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George: Britain was unfair to us,and we need our homes,lives,and freedom!Now we're going to fight or we're going to back off like sissies!Are you men with me or what?
Soldier: Aye,sir!We will fight for each other
[Gabby, 11 years old.I love the revolution and HISTORY!] 12-30-2009

George: Men attack!
Soldier: Nahh>>
[alexa, i rock ur socks off] 12-22-2009

George: Are you going to fight for mans right?
Soldier: I will die for freedom,Sir.
[Christina, ] 12-21-2009

George: Join me in the fight of saratoga
Soldier: I will join you at saratoga
[Seamus, ] 12-16-2009

George: Ready your guns men.
Soldier: What guns sir?
[Joshua Whte, I'm 12 and i heard this in school] 12-15-2009

George: I have not come to fight, but to bring peace
Soldier: i am ready to fight!
[Sarah, 13, ky] 12-15-2009

George: Everybody ready to get some fresh lobsters to eat?
Soldier: YEAH!.........wait.......what?oh...whatever...SURE!
[Lilly, ] 12-15-2009

George: We are ready to go to war! Any questions?
Soldier: I got a question! What is the nickname of the British? Is it red heads?!
[Aubrey, I'm 10 years old and I think this could get funny] 12-14-2009

George: Any last words before you all get your heads chopped off and they roll down the hill?
Soldier: Yeah, I want cupcakes! :D (Everyone looks at him like "WTF?")
[Summer ;), ] 12-14-2009

George: Sooooo anyone know any good jokes before we kill ourselves?
Soldier: oo oo pick me pick me!
[Cecilia, georgia] 12-12-2009

George: Are we ready to fight this war?
Soldier: Yes sir we are.
[Sean, ] 12-12-2009

George: As the commander of the Americans, we'll do the tango!
Soldier: Alright!
[fchnjn, ] 12-10-2009

George: hello men
Soldier: hi washinton
[sam, 12] 12-10-2009

George: we will win
Soldier: i am not going to win
[evelyn, ] 12-09-2009

George: stop fighting
Soldier: never
[sean, ] 12-09-2009

George: I'm going to win na na na na!
Soldier: Yah right! you wish!
[mary, ] 12-09-2009

George: The British! They are coming!
Soldier: We will try to stop 'em sir!
[Hannah, I am 9 yrs old and I am learning about the reveloutionary war.] 12-09-2009

George: No matter how strong or great the British army looks, I know that God is on our side that He will be fighting with us and we will be VICTORIOUS!
Soldier: YEAH! We'll fight for God, freedom, our families, and for the knowledge that our seed will live and grow in a country built to provide LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!
[Brent, ] 12-08-2009

George: We gotta pwn the British!
Soldier: I think we're too in the past to be using internet words.
[Harish, 13, ca] 12-08-2009

George: Alright guys, lets take a break from all the fighting.
Soldier: Sure, and could you throw in a blanket too!
[Michael, 13,Greenville,NC] 12-08-2009

George: are we going to fight this battle?
Soldier: yes sir!
[deshon, 14 north carolina] 12-08-2009

George: Why are you guys so short?
Soldier: Uh. Because you're on a horse maybe?
[Juan M,, ] 12-07-2009

George: I want liberty, and i want it now
Soldier: I want it it,but i am fighting for it gosh
[Liam, the hobo, ] 12-07-2009

George: give me liberty or give me dealth
Soldier: ill just take some juice
[Malcolm Teel, ] 12-07-2009

George: can i get some gum
Soldier: man this is my last peace
[adam benlamin greene, ] 12-07-2009

George: ..........i got nothin
Soldier: either
[malcolm, ] 12-07-2009

George: You know what you gotta do to win?
Soldier: Just beat it, beat it,beat it, beat it
[Hee Hee, ] 12-07-2009

George: We want freedom!
Soldier: Sneak up behind them!
[Raven, age:10] 12-07-2009

George: were soooo ganna win
Soldier: whateva!
[mariah Tennison, 10 oregon] 12-03-2009

George: I, the president of -BLAH BLAH BLAH BLHA BLHA
Soldier: umm, (talk to other soildier) What does a hillbilly call a deer with no eyes? (other soldier says i dont know) A NO-IDEA-R
[qasim (Teague Middle School), ] 12-03-2009

George: Yes! We are going to win this thing!
Soldier: What thing?
[kylie, ] 12-03-2009

George: Give us liberty or give us death!
Soldier: Death... no one said anything about death ! :/
[Nelda Barbosa, 16 from Pico Rivera Ca. 90660] 12-02-2009

George: are yall ready?!
Soldier: We're Ready! We're Ready! We're Ready! We're Ready!We're Ready! We're Ready!
[chaquita, ] 12-01-2009

George: Look bub we want no harm but if you point it that way we will have no choice than to shoot in our honor becase we are the best.
Soldier: Well we don't care because we think that you are to bossy so we will shoot knowing that if we don't we will forever hold our piecees because your shure to break them
[Emily Wilson, 10 years of age lexington Ky] 12-01-2009

George: jeg er tręt i hovedet
Soldier: se der er en fugl
[anonymous, ] 12-01-2009

George: Why don't you people have any shoes?
Soldier: sir, I don't know, sir! Can I have yours?
[Emily C., 12] 11-25-2009

