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George: why did the British lose the battle?
Soldier: Why?
George: Because you guys are so slow!
Soldier: RRRRR
[Ion, ] 12-26-2008

George: Hey! what do you think your doing shooting at us?
Soldier: Uh I forgot already
[Ion, ] 12-26-2008

George: how is it going down there?
Soldier: cold. We wish we had horses too.
[Tamar, ] 12-23-2008

George: ................Uhhhhhhh
Soldier: well don't just STAND there we have a war to do
[Breanna Lynne Couch, 10 Ohio I LIKE KITTIES =^.^=] 12-19-2008

George: i'm hungry, how bout you
Soldier: well hello there hungry my name is joe
[taylor galek ... ily ryan, i live in lakeport canastota new york] 12-18-2008

George: Com' on, We're going to lead the people on farther.
Soldier: Farther to what? Colder weather?
[Jewe'll Thomas, 9 years old. Orangeburg, South carolina.] 12-18-2008

George: wat do u think your doing
Soldier: fiten for da country
[sherica, ] 12-18-2008

George: We can do it if we try. Are we going to give it our all ?
Soldier: Yeah!
[Morgan C, age 13, t ennessee.] 12-18-2008

George: sup fella's
Soldier: nuttin' 25cent man
[cameron pepper, 13 yrs. old cool] 12-18-2008

George: What are you going to do?
Soldier: I going to take my army back and I will tell them to go home.
[Nimma, I am 9 year old 16 - 12- 2008] 12-16-2008

George: Yo, what you think your doin'
Soldier: Fightin' for our land!
[Riley, 11, California, so bored!] 12-16-2008

George: sup man you think is cold now
Soldier: kinda
[joe blank, ] 12-15-2008

George: come on lets go!
Soldier: its much easyer for you you've got a horse
[Bonnie Claire Mckelvie, ] 12-15-2008

George: what up dudes lets do the chicken dance cause yo're all chickens bac bac
Soldier: what are you trying to make fun of Barack Obama
[anonymous, ] 12-15-2008

George: what are you doing?
Soldier: i am having fun?
[gabby, ] 12-15-2008

George: "Stop you fool why would you shoot your commander!"
Soldier: "But sir why can't I surrender to you?"
[alyssa mcroberts, 14] 12-15-2008

George: Drop your Weapons!
Soldier: Woah! Dude! it's the guy on the Quarter!
[anonymous, ] 12-11-2008

George: why do you want to kill us?
Soldier: because you made fun of king george, and I don't like you
[jason vaughn, ] 12-11-2008

George: wat up, i.....ZZZZZZ
Soldier: wat! dont fall asleep! we have a war to do
[anonymous, ] 12-08-2008

George: Hey is this where the heating is??
Soldier: Get in line bud.
[bailey, ] 12-05-2008

George: hi men
Soldier: hey its the guy on the quarter
[justin, 11,Nebraska] 12-05-2008

George: wat up
Soldier: i like $$$$$
[anonymous, ] 12-05-2008

George: Lets Breakdance
Soldier: how bout Soulja Boy?
[Me, ] 11-26-2008

George: Does this shirt make me look fat
Soldier: a little
[jose lopez, ] 11-25-2008

George: Why Yes Glad You knowtis you know i was the frist one on mt. rushmore
Soldier: wow really! so what i like abraham lincoln better
[scotty helton, Age 14] 11-25-2008

George: Never Surrender
Soldier: Yes Sir
[Bob, ] 11-25-2008

George: lol we r going to kill u HaHaHa and there is nothing yall can do about it
Soldier: o yea we r going to go to ur towns and burn them down to the ground! *KING GOURGE!*
[Austin Farmer, Hi] 11-25-2008

George: "give me liberty or give me death"
Soldier: What?
[Nicole, ] 11-25-2008

George: my chicken will avenge me
Soldier: what ever
[hanz toro padilla, i like chickens] 11-25-2008

George: you people are small
Soldier: so are you
[michaela, ] 11-24-2008

George: Hey, What are you guys pointing at? I hope it is yummy! I AM HUNGRY!
Soldier: Look, we are out of food cuz you and you fat butt horse ate it all. We are almost out of ammo and gunpowder because you went crazy and thought they were the muchies from dunkin' donuts and pixie sugar candy. So what do you think we are pointing at?! A flippin' flying KFC?! *George* My horse and I are just REALLY hungry! So take it easy!
[Dylan Tompson, 16, hot, single, and a football quarterback ladies. My house DUH! I am really bored.] 11-24-2008

George: What do Ye want?
Soldier: Thou shall back down or suffer the punishments
[Jamie, ] 11-21-2008

George: We have horses and yall don't. Haha!
Soldier: I'm going to tell your mom on you.
[Alisha h., ] 11-20-2008

George: you will never win!
Soldier: watch us!
[sarah, 13 ohio] 11-20-2008

George: ha ha look at me with my big coat and horse
Soldier: im cold
[mont, 5th grade] 11-20-2008

George: Move out of the way!
Soldier: OMG! YNTCO! (Oh my gosh! You need to chill out!)
[Nathan Baumgartner, ] 11-20-2008

George: Hey I here In the furture kids will be typing what we are saying on the magic INTERNET! Some can even do our names TWICE!
Soldier: Yeah! I heard that too. I wonder how they make are names appear TWICE!
[Dylan Tompson, HOW DO YOU GUYS DO THAT!? I really need to know] 11-20-2008

George: you hungry ?
Soldier: how about lunch
[mal, ] 11-20-2008

George: Hey why is your coat Red AND Blue? ARE YOU ON BOTH SIDES!
Soldier: No iam am not on both sides. I am on yours George. *looks a feet* The just ran out of blue cloth and had to use red.
[Dylan Tompson, 16, I am STILL Single and hot ladies!] 11-19-2008

