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Valley Forge Guest Book Archives: 2001

I am doing a report for school and I have to find out about marquis de lafayette. thanks
ashley renea, montpelier [12-26-2001]

I am a direct descendant of Joshua York, who served in the 8th Pennsylvania Regiment. I really appreciate and enjoy this site. Thank you.
Jeff York, Tampa, FL [12-26-2001]

James French, Novato, CA [12-26-2001]

hey peace y'all it's brent here and i love studiying about wars
Brent Ober, kisselhill [12-22-2001]

great site, i used it 4 all my projects.
Marco Castelan, St.Paul, MN [12-22-2001]

Courtney, Indianapolis, Indiana [12-22-2001]

Is there a bibliography of the hole story about Valley Forge on this web site?
Greg, Pa [12-22-2001]

Jeff, showlow [12-22-2001]

steve, il [12-17-2001]

I am doing a project on the winter of lexington and so far this has been a great help
Jessica Corrill, ohio [12-17-2001]

i like the web sit it has a lot of information
Ashley, newyork [12-17-2001]

It's great to get HW!!!
Stefanie Paige, pa [12-12-2001]

Lauren Maxwell [12-12-2001]

Missy and Kt, la [12-12-2001]

Emily [12-12-2001]

I am required to do an essay on The Battle of Saratoga and the generals who fought against eachother. Your website was the most useful one I could find. It has all the information about what happened and all the generals. Thank you so much.
Whitney Smith, Milan, Michigan [12-10-2001]

I have to write a ten entry journal of a soldier who was at Valley Forge in my US History Honors class, and this website was the most helpful.
Shilpn Patel, South Brunswick, New Jersey [12-10-2001]

I am doing a report/speech on Valley Forge and what really happened there. This site is very useful, Thank You for making a site like this one!!!! Yours Truely, -Krystal L.M.-
Krystal Lynn McCloskey, Mars, Pennsylvania [12-09-2001]

I would like to know more on Vally Forge's history.....I have a Report to do on it and I was wondering if u can help me???....Melissa Lyons
Melissa Lyons, usa [12-09-2001]

Sierra, Indpls [12-08-2001]

I'm glad that after Vally Forge that we won the American Revolution.
Ashley Field, St. Paul Park, MN [12-08-2001]

Hi Ya'all!!! How ya Doing
Liz Doherty, St Paul Park, MN [12-08-2001]

Your website is awsome! It had all the info that I needed for my project. Keep up the wonderful work!
Mecie, Minneasota [12-08-2001]

this website is very helpfull and our answers are almost word for word.
kare-bear, mertzon texas [12-05-2001]

Thank you very much for providing the information I needed for my history paper over Valley Forge.
Misty, Texas [12-05-2001]

I love to get H W from this! thaz I'm a gurl from Spring Ford school! I love to cheer! c~ya Stefanie
Stefanie Paige, Schwenksville,PA [12-05-2001]

I wavt more facts please!
Hana Mura, Royersford [12-05-2001]

chrissy rozinski [12-05-2001]

This site is really good for information of Valley Forge. I have done a whole project on the information I have found on this website. I will make sure to tell my friends if they do a report on Valley Forge.
Scott Simpter [12-05-2001]

donovan [12-03-2001]

it was cool and helped me on my school project
Nick, Missouri [12-03-2001]

wesley friend, washington [12-01-2001]

This website is the best!I have a report on George Washington and the books didn't do much for me.Thanks for creating this site!
Gil , c.a. [11-28-2001]

carl hartman [11-28-2001]

How does a candidate for president win the electoral votes from a state?
Kyle [11-28-2001]

will you give me some informaion on Geroge Washington and his wife?
Ashley Miller , Eaton Ohio [11-28-2001]

Valley Forge Rules
Matt Freedman , 1114 Childs ave. drexel hill Pa 19026 [11-28-2001]

i love history. george washington is a hottie!!!
Phoebenshelley , ur basement!!!!!!! [11-28-2001]

kristen [11-28-2001]

Aloha. I am tall
Steve Plitzak , Hawaii [11-28-2001]

My freind Mandy said you people need to get some pictures of martha Washington on here
jennifer , Earth [11-28-2001]

great website!!!!!!
betty kanorr , wapakoneta , oh. [11-28-2001]

Arlyne Santiago. [11-28-2001]

Katie Cunha [11-28-2001]

I love your page and all the pictures in your E-mail to me tell me your name
Lorenzo , Hamden CT. [11-28-2001]

I am a former member of the Plymouth Fife and Drums Corps, Plymouth, MI. As a research paper for a college course I choose to write about a place the corps took me that will always be special to me. Thank you for the experience. Now where can I get a map of the grounds?
Bethany Compton , Ypsilant, MI [11-28-2001]

Good site...helped a lot to answer questions....keep up the good work
Dane , E-dale, Iowa [11-28-2001]

