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George: Fight!Fight!Fight!
Soldier: Uh,are you sure about that?
[Lauren, I am 12] 12-29-2006

George: Yaha! We defeated them! Let's watch Hotel Erotica!
Soldier: ...... Sir, the kids are right behind you, and... WHY'D YOU HAVE TO DO THAT?!?!?! It's very unappropiate.
[Kerry Patrick Moore, please, post it. [if u dont! ill sue u!] Thanks. =)] 12-29-2006

George: why are you not out at your station
Soldier: I can't go please send some one else
[christina murray, ] 12-27-2006

George: 1,2,3 were's smith
Soldier: oh he ran away cause he didn't feel like fighting
[cerena medina, ] 12-27-2006

George: Men remember the words of Thomas Paine
Soldier: Huzza! Huzza!
[Griffin Namin, 8,Southbury,CT,06488] 12-27-2006

George: We will win!
Soldier: If we don't freeze first.
[Stephanie Athorn, Age 9, Pennsylvania] 12-27-2006

George: hey! whats the deal with airline food.
Soldier: hey thats not nice those people work very hard to make that food.
[anonymous, ] 12-27-2006

George: we will fight for freedom and freedom only!
Soldier: yes sir!
[Prabjeet, ] 12-27-2006

George: Good Morning.. How may I help you?
Soldier: Can you tell me where the nearest Tim Hortons is?
[Bored in Social Studies, ] 12-27-2006

George: HOLY CRAP! its loud out here
Soldier: no thats just mettlica.
[ace nikki slide, ] 12-27-2006

George: give me war or give me doughnuts!
Soldier: i will go with the doughnuts! Patrick Henry sir!
[Jacob Shumate, age 9 Beaverdam elementary] 12-27-2006

George: Hey, I am hungry.
Soldier: We'll make a run for the border.
[Jon, ] 12-27-2006

George: so uh wanta fight each other?
Soldier: sure george so how do you use this thing
[jigga, ] 12-27-2006

George: are the troops ready?
Soldier: no but they are ready enough
[damian mason, ] 12-27-2006

George: What do we have to eat, men?
Soldier: Hmmm... Flour cake, Flour cake, and more Flour cake.
[Emily sagnella, Neopets I am sagnella] 12-27-2006

George: Right, now we will be attacking from the East, everone!
Soldier: Hold on, let us load our guns, first
[Samantha, ] 12-27-2006

George: we will not give up the war!
Soldier: well I will.
[taylor schwarz, ] 12-04-2006

George: hey men are you with me?
Soldier: why else would we be out here ?yes we're with you
[allaisia, 10 years old] 12-04-2006

George: It's so cold here. Can I borrow your Red Coat?...[Washington puts it on]
Soldier: Uhhhhhh.... What do we do now?
[Jay Jay, ] 12-04-2006

George: Is everyone ready!
Soldier: It is too cold sir.
[Paul, ] 11-30-2006

George: Hey! Who drew us?
Soldier: I don't know but he must have benn drunk or high!
[Rick James, Harlingen] 11-30-2006

George: Hey dude have you heard that new song by All American Rejects?!?!
Soldier: And they are...
[pAiGe, history is amazing!] 11-30-2006

George: hmm...why are we doing this again?
Soldier: i don't know..... lets go home....
[Harlee McClelland, 13years old .... Washington State] 11-30-2006

George: the brittish are coming!
Soldier: so, i dont care
[bob thats, 87] 11-29-2006

George: Dude, you got an iPod? Your drummers have wicked sound.
Soldier: Focus, Washington! Wrong centrury
[Josephine, Go longhorns!] 11-29-2006

George: Lets kick some butts!
Soldier: But I'm not a rough person!
[Sydney, age:10 Milford,CT] 11-29-2006

George: AAA! I'm falling off my horse and I'm hungry!
Soldier: I don't have any food, but I'll help you back up.
[Hannah Cluver, Age 8] 11-27-2006

George: we're going to fight for our FREEDOM
Soldier: let's go kick some BUTT
[Shawn Gontek, 8, Philadelphia, PA,] 11-27-2006

George: Move, you measly soldiers
Soldier: No, we wont move unless we get food and shelter
[Patrick, ] 11-27-2006

George: Rember that Marquis de Lafayette is on our side!
Soldier: No,he's on the british's side. We are kiding hahahaha!
[Dale Grimm, Hot Springs,Arkansas] 11-27-2006

George: You colonists better be movin, we do want to start any trouble.
Soldier: We ain't movin, you people are just goin to turn around and head on the other way, because we will start some trouble
[Patricia, I'm 13, Post my message please!] 11-27-2006

George: Shoot the men you don't know
Soldier: I don't no anyone BANG!
[Sporty blond 07, age13] 11-27-2006

George: We will fight till the death. Tis our home. We will defend it.
Soldier: Whisper:So ths is why my wife took our that life-insurance policy!
[ha, ] 11-27-2006

George: get out of my way
Soldier: we ain't going to get out of your way unless we fight !
[clay, ] 11-19-2006

George: why are you looking at me like that
Soldier: food!
[Bri, ] 11-19-2006

George: Give me liberty or give me death!
Soldier: Sorry sir i think Patrick Henry allready took that one........How 'bout "Fire! ".......or "Go on home boys"?
[Annah, Gotta Love L'histoire (History in French)] 11-17-2006

George: I think we should do something about the tax laws!
Soldier: But what if the king over powers us?
[Sarah, 10 texas] 11-17-2006

George: we have not yet begun to fight.
Soldier: its been 6 years that old man is crazy
[hunter, 14 tx] 11-13-2006

