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Valley Forge Guest Book Archives: January-September 2002

I'm in aurora-east high and i could not find anything really until i found this place and it helped. thanx much bye.
Samantha, aurora [09-30-2002]

I luuv your web site!! I'm workin' on a DAT paper and it helped SSOOOO much!! It's 2 cool! Llamas Roooock! And remember, Floyd Roach loves you!
Laura, Alabama [09-30-2002]

Emily, Kansas City, Mo [09-30-2002]

katie, i have to write a letter to mmy family but it has to be 600-1000 words! this project is also for DAR. anyone have any good info?
jaque, sunny florida [09-30-2002]

Wow! I had to do a report about Valley Forge, and, if I didn't have to have at least 5 resourses in my report, I would not need any others!!!
May, Georgia [09-30-2002]

Sarah, West Virginia [09-30-2002]

I have to do a essay on valley forge and this is a great Web site ro do it on
Carla [09-30-2002]

Hello I would like to thank you for helping me with my report for social studies. You have so much information that i can put into my own words and make a good report. So i'd like to thank you.
Liz [09-30-2002]

Ilove the Site! I think that it is so helpful and educational!
brittany [09-30-2002]

faustina arciga, san jose [09-30-2002]

What kind of task did they do while they were at Valley Forge ?
Caitlin Starnes [09-30-2002]

i am doing a essay on valley forge, in the essay i have to pretend i am a solder writing home to my family. do you you think you could send me some info? thanks!!! :)
Ashley, [09-30-2002]

Hey this is a pretty cool site u should check it out more often!
John [09-30-2002]

Your Website is very informative, thank you.
Andrew Dierks, Cincinnati,Ohio [09-29-2002]

I'm looking for some receipes that Martha Washington might have used or had used during her time as first lady of the USA.
Peggy Oakes, Tupelo, Ms. [09-29-2002]

you nhave a great web sight
brittany comfort, indiana [09-29-2002]

I'm working on a Daughters of American Revoulution paper and it's on Vally Forge and i hope this website is helpful like the others say!! ()
Stefani, Fay. N.C. [09-29-2002]

what did the men at vally forge do for fun?how did they keep from killing themselves?
sharon, california [09-29-2002]

sai, san jose [09-28-2002]

I have to write anessay for DAR and I am sure this site will be of great5 healp.
chloe [09-28-2002]

im doing an essay on valley forge and i have to pretend to be a soldier that im writing to my family or someone i love.this site has everything!!thtanks for all the info. i got everyithing i need to score an "A"!! T.Y to all da people that made this site!
amanda, port st lucie [09-28-2002]

Caroline Grantham, Georgia [09-28-2002]

I think Valley Forge is really cool
Taylor, Richmond [09-28-2002]

I just wanted to tell you that this website has helped me a lot with my research paper for my Academically Gifted class because the other websites I have went to haven't been any help!
Lauran Lisbon, Fayetteville,NC [09-28-2002]

i need pic for valley forge help!briittany duncan age 13
brittany duncan, menifee,ca [09-28-2002]

the battle at valley forge was awsome you should learn more about the american history
brittany duncan, menifee ca [09-28-2002]

Hello! BYE!
Jessica Tudor, North Augusta, SC [09-28-2002]

Jim Mattern, home [09-28-2002]

I am looking for any information on James Ewing who served under "Mad" Anthony Wayne in the war of 1812..please email me if you have any info and thank you!
Suzan, California [09-28-2002]

I'm doing DAR like most people, and I found your site very helpful.
Rebecca, Milford,OH [09-28-2002]

Rebecca Horn, Florida [09-28-2002]

I have to write a letter to a family member being a soldier in Washington's army in the winter of 1777-1778., am looking for information on what it was like during that time. Any information would be helpful.
Jeff Roncase, Douglassville Pa. [09-28-2002]

This is a fab web site you guys have here. Could you possibly put in more stuff about Valley Forge??
Jessie, Springvale, Maine [09-28-2002]

I pay respects for all who died here
Anthony Gordon, Wichita, Kansas [09-28-2002]

Paris Adams, Thomasville [09-28-2002]

dan [09-28-2002]

Why is Valley Forge so important?
susie, Mexico City [09-28-2002]

Vally Fordge was tough. this sight has a lot of good info. for a report if u have to do 1!!!!!!!!!
Sierra Byrd, oklahoma [09-28-2002]

this site was very helpful to me on my report
Lindsey Harris, Louisville,Kentucky [09-28-2002]

this is a awsome website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stephanie, penssylvainia [09-28-2002]

This is a great site to help you research valley forge ! :o)!!!!
Michelle, pennsylvainia [09-28-2002]

I have to write a 1,oo word report on " A Letter From Vally Forge, 1777-1778" Could you please help me.
Sandy, Illinois [09-28-2002]

Kayla Vaughn, greenville sc [09-28-2002]

This site has a lot of information that will help with my paper I have to do on Valley Forge! I do have one thing to ask though What kind of displine/training did they do to the soldiers? And What kind of Activities did the soldiers do? I would also like to say if anyone had to do some reseach on Valley Forge I would defenentally recomend this site! Thanks A Lot! :-)
Mary Mitchell, Jesup, Georgia [09-28-2002]

charley sikes [09-28-2002]

tiffany [09-28-2002]

Hello, The question has come up as to where does the name "Gulph" comes from as in Gulph Mills and Old/New/Upper/etc Gulph Road. I run here with others and none of us can find a historical reference nor an idea as there are no gulphs in the area. Thank you for a light you can shed on this mystery to us. James
James Donaghy, valley forge [09-28-2002]

what would i do if ididnt have no food or clothing .
zack, awms [09-28-2002]

christine, chinco [09-28-2002]

shilpa grandhi, Fremon, CA [09-28-2002]

What did the soldiers,generals, and nurses wear?
Heather, Florida [09-28-2002]

What did the soldiers actually DO at Valley Forge in terms of the Revolutionary War???
Heather, Jacksonville,FL [09-28-2002]

Jessica, nc [09-28-2002]

Your site has educated me so much about Valley Forge. I'm so glad that I came here. I'm doing an essay in this contest, and I'd never known exactly what happened at Valley Forge. Now that I've been to your site, I'm ready to start writing. I'll be including this site in my bibliography. Thanks so much for everything!!
Joel Chandler, Huntington, West Virginia [09-28-2002]

I am glad you have put up this site for many of the people that have questions and for me, you have answered a lot of my questions. thank you very much.
Shane Brown, Arkansas [09-28-2002]

george laffry [09-28-2002]

mandy, spokan washighton [09-28-2002]

Thanks for the info on Valley Forge! It will help my DAR report!! ;^)
Michelle, Florida [09-28-2002]

U have a lot of info on the site
Courtney and Zachary, Florida [09-28-2002]

Cool site!
Erika, Huntsville [09-28-2002]

This website has been really helpfull for my Valley Forge project.
Amanda, Texas [09-28-2002]

Hannah Hilborn, internet [09-28-2002]

Max GAlindo, Dallas [09-28-2002]

Great information for our 4th and 5th graders on History...
vilma Duarte, Fort Stockton, Texas [09-28-2002]

Brittany Sponaugle [09-28-2002]

Whew! I'm glad I found this site! Report due tomorrow(Aaah!) Thanks to whoever created it! Helped a lot!
Cameron Berry, Port St. Lucie, Florida [09-28-2002]

i had to do a report on the valley forge.after i read the article i found valley forge interesting.
j charles, louisiana [09-28-2002]

Valley Forge is a very historical Event. I am having fun finding info on it for a report for school.
Cora Centers, unknown [09-28-2002]

Hi, We just read Johnny Tremain(which was a really good book)in class, and now my teacher is having us do a report on it. I've chosen to do an essay on the food of that time which is aroud 1700s. Im going to make the dried apples and was wondering if there are any more recipies i could use(preferably recipies that have originated in Boston). Thank you! P.S. The food timeline helped me greatly!!!!
Isabella Bethalsion, California [09-28-2002]

Isabella Bethalsion [09-28-2002]

this site is very interesting its giving me a lot of information for my project and not only that it answered some of the questions i wanted to know personaly but i want everyone to know how good this site is so holla at a playa peace out
Purity Evans, columbus,georiga [09-28-2002]

Good job
Rose, pa [09-28-2002]

