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George: Wow you peoople look like trash, who are you
Soldier: we're youre best troops, sir.
[ Dennis, mow ] 12-27-2003

George: Did you you pop the bubble of baloons?
Soldier: I didn't. It was the fat guy with the red coat on eating a donut in a bucket.
[ Danny Pekra, I like donuts. ] 12-27-2003

George: Martha is making a special dessert for all our hungry men.
Soldier: Is it a pie? Is it a cake? Or fried shoes?
[ Joey Pecora, Go Sox! ] 12-27-2003

George: Men, I must leave to get supplies. I will send you a general named Fredrik Von Stuben.
Soldier: But what will happen to the arny?
[ Andy Pecora, 7, Libertyville IL, Roman Cacholic, ] 12-27-2003

George: Pardon me boy, is this my Pennsylvania faction?
Soldier: The crack 29. We go to Trenton this time?
[ Drew Zimmerman ] 12-27-2003

George: Get off your horse and fight like a soldier!
Soldier: Are you telling me what to do? That means i can tell you what to do, SURRENDER!
[ Luke Kwon, 11 years old, 5th grade in Rockbrook elementary, Dallas, Texas... email me! :D ] 12-27-2003

George: I need to see my wife!
Soldier: We all need our wifes!
[ Elizabeth, 9, Love history ] 12-27-2003

George: Did Lafeyette drill you?
Soldier: Yes sir, he did.
[ Richard Barrett, age 8 ] 12-27-2003

George: We must fight for our freedom. For our sons we must FIGHT.
Soldier: OK lets fight then. What are we fight for again?
[ Matt, Indianapolis Craigmiddleschool ] 12-21-2003

George: We should go make a secret attack on Cornwallis and his troops.
Soldier: Let's cross the Delaware River.
[ Devin, 10 ] 12-21-2003

George: who choped down the cherry tree?
Soldier: hey, that's yor father's line
[ Zoenell C. Jones, 10 years old ] 12-21-2003

George: Keep it moving!
Soldier: We're going as fast as we can!
[ Chrissy, 10 ] 12-21-2003

George: Lets fight for Frodo Baggins!
Soldier: I need a new pair of pants!
[ Jonathan Cloke ] 12-21-2003

George: yuo think the french will help?
Soldier: no thell stay out until they think theres a reward and expect to get somthing
[ matthew bayly ] 12-21-2003

George: Hey man you guys need to work harder. I'm out here working my butt off tryin to keep yall safe, and yall out here messing up!
Soldier: Hey I'm doing the best I can so don't get mad at me.
[ Korey Smith, 11 ] 12-21-2003

George: We need to cross the Delaware River.
Soldier: How are we going to do that sir.
[ Shelby, 10 ] 12-21-2003

George: dont shoot intill you see the whites of their eyes!
Soldier: how am i supposed to tell i have MY eyes closed!
[ LAURA THE BEST DANCER EVEr, 13, illinois ] 12-21-2003

George: o what a nice pretty red coat you have!
Soldier: O stop it your making me blush! please o stop it!
[ Jordan tara ] 12-21-2003

George: OK...Who was responsible for picking up my wig at the drycleaners? My head is getting cold.
Soldier: Uh sir... I suggesst Rogaine.
[ Christinie Weinie, Grandma got run over by a reindeer! ] 12-21-2003

George: Come on men we can't give up now
Soldier: why we've lost every single stinking battle we've fought
[ Joanna, 10 Virginia ] 12-21-2003

George: ok, guys, here's the batte plan: we march in straight lines directly into enemy fire whie they do the same exact thing to us. Any Questions?
Soldier: uh... I think it would be smarter to use guerrila warfare so a to minimize casualties, but seeing as you are my commanding officer, i will go bravely in the face of danger. I may as well tease a hungry lion.
[ Miranda, 15, Berkeley, CA (norcal!) wiccan )O( ] 12-14-2003

George: Did anyone ever notice that horses look funny?
Soldier: George, self-esteem is a good thing.
[ jkramer, I am awesome, dont bizmess. Conecticut. 15. ] 12-14-2003

George: hold your fire men
Soldier: why ? george
[ caelyn, 8,connecticut ] 12-14-2003

George: we are going to beat those Red coats!
Soldier: yes sir!
[ magg ie gentry, age 10 5th grade indian creek ] 12-14-2003

George: I know you all enlisted for 6 months, but here we go to make your term longer... TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY
Soldier: My wife really needs me she told me in a dream
[ jack, 17 years old -- Tucson, AZ ] 12-11-2003

George: Do you think the French will join the fight?
Soldier: Nah, not till the very end when it is safe. Then they can get some good government contracts from the new taxpayers.
[ Mike, Lehighton, PA ] 12-11-2003

George: So, hey, you ever scene that movie " The Shining" when there's all that snow and he goes crazy? Hey, doesn't this kind of remind you of that?
Soldier: Can I touch your horse?
[ Christian, I rock ] 12-10-2003

George: Man! Why did it have to be such a harsh winter! I mean, My butt is stuck to this horse! Now, I feel my troops misery for those who don't even have shoes!
Soldier: Yeah, I know I'm one of them!
[ Lahni, I am learning this stuff in World Studies ] 12-10-2003

George: why aren't you fighting?
Soldier: they have better uniforms!
[ jack ] 12-10-2003

George: Surrender now or die
Soldier: we will never surrender
[ john boy, kids who do drugs are showing their ignerance ] 12-10-2003

George: Oh - I thought you told me to CLEAN the horse
Soldier: No sir - Your house
[ Bo. ] 12-10-2003

George: We're going to leave for Germantown from here.
Soldier: We're not going to lose again are we?!
[ jessica, jessica, 14, christian, doing a history report, everything from French to German has been pounded into my head in the past 4 months! ] 12-10-2003

George: Where did my glasses go?
Soldier: Watch out sir you are going to hit that branch!
[ anonymous, 11,Rochester, PA ] 12-10-2003

George: its cold i need a fire to build to keep us warm.
Soldier: i will go get some fire wood sir.
[ Chelsea, I love history and i am 12 years old From Pennsylavania ] 12-10-2003

George: oh no my wig fell off!
Soldier: mabey you should have it glued on sir!
[ kathline wherry, 11 ] 12-10-2003

George: We won't go out with out a fight
Soldier: Then fight there shall be
[ Shatricia Ta'sha`e, 14,Jacksonville,Tx. ] 12-10-2003

George: Here comes the South
Soldier: We are the south,we are ready to fight
[ anonymous ] 12-10-2003

George: george you should thank those people for saving you
Soldier: thank you for saving george washington I don,t know what they would,ve done to him thank you
[ Quanisha sellers ] 12-10-2003

George: hi, ii'm married to Martha washington
Soldier: so,i'm not married to anyone
[ hayley rasnic, 11,level plains, ] 12-10-2003

George: Look! It's a space alien
Soldier: No it's Francois Blanchard in his hot air ballon.
[ anonymous ] 12-10-2003

George: Soldier, where are your shoes?
Soldier: I was hungrey, so I ate them.
[ John ] 12-10-2003

George: we will fight no matter what
Soldier: we will also fight no matter what
[ anonymous ] 12-10-2003

George: Where am I? I was about to kill a whole entire British Troop!
Soldier: Sir, You were about to die and we saved you!
[ Shannon Burns, 14, North Carolina and I LOVE JAKE! Shhhhhh! ] 12-10-2003

George: We must stick together!
Soldier: But everyone is going home and I want to go home too!
[ Bitch ] 12-10-2003

George: Where am I? I was just about to kill a whole entire British Troop, now I'm in here on a ridiculously small horse
Soldier: Sir, you were about to die and we saved you... and thats no horse its a pony we found in a barn
[ Brendan, Well im 11 and i like to be funny thats all I can think of... ] 11-30-2003

