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George: Where are we going?
Soldier: I don't know you didn't tell us.
[ Kyle Binder, 8 Lakeville MN 10/29/96 ] 12-29-2004

George: Where are we?
Soldier: Inthe middle of a meeting deciding whether we were going to follow you or not.Oops!Was I supposed to say that?
[ Clarissa, 9,Lakeville MN ] 12-19-2004

George: Boy, it's cold out here
Soldier: You think your cold!
[ Louise, 14, Petiet Nant ] 12-19-2004

George: ZZZZ ha what oh yeah carry on troops
Soldier: i wish he'd stop falling asleep
[ Rachel Wood, i love soccer and i have five cats ] 12-19-2004

George: Get out of my way lobster backs!
Soldier: I eat lobster backs.
[ James/ Kasheem/Kelly/Jessica ] 12-19-2004

George: I have good news men we have just heard that the French are going to help us and loan us money for us to buy uniforms.
Soldier: Tell the person that is gonna by our clothes to buy them from Wal - Mart. Sometimes lip gloss comes with the clothes
[ Savannah, Florida ] 12-19-2004

George: wasup dawg
Soldier: hi sir
[ john ] 12-19-2004

George: What are you doing here?
Soldier: We surrender! Just please don't hurt me, I have a wife and four kids!
[ your mama, Wudup ] 12-15-2004

George: Fight like real men.
Soldier: We aren't men, were only seventeen, we're boys.
[ Humphrey Bogaret, 13,Brielle New Jersey, super hot ] 12-15-2004

George: Yo my homies! whats the dillyo?
Soldier: Uh, George, this is a war, not mtv
[ Carly, Im 13, hispanic, and live in paris. i recently won a worldwide dancing competition and came in 1st place! if u dont belive me call me and we can schedule a time when i can show u what a good dancer and singer i am! i bet i am better than all of you! ] 12-15-2004

George: Why did you bring me out here to fight?
Soldier: Ah sir this is your war.
[ Lauren Baker ] 12-09-2004

George: fight for our contury
Soldier: we must do what he said so fight
[ Jessica Renen Itzen, i am 10 almost 11 and i have three kittens ] 12-09-2004

George: We might not have enough to eat
Soldier: Are you kidding me? I've got a credit card, we can get Take Out!
[ Michael ] 12-09-2004

George: are you men or are you soldiers
Soldier: we are men can we go home
[ anonymous ] 12-07-2004

George: i cant belive you made me come here!
Soldier: uhhh...its your war sir... you started it...>_<
[ sierra, i love youko kurama*glompse youko*^_^, i love youko kurama sooooooooooo much! ] 12-06-2004

George: so we wear red coats too, and trick them!
Soldier: but what if they like us and truce?
[ ] 12-06-2004

George: Fight with passion! Fight with integrity! And fight as if this was your last day on earth; which it very well may be.
Soldier: Oh man! This is so cool! we're going to be in so many history bo....wait. Did he just say that we're going to die?
[ meghan, man im bored ] 12-04-2004

George: We've got to fight for this nation! for freedom! If you die out there, know that you're dying for America!
Soldier: So uh.... anyone else got a suggestion?
[ Meghan ] 12-04-2004

George: What's your problem soldier?
Soldier: I think I stepped in something...
[ Rae, I dunno I was looking up Benedict Arnold and this site looked funner (is funner a word)? ] 12-04-2004

George: Don't fire 'til you see the whites of their eyes!
Soldier: What if they'e wearing sunglasses?
[ adam ellis, im funny ] 12-04-2004

George: Let me guess.They will call them the Patriots.
Soldier: You would think we have such a long winning strak they would name a football team after us in the Future!
[ Tyler, 13 Massachusetts ] 12-04-2004

George: And thats how I knew that if you had just a tiny bit of magic ...all your dreams will come true
Soldier: Tell us another story George.....Please
[ Ernest ] 12-04-2004

George: Where are we going?
Soldier: Crazy for being in this war!
[ Kayla, Kayla age:10 Riverside, CA I hope this gets posted ] 12-04-2004

George: Are we there yet?
Soldier: no!
[ lauren and matt, We arnt suppose to be doing this ] 12-03-2004

George: Run!
Soldier: We can't...our feet are frozen to the ground!
[ Jimmy, myne is the best ] 12-03-2004

George: God bless America!
Soldier: God has blessed America. have you thanked him yet?
[ sara, I'm aciedentally in love. ] 12-03-2004

George: Give me liberty or give or give me death!
Soldier: I prefer liberty...
[ Leah, I am extremely cool! ] 12-03-2004

George: Fight till you cannot fight no more!
Soldier: Or lets fight and run when we can't fight no more..
[ Leah, I rock my socks! ] 12-03-2004

George: Brrrrrrrr lets go for A 7 YEAR VACATION
Soldier: sure sir lets go to valley forge just kidding
[ anonymous ] 12-03-2004

George: "These are the times that tries men's souls!"
Soldier: Ahahah, what about old Bill behind you? He sold his a while ago!
[ Jeremy Ying, jer ] 12-03-2004

George: wahss up!
Soldier: George here has gone a little cukoo...
[ Emily, bored with history homework ] 12-02-2004

George: "Great job men! Keep up the good work. The reward will be great!"
Soldier: "We fight only for freedom."
[ Abigail Anson, age: nine hometown: Amherst NH ] 12-02-2004

George: Luke I am your father!
Soldier: No Your not.
[ Christopher, Doing a history assignment, 13, Monterey, CA ] 12-02-2004

George: hello people!
Soldier: hello george
[ jabrienna ] 12-02-2004

George: Don't want to fight the British, eh? Well they have PIE!
Soldier: Why didn't you say so? Come on, men! Let's fight for that pie!
[ Dylan, zzz...snort! Eh? What? ] 12-02-2004

