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George: here we standing ready to fight,cold hungry but ready
Soldier: did you call sir general pulaski for consultation
[ scott, 5 grade student ] 08-27-2002

George: Valley forge is beautiful, don't you agree?
Soldier: I don't know sir. The snow is so deep, you can't see anything!
[ Mark ] 08-25-2002

George: y r u the only 1 here? and where did those stachues come from?
Soldier: what stachues? those r ower men
[ alex ] 08-25-2002

George: Wheres the electricty around here?
Soldier: I don't know try the 2000's!
[ Ruby ] 08-23-2002

George: My horse is very hungry
Soldier: I better run so he doens't try to eat me again
[ Abbey, New York ] 08-23-2002

George: You have detention! Young MAN!
Soldier: Sorry sir.
[ babycakes440 ] 08-23-2002

George: man, get on your horse.
Soldier: then you get off it!
[ female, 12,bda, ] 08-23-2002

George: You There evil one surrender for your nations sake!
Soldier: no, not unless its for you
[ Jessica ] 08-23-2002

George: Do the front hoofs look flat to you?
Soldier: Sir you should really just have them replaced, those horseshoes were recalled two years ago !!!!
[ anonymous ] 08-23-2002

George: To get to the other side!!! Get it!? Get it?!?!
Soldier: sir,If I laugh, Can the other men and I eat your horse?
[ Paul ] 08-23-2002

George: What soldiers union?
Soldier: Well you see sir if our demands a not met, we plan to strike at tommorow's battle
[ Paul ] 08-23-2002

George: Like my new ride? 0% int. and 0 down
Soldier: Hey cool, is that the new one horsepower model?
[ Paul, big slow guy ] 08-23-2002

George: I hate wearing this wig and my wooden teeth are killing me!
Soldier: Throw them away, but I don't think Martha will want you any more
[ Brooke A., im 11 and i used to live in colorado the coolest place on earth e-mail me I luv to read. ] 08-23-2002

George: Look men, if you think you are cold, think about the poor horses!
Soldier: The horses already died. Except for yours of course.
[ Karen ] 08-23-2002

George: You there, soldier which way to Valley Forge?
Soldier: Go straight half of a mile,then turn left at the mall, you can't miss it .
[ Krissy ] 08-08-2002

George: Bring us a shrubbery!
Soldier: A shrubbery???
[ Charles, old man about town ] 07-24-2002

George: did you see that film last night
Soldier: yes it was briliant
[ charlie, age11 ] 07-12-2002

George: How would u react if u was in the civil war
Soldier: i will like it but i would be scared cause i might die or sombody in the war with me
[ Treasure Lewis, 14/marshall,texas, ] 07-10-2002

George: Que pasa homie? Are the othere vatos getting high?
Soldier: Man vato we went to the club last night and some othere vatos jumpus.
[ La Nena, Iam 15 years old and I live in Dallas, Texas. ] 07-10-2002

George: Soldiers,I demand you to fight for freedom
Soldier: yes sir, I will not let my country down
[ Daniel Griffin, 12/Philadelphia,Pennsylvania/very big on tourism and history ] 07-10-2002

George: Kaila,I heard you are in the daughters of the american revulution atthe age of ten,wow,congradsulations!!!
Soldier: Yes sir,I was in the news paper also!!
[ Kaila, age 10 ] 07-10-2002

George: you love the USA I see
Soldier: Yes I sure do
[ kaila r. adams, age 10 ] 07-05-2002

George: Um, Excuse me, soldier i orderd a Double Bacon and Cheese Hamburger and some French fries, all i see here is a bag of "Flaming" Hot Cheetohs!
Soldier: Oh!!! Sorry sir thats mine im feeling Flamy today, and well it seems your feeling Fast food.
[ That was dumb, im sorry! I couldnt think of anything!!!! ] 07-05-2002

George: how has your 4th of July been so far?
Soldier: Mine is going great.
[ Kaila, Kaila Adams, 10,Pittsburg Ca ] 07-05-2002

George: Gentlemen, Start your Engines
Soldier: Vrm, Vrm
[ Matt ] 07-05-2002

George: you are the best
Soldier: you are the best also
[ ms.k, I am in the daughtewrs of the americn revulution ] 07-05-2002

George: so hows the veiw from down there?
Soldier: i guess its ok all i can see is you!
[ ty ] 07-05-2002

George: Lets celebrate Independence Day!!
Soldier: Get the celebration starteed!!
[ anonymous ] 07-05-2002

George: hi how are you today is 4th of july lets party
Soldier: what ok im down lets go have fun
[ shan ] 07-04-2002

George: It's freezing out here!
Soldier: Your telling me! I don't have a nice thick cloak like you!
[ Shan, Age:12 Location:MI ] 07-04-2002

George: lets play ball !!!!!!!
Soldier: one cannon and your out !!
[ justin, 10 ] 07-04-2002

George: MMMMM... what smells so good?
Soldier: That would be the cookies the dead guy is holding.
[ Bridget ] 07-01-2002

George: so did you bring the hot dogs for the camp out?
Soldier: i thought you had the hot dogs we just have the watermelon.
[ anonymous ] 07-01-2002

George: why are those tomatoes shooting
Soldier: sir those are redcoats
[ kyle ginger ] 06-19-2002

George: Is this horse shaped growth on my leg noticable?
Soldier: Don't ask, Don't tell sir.
[ Styme ] 06-15-2002