George: how does that crisis pamphlet sound?
Soldier: well its no shakespeare but its okay... to fight or not to fight that is the question?
[ melissa, still studying Mr. Aronis... just took a break ] 11-26-2003

George: What am I doing in this picture?? I was just killing the British!
Soldier: You were painted here sir(stupid).
[ Madelyn Wang, 9,New York ] 11-26-2003

George: What's going on out here, I thought I told you soldiers to get something to eat!
Soldier: Washington did get something to eat....OUR SHOES!
[ Stephanie Sizemore, um 14 and doing history~ ] 11-26-2003

George: Sorry I forgot my glasses
Soldier: watch out!
[ will sebert, 10 ] 11-26-2003

George: Soldier! What did you feed my horse!? it won't move!(go to solger) what?
Soldier: Sir, that isn't a horse,that is a hiley anamotrotic horse cycborg, and i thing the gears just froze
[ Marie Wittbracht ] 11-26-2003

George: The name is Washington...George...Washington
Soldier: Howdy Howdy Howdy!
[ anonymous ] 11-26-2003

George: hello my name is George Washington
Soldier: you are so smart you should be the leader of our whole nation
[ tonya ] 11-26-2003

George: Will you surrender or do we have to fight?
Soldier: I will never surrender we will take up arms.
[ Jaina Solo, 14,8th grade ] 11-26-2003

George: Please everyone march to Washington's Headquarters!
Soldier: Yes general, whatever you say general!
[ tori, Age:13 Location: Pennsylvania ] 11-22-2003

George: What are you doing turning these men around!
Soldier: It's the best thing to do, Sir.
[ Julia, 11, Dallas, Texas ] 11-22-2003

George: Man, I think this horse needs a break.
Soldier: The horse is not the only one!
[ Autumn, Lexington,Ky ] 11-17-2003

George: What is your name soldier? And what are you doing away from our camp, over here by the enemy camp?
Soldier: Benedict Arnold, sir. I... uhh...well... you just...
[ Heather, Arizona is to cold for a hottie like me! ] 11-17-2003

George: man. it's cold out here! i'm freezing!
Soldier: don't look at me YOU made us come out here!
[ miranda (andy), 12 michigan ] 11-17-2003

George: Give me liberty or give me death! Oh wait, I'm not Patrick Henry!
Soldier: We're doomed...
[ Curtis, 13, Manteo, NC ] 11-17-2003

George: Who's the best armie around here any way??
Soldier: We are Captin Washington!
[ Somebody in perticular that you don't know ] 11-17-2003

George: Caitlin and Jessica are the coolest!
Soldier: Caitlin and Jessica are HOTT too!
[ Caitlin ] 11-11-2003

George: Do you even care about the attacks on us by the British?
[ ashley, age:12 Location:FL ] 11-08-2003

George: I wish to settle here for winter.
Soldier: What?! We have no provisions or clothing for you and your soldiers.
[ bob ] 11-08-2003

George: What are you eating down there?
Soldier: A chimpmuck. I kinda got hungry...sir.
[ Nikko Hosey, I like to draw. ] 11-08-2003

George: Hey guy';s are you reading the "Crisis?"
Soldier: Yeah, I'm no summer soldier or sunshine patriot George!
[ Steve Ivey ] 11-08-2003

George: Hello, Mr. Soldier Have you seen my horse? I think i lost it!
Soldier: Why yes sir, i think your riding it! (Wow, We've go t a stupid General don't we?) (Moron)
[ Kelsey Heer, I think this website is a lot of fun! I hope i win and my saying gets on it ] 11-08-2003

George: I love my country and I will never let it die
Soldier: You are a very good leader Mr. Washington
[ Laura Elizabeth Grace Kateson ] 11-08-2003

George: "talked to this guy with a readcout,told him where we were said he'll bring on the heat"
Soldier: "you ideat that was british soldier the enemy"!
[ Aaron Herrera, If anyone from Olive Vista Midlle School is Reading this its me the same Aaron Herrera. ] 11-05-2003

George: This one time at band camp....
Soldier: Oh ya, you already told me that story
[ Emily, 13,California.....And proud to be a duch girl! ] 11-05-2003

George: the british are comming, the british are comming
Soldier: Your point is,
[ Dmitri Giovanni, 5 grade kids u don't care ] 11-05-2003

George: who wants to play hide and seek
Soldier: I want to I'll count 'til 2003
[ Jack Woodchucher ] 11-05-2003

George: Dude, like why am I here with like all these freaky peoples??? I'm scared!
Soldier: Dude like chill its okay we're like fighting for your country!?!
[ Taylor Barron ] 11-05-2003

George: Lets get jiggy with it!
Soldier: Lets kick them soldiers booty!
[ Taylor Barron, Forest Creek Elementary ] 11-05-2003

George: soldier,go fetch me some food!
Soldier: there is not a store in sight for miles!
[ michaela, i live in ohio! ] 11-05-2003

George: "You wanted a glass of rum? I thought you said bubble gum
Soldier: "Whats gum"?....... "Hey this isnt bad"!
[ Amy Fairlamb, Age 11 I'm doing a report on Valley Forge right now. ] 10-30-2003

George: I hope one day someone looks back at me and think of me as a good person.
Soldier: I think you are a good person and also I think you will be rememberd.
[ Good Thinker, I am 13, smart, love history, and now I've got to go now .... ] 10-30-2003

George: the british are coming the british are coming
Soldier: lets get ready to rumble
[ Samantha Nilsen, age 13 ] 10-30-2003

George: You'd think the cheap guys in the prop department could at leat get us a backdrop that is realistic! And what's up with these clothes?
Soldier: Well with all the budget cuts i think that we are going to have to do without many things this winter, some more important than good props, like food and proper clothing!
[ Oliana, 13, Albuquerque NM: Go Lobos! ] 10-30-2003

George: Dude, noone orders me around!
Soldier: Sir! Stop in the name of King George the third.
[ Felicia Phillips ] 10-30-2003

George: Have you heard of Yakee Doodle.
Soldier: Who hasen't sir?
[ Chris, 10 ] 10-30-2003

George: Hey,long time no see
Soldier: Uh sir, you saw me yesterday and said the same thing
[ Chaya Pollak, I am 10 I live in NY I like math, history, and spelling ] 10-30-2003

George: You think they're gonna make a TV movie of this?
Soldier: Nah, nothin important has happened.
[ Chase M., 18-m-arlington, tx ] 10-30-2003

George: "Give me liberty or give me death!"
Soldier: Umm Washington Sir, Wrong line!
[ Jojo ] 10-30-2003

George: I swear, I didn't cut down that stupid cheery tree! Honest!
Soldier: Dude, it's just a tree...
[ Brittany, 13, California ] 10-30-2003

George: Soldiers, we must defeat Cornwallis at Yarktown!
Soldier: Sir, if we attack the Britsh we will all die!
[ Richard Barrett II, I am a boy who wishes he lived in 1776. ] 10-30-2003

George: Can u hear me now?-How 'bout now-Great
Soldier: yeees SIR!
[ Kaelynn - age 10, ~~~wud ^ y'all! ] 10-30-2003

George: Waz Up!
Soldier: The Sky
[ Michelle ] 10-30-2003

George: Sir, who exactly are you? And what do your think your doing to my horse. I shall shoot you.
Soldier: Geez sir, I'm your assistant but you never really noticed me until now. How dare that you were going to shoot me. I'm on your side!
[ Heather, 14, mn ] 10-19-2003

George: it's OK no one gets killed in this war they just get bad boo boos.
Soldier: Does that mean I don't die?
[ Andy Burke ] 10-19-2003

George: Help! I feel trapped!
Soldier: Well, sir, we are surrounded by the Britsh.
[ Sara, I'm 13 and I live in Germantown, Maryland. ] 10-19-2003

George: When are my troops going to catch up to me?
Soldier: You ordered them to remain at the fort, Sir.
[ Jessi Johnson (J.J.), I'm twelve and a half and I'm on a WebOuest for World Studies. Im in eighth grade. To students looking at this now, don't worry guys, this is FUN! ] 10-19-2003