George: Are you ready to fight?
Soldier: I don't know. Are you?
[ Donald Ryan, I am 14 and live in the U.S. ] 12-02-2004

George: We are fighting for our contry and for our freedom men.
Soldier: Ah, I have got to get out of here. I can't handle that kind of pressure, HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
[ Donald Ryan, agge14 in the U.S. Wheatland, Iowa ] 12-02-2004

George: Can someone tell me who wins the war so I can just turn around and go home?
Soldier: Hold on i have my history book!
[ Mandy, i am 153278 ] 12-02-2004

George: I bought a nuclear warhead on the internet!
Soldier: WOW, to bad I bought 24 nuclear warheads, 17 armies with Machine guns, and This Real life Dark Magician!
[ Justin Ying, The media is taking control of our minds!@!@@!@!@ ] 12-02-2004

George: Some people say I hate those British, I don't and if I do let God have lightning strike every British men on America!
Soldier: Sir a thunder storm is rolling in on Philadelphia fast!
[ justi n ying, I hope this is posted! I am 11 years old and if you don't read this I'll kill this defenseless toilet ] 12-02-2004

George: Go Away !
Soldier: The war has Started ! Sir......
[ Crystal, I hope this gets posted ] 12-01-2004

George: Go MEN Go
Soldier: where are we going? how about dinner and a movie?
[ Autumn, 13, grand blanc michigan, in the middle of doing a electric feild trip assignment ] 11-08-2004

George: I will cut you to pieces
Soldier: yeah like that will ever happen
[ kelly-ann, I am 14 and I live in lancaster ] 11-08-2004

George: move out men
Soldier: why
[ Kamryn McNamarra ] 11-07-2004

George: In the great words from a great guy git-r-done!
Soldier: well if u want me to g-r-done I sure will!
[ BreeAnn Waggoner, 14, rogers Arkansas ] 11-05-2004

George: all right men who has the donuts dont hold out on me!
Soldier: i did sir but i threw them in the river to see if they would float & they did! im soo happy!
[ Erica, age 14, i was bored and decided 2 b stupid as usual! ] 11-05-2004

George: We will, we will
Soldier: Rock you!
[ Jenny ] 11-05-2004

George: Hey guys, the game's on! Who's winning?
Soldier: We are boss! It's a Patriot winning streak!
[ Hi Peoples, I luv popcorn ] 11-05-2004

George: Keep up your spirits men, God's gift of freedom will prevail.
Soldier: Amen! God bless our country!
[ Matt Erickson, 17, Cottage Grove, MN, Patriot for Life ] 11-05-2004

George: Are you men or are you mice?
Soldier: Is this a trick question?
[ Some Kid, Uhh... ] 11-05-2004

George: Get ready for war
Soldier: We're ready!
[ Calen, 10, Kentucky ] 10-29-2004

George: Let's Git-er-done boys!
Soldier: Right one!
[ Melissa, 15,sd ] 10-29-2004

George: We must Fight on!
Soldier: i'm sick, tired, hungry and cold
[ Andrew Hancock, age 9 ] 10-22-2004

George: Men, before we go, I'd like so say a few words, i- O look, a kitty...........
Soldier: Not again!
[ Jackie, i dunno why im putting stuff in here, its kinda lame ] 10-22-2004

George: Is The Snow Naturally That Color
Soldier: No Sir, Snow Is Not Naturally Yellow
[ Cristina Fulkerson, ok i was bored during school so i amde this and i know its not funny ^^ ] 10-20-2004

George: Where is Valley Forge men?
Soldier: I don't know sir.
[ Kiran Neha Bandi, Grogary School, Age-10, Grade-5 ] 10-20-2004

George: My name is George
Soldier: I know
[ cathy, Can someone help me w/ my history hw?? ] 10-20-2004

George: What do you think you're doing, ya moron?
Soldier: Ploting a rebillion. (Gasp!) Oops!
[ Belinda Bu, History is my specialty, I read 6 books on the Alamo! ] 10-17-2004

George: I love you
Soldier: I love you too
[ Julia ] 10-17-2004

George: Wus up Soldier Izzel?
Soldier: What is up G-dog?
[ Aamer Swann, Age 13 ] 10-08-2004

George: "Any of you know where the closest Starbucks is?"
Soldier: "Yeah, right back there. And if you miss it, there's another on a block beyond that."
[ Karen, Coffee is life! ] 10-08-2004

George: Remember men they will be marching in a straight line wearing red with a white "X" across their chest.
Soldier: Yea, we will be in green hiding behind trees aiming at the "X."
[ Caleb Calhoun, I'm in the fifth grade. ] 10-08-2004

George: Howz my hair?
Soldier: GRA..y......TE
[ Tricia ] 10-07-2004

George: Your dedication, perseverance and loyalty is appreciated by all your fellow countrymen.
Soldier: We fight for the cause and for true freedom!
[ Jennifer, 17 ] 10-03-2004

George: Why was six afraid of seven? ...... because seven "eight" nine!
Soldier: Haha, you are a silly monkey!
[ Karmags, George Washington is my "American Idol!" ] 10-02-2004

George: Why are we fighting here? Answer me, men!
Soldier: Not again, George.
[ Kate W., age 11 ] 09-29-2004

George: Okay, let's shoot first!
Soldier: I thought we were going to shoot first
[ Chelsea ] 09-29-2004

George: Where is your leader,soldiers?
Soldier: You are are leader, general Washington sir.
[ Emily ] 09-29-2004

George: Where's your leader, men?
Soldier: You are are leader, George
[ Emily ] 09-29-2004

George: when will we ever get that pizza?
Soldier: sir, the guy on the phone said 3 days, but you know those delivery boys, ther SLLLLLLOOOW
[ James ] 09-29-2004

George: I'll be Gandalf and you can be Legolas.
Soldier: No! I want to be Gandalf!
[ Christine, LOTR rocks! ] 09-29-2004