George: I need my wig powdered!
Soldier: Your leaving a trail of powder allready!
[ Katie & Kevin, Katie is 9,Kevin is 10 ] 06-14-2002

George: lets go to the tea party!
Soldier: tea party? how about a beer party
[ nina, 20 holtville ] 06-10-2002

George: thease british better come soon, because i have tickets to see Britney spears tonight !
Soldier: i wanna go ! Pleeasse! PLeeaassee!!!!!!!!!!!
[ tyler and tess b.f.f.l.!, Tyler and Tess Rule! ] 06-10-2002

George: The British are comming, the Britsh are coming!
Soldier: Calm Down George Its 2002 were free now!
[ Tess ] 06-10-2002

George: What's wrong soldier?
Soldier: When I look into my quarter mirror, I look iike you!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[ Ashley Price ] 05-29-2002

George: The British are coming!! The British are coming!!!
Soldier: Calm down it's 2002 we're in the future we're independant
[ ] 05-29-2002

George: Man the lifeboats Henry.
Soldier: My name is Bobby you idiot.
[ Michael ] 05-28-2002

George: Get the motor boats ready, John.
Soldier: I would sir, but what is a motor?
[ Kent ] 05-24-2002

George: Who's gonna win, gonna win, gonna win?
Soldier: We sure ain't, our ammunition is frozen in our guns!
[ kayla, country music rocks! ] 05-23-2002

George: Stop standing around get up and do something
Soldier: Sorry sir I can't do that I'm frozen to the ground
[ Bridget Drinnon ] 05-23-2002

George: WE COME in peace
Soldier: I know you are
[ Audrey ] 05-23-2002

George: hey dude
Soldier: hey dude whats a dude
[ meg, age 10 femal single cute ] 05-22-2002

George: halt, who goes there ?
Soldier: me soldier brandon nichols
[ brandon nichols ] 05-18-2002

George: Soldier, get me a silver coin, now!!!
Soldier: Sorry Sir, the Stamp Act cleaned us all out of silver coins.
[ E~m~i~l~i~a ] 05-17-2002

George: let's have fun
Soldier: f is for friends that do stuff together u is for u and me n is for any where any time at all here in the deep blue sea
[ jeff and spongebob, i luv spongebob ] 05-17-2002

George: What if the British dont come!?
Soldier: Whach u talkin' bou Willis?
[ anonymous ] 05-15-2002

George: the british r comin
Soldier: maybe we should fight them?
[ rcd ] 05-15-2002

George: Freeze the redcoats are coming
Soldier: I'm already frozen
[ howto staywam, ohio ] 05-15-2002

George: Why are you still standing before me?Itold you to leave!
Soldier: Sorry sir my feet are frozen to the grond
[ Giulianna ] 05-13-2002

George: Hi. I'm General Washington.
Soldier: Hi. I'm Generaly FREEZING!
[ m ] 05-13-2002

George: "What are you eating for dinner?"
Soldier: "Lobsterbacks!"
[ joe ] 05-13-2002

George: why are you standing around ?
Soldier: because i,m tired so let me ride....
[ kris shaddy ] 05-13-2002

George: Why do we have to wear this fake hair?
Soldier: I don't know George, I don't know.
[ jme, 11, michigan ] 05-12-2002

George: i'm tantric don't touch me
Soldier: what's tantric
[ jeff, i rock ] 05-11-2002

George: What is that awwful noise...
Soldier: "Who let the dogs out, who, who, who, who, who let the dogs out ....
[ Julien ] 05-11-2002

George: j'lo
Soldier: i thought you said "jello"
[ lolon ] 05-11-2002

George: Hey what are you doing your just standing there the british is attacking and you are not fighting come on'
Soldier: Hey wait you didn't say go! ok i'll go
[ Lauren ] 05-11-2002

George: dude where's my car
Soldier: what's a dude and what's a car
[ Jeff Harry, we rock!!!!!!! ] 05-11-2002

George: Who's that female British singer?
Soldier: That's BRITANy Spears.
[ Kenneth ] 05-08-2002

George: does my hair look ok
Soldier: yes it does who did it
[ luvas ] 05-06-2002

George: what the heck are we doing here!
Soldier: i'm not sure but i'm scared!
[ mark, age 11 ] 04-29-2002

George: go get help we'll need it
Soldier: there is noone to help us
[ mark pastore, 11 years old ] 04-29-2002

George: Why did you just say ouch?
Soldier: Uhhhh, I think I broke a nail!
[ Rebecca ] 04-29-2002

George: Put on your hats, your gloves, get your bats and lets play some baseball!!
Soldier: Mister Washington what baseball?
[ jim, (15 years old New York ) ] 04-27-2002

George: man what i would do to see britney spears right now
Soldier: i tried to she is too many generatons away
[ zak, lalalalalalalalala cooper stop that ] 04-27-2002

George: AAAAAAAAH we are surounded, we're gonna die.
Soldier: We are surounded by our side not the British.
[ Cara Anne ] 04-27-2002

George: I'm very proud of you men
Soldier: God save "King George"
[ anonymous ] 04-27-2002

George: Don't attack till I say"Ok,ok."
Soldier: attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[ Jennifer Cox ] 04-27-2002

George: "We must not give up!"
Soldier: "But sir, we have little men left, and the winter is getting harsh!"
[ Rachel Lynn Ott, 1755 Canary Rd. Quakertown,PA, Age 10 ] 04-27-2002

