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George: Alright, lets go guys.
Soldier: Ahehehe.... a little problem there. we can't move at all. You try to survive in these conditions for as long as we have....
[KiRk, ] 12-28-2007

George: we are tryong to make peace with ya'll
Soldier: we dont want peace we want whats right
[jennifer ortiz, ] 12-21-2007

George: Ready 2 fight men????????????????????
Soldier: not really! i'd rather go home and play video games
[Eurka, 14 and lovin it!] 12-21-2007

George: ahh, sorry i was taking a nap, i havent slept for a couple of days
Soldier: it is okay george it is not like we havent slept for a while either
[anonymous, ] 12-21-2007

George: Okay... who's on guard today?
Soldier: Well, I suppose it would be the guy with my pants...
[Helen, ] 12-21-2007

George: exuse me do you happen to have a cup of sugar?
Soldier: why yes yes i do i always carry around cups of sugar.
[will hluza, ] 12-21-2007

George: Dont move men I think I'm winning the staring contest....
Soldier: (achoo!) thats great... the King's gonna love me!
[LadyBird, ] 12-21-2007

George: give me liberty or give me death!
Soldier: honestly sir, i think i'll take death
[damarcus, ] 12-21-2007

George: Our army is awesome!
Soldier: Yeah if you consider soldiers with no experience awesome.
[x, ] 12-21-2007

George: Come on lets go we can beat them!
Soldier: OK lets do it
[Ryan Knebel, ] 12-21-2007

George: Gentle men, you must trust me and i will trust you. And most importantly you must respect me and i will respect you.
Soldier: You are right commander lets move on and crush the enemy.
[Eddie, ] 12-21-2007

George: Are you all ready to march?
Soldier: I can't feel my legs, sir.
[Buh-Buh, ] 12-21-2007

George: Go to the next town for them to rest. we will start to retaliate in the morning. we will then head to trenton to surprise the german mercanaries tomorrow night.
Soldier: yes sir. let's move along men!
[Hannah Kelley, ] 12-21-2007

George: Are you ready to fight yet, Lafayette?
Soldier: Hold on...
[kelsey curcio, 14] 12-21-2007

George: You ready??
Soldier: Nope.
[Morgan., ] 12-21-2007

George: Are you ready to do?
Soldier: No not yet we need some "common scence"
[Zachary Kosters, ] 12-21-2007

George: Dude, lets go get some food.
Soldier: Sweet...
[Sam Lasco, ] 12-21-2007

George: Lets have a snow war!AAHHAAA!
Soldier: OK!Everyone!build up your forts!
[Yunwen Huang, ] 12-21-2007

George: Sir, please don't cry in public
Soldier: *sob* I'm not crying. *sob* having tears on your face doesn't mean I'm crying *breaks into loud sobs*
[Judith, Cypress,TX] 12-21-2007

George: You have problems
Soldier: Just give us lunch
[Chance Pitman, ] 12-21-2007

George: The British are coming!
Soldier: We are British!?!?!?!
[Brooke, 14] 12-21-2007

George: Are you ready yet, Lafayette?
Soldier: Hold on...
[I'm ready, ] 12-20-2007

George: We will stop at that town ahead so the men can rest.
Soldier: Yes sir.
[anonymous, ] 12-19-2007

George: Didn't you hear Revere?! The Brittish are coming!
Soldier: Yeah! Wait... We're British, too!
[Kaitlyn M, 14 years old, WI] 12-17-2007

George: Hey, move it! You're already losing the war, you've lost several thousand men, and you're in the way.
Soldier: Let me think...NO!
[Elyse Lynn, ] 12-17-2007

George: we had been hree for days and we have no food are nothing and we need the food
Soldier: I thank that it is time to give up
[m-man, ] 12-17-2007

George: Surrender? Never!
Soldier: No, I meant remember, you promised us two weeks of vacation!
[Charles Lohr, ] 12-17-2007

George: What are you doing soldier?
Soldier: I'm sucking my thumb!
[Tanner, Age 7-Oklahoma] 12-17-2007

George: ill reward you greatly for this!
Soldier: But im only getting 10 cents an hour!
[Dakota, ] 12-17-2007

George: talley ho constable
Soldier: what did u say homie!
[jason, ] 12-17-2007

George: "I can only say that there is not a man living who wishes more sincerely than i do not see a plan adopted for the abolition of slavery".
Soldier: " I do not see a plan adopted for the abolition of slavery".
[Caitlyn, ] 12-13-2007

George: are we going to fight or what?
Soldier: as soon as i find my hat!
[Bob, 15] 12-13-2007

George: silence I kill you
Soldier: itake it you have been watching achmed agaid
[sas student, suk it] 12-12-2007

George: Come on the poeple of Boston are going to kill us
Soldier: We are people of Boston
[Brian, 10] 12-12-2007

George: I don't want to fight.
Soldier: Let's just be friends!
[Noa Castro, 9 years old, NYC] 12-11-2007

George: Is anybody hungry???
Soldier: stew!
[Danielle, 9] 12-11-2007

George: Alright men...the British are on their way. Get ready to kick some...well...umm...donkey!
Soldier: You mean ass? Am I right sir?
[IwishIwereanOscarMeyerWeener, ] 12-11-2007

George: Guys, we need to be serious, this war means so much!
Soldier: Let's pull a "British" and just shoot them all unarmed!
[Courtney Johnson, ] 12-11-2007

George: what are you doing?
Soldier: praying
[sia sonasi, 13] 12-11-2007

George: Is anybody hungry???
Soldier: stew.....
[Selena, ] 12-10-2007

George: Men we need to fight to the death if needed
Soldier: Well looks like I'm already out of it
[Joey, ] 12-08-2007

George: The British are coming, the British are coming!
Soldier: Umm...your not Paul Reverre....
[omg, ] 12-08-2007