George: I am awesome!
Soldier: Yes, sir.
[ Christine, I am 12 and I homeschool. ] 09-29-2004

George: Any one have food?
Soldier: no, Thomas Mifflin ate it all! What a pig
[ Amanda ] 09-29-2004

George: Who's up for snow angels?
Soldier: We are!
[ Kelly, 11 ] 09-29-2004

George: My face hurts. I wish I had hair instead of a toupee.
Soldier: Cry me a river you silly git.
[ Matt, Well, I used to have a life, but then I lost it. ] 09-29-2004

George: Hey guys is it just me or is it a little bit chilley here
Soldier: YEAH! especially with out shoes
[ drew shockley, 14 ] 09-29-2004

George: we all come in peace
Soldier: yea right stick um up
[ Kayla Townsend ] 09-19-2004

George: Men,do what i say now!
Soldier: Men, do what i say now!
[ kim, I hope i get mine up thur! ] 09-17-2004

George: what do you call cheese thats not yours? nacho cheese
Soldier: hahahahaha! that wasnt funny now lets get back to the war
[ denton zander, im 13, and go to hendrix junior high school ] 09-17-2004

George: Okay men! Who wants to dance?
Soldier: We do, George. But first, we have to use the bathroom
[ Bonnie Macauley ] 09-17-2004

George: Hey do not fire that gun
Soldier: Why not we are at war? OK lets have peace!
[ Carmen Electra ] 08-31-2004

George: All your base
Soldier: are belong to us!
[ Zorn, 414 y/o, Space ] 08-07-2004

George: At the end of all this we are gon get some food iight?
Soldier: dat is strait. we want some chicken, greens,and some kool-laid!
[ Ernest Dudley Vth a.k.a. Mr. Mutlitalented, You should put my up. I hope ypu do. - I play the piano and sing ] 08-07-2004

George: lets fight for the country of liberty
Soldier: yes general I'll do anything for this country for life or death
[ jessica ] 08-07-2004

George: Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?
Soldier: We'll be at this all day if you go through the entire Continental Army!
[ Dan Smith, Age 11 ] 08-07-2004

George: soldiers, are you cold tired and hungry?
Soldier: yes.lets just settle it over checkers
[ rachel, age 6 ] 08-07-2004

George: O.k .soldiers when you see little red things in the snow shoot
Soldier: what if it's a bird or a fox?
[ ar, social studiesis cool------- (sort of) ] 08-07-2004

George: Why are you aiming your rifles at me?
Soldier: Because we want your coat!
[ James Troici, 8 years old, I am visiting Valley Forge this weekend ] 07-25-2004

George: Waitress....Wheres my drink?
Soldier: UUUhhhhhh.....Dude were like your enemy
[ Tyler, I'm HOT! ] 07-25-2004

George: we're battling for our freedom!
Soldier: realy?-cool!
[ don ] 07-25-2004

George: O.K. men head forword and attack the enemy!
Soldier: Fist of all there's no enemy near us and if we went forward we would attack you
[ Courtney, please post mine ] 06-30-2004

George: If the gunpowder's wet, then use the bayonets, captain! Trenton must be taken!
Soldier: Have you gone mad, General?! Already there have been disasters and still you continue to press on!
[ Eric, Some guy interested in the American Revolution who just happened to bump into this website. ] 06-28-2004

George: Do you think my horse is faster than Seabiscuit?
Soldier: Arn't their more important issues!
[ Eli ] 06-27-2004

George: You guys can't even fight a mouse!
Soldier: Yes we can as long as the mouse has on a red coat!
[ Scooter Harrington, Age 6 Riverside CT ] 06-27-2004

George: We must defend our right to arm bears!
Soldier: Honestly sir, are you stupid or just or seriously confused!
[ some stupid guy with way too much time on his hands who found this website and decided to make an entry ] 06-14-2004

George: taters? What's taters, precious???
Soldier: george? are u having an out-of-body experience???
[ Samuel de Champlain ] 06-14-2004

George: No matter what comes through that door...STAND YOUR GROUND!
Soldier: What door?
[ Gandalf ] 06-14-2004

George: Do you have the snow cones NOW? I've been waiting since last summer!
Soldier: Um...sir...I think it's a little too late for that.
[ Nhu Nguyen, Even though I'm a neat freak, I love educational and humorous games. It's good to have break every now and then from homework. ] 06-14-2004

George: Finally!We're at Vermont...or should it be Vietnam?
Soldier: According to the history book, it says here that we're supposed to be in Valley Forge stupid!
[ Jessica, This thing-a-me-jigger game totally rocks! I'm 11 yrs old an d I live in Maryland.(If you're interrested.) ] 06-14-2004

George: We must win. Can you survive men?
Soldier: We will win and we can survive.
[ Ilana Attadgie, 10 years of age ] 06-10-2004

George: Who are you and what are you doing here and how old are you?
Soldier: I'm Thomas Paine and this is my friend Thomas Gage. Havn't you read my book Common Sense? I'm a science teacher
[ Matt ] 06-07-2004

George: Do you want liberty or not
Soldier: no, just freedom... fries and the toast
[ Shelly ] 06-06-2004

George: Do you wantto surender or do you want LIBERTY
Soldier: We want LIBERTY (maybe)
[ Annemarie Loesberg, 11 Washington,D.C. ] 06-02-2004

George: we have no chosie but to attack them
Soldier: NO wwe can't they are part of us
[ jaimilee ] 06-02-2004

George: you got the hot dogs?
Soldier: let's roll!
[ keiko yukimura, behind you with a knife (location) ] 06-02-2004

George: All your base are belong to us!
Soldier: some one set us up the bomb!
[ George Malkahast, 52 years old ] 06-02-2004

