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George: Why are you doing taking a walk in -123 degree weather?
Soldier: well, once you are out a while you get used to it.
[ onominous, onominous ] 12-22-2001

George: ok men its time to go
Soldier: yes, but we can only have one at a time, in this little blue house
[ crosbys crazies ] 12-22-2001

George: Thats Ok the land is for every one. You don't have to run.
Soldier: please don't hurt me I was only looking for shelter
[ Brandi, 13- Harisburg ] 12-22-2001

George: guess what i'm in history!!!!
Soldier: cooool i want to be in history too!
[ alexis, im cool!!!! ] 12-17-2001

George: wheres my rifle
Soldier: sir its frozen to your hand
[ mana ] 12-17-2001

George: What do you think you are doing? Move out of my way I got buiseness to do!
Soldier: I don't think so! Get him!!!!
[ Hayley ] 12-17-2001

George: Hello, I am the Boy George!!!!!! Thouest ain't goin' nowhere cus it's bad boy fa life!!
Soldier: The 80's rule!!!!!!!! Tis the 1780's though, so it would be Georgey Boy. Also that is not the correct lyrics for some girl named Jenna is stuffing your mouth with words!!!
[ Jenna, I'm 15, single and hot ] 12-17-2001

George: To Hollywood! I want the rights to film a movie ! I'll call it "The Patriot"!
Soldier: Go where? Make a what?
[ Hannah, Somewhere in Kentucky, not quite sure where... ] 12-17-2001

George: Did you know that i will be on a doller bill someday
Soldier: Uh sir what is a dollar bill?
[ Travis ] 12-17-2001

George: It's a bird it's a plane it's...
Soldier: harry potter
[ travis ] 12-17-2001

George: Hey! Stop, I want a restroom!!!
Soldier: Um sir, the Redcaots are on our trail, we can't stop now!
[ anonymous ] 12-17-2001

George: Looks like we'll have to camp here for a while
Soldier: told you to bring extra blankets… but noooo
[ Alex, 13/m/fl ] 12-12-2001

George: Come on!!! Don't you want your horse riding lessons?!?!?
Soldier: But Sir - you're ON the horse!
[ Joe Macdonald, 9 years old ] 12-08-2001

George: You just HAVE to stop to tie your shoes during a war
Soldier: Sir yes sir
[ Caroline, I'm so cool ] 12-08-2001

George: Let's go see King George get killed.
Soldier: Sir, we still have to fight a war!
[ anynominos ] 12-08-2001

George: Was up soilder!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: The sky??????????????
[ Ryan Clemens ] 12-08-2001

George: Move back here or I'll shoot you!
Soldier: But my feet are frozen.
[ Ashley Field, St. Paul Park,MN 11 ] 12-08-2001

George: How Ya Doing?
Soldier: Purr fect
[ Liz Doherty, St. Paul Park, MN 11 Years Old ] 12-08-2001

George: when I was little all I got was a lump of coal in my stocking for Christmas
Soldier: When I was little I was luck y if I got a peice of paper that had coal written on it
[ Bree, this was the best I could think of right now scroll down and check more of my work ] 12-08-2001

George: The Plane! The Plane!
Soldier: Excuse me sir...what exactly is a "plane"?
[ Nicole, 19, single, and having FUN! ] 12-05-2001

George: Get your behind over here and help me fight this battle
Soldier: yes sir!
[ Latara Gibons ] 12-05-2001

George: Fight or Surrender!
Soldier: Never!
[ Jessica Barbarula, age,10,birthdate,6/15/91 ] 12-02-2001

George: yo, whats happening!?!?!?
Soldier: well, in case you haven't noticed, we are in the middle of nowhere, running from people who want to kill us, no food, no water, and no clothes except for what we wearing right now!!!!!!!!
[ Chris, 12, Garwood, New Jersey, poeple tell me that I am very cute!! ] 12-02-2001

George: Im found a penny Im rich rich rich money money$$$$$
Soldier: thats only a one cent sir
[ brittney ] 12-01-2001

George: do you like my hair?
Soldier: It'svery cool!!!
[ paulena byrns ] 12-01-2001

George: hurry!hurry! We don't want to miss the last Power Rangers do we soldier?
Soldier: No sir! i want to see what happends to the red ranger!
[ kevin vijolinger , 11age ] 11-28-2001

George: Hey, dude want to see Harry Potter. I sure do.
Soldier: Sir, what is Harry Potter?
[ Sara , I'm 10. I live at 1359 Whitetail Glen Ct. Hebron, KY 41048. The date is Nov.26,2001. I have a dog, a mom , a dad,a brother ] 11-28-2001

George: Hit me baby one more time!!!!!!!!UUUUUNNNNN!!!!!!
Soldier: What are you talkin' about!
[ Herbert P. Jones , I'm 24 and single and people think I'm pretty sexy.(11-26-010 ] 11-28-2001

George: Hey who wants red backed lobster for lunch?
Soldier: I do! Do we get to cook them ourselves?
[ Charlene , I'm single and a lot of people say I'm hot. ] 11-28-2001

George: Some times I run, Sometimes I cry .......But all I really want is to hold you tight........
Soldier: Sir, not to be rude but were you loved as a child, cuz it's showing you got some
[ Darlene , 13 ] 11-28-2001

George: Old McDonald Had A Farm E I E I O!!!
Soldier: Old Mcdonald dosen't have a farm any more the British burned it!!
[ nick , STILL a girl 12 yrs oldfrom CT ] 11-28-2001

George: do you have some bubblegum?
Soldier: yeah, but if your wig fell of again and you're going to use it to hold it on,no
[ Melissa Ferrari , 9 years old and I LOVE AUSTRAILIA AND KANGAROOS + all other animals ] 11-28-2001

George: Hey dude lets get pizza!
Soldier: Not now Im on my Mac Power Book 140.
[ Anthony , 10 ] 11-28-2001

George: gosh its really cold out, y r u all just standing around, arn't u cold
Soldier: um sir , u sort of told us to come out here, sir !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
[ katie , im 13 and am takin ] 11-28-2001

George: Is mission complete soldier?
Soldier: Yes Sir!
[ S. A. Thompson ] 11-22-2001

George: I want my mommy!!!!!!!
Soldier: Sir, yes sir. I'll get your mommy sir.
[ Stephen ] 11-08-2001