George: yo yo dawg
Soldier: fo sho, dont make me pull out mah nine
[gangsta fab, ] 11-13-2006

George: Move out of our way colonists, we're trying to pass.
Soldier: You can't enter. We will have a fight if you dare to pass through here.
[Amanda, ] 11-13-2006

George: I want some milk and chocolate chip cookies!
Soldier: Sir, you must be really hungry; You're lactose intolerant!
[Erica, 13] 11-13-2006

George: i know song that annoys you and it goes i know........
Soldier: dammmmmmmmitt not againnnnnnnn!
[analise, ] 11-09-2006

George: so ya ready to get shot killed or even beheaded?
Soldier: what? i thought this was an alcoholic awareness group!
[anonymous, ] 11-06-2006

George: mmmmmm idk
Soldier: is there another option istead of liberty or death...??
[jajak, ] 11-06-2006

George: Alrighty men..........steady.............................
Soldier: Don't worry George, we'll have that bird off your hat in no time!
[Casey, ] 11-06-2006

George: are you guys cold? i'm cold...
Soldier: me you want to go home?
[willy, ] 11-06-2006

George: We are gonna stay here for the night and slowly make our way to war
Soldier: WHAT! I have a date tonite at seven I can't wait all night
[LaLa, ] 11-06-2006

George: what do you guys think of my new horse?, Her name is buttercup
Soldier: sir,if you dont stop talking like that imafraid ill have to shoot you
[Yeslek, age15] 10-31-2006

George: i will fight till my dying end
Soldier: you guys will never defeat us
[cydnei, ] 10-31-2006

George: tell me some facts
Soldier: yes sir 2,500 of us will die from the harsh winter ahead..
[bob belk, mississippi] 10-30-2006

George: I want peanuts
Soldier: no you cannot have ti
[aszuki, ] 10-28-2006

George: I, George Washington...
Soldier: Not Again!
[wesley, age 13] 10-27-2006

George: surrender or die
Soldier: never we will fight to death
[quinisius, 13 years old] 10-25-2006

George: Are you cold and hungry?
Soldier: You damn right, fool...
[anonymous, ] 10-25-2006

George: Why would u shoot me, I'm your leader?
Soldier: Oh I didn't know we were on the same team. So who do we shoot?
[Daniela Rivera, 14 Years and from Rogers, Arkansas] 10-25-2006

George: hey watch what your doing or I'll throw a banana pie at you
Soldier: please do. I'm hungry.
[flossy s., ] 10-25-2006

George: Ok, Simon says, DONT SHOOT ME!
Soldier: Sorry, It's opposite day!
[m&m, ] 10-24-2006

George: Fight For Independance!
Soldier: Yes! Sir!
[Megan H. I love Chris, 13 years old! Van Vleck, Texas] 10-23-2006

George: surrender british or else
Soldier: why should we when we can kill you?
[sarah, 11-enumclaw] 10-21-2006

George: What are you guys looking at!
Soldier: There's a spider on your head.
[Zach, 11 in the mountains] 10-21-2006

George: Nooooooooooooooooooo!My baby must live in America!
Soldier: We're in Sapain
[Michelle, 10 i use to think history was boring but it is really fun] 10-21-2006

George: What do you mean I'm buying?
Soldier: We have the guns dude.
[Liz, ] 10-21-2006

George: who's buying dinner
Soldier: we bought last time
[darnell, ] 10-19-2006

George: Anata wa baka desu!
Soldier: Que? Yo no hablo japonese.
[Kusajishi Yachiru, ] 10-16-2006

George: Surrender Redcoats! You are outnumbered!
Soldier: Umm...We have the guns and you're telling US to surrender! Yeah Right!
[Miracle, ] 10-16-2006

George: All right men there is limited ammo so dont shoot till u see the wites of their eys
Soldier: Sir yes sir
[jon, 13] 10-16-2006

George: Fight, Fight, FIGHT.
Soldier: We don't know how.
[Ray C., If you put your mind to it, you can do it. 14 yrs. Pineville] 10-16-2006

George: Hows the war??
Soldier: Hard and Cold
[Addison, ] 10-09-2006

George: gentlemen even if it causes one or many of us to die then so be it
Soldier: dude i mean cmon you can't be serious
[Kaitlin, ] 10-09-2006

George: a little to the left!, allritght, steady steady sssttteeaadddddddyyy, THERE!
Soldier: Phew, moving furniture wasn't in the job description!
[jr, ] 10-09-2006

George: Paul Revere just reported in and said that the redcoats were coming
Soldier: that is terrible
[jr, ] 10-09-2006

George: Get up and move your butts. I want you to win this fight. Go and kick some british ass.
Soldier: C'mon George. Give them a break. It's tea time over their.
[Anna, 18 and not to old for this, from Germany] 10-09-2006

George: How's life treating you
Soldier: Coldly
[Frank Pierson, ] 10-05-2006

George: i want some chicken!
Soldier: make mama proud!
[brooke, ] 10-05-2006

George: May the force guid you through the battle.USE THE FORCE .
Soldier: Doumb jedi master I will not use my lightsaber
[Chobee redneck, ] 10-05-2006

George: c'mon guys we need this victory other wise the kids typin these lines wouldn't exist
Soldier: who cares about them what about us?
[caitlyn, 13] 10-05-2006

George: Hey invite the band gwar to come and fight with us!
Soldier: Ya dude, and we can ask them to spray fake blood on the british.. woooooooowww!
[Jack Hamilton, I like the site and how we can post stuff] 10-05-2006