George: Move it you!I need to to attack the British.
Soldier: Why should I.It's aboutto be a free country
[ Kenneth, 10 ] 04-20-2002

George: Guess What?
Soldier: Chicken butt
[ mm ] 04-20-2002

George: Do you see those peope in the red jackets over there ?Apparently they don't like us very much
Soldier: Gee, I wonder why
[ Katie Holloway, 10 years old B-day october7 ] 04-20-2002

George: Okay then go order some pizza
Soldier: We need food......
[ Kevin ] 04-20-2002

George: General Wayne, meet me at Germentown.
Soldier: I'll take the easier way.
[ Tim Meinert ] 04-20-2002

George: Don't fire untill you see the whites of thier eye's.
Soldier: Sir, General Putnam said that.
[ Mallory Bulgarelli, age 10, Iive in West Chester PA Hillendale Elementry ] 04-18-2002

George: I thought you were on the other side of France now.
Soldier: Your zipper's down!
[ Jaime Ann Jackson, My age is 10. I live in Chadds Ford Pa. My birthday is 7/15/91 ] 04-18-2002

George: I don't know I can't sing.
Soldier: I pledge alengensts to the ........uh...what is the rest?
[ katie grant, age:10 ] 04-18-2002

George: stop staning around get up and do something
Soldier: sorry sir I can't do that I'm frozen to the ground
[ kim, 10 ] 04-18-2002

George: What are we having for dinner.
Soldier: Don't ask me ask the maids.
[ Gaaron ] 04-18-2002

George: ( singing) Ohhhhhh Say Can you see by the dawn's early light...........
Soldier: sir its night time I can't see
[ ME hahahaha ] 04-17-2002

George: so uh whats for dinner? we shuold go swimming or something.
Soldier: yea how bot like raw fish and sure let me go get my trunks on.
[ Justine Pates, Michigan and i love P.J. Antell!! ] 04-17-2002

George: Arr you ready?
Soldier: yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
[ Jelani Claiborne, 10 ] 04-17-2002

George: Who are these men all around us? they look evil
Soldier: yea they are they are the British. We should have fired at them a long time ago.
[ GC grl Garden City rox! ] 04-16-2002

George: Soldier, you attack the guys with red shirt and I'll attack all the others.
Soldier: But there is no other.
[ Thinh ] 04-15-2002

George: Men we have no food, no shelter and it's freezing out here! I'm afaird to say it but we're all gonna die!
Soldier: I want my mommy!!!!!!!!
[ Beth ] 04-15-2002

George: this maybe our last chance to live we are going to get our freedom from the english
Soldier: sir will help you to get our freedom
[ andrew,tamel, 10, 10 ] 04-15-2002

George: solder I want you to catch em and tie em to something tight and put the best smelling whooper you can get right in front of em so they can smell it but not reach it
Soldier: but sir if whoopers were even invented yet i would eat it before enoying em
[ zak, think this is the best or i will hunt you down like a gogglie eyed fish zak 11eat it ] 04-15-2002

George: Fight for Freedom, Fight for land, Fight for food, Fight for life.
Soldier: We need everything you just said George.
[ Chelsea ] 04-14-2002

George: yanky doodle went to town riding on a pony stuck his cap and called it somthing
Soldier: who is the yanky doodle that u speak of
[ cooper ] 04-14-2002

George: "Man I am so tired!"
Soldier: "But sir the war hasnt even started yet !!"
[ Emily, 11 ] 04-14-2002

George: I'm late I'm Late for a very imprtant battle
Soldier: Sir its over we lost
[ unknown, here ] 04-14-2002

George: We will fight for freedom
Soldier: i"m right behind you
[ kyle ackart ] 04-14-2002

George: the britchs are coming the britch are coming
Soldier: go and shout them
[ vaughn, you have a good web site ] 04-14-2002

George: Ut hum can I help you?
Soldier: Yes I've to ask for shoes,uniform, and the best pub to get drunk in
[ Aaron J ] 04-14-2002

George: Men we must go on!
Soldier: "half are men are wounded" Sir.
[ kevin, 10 ] 04-14-2002

George: I'm a Slave-------- 4 u!
Soldier: Spears didn't come out yet!
[ Jackie ] 04-10-2002

George: give the brittish a belly full of lead and a pool of their own blood to drown in do you hear me soldiers
Soldier: Help I'm drowning and I have a tummy ache
[ Ian, If you are reading this you have been on the cpu too long; k ] 04-10-2002

George: Lucy iam home
Soldier: what are you cheating on martha
[ jessica, 11/female/pa ] 04-10-2002

George: Let me through women i'm hungry
Soldier: No sir, none left,we had a party!
[ kathryn ] 04-10-2002

George: What is the color of my white horse Arnold?
Soldier: Um...Wait..I know this... brown?
[ Ben, i'm cool ] 04-10-2002

George: are you british or american?
Soldier: neither "mate" i'm from australia
[ marc harrie ] 04-10-2002

George: It is simple:a parrot CAN hold a coconut in its beak.It is just a matter of weight dispersement.
Soldier: Yes, but I don't think a monkey could hear you with a banana in its ear!
[ Eric Bobbly ] 04-10-2002

George: I have a question. How can they take this picture if cameras weren't invented yet?
Soldier: Shut up and smile.
[ Bob The Builder ] 04-10-2002

