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George: hay
Soldier: hay is for horses
[mia, ] 12-25-2010

George: *ring, ring* *ring, ring* SOLDIER! I told you to put that cell phone on vibrate!
Soldier: Sorry, sorry.....Its this stupid AT&T phone
[BlAckOuT, ] 12-23-2010

George: we want war
Soldier: so be it
[abigail, ] 12-22-2010

George: Does anyone have any hot cocoa? I am freezing!
Soldier: We warm you up with a little gunfire! Mahahaha!
[anonymous, ] 12-22-2010

George: hello, there solider.
Soldier: um hello George Washington
[Ashling/ girl., My age is 9. I live in lowville N.Y.] 12-16-2010

George: Let us have your land!
Soldier: Go away!
[Serin Lee, ] 12-16-2010

George: I have a confession.....Im *sniff*....Im *sniff*.....Im a BUFFALO BILLS FAN!
Soldier: (crowd gasps) I knew it!
[BlAckOuT, ] 12-16-2010

George: Patriots rule!
Soldier: They do rule!
[Aric McAlister, ] 12-14-2010

George: Men and Waman give thanks to the soldiers that gave their time when it was sunny.
Soldier: We respect that.
[Aric McAlister, ] 12-14-2010

George: usa rules!
Soldier: It does rule! :)
[anonymous, ] 12-13-2010

George: give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: why shoud we do that
[kevin, ] 12-13-2010

George: Get out of here you mangy pesks or I'll start to sing!
Soldier: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!We're going We're going
[Nicole Campbell, ] 12-10-2010

George: We will win this war! For the ESKIMOS!
Soldier: Yeah!
[anonymous, ] 12-10-2010

George: prepare for fight
Soldier: we are ready!
[anonymous, ] 12-10-2010

George: "Let's go fight Britain!"
Soldier: "Can we sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate first?"
[Jordyn, ] 12-09-2010

George: Give me liberty or give me death!
Soldier: No, no, got it all wrong...... its Give me a new Xbox 360 or give me the Red Ring of Death
[BlAckOuT, ] 12-08-2010

George: I can look into the future....... the Giants will Super Bowl XVL
Soldier: What the heck are you talkin about?!?!? whats a Super Bowl?
[BlAckOuT, ] 12-08-2010

George: im freezing my uniform off
Soldier: hey! look whos talking!
[Celeste <33, ] 12-06-2010

George: No mercy to the British!
Soldier: You will regret saying that!
[Me, ] 12-05-2010

George: Hello good sir.
Soldier: Uh sir are you felling alright?
[Drake, ] 12-05-2010

George: why do you want to do this
Soldier: we want to be free and have freedom
[breanna, ] 12-03-2010

George: Men, we need to end this war!
Soldier: Let us fight for our freedom!
[Hollie, ] 12-03-2010

George: soldiers,lets fight hard and win this war.
Soldier: we will not let you down,sir.
[haley moore, im 10 in florence,alabama and im a central wildcat.] 12-03-2010

George: Come on it is time to fight for freedom and liberty!
Soldier: I'am cold!
[grace, ] 12-03-2010

George: we should not fight why do you want to fight
Soldier: yes we should and i want to
[abby'gale, ] 12-03-2010

George: im hot
Soldier: your not
[jalisa, ] 12-03-2010

George: men we are in a deadly war now and we shall win it i wish you all saftey during this war gook luck and god bless you all
Soldier: with all great honer we shall win hoorah
[gage, ] 12-02-2010

George: let's get some hot chocolate
Soldier: good idea
[dalton, ] 12-02-2010

George: We have to leave for war right now!
Soldier: But we can`t leave the women and children!
[Clay, ] 12-02-2010

George: we came in peace &we don't want war here .
Soldier: what are you doing here young people?
[Da'Santo Vonte Ingram, ] 12-02-2010

George: my clothes are beater than yours
Soldier: grrrrrrrr
[rickey, ] 11-30-2010

George: We want to fight you!
Soldier: We are ready!
[Coleton, ] 11-30-2010

George: lets end this war
Soldier: lets fight for our freedom
[Emily Holcombe, ] 11-30-2010

George: right now,we can either live or die.
Soldier: lets win this war!
[Darbi, ] 11-30-2010

George: we must go to war right now
Soldier: why now
[raven, ] 11-30-2010

George: we are going to fight for our freedom......
Soldier: hey is it just me or is his fly undone?
[fatima, im awesome!] 11-29-2010

