site has been a greathelp to me Thanks. Mary Ann Aabye
anonymous [10-17-2002]

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Aimee Williams, Cherryville N.C. [10-17-2002]

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anonymous [10-17-2002]

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Jennifer [10-17-2002]

I have a report to do. I am in 5th grade. I play the fife. I am a civil war reenactor. Was John Greenwood at Valley Forge? Or, can you give me the name of a fifer that was at Valley Forge.
Douglas, Trenton [10-17-2002]

your sight is helping me research for D.A.R. The topic is Valley Forge. Thanks! St. Columba
michael [10-17-2002]

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My 5th grade daughter, (St. Egberts' Catholic ) is assigned a 5 page paper, putting herself admist the struggles of Valley Forge.
Gary Lahman, Eastern North Carolina [10-17-2002]

im useing this site for a report it is helping me a lot thanks for making it :) im sure with all this info i got i can get an A thanks a lot
alex [10-17-2002]

Thank you for giving us this site to look at. It was wonderful help! RYAN
Ryan Snider, Wellington [10-17-2002]

This website has helped me a LOT with a report we had to do!It was a DAR report on Valley Forge and I couldn't find any info.Do you have any info. on what food they ate and what they did for operations on soldiers?
Catherine, Houston,TX [10-17-2002]

Thanks for all of the info! I used a ton of your Revolutionary War passages for a project!
anonymous, usa [10-17-2002]

Chris Waters, Plant City Fl [10-16-2002]

Gen.Greene was the single greatest tactician in Washington's Army!He understood logistics, and deployment of troops.He was the Patton of his time!
Joe Weierbach, Bennington,VT [10-16-2002]

This website has given me more information than a library could give!!!
Rachel A., Reid Ross Classical School [10-16-2002]

thank u,4 helping me on my dar essay
jennifer lebrun, libary [10-16-2002]

my son and i are researching for a school project. great info. thanks
james, oak ridge tennessee [10-16-2002]

great for my sons school project he got an A-
kevin [10-16-2002]

hey i'm doing a dar essay for Sneed Middle School!!!
Chelsey [10-16-2002]

I love fifing and was thrilled to hear that there were fifes and drums there!!
Angela, nj [10-16-2002]

i am doin a essay for brownsville area high school on valley forge.
anonymous [10-16-2002]

Hey, Im entering my report in the Valley Forge essay contest. Hillary
Hillary Jolly, 322 John Redding road [10-16-2002]

Skylar Tracy [10-16-2002]

Cynthia Elaine Casey [10-16-2002]

this is a good site has really helped me with my dar essay
Joseph, Georgia,school [10-16-2002]

hey nice page g2g bye bye
jade hammond, nc [10-16-2002]

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Carrie Athey [10-16-2002]

Zane T. Price, cloverdale, OH [10-16-2002]

hey this is a really cool cite but i think it needs more information.bUT IT COOL ANY WAY wELL G2G TTYL BYE!!
Jessy [10-16-2002]

I need information on Valley Forge
Dustin Ladd, Continental, OH. [10-16-2002]

If your doing a dar this is the spot.Piece out from Ohio
Aaron Minor, Ohio [10-16-2002]

What did soldiers do during their free time
anonymous [10-16-2002]

Hi, Iam doing a DAR ESSAY for Kings Mountain Middle School, GO PATRIOTS!
Stacie Propst, kings mountain, nc [10-16-2002]

i love this site
guyman [10-16-2002]

We are studying Valley Forge and are confused. You say that there was a small pox vaccine that George Washington used during Valley Forge, but other sources say that the vaccine was not invented until 1797? Can you explain the discrepancy?
Mrs. Hutchinson, Wise River School, Wise River, MT [10-16-2002]

i love your site
john gd, u.s.a [10-16-2002]

This site was great to use for my History/English report!
Bess, Huntsville, Al [10-16-2002]

I love this site, very informational! Thanks a bunch to whoever did it!
Erika, Utah [10-16-2002]

Paul Schwertner, California [10-16-2002]

I need info on Location Dates Eents Leading up to the winter of despair 1777-1778 Use of actual people,names and qotes actives in camp how men were treated by upper rank living conditions Illnesses How many died how long they were there moral next battle move. Can any one HELP me please!!! Thank You, Beef
anonymous [10-16-2002]

This is a great website to get historical information off of, especially for projects such as the DAR report. Thank you
Kaitlyn [10-16-2002]

