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George: What are you looking at?
Soldier: Nothing sir, just your wooden teeth falling out
[ Aimee, Washington State ] 12-27-2002

George: Would you hurry up and take the picture it not very comfy on this horse
Soldier: okay okay already stop complaining Gorge. Smile
[ Sarah Rag., 10 yrs old ] 12-24-2002

George: Hey have you ever heard of Paul Revere? He's my old roomy from college, he cracks me up! one time he talked back to his mom and got kicked out of his house( and on,and on, and on)
Soldier: no.
[ Ruphas Cooks, Orlando, C alifornia ] 12-22-2002

George: (sniff sniff) good lord man was that you ?
Soldier: sir no sir ibeleve it was your gasous horse
[ jarret ] 12-22-2002

George: Is it my turn to ride the horse yet?
Soldier: Are you kiding me I've only been on for 30 minutes!
[ Grace Douglas ] 12-22-2002

George: Is this a good pose?
Soldier: A little to the left... Perfect!
[ Kristen Dennis, Go Anna Rockets! ] 12-22-2002

George: Go back and get Columbus for me.
Soldier: Sir, he is dead.
[ Sarabeth Yglesias, 10(I think the D A R essay is hard but my friend has 544 words:) ] 12-18-2002

George: I am done with the report
Soldier: So am I
[ lance, this is not my email but it is my friends and she is looking for a penpal! thanks sir lancealot i can rap as good as sir mixalot HAHAHAHAHA! joke on me! ] 12-18-2002

George:! Let the fight begin!
Soldier: And....................CUT! Great job Georgie!
[ Mandi ] 12-18-2002

George: you can't give up yet we have a country to save here
Soldier: but we are all hungry and cold i hate this
[ lindsey voils ] 12-18-2002

George: I wonder if my efforts here in this battle will ever be documented in the future?
Soldier: Hey! You never know
[ anonymous ] 12-18-2002

George: Ok! Now yets go and fight!
Soldier: Yes Captain George
[ Joel Reynolds, 7 years old colledge station tx ] 12-18-2002

George: "Those DAR essays don't have enough info. on me. Work 'em harder!" me me me me me me me me me me!
Soldier: "YES SIR, RIGHT AWAY SIR!" whisper "just ignore him kids. i'll help you."
[ jennifer,arizona, 7 th grade( anyone working on the essays don't lose hope)[I only have 205 words +2 days to go!] ] 12-15-2002

George: What's the weather today?
Soldier: I don't know, it's to cloudy to tell!
[ Viola ] 12-14-2002

George: Attack soldier, now!
Soldier: Okay, Washington!
[ shannon tucker ] 12-14-2002

George: hey dude, did you here that the Bluejays won the state football championship in 5-a okla.?
Soldier: they said that it wouldn't happen but hey they beat all the powers in football like we are going to whip those British.
[ mad dog-guthrie, ok. ] 12-14-2002

George: Whats wrong Von Steuben?
Soldier: The British are Coming!
[ Austin, 13 Norristown P.A. ] 12-14-2002

George: Oh no! British are coming!
Soldier: Don't worry sir those are just squirrels.
[ Kyle Richardson ] 12-14-2002

George: I like that girl over by the pond
Soldier: Sir that is Tom
[ Roy cadley ] 12-14-2002

George: get out of the way or i am gonna run you over
Soldier: ha ha good joke ha h ouch that hurt!
[ lil cracker ( kyle williams), I am from da dirty south of Mississippi 14 E-mail me ladies ] 12-14-2002

George: Fight for America
Soldier: With all we have
[ Kristina, 14 ] 12-14-2002

George: So soldier how you like my horse?
Soldier: uh.... Sir you can get off my horse now.
[ Daniel Adams ] 12-14-2002

George: " Do, re, me, fa,so,la,te,do"
Soldier: " Shut up, and start fighting''
[ Michaela Grimes, Im almost done with my DAR essay! oh yeah ] 12-14-2002

George: Evertbody was kungfo fighting!
Soldier: I thought we were using guns.
[ Dave ] 12-14-2002

George: I need help on my DAR essay! Will anybody help me?
Soldier: Why are you doing a DAR essay. Your not in school!
[ Amanda Dawn Green, I'm 10 years old and I live in Picayune, Mississippi and I attend Nicholson Elementary. I'm in the 5th grade and had to write 300-600 words in my essay. I finished it and I think I done great! ] 12-14-2002

George: outta my way! if the british aren't comin' i'll go to them!
Soldier: but sir,you must finish your DAR essay!
[ Rachel Brown, why did this war have to hapen?!?!?!???! ] 12-14-2002

George: I have to think of a name for my horse. What would be fitting?
Soldier: I think you should name it snowball.
[ Karis :), 13 and lovin' it! I love horses! ] 12-14-2002

George: Ah, to be 11 again!
Soldier: Yeah, I hear ya, then my essay would only be 300-600 words long!
[ Elaine P., I'm a 13-year-old, and I love writing DAR essays. It sounds nutty, but it's true. My essay won chapter once. That's proof that it's possible. Don't give up! ] 12-14-2002

George: Men get up and fight!
Soldier: Uh sir its three in the moning its to early go back to bed
[ Meghan Smith, 12 ] 12-14-2002

George: Move out of the way.I've got to tell people that the British are coming!
Soldier: What? I thought Paul Revere did that!
[ anonymous ] 12-14-2002

George: Hey! Why do the british have all the guns, bombs, grenades, bazookas and swords, Johnny Tight-Lips?
Soldier: I aint sayin nothin.
[ firdir, Hola Como Estas? ] 12-14-2002

George: mrs. hoag rock
Soldier: your only saying that because see gave you a good grade
[ adam james bethany rosebeary, 11, guthrie, ok ] 12-14-2002

George: These wooden teeth give me splinters
Soldier: How come your teeth are made of wood?
[ Brice Quinlan, 14 Boonville Missouri ] 12-14-2002

George: Attention! Soldier, what are you doing that is more important than paying attention to my directions?
Soldier: Sorry, sir. I'm researching Valley Forge so I can get my essay done.
[ Elaine P., 13, Arizona Hey y'all, good luck on your essays, I hope you all will try your best! ] 12-14-2002

George: I'v got to getFood and clothes for the army at Valley Forge!
Soldier: About time!
[ as ] 12-14-2002

George: Do you have homework?
Soldier: No sir, I did it already.
[ Megan Rose, age11, Cave Creek, Arizona ] 12-14-2002

George: What are you doing here? You shoud be out there fighting.
Soldier: Well, it is very cold, and we decided to go in for the night.
[ Megan, 11 ] 12-14-2002

George: Now son, why is everyone doing an essay around here?
Soldier: Well, we were freezing cold so we decided to just write our hearts away!
[ Jami Chakara, hi paul breaux and any one in lafayette who has do this dumb essay ] 12-14-2002

George: Soldier,where art thou soldier?
Soldier: Are you ok??
[ Anonomous, school is like jail ] 12-08-2002

George: hey man start yur essay!
Soldier: what essay, essay?
[ Anonymous ] 12-08-2002

George: Look! A bullet is coming in our direction!
Soldier: Out the way, I'll try to catch it with my eyelid!
[ Andrew Friedrichs, No one is cooler than me! ] 12-08-2002

George: Why is your hand down there!?
Soldier: Uuuuhhhh.... I'm writing my Dar essay???
[ anonymous ] 12-07-2002

George: Enter your Dar essays in soon, men!
Soldier: How can u write "bout something that hasn't even happened yet?
[ Liz, Howdy! I kno how strenuos Dar can b, bu hang in there! ] 12-07-2002

George: Move on men we have to keep moving!
Soldier: But, sir we have no equipment, no boots, our clothes are tattered and we have not eaten in almost 2 days
[ kendra Denise Brown, Age 11,Phone (757)623-4748, ] 12-07-2002

George: stop writing and start fighting
Soldier: fine if you want me to fail South Carolina History
[ Ben Kwiatek ] 12-07-2002

George: What are u doing soldier?
Soldier: Sir, I am working on my 600-1,000 word D.A.R. essay, sir. :)
[ SportGirl12 ] 12-07-2002

George: Men,load your muskrats!
Soldier: What muskrats?How do we do that?
[ Sarah C., age 11,6th grade DAR sucks! ] 12-07-2002

George: " Some day I want to be on the dollar bill"
Soldier: " Yeah right, good luck!(What an idiot!"
[ Kelley Longbottom, Age 13, I live in New York, New York ] 12-07-2002

George: Wow, why do i have to mail so many letters?
Soldier: Well sir, soldiers were assigned to write a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long letter to thier families or freinds!SIR!
[ H. Sheflyand, 13, Staten Island, NY, Petrides Middle School ] 12-07-2002

George: give me liberty or give me death.
Soldier: why! we have not begun to fight.
[ Amber Bell age 12 edmond ok 73034 ] 12-07-2002

George: hey man wazzup want to play golf today
Soldier: na i got to play with the kids today and watch the football game
[ devin ] 12-07-2002

George: where's your horse?
Soldier: well,sir, you're sitting on it!
[ karen, i'm a horse rider-age 12 ] 12-07-2002

George: Sir have you seen my copy of the essay I wrote?
Soldier: That was an essay? I used that as firewood. Opps!
[ A person ] 12-07-2002

George: I am so cold and I'm going home
Soldier: Can I please go with you,doin't leave me here with the others.
[ Chambria ] 12-07-2002

George: Romeo, where art thou Romeo!
Soldier: Sir, are you O.K.?
[ Katie Knepp, I live in Salisbury,NC,I'm 11yrs old, My best friend in the whole wide world is Kim Bierman, I go to Knollwood Elementary(go Raiders!)and it is snowing right know. ] 12-07-2002

George: one plus one equils one on a bun
Soldier: are you mad washington. were in the middle of a war!
[ cabell ] 12-07-2002

George: where are the british? i've waited so long, the batteries ran out on my c-d player.
Soldier: uhh sir, we all ran out of batteries. because you used them all!
[ Ethan Shaffar, 13/ Ft. collins colorado ] 12-07-2002

George: you there! where all my soldiers
Soldier: they all left because it was to cold to hang here!
[ cierra newsome, 11, byrd elementary, graniteville, sc ] 12-07-2002