George: Pikachu attack!!!
Soldier: Charizard do something!!
[ Scott Haws ] 04-10-2002

George: wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzup up
Soldier: why you talk like that
[ alex, 10 ] 04-10-2002

George: We need our help soldier!
Soldier: I'll gather up the rest and we'll be on our way.
[ Jessica, 9 ] 04-10-2002

George: Would you care to join me at the Boston tea party for a drink?
Soldier: Sir,it's not that kind of tea party.
[ Anthonytj ] 04-10-2002

George: Fire at will
Soldier: Sir, which one's Will
[ Kenny and Travis ] 04-10-2002

George: We will defeat those British troops!
Soldier: right on Captain Washington!
[ Lauren, Kat,Alyssa, and Kira are my best friends so get your own friends! ] 04-10-2002

George: Why don't we just quit.
Soldier: I know it is getting really tiring!
[ Emily ] 04-10-2002

George: I am so tired.
Soldier: "Your tired" Why don't you try walking down here,instead of riding a horse.
[ Ashley ] 04-10-2002

George: It will be a long and cold fight but I won't give up
Soldier: Sir it is to risky but go if you please
[ christine ] 04-10-2002

George: Please, we have to keep trying. The British are beating us.
Soldier: Sir, they have a bigger army but we have the pride.
[ Macky ] 04-10-2002

George: "What seems to be the problem my fellow soldier!"
Soldier: "Most of our men are down!"
[ Tyrone Seham, 10 11 ] 04-10-2002

George: Are you ready for war?
Soldier: Yes,we are sir.
[ Christopher, 9 ] 04-10-2002

George: I'm on horse, your on foot. Who do you think will win?
Soldier: Who cares! It's cold, I'm tired, I want to go home.
[ Dalton Miller, 7 years old ] 04-07-2002

George: I can't belive that my butt is frozen!!!!!!
Soldier: Oh don't worry, that happens all the time.
[ Lindsey cole I am 10, My best friends are Andy& Amanda ] 04-06-2002

George: We will fight those heartless British until the end!
Soldier: Aye, Aye captain!
[ GZ, Newtown, PA 4 - 4 - 02 ] 04-04-2002

George: the British have released their stink bombs
Soldier: sir they don`t have any that was me sorri sir
[ Stephanie Michelle, yo yo yo wanna give a shout out to Tara,Jamie, and dats it ] 04-03-2002

George: Let's go check on the revolutionary war on the internet young sexy tibbit!
Soldier: Sir, what is this revolutionary and internet crap and why are you calling me a sexy tibbit you know I have problems!!!
[ Anthony tj, April 3,2002 ] 04-03-2002

George: After we win what would you like to do?
Soldier: go to disney land sir!
[ IshKaBibble, age 11 ] 04-03-2002

George: howdy there boys ya'll ready to fight?
Soldier: um.... i guess so
[ anonymous ] 04-03-2002

George: Dudes, like FIRE!!!!!
Soldier: Okay man! Like hold your horses!
[ Anna, Age: 11 I live in Charlotte,NC ] 03-28-2002

George: We need food.
Soldier: yes I know you can't see I'm starving
[ Stephen Anspach, 11 ] 03-28-2002

George: Kill the British!!!!!!!
Soldier: But sir we are British
[ Michael ] 03-27-2002

George: Alright, men, bombs awaaaaaay!
Soldier: What is this "bombs" that thee speaks about?
[ Kate, age 10 ] 03-27-2002

George: Get us some Tacobell tacos with hot sauce
Soldier: Yes right back
[ Parker Simon, Age 11 Kennett Square, Pennsylvania ] 03-27-2002

George: attack
Soldier: but sir there are no other solders here
[ Prinsses 2 ] 03-27-2002

George: Hey, lets go up to Maine, nobody's up there!
Soldier: Your ecelency, sir, what and where is "Maine" ?
[ Devon (I'm a girl), I'm from maine i think every body should know that maine was once part of mass. ] 03-27-2002

George: hey have any of you dudes ever seen a mall dudes it is rippen!!!
Soldier: no, but what is a mall, what are dudes, what does rippen mean???
[ anonymous ] 03-27-2002

George: (Sniff ) I really miss Martha!!!!!
Soldier: Get a hold of your self Sir.
[ Peyton ] 03-24-2002

George: Hey! Let's read history about us on the Net!
Soldier: Sorry sir, I don't have a net.
[ poof ] 03-23-2002

George: waazzzzzuuuup?!!
Soldier: Sir. That's overdone
[ Alex Leyva, 16, Jordan High ] 03-23-2002

George: so soldier having a good time? Ohh.... ahhhhhh. it missed
Soldier: no are you crazy it's war time. watch out!!!!!!!
[ caitlyn l., 10 years old have a pregnet mom ] 03-23-2002

George: Oh say can you see ...............................
Soldier: Come on Mr. sound of music the war is not over yet.
[ qwertyuiop ] 03-23-2002

George: i'm getting bord lets go to a hockey game.
Soldier: sir you can't we are in the middle of a war
[ jt, 3/22/02 ] 03-23-2002

George: Oh, baby baby how was I supposed to know?
Soldier: Sir,please stop sing that song Brinty Spears is not even born yet!
[ Alexander Daniel Steele ] 03-23-2002

George: LET me see that thoong that tong th thong thong thong
Soldier: Sir, are you listening to SiSCo agin
[ mike ] 03-23-2002