Brian [10-16-2002]

C.Harris, ca [10-16-2002]

hi i am doing a dar essay for ferndale middle school in high point north carolina
will [10-16-2002]

We have to do a leter from Valley Forge: Winter 1777-1778 is there any info on file regaurding to this subject?
Joseph [10-16-2002]

Joseph [10-16-2002]

thank you so0 much im doing a dar essay and this site gave me everything i needed thank u so much~!*MoLly~!*
molly [10-16-2002]

This was good site for information for my D.A.R. essay. Thank You, Kali Diaz
anonymous, Florida [10-16-2002]

I had to write a report on Valley Forge{600 words} Your site helped me so much.You are a lifesaver. You are the only site that has more than 1 little paragraph on it . thank you sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cassie W, Sumner,Mississipppi [10-16-2002]

I was just wondering if George Washington had a wife and children?
cody dwayne stricklen, fholcomb,mississippi [10-16-2002]

I'm doing a DAR essay and wounder how many people died at Valley Forge????
Amber Hysell, North Augusta, South Carolina [10-16-2002]

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zach [10-16-2002]

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Nekesha Johnson, Grenada,Mississippi [10-16-2002]

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Codey Piper [10-16-2002]

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kay, fayette [10-16-2002]

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I'm doing an essay for social studies, and this site really helped! Thanks!
Jennifer, Goldsboro, NC [10-16-2002]

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Brynn [10-16-2002]

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nicole hendren [10-09-2002]

Helping my son with a school project, and found your site. This is great stuff!!!!! I'm even reading the details. Thanks for providing this site. Keep up the good work. Steve Ayers
Steve Ayers, FT Belvoir, VA [10-09-2002]

Jessica Moore, usa [10-09-2002]

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amanda [10-09-2002]

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jennifer [10-09-2002]

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Shellbie Hughes, Aurora, Mo 65605 [10-09-2002]

thank you for this website
Jessie, n,c [10-09-2002]

I am glad for those who fought at Valley Forge
William Crummley, Mt.Carmel IL [10-09-2002]

How many men died at Valley Forge?
William Crummley, Mt.Carmel IL [10-09-2002]

I just want to say I'm during a report on valleyforge and I would like to thank the one's who was there.Thank you.
Nekesha Johnson, grenada,ms [10-09-2002]

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lauren [10-09-2002]

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Tara Vernon, pa [10-09-2002]

Kelsey Biggs, Laweranceville [10-09-2002]

You have helped me a lot on my DAR ESSAY. I would like to thank you for having this web site. I thought this web site had good info.It tells a lot albout what happened what happen at valley forge. Well i would just like to thank ypu
josh, ill. [10-09-2002]

Great Site
Sandy M, Utah [10-09-2002]

thank you for the info
anonymous [10-09-2002]

anonymous [10-09-2002]

how many people were in the vally forge war
katie, geagors [10-09-2002]

alyssa [10-09-2002]

this is so cool i really like the fact that you but this on the internet for us to read
hannah, young harris [10-09-2002]

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Heather [10-09-2002]

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hannah, young harris [10-09-2002]

Amanda, Georgia [10-09-2002]

I"m writing a lousy DAR and Valley Forge is in it! Valley Forge is neat!
Shane [10-09-2002]

Taliana Louvre [10-09-2002]

doing a DAR essay 4 I got all my info from it thanx a ton
Lindsay, illinois [10-09-2002]

what activities were done in vally forge winter of 1777-1778?
andrea dampier, fort pierce flordia [10-09-2002]

Who were the soldiers that severed in valley Forge?
Haley Weiland, Georgia [10-09-2002]

This site was a wonderful resource for my DAR essay! Though I do wish you had more about the women of Valley Forge...
Crystal, Macon, Georgia [10-09-2002]

I like this site. It was fun to look up things. I think I will tell other people about this site.
Kristen McIntosh, Indiana [10-09-2002]

hi. I just had to do a project with valley forge and i got all of my info from you. Thanks for making this copyright. with peace, tyler smith
tyler smith, n.c. [10-09-2002]

This is a great site. I'm working on the DAR essay and it has helped me out a lot. Thanks!
Darian Long, Raliegh, NC [10-09-2002]

Paige Long [10-09-2002]