Soldier: Because you don't have any cloth's on
[ jeremy vanfleet, [12 year's old ] guthrie ok ] 12-07-2002

George: Whats wrong, you are supposed to be working.
Soldier: I can't work...I have absolutley no idea what to write for this project (600-1000 words and i only have 100)! Do you mind helping me sir?
[ kiara, OMG i need help w/ this project! i need about 500 more words!11 ] 12-07-2002

George: What does DAR stand for?
Soldier: I don't know but it is important enough for our teacher to assighn it to us!
[ Billy Bob ] 12-07-2002

George: I wish i was in 5th grade so i could only write a 300-600 word paper.
Soldier: Sir, u are out of don't have to write a paper.
[ Seton E-S, Maryland( if any one likes to writeDAR papers, give me a call) ] 12-07-2002

George: arn't you excited about christmas coming
Soldier: no i have to write a dar essay
[ alex and hilly and mrs.dingcow ] 12-07-2002

George: what should we play?
Soldier: hide-and-go-seek from the british
[ alex and hilly ] 12-07-2002

George: I'm very thirsty soldier.
Soldier: Got Milk
[ Edwin ] 12-07-2002

George: where are the british now?
Soldier: there at the bridge, they fell.
[ barbie ] 12-07-2002

George: hey buddy whats crackin
Soldier: nothin much just chilin
[ whitney ] 12-07-2002

George: *Bud* *wei*--
Soldier: No im not going to say it! You cant make me! Must...resist...temptation! Ahhhhhh--*ser*
[ King Floogelhagen the 17th, nmbm--shh, the monkeys are coming! ] 12-07-2002

George: did u steal my chickens?
Soldier: no,i stole ur wig!sry!
[ diamong dogA.K.A. Big L, me 13...................and me bored in social studies class,i feek sry for all of yall dat have to do a DAR report ] 12-07-2002

George: gotta go gotta go gotta go right noooow!
Soldier: SORRY SIR but you cant go we are in the middle of a war!
[ Brianna B., 11 Guthrie,OK G.U. E .S. ] 12-07-2002

George: meow,meow,meow,meow
Soldier: i want chicken iwant liver meowmix meowmix plesae deliver
[ kamari ronso, age11 live in guthrie,oklahoma ] 12-07-2002

George: Dude! Your getting a DELL!
Soldier: Hey,I will trade you White House for computer.
[ Daniel Breedlove ] 12-07-2002

George: I need a computer with an intel pemntium 12345678890 prosessor with a skanner printer and copyer in one
Soldier: mine is better i got a dell
[ Bob White 2.5 ] 12-07-2002

George: When are they going to be here?
Soldier: How am I supost to know!
[ Lettie Monday ] 12-07-2002

George: My hoarse is angry. I don't think he likes me writting an essay on his neck. Well to bad for him! Suffer u crazy hoarse! Buahahahah.
Soldier: Uh, sir, are you ok?
[ Grant, doing a 600 to a 1000 word essay. seems like most of you are riding in the same boat as I. ] 12-07-2002

George: War, hugh, what is it good for
Soldier: Absalutly nothin, say it again now
[ Grant, doing a 1,000 word essay on Valley Forge. 6th grade ] 12-07-2002

George: We shall win Americans stand for freedom and justice and we shall not fall we will stand tall.
Soldier: Yes sir we never had any other intentions for this day
[ MaGs ] 12-07-2002

George: Everyone get to work on your 600-1000 word Dar essay!
Soldier: What's a friggen Dar essay? What is DAR? Did Washington invent it?
[ left-right-real lr, 11, good luck to all dar essay writerz, rock on forever dar writerz. don't feel bad. im happy cuz n e get 100 bonus pts just for doing it, va ] 12-05-2002

George: what are u doing solder????
Soldier: why do u care, you have that DAR project dont you. hmmmmmmm
[ ross crawford, DAR project yesterday and i havent eve started ] 12-05-2002

George: What do you have in your hand?
Soldier: A paper and pencil....for my DAR essay.....continue on sir.
[ Kristin, I'm 14 and writing an essay for DAR! I hope to get tons of info! ] 12-05-2002

George: It looks like the snow will not stop, soldier.
Soldier: Sir for the last time call me Edward and I know the snow won't stop, duh!
[ Katie Knepp, I love to dance at Center Stage Dance Company and I live Salisbury,NC. I love Valley Forge! ] 12-05-2002

George: How long have we been here?
Soldier: More days than I can count!
[ LettieMonday and BrettGarmon ] 12-05-2002

George: We need to do are best
Soldier: we are sir
[ Ya'Kera ] 12-05-2002

George: Are my aloha shirts packed, and my trucks brought 'round?
Soldier: Yes sir every thing is packed and ready to go. Enjoy Hawaii sir!
[ Italia Frason, Im 10 yrs. old and Im from Honolulu, Hawaii and attend Kahalu'u Elementry School ] 12-05-2002

George: Where are those Brittish? They were supposed to be here a week ago!
Soldier: They are all celebrating Christmas in Philidelphlia.
[ Mandy, Tring to put off my DAR essay as long as possible ] 12-01-2002

George: Which came first ? The chicken or the egg?
Soldier: I dont know sir, I`ll ask the others.
[ Catie C, I`m 13 attend Robert Smalls Middle in Beaufort,SC . This essay was due last week and I haven`t even started writing it yet. ] 12-01-2002

George: Lets go play!
Soldier: I can't. I have to finish my essay.
[ Ebony, I have to do this for a grade (eww)/Representing DFA 08 ] 12-01-2002

George: "Soldier, what are you moaning about?"
Soldier: "Can't you see? I am trying to write a 600 to 1000 words DAR essay."
[ Irteza ] 12-01-2002

George: Why is this important?
Soldier: It's for DAR!
[ Misty, I live in Kansas and it hate that we have to do 600-1000 words for DAR! ] 11-27-2002

George: I can't understand what your saying,speak clearly soldier
Soldier: ZE British are coming, generel
[ felicia guin, age.11 ] 11-27-2002

George: I sould be first president,then I could have a decnt pair of shoes so I can keep my feet warm
Soldier: what ever you'll be president when pigs fly. whats that in the sky a pig.
[ adam james Pigs fly, age 11 guthrie,ok. 73044 ] 11-27-2002

George: I am looking for the best tropical place in the colonies.
Soldier: well you better start heading south like to the place below Georgia. The spanish called it FLORIDA!
[ ******* (not needed to know), 13,florida! ] 11-25-2002

George: Hello lad. Where is the nearest restroom?
Soldier: You see that tree?
[ BMWgirl ] 11-25-2002

George: Get me my labtop, I want to see the singing hamster site again!
Soldier: What's a hamster and a labtop? Nurse, George is going crazy again!
[ Elizabeth Smith ] 11-25-2002

George: Why are all those other dorks making me say such stupid things?
Soldier: I know, what do they take us for?
[ D-Dog, I think Britney Spearsd is hot ] 11-25-2002

George: Ok,pens and pencils down,essay time is up.
Soldier: I can keep writing because I have a marker!
[ Ryan's girlfriend! ] 11-25-2002

George: Hey dude have you seen my new bike ? I like the idea that they found use for those old meatal parts, and I like the twennty first centry .
Soldier: Hey I think your bike rocks !Dude I like the twennty first centry, too.
[ Asheley Michelle Friend, 11/25/02 12 years old guthrie okla 6202 Prarie Grove LN. ] 11-25-2002

George: what do you want soldier? (ay,ay,ay...its never enough!)
Soldier: well, me and the other guys,only about 1,000 of em, we were wondering, if maybe, now that you've asked, haw about some hot chocolate, maybe some more blankets, maybe some new shoes,...
[ jane, coffee....13 ] 11-25-2002

George: I have a horse.
Soldier: Oh No! a hoarse! I need to take you to the docter.
[ Sunny Parmar, 10 ] 11-25-2002

George: You better leave before my horsy eats you!
Soldier: Run men, the horsy is going to eat us!
[ Jon Martel ] 11-25-2002

George: I'm cold and bored and don't want to write an essay
Soldier: o stop complaining at least you'll be in the essay and on the dollar bill and will go down in history and be president
[ Meg, To all of those who have to do the DAR essay, luckilly mines extra credit 200 points (Thank Mrs. D) DWJH! ] 11-24-2002

George: Soldier, find my cellphone. NOW! I want to put a virus on the British computers on my netsurf thing.
Soldier: Cellphone! cellphone? you wait until we're nearly dead and THEN you ask for an accessory not even invented yet?! Cellphone! Virus?What R u talking about?
[ Michelle, 13. one question. OK 2. How R we supposed to know these things. #2 This isn soooo cool ] 11-24-2002

George: Dude you're getting a DELL.
Soldier: Good I need something from the 21st century.
[ Emily, age 12 Muncie, IN ] 11-24-2002

George: hey this girl just e-mailed me about her teacher.
Soldier: oh jeah... the one where her teacher made her do a 17 paragraph report over because THE TEACHER DIDNT MAKE THE DIRECTIONS CLEAR!
[ kk(AKA cherry), 8th grd California GRRRRRRRRR! very frustrated! 11-24-02 ] 11-24-2002

George: You got a paper do in 3 days and you only got 197 words!
Soldier: Well im wourking on the other 803 words ser!
[ Felicity, Age11 Location N.Y. Grade6 (Good Luck other writers) ] 11-24-2002

George: Look! THere are kids approaching near. All of them seems to have an essay. What do you think is on that paper?
Soldier: Why are you asking me? I don't know how to read. All I can make out is they have to do a 600+ essay and they are only kids.
[ Ashley K ] 11-24-2002

George: Guess what? People in 300 years are going to have to write a 600-1000 word essay because of us.
Soldier: Why torture them?
[ Niki, DAR essay...grrrr ] 11-24-2002

George: i have to do my DAR report so where is the computer ????
Soldier: sir we are the subject of the DAR report
[ Anna ] 11-24-2002

George: Hmmmmmm..... poor kids with all that homework to do, tests to study for, and this essay due all on the same day! Maybe we shouldn't make them write it! Not! Let them suffer the way we do!
Soldier: But sure don't u think thats a little harsh? they are just students!
[ Kylie, 13, a sufferer as well! to much to do so little time! g2g bye got to keep th fingers bizzy! ] 11-24-2002