Ihave to do a report for school on valley Forge. I have to write a letter(pretending I'm a soldier in the revolution)to my family explainig what it is like at valley Forge!I cannot find info to help ME! Please Help me!
Courtney, Nrth Augusta, SC [09-28-2002]

I am writing a paper for my 6th grade social studies class. I came to this website to find additional information. Thanks!
Kyle B Peacock, Macon, GA [09-28-2002]

Courtney [09-28-2002]

Hey everyone who checks this out! I'm reaserching so I g2g. Bye!!!!
Taylor, Florida [09-28-2002]

I am 14 years old and i am doing a project/paper for my 8th grade history class and this site has helped out a lot!! its really great! thanks, and god bless
Micah, texas [09-28-2002]

i love this web site
john proctor, anywhere [09-28-2002]

Like.. Oh my gosh, I had to do this report on Valley Forge, and I like got all my stuff here! Thanks a million! Bye! Muah!
Megan L., ga [09-28-2002]

I'm doing an essay for a D.A.R.contest. One of the things I need to know is what were some activities that happened at Valley Forge. I can't find an answer to this question, please help me out!!
Elena Clarke, Athens, G.A. [09-28-2002]

I'm doing an essay for a D.A.R.
Elena Clarke, Athens, G.A. [09-28-2002]

Hi mt anstors fought in this war and won and they did sevie!! we thank god 4 that!
Kelsey, maryland [09-28-2002]

First of all I have to write a letter that is 300-600 words pretending that I am soldier. And write about the activities and conditions. And this site gave me all the information that I needed. Like wow! O my gosh, what a great site this is. Keep up the good work and thanks again for my information on Valley Forge that way I can write my 300-600 word DAR. Bye!
Katie [09-28-2002]

Tiffany McDaniel, hawkinsville [09-28-2002]

Your site helped me find info. for my history assignment:) (I got an A+)Thanks!
Michelle, Florida [09-28-2002]

this sight waas such a help thanks
megan, port st.lucie [09-28-2002]

Chelsea Tyner, Hawkinsville, GA [09-28-2002]

This is an awesome site!
Jamie Starling, Fayetteville, NC [09-28-2002]

This is a very helpful site. It got me an A!
Lacey, Fl. [09-28-2002]

cool sit i'm in school and this will really help me.
hamrick, ga [09-28-2002]

Kayla Vaughn [09-28-2002]

Kim Anello [09-28-2002]

andi, deer lodge MT [09-28-2002]

hi, I just want to say that i'm doing DAR on Valley Forge. I aslo want to say that your web site is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Alex
Alex, easton MD [09-28-2002]

Laura Paxton [09-28-2002]

This site has no map or links to maps of the national park. find one for me please :)
Anthony Cortese, Hollsopple [09-28-2002]

Good page
Mercedes, School [09-28-2002]

great website
elizabeth, ohio [09-28-2002]

I love your Website! I'm doing a report on Valley Forge, and this site is perfect! Thanks for the info. My great-great-great grandfather spent the winter at Valley Forge!! His name was Zebulin Park. He sruvied all winter! He knew George Washington! Well Thanks Again!!! -Mary
Mary, Boone [09-28-2002]

Blake Seals, Benton Arkansas [09-28-2002]

Hi I am dion an essay on Valley Forge and your website is the first one I hace gone to. Your website is wonderful!
Lydia Rohleder, Huntingburg,IN [09-28-2002]

valley forge rocks
amanda, port st lucie [09-28-2002]

valley forge was sad
benji lehman [09-28-2002]

The American Revolution is a interesting time in our history to learn more about. I'm doing a 4 minute essay on Valley Forge in my American History class.
Ashley Hayes, LaCrosse, Indiana [09-28-2002]

I'm very interested in the U.S. of A history. Thank you for helping me. You are an appreciation. Thank you amercan. I like cheese do you? Do americans like cheese? Thank you agin!
Olga, Sweden [09-28-2002]

This a very helpful site
sheba, Slovakia [09-28-2002]

I love it. I am the worlds biggest fan of history. I am the only girl at my school that likes history.
Daniel Lookadoo, morganton, nc [09-28-2002]

your website is very helpful on finding research for class papers thank you.
Brittni Clark, Arizona [09-28-2002]

jake [09-28-2002]

I would just like to say that i have been there before and it is a great place to visit. If you have time stop by it will be worth it. i would just like to ask a question. What would a letter be like from winter of 1777-1788?
Zach Sanderson, Fort Scott, Kansas [09-28-2002]

Hey i would like to thank you for your wonderful site. It has helped me a lot with my project. By the way chris has predy hair! and i think tory is HOT!
cameron french, tablerock [09-28-2002]

Your site helped me a lot on my DAR progect about the valley forge thanks so very much you helped everyone thanx
Jessica M., Nc [09-28-2002]

this is helpful cause i have to do a report for a dar thing and this helped me find a lot of info and learn a lot about the battle. thanks bunches tina
tina hagler, huntsville, al [09-28-2002]

My ancestor, William Loudon was a drum major and bandleader under Gen. Knox and Col. Stevens. Are there any sources which report about the musicians that intertained the officers and troups?
Cheryl B. McDonald, Clearwater, FL [09-28-2002]

I never knew of Valley Forge, until my daughter was given an assignment to do a report on Valley Forge. In school myself I never really read much of history now it is so interesting to me. I glad at the age of twelve my daughter has a love to study history. It made us what we are and what we have today. Thank you for this very informative site. I have enjoyed reading.
Audrey, Rome, GA [09-28-2002]

i need help on a project call dar daughters of the american revolution and i need info for my paper. i need to pretend im a soilder in valley forge writting to my family at home telling them what is happing there.
Traci [09-28-2002]

I love this website it gives me all the info i need thankyou
Amina Renee Nichols, Spring Lake north carolina [09-28-2002]

what was it like for the solider's during this time. the health,food,homes,ect
anonymous [09-28-2002]

can you tell me if Capt. Benjamin Harrison's Co. in the 13th Virginia Reg't commanded by Col. William Russell was stationed/served at Valley Forge?
michael peter, austin, tx [09-28-2002]

synthia [09-28-2002]

valley forge is very cold!
chris, the dumpster [09-28-2002]

meaghan, stuart,fl [09-28-2002]

Melonie Overstrret, Cleaveland,Ohio [09-28-2002]

I'mdoing a report on valley forge and this is a good sight for me to visit. : )
Ishmael, Rockledge,FL. [09-28-2002]

I really like this sight!!! i have a project on Valley Forge. The sight has really helped me!!!
Kelsea, Fayetteville,NC [09-28-2002]

You have a wonderful site, but I would appreciate it if you had a bit more info on women @valley forge.thanks.
Taylor Nash, Florida [09-28-2002]

What did Catherine Greene, Lucy Knox, Martha Washington, Lady Sterling, Kitty Sterling, and Rebecca Biddle do?
Trevor Baker, ia [09-28-2002]

this website helped me get info for the D.A.R project
Matt, florida [09-28-2002]

I am doing research on valley forge and I just wanted to say I love this site.
Beau Rautenstrauch, Palm City, FL [09-28-2002]

Ashley Shelton [09-28-2002]

Hey! I am working on a report on Vally Forge and this is a very helpful page!! I have had a lot of notes taken from the page!! Thanks!
Katie, Milford [09-28-2002]

hey i am in 8th grade and i am working the DAR project...the topic this year is, "A letter from Valley Forge: Winter 1777-1778."Pretend you are a Revolutionary War soldier, and write a letter to your family describing you acivities and the conditions at Valley Forge. If u would pleez send me some specific information on this topic it would be greatly appreciated thank you...
Kristen, Ohio [09-28-2002]

It is unfortunate that you paint Washington as a christian or go to such great lengths to argue he was. He was not.
Charles, DFW Texas [09-28-2002]

this is a cool site, because i've seen tons of letters from people writing about a DAR essay, well i am too, and since they say it is a great site it must be!!!!!!! :) :P
briana, nc [09-28-2002]

Joseph Koerner, Ft Bragg, North Carolina [09-28-2002]

Thank you for this wonderful site. I am in college to become an Elem Special Ed teacher. I am using your site in my Computer class.
Pam Carrier, Joplin, MO [09-14-2002]

samantha, muncie in [09-13-2002]

Your site has really aided me in my search for info on Valley Forge. I am doing an essay for DAR, and I want to thank you for putting me in the place of the war beaten soldiers. I needed to fel what the hurt was like, and you have helped to achieve it. Thanks!
Chrissy Wise, Minden, LA [09-13-2002]

charlie zogzas [09-13-2002]

