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George: I'm going to be famous
Soldier: yeah right and I'm the queen of sheba
[ed morgan, ] 12-22-2005

George: surrender now or die
Soldier: never we will fight to the death
[dave, ] 12-22-2005

George: Give me liberty or give me death!
Soldier: If those are the only options i'm out.
[Bob martenez, I love history!] 12-22-2005

George: Okay men, I have good news and bad news. The good news is: you each get a fresh change of underwear. Joe changes with Bob, Bob changes with Kevin,....
Soldier: uh-oh. What's the bad news?
[kelsie, ilovehistory. gohorns!] 12-22-2005

George: You're more of a traitor than Benedict Arnold!
Soldier: I am Benedict Arnold!
[kelsie, ilovehistory. gohorns!] 12-22-2005

George: He went down in his-tory!
Soldier: I thought we were patriots!
[kelsie, ilovehistory. gohorns!] 12-22-2005

George: This war is sooooo stu! Imean iknow we have to fight for independence and all, but if the king would listen to us in the first place we wouldnt have this war in the first place. who wants pizza!
Soldier: us! we want pizza! Oh, and we want to watch some INUYASHA!
[Kirara, inuyasha sooo rocks! watch it some times! (the sad thing is im sooo obsessed with him. is that wrong, imean, he is a cartoon, im in love with a cartoon!)] 12-22-2005

George: C'mon men we must fight for our country!
Soldier: Why did we make you president?
[Sianna, ] 12-16-2005

George: The river is straight ahead men. Keep marching.
Soldier: I hope it's frozen sir, because I can't swim!
[Kathy, Proud Yankee!] 12-16-2005

George: give me liberty our give me your wife
Soldier: no way! Liberty all the way!
[Eliabeth, Age: 11 Location: School] 12-16-2005

George: Alright troops, don't let Yosemite Sam blow your heads off
Soldier: Oh dear, he's been watching too much Looney Tunes!
[The Williamson Kids, Ruckersville, Virginia] 12-16-2005

George: I'm George Washington and I know everything about the American Revulution.
Soldier: Yeah, except how to spell it!
[kelsie, I loooovvvve history. HORNS RULE aggies drool.] 12-16-2005

George: lets stay in the cold at valley forge
Soldier: you do that im going to florida
[blue, ] 12-16-2005

George: We went through a freezing, harsh winter thinking we will all starve or freeze to death but luckily Baron Von Steuben came and taught my now-first-class-soldiers how to march correctly and taught them how to sing " Yankee Doodle" so we could keep our spirits up now lets begin our fight.
Soldier: We will fight unless you dont give us the you-guys-are-men- and-should-fight-for- our-independence-and-freedom- so-we-d ont-have-to-pay- taxes-to-a-country-that- we-dont-live-in-no- longer lecture.
[Joelle Boyle, I am in the 4th grade and i learned all about the revolution from my great teacher Mrs. Letts and i live in Monmouth County in New Jersey that 1 of the battles were.] 12-16-2005

George: You are doing a fine job soldier.
Soldier: Thank you sir you are the best commander I will ever have.
[Sarah Kissling, ] 12-16-2005

George: "give meliberty or give me ."
Soldier: "is that my mom I hear comming mom! "*soilder dashesoff
[susan, i love everytihng about the USA except for G.W.Bush] 12-16-2005

George: men, how are your feet?
Soldier: what feet?
[richard, granbury] 12-16-2005

George: give me LIBERTY or give me DEATH
Soldier: ok then im no giving YOU anything
[bob, ] 12-16-2005

George: I can't believe I'm risking we're risking our butts so that some guy in charge of the country 200 years from now can screw up all our hard work.
Soldier: Right on, Sir! Wait, now you're telling me you're phsychic or something? What is this world coming to, anyway?
[Christine, 13-year old sykochik from SC--GO PATRIOTS!] 12-16-2005

George: These are time that try men's souls and you brave soldiers have courage to suffer this winter with patience and fortitude
Soldier: Our belief in freedom drives us to this point in were we are able to stand such hardship.
[Beatrice Dormi, I believe in the fight for freedom for "we hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal" so every man has the right to be free.] 12-16-2005

George: Give My liberty or give me death!
Soldier: are those the only options?
[Samantha, mes, 12] 12-07-2005

George: all right men, we'll set up camp here tonight
Soldier: but sir, it is very cold and we don't have much
[Emily Gessner, I am in 5 grade and I am 10 and I live in Wisconsin] 12-07-2005

George: OK, Were looking for a phrase that says something about us. What about 'Always Faithful'? Any suggestions?
Soldier: Hey, I like that! But if we make it Latin, everyone will wonder what we are really saying. 'Semper Fidelis'
[me, just read an article on this phrase cuz i got tired of not knowing what it meant.] 12-07-2005

George: Luke, I am your father.
Soldier: My name is not Luke and you're not my father.
[Angela, i love history] 12-07-2005

George: hungry and im tired....
Soldier: shut up ur on a horse and ate something last night !but we are walking and didnt eat for a whole 3 weeks!
[Eric, ] 12-07-2005

George: To be or not to be, that is the question
Soldier: Uh mister, wrong place Shakespeare is over ther ( points in some random direction)
[gfgdgsfd, sdfgsdfgdsfgn] 12-07-2005

George: Waddup homies George is in the house, Raise the roof
Soldier: Who gave george that rap video?!
[Jack Polito, Age 12 School: Chief Kanim Middle School WA] 12-07-2005

George: they're winning but we must remain calm!
Soldier: maniac soldier: floorange flying monkeys on a sugar high spork foon boxettlicious must eat kill the bloody backs lobsters
[kimberly, these words and phrases have been created by me and my friends] 12-07-2005

George: Remember me you little soilders
Soldier: you think you are so tall because you are in a horse
[Judith, ] 12-07-2005

George: what do you think your doing you, you, traiters! fight with me !
Soldier: take a '' chill pill'' sir! :) oh now you want us to fight you? i thought we were with you sir?
[shannon, ] 12-07-2005

George: I wonder who's going to win the SuperBowl?
Soldier: I don't know but I'm betting on the Patriots.
[Cortney, 11 and lov'in it (this Better And I mean BETTER Get Posted...Please?)] 12-07-2005

George: I am here! Now what do you wish to do?
Soldier: I want to talk to you about my issues from the past!
[Mary- Elizabeth Marchi, Jax, FL 17 years old] 12-07-2005

George: hey Kat you sound so like me lol i am a band geek too anyway wanna chat sometime?
Soldier: What grade r u in i m in 8th and i m 13 well ttyl
[Katiana, ] 11-23-2005

George: the brittish are coming the brittish are coming! 1 if by land 2 if by sea
Soldier: Paul Reveer: hey he stole my line! no fair oh well hey mabey i can say what he says
[Katiana, who's line is it anyway?] 11-23-2005

George: All right men! Next stop, the bootmaker.
Soldier: But sir, what if you've only got one foot remaining?
[Kathy, Proud Yankee!] 11-23-2005