George: Grab your wine bottles boys were having company
Soldier: The Britans are coming the Britans are coming!!!!!!!!!!!
[ John Carter ] 11-07-2001

George: Hey Wassup!?!?!
Soldier: Whats a "Wassup!?!?" I jus wanna know I never heard of it before
[ Bree ] 11-07-2001

George: Um..... How do I get down from this horse?
Soldier: Uh....... You can jump off sir.
[ Jackie , 13, single waitin 4 da 1 to arrive ] 11-07-2001

George: Hey Wassup!?!?!
Soldier: Well there' wait...It's a Bird It's a plane... It's Superman!!!!
[ Bree ] 11-07-2001

George: Hurry and take the men undercover!!Hurry!
Soldier: Yessir!
[ KristinB , 14yrs-Florida!! ] 11-07-2001

George: I'm going to be on a dollar bill someday!
Soldier: So what you 're already famous.
[ Chris Bolock , Age 9 Mechanicsburg. Pa. ] 11-07-2001

George: Are the soldiers training well officer?
Soldier: As well as they can sir.
[ April King , 6th Grade ] 11-01-2001

George: The Delaware River is cold!
Soldier: You're supposed to go ON it, not IN it!
[ Austin Jones , 14, Alexandria, VA ] 11-01-2001

George: let's go fourwheeling, i am tired of horses
Soldier: fourwheelers are not made yet George!
[ Ryan ] 11-01-2001

George: You men take cover.
Soldier: Sir yes, sir.
[ Emily ] 10-28-2001

George: Have you seen my contact? I seemed to have dropped it in the snow!
Soldier: Are contacts even invented yet?
[ Summer , model age 13 ] 10-25-2001

George: The British are coming the British are coming!!!
Soldier: You know what that means....................... a tea party, oh yeah!!!!!!
[ Cooper McKenna , age 11, i attend St. Mary's school, 5th grade ] 10-22-2001

George: hi! i love england!
Soldier: me too!
[ anonymous , i love england!!!!!!! ] 10-22-2001

George: A cow? You're riding a cow?
Soldier: Sold the horse to buy new boots!
[ anonymous ] 10-20-2001

George: Hey soldier
Soldier: Boy are you a sight for sore eyes!!!
[ Matt , The picture is blurry, get it? Do ya really... I'll quit while I'm behind. ] 10-17-2001

George: "How I'm suppos to get home?"
Soldier: "Catch a bus!"
[ Sapphire , Dallas , Texas 13 ] 10-11-2001

George: What are those kids doing? They're acting very suspicious.
Soldier: I think that they are guessing what we are saying? Let's trick them, out of it.
[ Ashley , 13 ] 10-11-2001

George: "Dang! This horse sure is tall! I don't think he would fit through the drive thru."
Soldier: "That's ok. I have a Shetlan pony you can ride if you want."
[ Harry Potter (seriously) ] 10-06-2001

George: (mumbling)"I jumped on this horse way too fast."
Soldier: "Are you ok sir?"
[ Bubonia ] 10-06-2001

George: "alright enogh of ring around the rsie lets get down to bussines anyone wanna play duck duck goose?"
Soldier: "I wanna play !"
[ Jasmin ] 10-03-2001

George: The sky is falling!!!! The sky is falling!!!! we need to go tell George Washington!!!!
Soldier: Umm... Sir ! you are George Washington!!! (whispers to himself What a sad strange little man)
[ Kayla , John,I'm 13 to and I'm the one lol ] 10-03-2001

George: men lets fight
Soldier: ok george im ready
[ haley little , i love this game ] 10-03-2001

George: Men, let us join in singing our fight song!
Soldier: [to the tune of "the victors", aka michigan's fight song ]Hail to the freedom store, let's fight, U.S. win the war so Hail Hail to patriots the rebels the best (rah rah rah) honor and glory to fair fights, and determination Hail Hail to patriots and on to victory!
[ hmm ] 09-28-2001

George: I'm George Washington Yes I'm the real Washington all you other George Washingtons are. . . . (there's nothing that rhymes)
Soldier: Yes Sir. You Stand Up....You Stand Up
[ kr wow , we are not eating chicken anymore. wow. but mr hoo is back. wow. ] 09-28-2001

George: I like cake and dried fish!
Soldier: Whatever!
[ Dude , ghhfhd ] 09-28-2001

George: Ahh! My horse and I are blurring!
Soldier: I am too! hey, mabey we're going to the digital world.COOL!
[ Jessi Onclentai ] 09-27-2001

George: Solder ,your shoes are on the wrong feet.
Soldier: But sir, these are the only feet I have
[ bre , 11 yrs old ] 09-26-2001

George: Bang!
Soldier: (kerplunk) Um, Sir, I think you are sopossed to hit the enemy, not hunting pheasants.
[ kr wow , we are Still Eating Chicken. wow. But not with mr hoo. wow. ] 09-26-2001

George: There was something that I was planning to say yesterday, but I hadn't the time, so I was saving it for today. Now it seems I've completley forgotten it!
Soldier: I'm sorry, Sir, may I suggest "Good morrow to you men"?
[ tgurl ] 09-26-2001

George: bawitdaba da bang da bang diggy diggy diggy said the boogie said up jump the boogie. . . . .
Soldier: excuse me Sir, I think we have a war to fight. . .
[ hoo ] 09-26-2001

George: It's Howdy Doody Time!
Soldier: Yay! forget the war, it's howdy doody time!
[ kr wow , we are eating chicken. wow. with mr. hoo, too. wow. ] 09-24-2001

George: I've been thinking. . .
Soldier: I wouldn't Advise it, Sir. Under these conditions, I'd be cautious of doing to much of that, you never know when excess brain waves could save a life, I wouldn't waste them on frivolous thoughts of cheeseburgs and extra pickles if you know what I mean. . .
[ S7even ] 09-24-2001

George: Who's up for Ultimate Frisbee!?
Soldier: I'm with you, Sir!
[ twink ] 09-23-2001

George: Who's up to a facinating, intriguingly educational game of Ultimate Trivia?
Soldier: uhhhh..... yessir. (grumble)
[ catnip ] 09-23-2001