George: Dude where is my car?
Soldier: Dude what are cars?
[ elmo, 13 maryland ] 10-19-2003

George: Wow, this picture is psychadelic!
Soldier: No kidding! I feel groovy.
[ Apryl, I live in GA. ] 10-13-2003

George: can u hear me now?
Soldier: yea
[ Dillon O'Connell ] 10-12-2003

George: Why is it so cold here?
Soldier: Because the British are near, sir.
[ Leavell, mississippi ] 10-12-2003

George: Look its a bird!
Soldier: no sir, i think thats a cannon ball.
[ Jesse Koontz, 18 washington ] 10-12-2003

George: How was the battle at saratoga ?
Soldier: Sir, we won General Johnny Burgoyne surrendered to General Horatio Gates.
[ Joseph helenek, hope this winter i not like Valley forge was in 1777 ] 10-12-2003

George: waz^?how are you and your troops
Soldier: not much here! but we are very colded and have no supplies
[ jennifer ] 10-12-2003

George: stay it is to dangoruos out there for you
Soldier: but commander we have to fight so we can gain our independence
[ brittany, 10 ] 10-12-2003

George: where do ya think you're going
Soldier: ah nowhere
[ maranda, 11, Pennsylvania ] 10-01-2003

George: Hey how do we cross the Ohio River
Soldier: well Sir Im not quite sure I havent done it myself
[ Brittney C ] 09-29-2003

George: Mr. Washington, sir shoud we try to win the war?
Soldier: No I want everyone to walk up to them let them shoot you, DUH!
[ Amberjo ] 09-24-2003

George: Alright i know i can make this horse move some how. But how?
Soldier: Think about this sir. You're asking a soldier with now clothes. DOES IT LOOK LIKE I WOULD NO HOW?!?!?
[ hannah, I am 13 years old. i live in gilroy CA, and i want to say hi to all my friends and family members! hi guys! ] 09-24-2003

George: The British are coming
Soldier: Dude thats my line
[ Nate G. ] 09-24-2003

George: what are we doing here?
Soldier: i do not know sir you tell me
[ jennie ] 09-20-2003

George: we must have food .
Soldier: if you look in this revolutionary war book foods going to come so let's fish.
[ G. Kleiser, 9 years old ] 09-20-2003

George: i think we need to win the war
Soldier: i think your right
[ bob ] 09-20-2003

George: Soldier, are the men ready?
Soldier: General Washington, the men are ready and awaiting your orders
[ lg ] 09-17-2003

George: Bob the builder can we fix it?
Soldier: Yes we can!
[ Jaxxs, 10 ] 09-17-2003

George: who dearesth art though
Soldier: im was sent from the king
[ jessie ] 09-14-2003

George: Why won't this stupid horse move!
Soldier: Iooks like the British drugged your horse, sir.
[ Ben Willis, I'm 11, and I live in Cloverdale Virginia. ] 09-11-2003

George: Excuse me. I'll be fine.
Soldier: no i wont let you go. Its too dangerous for you!
[ Jenna Petrakos, i live in Marrietta Ga and i wish everyone a good September 11th day. ] 09-11-2003

George: Well, tell me, soldier, was it there?
Soldier: No sir, the store was all out of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia.
[ Kathleen, for Charlotte and Sarah, my two sweet girls ] 09-10-2003

George: Well slacker! I guess I'll have to put you to the death senence.
Soldier: Why sir?
[ you'llnever find outtphh ] 09-10-2003

George: I crown you king
Soldier: but i want to be a soldier
[ sam, 8 ] 08-28-2003

Soldier: By George I think I got it!
George: What you got? You aint got nothin!
[ Cora ] 08-18-2003

George: the wood bridge is on fire dawg
Soldier: we'll use your'e theeth dude
[ Noe Andrade ] 08-18-2003

George: "Who was the first president of america?"
Soldier: "Hmmmmmmmm thats a hard question"
[ Joshua Therrien, I am 12 and live in Worcester,Ma. ] 08-18-2003

George: "Do you want to go play baseball with Babe Ruth."
Soldier: "What do you mean Babe Ruth isn't even alive yet and the war isn't over!"
[ Joshua Therrien, I am 12 and live in Worcester,Ma. ] 08-18-2003

George: I am president george Bush And i like the Infamous R-B Kottonmouth kings
Soldier: youre g-washington and its the kottonmouth kangs!
[ troy Betz ] 08-18-2003

George: I want my mommy!
Soldier: Sir. It's just a papper cut
[ Kaden ] 08-02-2003

George: Does anyone have batteries for my laptop?
Soldier: Whats a laptop?
[ as if I'll tell u ] 08-02-2003

George: what happend at at bunker hill?
Soldier: the british advanced three times at fort blank range,we killed over 700 of their men and they still took the grounds we need more soliders for any battle president!
[ erik, have a great summer everyone ] 08-01-2003

George: this is the best horse you could give me?
Soldier: yes the rest were traitors sir
[ Henri Richard Maurice Dutoit Lefebrve, very nice site,keep up the good work viva la France! ] 07-26-2003

George: How was the battle?
Soldier: As you can see by my missing arm, not great!
[ Sara ] 07-25-2003

George: What are you doing
Soldier: i'm praire doggen it
[ Emily Kalwasinski ] 07-25-2003

George: How do you like the background?
Soldier: It's terrible mr.president!
[ Mohd Imran, 15years old, likes to surf internet to weird pages.Cannot find Osama Bin Laden. ] 07-22-2003

George: Whoaaaaaaaaaaa...... The trees... the men... they hath gone all funkyweird.
Soldier: Yes General, Sir, that hardtack was a little...odd... today, wouldnt you say?
[ Daize, have a happy day :D ] 07-21-2003

George: hidy ho neighbor jo
Soldier: hidy ho neighbor george
[ melanie, texas ] 07-17-2003

George: Oh, Man another win by Britain!
Soldier: We are going to cross the Delaware tomorrow.
[ Nathan Woodcock ] 07-10-2003

George: Hello young lad, would you like to ride my horse?
Soldier: Yes sir Mr. Washington!
[ Mona Atkinson ] 07-10-2003

George: When they sign the Declaration of Independence
Soldier: When will the war end
[ Jacob Kasprzyk, 8 Levttown pa ] 07-03-2003

George: Hey soldier, did lafeyette train you well?
Soldier: Who? We've been playing chess for the past couple of days, Lafeyette is in second place now.
[ William, I am 13, love history, from dallas, I am actually doing a report now... ] 07-01-2003

George: Whoa! Has anyone seen my teeth?
Soldier: Hey, look, firewood.
[ Jessica, Kids who swear need help, New York, 15, Christian ] 07-01-2003

George: Men what do you think you are doing?
Soldier: We don't know sir
[ laura-jane sinclair, I am 12 and I live in forth in Scotland ] 06-29-2003

George: Excuse me Mr.soldier am i on the 5 dollar bill or the 10 dollar bill?
Soldier: UMMMMM i think your on the penny no i know your on the ummm you know what im really not sure.
[ nick, I just wanted to say hi to my friend micheal. ] 06-24-2003

George: Is thy not a swine?
Soldier: Thy tis a horse....
[ Gamja Tiwigiim, Irvington New York! ] 06-18-2003

George: Okay men cross the Delaware River, Now
Soldier: NO, no, we won't go, No, NO, we won't go, we are on strike
[ Robin Goode, age 11 Kafar Shmariahoo Israel, AIS international school ] 06-18-2003

George: Could you please hand me a tissue?
Soldier: Sorry, I'm all out.
[ Amanda Raines, age 10 ] 06-18-2003

George: Soldier, have you loaded your gun?
Soldier: No sir, but I have got my sword.
[ Charlene Raines, age 8 ] 06-18-2003