George: these are the times that try mens souls
Soldier: are you hip to the jive im laying down daddy o
[anni, 23] 11-23-2005

George: Who was supposed to buy the food?
Soldier: Ahhhhhhhh @%^$$%$##!
[Jammer, { I do not think George will ever be the same!}] 11-21-2005

George: never lose hope,boys
Soldier: anyone up for a game of tic tac toe,or gofish?
[mary, history rocks my sock(when they smell good,which is almost never] 11-21-2005

George: Soldier, what are you doing?
Soldier: I'm standing on my head so my feet don't freeze.
[Clint, In Texas.] 11-21-2005

George: i am your father!
Soldier: NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!........wait yes im the son of a president
[jared, POST IT PLEASE it cracked my sister up, I love it rocks] 11-21-2005

George: give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: are those all the options?
[jared, hello i live in houston TX, this site is cool,i like that is personal info.THIS BETTER GET POSTED] 11-21-2005

George: ok we made it........time to go back. MARCH!
Soldier: what did we come for????
[jared, i live in Houston TX, GOLongHorns! if i make it this is my 1st.] 11-21-2005

George: The images are heartrending, dramatic and so powerful that they are embedded in the nation's historical consciousness:
Soldier: o my god, hes amazing!
[anonymous, ] 11-21-2005

George: no fair! you guys got guns, all i got is a stupid horse
Soldier: *rolls eyes* wimp.
[yasmine, ] 11-21-2005

George: Rember men, what you fight for today, GW Bush will destroy in 200 years
Soldier: Where is the latrine?
[Sarah Brady, ] 11-21-2005

George: Ok everybody lets do it AGAIN!
Soldier: omg not again we have done this 1,000 times!
[Anti-Dragon, ] 11-21-2005

George: Oh my god this is so stupid
Soldier: ya lets grab a beer and get the heck outa here
[Joe Forgman, ] 11-16-2005

George: watz with thee guns, menz?
Soldier: fight with?
[rcristal, stupid quote! ain't good at any no history but who really cares!] 11-16-2005

George: Men we must win, what do you say??!
Soldier: I wonder what i had for breakfast ??
[David A. Johnson, ] 11-16-2005

George: surrender now! if you want to live!
Soldier: we will not surrender!
[alysa creel, age 11] 11-09-2005

George: Wake up boys! The British are coming!
Soldier: What was your first clue?
[Nicole Kiss, 13, Huntingdon, PA....... in History class] 11-09-2005

George: Man i dont feel like fighting today
Soldier: me either
[sean, ] 11-09-2005

George: WE the people
Soldier: You trader beniditct Arnold
[Conor Gates, ] 11-09-2005

George: Yo, guys. Give a big welcome to my man Von Stuben.
Soldier: Stuby! Good to see you man
[Supergirl, Future historian.] 11-08-2005

George: ye men do not be afraid of the hessians! the men are fraidy cats!
Soldier: i will not be afraid!
[alexandria dawson, grand blanc, mi age: 13] 11-08-2005

George: I am recruiting for the continential army, i offer you food and clothes.
Soldier: I am so ready to switch sides!
[G. Kelley, Grand Blanc, MI] 11-08-2005

George: Follow me and my horse everybody
Soldier: What horse it's camoflauged
[Aaron Houle, Grand Blanc, MI] 11-08-2005

George: why are you looking at me?
Soldier: because you're the only one on a horse
[Brittany Peel, grand blanc middle school baby!] 11-08-2005

George: lets eat
Soldier: haaaaaaaaaaaaaa what we have no food
[steph, grand Blanc, this is cool] 11-08-2005

George: ''we are to do a good job before you make me look bad ''
Soldier: ''we are sir just buy us food and supplies and we wont make you look bad''
[gail alexander, ] 11-08-2005

George: Men, today we have conquered the Hessians...Back to the Delaware river!
Soldier: Can't we get some sleep first!
[Ms. Kelley, U.S. History / Grand Blanc Middle School] 11-08-2005

George: "We fight for reputation and impartance
Soldier: "Why don't we just give up, they are going to beat us."
[John Kreuz, I lave to play basketball. I love Math] 11-08-2005

George: Time to watch Pirates Of The Carribean!
Soldier: George. Think, no dvd's for another 330 years! Duh!
[Lemony Grrr, ] 11-08-2005

George: Everyone... listen i have a confession to make
Soldier: (Gasp) You were adopted!
[e.b.p, Grand Blanc Middle School] 11-08-2005

George: Oh my god look at your ugly shoes
Soldier: You GAVE THEM TO US!
[M. Carey, Grand Blanc Middle School] 11-08-2005

George: I just need 1 more dollar...
Soldier: Here you go...wait! You're on here!
[J. Arnold, Grand Blanc Middle School] 11-08-2005

George: give me freedom or give me death
Soldier: o.k. death it is.
[hollywood, i am so bored. this website was toatally random, but it was kinda cool.this better get posted!] 11-08-2005

George: i have a dream! that one day my child--
Soldier: dude, mlk isnt even born yet!
[Kelly Ripa, Kids, love history!] 11-08-2005

George: I am a founding father of the country.
Soldier: Then who is the founding mother?
[Aaron & Trevor Houle, Grand Blanc Middle School, Grand Blanc, MI] 11-08-2005

George: "To infinity and beyond!"
Soldier: *silence as he thinks* "George has just watched way too much buzz lightyear."
[Ash, I'm about to turn 13 and I love history...although i used to hate it!] 11-08-2005

George: can we go home now?
Soldier: We still need to do war!
[alleena, 10] 11-08-2005

George: Sorry, Benedict, but we don't need you.
Soldier: You'll regret this!
[Markie L. Reichert, ] 11-08-2005

George: Hey you why dont you quit now we are going to win. !Attack!
Soldier: Theis means war !Attack!
[Amanda Glover, age 13 Blenheim] 11-08-2005

George: Men, we just fought the hessians at Trenton and won, whats next?
Soldier: We are on our way to Disneyland to celebrate!
[G. Kelley, Grand Blanc Middle School] 11-08-2005

George: If we pull this off...we will go down in History!
Soldier: To life, liberty and the pursuit of hapiness!
[Ms. Kelley, Grand Blanc Middle School] 11-08-2005

George: Forward men!
Soldier: OK we will for you George
[Ronald Martin, 37, Eau Claire] 11-08-2005

George: All men are created equal with life liberty and the presute of happiness
Soldier: Presute of happiness,Yeah
[Patrick Bond, Age 11 Chaiottsville] 11-08-2005

George: every on turn off your cell phones and pagers
Soldier: mine plays a cool song! want to here it befor we go?
[zach, ] 11-08-2005

George: We will this battle and go on to win this war now give me your best
Soldier: Sir by your orders and by god may we win this battle were just a bunch of farmers with guns!
[Mike Bowles, ] 11-08-2005