George: You ask why I seem so bitter today? I have just heard word that Florida has not been colonized, and I had been planing on investing in a retirement estate there!
Soldier: Yes Sir, I Understand.
[ ccw ] 09-23-2001

George: 14! 72! 33! Hike!!
Soldier: Sir, I hate to break it to you, but Football Season is over!
[ wsb ] 09-23-2001

George: Why aren't you all standing? You are sopposed to stand when the President of the United States comes to you!
Soldier: Um, excuse me sir, there is no United States as of yet, therefore it is not inappropriate to assume You are not yet the President!
[ lolly ] 09-23-2001

George: Good day men, what's up?
Soldier: I see the sky, clouds, o look there is a Bird over there, too!
[ tg ] 09-23-2001

George: Hey Everyone did you all hear about the world trade center????
Soldier: Yeah I think we should go into the future and fight for America I mean come on it's the same country thats needs us now right??
[ Bree ] 09-22-2001

George: Who Let The Dogs Out!!!!!!
Soldier: Dogs!! Where?!?!? I am allergic and I am afraid of dogs!!!
[ anonymous ] 09-22-2001

George: We the willing, have done so much for so long with so little, that we can do anything with nothing.
Soldier: I will tell the men sir. We shall be ready.
[ Amber , 12 years old from Arkansas. The things I read here are silly, stupid, and thoughtless. Boys are icky. ] 09-19-2001

George: Gentlemen today is the day where we fight for are country america.
Soldier: With honor in are country sir.
[ max ] 09-11-2001

George: i think we should go back and eat pizza before they come
Soldier: yes i think thee shall do that
[ mizthangTX13 ] 08-23-2001

George: he wants them to keep on going to fight for freedom
Soldier: but we are hungary we have no food at all
[ destiny Carter , clean up the bike trail in springfield ] 08-06-2001

George: Hey there's this kid named Bree that really wants her entry in this contest now and the website doesn't want to let her win
Soldier: I know how she feels the british are'nt letting us win this war
[ Bree ] 08-03-2001

George: Everyone we'll set up camp here this is the stopping point
Soldier: Why don't we just get out of here and set up camp in Hawaii it's much much more warmer and the Island people won't mind after all we're fighting for their freedom too
[ Bree ] 08-01-2001

George: Where are we soldier where's the map are we lost
Soldier: Aparently we're lost I ate the map for lunch I was starving and when no one was looking I ate the map don't worry we'll find our way out of here
[ Bree ] 07-31-2001

George: Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey
Soldier: Hay what?? hay ride?? hay on the ground?? Hay in your ears?? Hay anywhere??
[ Bree ] 07-29-2001

George: I know McDonald`s food is terrible but this is going too far!
Soldier: lets get em men!
[ s.whyte , 28 glasgow scotland U.K. ] 07-27-2001

George: Hello
Soldier: No No No no one says hello anymore georgie boy they say WAZZZUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[ anonymous ] 07-23-2001

George: we should be friends not enemys
Soldier: your right lets be friends
[ alyssa ] 07-20-2001

George: Let's move out to another colony
Soldier: why move out we're fighting for all the colonies
[ Zoog433 ] 07-20-2001

George: War? What is it good for?
Soldier: Absolutely nothin' !
[ Michelle , Teacher, 4/5th grade, it's a song...get it? (if you're old enough) ] 07-19-2001

George: "No, lets go!"
Soldier: "Let's have a break."
[ Barbara Jo , 6 years old ] 07-19-2001

George: I want to make a speech
Soldier: Save it until after the war start righting your speech and name Why We Lost because I'm outta here!!
[ anonymous ] 07-10-2001

George: Hey evry one lets sing a song.......... I ve got it.............My country tears of thee sweet land of lizardy of the I see land of the pilgrime crime land of my mothers pies from every mountain side let freedom sing-----------------
Soldier: Your singing it wrong georgie boy its My country tis of the sweet land of liberty of the I sing land of the pilgrims pride land where my fathers died from every mountain side let freedom ring--------------------
[ anonymous ] 07-10-2001

George: Row across the Delaware and sneak up on the English
Soldier: Yes Mr. Washington.
[ Lindsay Scholl ] 07-05-2001

George: Watch for road apples.......
Soldier: It's a bit late for THAT Sir!
[ Chaz , 8 ] 07-05-2001

George: "I bet you guys are cold"!
Soldier: "Yup, so why don't you and your men give us a horsy ride back into town"?
[ Emily Hedengren , Deltona, Florida ] 07-05-2001

George: we have to keep on keeping on
Soldier: but i'm freezing, my feet are frost bitten and i'm starving.
[ carol camp , n.c. originally from phila., pa. ] 07-05-2001

George: got any fire works?
Soldier: na.u got any?
[ alexandra , 8-14-92 ] 07-05-2001

George: "Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go"
Soldier: "O.K., If I hear another pep talk and song from him, we gonna scream!
[ Cecelia Upchurch , age 15. ] 07-05-2001

George: You should have gone before we left.
Soldier: But there was such a long line!
[ Bella , 12, in Indiana. It's kewl to be smart! ] 07-05-2001

George: all right lets get moveing
Soldier: yes sir
[ daniel ] 07-05-2001

George: "Follow me, men! You go first!"
Soldier: "We'll follow the old boy wherever he wants to go!"
[ Evelyn ] 07-05-2001

George: awesome,owow,like totally freak me out i mean right on!!!
Soldier: cause washington you are number 1
[ ReAnna ] 06-28-2001

George: left, left, left,right, left.
Soldier: How's the weather up there?
[ Juli , Boot Camp ] 06-28-2001

George: I'm sorry men but there is no meat left.
Soldier: what about your horse,sir?
[ vince , age 9, holland, pa ] 06-28-2001

George: Hey,attack the village now
Soldier: Yes,sir.Your wish is our command
[ Hanisah binti Haji Ishak , I'm 13.i Live in Shah Alam,Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malysia.I'm single.I'd love to have someone to talk too! ] 06-28-2001

George: i like you very much
Soldier: Lets Get Out Of Here This Guy Is Crazy
[ Bree , I am 13 years old. I play the oboe and I used to play the flute there is like two other oboists in the city I live in. One who works at a music shop and another named Robert McNown a 13 year old boy. ] 06-17-2001