George: And now, this is the time when you must fight for your country, for your liberty...
Soldier: No we have to consume! Ketchup with my LIBERTY fries, please
[ Bad Bad Frenchie who likes Americans though..., Freedom of speech and different though is not an aggression! ] 06-02-2004

George: I say don't be afaid go and fight.
Soldier: Yes sir!
[ mary and Nadia, 10 and 11 ] 06-02-2004

George: I brought electric blankets from congress!
Soldier: That's nice but the electrical plug wasn't invented yet.
[ Sara, age 11 Alden,N.Y. ] 06-02-2004

George: What's wrong?
Soldier: We're hungry tired and we all need baths
[ Zack Sheldon ] 05-15-2004

George: Parlez Franšais! Can't you guys speak french? We'll need to be able to communicate with the French.
Soldier: Sir, Nous ne parlons pas franšais. We're tired and hungry. How do you say that in french?
[Glenn Aller] 05-13-2004

George: What's wrong? Because I honestly have no clue.
Soldier: Are you sure you should be the general, eh?
[ Emily Parsons, 11 yrs old. Garland, TX ] 05-13-2004

George: Whats the internet?
Soldier: you should know, your on it.
[ victoria, iam single ] 05-13-2004

George: Let's get them, don't just stand there
Soldier: We are not your soldiers we are just looking for some duck to eat.
[ Sarah ] 05-13-2004

George: Surrender you dumb fools it is war
Soldier: Never stupid we will never surrender
[ anna bohnenberger, I love monkeys and yellow lol het jill sarah and margot ] 05-13-2004

George: Men! I know we're cold, hungary, tired, sick, sore, miss our family, dirty, and gross but come on lets be happy!
Soldier: you try to be happy yourself georgy boy!
[ Whitney Talbot, age 14 ] 05-13-2004

George: Give me liberty
Soldier: or give me money!
[ danielle, dover ] 05-13-2004

George: give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: if u dont shut up well give u death
[ Mariah ] 05-13-2004

George: men, BEAR ARMS!
Soldier: OK lets find some bears and take their arms
[ Brady Flamming ] 05-13-2004

George: Bonjur, would you like to surrender or suffer?
Soldier: I shall suffer and win VICTORY.
[ Lauren Decker, 10 years old ] 05-13-2004

George: Quick turn back men, we forgot our guns!
Soldier: Oh, these are real guns?
[ Stephen, Phoenixville, PA ] 05-13-2004

George: Give me wood! give me it!
Soldier: Go chop it down yourself then!
[ Breanne, 10 years old ] 05-13-2004

George: Men, why are you looking at me with that glazed, hungry look?
Soldier: We're not looking at you. We're looking at your horse! YUM!
[ Matthew Miller, age 8 ] 05-03-2004

George: Hey, you haven't got your horses yet?
Soldier: We get horses?
[ k.c. ] 05-03-2004

George: you do not ask what your country can do for you...
Soldier: yes we know, you ask what you can do for your country.
[ George Peabody ] 05-01-2004

George: The war is finally over.
Soldier: Let's go get some pizza to celebrate.
[ Anthony, age,10 ] 05-01-2004

George: Help, I can't move!
Soldier: You must be frozen again
[ Jackson ] 04-29-2004

George: its over the war is over
Soldier: lets go get hot coco yaaaaaaa
[ stan, i hope i get posted for this dealey thing ] 04-29-2004

George: Ok men, we shall fight until we see them crying for mercy!
Soldier: Whoa hold on to your horses boy! Who said we were going?!
[ Amanda, 13 years old baba dude i totally have to do this stupid report but then i found this part so i was like hey this is tight! HOLLA! ] 04-29-2004

[ Rayan, 10 years old ] 04-28-2004

George: ''people we must fight''
Soldier: right on,george
[ kabayunde, age 10 ] 04-28-2004

George: It's freezing out here!
Soldier: If u think it's cold now try wearing what Britney Spear wears, nothing!
[ Sheryl Crow, History's the best! ] 04-25-2004

George: I think we should go to the sea!
Soldier: Yes,we are so very thisty!
[ XUyiwu, age:21 location :Shiyan city Hubei province China ] 04-25-2004

George: Let's have a war.
Soldier: We don't want to!
[ Arianna House, Gloucester, NC. 7.5 ] 04-25-2004

George: I play Blue Eyes White Dragon in attack mode . Blue eyes, attack his monster!
Soldier: Ha, just what I've been waiting for, You forgat about my face down card that I played two turns ago. Why, you couldn't spot a red coat if he were running toward you in a field.
[ Archibald Shoemaocker, I love playing foozball with other people ] 04-25-2004

George: Who here watches Jerry Springer?
Soldier: Oh that show is for babies
[ Chelsea ] 04-25-2004

George: If u are done complaning...then WHY are you still pointing at me?
Soldier: Cant.... Move.... frozen.....CRUD
[ Amber, HI,i'm in greencastel, pa and i'm 14 ] 04-21-2004

George: I heard the british where coming!
Soldier: no there not their just sitting there having a cup of tea
[ Daniel Wirth, CR, IA. age 11years ] 04-21-2004

George: Give me Liberty or give me death
Soldier: thats Patrick Henry
[ Jake ] 04-21-2004

George: The British are coming!
Soldier: Wrong line Georgie. Were on page 12
[ Jesse Woodworth ] 04-21-2004

George: War what is it good for?
Soldier: Absolutely nothing. Say it again
[ Jay Wood ] 04-21-2004

George: Who's seen Spy Kids 3?
Soldier: Nobody!
[ Darian, I live in Maine and studying Valley Forge in Social Studies. ] 04-21-2004

George: Hey! what are you looking at.
Soldier: I am looking at the snow like you told me to and wishing it was warmer.
[ Joseph, if you wish to call me at (814)967-4880 ] 04-21-2004

George: Want to invent Electricity?
Soldier: I thought Ben Franklin was supposed to do that!?
[ Reid Prichard, Age 8 Sac California. ] 04-21-2004