George: OKay guys ready??
Soldier: Yeah, ready to go home. IM FREEZING OUT HERE!
[Cheyenne, 11] 12-08-2007

George: God is with you, do not be afraid!
Soldier: Yes Sir!
[Sarah, ] 12-07-2007

George: aww look, a shorty with water frozen in his gun barrel!
Soldier: umm... anybody got a portable water heater???
[anonymous, ] 12-06-2007

George: Hello????
Soldier: The British Are Coming. Aren't We The British???
[Nick, 10] 12-06-2007

George: Time to fight, now where is my gun?
Soldier: Time to fight, now where is my horse?
[Bob(Not Really O Well), ] 12-05-2007

George: I think my horse likes you!
Soldier: Who doesn't!
[nicole, no thank u] 12-05-2007

George: This is the Revolutionary War
Soldier: No it's a cartoon see the word bubbles?
[Collin, 13 Florida] 12-05-2007

George: Men we can beat the British if we are brave.
Soldier: Yes, sir we will be brave and beat the British.
[Paul, ] 12-05-2007

George: Where did these word bubbles come from?
Soldier: *Looks up* What the...
[Ace, None] 12-03-2007

George: we will servie!:)
Soldier: be strong and remember what we stand for
[anonymous, ] 12-03-2007

George: I think I've got frostbite!
Soldier: We all do.
[Brandon C., ] 12-03-2007

George: i have a secret, i'm a girl! my real name is georgia!
Soldier: wow
[mary, va] 11-30-2007

Soldier: nice try
[Princess Amelia AKA Paris Hilton, Norwheresville, South Africa] 11-30-2007

George: HA! I have a horse!
Soldier: ha i have a gun! mess with me!
[Amelia Jean-Marie, Palmyra,Virginia] 11-30-2007

George: you stole my girlfriend! tory!
Soldier: i did not! she liked me better!
[Mary, Va] 11-30-2007

George: WHat up Peeps? U ROCK
Soldier: NO i dont you rock!
[shajk, ] 11-30-2007

George: All right men, after we win, we're going to have a pizza party!
Soldier: Ohhhhhhhh.......Great we're never going to have that pie
[Morgan, 12] 11-30-2007

George: uuuhh, yeah, about that, we gotta go.
Soldier: tequilaaaa partyy!
[jacqueline, ] 11-29-2007

George: hey look over there your horse is running away
Soldier: nice try im on him
[the great and powerful kelso, 13,im awsome and fez need to get a life] 11-28-2007

George: what are you doing:(
Soldier: geting lunch
[ashley, no] 11-27-2007

George: where are we?
Soldier: all is hopeless, we are lost!
[bob, ] 11-26-2007

George: I don't know what course others may take but as for me give me freedom or give me death.
Soldier: freedom!
[Jules, ] 11-26-2007

George: I sit here fat on my horse with a warm coat and boots while you freeze to death.
Soldier: That's why you're our leader.
[Joshua, ] 11-21-2007

George: Omg what is that!
Soldier: It's called a stick.
[Bob, hi] 11-21-2007

George: hey guys there's thee sushi hut
Soldier: sushi!
[anonymous, ] 11-20-2007

George: today we fight men
Soldier: but sir we are just kids your men were captured last month!
[natali, 10,ne] 11-20-2007

George: We're having fish tonite!
Soldier: Yeah, I mean awww fish.
[dj, 13, school] 11-20-2007

George: I shall fight for my brownies!
Soldier: Wait! this is what this war's about?!
[Allengas Ylime, brownies!] 11-20-2007

George: you all will make me proud!
Soldier: wait, why whould we listen to you. (ya ya ya ya,(other soldiers)) lets go watch naruto
[nooooooooooo, wait for me, ] 11-20-2007

George: everybody get down that guys got a water gun.
Soldier: everbody put on your protective water gear.
[anonymous, ] 11-17-2007

George: Horray men we won our pride!
Soldier: ...but we lost our dignity
[Itchy Popkins ( be kind to animals), 13, Mr. Pawlak, block 2, ] 11-17-2007

George: ooh look KFC
Soldier: could we go there please i'll be ur friend
[Lionel Messi, 21 love U.S. history] 11-15-2007

George: No pony rides please.
Soldier: Can I atleast give him a carrot?
[sarah, ] 11-15-2007

George: watch out fr the cannon ball
Soldier: George thats a bird
[zoltarman, 13] 11-15-2007

George: Fire at will!
Soldier: I hope thats not their motto!
[zoltarman, 13] 11-15-2007

George: Fight men fight
Soldier: right on
[Joshua, 11] 11-14-2007

George: Come on men, time to go back to the war zone. :-(
Soldier: Na, I'm going to Mrs. Washington's house for coffee.
[Stephanie, 11] 11-13-2007

George: I Was The First President Of The United States
Soldier: Well I'm A Soldier
[Caleb, 7 Raytown,MO] 11-12-2007

George: "Knock-knock!"
Soldier: "No! It's the bannanna one again, I just KNOW it!"
[Sarah Hasson, 10 yrs old] 11-12-2007

George: How did you dodge all the incomming fire so smoothly and gracefully
Soldier: I just closed my eyes and started dancing, A TWO STE-AP, simple
[Tyler McKinney, I am 11 and from Screven County, Georgia and I love my girlfriend [WARNING: Keep Hands Off Of Her]] 11-12-2007

George: im from the hood
Soldier: well im from the sleeves
[spencer hoyt, ] 11-09-2007

George: slodier get everyone some food before we start
Soldier: sir yes sir wait what food sir
[fobeoo, ] 11-08-2007

George: My name is George and I eat no british foods
Soldier: I know and i eat no hot dogs
[sarah poo, 12 years old] 11-08-2007