George: Give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: ...Any french fries with that? (says Lafayette)
[Louis, 8 years old, Chisinau, Moldova] 10-29-2005

George: cold enough for ye?
Soldier: why, can ye make it colder?
[hh, 13 yrs and honors student] 10-28-2005

George: well?
Soldier: on behalf of the group and myself, i hope we passed the audition.
[Mustafa P., just a little] 10-28-2005

George: u dirty men need help with the wat to fight so i got my old friend Baron Von Steuben
Soldier: we dont want to fight any more sir its to much work
[grace christine thompson, im 12 years old,home schooled christianand live in corland mannor ny] 10-27-2005

George: Whats with all the noise here?
Soldier: Well their trying to get hype for the war.
[Ayannah Braye, I love the band. **!GO CLARINETS!**13] 10-27-2005

George: go go go you know
Soldier: What do you think we are cheerleaders
[miranda, I go to Peakview Elementry and I live in denver Co.] 10-27-2005

George: Why are you staring at my horse, soldier?
Soldier: Look at it! It has the pointiest nose I've ever seen on a horse!
[Da Bru, I love history!] 10-27-2005

George: Do you have any change?
Soldier: No, but that's a quarter horse you're riding. They'll put your picture on it.
[Jackie, age 9 Georgia.] 10-27-2005

George: knock,knock.
Soldier: how could you be telling jokes at a time like this!?
[kyliie, i am 10 and in 5th grade. i live in georgia.] 10-27-2005

George: lets move!
Soldier: lets see you try with out dieing!
[wina] 10-27-2005

George: " You guys want to eat?"
Soldier: "No we are just starving to death!"
[Wendy Collins, 11 Tonkawa,Ok] 10-27-2005

George: Do any of you have a burrito?
Soldier: NO I do have peanuts.
[zena wilson, I'm 10 and live in Vancouver WA] 10-27-2005

George: Private McMahon lead the attack
Soldier: Yes sir
[Michael McMahon, Im ten and know everything about the american revoulution] 10-27-2005

George: Turn off all your cell phones and pagers!
Soldier: Mine plays cool stuff, wanna hear it before we go?
[Jodie, 14, New York] 10-17-2005

George: What are u doing?
Soldier: I am Marching what do you think. r u stupid.
[Joseph Bryant, i was bored] 10-12-2005

George: Put that gun any closer to me and i'll have my horse eat you
Soldier: uhh sorry sir
[Mike eckert, 12 Belford,NJ] 10-12-2005

George: Remember, you are the Patriots!
Soldier: I know, and we're the best team in the NFL too.
[Anonymous] 10-12-2005

George: wait till you see the whites of their eyes.
Soldier: first of all, we need more gunpowder and, second of all, if we see the whites of their eyes, we will be killed.
[Abigail] 10-11-2005

George: I win again!
Soldier: Good for you, i was never good at war.
[Fe-Fe, This quote is stupid!] 10-11-2005

George: stop pointing that thing at me you idiot
Soldier: were sorry sir
[jake, age10 Tennessee] 10-11-2005

George: Hmmmm... Hey soldier I'm all out of ideas. What should I say?
Soldier: Say "Soldier, you are my master and I will do whatever you ask of me." MWAAHAHAHAHAH(ect)
[Fireangel, THE SKY IS FALLING!@_@ ( I'm never out of ideas by the way] 10-11-2005

George: take over the fort
Soldier: but they have more soilders than us
[Britni] 10-11-2005

George: A spectacular prize to the next soldier that can point us in the way of the British since I have no idea where we are.
Soldier: I dunno. That way. Now what's my prize?
[Mary, 15] 09-30-2005

George: Soldier I think my horse is asleep
Soldier: Sir your horse isn't even real we aren't even real we're just a painting!
[Megan, 13] 09-29-2005

George: are you ready soldiers!
Soldier: what do you think.
[jordyn, 10] 09-29-2005

George: We are Americans, men, not mice, for we are not afraid.
Soldier: Speak for yourself, Georgie!
[Sam] 09-29-2005

George: we can win this thing if we put our minds to it!
Soldier: Yes we can! (I think we will lose this thing.)
[Jamie Krajnik, Rogers City, MI 16, Male] 09-29-2005

George: I got another song! Comon everyone! "I know a song..."
Soldier: "that gets on everybodys nerves, everybodys nerves, everybodys nerves, but we're not gonna sing it."
[Brian : ), I hate that song... when people acually sing the whole thing] 09-29-2005

George: Ok, men, who did I tell to buy ammunition?
Soldier: ...Oops...
[Brian Peatrowsky] 09-29-2005

George: I'm gonna be famous
Soldier: yeah right and I'm the Queen of Sheba
[superstar, Indiana, I hope that y'all post this!] 09-29-2005

George: OK! troop ready, talk to me now!
Soldier: R-E-S-P-E-C-T, tell me what it means to me.....
[faryal, history would be cooler if people sang] 09-29-2005

George: O.K. sodgiers are we ready for battle
Soldier: Battle? i thought it was a party, they said the party was in "march"
[Beth, i am 10 and from Fremont California] 09-13-2005

George: Let's go in and fight the Redcoats
Soldier: Ooh Oooh! Does that mean we're the blue coats?
[M-Dogg, Indiana] 09-13-2005

George: ninjas u r and nijas u shall remain!~~now fight so that u may have your ninja freedom!
Soldier: ....ninjas??
[Tina] 09-12-2005

George: What's wrong soldier why haven't you fired your gun?
Soldier: My fingers are frozen to the gun Sir!
[Sara, 14 years] 09-12-2005

George: Spam, spam, spam, spam. Spam, spam, spam, spam. Lovely spaaaam, wonderful spaaaam! Lovely spaaaam, wonderful spaaaam!
Soldier: Sir! I do not want spam, no matter how "lovely" or "wonderful" you think it is. It is gross.
[My name is Kat, and if you frequently visit this site you probably know lots about me. Monty Python rules!] 09-12-2005

George: Ok men. March!
Soldier: I throught it was April
[Fireangel, the sky is falling! @_@] 09-12-2005

George: We are the best!
Soldier: yes we are .
[justin philpot] 09-12-2005

George: Hey you! Soldier! Get back in line!
Soldier: S-sss-Sir I'm frozen to the spot!
[FireAngel, *Sigh* THE SKY IS FALLING! @_@] 09-12-2005

George: yay! even though i am freezing i am so happy because Kat is the official fifer for the 2nd Connecticut Regiment of Milita which is in a place i have never heard of that is named after me.
Soldier: Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!
[My name is Kat, and if this gets posted it will be the 4th thing that i have gotten on here. i am from seattle, i am a band nerd and when i was in Yorktown i was made an artillery officer.] 09-12-2005

George: No, men posum is not something to fight over!
Soldier: Well road kills the only kind of meat we've been able to find, plus it will make a lovely stew.
[CCS sudent] 09-12-2005

George: Are we there yet?
Soldier: For the 100th time...NO!
[FireAngel, the sky is falling!@_@] 09-02-2005