George: Who's in charge here?
Soldier: Umm... I don't
[Emily C., 12] 11-25-2009

George: No Meat, No Soldier
Soldier: I want meat or I will Quit
[wdsuilcby, weft] 11-20-2009

George: Na na na na. You don't get a horse!
Soldier: You wanna bet?!
[Gman, Atl, GA] 11-20-2009

George: yo you ready TO DANCE!
Soldier: you bet!
[peter, ] 11-14-2009

George: i am awesome.
Soldier: i wanna be just like him when i grow up:)
[Awesome, IM awesome,] 11-14-2009

George: im dirty dan
Soldier: no im dirty dan *british soldier walks in* witch one of yous dirty dan *ameican Points at G.W.* He is
[anonymous, ] 11-11-2009

George: Would you like some fries with that shake?
Soldier: Hey Sir, I'm so cold I'm shaking
[Mr Mac, ] 11-11-2009

George: A few more miles
Soldier: It's my turn on the horse!
[danceing feet, i'm awsome] 11-11-2009

George: Put that thing down!
Soldier: Sorry, I'm new at this
[anonymous, ] 11-11-2009

George: Hey, who threw that snowball at me?
Soldier: It was Sam Adams Sir.
[Mr Mac, ] 11-11-2009

George: hi mate
Soldier: im going to shoot you
[anonymous, ] 11-10-2009

George: Do you like cheese
Soldier: I only like gorgenzola.
[Cathey Yelant, 8 years old] 11-09-2009

George: what up shorty?
Soldier: the sky duh. i thought you were the smart one.
[mrs mo, ] 11-09-2009

George: Who is your favorite founding father?
Soldier: Dr. Joseph Warren of course
[Bell, ] 11-05-2009

George: I lost the game.
Soldier: That's it. MUTINY!
[Hannahhhh yoo., Noneyah.] 11-05-2009

George: Hey guys... is it cold here or what?
Soldier: Not too bad sir
[anonymous, ] 11-05-2009

George: who wants to go to subway?
Soldier: me
[go, hh] 11-04-2009

George: hey you stop right there!
Soldier: yes sir
[anonymous, ] 11-04-2009

George: You guys got some cookies?
Soldier: Stay away from our cookies punk?
[anonymous, ] 11-04-2009

George: FUDGE is good!
Soldier: so i pudding!
[food_luver(, In west philidelphia born and raised on the playground is were i spend most of my days chillin out relaxin all shootin some b-ball outside of the school when a couple of guys who were up to no good started makin trouble in my neighboorhood so i got in one little fight and my mom got scared she said "your movin with yo aunty and uncle in bellair" i whistled for a cab and when it came near the licese plate said fresh and a dice in the mirror if anything i can say that this cab is rare but im movin with my aunty and uncle in bellair i pulled up 2 a house about 7 arenas and i yelled to the cabbie go home smell you later looked at my kingdom i was finally there to sit on my throne as the PRINCE OF BELL AIR] 11-04-2009

George: go hawkeyes!
Soldier: they aint nobody getsome!
[Mr.G and his studly 6th Hour, getsome!] 11-02-2009

George: Hey have you played Call of Duty 4 yet?????
Soldier: No....... it doesnt come out in 2007............. Race you to the time machine!
[Tanner Halstead, 11 Madison WV, Hello to everyboby!] 10-26-2009

George: My horse is assaulting you!
Soldier: Give up your horse, or I'll shoot you with my invisible guns!
[Where bad jokes go to die, ] 10-20-2009

George: Look at my horse you lazy men! Wish you had one eh?
Soldier: By the gods, look at that nice white horse, that's exactly what I want to look like!
[Where bad jokes come to cry, I hope i dont get a whole bunch of spam o.O] 10-20-2009

George: Do you want ur mommys?
Soldier: No......well yes...... mabye?
[anonymous, ] 10-19-2009

George: Can anyone feel their toes?
Soldier: Does it count if you felt them fall off?
[anonymous, ] 10-14-2009

George: ok men let's go
Soldier: You hear him com on yeeeaaaaahhhh!
[Jasmine Osborne, ] 10-14-2009

George: What's wrong with your uniforms????? You look like a two year old who just walked through a briar bush!
Soldier: well...... i did just walk through a bush..... you said come fast..... and this shirt's too small!
[someone, ] 10-12-2009

George: Haha, look at those men. They have to walk.
Soldier: I oughta shoot that damn horse!
[Jake, yea, I said damn] 10-08-2009

George: what do get when you cross an elephant with a rhino?
Soldier: "el if i know"
[kershen finsaw, ] 10-07-2009

George: we are gonna win the war cause we have the coolest wiggs
Soldier: no yall aint. we're gonna win cause we've got cooler drums
[bobby, I LIKE BOYS. sorry if it offends you but i wish to tell you and i am 45] 10-07-2009

George: Dude Something stinks and it's not the horse maybe it's one of the soldier over there
Soldier: Don't look at me it was kevin
[shel, ] 10-07-2009

George: surender
Soldier: never
[Shelley, ] 10-07-2009

George: I will give you my power if you touch my eyeball!
Soldier: Awesome dOOd!
[Yikler, ] 10-07-2009

George: come on soldiers, let's hurry up the war, i'm tired
Soldier: we're trying to boss, but u know that we need a break too
[anonymous, ] 10-07-2009