George: Troops prepare to taste my gun with gun powder!
Soldier: Uh Oh guys he is serious I think he just turned to the british side run away from him and load all of the cannons and rifles and muskets and pistols!
[Sarah Whitus, age 11 Pinckney Mi] 11-26-2010

George: Men ! Step lively!
Soldier: But I am tired and hungry and YOU HAVE A HORSE! I'd kill for a horse!
[Rachel B, Im 10 and I go to ST. Roman School Wisconsin] 11-23-2010

George: French Infantry? I thought you were doing protocol with England!
Soldier: Nah.Protocols BBBOOORRRIIINNNGGG! Besides lafayettte sent us.
[rachel B, Im 10 yrs old] 11-21-2010

George: put your guns down men!
Soldier: no we came here to fight!
[katelyn kauakahi, ] 11-19-2010

George: Hey guys, were highly outnumbered and heading to a fight were probably not going to win.
Soldier: Dang, it was good.
[Dan W, Yeah] 11-17-2010

George: why are you sending troops out to the war.
Soldier: we are fighting for the war
[Celeste Gardner, 14] 11-17-2010

George: Men you all have fought admirably. The british have more troops, better supplies and better trained soldiers, but we have heart.
Soldier: Sir, yes, sir, we believe in ourselves and you.
[meimei, ] 11-17-2010

George: "we are not going to fight you losers
Soldier: oh yes u are
[nia, ] 11-17-2010

George: Please calm down and stay determined! Isn't our freedom worth this tortue?
Soldier: "We're tired of these disqusting flour cakes!" "Why were we sent here to die!" "Terrible, simply terrible!"
[John Ahn, I'm 13 and go to Maplewood Richmond Heights Middle school at St.Louis, Missouri.] 11-17-2010

George: Why are you here?
Soldier: we wanted war
[kareem harry, 13,maplewood,mo] 11-17-2010

George: Put your guns down men!
Soldier: No Pay back!
[Ms.Kelly, ] 11-17-2010

George: we shall stay here for the winter
Soldier: but its almighty cold sir
[dylan, im 13, I live in st. louis, i like sleeping and food] 11-17-2010

George: Keep marching men
Soldier: I'm really tired, I have to go to the bathroom, I'm cold
[Caitlin Schrank, ] 11-17-2010

George: If you win this war, we will have a future and be able to make Xbox, Playstation, and buy Nintendo from Japan...
Soldier: For video games!
[jamie madere, 13] 11-17-2010

George: We are at risk, but we will not back down without a fight. We are the Continental Army, and we thereforth will rule this day!
Soldier: Hoorah!
[Timmy Terrell Truss Jr., ] 11-17-2010

George: "Prepare to fight."
Soldier: "I think you mean prepare to die."
[Autumn, ] 11-17-2010

George: Hey guys, you either die in this war most likely, or Britain taxes you...
Soldier: We choose death!
[jamie madere, 13] 11-17-2010

George: men lets get ready to fight
Soldier: we are ready
[anonymous, ] 11-17-2010

George: We will defeat you!
Soldier: Ha, over my dead body!
[Moeishia K., ] 11-17-2010

George: Just so y'all know, you kinda suck at fighting, so...ya know, you're probably gonna die.
Soldier: what!?!?!?
[Ruby, ] 11-17-2010

George: We've got to fight, for our right....
Soldier: To party!
[GabbyC, ] 11-17-2010

George: You guys, quit pointing your guns at us.
Soldier: You are the ones who wanted the war.
[Taylor Welch, ] 11-17-2010

George: Give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: Well I pick death
[sara mahelona, ] 11-17-2010

George: Please stay in the army, we need you to win this war!
Soldier: No. You put us in freezing cold cabins, with little to no clothes, and now the meat is gone. Besides, we only signed up for 9 months anyways.
[Natalie, ] 11-17-2010

George: Watch out for those predator missiles!
Soldier: Scratch predator missiles! me and my friend just had an AA12 momment!
[anonymous, ] 11-17-2010

George: "So uhm, yea guys. I'm very sorry, but you aren't going to survive, so get over it. Thanks though."
Soldier: "Dude, are you kidding me?! I just wanna go home, man. I hate this."
[lalallalala, ] 11-17-2010

George: We are greatly out numberd, but we can do this!
Soldier: Yeah! Lets do this!
[Elizabeth, ] 11-17-2010