George: What are you aiming at?
Soldier: Shh... you'll scare away the little butterfly!
[Frank Rofsherlec, ] 10-05-2006

George: Thats not even funny
Soldier: Do you want to hear a dirty joke? A white horse fell in the mud!
[Michelle Lancaster, Mid-Carolina High School] 10-05-2006

George: Cheer up! We only have 25 miles to go today.
Soldier: Easy for you to say, you have a horse.
[Jeremiah Hockman, Mid-Carolina High School] 10-05-2006

George: sooooo hows it goin?
Soldier: its good its good a little cold though
[gio, im 12 in miami!] 10-05-2006

George: men were goin through their base!
Soldier: but its snack time!
[support our troops, ] 10-05-2006

George: Soldier I am going to tell you what i think is true. Your 5th great grandson will join the SAR, aka Sons of the American Revolution.
Soldier: realy, well how can you see the future.
[frank cumners, age 19] 10-05-2006

George: wut up son??
Soldier: we chillin!
[mikey-d, 15,rensselaer n.y.] 09-21-2006

George: Your Shoes are untied!
Soldier: Im not falling for that again!
[Reid, ] 09-21-2006

George: woah!you guys look so fine and dandy in those uniforms!
Soldier: why that general washington..and you look great with that white wig!
[katie, 13] 09-21-2006

George: Hey, I just found out the british are coming.
Soldier: Really? Oh, well then we should invite them to the boston tea party.
[cole, ] 09-18-2006

George: Give me liberty or give me death!
Soldier: Is there a third choice?
[Kelsey, Rock on] 09-18-2006

George: Listen to me not the ringing noise of a cellphone.
Soldier: What is a cell phone????
[Billy bob, ] 09-18-2006

George: Are we gonna stand for that lackadazical, no good, rotten, stupid, pathetic king?
Soldier: No we dont need the king we have you!
[kw, 13,Pa, Quarryville] 09-18-2006

George: so umm you feel like fightin?
Soldier: nah too cold
[steve, ummmmmmmm i hate you:)] 09-18-2006

George: captian assmble your troops we attack In the moring
Soldier: no I'm sorry sir I cant do that ther has been a rebleon aginst you I'm sorry
[nathan, uath age 11] 09-18-2006

George: Let's go fight the British!
Soldier: My feet hurt. Do I have to go? C'mon!
[Mark, I am 7] 09-18-2006

George: All right men you remember what Baron von Stueben said! Now do it!
Soldier: I can't recall what the Baron said sir. He was speakin' Prussian. I only speak American!
[Koryn Williams, 13, Pennsylvania, you know the state that Ben Franklin represented in the continetial Congress?] 09-18-2006

George: you should realy consider hiring my stylist,that pants s defenitly not your colour!
Soldier: o my word! you are so STUPID..... this aint a fashion parade it's a war!
[Claudia Schaefer, I am 13 and live in South Africa] 09-18-2006

George: " I think I may have termites in my wooden teeth, and by the way we may die out there!
Soldier: You do? What! DIE!
[Annie, ] 09-18-2006

George: Gather around for a meeting now!
Soldier: Sir, can I get something hot to drink first?
[Annika, 9 years old, Florida] 08-22-2006

George: I hate tom piane for saying that i am a fake. Tell me soldier, am i a fake?
Soldier: Well lets put it this way. Are you a war hero no you are not. Because you have lost every dam battle there is right now, and look at you now you are trying to kill us with no rations and no food.
[frank cumners., age 18] 08-22-2006

George: George I am, victorious I will be!
Soldier: I will follow you to the end, Master Yoda
[jr, ] 08-22-2006

George: What time is it?
Soldier: The same time it was when you asked 5 seconds ago! * to the man next to him* Martha better get here soon!
[Rayleigh Flint, 13, Texas, loved the musical: 1776] 08-17-2006

George: What do you lads think of this snow horse i just made?
Soldier: Don't let the pose fool ya, sir. We're too frozen to lower our guns..
[dan b., bartlett, IL,] 08-07-2006

George: where are we
Soldier: who cares my feet hurt
[zach, 9, barington new jersey] 08-04-2006

George: you know men Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration for us to be free.
Soldier: well, general i'm looking around and by the looks of things, here in Morristown, we ain't free. or else we wouldn;t be fightin' now would we? * gives a thumbs up*
[kw, i live in a state. in the USA. in a town] 07-27-2006

George: i know it's winter and i know your cold and hungry but, we have to cross the Delaware.
Soldier: i'd rather be cold and hungry than cross some river. Sorry General
[Koryn, 13, pa] 07-27-2006

George: Giv eme liberty or give me death!
Soldier: all right all ready how many people have alredy written that and how many times more will they write it? To tell you the truth George i really don't care much for Patrick Henry. You know why? because he isn't gonna sign the Contitution i 1787! Ha Ha! i can tell the future and you can't. oh sorry general i wasn't paying attention what did you say again
[unknown author, i like history and music. did you know Patrick Henry had 20 children all together with both his first and second wives.] 07-27-2006

George: Shall we attack the Hessians?
Soldier: Yes! Yes!
[anonymous, ] 07-27-2006

George: fight for freedom, fight for america!
Soldier: are you kidding!? im about to fight YOU for clothes, for food!
[taylor, 13(im a girl...i know taylor is a boys name too so you know what oh well) know, i should have put fight for kibbles but whatever] 07-14-2006

George: i rode all the way down here to ask for the type of pasta you wanted you said you wanted plain soft noodles and now after i went back to my cabin made it myself and came back and then you said you want pennie
Soldier: yep sorry for the trouble
[Morgan, 10] 07-07-2006