I am searching info on GGGgrandfather.....SETH WARD WEBBER SR.served in 3rd Artillery Reg. as Sgt of Continantal troops, under Col. Crane. In 1777-1778 he served with Sewards at Valley Forge. Also served War of 1812 and the F & I Wars.
Lois Webber , Panama City Beach, Fl. [11-28-2001]

The prayers uttered by our Founding Fathers are still being answered by that Divine Providence to whom they, without exception, turned for guidance in instituting the radical and far-seeking government of America the Beautiful!
Phyllis Thompson Halle , South Florida [11-28-2001]

We are planning a family trip to Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Part of the preparation for the trip is helping our family members understand the sacrifices and bravery of the men and women who helped establish this great nation. Visiting the historical sights about which they have learned will help them more deeply appreciate those who gave so much for our freedom.
Anne Hansen , Utah [11-28-2001]

u.s.a. is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Florian , Norfork, AR [11-28-2001]

great information, really very useful for projects!!!!
Erica , Muncie , IN [11-28-2001]

Hi....We like your site. I live right down the street from Valley Forge and we both liked the encamptment a few weekends ago. OK....bye
Amanda & Amanda , Fort Washington, Pa [11-28-2001]

Jennifer [11-28-2001]

thank you so much
matthewguffey , hennessey, ok [11-28-2001]

was he really that important?
simone , Denmark [11-28-2001]

Sara , n.c. [11-28-2001]

just keep bringin' it!!
Laurin , salem OR [11-28-2001]

thank you for your site, because it help me a lot with my report. For school, it gave me lots of infomations. And it help me learn more about the Valley of Forge
nikki marshall [11-28-2001]

tell me if it is interesting but i really dont care
Carson Geib , Lititz PA [11-28-2001]

hello, my name is carley buckwalter.i'm 10 years old (almost 11) i go to john r. bonfield elementary
carley buckwalter , lititz pa [11-28-2001]

hi i really like your web site. if you have any info send it to me. thanks sami appel
samantha appel , lititz pa [11-28-2001]

Emily Owsinski [11-28-2001]

I frequently hike along parts of Mount Misery. Along there, there is an old crumbling Spring House that has been renovated a little with PVC pipe and the like. When was this built, and what was it's function?
Eric Schlechtweg , King of Prussia, PA [11-28-2001]

my class is doing reports and i got this one
Jason Michael Potts , pcms portclinton middle (ohio) [11-28-2001]

hi how is everyone is doing
Ice berg , [11-28-2001]

katie , maple valey [11-28-2001]

jessica , i am proud to be apart of theunited states of amerca [11-28-2001]

Im here looking at your site and i think it is just amazing!!!!!!!
Arnoldo Benitez , cvhs [11-28-2001]

sergio carillo , coachella,ca [11-28-2001]

randy olson [11-28-2001]

Amy , Hotmail? [11-28-2001]

This website gave me a lot of information on the information i needed for a project. I thank you for keeping things so organized.
Nicole , [11-28-2001]

Derek singleton , Virginia [11-28-2001]

Hannah Wiest , New hampshire [11-28-2001]

hi there my name is matthew as you can see above. i am visiting my lovely cousins here in the beuatiful state of maryland. I will soon be leaving to go to Michigan with my father. i don't know what this is for but i'm writing it anyway. bye-bye!
Matthew White , maryland [11-28-2001]

Tony Yang [11-28-2001]

Thanks for all the great info u gave to me!This really helped me with all my research papers I had to do!!You should have some more information on the history of Valley Forge because a lot of people have to do research papers on this topic. i'll have to come on this website more often for my research papers I have to do, because I know I'll find a lot of useful info for myself and my research paper too!!!!
Christina Piserchio , [11-28-2001]

Hi, My name is rebekah and this page has helped me and my partner on this report a lot!!It has given us a lot of info.Well butter go!!
Rebekah , Pleasant Hill,LA [11-09-2001]

woo hoo
Rob , cmh [11-08-2001]

Excellent web page Like to hear more on the Six Pounder Smoothbore cannon and its intended use. Thank you John Chester
John Chester , Wiscasset,Me. [11-08-2001]

jen [11-07-2001]

I'm writing a paper on Valley Forge for my 6th grade class and you were lots of help - thanks!
Colin Ross , New York City [11-07-2001]

Christina Straka [11-07-2001]

I think you need stuff about me!
George Washington , Boston [11-07-2001]

I'm a Hackworth student and this is a very interesting site...that's all...
s.v. , not telling [11-07-2001]

Hi! Have a nice day! Shakira is the bomb!!!
Michele McDonald , Why should I tell you? [11-07-2001]

Do have any more information on Martha Washington?
Cara Stevenson , Augusta,KS [11-07-2001]

Janet Lackey , Claysburg, Pa [11-07-2001]

Christine Kwiatkowski , Sayreville, NJ [11-07-2001]

Summer , Florida [11-07-2001]

this has great info
ashley , california [11-07-2001]