I'm writing a essay on Valley Forge. This is to be a letter from one of the soldiers to his family, Titled, A Letter form Valley Forge: Winter 1777-1778. The information I found was of great help, Thank You. If there is any other information you think would be of interested for this essay please e-mail me. Thank you once again.
Kyndra Ashe, Balsam Grove, North Carolina [09-13-2002]

yes i was just wondering is there anybody on that knows a lot about valley forge and what happened like what they ate and what they did and how many people that died and how many people lived because i really need to know for a essay
Aimee Williams, Cherryville,NC [09-13-2002]

I love the sight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
angelina bruno, jensen bch. [09-13-2002]

i have a question what would they wear? if i lived there what would i eat if there was no more food left?
brianna, home [09-13-2002]

My wife and I visited George Washington's home a couple of years back, just before she passed away. I was very moved by the visit. I spent over 38 years serving my country and his vision at Valley Forge intrigued me for years. Lynn
Lynn S. Langfield, Anchorage, Alaska [09-13-2002]

I was looking for any type of letter from the Battle of Vally Forge to base mine that I am doing for a contest.
kylie Arceneaux, Meadville,MS [09-13-2002]

I absolutley love your site!!! I have to do a report at school and your site helped a lot!!! You have a lot of great facts here. My project was from the D.A.R.!!! Isn't that odd?? I will surely come back to your site. I will also reccomend it to my classmates!!! I hope you enjoyed my comment. Please e-mail me about any other historical sites you have. I would like to veiw them. Thanks again for the great site!!!!! a fan, Lauren
Lauren, n.c. [09-13-2002]

are there any maps or on site drawing of the original encampment, ie i know Mt. Joy, star Redoubt, Knox,s ground etc are prominantly marked, but are there any original maps of how the encampment may have been lain out.....???
bud hyatt, ellkins prk, pa [09-13-2002]

Jasmine Jones, Macon,Georgia [09-13-2002]

Excellent website for easy to read history. Thank you!
Cheryl de Joya, San Jose, CA [09-13-2002]

Great site! Looking for (PVT John Bibby Patriot) who was in the 15th Virginia Reg't Dec.19, 1777-June 19, 1778
Beverly Bybee Spatz, Missouri [09-13-2002]

I really don't know much about Valley Forge and I can't see how I'm going to make this assinement fun but I think it would be an intresting part in histery to learn about.
Crystal S., Florida [09-13-2002]

a wonder site of detail and feeling. thank you.
daryl swann, stuart, fl [09-13-2002]

son of Robert Milton Greene, grandson of Silvey William Greene, greatgrandson of Pete Greene, who went back to Cincinnatti after his wife, Anice Fleming Greene died.
Charles Milton Greene, Iowa [09-13-2002]

A.J. Rowe, Screven, Georgia [09-13-2002]

Where is Valley Forge located?
co, cols.,GA [09-13-2002]

Mercedes, Freeport, Bahamas [09-13-2002]

in valley forge, during the winter of 1777-1778, why were they having a war?
nicole janocsko, port st. lucie, FL [09-13-2002]

can you tell us her life while she was in the valley forge. i ahve a essay on that and i can not find it anywhere
brianna, florida [09-13-2002]

Hey, um....Im donig a project on Valley Forge, 1,000 letter essay. well...thanks for tha information. hehe
Danielle Stimac, Camden, North Carolina [09-13-2002]

I am doing research on this topic for my 8th grade class. If you have any info please send it to me. It will help a lot in my search. Thanks
patrick streeter, madison alabama [09-13-2002]

how many men did he have?
Alecia, Stuart,Fl [09-13-2002]

hi i was wanting to know if you would send me some pictures of your school thnks so very much Katelyn
Katelyn, chandler [09-13-2002]

Cool site
Katie, Michigan [09-13-2002]

hi i think valley forge is very instrsting
chelsea, fayetteville [09-13-2002]

So many kids are doing stuff on Valley Forge for DAR and so am I thans for the help on my project
Ashlee Foyer, Coloma MI [09-13-2002]

yo yo was up
Grace Smith [09-13-2002]

i need to do my dar essay and the topic is pretend you were a soldier at Valley Forge write a letter home to your family explaining all that happened. i was wondering if you could send me a letter of a soldier who was at Valley Forge?
Matt Crull, Psl, FL [09-13-2002]

I am doing a essay on Valley Forge. can you give me more information? sincerly, Taylor Noble
Taylor Noble, Edenton,NC [09-06-2002]

I had to do a DAR thing and i came on this website and found a lot of information It was very interesting ThAnKs PaGe PoPpElL yAlL hAve NiCe dAy (CoMe tO oDuM oNe dAy YaLl hErE)
Page Poppell, Odum Ga [09-06-2002]

Who was Marquis de Layfayette?
Kaleigh [09-06-2002]

Farrah [09-05-2002]

yea yoyoyo i think that this web sight is great and all but u need to put more in about how the soldiers felt, and put in some letters that they sent to their family while they were at valley forge- how they fely, and what were their personal feelings. yo- peace out- John---
John Dough, St.Pete FL. [09-05-2002]

your site is way cool and helpful, but all of a sudden, it just started scooting down with this blue thing at the top. help!! :\
Allbright, usa [09-05-2002]

wonderful site
Na~na, north carolina [09-05-2002]

My question is why were the soldiers not properly ecuipted, and why did so many of them sneak away?
Kristina, fl [09-05-2002]

I'm writting an essay on Valley Forge, actually I'm to be a soldier during this time and write my family, Can you help me?
micha nandaraj, ft pierce, florida [09-05-2002]

nice page
stephen dear, north carolina [09-05-2002]

your web site is cool.
danielle griffis, school [09-05-2002]

Taylor Noble [09-05-2002]

Warren Lynn, Hilton Head Island [09-05-2002]

this site helps with reports for history
Amanda, mass [09-05-2002]

I'm supposed to write a report on first hand experiences at Valley Forge. However, I must be a woman beacause you really have to be yourself and Iwas wondering if you could give me some information on the way women lived and what their contributions were to the soldiers or whatever they did. Thank You.
Samantha S., Florida [09-05-2002]

Roberto, SanDiego [09-05-2002]

were the soldiers at valley forge educated? how many surgeries were performed there? how old were the soldiers?
mike, florida [09-05-2002]

This is a great site it helped me find all the things i need for a school project about Valley Forge.
Kelsey, ~!**!~ [09-05-2002]

This site has helped me a lot in doing my progect about Valley Forge. Thank u very much!
Victoria Annette Ward, North Carolina [09-05-2002]

~!~hello~!~ my 7th grade classes are doing the dar on valley forge and this infromation is really helpful!! and i would like to think ya how is running this website because it is reall y helping!!!!!!1well i just wanted to drop a few lines on this web site
Courtney Paulson, home -n- school [09-05-2002]

I am related to mrs. Custis through her husband. My grandmother was a workman. I think that we are related to Robert E. Lee through Martha's granddaughter or greatgrandaughter.
William E. Phillips, springfield oregon [09-05-2002]

rebecca dinges, west virginia [09-05-2002]

Tim Massey, East Tennessee [09-05-2002]

Who was the most known soldier and why?
cathy, home [09-05-2002]

you say that gen de lafayette convinced several other french officers to come with you know their names?
diane calhoun, portland, or [09-05-2002]

I need to do a dar eassy of vally forgeit's about a letter as a soilder to my family can you help with the resauch !!!
Crystal, Port st luice fl [09-05-2002]

hope you can tell me a lot about your country`s 1.President. I am born on the 22. Feb. 1953
Hans-jörg Horisberger, Unterwiesstr.41a, 8630 Rüti Switzerland [09-05-2002]

Want to bring my granddaughter to visit. We have seen most of VA's hostorical sights some 3 or 4 times. Been to TN a number of times too, but our local history exploration is sadly lacking. Will also try to get into Phila. if my energy holds out.
donna hocking, Local [09-05-2002]

Excellent site and full of interesting information.
Christos Christou, Jr., Baltimore, MD [09-05-2002]

Stayson Stevens, School [09-05-2002]

hi i just wanted to say that i'm gratful to all those people at valley forge who helped me get my freedom. it's a blessing that we as americans can have freedom and so many other people cannot. i really appreciate everything they did so that i could be free.THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
whitney, florida [09-05-2002]