George: Hey guys, I like your shoes.
Soldier: Wait, you mean, the invisible ones? Yeah, they cost us a lot of money for sure.
[Anna, ] 11-17-2010

George: Why on earth are you pointing your guns at us?
Soldier: We have nothing and we are fighting for you while your sitting back, being lazy!
[Ronnice Moore, ] 11-17-2010

George: Ahsvjkhdk! The British are coming!
Soldier: Duh. Dude, get with it.
[Tayler, ] 11-17-2010

George: men get ready for battle
Soldier: no we refuse
[joseph bodle, ] 11-17-2010

George: Have you found the British soldiers camp?
Soldier: Yes, its only two miles ahead and they are heading this way.
[Mallory, ] 11-17-2010

George: "Do you want to go home? Do you want freedom? We shall fight for freedom in the united states."
Soldier: "Yah!"
[Zech Biship, ] 11-17-2010

George: We can do this
Soldier: yes we can
[Lamar Agard, ] 11-17-2010

George: Men even if we are out numbered, we can win!
Soldier: No we can't, we give up
[Katie S., ] 11-17-2010

George: OMG! The British are coming!
Soldier: Dude, stop being a wannabe Paul Revere...
[blahblah, naw man] 11-17-2010

George: Men, you are probably not going to survive this next battle. We are horribly outnumbered, malnourished, and running low on ammunition.
Soldier: It's cool, I'm 4th prestige on MW2
[Mathias, ] 11-15-2010

George: Why are you pointing your guns at me? im your general...
Soldier: You have just lead us to DEATH. You will PAY
[Tsunade Luna, ] 11-14-2010

George: well men what have you seen?
Soldier: general Washington sir there are bout 7,000 British troops stationed 2 miles from our camp
[Jessica Anne Morgan, ] 11-11-2010

George: Oh Lord! Why are you shooting at me?
Soldier: We no like you or Valley Forge!
[Weirdo haha, ] 11-08-2010

George: "Keep on going, we've got to fight for our liberty!"
Soldier: "Okay, we'll fight for our liberty!"
[Joshua Albrecht, 8 yrs old] 11-06-2010

George: well man lets kick some butt!
Soldier: i want some cookies
[Macie Davidson, ] 11-05-2010

George: Alright men! Let's go make some cookies!
Soldier: I hate cookies! Let's go kick some British butt!
[unknown, ] 11-04-2010

George: What is this thing on my face!?!?!
Soldier: I don't know...
[anonymous, ] 11-04-2010

George: give me bread or give me corn
Soldier: take the fish or the grapes
[jonny, ] 11-04-2010

George: gins down
Soldier: what?no ur not the king, i hav a life. Ur on a horse so what? a horse is totally not cool, right guys?
[hommi, ] 11-03-2010

George: another war! omg when is it ever going to stop! peoples just get along for once! GOSH
Soldier: Well sir were off to duty
[viviana perez, u can add me on facebook if u want.] 11-02-2010

George: back off i have a wife and 2 kids at home
Soldier: ok
[noah jines, ] 10-29-2010

George: "Well man, what have you seen?"
Soldier: "General Washington sir, there are 'bout 7,000 British troops stationed 2 miles from our camp!"
[anonymous, ] 10-26-2010

George: hey, were looking for our enemy. i dont know their name or where their at and we have a war today. do you know where we could find them?
Soldier: (oh thats us!) yeah i think ive seen them their three states behing you and take a right a that one mountain
[anonymous, ] 10-20-2010

George: We need to get Frenchmen or our Revolution is done and we'll have to surrender to British forces.
Soldier: Right, we stand alone, it sad to see many men die.
[Jeremiah Leiden, ] 10-18-2010

George: all yall got to back we are tyring to do something here we don't need no one in our way when we are trying to take care of our needs
Soldier: if yall don't back up we will have to fire some rounds we don't want to hurt no one but we got to do what we got to do
[keidron bias, 14 villeplatte la,70586] 10-14-2010

George: hello ebony
Soldier: hay jasmine
[taylor, ] 10-12-2010

Soldier: screw liberty! i want socks!
[Sue, ] 10-11-2010

George: I dont want to do this I beleave in peace
Soldier: To bad ready for fire!
[anonymous, ] 10-11-2010

George: We should not be fighting.
Soldier: Well i guess we should.
[Savannah, ] 10-09-2010