George: *after enduring countless questions on his teeth* Fine I lost them all i a bar fight !
Soldier: and this is the leader of our new country ?*pause* Dreams do come true!
[widjum, God Bless Texas!] 09-01-2005

George: Cold enough for you?
Soldier: Yep.
[Monkey Trumpets] 09-01-2005

George: Keep on the sunny side of life!
Soldier: Sir, If we wanted to "Keep on the sunny side" We would be at home!
[Fireangel, *sigh* You'd think you'd know by now.... *Takes deep breath* THE SKY IS FALLING!@_@] 09-01-2005

George: All right men we must fight for our freedom and country.
Soldier: Yes sir we will fight for our freedom and country.
[Samantha boich] 08-16-2005

George: "give me liberty or give me death!"
Soldier: *Soldier turns green and becomes buff and has a monsturous face* "HULK CHOOSE LIBERTY! ROOOOOOOOOOOOAAAARRRR!"
[Mallory, You isn't!] 08-10-2005

George: God and Jesus bless you all for enduring this weather!
Soldier: General, let's go fight in the south with the South Carolina 2nd regiment. It's warmer there! (under his breath) What's the point of this war if we're gonna be allies with the British in 200 years?!
[some person who plans to have world domination one day] 07-26-2005

George: Who wants to go to planet Mc Donalds it`s surrounded by golden arches.
Soldier: As long as they have french fries count me in!
[Mandy Power, age 10 Eugene,OR] 07-20-2005

George: all right men who has the hot dogs dont hold out on me!
Soldier: i did sir but i threw them in the river to see if they would float & they did! im soo happy!
[nicole, i was bored and decided 2 b stupid as usual!] 07-19-2005

George: " call me on my cell when you get there"
Soldier: "better yet, I'll text message you."
[L Page, Louisiana] 07-19-2005

George: "Soldier, shoot to kill and DO NOT get blood on my throwback."
Soldier: "Throw.... what?"
[L Page] 07-19-2005

George: "Can't we all just get along?"
Soldier: "Why does that sound familiar?"
[L Page] 07-19-2005

George: The british are coming!
Soldier: Smile and wave boys smile and wave.
[Mandy Power, Eugene,OR age 10] 07-19-2005

George: hey who wants to go to the future
Soldier: me so i can get madicen my foot has been thorbing for the past five years
[anonymous] 07-07-2005

George: Are you ready to be a free country? Are you ready to fight?
Soldier: Well, Yes and, maybe
[Kylee Allen Jones, 19] 07-07-2005

George: Keep up your spirits men, God's gift of freedom will prevail.
Soldier: Amen! God bless our country!
[Rebekah Hassi, 11] 07-04-2005

George: I need a new place to sleep tonight !
Soldier: How about Chalfont ?
[gw] 07-04-2005

George: Hey, wher'd you come from?
Soldier: We need help the British defeated our regiment. We were the only survivors.
[Sam Post, Age 8, Worthington Ohio] 07-04-2005

George: Who are you?
Soldier: We're lobster backs. We stand for lobsters.
[Jacob, 9] 06-30-2005

George: I want a hot dog.
Soldier: With mustard?
[Jacob] 06-30-2005

George: There has to be a quick way we can get this done so I can go home and get some sleep and a good dinner.
Soldier: Well, then you and the guys jump of those horses and lets go so you can go home.
[Sara Warrensford, 9 yrs old and live and love the sunshine state.] 06-28-2005

George: Let's get out there Troops!
Soldier: Yes Sir
[Lyndsey] 06-28-2005

George: Move out Troops!
Soldier: Get the British!
[ryland] 06-28-2005

George: All right men Infantry, you will ride 5 miles north and itercept the attack the british are trying to preform
Soldier: major - general McMahon, should lead us
[Michael McMahon, NOt only do I know everything about the american revolution but now I am a Major - General In the continental army] 06-28-2005

George: *Smiles for no reason*
Soldier: *Wonders why*
[FireAngel, the sky is falling! @_@] 06-20-2005

George: Men Charge Bayonets the powder is gone
Soldier: Ohmy godthe red coats never give up do they
[Michael McMahon, I am ten years old and I can honestly say that I know almost everything there is to know about the american revolution] 06-20-2005

George: O.k men it's time to attack!
Soldier: But i haven't finish tieing my shoe yet
[Christianb] 06-17-2005

George: Salut, tout de monde! Nous allons!
Soldier: mais, j'ai froid, j'ai fatiguee et je voudrais ma mere! =(
[Toi! Hehe, je ne sais pas. j'ai 15 ans et je viens en canada.] 06-13-2005

George: Dude, my coat looks funny.
Soldier: You just realized that?
[Bobbi, ch'ya., Uh, I live on Earth; Not an alien. I like buttons. =D] 06-13-2005

George: C'mon, soldiers, let's march into battle!
Soldier: Huzzah!
[Jalay, I'm 10 years old. I dont even know how I got to this site, but heck, IT WAS FUN. Hopefully, this DOES get posted!] 06-13-2005

George: After we win this war, we'll watch movies at my house.
Soldier: Dude, we're gonna win? And what are movies?
[Jessica, Jessica, 15, canada. I'm bored. Dude, make sure to post this. Wait, what does this have to do with the french revolution?] 06-13-2005

George: give me freedom or give me death
Soldier: we will never give up
[anonymous] 06-13-2005

George: would someone please get rid of the fifes and drums?
Soldier: haha! no!, for we are BAND NERDS!
[My name is Kat, i have gotten stuff on this site before and i play fife and tenor saxophone and i am a band nerd!] 06-10-2005

George: Badges?
Soldier: We don't need no stinkin badges!
[Beth] 06-05-2005

George: mmmmm.....mmmmmm....mmmmmm.....mmmmmm......
Soldier: (trying to go unnoticed...) Hey, what'd ya do with those wooden teeth? I think I know who they belong to.
[Joe Beezlee] 06-05-2005

George: my name is george washinton
Soldier: so are you the general down here or do you wash the ton of clothes THAT WE DON'T EVEN HAVE
[Mariel carol Hilton, popular kid at WIVA elementary, age cute!] 06-05-2005

George: Hello.
Soldier: Dude you have a weird hat!
[Devon] 06-03-2005

George: where are we?
Soldier: acording to the map were in
[rachel drake] 06-03-2005

George: ha ha i'm on a dollar bill
Soldier: yea and i'm queen elizabeth
[mary-kate, i have a horse thats important] 06-03-2005

George: Get a rope!
Soldier: Honest, we didn't give them your bean recipe
[Cathy, texas] 06-03-2005

George: Ok men, winter's over, let's move out!
Soldier: Uhhh . . . maybe if we still had all our toes . . . .
[Sammi P, I am soooo adorable. and not doing the research paper i should be.] 05-27-2005