George: Move. Move! I SAID MOVE! Remember "Give me Liberty or Give me Death?"
Soldier: Well, give me lunch!
[Tommy, ctrl-alt-del rocks!] 11-08-2007

George: we fight beter than the british so letes killem
Soldier: hay your right but one problem they hane more men and guns
[Aaron R. Ross, ] 11-08-2007

George: So...are you going to do something or just stand there? Huh....
Soldier: Well i was hoping you could go first since your the almighty commander in chief here then wouldn't that make more sense? Yeah i think so!
[David, ] 11-08-2007

George: I'm fine and you're not
Soldier: That's a lie
[anonymous, ] 11-02-2007

George: Stop eating all the supplies before we need them
Soldier: Tell that to your hourse hes eating my jacket
[anonymous, ] 10-31-2007

George: Outmanned...outgunned....outnumbered....
Soldier: Out of food
[Emily Elizabeth, Tennessee, People don't like history anymore, which is something I don't understand] 10-31-2007

George: Give me a G-E-O-R-G-E!
Soldier: g-e-o-r-g-e!
[Ava, ] 10-31-2007

George: Man it's cold out here, but I'm ready to fight!
Soldier: Why do you get the horse?
[mlc, ] 10-31-2007

George: Your Ugly
Soldier: ohhh, its on!
[Ines, ] 10-31-2007

George: to da choppa!
Soldier: (Whats a Choppa?)
[Timmy the Terd, ] 10-26-2007

George: come men, lets win this war!
Soldier: You lead sir.
[anonymous, ] 10-26-2007

George: dood !
Soldier: The American Revolution is serious
[anonymous, 09] 10-22-2007

George: Get on the horse and stop being wimps. Besides, whats the difference between me and the horse?
Soldier: The horse has better teeth!
[Jimmy L., 11, Fremont,CA] 10-18-2007

George: ok men let kill the hububllip
Soldier: huh!??? what did he say!???????
[monique, i am 10] 10-17-2007

George: We have worked together very hard and it isup to us to finally become victorious! Are you with me men or will you leave me?
Soldier: c ya!
[bob, 45] 10-17-2007

George: Give me Liberty or death or donuts......
Soldier: .....(or more suppllies)
[bob, 45] 10-17-2007

George: Good job
Soldier: Thank you
[Kristen, 11] 10-16-2007

George: Move out of the way and and i will surrender
Soldier: HAHA, we ain't falling 4 that one again so go back home and play w/ ur dolly's
[Daniella, 14,PA,ILOVE W/ my celebrity BF (seriously)] 10-12-2007

George: we come in peace. we have no wish to harm u.
Soldier: everyone, shoot!. He has a dead man over there!
[jimmy, ] 10-11-2007

George: Get fighting.
Soldier: I can't find anybody sir.
[Denise, ] 10-10-2007

George: Move out of the way. The great george washington is here.
Soldier: We have loaded guns and u don't. I don't think you want to boss us around
[jimmy, ] 10-10-2007

George: I know our food supplies are low, but we will have to endure.
Soldier: Or we could just eat your horse.
[Grace, im from North Carolina] 10-10-2007

George: what are you aiming at?
Soldier: theres a bird up there dont move!
[hello, ] 10-10-2007

George: Are you ready to fight and survive for the freedom of your country?
Soldier: We left our homes, starved, hurt ourselves and treveled far to be ready for this moment.
[Angel Manguerra, ] 10-08-2007

George: soliders we have a problem
Soldier: really i didn't know
[roslyn, ] 10-07-2007

George: men i think we are going to die
Soldier: well,when did you figure that out shurlock
[ros, ] 10-03-2007

George: You, there, soldier, where is Little Round Top? I must speak with Colonel Chamberlain.
Soldier: Ummm.....sir.....this ain't the Civil War. It's the American Revolution.
[Emily Elizabeth, ] 10-03-2007

George: Please move or I will kill you!
Soldier: No never I call war!
[Amber, ] 10-03-2007

George: are you cold?
Soldier: duh it is -13 degrees out here!
[kate, ] 10-02-2007

George: If we lose this fight, we lose the war.
Soldier: really, now? Find that out all by yourself?
[Emily, Tennessee] 10-02-2007

George: i came to send u a message from arnold: crank dat soulja boii iz a new dance u need to learn so we can distract the british
Soldier: wat the heck is soulja boii, but wat ever, were doin this for our country
[chris, ] 09-28-2007

George: Some of you guys may die out here, some of you may live, but we will go for victory
Soldier: My fee are cold, sir.
[anonymous, ] 09-28-2007

George: What's for dinner?
Soldier: That there bird we've been aiming at.
[zma, ] 09-27-2007

George: Who said, give me liberty or give me death?
Soldier: I don't know. How about a hotdog and a chicken nugget happy meal?
[c.m.m., poet] 09-27-2007

George: Ok men go fight and win
Soldier: But were tiered
[anonymons, ] 09-26-2007

George: how many r have died
Soldier: i dont no these things its not like im the genaral
[Mea Cox, none] 09-26-2007

George: men we begin to fight!
Soldier: You shall not this is battle of Bunker Hill!
[Samantha, ] 09-26-2007

George: Proceed ahead my men?
Soldier: He didn't mean us, did he?
[Stefani, cali, 10] 09-25-2007

George: the war is not over yet
Soldier: what did he say??
[anonymous, 10] 09-24-2007

George: Ye Men Ready To Fight?
Soldier: Yes, Sir, General Washington
[Amanda Richards, Age 9] 09-22-2007

George: Rally with me, men! Our freedom is almost won! We will camp here for a time, then we will attack again! Yes, soldier? What say you?
Soldier: General, sir, I'm hungry. What's you supposin' to do about that?
[Emily, ] 09-22-2007

George: the sky is falling the sky is falling
Soldier: no sorry the men needed to go to the bathroom
[Sami, ] 09-22-2007