George: the british are coming!!
Soldier: wow your paul revere can i have you r autograph??
[ shawn, uhhhhhhh ] 03-23-2002

George: help!!!
Soldier: okay,just let me finish this level
[ Eric Bowlby, age 10 ] 03-23-2002

George: Martha will be so proud of me now that I've won the war
Soldier: (wiping his eye whith a tissue) That's so touching
[ Zoogina ] 03-23-2002

George: We the people of the united states in order to form a more perfect union establish justice and insure domestic tranquilty provide for the common defence promote the general well-fare and secure the blessings of liberty fpr ourselves and our posterty do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America
Soldier: We havn't won the war yet. We havnt even gone to a meeting
[ liberty ] 03-23-2002

George: yo men who is read y to get killed in counter-strike??
Soldier: oooh me!! me!! me!
[ shawn, 50 years old and i hate school ] 03-23-2002

George: son get on your horse.
Soldier: But sir I lost it.
[ anonymous ] 03-23-2002

George: Did you find anything?
Soldier: No I just found a guy in a red coat
[ Tessa Lyons, Born on August 18 1992 ] 03-23-2002

Soldier: Sir, the troops are starving!
George: Like I care.
[ Angel ] 03-23-2002

George: Didn't von Steuben teach u guys anything?
Soldier: Well, he was just shouting weird things that we couldn't understand.
[ rach ] 03-21-2002

George: Why are you all standing there? Go fight.
Soldier: Sir, the war is over. We won.
[ Melissa, 11, Nebraska ] 03-21-2002

George: Look, we're on the Internet!
Soldier: What's that?
[ Robby, 11 years old ] 03-21-2002

George: what are you all doing just siting here?
Soldier: You didn't tell us to anything, sir yes sir
[ Teddy2, 11 ] 03-14-2002

George: Hey Like you want to go to the mall?
Soldier: Sure I'd to just let me send these hessians packing!
[ Alyshia ] 03-14-2002

George: War.War.What is it for?
Soldier: Absoulutly Nothing! Sing it again!
[ BkrockDc, Wants this printed Age10 ] 03-14-2002

George: My name is George, and I'm at Valey Forge.-Soldier: Wow.Cool.Nice. What am I saying?
[ anonymous ] 03-14-2002

George: Your shoes are untied my lad.
Soldier: you need glasses I have no straps
[ tery toto ] 03-14-2002

George: hey girl how are you doing?
Soldier: Sir their are no girls in the war!
[ Travis, 10 Baseball Maniac ] 03-14-2002

George: Are you ready to fight soilder?
Soldier: Almost, It's just that my socks won't stay up.
[ Miriam ] 03-14-2002

George: I know it's cold men, but we have to keep going.
Soldier: We will fight for our freedom!
[ Miss Warner, Hello Sporting Hill 4th Graders! Add your own! ] 03-14-2002

George: What are you goin' to do now that you won the war
Soldier: well i plan to invent this new sensation called McDonalds
[ Zike ] 03-14-2002

George: Soldier what what do you say America's greatest acomplishment is?
Soldier: Well I think that Britney Spear's is sordove cute
[ Zoogina ] 03-14-2002

George: why am i here i should be at britan drinkin some whiskey :(
Soldier: ill go with you :)
[ shawn ] 03-14-2002

George: wassup dude?!
Soldier: the sky I hope sir!
[ Jake, im 12 email me at please!! ] 03-14-2002

George: I think I have food poisoning!
Soldier: We're out of food and haven't eaten in 3 days so how could you have food poisoning
[ Polly, age 11 ] 03-14-2002

George: Sir the cannons are firing
Soldier: No sir thats just king george snoring
[ b ] 03-14-2002

George: Hey,what did you today?
Soldier: Nothing,it's to cold!
[ Taylor, i'm 8 years old and i like to play! ] 03-14-2002

George: Where are we?
Soldier: Don't you have a map sir??????!!!!!!!!!!
[ Andrea Sophie, We are 10 years old, we live in Barcelona Spain ] 03-14-2002

George: Poke'mon gotta catch 'em alllllllllll....
Soldier: Sir, that doesn't come out until the 19th century
[ Elisabeth Scheible, Belvedere Elementary, age 9 ] 03-14-2002

George: "Hey guys! Guess what I found a website on how to use guns!"
Soldier: "Sir,the British are coming! Hurry up and print it out!And while your at it order us some clothes!"
[ Maggie, I turn 13 on June 8th and go to Simsboro Jr. high school. I'm in the 7th grade and live in Dubach,La, ] 03-07-2002

George: How should we fight
Soldier: Let's take a nap and just bring in Special ops!!!
[ Pk, Neenah ] 03-07-2002

George: You know what soldier Before coming to this war martha told me to win this war for her. I will, for my baby I'll do anything.
Soldier: oooh, sir I liked when u get sentimental.
[ gismoe ] 03-07-2002

George: Soldier, there is a T-REX coming
Soldier: No, Thats Just KING GOERGE and his taxes
[ anonymous ] 03-07-2002

George: Lets go to Valley Forge Beach its really hot
Soldier: Sir what are you talking about?
[ b ] 03-07-2002

George: Free the slaves!
Soldier: Sir we don't free them until the Civil War
[ Polly, age 11 ] 03-07-2002

George: I love you Martha!
Soldier: Sir, have you been watching "I love Lucy" again!
[ Brooke, 11 ] 03-07-2002