George: Oh my God! Termites are eating my brain!
Soldier: I told you wooden teeth were a bad idea...
[Kathryn, Bruce, and lauren, from WI] 07-06-2006

George: The rebels are on Hoth. Take 10 battalions there.
Soldier: Exscuse me Lord Vader, We are on Hoth and you look rediculus with a scarf around your helm.
[Rale Martin, I'm the one with a history freak for a Mom, but I'm the family Starwars geek.] 07-03-2006

George: happy 4 of july
Soldier: i miss you
[joseph kissel, love] 07-03-2006

George: iss thaatt youuuu mmmmarthaaaaa ! ! ! ! !
Soldier: O no, he's drunk. We'll have to cancel the attack.
[Someone, ] 06-26-2006

George: martians are invading
Soldier: no that is a soldier
[derrick, age:10] 06-26-2006

George: Start shooting as soon as the dogs flush them out
Soldier: Duck for dinner! Hoorah!
[p.k., I like this site.] 06-26-2006

George: Aim that thing at someone else!
Soldier: How does this thing work?
[Sarah, ] 06-22-2006

George: I am a VIP!
Soldier: really?Well you didn't really help with the killing stuff or anything
[Judy, i am 11] 06-09-2006

George: Fire!!
Soldier: Can we be in the Marines Team instead the continental army. Anyway Continental is a comany for Airplanes Not War
[James Timotiwu, ] 06-01-2006

George: super man is here to help the army
Soldier: Horray
[James, 9, Solon, OH I like rock song] 06-01-2006

George: oi, what's that smell?
Soldier: uh.. i broke a bit of the wind, sir. sorry...
[b-dizzle, ] 05-31-2006

George: men i know now that are contry needs us all but i also know that your inlistmant is almost up but if a few men would step forth from thou heart out of the croud to fight for thou country you shall be greatly honered
Soldier: i can't do this allone whos with me(abunch of men step forth after said)
[olivia batten, i am from virgina and i am 11 i am not that good in history but i think this will do (oh yah i also have a fat cat)] 05-30-2006

George: Sign The Declaration or We'll Make you!
Soldier: How General Washington?
[Nick Whitten, Hollywood,California] 05-30-2006

George: If we're fighting for liberty, than we'll have to fight serious. so we'll kick them out of *USA*.
Soldier: Yah! We will kill all of them for our Liberty. and we will do it for the father of the country
[Jordan Timotiwu, 12, Solon, OH i like History. please move it fast] 05-26-2006

George: Move Out
Soldier: Who put you in charge?
[Lizzy, ] 05-26-2006

George: Knock knock.
Soldier: Not again!
[Alivia Thomas, 5 years old, Valley Forge] 05-23-2006

George: todays my birthday so makke this fight count.
Soldier: didn't you say that yesterday and the day befor and the day befor that infact you have been saying that all month.
[michelle, ] 05-23-2006

George: you wanted the macaroni and cheese right?
Soldier: how am i gonna use macaroni and cheese for ahmo
[Emily, age:8 i live in owasso oklahoma] 05-22-2006

George: Hey Forget Martha! Come here Marie Antionette!
Soldier: Does that mean Martha's Mine???!
[Victoria, age 12 LOVE LUCY!] 05-21-2006

George: Lets get out there and whoop some butt!
Soldier: Okay, but whats for lunch?
[Aja Patrice Bailey, I live in St. Louis Missouri and Im 12 years old and my b-day is] 05-20-2006

George: hello father
Soldier: good day son
[indira, ] 05-20-2006

George: Are you people just gonna stand there?!
Soldier: You didn`t tell us what to do yet!
[Sara Brandt, 11 and Kenosha, WI] 05-20-2006

George: blah!
Soldier: !halb
[anonymous, ] 05-20-2006

George: hi
Soldier: i love you
[anonymous, ] 05-17-2006

George: surrender
Soldier: never
[sophia stratton, ] 05-17-2006

George: Do you have any deodorant? I prefer the Very Berry kind from Limited too!
Soldier: I would worry more about breath freshener for your horse. How about Bianca?
[Mandy age 11 i love frogs!, ] 05-17-2006

George: Has anyone seen my wooden teeth?
Soldier: Don't worry about it George, we don't have any food!
[Tj, ] 05-17-2006

George: well,men we might die
Soldier: and if we don't,praise the lord
[cadidy, im funny] 05-17-2006

George: okay men, we gott`a run
Soldier: oh no, not with out socks,
[Eric Sommer, I hate math] 05-11-2006

George: Attack the British!
Soldier: Whatever! Im hungry! LETS PLAY KICKBALL!
[alison, 10 years old!] 05-11-2006

George: give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: give me beer or give me milk
[Joseph, I am the AOE:III king of gremans!] 05-11-2006

George: Men we are all going to die!
Soldier: or we could run and live
[anonymous, frank,9] 05-11-2006

George: You have earned my trust soilders...
Soldier: Well who said we wanted your trust?!
[B-Ball Queen, I like basketball] 05-11-2006

George: today is my birthday, try to give me a good fight and a good battle!
Soldier: i was just gonna give you a present!
[rachel diegel, ] 05-08-2006

George: Move it!
Soldier: Sorry, my legs are frozen.
[anonymous, ] 05-08-2006

George: Get off your butts ladies and start acting like MEN!
Soldier: I am a man! But, what exactly are you?! A CHICKEN?!
[unanimous, ] 05-04-2006