George: I swear I saw two snowflakes that looked alike! I looked up to tell the others what I had saw and when I looked back down where they had landed, they were gone!
Soldier: Someone's been out in the snow too long
[ Chris, Intellectuals rule! History is by far the best subject, except for math, science, english, spanish, gym, music, etc. ] 04-08-2004

George: well, you guys can sit around but I'm going to watch TV!
Soldier: What's a TV anyway!
[ BJ Poorman, I,m 13 1/2 I'm a girl and I go to Bald Eagle High School PA ] 04-08-2004

George: Hey! I never knew I had a white horse! It was always brown before!
Soldier: It's not white, sir. It's still brown. It's just frozen, that's all.
[ Bonnie ] 04-08-2004

George: Hey! We're on the internet!
Soldier: Sssswwwweeeetttt!
[ Brianna Kuhn, E-town, Pa (If youv'e never seen Finding Nemo,Go NOW!) ] 04-08-2004

George: war what is it good for?
Soldier: dont know you tell me
[ ken ] 04-08-2004

George: Who wants a red-coat?
Soldier: ME! Man its cold out here.
[ m ] 04-05-2004

George: Sir, do the hokey pokey and turn yourself about
Soldier: what's this all about?
[ Laura, i did this cause chris said to say somethin, lol ] 03-31-2004

George: i want to be on george of the jungle!
[ emily, im ten and live in tennessee and my name's Emily,i hope washington's horse thawed by the time they faught! ] 03-31-2004

George: So our stradegy should e that ill and his troop should take the right side around and my troop will take the left and then...(goes on and on)
Soldier: I think I'm going to turn into a statue if I have to stand here any longer!
[ Brianna Kuhn, age 11, E-town Pa, total nut ] 03-31-2004

George: Please don't shoot! I come in peace!
Soldier: Yea right! Someone take off his hat, and let us all see his antenas.
[ Julie, Age 10 Honesdale P.A.. ] 03-31-2004

George: Fire at will
Soldier: It's a good thing my name isn't Will
[ JJ Ruby, Age 10 ] 03-31-2004

George: right, let's hit the red lobster
Soldier: should we hit then with cannon or musket balls, sir?
[ McMurpher ] 03-29-2004

George: I regret that I have but one life to give to my country!
Soldier: Wrong quote General
[ Maggie ] 03-29-2004

George: Could I get some help here, I think my horse is sleeping.
Soldier: Your horse isn't sleeping,it's frozen!
[ maggie ] 03-29-2004

George: Colonel.I thought I told you and your army to march! Oh.I knew that.
Soldier: But sir. We're so frozen we can't move!
[ Lauren Sams, hi.You might not find this funny. that's ok! Everybody's strange in their own way. Oh. I live in Lee's Summit Mossuri.And I'm 11 and LOVE Social Studies! ] 03-29-2004

George: where's Samual Adams?-
Soldier: he's over by the beer stand
[ mooooo, age 10 lives inside massachusetts ] 03-28-2004

George: Ok, troops lets go and win this battle!
Soldier: Yeah! Are you ready Captian?
[ Amy Crothers ] 03-28-2004

George: Weve been looking for him for hours! I THINK IM GONNA GO NUTS!
Soldier: Sir, have you taken your medicine today?
[ Emily, I wish that I had a boyfriend. 11 years, lonely. ] 03-28-2004

George: Are you ready to fight?
Soldier: We've been here for a year now, of course we're ready to fight!
[ Rebecca Brown, Hello, CMSN! ] 03-28-2004

George: Hey you, who one the baseball game?
Soldier: the yankees they beat everybody in the south.
[ Jo Johnson ] 03-28-2004

George: What is your problem men?
Soldier: We don't think the French army will get here soon enough!
[ anonymous, whazzz up Logan Spry ] 03-09-2004

George: Gentlemen we shall go due north, then turn due north, and finally head due north.
Soldier: (whisper) And they say he is famous, other than his brains what's he famous for?
[ Caty, I enjoy writing and drawing comic strips! ] 03-07-2004

George: Give me Liberty or give me death!
Soldier: We'll give you Liberty.
[ Joshua Skym, I am 9 year's old and in third grade ] 03-07-2004

George: Are you ready to fight
Soldier: Ah.. yeh we have been here for days now mabey while we fight we can get warm
[ Erin Innes, 12, Sidney N.Y. ] 03-07-2004

George: watch out u red coats here we come......
Soldier: rite after we get ur horse's hooves thawed out of the ground!
[ Leah, this better get on the page! ] 03-07-2004

George: did anybody else besides me notice that my head is on the side of this web page???
Soldier: um......sir......i think uve been on that horse for too long!
[ Leah, this better get on the page! ] 03-07-2004

George: Fine! I surrender!
Soldier: Uh...Sir? I'm part of your troops.
[ Jess, I love the rain and wind! ] 03-04-2004

George: Have you seen the weather lately
Soldier: Sir, we have been in it for days now u notice it. And his supposed to be President
[ Brittany ] 03-03-2004

George: Deeds, not words.
Soldier: I fight for an idea
[ Samuel Adams, New York New York Officer Cadet in the military ] 03-03-2004

George: Why isn't this horse mooving?
Soldier: I think you do this.... NAAAAAAAAHHH!
[ Mike Savchuck, Never rode a horse ] 03-03-2004

George: Men ride for Gondor...Ride for our kingdom! And together we'll fight!
Soldier: Ummm...... Sir tht is the 21st century and what,and wear is Gondor?
[ Jessie Comewell, I love Orlando Bloom! ] 02-25-2004

George: Oh forget the fight...i say we play in the snow cause its fun.
Soldier: Hey ummm sir arent we suppose to be fighting for our independence right now?
[ Chelsea Buchanan, 14 years old, raymondville, tx ] 02-25-2004