George: listen we will all work together and make a fort and we will be safe
Soldier: sir yes sir we will do anything you say
[tamra leaper, ] 10-07-2009

George: do u like gymnastics i do
Soldier: i love gymnastics
[emma, i cant tell u] 10-07-2009

George: Let's go to Ihop
Soldier: I agree let's go
[mikayla, ] 10-07-2009

George: wait here do not shoot
Soldier: he said shoot BANG BANG BASH BANG
[rezdfhj, ] 10-07-2009

George: Who knows where Hannah Montanas playing tonight?
Soldier: i do! >.<
[[P]wn[D]xD, ] 10-03-2009

George: ummm ok what do we do now??
Soldier: uhhhh good question i never thought we would get this far...
[nikki engemann, 13] 10-03-2009

George: I want a big cookie right now! Go home Brits
Soldier: Okay. I am gonna go cry
[anonymous, ] 09-30-2009

George: This town aint big enough for the both of us! Dem bloody Brits gotta go!
Soldier: Woooooow G. Dub...any other obvious statements you wanna make?
[Toni Robinson, ] 09-25-2009

George: Gentlelman we have a chance of VICTORY!
Soldier: hera! hera! hera!
[JoJo, ] 09-25-2009

George: men you must train for battle
Soldier: So we can end the war by just killing you
[someone, not blue] 09-25-2009

George: Gotta get me some sham wow
Soldier: Beware of sham wow imitators
[justin, ] 09-23-2009

George: Your shoes are untied!
Soldier: no they aren't im wearin nothing stupid!
[frewn da shlakza, 14] 09-23-2009

George: d00d, we need to kill those brits rofl
Soldier: cool story bro lol
[Anonymous, ] 09-23-2009

George: we're crips and they're bloods, this war will never end.
Soldier: C's up B's down!
[lol, ] 09-23-2009

George: Why are yo unot marching?
Soldier: I have no legs, they froze
George: Not a good excuse!MARCH!

George: Who ate my crakers?
Soldier: *Looks at horse*
[Kelton Hovland, Male] 09-23-2009

George: I am going to become president!
Soldier: Yea, and I am really Hannah Montana!
[Kaelin Elaine, 13 Pheonix "You get the best of both worlds"] 09-23-2009

George: How do you spell, i cup?
Soldier: i c -u- p oh you got me Mr. wash a ton
[kathy, not really, 13 phoenix] 09-23-2009

George: come 'ere you darn lobsters!
Soldier: get those gosh darn rebelian yankees!
[kegyn allen, age13, phoenix arizona] 09-23-2009

George: Hey has anyone seen the bathroom?
Soldier: Yea, Your standing on it!
[Kaelin, 13 pheonix] 09-23-2009

George: Soldier, where are your arms?
Soldier: They're up my sleeves
[ruthannn, 13] 09-23-2009

George: ay men lets get some red coats
Soldier: oi!
[mary-claire, 17] 09-20-2009

George: We will have blankets in one week.
Soldier: Let's hear it for General Washington.
[Chase Baker, 9] 09-17-2009

George: does everyone like my new horse?
Soldier: yes genaral washington, very nice
[arlene, age 13] 09-11-2009

George: Quit your whineing!
Soldier: But we ain't had nothin' but maggatty bread for three stinkin' days!
[Joshua Williamson, ] 09-07-2009

George: What are we going to do after we win the war?
Soldier: We're going to Disney World!
[Dot, ] 09-07-2009

George: Becoming the first President is a very hard responsibility. I have a huge duty to my country and the people. Many look up to me....
Soldier: Is that your wife calling you?
[kilopica, ] 08-14-2009

George: I can only say that there is not a man living who wishes more sincerely than I do to see a plan adopted for the abolition of slavery.
Soldier: SHUTUP Abrahim linclon is better then you
[Fanta, ] 08-12-2009

George: hi
Soldier: what do you want
[selena, 13] 07-22-2009

George: Men it's time to find a winter encampment
Soldier: But Commander, we still need to get Philadelphia back from the British
[Krysta, 14, pa] 07-07-2009

George: Present, arms
Soldier: Arms presented
[Jason, 10] 07-06-2009

George: march faster men... faster.... FASTER! faster if we want to get wendys!
Soldier: ahhhhh... I want K.F.C.!
[abby doody, uh thats funny... MARCH ALL OF YOU ON THE COMPUTER] 06-18-2009

George: Who stinks so bad??!
Soldier: I think its your horse man.
[Brandon Skinner, ] 06-17-2009

George: I'm cold lets go home.
Soldier: we can not sir because we are fighting a war
[abby doody, um no comment because thats weird] 06-17-2009

George: horsy power come on out
Soldier: gun powder blast them (BANG BANG)
[abby doody, nhgokcocfofiygyduygvfufyfiykgvfffig........ i live in a whale] 06-16-2009

George: what are you doing
Soldier: playing club penguin on line.......... no wait i'm fighting a war
[abby doody, thats weird] 06-11-2009

George: let's defeat the british and then have lunch!
Soldier: yes,sir!
[Daniel, 10 years old] 06-09-2009

George: I don't care about war, GET ME OUT OF THIS RAT HOLE!
Soldier: Gee, I could really use some toilet paper.
[i heart cheese., ] 06-09-2009