George: my name is george and u no wat i got?(wat do u got?) i got an army thats hotter than hot.(how hot is hot)cannon balls and big guns to.(alright ok) we're gunna beat the whoopie out of you!
Soldier: ok
[not tellin!, ] 05-04-2006

George: You guys act like your in your 50s.
Soldier: Wait I'm 62.
[Erica Beth Cook, ] 05-04-2006

George: Come on you lazy bums get to work!
Soldier: Shut up its not like we're construction workers!
[Courtney Bottorff, ] 05-04-2006

George: Let's play baseball!
Soldier: But we don't have a baseball!
[Robert, Age 8-1/2] 05-04-2006

George: Start sending men across the river.
Soldier: Where is the river?
[Taylor Burke, I'm a boy.] 05-02-2006

George: Letts go to Burger King ! I'm hungry ! (Pause) Aren't you?
Soldier: Well Burger King won't be around for another 100 years!
[Adam, 13] 04-29-2006

George: I wanna be, an, AMERICAN IDIOT! GO GREEN DAY!
Soldier: I thought Green Day was St. Patty's Day.. and it's December.
[Jaime, I rock, you know it. Tell me I'm right] 04-29-2006

George: "Never stop shooting until you get shot!"
Soldier: " And if you can, keep shooting if you get shot!"
[Tom, ] 04-29-2006

George: "Surrender now or you shall face war!"
Soldier: "Then war it shall be! Prepare to feel the wrath of King George III's soldiers!"
[Erin, ] 04-29-2006

George: "You must stay through, you are all strong and hardworking."
Soldier: "I don't know if we can make it sir"
[Joanne, ] 04-29-2006

George: " be brave for there we will not die"
Soldier: "liberty we shell have in this world"
[Sara Silva, ] 04-29-2006

George: "Hey have you read Thomas Paine's, Common Sense"?
Soldier: "No but I hear it is good."
[Austin Grubb, 5th grader home school] 04-29-2006

George: Attack the British, Don't give up!
Soldier: O. K. But our guns are out of ammo and we are hungry.
[Houston, ] 04-29-2006

George: keep marching boys
Soldier: easy for you to say horse boy
[Roger Johnson, 14] 04-29-2006

George: Men, we must be on our toes. I received information that the british have a secret weapon.
Soldier: Whats that large metal thing I see? Wait, is that a Gundam? Why do they have one of those?
[Pyro, ] 04-29-2006

George: insane clown posse kicks rebel ass
Soldier: hellz ya goths will rule da prepy world
[brandon(goth), ] 04-29-2006

George: This place stinks on ice!
Soldier: That's ironic, there's ice everywhere!
[Joseph the AOE:III King!, I rock, I rock, I rock, I'm not selfcentered! ;)] 04-29-2006

George: It's time for WAR!
Soldier: No it isn't. It's time for lunch.
[Miami Beach Monster, ] 04-29-2006

George: Horse stop eating that womens coat!
Soldier: That isn't a women General, its Beron von Stueben
[Rachel S, Michigan] 04-29-2006

George: Men! Get back into formation!
Soldier: Hey! What do you think we are ballerinas?
[Jean, 12, Mesa, AZ] 04-29-2006

George: what the heck is Michal Jackson doing over there?
Soldier: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
[js, ] 04-29-2006

George: This war shall be won by us!
Soldier: What, is it April fools day already!?
[Brantley Carter, ] 04-29-2006

George: "Join me! Step forward if you will join."
Soldier: *everyone steps back* "Sir we don't want to join....Is that ok with you?"
[wendy909090, I am 10, We live in vancouver,Wa] 04-29-2006

George: You better pay your taxs!
Soldier: No taxation without representation
[Lucy, Age 10 St.Cloud MN] 04-29-2006

George: A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...
Soldier: get a grip mun'!
[Joshua from somewhere in somewhere, I'm 10, And I live in Everett P.A.] 04-29-2006

George: this land is myyyy llaaanndd! this land is not your land~
Soldier: we' ve lost him
[Latsyrc, ] 04-29-2006

George: Men, this is a serious mission we are about to embark on.
Soldier: Are we out of beer again?
[Rachel, Michigan] 04-29-2006

George: Well men, this might just be the end of the road. I'll have you know that I think you are the best soldiers ever. Now lets go fight! And don't die! I'll kill you if you die!..........cause'.......I'll be angry......
Soldier: *sings off key* ONE HUNDRED BOTTLES OF BEER ON THE WALL! ONE HUNDRED BOTTLES OF BEEEEEEEERRRR! YO- oh wait........Yah I got it, don't die.
[Joseph the very good Dancer!, Age 11, Mount Joy, THE MAGMA IS SEEPING UNDER THE DOOR, HELP ME.] 04-29-2006

George: r u ready troops?
Soldier: YES, i reasearched this fighting stuff on my awsome new mac {macintosh, you know, the computers!}
[mary grace brody, 12, springfield, va, proud owner of a mac, future horse racing jockey, advanced rider, locally famous singer, and much more!] 04-29-2006

George: Uhhh... Nice rifles... Give me Liberty or give me death?
Soldier: Hmm... Americans... We hate 'em... Liberty or death... Let me think while I cock my musket...
[Brent Kennedy, Age 12, Etna, Maine] 04-29-2006

George: Come on!
Soldier: My legs hurt
[Rachel, ] 04-29-2006

George: Hurry up! Of to the valley forge!
Soldier: Alright alright i'm coming
[Gabriella Pitino, age:9 1/2 state: Florida] 03-22-2006