George: Why are you pointing that gun at me, Seargant?
Soldier: Your iPod is playing justin beiber, and i plan to eliminate it,sir.
[Hi, ] 10-07-2010

George: give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: atack
[ian, ] 10-07-2010

George: do u know how to shoot that gun
Soldier: no.......oh my gammit were goin 2 die
[fred fannn, ] 10-04-2010

George: Soldier, why are you pointing that gun at me?
Soldier: You have a zit, sir, and I plan to pop it.
[Nobody needs to know... :P, ] 10-02-2010

George: kill all of them
Soldier: no
[anonomus, i dont want you to know who i am] 09-20-2010

George: do not fight men
Soldier: ok sir
[v, ] 09-18-2010

George: Bonjour, Monsioure, Comment-Allez Vous ?
Soldier: Bonjour, Très bien; merci !
[Hailey D., 12, Bonjour, George Washington, Très bien ! ! !] 09-16-2010

George: You there! We need all the soldiers on foot, to defeat the Red Coats! Well try harder!
Soldier: Yes? Ho! but we cannot for we are not strong enough. Ok General Washington whatever you say! :/
[Hailey, 12] 09-16-2010

George: We will fight for liberty!
Soldier: You will never escape from the king's rule!
[sasa, 9] 09-13-2010

George: What time are we getting our hair done?
Soldier: If we live, after the battle.
[Rebels history class, ] 09-10-2010

George: hola!
Soldier: taco
[bob, ] 09-10-2010

George: wazzup hommies?
Soldier: hey hommie,wanna go to a justin bieber concert i got da hook up
[alishia, im 14,i live in sacremento california,and i love george washington] 09-08-2010

George: who want's to go to Heshey park
Soldier: yippy!
[Nathan kane, ] 09-08-2010

George: Men, we must be brave against our enemy!
Soldier: Sir, we are ready to fight to the death for freedom!
[Mrs. Tammy Miller, ] 09-08-2010

George: Don't Shoottt
Soldier: Then Don't move any closer
[Star, ] 08-28-2010

George: hi
Soldier: we going to die
[Kirsten, ] 08-28-2010

George: attack
Soldier: kill all loyalists
[andrew/ daniel, ] 08-19-2010

George: Has anybody seen my tea?
Soldier: I drank it for you.
[Thad Smith, age 9, 3rd grade] 08-15-2010

George: Why are you guys not in school?
Soldier: We don't need to. We're fighting you and your army.
[Thad Smith, I am 9 years old] 08-15-2010

George: Stick with it men.
Soldier: Anything for you, sir
[Susie, ] 07-24-2010

George: we fight for freedoom
Soldier: husssah
[michael, ] 07-09-2010

George: You think you're all big and bad down there. I'm on a horse! Cowboys rule! See my wooden tooth grin? Call me Woody.
Soldier: "To infinity and beyond!"
[Angie, I'm just a Normal Toy Story fan. Can you tell?] 07-09-2010

George: We Must Get Ready For Battle.
Soldier: Right Away Sir!
[Aymara Marquez, ] 06-29-2010

George: you want a piece of me!
Soldier: no we want MILLIONS of you!
[rasul and im 10 and im also spectacular! does anybody like football (because i do and i play it)!, ] 06-29-2010

George: Retreat!
Soldier: Fire!
[Jonathan and Tyler, Miss Dombroski's 6th Grade Class, 12 years old, Harding Elementary School, Kenilworth, NJ] 06-17-2010

George: this war shall begin
Soldier: ahahahahahahahahahahahahah
[Erin Harris, 11] 06-13-2010

George: me george washington
Soldier: me soldier
[jordan, ] 06-09-2010

George: we must fight
Soldier: now we must fight
[destiny, iam 9] 06-09-2010

George: Juast a small town girl, livin in a lonely world! she took the midnight train, goin anywhere!
Soldier: Just a city boy, born an raised in south detriot!, he took the midnight train goin anywhere!
[Journey, woooooo!] 06-08-2010

George: what up
Soldier: u have a facebook
[jessica., ] 06-07-2010

George: wat up homie
Soldier: yo wut up george lets play some xbox360
[anonymous, ] 06-04-2010

George: you do know that we're in a drawing.
Soldier: no we're not!
[Wesley, ] 06-03-2010

George: yo what up dudes
Soldier: nothing r ur peps k
[nmr, ] 06-03-2010

George: Why do I have to fight this borning war when I could be home!
Soldier: Well I wish I was home too but you have the ability to live at the White House.
[Paige, ] 06-03-2010