Chris Birdsong , home [11-07-2001]

Tina g , school [11-02-2001]

Can you send me some info on winter at vally forge during the revloutin war. THANKS!
Joe Pereira , middleboro [11-02-2001]

Borne and raised in Philly,camped with the Boy Scouts many times at Valley Forge.What a wonderful place to learn about and "live in" our early American history.Would we today be willing to pay the price for freedom Valley Forge tells of?
Richard M. Tobin , Chesapeake Va. [11-02-2001]

Dear Sirs: I was wondering if you could send me some information on Valley Forge. Thank You
April King , arizona [11-01-2001]

whats up
James wall [11-01-2001]

Thank You so much for this site I'm doing a history report over the Revoloution and this site helped me out the most. Thank You!
JaKay , Texas [11-01-2001]

I hade this big project to do on vally forge and i found most of my ?s on line on this website!
Katie Nugent , Carmel [11-01-2001]

hello,can you send rare known facts and pics of the winter ofvalley forge for my middle school project. thanks
amanda , westfield [11-01-2001]

I am doing a collage and would like some large pictures or images of Valley Forge.
Andy Kress , Asheville, NC [11-01-2001]

deana houser [11-01-2001]

Daniel Harris [11-01-2001]

cindy [11-01-2001]

Traci Mills [11-01-2001]

kristena owens , no [11-01-2001]

what clothing did the soilders where in the American revouluinary war?
miri , america [11-01-2001]

Hi, I LOVE to study the colonial times very much and your site makes it even more fun to learn from . It even hepls me out a lot with my home work! Thanx HOT ANGELZ!!!! AKA (Megan)
Megan Brovic , Phoenix Arizona [11-01-2001]

I am seeking an ancestor who fought in WAshington's Calvary, was reported buried in New Bern, North Carolina...devoted to Wootten/Wooten fmaily history. Thank you.
Willow Wootten VAnce , Lutz, Florida [11-01-2001]

I went to this sight because we were in American History and we were supposed to look things up for Valley Forge.......... I found MOST of the information that I needed.
Paige Spiller , Illinois [11-01-2001]

I love valley forge
Kyle Durham [11-01-2001]

Hughesy , aol [10-28-2001]

This web-site has given my so much awesome imformation for a project that I am required to do for school. Thanks bunches. Mwa!
Laurie , Houston, Texas [10-28-2001]

Evan Cagle , Virginia [10-28-2001]

stepine , tx [10-28-2001]

This is a totally awesome webpage
Charley Hartsfeild [10-28-2001]

im doing a project called american characters and i am Martha Washington and my name is martha he!he!
martha villegas , ca. [10-28-2001]

anonymous [10-28-2001]

Summer , Florida [10-25-2001]

jackey hescott [10-25-2001]

linzee [10-25-2001]

i think your site is nifty it gave me sooo much information for this project that i have to do thank you sooo much yours katie
katie , central middle school [10-25-2001]

i love the people that fought for our freedum
Chris Umstead , Grand Blanc Mi. [10-25-2001]

wuz up
jessica garcia , mia [10-24-2001]

i love
jamie , phila [10-24-2001]

Great Site!
Emily , Hampstead Md. [10-24-2001]

gary [10-24-2001]

I love youre website
boss of work , valley forge [10-24-2001]

Jennafer , New York [10-24-2001]

Ashley , West Chester [10-24-2001]

thank you your site really helped me with my report
kelly [10-24-2001]

Wonderful website! I'm trying to locate the text of Freedom's Foundation's Bill of Responsibilities. I've been unable to locate a website for Freedom's Foundation. Do you know how I could contact them?
Jenni Eckersley , Houston [10-24-2001]

Emily [10-22-2001]

this helped me a lot.
strawberry , school [10-22-2001]

Very cool website!!
Cheryl , Ingram,Tx [10-22-2001]

Megh , nh [10-21-2001]

Thanx for the information. But if youo could please send me some info. on Valley Forge, that would be highly appreciated. Thank You! ~Michelle
Michelle , Michigan [10-20-2001]

Brett A. Coppola , Roseville, CA [10-20-2001]

This website is radically cool!
Nicky Lemen , school/home [10-20-2001]

everyone says i look like martha! I do! even i think, my sister looks like george(washington)!
marty , vermont [10-20-2001]

i like these little games from ACACIA CRUZ
acacia cruz , 29 palms [10-20-2001]

i'm looking forward 2 hering from you.
Tagewattie , Mass [10-20-2001]

ben braga , king city [10-20-2001]

Chris Begnoche , Marydel, DE [10-20-2001]

Stacy Vargus , 5 Robin Hood Dr. [10-20-2001]

Alyssa Archambault , 5 Wyandot cir. [10-20-2001]

i would like some pictures of valley forge...preferably large pictures thanks
melanie , Maine [10-17-2001]

This site has helped with a lot of school projects!! Thanks a lot!
Marley Edinger , North Dakota [10-17-2001]