George: And so men blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. And futher more blah blahblah blahblahblah blah bub blah blah blah blah.
Soldier: This is a lame exsuse for a speech.
[FireAngel, the sky is falling!@_@] 05-27-2005

George: You got mail.
Soldier: I do? my palm doesnt say I do.
[sarah] 05-27-2005

George: We are going to march in there guys, and we are going to win, now who's with me?
Soldier: Sir we support you but we aren't as stupid as most people may think. You can go but we'll be right here cheering you on!
[Michelle Millender, 14,Gulfport,NorthGulfport 8th Grade School,Rebel for life] 05-27-2005

George: I'm George Washington, "Ok Listen Up, Do As I Say!"
Soldier: "And What Is That?"
[Carrie H] 05-27-2005

George: Whos winning
Soldier: Were the boss! It's a Patriot winning streak
[Jayce, Nothing to tell you.] 05-27-2005

George: Lets play hide and go seek.
Soldier: I'm it! One, two, three.....
[Edd Doubledork] 05-26-2005

George: We will we will rock you!
Soldier: Sock you pick you up and drop ypu!
[Alex Grace, 12, Ohio, I'm learning about George Washington in school.] 05-25-2005

George: AAAAAA the british are comin'!
Soldier: pay attention!
[cool] 05-25-2005

George: Okay Men, Who Brought the Ammunition?
Soldier: Uh, Oh..
[Tom, 16 Years old.] 05-13-2005

George: stop we just want FREEDOM
Soldier: we will fight to the last person standing
[Denise] 05-13-2005

George: Hi Jacob
Soldier: hi George
[Jacob, 10] 05-13-2005

George: Remeber Men, Mister Musket is your friend treet him well and he'll take care of you.
Soldier: Goerge here watched too many Mister Roger shows while he was growing up.
[ummmm..... What?, Something I can't remender] 05-13-2005

George: "we will when this war'
Soldier: 'we all will win the war'
[Chelsea Holland, 11] 05-13-2005

George: here yee here yee I call for the soldier.
Soldier: I am here sir! what is it that you ask for?
[Samantha PJ., 11 yrs. old Falfurrias Texas] 05-05-2005

George: "Do not shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!"
Soldier: "But what if they shoot you before that?"
[Elizabeth Brady] 05-05-2005

George: Chaaaaaaaaarge
Soldier: I got a pound on me
[Jordan Correia] 05-05-2005

George: Dont shoot until you see the whites of there eyes!
Soldier: Thank goodness sunglasses haven't been invented yet
[Josh Mulllaly, I am 10 years old] 05-05-2005

George: Are you going to fight or just stand there?
Soldier: Is that a trick question?
[riki, 11,im cool] 05-05-2005

George: My name is George Washington
Soldier: Really, my wife washes a ton too.
[Lindsey Copeland, My sister is Bethany Copeland] 05-05-2005

George: we should all hang together
Soldier: or we should hang separately, What?
[karina, 11, IL cool, and nice!] 05-05-2005

George: i am the general here
Soldier: then why are you so small!???
[lanie howard, 9] 05-05-2005

George: whose ready for revolution ?
Soldier: we are!
[Delta1 known as joaquin ramirez, Good at video games especially ones about war] 05-05-2005

George: Look, I'm Paul Revere!
Soldier: If you were Paul Revere, you would be riding away!
[Nico Ricci, 9 year old from Pittsburgh] 04-28-2005

George: whos ready to fight
Soldier: not me! is this the line for free food
[jasmine, age 11 sugarloaf elementry killeen tx] 04-28-2005

George: give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: why
[wilfredo martinez, 12 years old Sugar Loaf] 04-28-2005

George: We are going to war.
Soldier: what is a war?
[Brittany Kalata, 11 Sugar Loaf kileen Texas] 04-28-2005

George: Solider are you ready for war?
Soldier: Yes.Genral Washington Sir
[Charles C. Harris, 12,Killeen Sugar Loaf Elementry] 04-28-2005

George: Anything in my teeth
Soldier: Yeah termites
[Marcel Houston, 10,Surgar Loaf Elementry Killeen] 04-28-2005

George: Let's go kick some lobsterback butt!
Soldier: We're having seafood tonight.
[Jasmine Smith, age 10 / sugarloaf elementary/] 04-28-2005

George: We need more soldier!
Soldier: I can go round up some more.
[Caitlyn] 04-28-2005

George: I have come to send you a message.
Soldier: It's O.K, I already checked my E-mail.
[Bethany] 04-28-2005

George: I realize this has been a difficult winter for us at Valley Forge, I commend you on your bravery.
Soldier: Commander, because of your bravery, we will follow you loyally into battle.
[Stephanie, 11, Pasadena, MD] 04-25-2005

George: I'm going to be on the one dollar bill someday!
Soldier: What's a dollar??
[Dawn, Missouri-The -Show-Me-State!] 04-25-2005

George: give me liberty or give me death!
Soldier: give me a paycheck or give me death!
[anonymous] 04-25-2005

George: So you guys still up for tonight.
Soldier: yup, we are still going for milk and cookies.
[Matt Schanski, 11] 04-25-2005

George: We shall never give up! We shall ahve freedom!
Soldier: Yuo are right LETS HAVE FREEDOM!
[ally] 04-17-2005

George: Liberty or death!
Soldier: Liberty or be crippled!
[Kat, I friggin love the American Revolution!] 04-17-2005

George: ooooh, you rebellious soldiers! ya wanna piece of me? ya wanna piece of me?
Soldier: well sir considering that several of your toes have frozen off....
[Kat but other people call me Luther Blanchard, Pioneer Square, Seattle, Washington, but i am ticked that i do not live on the east coast because i LOVE the American Revolution!] 04-17-2005

George: yo my brothers wats happening in your crib
Soldier: nothing dawg wat about yours man
[Danny Strickland] 04-15-2005

George: we have a little problem
Soldier: lets fight
[jasmine hurley, Age:12 5/20/1992] 04-15-2005

George: hey lets take a break
Soldier: to the bar!
[dylan desmarais, 11 years old, ct] 04-14-2005

George: let them shoot first.
Soldier: ok but waht if they timedate us.
[autumn williams, 11, reserve] 04-14-2005

George: we wnt freedom don't we
Soldier: yes sir
[karen] 04-13-2005

George: british be scard for we have DENTAL HYGEIN
Soldier: I know isn't it great
[peter kelly] 04-13-2005

George: i am invader zim!
Soldier: Oh.... Sing the Doom Song. Please!
[Super Girl, Oh.... Shiny shiny @_@] 04-13-2005

George: Just think, in the future people will look back and remember how great we were!
Soldier: I don't even know who you are now!
[Andrew, 10, connecticut] 04-11-2005

George: I'm cold, I want a blankie.
Soldier: Yeah,well I want my MOMMY!
[Amy Ng, 10] 04-08-2005

George: Hey boys what are you looking at?
Soldier: I think your horse is frozen!
[Kasey Peelen, age 14 from AZ! yes, nice hot summers JK] 04-08-2005