George: Hello,, im George Washington Hardy-har-har!
Soldier: Yesh you are sir ! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! REVOLT!.. nah i kid.. i love you Georgie... i LOVE you...!
[kayla!, ] 06-03-2010

George: surrender now
Soldier: never
[dakota b, ] 06-02-2010

George: Are these my new students for room 209?
Soldier: Stay back - where is Ms. Spencer??
[Spencer, ] 06-02-2010

George: we are the continental army!
Soldier: so are we...BAM!
[Gwenn, age 7] 06-02-2010

George: get them
Soldier: will what do you think im goin to do
[sam, ] 06-02-2010

George: We will rock u
Soldier: No thats queens job
[anonymous, ] 05-26-2010

George: Hey, lower your weapons; it's me George! Just a little joke.
Soldier: Well, for crying out loud George, with the "Uncle Buck" teeth, the big nose and glasses we didn't recognize ya!
[Diana Vernier, Teacher] 05-20-2010

George: move up move up man british up ahead
Soldier: we know we know
[justin, ] 05-18-2010

George: quien es un mexicano?
Soldier: wtf did u say
[jesenia, ] 05-17-2010

George: The french are going to help us.
Soldier: great
[amanda, ] 05-16-2010

George: If you could see that i'm the one who understands you been here all along so why can't you see-e- e you belong with me-e-e you belong with me
Soldier: How come your singing Talyer Swift
[anonymous, ] 05-16-2010

George: Von Stoyben! Eat a hot dog!
Soldier: General Washington, he actually is boiling a dog on a fire.
[Tom Brady, ] 05-14-2010

George: Go march in straight lines.
Soldier: Why? we use guerrilla warfare tactics.
[Big Bird, ] 05-14-2010

George: why am i here again?
Soldier: your here so i can TERMANATE YOU!
[Miranda Church, ] 05-12-2010

George: Get ready for the war.
Soldier: Yyyyes sir.
[Madison, ] 05-11-2010

George: I wish I had a plane!
Soldier: They aren't invented yet!
[Kevin, ] 05-09-2010

George: u guys have any food?
Soldier: totally!
[mysterious!, ] 05-06-2010

George: I am so proud of all of you for fighting for our FREEDOM
Soldier: Thank you, General. We are proud to serve such a great leader.
[Wyatt Lickteig, Age 9, 3rd Grade Lawrence Virtual School - History is AWESOME!] 05-06-2010

George: i will fight until i get americans freedom!
[rainbow, ] 05-06-2010

George: my favorite singer now is ke$ha!
Soldier: SING ALONG! D-I-N-O-S-A- ur a dinosaur D-I-N-O-S-A ur a dinosaur O-L-D-M-A-N ur just an old man hitting on me what you need a cat scan!
[hiiiiyaaa, ] 05-04-2010

George: where are you going?
Soldier: home. heard of it? i hear there is a fire and warm clothes there.
[julian, ] 05-03-2010

George: i will by you cloths and food and water.
Soldier: thank you
[anna kay arrington, 8] 04-30-2010

George: yo,dude where are the losterbacks?
Soldier: i dunno maybe redlobster,i like their soup it's good
[marylin, ] 04-28-2010

George: u phal!
Soldier: epikly
[pop, ] 04-28-2010

George: Hello welcome to the army.
Soldier: I thoght this is spanish class
[nathan, ] 04-28-2010

George: SAY HELLO TO MEH LITTLE FRIEND! (points gun)
Soldier: *GULP* H-e-l-l-o?
[emma, ] 04-23-2010

George: marco!
Soldier: polo!
[marcopolo, 1 i live in newzeeland- i think i spelled my country wrong...] 04-23-2010

George: I hate British soldiers... talk about being desperate!
Soldier: Mind your words powdered wig!
[Eliza, ] 04-22-2010

George: Lets go get the red lobbsters dudes!
Soldier: Sweet! I want mine fried.
[emma, ] 04-22-2010

George: Be strong my yong felow.
Soldier: YONG! I am 50
[emma, ] 04-22-2010

George: do you like miley cyrus
Soldier: oh yeah she rocks
[bfh, ] 04-22-2010

George: if i see you in your tents with my monkey you will be stuck in the pig pen
Soldier: no smelly people i was secretly a hippe so now give peace
[hippe master 123, ] 04-22-2010