George: Hey yall know wat time it is!
Soldier: yea party time!
[anonymous, Iam 12 years old i live in michigan] 09-22-2007

George: hey yall do you know what time it is????
Soldier: time for the days of war to be done and for me to become a father
[morgan, ] 09-22-2007

George: Give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: how bout a shake from mcdonalds
[anonymous, ] 09-16-2007

George: everyone meet my horse. his name is fatty.
Soldier: hi fatty, you look so good......mmmmmmmmm........
[anonymous, ] 09-16-2007

George: men does this suit make me look fat?
Soldier: but i would have to wonder where our food went
[anonymous, noda] 09-07-2007

George: where is chuck norris he'll end this real fast
Soldier: who?
[Tyler Gafgan, ] 08-30-2007

George: Ho, Ho, HO, Merry Christmas!
Soldier: Easy fro you to say, you are on a horse!
[anonymous, ] 08-28-2007

George: what makes the grass grow!?!
Soldier: blood! blood blood!
[GunnyHeartman, 30] 08-24-2007

George: umm,hi guys *gulp* i see your guns are loaded*gulp*
Soldier: we've been workin on our aim *evil laugh*
[andrew carling, 12] 08-20-2007

George: Hey, yea, Gus those barrels sure look, clean. Good work!
Soldier: Thanks George, i just thought i'd get an opinion on what the enemies will be staring at.
[Ashley Likens, 14, Auburn, IN] 08-15-2007

George: My men are looking tired and hungry.
Soldier: If he would get down off that horse, we could eat it for dinner.
[rcr, ] 08-13-2007

George: Is it time for lunch yet?
Soldier: Why don't you call and ask the king if the war is over than we can have lunch?
[Laura, 11] 08-07-2007

George: Can I have a horse?
Soldier: There is a horse in the war duh?
[Cameron, 7 years old] 08-07-2007

George: line up and i will take names
Soldier: do we have to ? this sounds like school if you ask me
[katharine, i am 10] 08-07-2007

George: I hope and trust that every officer and man will endeavor so to live and to act as becomes a Christian soldier defending the dearest rights and liberties of his country.
Soldier: The General's wishes shall be respected. Long live General Washington!
[Hercules Mulligan,] 07-25-2007

George: Men move to the north with Captain jones
Soldier: Yes General
[Greg, ] 07-16-2007

George: GRRRRRRR I hate those redcoats!
Soldier: attack!
[Elia, ] 06-25-2007

George: wel'l cross tha brige when we get to it
Soldier: how far is the tacoma narrows bridge?
[anonymous, ] 06-21-2007

George: hello, what brings you here today?
Soldier: i come her to foght, to fight for ourfredom
[ErinEnder, ] 06-21-2007

George: I feal so alone.
Soldier: Don't worry we will be here with you.
[Phoebe Obrecht, age 9 birthday is 12-10-97] 06-15-2007

George: Keep fighting, Men!
Soldier: Yes, Sir, General Washington!
[Nathaniel Kowalski, 9 years old] 06-12-2007

George: Give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: is there a choice
[Amanda Power, ] 06-10-2007

George: Wait until Congress arrives.
Soldier: No meat,no soildier.
[Christina, ] 06-08-2007

George: Hi, I'm Geoge and I am going to take charge from here on.
Soldier: why does the congress have to pick you, imean we were doing so fine intill the king made us pay.
[Caroline A., ] 06-07-2007

George: no more skcool
Soldier: hip hip huray
[rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, ] 06-07-2007

George: anyone here that likes japanese goat cheese, raise your hand!
Soldier: um... what are we doing anyway?
[taylor, 11] 06-06-2007

George: Alright men, arm yourselves with the brand new desinger rubber chickens!
Soldier: umm....I thought they were our lunch....
[Margaret Hudson, ] 06-06-2007

George: Do you like cheese?
Soldier: It depends on what kind....
[Margaret Hudson, age 11, Harwinton, CT] 06-06-2007

George: hello there soldier
Soldier: hello there wash
[nikk, ] 06-06-2007

George: Men I know your cold, tired and hungry but we must drive the enemy away from our shores
Soldier: I'm with you General Washington
[Jessica Brock, 11 wheatfield NY] 06-05-2007

George: Hey, whats up.
Soldier: A war. You?
[Jacob, ] 06-02-2007

George: Are you ready to fight?
Soldier: Yes we are!
[Meredith, 11 Ca,hemet] 05-28-2007

George: I wonder where my beautiful lady Sarah is?
Soldier: She is waiting for you at the house for some lovin.
[s, ] 05-28-2007

George: HeyCharmer I m cold
Soldier: well we did not bring the fire yet
[tradd schweitzer, 9] 05-26-2007

George: give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: how bout we go get drunk then play runescape
[dan good, ] 05-25-2007

George: Who wants to march out first?
Soldier: Ooh ! Pick me ! Pick me !
[Rebecca, age 8 New York] 05-25-2007

George: well this sucks
Soldier: your tellin me at least you got a horse
[paige, ] 05-25-2007

George: do you want any pizza?
Soldier: what is a pizza
[taylor, 11] 05-22-2007

George: Who are you?
Soldier: I am darth vador! Fear my wrath! I come in peace
[juliana DeMicco, harwinton,ct] 05-22-2007

George: Give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: I shall not give you death though shall girve you liberty
[Emily, ] 05-22-2007

George: men i brout you here to lern how to fight in the war.we must be men and go through the winter together...yes soldier
Soldier: Sir, ime cold i want to go in and have some tee
[chase uhlich, ll overland park ks] 05-22-2007

George: Are you okay?
Soldier: What is an okay?
[Allison, 11, Harwinton C.S.] 05-21-2007

George: Move out of our way and we might spare your life.
Soldier: We will not move so do with us what you will
[calie, ] 05-18-2007