George: Surrender, foul smelling beast!
Soldier: No, you surrender you powdered wig freak!
[Taylor, 10 years old] 11-18-2008

George: yo dude move
Soldier: no way
[lauren, ] 11-18-2008

George: What are you doing?
Soldier: Ballet! Can't you tell?
[heather, ] 11-17-2008

George: Gentlemen, don't give up! It is our liberty we are fighting for.
Soldier: Lead on General Washington!
[Esther and Hannah, Sisters for Liberty!] 11-17-2008

George: "bom bom di dom bom bom di dom dom..."
Soldier: "...painting pictures on the wall it's like they talking to me"
[rihanna, ] 11-17-2008

George: i have shoes and you dont ha ha ha!
Soldier: so i will beat you with my frozen feet!
[blah the second, ] 11-12-2008

George: what, what did you say!
Soldier: i said, you will need to surrender (repeated for the 4th time
[Zack, im 11 years old] 11-12-2008

George: Why can't you guys fight?
Soldier: Cuz we're tired!
[Matthew J. Robertson, I get all the ladies.] 11-12-2008

George: i spy with my little eye...
Soldier: duuuuude. honestly, be cool.
[anonymous, ] 11-10-2008

George: we surrender!
Soldier: we were going to say that!
[jason, ] 11-08-2008

George: lets hop to the battle
Soldier: why hop?!
[blah blah blah, ] 11-08-2008

George: I demand a battle!
Soldier: OK, lets not go to far into this naughty situation.
[brooke, 10 yrs. Corsicana,texas] 11-06-2008

George: I know this has been a horrible, cold, winter, but I understand your pain.
Soldier: Really? Last I checked you were in a heated house, watching Monday Night Football on your big screen TV, listening to your iPod, and eating crumpets.
[anonymous, ] 11-04-2008

George: who stole my electric blanket?!
Soldier: sir, they haven't been created yet.
[anonymous, ] 11-04-2008

George: I'm taller then all of you! mwahahahahahahahah
Soldier: loser you're on a horse. duh!
[anonymous, ] 11-04-2008

George: we need to fight for freedom, our families, our country, etc. it is our responsibilitity to win!
Soldier: hey! the only reason im fighting is for money!
[anonymous, ] 11-04-2008

George: Men...if you do good today, you will be made into a stereotype.
Soldier: I hope I become Mac, he always wins.
[georgie, yes my name is georgie. im no guy. im a GIRL. some people get cobfused] 11-04-2008

George: tin...hut!
Soldier: why should I hut a tin?
[haylee, hahaha boredd out of my head] 11-04-2008

George: ....And then the papa bear said "Who's been in my chair?..."
Soldier: I can't believe I thought that working for George Washington would meen defeating the British and lots of fighting. He just sits around all day and tells us nusery rymes! what a dork.
[Jesusfreak, 13,] 11-04-2008

George: You dumb lobster backs couldn't even find your own feet if you were asked to! Do you even know where your feet are?
Soldier: Uh-uh.
[Trent Thornburg, age: 13] 11-04-2008

George: Give me liberty or give me death!
Soldier: Is there is third choice?
[juliette, ] 11-04-2008

George: Soldiers, love your enemies. Like the British.
Soldier: Then whom do we have to hate?
[alexia, ] 11-04-2008

George: What's the difference between roast beef and pea soup?
Soldier: Well, you can roast beef, but you can pee soup!
[Bryn, ] 11-04-2008

George: Got any 9's
Soldier: dang it three
[lynn, ] 11-04-2008

George: got any 7's
Soldier: nope. go fish
[a person, ] 11-03-2008

George: heyy...did you know that ipod shuffles are fifty dollars with the earphones, but seperately earphones cost THIRTY BUCKS and so the ipod shuffle basically cost twenty dollars...
Soldier: what's an ipod shuffle?!?!
[jimmy HO, ] 11-02-2008

George: Ok lets take roll,(hmmmm) Bill? *Here* ok now Kill Roy? Kill Roy, come on Kill Roy!
Soldier: Ummmm DON"T KILL ME I AM ROY! (runs away almost getting shot in the butt) *Whoops, guess I should have just said Roy*
[Dylan Tompson, 16 uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my house :P uhhhhh i am hot and single ladies!] 10-31-2008

George: Hey, did you see HSM3?
Soldier: Ya, it sucked!
[Marcus, ] 10-31-2008

George: let's battle!
Soldier: let's play ddr!
[anonimous, ] 10-31-2008

George: hey i think we're gonna lose. OH you just got PUNK'D! OHHH!
Soldier: what the....?
[anonymous person, nothing] 10-31-2008

George: Hi Shrimp
Soldier: Hey dont start talking giant
[Alissa, I am an 8th grader] 10-30-2008

George: Heyyy, did you see HSM3?
Soldier: Ya! It was awsome!
[Belle Harding, ] 10-29-2008

George: hi whats your history?
Soldier: how was the battle?
[alan craig, ] 10-28-2008

George: Hey, let us have peace
Soldier: We want to fight though!
[Emily, ] 10-24-2008

George: omfg ur short (loser)
Soldier: well duh we dont have horses! And i heard that!
[Hayley, ♥13-Hawaii-♥] 10-24-2008

George: When we crest this hill, the Brits will be there waiting for us. Then, you must fire at will.
Soldier: Sire, my name is Will... what did I do wrong?
[Matthew, Okay, this is a better-grammar version of a previous joke. Still funny tho] 10-22-2008