George: Give us liborty or Chocolate Cake!
Soldier: Now thats better then patrick henry!BAM, BAM! Ahh! (that hurt)
[Ailein dude, ] 04-22-2010

George: stop whining!
Soldier: why do we have to march. Cant we get a horse?
[bob, ] 04-22-2010

George: "Troops,no breakingdancing today!" "This is the real thing!"
Soldier: "Cool, we don't have to spin on our backs today!"
[Joshua Sanon, I'm 11 years old and live in North Vernon, Ind.] 04-22-2010

George: im here to releive u
Soldier: great a break all this rioting s making me hungry
[, texas corsicana] 04-22-2010

George: How was the squirrel for dinner?
Soldier: Not as good as your ham.
[Lynn, Philly, PA] 04-22-2010

George: O M G I love hannah motana!
Soldier: I love her music I had it at my sweet 16 crank the toons!
[zachary klinger age 10, ] 04-17-2010

George: do u like waffles?!?!?!
Soldier: (yelling) YEA WE LIKE WAFFLES!
[waffle girl, i like waffles] 04-17-2010

George: Wecomeinpeace
Soldier: andwedon't
[anonymous, ] 04-14-2010

George: have you seen crispus attucks?
Soldier: christmas attacks? that sounds like a great time to defend ourselves now!
[a kid, no personal info for you!] 04-14-2010

George: BREAKDANCE BATTLE! B-Boys VS Poppers
Soldier: we are poppers!
[toothpick, ] 04-10-2010

George: surrender
Soldier: never
[anonymous, ] 04-08-2010

George: tu est trres stupid >:D
Soldier: oui oui mesieur!
[gaelle gilbert, ] 04-07-2010

George: Why so serious?
Soldier: We are about to have a breakdance battle
[Kylie, im awewsome] 04-07-2010

George: hola como estas?
Soldier: I thought we were enlgish o.o
[Andre' wallace, ] 04-02-2010

George: loser say what?
Soldier: what ?
[alowishus, Seminole high school! <3] 04-02-2010

George: "its not a win with a battle."
Soldier: "its not a loss without a try."
[Brandi, 16] 04-02-2010

George: we are going to win the war
Soldier: oh yeah
[Rae, ] 04-02-2010

George: i will kill u brits
Soldier: go for it
[willie, compton ca] 03-31-2010

George: breakdance battle!
Soldier: woooooooooooooooooooo!
[toothpick, ] 03-25-2010

George: hey!I want some water.
Soldier: coming sir!
[Salma, 10 years old.] 03-25-2010

George: I like you
Soldier: I don't because you look like a girl
[Isabel, ] 03-25-2010

George: Let us go to kohls for a sale on red coats
Soldier: so i can get a new one but u kill me
[emily, ] 03-22-2010

George: I hate you Britians
Soldier: you hurt my feelings
[anonymous, ] 03-22-2010

George: Hey, check your facebook?
Soldier: Ok... heh nice, you told me "LOL, i fell into a river. ?
[anonymous, ] 03-17-2010

George: why don't you just go back to britain!
Soldier: make me!
[anonymous, portland,oregon.i am 10 years old] 03-17-2010

George: ...Idiot says what...
Soldier: What?
[toot, ] 03-17-2010

George: Time to attack those stupid brits!
Soldier: Time to take a nap; oh and die!
[Chaz, ] 03-17-2010

George: I'm the new king
Soldier: why not me?
[Chaz, ] 03-17-2010

George: Attack and survive!
Soldier: Run and Die!
[Chaz, ] 03-17-2010

George: Hey! Your zippers down
[huhu, 10 years old] 03-17-2010

George: You want to fight
Soldier: No fighting is for girls!
[anonymous, ] 03-17-2010

George: you IDIOT, you broke my favorite vase
Soldier: So? you ruined my favorite movie
[Angela, Age:10] 03-16-2010

George: Surrender or die.
Soldier: I will never surender, so you surrender or die.
[Bolt, Bobby, ] 03-16-2010

George: Hello
Soldier: We PWN you
[Someone, ] 03-11-2010

George: surrender or die
Soldier: we will not surender
[Tyler Sharron, I am ten years old. Ilive in Unity, NH] 03-11-2010

George: I challenge you to a DUEL!
Soldier: Taste this snowball !
[McNamara, Fifth grade class] 03-09-2010