George: The Lobsters are here !
Soldier: well make them swim back to Their master King George
[ Baller, 11 i go to the best school Roosevelt Neenah Wi ] 03-07-2002

George: Dude how are you doin'.
Soldier: What is a dude?
[ Audrey Conklin, age 9 almost 10 ] 03-07-2002

George: you the soldier how are you doing?
Soldier: fine how are you George? I mean sir.
[ jennifer, 10 P.A female 3/7/02 ] 03-07-2002

George: What a pretty sunset!
Soldier: Sir, aren't we supposed to be consintrating in the war?
[ Caitie, 11yrs. old live in LA,CA like Karate' Female ] 03-06-2002

George: The Lobsters are coming (british Troops)
Soldier: Thankgod I'm hungry!!!!
[ Carrot Top, age 11 Neenah WI Roosevelt school ] 03-06-2002

George: "Do you need something?"
Soldier: Yeah, a horse!"
[ Evelyn Leal, IO/Female March 4,2002 ] 03-04-2002

George: theirs dirt on my shoe soldier
Soldier: ohh that is not dirt comander
[ Michael, 10 years old ] 03-04-2002

George: Get on your horse.
Soldier: i dot have a horse.
[ derek ] 03-04-2002

George: I wish it was summer so we could go surfing and stuff
Soldier: yep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[ Elese ] 03-04-2002

George: Men,aim,lock,FIRE
Soldier: Sir we don't have any guns
[ Andrew, 10 ] 03-04-2002

George: Come on mates, let's get goin!
Soldier: OK, OK, chill out i'm doin my best
[ Joseph Chowansky, 10 Pennsylvania ] 03-04-2002

George: My men need supplies and Congress doesn't seem to care
Soldier: How do they expect us to fight with these conditions?
[ D. West ] 03-03-2002

George: i hope they don't bomb us!
Soldier: i will run and hide!!
[ Samantha ] 03-03-2002

George: Let's go to war now!
Soldier: Wait just a second, I have to go to the privie first.
[ Jamie F., I,m cool. ] 03-03-2002

George: There is roadkill in the road so go get it so that we can eat it.
Soldier: Yum my favoiret,Road Kill
[ Jana Cox ] 03-03-2002

George: I have a feeling we aren't in Kansas anymore Toto...
Soldier: Kansas? Where's Kansas?
[ Joe ] 03-03-2002

George: Anyone need extra woolie underwear to keep from freezing?
Soldier: If SOMEONE hadn't cut down all the cherry trees.....we'd have wood!
[ Matthew W., age 10, somewhere near the CIty of Brotherly Love ] 02-28-2002

George: Lets sing: I love you, you love me were a happy family, with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you won't you say you love me to
Soldier: You are insane
[ ktp ] 02-28-2002

George: Arrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!! Me boooty!
Soldier: Sir we are not pirates!!!!!!!!!!!
[ Kyle D., hjghjghj ] 02-28-2002

George: Men where is my apple. I didn;t chop down that tree for nothing.
Soldier: It's on your head. I hope the guys don't think you are target practice
[ rei ] 02-28-2002

George: who won this war?
Soldier: dont tell me go look in a social studies book
[ Fernando Caballero, 10 years old, I live in Oxnard,California ] 02-27-2002

George: dang i lost my mini glasses soldier see if you can find them
Soldier: (chrunch) oops found them, but i think you might whant to take them to be fixed
[ noah pearce, california, 11, female, and i want my "quote" to be on the page please ] 02-27-2002

George: What are you men doing sitting around here?
Soldier: We are waiting for the candy bar to be invented!
[ Caitlyn V, age:11, I play the piano, I know a little bit of ballet, I love cats ] 02-27-2002

George: America shall have more freedom than the loyalists!!
Soldier: That's a dream that would make everyone else live better!!
[ Steven Roman, Age:13 ] 02-27-2002

George: Yankee Doodle went to town, riding on a pony...
Soldier: ...Stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni!
[ Ellen ] 02-27-2002

George: Okay, so you take a left on Penny Lane, turn right at the stop light, then you.......
Soldier: (mutters)Do you think we should mention the fact that the map's upside down, or just wait and see where we end up? I mean, heck it's gotta be more interesting than freezing our behinds off and listenin' to this loony........
[ Maria, 12yrs, live in KS, and I should probably be doing homework right now ] 02-27-2002

George: who wins this war anyway .
Soldier: i don't know who do i look like cleo.
[ double L, birth 5/14/88 13 years old ] 02-27-2002

George: Giddyup, Horse!!!
Soldier: Uhh, you DO know his tongue's stuck to that pole, right?
[ David Agster, nunya. ] 02-27-2002

George: Lets fight now
Soldier: Okay George
[ liz, 9 in ] 02-27-2002

George: What are these people talking about here? Cell phones, space heaters, Taco Bell?!?! It's 1777, not 2001!
Soldier: Sir, I hope our descendants aren't like them!
[ Jillian, Ppl, post realistic stuff, like what they would say then, not now please! ] 02-27-2002

George: That turkey I ate was way undercooked.
Soldier: Consider youself lucky the other men and I ate snow.
[ Curtis, 13 ] 02-27-2002

George: Howdy soldier! What the heck are you doing here.
Soldier: Ahh nothin just chillin!
[ Brooke, 11 Welch OK ] 02-27-2002