George: thank you for choosing me as the 43th um... what are they called again?
Soldier: hay we have only had 1 president.
[abby doody, okay not right] 06-09-2009

George: ( STAR WAR ) Step down general greves or I will kill the British!
Soldier: okay... wow cool shine sword can I touch it?
[abby doody, okay not right? I thought that this was in the milky way] 06-06-2009

George: Is there a Starbucks around here?
Soldier: Can you get me a nonfat mocha decaf?
[Jane, Fort Worth] 06-04-2009

George: Why are there bubbles over our heads?
Soldier: I don't know, but why does it say, "Why are there bubbles over our heads?"
[Murray, ] 06-03-2009

George: Yeah, that's right! Can't they post digital marker pictures for once?
Soldier: Have you ever noticed how it looks like we were drawn in crayon?
[Murray, ] 06-03-2009

George: watch where you point your guns
Soldier: You know you like it......
[Annalisa, 14, awesomeness] 06-02-2009

George: I'm traped in a computer... whats a computer?
Soldier: ................... oh right sorry i was sleeping a computer is........ what is a computer
[abby doody, okay] 06-02-2009

George: hi
Soldier: OMG its george washington
[dorian angelo vicario, 18 yrs. of age] 05-31-2009

George: when we win the war were going to sea world
Soldier: Oh yea well when we lose the war were going to a stop light
[abby doody, thats weird] 05-29-2009

George: hey dont kill me!
Soldier: sorry, good luck in hevean
[miley cyrud, ] 05-28-2009

George: hey... im here for a war. Why are you guys here?
Soldier: ummmm... were here for the same war. gesse you couldnt spot a mountin a mile away.
[haley, 10] 05-28-2009

George: men why are you so blue?
Soldier: because we are wearing blue outfits
[abby doody, let's see...... copy right 1998... hay that's the year I was born] 05-27-2009

George: Hang in there men!
Soldier: No meat, no bread, no soldier!
[idk sombody, ] 05-27-2009

George: I'm hungry get me K.F.C. now!
Soldier: K.F.C. we don't even have Wendys yet... this guys nuts
[abby doody, nhgokcocfofihjfjgtuguhighkyu] 05-27-2009

George: Hay losers were are you going???
Soldier: To
[abby doody, um no comment (still)] 05-26-2009

George: Hey whats up??
Soldier: Nothing much.... its a beautiful day today, i don't feel like fighting
[anonymous, ] 05-22-2009

George: hello cheese for brains. eat horsey
Soldier: hello stink bomb. eat gun, bang
[abby doody, nhgokcocfofi] 05-22-2009

George: you r such a coward
Soldier: no i'm just slow
[kathy, ] 05-22-2009

George: Hang in there men God will provide.
Soldier: So, when are going to eat? "No Meat no soldier"
[Joshua Schreiber, 8] 05-22-2009

George: Be brave, men! God will help us if we do our share, and clean up our camp!
Soldier: Yes! We will help clean up our camp!
[Heather, 8 years old] 05-20-2009

George: im you loopy im loopy
Soldier: whatever omg i broke a nail :( when is the next pedacure?
[anonymous, ] 05-19-2009

George: AHHHH... oh what with all my heads at the side of the wall
Soldier: yeah that is weird
[abby doody, um no comment] 05-18-2009

George: we will fight you
Soldier: no you won't we will win
[anonymous, ] 05-18-2009

George: wow I'm traped in a box... how did I get in here
Soldier: hay were traped in a box to.. is that good
[abby doody, came in go income ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff] 05-15-2009

George: Where are the british
Soldier: why of course there in great britian.
[Halee, 11, statesville nc] 05-15-2009

George: No! dont kill me
Soldier: sorry,good luck in heaven
[kim, ] 05-15-2009

George: anyone readin the book winter of the red snow? cuz guess what! we are all in it! how cool!
Soldier: uhh general abby stewart is my neice! and she is the author of that book!
[pickles, ] 05-14-2009

George: Iwant you slow PoKeS TO SPEED UP!
Soldier: are we runnind a race?!?!?!?!?!?!
[shane, 9 years old] 05-13-2009

George: No! dont kill me
Soldier: sorry,good luck in heaven
[Kayleigh Shearn, age=9] 05-12-2009

George: may be able to track us by the bloody foot steps in the snow.
Soldier: We are??????????
[Emily, ] 05-12-2009

George: Hey dude! what up? peace!
Soldier: hey George my main man! Im in the hizzle
[Regan Talley+Jillian Stout, ] 05-12-2009

George: the british are coming! the british are coming!
Soldier: We are ready to fight Genral.[Or are we]
[salley jones, pa] 05-12-2009

George: arggg....... wait thats a pirate . TIMBER!
Soldier: This dudes got no clue does he? nope !
[maggie billings, maggie/age 11/evansville,IN/wantsa boyfriend/:)] 05-10-2009

George: the revolution BEGINS!
Soldier: yes it DOES!
[maggie, ] 05-10-2009

George: Hey who are you pointing those guns at?
Soldier: That T-rex behind you!
[Haley, ] 05-10-2009

George: oh fudgeballs.I forgot my hat.
Soldier: oh.what are we EVER going to do.
[sam, ] 05-09-2009

George: Were are you going dude?
Soldier: to sign up for total drama island.
[abby, that show rules] 05-09-2009