Thank you for providing such an interesting site, and so pleasing to the eye! I have an ancestor who has written in his military muster reports that he was located at Valley Forge for the winter of 1777. He was issued "overalls" the following July. It is rewarding to find the information here concerning the circumstances of the time. Thank you.
Nancie in Texas, Texas [09-05-2002]

heather [09-05-2002]

Lauren, fl [09-05-2002]

thanks so much! this really helped me on my DAR! but you didn't make it clear if women fought in it!?!?
k. b., Florida [09-05-2002]

Why did General Howe choose to take the army by sea to advance on Philadelphia when they could have marched across New Jersey much easier? I would like to have a reference on his thinking on this important development of the War of Independence.
Hugo Gobbi, Cherry Hill, New Jersey [08-25-2002]

What were they fighting about to start a war in the first place?
Mand [08-25-2002]

were was george Washington born
hannah martenson, illinois [08-24-2002]

hannah martenson, illinois [08-24-2002]

What happened to the story and picture of the Indian Chief that came to Washington and bowed down to him. The Chief wanted to know Washington's God, as the Chief and his men kept firing at Washington for two hours; knowing he was getting hit; yet he came out of it without a scratch. His uniform was well torn up though. I was in American History class around the early 1950s when the story and picture were in that History book. Can you help me? Thank you for any attempt on your part finding this story with the picture.
Jim Alderman, Marysville, Washington [08-23-2002]

Did any women fight in the war?
Ruby, 6th grade, NC [08-23-2002]

Do you have any more about Valley Forge like letters from the soldiers?
Ruby, Fayetteville, NC [08-23-2002]

I really like your website.
courtney herrell [08-23-2002]

i learned a lot about valley forge! i am gathering information for my FCAT test at school.
chasity rainford, florida [08-23-2002]

I've used your site in background research in preparation for a children's novel about a boy who served in Muhlenberg's Brigade during the Revolutionary War. The site gave me a lot of material to read and a good sense of what was happening to the brave souls who gave us the freedom we enjoy today. Thanks.
Marj Praml, Winchester, VA [08-23-2002]

Is there an online form for adding new names to Muster Roll. Sincerely P.Fazzini
P. Fazzini, Ohio [08-23-2002]

I am required to do a book report on a general and his use of military strategy. I have always been interested in Lafayette. Could you recommend a book about Lafayette that addressed his strategies during the revolutionary war? Thank you very much.
Victor J. D'Orazio, Edison, New Jersey, 78th Training Division (TS) [08-23-2002]

paul eisenbarth, reno,nevada [08-23-2002]

My Revolutionary ancestor,BalserBumgardner, was a member of the Lancaster Brigade. Did the Lancaster Brigade fight at Valley Forge?
Jeannie Sullivan, Fort Washington, Md. [08-12-2002]

I was treated at the hospital in valley forge in nov and dec 1969, am having a terrible time locating any information regarding the hospital there, have read that the army health services command closed the facility down in 1973. Does anyone have any further information about the facility there and where I might obtain any more info? thank you in advance, steve burley, 82nd abn div, vietnam 1968-1969
steve burley, battle creek michigan [08-09-2002]

I saw in today's paper that Lafayette has (finally!) been given honorary US citizenship. I am active w/ the Lafayette Oaks Homes Assn. here in Tallahassee. We are on the eastern edge of the Lafayette Land grant; a township (6 mi. x 6 mi.) of approximately 23,000 acres Lafayette was given in December 1824 along with $200,000. Perhaps you could add this piece of information to your site.
nancy laux, tallahassee, fl [08-08-2002]

Need info on where to invite sulters and re-enactors to our re-enactment and musuems Ph 573 769 3053
Jack White, Palmyra Missouri [08-08-2002]

Hi, I found your site and spent a while here. It's quite interesting and informative.
anonymous [08-08-2002]

What a wonderful read! I'm printing it out for my grand children to read, also. I've been out of school so long, my memory of history studied in school is long forgotten. Your site has given me back the desire to get back into history!
Ann Parker, Augusta, Ga [07-24-2002]

Jan, Ft. sill. [07-24-2002]

came across this link while looking for heritage of Joseph Mcintrosh of the McIntosh indians of Georgia.
Billie Beard Allen, Jackson, Mississippi [07-24-2002]

Thank you very much for all the help!
Debbie Williams, san diego [07-24-2002]

Excellent, informative site!
Angela Lash, Pgh, PA [07-24-2002]

The Baron von Steuben liked young men. That's the reason he was dismissed from the Prussian Army. This is not at all "speculative" as your revisionist history suggests. Rather von Steubens preference for liutenants has been well documented by Randy Shilts in his book Conduct Unbecoming. Despite being an invert, von Steuben provided General Washington with the winning edge during the Revolutionary war. The Baron retired with honors from the Continental Army. Why is this so hard for you to say?
John Sinclair, Utah [07-14-2002]

i am interested in knowing who painted george washinton kneeling on the snow by his horse allegedly at valley forge and if the painting is available in print. let me know at your convienence. thank you ernest
ernest r. de lora, palm springs california [07-12-2002]

Our Countries History is fascinating. My Grandmother was a von Steuben. The Family changed their name to Stuby after immigrating to New York State after WWI. I have always be told that the Baron was my Uncle. If true it is a great part of my Family History. If not true, it is still a fun reason for our children to study US History.
Timothy L. Floyd, Centennial CO, USA [07-11-2002]

I recently purchased a portrait of George Washington at a garage sale. There doesn't appear to be any signature on the picture. The woman I purchased the picture from said the picture came out of a old school house that had been torn down. Can you help me out here, I was wondering if this picture is the same picture that your FAQ
Dianna, Akron, OH [07-10-2002]

Thanks for such complete information. Your details enabled me to complete our family link to Martha and George Washington (and Robert E. Lee). This was a story our family had always been told and the details found in here matched those family legends. You have made my day and helped make history come alive for my children!!!
Vicki, Oregon [07-10-2002]

america is great
Samantha Coonce, Turlock,California [07-05-2002]

comfirm me with the email of this site i would like to have the email sa well. thanks. frank.
frank, lome togo. [07-01-2002]

Hi! I am a descendant of John Peter Corn, who served at Valley Forge. Thanks for the informative site! Keep up the great work.
Allie, Oregon [07-01-2002]

Greg Kline [07-01-2002]

Neat web site. Mike, I got lost and your home page did not bring me back to the Builder part of your site. Al
Al Emma [07-01-2002]

I am a descendant of Sgt. Major Jonathan Downing. He served with the 2nd NH under Brigadier General Enoch Poor and Lieutenant Col. Benjamin Titcomb at Valley Forge. Thank you for the site. I am trying to keep history alive by doing reasearch and preserving it for future generations.
Kathaleen Krenz, Minnesota [06-27-2002]

Thank you for the wonderful site!
Mary Morgenstern, Lake Buena Vista, FL [06-27-2002]

Growing up in Philly and then raising a family there for many years, Valley Forge was a great place to take the children so they could actually see this grand area.
Richard Morrison Sr., Billings, Montana [06-15-2002]

My parents were married in the chapel at Valley Forge in the 1930's. My sister and I are considering visiting Valley Forge on July 4th this year. Can someone respond and let me know if it is open to the public on that day?
Patricia Burkhardt, Lansing, Michigan [06-15-2002]

matthew buzzeo [06-13-2002]

is there a reenactment next weekend
patrone [06-10-2002]

I found a book "Genealogy of Josiah Munroe" that states that Josiah Munroe, my 7th great-geat grandfather died at Valley Forge on 19 Feb 1778. Could you tell me if he would be buried there? If so would we be able to find his grave?
Martha L. Crawford, Fresno, California [06-10-2002]

Michelle, Fort Worth, TX [06-10-2002]

britt, ln [06-10-2002]

Studying General von Steuben`s activities for George Washington, I found the name of Valley Forge as the site of their headquarter and relatively untrained american troops. My question: Where at that time did the General Majors Lafayette and von Kalb their military command job? In the Valley Forge County, too? Got their soldiers the same training, although they came from different military education in Europe? My next trip to your country will surely touch your place. Sincerely, ww
Dr. Wolfgang Weber, Germany, D44797 Bochum [06-06-2002]

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This site needs stuff on pioneer's. Other wise it's a realy great site. One of the bests
kate, Hawaii [06-03-2002]