George: Who wins this war anyway?
Soldier: What do I look like an encyclopedia?
[ Caleb Hayworth, Age 12 ] 02-15-2002

George: The World Is Not Enough!
Soldier: Sir..have you been playing your Game Boy Color again!
[ David, Already told.. ] 02-15-2002

George: Surrender Cornwallis!
Soldier: Sir, I am not Cornwallis. If you want to make Cornwallis surrender then go out and fight with us.
[ David, 12 years old, Male, my location is a SECRET! ] 02-15-2002

George: Have all your people attack.
Soldier: Let's go get those Red Coats!
[ Jeremy Anderson and Tey Skeets ] 02-14-2002

George: Private, where's Waldo?
Soldier: Just follow the blood tracks from his feet, Sir.
[ The Ram, 14/m/PA ] 02-13-2002

George: If I die in this battle soldier.............
Soldier: I know I know you won't be on the $1bill we know.
[ Kaz, 11, loves baseball! Fan of Seattle Mariners ] 02-13-2002

George: Hello friend!!!
Soldier: This is war not happy time.
[ Emma, 8 ] 02-13-2002

George: The Redcoats are coming! The Redcoats are coming!
Soldier: No,sir Paul Revere says that not you.
[ Kaz Koyama ] 02-13-2002

George: dude where ismy car?
Soldier: dude what is a car?
[ stephanie Hall, Ilove dogs ] 02-08-2002

George: Please, don't take my picture!
Soldier: Sorry general, but it is already on the "What are they saying?" page!
[ The Coolest Guy, Hey I keep on thinking of new jokes, stay tuned! (Tuned?) Anyway, my E-mail is & my msm messenger sn is uh, I forgot! I'll put it in the next joke! ] 02-08-2002

George: Show me the meaning of being lonely................
Soldier: Shut up you are not Brian from the Backstreet Boys
[ Magdeldin, Dont make fun of my name ] 02-08-2002

George: (A squirrel walks across the road) Ah, meat! Fire at will!
Soldier: Yes sir!
[ The Coolest Guy, Yo I live in Gibbstown, NJ this is the coolest town! 2000 People!!! j/k If u can't see me E-mail address up there it's E-mail me! ] 02-08-2002

George: If I die in this battle, I want to tell you...
Soldier: Yes, I know, sir; you'll be on the dollar bill, duh
[ The Coolest Guy, Hey 14/m/nj here please, somebody - anybody - e-mail me about anything!!! and I mean anything... lol ] 02-08-2002

George: Hey!!!! Get off your butts and fight!
Soldier: Yes sir, but maybe you should get off your butt and fight, too.
[ Rachel ] 02-08-2002

George: i hope we win this thing, i can go home and me & martha can have ourselves a few more kids!!!
Soldier: way too much info!
[ kirby comstock, 12,LA, California,joe is my boyfriend!!! ] 02-08-2002

George: the british r coming
Soldier: no duh sir!
[ k comstock, I LOVE JOE (if u like him ur dead) ] 02-08-2002

George: "Come on soldier let's go."
Soldier: "I'd like to sir,but, my feet are frozen to the ground."
[ Ryan Gerlach ] 02-08-2002

George: bye,bye,bye! I'll never c u again, baby bye, bye, bye! You'll get frozen to the ground baby, go and fight!
Soldier: Sir, your the leader not a band group!
[ Amanda ] 02-08-2002

George: Lets go to valley forge
Soldier: no lets go back to england and get rich
[ Bob ] 02-08-2002

George: Men can you fight?
Soldier: No sir you never told us how
[ Margeux ] 02-08-2002

George: I am a
Soldier: arnt you proud to be a mexican.
[ jesus z .p ] 02-08-2002

George: soldier,wheres fort duquesne
Soldier: about 700miles north
[ alfredo novoa, age10 ] 02-08-2002

George: Want to ride my one man horse?
Soldier: If you get off first.
[ Courtnie, 11/female/Ut ] 02-08-2002

George: What do you want for dessert?
Soldier: Cherries would be nice, if you hadn't chopped down the cherry tree.
[ anonymous ] 02-08-2002

George: whats your name soldier?
Soldier: i don't know george
[ camille oliver, i'm 11years old cool ] 02-08-2002

George: Where is your horse soldier?
Soldier: I got hungry so I ate it General.
[ Chelsea Jensen, 11, Salt Lake, Kearns, Utah, female, brown hair, blue eyes, ] 02-08-2002

George: we better get ready for the war.
Soldier: " lets get ready"
[ emily, i am 11 ] 02-08-2002

George: I dont get it? Why are we stopped here in the cold?
Soldier: Um... because you told us to, General.
[ Hannah ] 02-08-2002

George: How are you? Is it an extremely tough life for you out there in the camp?
Soldier: Yes, sir! It is, sir!
[ Tara, nunya ] 02-08-2002

George: Okay everyone up and at'm
Soldier: If i get up my behind will break off!!!!!
[ A okay, I'm cute and popular ] 02-08-2002

George: howdy cowboy!
Soldier: umm...sir, we're not cowboys....WazzzUpppp!!!
[ Lauren and Laura ] 02-08-2002

George: "Fore score and eight years ago, our forefathers. . . no wait, that's a horrible speech. . ."
Soldier: ". . . Mr. Washington wears a wig. . . hmmm. . .that's interesting. . . i wonder if he know's i'm not paying attention. . . . whoa! There's a bug on the floor. . . . "
[ d.j. ] 02-08-2002