George: I tried to get reservations, but they were both booked solid.
Soldier: It was warmer in Trenton & Princeton.
[Dan Hayes, Clermont, FL. 34714 Age 39] 05-16-2007

George: come men we fight
Soldier: but i am scared of them
[nisha, 12 lancaster,ohio] 05-16-2007

George: ello govner wot brings you here today.
Soldier: a little war some threats and deaths the usual.
[garrett dunn, 11 years old lancaster ohio] 05-15-2007

George: Dude where's my car, I need a car not a horse that makes me look fat.
Soldier: 1st of all they didn't invent a car yet, and you don't look fat sir, it's the horse, and...
[Kristen, age 11 e-town, Pennsylvania] 05-15-2007

George: Men, time to attack the British!
Soldier: Good-by British!Good-by British!GOOD-BY BRITISH! !
[Sterlling, ] 05-14-2007

George: lets go to war
Soldier: we are going to kill all of you
[Gabriella Garcia, ] 05-10-2007

George: give me liberty or death
Soldier: death
[trent, ] 05-10-2007

George: I know it is not fitting but we must camp here for the winter
Soldier: We will do as you say
[Avriel Lowry, 13] 05-09-2007

George: believe in god and he will get you through
Soldier: we will
[James Gordon, ] 05-08-2007

George: Fear me
Soldier: Ha Ha Ha! Why would I ever fear you. I'm not scared of you.
[scottland, arizona] 05-07-2007

George: I see your drinking 2% is that because you think you're fat, cause you could be drinkig whole if you wanted to.
Soldier: No, I'm drinking 2% because that's all my grandma put in my paper sack lunch!
[Ty Rose, 11] 05-07-2007

George: We must fight now for freedom!
Soldier: Um.I know this is important,but I have to use the little soldier's room
[Cooper Smith, 12,] 05-07-2007

George: Ha ha! You do not have a horse!
Soldier: No, But I do have a gun! So HA HA HAAAA!
[**Aaron A. flowers***, ] 05-07-2007

George: What have thou over yonder breaks wind??
Soldier: Wrong story mh sir mh!
[Vanessa, ] 05-04-2007

George: aim at the tree
Soldier: why the tree didnt do anything to us
[justin, baseball lover] 05-03-2007

George: We need a motorcycle.
Soldier: Uh, sir, whats that?
[Daniel, I like pie!] 05-03-2007

George: I'm tired.
Soldier: yeah its hard fitting for your country!
[laura, 11 years old] 05-03-2007

George: "I heard that in Valley Forge, there are many sticks."
Soldier: "Sir, we are outgunned and own no close-combat weapons."
[charley grossman, ] 05-03-2007

George: The Redcoats are two miles away.
Soldier: Uh oh Time to get ready.
[Jessie, ] 05-03-2007

George: I have something to tell you.
Soldier: Is it about my shoes.
[Lucia, ] 05-03-2007

George: Believe in God and He will get you though
Soldier: We Will
[Rebekah, ] 05-03-2007

George: yo my hair looks lik afro mans
Soldier: hes not even born yet
[justin charlsen, im 13 and doing a british report and in 7th grade :]] 05-03-2007

George: Oh, now you forget the food!
Soldier: Uh, Sir, we have no food, I think we left it back at the other camp.
[Cole, ] 05-03-2007

George: party! party!
Soldier: You say PARTY one more time and I'll tell the men you're holding back on us. Cause we're kinda cold and we don't have horses! You got that! Hmmmm! Hmmmmmmmm!
[austin draughon 10, ] 05-03-2007

George: Hello govener care for a sweep of the chimney?
Soldier: AHHHHHHHH!HELP !British!
[$AUSTIN DRAUGHON$ 10 Rich Boy, ] 05-03-2007

George: hold strong
Soldier: will sr.
[kyle madison, salem OH 14] 05-02-2007

George: attack
Soldier: sorry man war is over
[john, lol] 04-28-2007

George: Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!
Soldier: Ay, ay, Captain
[anonymous, ] 04-26-2007

George: hello govenor
Soldier: hello george chopped any trees lately
[greg cole, ] 04-25-2007

George: Let's Go buy tons of pumps and shoes!
Soldier: NO! I want a manpurse!
[Abbie Gwen, 11, Female, Single] 04-25-2007

George: All of you need to be more nice to your homework I gave you!
Soldier: What the Heck!
[anonymous, ] 04-25-2007

George: have we had any problems with atackers?
Soldier: no sir we're holding up really good
[kyle, ] 04-25-2007

George: world domination no American domination alalalalalalalala
Soldier: retreat or you shall die at our feet! fire your mecanical chicken rifles
[branden papi, 11 years old] 04-25-2007

George: What are you doing here?
Soldier: We are here to arrest Samual Adams and John Handock
[Katelyn Prewitt, 13] 04-24-2007

George: ello govena
Soldier: hey
[megan, ] 04-24-2007

George: We are not going to fight till you fire a shot!
Soldier: Well we are not going to fight unless you fire a shot!
[Megan, ] 04-24-2007

George: I woder what trhe futre will be like
Soldier: Maybe warmer and more food
[Janna, Future scientst] 04-24-2007

George: Don't fire your rifle now they will know we are here!
Soldier: Blah Blah
[Bob, ] 04-21-2007

George: Remember Patrick Henry's saying "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death"
Soldier: Uhhhhhh....... Is there a third option?
[pigrocker88, ] 04-20-2007

George: I choose you Pikachu!
Soldier: What are you talking about? Whos Pikachu?!?!?!
[pigrocker88, ] 04-20-2007

George: any chance any of you have done your science homework yet??
Soldier: Nooo..-sighs-im still stuck on #21 man this is hard 3rd grade gald i didnt live long enough to keep doing this kindve homework!
[Christy, im a fan of Patrick Henry and Molly Pitcher] 04-19-2007