George: Look at those pesky people.
Soldier: Were not pesky were strong.
[ Micale Kocke ] 02-25-2004

George: can yu believe I had to wright all those words on the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE?
Soldier: um.......sir that was Thomas Jefferson.
[ anonymous ] 02-25-2004

George: Stay and live,or leave and die.
Soldier: I'm cold and hungry .I'm leaving
[ Alec Straw ] 02-25-2004

George: Von Stubbeon taught us well
Soldier: Keep telling yourself that
[ Slone Dobyns, 11 years old chesterfield,Missouri Shenandoah Elementry ] 02-24-2004

George: I have a dream!
Soldier: um. . . Sir that's Martin Luther King's line.
[ Megan Kelly, I am 11 and I go to Windor Farm Elm. i live in Maryland. ] 02-24-2004

George: Great!General Howe stole my new wool coat.
Soldier: Actually sir .... um I took it.
[ Ola, I'm 9 years old ] 02-22-2004

George: we will beat you
Soldier: your goin down
[ Macy ] 02-22-2004

George: Good job Fredrich. Now who's up for some civil rights?
Soldier: Sir, wrong era.
[ Aditi, 9, san jose ] 02-21-2004

George: Who's up for a snowball fight?
Soldier: Yeh, we can do it to the British !
[ Frani, 10 this year. ] 02-20-2004

George: Got any nines?
Soldier: Go fish.
[ Miles M. 10, Chandler, AZ ] 02-20-2004

George: The British are coming! The British are coming!
Soldier: Who are you Paul Revere?
[ Chris G. 11, Chandler, AZ ] 02-20-2004

George: Aliens are atacking!
Soldier: Wrong centery.
[ Brandon ] 02-20-2004

George: that is no orc horn!
Soldier: no, its my Horn of Gondor
[ Boromir ] 02-20-2004

George: leave now and never come back!
Soldier: ....Not listening, Not listening!........
[ Gollum, we wants it! ] 02-20-2004

George: You guys are supose to be killing them not us
Soldier: Sorry!
[ Taylor ] 02-20-2004

George: I only regret I have you life to lose for my country
Soldier: uh george wrong quote
[ Kelly, God rocks ] 02-20-2004

George: are you up for the fight men?
Soldier: uhh.. No I want to go to Hawaii to get sun tanned I'm getting old you know!
[ Lynda ] 02-20-2004

George: To The Rohan War!
Soldier: um...sir, you mean Revulutionary
[ Ashley & Elexa Walter, were identicle twins, we love boys, we love reading ] 02-20-2004

George: Hey guys whos up for snow angels
Soldier: We are!
[ Kelly, 11,Female,Tenn ] 02-18-2004

George: Move out men ! We are going to Valley Forge.
Soldier: Um, sir, we are at Valley Forge.
[ Vol ] 02-18-2004

George: I'm freezing out here.
Soldier: lets go home.
[ Brihomey, 13 ] 02-18-2004

George: Did you see the Superbowl?
Soldier: Yeah we won! Will shall win AGAIN! muhahahahahahahaha
[ Kristine ] 02-15-2004

George: We will put up a hard fight
Soldier: blah blah blah
[ Lyssa ] 02-15-2004

George: lets go to brgurekig
Soldier: wrong centoury gw
[ edwin ] 02-14-2004

George: are those lobsters walking on the street?
Soldier: no just the british.
[ ssthegreat ] 02-14-2004

George: where's my doller bill?
Soldier: uh.. i think in my pocket.
[ you'll never no ] 02-14-2004

George: Yo Wut Up Homey!
Soldier: uuuuhhh.......... wrong century george. (murmered) loser.........
[ katie who swear are awesome. they are really smart. later homeys. ] 02-12-2004

George: I play Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon and attack your life points.
Soldier: Awwwwwwwwww man.......
[ sad man ] 02-12-2004

George: Give me liberty or...
Soldier: Give me a nap...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
[ cj ] 02-11-2004

George: Where would you like to be right now?
Soldier: On a beach in the Bahamas!
[ Katie ] 02-09-2004

George: Did you watch the super bowl? the patriots won!
Soldier: Go us! Go us! It's our birthday! It's our birthday!
[ Mary Yuengert, patriots ROCK! ] 02-09-2004

George: Soldier, are you prepared for the war?
Soldier: Yes, sir. I've got my popcorn and chair right here so I can watch it.
[ Mary Yuengert, I live at 512 Forbes Ave. in Carlisle, PA which is the bestest place ever ] 02-09-2004

George: We're all freezing out here,we will need to make shelter.
Soldier: We will gather some firewood and begin work.
[ Vince Soto ] 02-09-2004

George: Are you ready troops? The British are here.
Soldier: Yes, we're ready to fight!
[ Casey Mitchell ] 02-09-2004

George: Haven't you got shoes it's freezing!
Soldier: No, but my feet are killing me do you have an extra pair?
[ Olivia Bushong, coming from Bonfield elementary in Lititz,PA! ] 02-09-2004

George: You tasted moss covered rock?
Soldier: Gaaaaah! These hard-tack biscuits taste like moss-covered rock!
[ Tyler Horst ] 02-09-2004

George: ok solidiers we will win or I will make you do more traning
Soldier: ok we will win
[ cortny ] 02-09-2004

George: We fight for ROHAN!
Soldier: For ROHAN! Wait a minute, i thought we were in the USA in the 17th or 18th century...
[ blahblahblahblah, i love Elijah wood! ] 02-08-2004

George: Yo dudes, SUP??
Soldier: Uh... Sir... We're not in the 21st century...
[ Michelle Lee, 10, lord of the rings 1,2, and 3 rox and i love legalos! ] 02-08-2004

George: i don't know about u, but i can really use a back massage right about now.
Soldier: sir, this isn't the greatest time...
[ janice L., goin to valley forge soon! ] 02-08-2004