George: Alright men, I realize you may not want to fight now. You have been sleeping in the wilderness, living off the land, while the Hessians have been holed up in their warm camps eating their food and drinking their beer--
Soldier: Beer!? Well what are we waiting for! Let's go!
[Matthew, Age 13] 10-22-2008

George: Hello how are you?
Soldier: Umm..Good..arent we supposed to fight?
[Jill, ] 10-22-2008

George: Ok guys. Stay quiet, don't be loud, and kill some Brits!
Soldier: Huzzah
[Colleen, ks] 10-18-2008

George: We will fight for freedom, glory and pie!
Soldier: Who cares about freedom and glory wheres the pie?
[anna, i love J.T] 10-14-2008

George: Taxation without representation is tyranny!
Soldier: Geogre, James Otis says that you say, "Give me liberty or give me death!" *George* Ok, Men Fire at Will. *Soldier* What my name is Will. *runs away* AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH
[Ember, 15 uuuuuhhhhh My house uuuuuhhhhh florida.] 10-13-2008

George: are you ready?
Soldier: oh yeah we are!
[Katie Carroll, ] 10-10-2008

George: why aren't yall fighting
Soldier: because the war haven't started yet
[Miss Princess, ] 10-10-2008

George: ummmmmmm... it wasnt me...
Soldier: put your hands up!
[breezy lee jonas, ] 10-04-2008

George: Why are you running?
Soldier: Watch out behind you Genral!
[im, ] 10-01-2008

George: Men,where is my hovercraft?
Soldier: Sir,it hasn't been invented yet!
[cw, ] 10-01-2008

George: look out they have pillows and feathers.
Soldier: pillows and feathers were all gonna die!
[et, ] 10-01-2008

George: Give me liberty or give me death!
Soldier: why?
[lmn, ] 10-01-2008

George: Were freezing to death. Our fingernails are falling out. Why are we here?
Soldier: I don`t know. I thought it was Valley Forge candy.
[jhc, ] 10-01-2008

George: What are you doing with that gun, my suns?
Soldier: We were just playing with it, dad.
[Alice, ] 10-01-2008

George: Hey, what are you guys doing here?
Soldier: We are lost. Do you know ther way to San Jose?
[ba, ] 10-01-2008

George: Any body seen a good dance school around here???
Soldier: Dude! Get a grip!
[Georgia, I'm a dancer!] 10-01-2008

George: sup dog
Soldier: sup my playa
[anonymous, ] 10-01-2008

George: We must fight the war if we do not we will all parish!
Soldier: But sir we will die if we fight that war, so why should we fight?
[Kunoichi Joiner, 10yrs old] 09-28-2008

George: okay men, try and get my horses big butt out of the way!
Soldier: *soldiers whispering* we cant tell whats bigger, his or his horses!
[jane, ] 09-28-2008

George: Does anyone know where a McDonald's is?
Soldier: Oh yes, just go along the river down to Betsy Ross house.
[Kristy, ] 09-26-2008

George: someone get me a bulldozer.
Soldier: they ain't invented yet!
[Joe G. Victo, ] 09-25-2008

George: you people have no right to live!
Soldier: you are made you made war happen to!
[jillian, ] 09-24-2008

George: You made us pay taxes now you will pay with your BLOOD!
Soldier: Bring it georgey
[Grace, i love the jonas brothers!1] 09-21-2008

George: hello
Soldier: huh, who said that?
[anonymous, ] 09-21-2008

George: get in my belly!
Soldier: ( Jamaican guy) You want a banana smoothie, man?
[Ben Demars, ] 09-18-2008

George: larissa is awsome
Soldier: duh who doesnt know that
[larissa, ] 09-16-2008

George: surender or die!
Soldier: and yet we're the one's holding guns!
[Rachel, 13] 09-15-2008

George: Yo, you british peeps! We are about to send ya crying to your momma in england!*breackdancingmusic* *dances to music real goooood*
Soldier: No fair we only know ball room dancin! WWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHH! George(again):Thats why we Americans. *Georges army* AMERICANS RULE
[Dylan, 16 uuuuhhh my house uhhhh idk I A FOOTBALL PLAYEEERRR] 09-15-2008

George: i will beat you at the race.
Soldier: no man will beat me hahaha.
[Madison, eight] 09-06-2008

George: Get ready like a Machete! [get ready get, get ready get].
Soldier: What the heck is a hot machete?
[Keira, 14, New Jersey. Get Ready [Hot Machete] by Jonezetta <3] 09-02-2008

George: came on men lets move!
Soldier: well why dont you get your buttey down here and try what were doing in these condesense
[anonymous, ] 08-31-2008

George: Men! Stop horsing around!
Soldier: Sir you're the only one that HAS one.
[Colonial Nuiscience101, ] 08-27-2008

George: fight free or don't fight at all
Soldier: we will fight free for our country
[dara schiff, age 8 Liberty, ny] 08-21-2008

George: anyone for a cheeseburger
Soldier: where is nearest McDonalds! God bless America
[savanna, 13] 08-20-2008

George: You, there! Soldier!
Soldier: Which one are you talking to?
[Daisy McConnahay, Revolutionary Patriot] 08-07-2008

George: Can't a chap enjoy his whiskey?
Soldier: Dismount the steed, sah!
[j&j, everett, wa] 07-11-2008

George: apple rules
Soldier: were not even in the 20th century
[Mason, ] 07-08-2008

George: C'mon you guys we're getting closer, I'm not tired
Soldier: OK General, but may I ride the horse for the next 100 miles?
[Phyllis Ann Maples-Cole, 61 year old college student, grandmother of 11] 07-06-2008