George: i know something about Patrick Henry he gave a famous spech and he said Gice me libertry or give me death.
Soldier: well i know something to he was bron on May 29, 1736 at Hanover County, Virginia.
[Lindsey, I like tigers] 03-21-2006

George: Get the british to surrender.
Soldier: why? they already have.
[Gabriella Pitino, 9 1/2] 03-20-2006

George: Men, you look a little blurry.
Soldier: Don't blame us. That's the way Drew Zimmerman drew us!
[Phillip Babcock, Teacher, El Rodeo School, Beverly Hills, CA] 03-20-2006

George: For Liberty!
Soldier: For Beer!
[haha, ] 03-20-2006

George: "Come on men don't be slugish come and join me in battle.!"
Soldier: "Hu do we have too?"
[Jennifer, I'm 10] 03-20-2006

George: move out!
Soldier: we don't have enough supplies for the trip General
[Jack Belton, ] 03-20-2006

George: Keep it up soldiers. We are almost at the battlefield where the British are waiting!
Soldier: But Sir, we have been walking and walking for days, can we pleeeaaaassseee stop for camp and something to eat?
[Jake age 7 years, New England] 03-20-2006

George: ohhh bin ich müde
Soldier: halts maul alter sack
[g, ] 03-20-2006

George: May the Force be with you.
Soldier: Why? Star Wars hasen't even been made yet.
[Nicholi W., 11, wa] 03-20-2006

George: "give me liberty or give me death!"
Soldier: : *Soldier turns green and becomes buff and has a monsturous face* "HULK CHOOSE LIBERTY! ROOOOOOOOOOOOAAAARRRR!"
[fred, ] 03-20-2006

George: Ok jolly old blighters! Lets go out there and kick some jolly ol'e Brity' tail wot?
[Joseph the very good dancer!, Age 11, Mount Joy, Lancaster PA] 03-20-2006

George: if u give me ur gun i will give u my horse
Soldier: i will only give u my gun if u give me ur horse
[Samantha Sztuba, ] 03-20-2006

George: I don't wanna be an american idiot.
Soldier: OK! Just stop singing that song.
[Kyle Brazelton, ] 03-20-2006

George: give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: Yes sir we will fight for our freedom and country.
[stone, 9 pa] 03-20-2006

George: We will fight for freedom!
Soldier: I can't! I am so so sick! We will die! I'm leaving
[Sarah, 11] 03-20-2006

George: We need better food
Soldier: we know, we are starving
[Jacob, ] 03-20-2006

George: Let's fight! For Liberty!
Soldier: OK! For Justice!
[Skyler, Hi, whats up?] 03-20-2006

George: We must fight! CHARGE!
Soldier: Ugh! Again..George, isn't it time for a break?
[togi / kaity ö, ] 03-20-2006

George: da da da da dadada da dada !
Soldier: sir.....this isnt star wars!........or is it
[Eric Tedrow, ] 03-20-2006

George: solder why is there something green on the bottom of your boots
Soldier: i dont know i think i stepped in horse poop
[Reebecca, did you know if you step in horse poop you get a wish] 03-20-2006

George: What concert is back home?
Soldier: Aly & AJ, sir
[Amy, I love the New England Patriots football team.] 03-20-2006

George: give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: yes sir we will fight for our freedom and countery
[anonymous, ] 03-20-2006

George: i need a new wig!
Soldier: you can borrow mine today if you need to.
[Amanda Bristlyn, 15] 03-20-2006

George: It is time for war soldiers!
Soldier: We are ready to fight! Let's go!
[Colin Law, Colin-8 years old, Kasson, MN] 03-20-2006

George: Why do I feel like your not listening to me?
Soldier: What did you say?
[Brigham Webster, ] 03-20-2006

George: Okay troops, there comes a time to be men.
Soldier: But my feet are bloody and I want my mommy.
[Luis Hermosillo, ] 03-20-2006

George: We don't have time to fool around now!
Soldier: I'm sorry sir I will try not to do it again.
[Madison, sh] 03-07-2006

George: lets fight the british
Soldier: why
[dillon mcpeter, 21] 03-07-2006

George: "Beer run!"
Soldier: "Aawww... We went last time!"
[el nado, Chi-town] 03-07-2006

George: Remember, you are patriots fighting for our nations freedom.If you are ready for this great battle tell me so now!
Soldier: Yes we are general sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
[Jade Boulter, 11, lancaster, 17601 I love Bam Margera and Ville V] 03-07-2006

George: this is where we will camp this winter
Soldier: all right
[Phillip, 12,Wayyne County, historacal freak] 03-07-2006

George: hey punks get out of my way
Soldier: y watr u gonnado shoot us or somethoing...?!
[samantha, 1456! the 9 seven 3 area 15 bullets!] 03-01-2006

George: Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation.
Soldier: Is that another one of your rubbish sayings from those gosh darn Roman classic books you read all the time?! No one understands what your saying! *yells back to the men behind him* Just bloody shoot anyone who doesnt look as ludicrous as us!
[Marie, ] 03-01-2006

George: What do you mean theres a duck on my head?
Soldier: Looked in a mirror lately.
[Randy Kosir, ] 02-26-2006

George: give me liberty or give me death!
Soldier: OK I'll give you death!
[barbie fairytopea, ] 02-26-2006

George: hey why are you trying to shoot me?
Soldier: because its a war
[cdog, ] 02-26-2006

George: Britain is totally screwed up way too much.
Soldier: yeah and bush is infinty times worse and he's not even born yet.
[michael alexander elgin tx this better get posted or else., ] 02-26-2006

George: fight for freedom!
Soldier: Yes sir we will do that!
[Roxie, 100,texas] 02-26-2006