George: "To the alamo!"
Soldier: "Wrong battle George."
[ George Jefferson ] 02-07-2004

George: we must all hang together or surely we will all hang apart
Soldier: Yes, Sir
[ thomas monks ] 02-07-2004

George: i shall call it world war 1!
Soldier: Sorry, but i am afraid the name is taken.
[ Wiil x, guitars rock ] 02-07-2004

George: We are fighting for freedom!
Soldier: Non we aren't were fighting for independance!
[ Michael ] 02-07-2004

George: I wonder if the Winter at Valley Forge will be like.I think It will b Quite the Nice One
Soldier: I do hope you are right,sir.
[ anonymous ] 02-07-2004

George: get ready for war soldiers
Soldier: is that what it says on the script?
[ cornilious ] 02-07-2004

George: Let us go to Antartica.
Soldier: George Antartica has not been found.
[ Toga ] 02-07-2004

George: that is so dum that the patriots won the super bowl!
Soldier: Yha, the patriots are so guy!
[ maison kak, the patriots suck! ] 02-07-2004

George: I'm tired.
Soldier: Your tired, you get the horse!
[ Molly, I love horses. ] 02-03-2004

George: How many men must die before we finally decide to say that we are Americans!
Soldier: um,....i dont know George but i guess itll be before all my blood is on the ground!
[ booga, freshman ] 02-03-2004

George: can i have $999,999,000 dollars
Soldier: only if u give me a rootbeer
[ cj, 10years old ] 02-01-2004

George: can u hear me now good how about now
Soldier: what the heck are u talking about?
[ cj ] 02-01-2004

George: To the alamo
Soldier: Wrong battle George
[ somebody ] 01-31-2004

George: "For all Americans that are, all Americans that will be,...for them,....we must win this war!"
Soldier: (whispers) "We'll, least we dont have to deal with that Arnold guy...what was his name,....Schwarzenegger,...yea,hes a real nut case!"
[ Confidential ] 01-29-2004

George: That is no orc drum! The Elfs are here to help us!
Soldier: no sir..........those are the british drums....and they are here to kill us.
[ anna jenna, lalalalalalalalala ] 01-29-2004

George: Who was the first president of the United States?
Soldier: yo! wat is duh united states and wat is a president?
[ andrea, i love i hate it, but i love to look at kool pics. i am studieing vally forge and am going there in 2 weeks. i did this in computer class ;p ] 01-27-2004

George: Are we mice or men!?
Soldier: Neither, were ice!
[ Taylor B S, I'm 10 and I love America! ] 01-27-2004

George: die orcs die!
Soldier: Sir.........slowly drop your sword on the ground and ease off your horse.
[ Orlando Bloom, Of course it is me ] 01-27-2004

George: where do you think your going General Arnold???
Soldier: ...uh.....I was going to....uh....relieve myself sir!
[ Samwise Gamgee, Share the load ] 01-27-2004

George: Dumbo, the flying elephant, has returned!
Soldier: OK, George. Get off the horse nice and easy........there ya go!
[ Anna ] 01-27-2004

George: I'm hungry!
Soldier: Don't look at me, you're the one who chopped that cherry tree down.
[ Stephanie marin, age 12 Springfield, VA ] 01-27-2004

George: we will fight for our freedom
Soldier: I want to go home and be safe but im scared
[ Danielle Rubenfeld ] 01-27-2004

George: We will have war,and whoever dies will be mised.
Soldier: I hope we live so we can go home,after we are done fighting
[ Danielle Rubenfeld ] 01-27-2004

George: I'm going to become the President of the United States!
Soldier: Sorry George, we arlready have parliament to deal with.
[ Britany Johnson, I'm 10 years old, and go to LCE, I play soccer, and ballet, a,d I take artclass. I like to eat grapes, and mt dogs name is Skye. ] 01-27-2004

George: How do we cross the deleware without a boat?
Soldier: I can't swim, I hope my horse can!
[ Don, ***confidentual*** ] 01-27-2004

George: We're Going To Kill Those Lobsterbacks! We'll Take Everything We Got, They Won't Beat Us Again! We Need To Win This Battle! Suffer My Wrath If You Don't!
Soldier: Sir, What Are You Talking About? We Won The War Over A Year Ago
[ Brittany G., 13, mn ] 01-27-2004

George: charge!
Soldier: sir, we already won.
[ Heather Wynn ] 01-27-2004

George: WOW! I think my teeth are falling apart!
Soldier: Captain can I have em' so I can make a fire and have some weenies I'm starved!
[ Kimberley, I am reading a book called my brothers sam is dead it't really good so far and I am just doing some research on it now. :) ] 01-27-2004

George: I will be on the dollar bill one day
Soldier: Yea Right!
[ Jenna Rose ] 01-27-2004

George: Are you ready?
Soldier: For what?
[ Katy and Valeria ] 01-27-2004

George: My good soldiers we are sick cold and hungry,I have been sent a letter that you may go home.You may go!
Soldier: No we will fight for freedom!
[ Molly ] 01-27-2004

George: Every body go out and find my teeth.
Soldier: Can I carve some out of firewood?
[ Cameron Sapp, 1/27/04 ] 01-27-2004

George: Where are the french?
Soldier: Yeh where are they Mr. Washington?
[ Samantha Seal, I love Gerorge Washington! ] 01-26-2004

George: I'm going online!
Soldier: Sir this is the Renolution War, not the 21 century!
[ Max ] 01-26-2004

George: Red, white, and blue are my favorite colors!
Soldier: Good for you, George!
[ Mickey ] 01-26-2004

George: Stay together Men!
Soldier: Yes sir!
[ Alex P., Age 6 homeschool revolutionary war lover! ] 01-26-2004

George: We are going to fight for our country!
Soldier: And Britian isn't going to stop us
[ Miranda ] 01-26-2004