George: No, you can not eat my horse!
Soldier: There is only one of you and a lot more of us!
[Helen, ] 04-19-2007

George: good job on your shooting!
Soldier: why thanks general!
[abbie, ] 04-19-2007

George: You puny Soldiers, I have a horse!
Soldier: Look who's talkin! We got muskets!
[Bailey, age10] 04-19-2007

George: hi
Soldier: hey
[staffanie, ] 04-17-2007

George: im too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts
Soldier: indeed!
[maddy, im so very awsome, indeed] 04-17-2007

George: do not worry it will be a party
Soldier: a party indeed
[Annie Modrich, 10] 04-16-2007

George: Men, these are rough times we are going through.
Soldier: Hey! we are walking throgh snow,not sandpaper!
[Niko, ] 04-13-2007

George: Are you hiding any food? My horse could smell it from a mile away!
Soldier: Atack and no we're not allowed to have food with us!
[Taylor, I'm 11] 04-13-2007

George: My musket is better than yours!
Soldier: No way!
[Marcus, ] 04-13-2007

George: good work men! you can take your nap time now.
Soldier: we're not little kids genaral! we whant to fight!
[pedro, ] 04-13-2007

George: Men,I know you're tired and you want to give up,but I think we can do it.
Soldier: No,we can't because the British are stronger and took Philedelphia.
[anonymous, ] 04-06-2007

George: are you going to bring your men in to fight or not
Soldier: for what war? lets fight for peace
[Mikayla Welshman Mixi, 12, Angus,Ont] 04-06-2007

George: chinese or mexican?
Soldier: i vote chinese!
[emily, 11] 04-06-2007

George: beware we will be back
Soldier: try us we are not afraied to fight and defend our country
[mikayla, my last name is Blake] 04-06-2007

George: It's not that cold...
Soldier: That's coming from someone who has shoes
[Lauren, age 7] 04-06-2007

George: Give me a WHOOP-WHOOP
Soldier: whoop_whoop
[kelly, ] 04-06-2007

George: Move out, men...and may the force be with you.
Soldier: Hey, look - Yoda got a makeover!
[Mittig, think history is like watching grass January] 04-06-2007

George: Four score and 7 years ago...
Soldier: Your not the 16 president.
[Joe, goooooo East Goshen] 04-06-2007

George: how's training going?
Soldier: it would be a lot better if it were summer!
[grace, 11 years old] 04-06-2007

George: The Force will be with us.
Soldier: Only if the food is with us.
[Nathaniel, ] 04-06-2007

George: Hm. I must say it's pretty cold.
Soldier: stupid molecules! move faster!
[Lefty, Hamilton rules. XD] 04-06-2007

George: Hey soldier why are you slouching?!
Soldier: Hmm... lets see I haven't had food for days i have all this stuff to carry so what do you think GENERAL?!
[K.C.G ( I am hott ; ), i am verry hott] 04-06-2007

George: Halt! Hold your horses!
Soldier: Uh, sir, you're the only one with a horse.
[Elsa, ] 04-06-2007

George: Doesnt the guy next me look like me, george washinton
Soldier: that isn't possible because im george washington
[ethan, ] 04-06-2007

George: Oh no they're watching us!
Soldier: Turn it off quick!
[BeN, ] 04-06-2007

George: dang, you look small
Soldier: it's not the size that matters
[cam, ] 04-06-2007

George: ahhh I Have Heart Burn
Soldier: I Told you sir when we were at Taco bell not to order the Flaming Burrito BUt NOOOO!you dont listen to a low life soldier
[Gaby, 13,celebration florida] 04-06-2007

George: Give us tariff free hotdogs or give us death
Soldier: You said it !
[Ethan Walling (and Grammy), Ethan is 8 years old and LOVES American history. When he is at Grammy's house, he always does history research on the computer with his Grammy, whom he loves. Ethan helps Grammy remember a lot of things about American history that she has forgotten since she was in school ! He is also likes to put his own 'colorful' spin on historical events, as you can see !] 04-06-2007

George: lock and load soldiers
Soldier: i would sooner rock and roll general.
[noah, eight] 04-06-2007

George: ok! now get out of your costumes sasuske and sakura were goining to watch naruto
Soldier: wait arent you naruto and what in the world are we going to do with all these ninjas cuse i aint takeing ino pig with me.
[alex, ] 03-08-2007

George: shoot the bunny
Soldier: sir you are talking about me
[kathryn, i love will] 03-08-2007

George: lets go fight men!
Soldier: your the one on the horse, you go!
[ysmaeh gutierrez, ] 03-07-2007

George: give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: can we get this over with
[sloolp, 33] 03-07-2007

George: give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: why can't it just be like.........a time out
[amelia, ] 03-07-2007

George: Hey we are going to be historical!
Soldier: yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
[Alison Wills, I am 8 years old.] 03-07-2007

George: i'm going to McDonald's. what do you guys want?
Soldier: How about 10,000 chicken selects to go and a happy meal.
[Cher, ] 03-05-2007

George: Is anyone here named Neo?
Soldier: none shall pass!
[anonymous, ] 03-05-2007

George: Men... the wives are coming!
Soldier: Rrrrruuuunnn Aaaawwwwwaaayyyyyyyyy!
[Kristin and Heidi, ] 03-05-2007

George: men why are you runing so fast?
Soldier: (says very fast) cold feet!...cold feet!... cold feet!
[Heidi, ] 03-05-2007

George: men i am going home to watch Naruto
Soldier: take me with you!
[Kelly, ] 03-02-2007

George: Would you like some more tea, solder?
Soldier: Yes please General
[Jerico, ] 03-02-2007

George: Men what are you doing? Are you stealing by stuff?!
Soldier: Well uhh maayyybbee
[Allie, ] 03-01-2007