George: Why do we have bubbles above our heads?
Soldier: I dunno, HEY how come you always get to speak first?
[Mike, ] 05-08-2009

George: stand clear gentlemen ill take this one
Soldier: ok bring old man
[joseph, ] 05-06-2009

George: since when do i talk to you?
Soldier: since now apparently
[Beth, ] 05-06-2009

George: WE want to start a war!
Soldier: okay then lad when, where, and what time
[brittany, ] 05-06-2009

George: Hello Pied Ninnies.
Soldier: Uh. Hi Mr. Washengtin
[anonymous, ] 05-05-2009

George: Hello would you like some tea?
Soldier: Oh why yes we would
[jess, ] 05-05-2009

George: Washington.... George Washington
Soldier: well get off my land mr.Washington
[Brittany, ] 05-05-2009

George: fear me i has a horsey
Soldier: fear us we has gunz
[lizz, 14yrs old, i iz a canine furry] 05-04-2009

George: Come on, Fight
Soldier: No fool
[Dakota, Missouri] 04-30-2009

George: i like pie!
Soldier: so do i, we should be friends.
[abigail,sami, ] 04-30-2009

George: This is SPARTA!
Soldier: Ok Mr. Washington time to lay down now.
[Dylan,Jacob, ] 04-30-2009

George: dude, thats trippen
Soldier: ya thats right fool
[azure, age 11] 04-30-2009

George: get out here
Soldier: this is King George The 3rds land.
[anonymous, ] 04-30-2009

George: we dont want to fight!
Soldier: we dont want to ether but if we have to we will
[rieley ashley, ] 04-30-2009

George: Why are you here Mr british Solider?
Soldier: Well I think I'm here for a fight!
[Courtney and Marissa, Courtney 11 Marissa 11] 04-29-2009

George: hey baby whts up
Soldier: nm checking u out!
[billy, ] 04-29-2009

George: hear me roar!
Soldier: Omg Like why should I listen to you!
[Tyler, Ben,Randy, 11, 10,and 11] 04-29-2009

George: Anyone wanna go shopping??
Soldier: OMG I broke a nail?!?!
[Nickatay Joper, 100] 04-29-2009

George: Man, am I HUNGRY! I wish their was a grocery store around here! Then I could get some Funyuns!
Soldier: Hey, I got some! Let's make a deal I'll give you one and I get the rest!
[Sarah Kraus, ] 04-29-2009

George: Yo,peple shoot at will!FIRE!
Soldier: my name is will,dude!
[Lydia, Age,8 Atlanta GA] 04-29-2009

George: nice coat
Soldier: yeah it is isnt it
[mallory, ] 04-29-2009

George: hello men
Soldier: hello george washington
[cindy smith, ] 04-27-2009

George: what are you doing?
Soldier: going to Subway for a sub.
[alexis, ] 04-27-2009

George: where are the Brits!
Soldier: I think we took a wrong turn at vally forge.
[Mike Loehrke, ] 04-24-2009

George: i pwnz jooz cuz i iz sooo l33t
Soldier: nuh, jooz iz a n00b no wai
[nerd, :d] 04-24-2009

George: Hey were going yo destroy the Hessians! Merry Christmas!
Soldier: ..Im Jewish...
[Victoris, yay im a twin. i love you denise and heather!] 04-24-2009

George: we will attack by night time
Soldier: but it will take hours to cross the river
[bernard taylor, 15] 04-24-2009

George: Where's your arm?
Soldier: Back in Boston.
[Emma, ] 04-24-2009

George: Do you guy's know where we can find the "Hessians?"
Soldier: Ummm...Just take the road behind you and make a left.
[Mitchell Murphy, 14, Tarpon Springs FL] 04-24-2009

George: hi
Soldier: OMG its george washington
[brayden, ] 04-23-2009

George: it`s too cold up here. i`m going to mexico.
Soldier: lets go to canada!
[matt, ] 04-23-2009

George: give me cheese or give me crackers!
Soldier: exuse me but cheesse and crakers have calories WE only eat grapes
[coolwhip45155645, age: 18 a condo in florida] 04-23-2009

George: omgitiban
Soldier: ttyl bff
[andrea, i am 11. lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala] 04-23-2009

George: ha! I have a horse.
Soldier: but we have guns
[Nick, ] 04-23-2009

George: okay lets get the rules straight..........................oh yeah there aren't any rules; ATTACK!
Soldier: RULES in a WAR!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
[asg, ] 04-23-2009

George: like my wig
Soldier: yep
[john, ] 04-23-2009

George: " What r u doing"
Soldier: "You are George Washington right?"
[Freddy, ] 04-23-2009

George: where is the next gas station
Soldier: 2 miles up ... wait we dont have gas stations
[banana 72, ] 04-23-2009

George: I dont care if its cold suck it up soldier
Soldier: ok
[anonymous, ] 04-23-2009

George: Hey did you see the football game yesterday?
Soldier: I did. i cant bieleve that the patriots won!
[john, ] 04-23-2009

George: Wait a second! Where did you get a drummer boy?!?!?!
Soldier: Drummer Boys R Us
[Olivia, ] 04-22-2009

George: happy birthday
Soldier: its channikah
[bob, 77 st joseph school] 04-22-2009

George: Picture by Drew Zimmerman from William B.T. Trego
Soldier: what
[bill, ] 04-22-2009