Thank you for a informative site.It helped a lot on my History Project which i had to do for adecnt History Grade!
Kayley Partridge , United Kingdom [10-17-2001]

scott nieuwenhuis [10-17-2001]

Its time for another Visit!
Karen , Levittown,Pa. [10-17-2001]

dustin , washington [10-17-2001]

Jennifer Day [10-17-2001]

Recently I found that my ancestors belonged to the Sons of America#21 of Valley Forge and that it was a patriotic group that places flags on veterans graves.Does this organization still exist?
Cliff Householder , Florida [10-14-2001]

Thanx! This site really helped out w/ my report on Martha Washington. -NIKKI
Nikki , il [10-12-2001]

thank you sooooooo much!!
taylor , San luis obispo county [10-11-2001]

what did martha go by when she was little?
kate , 24clarmonet [10-10-2001]

Thank you for the stuff on Marquis de Lafayette. Please have some pictures of him!!
Corinne [10-10-2001]

I love the Valley Forge. It's an awesome place to be. I wish i lived here. please write back soon.
tish [10-08-2001]

Hi, I lived In Valley Forge/Audubon Area with my Parents,then moved to Florida In 1975.I am now doing my Family Tree. Kessler,Wismer and Hess. It Is really hard! I do miss Living up In Pa. Thank-you.
Monica M, Kessler-Fitzgerald , Key West,Fla,33040 [10-08-2001]

geno [10-08-2001]

I Plan on visiting very soon.
Stephen Juliano , Port Jefferson, NY [10-06-2001]

kare Moss , Columbus Ohio [10-06-2001]

I've enjoyed reading the information at this web site. I find the ordeal endured at Valley Forge by the Continential Troops can be very motivating.
John Costa , Cranston, RI [10-03-2001]

HI, My name is Deirdre and I want to know all YOUR questions about George Washington, OKay Bye now, Deirdre R. Connolly
Deirdre Connolly , 372 Monteray Rd. #16 South Pasadena [10-03-2001]

this place rocks for s.s.
Bob , Ny [10-03-2001]

blake miller , aol [10-03-2001]

Hannah schoenhardt , orangevle, Ca [10-03-2001]

i think that this site is really helpful for what we are doing in s.s. right now! bye amy
amy jensen , mazomanie wisconsin [10-01-2001]

Is there any information you have found that corroborates the account of the vision George Washington is said to have had? Thanks
David Hull , Riverton UT [09-30-2001]

this is a great site i love it. ive been here 100 times...i just cant get enough! that aaron bur..hes hott!!!
Amanda n April , da bronx [09-30-2001]

What did Lafayette do at Valley Forge -- for a bio I am planning -- please
Donald Miller , North of Pittsburgh; soon Naples FL [09-30-2001]

Joe Smith , louisville ky [09-30-2001]

1)When does Washington camp at valley Forge? 2)When was Washington inaugurated? 3)When does Washington retire from the army? 4)When does Washington cross the Delaware river? thanx 4 answering these questions
Karina , pennslyvania [09-29-2001]

hey jessi and friends
amy jensen , middle school of wisconsin [09-28-2001]

jennie , wisconsin [09-28-2001]

hello people
Steve , mazo wisconsin [09-27-2001]

very informative
Jessica Powers , school [09-27-2001]

Thanks for the kid section.
Mariette , Montana USA [09-26-2001]

alazja davis , school [09-26-2001]

would like to know if there are any stories told from the soldiers' perspective about their time they spent in valley forge during the revolutionary war
may warren [09-23-2001]

may warren [09-23-2001]

miles ashworth , new york [09-22-2001]

This is wonderful! I am doing personal research and refreshing my (very) early school days so that I will be better equipped with teaching and sharing with my kids (grown) and very young grandkids.
Colleen Fontenot , Lake Charles, La. [09-22-2001]

Steve Goscinski , Morris Plains, NJ [09-21-2001]

Re: Nathanael Greene: I have read in several books and encyclopedias that the Ga. legislators gifted Greene with "Mulberry Grove," a rice plantation for his War services. But on your site, I read they gave him a gift of ten thousand guineas. Can you clarify please.
Mary Sue Anton , Seabrook, Texas [09-21-2001]

i just love history
katrina , home [09-19-2001]

MorrisAnn Tucker , Scottsboro,Al [09-19-2001]

Kayla , Texas [09-19-2001]

my ancestor fought at yhe battle of yorktown---his rank was asst, footmaster--do you have information on that rank?
topping , co. springs colorado [09-12-2001]

Jordan Eldridge , Cupertino, Ca [09-12-2001]

my ancestor fought at the battle of yorktown---his rank was an assistant footmaster----can you tell me about that rank--cheery,bill in colorado.
bill topping , colorado [09-12-2001]

I think this is a very educational guide cfor history if you can tell me anything about Laura Ingalls Wilder that would also be very nice.
Kim , Alden iowa [09-11-2001]