George: Who...the heck....????? That's Mr. T.!!!!!!!! Mr. T. is in my platoon!!!!!!!!!! Hey, What's wrong Mr. T.?
Soldier: I pitty da foo who makes me stand in the cold butt naked!!! I woop you foo!!!!!!!!!
[ Ryan , I pitty da foo who ask my age!! ] 06-17-2001

George: password please
Soldier: give me librty or give me death
[ tammy , 12 12095 johstown ny 7622425 ] 06-13-2001

George: Come on Men its not cold at all!
[ Kara , 15 ] 06-10-2001

George: gather all the troops and lets get going
Soldier: yes sir
[ sam marsocci , 14, hope, rhode island ] 06-10-2001

George: yo! stay on earth with me!!! theres a war goin on! outta the way!!!!!
Soldier: hey hey hey hold your horses!
[ sarah , 12 toronto gurl ] 06-06-2001

George: Drop down and give me 50.
Soldier: AAA do take change.
[ Joshua Souza ] 06-06-2001

George: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Soldier: Um sir, this is a war!
[ Emily Merritt , 11 ] 06-06-2001

George: Hey men!? Wheres ya horses? I thought this was a horse race not a war!
Soldier: Well sir, you are the one who is most famous for this war, I mean if this were a war instead of a horse race, and you were out galyvantin' with some British peeps, I bet we would be the ones with the most fame!
[ Emily Merritt , I am 10. Wow how exciting :-0 ] 06-06-2001

George: Bow to my horse.
Soldier: never!!!!!!!!!!!1
[ anonymous ] 06-06-2001

George: boys high and good thoughts
Soldier: but we are not high on a hores like you. we should`t.
[ katie , age-11 ] 06-06-2001

George: I've lost my mojo!
Soldier: Uh, your not Austin Powers, sir!
[ Michael Johnson ] 06-06-2001

George: go back
Soldier: yes sir
[ bob shubadw ] 06-02-2001

George: if you let them win then your buying dinner
Soldier: can you settle for Subway?
[ seanie boy and smellvid , subway rocks!!!! ] 06-02-2001

George: What are we fighting for?
Soldier: Cheese Burgers!!!!!!
[ Josh Souza ] 06-02-2001

George: Want to come over and watch Barney?
Soldier: No, lets watch Teletubies!!!!!
[ Tim Cleary , Age:10 ] 06-02-2001

George: Alright men, CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: A sir, the enemy is thataway
[ anonymous ] 05-30-2001

George: Yo'd better straighten up...this is a man's war, so start actin like men!
Soldier: No offense General sir, but if this is a man's war, then why is it that my wife is out there fighting and sitting in this comfortable tent....and all the other men's wives are out there tending wounds and doing some serious work...oh yeah this is a man's war alright, FO SHO!
[ McKenzie Howard , 13...WA...women are much tougher than men...they've proved it throughout history! ] 05-30-2001

George: STOP looking at me!!!!
Soldier: I'm sorry sir but you'r hot
[ Brianna , 16 coooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!! ] 05-26-2001

George: Stand up and salute like a man!
Soldier: But I don't want to be a man, I want to be the bugle boy!
[ Rachel , I am 10 ] 05-24-2001

George: "Naked and starving as they are we cannot enough admire the incompable patience and fidelity of the soldiery."
Soldier: What do you mean man!?
[ Aaron Bost!(Gohan) ] 05-24-2001

George: Soldiar! No hanky Panky on my field! Only if I give the hanky panky order!
Soldier: Yes sir! I guess I just got a little excited!
[ Leah , 20 year old College student ] 05-24-2001

George: When's Bingo Night?
Soldier: Wednesday sir.
[ Dean theophilos ] 05-24-2001

George: Do you think you could get me some anti-termite proof teeth?
Soldier: of course not man we got a war to fight!!!!!!!!!!
[anoyomous] 05-21-2001

George: What are you looking at me strangly for, my boy?
Soldier: Exuse me mr. general sir, but, whats with the wig? Couldn't you just try a comb-over?
[anonymous] 05-21-2001

George: Hi there my lad.
Soldier: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[georgwe] 05-19-2001

George: what are you doing
Soldier: spying
[Curtis Kooienga] 05-18-2001

George: do you like horses?
Soldier: it's a dog
[violetta, 1301 lutse dr] 05-18-2001

George: lets move to Valley Forge
Soldier: Yes sir
[sergio g] 05-18-2001

George: Good Day Isnt It?
Soldier: It would be if it wasn't cold.
[Aaron Bost] 05-18-2001

George: How do you get to fort bridge?
Soldier: I dunno.
[Klon] 05-18-2001

George: soldiers who are we? Soldiers? Where did you go?
Soldier: Hey George watch out for that bear behind you!!!!
[Justin Ryan Barnett, 15,oh] 05-14-2001

George: charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: whats with the wig?
[anonymous] 05-14-2001

George: We can win because we have weapens.
Soldier: They have some weapens too. You are stupid.
[Ashhly] 05-14-2001

George: "Dude, what do you think of this war?"
Soldier: "I'd rather be in math class!"
[Amanda Plummer, 13] 05-11-2001

George: I went to Valley Forge in 1623!
Soldier: You weren't alive in 1623!!!!(that dude took one to many cannon balls to the head!)
[Jack Hanson, age:10] 05-11-2001

George: I say, would you like some tea???
Soldier: Have you ever heard of the Tea Act? Your just gonna make us pay taxes on whatever we drink!
[Casey O'Farrell, 10 yrs. old Richmond Va. gifted program Mrs. stricklands class Dumbarton Elementary] 05-11-2001

George: Hey! Ijust saw a squarel running across and was killed.
Soldier: Well why are we standing here doing nothing? Let's prey for the little guy.
[Akiko Tsukamoto, I realy want this on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1] 05-11-2001

George: Back off so that we may kill your WEAK! army.
Soldier: In your dreams pal.
[Damian, 9] 05-07-2001

George: hey lets have some tea
Soldier: yeah lets! damn they through it over board we aint got no more
[kim, hi people] 05-07-2001

George: hey why are going to shoot me i m the president
Soldier: duh your in the war
[robert john, 9] 05-02-2001