George: you think your so tough you fruity tooty president wanna be
Soldier: i dont even think there are presedents yet
[madison, ] 03-01-2007

George: After all this is over you will get nice shiny badges of honor.
Soldier: Badges.....?? What badges?......We don't need no stinkin' badges.
[Anthony, One history lesson at a time, and we will all be history.] 03-01-2007

George: I represent freedom and for America
Soldier: We agree down with the British
[Jessica R. Wenzel, I am 11 I live in Chandler,Az I go to Anderson Elementary] 03-01-2007

George: Let the force be with us
Soldier: how about,"Let the FOOD be with us!"
[robin m. kuebler, ] 03-01-2007

George: Come on boys lets go fight
Soldier: Dude we thought that we could you know EAT before we fight
[I cant tell you, I like pie pie pie pie] 03-01-2007

George: Give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: give me a cheese burger
[caitlyn, age 10] 03-01-2007

George: Let's win the war and get the French on our side!
Soldier: Sure, now how exactly are we going to do that ?
[Lainie Davis, age 9, 3rd grade] 03-01-2007

George: This beats being in math class.
Soldier: That's easy for you to say, your'e on a horse.
[bob, ] 03-01-2007

George: we shall not give up until the end
Soldier: we will support you until the end
[chrishana britton, ] 03-01-2007

George: Come on guys it's not that cold.
Soldier: Easy for you to say. You have a jacket.
[Andrew, ] 03-01-2007

George: How do you spell Valley Forge?
Soldier: s t a r v i n g
[Travis, 7 th grade] 03-01-2007

George: Any one here have a laptop so i can look up how we win this war?
Soldier: They havent been invented yet.
[Michael Smeltser, ] 03-01-2007

George: Ok Men I've got bad news we have another battle to fight.
Soldier: it's Christmas Sir and we have'nt seen our families in over a year were hungry and cold and I can't bare to see another man shot down.
[Kelly, ] 03-01-2007

George: Soldier, can you give me the message from the British?
Soldier: Yeah, but wait, I have to lick the stamp...
[Suejee, I'm 10...pushing all the way to 11] 03-01-2007

George: Hurry up, men!
Soldier: Dude, we don't have a horse.
[Michael Nathaniel, ] 03-01-2007

George: on his face is a map of the world....FROM YESTERDAY i forget how the rest of the song goes....
Soldier: why r u singing 30 seconds to mars sir that band hasnt even come out yet. [George]because it ******* rocks man
[anonymous, ] 03-01-2007

George: dude I dont know which is better naruto or fullmetal alchemist
Soldier: Fullmetal definetly,go kick Narutos butt edward elric
[ilovenarutoandfullmetalalchemist, 13 Co] 03-01-2007

George: Give me liberty or give me deth!
Soldier: Is there a third choice?
[Sarah, ] 03-01-2007

George: It's time to go cross the Delaware !
Soldier: It's to c-c-c-cold and there's too many ice ch-ch-ch-chunks !
[Arielle, Age 8] 03-01-2007

George: halo 2 party over here
Soldier: Bungie hasnt even been invited yet!
[Michael, 14, That one funny guy] 03-01-2007

George: The British are coming, the British are coming!
Soldier: Dude, Paul Revere is in Boston!
[Milkx, age 13, VT, High Honor Roll Student] 03-01-2007

George: Give me liberty or give me death!
Soldier: Oh, come on! Your GEORGE WASHINGTON, not Patrick Henry!
[Kathryn the Future Ruler of the World, ] 03-01-2007

George: Hey, we're on the INTERNET! That's amazing!
Soldier: And Bill Gates isn't even born yet!
[Milkx, age 13, VT< am a human being] 03-01-2007

George: Get Moving! I need my freedom!
Soldier: I don't have a horse!
[Milkx, age 13, VT, a human being] 03-01-2007

George: Where is Ludacris when you need him we need music!
Soldier: He isn't born get over it Sir George Washington!
[Bridgette, ] 03-01-2007

George: I want food. Give me food.
Soldier: You're not the only one!
[anonymous, ] 03-01-2007

George: Lets all go mexican and chinese food at Taco Bell and China Border
Soldier: What are you talkin bout dude
[malorie,14, chinese and mexican food rule] 02-13-2007

George: Dude, where's my car?
Soldier: I left it at the stable!
[Rachel Murphy, New Jersey, social studies project] 02-13-2007

George: settle down soldiers, I think Betsy is comming with the with the flag
Soldier: Uh, sir I know this is important and all, but I really need to use the water closet
[Anonymous, age 11] 02-13-2007

George: jhfdglkjhlakjslfkiyelkjlkfuy! I'm sorry please excuse my French!
Soldier: What do you mean "Please excuse my French" Was that supposed to be offending?
[Someone, I live somewhere, in the state of something] 02-13-2007

George: Why do I feel dead soldiers????
Soldier: Because youve been dead for almost 200 years!
[SkylerandJason, ] 02-13-2007

George: Why is my speak bubble white and yours is red?
Soldier: Because you've never been wounded, Sir.
[Anonymous, 10 years old] 02-05-2007

George: WHAT is the matter with you soldier! What are you, dead or something?
Soldier: Well certainly not dead sir, but I have to say, with the condition I am in...I am certainly not what you call "alive" either.
[I love History, I just turned 12, I am in the 7th grade, and I live in CA!] 02-05-2007

Soldier: Sir. Is it okay if we listen to our IPODS while we walk?
George: If I get one than yes. If I don't, then no!
[Some normal, random person, ] 02-04-2007

George: Where's everyone going! The battles this way!
Soldier: Didn't you hear?! There's free cofee and donuts at Dunkin Donuts
[Some regular, random person, ] 02-04-2007

George: the british are coming the british are coming
Soldier: well why dont you yell it a little bit louder? I dont think they heard you!
[matt, ] 02-04-2007