This like is like so like cool like awsome! like totally
John , manitowow, Wi [09-11-2001]

Joseph Lawrence Reger , Cheektowaga, New York [09-11-2001]

Bethany C. Kindrick , Sacramento, CA [09-11-2001]

Janet Noll , Yakima,Wa. [09-11-2001]

Thank you for your wonderful site. It will help me in my study of american history.
darlene freeman , hot springs, ar [09-11-2001]

I rode on the southern most 1976 Bicentennial Wagon Train. Which met up with the others to celebrate the fourth of July at Valley Forge. I'm trying to find those I rode with and hoping they signed your guest book.
Lynda Yates Purifoy , fl [09-11-2001]

Everett L. Latch , Shelton, Wa. [08-29-2001]

I would like for you to send me information on LoveValley, NC. I, along with my mother, are thinking of moving there. Thank you.
Angie Massingill , mississippi [08-29-2001]

I happen to think this is one of the best history sites I have been to. On this site I was able to look up all the information I needed. Thanks, amanda
amanda [08-23-2001]

having visited valley forge,when i lived in pennsylvania, many years ago, it was wonderful to be able to get this website up, it has brought many lovely memories back to when i used to live there.. thank you.
joan e charles , morayfield, qld. australia [08-22-2001]

Fourth great-grandson of John Tillery, who served under George Washington at Valley Forge.
James D. Elza , Amarillo, TX [08-22-2001]

David R. Lewis , n.y.c. n.y. [08-17-2001]

Your site is terrific and wil be extremely useful to my visitors, so I have posted a link at In the Spirit of '76, Ed Boyle
Edmund W. Boyle , Upper Darby, PA [08-17-2001]

Thanks for all the wonderful information. I am the great grand niece of Herbert and Eleanor Burk and learned a great deal from the site that I did not know! You really made me wish I had known them!
Kathryn Roosa , Houston, Texas [08-13-2001]

i have been to the valley forge museum in july of 2001 and i really loved it. you see the history that you have heard of. great site.
richard nickerson , weymouth massachusetts [08-12-2001]

Suzanne , Marietta, Ga. message: [08-09-2001]

I love going to the park and seeing hgistory right before my eyes.
Larry Collins , Philadelphia, PA [08-03-2001]

Im curious about this site
robert kenefick , new jersey [07-31-2001]

Wonderful site!
Vince Knapp , Northern Virginia [07-26-2001]

great site. Look forward to using it with my fourth grade class.
victoria fairburn , philadelphia [07-23-2001]

Scott T. Hoxie , penna. [07-23-2001]

Your web pages are excellent and useful. I call you in my web pages nice to mmet you in my web pages and my guest book sign (please fill all fields and after Submit ) .
nikos kritikos , argyroupoli - attiki - greece [07-23-2001]

i got a lot of information on this site on martha washington for my report thanks
alyssa , usa [07-20-2001]

was looking for pictures of uniforms my grandson has doll colection & stands don,t know witch goes with each stand
gertrude martin , deptford new jersey [07-19-2001]

I attended the Boy Scout Jamboree at Valley Forge back in 1957. So did my brother-in-law. He recently showed me a packet of seeds for (I forget the name of the plant or tree) and I was wondering how I could find out if this packet is worth anything (it is unopened).
Harold Robinson , Gettysburg, Pennsylvania [07-19-2001]

I hope everything in this is correct because I will soon be visting Valley Forge for a confrence for an R.O.T.C. event.
Crystal Wilson , Topeka, Kansas [07-18-2001]

william patrick mckeever , ny ny [07-17-2001]

I am looking for anyone that knew my grandfather Clarence Vincent Powers. I have been searching for him and last I heard he died at Valley forge veterins hospital and I cannot find anymore leads on him because I have been told that hospital does not exist anymore. He lived in Thunder Bay Ontario Canada and dissapeared and we heard from the hospital in 1985 but could not get ahold of him if any one reading this could help me or took care of him please email me back. I have been told he left canada with a woman with the last name William or williamson My grandfathers full name is Clarence Vincent Leonard Powers Thank you I hope someone in Valley Forge can help me!!!!!!!!!!!
Cindy , md [07-17-2001]

William C. Miller, Jr. , Waldoboro, Maine [07-15-2001]

My first real memory of the park was at a Boy Scout jamboree held in the fifties. Living less then five miles away I visit it iften, and always enjoy taking out of otwn visitors there. I still have to get used to it being Federal Lands and the new driving pattern. Otheriwise, go if you can it is a great experience.
Ralph Terrell Marston , Norristown, PA 19401-3408 [07-10-2001]