OK but needs more information for reports
Forest, Florida [10-09-2002]

thanks 4 the great site - it really helped with my DAR project I'm doing for school. We have to write letters as if we are Valley Forge Soldiers. ( It actually pretty fun) thanks again!!
manda [10-09-2002]

Kelsey B., Indiana [10-09-2002]

Your website is great for the D.A.R. topic research. Thanks for putting this website together!!!
Bonnie B., ??? [10-09-2002]

your site really helped me out. I had to write 5 paragraphs on Valley Forge, and this site gave me all the info that I needed. Thanks so much!
sarah [10-09-2002]

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chic, ms [10-09-2002]

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naomi berryhill, grenada,ms [10-09-2002]

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Beavis Butthead, Bikini Bottom [10-09-2002]

I have to write a 600 word report on Vally Forge. How should I write it?[It's supposed to be a letter!]
anonymous [10-09-2002]

Hey I really loved this website it gave me tons of information about history that U really liked it, it was quite interesting, I learned so much stuff about Valley Forge that I am ready to start my paper!! I will defiantly be back. Toots!!
Charo [10-09-2002]

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Jake kenneke [10-09-2002]

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Rika [10-09-2002]

Taylor, Tampa, Florida [10-09-2002]

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jamie kindness, school library [10-09-2002]

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Karla, alabama [10-09-2002]

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andrew, school [10-09-2002]

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Laini abbott, syracuse [10-09-2002]

Hi, I came here for report. I am righting a letter as if I were a soldier back then. It is for the daughters of the american revolution thing. My mom and my daughter are in it. If you have any extra info you would like to tell me do it. but is has to be before the end of October
Cameron Ward, San Diego [10-09-2002]

John Wozniak [10-09-2002]

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Phirun, Library [10-09-2002]

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Sunil Bodapati, California [10-09-2002]

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Sunil Bodapati, California [10-09-2002]

Madi, ? [10-07-2002]

I am doing a project on Valley Forge and I think this site is the best one to get information about Valley Forge. I would totally recommed this site if you need information. Thanks USHistory!!!
Amanda, Texas [10-07-2002]

kelli parker, macon ga [10-07-2002]

You have helped me a lot on my DAR essay!The site was so interesting! I had a blast!Thanks so much!
Jeanette Gramm, Port St. Lucie,Florida [10-07-2002]

price ashe [10-07-2002]

Hey Everyone! I'd like to thank the people who fought for us. That is why we are still here today!
Alyssa Parker, Ludlow,MA [10-07-2002]

patricia, nc [10-07-2002]

what was the purpose of valley forge
chantal, grenada middle school [10-07-2002]

centeria lott, grenada [10-07-2002]

jennifer lofton [10-07-2002]

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Jamie Smith, Valley Forge, Alaska [10-07-2002]

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Carl Munden, Morehead City, North Carolina [10-07-2002]

this website is sooooo neat!
Eddie Hollen, Raleigh, N.C. Earth [10-07-2002]

Your web site is great! It really helped me on our Valley Forge project this year! Only you should try to show the purpose of valley forge! that was the only thing that i had to go somewhere else! Other than that i recomend your web site for students intersted in this topic! Thanks a bunch! Bailey Garrot
Bailey Garrot, Gerogia [10-07-2002]

lots of info for reports an d stuff
john johnson, kansas city, missouri [10-07-2002]

Its cool
Edward, n.c. [10-07-2002]

Great site for a new cannoneer to browse and learn a bit of history.
Bruce Fenton, Auckland New Zealand [10-07-2002]

great site. but needs pictures or more pictures
Angela [10-07-2002]

i love your site!
ococ, home [10-07-2002]

Kaitlin Bowling, West Virginia [10-07-2002]

i really like the web site
brittany gasser, missouri [10-07-2002]

This is a wonderful site to help with reports. I am in the sixth grade and, using this site, along with other resources, I think that I will get a good grade on a report that I am working on.
Lunafish, Houston, TX [10-07-2002]

you need to get pictures of the people who served there!!!
Jessica [10-07-2002]

what are some adresses that would make it look like a letter from Valley Forge?
Beth Revelle, Aiken,SC [10-07-2002]

Can you please tell me what the soldiers next battle move was or their strategy for spring? It is for my DAR essay. Thank You!!
Amanda, il [10-07-2002]

Glad to be a Pennsylvanian and born on his day.... Feb 22nd, 1967. Hurrah for the Continental Army!!!
Stephen Godjas, Pocono Mnts, Pennsylvania [10-07-2002]