George: Boy I'm hungry!
Soldier: Me Too! Lets eat the horse!
[ Kylie, 13 ] 11-24-2002

George: Go get some water for the firecakes!
Soldier: But General, why can't we use snow?
[ tingrin#6, i'm with you Karris Peelen! 5th grade 100-600 word essay in class together on Valley Forge! ] 11-24-2002

George: By the next thousand years, they should name a city after me.
Soldier: Sir, what's the big deal. You won't be there.
[ Chris Arnold ] 11-24-2002

George: Whats happening solider ?
Soldier: Burrrrrrrrrrr!
[ Jonathan S age 10 ] 11-24-2002

George: How was your pickled pig feet my shizzle
Soldier: They tasted like chiken my nizzle
[ tony ] 11-24-2002

George: Private, what are you eating?
Soldier: A flavored snowcone with no flavor or cone.
[ Talbert ] 11-21-2002

George: Private, how does this green metal egg work?
Soldier: That a grenade! Throw it or you'll blow yourself up! No, not at me! Oh no!*KABOOM*
[ Talbert, 13 ] 11-21-2002

George: I just love your burgers, private. They might be charred on the outside and raw on the inside, but at least they have that special outdoors taste! Of lighter fluid. Mmm, mm.
Soldier: Sir, my cooking isn't that bad.
[ Talbert, 13 years old, i go to NMBM, SC wazzup ddaaawwggz??! ] 11-21-2002

George: How are you doing, soldier?
Soldier: Well sir, since you're here, I am doing just fine thank you!
[ Charlotte Zimmerman ] 11-21-2002

George: Soldier, I believe that you have a writing assignment!
Soldier: Yes sir, I have to write a 600-1000 word letter to my family telling about the conditions here!
[ Karis Peelen (fellow sufferer), age 13, 8th grade, I hope i get this essay done! Hi, all you fellow essay writers!. ] 11-21-2002

George: Come on Men try your hardest NEVER give up you can do it!
Soldier: Yes Sir! We will try our hardest and fight for our country and for our families and for what is right!
[ Renee' ] 11-21-2002

George: This is life you can not drop it
Soldier: try harder and harder and you can reach the top
[ Mackenzie Thompson Kitrell ] 11-21-2002

George: never give up and always try
Soldier: it takes courage to be a solgier.but its whats inside that counts
[ Decota Ender, 10 waterloo IA ] 11-21-2002

George: Just one question, soldier...
Soldier: Yes, General...oh...where do all these kids go for information? I don't know sir...that's how I ended up here
[ Casey ] 11-21-2002

George: when is vally forge going to be over?
Soldier: the day your theeth turn wooden sir
[ Casey ] 11-21-2002

George: i hate this darn picture it doesn't show my good side
Soldier: you don't look good from any side sir
[ michael black, 13 ] 11-21-2002

George: Just one question, soldier...
Soldier: Yes, General...oh...where do all these kids go for information? I don't know sir...that's how I ended up here!
[ Charla Sabatini, age 12, Ventnor, NJ ] 11-21-2002

George: can you hear me now? can you hear me now? good, good!
Soldier: sir, you're only ten feet away.....!
[ joie, 13, st joseph's school, grade eight ] 11-21-2002

George: OH! OH! I've got it! we've frozen here for over 100 years because its always winter!
Soldier: Ya think?
[ Cassie, I'm an american girl! I'm an american girl! ] 11-21-2002

George: I'm cold hungry and tired and istill have to right an essay about life her and it must be 700 to 1000 words and it's due tomorrow!
Soldier: to bad you should have planed ahead i finished mine last week !
[ amy, 13 ] 11-21-2002

George: How do you spell it?
Soldier: uhh what? oh it!
[ ryan, i am ten and suffering from the DAR essay and plz put this up! ] 11-21-2002

George: hey redskins! Button up!
Soldier: Uh sir! What are you talking about we are the patriots
[ ryan, hello i am ten and suffering from the DAR essay! ] 11-21-2002

George: Which way to the ice sculpture exhibition?
Soldier: You're in it sir.
[ Jerre Baxter ] 11-21-2002

George: whatcha say?
Soldier: lets get this war done so the people 300 years from know can do the DAR essay and hopefully get first place and get lots of money!
[ ryan, i am 10 ] 11-21-2002

George: hey watcha ya doing ?
Soldier: nothing just about to cut in!
[ ryan ] 11-21-2002

George: I got 15 points counted of for late credit!
Soldier: Bummer.
[ Thomas Baxter, Goes to Eura Brown Elementary. In the fifth grade. ] 11-21-2002

George: Moo
Soldier: what is going on!?!?! why are we purple!?!?! why is general washington mooing!??!?! bah!
[ Andrey, CONFUSED! NIRVANA RULEZ!~! Teh EnDz0r ] 11-21-2002

George: Can you hear me now?!
Soldier: Sir, Verizon wireless is yet to come!
[ Jennifer Wagner ] 11-21-2002

George: Dude, gotta DELL?
Soldier: No sir, those are made in the future of the 21st century!
[ Justin Wagner ] 11-21-2002

George: It's ok boys! I'm getting more supplies and food from the government. Just try to help eachother out and work together to survive.
Soldier: Thanks Georgy! Ur da bomb!
[ Hannah K, 11 ] 11-21-2002

George: "Hey,what are you doing out here?"
Soldier: "I am just thinking about the war,sir."
[ Brennan, 10 ] 11-21-2002

George: "Hey,what are you doing out here?"
Soldier: "I am just thinking about the war,sir."
[ Brennan, 10 ] 11-21-2002

George: we interupt this local broadcast to say we won the damn war
Soldier: get off the tv were watching bevus and buthead!
[ Calder Mahan, age10 locationHellll! ] 11-20-2002

George: I want all the soldiers to have everything they want and need! I can't bear to watch them suffer any longer!
Soldier: Thank you, Sir, but there is no way possible that we could have everything we need. That is too much to ask for. Plus, where would we get it, and how?
[ Jamie, 13 1/2 years old; Lancaster, SC ] 11-20-2002

George: I cant believe they are making those 6,7,8th grader write 600 to a 1000 word essay!
Soldier: OMG I know that torture
[ Hannah ] 11-20-2002

George: Hey do you think we will have time to get ready for the party?
Soldier: Only if we hurry up with this dang war.
[ Stephani, i am an 8th grader and im 13 ] 11-20-2002

George: Do you know what happens to Harry Potter at the end of the movie?
Soldier: Yes! Sir. But there are just 7 books and mocies i only seen two. THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS IS PRETTY GOOD
[ ana, Library, United States ] 11-20-2002

George: Soldier, get over here. You have to do your DAR . . . Come on, get over here
Soldier: I've been trying. My feet are frozen to the ground. Looks like your horse is too.
[ Max Davey, Age 11 ] 11-20-2002

George: I feel sry 4 the future 7th graders, they have to write a 600 2 1000 word paper on our stuppid encampment
Soldier: oh well at least its not us
[ kristin, im on 355 and ready to finish keep going and good luck ] 11-20-2002

George: you are goning to win this essay girl!
Soldier: yep yep I know i'm going to!
[ brooke, 13,sc, ms.guest ] 11-20-2002

George: just because I know a lot of things about Valley Forge they made me write 600-1000 words due this Friday on 11-22-02
Soldier: no way they made me do 300-600 words due this Friday on 11-22-02
[ Amy Song, 11yrs, Delano Ca ] 11-20-2002

George: Get out of our way. Cant u see that wee are cold starving and....
Soldier: Oh, so sorry. My bad
[ Amber Higgins ] 11-20-2002

George: Get out of my way. We are winning this war no matter what
Soldier: Yes sir. Can i have your outograph plz?
[ Amber Higgins, im in 7th grade ] 11-20-2002

George: I am going to be carved in to a rock some day!!!
Soldier: Well you are a frozen rock not hhahahahaha
[ Stephanie ] 11-20-2002

George: what r u 5th graders doing typing up my 8th grader's essays?
Soldier: we dont know but we wanna stop
[ it is me, im an 8th grader and i wana win ] 11-18-2002

George: darn my computer froze
Soldier: sir everybody froze
[ chloe ] 11-18-2002

George: Can you help me get off this horse?
Soldier: Oh!!! So that's why you've been on there for the past 224 years.
[ Kira ] 11-18-2002

George: martha,martha,martha,martha.
Soldier: sir are you in love?
[ Jennifer ] 11-18-2002

George: Is my face on the dollar bill yet?
Soldier: You haven't been president yet.
[ Terri, This DAR thing is very hard and agervating.age:11,SC ] 11-18-2002

George: I think it's time we go down to history.
[ k-k, looking stuff up for an AIG essay ] 11-18-2002

George: can you believe they have to write 300 to 600 word essays?
Soldier: nuh uh I cant even write.
[ chucky from meheeco ] 11-18-2002

George: do you think we will survive the bitter cold and win the war ?
Soldier: yeah ov cors we will.but first could you help me get my tounge unstuck from this peice of ice?
[ felicia dickey, 13-8th grde-11-18-02 ] 11-18-2002

George: hey guess what i'm going to be on a quarter
Soldier: that's going to be ugly
[ Alici Darby ] 11-18-2002

George: Did you think that was funny throwing that snowball at me!
Soldier: absolutly not (giggle)
[ samantha ] 11-17-2002

George: We can't win a war by retreating !
Soldier: Ok Men. Load the Muskats !
[ Brandon, Age 8 ] 11-17-2002

George: did you finish your dar essay
Soldier: no im on 193
[ Jessica Juckett, 10 tunkhannock middle school my social studies teacher rocks ] 11-17-2002

George: Don't you have an essay to write about my troops?
Soldier: I didn't know you wanted it now!
[ Danielle, Sabal Palm. Jacksonville, Fl ] 11-17-2002

George: do my 600 to 1000 word essay for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[ melissa m. powell, age-- 11 ] 11-17-2002