I was reading a speech by Jorge Mas Santos who is the chairman of Cuban American National Foundation. This is a portion of what he said: "In this context, let me just note an historical incident that every Cuban knows but few Americans remember. In the dark hours of the American Revolution—as the colonial troops were threatened with annihilation by the British redcoats—a group of women in Cuba came together and, in order to raise desperately needed funds to send George Washington to help feed his army, sold their jewelry. Many historians credit these "Ladies of Havana" with staving off the collapse of the revolutionary army long enough for Washington to defeat Cornwallis at Yorktown and ensure the birth of this great nation. What we ask now is that in their time of continuing need, we give the Cuban people the resources to take back their destiny into their own hands." Is there validity of there being any Ladies of Havana? Thanks, Sue Smith
Sue Smith , Canton, Illinois [07-10-2001]

I am so glad that Valley Forge was recognized by the National Trust for H.P. I have been trying to get recognition for my family's heritage site on the Potomac in Maryland. It is pre-Revolutionary (1730) and its cemetery contains two Revolutionary veterans and the widow of a Brig. General of the Revolution. It is managed by the National Park Service, and there has been no preservation in 20 years. I would like to know how you have managed to work together to preserve Valley Forge.
Peggy Marshall , Fairfax VA [07-10-2001]

Here's a little tibit that you may find interesting about Henry Knox: After the war, he aquired through his influence, rights to the "Waldo patent" for $5 per hundred acres and began threatening the settlers there with eviction if they did not pay him outrageous sums ($3 to 5 per acre) for the lands they fought for and developed. There was quite a bit of civil unrest due to the extortive offer in the area he aquired; but because he had the influence; the state upheld his claim to the lands, spurious though it was. Out of the outrage of his actions, 3 towns that were finnally chartered were named Freedom, Liberty and Unity. He was no hero of the common man. See "Liberty Men and great Propietors" by Alan Taylor.
Fred Nehring , Montville, Maine [07-10-2001]

hello, i really enjoyed visiting your website. i hope to visit your place one day!
lucita de ocampo-caudilla , Manila, Philippines [07-10-2001]

I hope someday I may see this historic place. I have always wanted to see Valley Forge.
Allen F. Lamp , Alliance, Ohio [07-05-2001]

We live near Valley Forge State Park now and go there every night after dinner to walk around this magnificent park. In doing so, I could feel the history all around me. Since it's been a few years since I studied history, I want to find out everything I can about this wonderful place.
Constance Janitor , Greensburg, PA [07-01-2001]

Susan Hyland , auburn, pa [06-28-2001]

Glenda Emanuel , Baton Rouge, La. [06-28-2001]

Duportail Village,located in the Chesterbrook community,borders on the Wilson Farm one of the largest plots of land remaining in Tredyffrin Township.Were federal troops burried on any of these lands?
Gerard J Lewis , Wayne Pa 19087 Duportail Village [06-28-2001]

Love this site!!
Jill Knauer , Baltimore, MD [06-28-2001]

Hey, you guys have made a really good website.
Hanisah binti Haji Ishak , Malaysia [06-28-2001]

I am a 5th grade teacher looking for a song about Valley Forge which my sister learned in elementary school in the 60's. We don't know the title, but the chorus goes something like this: So, it's drill, march, march, drill It surely wasn't fun To winter down at Valley Forge With General Washington. The verses talk about all the hardships the soldiers endured (no shoes, moldy bread, etc.). Anyway, if you have it great. If not, any ideas on where I can go to look for it with my limited information? Thanks PJ
P Jeffery , San Diego, CA [06-20-2001]

Thank you for being here!
Celeste Meyer Greeley , Northern California [06-20-2001]

Hi Thanks for all the hard work on such a wonderful site!
Shannon Dempich , Grosse Ile , MI [06-17-2001]

Two of my forebears, Joshua and Henry Tillery served in the Continental Army. A John Tillery is listed as being with Washington at VF. I do not yet know how he is related, but he is no doubt one of the Tillerys from Richmond County, VA, originally from Scotland.
M. Kelly Tillery, Esquire , Philadelphia, PA. [06-17-2001]

Deanna Blanchard , Richmond,Va. [06-10-2001]

I love your ghost story but i don'belive your supersitch joy. Get rel!!! come now ther no such thing is ghosties.
tommy lee , phila. [06-10-2001]

Can u find me thigns on the hard winterthe settelers had at Valley Forge?? Please e-mail it to me REALLY QUICK! pleasE!! :(
Laura , nj [06-06-2001]

what was the battle of flatland ford?
constance fox , chappaqua,ny [06-06-2001]

Do you know if Martha left a will and is there an existing copy of it ?
Sinder , Plantation, Florida [06-06-2001]

hello people
will martin [06-02-2001]

its great
jessica [06-02-2001]