Ilove history its great to learn about are countrys past and how we won are indenpendce i did a reporton valley forge for my 5th grade project this year.
Jordan Bakker, Grand Rapids MI [06-03-2002]

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I've never been to Valley Forge,but it sounds interesting.
Chenoa Courtney [06-03-2002]

I am looking for the address of the Valley Forge Society. Can someone help me with that?
Barbara Volker, Fresno, CA [06-02-2002]

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Nina, 413 89th st Daly city CA 94015 [05-30-2002]

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This is a wonderful way to teach children my age about our forefathers. Too bad only a few people take a look at what is there. I wish more teenagers would be interested in the past because it shapes our future.
Bonnie Hill [05-30-2002]

Vinnie Curl [05-30-2002]

I have an original Gen. Washington recruiting poster. It's wriiten in old english and has the soldiers and its mentions a certain major. The poster is clothlike. Tell me more about you might be looking for one.
Sharon Chapman, 3034 Larkspur Ln. Dallas,Tx.75233 [05-29-2002]

Hello I love learning [05-29-2002]

Miles Pinedo [05-28-2002]

I will like t know if there anything like a military school for a 14 year old boy. I was given this name. If you have any information please let me know. thank you very much.
lillan leon, bx,ny [05-28-2002]

Our son, who is fiftyish, asks, "Dad, when I was a lad we visited a wax museum that had a figure of 4 chaplains standing on the pitching deck of a sinking ship. Where was that?" Well, I don't remember. Can you help us? Was that at Valley Forge? Thanks, Noel Hurst
Noel Hurst, Tallahassee, FL [05-24-2002]

I need a good picture of Martha Washington for my daughters school play. Where on the internet may I find one of these. Thank you...
Amanda Auldridge, San Antonio, TX. [05-24-2002]

i was kool i fond all they info about him and i got a A+ for my grade. i was so happy!! and i think the next time i have a report doe this site will be my 1st stop!
erica, baron friedrich von steuben [05-23-2002]

Descendant of General Roger Enos.
Heather Enos, Stamford CT [05-22-2002]

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samson, lome togo [05-22-2002]

I enjoyed the word search and will inform my teacher of this site.
Allysha Franklin, Edmondson Heights Elementary, Baltimore, MD [05-22-2002]

Hi. Can you please tell me what George Washington is holding in his right hand in the portrait of "Crossing of the Delaware"? Please lmk. Thanks, Barry.
Barry Landesman, Miami,FL [05-22-2002]

Hello, I am looking for pictures of the musketball used in the civil war. My son found pretty large one by our home. We live on Crowleys Ridge and have found things related to the war before. Any info would be helpful. Thank You. Diane
Diane Harris, Wynne, Ar [05-22-2002]

im doing a report on valley forge for 5 grade
Nato [05-17-2002]

Thanks for all the great info!!
n, n/a [05-15-2002]

What were some other foods people ate during this time besides firecakes?
Dominique, usa [05-15-2002]

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adam shad, Our Lady Of Lourdes [05-15-2002]

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Amanda, Philadelphia [05-13-2002]

I llllllooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee(love)the "What are they Saying?"section. I summited five sayings!I really think it's great that people like you take the time to make some awesome websites for kids.Thanks a bunch!
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I'm an American Literature fan and student. This great American Historical information is exellent and creates a much more true insight into the foundations of this GREAT country under God.
brandon blankneship, Gainesville, FL [05-12-2002]

Kevin, home [05-12-2002]

I grew up 1 mile from Washington's Headquarters at Valley Forge. In fact the park was our playground. I never really appriciated the history or significance of Valley Forge until years later. I really miss Valley Foege.
Lem Roberts, Atlanta [05-11-2002]

My father was born in a big white house with columns that looks like Mt Vernon across the street and down from Washington's Hdqtrs--in 1909--house was owned by his maternal grandfather James Riddle --they had the creek dammed up for a pond--I have seen photos of that--shortly after Dad was born, the family lost the property and all my life we heard it was a POSOA Hall--we have driven up to see it many times and it looks abandoned--can you tell us the status of the property and maybe some of the history--thnx
anne, Camp Hill PA b.Phila [05-11-2002]

i lived near valley forge so i can safely say that its HIGHLY overrated.
Jed [05-11-2002]

I really like this site it helped me get lots of ideas for the projest i had to do. thanks sincerely, Emily Griffin
Emily Griffin, Galesburg,MI,USA [05-11-2002]

This is a awesome sight for history. All the other ones are so boring. They don't have games i bet.
Jessica, usa [05-11-2002]

Welcome from ex ADC & Exec member of British Scouting
Ron & Moira Whyte, Isle of Skye Scotland [05-11-2002]

I,too, walk the park frequently. There is a tree in artillery park that is split down the middle and appears to be very old. Do you know what kind of tree it is and is it possible it was there during the encampment?
Eugene Reinheimer, Reading, PA [05-11-2002]

Lydia, pa [05-11-2002]

karina hurtado, wenatchee, WA [05-08-2002]

If I was the owner of the original recruitment poster,what are the odds of me selling it. The poster I have is wriiten in old english and is printed on clothlike paper. The paper color is very close to chocolate and the imprint is visible on the opposite side. If your are interested please contact me soon. I already have contacted other museums and they are interested. Thanks!
Sharon Chapman, Dallas,Texas [05-06-2002]

Ilike your valley forge website i find it very interesting see ya.
brandon zahand, pennslyvania belle vernon [05-06-2002]

This... documentary has covered the events of my life well. But you forgot to add that I made a time machine!
Baron Von Steuben, Magdeburg Fortress, Prussia, Germany [05-06-2002]

I have an enlistment poster from an ancestor. I would like to find out more information. The paper is dark as chocolate and clothlike. The back of the poster has the imprint or deep impression of what is written on the front. The bottom of the poster is written in old english. Except for the days of the week and a certain major is also mentioned. Could this indeed be an authentic poster from the past? The poster was folded but now it is in a frame. Please let me know something soon. Thanks
Sharon Chapman, Dallas,Texas [05-06-2002]

hello, i am doing a report and i need to know how many men slept in 1 tent ? please respond as soos as possible thanks a lot
Jackie, Plantation, Fl [05-06-2002]

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I have been here many times. I forgot how to get to the page where it list the names of the soldiers of each regiment. How do I get there? Rick
Richard Baldwin, Syr.,NY [05-06-2002]

Jenny frasco, Montana [05-06-2002]

Jarrett [05-06-2002]

Is there any mention within the records at Valley Forge that pertain to Army chaplains of any religious order.
Rhonda Houston, Texas [05-06-2002]

your site is really helped with my project a lot...but you might want to cosider having a "quick facts" section, or something of that sort because some of the information is paragraphs and paragraphs of information when you only need a few facts on it and dont have much time. I really like your site, but this might help it become even better than it already is. Thank you. Signed a 7th grader
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I like the kid's part but it needs more stuff in it. I'm 12 almost 13 years old that's why I like the kids' part. ~*~T.J.~*~
Tarah, Missouri, U.S.A. [04-29-2002]

Hazen's regiment left Valley forge at 4 a.m. the morning of Dec. 20, 1777 for a march to Wilmington, Delaware.
anonymous, Philadelphia [04-27-2002]

hey yall
john, s [04-27-2002]

chelsea [04-27-2002]

I am the great,great great great grandson of John Cole who died at Valley Forge in 1778.I visited in March 2002,and found his name on the wall in Washingtons Chapel.
Paul Ewen, Norwich, N.Y. [04-27-2002]

I have at least one ancestor that was at Valley Forge with G. Washington. His name was O. Hardesty.
Jerry Golliver, Muskegon,MI [04-27-2002]

Hey yall whutup
Alex Simith, Willow Grove [04-21-2002]

My ancestor Pvt. Anan Hall, of the 1st Connecticut Regiment of 1777, wintered at Valley Forge with Washington. I was the Organizing Commander of the Alabama Brigade of the Society of the Descendants of Washington's Army at Valley Forge.
Donald W. VanBrunt, Huntsville, Alabama [04-20-2002]

I love valley forge I am doing a project on it . I am only 11 years old.
ajaonne Gresham, ohio, cincinati [04-20-2002]

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Jenifer Marchbanks, United States [04-17-2002]