George: Hey boys, why are you so slow???
Soldier: It's freeeeezing down here!
[Kasey Peelen, I'm 14! Oh, google me! I'm there!] 04-08-2005

George: let;s take a rest
Soldier: can we have pizza for dinner?
[deret] 04-07-2005

George: British be scared for I am Geoge Washinton some call me the big guy some even call me talls. And wacth this roar!
Soldier: Your just tall cause your on a horse.
[Hank Stocker, NSS greenwich CT] 04-07-2005

George: give me liberty or give me .......................uh whatever
Soldier: I think its death.................. for me
[hank, rhetehjfg] 04-07-2005

George: We will stand here and block the Brittish from getting past here! We will stand here, night and day, until they get here!
Soldier: Um..General,Sir? I gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now!
[Benjamin Eastlick, 12 Moravia, IA, hi Jake&Michael!] 04-07-2005

George: I'm hungry for some fish.
Soldier: Well what are you lookin' at me for?
[Abby, age 11, Oregon] 04-07-2005

George: we shall not break down we are strong better than them redcoats
Soldier: Well the british are better than us georgie boy!
[tinkerbelle] 04-07-2005

George: What are you pointing your guns at me for you idiots"
Soldier: meat! must eat meat
[Gabi, cute, popular, plays 7 instruments, and has a 4.0 GPA!] 04-07-2005

George: Let's Party!
Soldier: No its tooo cold.
[Franky] 04-07-2005

George: Let's go to sleep and wake tommorrow.
Soldier: We can borrow some blankets from the British.
[Ray] 04-07-2005

George: Why is everybody leaving?
Soldier: Its cold and were hungry.
[Jorge, 13, Roma Texas] 04-07-2005

George: Chale, homes camarada!
Soldier: Es que no hay un poso para el bano!
[Fermin] 04-07-2005

George: men we are going to the Delaware and attack the british by surprise on christmas day!
Soldier: we shall as you command
[essie masley, 9 and i live in washington dc] 04-06-2005

George: The British are next door!
Soldier: So what you want to go ask for sugar!
[Martin] 04-05-2005

George: We must stay here and fight the British and eat tacos!
Soldier: No, Taco Bell is not open and the British are asleep and we could come tommorrow and fight them!
[Eddie] 04-05-2005

George: give me liberty or give me peace
Soldier: never
[blalalala, im bored] 04-05-2005

George: Okay now be a nice boy and put those guys down! ? You know we are SO going to win!
Soldier: Just cause your on a horse doesnt mean you are higher then us.
[Jen, Hi me name is Jen, and i like andrew!] 04-05-2005

George: left,left,left,right,left
Soldier: hey that herts my ears
[JT Smith] 04-05-2005

George: Left, left, left, right, left!
Soldier: Hey, that hert's my ears!
[Michael Stone, Moravia,I.A. ( Boom Babbe! )] 04-02-2005

George: i think i hit my head! do you know who i am and who are you?
Soldier: hi i'm george washington and you are a worthless soldier and you take orders from me! hahahahahahaha! men ........................................... let's order out!
[rebecca, i'm 14 in ohio and have nothing to do] 04-01-2005

George: You're Ugly...
Soldier: Well, I'm not the one with wood teeth, Mr. Cherry Tree!
[InuYasha&Kikyo forever!, I love the anime InuYasha. And I hate KAGOME! I will always be an InuKik fan because all Kagome says is Sit and INUYASHA! She's so bossy! I hate her! She stole InuYasha from Kikyo!] 03-31-2005

George: Give me liberty or give me death!
Soldier: Your`e getting on Patrick Henrys ground you captinof thefools!
[David Ling Ho, 9] 03-31-2005

George: Keep marching or we will never defeat them!
Soldier: Why don't you get off your high horse and march with us? thats what I thought!
[Dani, 12, Iowa, 7th grade] 03-31-2005

George: What's up Tim ?
Soldier: Tha,tha,that guy took my gun, an,an and there's a cannoball coming straight at us!
[Jake Moyle, 11yrs old, Moravia,I.A. A live and kic'en!] 03-31-2005

George: call out the entire armada!we'll cannon those british ships into sawdust!
Soldier: uh.....General? we would if we actually had CANNONS AND SHIPS!(mutters under breath) idiot...
[Edward Jo, 12, Alameda, California, RUNESCAPE ROCKS! =)say hi to kirby!<( " )^HI!] 03-31-2005

George: What is it now uh ...Johny?
Soldier: That guy took my musket and your wig-a-ma-gig is on backwards!
[Mitchell Cooper, age11 Cassville,Missouri 5th grade intermidate school name is Eunice Thomas elementry school cassville R-IV school distric loves pizza] 03-25-2005

George: come on lets fight and lets win so maby we can have some freedom
Soldier: we will try our best
[amanda, 11 years old] 03-25-2005

George: We are going to win this war!
Soldier: I don't think so! You guys look like snow men!
[Christi, age 9 from Indiana] 03-25-2005

George: We are going to win this war!
Soldier: I don't think so! You guys look like snow men!
[Christi, age 9 from Indiana] 03-24-2005

George: what are you doing here! your supposed to block the british from crossing the bridge!not me!
Soldier: Well duh! we know! you have ketchup all over your jacket!
[Shawnee, [Carson Elementary School][denver,colorado]] 03-24-2005

George: We shall fight till we die!
Soldier: Hizza! Wait... what do you mean we?!
[Lindz, age 11] 03-23-2005

George: !Hola! ?Como esta?
Soldier: Sir this is not spanish class
[mthlay_mithboy at, im a 13 m FL] 03-23-2005

George: Kids we move out at 20o'clock
Soldier: What?Thats not a real time on the clock!
[Alicia Giannino, I'm 10 and i like to eat pork.] 03-23-2005

George: i wonder how my wife felt when i went to war
Soldier: i think she felt awful
[sandy, lowell 20yrs] 03-23-2005

George: Get out of my way you fools
Soldier: We will if you give us freedom
[Molly Stevenson, Marietta, GA 30068] 03-23-2005

George: hey dude this is our country
Soldier: ya baby
[kaitlin oneill] 03-23-2005

George: Somebodys colone is a bit strong.
Soldier: Thats your wig powder
[oughuiff] 03-23-2005

George: Why Are You Laying Down?
Soldier: Cause Everyone Else Was
[Jenna, 11,Fairbanks, AK] 03-23-2005

George: Wheres them cannons?
Soldier: They were tooooooo heavy to cary
[anonymous] 03-23-2005

George: we have to do this we need to fight
Soldier: we cant fight we are to small
[colby goody, canton,ma] 03-23-2005

George: go george go george go george
Soldier: go soldier go soldier go soldier
[jojo] 03-18-2005

George: Soldiers follow me!
Soldier: May I ask why?
[Jim Tritt, age 9] 03-18-2005

George: Naked and starving are they for we respect all soldiers
Soldier: thank you sir we thank you for the respect you give us
[kasey gallagher, age 11 waterloo il] 03-18-2005