George: halt i met someone at eharmony
Soldier: you are general1212 ! i'm soldier22 on eharmony buddy
[brittany, age 11] 04-22-2009

George: Give me pudding or give me death!
Soldier: Our bread pudding is not for you
[Naima, age11] 04-22-2009

George: man i`m cold,hey a fire.
Soldier: a fire! where?
[matt, ] 04-22-2009

George: apple bottom jeans!
Soldier: boots with the fur!
[Vanessa Fisher, ] 04-21-2009

George: Baby I know sometimes its gonna rain!
Soldier: So can we make up now cause I cant slicker the pain!
[Kari Lutz, ] 04-21-2009

George: men, we are in the hands of the Lord do your best
Soldier: we will die for our country
[pay, 17] 04-21-2009

George: What are you doing here?
Soldier: I'm trying to take over your army! Thats what I'm doing!
[Isaac Hallberg, age 8 ; location: Ambler PA] 04-21-2009

George: "men we have a war 1200 miles away"
Soldier: "I am not going lets walk home "
[Jena, 11 md] 04-18-2009

George: Go foward men!
Soldier: Yes Sir!
[samantha, 11, maryland] 04-18-2009

George: we need to be ready for when the British come
Soldier: we still need food, uniforms and men
[paul, ] 04-16-2009

George: what are you doing bros c'mon go go go
Soldier: ok sir
[Jordan Canell, ] 04-16-2009

George: what r u doing?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Soldier: u told us to sit here and freeze our buns off!
[lauren, ] 04-15-2009

George: Don't give up!
Soldier: We are so tired, but we will do our best.
[ms frank, ] 04-14-2009

George: I think im frozen to my horse
Soldier: those are some frozen buns
[regina, ] 04-14-2009

George: im immortal, you know!
Soldier: this isn't 20'th century fox!
[josh t. christian, ] 04-13-2009

George: Man, are we there yet... cause I'm straving.
Soldier: No sir, we just walk one block... we have 26 more to go.
[Deborah Freeman, ] 04-08-2009

George: Norwhales, norwhales swiming in the ocean
Soldier: causing a comotion cause they r so awsome!
[assenza, ] 04-08-2009

George: you want to go to KFC dog?
Soldier: sure im hungry anyways weve been marchin for hours lets end the war! BUY SOME CHICKEN FOR US NOW!
[holly, ] 04-07-2009

George: did they surrender
Soldier: no.sir
[anonymous, ] 04-07-2009

George: The enemy is on their way.Onward
Soldier: Yes sir
[Jason, ] 04-06-2009

George: hey you with the red coat
Soldier: yes i want a red coat
[Raisy, 9 years old,ny] 04-04-2009

George: don't look at me that way!
Soldier: Well SORRY!
[anonymous, ] 04-03-2009

George: FOLLOW me men lets go
Soldier: never we walked all day
[anonymous, ] 04-03-2009

George: Keep marching!
Soldier: March,march,march!That's all we ever do!
[anonymous, ] 04-02-2009

George: Nice hat.NOT! Mine is better!
Soldier: I don't care!
[anonymous, ] 04-01-2009

George: Don't point at me soldier! You have a rude attitude!
Soldier: Well, I still will point at you! Weee! Look, I'm pointing at him!
[Niki Roode, Aged 11 I'm played as Martha Washington in my class play...] 04-01-2009

George: bow down to your king!
Soldier: But you aren't my king sir.... you are just a man on a horse!
[Sarah, 11] 04-01-2009

George: wee lets go party!
Soldier: yah lets go.
[anonymous, ] 03-29-2009

George: When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
Soldier: Shut up about the freakin' declaration and just kill the British, gosh.
[Hot Dawg, ] 03-26-2009

George: bow to me peasants! your shoes untied.. was that so hard?
Soldier: no... oh thanks! hey u tricked me....!
[vicky smith, ] 03-25-2009

George: u want to play rck peper scicors to see who is older?
Soldier: no,we all know its u HHHHAAAA!
[anonymous, ] 03-23-2009

George: Do we have to this ??
Soldier: No we don`t
[Sabrina, ] 03-22-2009

George: Keep moving forward! We will get food!
Soldier: I am too tired. :( Leave me here.
[Grace Classical 5th Graded, ] 03-22-2009

George: Hola
Soldier: Buenos noches
[anonymous, ] 03-20-2009

George: how are you doing
Soldier: we are doing fine
[Shandoira Freeman, ] 03-18-2009

George: Fire, men, Fire!
Soldier: Okay...BANG, BANG...They're dead
[Jonny, ] 03-18-2009

George: yo mama is so big dora could not even explore her
Soldier: ooo, yo mama is so fat she stepped on a scale and it said "one at a time please"
[pvt. Parts, ur mom duh-uh i live in a hole] 03-18-2009

George: Good news, men! We're staying here for another month!
Soldier: Oh you have GOT to be kidding me!
[Miso, ] 03-17-2009

George: men you have done what i wanted and more
Soldier: thank you sir
[roderic newton, 11years old louisiana] 03-17-2009

George: How ya doin' men?
Soldier: We're cold, starving, and sick. How do you think we're doing?
[Ashley, 13, PEnnsylvania] 03-16-2009

George: Wasn't that war fun.
Soldier: I forget. I think i fell asleep.
[anonymous, ] 03-13-2009