George: What? You are now loading your guns with grapes and the cannons with melons?
Soldier: Yes sir. We ran out of bullets and cannonballs.
[ Jonathan Kishpaugh, age 9 from WV ] 06-18-2003

George: My horse did NOT die! He may be slow, but he's NOT dead.
Soldier: Uh, whatever you say sir. ( under his breath) See you soon!
[ Lauren, 11, San Francisco, CA Happy Summer! [6-16-03] ] 06-18-2003

George: hey that horse looks very similar to mine
Soldier: it is yours! i stole it
[ samuel westing ] 06-13-2003

George: what are you looking at?
Soldier: nothing just the horse is falling asleep!
[ jamie, 13 goerga ny 6-4-03 ] 06-04-2003

George: As I always say, Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.
Soldier: Sir, that's Abraham Lincoln's quote, get your own
[ anonymous ] 06-02-2003

George: Is there a man on earth who gets the word liberty!?
Soldier: Genral, a man does know, see? This dictionary has liberty in it.
[ Quellia Burns, As written long ago on paper: "THE BRITTISH ARE COMING!" --Paul Revere ] 05-31-2003

George: Remember the Alamo!
Soldier: Remember the what??
[ Timmy and Colleen ] 05-31-2003

George: Soldier what is on your shoe?,!
Soldier: Looks like road apples sir.
[ Hans, 9 Ventura ] 05-31-2003

George: My horse is getting soooo lazy.
Soldier: Oh, don't worry General, just got frostbite.
[ Polina ] 05-31-2003

George: My horse is asleep!
Soldier: No Sir, I think it is frozen.
[ Ashlyn, Houston TX. K12 student ] 05-29-2003

George: We need to fight harder if we want to win!
Soldier: We are fighting hard sir!
[ shelly ] 05-26-2003

George: Give me liberty or give me death as i alway say
Soldier: that's patrick henerys quote, get your own!
[ Steven Spisak ] 05-23-2003

George: Hey look, it's Elvis!
Soldier: Where? Wait a minute... MR. WASHINGTON WHERE ARE YOU?!
[ Revolutionary War Boy 1775 ] 05-22-2003

George: Dude,like my horse? I just polished it.
Soldier: Radical!
[ Andrew Delaney ] 05-22-2003

George: Have you seen the movie Constapation?
Soldier: No, it hasn't come out yet.
[ Joey Andrews, Age:10 West Chester Pennsylvania ] 05-22-2003

George: zippa de do da zippa de a my oh my what a wonderful day plenty........
Soldier: we're suposed to be sneaking up on them sir
[ Rainy, I go to MCH and play softball and want to eat candy all day and like to make people laugh a lot it is fun![Iam ten] ] 05-22-2003

George: Whats the score soldier?
Soldier: We'er in war sir there is no score.
[ Sabrina, I MCH school and looooove chocolate ] 05-22-2003

George: Happy Fourth of July!
Soldier: What, sir?
[ Vivian Yan, I love funny stuff. ] 05-15-2003

George: Horsey Horsey, Ride Ride Ride!
Soldier: Sir.. calm down sir.. you don't want another injured horse now do you?
[ Jessi, George Washington is my dad... and Martha's YOUR MOM.. .hehe, i'm Jess, and i'm 15 from MN USA! wooT ] 05-15-2003

George: hey you should be doing some work!
Soldier: you boss me around to much i'm going home and telling my mommy
[ sara, wasup i looovvveeee playing soccer ] 05-15-2003

George: Aren't you done polishing my boots yet!?!
Soldier: Sir, your boots are on. (i think this war is getting to his head)
[ anonymous ] 05-15-2003

George: nice car spongbob
Soldier: no this is a horse
[ anonymous ] 05-15-2003

George: george that was so nice of you to fight for our contry
Soldier: i appresheate your genration for loosing your lifes for us
[ muddas, 12/ 19146tank you ] 05-15-2003

George: my horse is black its just been in the snow to long
Soldier: oh.
[ aaron walters ] 05-15-2003

George: The Fench have agreed to help us.
Soldier: Sir,I will make an anoucement to the men!
[ William, I'm 9 and I live in Houston, TX. ] 05-15-2003

George: My horse is really tired!
Soldier: Can I use his shoes then?
[ Suzette, Houston, TX ] 05-15-2003

George: I really appreciate all that you did for our country in the Revolutionary war.
Soldier: Thank you very much, i really wanted to take out one of those "bloody" britsh man
[ Bill ] 05-15-2003

George: soldier stand strong we can win this bloody battle!
Soldier: yes Washinton, we can and we will !
[ Katie .p, age 11 ] 05-15-2003

George: Are you giving up, soldier?
Soldier: No, General, I'm quitting.
[ Silver Lin, age: 10, 2003 ] 05-15-2003

George: We must be prepared to fight!
Soldier: Hey, If you look in this history book it says the British never attacked. So let's play cards!
[ Grant Kleiser, New York, NY ] 05-15-2003

George: Thanks for helpping our country.
Soldier: Thank ya'll for fighting for our country.
[ Shena Sutton ] 05-03-2003

George: i say's cold out here...there some be some brits in the atmucphre..i say brrr...
Soldier: Sir,Please get into your war clothes again not little skirts and pompoms..we don't need no cheerleaders in war!..
[ Jayme Khan, 11,philly,i am a cheerleader and a dancer ] 05-03-2003

George: If we don't win the war all is lost!
Soldier: Sir, if you look right here in this here history book you'll see that we do win, so we can sit back and relax.
[ i.m. #1 ] 05-02-2003

George: attack the main guard
Soldier: sir thats a tree
[ 654321 and 1234567, we are in 4 grade ] 05-02-2003

George: The nekt man to say a word shall be killed!
Soldier: what?
[ Ryan ] 04-24-2003

George: Hi, how are you ?
Soldier: Aren't you supposed to be crossing the Delaware, or something?
[ Sara Gordon, Austin TX age:I turned 11 0n 4-22-03 ] 04-24-2003

George: Damn the torpedos! Full Speed Ahead!
Soldier: Um, wrong war, buddy.
[ r.w. ] 04-24-2003

George: Congratulations soldier, we just defeated the British!
Soldier: Go, Go, Go,Go, go us,its our b-days,we gonna party like its our b-days...
[ anonymous ] 04-24-2003

George: What shall thy be talking about?
Soldier: YO! YO! Let's bust this joint, cause this war is off the hizzle for shizzle my wizzle!
[ Austin Beebe, Austin Beebe, 12, out of Fayetteville,NC, goin' to Valley Forge! ] 04-24-2003

George: what are you doing
Soldier: I'm praire doggen it
[ alex, 11 years old ] 04-24-2003

George: We pirarie doggn
Soldier: what does that mean?
[ Jacob Lapidus, Brookwood Forest, Birmingham,AL ] 04-24-2003

George: Hey you, what's 4+4?
Soldier: George, we've been through ten times. It's 72
[ Carter Baylot ] 04-24-2003

George: Give me all your wepons, ammo, food, and Boots! NOW!
Soldier: What Wepons, food, ammo, and boots?
[ ceb, I am 10 and i am from Planet X ] 04-24-2003

George: "Give me liberty or give me death," oops that was Patrich Henry's quote... I NEED A QUOTE!
Soldier: How about, "Don't fire until you see the whites of there eyes"... Too bad that one is taken...
[ ceb, 56665483759875, Venus ] 04-24-2003

George: Did you bring my cushion for my horse saddle?
Soldier: Errr.... No, Sir......(later when war ends) I like this cushion!
[ anonymous ] 04-24-2003

George: do you have any money?
Soldier: yes but you cant have it, ha ha
[ tj ] 04-24-2003

George: Give me all your weapons!
Soldier: Ahhh.....O.K.
[ Cassie ] 04-19-2003

George: what so funny
Soldier: the way u are dressed
[ emily, age 13 ] 04-17-2003