George: we are staying here for the entire winter......hold on my cell phone just rang.... hi martha yes.....what??!! we won the war??!! how did you know??!! a time machine that goes forward in time??!! (conversation is finished) bye bye hey guys great news martha found smeone with a time machine that goes forward and we win the war!!!!
Soldier: (soldier whispers to another soldier) the cold must be getting to him that was me that called him and I disguised my voice as martha
[anonymous] 05-02-2001

George: I wonder what the flag Looks like.
Soldier: I'm cold.
[Peter] 05-02-2001

George: were is the washigton memorial
Soldier: you have not died yet
[joe] 05-02-2001

George: Are these huts repreductoins from 1905?
Soldier: No,but i wish they were. then they be would heated
[Sara, 10 New York] 05-02-2001

George: Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gettin sick of the red coats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: Yeahhhh!!!!! Let's get 'em
[Chelsea K A Y Robinson] 05-02-2001

George: hey did you see that movie charlies angels????
Soldier: angels??? where i am desperate i need an angel!!!!!!!!
[anonymous, i have an american flag in my bedroom, i am taking french lessons, and i am in middle scool] 05-02-2001

George: i think i am having a heat stroke it must be 120 degrees out here i think i am gonna die
Soldier: throw us your clothes we are in great need of them throw them to me or i will pull you off of that horse now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[anonymous] 05-02-2001

George: Oh my aching back
Soldier: I was walking! How do you think I feel?
[Sloane, age 10 Willow Grove PA] 05-02-2001

George: its frickin' freezing out here, mr. bigglesworth
Soldier: meow
[kswiss] 05-02-2001

George: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Soldier: wake up sir we're in the middle of a war
[kat] 05-02-2001

George: North is the where the British are. We will sneak up on them from th west while they are looking toward the south.
Soldier: Yes, sir. Troops will begin to move immediatly!
[Ashley, 9] 05-02-2001

George: Geeze! WHERE IS BOB???!!!
Soldier: Uh, Mr. W., I am BoB
[Kaitlan L., age 10 1\2] 05-02-2001

George: Charge! I don't have all day!
Soldier: Of course you don't have all day! It's night!
[Devin, 10] 05-02-2001

George: Charge!
Soldier: What are you doing charging at us on Christmas? I just got my toes warm.
[Ashleigh Stevens, I am studying about The war at Valley Forge] 04-26-2001

George: ok ready aim (his cell phone rings) hold on guys oh hi martha no ido not need a extra coat n it
Soldier: is,nt that martha great
[williams, hey lincoln rhode island] 04-26-2001

George: you idiot do not shoot me i plan to be a king and live in awhite house so shoot an officer you stupid hey why areyou wearing a red coat
Soldier: duh i am brittish
[sara, 11, saylsville school lincoln] 04-26-2001

George: Move Faster Troops
Soldier: Easy for you to say, you got horses...
[Simon Rashid] 04-24-2001

George: What are we doing again?
Soldier: Sir- we are in the middle of a war.
[Brittany Millan, I am 10 and live in Lake Stevens, WA. I have a dog, salamander and two fish. We are studying U.S History in school. I am Martha Washington for Night of the Notables.] 04-24-2001

George: Are You Suggesting Coconuts Migrate
Soldier: Not at All, it could be carried
[John Wagers, 11, Ohio,] 04-24-2001

George: how are you feeling
Soldier: cold
[will, 9] 04-24-2001

George: I'm Geoege
Soldier: I'm Bob
[Tim and Shaun, 11 11] 04-24-2001

George: It's mighty cold here gentlemen
Soldier: I wish they had already invented electric heaters!!!
[Joe Pokorny, age 9 ,from Chardon,Ohio and cousin of Mad Anthony Wayne] 04-24-2001

George: attack !!!!!!!!!
Soldier: lets go
[April, 10] 04-24-2001

George: get ready to battle men!
Soldier: but sir we don't have enough men!
[Quincy] 04-24-2001

George: We are staying here at Valley Forge
Soldier: But But But But.....
[Derrike S, age 10] 04-18-2001

George: Hi my name is Joe
Soldier: your name is George sir.
[michael weisz, 35,ca,] 04-18-2001

George: we're going to win this war! cause we're going to winh win
Soldier: uhhhhh...... how. oooh
[Keyana Monica, age9 age9] 04-18-2001

George: fire at will
Soldier: ok
[quenton, 11 10 10] 04-18-2001

George: oh my gosh what is that horribill smell
Soldier: sorry, we had baked beans for lunch!
[stephanie farrell and holly grey] 04-17-2001

George: wwwwwwwwaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz up
Soldier: He watched the commercial
[lee, 10] 04-17-2001

George: "soldiars we have to team up and beat the red coats once and for all"
Soldier: "sir yes sir"!! we will defet em'
[Mohammed n. ali, 10/va/male] 04-17-2001

George: What are we fighting for again?
Soldier: Sir i think it's an indoor heater
[anonymous] 04-17-2001

George: i'm just gonna take a (yawn) take a nap
Soldier: sir we are under attack
[anonymous] 04-17-2001

George: o.k. men! let's sing! i love you, you love me we're the best of...
Soldier: he's gone insaine
[Alicia, am almost 11, Wilton IA , reaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyy want this printed] 04-17-2001

George: We are going to have a lot of battles
Soldier: Yas we are.
[Maheen, 9] 04-16-2001

George: War
Soldier: Yeah
[Carisma and Mary Jo, 9years old] 04-16-2001

George: which way to taco bell?
Soldier: fool you`re trippen`, taco bell hasn`t been invented yet.
[Hrei Dreana, 11 age] 04-11-2001

George: Bow wow wow hippy yo hippy ya wheres my dog, barking with me now!
Soldier: WE are not at the cocert anymore, sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[aerdna ireh, 10 1/2 age] 04-11-2001

George: Come on men our life's depend on this day!
Soldier: Ye our lifes depend on this day but you'll bein your tent!
[Katie] 04-11-2001

George: My good men! What are YOU doing?
Soldier: Um...tryin to u mind?
[Nikki, 14/female/NJ...wut else is there to be said :)] 04-11-2001

George: Hello good sirs...which way to Lexington?
Soldier: Just follow the yellow brick road
[Pags] 04-11-2001

George: We must be prepaired if the make-a hefty retread (puts pinky to corner of mouth) One hundred miles!
Soldier: Sir, that would put them in Rhode Island or Pennsylvania, still in America.
[James Green, 13/m/ia] 04-11-2001