George: Can i have a extra large pizza
Soldier: Thay dont come out ti'll 1905
[Nathan Rice, age 9] 03-18-2005

George: C'mon you stupid horse, pick it up!
Soldier: Were you talking to me?
[Josh, shaull] 03-18-2005

George: Men, we are going to sail to the Deleware and attack the British by surprise on Christmas Day!
Soldier: We shall do as you command.
[T.A. Nguyen] 03-07-2005

George: why am i wearing my hair like this?
Soldier: your suppose to?duh!
[Lauren] 03-07-2005

George: Men we well take over the Egland empir and be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Soldier: Yes sir we well be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[Jackson, Shall] 03-07-2005

George: Are we ready kids?
Soldier: we are not under the sea we are in war!
[Amber, Shaull] 03-07-2005

George: well if you are mice I would say you would be Quite small! So the I can crush you!
Soldier: OH no I am not a mouse! Anyway if I was I would run if you would try to sqush me!
[Ashley, Shaull Elementry School] 03-07-2005

George: Than we'll go here and hopefully they'll go here....
Soldier: Lord help us!
[Night Flyer, Object] 03-07-2005

George: Where is the Declaration of Independence?!
Soldier: Oops!I left it at home!
[Kirstin, nine almost ten] 03-07-2005

George: What are you doing soldier?
Soldier: The Cha-Cha Slide. To the left, take it back now yall...
[Nick] 03-07-2005

George: no, just stop drinking that tea calling it a Boston Tea Party!
Soldier: Well then stop taxing us and we will
[Katie, St.Peter Minnesota] 03-07-2005

George: I will rule the word
Soldier: you and what army?
[sms] 03-07-2005

George: Ah! What a cozy hole to sit in.
Soldier: I wouldn't do that if I were you sir. I think that is the british cannon.
[Pooja, Shaull Elementry] 03-07-2005

George: Hi
Soldier: were are triying to win not to make peace.
[mike, Shaull Elementary march 4] 03-07-2005

George: Who Brought the football? and the chips?
Soldier: I thought Bob did that
[Sydney R, 11 and 2/4] 03-07-2005

George: haaaaaaaaa haahaahaaaaaaaaaaaahahaa
Soldier: stop practicing opra sir were in the middle of a war!
[Derek, 8 and 1 half] 03-03-2005

George: Stop making us drink your horrid tea!
Soldier: Stop taxing us
[anonymous] 03-03-2005

George: We're going to win this war or die trying!
Soldier: Right! Wait,die?!
[Christine] 03-03-2005

George: What do you mean you forgot the cannons!
Soldier: Sorry Sir, it was not my day to bring them, Benedict said he would bring them.
[L. Lydic] 03-03-2005

George: Why are you pointing at me?
Soldier: I was pointing at that red coat behind you.
[Can tell you! Duh!, Object.] 03-03-2005

George: Charge
Soldier: I'l Fight for my country . George
[Fill] 03-03-2005

George: We shall fight the brittish now
Soldier: Lets Go
[Matthew, I live in Pa] 03-03-2005

George: Let's get this war over with
Soldier: Yes, let's do it . I want to go home
[George Thomas, age 8, Oklahoma] 03-03-2005

George: I just wanted to borrow some sugar
Soldier: Do we look like a 7-11 to you . . . . NO now stick em up
[stephen best, I'm 14 years old] 03-01-2005

George: you want to go shopping
Soldier: We need to finish this battle first
[Jay-Bri] 02-28-2005

George: Thank goodness Ted Kennedy isn't in charge of getting over the bridge.
Soldier: Hiccup, what do you mean by that, hiccup, Sir....
[Mike] 02-28-2005

George: Fix Bayonets!
Soldier: Sir! My bayonet is not broken.
[Um...I dunno my name] 02-28-2005

George: Where is the Declaration of Independece?
Soldier: Oops! I left it at home!
[Amanda, Age: 11] 02-28-2005

George: how are you doing today?
Soldier: I am doing fine. What about you?
[Stephanie Niese, 14 Ohio this game is fun] 02-28-2005

George: Thy british must surrender or fight to thy death!
Soldier: Dude... thats so medieval.
[Graeme Parrish, I am 9 going to be 10 soon and I live in St. Paul,Minnesota] 02-23-2005

George: now that you have won the war what are you gonna do?
Soldier: we're going to Disney World
[Rachel, 10, Maryland] 02-23-2005

George: I see dead people
Soldier: Stop lying George
[natedogg, age11, Noflk,Va. yo cute girls 11-16 holla] 02-23-2005

George: We are going to fight untill we win or untill we die!
Soldier: Mommy help MEEEEEEEEEE!
[K and MK] 02-23-2005

George: Good job dudes, we've won this battle. Onward!
Soldier: Yeah, we won the battle, but have we won the war?
[bec] 02-23-2005

George: We are fighting for freedom.So can you please move?
Soldier: Can we go and build our fort.It is cold.
[Rish Rish] 02-23-2005

George: Then I was like Wo and he was like Wo and you where like Wo.
Soldier: What are you talking about?
[Fireangel, If ya got neopets my look up is lilo25109] 02-22-2005

George: Hey! Your aim is so high!
Soldier: It's a bird... it's a plane... no, it's...
[kit] 02-22-2005

George: We want the world to be a better place?
Soldier: Let's work together to make the world a better place!
[Deiceline, 11,Brockton,Mass PATRIOT for LIFE!] 02-21-2005

George: are you switching sides?
Soldier: well... sir.... they gave me candy!
[fhfhb] 02-21-2005

George: We have strength, loyality and justice. With that we will win this war.
Soldier: We shall prevail this war for freedom.
[Carolyn Cole & Kristin Beam, Jeannette McKee Elementary] 02-21-2005

George: Were tired of king George and his measely TAXES!
Soldier: Yea,and We are ready To FIGHT these thiefs!
[Zach Nedley & Demetrious Cox, Jeannette,P.A] 02-21-2005

George: we will fight for freedom!
Soldier: yes sir! we will
[Ryan Kemp, 11, Jeanneette mckee Elem, North 3rd ST] 02-21-2005

George: How 'bout them Red sox?
Soldier: But they have'nt been invented yet.
[anonymous] 02-21-2005

George: Due to the weather conditions, the-
Soldier: Who cares about weather! We are all dead men anyway
[─verismic, Seriously, that's my name] 02-21-2005

George: Hurry up men we have not all day!1
Soldier: General we are hurrying but the cold holds us back!
[anonymous] 02-21-2005

George: This is so dumb.
Soldier: Like I said Georgey. Whats the point of fighting the British when George Bush is going to ruin this country anyway?
[bobby bob the 1st] 02-21-2005

George: I have a really good knock-knock joke. Knock-Knock,
Soldier: Sir... we are kind of busy for Knock-Knock jokes. We are fighting in a war.
[Emily, 10, Pennsylvania] 02-21-2005