George: For Narnia!
Soldier: Uh...General...We're in Valley Forge......
[Tanner, 8] 07-03-2008

George: Where are the British?
Soldier: Why in Great Britain, of course.
[Ethan Miller, ] 06-29-2008

George: man it's cold out here
Soldier: no doubt my gun is frozen to my sholder
[anonymous, ] 06-25-2008

George: We'll cross the Delaware tonight !
Soldier: Yes sir!
[Act, ] 06-13-2008

George: The British are coming! The British are coming!
Soldier: Uh....General.......Paul Revere already told us.........
[Tanner, 8......Edmond, OK] 06-11-2008

George: hey you in the red
Soldier: which one of us
[oppssum, I like narnia] 06-07-2008

George: Lets cross the Delware!
Soldier: What? Whill sink!
[anonymous, ] 06-04-2008

George: Fight for freedom or die trying men the snow will not hold us here so we must defeat the british!
Soldier: But sir we're freezing out here and we have no food or clean clothing and we are getting sick every minute martha washington can't bring medicine every single day!
[Nathan, ] 06-04-2008

George: Luke i am your father!
Soldier: Um... i'm Bob
[anonymous, ] 06-03-2008

George: thee i fight for freedom or death
Soldier: tis let the war start!
[Cindy, ] 06-02-2008

George: Omg.
Soldier: What's that stand for?
[Fred Flinstone, ] 05-31-2008

George: You stated the Revolutianary War!
Soldier: no, YOU STARTED IT
[Katrina Cwiertniewicz, AGE 10 Drexel Hill] 05-28-2008

George: The British are coming, the British are coming!
Soldier: no it's the REDCOATS are coming, the REDCOATS are coming!
[Seil, 10 TX Tomball] 05-28-2008

George: workkkk!
Soldier: okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
[kalya, ] 05-28-2008

George: I know it's cold but if we stay here it will get colder!
Soldier: I'm tired . Can we stay here?
[Elyse, age 9 state IN] 05-28-2008

George: Good Night Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z z z z z z
Soldier: general! ..............
[Nicole, age: 11 state: Massachusetts] 05-28-2008

George: I know your tired but we' re going to keep going.
Soldier: my feet are killing me!
[Nathan, In U.S.A] 05-20-2008

George: yo you with the gun put em down
Soldier: we cant they are super gluded to our hands
[julie, age 12, australia] 05-19-2008

George: Men today if the British wont war they will start war do not fire untill they fire
Soldier: For my country my freedome and my family I will fight
[anonymous, ] 05-19-2008

George: be determined men
Soldier: are you crazy, we'er tired
[Noah W., 10, Grafton, Ohio] 05-18-2008

George: Hey, if you guys don't stop, i'm going to turn this army around, and go right back home.
Soldier: ...........
[Nicole, ] 05-18-2008

George: What are you guys aiming at? The sky?
Soldier: No! The virtual realtiy war helmets are messing us up... AHHH! A UFO is coming to kill us all! RUN!
[Sloan, 11 years old, Indiana.] 05-15-2008

George: No its to cold im going home
Soldier: Let's cross the Delaware
[Pauline, 10] 05-14-2008

George: so hows the weather down south??
Soldier: actually pretty nice. how about up north?
[log on, ] 05-14-2008

George: Hah! I'm on the dollar bill...i'm important!
Soldier: Wouldn't that mean Beh Franklin is 100 times importanter than you because he is on the 100 dollar bill.
George: Shut up
[You'll never know, I'm awesomeness, let's stay with that.] 05-08-2008

George: Where is the White House?
Soldier: We do not understand what you are asking.
[Angela, ] 05-08-2008

George: I'm sorry my horse is scared of guns and I think he left you a present
Soldier: I can tell it smells already
[Tyler.G, ] 05-08-2008

George: hey dog!
Soldier: im a cat remember!
[Josh Carlson, ] 05-08-2008

George: "Remember troops...,If we win I'm getting me a used kareoke machine!"
Soldier: " I can't wait to to sing along to Hannah Montanna!"
[Ben, 11] 05-08-2008

George: "I dont like war, so come down and we can get on our horses and stop at dunkin dounuts".
Soldier: "Yeah you are right genral washington, we could use a llatte".
[Nick M., 15] 05-08-2008

George: "Things may look hopeless but we must try."
Soldier: "Can we have some hot chacolate first."
[Henry, ] 05-08-2008

George: Hay lets go tocandy mountain instead of fighting!
Soldier: Sounds cool . I need to get some candy . I hope to see some unicorns.
[Em, ] 05-08-2008

George: The Flying Monkeys are planning to attack!
Soldier: There is only one way to escape from the Flying Monkeys.......... There's no place like home... There's no place like home.... There's no place like home.....
[Jacob, 11 years old] 05-08-2008

George: We'll settle this with a rap duel yo! We' ll also have a beat contest boom cha ba boom ba boom cha
Soldier: Fine then let put on my bling bling. yo
[jedidiah Cadet, 10] 05-08-2008

George: I know your cold but we have to fight for freedom!
Soldier: My toe fell off from frostbite
[Jack, ] 05-08-2008

George: Give me liberty or give me death!
Soldier: ok death it is t
[Emma, 11] 05-08-2008

George: Goerge Washington declared"Who wants to go the future with my new time machine?''
Soldier: The soldier said"sure, lets go to 2008 and see if there is a waar going on so we can help!''
[Em, ] 05-08-2008

George: Hey anybody want a ice coffie.
Soldier: Sure
[Mack, ] 05-08-2008

George: when you see the whites of their eyes, fire!
Soldier: Wait, they have sunglasses on!
[Sarah, 11] 05-08-2008