I'm coming here for a report i have to do for a DAR essay... i'm gonna go ahead and check it out.... so i'm a get to work.... much love to all yall know know more about this than i do!
Krissy, NC baby! [10-07-2002]

I think It has a lot of good information.
Audrea Poff, Laurleville,Ohio [10-07-2002]

Chelsea [10-07-2002]

im doing a report on Benedict Arnold Right now!!!He's one heck of a person!! only 10..gotta go now.. ~Kayla
Kayla Patten, Not Telling [10-07-2002]

jame cyrstal, cant tell [10-07-2002]

when was Goerge Washington born and when did he die.
Briana, Ocala, Florida [10-07-2002]

Caitie Barnhizer, Home [10-07-2002]

This site was really helpful when I had to write an essay on Valley Forge. Thanx!
Gena, ga [10-07-2002]

do you have informaion on valley forge in the winter of 1777-1778?do you have informaion on a soldier that sent a letter to his family?
Ann Larman, doge city [10-07-2002]

Taylor, Southmills [10-07-2002]

I think history is very fun and excessive work
Preston, oklahoma [10-07-2002]

Can you get me somemore info. about the American Revolution. Thanks
Victoria Frazier, Grenada,Mississippi [10-07-2002]

very interesting
oliver hughes, grenada ms [10-07-2002]

erin [10-07-2002]

Victoria Fenton, Pleasanton,TX [10-07-2002]

Where can I find the information about activities, conditions, winter encampment,spirit, bravery and importance of valley Forge.
Angela, California [10-07-2002]

Where can I look to find information on an etching by Evans(1913) of Washington Praying at Valley Forge. From the bronze by, on the sub-treasury, Wall Street, N. Y 1904, J. E. Kelly. Where can you find out the value. Thanking you in advance.
Ann Bryant, Alabama [10-03-2002]

rebecca [10-03-2002]

you helped me with my dar essay!
Marissa Wargo, ct [10-03-2002]

Your web site is cool!!!!!! Thanks for the help.
Carolina Castermine, 49 Grenfulheimer south [10-03-2002]

Daniela, p.a [10-03-2002]

Bobby B, al [10-03-2002]

Hey I had to come to this site for a report and I am not sure if it is good or not yet but I will let you know!!!!!!!peace out!
Laura [10-03-2002]

I have to write a letter pretending I'm a soldier in the harsh winter and I need to know what they ate, did for recreation,what diseases they had, and what the war and camp was like.So can you IM this all to me because I can't get e-mail from anyone else except from my mom and dad. Thank you
Ruby, North Carolina [10-03-2002]

there is a lot of good information in your site.
Eric Chandler, Blakely, GA [10-03-2002]

ktm250 [10-03-2002]

I am so happy to be joining The Valley Forge Guest Book!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Richard
Richard Pahula, Pennsylvaina [10-03-2002]

thisis a wonderful page its so coool i can fnd a lot on this page!!
Kari Cipriani [10-03-2002]

Alexis Riley, Pennsylvaina [10-03-2002]

thanks for your website. i am working on my Daughters of American Revolution essay right now and your information helped out a lot. It's greatly appreciated. Fondly, Kayleen
kayleen, california [10-02-2002]

Your info has really helped me with my DAR S.A. I just wanted to thank you for that I think I will make a pretty decent grade on it. THANK YOU!!!
Deanna McEntosh, North Carolina [10-02-2002]

Chris, Port St. Lucie, Fl. [10-02-2002]

Thanx, Ilove you David
courtney, fl. [10-02-2002]

Just like most of the people you have listed here I have to do a DAR essay. I had no idea what valley forge was like untill I came to this web site. I'ts great! It will really help me write it. Now can you give me 3 other web sites with some stuff? This is great, by!
gabby parana, ca [10-02-2002]

Yea! Me 2 im writting an essay and my words have to be up to 600-1000 words and right now im working on it..Well hey im NewFoundGloryPunkRockerChick i live in Visalia amazing to people right now from 2002 r working on it..I go to cathloic jr.high school and i was just wondering who did the battle..?
NewFoundGloryPunkRockerChick, California [10-02-2002]

hey this site is so great i gor all of my note cards on this web site. hey i just wanted to say hi to all of my friends in milford at milford jr. high school miss engel you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
samantha horn, milford oh [10-02-2002]