George: I've made a decision, we are not going to attack the british.
Soldier: So the trip to valley forge is off then?
[Brian Munson, 13,walker MN, i like vacations] 02-21-2005

George: You come here, why are you wearing your tutu is'nt time for ballet yet.
Soldier: I thought the other men would like to see my new groovy dance.
[Ethan] 02-21-2005

George: What is wrong?
Soldier: They are putting taxes on our taxes!
[nick] 02-21-2005

George: Grr, late again
Soldier: Your late Mr. Wshington. so what are you going to do about it?
[Brad Koski] 02-21-2005

George: Let's fight men!
Soldier: What for? You're gonna kill us anyways.
[Daniella, wad up everybody?????? :)] 02-21-2005

George: Dude, who's side are you on, anyway?
Soldier: I am on the British,{insert evil laughter here}.
[bored, evil villan, 934 i live in a box] 02-21-2005

George: Wanna fight,wanna fight, huh, huh,huh?
Soldier: Well that's what we came here for, duh.
[Ha,Ha,Ha, Waz up] 02-21-2005

George: immortality take it its yours
Soldier: i would like to fight for my freedom,sir
[amber] 02-09-2005

George: ok.........who's feet stink?
Soldier: sorry sir that would be me
[Cameron Johnson West Des Moines, Iowa] 02-09-2005

George: lets fight
Soldier: I'm too tired
[kassidy, 10 (is my age] 02-08-2005

George: We can win! We can do it! Do you want your freedom?
Soldier: Yes! We want freedom!
[Allison, 10- New Jeresy- Allison] 02-08-2005

George: Hey, how much is a wig??
Soldier: Look on e-bay it's probably $7.99
[Laken, Hi How Are You?????] 02-07-2005

George: Whats in your wallet?
Soldier: Oh a couple of bucks, and a bus pass.
[Adam, .... bored] 02-07-2005

George: I'm sick of all this war stuff.
Soldier: me too, lets go get some mcdonalds!
[Nickileena House, 48 years old, jacksonville] 02-07-2005

George: A....who are you???
Soldier: I'm Bob Walker Jones, and i'm here to shoot some red coats!
[Michael, I love P.A.!] 02-07-2005

George: Hey you didn't pay for the pizza, get back here you pepperoni heads!
Soldier: I told you we shouldn't have went out to lunch, they always make us pay for it!
[Justine, 12-Female- New York] 02-07-2005

George: In loving memory of are 1st president George Washington
Soldier: All soldiers: God Bless Our Soldiers!
[Sarah] 02-07-2005

George: Whats going on are we on strike?
Soldier: Yes! We'er going to strike the British
[Abigail, I'm 15 and I'm a quituplet!] 02-07-2005

George: I'm the Pres.!
Soldier: How come you get to do the cool stuff, George!?
[The PlayMaster] 02-07-2005

George: Nice Boots!
Soldier: Don't even think about it!
[Barry D, Washington Rocks!] 02-07-2005

George: ...just one more level...bye-bye Godzilla!
Soldier: George, are you playing media based video games that don't come out untill a century? Say are you hanging out with the guy who made the lightbulb?
[Alyssa, Age:11 thought it was funny] 02-07-2005

George: Can I be prsident now?
Soldier: What are you talking about, we're not even free yet.
[Caleb, I am doing a dumb rebort on Valley Forge] 01-30-2005

George: let me just call the British maybe they will surender
Soldier: no way sir with these high cell phone rates and besides were roaming
[jake young] 01-30-2005

George: Pretend I said something funny
Soldier: Pretend I said something funny in response
[The bogeymonster, What to do now: Now pretend you just laughed] 01-27-2005

George: I know you're cold and freezing to death, but I have good news!
Soldier: Don't tell me... you've saved a bundle by switching to Geico.
[Kevin Cissell, I'm an Insurance salesman (just kiddin')] 01-27-2005

George: You all fought hardly to win! an' now we have won the war against the evil british!
Soldier: Yeah! Let's search for the next evil enemy of america's public! What about Iraq??
[anonymous] 01-27-2005

George: I want to go home and play Halo2!
Soldier: But you cant we dont even have electricity yet!
[Austin, Hi im austin] 01-27-2005

George: what are you doing here im only a person in a painting
Soldier: yes i know but i like not being able to move
[ben hayes, lakeville M,N 11 years old] 01-27-2005

George: ...If we are quiet...we can toiletpaper the british fortress...
Soldier: George, Toilet paper rolls don't come untill another century.
[Alyssa, Age:11 thought it was funny] 01-27-2005

George: Madge! Dont trust Larry... He just wants your money!
Soldier: Say George... Are you watching soap operas again?
[Alyssa, Age:11 thought it was funny] 01-27-2005

George: why is there a blue box above my head, soldier
Soldier: i dunno there is one above me too
[kwashla] 01-27-2005

George: Lets sing a song,I'llstart "This is the song that never ends........
Soldier: Here we go again.
[Taylor, 11 AZ Im doing an oral report on Martha Washington] 01-27-2005

George: ...Then after the pretty magical unicorn flew away...Prince Lovey Dovey turned Madam Mean into a catipillar THE END
Soldier: Oooh! George,tell another story... Do the Pretty Pony one!
[Alyssa, Age:11 thought it was funny] 01-19-2005

George: Where's my gun?
Soldier: You don't get one, we don't trust you with one.
[Bobby Dawson, 13] 01-19-2005

George: Are you ready?
Soldier: Sir, yes sir!
[Leland] 01-19-2005

George: Chargeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Soldier: On our credit cards?
[Tiffany, age 9, Pacific Missouri] 01-19-2005

George: Keep up your spirits men
Soldier: Amen! God bless our country!
[Leah] 01-19-2005

George: are you ready to spy on kayla and ashley
Soldier: yes im ready to spy on them
[rachel] 01-19-2005

George: Are you men or are you mice?
Soldier: Is this a trick question?
[anonymous] 01-19-2005

George: men wheres the privy!
Soldier: you sold it on ebay for 12.99!
[ugg and uhh, ages 10 and 11] 01-19-2005

George: What the (HEAK) are we doing here!
Soldier: A....where fighting a W A R !
[michael stone, 12, moravia,iowa] 01-19-2005

George: to be or not to be
Soldier: sir this is the American Revolution not Wialliam Shakeshpere house. hi
[hi] 01-07-2005

George: Why are you all pointing your guns at me?
Soldier: Are you with us or the enemy?
[dawn, age 18- I love the liberty kids] 01-07-2005

George: fire!
[John Doe] 01-07-2005

George: we shall take this fort over and claim it for our crountry
Soldier: lets get those british fools
[nicole, 14,woonsocket,ri i luv the patriots.] 01-07-2005

George: luke i am you're father!
Soldier: first of all my name is not luke second of all you're not my father, my father is dead! duh!
[lauren, stupid history project on benedict Arnold! (oh i hate history)] 01-02-2005

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