George: o my god I love you
Soldier: thank you
[shon, ] 03-09-2010

George: What are you looking at?
Soldier: That mole on your face.
[Cheyenne, ] 03-08-2010

George: whose ready to go eat some lobster backs!
Soldier: but can we just got to Joe's crab shack or Red Lobster instead
[icy pyron, ] 03-05-2010

George: Yah Trick Yah.
Soldier: Back up off my grill yo.
[Jessica shneebale, ] 03-05-2010

George: Dumb Soldier!
Soldier: O stop yer yappin!
[Noah, ] 03-03-2010

George: ...pudding its good...
Soldier: is winning the clear your head or wel kill you...
[random, ] 03-01-2010

George: I want my teddy bear!GRUMMBLE ........ oh yeah give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: Um sir your not 2 and you are not Patrick Henrey
[koolkaitlyn, 10 Yo] 02-25-2010

George: Eureka! i think i broke my eureka!
Soldier: ?????why is he being stupid you can't break a eureka it's just a word??????????
[christi, ] 02-25-2010

George: Bonjeure Monseur
Soldier: um..... i don't speak french
[christi, ] 02-25-2010

George: the redcoats are coming the redcoats are coming one if by land two if by sea!
Soldier: dude your not Paul Revere how many times do i have to tell you that
[christi, 11] 02-25-2010

George: OMG! I love your shoes!
Soldier: Thanks! I got them yesterday at American Eagle! I love your new hair style!
[Courtney, ] 02-25-2010

George: Move along, Men... there's no time to lose!
Soldier: But sir, we can't go on much longer! It is freezing out here!
[Frankie, ] 02-25-2010

George: Du bist ja mal Hässlich
Soldier: Wenn sie es sagen.....
[George, Mount Vernon] 02-22-2010

George: good morning Barny
Soldier: i'm not barny!i told you a 999.999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,oo1 today!
[Bob, 14] 02-22-2010

George: all of your pies belong to us.
Soldier: your horse belongs to us!
[bob, ] 02-17-2010

George: at ease soldier
Soldier: yes sir
[anonymous, ] 02-16-2010

George: Hey Man!
Soldier: Hey Dude!
[Gamby, 9] 02-14-2010

George: fire at the Brits!
Soldier: fire at Gen. Washington!
[dg1300, weiser,idaho] 02-12-2010

George: hey look a fat lobster!
Soldier: what ..?
[barneys head, ] 02-11-2010

George: Oh, now you choose to rebel eh?
Soldier: All we want is dinner! Gosh
[Regina, America and a girl] 02-08-2010

George: have you ever got in a fight with your best friend?
Soldier: No ....... (I never had one)...
[silly socks :), ] 02-06-2010

George: why was u so mean to the soldier
Soldier: it was cool how u stood up for your self
[but, my age is 10 i am going to be 11 on june 7] 02-06-2010

George: i like your uniforms
Soldier: thanks i like your horse
[Danielle, my age is 21 and i live in South Dakota] 02-06-2010

George: i am george so what are you gonna do about it?
Soldier: i don' know, just bring me a bucket of fried chicken!
[kat, 12 judson] 02-06-2010

George: hi how are you right now im doing fine do you like wars i do not i can get KILLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDD
Soldier: i do not like them ether do you want to be friends we can be best friends if you want to its fine with me
[ann, 17] 02-06-2010

George: I like cherry pie
Soldier: Really? I like apple! We better have a war over this
[Rachelle123, 11] 02-06-2010

George: A new episode of Spongebob is on tonite.
Soldier: OK let's watch it.It sounds fun.
[sam, allen east school] 02-04-2010

George: march!
Soldier: party people!
[dg1300, weiser,idaho] 02-04-2010

George: I choose liberty or I choose death
Soldier: Didn't Patrick Henry say that Georgie Boy
[Mr. Staley's 5th Grade Class (5-1), ] 02-03-2010

George: lol
Soldier: que.... no hablo ingles!
[maria, ] 02-02-2010

George: What do you have to say about this weather?
Soldier: ITS FREEZING HERE SIR!"shivering in a thin coat"
[Ireland Sharp, ] 02-01-2010

George: America is a free country
Soldier: yes well so give up to us or ill shoot
[cheyenne, i am 11 years old i live in North Judson Indiana and i love math HISTORY and more!] 02-01-2010

George: get up and walk
Soldier: easy for you2 say ur on the horse
[limmy koopa, ] 02-01-2010