George: When a crime breaks out...all the cute girls shout...
Soldier: get the good lookin guy!
[ Kelsey N, MORGAN AND AMANDA!hahahaha ] 04-17-2003

George: OH NO! I left my game boy at home. Now what am I going to do while you guys are fighting?
Soldier: WHAT?! you mean you played game boy while we were fighting!
[ Ben Schmidt, age 13 Shawnee, KS, ] 04-17-2003

George: Why did the chicken cross the road?? To get to the other side! whacka whacka whacka
Soldier: We've been here waaaay to long.
[ Christopher Bart, Hehehehehehehehehe ] 04-17-2003

George: Where did I put my keys?
Soldier: your keys to your mustang?
[ Cookie, cooking, shopping. favorite cd, justified by justin timberlake ] 04-17-2003

George: dude i'm bored! there is nothing to do around here!
Soldier: well sir, why dont we go watch the war?
[ Molly, hey everyone i just want to give some shouts out to natalie nicole caroline and jackie u are guys are awesome ! ] 04-17-2003

George: we're off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of oz because because because....
Soldier: ...of the wonderful things he does!
[ sally! ] 04-17-2003

George: The bloody fools are blowing us to smithereens!
Soldier: Dude you don't need a british accent!
[ Patchy the Pirate ] 04-17-2003

George: i say we boycott war. Peace every where!(clears throat) ::hint hint::
Soldier: ooo yea.......... NO MORE WAR!
[ Liz and Stephanie, Iiz-13 Stephanie-12 St. Joe school in Kansas. GO JAYHAWKS! ] 04-17-2003

George: i think i need to shave i know for most ppl that may b an over share but for those wackos out there who wanna no wat the heck i need to do im tellin ya i need to SHAVE!
Soldier: ok i think that was an over share
[ anonymous ] 04-17-2003

George: can u believe roy williams left
Soldier: I hate dean smith almost as much as i hate the british
[ anonymous ] 04-17-2003

George: back in my day we had to walk 8 miles to school........
Soldier: no you didnt
[ anonymous ] 04-17-2003

George: four score and seven years ago.......
Soldier: hes confused again..........
[ anonymous ] 04-17-2003

George: whats up homie were going to war w/the people
Soldier: but why dog were just going to kill a lot of young people
[ Rosemarie, age14 Texas i m not into history a lot ] 04-17-2003

George: All you need is love, all you need is love, all you need is...
Soldier: Sir.... please don't get all romantic right now, ok?
[ SaShA, 14 from Ihio and just wanna give shoutouts so Whitney, Katie, Nicole, Patrick, Amanda, Benjamine, Chris, Sarah, Lyndsey, Jacqueline, and Taylor! Luv ya'll! ] 04-16-2003

George: Why can't a brotha get his face on the dolla bill yet?
Soldier: No Comment!
[ Stefanie ] 04-16-2003

George: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator, with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, l iberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Soldier: wow
[ Stefanie ] 04-16-2003

George: Fix bayonets!
Soldier: I cant mines still in the turkey!
[ anonymous ] 04-16-2003

George: look redcoats!
Soldier: there kinda hard to miss sir
[ jim ] 04-16-2003

George: Hey! My horsie stopped... you over there put another quarter i!
Soldier: Sir we don't have any more quarters left you used the last one on your Coke that you wouldn't let us have any of and made us drink the swampy nasty dirty water.
[ ikn ] 04-16-2003

George: stop in the name of the law
Soldier: dude thats a tree
[ ben mcanany, 12 Kansas ] 04-16-2003

George: Where is General Lafayette?
Soldier: He went to France.
[ anonymous ] 04-16-2003

George: soldier who is our greatest enemy
Soldier: the evil demented leaprachauns of corse the british are wimps compared to them
[ icome inpeace ] 04-16-2003

George: Soldier. Who lives in a pinnapple under the sea?
Soldier: Spongebob Squarepants Sir
[ Ben Schmidt, I live in a cucumber under a tree ] 04-16-2003

George: we won by golly we have our independence
Soldier: sir we have yet to fight
[ anonymous ] 04-16-2003

George: Yo yo the schizle of my nizzle to the f to the J to the G Dawg!
Soldier: What did he say??
[ Christopher Bart ] 04-16-2003

George: I hypothesize that we possibly have jouneyed in the uncorrect direction. Soforth.. we must find a different one.
Soldier: DUH..... and we're lost
[ Christie, St. Michael, MN ] 04-16-2003

George: whats up my homie ?
Soldier: whats up vato? what you doing up there on the that hoarce thing
[ rosemarie vertiz, 14 texas ] 04-15-2003

George: Can, you buy me the new CD's from 50 cent and EMINEM?
Soldier: YES sir, I will get them ASAP.
[ Mike Clymer, 11 years old and go to Walton Farm Elementary. It is my birthday party now. ] 04-15-2003

George: I wonder what they will be saying about us in the year 2003.
Soldier: Believe me, noone will remember what we did here.
[ anonymous ] 04-15-2003

George: Duh, this is stupid, why dont YOU quote Washington!
Soldier: say What!
[ Clint Baker, Some people have to much time on thier hands! ] 04-15-2003

George: Where is General Lafayette?
Soldier: He went to France.
[ Justin, age 8 Lancaster, PA ] 04-10-2003

George: Soldier, go over to that road and chase the red coats.
Soldier: Yes sir, General Washington.
[ Tyler, 9 years Lancaster, PA ] 04-09-2003

George: we sould go and get freedom for our rights
Soldier: yeah,lets go
[ kimberly ] 04-09-2003

George: Why do u look fake and the backround and everybody? (2nd answer) then why are the British coming closer? huh !
Soldier: Sir pull yourself together man! we are all fake. (2nd answer) gosh he is a loser.
[ Charlotte Wade, My teacher Ms.Vallianos Healy is a tight teacher dude! ] 04-09-2003

George: What are you doing soldier?
Soldier: Most likley deserting, Sir.
[ Rustin, age 9, Harrisburg Academy, PA ] 04-07-2003

George: Is all my stuff in the trunk?
Soldier: apparently we cant find the elephant that your stuff is in sir.
[ Charlotte Wade, age 9 2/3 ] 04-07-2003

George: fire your guns people
Soldier: but but i don't know how to fire a gun sir
[ elisabeth bleistine, 11years resurrection school ] 04-07-2003

George: no crying in the war!
Soldier: But sir, I'm chopp'n onions!
[ Charlotte wade, Age 9/23 Were is Deborah Sampson? ] 04-04-2003

George: I want this whole city clean when i come back from Washington
Soldier: ok! what ever you say
[ Ivory, I like R&B like everyone does any way i love 50 Cent and B2K! I live in New York holla back ! ] 04-02-2003

George: My horse looks really fake!
Soldier: It's the best we could do, sir.
[ TJ Kelley ] 04-02-2003

George: Why arent you getting back in LINE?
Soldier: Ur,sir i cant move sir .
[ Charlote, Age 9 1/2 Long Beach, C.A NO MORE WARS ] 04-02-2003

George: What are you cooking?
Soldier: Well sir we ran out of snow so I'm cooking ice.
[ kati, I am 10 years old. I live in Indiana. I love history. : ) ] 04-02-2003

George: are you ready to change places?
Soldier: but sir,i don't have any experience for being a general!
[ Jalyn, I'm 8 years old, and my birthday is in December. ] 04-02-2003

George: One day we will be famous and they will make a painting of us!
Soldier: Really! (gasp) do these pants make my butt look big?
[ Kayla C. ] 04-02-2003

George: a stove is a stove-no matter where you go.......
Soldier: (begins to sob) That is so beautiful! Continue singing!
[ Natalie Varos, ( I love you Spongebob!)(I alsolove Billy Morrozoff!) ] 04-02-2003

George: Alec, you had better get this project right this time or Mrs. Miller will give you another "F" and you'll spend the rest of your life in the fifth grade."
Soldier: "Have mercy on me! I'd rather spend the rest of my life in a tent at Valley Forge"
[ Alec, age 11 ] 04-02-2003