George: Why are you guys sitting around looking like some freezing, cold, hungry, suffering American Independant soldiers?
Soldier: 1st, we're frozen to the ground, 2nd, we have no clothes, 3rd, we ate the last of the food last week, and 4th, I want my MOMMY!!!
[ amanda, looking for information of Valley Forge!! Woopee!!! ] 11-17-2002

George: i am going to be famous, la la la la la la. i am going to be famous, la la.....
Soldier: could you be quiet over there? i have to write an essay and i won't have one single word on it if you won't be quiet and tomorrow is the due date.
[ Jenna ] 11-17-2002

George: When do you think the kids will appreciative wht we are doing for their country?
Soldier: As soon as they write an essay I gave them.
[ aa ] 11-17-2002

George: How are the troops doin?
Soldier: We're doin great.....just great!
[ Sean, 14 South Dakota ] 11-16-2002

George: We are going to win this war!Do you believe?
Soldier: I know we will and I do believe!
[ Kimmie, 12,female,west Virginia and i am interested in history a lot ] 11-16-2002

George: did you know my face is going to be on a qaurter?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: i wish i had one know to buy a hotdog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[ melissa m. powell, age-- 11 ] 11-16-2002

George: How long have we been here at Valley Forge?
Soldier: I'm not sure sir, let me check my watch.
[ Will Parrott ] 11-16-2002

George: Hey I hear that there are kids who have to write abot us.
Soldier: Yeah they have to write an essay with 300-600 words. Cool!
[ Julianna, 10 looking for imfo. about Valley Forge ] 11-15-2002

George: do you think we can end this war now so those kids don't have to write anything??
Soldier: I think they should suffer just like we are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(only the have nice warm clothes and a house, and school ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
[ Katelyn Biesinger, longview school. we have to do essay to.only it is 300-600 words.soooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy. ] 11-15-2002

George: Where is your DAR essay???
Soldier: Essay, what essay. Ohhh! That essay, I forgot what the subject was.
[ Sean Porter, 12 years old and suffering the DAR essay. ] 11-15-2002

George: hurry
Soldier: i know we can`t be late for the YANKEE game
[ a Notre Dame fan with a D.A.R report, plymouth,in ] 11-15-2002

George: Do you think we are going to be famous for this war?
Soldier: Oh yeah kids in the 4,5,6,7,and 8 grade are going to write essays about us.
[ Laura J k ] 11-15-2002

George: Why do you think every one is looking at us?
Soldier: Maybe beacuse we are the only ones in color!!!!!
[ Leila Maccurrach, 10, I'm stuck here doing the D.A.R. essay too. ] 11-15-2002

George: it may be a long and tremendous batlle ahead but we mustn't fret men, we shall always have our homeland.
Soldier: very insprireing words sir, but what is our true homeland?
[ graciey lufreebush ] 11-15-2002

George: Hello Soldire, how is the troop?
Soldier: h-h-hungry....
[ Chase, 13/m/ms ] 11-15-2002

George: Where is your DAR essay???
Soldier: Essay, what essay. Ohhh! That essay, I forgot what the subject was.
[ Sean Porter, 12 years old and suffering the DAR essay. ] 11-15-2002

George: (yaaawn) i am so tierd i mean i have been up all nite surfin the web for some desint info on valley forge for my 600 to 1000 words do you know any thing?
Soldier: except for the fact that we DIE IN THE END!
[ lauren, 11 ] 11-15-2002

George: we're going to be famous, we're goin' to be famous
Soldier: can it would ya. i have to write my essay!
[ dbh, {I have to do an essay for the DAR, too} (groan) ] 11-15-2002

George: What's that smell Private?
Soldier: That's the smell of defeat sir, Actually it's the smell of da feet of that dead guy over there.
[ Ryan Pratt, I'm 10 live in FL. any chicks want to call me?? :) ] 11-15-2002

George: God, I hope they put a beer brewery here one day in honor of me
Soldier: My feet are frozen to the ground
[ Flannery Mikusa, 28, Valley Forge, Professional bull rider ] 11-15-2002

George: Come on men we can do this we can win this all just have faith.
Soldier: Cheif wasington I think they should have a break after all it is so cold and we have nothing for them to wear.
[ Donelle ] 11-15-2002

George: i am too lazy too fight
Soldier: do you want to go to heaven?
[ carolyn ] 11-15-2002

George: Soldier you're getting smaller?
Soldier: No Georgey, I'm backing away from you!
[ Mr. Buzzard, 11 tx ] 11-15-2002

George: Soldier, why don't you have a hat on?
Soldier: I am using it to stand on sir. "Why don't you have shoes on" would have been a more appropriate question, if you don't mind me saying SO.
[ Amy ] 11-13-2002

George: Where is the liqiud acid I put in the canteen?
Soldier: That was not water?
[ Raccle ] 11-13-2002

George: dang, it's cold here
Soldier: yeah I need some long underware with a butt-flap
[ brian mchenry, age13 ] 11-13-2002

George: How's that essay coming?
Soldier: I don't even heve 300 words yet,sir. ( And he thinks I can write 600 to 1000)
[ Videl ] 11-13-2002

George: Hey, dude, you smell gamey..
Soldier: I know. I haven't showered in 3 months!!!
[ Jessica Renguette, 11 ] 11-13-2002

George: go redskins! button up that line!
Soldier: sir,what are you talking about?we're the patriots!
[ cody ] 11-13-2002

George: where's the blasted covenant forces?god,you can never trust aliens!my assault rifle's fully loaded!
Soldier: sir,we're not in halo.that won't come out on Xbox for another 200 years!
[ cody ] 11-13-2002

George: hey, your daughter just called and said that your sister was just potty trained.
Soldier: Ooooooh........really? I thought she would NEVER learn!
[ Abby, this is odd ] 11-13-2002

George: What are you doing standing around here, soldier?
Soldier: I have no choice, sir. My feet are stuck to the ground.
[ Sarah, 11 ] 11-13-2002

George: Ahh Catrina you look DARing today.
Soldier: yo! sir,you look smashing today too.
[ Da Brat, I attend RSMS and we are doing DAR, and I have written 1000 words. ] 11-13-2002

George: so what are we doing
Soldier: making the fifth graders do the 8th graders essay
[ anonymous ] 11-13-2002

George: OK,we have to go through the woods and find secret spot to hide out.
Soldier: There is a spot next to the west bank of the Schuylkill River.
[ Shawn Ray, 13 years old, at Green Sea Floyds High ] 11-13-2002

George: hey soldier! how come you did not take a shower today !!
Soldier: Sir, i was just waiting for the snow to warm up, and my clothes are still in the drier
[ krishna, i reached my 595 words, but realized it was totally wrong, what i was doing. i have to restart and just have one more week, plus $20 late payment on video ] 11-12-2002

George: dude it's cold! Can I have some money?
Soldier: No! you're the rich guy! I think?
[ Caitlin, 10 ] 11-11-2002

George: those little kiddies will SUFFER!!!!!!!!
Soldier: are you talking about my great x 345,657 granddaughter
[ zoe, stupid essay ] 11-11-2002

George: what did you say????
Soldier: I said lets get this dumb war over with so people like 300 years from now can save room in their social studies books!!!
[ Cameron Wiley ] 11-11-2002

George: Up,down,do those pushups
Soldier: I cant go up.You,ll have to make me wings
[ Jessica, 11 ] 11-11-2002

George: Men,War is a serious affiar....
Soldier: Down With DAR ESSAYS!!!!!!!!!!
[ Sarah, girls rule, boys drool. ] 11-11-2002

George: seya break a leg soldier
Soldier: ah my leg is broken
[ keith sherman, i'm 11 & i live in b'ham,AL ] 11-11-2002

George: How are we doin soldier
Soldier: Oh not bad we got a couple hundred people DEAD and now your comming up to me asking "How are we doing soldier?"
[ Me I mean Elias, 12 year old writing a 600 to 1000 word essay.well i just wanna tell u people that i think this is kinda cool. ] 11-11-2002

George: Move!! I'm gonna save my troop! I AM American.
Soldier: Not on my time, bucko. Let me see your papers.
[ Angel ] 11-11-2002

George: Ze British arrrr coming! ZE BRITISH ARRRR C-
Soldier: SHOVE IT! I heard you the first time!
[ Alexexander Hamilton(I'm really a girl, ya know!)Que Pasa!Sayanara! ] 11-11-2002

George: Hiya hut!!!!
Soldier: ouch!!!!!watch what you do with those fists of fury!!!!!!!!!
[ Matthew Reeves ] 11-11-2002

George: I will raise taxes, and I WILL BE KING!!!!
Soldier: Be quiet, your not president yet...
[ Invader Gir, 13, Florida ] 11-10-2002

George: Give me liberty or give me death!
Soldier: Umm...sir wrong scene...
[ Jeff, 13, Florida ] 11-10-2002

George: I like swords! I like swords!
Soldier: I like guns! I like guns!
[ josh poole AKA big fat bear sneaking up behind you ] 11-10-2002

George: what are you doing?
Soldier: looking for some toliet paper.
[ lauren hollis ] 11-10-2002

George: HA HA HA! suffer my hideous wrath! Write a 600-1000 word essay on me!
Soldier: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
[ vick ] 11-10-2002

George: Ha, Ha!! I've got a horse and you don't!!
Soldier: Woo-Who!! Give you a cookie!!!
[ Somebody Strange, Cochran, Georgia (8th Grade) ] 11-10-2002

George: How are we doing soldier?
Soldier: Not good General Washington. I mean do you call people DYEING being in good shape. (He calls himself smart)
[ Callista, I'm 11 yrs old with a large imagination ] 11-08-2002

George: Get back to work now!!
Soldier: Why you're not the boss of me
[ Nicole Sandalic, Age:11 ] 11-08-2002

George: are the men fighting with all they got?
Soldier: no
[ alicia ] 11-08-2002

George: I declare war!!!!
Soldier: well!!!!!! i don't!
[ anonymous ] 11-08-2002

George: I hope I didn't see you copying my officer's 600 to1000-word essay on Valley Forge.
Soldier: I hope you didn't, either!
[ One of Mr. Crow's tortured students ] 11-08-2002

George: Who wants to play hide and seek?!
Soldier: Ok men everone put on your shoes no bloody tracks!!
[ Sarah Beasley ] 11-08-2002