I love your site!!!!!!!!!! it's awesome!!!!!...........and great 4 research papers
johnalee, north carolina [10-02-2002]

Amanda [10-02-2002]

GREAT WEB SITE!!! It was very useful for my project!!
celeste, Ohio [10-02-2002]

Hi PeePs
kevin mclellan, stuart,FL [10-02-2002]

hi.i love the site it is a great place to find things on the people you need to report on i have a handful of information on "Friedrich Steuben"or whatever he wants to be called.he has like 4 out loud
lyndsey, rockland,ma [10-02-2002]

Christina washington, bandon, oregon [10-02-2002]

Why don't you mention the fact that Oneida Indians brought Washington's troops 600 bushels of white corn to help them through the winter? An incredibly selfless action on their part- especially considering the treatment of Indians at the time. Just curious-
Jennifer Falck, Oneida, Wisconsin [10-02-2002]

I would love to find out if i am related to any one that was related in the vally forge war.
Gary, ------------------------------------------------------- [10-02-2002]

Danielle DeValk, Indidana [10-02-2002]

I am 13 years old and i am doing a report on Valley Forge for my Lit. class. I have to pretend I am a nurse or a soldier who is writing to their family and telling them about my time in the war.
Ashley H., Columbus, Ga [10-02-2002]

thank you
jasmine mines, 650 cushman [10-02-2002]

Hello! Who, what, when, where, why?
Elizabeth Rogier, In the universe [10-02-2002]

Ummm...hey! i was wondering if you had any more information on William Duncan. I have to pretend to be a soldier that was at Valley Forge, and write a letter home. If you could send me anything i would be so happy! thank a lot!! :) P.S. Please send ASAP!
katie morris, pa [10-02-2002]

Patrick Ryan [10-02-2002]

I think your web site is cool. it gives lots of information that I needed for my D.A.R essay.
Chelsea [10-02-2002]

alright just to make a sugesstion I am only 12 and I have a 600 word letter to write "home" like I was a soldier in the war and if you don't already have it you shold make a list of important people and their rank!!!!!!!!!!
Casey Schultz, ??????????????? [10-02-2002]

hey! kool stuff.
Hannah [10-02-2002]

This site helped me a lot on my project! ROCK ON!!!
anonymous [10-02-2002]

I also have a paper to do on the winter of Valley Forge, I have to write the paper in the first person, and the character has to be fictional, but the surroundings and story must be based on facts, if you have any suggestions, I am sure it will help. Thank- You, your web site is very helpul, and informational
Loni, South Carolina [10-02-2002]

Great site. I have gotten a lot of info on it!
Kevin Ballance, Dublin, Ga [10-02-2002]

LaUrA [10-02-2002]

great site for reports and research!!
Laura, Connecticut [10-02-2002]

Great site for this year's DAR essay title...
Sharon Neff, Circleville, Ohio [10-02-2002]

Megan M, Alabama [10-02-2002]

Matt forbes, Atlanta [10-02-2002]

kiley littrell, littrell patk [10-02-2002]

Please put a photograph of Nelson and Blueskin? Thanks!
caitlin starnes, North Augusta [10-02-2002]

website is cool ..henry knox is cool ok
justin, enon ohio [10-02-2002]

matt [10-02-2002]

This is a really good website that Has helped me on my report. I do not need any other information. I have to pretend I'm a soldier writng home to my family. Thanks:)
Whtiney Hudson, Columbus,Ga [10-02-2002]

Thanks, this site looks great! It will help with my report.
kevin crane [10-02-2002]

hello !!! im fine how r u ? bye bye !
Lucky Dalma, U S of A [10-02-2002]

I'm in aurora-east high and i could not find anything really until i found this place and it helped. thanx much bye.
Samantha, aurora [10-02-2002]

I luuv your web site!! I'm workin' on a DAT paper and it helped SSOOOO much!! It's 2 cool! Llamas Roooock! And remember, Floyd Roach loves you!
Laura, Alabama [10-02-2002]

Emily, Kansas City, Mo [10-02-2002]

katie, i have to write a letter to mmy family but it has to be 600-1000 words! this project is also for DAR. anyone have any good info?
jaque, sunny florida [10-02-2002]

Wow! I had to do a report about Valley Forge, and, if I didn't have to have at least 5 resourses in my report, I would not need any others!!!
May, Georgia [10-02-2002]

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