I am writing a report on Martha Washington and like this site. Valley Forge is an amazing place that I must note. Thank you for the pet names noe I shall get an A. And yes I do know that Tichagan is a nowhere town and that it has no post office so we are considered Waterforde which is also a nowhere town no offence. Yet I must say there is a Tichagan Lake I am proud to note. Once agian thank you for your time.
Michelle, Tichagan, Wisconson [04-15-2002]

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Bethany, Florida [04-14-2002]

Our fith grade class is doing a wax museum and I am going to represent Martha Washington. How did the people at Valley Forge feel when she came to visit? What did she do there? Are there any of her ancestors alive that I could contact? Thanks for your help.
Deb Stortz, Edina, MN [04-14-2002]

I used to live in Penn. I went to Valley fun and inteesting! I likd it a lot!!!
melissa ?????, Burlingto [04-10-2002]

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My Greatgreat great Grand Father James Hines, was at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777.
Harmon Hines, Mt. View Mo 65548 [04-10-2002]

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shaquan [04-08-2002]

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As elected President of the Republic Chapter ORSSAR I am learning as much as I can about the American Revolution and wish to help the local C.A.R.
Billy James William Hermann, Salem, Marion County, Oregon [04-07-2002]

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audrey h., gettysburg, pennsylvania. (Lake Heritage) [04-06-2002]

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this site is great for home work or just fans of the revolution its got great info and cool links to sites with more info this site RULES!
nathan c, lincolnton nc [03-25-2002]

Courtney Book, Revere,Massachusettes [03-25-2002]

Have you ever heard the name "Sealom the Pilot" associated with any of George Washington's horses? I have a 19th century painting of scenes at Mt. Vernon and the horse is identified as "Sealom the Pilot".
John Faircloth, Champaign, IL [03-24-2002]

I love this website and i love talking to you but got to go see you later alligator.
Cortney Ayanna Hutchins Pressey, phila,p.a. [03-23-2002]

I really appreciate what George Washington and his fellow troops had to go through in Valley Forge.... for the best in the worst conditions. I really like this website. It is very informative.
Shreya [03-23-2002]

hey, im in 8th grade on an advanced team and we are assigned plenty of projects. a particular project that we have to do is a play on a historical event. i chose valley forge, and i was the one in my group who ended up writing the play. i found this site and it was my main source of information. thank you so much, your information on valley forge was wonderful and helped me write the most outstanding play. you have really given me an insight into what times were really like back then, and i found myself arguing over who should write the play because i was so interested. and i am not one to get excited over schoolwork. thank you so much! i will always use this site for acess to historical information. sincerely, Heather
Heather, fl [03-21-2002]

I like this web site they need to keep it because it is helping me on my homework so plzz keep it
Seth, ky [03-21-2002]

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johnboy, maine [03-21-2002]

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Louisa, school [03-21-2002]

I have to do a repot but I don't have any Potos of the battle at Valley Forge.
Shalene T Wells, Willington, IL [03-21-2002]

Paul R Smith, New Zealand [03-21-2002]

Is there a poem about Molly Pitcher? If so, could you please provide title and author. Thank you
Frank Donovan, Vienna, VA [03-21-2002]

Do you have diaries of contnental soliders?
Matthew Ryan, Northfield,Mn [03-21-2002]

thanks for the info! very interesting!
Nina, here [03-21-2002]

kelsey ford [03-21-2002]

We would like to know lots more. We are really interested in the Battle of Concord and the crossing over the Delaware. We are in second grade!
Matthew and Shawna, Indian Valley, VA [03-21-2002]

My best friend had an ancestor at Valley Forge that she went into D.A.R. under..he was an orderly I am told during the winter at Valley Forge, his name was Jacob Sowder/Souder. Is there any site that has information on people who were in Gen. Washington's Administration Dept? I would like to surprise her by finding out more about her ancestor for her. Thank you., JD
Joan Dimmitt, Las Vegas, Nevada [03-21-2002]

I heard there was a Jewish man named Hiram/Hyam Solomon, whose mission was to raise money to keep the troops at Valley Forge in food and clothing. Was there really such a man? I also heard there is a statue or a tribute to Solomon at Valley Forge. Have you ever heard anything about this man?
Joan Dimmitt, Las Vegas, Nevada [03-21-2002]

hello I am doing a report about the Revolutionary war.I have to do a Alphabet book.I like it a lot.
Erika [03-21-2002]

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pictures of Vally Froge
bob, here [03-14-2002]

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Christina [03-14-2002]

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Could anyone answer me why U.S was justified in going war with Mexico?
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Katie, Pennsylvania [03-14-2002]

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Molly Pitcher was an excelent woman who did wonderful deeds to help the war and to help womans freedom. she is a great inspiration to me. i am very proud to have found this website or else i would have never wanted to learn about her. Now i am doing two reports on Mary Ludwig Hayes (Molly Pitcher) and i am very happy /proud to be doing them. I feel i am doing my classmates a big favor by allowing them to learn about this wonderful woman and all of her wonderful deeds. Thankyou U.S. history!
Dennay Millen, 1910Metz ave. [03-14-2002]

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I really liked this site a lot! i was on it for school, and i found a lot of information for my report! I really thought it was neat to read George Washingtons letter that he had written! Although, i needed more information on Molly Pitcher, but i still loved the site!
Chandler, Rock Hill, South Carolina [03-14-2002]

Do you know what Baron Von Steubon did to change american history?
Melissa, ny [03-06-2002]

Thanks so much for all your useful info
Becca, in this sight [03-06-2002]

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Lauren C [03-06-2002]

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Peter Berlekamp, Sidney, Ohio [03-06-2002]

Do you know where Martha and George Washington were married at? The students in my class were curious to find out.
Kim Harris, maryland [03-04-2002]

AN Travis Lancaster, USS Nassau (LHA-4) Norfolk VA [03-04-2002]

Thanks for all the great information. It will help me on my Project in collage.
Sara, St. Paul, minn [03-03-2002]

John Henry Wootten married Lousia Sykes in Halifax County, North Carolina June 5, 1854, had three children; John T. Wootten, 1856, Carrie Wootten 1861 and Annie L. Wootten, 1862. Captured in Civil War at Fort Monroe, taken to Baltimore, Md. Wife, Louis Sykes Wootten was Postmistress at Enfield, North Carolina...seeking whereabouts of family for book. Thank you.
Willowdean Wootten Vance, Lutz, Florida(Tampa) [03-03-2002]

Kayla A., 16441 [03-03-2002]

amanda ludoviconi [03-03-2002]

Bb j w, Maine [03-03-2002]

where cazn i find information on the valley forge army hospital?
mandy, p~ville [02-28-2002]

tell Mr.t i said hi....hes at tyl middle school in uncasville. history teacher plz bye
shelby white, uncasville,ct [02-28-2002]

alyssa [02-28-2002]

i Love vally forge im 13 years old and im very intested in it! im doing a project on vally forge and i need infomaion on Baron Von Stueben if u could send me infomation onj my e-mail address that would be great thank you very much Diana
Diana, Philadelphia [02-28-2002]

Would like information about Geroge Washington to help me do a biograhy on him for my sixth grade project. Thank you
Tyler Tucksen, Washington State [02-28-2002]

This is a really cool website
Matt Hambrick, Bruceville Eddy Tx, [02-28-2002]

I love this site my class is starting to learn a bout george washington it a cool site because i can print stuff about george washington
dusty [02-27-2002]

sharneice marks, Vaughn Road Elementry [02-27-2002]

can u make a biograhy on John Burgoyne....
DarkAlphaMale14, Ohio [02-27-2002]

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help me find some ancestors
Heather Chantre', usa [02-27-2002]

ashley watts [02-27-2002]

this site was great for doing Early US history web site assessment
Rafaski Saski, Elkader, IA [02-27-2002]

I am looking for information about Martha Washington's innaugural dress. Although she did not attend the innaugural ball, I had read somewhere that she did have an innaugural gown/dress. Can you direct me to resources that would confirm this?
Mildred Brown, Rhinebeck, New York [02-27-2002]

Imagine you are a soldier at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777-1778.Can you write to a loved one detailing your experiences?
sahra, New York [02-27-2002]

very nice site !!! planning a trip for this summer to valley forge .
larry saunders, charlottesville,va [02-27-2002]

I saw a very interesting show on the History Channel about Valley Forge. What can I do as a concerned citizen to help save Valley Forge from further damage,(letters, petitions)? My heart is broken to think that this wonderful, historical site is in disrepair.
Debra Coiro, Stamford, CT [02-27-2002]