George: I will bet you a dollar kid named James will have to write an essay about me
[ anonymous, no not another essay....keep it tight homies you know who you are ] 11-08-2002

George: where's john adams
Soldier: i think he's dabating on the declaration
[ niesha, 11/f/ohio ] 11-08-2002

George: this horse is giving me a wedgy
Soldier: shall we have a pity party for you?
[ Nick ] 11-08-2002

George: fourscore and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth on this nation ...
Soldier: OOH SHUTUP. Abe Lincoln gonna say that in fifty years
[ j r ] 11-08-2002

George: Is there a Burger King on this horse trail?
Soldier: No, but we have a lot of horse patties!
[ Kaleb Morrell, I am 13 years old ] 11-08-2002

George: Have you ever heard of the NSDAR?
Soldier: How can I? We're the fathers of them you idoit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[ Eric Liszewski ] 11-08-2002

George: what are you standing around for! Go anfd fight the war
Soldier: i con't! My feet are frozen to the ground and i need to do my essay!
[ Eric Liszewski ] 11-08-2002

George: What R' U doin'?
Soldier: I'm lokin' for my cell phone i dropped back there!!
[ I dunno! ] 11-08-2002

George: lafayette what are you doin here
Soldier: im waiting for those 5 graders to turn in their essays it was my idea hehehe!!!
[ ana calapa, 10 years 5 grade brownsville i hate essays! ] 11-06-2002

George: Have the men eatten lately?
Soldier: No, not since we had horse kabobs.
[ rosa ] 11-06-2002

George: do you know what time it is?
Soldier: no sir I don't have a sundial
[ scott messenger ] 11-06-2002

George: Hello, you look like u came fome the mid-west
Soldier: that's just the cowboy in me !
[ Ashley, 12 Cedartown GA Home Of De Dawgs ! ] 11-06-2002

George: I'll have a bean taco with a coke with that.
Soldier: This is war not a restaurant.
[ Ashley Perez, age10/girl ] 11-06-2002

George: The red coats are coming! The red coats are coming?
Soldier: Oh god yes! I've been scared they we're going to wear an ugly bright orange!
[ Jeff R., I/M me at PatsTake2002 ] 11-06-2002

George: Why do Poor Children have to Write 600-1000 word reports on me?!?!?!
Soldier: Because their brainwashing kids with mindless boring things to do.
[ jj---hackers r' us wazzzzup krunk!!! ] 11-06-2002

George: hehehe i bet all these events will be an oppertunity to make kids write an essay on it
Soldier: wippeee we are going to be famous!! hahaha lil kiddees in the future!!
[ ~keke~ man i hate essays!! who cares about the past!!?, va ] 11-06-2002

George: What do you mean there are no more cows.
Soldier: They went mad
[ cameron ] 11-06-2002

George: wassup my home dog
Soldier: not much just keeping it tight
[ Alyssa ] 11-06-2002

George: hey lets go to 7 eleven and get a burger
Soldier: do u want fries with that sir
[ kody vest ] 11-06-2002

George: hey lets go to sonic and get a shake and a burger
Soldier: ok its on u though cause i anit got any money
[ andrew howard ] 11-06-2002

George: Did you bring back some pie from trenton??
Soldier: Uh, I'm sorry sir but the hessians would not share!?!
[ shellie ] 11-06-2002

George: iam known for chopping cheerie trees not for riding on the back of this horse!
Soldier: Then get your but off the horse and help fight!
[ Kali williams, 11,california,i have to do the dar essay at least 1,000 words long! ] 11-06-2002

George: Help me off this horse!
Soldier: Whatever!!
[ molly ] 11-04-2002

George: It's George
Soldier: Hi Georgy
[ Rocio Rodriguez, 10 yrs.old Brownsville, Texas ] 11-04-2002

George: Do you remember what we are doing here besides getting the snow all bloody and frezzzeing.
Soldier: Fighting for our Independence from the stupid King George the Idoit of Britian.
[ Eric ] 11-04-2002

George: Hey, you! Feed my horse! He's hungry!
Soldier: Feed your own horse! and feed me while your at it! I'm STARVING!
[ Maddy, Sup, G's! AIM/IM me at sanddobby. ASL 13/F/MA. ] 11-04-2002

George: What the heck are ya doin'?!
Soldier: Eating flavored snowcones with no flavoring or cones.
[ Victoria, 11, Hi everyone!!!!! ] 11-04-2002

George: This day will be remembered forever
Soldier: I'd prefer that we'd be around tomarrow instead
[ jan ] 11-03-2002

George: what r u doin soldier u have a 600 word essay to write
Soldier: o man can't i just take an "F"
[ emily gibson, why do we gotta write an essay on the past it already happened ] 11-03-2002

George: Isn't this fun!
Soldier: Sir, we are leaving blood marks on the snow, some of us are getting our feet and legs amputated, and we have absolutly NO clothes!!!! aaaahhhhhh
[ rebecca dupuis, TN, age 11, have 2 do an essay on Valley Forge! NOT FUN!! has 2 b at least 600 words! ] 11-03-2002

George: What kinda soldier are ya that doesn't smoke a pipe?
Soldier: One that didn't have to get wooden teeth!
[ kate ] 11-03-2002

George: Soldier write a letter to the government we are starving and need food!
Soldier: yes sir right away!
[ Annie J ] 11-03-2002

George: you know, you really should be working on DAR right now....
Soldier: no, people 200 years from now should be working on DAR right now!
[ sarah, chi-town IL ] 11-03-2002

George: Soldier, get me a new horse - this one won't budge!
Soldier: Sir, that's a wooden horse.
[ Val ] 11-03-2002

George: go eat dirt
Soldier: how about a snow cone?
[ Brian, fl ] 11-03-2002

George: you must work harder for our country
Soldier: how can we work if you don't give us food
[ angie chanwanti ] 11-03-2002

George: Two trailer park girls going round the outside, round the outside, round the outside
Soldier: What the heck's a trailer and that's the British going "round the outside"
[ Bart, Springfield ] 11-03-2002

George: Do you know the muffin man?
Soldier: Are you talking about Charles Martin?His muffins are very good!
[ Millie, Do you know the muffin man? ] 11-03-2002

George: This is sooo stupid
Soldier: Yea but a lot of ppl think its cool to come here and think of things that ppl who died TONS of years ago said.
[ Calli Girl, from California ] 11-03-2002

George: These are the times that try mens souls
Soldier: Yeah, u can say that again, my soul has already left me
[ Kate ] 11-03-2002

George: Whatcha aiming that bazooka at me for?
Soldier: Are you a Continentel General? Oh Wow? Can You give Me an auto graph? Thanks! *KABOOM*
[ Kevin Yang, real Kevin this time ] 11-03-2002

George: give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: i have not yet begun to fight
[ Chris ] 11-02-2002

George: Hey, ser where are you off to?
Soldier: To fight the british
[ Diana, Hi everyone ] 11-02-2002

George: Help! send in superman
Soldier: I'm superman
[ Josh Poole ] 11-02-2002

George: Who wants icecream
Soldier: Why dont we just eat the snow
[ (zt) ] 11-02-2002

George: Lets Play Marco Polo
Soldier: The pond is frosen
[ Josh Poole, age 11 location GA ] 11-02-2002

George: What is up my G?
Soldier: Nothing much here, sir, just drinking some prune juice!
[ Katie S., I live in Cochran, Georgia and I REALLY don't like DAR essays! (but who does?) ] 11-02-2002

George: How does this metal egg work?
Soldier: Throw it! It's a grenade! You'll blow yourself up! Ah! Not at me!*Kaboom*
[ Kevin Yang, The Real Kevin this time ] 11-01-2002

George: I'm cold, i want a heater here right now.
Soldier: i'm sorry, but they aren't invented for about 200 years and we're not in the future
[ rick ] 10-31-2002

George: We will fight on to victory
Soldier: Victory Victory
[ Kimberly ] 10-31-2002

George: I love you, you love me, we are one big family!
Soldier: Uh? Sir, are you in preschool or have you been watching barney too much?
[ Kevin Yang, Kevin for the third time ] 10-31-2002

George: arrh mate
Soldier: you can't liver me hides
[ Natalie Brockwell ] 10-30-2002

George: okay!!!who put superglue on my horse!?!!
Soldier: UHOH Ithought that was paint.
[ Christopher Munn, Mrs. Wieczorek & Mrs. pelt rock!!!!!!!! ] 10-30-2002

George: Prepare to attack the British
Soldier: Sir, the British are already atacking us
[ Matt Szczepanski ] 10-30-2002

George: Hey you guys what is going on??
Soldier: nothing much here how about with you??
[ anonymous ] 10-30-2002

George: No more war movies for you young man, your eyesight's bad enough!
Soldier: But sir, TV's aren't invented yet and this is a real war, not a History channel special!
[ Kevin Yang, again! ] 10-30-2002

George: Do you think someday they will make kids write an essay about this
Soldier: what's an essay
[ Alex, 11 yrs old, who just finished a 633 word DAR essay ] 10-30-2002

George: they should put MY face on the one doller bill cause i'm the #1 general
Soldier: uhhh I think you should start your dar report first
[ Matthew ] 10-30-2002

George: hey wats up oh uh, Soldier tuck that shirt in!
Soldier: just my DAR essay uh i meanYes sir! Right away!
[ Gio Casillas, Hey soldier im doing DAR too! ] 10-30-2002

George: I could have been a surveyor all my life and not gotten mixed up in this war.
Soldier: And me, I could have been a contender.
[ Peter, 15 years old P-town VA ] 10-30-2002

George: Oh my goodness! It's freezing out here! I don't know if I can put up with this much longer!
Soldier: George, I know you can! You can't give up now, we've made it so far.
[ Cassie ] 10-30-2002

George: Ohh great, the british, READY AIM FIRE!!!
Soldier: HOLD YOUR FIRE!! I'm french
[ nick ryan ] 10-30-2002

George: good job soldier
Soldier: Thank you Mr.Washington
[ John church ] 10-30-2002

George: Man i really like that Eminem
Soldier: Uhhh...Sir he wont be born for at least 200 years
[ Jon Gray ] 10-30-2002

George: What are you doing?
Soldier: Mocking King George... The baboon
[ Adrian Cote ] 10-30-2002