George: George:My horse is better than yours!
Soldier: John Adams:Booo......hhhhoooooooo I dont have one!
[ jewl ] 04-02-2003

George: I'm going to war.
Soldier: May the force be with u.
[ Mallary ] 04-02-2003

George: Soldier,why is there no face on this dollar bill?
Soldier: Sir, because your not president yet
[ anonymous ] 04-02-2003

George: When I was a little boy I ...
Soldier: We've already heard that stoy like 10,000 times.
[ hep ] 04-02-2003

George: We have to get all the British to go away
Soldier: We only need weapons
[ Jorge ] 04-02-2003

George: hay lets go and get the red coats!
Soldier: are thay on sell or hafe price off??!
[ Brittney, Brittney 13 Arkanasas ..Ihave the best teacher in the WORLD MRS . KRAMERS WE YOUR STUDENTS LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!.. ] 04-02-2003

George: Have you found my wooden teeth? I think I dropped them here.
Soldier: Were those your teeth? I thought they were clappers so I gave them to the drummer boy!
[ Kyle, age 11, Pittsburgh ] 04-02-2003

George: get john adams
Soldier: dude i am john adams
[ emili brown, garland texas 75041 ] 03-18-2003

George: Hey! Go buy me the new Nelly C.D.
Soldier: Um ....sir.... ya mean the soldier! Didn't know we had a musical soldier!
[ Harry, Spongebob and Patrick are my BEST friends! ] 03-18-2003

George: boy are we ready to take over "FORT SARATOGA' yall' have the guns?
Soldier: yes ...(whin thay got ready and then Gorge akked them to set up the canones )sir yes sri ... you only told mre to get guns you did not say anthing agout cannones
[ brittney, 1 ] 03-18-2003

George: why are you sitting on a hamster
Soldier: because i can
[ oo ] 03-18-2003

George: what do you want
Soldier: our fort ran out of beer
[ Timothy Tolkach ] 03-14-2003

George: can we get rid of the British?
Soldier: Maybe we can give them cookies and they'll leave?
[ Katie, 13, Sydney, Australia =) ] 03-14-2003

George: lets show him what americans are made of boy
Soldier: ok captain
[ kimme, 11@ arbuckle elementry school ] 03-14-2003

George: Where's a U-Haul when you need one?
Soldier: We left it in Deleware,sir.
[ j.s., 15 male ] 03-14-2003

George: Get my suit ready for the party tonight
Soldier: but one of your man burned it last night
[ Danny Lin ] 03-14-2003

George: Yee Ha, Ride 'em cowboy
Soldier: it's the remix to ignition, hot fresh out of the kitchen, mama rollin that body got every man here a wishin
[ Carmen ] 03-06-2003

George: Go get me my other 6 horses!
Soldier: But General, I thought you can only ride one horse at a time!
[ Lauren ] 03-05-2003

George: What happened?
Soldier: Wolves sir, wolves...
[ Kevin ] 03-05-2003

George: go get a horse
Soldier: Ok Mr.Wasington
[ shelby smith ] 03-05-2003

George: There's no crying in war.
Soldier: Well.......that wig is so fake.
[ James, 9 ] 03-05-2003

George: i need to go swimming. ill be in the lake
Soldier: we're battling right now but i guess one soldier not there is ok
[ gnatkat, 11, illinois ] 03-05-2003

George: Get your weapons ready.
Soldier: Yes sire!
[ Chrissy, 9 ] 03-05-2003

George: We will cross the Delaware River tommorow
Soldier: Yes Sir!
[ Eric, 9 ] 03-05-2003

George: Get to work now!
Soldier: I said I dont want to.
[ Megan ] 03-05-2003

George: is everything ready for battle soldier
Soldier: yes um I got cannons
[ kici and joanna, 14 and 14 ] 03-05-2003

George: Hey, arn't you supposed to be getting my beutiful horse water?
Soldier: Uh, um, yes sir right away sir.........trip..crash!
[ Zoe Maini, Age, 10 Cranston,R.I ] 03-01-2003

George: Is that painted scenery or a real forrest behind you?
Soldier: Uh...Actually, General, we are painted scenery.
[ anonymous ] 03-01-2003

George: hey there stop that killing
Soldier: sorry but they were herting me and my wife
[ Sally, 14 kansas op ] 03-01-2003

George: Did you find anybody named Besty Ross
Soldier: No but I did find Austin Poweres
[ jessica ] 03-01-2003

George: Are you ready to fight?
Soldier: No, Georgey I'm not ready to fight.
[ Ariel and Elizabeth ] 03-01-2003

George: eey soldier, what do you think of my horse?
Soldier: well. euhm.. it has three legs.... lets kill him and find you another horse with 4 legs.. :)
[ LowRiDeR, i'm 15, i live in the Netherlands. and i don't see the use of this site :) but it is kinda fun ] 02-25-2003

George: Wow it's kinda hard to see with the pink and black.
Soldier: Well, it's this new air freshiner I was trying out cause everyone was smelling a little bit and it turns to different colors.I can buy some more if you want.
[ Jennifer G., I hope you get it. ] 02-24-2003

George: move out troops
Soldier: but it's cold out
[ Colby Young ] 02-24-2003

George: Stay brave and we will win!
Soldier: kay - you are the leader
[ jjj, ! ] 02-24-2003

George: I want a you to get me a pizza.
Soldier: Be back in a minute!
[ Joshua McLeod ] 02-24-2003

George: the british are coming
Soldier: thank youy captain obvious
[ anonymous ] 02-24-2003

George: Stiny, get me a danish!
Soldier: Yes, sir, Captain GEORGE
[ jessica lau>> plau>> lauer, I'm from HAwaii.. and I'm boo fast! ] 02-24-2003

George: Do you have dinner yet?
Soldier: No I did not there is no food to eat
[ Ashley Erney ] 02-21-2003

George: Do you like my new and fancy white wig?
Soldier: No. It"s so un George.
[ Jen Walker ] 02-21-2003

George: are there any british?
Soldier: yes sier ummmm,over the hills
[ keithy ] 02-20-2003

George: Has anybody seen my teeth?
Soldier: Uhhhh....(to other soldiers)- Don't tell me you just burned the firewood I gathered!
[ scr-chic17, I'm 14 and I think my teachers assign too much homwework ] 02-19-2003

George: did the british king decide to join me for some tea
Soldier: no AUSTIN POWERS does not want to have tea,his on a vacation with his brother DR.EVIL at the undreground lair filled with liquid magma also they are with MINI-ME and NIGEL POWERES
[ trevor giles ] 02-19-2003

George: Come on lets go PARTY! war sucks so lets go!
Soldier: ummm sir... we're in war.r u ok?whisper:its gotta be the soldier chow!
[ hahahehe, ok...soldier chow...puppy chow!its all koolio! ] 02-19-2003

George: "Go-go Gadget oil-slick!"
Soldier: "I Swaney, that general has gone absolutly LOONEY!
[ Daniel Lightfoot, 12, Orlando, FL ] 02-19-2003

George: " I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready!"
Soldier: " I Heard a little yellow sponge say that once."
[ Michaela Blair, Hey wassup? We have no school today! OH YEAH! ] 02-19-2003

George: " This will be a tough battle, but we can win it. Anything I can do for you, soldier?"
Soldier: " How about praying sir? I'm sure I can others to do the same"
[ Bruce Grayum ] 02-19-2003

George: "Wasup my man! You chillin' with the dawgs!"
Soldier: " All right! Get this man some medical attention!"
[ Michaela ] 02-19-2003

George: we are going to win!
Soldier: yes we are!
[ Katie Schulz ] 02-19-2003

George: How long is this taking?-- We're not going to attack in time, it will be light. Can't you make them go any faster?!
Soldier: 5 hours sir.-- Sir, men are without shoes and are marching through the snow.
[ anonymous ] 02-15-2003