George: Just a little bit more!
Soldier: That's what he said 3,680 miles ago.
[Jordan Stafford, 10] 04-11-2001

George: Look at me I am on top of the world
Soldier: No your not
[Shawn Saylor] 04-11-2001

George: I'm glad I'm on a horse!!!
Soldier: I can't march my feet are frozen!!!!!!
[Andrew D'Addona] 04-06-2001

George: Dont let me get angry!
Soldier: Are you sure you are the leader?????
[April, 11 years old] 04-06-2001

George: keep march soldier we have A battle to win
Soldier: but sir we are freezing and geting sick
[anonymous] 04-04-2001

George: "We fight for our freedom."
Soldier: "No,we fight for our lives."
[Emily, Goodnoe School] 04-01-2001

George: What the heck?
Soldier: I don't know! You're the general!
[IM me my sn is LDANZIG10 for AOL., I am 11, around seattle, i have a necklace kewl:)] 04-01-2001

George: March on men! March on!
Soldier: Why don't you march back into the history books!
[Meg and Sam Conroy, Export PA] 04-01-2001

George: what the deal man?
Soldier: nutin' much just chillin'
[gio sasha] 03-28-2001

George: Bow wow wow hippy yo hippy ya where my dogs at, bark with me now!
Soldier: WE are not at the concert anymore, sir!!!!!!
[Alexandra Pierfelice, 11, michigan, Sterling Hights,March 28, 2001] 03-28-2001

George: Give him another pair of sheos.
Soldier: thank you!
[anonymous, I'm 14] 03-28-2001

George: what do we do next?
Soldier: how should I know?Your the general!
[David Perkins, age11,Ft. Worth/TX] 03-28-2001

George: OK men, what do you want for lunch?
Soldier: Sir, McDonalds sir!
[Danielle, Goodnoe School] 03-28-2001

George: "oh you bunch of ninnies move along now"
Soldier: [someone wispers] "all we do is walk you the one that needs to walk ,always on your horse".
[Omar Jamil, age 9 Newtown PA 239 burgendy lane 3/27/01] 03-28-2001

George: Are you ready Yet?
Soldier: Im going to the bathroom
[Oksana Zhivotenko, 12, valley stream ny 11581. 35 Brooklyn Ave. APT 3A] 03-28-2001

George: wazzup you lobster back!!!
Soldier: oh, we're just looking for george washing..hey
[carol haat] 03-28-2001

George: Kill 'em Kill 'em!
Soldier: No sir that's wrong wrong!!!
[Tash] 03-26-2001

George: Hey peeps! I told you to go out there and WIN!
Soldier: We told you we are a trying the hardest we CAN!
[Sammy] 03-24-2001

George: " I know it is cold but remember what were fighting for!'
Soldier: 'Yes Sir for freedom
[Goodnoe El.] 03-24-2001

George: Want to pratice fighting for when the british come
Soldier: no,we already tried and we lost 5 of our best soldiers
[Michael Sides, i filled this out at colona school] 03-23-2001

George: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Soldier: I hope he falls in the snow
[lukey boy] 03-23-2001

George: come on lets get to the battle
Soldier: wait a minut i have to tie my shoe
[julie, !] 03-23-2001

George: I am going to win. I looked at next year's history books.
Soldier: I couldn't understand you...but your wooden teeth back in.
[Mrs. Beck's Class, 4th/5th grade] 03-19-2001

George: "Ok who ate all the food !"
Soldier: Sir, it wasn't me !
[Danielle Gore, 11, Coshocton,Ohio] 03-19-2001

George: "Hey men, lets chop down some trees and make sleds."
Soldier: "Sure General, as long as isn't any cherry trees. Get it General? Hardy Har Har!!l
[Jennifer Weller] 03-19-2001

George: Hey dude! Do you know if were are heading the right direction?
Soldier: I don't know. Ask the general, he should know.
[anonymous] 03-19-2001

George: On to richmond!
Soldier: Wrong war buddy!
[Nathan] 03-16-2001

George: what are you doing?!
Soldier: what do you think.
[scott] 03-14-2001

George: Let's get ready to rumble
Soldier: Let'sget it on
[anonymous] 03-14-2001

George: I like purple coats better than blue lets go get some at JC Penny I hear there having a sale
Soldier: They havent invented that store yet
[anonymous] 03-14-2001

George: Move out .
Soldier: I have to go home and pack.
[Charlie] 03-14-2001

George: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Soldier: i hope he falls in the snow.
[sabrina zurita] 03-11-2001

George: who do you think will win ?
Soldier: you guys of course
[Rebecca Pierce] 03-10-2001

George: what happens if we win the war?
Soldier: we are free
[Laurel Schwehr, age:9] 03-09-2001

George: The Americans are coming, hide!
Soldier: Um, if you don't know... we are the Americans!
[unkown somebody] 03-09-2001

George: Can I be the leader of the Continental Army ?
Soldier: You already are.
[the unknown person!!] 03-09-2001

George: hey anyone wana listen to muisic
Soldier: no thanks i am fighting
[rebecca pierce] 03-09-2001

George: Do u want to have a race on our horses
Soldier: Thats a good idea mate
[anonymous] 03-09-2001

George: It wasnt me IT WASNT ME!!!
Soldier: Dude shaggy would care less
[Veronica, 13 Gurl Oklahoma lookin for hott guy :]] 03-08-2001

George: Yankee Doodle went to town...riding on a pony...stuck a feather in his hat and called it MACARONI!!
Soldier: YEAH Yankee Doodle! Rock on, George!
[Missy, Age 16 from Chicago] 03-08-2001

George: Should we attack now or later
Soldier: um..... later let's get something to eat
[Jeremy] 03-08-2001

George: You shoot and I will shoot you. Fair enough
Soldier: I've never seen such a pidiful war in my life
[Matthew Wright] 03-08-2001

George: Bringin Da Noise
Soldier: Your listening to too much N'SYNC
[Kayla Montgomery, 11 Bristol, Tennessee I really like N'SYNC 3/7/01] 03-08-2001

George: Hie how are you doing, do you want to have a party
Soldier: I wish I could meet Matthew Wright he's cool
[Matthew Wright] 03-08-2001

George: "Why are we stopping?"
Soldier: "You kicked my horse!"
[Donna Brown, No] 03-08-2001