George: i miss you kid!
Soldier: i miss you too daddy!
[ john l ] 10-30-2002

George: I said War, what it isn't good for!
Soldier: Sir how did u know my favorite song?
[ j.d, I don't get why our DAR has to be over 600 words!! Ihate it!!! ] 10-30-2002

George: I'm soooooo hungry!!!!!!
Soldier: well me and the guys are going out for chinese want to come?
[ Clara Henry, I'm 11 years old and I was doing a report on Vally Forge when I found this!!! ] 10-30-2002

George: who are you
Soldier: TABOR CITY MIDDEL STUDENT oh now this is what i call study
[ william (billy), 12/north carolina ui have a report to do ] 10-30-2002

George: I think I'll stand up.
Soldier: Nooooo! The boat might tip over.
[ Angel, I have to do a D.A.R. report and I've only done 124 words ] 10-30-2002

George: *BOOM* Fire at will!
Soldier: Sir? *BOOM* Which one is Will?
[ coolest girl, age 10, I like all the ones that are on this page ] 10-30-2002

George: Heh! I said regular, not decaff!
Soldier: Sorry, sir. My ears are so cold I can't here a thing.
[ JO$EPH june ] 10-30-2002

Soldier: How do you think I feel? I'm livin' out here
[ Savannah Nicole Mullis, 12, Cochran, GA please send me an email ] 10-30-2002

George: "Dear mother, it is cold. I am hungry. miss you." ten words, 590 to go!
Soldier: C'mon george, you can do it! you gotta win this DAR thing! you LIVED it!
[ feel sorry 4 everone who has 2 do this DAR thing, including me ] 10-29-2002

George: What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
Soldier: Me! I thought they hadn't come out yet!
[ Kevin Yang, Age 10 IQ 250 Most popular boy in school ] 10-27-2002

George: You may think that that would be best ...however if you were to ask these men if they would rather surrender or die for the cause- you would be dumbfounded
Soldier: Sir... I think it may be best if we retreat now.
[ emily, 13 houston TX ] 10-27-2002

George: hey where's my tv?? i wanna check out the new and see how the war is going!
Soldier: why do u need at tv?? the war is right is front of u!!!
[ chelsea, i have to do the DAR essay too!! omg! ] 10-27-2002

George: whatz up homey
Soldier: nothing much just a dar essay
[ caitlin brister ] 10-27-2002

George: I'm dying of the cold, man!
Soldier: your dyin'? we soldiers are the ones dyin!
[ Chris Blevins, 12 ] 10-27-2002

George: Do you like my hair today?
Soldier: Yes, it has that science fiction look.
[ Hannah, i like eggs ] 10-27-2002

George: hey, i need a table 4 two, and...
Soldier: 2 sir? arent there more than the both of us?
[ rachell ] 10-27-2002

George: Repeat after me!
Soldier: After me!
[ Nicole, bday is august 13 ] 10-27-2002

George: "I believe I could fly, I believe touch the sky"
Soldier: Sir, that song hasn't come out yet!
[ Cindy ] 10-27-2002

George: My powdered wig is frozen!
Soldier: You should have worn a hat instead!
[ Mia Turner, 14, Miami, Florida, brown and hazel eyes, 8th grade ] 10-27-2002

George: Little Georgy Went to town riding on a pony!
Soldier: and the solder stuck a sock in his mouth and told him toooo shut- up!
[ Sarah, I am doing an essay on vally forge ] 10-27-2002

George: Execute the prisoner
Soldier: Hey, y'all are Americans. You're not supposed to execute without a fair trial, even if I am on the other side!
[ Rebecca Sams, God Bless President Bush ] 10-26-2002

George: soildier,help is on its way.
Soldier: I need help on my report?
[ shnay lester, good job for me ] 10-26-2002

George: what are ye doin lad
Soldier: hey you arn't irish!
[ caleb schalles, age 11(location katy texas) go uga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ] 10-26-2002

George: Sldier,go on the internet, look up Valley Forge, and type my essay!
Soldier: NO!, you do it,its your essay. Besides, your the one with the computer not me!
[ Suzanne, 11 ] 10-26-2002

George: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: and you thought I was weird
[ caleb schalles, AGE 11(LOCATION KATY TEXAS) please put mine up. ] 10-26-2002

George: Is the soldiers fighting as hard as possible
Soldier: 3 months of shortage and hardship i think we deserve something other than a question like that!
[ Kristy McCormack, 13,Beaufort,South Carolina and is Taylors man ] 10-26-2002

George: i wish i had a phone
Soldier: well i don't think they will take your money
[ caleb schalles, age 11(location katy texas) go atm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ] 10-26-2002

George: Hey Dude!! The fighting is like going on here!! Whatcha reading a book for?
Soldier: George baby, I'm trying to learn a bout Valley Forge so I don't make thhe same mistake!!
[ Kayla, I have to write the DAR essay too! ] 10-25-2002

George: super monkey ball two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: I go real fast vroom!!!! I go real fast vroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[ Caleb Schalles, age 11( location Katy Texas) Great site( YALLLL!) ] 10-25-2002

George: I need somebody to type my essay
Soldier: ill do it i can type 150 words a minute so then it would take me 4 minutes
[ bored and dont want to do my essay ] 10-25-2002

George: yo yo yo whats happenin with my peeps out there
Soldier: nutin sir, their all chillin.......literally
[ anonymous ] 10-25-2002

George: I would like a bacon, egg, and cheese omlet, please. Oh yeah and a water.
Soldier: Sir, I'm not a McDonalds worker I'm a soldier. *BOOM*
[ Rene, age 10 ] 10-25-2002

George: Let's go and watch the war.
Soldier: Uh, sir, it's right in front of us
[ Angel, age 10 ] 10-24-2002

George: We should fight.
Soldier: What do you mean...WE?
[ anonymous ] 10-24-2002

George: look at my new horse
Soldier: we never get anything new
[ anoms ] 10-24-2002

George: sup, dog, hope your chillin'
Soldier: dude i'm chillin' enogh to die!
[ bobby, 14 and haten' the DAR ] 10-24-2002

George: Are you ready for tonights football war? Who are you cheering for?
Soldier: The Patriots! Duh! That's who we are.
[ Jay ] 10-24-2002

George: What else can we make the future kids write about?
Soldier: If we attack the Brits on Christmas an' they can do a 600- word essay on that, too!
[ Caroline E., 13,live in Camden, doing the D.A.R. but took a break. Last day! ] 10-24-2002

George: My horse will eat your heart!
Soldier: Oh no Geoge had to much of his medicine again!
[ Jimbo Logo, if you dont pick mine my pot bellied pigs shalleat you alive just kidding i just get a kick out of saying that Ha Ha Ha! ] 10-24-2002

George: where did you get your clothes
Soldier: goodwill
[ anonymous ] 10-24-2002

George: martha wat ar ya doin'! i thought i told ya to stay home!
Soldier: dude, ya need cowntacts cuz im matthew not martha!
[ Dabomb, 10 and whose entery better be chosen!!! ] 10-21-2002

George: lets go bomb the brittish
Soldier: its 2002 their our allies and support bushes actions unlike other countries... who do not want to bomb afganastand and iraq
[ ..., i have to do the dar essay ] 10-21-2002

George: My legs are finally not frozen and I can ride my horse again
Soldier: Now your "back in the saddle again!"
[ Deanna, age,12very hot ] 10-21-2002

George: Those kids on the other side of the computer really shouldn't be making fun of us,we are very important men!
Soldier: Yeah, they're h-h-hurting m-my feelings, WAAAAHHH!
[ Aubs, 12 yrs old, Wisconsin ] 10-21-2002

George: Let's go men! We should fight the terrible terrorists and whoever is behind September 11.
Soldier: What are you talking about George? Did you get hit on the head or something? We are fighting the British and anyways,what's a terroist???
[ Joy, My age is 11 ] 10-21-2002

George: OK lets go cut Osamas head off!!
Soldier: ummmm could u wait a couple hundred years
[ a really bored teen whos got a 600 word esay to do problems yea well i dont care ] 10-21-2002

George: THE Brisith is coming soilders!
Soldier: WE know they are, sir.
[ Elizabeth Glentz, 12years, 875NShiller Buffalo City, Wisconsin ] 10-21-2002

George: can we smoke now i want peace between us and the indians so can we hurry up
Soldier: thats the indians not the brits (muffled) i think uv been smoking it already
[ anonymous ] 10-21-2002

George: Who are you?
Soldier: Your servant. My name is George Washington.
[ Yu-Gi-Oh ] 10-21-2002

George: *~*Well Soldier how are ya holdin up!?Just so ya know I brought an extra pair of underware just in case!*~*
Soldier: *~*BOOM!!!*~*Well sir i need that extra pair of underware NOW!! I just had an accident when the cannon was fired sir!*~*
[ Angel, age:13*~*Location ummmm.... I 4got!Virginia ] 10-21-2002

George: all hands on deck!
Soldier: uh, sir, were on land, not sea
[ su z q, im fifteen and live in hollywood ] 10-21-2002

George: the british are coming!
Soldier: Hey George, that was Paul Revere not u.
[ Megan, 12, Ohio ] 10-20-2002

George: I'm freezing my teeth off !!!
Soldier: Uhhh Sir, last time i checked, wood doesn't freeze
[ Okay now I really have to get to my report ] 10-20-2002

George: 4 score and 7 years ago our forefathers brought forth ....
Soldier: sir, we are the forefathers
[ elise, 12 ] 10-20-2002

George: The army is in bad shape these days.
Soldier: Yes they are sir, infact I even suggested that they should build a gym to work out at. He, he, he.
[ Marcia Buck, eleven, Port St. Lucie, FL ] 10-20-2002

George: Whats up mah homie G!!!!
Soldier: nutin man how 'bout you!!!
[ Anna ] 10-20-2002

George: Yes, what do u want solider?
Soldier: ummm...yes, is there is any clothing or food that the army could wear and eat.
[ judy vang, i'm 13teen=) ] 10-20-2002

George: how are the soldiers soldier
Soldier: the men are hungry and wounded but they sia they will fight
[ krystle wiles, i'm 12 i live in florida ] 10-20-2002