George: The Aliens are coming for us!
Soldier: YA! I hope they take ME for their scientific reasearch!
[Jacob, 11 years old] 05-08-2008

George: We have worked so hard so do not give up and we will win this war!
Soldier: Ya lets go and win some land!
[Samantha, 10] 05-08-2008

George: Let's call it peace
Soldier: What is in it for me
[Megane, ] 05-07-2008

George: WATCH OUT! they have the rare and deadly...WATER GUNS & KILLER BUNNIES!
Soldier: Bunnies! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!
[George Misslefair, ] 05-07-2008

George: You're jealous of my aweshumness soldier!
Soldier: Erm yeah i'm not Mr. Washington. Yer just jealous that i got some NINJA SKILLS and you don't!
[Keira, Psh yer jealous of my aweshumness (awesomeness)] 05-06-2008

George: i want a war
Soldier: ok lets have a war
[anonymous, ] 05-05-2008

George: OMG! Where did you get that shirt?
Soldier: Shop Rite! =D
[Samantha, I like pie, peace luvs.] 05-02-2008

George: did my time machine work?
Soldier: nope. your not president yet.
[Frodo, I;m a hobit with a ring of power!] 04-30-2008

George: Okay... Who wants to see the soulja boy dance?
Soldier: I do! I do!
[Billy, ] 04-25-2008

George: Who want's to watch Droopy.
Soldier: Let's watch the Flintstonses
[David, I love Droopy and and the Flintstones] 04-24-2008

George: Does anyone want 2 play 3 on 3?
Soldier: Sure, I,ll meet u @ the United Center
[LeBron James, ] 04-21-2008

George: Men it's time to be brave!
Soldier: Yes Sir!
[Suz, ] 04-21-2008

George: Fire at will!
Soldier: You idiot, thats my name!
[zero the hedghog AKA the falcon riptide, ] 04-20-2008

George: My horse wants grass! Get him some, soldier!
Soldier: Judging by this piture, all we have is ice!
[anonymous, ] 04-20-2008

George: You guys need a horse it hurts my neck to look down like this.
Soldier: Yeah, well maybe we don't want your advice!
[Irene Smith, ] 04-18-2008

George: I love george washington hes is my favorite singer i mean did u not just hear his new hit single,..............everybody makes mistakes everybody has those days, wow i want his atograph
Soldier: I like that song too GO GEORGE WASHINGTON
[carolyn, ] 04-16-2008

George: Omg, a bomb! =O
Soldier: George, thats a flying monkey with a banana! =I
[Dea, 10,Las Vegas, NV] 04-16-2008

George: Im a hunk a hunk a hunk of burnin love
Soldier: Bequit and shoot
[terrenca, ] 04-16-2008

George: ( george in the bathtub sing it ducky) we have not meet and thats ok
Soldier: are you singing hannah montana george phh no
[sara, ] 04-16-2008

George: hey, I like your horse
Soldier: hey I like you shirt, shop in the men's department next time
[olivia, 9 las vegas nevada] 04-16-2008

George: all we want is ur land
Soldier: no we goin 2 kill u
[John, 12] 04-14-2008

George: Im blue
Soldier: dabba di dabba die
[oliver, ] 04-13-2008

George: Yo, wat up my peeps!
Soldier: Word, Georgey
[Michael Kyrakydis, ] 04-12-2008

George: don't cha dare fire
Soldier: ready aim fire
[Jasmine, ] 04-12-2008

George: Calm down, We can work this out.
Soldier: For get it, We will fight!
[Bob Jonson, ] 04-11-2008

George: we can settle it without violcne
Soldier: we will shoot
[Diana, ] 04-10-2008

George: Excuse me, soldier....
Soldier: Forget it General. I'm not picking up any more horse manure.
[Pete, ] 04-09-2008

George: give me liberty or death
Soldier: maybe i will give you death
[keiana, ] 04-09-2008

George: we will fight for freedom right ?
Soldier: the devil is a liar if somebody gets shot im outta here
[stuart, ] 04-08-2008

George: bring peace not war!
Soldier: we have not yet begun to fight!
[anonymous, ] 04-05-2008

George: serender or die
Soldier: never.......I am invincible
[jim, ] 04-05-2008

George: give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: no
[yasmine hanna, ] 04-04-2008

George: Give me guns or give me knives!
Soldier: mean "give me liberty or give me death" no?
[jason, ] 04-04-2008

George: We will fight till we win
Soldier: Yea WE will
[dana, concord school] 04-04-2008

George: We are here to fight for our freedom
Soldier: We must fight for the cause
[anonymous, ] 04-02-2008

George: We Must fight to the death!
Soldier: For Narnia!
[Zachary downs, ] 04-01-2008

George: give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: no
[Juanita Charlene Cachucha, 12,Dulce lake hwy64,house#3,i love history] 04-01-2008

George: Hey I like your shirt "next time shop in the mens department" LOL
Soldier: Well it just so happens my mom bought me this shirt
[sara, ] 03-31-2008

George: do you have legos?
Soldier: word, i do, but i aint sharin'
[austin sessums, 11,my house duh, 5th grade] 03-31-2008

George: I went shopping for gifts yesterday :D! Would you like a brown or blue bath towel?
Soldier: Blue, Because it totally matches my coat =)
[Sophia Grogan, 11, England...Ironic right?] 03-30-2008

George: We won't give up
Soldier: Yes we will
[katie, ] 03-30-2008

George: give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: ok death it is then
[Lydia Zenner, ] 03-30-2008