This site is groovy
Joe Bob Griffin, The toilet [02-27-2002]

alycia, palm beach gardens [02-27-2002]

hey thanks a lot!! when was deborah samson born and who are her parents
Holley Comfort, Ovid [02-27-2002]

I am a fifth grader at Mill Creek, we are doing Revolutionary War Reports thanks for all the information! Alyssa
Alyssa Knighton, Salt Lake City Utah [02-27-2002]

I enjoyed your site but what I really want to know is what was the name of the little boy whom froze to death holding the latern for George Washington as he crossed the Delaware?
shontelle w, gloucester [02-27-2002]

Beverly Nichole McIntyre [02-27-2002]

Justin Bourne, Bristol,Tn [02-27-2002]

This wed page help so much with my homework. in all this stuff is so cool. Very on should us this wed site :)
Roxanne Russell, usa [02-27-2002]

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Angel Poteet, Home [02-27-2002]

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anonymous [02-27-2002]

I like this website it is very fun!!!!
Brittnee [02-27-2002]

My husband and I were stationed at Valley Forge Army Hospital in the 50's in fact we would walk all around the grounds of the area enjoying the beauty of the park and knowing how history was present. I am looking for a Capt.Spofford that may have fought at Valley Forge from Maine.
Mary Story, Roscommon,Mi [02-27-2002]

how did the nurses deal with the diseses at vally fordge
signe, st.luis [02-27-2002]

signe [02-27-2002]

dan, mo [02-27-2002]

From the Battlefield to the camp of the ancestors Hi. MGN.
Marianne Norgan, gettysburg,pa. [02-27-2002]

i need pictures and information on Valley Forge
stephanie, quincy [02-27-2002]

Margo, Ash, NC [02-27-2002]

billy finney, Plainfield, Indiana [02-27-2002]

Thank You very much, very interesting, I enjoyed it a lot.
Cathy Matthews, Billings, MT [02-27-2002]

I need a picture of valley forge for a project write back in at least 4 days please thaks a lot your infomation was great
Jen, New Hampshire [02-27-2002]

Hey whast up? I am doing a Social Studies Project on Henry Knox and I cant find any picures of him and any pictures relating to him or what he did! Could you help me?
Rhonda, Poughkeepsie N.Y. [02-27-2002]

My name is Kacey and I am 13 old. You can e-mail me any time you would like.
Kacey, South Carolina [02-27-2002]

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Jake morse, home [02-13-2002]

i think this is a great site for kids to get reports done and I think this is even a great site for adults but it is hard to find maybe try and avertise more THANX
Jake Morse [02-13-2002]

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vidudala prasad, pearl river, ny [02-13-2002]

i very much found your site in use.. although i could not get any pictures printed, it helped in many ways!
Kaylee Runyon [02-13-2002]

did george washington have kids?
nicole, pennsylvania [02-13-2002]

Thank god for this site. If it wasn't made I would have had an "F" in American History!!
Nicol, Orlando, Florida [02-13-2002]

Hi!... I have a passion of américan history. My favorite time is the american révolution. For me, this war make the modern caracter of the american. In this time, I make a research on the second Canadian regiment "Congress's onw". If you know a good book or good reference for information, please, tell me!... Thanks!...
Eric Pelletier, Québec [02-13-2002]

Phill And Mike, Chippewa [02-13-2002]

Keep Washington,Jefferson,Adams,Franklin in all school history books despite the efforts of radicals to rewrite American History.Posterity needs this site,thank you very much!
joe weierbach, Hoosick Falls NY 12090 [02-13-2002]

Catherine Wilson, New Mexico [02-13-2002]

How far and how long a drive is it from Trenton, NJ to Valley Forge?
Jerry Nelson, Westminster, Colorado [02-10-2002]

I am a direct decendent of Martha Washington but also of Lt. Jacob Fox. I am looking for information on him. It was said that he was Washington's body guard.
Lynda Owens, Connecticut [02-08-2002]

betty apple [02-08-2002]

I hope by now you have eliminated all the Posion Ivy. I was one of hundreds of Boy Scouts who attended the 1950 National Jamboree there who also had the distinction of,for the first time, falling victem to Posion Ivy. I do look forward to visiting sometime next year, 2003.
David Aldrich, Deer Park, Texas [02-08-2002]

My grand father has passed on a rifle that I believe to be from the civil war era. It says on the side next to the hammer, from what I can make out, "1862 US Springfield" and has the symbol of an eagle. I don't know if it was a serial number on it, but I would like to know the history of it. Someone help me!
Matt, Philadephia, Pa [02-07-2002]

I am a desendent of Samuel Dunn Rev. Vet
James J Dunn, 123 West Union Sta.Rd.Sycamore Pa [02-07-2002]

I'm looking for information on the battle of valley forge. I'm not having very much luck, and I have to make a puppet play out of it at school. age11 Kyle Chadwick
Kyle Chadwick, Harrodsburg,KY [02-07-2002]

Kevin [02-07-2002]

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jennifer thureson, royalton,mn [02-07-2002]

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Shannon Streeter, LaCanada CA [02-07-2002]

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The Coolest Guy, ??? [02-07-2002]

I am coming down to visit with my two kids, Katie & Jack during winter break. (Feb.17-20) We can't wait!! Thanks! Liz
Liz Johnston, Syracuse, NY [02-07-2002]

katelyn kleiner, lake villa [02-07-2002]

i'm doing project in school
Nereida cruz, school [02-07-2002]

Were there Girl scouts at Vally Forge?
Cheryl Allen [02-07-2002]

Lily Potter, New Milford,CT [02-07-2002]

Felicia [02-07-2002]

State Police found a Aaron Burr Association 1995 Monument. Please contact us .
State Police Sussex Station Augusta NJ [02-07-2002]

I would like details description of how soldiers died and or wounded during battle in the Revolutionary War. Also thier feelings and last thoughts about anything. I have a project in class regarding soldiers in the 1775 American war. Please inform me soon on anything that would help me finish my project. Thank you very much.
Maggie, Santa Ana [02-07-2002]

Jordan Barnaby, Staten Island NY [02-07-2002]

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nafees, pakistan [02-07-2002]

Tyra Leigh Agee [02-07-2002]

chelcee [02-07-2002]

PLease send me information about valley forge for my social studies project. thank you!
Holli Dunn, Nicholasville, Kentucky [02-07-2002]

I was on your site and i thought that it was really cool and i was suprised on how much imformation that you gave me with much love Jolene
Jolene Fairbanks, orfordville WI 53576 [02-07-2002]

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Johnathan Kennedy, school [02-07-2002]

Daniel Huffman, Marietta, GA [02-07-2002]

David Hansen, utah [01-30-2002]

I'm doing a project in school on ghost stories in the area Do you know of any in Valley Forge Park?? Please let me know. Thank You!!
fawn sheplock, phoenixville [01-30-2002]

you give a lot of information on this page and it is really helpful. Because we have to do a project on Valley Forge about what they went through what they left behind and a whole a lot of other interesting facts on this page.. Thanks a lot bye bye bye bye bye
erin griffin, Sperreng Middle School [01-30-2002]

This is a great web site it has really good info and fun games. We had to do a project on Valley Forge and i found all my info here. Thax everyone. TTYL.LUL
Megan Kelly, Sperreng middle School [01-30-2002]

aaron buettner [01-30-2002]

I am doing a special report about George Washington, but I can't find where did george Washington was borned could you help me please? Thanks, Natalie
Natalie Bloomer, East Stroudsburg [01-30-2002]

This is a very helpful web site for school projects
Cece Sherrod, New, York [01-30-2002]

What is Valley Forge's main purpose?
Lynn [01-30-2002]

How many patriots died in Valley Forge?
Susan Kim, nj,usa [01-30-2002]

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girly Girl, Wilmington De [01-30-2002]

Margo, nc [01-30-2002]

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Shannon Cheesecake, Paris, France [01-26-2002]

What kind of things did the soldiers amuse themselves with at Valley Forge?
Livian CheeseCracker, Wilmington, DE [01-26-2002]

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LauraLibbyLou, Unionville, Pennsylvania [01-26-2002]

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Zenon, al [01-26-2002]

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Lauren, Rotterdam [01-26-2002]

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Lindsay, Michigan [01-26-2002]