George: Sasuke is a better Ninja
Soldier: No Naruto is
[Michael, 14] 02-04-2007

George: Give me Liberty or Give me Death
Soldier: SHUT UP! im watching Naruto
[Michael, 14] 02-04-2007

George: Hey listen, soldier, have you done your duties yet?
Soldier: Maaayyybe. . .
[Caterina, age 9] 02-04-2007

George: I'm so hungry I could eat my horse.
Soldier: Then why dont you? I get first dibs!
[Paul, ] 02-04-2007

George: whew!
Soldier: Is this the last war
[Lucy, ] 02-01-2007

George: you men look like you are shoting at ducks. we don't have amo for that!
Soldier: sorry sir would you rather me shot benidict arnald?
[E Rebecca, age 13] 02-01-2007

George: Does this horse make me look fat?
Soldier: Who cares, I can see the whites of your eye!
[Marisa, 12, Illinois] 02-01-2007

George: May the force be with you men!
Soldier: How 'bout, " May the food be with us".
[john, ] 01-31-2007

George: Lets beat up the British
Soldier: Nooooooo! I don't want to.... I quit!... Im going to the British side
[Daniel nguyen, 10] 01-31-2007

George: Where is a punch line when you need one?
Soldier: Psst your supposed to say the punchline
[Squall, Balamb Garden SEED] 01-31-2007

George: Fore Score and Seven Years ago.....
Soldier: Man he sound so futuristic
[Puter, Belgium, 25] 01-31-2007

George: huh?.........Whats happening
Soldier: uuhh, I think we are supposed to be having a war
[jacob hayden, mine is better than the rest] 01-31-2007

George: Are we at Yorktown yet?
Soldier: Comeon george just a few more battles!
[anonymous, ] 01-31-2007

George: "give me liberty or give me death"
Soldier: "Dude that's not your line that's Patrick Henry's"
George: "Oh, my bad"
[Shannon, thank heaven for social studies teachers] 01-31-2007

George: Your hair does soooo not go with that uniform.
Soldier: Ya well you think you're so perfect, those boats so don't go with that uniform.
[Mykaela, 9yrs Wyoming] 01-31-2007

George: where is the iron giant when you need him?
Soldier: paramount pictures did not create him yet!
[nick, ] 01-31-2007

George: okay my men get prepare to fight the british.
Soldier: when do we start
[omar cossio, I`m 10 years old; california] 01-31-2007

George: You there, solder which way to Valley Forge?
Soldier: Go straight half of a mile, then turn left at the mall, you can't miss it.
[kyrillos ibrahim, ] 01-31-2007

George: Give me liberty or give me death!
Soldier: Give me food!
[anonymous, ] 01-31-2007

Soldier: "Sir, why again didn't the British let us have home rule?"
George: "Because they think we're nothing. They don't care about us, only our money."
[Anna, age 9, I live in Oregon] 01-31-2007

George: Men, the British offered us a banquet in exchange for the American surrender. Ha ha ha ha!
Soldier: And you said yes... right?
[Jenna, 11, FL, I love horses] 01-31-2007

George: Hey you suck eggs british people.
Soldier: Can I have some of those egg please?
[Mason Montes, 10 years old,and 118 amanda court whitehouse Tx.] 01-31-2007

George: Hey, British people your mom is so fat when she gets on the scale she can see her own phone number!
Soldier: MMM... what is that I smeel bacon that just got burned! Ha Ha.
[Mason Montes, 10 years old,and 118 amanda court whitehouse Tx.] 01-31-2007

George: Mc Donalds Is This Way Guys
Soldier: Awww I Wanna Go to Wendys
[Richkid, ] 01-31-2007

George: Our ancestors invented the wheel and domesticated the dog, so why can't we win this war?
Soldier: Because this isn't an art for Cavemen!
[Isaac, 13] 01-31-2007

George: Hey! Don't shoot me! PLEASE!
Soldier: I will if I must!
[Kaelyn, age 9] 01-31-2007

George: Keep up the good work, it'll bring good rewards.
Soldier: Are we getting pizza?
[Christian A, 10, Austin, TX] 01-31-2007

George: "Sorry, no dinner tonight boys!"
Soldier: "Well then, what makes this night any different than any other night."
[Bethanie Hathaway, age 10, I can't wait to do another one!] 01-09-2007

George: Sure, but only until the Artist gets here for my Portrait.
Soldier: Sir! I cleaned my rifle, May I ride the horse now?
[Michael J. Hibbard, ] 01-09-2007

George: Prepare for battle!
Soldier: Um.... Any chance I can go back to being neutral?
[radsie, history is my fav subject. btw i'm 11] 01-09-2007

George: stop copying me!
Soldier: stop copying me!
[anonymous, ] 01-09-2007

George: I will never surender!
Soldier: True but i will surender if we eat something!
[Gus Protogeropoulos, 9] 01-09-2007

George: attack the brithish
Soldier: are you shore cant we be friends?
[anonymous, ] 01-09-2007

George: Give me liberty or give me death!
Soldier: Are there any other options?
[Mimi Tressfire, o] 01-09-2007

George: hey man wanna go out for pizza later
Soldier: sorry man i gotta fight for my country
[Brigett Wilson, ] 01-09-2007

George: Get a move on men! You can't get tired yet!
Soldier: Hey! He's got a horse! Get him!
[Mr. A, ] 01-09-2007

George: Where is Jackie Chan when you need him?
Soldier: He's not born yet........
[Seifer, 32, Galbaldia Garden, knight] 01-09-2007

George: Give me a WHOOP-WHOOP!
Soldier: whooop-whoop!
[Erik, 13, biker, artist, comic creator] 01-09-2007

George: We shall not give up until the end!
Soldier: We will support you until the end!
[Theresa, age 8] 01-09-2007

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