Having worked at Valley Forge State Park in the 1970s and during the bicentennial wagon train event, I'm happy to see this site available with people-friendly information about the park. It's always been a beautiful area (I was born and raised in Phoenixville), and the history makes it even more so. thanks!
Judy Shoemaker Krassowski , Derry, NH [06-02-2001]

this has more info than what i learned in school
richard johnson , w 904 9th #5, spokane, wa 99204 [06-02-2001]

people forget some important WOMEN in history and i think you should have a special place where you can click so people can learn about the women who were also very important.
Jenn conner , Karns City, pennsylvania, USA [05-30-2001]

hi, i am only in eighth grade, but my history teacher is Mr. Donagon. i don't care much for hisory but he accually keeps me interested. he tells us stories about how the battles took place. he tells the stories like he's been there and they make you feel like your there along with him. i just wanted to tell you this if you probaly wondered why a 14 year old was on a historical site. cause i don't think a lot of people my age would go to a historical site. well because of my hisory teacher i love hisory. if you wonder who this is i go to Karns City jr. sr. high school in Karns CIty ,. Pennsylvania. check him and our school out.
Jenn conner , Karns City, pennsylvania, USA [05-30-2001]

I am looking forward to doing archeology at Valley Forge for the Park Service starting June 18th. I hope to meet org. members to exchange information. adios from the rez, leo
Leo Karpinski , Canyon de Chelly, Navajo Nation [05-30-2001]

I am interested in Kids Stuff for the younger set. I am a first grade teacher. Any sites you would suggest ?
Susan , Norristown, Pa [05-30-2001]

he was the best general ever i thought that he did a great job at valy fordge
Tony Strauf , california [05-30-2001]

who trained washingtons troops at valley forge
gre, pleasant gap [05-30-2001]

James M. Trego , Laguna Niguel, CA [05-28-2001]

I server onboard the Valley from 1959 to 1961. I was in B Div., No.# 2 Boiler room. I worked for Chief Anderson, And Firth Class BT Keener. If there are any old Shipmates of mine out there, please contact me. Nice site, Thank You.... Homer (Ken) Green
Homer (Ken) Green , Conneaut, Ohio [05-26-2001]

Some people say things like "1st presz was nothing well I dont think so.
Aaron Bost [05-24-2001]

Thanks for the site its great.. Valley Forge has always been a entrust of mine since I was a boy...
Hansen , New Jersey [05-24-2001]

I would like to know more about my ansester. Can you send me more links or pictures & infortmation on William B. T. Trego ? Thank you
Sarah Trego , Maryland [05-24-2001]

I grew up in this area and visitng Valley Forge Park brings me great solace. It is a place to take my family and enjoy the vast expanses. It gives one a chance to commune with the spirits of the people who made the ultimate sacrafice for our freedom. I came to this site to learn more about Valley Forge, so that I can share it with friends and family. Thank you for it's creation and keep up the good work.
Ben Townsend , Harleysville [05-24-2001]

Jenny Atkinson , Pa [05-24-2001]

Need's moer pictures.
Laura [05-24-2001]

I am learning about valley forge for homework
Amanda [05-24-2001]

Michael McKeough, Glenside, PA [05-21-2001]

Is there a comprehensive archive of the names and other information on soldiers who wintered at Valley Forge during the revolution? If not, I think it's a shame and would be a worthy project. Thanks
Ron Taylor, Brisbane, Ca [05-21-2001]

samantha leight jones [05-21-2001]

i love valley forge
shamain wilkes, Baltimore [05-19-2001]

Look forward to visiting during the Memorial Day holiday
Pat Jablonsky, Michigan [05-19-2001]

uh, just a couple things but: put some pictures of Martha on the site, Include info about her like what kind of accomplishments she made. Basically you just need a part that says straight out everything about her.
Catie, Catie, Catie [05-19-2001]

John Healey, American Fork, Utah [05-19-2001]

tiffany lehman [05-19-2001]

jennifer todd, idaho [05-18-2001]

Vern [05-18-2001]

alesandria hill, [05-18-2001]

Allison, ill [05-18-2001]

This site rocks!
Charles [05-18-2001]

I think you should put more pictures of Martha Washington and George Washington on your site.
Caroline, Merrick, New York [05-18-2001]

Hey everyone, Wazzzzup???
Adam Kutnick, Cleveland, Ohio [05-16-2001]

Hi I'm Sam i like your webpage but i think you should put lots of pictures of martha on it that way people could see what she looked like!!!
Samantha Andriolias, 9276 Barbra rd. [05-13-2001]

EHeinsbergen, Webster N.Y [05-13-2001]

i thank you for this site, i have really enjoyed it, especially, because one of my gfathers owned valley forge, 'william dewees.'
joyce moreno, illinois [05-13-2001]

this was very interesting !!
Christina, San Diego [05-11-2001]

I greatly enjoyed your web site. I have recently become interested in the Revolutionary War and and George Washington's role. I am also interested in the Christian heritage of our founding fathers. Good job, guys!!!!!!!!!
Matthew Coldiron, Alcoa, TN [05-11-2001]

danny lover #1, new mexico [05-11-2001]

Hey I like your wep site. It's pretty cool
Beth, Ca [05-11-2001]