Looking for info about the unit my g, g, g, g grandfather was in when he fought in the Revolution. He was a private soldier in the Pennsylvaia Rifle Regiment.
Frank Yunk-Arnold, Scott AFB Illinois [01-26-2002]

Where can I get a copy of Trego's "Washington at Valley Forge"
Richard Snyder, York, PA [01-26-2002]

kristin [01-26-2002]

Waz up also this is a great website!
Sam Alderfer, Indianapolis [01-26-2002]

Wow! This website gave me a lot of information about Valley Forge that I had never known! I think that i will use this to my best knowledge! Thanks! I have already visited the park and a thuroughly injoyed it. I wish that I could attend again!
Emily Melhorn [01-26-2002]

Awsome site, I am a home school student from arizona and my parents gave me an assignment to study valley forge's history.
Jeff, az [01-26-2002]

You saved my live!
kelsey, home [01-26-2002]

where do i find a picture on the first electoral college of George Washington?
Jocelyn Mitsuko-Romiko Tamarra, Seattle, Washington [01-26-2002]

i used to drive back and forth thru valley forge park going to work at king of prussia. i loved the park for its beauty and all that it represented.
richard j. henning, fairfield, oh [01-26-2002]

Would like to know about Hazen's Brigade, part of the 2nd Canadian Regiment. When was it at Valley Forge?
Robert V. Chandler, Lakeland, FL [01-26-2002]

this sight gave me a lot of info for my WINTER AT VALLEY FORGE REPORT. thans a lot
Heather, utah [01-26-2002]

I am interested in contacting the museum curator. I am trying to research an original firearm that maybe in the collection. Any assistance would be appreciated.
harvey anglum, Beardstown,IL [01-26-2002]

Judy Bailey, Kentucky [01-26-2002]

I think you should put the city and state at the web site
James Emery, Camdenton, Missouri [01-26-2002]

merika, orlando [01-26-2002]

"The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese." I Love Cheese
Chris Watkins, Syracuse NY [01-26-2002]

This web site helped me so much for my report on Martha Washington!!
J Easdon, Denver,Co [01-26-2002]

john thompson, nyc [01-26-2002]

Is it true George Washington played a lot of Golf at Valley Forge? I heard he had a wicked back 9
jack McGinniss, Phila Pa [01-26-2002]

This is so cool Yahooligans is aloso at my school, we use it all the time.
Molly Millar, Severna Park, MD [01-26-2002]

This site is helpful and I found every thing that I needed. Thanks! Gidget Montana
anonymous [01-26-2002]

great website. i was looking for information for my daughter's report. thank you.
bob johnson, glenside, pa [01-26-2002]

who was the comander that led the germentown people
samantha, new york [01-26-2002]

what happened during the germentown war, how long was the battle
samantha, new york [01-26-2002]

Terry J. Barrett, Havertown, PA [01-26-2002]

CJ Bum [01-26-2002]

dan [01-26-2002]

I love this website! It helped me so much with my report that I had to do on Valley Forge!!
Jessica Tischer, Jamestown, New York [01-14-2002]

Samantha Pickering, Glen Allen, VA [01-14-2002]

this is a great site
dellkid [01-14-2002]

Great Website
B Lucas [01-14-2002]

Several years ago, I visited the park and thoroughly enjoyed it! I recall seeing a painting hanging in the visitors center and I would like some more information on it. As I recall, it depicted a soldier, perhaps one of Morgan's Riflemen, perched on the limb of a large tree. He was either in the process of aiming his rifle or reloading, I don't remember which. I would like to know the name of the piece, who the artist was, and if there are prints available of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Rick Larnerd, Rome, PA [01-14-2002]

I served in the Women's Army Corp from 1956-1959 and was stationed at Valley Forge Army Hospital, Phoenixville, Pa. I visited Valley Forge Park many times and found it to be awe inspiring and beautiful.
Shirley Green, Dunkirk, Ohio [01-13-2002]

i loooove george washington he's soooooooooooo hot!!!!
Julie Rakoff, wynnewood [01-12-2002]

Does anyone know where I can get period maps or copies of either Valley Forge or Battle of Monmouth?
Stella Lee Edwards Anderson, North Carolina [01-12-2002]

Kaththea Miller, Marathon [01-12-2002]

Stephen Tillis, Bradenton FL [01-12-2002]

Hey! I had to reasearch Valley Forge for an extra credit grade (which I really needed) and your website helped a bunch!!! Thanks! *Crystal* BTW- I think I got an A on my report :-)
Crystal A., Chicago, IL [01-12-2002]

i think there should be more quizes on this
katie, new york [01-12-2002]

this is a great site
shelby hartz, pa [01-12-2002]

love the site good for my history reports
brent troyer, ohio [01-12-2002]

I need an information about George Buchanan who was service in Private in the 5th Pennsylvania Contiental Line in Revolutionary War. Do you have anything information of George Buchanan? He was moved to Indiana.
Ted Buchanan, Lubbock, TX [01-12-2002]

Ashley KIdwell, ct [01-12-2002]

I am teaching about the American Revolution and the kids are really enjoying your site. Thanks Sue
Susan Alba, Rhode Island [01-12-2002]

Justin, Lancaster PA [01-12-2002]

i think this is a good site a lot of info but i think that you should put a lot more pictures i didnt see any at but other then that it is cool for a site!! thanks!
amanda [01-12-2002]

This is a great website. It has everything i need for all my history projects.
Adam, Newark, DE [01-12-2002]

manuel [01-12-2002]

thanks for all the detailed info about valley forge! It will really help me with my research rport.
Laura F., pennsylvania [01-12-2002]

Very helpful in doing reports for school and the unsolved mysteries was very cool!
Lizzy D. [01-12-2002]

Excellent WEB site!!
E. H. Moody, Greensboro, NC [01-12-2002]

I am doing a report on valley Forge. I found it very helpful Thank you Mayrette Garcia
Mayrette Garcia, pawt. RI [01-12-2002]

thanks for the awesome site!!! i am doing a history project on the american revolution and this is the best site yet. i was wondering if you know any other good places for me to look. ~ thanks~ happy new year!!!
marah [01-12-2002]

This site really helped me with my Winter at Valley Forge report. Thanks
Heather [01-12-2002]

Wanted to read Washington's vision. I liked it.
Lori Ginson, Overland Park, KS [01-12-2002]

Hey!!! I love Valley Forge. I could do a book report on anything and I did it on Valley Forge!
Stephanie, Cali [01-12-2002]

Megan, Collegeville, PA [01-12-2002]

Thank you for the fine work you have done collecting all of the information here. I am concerned, however, that there is not more information on members of the Society of Friends (Quakers)and their role in the everyday life at Valley Forge. My ancestor was Abijah Stephens, who was a physician and a Quaker, and whose home was used by the officers. It might be interesting to offer a perspective on the "other" side of the time at Valley Forge. Thanks!
Kay McCullough, Casper, Wyoming [01-12-2002]

Elicia [01-12-2002]

yeah okay... very interesting.. nothing i would ever look for.. byeee
CoCo BeAnZ, Sumwhere ovr the rainbow [01-12-2002]

I am a descendant of James Roberts who was a Sergeant in the 1st Regiment of the Virginia Continental Line. This regiment was at Valley Forge and his enlistment was in September, 1777. For this reason, your website is especially interesting to me. Thank you!
Ann Stacy, Texas [01-12-2002]

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pat casey, youngstown,ohio [01-12-2002]

Valley Forge is a very interesting place. I would really like to go there some day! Well thank you and enjoy the holidays!!
Ashley Thompson, New Jersey [01-12-2002]

Thanks for the info, I really needed it for my homework. By the way, what state is Valley Forge in? Peace out people!!!!!
Farida, New Jersey [01-12-2002]

What price can we put on the blood of the men who first secured our liberty? How would they feel about the sacred ground where a rag tag army was forged now being used to house the wealthy? Is that the dream for which they sacrificed? Is leaving this small area of our history alone such a terrible price to pay in honoring their gift to us? Would we deprive our children the right to walk these hills and let the spirit of our history speak to their hearts. Allow me to be perfectly clear. I oppose any and all desecration of the Valley Forge Area for ANY reason. David D. Martin Citizen
David D. Martin, Dunbar Pa. 15431 [01-12-2002]

I just read about the toll brothers plan for developing the park. Is there some sort of petition to stop the plans? erin millar
erin millar, ambler pa [01-12-2002]

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