George: Get Ready men!
Soldier: yes sir!
[blah, ] 02-01-2010

George: i can see into the future the patriots will win the war:)
Soldier: wut r u a mage 2
[elmo, sesemie st. c.a] 01-29-2010

George: whats the password ??????!
Soldier: no taxation without representation or i wil be killed
[anonymous, ] 01-29-2010

George: give me librtiy or give me death
Soldier: ok
[pie, ] 01-29-2010

George: attack!
Soldier: run!
[dg1300, weiser,idaho] 01-29-2010

George: i like pie
Soldier: so do i...(mabe, i donno)
[bob, ] 01-27-2010

George: we shall not be beaten by the british oops i mean english.
Soldier: what i was listing to my mp3 player Mom!
[connor, ] 01-26-2010

George: a few more miles men
Soldier: three cheers for Gen. Washington
[anonymous, ] 01-25-2010

George: We come in Peace!
Soldier: And we don't!
[Goerge Washington, 295] 01-25-2010

George: Long live Aslan!
Soldier: For Narnia!
[Oscar Berlanga, ] 01-25-2010

George: We shall defeat you!
Soldier: haha I don't think so, you american!
[Timmy, ] 01-25-2010

George: what do have for dinner?
Soldier: your face on a silver platter
[anonymous, ] 01-22-2010

George: We should attack the British
Soldier: Yes,we shall
[Summer, ] 01-21-2010

George: so what did you get for christmas?
Soldier: an american girl,some cds ...................
[gabi, go tcs lions] 01-21-2010

George: any luck?
Soldier: no way
[billy, ] 01-21-2010

George: Put that thing down!
Soldier: Sorry, I'm new at this
[Lilly, Ballet ROCKS!] 01-20-2010

George: A few more miles
Soldier: It's my turn on the horse!
[Lilly, I'm awsume] 01-20-2010

George: any last words?
Soldier: cheese!
[maya beth, ] 01-16-2010

George: Hi! LETS PARTY!
Soldier: crank up the hannah montana song!
[Dayle, 10 years old.I live in CA. In 5th grade] 01-16-2010

George: all your guns ar belong to us
Soldier: :( sad face
[jaybob, ] 01-16-2010

George: What is for supper
Soldier: bugs
[anonymous, ] 01-16-2010

George: wat r u aiming at.....
Soldier: o, where just trying 2 get some birds 4 dinner....(not!)
[Emily, ] 01-15-2010

George: For Narnia!
Soldier: And for Aslan!
[Baddest One, ] 01-14-2010

George: have coke?
Soldier: nope we have guns.
[anonymous, ] 01-14-2010

George: Yes You are going to make it in time for the Philadelphia Eagles- New England Patriots football game
Soldier: I a so looking forWARD to watching the Patriols beat the Eagles.
[Dave, ] 01-13-2010

George: every body dance now
Soldier: do the wave
[logan, ] 01-13-2010

George: g-l-a-m-o-r-u-o-s yeah!
Soldier: how come youre singing Fergie ???
[mariah tennison, bend oregon] 01-11-2010

George: HA HA you dont have enough money for a horse
Soldier: at least were NOT lazy like you are
[mariah, oregon] 01-11-2010

George: hi, peeps
Soldier: hi, dudette
[somebody56, ] 01-11-2010

George: i am soo hungary you have any food
Soldier: do i look like a grocery store to you???:D
[khole, ] 01-11-2010

George: get up and walk
Soldier: easy for u 2 say u r on the horse
[Alexander Ovechkin, ] 01-09-2010

George: we will kill you
Soldier: let do this
[dominique Jones, no just hello] 01-07-2010

George: Hello. Have you found out anything about the Loyalists?
Soldier: General Washington, they are camped to the North.
[Dusty Butler, ] 01-07-2010

George: men go to war.i will be home.
Soldier: yes sir
[eugene, go home.] 01-07-2010

George: You better leave not start this or you'll be sorry!
Soldier: We won't leave until we get what we want!
[Thao Ngo, I am 11 years old and I am in fifth grade. I go to Robertson School and i live in Warwick,Rhode Island.] 01-04-2010

George: Where am i from again?
Soldier: America. As in the united states of..........
[Thorn, Bad Joke, baaaaaaaad joke, really Bad joke, Bad....Wait! You didnt know that joke?????? okkay, now THATS bad!] 01-04-2010

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