George: Don't make me come down there
Soldier: Ha! you would not dare.
[Sean, Texas] 03-30-2008

George: Soldiers get ready for battle
Soldier: I am going home General Washington sir
[anonymous, ] 03-28-2008

George: Give me freedom
Soldier: or give me weapons
[anonymous, ] 03-26-2008

George: i will survive i will survive
Soldier: sir u have isues
[hi, ] 03-26-2008

George: lets kick lobsterback butt!
Soldier: instead can we eat lobster?
[tait, ] 03-26-2008

George: give me liberty...
Soldier: or give me a break!
[Jodie Bell, age 10] 03-25-2008

George: The first to shoot off my silly hat can ride my horse!
Soldier: I'll DO IT!
[Chelsey, Jim Thorpe, PA] 03-22-2008

George: we will fight for country
Soldier: wewill
[jacob, pen argyl,pa age 7] 03-21-2008

George: omg like so totaly cool
Soldier: wow
[julia, ] 03-21-2008

George: give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: no
[brandi ferguson, ] 03-21-2008

George: We only have enough food for 8 days!
Soldier: I want more food!
[Marissa, I'm 10 and I live in Washington(The Evergreen State)] 03-21-2008

George: Here i am!
Soldier: yeah yeah
[mia, 13 laporte] 03-21-2008

George: put the gun down and we can talk about it!
Soldier: you want to fight???
[emily, I am 11] 03-19-2008

George: Together we rise, together we fall
Soldier: You are a great man sir
[Brian Mallow, 11, Mifflintown, PA] 03-18-2008

George: give me liberty or give me death!
Soldier: I second that motion
[Taylor, ] 03-18-2008

George: If you didn't eat I won't eat either.
Soldier: You are a good leader !
[Michaelia Brown, ] 03-14-2008

George: Time to move out
Soldier: What we just got here
[Marcos Brewer, Marcos Brewer Age 14] 03-14-2008

George: ahhhhhhhhhhh guns quick hide run do somthing
Soldier: oh shut up you BIG baby
[casey, ] 03-11-2008

George: We shall stand our ground!
Soldier: So be it and feel our rath!
[Matt R., I am 10 and have a passion for history.] 03-09-2008

George: surender you fools
Soldier: we will never give up!
[Taylor, ] 03-07-2008

George: i want 2 win
Soldier: i want 2 go home
[kira, ] 03-06-2008

George: We need more supplies!
Soldier: We need better clothes
[anthony, none] 03-06-2008

George: u r evil!
Soldier: no we r not u r1
[kaylee, ] 03-06-2008

George: what you lookin at boy
Soldier: im lookin at the giant poo your horse just made
[anonymous, ] 03-06-2008

George: What are you eating?
Soldier: Beans! I have to go make apoopy though. Bye.
[Matthew Robinson, age:10 Dodgeland school, Juneau, Wisconsin] 03-06-2008

George: charge!
Soldier: lets do it men!
[kristin, i am at school] 03-06-2008

George: Why are you pointing that at me soldier? We're supposed to be fighting the British!
Soldier: Yes, but that's so dangerous! This is much safer: I won't die!
[jojo, I live on other's blood.] 03-05-2008

George: Get ready for the winter, boys it's going to be a long one.
Soldier: Sir Yes Sir!
[Digger Jones, 11] 03-04-2008

George: I have a joke for. your an american gotng in the bathroom. your an american coming out, so what are you in the bathroom?
Soldier: I don't know.
George: European
[Marzyna Hall, ] 03-04-2008

George: what's up
Soldier: life, and the sky
[sam childs, ] 03-04-2008

George: Do you think this is a nightmare or is it really happening?
Soldier: I hope it is a nightmare.
[Brodie Edgerton, ] 03-04-2008

George: I want you to surrender
Soldier: not so fast
[J.mincey, 9 live in chicago] 03-04-2008

George: I dont think we are in Kansas Toto
Soldier: Dah your fighting the British now
[????? ?????, age 11, Eau Claire Wisconsin] 03-04-2008

George: toto, i dont think we're in Kansas anymore
Soldier: NO DUH! your in the middle of nowhere fightin brits! and i bet you dont even have a dog!
[boom boom, ] 02-28-2008

George: you are cool soldier
Soldier: back to you
[anonymous, ] 02-28-2008

George: what r u fire people?
Soldier: well r u water people
[missy pople, 11 illinois el paso hi im in 5 grade im 11] 02-27-2008

George: Were supposed to be fighting, what are you waiting for!
Soldier: Just give us ten more minutes before we die.
[Nick, Age 9 State College, Pennsylvania] 02-26-2008

George: How's it going everybody? We should get together sometime
Soldier: yeah, we should, now hands up!
[fdsh, ] 02-26-2008

George: Dude! why did u hit me with your hand bag!
Soldier: It's a wa,right?
[RachaelRae, 9 okay and thats it] 02-26-2008

George: My horse seems to like you. You wanna keep him?
Soldier: I thought this was a war, not a give-away!
[Jacque, ] 02-25-2008

George: Are you ready for Battle Soldier?
Soldier: Yes Sir, it is my duty and yours to Prtect this Country!
[Danial, ] 02-25-2008

George: Let's eat some pie!
Soldier: Awww man, i hate pie it tastes like..feet and i don't know how i got that
[Samantha, age 12] 02-25-2008

George: Who are you pointing your guns at? We're on horses and mine are srtonger!
Soldier: Well maybe, but there are more of us and we've been working out!
[Molly, de] 02-24-2008

George: You don't know the power of the dark side!
Soldier: I thought we were good?
[Sorry, not a chance, ] 02-22-2008