George: i see your just standing there ay?
Soldier: YES SIR! i'm stuck to the ground SIR!!!
[ MaryJane, 12,florida, i have to write a 705 word eassy, hope you enjoy my quote,peace out yo! ] 10-20-2002

George: I'll take a Big Mac and Fries please
Soldier: Sir, This is Sonic, No McDonald's
[ Heather Hamilton, Age 7 - St. Genevieve School - Lafayette, LA ] 10-18-2002

George: Help I can't get off my horse.....
Soldier: Are you frozen in the saddle?
[ Stacy Pennington, Ohio, Age 12 ] 10-17-2002

George: WAZZUP Soldier? Have we won this confounded thing yet???
Soldier: Noppers! *boom* 1 british down... a few million to go...
[ Sunny, me! ] 10-17-2002

George: Yo wat up bra
Soldier: did u just call me a piece of underwear??
[ Dr. Evil, Dr. Evil volcana ] 10-17-2002

George: Oh, my Martha, how I have missed you so!
Soldier: Sir, you need contacts. I'm Martin, not Martha.
[ Christina Peebles, I'm age 13 from north Georgia. ] 10-17-2002

George: hurry up hurryup
Soldier: i know i have baseball tickets
[ anonymous ] 10-17-2002

George: im cold
Soldier: you should be your sitting naked in the snow
[ anonymous ] 10-17-2002

George: So how are all of you soilders doing?
Soldier: are you kidding we are f f f f frezzing
[ Cory Walker ] 10-17-2002

George: wassup my home dog!
Soldier: nuttin much just keepin it tight!
[ steve ] 10-17-2002

George: have you ever wished for a duck for your birthday
Soldier: come on George! we're in the war be serious! And yes i have wish for a duck
[ chelsea, im 13 and i have a sweet life ] 10-17-2002

George: was there something you said i missed while talking on my cell that was important
Soldier: yeah,we're ready to go home .the war is over.
[ pooh bear, age 15 ] 10-16-2002

George: have you ever wished for a duck for your birthday
Soldier: come on George! we're in the war be serious! And yes i have wish for a duck
[ chelsea, im 13 and i have a sweet life ] 10-16-2002

George: lets play freeze tag
Soldier: sir we are already frozen
[ dee gross, #1 panthers KJSHS ] 10-16-2002

George: it's so cold my wig is frozen to my head
Soldier: it's so cold my toes are just frozen
[ Chick a Dee, I go to Knigtstown Jr. High ] 10-16-2002

George: i pledge of allegiance to the flag of the united states of america
Soldier: um sir? we need to create theamerica frist
[ brianna ] 10-16-2002

George: attack the british!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: Yes sir!
[ Cheryl Lynn Mahaffey, 11, PSL, FL (boring town DONT MOVE HERE) dating ] 10-16-2002

George: I spy with my little eye.......
Soldier: Don't you start that again!!
[ ben, Hidey ho everyone ] 10-16-2002

George: i think i'll rule this country after we win !
Soldier: but sir, i thought we wanted freedom ?
[ a person who has to do a 600 word essay on valley forge, age:11, the shores (florida) ] 10-16-2002

George: i'll like a big mac and fries.
Soldier: we're about rock biscets and water?
[ charlene, 13,columbus,GA ] 10-16-2002

George: Aint nobody dope as me im dressed so fresh so clean
Soldier: I love when you stare at me im dressed so fresh so clean
[ linz ] 10-16-2002

George: So how's the war been?
Soldier: Not bad, But there's too much killing
[ Kali, I'm 12.... I live in PSl,Florida.....I go to Southport middle School ] 10-16-2002

George: Hey you! There is a Giant fire breathing dragon behind you! HA!
Soldier: Wow! How did I fall for that one? That must be one of the newest tricks in the book!
[ Stefanie Stefanie Stefanie Stefanie Stefanie Stefanie Stefanie Stefanie Stefanie Stefanie Stefanie Stefanie Stefanie Stefanie Stefanie Stefanie, greenville South Carolina! get it? the oldest trick in the book must have been the newest trick in the book sometime. ] 10-16-2002

George: What are does things behind you?
Soldier: They say they're cartoons and they're on our side.
[ Don, 10 years old ] 10-16-2002

George: did i miss some thing it said on my cell phone i missed 150 messages while i was cilling in flordia
Soldier: no all you missed was a war
[ hi low, 10years ] 10-09-2002

George: Hey were is the bathroom
Soldier: It's 10 steps to your left and it's right behind the big tree
[ Katie ] 10-09-2002

George: Be a man,man we are fighting for our freedom here
Soldier: Im scared i want my mommy!
[ bebe jennings ] 10-09-2002

George: my horse is nice do you want to pet him?
Soldier: no sir, last time i did he ate my shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[ gw, 10, largo ] 10-09-2002

George: "I'm goin to battle inthe war world1!!!"
Soldier: "Umm sir, It's the twenty second century the war is over."
[ Hallie, I live in Clearwater, Florida I'm 10 years old ] 10-09-2002

George: Oh my God! I'm wearing pink! Who bought this outfit of me!?
Soldier: Ummm I did sir... because my wife put her red hat in the washer and it got pink.... look on the bright side if were are MIA they will notice we are gone.
[ Tara, I am from Ag north and i was just look for info on valley forge and i thought this would be funny. ] 10-09-2002

George: man i wish i had computer
Soldier: sorry sir but our connection is bad
[ rashad moffett, i'm 13 ] 10-09-2002

George: Son, go get a mama cow for my horse.
Soldier: Uhhh.... What the heck is a mama cow? I'll get a heffer instead.
[ FrnkBob2, I smell. Bad, ] 10-09-2002

George: Attack with sharpened steel!
Soldier: Okay, I'll steal some beans from their camp. I'm HUNGRY!
[ Bob Frankjimjoe, I like eggs! ] 10-09-2002

George: get the men I am going to the battel stashen
Soldier: yes go and be carefull ! God be with you ser.
[ anonymous ] 10-09-2002

George: don't fire till you see the whites of their eyes!!!
Soldier: uh! sir! they are wearing sunglasses
[ logan and matt, 13,rugby middle nc ] 10-09-2002

George: Write to my love, Martha, tell her I miss her and I wait till be morrow where I'll have such sweet sorrow.
Soldier: General, I do not know to spell Washington. It is to long.
[ samibird, the realest state New York!! ] 10-09-2002

George: my wig is now a freezey pop and you think your cold!!!!
Soldier: no comment...........sir
[ april avery- sadler, 13 ] 10-09-2002

George: Corn On The Cob
Soldier: Beans 'n Corn Bread
[ braghas ] 10-09-2002

George: why do we have this war?
Soldier: I don't know but I'm scared!!!!!!!!
[ Jeanette Gramm, 12,port st. lucie ] 10-07-2002

George: please leave or you will die all of you
Soldier: then we will die with pride and honor
[ ashley v., i'm 10 live inn jesup georgia ] 10-07-2002

George: why won't this horse move?!
Soldier: sir, its frozen
[ anonymous ] 10-07-2002

George: I need to get bigger shoes, these are too small.
Soldier: Whaddya talking about? At least you HAVE shoes!
[ aaa ] 10-07-2002

George: "every time i twist my neck like this AAH!!!!,i can't feel my toes oh i don't have any toes,i think i need a hug".
Soldier: "tough break sir, oh okay come here before i change my mind".
[ Cam121, "i was reading stuff about valley forge [for AG] while i came across this i really liked it". ] 10-07-2002

George: Why'd the chicken cross the road? Ayone? to get to the other side!!!!! ( :
Soldier: Wow! that must be a new one.................. I've never heard it before
[ Elise Cader, I live in Morehead City on the outer banks, I have to do the dar report ] 10-07-2002

George: Who ordered us to camp at this place! I'm sick of it!
Soldier: Uh Sir, You did.
[ Michael W., age 12 Texas ] 10-07-2002

George: Oh my nose is freezing.
Soldier: Your nose is freezing. My toes are going to fall off !!
[ Sarina Langley ] 10-07-2002

George: I asked if I'm getting closer to Philly?
Soldier: Oh, I thought, you said where's your filley! It's under you!
[ Josh G., (13, Overland Pk., KS) ] 10-07-2002

George: you;re doing very well Thank you
Soldier: Hi your're doing very good
[ Crystal Hayes ] 10-07-2002

George: Well done,but you know,THAT WASN"T OUR GUY!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: Oh,well, he had a redish pinkish coat on.
[ Nesa ] 10-07-2002

George: freeze!!
Soldier: sir, the enemy is already frozen....
[ haha ] 10-07-2002

George: Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle All The The Way
Soldier: Oh What Heck It Is To Walk In The Snow For Days!
[ Josh, 13 ] 10-03-2002

George: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Soldier: Spongebob square pants! Spongebob square pants!!
[ Bobbi Child, 13 florida ] 10-03-2002

George: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America....
Soldier: Um sir? We need to create America first.
[ Rebecca, 13, Loves America with all of her heart ] 10-03-2002

George: boy, i wish computers are invented...
Soldier: well..i can tell ya this much....they will be in a few years!
[ haha ] 10-03-2002

George: Darn this horse is slow.
Soldier: Ohh, let me go get you a nice corvette while the rest of us have to walk!!!
[ Bob ] 10-03-2002

George: One time, at band camp.
Soldier: let me guess, there was a bear!
[ Chris Treantos ] 10-03-2002

George: Im going to the moon and with me im taking-
Soldier: This is the fifth time today!
[ Chris Treantos ] 10-03-2002

George: Boy, i got the munchies real bad!
Soldier: Well, dont relieve yoursleves in any place other than the proper neccesities or i will have to give you 5 lashings!
[ Chris Treantos ] 10-03-2002

George: Bang Bang choo choo train come on people do your thing getem getem gotum gotum Uggh and let them roll!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: This is a war!!!! Not a cheer squad!!!! But O.K. Lets Cheer!!!!!!!!!!
[ Noelle ] 10-03-2002

George: Halt who goes there!
Soldier: Its me . soldier john, Im on your team . so dont shoot!
[ Enya ] 10-02-2002

George: ooooooooohhhhhhhh!
Soldier: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
[ Curious George ] 10-02-2002