Soldier: Excuse me sir can we stop at the next library so i can send my wife an email.
George: We don't have time for that mushy crap soilder get back in line.
[ Jayde Keiser Emily Max, Dudley Elementary Emily 11 Jayde 11 ] 02-15-2003

George: The British are having tea!
Soldier: Yeah, In the bay!
[ Robert L. Moberly, I'm 11 ! ] 02-15-2003

George: "They're playin' basketball!"
Soldier: "My favorite part is the alley-oop I like how they dribble up and down the court!"
[ anonymous ] 02-15-2003

George: We can beat them.... just have faith in yourself!We'll get out alive... trust me!
Soldier: Oh I do... its just i am not sure if you will get out of it alive because you are so old!
[ Chelsea Gavin ] 02-13-2003

George: hey soldier alert the trops i will be going on vacation to the Bahamas
Soldier: OK sir... WHAT
[ Sydney ] 02-13-2003

George: where is my cheese burger with onions and 3 packs of those little katsup bags!
Soldier: they ran out of burgers sire but i did get you a cherry turnover for half off!
[ anonymous ] 02-13-2003

George: Let's go get some cheesesteaks!-NOOOOOOOO!
Soldier: Uh,You know the British control Philly right'Sir
[ Colton Peloquin ] 02-13-2003

George: How is your crew doing
Soldier: Not very good we barely have any food
[ Jason Hoffman ] 02-13-2003

Soldier: The British are coming the British are coming.
George: Whoa you're not Paul Revere soldier.
[ Danny Lewis ] 02-13-2003

George: The British are having tea ! The British are having tea!
Soldier: Oh darn sir ... and us without our krumpets!
[ Mike and Allie Brown, We live in the cold and wet and darkest place in your mind ] 02-12-2003

George: its get hot in here so take me out to the ball brush
Soldier: i told you to many times that you can't sing
[ Kenishia, 11,home, 2/12/03 ] 02-12-2003

George: I want rock and rol all night ya baby.
Soldier: snap out of it man we're in war.
[ Caleb Lightfoot, I am 10 years old. ] 02-12-2003

George: Ah Ha! My horse has found the rare green monkey from isreal!
Soldier: Wow! I didnt know this exsisted Sire,Can we keep him? huh!? huh?! can we?! can we?!
[ Rileigh, 12 ] 02-12-2003

George: What's going on here?
Soldier: I can't find the soldiers, sir!
[ Nicholas ] 02-12-2003

George: Where is your homework?
Soldier: I made it into a paper airplane, and someone hijacked it.
[ Nesha, You better laught, because this is hilarious! ] 02-12-2003

George: holla holla who ever got a dollar
Soldier: your on the dollar
[ LaLa ] 02-12-2003

George: Yo! what u doin out here my son
Soldier: dunno waiting for mom
[ anonymous ] 02-12-2003

George: I said brrrr....Its cold out here......there must be some Brits in the atmosphere.....I said brrrrrr.....
Soldier: Sir, if I told you once, I've told you twice, YOU'RE NOT A RAPPER! Please get over it!
[ Amberly, I have to research Washington for a timeline in History. I'm thirteen and really bored.......Oh, by the way, whats DAR? ] 02-10-2003

George: "he was a skaterboy"
Soldier: whispers (what medication is he on now)
[ me myself and i, i like avril lavinge ] 02-10-2003

George: Quit jumping up and down and pass me the rum.
Soldier: First of all I'm not jumping Second of all you drank it all sir.
[ Landen Hake, I'm 11 I live in Gothenburg Nebraska ] 02-10-2003

George: Let there be light!
Soldier: You need to get out more sir.
[ Scott Speck, 10, a computer, in A computer lab ] 02-10-2003

George: I ask For Soldiers they give me whiners!
Soldier: Hey I can't Feel my legs!
[ Kelsie L, 11 ] 02-10-2003

George: go fight win tonight!**********
Soldier: ok we will win
[ shayla, wall elementery ] 02-10-2003

George: Wheres my hotdog
Soldier: I dont know sir ill let you know when i find it
[ Timmy ] 02-10-2003

George: How many machineguns do we have?
Soldier: What is a machinegun????
[ colton kelly ] 02-10-2003

George: Good Morning! What did I miss?
Soldier: Sir! boom! there's a war going on ! boom! you been asleep and 30 of our men just died! boom! Sir!
[ anonymous ] 02-10-2003

George: Is it over yet?
Soldier: Haven't you been watching?
[ Megan, 10, Fayetteville,N.C ] 02-10-2003

George: damn tose mental red coats! They dont even put up a fight!
Soldier: There just trying to "kill" the war. Of curse there killing themselfs in the proses!
[ dummy, 25000, astria 564 feet ] 02-10-2003

George: victory or death
Soldier: victory sir
[ Mr.Johnson, I'm a teacher ] 02-10-2003

George: hey baby hey baby hey
Soldier: are you checking me out......stop it
[ Brittany Walker ] 02-10-2003

George: Are my men all naked Sir?
Soldier: No only half are and ten are almost there
[ Lauren Osornia, 10,La Canada 91011 California 4527 Alveo Road ] 02-05-2003

George: To infinity and Beyond
Soldier: Sir I think you are in the wrong centry. How about Charge, Retreat, Surrender????
[ a.l.g ] 02-05-2003

George: Now how about my dog?
Soldier: It's right here( pointing to stomach)
[ Anonymous ] 02-05-2003

George: I have to e-mail my wife.
Soldier: Hurry up
[ Joanna Blecha ] 02-05-2003

George: This is horrible I hate to see my men die like this
Soldier: I no what you mean sir my best firend just died 2 secondes ago
[ Patricia, 10/W.Va. ] 02-05-2003

George: where are we?
Soldier: we are in philidelphia
[ gavin larsen ] 02-05-2003

George: we must go to fight for freedom
Soldier: yes i know we will win sir we have been traning hard sir
[ anonymous, 11, arizona ] 02-05-2003

George: Soldier, were is the rest of the army?
Soldier: Sir. there is no army
[ deanna, Mr. Bradshaw's 7th grade class ] 02-03-2003

George: I do believe I just saw Michael Jackson! And.. he was black!
Soldier: Sir, I think we entered the wrong time! We were supposed to travel to 2003, not 1965!
[ grace=], I'm 13 years old, and I'm from New York City. ! Hope you enjoyed it ] 02-03-2003

George: Give me liberty or give me death!
Soldier: Copycat!
[ Masrur, Age 11 ] 02-03-2003

George: Genral, Be sure to block vally forge I don't want the british to find out that we are planing to attack.
Soldier: Yes, sir I'll do my best.
[ Brittney, 10 at 027 hours ] 02-03-2003

George: This saddle is giving me a rash!
Soldier: that's better than my trenchfoot. by the way, can I have some boots,Sir?
[ Matt ] 02-03-2003

George: where is the bath room????
Soldier: go right past the oak turn left when you hit the big tree...
[ cassie h, 14 ] 02-03-2003

George: "And King Arthur steps off his horse......"
Soldier: Sir, were not in Camelot.
[ anonymous ] 01-29-2003

George: Halt who goes there? I am the supirior George Washington
Soldier: Hello I am george washington. Yep its true I am washing a ton of your crowns.
[ Kid in mrs efros's class ] 01-29-2003

George: i think the powder is coming out of my hair
Soldier: well at least your teeth are whiter
[ cladue ] 01-29-2003

George: What are you doing there get back to work!
Soldier: I forgot what to do!
[ Samantha, 11 Allemtown ] 01-29-2003

George: Go and tell the rest of the troops we are going to march again.
Soldier: Right away Sir!
[ Julie, 11 years old ] 01-29-2003

George: Why does the background behind us look so strange?
Soldier: That can be explained by the four bottles of wine you had before, sir.
[ Chris, 16 ] 01-26-2003