George: What are you waiting for were supposed to be battling!
Soldier: Just give me ten more minutes before I die.
[Nick Hess, Age 9] 02-22-2008

George: pritty gnarly dude
Soldier: let's rock the us man
[bob, 12] 02-20-2008

George: My, why are you pointing the guns at me? I am not British!
Soldier: Surrender Nathanael Greene! Wait you're George Washington! Sorry sir:(
[Rachel, Denver, NC] 02-19-2008

George: do you want candy?
Soldier: yes i want
[karen, ] 02-19-2008

George: OK, What do you mean we have no hot dogs?
Soldier: We thought von Stueben was bringing them!
[Matt Greene, ] 02-18-2008

George: The harsh winter night in Valley Forge has passed thankfully, however the war is not over yet men.
Soldier: We must continue for freedom!
[sdkgh, ] 02-18-2008

George: all right soldier, what are the brits planning?
Soldier: To kill us quickly
[garrett, ] 02-15-2008

George: Good Morning Gentlemen...Are we ready to go and do our country right
Soldier: Yes Sir General we are ready to do what you may ask of us to do for our country
[Tiffany, i'm 11 i live in johnson county texas] 02-15-2008

George: Who on earth is in charge here!
Soldier: you are, nitwit!
[Jacob guinee, ] 02-14-2008

George: C'mon guys stop pointing the guns at me!
[Hao.C, 10] 02-12-2008

George: I well help my contry for it helped me.
Soldier: Well if so you go first.
[Samantha Schultz, 10 years old] 02-09-2008

George: we need guns and weapons to beat britain
Soldier: yes! we need to have confidence
[jeremy, i am 26 and i love american history] 02-08-2008

George: Why is verything so white?
Soldier: It's SNOW!
[Meagan, 11 Indiana] 02-08-2008

George: So what is the Britsish's plans soilder?
Soldier: They are planing on killing us as fast as they can.
[Shelby, 10, fl.] 02-07-2008

George: I will get you!
Soldier: No I will get you! mahahahah!
[Haley, ] 02-07-2008

George: we come in peace
Soldier: i don't care
[anonymous, ] 02-06-2008

George: what is the matter soldier
Soldier: the british are coming the britsih are coming
[nick moore, ] 02-06-2008

George: as long as i have sweet tea and fried chinken we'll win this war
Soldier: can we do it men.yea we can
[jennifer byrd, ] 02-06-2008

George: George Washington says: "As long as I have some sweet tea and fried chicken we'll win this war!"
Soldier: "Can we do it men? Yes we can!"
[P L C Masters, 31, Social Studies teachers at Stephen Decatur Middle School] 02-05-2008

George: Hey the british are partying so lets go clubing.
Soldier: Yeah i mean the battles aren't inportant.
[Lara, ] 02-04-2008

George: Are you listening to me?
Soldier: Well, i'm not. I'm thinking about my wife and.......well nevermind.
[Ummmmmmm........Nope. Sorry., ] 02-03-2008

George: Hey! Hey, you in the back! If you got something to say you can say it for everyone to hear!
Soldier: Yessir! I was just asking Ted, here, if he could tell me what you were saying, cause I didn't catch any of it. That answer your request, Sir?
[Koryn, 14, pa] 02-03-2008

George: As thee president of the 13 Colonies, I here by ask thee to GET OFF OUR LAND!
Soldier: King George is your leader and we shall stay here, even if that means war.
[Shayne Gregson, ] 02-03-2008

George: Paul Revere didn't say The British Are Coming
Soldier: You Are Right
[Sara Riforgiat, 9 n.y.] 02-03-2008

George: All Redcoaats lison to me. Leave now or thou will forever be forgotten.
Soldier: thouth words are strong, but thou will never win
[Maraya Bidjerano, ] 01-31-2008

George: we come in peace
Soldier: we come with gun
[jon, ] 01-30-2008

George: (hurry fellow soilders)
Soldier: ya looks who is relaxing on a horse
[jeanelle, 10] 01-30-2008

George: Friends, Gentlemen and Countrymen. Lend me thine ears...
Soldier: Here he goes again *rolls eyes*
[Serena, 15, ca] 01-30-2008

George: AHA! I got a horse!
Soldier: AHA! I got a ferrari!
[Anonymous, ] 01-30-2008

George: im the best there is
Soldier: no way dog im a gangsta no persons better
[lukas, ] 01-30-2008

George: lets go have a tea party!
Soldier: I would rather have a pizza party.Tea party's are for girls
[anonymous, ] 01-30-2008

George: We are on the internets now
Soldier: HEY where did my shoes go! Stop that! Stop hacking me
[..., ] 01-29-2008

George: Give me liberty, or give me death! Or maybe some Cheetos, or pie, or pot roast, or coffee, or crackers, or cocoa, or marshmallows, or hot cocoa with marshmallows, or a new Tempurpedic mattress, or a fashion makeover, or a home makeover, or some new shoes, or an italian sportscar, or a some gas busters for this horse I'm sitting on, or a puppy....
Soldier: I can't believe this guy is a historical legend...
[Mileyfan, from Rhode Islan (the most boring state to live in)] 01-28-2008

George: we we won! we we won!
Soldier: oh oh ohyeah!
[krista, 10 years ld] 01-28-2008

George: charge i say charge
Soldier: yes we will
[daphne, new york 16] 01-26-2008

George: brrrrr! i need some hot coco
Soldier: yeah with mini marshmellows
[love to shop, ] 01-26-2008

George: We have our liberty now!
Soldier: yes! That means I get a Natindo DS
[yaho, 11] 01-26-2008