George: it;s pretty cold isn't it?
Soldier: Cold!?! my toes are practically frozen!
[ Chelsea, 12, Florida ] 10-02-2002

George: hi, Im gearge washington.
Soldier: I am a valley forge soldier.
[ tyler smith, age 10, n.c. ] 10-02-2002

George: hello son how may i help you what are you doing here?
Soldier: my mom made me walk 50000 miles in the snow to tell you that she thought you were hot now i have to walk all the back to my house to tell her what you said!
[ jessibob, 13 psl fl. ] 10-02-2002

George: hi im george washington who are u may i ask and what are u doing here
Soldier: my name is mickey mouse and i am here to tell u that ur wife is having a baby and i am off now
[ tabatha ] 09-30-2002

George: Where did that blue stuff come from?
Soldier: Well,if you weren't so high you could see that my foot is bleeding!!!
[ Tara Larson, I live in Neport, N.C.and I am in 5th grade and go to Newport Elem. I was 'supposed to get info for a writing contest and saw this. ] 09-30-2002

George: So.......what do we do now?
Soldier: I donno your the brains of the family. You had the "BRIGHT" idea of having a war, when I was all snuggled up in my blankey at HOME!!!
[ Laura D Say La Vee, 12 years old Virginia ITS SUNDAY THE 29! 2002 ] 09-29-2002

George: i am number one
Soldier: how true
[ anonymous ] 09-29-2002

George: I`m sick of war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: OK let`s play sport
[ k-girl, 11 years ] 09-29-2002

George: I know what you mean my thighs are killing me from riding this dern horse
Soldier: Your thighs, my feet are about to fall off!!!
[ Lindsey V. ] 09-29-2002

George: in god we trust
Soldier: do you want to fight?
[ Danielle and Casey, age 10 ] 09-28-2002

George: You, Elvis Presley sing us all Hound Dog
Soldier: Thank ya, thank ya, thank ya very mutch
[ josh's girl ] 09-28-2002

George: Freeze partnar!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: We are already freezing....
[ sean tsunami ] 09-28-2002

George: That will be 5 lashings for not relieving your self in the proper place
Soldier: but i didn't know
[ Caroline, I am 13 yrs. old in the 8th grade and this is a true staement soldiers got 5 lashings with a whip for no relievind them selfs in a proper place or not usung the bathroom in a proper place ] 09-28-2002

George: Why did you paint the soldiers and try to paint me?
Soldier: I thought you said to give everyone coats and a heavy one for you!!!
[ Midgie ] 09-28-2002

George: so do you have a wife
Soldier: I'm only 12
[ anonymous ] 09-28-2002

George: move outa my way you soldier i am making history!
Soldier: well yeah you do that i gotta move.
[ emily mclaughlin, 12 ] 09-28-2002

George: ready your guns men
Soldier: but the men's guns are frozen stiff
[ john collier ] 09-28-2002

George: I see London I see France I see your underpants!
Soldier: You can see London, France and my underpants! Wow you must have 20, 20, 20 vision
[ Nicolenico ] 09-28-2002

George: Are we under attack? BANG! BOOM!
Soldier: No, a guy just fell down.
[ Michael Perry ] 09-28-2002

George: (silence) why do people do stupid things?
Soldier: now THAT was random!!!
[ noah, age-12 san mateo (it was random) ] 09-28-2002

George: Let's go home and have a beer!
Soldier: what are you talkin' 'bout Willi g the british are attacking
[ superstar* NIKKI, nothing ] 09-28-2002

George: Get the men ready because we are off to fight the Brittish.
Soldier: That is a really good idea, sir. I will go and tell everybody else that now, sir.
[ Molly Elizabeth ] 09-28-2002

George: Well, I want all slaves to be free.
Soldier: It's against the law for slaves to be free.
[ Caleb, Age 9 Panama City, FL ] 09-28-2002

George: Who wants to be in charge to collect fire wood?
Soldier: Pick me, Pick me, Pick me.
[ Katie, 6th grade @ Schofield in Aiken,SC pick me ] 09-28-2002

George: These conditions are rough.
Soldier: I'm starving! Help us! We need clothing and feed, or we are sure to die. Help us!
[ Katie, 10 ] 09-28-2002

George: Why are there soooo many mosqitos flying over us?
Soldier: Sir those are bullets
[ lyn-z, 11 n.c. ] 09-28-2002

George: Soldier, when was the last time you took a bath??
Soldier: i Havent bathed for 3 weeks!!! Can i go home now??
[ Jennica ] 09-28-2002

George: So how have things been going while I was gone?
Soldier: Well, about the same, but instead of 12 soldiers a day dead, now we have 13! From starvation.
[ anonymous, Couldn't think of anything else! Please put this on the page... ] 09-28-2002

George: Let's attack the enemy by surprise!
Soldier: Let's not and say we did!
[ Princess Shebaladala, age 13 ] 09-28-2002

George: You There, I hear you have been gambling again. If I catch you doing it again You will be courtmartialed.
Soldier: Yes Sir! I bet you 50 bucks that I will never do it again.
[ Josh Schwader, 12 years old and I live in Missouri. ] 09-28-2002

George: (winds are blowing) The temperature has dropped again.
Soldier: No sir, that was just your wig.
[ Heather ] 09-28-2002

George: Are you guys ready for war?
Soldier: But sure we are not done with Home work.
[ russell gibson, 12 sms ] 09-28-2002

George: what are you doing out of line!
Soldier: I was eating a bug sir sorry.
[ chad samuels age 11 ] 09-28-2002

Soldier: How come you get a horse?
George: Because future Presidents don't walk in the snow.
[ Kerri Rader, Manhattan, KS ] 09-28-2002

George: I'm willing,and I hope you are willing,my fellow soldiers,to fight to the end,even if it might cost us our lives to fight,and win this battle.
Soldier: Yes,General.
[Laurissa, California] 09-28-2002

George: I surrender I surrender I surrender!
Soldier: um why are you surrendering to the horse
[ Danyelle ridley ] 09-28-2002

George: may the force be with you
Soldier: if it dosent frezze first
[ anonymous ] 09-28-2002

George: Geez! Now I know the meaning of 'saddle butt'.
Soldier: Uuuuuhhhhh, I thhiink that would be a whegdie, Sir.
[ Shae, { ha ha ! } ] 09-28-2002

George: We must hurry the britsh are coming in 2 days time
Soldier: Yes general Washington I know sir
[ Ashley Piver, 13-4-th of july compatision entry winner ] 09-28-2002

George: My the food we had today be with you.
Soldier: And also with you.
[ Erin, 10, 5th grade ] 09-28-2002

George: May the Force be with you!
Soldier: If it doesn't freeze first!
[ Esperanza, 14 ] 09-13-2002

George: what are you doing out of line ?
Soldier: Im going to the Bathroom sir
[ Maddie ] 09-13-2002

George: YO,DUDE! Get outta my way,I`m making history!
Soldier: Well,Ya think? I was Just going to tell you that there has been an attack, but I mean, nobody wants a leader who`s rude .......
[ Elizabeth Willis, I am 11 years old and in the 6th Grade at Thomas Jefferson Classical Acadamy, a Charter school in Rutherford County, North Carolina!! ] 09-13-2002

George: fire at Will
Soldier: Will? Get him!
[ Denise ] 09-13-2002

George: honny i'm home! get me a beer!
Soldier: ok sweetie
[ pamse gato, 1,000000,hulabaloue,i have a 1,000,000,000,000,000 gatos ] 09-13-2002

George: Charge!!!!!!
Soldier: No sir thats not the enemy thats our HOUSE!!!!
[ Patrick ] 09-13-2002

George: Tell the men to get ready
Soldier: Mr. Washington the british is coming
[ Sheila Mason, My adress is 15 Bradley rd Hendersonville NC,28791 ] 09-13-2002

George: My how high I am! All you people down there look like ants!
Soldier: General, those are ants.
[ Kaley ] 09-13-2002

George: Knock, Knock!
Soldier: Sir nojokes I'm starving let's eat your hourse.
[ Britt, 11YearsOld Angling Rd. Coloma Mi. ] 09-13-2002

George: Let's move on! Move out of my way!
Soldier: Sir I can't go on my feet are bleading like crazy!
[ Brittni Schaus, 11 years old Coloma,Mi ] 09-13-2002

George: " Men I know your starving, but we've a country to create. There's no time for food now."
Soldier: " But, Mr. Washington if we could only have some bread, I'm sure we would be able to charge the enemy without falling down."
[ Sandra Mccormick ] 09-13-2002

George: Why are you just sitting there?
Soldier: I'm not I'm standing.
[ Brendan, 12 ] 09-13-2002

George: What are you looking at?
Soldier: Your face. You looked nicer from far away. Sir.
[ Samantha, North Carolina, fifth grade ] 09-13-2002

George: Lets CHARGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: I'm TOO cold, Its winter
[ Rebel Gurl 02, 11/f/sc ] 09-13-2002

George: We must proceed with the battle!!
Soldier: It is too cold to go on. I'm starving as well!!
[ Samantha Velazquez, 13 yrs. ] 09-06-2002

George: Let us fight as though we are not hungry and cold, but strong and fearless!
Soldier: And onward we will march to the end!
[ Aubrie, Grade 6, South CArolina, please put my quote on the page. ] 09-05-2002

George: Soldier, what are you looking at?
Soldier: Uh, sir...your horse only has three legs!
[ Mike ] 09-05-2002

George: I spy with my little eye.....
Soldier: Noooo, not this game again.
[ Rob ] 09-05-2002

George: we,ve got a big problem the British are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o no !!!!!!!!!
Soldier: General Washington our men are dying from the cold!
[ Sage L. Behan, seven ] 09-05-2002

George: Soldier, how are the moral of your soldiers?
Soldier: They are better sir since you have arrived
[ Carole, tn ] 09-05-2002

George: on to Valley Forge
Soldier: yes sir i'll give the order right away sir.
[ Tiffany Manning, 13 jesup, Georgia ] 09-05-2002

George: man! every single day I,m pray for you and our victory
Soldier: we will fight for our freedom under your comand sir.
[ scott g., 10 YR. OF AGE GRADE 5 /VENICE elementary school ] 09-05-2002

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