George: (singing)wake me up when september ends!
Soldier: um... its december and green day doesnt exist yet
[stephen, age 12 in pittsburgh, pa] 02-26-2006

George: What???
Soldier: I need shoes...My feet are bleeding and they are black
[Harley, ] 02-26-2006

George: We came this far. Lets not be cowards!
Soldier: We are Freezing. We can't go any further!
[Alexandra, ] 02-26-2006

George: "give me liberty or give me death!"
Soldier: *Soldier turns green and becomes buff and has a monsturous face* "HULK CHOOSE LIBERTY! ROOOOOOOOOOOOAAAARRRR!"
[anonymous, ] 02-26-2006

George: It's cold, I have no coat, no shoes, and I'm tired!
Soldier: And how does that make you feel...
[Emma, 17, I love you skank!] 02-26-2006

George: We are going to fight for liberty and freedom
Soldier: I will give it my all sir.
[Omar Wiggins, 16] 02-26-2006

George: do not shoot till i tell you to
Soldier: roger that
[Sydney, Paige, and Angelina, ] 02-26-2006

George: we need reinforcments !
Soldier: we are the renforcements!
[anonymous, ] 02-26-2006

George: What are you germans doing here?
Soldier: is this not africa darn I knew we took a wrong turn at those islands
[vince, ] 02-26-2006

George: Are you gonna shot me or something?
Soldier: Oh,with the white wig on,you look British.
[John Drea, 7 years old] 02-26-2006

George: Hi, soldiers!
Soldier: Hellow, Washington, by the way, am I british or a pattriot? The picture is blurry!
[Googly Five, ] 02-26-2006

George: OMG those rags are so last year!
Soldier: Really?Where can I get this season's?
[Gabby, I'm a Jersey Girl!] 02-26-2006

George: What's wrong, Higgens?
Soldier: Nothing, I just miss my mom...
[Unknown, ] 02-26-2006

George: Give me Liberty or give me death!
Soldier: Know I thought we all voted that I was going to be Patrick Henry in the play!
[Kevin McGee, Age:12, Cresco, Iowa] 02-26-2006

George: what are you doing just standing there MOVE!
Soldier: we're going old man hold your horses
[Shannon, ] 02-26-2006

George: Ok, the script says that we should wait here for the rest of the winter...
Soldier: Oh... I hate this director!
[Bryan, ] 02-26-2006

George: Where's that paymaster McVicker??
Soldier: yeah! I want my paycheck. I've got a date tonight at seven!
[j.f.m, My ancestor was the paymater at Valley Forge. (Duncan McVicker)] 02-09-2006

George: "March" soldier it's not nap time!
Soldier: I can't my feet are stuck "Sir!"
[Rown Urban Hood, ] 02-08-2006

George: Men, We go down dying!
Soldier: Yes Sir
[Grace, ] 02-08-2006

George: hey my friends. i have come in peace.
Soldier: what do you want. you khow what i'm sayng
[diosy alexander bido de los santos, ] 02-08-2006

George: Rebel troops have blocked our reiforcements, men! Let's gett 'em!
Soldier: Yes, Lord Vader...
[Willy whatchurface, ] 02-08-2006

George: I rewmember back when I was a lad...
Soldier: (Thinking) here we go again with the talking... blah... whatever...
[Bryan, ] 02-08-2006

George: lets go chop down some trees
Soldier: good idea!
[burtwick, age 10] 02-07-2006

George: Atenntion! Men I am meeting Dr. Franklin in Philly for a couple of cheesesteaks anyone want to come
Soldier: I Love Cheese Steaks
[Michael, I am 11 and I love history and Phillidelphia (Cheese steaks are pretty good too!)] 02-07-2006

George: I am terid of war
Soldier: we need to start taxing
[Megan Foley, 9 year old Georgia] 02-07-2006

George: Do any of you guys know how to work these things?
Soldier: Nope... I'm lost... I hate M-16s...
[Bob, ] 02-07-2006

George: Oooooohhhhhhhhh! Nice shot, Stevenson!
Soldier: Men, We're havin' duck tonight!
[Bryan, ] 02-07-2006

George: Despite many rumors, I am, and never will be a "Cherry tree-chopper-downer"
Soldier: (Under his breath) sure.....
[Bill, ] 02-07-2006

George: vlow! we need arnold schwarezanagger tp terminate them
Soldier: vlow vlow i will travel to the future
[thomas gilardi, ] 02-07-2006

George: arr me matey! Go to my ship so we can find some treasure
Soldier: But we're not even pirites and you don't have a ship! oih!
[michelle guan, i'm 9 years old and i go to pheobe hearst elamentry in lousiana,new orleans metairie] 02-07-2006

George: george bush is messing up
Soldier: he doesnt exist yet
[justin, none] 02-06-2006

George: Let's attack them NOW!
Soldier: Sir, it's Christmas, and besides, I haven't opened my present yet.
[robert roque, Age 8] 02-06-2006

George: where are the French?
Soldier: they are taking a cooking class
[Alex Piatt, I am 9] 02-06-2006

George: Has anyone heard the new Beck CD?
Soldier: Yeah, I dig it, it's sounds like his older stuff.
[Eric Van Laningham, ] 02-06-2006

George: "Comm'on kids, get dressed in your Sunday best. We're going to....War!"
Soldier: "War!?" "Darn, and I thought we were going to Wal-Mart!"
[anonymous, ] 02-06-2006

George: Weres my cherry tree?
Soldier: Um...sir you chopped it down.
[Stephanie Ratliff, Aspen Ridge Middle School] 02-03-2006