George: Anyone got change for a 5 dollar bill
Soldier: He'll go broke before he gets a coin across this river.
[ Nigel, 5th grade at Tri Valley Middle School in Downs IL ] 02-07-2002

George: i said attack the redcoats!
Soldier: ummm... sir your fly in down
[ justin, edinboro ] 02-07-2002

George: Come on soldier, get up and work
Soldier: Oh come on. Its just a war
[ Olivia ] 02-07-2002

George: follow my to the next rest stop
Soldier: ok i really gotta go
[ kelli ] 02-07-2002

George: I really think you should brush your teeth, soldier!
Soldier: What teeth, General?
[ Shawn ] 01-30-2002

George: What are you doing, men? Get off your butts and fight!
Soldier: Sorry, sir, but they've frozen to the ground.
[ Mark, 13/m/Nj ] 01-30-2002

George: We will stay here at Valley Forge, until I say we have to go.
Soldier: Yes, sir, we believe in you.
[ Erica, 13, Ne ] 01-30-2002

George: Are y'all ready to go fight?
Soldier: Yup! Let's go fight for peace.
[ Ashley, 11, texas ] 01-26-2002

George: Where is Valley Forge?
Soldier: I don't know,but I am cold.
[ Clay, I have a dog. ] 01-26-2002

George: hey... Lets forget this war....Let's go see Orange County!!!
Soldier: uh... Orange County Sir? whats that!?!?!?!
[ Lindsay Bradley, 13 years old, from Michigan & proud of it!! : ) ] 01-26-2002

George: men are you ready to fight?
Soldier: no!we don't haven't had enough traning.
[ shelby givens, 9 years old ] 01-26-2002

George: O' say can u c ...
Soldier: And to think he's a president!! What a joke!Ha Ha!!
[ anonymous, 10 ] 01-26-2002

George: We are in Yorktown and we have the British surronded.
Soldier: Wait I am on your side!NOT!
[ haley rolly, AGE 11- I love history!!!!!!!!! ] 01-26-2002

George: check the radar
Soldier: what on earth is that!
[ schafe ] 01-26-2002

George: Hey, soldier, why am I captain of the army?
Soldier: Because George, you fought your cherry tree.
[ kari, 8 years old, Rocky Mountains ] 01-26-2002

George: The "nerds" are coming!
Soldier: Who are the "nerds"
[ Jacob Harrison ] 01-26-2002

George: gimme yo lunch money
Soldier: my moneys frozen
[ erolla, 13,youngstown ] 01-26-2002

George: Shhhh, Traveller, since you're white maybe the men won't see us!
Soldier: Hmmmmm, I wonder if horsemeat tastes any good???
[ Rebecca & Grace, ages 7 ] 01-26-2002

George: Come on Man Let get fighting our are you a chicken?
Soldier: I am not a chicken, but how can we fight hen we are frozen
[ Aaron, age 11 ] 01-26-2002

George: Hi, how are you?
Soldier: I am freezing.
[ John ] 01-26-2002

George: Shoot the Redcoats. Even if they appear dead!
Soldier: Yes sir.
[ Tyler Cole, 13, San Antonio ] 01-26-2002

George: where do u go soldier?
Soldier: i'm just using the restroom sir.
[ ali ] 01-26-2002

George: hurry up men we have to fight
Soldier: We r too frozen to move
[ Carrie, i am 6 ] 01-14-2002

George: man i ask of you to fight!
Soldier: I'll fight, chicken chicken chicken
[ jp, 14 male ohio usa ] 01-14-2002

George: "Lets move out troops!"
Soldier: (Elbow,elbow,knee,knee,Stand up sit down,bow to me)"Yes sir."
[ Doree (Frinch), age 10, female,North Dakota(58204) ] 01-13-2002

George: O say can you see by the dawn's early light once so proudly--
Soldier: uh, sir, the national anthem hasn't been written yet.
[ bob ] 01-12-2002

George: i would like some hot tea
Soldier: oh sorry sir we dumped that all in the harbor
[ Nicole E. Esbenshade, 11 years old, Lititz PA 17543 ] 01-12-2002

George: Troops, let's move out!
Soldier: Hey, I want to ride the horse!
[ Alexis Slater, age 10 ] 01-12-2002

George: where is my rifle
Soldier: SIR Its frozen to your back
[ logan Eshleman ] 01-12-2002

George: Tis a very fine day. I say we go along for 5 more miles.
Soldier: Tis a fine day for a nice long nap. I'm pooped let me have a turn on that horse.
[ Kelsi, 10 years old St.Louis, Mo ] 01-12-2002

George: Lets go fight
Soldier: Sorry i have togo home in time for supper
[ Ben ] 01-12-2002

George: whazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz up
Soldier: why you talk like that
[ hiddy ] 01-12-2002

George: Gentlemen. Your hearts have fought a brave fight.
Soldier: General: For freedom we will endure!
[ andy ray, Oklahoma ] 01-12-2002

George: hi paloma
Soldier: hi george washington
[ paloma ] 01-12-2002

George: Did you order my pizza?
Soldier: Yes sir, but they had no pepperoni!
[ Mr. K ] 01-12-2002

George: Stop standing around get up and do something
Soldier: Sorry sir I can't do that I'm frozen to the ground
[ Sarah ] 01-12-2002

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