George: Now, when I say 'CHARGE' everybody charge. Do you understand? Soldier! I said do you understand?
Soldier: Zzzzzzzz. Patrick Henry said...Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and...( Everyone stares) Um.. what, sir?
[anonymous, ] 01-24-2008

George: You have fought well my men. Congratulations. You get two hours of free time now.
Soldier: Ahh man i left my ipod in the hotel room.
[Tyler, age 11 Comstock Park, Michigan] 01-23-2008

George: Now, men who wants to have a tea party with British tea?
Soldier: Ummm...Aren't we boycotting the Britishes' tea and aren't tea parties for girls?
[anonymous, ] 01-23-2008

George: give me liberty or give me death!
Soldier: I think i want liberty or just maybe a pizza party!
[anonymous, ] 01-23-2008

George: I hate King George
Soldier: I like pie better
[Ben DeMars, ] 01-23-2008

George: We will not give up
Soldier: Then fight
[anonymous, ] 01-22-2008

George: zzzzzzzzzzzzz
Soldier: General?
[lj, ] 01-19-2008

George: surender
Soldier: never
[Thomas, ] 01-19-2008

George: Get away! your not supposed to be here nor anywere else in America!
Soldier: you are still British no matter where you live!
[Holly, 9] 01-18-2008

George: When I give the order I want you men to charge the enemy.
Soldier: Where will you be at my general?
[nathand, ] 01-17-2008

George: Heya I`m great George Washington
Soldier: Oh Hi Your A legend!
[Megan, 12, girl, Canada, Ontario,] 01-17-2008

George: Remember the reason we are here!
Soldier: I'm cold and hungry!
[anonymous, ] 01-17-2008

George: Alright men don't fire until you see the white of there eyes
Soldier: aya i sir
[Bryce Bonner, ] 01-16-2008

George: left, right, left, right
Soldier: this is stupid
[anonymous, ] 01-16-2008

George: should we die or live
Soldier: i say just fight and see who lives
[gabrielle, ] 01-16-2008

George: i will never hold this against you
Soldier: the revolutionary war has begun
[victoria, ] 01-15-2008

George: Let us through
Soldier: Not without a fight we don't
[Bobby, ] 01-12-2008

George: we die for freedom
Soldier: i don't wana die
[mam, ] 01-12-2008

George: Leave me alone!
Soldier: Fine
[Payton, 11] 01-12-2008

George: Alright men dont fire until you see the whites of their eyes!
Soldier: Aye I Sir!
[Kennedy Crist, ] 01-12-2008

George: Alright men we have two days before the war show me what you got!
Soldier: Ay Yai Sir! We will not disappoint you!
[I love history <3, ] 01-11-2008

George: Please! Please! Do not shoot I will raise your check up to 55%!
Soldier: You raise it to 100% and we have a deal.
[You will never kno., ] 01-11-2008

George: we have to attack
Soldier: sir we don't have enough people!
[anonymous, ] 01-10-2008

George: this site roxs i love your hair
Soldier: this is a kool site
[mmmmmmmm, nope] 01-10-2008

George: Keep it up boys!
Soldier: There is no hope
[Bib, ] 01-10-2008

George: put down the guns men! we need our freedom!
Soldier: yeah! like we would do that! attack!
[Ryan, ] 01-08-2008

George: are you ready kids?
Soldier: I I captin! here we go!
[lillian campbell, I am looking for a boy friend! HELP!] 01-07-2008

George: I would like to thank everyone who helped me out. My mom, uhhhhhhh, that one guy at the bar, uhhhh, and that about it!
Soldier: Hai! What about me! And the rest of the soldiers?
[anonymous, ] 01-07-2008

George: I will become president in 9 years and then I will be ruler of you guys.
Soldier: fine weird washington and i will become king
[lauren campbell, i love history and the past] 01-04-2008

George: Hey soldiers!
Soldier: OMG! It's the famouse George Washington. I've heard all about you. The leader of the contentional ARMY!*Gasp*OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! I want to follow you through all of your battles, get you autograph, that peice of cherry tree you chopped down, your dandruff, your fingernail clippings, your lugies,ect,ect,ect................(Washington):Okaay...........
[OMG! It's george washington!, ] 01-04-2008

George: don't fire until you see the white's of there eyes.
Soldier: we would be dead by then!?!?!?!?!?!
[z, ] 01-04-2008

George: put down the guns men! we need our freedom!
Soldier: yeah! like we would do that! attack!
[lauren Campbell, ] 01-04-2008

George: OK, we have to do a perfect recreation of valley forge, here's your assingment
Soldier: let's see, "live in small log cabins in the winter for a month with nothing on but a t-shirt and shorts on. Oh and haha, i'm going to live in a warm cabinet with a fireplace by my self just because i'm going to be george washington >:3"... And where soposed to do this 6$ an day with free meals how? Oh wait, theres something at the bottom "P.S. Some of you may die, it's part of the realism" WhAt?!?!?
[I forgot...?, ...Wait wait, I think I got something... ... ... .....] 01-04-2008

George: i love the saying give me liberty or give me hey wiat whats that other one
Soldier: its give me liberty or give me death
[megan, hhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!] 01-04-2008

George: it's time for battle!
Soldier: hey i've seen you. you're on a dollar bill
[jennifer, ] 01-04-2008

George: Are u ready 2 make the Brits. have a FIT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Soldier: Hey! Aren't u the dude on the $1 dollar bill?
[my cat's name is TALENT!, ] 01-03-2008

George: Let's go to the battlefield men!
Soldier: Hey, aren't you the same guy whose face is on Mt. Rushmore?
[Robert Tanner, Age 7-Edmond, Oklahoma] 01-02-2008

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