George: Do you have any more horses?
Soldier: No, we traded our last horse for these uniforms.
[Crystal West Jr., 12 yrs old] 03-12-2009

George: Men Hurry Up MOVE FORWARD
Soldier: Yes sir George Washington
[Hannah West, ] 03-12-2009

George: thank you for electing me presedent
Soldier: presedent? Netflix hasnt even been invented!
[destroyer, ] 03-10-2009

George: hello soldier,what do you want?
Soldier: i want some coffe
[Crystal Tobias, 10 houston,tx] 03-09-2009

George: If you need help call us at 191!
Soldier: Uh....Mr.'s 911!
[Elisa, ] 03-09-2009

George: lets go smah thoes red coats!
Soldier: but i like my red coat
[sofia, ] 03-09-2009

George: I am your general Gorge Washington and we are going to win
Soldier: YAHH lets go win this fight
[Bre'Ann Lopez, age 11] 03-09-2009

George: We are going to kill the Patriots!
Soldier: We are the Patriots general!
[Cait, ] 02-27-2009

George: what are you goin to do
Soldier: yo get off that horse
[cocoaspice, ] 02-27-2009

George: "anyone want lobster"
Soldier: "uhhh general, we have no food"
[pickles, ] 02-27-2009

George: aaaaaa!
Soldier: ha ha we have guns
[anonymous, ] 02-27-2009

George: give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: ok i i'll give you death
[anonymous, ] 02-27-2009

George: yo homies dont shoot!
Soldier: Yo your wearin our colors!
[mcdarfer, ] 02-27-2009

George: Go take a shower!
Soldier: Why don't you go take a shower. YOU REEK!
[Grace, 7 years old] 02-26-2009

George: let's beat those lobsterbacks
Soldier: but i like lobster
[susie, ] 02-26-2009

George: well then lets talk treaty
Soldier: im going to kill you and make it look like a bloody acidient unless you come up with a treaty
[starr, ] 02-24-2009

George: my president is black and my lambo blue
Soldier: Actually we don't have a president and cars haven't been invented!
[Nikole, ] 02-21-2009

George: Whatcha doin .....................................wheared ya get it.
Soldier: eatin dropped it
[im a romppin, ] 02-19-2009

George: charge!
Soldier: You didn't say "simon says."
[Sam, ] 02-17-2009

George: Hand me my iphone. I need to find my F-150. Didn't I buy that app to get directions to the car.
Soldier: Eh? What you sayin' senior?
[Daniel, ] 02-17-2009

George: Dude just chill, why can't we just be peaceful hippies
Soldier: Well, we can't cause we didn't get, wait yeah why can't we be hippies
[Aliya, age 10] 02-17-2009

George: you lobster backs
Soldier: you sucker
[ricordo, a dog] 02-17-2009

George: hi friend!
Soldier: hi. let's go hav tea! =D yea tea party!
[jomomma, ] 02-17-2009

George: your going down!
Soldier: but why, I wanted to go up
[aj, ] 02-14-2009

George: Men you must be strong, victory is not long off! God be with us !
Soldier: Sir, we are hungry and cold . God help us through this winter !
[Eileen McCullough, ] 02-14-2009

George: Give me death, or give me liberty.
Soldier: Liberty? I haven't even reached puberty!
[Jim, ] 02-11-2009

George: "Im cold dad" I want my KFC!
Soldier: "Hold on son im coming with your blanky"
[Chicken But, I pitty da fool!] 02-09-2009

George: the zombies are attacking!
Soldier: aaaaaaaaaagh my arm!
[Thank You==, ] 02-09-2009

George: I have won many wars in triumph, a have lost wars in victory but all is equal. All men are equl, all lifestyles are equal, all creation is equal. Right now we should win this war in peace, not ferociousness, nor hardship. The Brittish are equal, but most of all we are just in a country of crisis. If we bond, we are strengh and love.
Soldier: Yes, we have put all our strength in to fighting. I shall continue my work with love, no sin.
[Cutie Pie, ] 02-09-2009

George: it is a happy day.
Soldier: hi
[gorge, ] 02-06-2009

George: wuz up peeps in the house? i am here to rock 'n roll!
Soldier: lets party! the war stuff comes later!
[anonymous, ] 02-05-2009

George: Ten hut
Soldier: What?????
[:), ] 02-04-2009

George: "why does my head itch????????"
Soldier: " i dont know sir"
[kalleterg, ] 02-04-2009

George: get that gun out of my face hasn`t your mother ever tought you any manners!?
Soldier: uhhhhhhhh well to tell you the truth no : (
[like i`m gonna tell you my name, ] 02-03-2009

George: We will win for all the people of the colonies.
Soldier: YES general washington!
[Shahram Tayyebi, ] 02-03-2009

George: Listen to me, i have a horse!
Soldier: ohhh... very nice.
[joe mcjoe, im 100 years young] 02-03-2009

George: The British are here!
Soldier: No duh we're all British!
[Nikole, ] 02-02-2009

George: okay men we're going to win this war !
Soldier: no we're not because we never won a war before!
[nakia hanley, ] 01-29-2009

George: Holy history pages! It's cold as thick ice on a stick out here!
Soldier: Youuuu said Mr.Washington sir.. sir? sir! holy maceral Mr.Washington has frozen to death
[Javan Jones, Age:12 Location Uniontown,pennsylvania] 01-27-2009