George: Should we attack now or later?
Soldier: Yes I would like a noworlater.
[kom] 03-06-2001

George: Pardon me soldier, do you have any gray poupon?
Soldier: Sorry sir, the British took it all at Bunker Hill.
[Timothy Parrish] 03-06-2001

George: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Soldier: I knew it was more than just water in his flask
[Nic Bliss] 03-05-2001

George: Where are you guys going?
Soldier: ''To grandma's house''
[anonymous] 03-02-2001

George: Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes!!!
Soldier: I think we are in the wrong place!
[Alexa, 10,Newark CA] 03-01-2001

George: Hey men, who let the dog out!!!
Soldier: Sorry sir, that would be mine.
[kenny messinger, 12 years] 03-01-2001

George: "This I Promise You"
Soldier: You're listening to too much 'Nsync
[Felicia, 11 years] 02-28-2001

George: Hurry up men, I'm starv'n
Soldier: We can't go any faster. Our feet are frozen
[Kenny, 12 years] 02-28-2001

George: Men you should never give up on me!!
Soldier: All right we'll try not to.
[Reece] 02-28-2001

George: charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: We dont have any credit cards!!!!!!!!!
[Ashley, 13] 02-28-2001

George: men, never give up, never surrender
Soldier: sorry, did you say something?
[Nathan Gray, 14/tx] 02-28-2001

George: Men, we've come this far are you ready to give it up and let them win the war?
Soldier: No, sir! We will fight till we win this battle no matter what the cost.
[anonymous] 02-28-2001

George: Ohhhh man my mallaboe cindy barbie just broke a nail!!!!!!!!
Soldier: Ohhhh my gosh, are you kidding we better forget this war . Without mallaboe Cindy's nails we don't have are back up!!!
[Whitney hagan, Age 10 Atlanta] 02-27-2001

George: keep it up men.
Soldier: Are we there yet, im tired!
[Hayley Swope] 02-27-2001

George: You know once when i was small i chopped down a cherrie tree.
Soldier: big deal like anyone will remember that
[Rickie, Im a Girl 13 years old and i live in the golden state California] 02-27-2001

George: The redcoats are coming!!!!!!!
Soldier: Sir, who are the redcoats?
[Phylicia Musser] 02-27-2001

George: you want a piece of me! you want a piece of me!
Soldier: Noooooo thanks.
[Derek swope] 02-27-2001

George: look out for the snow balls!
Soldier: what snow balls?
[no name] 02-27-2001

George: I regret you have but one life to give for my country
Soldier: Umm.. Thanks
[Sheila Janine Swartz] 02-27-2001

George: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Soldier: Ihope he falls off that horse
[anonymous] 02-26-2001

George: Why are you just standing there? Kill them!!!
Soldier: But sir, this is a picture!!
[Amanda Miller, age 10] 02-26-2001

George: My nose is bleeding! Look at all the blood on the ground!
Soldier: Uh, sir. That's the blood from my foot.
[Adam, I live in Washington] 02-26-2001

George: Wazzzzzzzzzzzzz-up.
Soldier: Wazzzzzzzzzzzzz-up George.
[Billy Modi] 02-25-2001

George: Kill them all !!! Don't let them get away!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: Sir thier just rabbits.
[112 Cool J., 13] 02-25-2001

George: lets take a picture with our camra
Soldier: sir i dont think there made yet
[kelsey, age 9] 02-25-2001

George: What are you doing? Taking my men's clothing?
Soldier: Can't you see that I'm trying to keep warm by wearing more clothing and I don't care if they are going to be naked
[Patrick, 12] 02-25-2001

George: Why are you staring at me like that? You can not stare at tha president.
Soldier: So!!!!
[Sam] 02-24-2001

George: ben Franklin went to town stole him a jacket
Soldier: thats not all he stole he stole the whole racket
[Sha-Na-Na, 19 Jenning] 02-22-2001

George: Almost got it...almost got it. Oh, there it is.
Soldier: Sir, why are you picking your nose?
[Miss Densley's first grade class] 02-22-2001

George: we will win the war
Soldier: yes we will
[rachel] 02-22-2001

George: my bottom is sore from riding this horse.
Soldier: why are you complaining? My feet stink.
[Michael, 6 yrs old, Eugene Oregon] 02-21-2001

George: was sup peeps what u doing?
Soldier: cool geroge and u i was just ready to eat a whinnie
[chanleakana, 11/f/calfornia hope u like it] 02-21-2001

George: Yes, they were just having water yesterday on Lexington Green
Soldier: Are Martha and Molly Pitcher still friends?
[Revolutionary War Lover] 02-21-2001

George: Men, I think we should turn back.
Soldier: Brrr! Me too!
[Lizzie, 7 years old] 02-20-2001

George: I want to go back to the White House right now!!!~~~~~~
Soldier: Sir theres not a White House yet!
[Tammy L.Tauger, I`m 11years old and go to school at Halmstad Elementery] 02-14-2001

George: hahahahaha I get to ride a horse and they have to walk
Soldier: why does he get to ride a horse and we don't
[stacey cain] 02-14-2001

George: i love you love me we are a happ...
Soldier: i had to do i hate it when he is in good mood
[Steve Dleifnac] 02-13-2001

George: Soldiers...I think their are some WhiteCoats following us...
Soldier: Um...General Sir... you think the Lobsterbacks are following think their smart enough to change their colors now! ( more laughter) hahahaha
[Amplus Adam ... ( go look in your latin books)] 02-13-2001

George: give me liberty or give me death
Soldier: hey your not patrick henry
[anonymous] 02-12-2001

George: The Bitish are coming, the British are coming!
Soldier: Sir, that's not your line!
[anonymous] 02-11-2001

George: Stand up men! We might go down in history!
Soldier: We are history!
[Brittany, 15] 02-09-2001

George: wazzup!?! (toungues hanging out)
Soldier: wazzup!?! (toungues hanging out)
[Meredith, 13, Vinton, La.] 02-09-2001

George: it's not cold out here!
Soldier: Yeah,well you have a fifty pound coat on, I don't even have shoes
[mikey] 02-09-2001

George: you know what i want this war to be fair.after the war i'm going to have a party at my house and i'm going to invite the other side to!
Soldier: you know that is a very good idea and it also wery generious of you for doing that even though we are winning.
[justy laughlin] 02-09-2001