George: When I sit on the horse does my bottom look big
Soldier: Your bottom allways looks big sir
[ Alsash, 11, Friona, Texas ] 01-23-2003

George: I have to e-mail my wife
Soldier: Sir, have you been using the time machine again?
[ Alsash, 11, Friona, Texas ] 01-23-2003

George: Did you order the cheese pizza yet?
Soldier: Are you paying?
[ Montana, Go Lions ] 01-22-2003

George: do i look fat in this outfit????????
Soldier: yes you do,sir
[ kyra, greenbrier middle i am 13 ] 01-22-2003

George: What's the matter soldier?
Soldier: Sir,we need more soldiers
[ anonymous ] 01-22-2003

George: i wonder when the future of America will come up with a computer so i can e-mail my wife?
Soldier: i dont know
[ hannah ] 01-22-2003

George: amercan army get your boots on!
Soldier: Sir .. we have no boots!
[ Meghan, I am 10 and I live in Ireland ] 01-22-2003

George: So, how is your drilling going?
Soldier: I don't know but I think Count Pulaski is swearing at us in Polish!
[ Tania, I'm from Virginia and I'm coming to visit Valley Forge soon. ] 01-22-2003

George: does my hair look okay
Soldier: no sir it looks terrible
[ jakehager, salamanaca,ny 12years old ] 01-22-2003

George: Let my people go.
Soldier: Where the heck did you get that quote?
[ Michael ] 01-22-2003

George: Hey! Why are you deserting???
Soldier: I can't desert, I have frozen my legs off!
[ Graham, I'm 9 years old and homeschooled. ] 01-22-2003

George: "Believe me, I know we are all freezing our butts off out here, but if we want to win our freedom, we've got to stay alive & keep strong in this war!"
Soldier: "Yeah, but we don't even have half the men we need, so we don't even stand a chance against the British!"
[ Michaela W. ] 01-20-2003

George: Lights, camera, action, don;t I look handsome?
Soldier: Sir, are you daydreaming your an actor again?
[ Anthony Aniszewski, 7 years old, Pittsburgh, PA .Enjoying learning about history. ] 01-20-2003

George: Soldier! Why do you have a horse's tail in your hand?
Soldier: Sir! I couldn't get the rest of it off the farmer!
[ Mama Sita--, Supplemental homeschooler--mother of 5 boys. Thanks for the fun website. ] 01-20-2003

George: what do you think that you are doing
Soldier: trying to fight as hard as possible sir yet there are too many of them
[ alyssa ] 01-20-2003

George: OK guys I know its really cold but just think about hot coco and the Super Bowl!
Soldier: The Super Bowl? I don't even know what the Super Bowl is!
[ Asher, New York ] 01-17-2003

George: What is the matter soldier?
Soldier: sir. we need more men, and more amunition.
[ Jordan Tharp, I am 10 yrs old and I am from conetticut,. portland ] 01-17-2003

George: Whats the Dar essay for? None of you are In school!
Soldier: We have NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Idea, someone just gave It to us, SIR!
[ Kaitlyn, age 9 1/2 Isther a such thingas a Dar essay? ] 01-17-2003

George: Why are you so fat?
Soldier: McDonalds
[ ed ] 01-17-2003

George: what color is my white horse
Soldier: i dunno sir
[ anonymous ] 01-17-2003

George: What is going on?
Soldier: Nothing,we are just looking for food!
[ farfar away ] 01-17-2003

George: Where are you boots at?
Soldier: At the store you forgot to get them again!
[ Sara, 12 Im from Douth Carolina i go to middle school and im doind a 1000 word essay on Valley forge due January 20! ] 01-17-2003

George: Are we ready to shoot?
Soldier: Yes sir, but I can't see the whites of your eyes.
[ anonyumus kid, Davenport ] 01-17-2003

George: All hail me! King George!
Soldier: King george?! About face men!! *bang* *bang*Bang*
[ Shade ] 01-17-2003

George: Yes, soilder what news do you have for me?
Soldier: Well, sir the Confederates have just forefited to us?
[ Kim Olsen, Hi, am 10 years old and I love singing. ] 01-17-2003

George: damn redcoats,they attack us with tomatoes so no wonder they have red coats
Soldier: i thought you told them to!
[ trey love, 11 ] 01-10-2003

George: Come on soldiers I want to get back & be a millionaire!
Soldier: Like we don't.
[ Carly Fetra, age 10, go to Schnecksville,PA ] 01-09-2003

George: Could I ride the horse know pretty pretty please
Soldier: NO! I've only been onit for 2 hours!
[ Kevin Lusignea ] 01-09-2003

George: Are your feet bleeding?
Soldier: Yes, because you didn't buy us boots!
[ Emily Steward, age 10 grade five ] 01-09-2003

George: Wait till you see the white of there eyes .Then fire
Soldier: yes sir
[ Steven Z., 14,elkins wv ] 01-09-2003

George: Hey are those your feet or are those tomotoes
Soldier: No they are my achy breaky feet, Buy me boots
[ Mr. Giaquinto-Schnecksville Elementary ] 01-09-2003

George: '' the french are helping us tell the rest of the soilders''.
Soldier: " yes, sir right away ", yep yep I knew those darn french people will come''.
[ amber herrera, 13,california ] 01-09-2003

George: We have to go on we can't just quite!
Soldier: We will try!
[ Rasha Hasan ] 01-08-2003

George: i wonder if anyone know's about that tree i cut
Soldier: General this isn't the best time to be thinking about that the fench and indian are fighting
[ Tami, hope you like the quote ] 01-08-2003

George: Dont anyone move.... I dropped my teeth
Soldier: Oh look! I found firewood, but it looks like teeth
[ Alicia, and Pam Gorton, 11, (alicia)North Carolina, and i already did my DAR essey! ] 01-08-2003

George: what are you doing not protecting our contry
Soldier: sorry but were out of amunition
[ patrick roney ] 01-08-2003

George: You go fight and I,LL go get ice cream what do you want ?
Soldier: WHat I want is more men and a gun and choclate chip
[ Dylan ] 01-08-2003

George: Goldfish,shirts,pants,food
Soldier: check,check,check,food???!?!?!?
[ Melanie, i am 13 NEWARK nj 07104 look me up.... ] 01-08-2003

George: Take me to your leader.
Soldier: No leader. We only have committies!
[ Cathy, Tired teacher ] 01-08-2003

George: Why are you eating roast boot?!
Soldier: I don't like roast tree bark
[ Thomas ] 01-06-2003

George: Why have you come all this way?
Soldier: Don't you know me? I'm Paul Revere, and-oh yeah, the British are coming.
[ Dev ] 01-05-2003

George: what are you you looking at you little jubroni?
Soldier: Nothing. It's just that either your sitting on that horse backwards or its extremly ugly!
[ jimbob, age:29 place:here ] 01-05-2003

George: What are you doing there, soldier?
Soldier: What soldier? I'm the baker!
[ Michael l. ] 01-04-2003

George: Hey good sir knight, do you wish to join my knights of the round table?
Soldier: None shall pass!
[ Topher Hengge, Yeah, I got a twenty minute oral presentation I have to give on this, should be loads of fun. ] 01-03-2003

George: what are you looking at?
Soldier: nothing just the horse is falling asleep!
[ Mary-Kate Eayres, I'm 11 ] 01-03-2003

George: How come we aren't moving?
Soldier: sir, this is a picture, sir!
[ sara, 13/F/usa ] 01-03-2003

George: I get the horse again! Ha Ha!
Soldier: You are just as spoiled as those peaches we got.
[ John Haffey ] 01-02-2003

George: "Oh Man! The stupid horse is taking ANOTHER Bathroom brake!"
Soldier: "That damn Horse! No wonder we are stuck in the cold and freezing to death! All we do is wait for him to do his business!
[ Meghan D., I am 12. I live in New York, USA. I would just like to tke time out to wish everyone a Happy New Year! ] 01-02-2003

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