MIgtre loinarig, california [05-11-2001]

This ia a very helpful website. im having fun and it it is helping my report.Thanka-a-bunch
Amanda Plummer, anonymous [05-11-2001]

This site is extremely well created. my congradulations to the producers and my thanks.
Elise Keys, Fair school [05-11-2001]

whoever runs this web site can you please send some more pictures of martha washington
jasmine k., 153 m.l.k. drive [05-10-2001]

I am 9 and I am doing a reserch for Martha Washington for school!
Laura, ca [05-07-2001]

I'm very enteresting to learn about Vally Froge
Kristen and Brittny, Home [05-07-2001]

Are there plans to build a museum in Valley Forge Park? If so, when do you expect to break ground and complete the project?
Brian Curley, Phoenixville [05-05-2001]

Thank you for helping me right my school article on Valley Forge.
Tehani Bollinger, Oahu [05-05-2001]

Alondra de la torre, el portal [05-02-2001]

I was there on vacation in December 1997 and loved visting there. I was so moved by all the history Valley Forge contains. I can't wait until I go again. I had the best time there!
Renee C. Flores, Fort Lauderdale, Florida [05-02-2001]

Was thrilled to see the question posed by Wendy Walker, a direct decendent of Lewis Walker. I, too, am a direct decendent of Lewis Walker, and would very much like to correspond with her, if she has the time.Would so much like to walk the area our ancestors lived in, way back then. I am the great granddaughter of Abner Walker, who left Pa, and moved west to SD,around 1865.
Corinne S. Walker, Taylor, Olivet, SD, 57052 [05-02-2001]

Can you send some pictures about what happen on valley forge during the revolution war 1777
judith ofosu, Lynnwood washinghton seattle [05-02-2001]

thank you for your help.
Lisa, Edwards, Mo [05-02-2001]

Ardian Mollabeciri, Home [05-02-2001]

Gabbi, pa [05-02-2001]

Thanks! I'm related to martha custis and am doing a 5 pagge report on her! without this I would be totaly lost!
Trev, Virginia [05-02-2001]

if you can tell me a web site where there is pictures of george washington dressed in his revolutionary war outfit i think they were red we are doing a part at work we are dressing like this and we need to see how he looked back then from clothing to hair and facial coloring. thank you.
diana, ohio [05-02-2001]

I think ur site is great for studying and reports! And just for fun!
Jill, Tullytown, Pa. [05-02-2001]

jOSH WAHNSL [05-02-2001]

I really like your site! If provides good information for the report that i am doing! I appreciate the time you took to make it! You did a great job!
Kate [04-26-2001]

I think this site is awsome! for people who are doing reports like myselfe on george or martha Washington this is relly helpful. Befor i found this site i had no info now i have 21/2 pages but im not done well i just want to say thanks for this site with out it i would be dead thanks again sincerly marina goff
Marina Goff, oxford Ct [04-26-2001]

where can i find pictures of martha washington
ashley, warren michigan u.s.a. [04-26-2001]

i just wanted to write and say hi! i also think it is really cool of how you have a valley forge guest book. if you have any pics you can send me please do! ebony
ebony brown, gainseville.fl [04-26-2001]

To Whom it my concern: I am the Scoutmaster of Boyscout Troop 622 In Essex, MD I was hope to find out info about visiting sometime in Aug of this yr. and let the Boys get the Medial this would have to be on a Saturday can you let me know if this is possible and a good time to visit. We would like it very much also let me know the cost per person. Thank you, Scoutmaster Freddie Mike Vickery
Fredie Mike Vickery jr, Dundalk, Maryland [04-26-2001]

Hello, everybody!!! i luv history
Catherine, Medford, MA [04-26-2001]

My great-aunt married Albert Knox in the 1800's. I wonder if he was related to the General. They lived in Los Angeles.
Donna Knowlton, Brockville, Ontario [04-26-2001]

I've been in PA. before, I love all the Historical places. I've also been to the Amish country part of the state. Thanks
Glenn Lipford Jr., 600 Wilson Ave. Mtn. City, Tn. 37683 USA [04-26-2001]

moti ben, pheladelphia [04-26-2001]

What are some important events about Martha Washington? What are important things in Martha Washington's life that effected the way she lived? Why is Martha Washington famous? What are some interesting facts about Martha Washington's life?
Tony Riehle, Valley Forge [04-26-2001]

jess, ohio [04-26-2001]

very nice.thanks for all the information.
glenn coffey, ingalls indiana [04-26-2001]

i think your web site is pretty cool. it gives great info.
poppy-jo gossmeyer, peoria il [04-26-2001]

Sandra Koehler, Hawthronwoods, IL [04-26-2001]

How can I volunteer to work in the museum or park?
Donna Nicolazzo, North Wales, PA [04-26-2001]

Braidi Coburn, Port Angeles WA America [04-26-2001]

Gerry Lee Johnson, Port Angeles WA America [04-26-2001]

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