George: Where are you guys going?
Soldier: To a George Washington's Birthday Sale. Wanna come?
[Cameron Booth, age 7, Reston, VA] 02-08-2001

George: "The killer chearleaders are coming!"
Soldier: "What are chearleaders?"
[Tommy Beauchene, 14 Fargo,North Dakota,58103] 02-07-2001

George: We have not yet began to fight because we still have a lot of patriotism
Soldier: I agree with the General we are strong with our patriotism and we can win this war
[David, 14] 02-06-2001

George: dude wazza up man
Soldier: notin you
[anonymous] 02-06-2001

George: I wish I had a nickle for everytime I crossed the Delaware.
Soldier: Yes sir that would be nice and it would be funny if it had your picture on it.
[Barbara Agerton, Born June.13,1955,Im still young,ha,ha.Homeschool Mom of three.I live on the greater gulf coast the home of Roy Jones,Emmitt Smith and the Blue Angels] 02-05-2001

George: We surrender! We surrender!
Soldier: Sir, we already won.
[Ashley Jones, Van Bokkelen 5th grade age 11 Severn,MD] 02-04-2001

George: I forget. Did I shoot five muscats or six. Whaddya think? Feelin' lucky today? Well, are ya, punk?
Soldier: Are you talkin" to me? I don't see anybody else here! Are you talkin'to me?
[Emily Kimmelman] 02-04-2001

George: So, I heard the Yankees won!
Soldier: I could go for a nice ball park frank right about now!
[Rebecca Kimmelman, Age 9 (almost 10) Yardville, N.J.] 02-04-2001

George: ompa ompa ompa de do
Soldier: I've got a riddle for you
[alex] 02-04-2001

George: Do you like Britney Spears?
Soldier: Who is she?
[Tazmine Buford] 02-04-2001

George: yo quaro taco bell !
Soldier: what ?!
[Tori C de Baca, stillwater in oklahoma. love grandparents & mom dad .Im 11.I LOVE HORSES!] 02-01-2001

George: Don't you think we could settle this some other way?
Soldier: Yh'a, get me a heater!
[Mallory Maorgan, Hoover, Alabama] 02-01-2001

George: Do you think we can be "gone in 60 seconds?"
Soldier: Well, if he Nick can steal 50 cars in 1 night, then why can't we beat a troop in a few days?
[Nikki, 13, New York] 01-31-2001

George: take me to your leader.
Soldier: Umm, sir, you ARE our leader.
[Me] 01-31-2001

George: So, did anyone see Power Rangers Yesterday? It was really cool.
Soldier: Ummm, I think I'll be leaving now.....
[Me] 01-31-2001

George: These damn Giants are worst at fighting than the soldiers i saw at the boston massacre and they even have better guns!!!
Soldier: I should've never told him about the Superbowl then givin him my portible tv
[Ashley] 01-31-2001

George: Ok, for the last time. Where do you remember having your keys last?
Soldier: I could've swore I had them back where my toes fell off!
[Wyatt Bickett, Carruthers Elementary School] 01-31-2001

George: I come into this worldas a regect.
Soldier: George Limp Bizcut isn't born yet
[Noah Netherton, 10] 01-30-2001

George: Im freezing!
Soldier: Sir get out of the lake
[jacob] 01-30-2001

George: do you have a gateway computer with a pc?
Soldier: no way thats in a hole nother colonization
[Alyssa O'connor, This Rocks] 01-30-2001

George: the british are here
Soldier: sir actully we won
[brent osborne] 01-30-2001

George: Your going down!
Soldier: Us or them?
[Lisa] 01-30-2001

George: we will win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soldier: yes sir......
[kaitlin] 01-30-2001

Soldier: I'm cold, hungry, and I want to go home.
George: Well so am I but you don't see me complaining
[Lucie Howard, 11] 01-25-2001

George: How old am I?
Soldier: You're just old
[Joey] 01-24-2001

George: hamburgers i must have hameburgers!!!
Soldier: but we dont have any.
[cam] 01-24-2001

George: boy its cold here
Soldier: no duh
[sydnee, 9 years old] 01-22-2001

George: Hit Me Baby One More Time
Soldier: Yes Sir!! (starts to hit George Washington)
[Whitney] 01-22-2001

George: I do believe the sky is falling...
Soldier: Sir, it's called SNOW...
[Sari, I am gonna be 14 in about 14 days an' I live in MO.] 01-21-2001

George: Do we need to go hunting to get food for the soldiers?
Soldier: Yes, cause the men are very hungry & they ate most of the food.
[Ciera, 7 years] 01-20-2001

George: You see the Rangers game last night? I missed it, too busy getting rid of these darn indians!!
Soldier: Belive me, you didn't miss anything
[Kevin, 12] 01-20-2001

George: Ya know what I wanna say to the british? Bye Bye Bye!!!
Soldier: Um..Dude? NSYNC isn't born yet. BUMMER!!!
[Lauren] 01-20-2001

George: Guess what? There's this girl named Lauren who REALLY wants her entry entered into this What Are They Saying Page on the internet!!
Soldier: Then lets go hurt the people who won't let her entry in!!!!
[lauren] 01-20-2001

George: WAZZZZZZZZZUUUPPP?!? Say it in another language!!
Soldier: Que Pasa!!!!!!!!!
[Lauren] 01-20-2001

George: why are you guys just standing there.Every time I turn around you guys are so far behind.
Soldier: because your on a horse and every time you tunr a round we think your going to say something so we stand straight.
[something can't say)] 01-20-2001

George: destroy those red coats
Soldier: ok we will show no mercy
[Kyle Ober] 01-20-2001

George: Early Morning she wakes up with a knock knock on the door it's time for makeup!.......
Soldier: Sir Britney Spears is not born yet!! and you dont wear make up!!
[anonymous] 01-20-2001

George: There are some weird person staring at us right now. They're trying to gess what we're sayin.
Soldier: Oh. Those people on the internet ?
[Tyler GEORGE WASINGTON Wasington, I'm the real Greoge Washinton.......just the ghost of him anyways] 01-20-2001

George: i want burger king
Soldier: i get the toy
[john, im 13 single and want a hot date] 01-20-2001

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