George: "The DNR called and said you guys were poaching deer!"
Soldier: "We're not wearing any orange! The British did it.....they're the redcoats after all!"
[Ryan Japp, Ishpeming MI, Aspen Ridge Middle School] 02-03-2006

George: Ok men. This is where we will stay. Valley Forge.
Soldier: What? I don't see a valley or a forge. Just a lot of white
[Rachel W, Aspen Ridge Middle School] 02-03-2006

George: Soldier, is that a candy bar I see?
Soldier: Yeah right! Snickers(laughs)
[Ryder, 9 yrs., reed is my twin brother] 02-03-2006

George: Hey, soldier! Run to McDonald's for burgers!
Soldier: Would you like a hot apple pie with that?
[reed, 9 yrs., I'm in Social Studies right now!] 02-03-2006

George: Its on brother!
Soldier: Whatever!
[Makayla Towe and Matthew Holder!, Makayla, 10 and Matthew, 11] 02-03-2006

George: attack them men!
Soldier: Hey, where's my horse? I want a horse!
[Arica A,, Ishpeming, Michigan Aspen Ridge Middle School] 02-02-2006

George: We rock!
Soldier: You said it.
[Alex, ] 02-01-2006

George: Oh dear, let's mend those bloody feet, boys!
Soldier: Yes Sir, General Washington
[Cassandra, Age 8 From Maine] 02-01-2006

George: Hard work builds character, men! Just think of what our forefathers went through!
Soldier: Uh, sir, we are the forefathers. . .
[Steve Hooper, ] 01-31-2006

George: I am sorry we must stay here at Valley Forge but I am George Washington so you have to listen to me.
Soldier: Yeah, you and what army?
[Leah, ] 01-31-2006

George: How are you troops holding up?
Soldier: We are ok sir, we just need clothes!
[Elissa Corthell, 9, massachusetts. ^th great grandfather is Joseph Boynton of Beal's company under Alex Scammell] 01-31-2006

George: The British could win the war if you don't do what I ask of you.
Soldier: The USA wil win no maer what you say
[Ben, age 6, ] 01-31-2006

George: Head up men, we're gonna be....
Soldier: I KNOW, I KNOW! U TOLD US A BILLION TIMES-there's gonna be a movie made about us. So we gotta win.
[Supergirl16, ] 01-31-2006

George: What did I do NOW?
Soldier: I wanna a horse tooooooooo! Wheres my fancy tri-corner hat? Why can't I eat?
[Abbey, 14 years old, Missouri, and 4 siblings, and VERY supportive of the 1770's!----I read a lot and play flute/piano] 01-31-2006

George: ''we are almost there my fellow friends,keep the faith''.
Soldier: ''no pay,no clothes,no provisions,no rum!''
[anna, ] 01-31-2006

George: Let freedom ring!
Soldier: Bring it on, sir.
[Zac and mom, ] 01-31-2006

George: left right left right left!
Soldier: hold on im geting mixed up!
[hunter sellers, 12 years old] 01-31-2006

George: All right men, Von Stuebon didn't work out so I brought in a new consultant.
Soldier: You mean i'm really gonna learn how to pillage from blackbeard?
[anonymous, ] 01-31-2006

George: For our country.
Soldier: For justice!
[Kyle James Thornton, ] 01-31-2006

George: Ok men, today is a good day to know God.
Soldier: yeah, and be baptized in Jesus name.
[Anthony A., ] 01-31-2006

George: Men, I'm really proud of you boys for choosing death becuase of freedom. And as president, I think I'm going to cry!
Soldier: Oh suck it up George. And who made you president?!
[Angelina, I'm Angelina and I'm 11, PLEASE POST THIS MESSAGE!] 01-31-2006

George: I'm the king and I run now so you better follow my orders
Soldier: But sir I was just trying to tell you that you forgot you'r wig sir
[Max {but I am a girl}, 11 years old] 01-31-2006

George: If any of you will have any regrets turn back now!
Soldier: Sir, we will face our fears with no regrets!
[Alyssa, ] 01-31-2006

George: Men I think we are out numbered but we can take'em
Soldier: Yes sir! I think we can sir
[Lapatra, I'm 11 years old] 01-31-2006

George: ha ha you guys have to walk
Soldier: you have to deal with the stink
[anonymous, ] 01-31-2006

George: This day we fight for our California!
Soldier: um...Georgey whats California?this is Delaware.........
[Jay-Red, 13,Plant City Florida,Turkey Creek Mid.Awesomest teacher Mr.Jewell] 01-31-2006

George: Alrighty men, lets be ready to perform what Baron Von Steuben taught us. Just in case of an emergency.
Soldier: What? to cuss words in all those cool languages, or the fighting technique?......Honestly, it is an honest question; he stressed both topics a lot.
[Cait, who is 14 years Houston Texas, (the long horns beat USC at the Rose Bowl! HA!)] 01-31-2006

George: ''Thank you my men for being brave for my country''.
Soldier: ''It wasn't easy sir doing it''.
[james candy, ] 01-31-2006

George: We're going to try harder, so we can defeat the British.
Soldier: Yay we are going to deafeat the British.
[kagome, I am 12] 01-31-2006

George: Pepperoni or Mushroom Pizza?
Soldier: We said CHEESE!
[Kathryn Close, 12] 01-31-2006

George: Give me liberty or give me death!
Soldier: Patrick Henry:What am I gonna say?
[kelsie, ilovehistory. gohorns! if gets posted it will be the 5th!] 01-31-2006

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