George: hey dude wuz up dog
Soldier: uggggh
[monica lammpa, ] 01-27-2009

George: Aloha my fella mon welcome to JAMCIA
Soldier: for thus is not the right for fella mon as you "Quote"
[Ali, ] 01-27-2009

George: "You ate my waffle!"
Soldier: "Sorry sir, but we're starving to death and it tastes so good!"
[Bengals, Lima, Ohio] 01-27-2009

George: "Suck it up!"
Soldier: "We're freezing to death!"
[The Buckeyes, Lima, Ohio] 01-26-2009

George: give me or give me daeth
Soldier: okay hold still
[victoria boutwell, ] 01-23-2009

George: Fight for freedom!
Soldier: Down with the IRS
[Hippie McJoe, Go Al Gore Help the environment. Please date me. I'm all alone, except that i play barbie vidio games for hours. Ask no questions and i tell you no lies.] 01-23-2009

George: Go Cardinals! They have Larry Fitzgerald and Curt Warner!
Soldier: Never! The Steeler will win because they are way better and have Jerome Bettis
[Billy Bob Joe Jr., 50 and I live with my parents in their basement.] 01-23-2009

George: You killed my father prepare to die!
Soldier: I am the six fingered man
[Lasson, ] 01-23-2009

George: hey you guys! get off my lawn!
Soldier: hey your on my lawn!
[kaden, 13, utah, 84790] 01-23-2009

George: welcome
Soldier: to what its winter
[tiffany, state:ny Age :12] 01-23-2009

George: i eat rebels for breakfast`
Soldier: I eat George's for breakfast
[Jake, i am 90] 01-21-2009

George: I can't tell a lie!
Soldier: That's not what your wife said.
[Barbra, ] 01-20-2009

George: why do you point your guns so high?
Soldier: we are shooting for freedom
[bethica, ] 01-20-2009

George: hey, ya wanna go surfin
Soldier: dude, its in the middle of winter!
[rachelle, ] 01-20-2009

George: Hi dude whats up
Soldier: the sky man
[Lilly, ] 01-20-2009

George: are we going to fight this battle
Soldier: yes sir
[ricky bobby, ] 01-20-2009

George: hello
Soldier: back at you
[Bladey Wansing, 11] 01-20-2009

George: hey hey hey whats shakin
Soldier: me im freezing
[Grant, ] 01-19-2009

George: Men what are we fighting for.
Soldier: To free the slaves
[Green, Im a direct decendent to General Isreal Putnam] 01-18-2009

George: guten tauge hallo kinder
Soldier: you are not german we are french wii wii homies
[anonymous, ] 01-16-2009

George: "Give me liberty or give me death"
Soldier: I will go with death.
[asfdjfopd, ] 01-15-2009

George: Okay men, ready for a long walk to vally forge
Soldier: Why do you get to ride a horse?
[Tyllor, ] 01-12-2009

George: Do you want pizza?
Soldier: No! We want war! And mabe some ice creme to!
[Liam Fallon, ] 01-11-2009

George: Quick question: Are you happy?
Soldier: Who needs happiness when satisfaction works just fine.
[Anna Kircher, ] 01-10-2009

George: What's the problem here?
Soldier: Back off wigmaster, and mind your own business!
[Anna Kircher, ] 01-10-2009

George: kill kill them all
Soldier: our gun powder has gotten wet
[anonymous, ] 01-09-2009

George: give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: why
[anonymous, ] 01-09-2009

George: Why do we need guns we could work this out in a different way
Soldier: we want to fight
[Bobby :), ] 01-09-2009

George: Why are you guys so short?
Soldier: Uh... Because you're on a horse, maybe?
[someone you obviously don't know, ] 01-09-2009

George: Soldier, even in the cold, we must train for battle!
Soldier: But General Washington, I only have rags on my feet. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
[Christina, 8 years old, Michigan, The Jubilee Academy] 01-07-2009

George: we want to have peace not war.
Soldier: we want our land
[kelverna, ] 01-07-2009

George: FIRE! kill them all
Soldier: y dont we just kill u????
[justin, any hot girls 16 txt me] 01-07-2009

George: The British stole my wife. Defeat the British and get her back!
Soldier: Your wife is very pretty!
[Madeline Bounds, School is Prairie Central Junior High!] 01-06-2009

George: Now why would you wanna shoot the man thats on all your money?
Soldier: oh youre him??.......good for you....BANG!.. BANG!
[summerlin A., Fo Shizzle })l({] 01-06-2009

George: Don't fire till you see the whites in their eyes!
Soldier: hold your guns guys, listen to Washington!
[i'mnottellingmyname, ] 01-06-2009

George: how is the wheather down there
Soldier: vvvvvvvvvery cccccold sssir
[william, ] 01-06-2009

George: Dont fire till you see the whites of there eyes
Soldier: huh??
[hahh, ] 01-04-2009

George: I have a in the oven. But i can't seem to reach it....
Soldier: maybe with my suple frame, i can crawl in and get it for you
[hmm, ] 01-04-2009

George: hoover dam you guys are fast!
Soldier: yes yes we are.
[thomas, 12 new york] 01-04-2009

George: Are we going to fight this battle?
Soldier: Yes sir!
[Izz, ] 01-01-2009

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