George: boy, whats your name??
Soldier: Why, my name is tiny tim and i LOVE america!
[ tim ] 01-26-2004

George: Ride NOW! Ride for ROHAN! and a RED DAWN!
Soldier: Problem Georgie.... we don't have horses
[ the bobster ] 01-26-2004

George: Queen Elizebeth I, wow, yea like if she was the president, shed be like baberaham linclon
Soldier: sir, we dont have a president yet, and whos baberaham linclon
[ antonstrikesagain ] 01-26-2004

George: Dude, ya seen that gnarley swell that's hitting calafornia tonight?
Soldier: Like ya, you would have to be like, Washington to not hear about that.
[ dude, gnarley ] 01-26-2004

George: Those Brits have no variety. Look at them! All red!
Soldier: at least they have shoes, sir
[ sally joe johnson ] 01-25-2004

George: We fight.....FOR GONDOR!
Soldier: FOR GONDOR! .....uh, something's not right here...
[ poe ] 01-25-2004

George: Leave now...and never come back!
Soldier: um, George, I'm afraid it will take a little more than that to make US leave.
[ Fred ] 01-25-2004

George: The British are Coming! The British are Coming!
Soldier: Uh, George, I'm afraid that is Benedict Arnold and his bunch.
[ bob ] 01-25-2004

George: i inveted peanut butter
Soldier: uh, wrong george
[ Heather, I like mayonaise ] 01-25-2004

George: We will cross the Delaware river tonight!
Soldier: But, sir the Heassains will surely outnumber us!
[ meredith ] 01-25-2004

George: These are the times that try mens souls...
Soldier: Sir, you're trying mine. Let's fight! I need no motivation!
[ Wil G., Barrington, NJ I'm ten years in age and I love re-enactments. I've been to Trenton, Cold Spring Village and Yorktown/Willliamsburg. I plan on going to Gettysburg, Fort Ticonderoga, and Saratoga sometime. ] 01-25-2004

George: You know what I think? That those british are ******* ******* because all they do is tax, tax, and pass unfair laws! I mean, y should they do that anyways? We have the right to be free! And furthermore, blah, blah blah blah blah, blah, blah blah blah! Blah blah, blah blah...
Soldier: (The soldier's thought) "Did he just curse? Hm...
[ Michelle Lee the best ^0^, 10, Vienna, VA, is the best, is the best, rox, and is always^0^ Crystalshards123 i smy nickname for something... ] 01-25-2004

George: Hey, why cann't I move?
Soldier: For the last time, we're in a PICTURE, sir! Geez!
[ Jacob Hoots ] 01-25-2004

George: All right men, it's freezin' out here. I say we go home. What say you?
Soldier: I say we go, but this feller here says we should stay and fight for our freedom.
[ Selia Borbins, age 13 ] 01-25-2004

George: i think i lost my brand new teeth.has anyone seen them?
Soldier: yup,and they make great fire wood too!
[ Nicole ] 01-25-2004

George: You are a spy, I know every soldier in my army and you are not one of them. Men, HANG THE INTRUDER!
Soldier: Sir, I think the fumes are getting to you. I've been your second in command for three years
[ Alex D. ] 01-25-2004

George: I can't wait for our independence!
Soldier: WHAT! Independence, that's what we're fighting for?! I'm going home.
[ Mr.DUDE ] 01-25-2004

George: Why are we standing still?
Soldier: Because we are on paper.
[ Richard, please put it on this it is funny, 13, Georgia ] 01-25-2004

George: And then Hancock is like WHOA
Soldier: and i am like dude
[ BERT (kyle), And Kyle is like WHOA! ] 01-25-2004

George: lets thank Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roche Gilbert du Motier de Lafayette for the aid
Soldier: Is that one person ??
[ Sarah Hess, 10 trantwood ele. Miss. Gegner's 5th grade. ] 01-25-2004

George: what are u guys doing?
Soldier: were looking at the cloud animals
[ Mike, bob ] 01-25-2004

George: my wife is cooking some desert for you hungry soliders
Soldier: yummy
[ jemmy ] 01-25-2004

George: what you are so stuppid we are suppodt to be fighting right now
Soldier: ohhhh I see
[ barbie esterline, 14 is my age I am in Baracudas i have a swimming meet on Saturday and one the fallowing saturday ] 01-25-2004

George: Must chop wood!
Soldier: Thats Washington allright.
[ Oziel Garcia, 10- ] 01-25-2004

George: Why are you guys slowing down keep moving? we still have five kilometers left
Soldier: We are freezing and hungry could we rest please
[ Emmanuel, I am 12 years old and i live in paris. I have this big project on American Revolution so I am just searching ] 01-25-2004

George: ok men, now what do you want, and when do you want it?
Soldier: freedom, and right now!
[ povneet, 10 ] 01-25-2004

George: Whats wrong with all are food!
Soldier: I ate it all!
[ William Jackson Norman, 10,Auburn AL,36830 ] 01-25-2004

George: So soldier have you prepared us well?
Soldier: Yes sir I think we are are ready to fight!
[ Devon ] 01-25-2004

George: You can fight this war!
Soldier: We can't win, it's imposible!
[ Natalie and Camille ] 01-25-2004

George: We don't need to fight
Soldier: We are all good and peaceful Americans
[ Dominique, n.j ] 01-25-2004

George: Are we going to valley forge or yorktown?
Soldier: Dunno you, get the history book.
[ Jon L. McQueen ] 01-25-2004

George: What's with all the shooting?!?
Soldier: DUCK! Oh, sir, we're shooting some ducks down for dinner.
[ hannah, I really hope I get to be posted on this thingy-ma-bob ] 01-04-2004

George: People, we MUST fight!
Soldier: Right on, George.
[ Curtis Dunascot, Welcome 2004 ] 01-04-2004

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